Nick Swisher & Brett Gardner

Nicholas Thompson Nick Swisher (born November 25, 1980) is an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees. Brett Michael Gardner (born August 24, 1983) is an American Major League Baseball left fielder for the New York Yankees. 5.0/5

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Answer to yesterday rules question. True. With the exception of the infield fly rule, the base does not provide a sanctuary for the runner if struck by a batted ball while on it. Loy you had the correct reason for that answer. Example - A runner can not stand on second base a knock a ball down that is going up the middle to prevent the SS from making a play on it thus saving an out. Todays question. 2) The Indians have Michael Bourn on first base and one out when Nick Swisher launches a fly to deep center field. Bourn rounds second base and then tries to retreat to first base thinking the ball will be caught by Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner. But Gardner can't reach the ball and, in the process, Swisher heads to second base and is about to pass Bourn, who is returning to first base. Swisher, realizing the ball was not caught, pushes Bourn toward second. Bourn reaches second safely while Swisher returns to first. Swisher should be called out for making contact with Bourn and assisting him on the base ...
"No Nick Swisher. No Russell Martin. No Curtis Granderson for April. No Alex Rodriguez for who knows how long. A declining Mark Teixeira and an aging Derek Jeter trying to return from a broken ankle. Two outfielders in Ichiro Suzuki and Brett Gardner with little power. Oh, yeah, you're also playing in the toughest media market in the sport, coming off a postseason in which you hit .075 and playing for a huge contract as an impending free agent. Enjoy the season, Mr. Cano." By David Schoenfield. Baseball should be fun to watch this year
Brett Gardner's speed can be a curse.
With Granderson out, Brett Gardner or Ichiro will play center field to start the season. The Yankees will start the season with A-Rod, Granderson, and Michael Pineda on the DL. Who do you think will slide into the outfield?
Brett Gardner sure looked good early, but 2012 wound up being a lost season for the Yankee flyhawk.
I'll admit, Cano was horrible this postseason, but he's performed years before so I'll let this one slide. Teixeira wasn't bad this postseason but his numbers weren't stellar. Nick Swisher is a postseason zombie along with Alex Rodriguez and they both have a new member in their postseason zombie club: Curtis Granderson. But next year the Yankees will be better. Derek Jeter will be healthy, Mariano Rivera will be healthy, Brett Gardner will be 100%, Swisher will be gone and I'm hoping the Yankees re-sign Ichiro just so Ichiro could have a chance to make it to the postseason next year. He's one player that truly, truly deserves it.
Manager Joe Girardi shuffled his lineup once again for Wednesday's do-or-die Game 4 of the American League Championship Series vs. the Tigers, sitting Curtis Granderson in favor of Nick Swisher. Swisher, who sat out Game 3, is in right field and batting second for Game 4. For the second consecutive game, Brett Gardner is in the lineup. With Granderson out, Girardi moved Gardner over to center field and slid him down to the eighth spot in the lineup. Gardner went 0-for-4 while playing left field and batting leadoff in Game 3. Ichiro Suzuki will start in left and lead off. Alex Rodriguez is also on the bench for the second straight game, as Eric Chavez will play third base and bat sixth.
So Joe Girardi has benched both Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher for tonight's Game No. 3 against the Tigers. Eric Chavez gets another start at third, while Brett Gardner will make his first postseason start in the outfield. Also, Eduardo Nunez will start over Jayson Nix at shortstop. It is simply must-win time for the Yankees.
It would be a big surprise if Brett Gardner is not in the Yankees' lineup today, in place of either Curtis Granderson or Nick Swisher.
So here's the lineup the Yankees will use for tonight's climactic Game Five against the Orioles: Derek Jeter SS Ichiro Suzuki LF Robinson Cano 2B Mark Teixeira 1B Raul Ibanez DH Nick Swisher RF Curtis Granderson CF Russell Martin C Eric Chavez 3B CC Sabathia P A-Rod has been benched, replaced by Chavez, and Ibanez will get the start at DH and bat fifth. In my mind, those are absolutely the right moves. I would have taken it a step further and benched Granderson, replacing him with Brett Gardner, one of the few Yankees who doesn't swing for the fences and might actually work out a walk or two. What are your thoughts on Joe Girardi's lineup?
Michael Kay saying Mike Aviles doesn't look comfortable bunting. I wonder if he has ever seen Nick Swisher or Brett Gardner bunt.
If the Yankees transition Jeter off of the shortstop position sooner rather than later, I think that he has a shot at catching Rose, which is why the Yankees should be talking to the Texas Rangers this offseason about trading for Elvis Andrus. This move would enable the Yankees to allow A-Rod and Jeter to split their time between 3B, LF (Jeter could replace Brett Gardner against left-handed pitching), RF, and DH. Over the next two years, Andrus is making a third and a half of what the Yankees would have to pay the Yankees current RF, Nick Swisher on a new multi-year deal and addition to being a defensive upgrade over Jeter, he gives the Yankees more speed on the basepaths than Swisher, who has much more power than Andrus, but has never hit well in the clutch.
Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner 1st in the park home run! Signed with certificates of authenticity.
don't forget Brett Gardner has been hurt all year,but very good leadoff man, Nick Swisher comes off payroll &Icharo?
Any Yankee hatter upset the Yankees added Ichiro, let's remember he's 38, we don't know how hurt Nick Swisher is, it only cost them 2 minor league pitchers, and financially the Yankees only have to pay 2 million right now. If Ichiro comes out of his funk and starts hitting even relatively close to where he used to (hard to imagine he'll ever again get 200 hits a year, especially batting 8th and with Andruuw Jones and Raul Ibanez doing a capable, Brett Gardner expected back at some time and Swisher eventually recovered), but Brian Cashman once again shows why he is the top Executive in MLB.
Meanwhile we have Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher when Melky Cabrera could of still been with the Yankees
better bench bat: Chris Davis, Brett Gardner (when back) or Nick Swisher?
Cant underestimate how much Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner are being missed in the Yankee lineup right now
So, supposedly Andy Pettitte, Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher will all play games in Rochester this week for the Empire Yankees.
Missing Brett Gardner, Nick Swisher, and Mariano Rivera: This post was originally supposed to...
Mariano Rivera has a twisted right knee now, Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher are still out, and the starting rotation is garbage.
Nick Swisher & Curtis Granderson shouldn't do the outfield jump without Brett Gardner. It's not the same without him.
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