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Nick Swisher

Nicholas Thompson Nick Swisher (born November 25, 1980) is an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Yankees.

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K zone said the pitch was good but that guy is pretty much the Nick Swisher of baby reveal hitters.
If u gone smoke out of a swisher might as well cop a nick sack of Reggie 😂😂
its funny how fast people tend to forget that Nick Swisher was outspoken& literally rooted against the Indians& wanted the Cubs to win.
Ain't nothing wrong with dutches swisher just gross
where did your Nick Swisher hatred derive from exactly?
Or when they do, they trade them too! Nick Swisher.
My brother bought a Nick Swisher jersey and couple days later he got traded 😞
To my surprise, my mom knows who Nick Swisher is. She is not amused by my dream.
I know Nick Swisher was a guest instructor at spring training, but was he the bunting instructor?
Who do the even have left after this guy? Is Nick Swisher available?
Guitarist at this wedding looks like Nick Swisher. are you in a wedding band?
Back when it was 2008 drake was in 2017
It makes me sick that the Yankees turned the compensation pick from us signing Nick Swisher into Aaron Judge 🤦‍♂️
I had a dream that Nick Swisher was hitting on my mom.
How is this a thing?! Milton Bradley was a *** Nick Swisher just sucked while he was with us.
Nick Swisher, but only if he's rocking the long hair!
That Nick Swisher contract from 5 years ago doesn't look so bad now
On the one hand, I have a dog in this fight. On the other, I'd rather instigate. Yan learne…
Nick Swisher would make a better closer then Chapman
We ran in similar circles at one point. Point being, I didn't date her thus I was Nick Sw…
What does that pitching staff have to do with Nick Swisher and his phony persona?
What did Nick Swisher do to make him the
He'd be the nick swisher of free agents. I'll pass.
Only ~30 votes separate Nick Swisher and Jose Mesa! This battle will come down to the wire. 100 Minutes Left!.
I hate Nick Swisher with a passion, but omg he does not come close to Jose Mesa. Ppl voting Swisher must be too you…
Is that Nick Swisher you are talking about?
Yeah, since Nick Swisher left, I just can't get excited about this club's outfield.
Oh come on people! Nick swisher must win this tournament. He was ungodly awful.
Nick Swisher rooted for the Cubs, had people in club house that thought he was obnoxious,…
Nick Swisher sucked, but he was great for the clubhouse and great with the fans. Can't understand why anybody would hate the guy.
How in the *** can any Indians fan hate Nick Swisher more than that fat waste of perfectly good oxygen Jose Mesa?
Jose Mesa literally blew a World Series. Nick Swisher was underwhelming, but he isn't Jose Mesa.
I will never understand this amount of hate for Nick Swisher.
When the signed Nick Swisher in 2013 they surrendered the 32nd overall pick. The drafted OF Aaron Judge with that pick
Fun fact: Aaron Judge was taken with the compensatory pick the Yankees received for Nick Swisher going to Cleveland.
Fun Fact: Aaron Judge was drafted with Nick Swisher's compensation pick. Thanks Cleveland!
I submit there is nothing more annoying on television than Nick Swisher on Simply awful.
Just a friendly reminder that, with the draft pick compensation system in 2013, the Yankees basically turned Nick Swisher…
Nick Swisher was on Larry King and said Ben Gamel was the 2nd most impressive rookie he's seen.
Yonder Alonso: First Oaklander to have 12 HR by May 13 since Nick Swisher in 2006.
Nick Swisher is now an MLB Analyst. I remember when he played AAA last year, and I heckled him at an Indy Indians g…
Is Nick Swisher Elite: our column .
Ironically, Aaron Judge was picked with the compensation pick from Nick Swisher
...:a compensatory pick for Cleveland signing Nick Swisher" LOL
Reminder in here that the Nick Swisher trade is the gift that keeps on giving.
Please stop putting Nick Swisher on television. He is beyond awful.
The have the to thank for Aaron Judge actually! It was their signing of Nick Swisher that gave the Yankees the Judge Pick
just randomly remembered that Yankees drafted Judge with a compensation pick for the Indians signing Nick Swisher
The network has an outstanding show with "MLB Whiparound", and Nick Swisher might be my fave of many solid analysts.
Shout out to the Cleveland Indians for signing Nick Swisher in 2012, giving us the compensation pick with which we drafted Aaron Judge.
Dear Pittsburgh: A letter from to fans.
Of course Nick Swisher is on FS1 talking about how awesome it is that the Orioles and Red Sox keep throwing at each other...
Aaron Judge is the best thing Nick Swisher ever gave the Yankees.
Now I'm not saying Mickey Mantle = Nick Swisher, but I don't remember seeing a gym scene in 61*.
Nick Swisher was pretty much arguing your side on FS1 earlier
Gameday! The Red Raiders take on Ohio State tonight at 5:35 CDT at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium!…
can't remember what I used to yell at Nick Swisher when he was with the A's - something about his wife
[New York Daily News]Nick Swisher was shaken up by the injury to Twins second baseman Tsuy…
.does his best Blue Steel look aka the Manny Machado stare down. 😂😂😂
"It's a lot of fun to see him doing what he's doing."- on
Didn't think there was anyone who I'd rather watch talk less than 's David DeJesus...then I saw 's Nick Swisher.
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Nick Swisher as a TV analyst is exactly as obnoxious as you thought he would be
I love that FS1 has a nightly baseball highlight show. But, dear god, Nick Swisher is terrible terrible terrible terrible.
Ever compare Judge to Nick Swisher again and I'll block you.
George doesn't like our love affair with the Judge. A total dummy; probably prefers Homer B…
When you realize Aaron Judge is a Yankee because of the Tribe signing Nick Swisher
Aaron Judge is a Yankee because the Indians signed Nick Swisher as a free agent
If you don't love Nick Swisher that's a 'you' problem!
Nick Swisher is the Guy Fieri of MLB "analysts"..except he's way bigger of a pud whack.
I see Nick Swisher is back to his cornball ways. Get this guy away from the camera
I'll ask again... who thought putting nick swisher on tv was a good idea.
Nick Swisher is more annoying on TV than he was as a player. What a buffoon.
Nick Swisher annoyed me last year when he was sour that we traded him when he was injured and said…
You're probably too young to remember Juan Gonzalez. But you're old enough to want to forget Nick Swisher.
Just realized that Joanna Garcia, who plays Mike Lawson ex on is married to MLB free agent, Nick Swisher.
to my Thanksgiving in Afghanistan back in 2011. Nick Swisher & Joanna Garcia Swisher visited us for the day.
WAR for an A's drafted position players since Nick Swisher was drafted in 2002:. Kurt Suzuki - 10. Cliff Pennington - 6. Travis Buck - 3
To me, Clint Frazier has Nick Swisher written all over him
Can we trade Shaw for Andy Marte? he struck out Nick Swisher in 2010.
Former OF/1B Nick Swisher has opted out of his minor deal with the to spend more time with family. https…
Nick Swisher lines out to LF Brock Holt as Scranton/WB leaves the bases loaded in the 4th. Sox trail 3-2 going to bottom 4.
Henry Owens escapes bases-loaded jam in the 4th as Nick Swisher lines to Brock Holt in deep left. preserve 3-2 deficit against SWB.
Yankees place 1B Chris Parmelee on the 15-day disabled list. RHP Chad Green called up from SWB. He is not Nick Swisher.
Yankees choices appear to be either Nick Swisher or Ben Gamel to replace Chris Parmelee
Tonight at the DBAP:. Blake Snell. Phil Coke (yes, that Phil Coke). Nick Swisher (yes, that Nick Swisher
Neal Cotts is in this game. The man to signal to the pen that Cotts should start warming? Nick Swisher.
why haven't the Yankees called up Nick Swisher to play first while Teixeira is injured ?
Yankees&Nick Swisher: Promotion from Triple-A possible -
With Ackley now out due to injury, will the call upon the one and only Nick Swisher to replace for the time being? I say yes please
During the Moneyball season the A's drafted Nick Swisher and Joe Blanton. Find that kinda cool
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher reports
I still see some Yankees fans clamoring for Nick Swisher to join the varsity he's 35 with a .629 OPS in AAA, dude needs to retire
If the bring up Nick Swisher, I'm done.
New York Yankees may call up OF Nick Swisher as Dustin Ackley will most likely go on the DL with a shoulder injury
If need to call up Nick Swisher, just don't expect the player from five years ago.
If Ackley goes on DL we could see Nick Swisher get that call-up. Chris Parmelee another option
lmao I had to work this morning! I just saw the video of Nick ripping the beer bong 😂😂
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher - New York Post via
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over
[New York Post] Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher
Nick Swisher throws shade at the Braves 👀.
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher via
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher -
Yankees choosing rushing Teixeira back over Nick Swisher
if Bryce Harper and Nick Swisher had a baby
I'm sure the Yankees will take Matt Harvey for Nick Swisher
Nick Swisher came out of the clubhouse to meet Legend, Joe Pepitone, today before the game. http…
Five players in the Railriders lineup have MLB experience, including Nick Swisher and Pete Kozma.
FRONT ROW CENTER at the game from a few weeks ago. Nick Swisher at bat.
Hicks is horrible and only good defensively. You have nick swisher killing it in Triple-A why not call him up and give him a chance
he kinda reminds me of Nick Swisher. Good luck
call Nick Swisher up. Your team needs some life.
Didn't know that Nick Swisher was on active roster of Yanks' Triple A team, the Scranton/WB RailRiders. Hope to see him back in Bronx!
cannot believe I got a selfie with Nick Swisher😭💙
Reading through my mentions and a man just said Yan Gomes was on of the best 3 catchers in the AL, yeah and Nick Swisher is a hall of famer.
Heathcott strikes out. It's up to Nick Swisher to extend this game. He's 0 for his last 12.
Why Yankees' Nick Swisher has been 'hard to look at' - Swisher is attempting comeback with Triple-A Maybe not e...
Grateful for all the things you both do for me. Happy Mothers Day!
Bartolo Colon has a higher HR total this year than Nick Swisher.
we'll throw in the bargain contract of Jacoby or Nick Swisher. your choice
My new sounds: Too Blessed - Nick Swisher x Yung Crisco x Lola Banks on
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I had one good one about Nick Swisher two years ago. I think.
At least we know what Nick Swisher is up to these days.
Two nights ago, Brock Stassi pitched a perfect 9th inning and struck out Slade Heathcott and Nick Swisher. Guy does it all...
I miss nick swisher. He needs to come back lol
A minor league first baseman struck out Nick Swisher
With A-Rod on the DL why don't you put Beltran at DH full time and promote Nick Swisher
*** be like "Pull up on tha Kid" wit a nick sack and a swisher sweet 😂
Hey Jack , where's the love for Nick Swisher?
would be good to see Nick Swisher contribute to the big club some time this year
But then you miss stuff like a minor league first baseman striking out Nick Swisher the other night!
Phil Coke said it "feels like home" to put the pinstripes back on. The '09 Yankees are re-assembling. Is Nick Swisher next?
Nick Swisher is 1 for 1 tonight with an RBI. Didn't think he had a shot of making the roster but the last few days have…
The Pigs may have lost 10-1 last night BUT first baseman did strike out Nick Swisher!
Next up we will call Nick Swisher lol
Phil Coke is back with the It's looking good for you, Nick Swisher
Opposing batters hitting .140 off Dan Salazar this season. He turns all hitters into 70% of Nick Swisher.
What if Nick Swisher was called up and broke Michael Pineda's ankle like he broke Derek Jeter's
Nick Swisher sits down during Saturday's Yankees Pregame (noon on YES) to discuss the adversity he's faced of late. https:/…
Mike Napoli has already done more for the Indians than Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn did combined in 2 years.
Mike Napoli brings the veteran presence and professional at-bats the Indians were supposed to get from Nick Swisher.
Nick Swisher to Skankees . Justin Masterson to Pirates . David Murphy to Twins. No one wants Michael Bourn 😂😂😂
Yankees sign Nick Swisher to a minor league deal. Swisher was part of NYY's 2009 championship team.
[SB Nation: Pinstripe Alley] Yankees to sign Nick Swisher to a minor league deal
Steve Tolleson and L.J. *** are in the Orioles organization and Nick Swisher is on the Yankees. Don't you dare tell me it's not 2012.
Hey Mike Napoli...if Indians wanted someone to stare at strike three all day they would've kept Nick Swisher!!!
Just like Nick Swisher who changed his facial image to to manage post actors death
Orioles should just admit the mistake and pay out the contract that they agreed too. Still half the price of Nick Swisher.
Andrew Friedman frantically trying to call Nick Swisher right now.
Nick Swisher would be an upgrade over Collin Cowgill
It's the losing cycle that needs to stop- fire everyone,hire everyone,cut&trade&let everyone go,draft on needs&agan
Hope it's a quick one but more important they get it right brothers
lol that's why the Browns haven't been good since they came back. Fans have no patience. Owner has no patience
I mean I think they are definitely taking the raiders method but still don't think you'll see 5 wins till 3rd yr
every good rebuild has taken more than one year... You're expecting way to much
I wish I was cool enough to be friends with Nick "Rolling Swisher's Getting Swishes" Mulvenna.
Swisher in position to still be productive via
Semi-annual reminder that Nick Swisher hit a whopping six home runs and drove in a face-melting 25 RBI in 2015.
knows his days may be numbered with . (Good!)
Swisher understands his days with the might be numbered
Swisher in position to still be productive
Swisher in position to still be productive: Though Spring Training has afforded Nick Swisher the…
It's OK, I'm gonna replace Encarnacion and Bautista with Nick Swisher and Michael Bourne
Nick always gives me the swisher packets 💀💀💀
"If defeating ISIS comes down to unlocking an iPhone, we're f***ed." ~ Kara Swisher, Exec. Editor Quote via Nick Pino,
Nick swisher has been awful at 1B so far
Nick Swisher is the reason I have PTSD
"Here's a zoomed-in shot of Swisher fouling a ball off his foot". *zooms in on ball hitting Nick in the groin*. "Well that's not his foot"
274 losses in 3 years. Adam "Nick Swisher" Eaton can go be a complete and utter moron somewhere else.
Mar 19, AB 1: Alex Rodriguez grounds out, third baseman Adonis Garcia to first baseman Nick Swisher.
Jacoby Ellsbury gets a standing ovation, diving to take an extra-base hit away from Nick Swisher, who offers a tip of the helmet himself.
Jacoby Ellsbury's diving catch earns him both a literal tip of the cap from Nick Swisher and a standing ovation from the GMS Field crowd.
Ellsbury robbed Nick Swish Swisher of extra bases
I low key miss nick swisher it's weird seeing him in the other dugout
Apparently everyone went to OU this weekend but me. So there is that.
Also big campaign donors to that ticket would be Bartolo Colon and Nick Swisher. Sweet.
MC at our 10k race today: "If you did it once, you can do it again!" and all I could think was yelling at Nick Swisher. Ha!
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 2013 Bowman Gold Nick Swisher
Nick Swisher is on an episode of ridiculousness and I never knew how much of a *** bag he was until now
Suzyn is happy that nick swisher and the braves may be traveling to Tampa tomorrow
I hate Adam LaRoche more than I hated Nick Swisher & Gordon Beckham. Didn’t think that was possible.
Braves' Nick Swisher: Unlikely to make final roster
I feel like Neil Walker looks vaguely like Nick Swisher. Anybody else see that?
Are the Braves going to keep Nick Swisher or are they going to release him?
Yeah, let's just have the players police the clubhouse, Adam. Maybe Nick Swisher can bring some blow-up dolls.
Sorry than Nick Swisher is gone. If anyone could add a little more stupid to this already absurd story it's Swish.
bring back Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson please and thanks
GIDP by Nick Swisher scores Adonis Garcia. Third GIDP this afternoon for the Braves
IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW this is what DRINKING WATER in Flint Michigan looks like right now
Today's Braves news has nothing to do with Nick Swisher. We just like this photo.
Forgot Nick Swisher was on Braves. Also, tomahawk chop continues to be the worst.
Aybar, Swisher among veterans on young Braves team (The Associated Press): Erick Aybar and Nick Swisher are we...
Nick Swisher never gave people breakfast sandwiches when he was with the Indians.
That soul patch was a worse idea than trading for Nick Swisher
KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) Erick Aybar and Nick Swisher are well into their 30s and, after trades…
Nick swisher looks coked out in the episode lmao
Little Giant Ladders
but technically it was an old wave back in the 90s before swisher a became nick it was Phillies and backwoods
needs to stop by Monterey Zumiez and bless us!! Thank you yeezus for being an incredible inspiration and being an honest man
Second Daughter on the Way for Nick and Joanna Garcia Swisher: We
Swisher healthy, but where does he fit into Braves' plans?
Never forget Brayan Pena, Nick Swisher, and the ball that stayed fair.
Nick Swisher is on ridiculousness rn 😂💀
Is Nick Swisher the only other potential candidate who could get you to give Trump your vote?
Ian Connor teased a and track. Listen to a preview:
EXCLUSIVE: Second daughter on the way for and All the details: https…
Dansby Swanson at short with a behind the back flip to second. Nick Swisher with a big "OOO yeah, check him out"
The 2009 Yankees had Nick Swisher sitting on the bench in the beginning of the season, along with Melky Cabrera. Depth is a good thing.
grants to study certain aspects for purpose of archiving for WORLDCOURT SUMMARIES so Vic Rino as Nick Swisher includes Matt Harvey and who
Indians cut ties with Chris Johnson, despite owing him $17 million
has released Chris Johnson who came over in the Michael Bourne/Nick Swisher deal.
to the people at the Avon Lake Las Cazuelas really knowing who Nick Swisher is?
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Wait so the Braves now have A.J. Pierzynski, Gordon Beckham, Nick Swisher and Tyler Flowers?
So the White Sox acquired Nick Swisher? Hopefully they didn't give up Gio Gonzalez this time.
Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn are the two highest paid Atlanta Braves.
"A starting outfield of Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and Nick Markakis sounds amazing." - People in 2009 and not in 2016
I mean yes and no. They're still gonna pay a ton to Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher, right?
If we were trying to tank why did we bring in Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher, huh tough guy?
Fact, the only time Mark Shapiro spent money in free agency, it yielded Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher, blech.
somehow still better than Michael Bourn& Nick Swisher
The Blue Jays don't need to be locking up Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn long term either.
Now its Shapiro's team. look for the big Nick Swisher or Michael Bourn signing soon.
anyone who sees the great value in Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn is a prime candidate!
How was his math when he signed Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher? Asking for a friend
Rogers picked the guy who signed Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn over the guy who traded for Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and David Price.
the last times he has spent he bought Travis Hafner, Nick Swisher, Grady Sizemore, and Michael Bourn. Good luck to you
What are the chances the braves rid themselves of Michael Bourn or Nick Swisher this winter? Ernie, Kodak TN
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At least Gilbert didn't blow his wad on Nick Swisher then be too cheap for anything else...
Josh Hamilton still much better numbers the Nick Swisher
Just showed Cain from 2006 pitch against Jason Kendall and Nick Swisher, with Matheny putting down the signs...A lot has happened in 6 years
Mike Francesa of Talks to Bobby Richardson, Ron Guidry, Nick Swisher, & Suzyn Waldman on
Nick Swisher is married to Joanna Garcia Swisher who played Cheyenne Montgomery on 😂
19. Used to be Nick Swisher idk now that he's irrelevant to me I guess Kershaw
Sep 6, AB 5: Bryce Harper singles on a line drive to left fielder Nick Swisher.
Nick Swisher with the pinch-hit RBI single to score Freddie Freeman, who beat Jayson Werth's throw and Jose Lobaton's tag. 2-1 ATL.
trouble then inserted name Michael Morse for Nick Swisher but got caught so they called Michael Morse by name Joe Kelley then Disney put in
Nick Swisher pitching, that's worth the price of admission right there
Rich Harden and I believe Nick Swisher was also a Vancouver Canadian.
Braves get Bourn, Swisher in trade with Indians
Newest player Nick Swisher does the thomahawk chop after hitting a double! . /> /> Via:
. This isn't new man I've been a savage rolled every swisher that's in the package yeah I'm just young and blessed 🎶
Ryan Lewis: Indians' trade of Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn shows the team wasn ...
Indians deal Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn to Braves for Chris ...
was Chris Johnson and money for Michael Bourn and nick swisher
No skunk that's just the residual odor from the Nick Swisher contract
Ayyy im So Glad Former Yankee Nick Swisher is a Brave and i Was Glad That Juan Uribe Was a Brave but we dont have him anymore
At warehouse, boxes of unopened Nick Swisher and Michael Bourne bobblehead dolls. bought out Mel Hall stock.
miss me yet??? Now you guys are stuck with worthless Bourn and can barely walk Nick swisher
So NYY definitely let go of guys like Boone Logan and Nick Swisher at the right time. I wonder how they determine such timing. Just uncanny
Nick Swisher is now a Brave. Is a Brave higher in the ranks than an Indian? That's a promotion ;)
idk whats more ridiculous acquiring Nick Swisher or giving up Jose Peraza
lol welp I guess the Dodgers won the out fielder lottery over the Braves who just acquired Nick Swisher
Nick Swisher could be just what the Atlanta Braves need
The have acquired OF Nick Swisher, OF Michael Bourn (owed $29 million combined) & cash from the for 3B Chris Johnson.
What's the latest Nick Swisher news? I need to be kept up to date.
Our chef in World Cuisine looked just like Nick Swisher.
Nick Swisher makes his debut, Michael Bourn returns to ATL and Andrelton Simmons returns in today's lineup:
Not a Braves fan but Nick Swisher looks good in a Braves uniform. . No ***
Johnny Gomes and Nick Swisher on the same team?! Talk about the best clubhouse in baseball.
A look back at Michael Bourn's time with the Tribe
Indians fall late to Twins, and the Nick Swisher era is Bro-ver
My blog is on the who need to put their 2016 Swisher-Bourn savings to very good use. .
They've already broken my heart by trading the Good Guy David Murphy, Michael Bourne, and Nick Swisher.
Swap of Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn for Chris Johnson gives Indians 2016 roster flexibility
I didn't see him on any of the ads during NXT...Oh yeah? Well we're not the ones who traded for Nick *** Swisher. That's a
the fact that I'm going to an Indians game Thursday and the only Indians shirt I have is of Nick Swisher and he was traded. ⚾️😒
Nick Swisher is a household name in Columbus
or the time i saw Nick Swisher in the Columbus airport after thanksgiving break.
Atlanta Braves news and links: Please help Shelby
Cleveland Indians 'move forward' with trade of Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn to ...
acquire Michael Bourn, Nick Swisher and cash from for Chris Johnson. Big salaries moving in August.
have acquired 1B/OF Nick Swisher, OF Michael Bourn & cash from for 3B Chris Johnson. TRADE DETAILS:
"He's already down here shouting 'ATL THIS!' and 'ATL THAT!' who does this guy think he is?!" - Scott in Atlanta, on Nick Sw…
Michael Bourn's time with the Tribe was disappointing, but not without its moments.
Indians to sign former Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher.
indians sign Nick Swisher to a multi year deal
Braves trade Chris Johnson to Cleveland for Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn
No happy ending to the Nick Swisher saga in Cleveland, just relief from the ... -
ionly ranked team you play this year! You should be in CFP! Bama plays 8 ranked!
I'm so glad the Braves picked up Nick Swisher. I can tell he's definitely going to help us.
Indians SBN: Michael Bourn traded back to Braves after up and down years with Indians
Outside of being a Braves fan anyway, knowing that Nick Swisher is married to Joanna Garcia? My favorite Astronaut Wife and mermaid!
CLE Plain Dealer: When Cleveland Indians signed Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn, I was all for it -- Terry Plut...
look as the wild Nick Swisher adapts to his new surroundings...
Nick Swisher goes 1-3 w/ 2 RBI in his debut as they defeat the Marlins, 7-2. Bourn: 1-5. Simmons: 2 RBI
ICYMI VIDEO: Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn, Chris Antonetti and Terry Francona discuss Friday's big trade with Atlanta.
I hope Nick Swisher is gonna bring Joanna Garcia with him to Atlanta 😉
A single Major League Baseball team has Johnny Gomes, AJ Pierzynski, and Nick Swisher on its roster.
Braves acquire OF Nick Swisher (OF Michael Bourn and cash considerations from Indians in exchange for IF Chris J…
only thing I like about Nick Swisher is his wife. Her name is Joanna Garcia.
.acquire OFs Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and cash from for INF Chris Johnson.
Braves bring in Nick Swisher...which means the best pickup is his wife Joanna Garcia
trading Nick Swisher to the If I were a Tribe fan, I'd be upset at losing his wife, Joanna Garcia.
If the Braves complete this deal for Nick Swisher, Chris Johnson would go to the Indians.
How sad is it when you get demoted from Double-A Akron to Single-A Lake County, and your name is Nick Swisher.
Can they throw in Nick Swisher for a bucket of baseballs?
Dear David Griffin could you please find someone to take Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn
The Charlotte and Gwyneth Gray Foundation and Switch Bel Air Shop for a Cure Benefit . Nick Swisher, Baron...
The Indians need to place Nick Swisher on the DL until his contract is up.
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