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Nick Saban

Nicholas Lou Nick Saban (born October 31, 1951) is currently the head coach of the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team.

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Yo it still blows my mind that I go to Alabama while Nick Saban is coach like we are living in the Golden Age of Alabama f…
And Bill Belichick would be NFL Nick Saban without Tom Brady. Mean and angry with a bunch of L's
Nick Saban is the most successful big game coach in college football history. This is just blatant stupidity.
I think Nick Saban just gave Brian Daboll the Lane Kiffin Memorial *** Chewing for not running the ball there and bleeding…
How Nick Saban kept Rolando McClain and Tony Brown eligible, alive, out of jail, and CTE free will be the best…
This guy right here was Nick Saban plan A Nick flew a h…
A remarkable victory by Alabama. Off to Atlanta and for Nick Saban, a shot at his sixth national championship. Truly historic.
Bro u think Fromm can carry u against Bama? Wait has he carried yall in any game thi…
I really like that Nick Saban completed his disdain through the ground here.
I hate how good Nick Saban be man he cold. I bet against him with Desaun last year and year before I’m 1-1 lmao
When you have something good happen, it’s the special people that can stay focused and keep paying attention to detail,…
Loved this from Nick Saban. Take pride in the work that you put in.
Remember when Nick Wright said he'd take Jim Harbaugh over Bill Belichick and Nick Saban? Good times. .
Alabama coach Nick Saban on the Sugar Bowl win over Clemson: “This game was about sort of our identity as a team.”
Jalen Hurts accidentally ran over Nick Saban, but that's not why Saban was mad in the fourth quarter:
Nick Saban out here looking like a frat boy at a pregame about to head to Rounders
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I remember I betted against Nick Saban and got all my check took not aagin 😂😂 nick saban is that guy😂
Idk what kind of halftime fear of god speech nick saban gives his players but I think I need it for next semester
No active college football coach has beaten Nick Saban in consecutive seasons. Only 8 have done it all-time, and 6 of those (…
Nick Saban is now 15-3 in national title games, CFB playoffs, & SEC title games. Greatest big game coach in college footbal…
If the leader doesn't demand it, then certainly everyone else won't expect it. – Nick Saban
Interesting that the one Nick Saban protege that's been a home run elsewhere is the guy (Kirby Smart) who kept turning dow…
Alabama is 101-4 when leading by 7+ at halftime under Nick Saban. Last such loss... Clemson last season.
Nick Saban 66? 😧 they said black don’t crack I guess neither does legendary
That's an argument against demanding anything of anyone ever. I'll defer to this piece:
I need my alarm clock to be Nick Saban yelling at me
I cannot imagine a thing Nick Saban hates more than this
There is nothing scarier in sports than a Nick Saban team out for blood
Nick Saban made $100,000 for Alabama's Sugar Bowl win and may have more coming
“I've waited nearly my entire adult life to see Nick Saban get dropped. Today was that day” - 😂.
When you show up to ask Nick Saban a question, you better bring your A Game. 😂😂
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.on the ever-evolving Nick Saban: "Look out college football. This week, he made a decision to make major cutbacks at…
Nick Saban: LB Anfernee Jennings has sprained knee via
Bill Belichick on a conference call now. He caught some CFB yesterday, too. "Definitely happy for the SEC teams, for Ni…
Alabama football: Nick Saban explains why OC Brian Daboll got an *** chewing". "I was being a bit of a fan.".
Nick Saban talks “Why” and pride in performance- “If you're gonna be a street sweeper, be the best street sweeper you ca…
First off I would like to thank Iowa. Next I would like to thank Auburn for giving Bama an extra week off to prepare for Cle…
Completely agree with Nick Saban can't be the greatest coach of all-time until he succeeds in the
It was night and day how much faster, healthier and edgier that Alabama defense was last night compared to the Iron Bowl. Nic…
It'll be Process vs. Process when Nick Saban and Kirby Smart meet in the national title game, and Smart has displayed many o…
Nick Saban provides injury update on LB Anfernee Jennings after Sugar Bowl win over Clemson…
WATCH: Nick Saban gets bowled over by a scrambling Jalen Hurts
Photo from the Sugar Bowl: Alabama’s Nick Saban shakes off sideline collision with his QB Jalen Hurts in the 3rd Q htt…
Jalen Hurts absolutely decked Nick Saban, but the coach was cool about it - It’s an occupational hazard. Late in Al…
.got this great shot of Nick Saban and Jalen Hurts at Alabama's on-field celebration.
Nick Saban will face Kirby Smart, his former defensive coordinator. . Saban is 11-0 all-time against his former assistan…
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Anyone who thinks something named McKenzie Milton would have a shot at beating a Nick Saban or Kirby Sm…
This is Nick Saban's 7th win against the AP No. 1 team. No other coach has more than 4 such wins
If I was the water boy, I would jump in front of Nick Saban and save him from falling
Why does Nick Saban have a personal water boy following him around the game ready to give him water whenever he wants?…
Just in case it does happen... Nick Saban is 11-0 against former assistants with an average margin of 43-11. .
Nick Saban called Hunter Renfrow a "pain in the you know what.". Well, Dabo has his own "Payne in the you know what". //…
Nick Saban comes out for a final hug with Miss Terry
Nick Saban greets Miss Terry before the game
Nick Saban: Mack Wilson will be available to play in the game. Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller are “probably 100 per…
WV has Randy Moss. WV has Jerry West (NBA Logo). WV has Pepperoni Rolls. WV has Nick Saban. WV has Jimbo Fisher . WV has Steve Ha…
Nick Saban has hurt these poor people.
.WR Hunter Renfrow is a "Pain in the you-know-what" Nick Saban says. Sure beats being seen as a mascot:
As far as I can remember Kirby and Georgia hasn't beaten Nick if you're into…
When will Jimmy Sexton start floating the Nick Saban to the rumor..?
Nick Saban, Beyonce, Paul Finebaum, Jesus Christ, Tim Tebow and Harambe all got votes in Alabama’s Senate election htt…
Nick Saban. Any Other Republican. Those were some of names that got write-in votes in the Se…
Nick Saban and dancing at Sugar Bowl media day. Casual.
This from Nick Saban sums up luck this season:. "We had three guys that got Jones fractures in their foot ...…
Charles Barkley got a bunch of votes as did Condi Rice and Nick Saban. The former Mrs Bentley got a han…
County reports from the Ala. Senate election show Nick Saban got 413 write-ins. Charles Barkley 39, Tommy Tubervill…
Nick Saban received at least 421 write-in votes in Alabama Senate election
Thursday column: Dabo Swinney loves Alabama. Does he love it enough to leave Clemson when Nick Saban retires?
Here are Alabama's highest paid public employees in 2017 not named Nick Saban or Gus Malzahn
Skip Bayless says Nick Saban's identity is losing big games. Nick Wright says James Harrison is a double agent for…
Texas coach showed no class. Somehow I don't see Nick Saban doing that or David Shaw or Bill Snyder doing that.
Get to know the Nick Saban that few people do —“He’s a beautiful person with a beautiful heart.”
What do Robert E. Lee, SpongeBob SquarePants, Nick Saban, Jesus Christ and George C. Wallace have in common? They a…
and Nick Saban have arrived in New Orleans!
Injury update on from Nick Saban:. Dylan Moses was injured and won't be able to participate in this game.…
Charles Barkley and Nick Saban each received multiple write-in votes in Lee County during the Dec. 12 special elect…
Top write-in vote-getter in Calhoun County was Luther Strange, with 195. Nick Saban got eight votes. Jesus Christ got…
Jeremy Pruitt stole a recruit away from Nick Saban and Alabama in four-star TE Dominick Wood-Anderson. Huge get for the…
You can consider this Jeremy Pruitt's first big recruiting win over Nick Saban. . 4* JUCO TE Dominick Wood-Anderson commi…
Nick Saban says Dylan Moses "required a pin in his foot.". Similar to Mack Wilson and LaBryan Ray, he said
Anoma chooses Alabama over Michigan & Maryland. . Why?. "It's the Nick Saban era. Time in & time out he produces top notch pl…
Alabama Senate race write-in results: Luther Strange, Lee Busby, Nick Saban make list
Lane Kiffin has as many wins as Nick Saban this year.
Nick Saban was in midseason form for today's 1st postseason practice, harping on wrapping up: "How many missed tackles are…
Nick Saban on injured guys: Mack Wilson (foot) was able to practice a significant amount today. Not 100 %. Christian Mill…
Nick Saban on Clemson QB Kelly Bryant: "The quarterback now may be a better runner, if that's possible, than the guy we p…
How long before the FBI arrests Gary Danielson for casting those 22,000 Nick Saban write-in votes?
Nick Saban is a clueless, gutless, selfish coward for his silence on Roy Moore, writes
Write in votes have to be for Nick Saban. Roll Tide.
One of the key players in Doug Jones beating Roy Moore last night? None other than Nick Saban. Roll Tide!
Breaking News: This just in third runner up in Alabama Senate race goes to Nick Saban. Forth runner up goes to Jame…
I will laugh for 48 hours straight if the write-in votes for Nick Saban decide the Bama election
11,000 write-ins in Alabama? That's an insane number. Can't wait to see how many of them are for Nick Saban.
Alabama voter just said he wrote in Nick Saban on his ballot.
What's the over/under on the number of write-in votes that Nick Saban gets in the Alabama Senate race tomorrow?
BREAKING: Skip Bayless, Danny Kanell, Matt Leinart and Joe Klatt are all reporting that Nick Saban and the
We should always remember that Nick Saban is the devil.
If Jimmy Johnson, Bill Parcells, and Nick Saban couldn’t overcome the curse; Rick Spielman and Jeff Ireland had ze…
EVERY. SINGLE. new college football head coach is a “home run hire,” is no doubt the next Nick Saban, and will lea…
In 2004, all of these people were employed by LSU:. Nick Saban. Jimbo Fisher. Kirby Smart. Will Muschamp. Dan Radakovich (Cl…
The unsung heroine of the Alabama football program is Terry Saban. Her influence in Nick Saban coming to (and remai…
The big bonuses Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn, Jay Jacobs and others earned Sunday
Good read from on the state of the The first call I would make is to Nick Saban. This is unl…
Nick Saban you big shameful sleazeball. Even ask Terry Bradshaw.
Kirby Smart, Will Muschamp, Jimbo Fisher, and Nick Saban on one coaching staff...good night. How did LSU not win multiple championships?
The amount of disrespect for Memphis is mind blowing. I want to hear opinions from James Franklin, Nick Saban, & de…
Nick Saban and the Tide after getting the final spot in the playoff...
Nick Saban really bobbing and weaving between national title crystal balls in this ESPN interview.
Nick Saban trying to justify Alabama being in the like
Hootie Jones will be out for the playoff, Nick Saban said. But he says the linebackers, including Mack Wilson, will be much healthier.
Kirby Smart - Nick Saban. . SEC East - SEC West. . Georgia v. Alabama . National Championship. This is going to ha…
Guys I’m so glad Mark Emmert and Nick Saban are buds.
Nick Saban to Scott Van Pelt: "I think if we lost to a team by 30 points, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Y…
Nick Saban watching college football today
Man, a College Football Playoff without Nick Saban and Alabama would be very very glorious.
How many times do we have to tell you Nick Saban didn't know Terry Saban had already decided to take the Alabama job?
*** Did they think they were giving that to Nick Saban instead of Jim…
DL target Bobby (Tre) Brown’s mother had great things to say about Nick Saban and Tosh Lupoi’s in-home visit on…
Colorado State and Mike Bobo scored 23 on Alabama, more than Nick Saban gave up against…
Nick Saban wanted Jacobs as a defensive end, and that sounds wild until you see Jacobs up close and the…
Nick Saban is 64 Bill Snyder is 76 is age really gonna stop a coach from coaching?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Let's just say Nick Saban coached at Penn State while Jerry Sandusky was there...these Tennessee "fans" would have…
BREAKING: Alabama head coach Nick Saban and QB Jalen Hurts reportedly got into a physical altercation after Alabama fa…
I’m all about Roll Tide.since Nick Saban arrived. But let’s be very clear: they’re getting spanked today. Would love…
Nick Saban believes Bama still deserves to get in the
A couple of things from Nick Saban:. He apologized for the loss and not having the players more prepared. He said Alabam…
Alabama football: Nick Saban believes Crimson Tide deserve to make College Football Playoff following loss to Auburn
After Auburn loss, Nick Saban says his team still deserves to be in Playoff via
Nick Saban on Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham... ‘Best quarterback we played against all year.’
The Florida Gators will no longer pursue Nick Saban as their head coach.
Alabama: 4th loss to Auburn under Nick Saban, most vs any opponent; . LSU (3) and Ole Miss (2) are the only other teams…
This is the 12th time Alabama has trailed by double digits in the 4th quarter under Nick Saban. The Tide is 0-11 in thos…
Nick Saban said J.C. Hassenauer got a concussion.
Nick Saban: I think this team deserves a chance to get into the playoff.
Two birds one stone. Republicans should do a write in campaign for Nick Saban: Nick Saban for Senate 2018, because…
Nick Saban has an archenemy. Its name is Auburn.
Nick Saban is now 0-7 against Auburn when the Tigers have 9 wins absolutely wild. College Football Playoff is still…
How is it that Gary Danielson can call the play before it starts, but Nick Saban and all of the defensive coaches who'…
Nick Saban with the timeout at the last second (almost). He has a plan.
Gary Danielson in the booth calling plays before they happen. Nick Saban may need to talk to him at halftime.
The is almost here. . Prior to kickoff, Nick Saban spoke with
Are you saying Dan Mullen is the next Nick Saban?
Mark I sent the Nick Saban quote to Coach Calhoun and Coach Simmons. Thanks again and Good Luck 🙏🏻
So am I the only one who thinks Chip Kelly's career path is more Mike Martz than Nick Saban?
Nick Saban is a more successful coach than Gus Malzahn
Nick Saban heaps praise on Auburn RB Kerryon Johnson ahead of Iron Bowl matchup
Listening to state that Gus Malzahn will own Nick Saban.👍😎
Nick Saban on Kerryon Johnson: "He's a complete player as a running back as anyone in our conference. They do a lot to utilize him."
WATCH: Nick Saban's final press conference of Iron Bowl week
Live updates: Nick Saban holds final press conference of Iron Bowl week
This is a 9-win, Top 10 Auburn team taking on Nick Saban at home with College GameDay in town. History suggests tha…
Any truth to the rumor that I just started that Nick Saban might take the West Virginia job?
Arguing with a Guy at the Grocery Store today, he said Nick Saban was like Tom Brady, and Gus was like Matt Ryan, what do you think?
“The last time Nick Saban won a championship he had guys like Derrick Henry and Bla…
Nick Saban after Senior Day rout of Mercer: ‘This senior class has been phenomenal’ via
Also wants to report that Nick Saban is happy at LSU, and Johnny Majors will not miss any games as HC due to open heart surgery.
Quick video of Nick Saban meeting with seniors Rashaan Evans, Hunter Bryant, J.C. Hassenauer, Hootie Jones, JK...
Nick Saban said Keith Holcombe is "probably just as good" a signal-caller as Shaun Dion Hamilton was. Said Hamilton did a…
Nick Saban said Christian Miller and Terrell Lewis are in the functional phase of rehab. They are not cleared yet.
We had to hire a 2005 Urban Meyer or a 2007 Nick Saban ... And we got Scott Frost or Chip Kelley
Got "outcoached" because he was facing Bob Stoops and Nick Saban. Nick Saban said of Gary Pinkel "Gary Pin…
With Tennessee firing Butch Jones, he now becomes the 25th SEC head coach to be fired since Nick Saban started at Alabama…
Nick Saban is the last coach to beat Alabama by more than 17 points (2003)
Nick Saban and defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt after tonight’s game.
Where is Jonathan Gonzalez? What happened to Nick Saban style recruiting? We only called 7 mids, it’s not like there is room
Nick Saban said both Shaun Dion Hamilton and Mack Wilson are "probably out.". Called this a "costly win."
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"It was a costly win for us." Nick Saban says. Shaun Dion Hamilton and Mack Wilson both probably out.
Nick Saban: "Obviously a tough game. I told the players before the game that we haven't been tested by hard, and hard d…
Yup. Nick Saban is a good man. Butch Jones, IDK.
Nick Saban hand delivered a national championship ring to Aaron Douglas's family after his overdose death.
Nick Saban wants to be Butch Jones so bad
Kirby Smart becomes the third current SEC coach to win a division title, joining Nick Saban and Gus Malzahn.
Nick Saban on CFP rankings: "It doesn't really matter where you are right now. It matters where you finish."
Read how Alabama coach & Kent State alum Nick Saban used to break down film during his days:
Nick Saban on Daniel Wright's "Happy Birthday": "D. Wright can really sing it, man. He's really musically inclined."
Nick Saban: "I'm glad we're not No. 1, I'll tell you that."
Follow along here to watch Nick Saban's weekly radio show
Nick Saban says two key defenders could return from injury this season
New commit Emil Ekiyor says it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to play for Nick Saban
Nick Saban hasn't 'really thought about' No. 2 ranking: via
Nick Saban on Jim McElwain: ‘We’re here to support him any way we can’
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Alabama is No. 2 in the initial College Football Playoff rankings. Georgia is No. 1. Nick Saban rn
Nick Saban has a room in his house dedicated to Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Glenn Frey
From FB “WOW! Nick Saban flew into Tallahassee Saturday via private plane and was picked up by Chuck Walsh from FSU…
List of supportive people in no particular order:. Mark Stoops. Will Muschamp. Nick Saban. Derek Mason. Ed Orgeron . Barr…
Florida’s firing of Jim McElwain is SEC’s 24th head coaching change since Nick Saban came to Alabama in 2007
Dan Wolken says Jimbo Fisher is closer to Gene Chizik than Nick Saban
Nick Saban is getting PAID. And this is just for the 2017 season.
I think Billy Bob Thornton would make a *** of a Nick Saban...even sounds like him. The rest are on point!
Nick Saban said he spends "15 minutes, 3 or 4 days a week" working out with strength coach Scott Cochran
Special thanks to Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh for the wonderful National Bosses Day cards.
"You guys create the drama.". Steven Strasburg moonlights as Press Secretary for Nick Saban.
Les Miles was the Nick Saban of words. . Butch Jones is the John L. Smith of words. .
"Mediocre people don’t like high achievers, and high achievers don’t like mediocre people." . – Nick Saban
Nick Saban on his high school girlfriend breaking up with him is fantastic. (via
Of course, if it was Nick Saban, he's not fired. Just like Mike Irvin could stab Everett McIver and stay while Lucky had to go...
.shares how a passion for football got him through tough times & what he learned from Nick Saban while playin…
I swear, Nick Saban was angrier after beating Ole Miss 66-3 than Butch Jones was after losing to Georgia 41-0. Insane…
Nick Saban and Miss Terry named honorary alumni by the University of Alumni Association:…
Listen to this week's episode of 'Hey Coach!' with Nick Saban
Nick Saban 'pleased' with progress of injured LBs
Nick Saban was Belichick's DC in CLE. Derek Mason and his staff studied w NE this Spring. Hope BAMA-Vandy will be a competetive wire job.
Idc what nobody say Derek Mason is the second best Coach in the SEC behind Nick Saban. Alabama vs Vandy going to be a lit game.
This would equate to D. Mason out coaching Nick Saban, in this instance. 😏
Nick Saban just revealed that he still uses an iPod that has 120 songs on it. He listens to the songs "over and over and…
There's still time to enter to win tix! Q: Which former coach also coached under Nick Saban?…
How Texas A&M, Texas, Arkansas, OU, Alabama and Nick Saban could all get involved raising money for Harvey victims
Nick Saban still works day in and day out as the best defensive backs coach in the nation
"We have another Nick Saban down here"
BREAKING: Nick Saban furious as the Cleveland Indians have just overtaken the spot in the AP poll, despite not playing…
Love this from Nick Saban a few years back. It takes what it takes; whether or not you want to do what it takes is up to…
"All I know is that if we play well, we control our own destiny in terms of what we do.". -Nick Saban
“"I don't mind you asking a question, but I don't need to answer it." 😂 I ❤ Nick Saban 🏈🐘
I really do wish Nick Saban was president.
WATCH: Nick Saban says he'll just call up Mike Bobo and give him the game plan
CSU QB Nick Stevens has the eye of Alabama's Nick Saban
Maryse Ouellet: Board of Directors of BPG, Chief Executive Officer BPG Divas. Nick Saban: Board of Directors of BPG, Minority Owner
Nick Saban says he's impressed with the especially Nick Stevens and Michael Gallup
Tide coach Nick Saban requested more progression. From Hurts. From an offensive line he claimed…
▶ Nick Saban jokes with reporter who says offense played "so-so" in win over Fresno State (ESPN)
that was Bucks best imitation of Nick Saban. Win the game but when interviewed sounds like worse game ever. Great work.
Tim Brando: FSU 'looked like sub-standard SEC team intimidated by Nick Saban'
Nick Saban made a mistake on his radio show. Fresno State's receiver KeeSean Johnson is not the son of former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson.
Reporter asks Nick Saban if he's worth $11 million. Saban: "Probably not. But I don't do this for money."
Nick Saban provides update on injured Alabama LBs Anfernee Jennings and Rashaan Evans via
Nick Saban says Anfernee Jennings and Rashaan Evans will "probably be out for this game."
Nick Saban says Rashaan Evans & Anfernee Jennings are questionable for the game.
Nick Saban: Rashaan Evans (groin) and Anfernee Jennings (ankle) are questionable for Fresno State game Saturday.
Nick Saban says both Anfernee Jennings and Rashaan Evans are questionable for Fresno State.
good morning to everyone except Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Jim Harbaugh
Is Butch Jones just Les Miles if he didn’t follow Nick Saban?
Nick Saban is now 5-0 in the past 5 years when I drink Sam Adams Octoberfest during the kickoff game. Y'all welcome.
Am I saying that Nick Saban is a serial killer? Certainly not. Am I saying that Nick Saban shares the general profi…
Nick Saban looks like Fred Macmurray, ( for u old timers)
Imagine having Bill Belichick as the head coach of a team and Nick Saban as the defensive coordinator..Wait, the browns did and still sucked
Nick Saban gave Louisiana a national championship AND Drew Brees!! He should be recognized as a patron Saint.
My wiki research tells me Mike Shula would have paid not Nick Saban.
bro, after fb season u GOT to go back N Ga and interview Nick Saban on leadership,culture. Think he could fix Wells Fargo? Yep
I know college football is back when Tom Rinaldi is panting in admiration of Nick Saban while he interviews him. There's love in Tom's eyes.
Hello my name is Nick Saban of the University of Alabama crimson tide and I'd like to talk to you about that there baby https:…
Webb Simpson at peace with his putting, a new American LPGA star starts to shine, and Nick Saban talks Justin...
BREAKING: Jimbo Fisher is the coaching ranks' Klay Thompson according to Nick Saban. "He could shoot threes and was aggressive."
coach Jimbo Fisher will forever be compared to Alabama coach Nick Saban. Even when it's apples to oranges
Column on about his unique viewpoint of Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher via
Time lapse of the eclipse darkening Bryant-Denny and Nick Saban.
I don't agree with Nick Saban on much, but I like his style on this: I'll catch solar eclipse on TV - via App
Nick Saban: "My players have seen pictures of books. They don't need to know what's inside."
Nick Saban sounds so excited for the solar eclipse
Nick Saban is NOT excited about the on Monday. (Video courtesy of TideTV).
Nick Saban said he’s already seen how the eclipse will look on the Weather Channel so he doesn’t really care.
Having played for both Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher, has a unique perspective.
Nick Saban surprised Alabama players with practice.
McVay the next Nick Saban? Thats how Andrew Whitworth feels... 🐏🌴🏈.
College football season doesn't start until Nick Saban goes off on the media. (via
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has some words to the people saying Nick Saban is over rated.
‘No one would win like he has’ says former Alabama QB in defense of Nick Saban
And Bobby Petrino has called Nick Saban the master of interviewing someone he doesn’t plan to hire just to learn what the…
Mike and Mike state that Nick Saban's Alabama program is the greatest football program in the history of college football.
Nick Saban dedicated his new car dealership to his father, who last saw his son as a graduate assistant driving a Coca Co…
If the College Football Playoff wants to change its format, Nick Saban is full of ideas.
Hey Steve Robertson, how many times has DM beat Nick Saban? Right this in your *** book 0-8
Nick Saban: Jalen Hurts is starter; Tagovailoa, young players will play via
Nick Saban has five national championships; only Bear Bryant has more since the AP Poll debuted in 1936.
Jimbo Fisher shares his thoughts on expectations, Nick Saban & Jameis Winston on First Take ht…
Well, we already know who one of them is. They wear CRIMSON & white, they have the best coach in the NCAAF, Nick Saban, so...🤗
Nick Saban has Hugh Freeze on the line for an offensive coordinator gig.
Here's Nick Saban in 1972, during his college football playing days at Kent State:
Fun fact I learned today: University of Tampa football beat Nick Saban and Jack Lambert of Kent State in the 1972 Tangerine Bowl
Nick Saban will never get tired of winning. 😎. 🎥:
SEC coach rankings: Who is best-suited to challenge Nick Saban at No. 1?
Nevada is a quietly interesting story. Nick Saban loses a transfer QB, David Cornwell, who is going to run the Air Raid for Hal Mumme's son.
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I'm excited when you welcome ALABAMA crimson tide national champs and Nick Saban to the white house!
Nick Saban signed 6 QBs from 2010-13. They finished at Bama (Jake Coker as an FSU xfer), Winston Salem St., Toledo, North T…
Only active FBS coaches ahead of CPJ in Ws are Brian Kelly, Nick Saban, Bill Snyder. Kelly has coached 27 yrs;…
You come at the king, you best not miss. Nick Saban is ruling college football but the challengers are coming 👀 https:/…
Lesson learned... Follow the process. Nick Saban wins national championships practicing 7secs at a time
5 things we learned from Phil Savage's upcoming book on Nick Saban |
Nick Saban was 56 years old when he took over the job at Alabama. Our is almost 70, and so is HRC.
The evolution of Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, Urban Meyer and other college football coaches (in GIF form).
WATCH: Alabama's Nick Saban talks Bob Stoops retirement at his charity golf tournament in Vestavia Hills…
Since 1999 only Nick Saban has more wins vs. AP Top-10 opponents than Bob Stoops.
Nick Saban praises Bob Stoops in statement, calls him ‘great friend’
Current head coaches who have lost a national championship game:. Nick Saban. Dabo Swinney. Frank Solich (at Nebraska)…
Could you put Jim Harbaugh in the same tier head coaching wise as Urban Meyer and Nick Saban? Asking for a friend
Nick Saban: Redskins got a steal with Jonathan Allen.. What the Alabama coach had to say about JA and Ryan Anderson
Nick Saban, of all people, was at the Stanley Cup Final in Nashville
After working with Nick Saban, Dan Mullen, and Jim McElwain, has much to bring to
Nick Saban has so few losses at Bama, you might remember all of them
Nick Saban chewing out the water boy after Rueben Foster cramps up is my aesthetic
Week's top 10 sports quotes includes Terry Bradshaw on Nick Saban and LeBron on Michael Jordan.
Avril Lavigne is dead and Nick Saban plays with John Tesh. Music is a constant reminder of beauty and pain.
Nick Saban defends Foster, Allen stands on combine numbers at Alabama's pro day
Nick Saban is giving Top100 WR Joshua Moore the choice of playing WR or CB. His thoughts? ‘Music to my ears’ (VIP) https…
Nick Saban has humped sharks twice that size.
"Your character is your accumulation of your thoughts, habits and priorities on a day-to-day basis" - Nick Saban
When you are working with a client and she jokingly says, "My safe word is Nick Saban." Lol.
Nick Saban to be paid $11.125 million this season, John Calipari set to make just over $7.1 million . via
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