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Nick Lachey

Nicholas Scott Nick Lachey (born November 9, 1973) is an American singer, songwriter, actor, producer and television personality.

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Nick Lachey asks public for help after employee is shot in face
At least the blacks keep killing whites at a record paces .
Here is another hate crime.. You blacks must be very happy.
You guys must be excited as you have inspired ANOTHER hate crime. .
Nick Lachey asks public to help 'find justice' for employee shot in the face
Question? The perp yelled at her from a van, and she approached the van and then was shot in the face? Why would sh…
Nick Lachey pleads with public to find man who shot his employee
Nick Lachey pleads with the public to find man who shot in the face 27-year-old mother-of-one Ellie Richardson, who works at his C…
Nick Lachey wants to 'find some justice' for his employee who was shot in the face (via
I remember watching Nick Lachey host a fake-live version of Big Morning Buzz Live on probably Thanksgiving.…
Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd cut from 'Dancing with the Stars'
Nick Lachey gets the boot on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Nick Lachey broke down in tears on over the birth of his premature son
I think Nick Lachey is a so-so dancer but Vanessa Lachey is very good. It is a shame she is partnered with Ma…
Nick Lachey, Drew Scott, Sasha Pieterse and more reveal how many pounds they've shed just from dancing. Get the...
There's Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) and more I can't recall. I…
Sasha Pieterse, Lindsey Stirling, and Nick Lachey all on DWTS? Yup bout to watch this again for the first time in a long time 😂
Pressure on for competing vs wife Vanessa. And bro won it in 2006.
Celebssion: Nick Lachey, wife Vanessa, and more join Dancing With the Stars
Nick and Vanessa Lachey, singer Debbie Gibson headline upcoming season of 'Dancing with the Stars'
Terrell Owens and Nick Lachey on dwts. Guess I'll watch a couple
Meet the new cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 25
I’m hoping once dwts is over maks and peta go to nick lachey’s bar downtown and I can go get pictures and THEN fight them both
post With the Stars' cast: Nick Lachey and Terrell Owens are among the ... has been published on -…
You don't know Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees?! And his wife Vanessa both gonna be on their, partnered w/M…
Nick Lachey, Frankie Muniz and Barbara Corcoran were among the celebs announced to join 'Dancing With the Stars.'
The roster for Season 25 has just been announced...I, for one, can't wait to see cutie pie Nick Lachey!
Nick Lachey and Terrell Owens lead ‘Dancing With the Stars’ cast
Nick Lachey and Terrell Owens lead 'Dancing With the Stars' cast Frankie Muniz and Debbie Gibson will also compete…
'Dancing With the Stars' season 25 celebrity cast: Frankie Muniz, Barbara Corcoran, Nick Lachey and more
LOL, I got Nick Lachey and Debbie Gibson. And the Property Brother, although I do not know which o…
Nick and Vanessa Lachey headed to 'Dancing with the Stars' via
Nick and Vanessa Lachey, dancing with different partners, round out the cast
Nick & Vanessa Lachey are both on DWTS. They must really need that paycheck. Jessica can't relate
Guys, Frankie Muniz & Nick Lachey are both gonna be on Dancing with the Stars THIS IS NOT A DRILL 🚨🚨🚨🚨
Nick Lachey, Frankie Muniz, Terrell Owens, Debbie Gibson...all competing for the Mirror Ball Trophy.
Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Derek Fisher, Terrell Owens, and singer Debbie Gibson headline new 'Dancing' cast.
Both Vanessa and Nick Lachey are competing on dwts this year?! I'm intrigued.
'Dancing with the Stars' cast includes Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Jordan Fisher:…
I thought you meant Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. 😬
When I saw Nick and Vanessa trending I actually thought it was Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo and that would actually be sad.
Nick and Vanessa are trending and my slow *** thought it was Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo😩 Always been team Jessica Simpson anyway
I totally thought they were talking about Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo.
I legit thought this was about Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo when your email blast came across. 20…
A producer said she could spot Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's divorce coming from a mile away:…
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had "tension" before their divorce, producer claims: https…
So it seems like everyone is opening about the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey relationship now which, to me, means the NDA is over
A Newlyweds producer is opening up about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage:
Chris Kirkpatrick and Nick Lachey in one group?!!?! My 17 year old self is having a heart attack. My 35 year old se…
1/2 - " Boy Band team made up of Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, NSYNC's Joey Fatone & Chris Kirkpatrick,…
I use to love Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey !💕💕 I can't believe they didn't stay together 😩
Am I the only one not over Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey breaking up orrr .
'Lachey Party of 5': Vanessa and Nick Lachey welcome third child
I've never liked Vanessa and Nick Lachey cause I'm team Jessica Simpson
Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa welcome third baby: ’We had our Christmas Miracle’
Vanessa and Nick Lachey welcome baby boy: via
Donnie Wahlberg and Nick Lachey are teaming up to bring us a show about boy bands
Nick Lachey to be voice of Cincinnati Bell Connector
Remember when Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson got a divorce and the entire world decided love is no longer real?
I'm never going to be over the fact that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson split up!
No, iTunes. I'm listening to Edwin McCain, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to Nick Lachey. 🙄So stop suggesting it.
Nick Lachey was her computer wallpaper for YEARS
"Who do you think you are? Nick Lachey?" -a really bad or really good taunter at this soccer game
Watching food network because duh. Nick lachey is so charming and funny
I mostly don't care about celebrity couples, but Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were perfect for each other.
I randomly just started singing Left of Me by Nick Lachey...yeah I need a nap lmao
Um okay so I'm watching this vampire movie starring Lucy Liu and uh...Simon Rex, Marilyn Manson & Nick Lachey are in it too??
If I learned to play piano the first song I would play would be what's left of me by nick lachey
Nick and Drew Lachey were a truly great comedic duo on "Newlyweds" and I highly recommend giving it a rewatch
he looks like nick lachey..boyband guy that used to be married to Jessica Simpson. Skin looks suspiciously smooth
Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are gonna last forever
She knows I'm her biggest fan, I cheer for her louder than anybody.
This is like a young version of my dad thought Nick Lachey was in One Direction.
Nick Lachey- looked like a great guy. But in person there was no spirit. No passion at all as a man, no energy at all. Not friendly.
Every time I see Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey with their new families it makes me a little sad
Nick Lachey...he's so hot right now 🔥💁🏼
A win against STL and a Nick Lachey reference.I'll take it
So Timberland and Sean Combs and Nick Lachey are going to be here?
The 35-year-old, who shares Camden and one-year-old daughter Brooklyn with husband Nick Lachey, was spotted for the first t…
I remember back in the day when Mandy Moore kicked me off her tour bus gund arena show 98 degrees performed sold nick Lachey meth
Last night's Lyft stories: One driver prepping a movie w/Carl Reiner. The other had just gotten in a fender bender with Nick Lachey in tow.
I added a video to a playlist This I Swear - Nick Lachey
Sometimes I think of how Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey have happy little families now.
Nick Lachey bringing tears to my eyes again.
LOLOLOL now Nick Lachey is stuck in my head
Casee is Jessica Simpsons best friend, she was on Newlyweds when Jessica was married to Nick Lachey
Nick Lachey is on Live with Kelly! 😍 I bet half of my followers don't know who that is
Today LIVE with Kelly has Nick Lachey as co-host + Anthropoid star JamieDornan & Chef Eric Ripert at 9am WISN12
"What's Left of Me" is a song co-written and recorded by American singer Nick Lachey. It was released on February 21, 2006 as the lead singl
ah heh heh heh heh. I am hoping for the vip for ninety eight degrees crew. I can finally get to meet Drew and Nick Lachey
I tell her all the time I'd gladly retire and hang out with the kids a...
should've never forgotten the lesson from Nick Lachey gettin his patio done on J Simpsons show "if u want something done right do it urself"
To me, having kids is the ultimate job in life. I want to be most succ...
"I've got a degree in 98 degrees. No, you misunderstand me. I've only got one degree it's in 98 degrees." - Nick Lachey in a job interview.
98 Degrees! Excited Nick Lachey meets bandmates for lunch after announcing comeback tour
Nick Lachey's needs you love for fur.
KFed, Nick Lachey, Gabriel Aubry and Tom Arnold are on the Mount Rushmore of Kept Men
a picture of Nick Lachey under the cheese layer of every slice of that pizza
We are driving and Mike yells " OMG " and shuts me up mid sentence and turns up the radio .ITS NICK LACHEY 😭
There's no bigger supporter in Jessica's life than me.
its Nick Lachey in my room right now
You ever just think about the fact that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson aren't together anymore and get sad AF
I remember when Vanessa Minnillo (sp?) interviewed then married Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson on MTV...
Nick Lachey From 98 Degrees and former partner of the fashion brand Baby Phat.
92 degrees and not the cool band led by Nick Lachey either
If Nick Lachey is still a thing then college student discounted fares should be a thing.
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Where has Nick Lachey been all of my teenage life
I'm sitting across from Nick Lachey and he's judgementally watching me eat a sandwich...
another call your girlfriend/another around crossover where someone is screaming 'nick lachey! there are SO many black people!'
"Marriage is a team effort. Both of us share that philosophy." - Nick Lachey
Where are these good male singers go la, Shayne ward, David archie, Nick lachey. 😥
This day in Willie Nelson History: USO Show in Germany with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (May 23, 2005)
Wow, that's my favorite Nick Lachey quote, and never has it felt more relevant!
Sal kinda looks a bit like Nick Lachey.
*to Nick Lachey* "is it hot in here... yeah it's crazy hot in here. Must be like 98 degrees.". 😹😹😹😹
98 Degrees is back together and Nick Lachey is kicking his California estate to the curb.
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are selling their California estate for $4 million:
Nick Lachey's son is not a fan of his music:
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey at the Entertainment Weekly Pre Emmy Party at Fig & Olive Restaurant: via
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles: via
Fun fact: in 2013, Nick Lachey released an album of lullabies. The album's label was Fisher-Price.
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TSFJ chats with James White about March Madness, Future Hendrix, Fur Coats, and Nick Lachey.
Not too long ago he was doing this...
The thought, "What is Nick Lachey doing with his life?" actually popped into my head this morning. Verbatim. That's how I know I need food.
All I do is listen to Nick Lachey & cut my veins to his music before bed. Jk I just really like his music.
omg I think about this secret all the time and wonder who it is.. Definitely not nick lachey or JT!
God I rmr that episode. she was playing...I think...Julian's date and Brooke was upset and was that the EP nick lachey was in?
For some reason here's Tony Romo, Nick Lachey and Puppy Monkey Baby
. It's a solid 98 degrees in my car. Nick Lachey is bound to be in here somewhere.
Woah! Nick Lachey just ripped off Tito Jackson's nipple ring during the
There was a local spot. We got an Indy 500 commerical. Apparently Cincy got a Nick Lachey commercial.
Coldplay on the stage, Nick Lachey in the luxury box behind me. It must be Super Bowl 38.
You mean you all didn't just see Nick Lachey hocking Cincinnati Bell Fioptics?
nick lachey selling a cable package for Cincinnati bell
Don't knw abt u,but in my town Nick Lachey got his local TWC commercial. . We went to Creative&Performing Arts. He 'made' it,tho. LoL.
After Nick Lachey's commercial, Mom: I think he's from Ohio, guys.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Is there a UK commercial this year? Won't see on NKY...we Nick Lachey and Cincy Bell.
People outside of Cincinnati just missed a Nick Lachey commercial.
I mess with Nick Lachey he stay reppin the Nati
Nick Lachey in a local spot. Of course.
Hey hey Nick Lachey thanks for posing for my pic like a bo$$
Nick Lachey earlier Instagrammed a pic of himself with the
Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, Nick Lachey and Puppy Monkey Baby visit the SiriusXM set at Super Bowl 50...
Now that Nick Lachey monkey photo makes sense?
I see you Nick Lachey. Sorry you got seated behind me.
puts Nick Lachey's What's Left of Me on repeat and feels sorry for myself
Jessica thinks the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl every year.-Nick Lachey 2002
Herve Leger dresses, bottle service, & Nick Lachey. The recap is up on http…
Ralph and Alice Kramden. Also, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and too Popeye and Olive, as well as Holmes/Watson.
My pub health prof just confused Nick Cannon and Nick Lachey
Do Sarah Jessica Parker and Nick Lachey sound like nobodies to you!?
Well, I think George Clooney might be too expensive for them. If they go with Nick Lachey, it might work.
Nick Lachey was supposed to be in American Sniper..I dont know which scene but he shoulda be a solider
From Damon Thomas to Ray J to Nick Lachey to Nick Cannon to Reggie Bush to Miles Austin to Gabriel Aubry to Kris Humphries to …
2005 - Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, the singing co...:
I thought they just hated oligopolies and Nick Lachey. Or you think most weren't educated on it and just said no to da green?
Reminder: Ohio's weed measure would've also created a monopoly where only Nick Lachey and his friends could grow it
Ohio put Nick Lachey on the marijuana issue 3 campaign as if he's done anything more than be Jessica Simpson's ex-husband lol
How did get both of my favorite bromances? Nick Lachey and Zack Morris?!?!
George Clooney, Carmen Electra, Chuck Sheen, and.Nick Lachey are Bengals fans. This is all that needs to be said 😕😑
The latest move in the Jessica Simpson-Nick Lachey feud will blow your mind — all the details
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's feud just took an unexpected turn —>
You and Howard mean alot to me. I hate any bitterness between you 2. In other news Frankie Valli to produce Nick Lachey biopic
Jessica Simpson disses her ex Nick Lachey in Instagram post dedicated to Eric Johnson!
Reading about how Jessica Simpson's marriage to Nick Lachey was a big mistake breaks my heart
Drew and Nick Lachey host watch party for debut of A&E reality TV show 'Lachey's: Raising the Bar'
there's a Nick Lachey album called Soulo, and a David Ryan Harris one called Soulstice. if you ever feel particularly uninspired.
I'm more Lance Bass than Nick Lachey. We have more things in common!
I wonder if Tim Hasselbeck ever looks at Elisabeth the way Nick Lachey looked at Jessica Simpson when she asked about the…
Kourtney and Scott breaking up is the worst thing to happen to me since Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split in 2005.
Scott and Kourtney breaking up is honestly hitting me harder than Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and I am barely over that
Nick & Vanessa Lachey enjoy an adorable family beach day with their little ones Camden & Brooklyn--see the pic:
Good *** to star along side Nick Lachey in new reality show
I'm struggling to find new friends here as much as Nick Lachey is struggling to be relevant after 98 degrees.
Nick Lachey and his brother open a bar
I added a video to a playlist Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey - Where You Are
Listening to Nick Lachey's lullabies... You know so he can put me to sleep because I'm still crying over the whole Jessica break up. 😩
Today admitted she was a fangirl on I back it!
My mom and dad were hanging out with nick lachey last night 😫
I'm going as DC's Nick Lachey. With a Twix and everything. No, seriously.
I just changed channels&left it on 98 Degrees. Hubby: Nobody asked you Nick Lachey!
even if Nick Lachey has to be involved?
Incredibly disrespectful and it *** you out of the story. Nothing to get you gripped to a story like a twix as with Nick lachey
Nick Lachey gone bring money to Cincinnati with that mf TV show 😁😊
There are so many men's salons in India using really old pictures of Joe Jonas and Nick Lachey on their signs...
I loved this song with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey!
Pregnant Vanessa Minnillo and hubby Nick Lachey celebrated the baby shower for their second child on
All I want for my birthday is to meet nick lachey
98 degrees but still no Nick Lachey
You are my sunshine🙆 ♫ You Are My Sunshine by Nick Lachey —
My moms at a bar rn with Nick Lachey 😒
I know ibmean how can cheat on nick Lachey! His jus wow! Lol
WHAT? Jessica Simpson: The singer, allegedly cheated on her then husband Nick Lachey with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine.
Two Nick Lachey songs on this iTunes station. How is this better, Cook?
Monday confession: I'm still not over Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's divorce.
You know you're celeb career is over when you have your own show on A&E or TLC.lookin at you Nick Lachey
From one extreme to another, anyone remember Nick Lachey?
I'll never get over Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's divorce
5 things to know today, including an ode to the Blazers and a bad Nick Lachey joke: Good morning, Portland, and…
Young Nick Lachey with the boy band backwards hat and oversized clothing = everything.
Anthony Hamilton doing the tribute to Percy Sledge. For a minute, I thought Nick Lachey would do it
We'll just add "Words of wisdom from Nick Lachey" to sentences I never thought I'd say. =)
If and when Nicki and Meek split I'll be so sad 😣 maybe almost as sad as when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey broke up 💔
Jessica Simpson in her Nick Lachey era was her prime. Miss them and need to watch the show newlyweds
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey broke up in spring 2001, but reunited because of 9/11. This is a true story.
Nick Lachey was carefully hidden in each issue of DC comics this month, much like Pandora was once. Can you find him?
Anybody else confused that Nick Lachey is suddenly a member of the Justice League? I think his hero name is Twix Man!
Totally forgot about Nick Lachey and how hot he was/is
I'm still sad that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced
I'd like to start a petition to have Nick Lachey removed from show business (or at least comic book advertisements).
My question is if you wanted to hit an audience of female comic book readers who also like Twix is Nick Lachey really the guy to do it? featured in NBC s Science of Love
I think most of us are more upset about Nick Lachey being in our comics than Twix. . I mean, who doesn't love Twix?
I refuse to watch Nick Lachey's new show because I'm still bitter/upset about him and Jessica.
it is straight Nick lachey outside rn
I really enjoyed the reveal that the new Batman is Nick Lachey eating a Twix.
Jessica Simpson has been w/the Blackwels this whole time. saying she wouldn't have sex till marriage we w/nick lachey. & changing clones
Stay out of my comics, Nick Lachey.
That was pretty sick when sir Nick Lachey was on One Tree Hill
Broken AC at the Elan. Feel like I'm Nick Lachey and a part of 98 degrees
Falling asleep to Nick Lachey's baby lullaby albums thing because why not?
With his twisted chocolate smile and his Willie Wonka costume, Nick Lachey bedevils Batman as... the Twixster!
Lachey trips and falls into a vat of noxious Twix chemicals, Nick is disfigured and swears revenge.
is it safe to say that Nick Lachey is the most hated man in comics right now?
that Twix ad with Nick Lachey is horrible, distracting and such a waste for 2 pages of a comic!
Have you considered writing Nick Lachey into the story, Because I can totally see Nick Lachey as a Batman villain.
I wouldn't mind the ads if they were hand-drawn like the old days. Photoshopped Nick Lachey is a lot less charming.
Seth Rogen and Nick Lachey at the same wedding? You bet.
Why does nick Lachey still get work?
EXCLUSIVE: on life as a mother of two and as a dad:
Vanessa Lachey on Life as a Mother of Two and Nick as Father — Exclusive
Glad to see I'm not the only one bothered by those stupid ads. GO HOME Nick Lachey, you suck! You…
Nick Lachey has fallen so far he's in Twix print ads.
I'm still team Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey idc
A&E promo gives first look at Nick and Drew Lachey reality series
I just listed: 'Nick Lachey: A Father's Lullaby', for $1.91 via
Out here feelin' like Nick Lachey in this 98 degree weather
I'd be fine with the half page DC Comics ads if it wasn't Nick Lachey staring at me with those 'come hither' eyes fondling a candy bar
Snooki wows Nick Lachey by singing "Let It Go" on the most recent episode of 'Big Morning Buzz Live'.
Kelis & Nas was horrible for me. And I stopped believing in love when Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson divorced.
Im a tad mad that Nick Lachey and Josh Hutcherson were both at Bunbury and the closest Ive got to seeing an actor was a shirt of John Stamos
It's okay. Nick Lachey does look kinda like James Roday.
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Nick Lachey in Tree Hill? I don't know how I feel about this
Tim. U once showed me pictures of Nick Lachey and Matt Leinart bonging beers with girls. We know sports. I called it. GA state 2
Also, over the weekend I would watch 'Newlyweds' by Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey. I was obsessed.
Photoset: Tom Welling loves to scratch his face while talking in an interview with Nick Lachey on The...
Remember when we went to TRL to see Nick Lachey and then his album signing at Virgin Records?
really wish Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson would've worked out
Now all we need is Kris Humphries, Miles Austin, Nick Cannon, Ray J, Nick Lachey, John Mayer, that One Tree Hill *** Cr…
Official site of Vanessa Lachey features her insights on love, marriage to Nick Lachey, food, fashion and parenting in her fun and practical style.
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey happily announced the arrival of their second bundle of joy, Brooklyn Elisabeth, via Vanessa's website! Vanessa states happily on her blog: "She’s HERE! Nick, Camden and I are SO excited to announce the birth of our sweet, beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey! She was born January 5th, 2015 at 5:17pm. She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces, is 21 inches long and has already won over all of our hearts." [ 25 more words. ]
Congrats to Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey! They welcomed a baby girl, and her name is...
[Video] Meredith Vieira challenges Nick Lachey to a friendly game of "Touchy-Feely".
That awkward moment when you run into Nick Lachey (aka Jessica Simpsons ex husband) in Times Square but you have no idea who he is
white folks would give us Carson Daly or Nick Lachey for Barkley...Timberlake, that's gonna take Usher.
Nick Lachey is looking fine as ever on a positive note
Nick Lachey not in contact with Jessica Simpson
Nick Lachey: Best thing Jessica Simpson and I did was not have kids Fox News - Fox News
MC, I put all your words these past 3yrs in my Xmas stocking. (Nah. Nick Lachey "All In My Head") lol
I'm still bitter about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpsons divorce
Selfies with Nick Lachey.. Can't wait til he puts his up!! ❤️him
I've been singing along to the Nick Lachey Christmas album in Z Gallerie for 45 minutes.
Nick Lachey on how being a father is good for a ...
And oddly enough, I appreciate the way my dad reacts to things. He's really not impressed by anything. Not even by Nick Lachey.
lol now I know what happened to nick lachey
I gave up when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey called it quits
A few of you may have heard of the upcoming film "50 Shades of Lachey." has the exclusive trailer...
Nick Jonas and Nick Lachey at the Musicians on call 15th anniversary.
.isn't afraid to talk about his sex life with pregnant Here's what he said:
ICYMI: Did & really drink SPIT BEER on yesterday!?
lmfao we used to call Nick Lachey Nick Latchey as a joke.
Nick lachey is in a full leopard track suit
I just want to know why Nick Lachey is wearing a leopard jumpsuit 😳
Why Nick Lachey is glad he never had kids with Jessica Simpson:
Nick Jonas and Nick Lachey join up to celebrates Musician On call 15th Anniversary - November 18
Nick Jonas and Nick Lachey attend the 15th anniversary of "Musicians On Call" in New York City. (11/18)
Nick with Nick Lachey at the Musicians On Call annual evemt yesterday.
Saw you on The Big Morning Buzz yesterday with Nick Lachey. Taped the show just to see you. You looked gorgeous.
I just watched Nick Lachey perform on Hoda and Kathy Lee. I'm in the west so probably late.
Learned something from watching Nick Lachey on the Rachel Ray show.. "When you are having a baby shower after already having one for your first baby it is no longer called a Baby shower.. it is a sprinkle!" Did anyone else NOT know that? 😂😁 cuz i had no idea...
Nick Lachey is on Rachel Ray and I just died... 😍😍😅
Nick Lachey is interviewing Jordan Knight and Nick Carter on VH1 and it's an old boy band man summit abou
Omg nick lachey is now making lullabys LOL I'm peeing
Did you catch .on hosted by this morning? Here it is:
i've listened to the same lullaby cd every day at work for the past 3 weeks and i'm only now finding out it's by NICK LACHEY 😖💢👂
just listen to some nick Lachey and cry it out.
Nikki Bella and Nattie chat with Nick Lachey and more pics!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I'm dressed like Nick Lachey going to a 98° reunion meeting.
GN Song- ~Cause I want you and I feel you. Crawling underneath my skin~ By Nick Lachey - What's Left Of Me:
old song. What's left of me. Nick lachey.
Nick Lachey kinda reminds me of Scott
Fell asleep listening to pandora and woke up listening to Nick Lachey you can say I'm mad about it
Watching VH1, Nick Lachey is very likable. And I'm missing so bad! I loved her and so much.
The reference to Nick Lachey being on Laguna Beach and Stephen Colletti saying "no that was some other tool."
Workin with Nick Lachey everyday is every girl from the 90s dream come true! Here's what it's like!
I don't know how you concentrated with Nick Lachey asking you questions! 😍
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