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Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll (born June 5, 1978) is an American actor and comedian best known for his role as Ruxin on The League.

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Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Describe the Essence of Their Broadway Show -
To turn a guy on send him a gif of nick kroll from 2 much tuna to turn him off don't respond in 24 hrs
I feel like you could legit sit Nick Kroll down and drill him about this under the right circumstances
Join hosts John Mulaney & Nick Kroll for the 2017 Film Independent live on IFC
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will co-host the Independent Spirit Awards, which will broadcast live from Santa...
A year ago today Joe, Robyn, and I saw John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, and I laughed so hard that I only remember 4 jokes from the whole night.
Worst case of nepotism casting, that many say ruins an otherwise fine movie. The winner is... Nick Kroll in Loving.
I've been sending Kylie gifs of nick kroll for like 10 minutes. This is what our friendship has come down to.
SNL should get Nick Kroll to play Priebus.
oh dear ... Peter Holmes. One of the most tedious and unworthy characters in NIck Kroll's funding for comedy fame…
whenever I hear Nick Kroll's voice, I think of his gross scrunched up face and actually get nauseous
terrific review but real reason Nick Kroll is in Loving+ruins it is because he was cast 4 his funding of it, not for his talent
I think its Jason Mantzoukas, who i could have sworn was Nick Kroll when i watched DG
Josh Koscheck AKA Nick Kroll needs to retire. He is awful to watch.
omg have to see. I love all of the side cast members. Nick Kroll. Jason Mantousoukas. Etc.
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are comedic geniuses
I might be able to get past will Ferrell since Raffi and Nick Kroll are in it lmao
June 2nd. Kevin Hart is George and Nick Kroll is professor poopy pants
So they got Kevin Hart and Nick Kroll? Who is by far the most annoying and least funny actor ever? They'll ruin thi…
The fact that Nick Kroll and Kevin Hart are in this movie is interesting.
The Independent Spirit Awards are in risk of TOO MUCH TUNA! John Mulaney and Nick Kroll to…
Film Independent Spirit Awards will be presented in Santa Monica by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney - ...
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will host the Independent Spirit Awards, via
Independent Spirit Awards: comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney to host
Consider this, America: Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are co-hosting the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards.
by cashing jules kroll's checks to promote fake comedians + cancer scammers(Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro) you aren't helping the planet
lol i’m going to be conned into watching “Loving” because it is directed by Nichols and stars Joel Edgerton, Michael Shannon, and Nick Kroll
Had a great conversation with Ruth Negga, Nick Kroll, and Jeff Nichols about On to…
A pleasant Friday morning w/ my new favorite coffee mug, given to me by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney at https:/…
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were awesome in Oh Hello
. Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro's cancer scam and CREEPY comedy pay for play shtick- will be in trouble.
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📹 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | November 2016 Nick Kroll stopped by The Late Show last night to...
Nick Kroll and his character, Gunter, make gold tracksuits look good. See the rest: https…
Nick Kroll is gonna give Colbert a heart attack!
Hilarious interview with Nick Kroll. I didn't expect the kiss at the end.
Very fun Nick Kroll interview in progress on Colbert.
Our November picks for the best plays and musicals in NYC:
I liked a video Pictionary with Meg Ryan, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney
Does anyone know if Nick Kroll comes to the Oh Hello stagedoor? I wanna get my Loving ticket signed
Truth. I always forget Nick Kroll &Aziz Ansari are in it& I better understand the comedic geniuses that are Paul Rudd &Jason Segel
Was that Nick Kroll in that very serious looking movie? The better half of Crazy Ira and the *** Man, anything really can happen
Wait, Nick Kroll is in a period piece about interracial romance?
today I spoke to John Mulaney and nick kroll but i also got a nosebleed in writing the essay. THATS LIFE!!!
All I want is to see John Mulaney and Nick Kroll in "Oh Hello" on Broadway before it closes. It's my birthday month…
Nick Kroll and Colonel Sanders at "Conan" a few years back. He's on tonight. Nick, not the Colon…
For me, I was literally trying to stay afloat. I never actually thought I...
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Nick kroll is so funny though sun moon and mercury in Gemini he's the epitome of a Gemini to me lol
is so much better than those horrible movies would suggest What! Horrible Hobbit . *** 😠.
Best theater of the month includes & in on
Best theater of the month includes starring
If you're not or I don't want your dating advice ► via ^Simone
Louis ck is awfully influential. On CNN just now. big deal when he agreed to promote nick kroll and Tig Notaros cancer scam in 2012.
My thinking is, if we're setting out to make comedy in which nothing is o...
At listen to in conversation with whose new show recently opened on Broadway.
Alan Alda improvs with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney at the opening night of "Oh, Hello"
I always thought Josh Malina looked like the love child of Bob Saget and Nick Kroll...
What led Nick Kroll, John Mulaney to bring 'George and Gil' to Broadway?: Nick Kroll and John Mulane... (plz RT)
did you like my profile of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney
What a show. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are incredible.
I'm sorry how is anyone supposed to take nick kroll serious as a lawyer in this film lmao
My Blind Brother: Bill (Nick Kroll) has been overshadowed by his brother Robbie (Adam Scott) since a childhood…
my dad saw a poster for and told me nick kroll was performing Othello on broadway
| 'My Blind Brother' an awkwardly sweet rom-com
him and Nick kroll as *** were great. But Sammy bagel Jr is a fire name
Presenting and first promo for Broadway run:
"Karma...though in his strange New York patois it sounded more like 'Kramer.'"
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney talk taking on Broadway |
I didn't like Nick Kroll at all until I started watching the league but he's funny as ***
There's a L.A. Deli in the Bronx. I can't get L.A. Deli out of my head but thought better than to say it to Nick Kroll on the subway.
Seriously did Nick Kroll have both his lips stung by bees?
MY BLIND BROTHER the hilarious new comedy starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott and Jenny Slate opens Friday, Sept 23...
I think my goal was just to do comedy, honestly. It still is. Whatever form that took or take
TY and for the great interview! covers kvetchiest comedy OH, HELLO:
Shoutout to my theater teacher, Cary Fuller, who inspired many like me! in
Watch This Exclusive Clip of Dark Rom-Com "My Blind Brother": Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll, and Adam Scott? Sign us up.
Watch this exclusive clip from Nick Kroll, Adam Scott, and Jenny Slate's dark rom-com "My Blind Brother"
Even though while watching them I cannot stop thinking about Nick Kroll's "Wheels Ontario":
How and parlayed comedy stardom to movie stardom and their new film ‘My Blind Brother’…
And here's the interview that Oh, Hello's John Mulaney and Nick Kroll did in character. We're dying with laughter. http…
Marc, you're doing well, it's time to cut the chord with this evil nick kroll sack of crap.
bizarrely your show went to no 1 when nick kroll was on it... my god you must hate this sleazy POS
I love stuff yeah! Don't Expect Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate's New Movie to Make You LOL -
.and are bringing bagels and lox to Broadway.
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney talk tuna and taking on Broadway:
One of the worst things about being an actor, besides people being nice to you and getting fr
NEW! Talking tuna with comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, the stars of Oh, Hello on Broadway:
and from that fire we got Nick Kroll. Good point!
+ Tig Notaro also got help from Nick Kroll. Splitsider is a long term casher of kroll's checks/bribes
Sterling Spencer and Nick Kroll are identical twins
How me and threw the wave around Nick Kroll while Shlohmo played Yachty and Black Kray in Silver Lake last night. Beautiful.
Convinced our bartender at this wedding is Nick Kroll
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Have you seen Nick Kroll's impression of Pitbull?
My latest celeb crush is Nick Kroll. I can't help but like guys who's humor is funny voices/silly pronunciation. Right
Jeff Goldblum as Nick Kroll's dad is perfect casting!!!
Omg I Drunk Snapchatted Nick Kroll in The League and I said "love of my life" so that's cool
Nick Kroll and Amy Poehler are still my dream couple.
I liked a video from UP TO SPEED with NICK KROLL and TYLER OAKLEY // Grace Helbig
Everyone in the west loop looks like the sleaziest version of Nick Kroll.
The photographer at this wedding looks just like Nick Kroll. If he talks I expect it will be in a German accent.
Watch the 'Joshy' trailer featuring Thomas Middleditch, Adam Pally, Nick Kroll, and more
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's 'Oh, Hello' show heads to Broadway this fall
Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, and Jenny Slate get wild in the Joshy...
I liked a video Comedy Bang Bang - Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll, and the Mailer Daemon
lawyers, cops, judges cause my god did I deal with CORRUPTION in the courts due to nick kroll's influence.
lolings comes easy for you. now wonder you like the abysmal nepotism that is nick kroll's "comedy". Tig Notaro +kroll r evil POS
Nick Kroll is defrauding/pranking everyone nonstop. what a scary and stupid pig
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I used to hate Nick Kroll until that show. ITS SO GOOD
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney bring their show 'Oh, Hello' to Broadway & they've got tuna.
Nick Kroll, John Mulaney team up for Netflix animated series Big Mouth...
Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas are hilarious! The rest of the cast in however, are genuinely painful to watch.
Nick Kroll, John Mulaney add another date for sold-out 'Oh, Hello': Comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will...
That guy is a genius. He and Nick Kroll are currently doing a two man play as old Jews from the Upper West side of Manhattan
Oh, hello! (@ The Montalbán - for OH, HELLO with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney)
Tonights entertainment is brought to you by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll @ The Montalban
Comedy Bean Bag is having a show today at 4…..with Nick Kroll, Paul F Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus and Ben Schwartz……..I NEED A *** BADGE!
Time Magazine constantly puts out shill articles on grotesque cancer scammers, Tig Notaro + Nick Kroll.not surprised
Great show last night from the always funny John Mulaney and Nick Kroll!
I'm sad that John Mulaney and Nick Kroll is already over 😔
Nick Kroll writes subtantial checks 2 this festival reason y he's there+y cancer scammer Tig Notaro only female 1 yr
John Mulaney/Nick Kroll made us laugh harder than we do at our own…
And of course, the whole reason for this trip, I got to see John Mulaney and Nick Kroll do…
We had fun seeing John Mulaney and Nick Kroll
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were hysterical tonight. Love their stand-up.
Just saw John Mulaney and Nick Kroll do stand up lI've and I still can't believe they actually exist. Loved it.
More celebs added to the list, including Burt Reynolds, Luke Wilson, Nick Kroll and more! …
Would you stay if Donald Trump becomes president? Nick Kroll would stay. Armie Hammer has a whole escape plan
Contrary to widespread belief, I do know something about science.
What do you have against Nick Kroll's alma mater?
Oh hello nick kroll. This funny man rolled through the -
Today and I discussed their endowment of Wisey’s for the Nick Kroll Memorial Burger Madness.
"We've found a new character wig for Nick Kroll. It's on the down low, but one word: corn rows!"
you look like Nick Kroll's retarded brother without the hair
Wow a ton of talent on that flight. And Nick Kroll.
can't believe you finally met nick kroll. So happy for you
Add Nick Kroll to the list. Pretty chill dude.
I think Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are both pretty hot.
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Nick Kroll Really Just Wants to Talk About Benghazi: The cast of th...
Holy crap. Nick Kroll and whatever that other guys name is, are doing "Oh, Hello" at the Wilbur!
idek about Wiz or Kanye I only care about Nick Kroll
Eh, who uses Tinder anymore? "Use bumble," they said. "It'll be fun," they said... . I still love you Nick Kroll 🙃
Just came across this old interview I did before his 1 hour special came out.
What Nick Kroll, Chloe Sevigny, and the other cool kids of Sundance do on snow days
will assault and batter holocaust survivors if it gets him that "Lez Chat" credit. Nick Kroll career crumbs for battery?
Nick Kroll's marsupial poem on Comedy Bang Bang had me crying with laughter.
I'll be Jenny Slate if u be nick kroll
In general in comedy, there are fewer people making a ton of money and a lo...
mommy loves you but if you talk like Nick Kroll from PubLIZity she has a responsibility to cut you out
NICE! I'm seeing him with Nick Kroll in Boston on Sunday!
I love that Nick Kroll Showed up in Freaky Freezy gloves. Amazing.
There is a police report but good old Nick Kroll made sure this depraved kiss *** wasn't prosecuted
Kyle Dunnigan will assault elderly holocaust survivors to please Tig Notaro and nick kroll. he would lie for schumer
Nick Kroll is a talented comedian but every character he plays makes me wanna jab my eyes out?¿
Tickets for Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's "Oh, Hello" in San Francisco on February 29 and March 1 got snapped up... http…
wait no Gil in this movie looks like a cross between Nick Kroll and Andy Samberg
Gil Ozeri in this movie looks like a tiny nick kroll
Maron did a favor for nick kroll and put vicious cancer scammer Tig Notaro on his show. he has debts to pay here.
Unscripted rockstars Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, and Adam Pally of "Joshy" in the
Nick Kroll delivers the most insane line ever and Jason Mantzoukas is a stallion, as always.
John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are playing the Wilbur for Too Much Tuna. There is a chance I will be on stage 1 night as the interviewer. Xanax
hits all the right notes. Supremely funny, but also very heavy at times. Nick Kroll is surprisingly awesome.
I'd also suggest Nick Kroll and Jon Daly as the "Rich *** but I'm pretty sure those guys are fictional.
ah i wasn't there for that one. I only caught a few panels. But chatting with Nick Kroll, Kyle Martino, Rebecca Lowe was so good.
How John Mulaney and Nick Kroll took kvetching characters from comedy clubs to Off Broadway htt…
Am I out of the loop... Is my grotesque nemesis, Nick Kroll, an A list actor and a king of comedy central?
1/2 The Knight of Cups cast is as strange as it is great. Nick Offerman, Nick Kroll, Antonio Banderas, Joe Lo Truglio, Ben Kingsley, Fabio..
How did I only just learn that Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll are a thing?
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Nick Kroll tried a couple different voices but settled on what we called, “Evil McConaughey”
Dunno what to tell you; I've listened to this epi almost 10 times:. Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll by Comedy Bang Bang
Nick Kroll's movie is so dull that he had nothing to stop his slumber. Poor Shmoe 👊
"Krystal was me imitating Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate." -
Comedian/actor Nick Kroll--star of the hit show The League-- stops by Camden during this year's Oddball Comedy Fest
Amy Poehler split up with Nick Kroll because she realized her true love is Joaquin Phoenix, right?
John Mulaney had to go a funeral and couldn't do the Oh Hello show with Nick Kroll, but Nick brought…
The perfect man has Dustin Diamond's hair, Nick Kroll's heart & Scott Bakula's prominent talent
Just watched Nick Kroll and Jonah Hill die on the Moon/
Oddball Festival with at Jones Beach. Aziz, Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnick, Jeffrey Ross, Nick Kroll, Jay Pharoah and more
Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) with Nick Kroll and Convoy (top improv group from Upright Citizens Brigade) Largo $25 8:30pm http:/…
We just had a real celeb encounter! Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll. Better than Chicago PD?
that's the internet's way of telling you that Nick kroll islet funny.
I wonder if there's some way I can only watch the Publizity sketches from the Nick Kroll Show. They are the best thing ever.
key witness in my case(8CA10541) was a good cop named Jacquelin Montalvo(LAPD) well give her a google. Nick Kroll's testimony
In the end, Kroll Show had 0.3 in the key demo but Nick Kroll actually pays off certain journalists + they say "it went out on top"
The hate for him and his show was incredible. people are not stupid...but nick kroll sure does think they are.
Finally getting back into Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and am rewarded with Jon Hamm, Tina Fey and Nick Kroll all guesting in the one episode.
Watched the Kroll Show clip of Nick & Amy talking ab being casual at least 15 times tn. No exaggeration. That's what love looks like to me.
Nick Kroll and Amy Poehler are definitely the best all-around celebrity couple
All that kids these days care about is their Nick Kroll mumbo jumbo
I am next to a 21 year old Nick Kroll and I wish the world would end.
Tim Heidecker, Nick Kroll, Kaitlin Olson and Michael Peña in this one scene of Vacation. That's a lot of niche star power right there.
This is a picture that some paparazzi took the other day, while my boyfriend Nick Kroll and I were…
he can be gulity of somthign or guilty of nothing. you can't tell if LAPD involved. as seen in case 8CA10541. right, nick kroll?
I had 7 search warrants served on my home + there was no suspicion of a crime +no reason to search.. nick kroll just made calls
I wanna join a improv comedy group just so I can master a Philly or Baltimore accent like Nick Kroll & Jon Daly.
Nick kroll is one of the worst comedians I have ever witnessed
Yall should get Nick Kroll from the League to be in the celebs league!
Indie directors and studio franchises; 40-Year-Old Virgin at 10; How Nick Kroll ended up in a Terrence Malick movie:
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I have no choice. Nick Kroll promised me a lot of goodies if I do.
legal things on line on a message board where they knew of her and hated her... In response Nick Kroll made some calls +pulled
never met him.used his power 2 DECIMATE me. NIGHTMARE just put this up . he produced that.
I've never heard of Nick Kroll before you or Tig or Bill so you're more informed than I am on the topic, I like Conan's show tho.
yes. and I am convinced that for whatever reason he has agreed to shill for nick kroll and Tig Notaro and bill bratton
nick kroll has elevated fake it till you make it to a science. so did his father... the fact that comedy is now a target...YUCK
david kissinger is a big shot at Conaco and david kissinger and nick kroll are family friends so more nepotism than anything
l for some reason conan did a Bratton fundraiser.. Bratton is krolls employee + Nick Kroll and His list are promoted like crazy
does this nick kroll coverup/ new bone for best friend, Tig Notaro answer this
conan has gotten favors from nick kroll and his family and does fundraisers for Bratton. this why this promo.
tonight. Nick Kroll followed by Judd Apatow followed by Martin Lawrence & a set by Ron White & it's only Wednesday. Unreal!
Spoke to about -- among other things -- his role in the new Terrence Malick movie, for
last one but I have seen NPR's Ira Glass shill Nick Kroll's friends. what was done with is glaring and gross.
when someone is willing to abdicate ethics as Ira Glass did with Tig Notaro, Stef Willlen and Nick Kroll. NPR is not clean
No. Tig Notaro was pushed by Ira Glass and then Terry Gross because Nick Kroll's family are big funders. FACT
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Hey, could you tell me if David O'Doherty, Nick Kroll, John Mulaney and Maeve Higgins show is sold out?
went to buy tickets to the Thursday gig with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney but they're sold out. This is all your fault. Boo, sir.
When you remember that your sister saw Anthony Jeselnik, John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and TJ Miller
Alternate caption for that last picture: Kitsis & Horowitz is cosplaying as Nick Kroll and middle aged Jason Biggs.
Nick Kroll talked with us about his new movie he just finished filming with Jenny Slate and Adam Scott
an incredibly sinister, lawless,and vicious malicious prosecution produced by "comedian" Nick Kroll + Tig Notaro
Nick Kroll's entire career and comedian Tig Notaro's treatment and symptom free cancer..
Youtube where the *** is the vid with John Mulaney and Nick Kroll on the Jeselnik Offensive
Highly recommend "Adult Beginners" with Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale. Definitely worth the $9.99 (and more) on iTunes.
Talked to Nick Kroll about his two days working on KNIGHT OF CUPS (and a few other things.)
Adult Beginners and Nick Kroll in person after (@ Angelika Film Center for Adult Beginners in New York, NY)
Nick Kroll & Friends at on Thursday, May 7 on sale now. Always a great show.
Nick Kroll says he's cool with the conclusion of "The Kroll Show"
Looking for tickets to see Nick Kroll at the Coolidge Corner Theater this Wednesday
It's an age thing. The breakdown for this read "young Tom Lennon/Nick Kroll types." What can you do?
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Jeff Goldblum is the perfect father for Nick Kroll
That's great, but I want the comedy version with Kathryn Hahn, Nick Kroll & Albert Tsai.
Nick Kroll & Chris Parnell this season on Brooklyn 9 9.
Rich *** Portrait Set Signed by Nick Kroll and Jon Daly - Full read by eBay
All You Need to Know about What's Trending at South by Southwest: Nick Kroll, Rainn Wilson, Judy Greer and so ...
Daniel Tosh, Nick Kroll, Christian Finnegan, and Daniel Tosh aren't funny. Yes, I know what I typed. Yes, I meant it. Twice.
Nick Kroll was out of sight as Jesse Tyler Muñoz. And who could forget Ron Funches as a Zoggle?
Tom Crean looks like the strange love child of Lewis Black and Nick Kroll. Also, he's related to Jim Harbaugh, so yeah.
Nick Kroll is fine in but is god awful. Unfunny and virtually pointless. Comedy exposes truth and his show doesn't
Nick Kroll, Amy Poehler’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Nick Kroll is the man dating Golden Globes...
I learned in her book that Amy Poehler is dating Nick Kroll. That's right. Leslie Knope is dating Howard "The *** Tuttleman. Mind blown.
I already have tickets to see Jack White, Patton Oswalt, and Nick Kroll & John Mulaney in 2015. Gonna be a good year.
I wanna get invited to the regular dinner party that I'm sure Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll have with Kathleen Hanna and Ad Rock.
their best comedians lists are submitted by Nick Kroll and rubber stamped by greedy freelancers. nasty!
James Franco has never been shy about showing guy-on-guy affection, and that’s just what he and his costar in The Interview, Seth Rogen, did along with pal Nick Kroll to celebrate the fact that
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Comedy Central has found Seth Rogen & James Franco the best manager (aka Nick Kroll) in the business.
The CBB episode with John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and Lizzy Caplan is the most beautiful thing I've ever listened to. Play it at my funeral.
I've noticed a pattern when some character named nick kroll is involved.very fishy best of lists +nominations
Nick Kroll is funny to me in the way that the TV shows in Grand Theft Auto are funny. Don't get me wrong it, though, Kroll Show is hilarious
If Nick Kroll's father has used journos 2 sway opinion+fix cases than nick will do same 4 his career+those on 'list"
Why so little nick kroll this season on the league? Has the move to fxx hurt their budget that much?
Rodney Ruxin alone is a reason to get Netflix/own a tv - never seen Nick Kroll as not Ruxin.
is still pretty hilarious, but Nick Kroll is my favorite. Guess he's got too much going on now that he's got his own show.
maybe avoid any episode without Nick Kroll as well
I forgot Nick Kroll was in Get Him to the Greek. Also Nick from New Girl. Amazing
i truly have nothing personal against John Mulaney but I do take it personally that nick kroll is perpetuating these frauds on the public
hey folks with IQ over 15- who see how lousy mulaney show is.don't be surprised if it gets 3 seasons.nick kroll believes all shows deserve 3
I saw the real-life Bobby Bottleservice in Greenpoint today. And I don't mean Nick Kroll.
So, is Nick Kroll just not on The League anymore?
HANDS!: . Hands! They’ll change your GAME! Starring Jordan Belfi & Nick Kroll Directed by Jonathan Stern Writte...
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Mulaney was part of one my favorite CBB's ever - no. 174 with Nick Kroll and Lizzy Caplan. Check it out!
“Tra-la-la! Have you seen who's starring in the upcoming Captain Underpants movie?? ” lmao no way
all the best, you'll be missed. Only person I think that can come close to the req'd lvl of sarcasm is nick kroll as ruxin
every time i here JUMP AROUND i feel like i've been nick kroll'ed
Nick Saban really enjoys the character Ruxin on the League. I'm like Kroll tide.
nick kroll makes and appearance front row. All blossomed into fantastic cricketers
soo true. get a bag on that unsightly mug ASAP nick kroll.
not a funny joke or truth.nick kroll's father is bill brattons boss+nick uses the LAPD 2 bury people.
How is it that I just found out Amy Poehler is dating Nick Kroll? And that it's kind of perfect?
Photoset: fallontonight: WEB EXCLUSIVE: Nick Kroll gives some advice on college majors, unfriending people,...
Nick kroll has wished me a happy birthday two years in a row. I think I deserve a medal or at least a high five from my mom
Nick Kroll have issues with writers/producers? Hardly on this season
if there was a way to trade my life in to be reincarnated as her third child, expected in the near future with Nick Kroll?
If Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll ever reproduce they are gonna have some kickass kids
I'll give you a sketch for your show if you help me get a ticket to Nick Kroll & Friends tonight!
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I think nick Kroll gives it his all with publizity,, dude is genius
Nick Kroll is the pernicious pia zadora of comedy. meshulam riklis, however, didn't have the money and power that jules kroll has.
EW+ AV club owe Nick Kroll favors so they produced fake reviews.did same with Tig Notaro cancer scam.
Nick Kroll shares his most embarrassing Bill Murray encounter.
Now as you all know, Nick Kroll is my arch nemesis for several reasons. It has come to my attention that he is currently dating Amy Poehler.
he looks about as much like Vlade Divac as you look like Nick Kroll
The hilarious Nick Kroll, Bobby Cannavale, Joel McHale and director Ross Katz at the premiere of Adult…
Nick Kroll and Ross Katz's Adult Beginners was quite enjoyable, similar to Laggies, and it had a lot of funny actors making cameos.
Nick Kroll dating Amy Poehler makes my nerd heart flutter.
Started season 3 of Scandal on Netflix and just realized David Rosen is not played by Nick Kroll. Josh Malina's evil twin? Hmm.
Nick Kroll really really reminds me of Josh Malina like is there a reason for this are they cousins
The only way 4 Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro to maintain their house of cards is 2 turn a smart ,aloof and proud person into a "crazy stalker"
Nick Kroll set up Tig Notaro's cancer scam for success. it is impressive in that evil way what he and her have gotten away with so far.
Nick Kroll fed Tig Notaro the legal lines that would bury me. she is evil but he gave her all the mechanisms to carry it out.
Nick Kroll set up a Stef Willen with tons of very impressive credits for her role in Tig Notaro's vicious stalking scam. NPR Mcsweeneys more
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Nick Kroll is Tig Notaro cancer diagnosis witness + signed up 2 b her main restraining order witness.what else will this psycho witness next
Last nite we enjoyed an incredible lineup at the with Bo Burnham, Jon Dore, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, &Tig Notaro. Amazing talents
I've come to realize that we are Nick Kroll and John Mulaney... but who is who?
Whitney Cummings: from getting drilled in my *** by Nick Kroll. With Whitney, Neal…
Wolf of Wall Street mentor Tommy Chong, Cheech Swagger, Nick Kroll's TV Wife: Hot on the Red Carpet
We all have our favorite comedians, Chelsea Peretti, Chris Hardwick, Amy Schumer, Nick Kroll, Jeff Lawrence! Who are yours?
I just wanna chill with James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, and like Aziz Ansari and Nick Kroll
it has taken be like 3 days to watch 3 seasons of a show about fantasy football. Sidney Rice is rapping with Nick Kroll.
...but won't be for long. Yet another Georgetown alum stepping up on TV (John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Bradley Cooper, Savannah Guthrie, Jim...
Not surprisingly, the OBVIOUS CHILD premiere party is full of funny people. Amy Poehler, Nick Kroll, Ed Helms, Billy Eichner, etc etc.
Roger Bennett /ESPN has a brother in law that he plugs non stop without telling us it's his brother in law.Nick Kroll is such a sleazy fraud
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