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Nick Grimshaw

Nicholas Peter Nick Grimshaw (born 14 August 1984), also known as Grimmy and G-Munni is a British television and radio presenter.

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Nick Grimshaw and his exaggerated um's on the radio do me *** in
"The Perfect Gift" a film by Nick Grimshaw and Jade Chittock guys I had to gain 60lbs for this role so...
I'm stuck with Nick grimshaw and classic. Radio 3 till I work out the knobs on my player
🎥|| Nick Grimshaw posted this video on his Instagram story.
look I only have like 3 areas of expertise: grad school, nick grimshaw, and something I will think of at a later time
⏳|| Nick Grimshaw exposed Harry as a Miley Cyrus fan on his Instagram 3 years ago today. November 10, 2013
Whenever I listen to Bastille I just imagine nick grimshaw dancing
Putting on a brave face? Having been up early to tell her pal Nick Grimshaw and his Radio 1 listeners about her ... https…
3 years ago today Nick Grimshaw posted this video of Harry at Poppy Delevingne's hen do. This is so funny 😂😭🐘
how come Mary Berry & Nick Grimshaw get tickets, must be luckier in the draw than my good lady, BEEB's a bit of a closed shop!
06:33 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw: Actress and singer Amy Adams joins Grimmy on the show...
Now- Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw both lose listeners
Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw both lose listeners |
I'm only interested if it's in a garage: Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw both lose listeners
- Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw both lose listeners
Chris Evans and Nick Grimshaw both lose listeners
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Nick Grimshaw interview finally clears up original of quote often misattributed to Einstein
X Factor’s Louis Walsh REALLY didn’t want Rita Ora or Nick Grimshaw on the show:
📽 | Nick Grimshaw talking about Harry and his magazine covers on BBC Radio 1 this morning.
Jon Richardson + Nick Grimshaw high-fiving over being single for eight years; Jon: “Wow, good, strong wrist.”
there's people on tumblr that write Niall/ Nick grimshaw smut ***
X Factor acid-tongued judge Sharon Osbourne hits out at Rita Ora ... - The Sun
so today we met Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldoff and Alexa Chung AND I got stung by two jellyfish .eventful
Morning drives to work are so much better without nick Grimshaw on my radio! ☺️🎵
you mean Aaron is doing his best Niall / Eminem / Nick grimshaw impression.
Harry liked Nick Grimshaw's picture on instagram -JR
oh god, that's like Nick Grimshaw with the picture of Harry.
Check out the new in this exclusive we produced for feat Nick Grimshaw & Frances Morris.
Sienna Miller, Guy Ritchie, Kit Harington, Nick Grimshaw and Paloma Faith help unveil the new space
So I've seen/(literally bumped into) David Gandy, Nick Grimshaw and Niall Horan today 💁🏻
Russel Kane and Nick Grimshaw are the same person. FACT!
Russel Kane is what Nick Grimshaw thinks he is
Nick Grimshaw is a wanker on the radio and a wanker in real life but Chris Evans I imagine would spit on you if you said hello to him that a picture of Harry in Nick Grimshaw's living room? LMAO -L
Take that over other oft-mentioned lookalikes: Phil Jones, Nick Grimshaw, Franz Ferdinand singer
Owen Wilson's speech should be cut. I turn into Nick Grimshaw when I see it 😭😭😭
Can somebody make an actual real life 'Celebrity' death match involving James Corden, Ricky Gervais, John Bishop and Nick Grimshaw etc :)
Fearne Cotton. (As well as Nick Grimshaw and Chris Moyles). Radio 1 has a lot to answer for.
Nick Grimshaw denies Chris Moyles rivalry: 'There's no beef at all'
Harry liked Nick Grimshaw's photo of Adele on Instagram. (via
AUDIO || Nick Grimshaw talks about Harry this morning on Breakfast Show! .
Nick Grimshaw steps out with mum Eileen at Adele concert in Manchester
omg remember when nick grimshaw filmed harry listening to Miley Cyrus in his car ? 🙈. NEVER LET THIS DIE PLS
Harry liked nick grimshaw photo on Instagram . -MumLei.
Harry liked Nick Grimshaw's picture! Nick went to the Adele concert, which Anne and Robin attended as well :) -L
| (don't normally update on fam but) Anne, Robin,and Nick Grimshaw at an Adele concert tonight.
Anne, Robin and Nick Grimshaw are at a Adele concert in Manchester, tonight. We don't know if Harry is with them. https…
Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw performed at Topman in Trinity Leeds yesterday:
Paparazzi going crazy outside Tate Britain. I only recognised Karlie kiosks, Nick Grimshaw, Olivia Palermo and Daisy Lowe.
Ooh Louis Tomlinson is already the fave to replace Nick Grimshaw on The X Factor >>>
'Louis Tomlinson might replace Nick Grimshaw on the X-Factor next season'. Me: 🙄
Are you happy that Nick Grimshaw is leaving The X Factor? I say YES
Nick Grimshaw has spoken out about his shock X Factor exit
Nick Grimshaw break silence on why he quit The X Factor:
Nick Grimshaw breaks his silence after shock X Factor exit: "Simon promised me curry!"
Nah. Huw Edwards to replace Nick Grimshaw. June Whitfield to replace Caroline Flack.
She's not got to the point of Nick Grimshaw irritating yet but that beauty school got right on my nerves!
This book has mentioned Freddie Mercury, Doncaster, Nick Grimshaw and actual One Direction.
I heard Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac gushing over him the other day and thought this is like the Emperor's New Clothes.
Usual pit falls & crotch fails on Public Transport today the Nick Grimshaw express 🚈of tissues dental floss obvious Vince Cable got in here
May 9th, 2015: Harry and Jeff with Nick Grimshaw having lunch in Los Angeles.
Diana Ross I'm coming out just came on the radio I'm having war flash backs of that int with Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw with pink hair is all I need in life to survive
Finally woke up in time to listen to Nick grimshaw
Feeling lost this week last week I stayed awake after a nightshift listening to nick grimshaw on how the gregathalon was going
this guy looks like a mix of nick grimshaw and louis And Its Kinda Working
I read a wattpad fic where Louis shot and killed nick grimshaw it was wild
Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw says that Harry Styles has fallen for Taylor Swift “in a big way” via
Joe swash is up there with most annoying people to grace planet earth, along with Nick grimshaw
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson chat about animals
I'm highly convinced nick grimshaw had a crush on louis,,, not harry
Harry, a Nick Grimshaw, and Louis, a tall girl, are selling Ziam on QVC.
Nick Grimshaw is my new favorite person
Time for episode 2 of on now!! Here's Keith as Nick Grimshaw and Tom as
.on Dylan's difficult middle albums & why Turner absolutely freaks him out
Shakespeare, Turner, and Nick Grimshaw: shares his cultural highlights
Nick Grimshaw mocking Elounor, the best thing he's ever done
Nick Grimshaw, Harry Styles, Perrie Edwards, Louis Tomlinson and Aiden the pottery guy all in the same cafe? THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!
Can anyone else not tell the difference between Nick Grimshaw and Russell Kane?
One thing I will give to Nick Grimshaw is that every Friday he plays bangers. Even 1Xtra don't play Brandy.
YET AGAIN Davina McCall inserts herself into Nick Grimshaw's show. Just text about anything, McCall, they'll read it. Got a product to sell?
X Factor's Nick Grimshaw eyeing up the Celebrity Big Brother house?
Nick Grimshaw posted this photo of Harry on Instagram! - A
2/2 for folks like Nick Grimshaw or Zane Lowe when they play it on radio 1 or even DJs on intl stations
Lewis Hamilton in the studio with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 now.
21:00 BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra's Stories: Nick Grimshaw chats to Annie Nightingale about her 50 years working in music.
Annie Nightingale: 50 Years in Music review: Nick Grimshaw talks raving, not ageing, with radio royalty
Anton StephansAnton Stephens has slammed Nick Grimshaw after their heated spat during Saturday ...
We live in a world with Nick Grimshaw, Adele and Ashley Banjo. One of them would have been enough.
I liked a video Ariana Grande on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw
who would you snog, marry ,avoid out of Scott mills, Nick Grimshaw, and Greg James
Nick Grimshaw on Mason Noise, Judges’ Houses and of course, Louis Walsh! WELL DONE LOUIE walsh via
Chris Evans slams Simon Cowell as ''weird and nervous'' on X Factor but he still loves Nick Grimshaw: Top Gear...
Nick Grimshaw reveals that he looks up to Miley Cyrus 👏👏
Why does Davey Havok look like Nick Grimshaw nowadays? I miss the blue eyeshadow and fake eyelashes
nick grimshaw: "but the judge said I need to keep my distance". louis be like:
if you don't post a selfie with Harry I'll start shipping him with Nick Grimshaw
We gave you a mention here. Great interview.
We gave you a mention here. Really excellent single.
Listen to Nick Grimshaw interview Adele for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show 
Harry just liked Nick Grimshaw's picture on Instagram!
Get your hands on the exclusive collection online now
The radio 1 breakfast show with nick grimshaw has just started and it's 6:34 am in the uk 7:45 -t. . 1…
debuts new single on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 show | (BG)
Adele reveals her nerves over new single teaser and unveils the full song on the radio: Adele was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw on Rad...
Adele debuts new single Howdy on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 present
Adele talks new single 'Hello' on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 show
Louis told Nick Grimshaw to stay away from Harry - the quoted "judge" is Louis on X Factor this weekend. ht…
Nick Grimshaw:but the judge said I have to keep my distance . Louis:.
Adele: “I love Little Mix” . Nick Grimshaw: “Adele is over there dancing to Little Mix”
Radio 1 is alright until Nick grimshaw starts talking
Adele was interviewed by Nick Grimshaw on Radio One on Friday as she talked about the nerves behind her comeba...
Nick Grimshaw and Adele on Radio 1. The two most irritating voices of all time finally joined in conversation. Cracking start to Friday.
Justin is taking over every UK show. Graham Norton, Alan Carr Chatty Man and BBC Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw. .
If you ever thought Brendon Rodgers was deluded, just remember that some people actually employed Nick Grimshaw for being "entertaining"
Nick Grimshaw best thing about X Factor - Edith Bowman
Western Daily Press published Edith Bowman: X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw is "the best...: Edith Bowman has sai...
Nick Grimshaw 'best thing about X Factor' - Edith Bowman
Nick Grimshaw for Topman: X Factor judge and Radio One presenter launches his first col
One Direction's new single 'Perfect' to get its first play on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show
If the m25 was a person it would be a cross between Lewis Hamilton and Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw reminds me a bit of a young Ian Brady...
Mark Ronson.probably the only person on the planet that I find more irritating than Nick Grimshaw!
Harry com Nick Grimshaw e Kate Moss no backstage do show de ontem. . /aleh
Harry backstage with Nick Grimshaw and Kate Moss tonight
Nick Grimshaw and Kate Moss were at the show !
The Xtra Factor's Rochelle Humes: "Nick Grimshaw will come into his own in the live shows"
Louisa Johnson continued to impress Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw during the boot ca…
Watch Miss Vogue's film everyone from Nick Grimshaw to Good Morning Britain is talking about:http:…
Out and about at today: Keri Hilson, Solange Knowles, Cara Santana, Jesse Metcalfe, Mark Ronson, Nick Grimshaw, ​Diana Krall...
UK! Nick Grimshaw will play ‘All My Love’ on Radio 1 this morning! If you like it why not give it a Shazam!
Nick Grimshaw looks taller on the radio.
Nick Grimshaw does a freakishly good impression of Liam Gallagher!
Nick Grimshaw always looks like he's just had dental work done
Nick Grimshaw and Fearne Cotton dress up as Liam Gallagher and Debbie Harry for Children In Need
Nick Grimshaw & Fearne Cotton dress up as Liam Gallagher & Debbie Harry for
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fearne Cotton, Nick Grimshaw and more dress as their childhood heroes for Children In Need
I feel like Caroline should let Ollie get on with it and go home and Nick Grimshaw should be swapped for Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran!!
I put as much faith in Nick Grimshaw as a vocal judge as I do Greg Wallace as a food authority.
…next you'll be telling me Nick Grimshaw isn't a Jim Henson's Creature Shop puppet.
KATCHING MY I: Simon Cowell hails new X Factor judges Nick Grimshaw & Rita Ora bring new lease of life to the panel
My wife insists that Nick Grimshaw is NOT the brother of Jason Grimshaw from I think she's having me on.
Why is Nick Grimshaw on the X Factor?. He wouldn't make it through the auditions on Britains got Talent, let alone this 😂
Chris Moyles to take on BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw at rebranded Xfm
- The show must go on...for my mum: As he welcomes Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora to The X Factor panel, ...
Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora, Simon Cowell reveals how he coped with the loss of his mother: Simon Cowell says h...
Nick Grimshaw: "Kate Bush and Grace Jones blew my mind" // The Mercury Prize 2014
Brendon Urie, James Maslow, Nick Grimshaw, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Pete Wentz have been requested.
The X Factor 2015: Marcus Collins doesn't reckon Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw have anything on the 2011 judg
HOORAY, Harry Styles reckons his pal Nick Grimshaw is going to be a great X Factor judge 🎉
Eamon Holmes & Huw Edwards are the same person as are Russell Kane & Nick Grimshaw.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Cheryl left fuming after fellow X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw calls her 'Cheryl ...
I think I've decided the reason I hate the Cribs is because Ryan Jarman's voice reminds me of Nick Grimshaw. I hate Nick Grimshaw.
Idk I get confused between Greg James and Nick Grimshaw 🙈
Oritsé Williams ("Nick Grimshaw will add a new element to The X Factor"
JLS star: "Nick Grimshaw will add a new element to X Factor"
Chris Moyles set to host new breakfast show 'directly in competition with Nick Grimshaw'
Chris Moyles reportedly set to host new breakfast show directly in competition with Nick Grimshaw's
Chris Moyles’ new XFM show ‘to do breakfast time battle with Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1′ -
could you replace that knob Nick Grimshaw
Scott Mills or Nick Grimshaw on the breakfast show. It's like choosing between a kick in the teeth or a punch in the knackers
JUNE 15: Clara Amfo, Nick Grimshaw and Melissa attend the GQ LCM closing party at Massimo Restaurant in London, UK. ht…
Photo: Nick Grimshaw seen leaving the Burberry Prorsum SS16 catwalk show in Hyde Park on June 15, 2015 in...
Pop star Rita Ora and BBC Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw sign up as judges for this year's series of The X Factor, produc…
Lewis Hamilton, Douglas Booth, Nick Grimshaw and George Barnett attend the Topman Design show
Oh no! Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora as judges! This years is going to be unwatchable 😩
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw join Simon Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on X Factor judging ...
Nick Grimshaw leads TFI Friday afterparty but is left feeling ruff as he ☰ 5
X Factor: Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora sign up as ...
Chris Evans taking over Top Gear is like Nick Grimshaw taking over the Radio 1 breakfast show from Moyles.
Dixon vows to keep daughter humble:
Is Nick Grimshaw the right man for the X Factor job?
Did you know that 'Nick Grimshaw' was Trending Topic on Tuesday 16 for 4 hours in Kenya?
Simon Cowell has officially announced the three new X Factor judges and it's all very exciting http:…
Really not sure about Nick Grimshaw on I think Simon Cowell wants to believe he's found himself a younger northern D…
After public reaction, Simon Cowell replaces Nick Grimshaw with someone more popular than the Radio 1 DJ
Christine Bleakley believes she's late to interview Prince Harry during Nick Grimshaw and Phillip ...
I honestly still cant believe Nick Grimshaw is gonna be on the panel of judges for The X Factor
Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw join Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell as X Factor judges -
☰ Jude Law s son Rafferty parties with Nick Grimshaw and Tinie Tempah at fashio…
Simon Cowell looking for tech entrepreneurs: The X Factor supremo, who unveiled Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw as ...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Nick Grimshaw: Who is the radio presenter with the new X Factor judging job?
Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw set to become a judge with the X-Factor:
Well, with Nick Grimshaw there my chances of watching the new series of the X Factor have drastically diminished.
Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora announced as X-Factor judges. Just when I thought the show couldn't get any worse.
Video: X Factor - Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw confirmed on judging panel
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini leaves hotel after X Factor meeting with Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw
Today full of bad news, Chris Evans for Top Gear, Nick Grimshaw for All we need now is Nigel Farage on Blue Peter …
Christine Bleakley freaks when Phillip Schofield and Nick Grimshaw play prank
10 stars who would have made better X-Factor judges than Nick Grimshaw
I hope nick grimshaw is not going on X factor!
I liked a video Ariana Grande plays Call or Delete with Nick Grimshaw [AUDIO]
Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw confirmed as new 'X Factor' judges
Nick Grimshaw sound like Sara Cox after a half g cruiser of ketamine.
Why has Nick Grimshaw been placed on the XFactor panel?!?
I think Jason would be better than Nick Grimshaw...
Electro Velvet would bring more personality to the judging panel than Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw.
Five facts you didn't know about new X-Factor judge Nick Grimshaw.
Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora, surely ANOTHER reason not to watch it.
whynotgrimshaw:. Nick Grimshaw and Aimee Phillips view...: whynotgrimshaw:. Nick Grimshaw and Aimee Phillips v...
Nick Grimshaw new X Factor judge news headlines read
Nick Grimshaw to be unveiled as the new X Factor judge 'imminently'? YAS
Nick Grimshaw 'to be announced as the new X Factor judge today or tomorrow'. EEK!
Nick Grimshaw looks in high spirits as he leaves TFI Friday live broadcast... as Chris Evans tips Radio 1 DJ to pr…
No not Nick Grimshaw, only bring it back with Chris Evens
did chris evens really just say Nick Grimshaw to bring the show back
Pete Wentz prank calls Michael Clifford on Nick Grimshaw's Call or Delete: ||
if Nick Grimshaw is a judge this year, you will lose me as a viewer, same as Radio 1 lost me as a listener. Can't stand him!
Harry Styles wore potentially his snazziest shirt so far out with Nick Grimshaw last night
Photo : dayxoxodreamer: Harry & Dave Gardner at Odette’s for the launch of Nick Grimshaw for Topman.
Doug with Dave Gardner, George Barnett and Daisy Lowe celebrate the launch of the Nick Grimshaw for TOPMAN collection
Rita Ora scoffs MCDONALD'S in back of a taxi after partying with Daisy Lowe & Nick Grimshaw. Las Vegas Blog …
BBC Radio One's Nick Grimshaw advises all pop stars to start their songs with a "woo" like
Nick Grimshaw, Laura Whitmore and Becca Dudley will helm MTV’s summer schedule
“He’s just striding in with his Disney Prince hair….”. — Nick Grimshaw about Harry Styles
'I love the show' Nick Grimshaw admits he wants to become latest X Factor judge.
Nick Grimshaw to perform with Olly Murs at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Norwich - Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
my heart goes out to Louis as you keep hurting him with Nick Grimshaw. You never had Louis' back. continue
Brilliant WILTY filming on Tuesday with Nick Grimshaw, Rhod Gilbert, Rob Delaney and Clare Balding. And
I've decided that Nick Grimshaw and Sam Smith should get married .. It just seems right
Taylor last night at the after party with Ellie Goulding, *** Jagger, Matt Healy and Nick Grimshaw!!!
Taylor, Ellie Goulding, Nick Grimshaw and Matt Healy at the Universal Music Brits after party!
Taylor with Nick Grimshaw and Matt Healy at the
Taylor with Rosie HW, Ellie Goulding, Nick Grimshaw, *** Jagger, and Matt Healy at the after party!
Bang! Nick Grimshaw plans to plunge to the Sun from the edge of Bangkok airport.
Snog married or avoid, Alan Carr, Nick Grimshaw or Graham Norton
I see Nick Grimshaw's R1 breakfast show is in the latest Ofcom bulletin. Presumably for causing sleepiness during rush hour.
*** Jones & Nick Grimshaw at Wimbledon Championships 2008 - Arrivals and Evian VIP Suite
Looking for a way to celebrate the end of exams? Nick Grimshaw & Professor Green will be at Big Night Out, 6th Feb! http:/…
Nick Grimshaw attends the opening event at the London Collections: Men AW15 at The Hospital Club on January 9, 2015.
Celebwatch: Harry Styles joins Liv Tyler and Nick Grimshaw for dinner in ... - Manchester Evening News
Despite only being 20,Harry owns his own £3m house in Primrose Hill where his neighbours include Nick Grimshaw,Daisy Lowe and Henry Holland.
Don't know Nick Grimshaw, but I'd watch that just to see Alex Zane get eviscerated.
I think Alex Zane is possibly my least favourite presenter, coming in a close second with Nick Grimshaw.
Never looking at Emilia Clarke in the same way after seeing Nick Grimshaw dressed as Daenerys
but on the other hand there's still Tess Daly and Nick Grimshaw :(
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