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Nick Foles

Nick Foles (born January 20, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL).

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With the release of Nick Foles, John Dorsey needs to make a smart decision at QB (via
Chiefs officially decide to decline option on backup quarterback Nick Foles - Kansas City Star
Nick Foles to the Minnesota Vikings? What will Dorsey do?
NFL free agency begins (3/9/17): Offensive players to watch for Jets, including Nick Foles... via
should go get Nick Foles since he's the better of the 2 Napoleon Dynamite looking quarterbacks
If I was Nick Foles, I would try jumping with HC Mike Shanahan & his system. No way would I go after the most money from a random team first
Remember when Nick Foles pulled the ultimate hero move and won pro bowl MVP
John Dorsey an Andy Reid please give Nick Foles key to the offense Mike him the starter QB please
Dream off-season: Trade Alex. Get DeShaun Watson. Role with him and Nick Foles next year. Sign Mitchell, Berry and tag Poe.
It's amazing how good Jared Cook is when his quarterback isn't Austin Davis, Case Keenum, Nick Foles, A.J Feely, Kellen Clemens or Sammy B
lol having 4 good games makes you a top 5 player Nick Foles must be enshrined in the hall in your book already
Tom Brady is a modern day Nick Foles
At least we'll always have the video of Jeff Fisher asking Nick Foles how his summer was and then firing him.
After a game one injury to Alex Smith, Nick Foles wins MVP and carries the to the Super Bowl.
sorry we got excited after dealing with Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb, etc for the past few years
Nick Foles droppin' DIMES. This one to Albert Wilson. This one for SIX points. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Arizona in the NFL recap: Gronk sets a Patriots record and Nick Foles finally sees the field
Andy Reid confirmed Nick Foles is starting Sunday against the Jaguars at Arrowhead Stadium.
Kansas City Chiefs will start Nick Foles at quarterback this week (Shutdown Corner)
Andy Reid says Alex Smith is in the "return to play protocol". Nick Foles will start this week at QB.
Dak reminds of Nick foles in the sense that if given time he'll get 20+ yard plays. He's faster and be…
Nick Foles did a great job, replacing Alex Smith, who left with a concussion. Don't underestimate the Chiefs!
I blame Chip Kelly for tasking nick Foles who would have won that game. Easily.
QB Nick Foles balling today in win: --15/22 223yds 2TDs.
Alex Smith's wife fires back at local weatherman who says Nick Foles is better
NICK FOLES singles you pick complete your PC
Nick Foles comes off bench to lead Kansas City Chiefs over Indianapolis Colts
I saw Nick Foles threw a TD today. Kinda had that same feel when Joe Dirt and Brandy were looking at the same m…
Nick Foles drives down the field and throws a TD to Travis Kelce
Nick Foles has a triumphant return to the NFL, leading the Chiefs to a victory at Indianapolis w/high passer rating…
HIGHLIGHT: Nick Foles to Tyreek Hil for the touchdown!
Let me start by saying this. Alex Smith is going to be our QB whenever he's comes back from concussion (obviously).Alex Smith and nick foles
I'm happy Nick Foles is our backup QB and it's not Bray or Murray. He was also unemployed in August. People have forgotten that.
How Nick Foles did in relief of Alex Smith (FEATURED LINK)
Nick Foles played well today and the Eagles lost, at least all my fantasy teams won.
The Chiefs are a great team when they push the ball downfield. Something Nick Foles can do but Alex Smith cannot
Nick Foles turned up 1x with two tds WOW
blind stats are meaningless. Nick Foles has 7 touchdowns one game. He is not a good qb, though. See?
Nick Foles looked good. I'm feeling it now. Romo to KC. Dak breaks leg next week. Jerry Jones cries. Dez throws to self.
Nick Foles recognizes the blitz pre-snap. Sees LBs creeping. Throws it to WR in off man while OL run blocks.
Can we just focus on the fact Andrew luck got outplayed by nick foles
Nick Foles' screen pass turns into a 28-yard gain!. 🏃💨💨
This Alex Smith/Nick Foles thing can do nothing but eventually end in disaster. It just has a bad vibe about it.
So Nick Foles played really well, but that was a Colts tour de force on playing awful defense.
Nick Foles is the ideal quarterback for the Chiefs … as backup reports
let's not forget Ethan thought Nick Foles was the greatest QB ever
This was the Nick Foles touchdown out of that empty quads formation.
It's clear what they need. Nick Foles
I like Nick Foles way better than Alex Smith .. I think need to make that switch .. Your offense thrived
Alex Smith's wife calls out weatherman who thinks Nick Foles is better.
Alex Smith has left the field to be evaluated for a possible concussion after a big hit. . Nick Foles is in at QB for the Chiefs…
Me thinks this list may not be accurate: Heath Miller is retired. Nick Foles with the Eagles? Wk 16? Other problems…
and with memories of Bobby Hoying, Nick Foles, Mike Vick, and plenty of other QB's, I'll try and be patient.
Let's see what Nick Foles can do for the remainder of the game!
what do you want them to do? Go get Nick Foles? Bring Kolb back? Skelton? Who do you want as the QB since you know everything?
Chip got Nick Foles into the hall of fame
Yup. Nick Foles has a CANNON for an arm... 60+ yards through the air! 💪
Aaron Murray, Alex Smith and Nick Foles are taking warmup tosses before today's game at Soldier Field.
Nick Foles shines against former team as Kansas City Chiefs lose 21-20 to Los Angeles Rams -
Remember when the Cowboys thought of trading for Josh McCown or signing Nick Foles after Kellen Moore got hurt?...
Falcons haven't had to deal with starting Case Keenum, Nick Foles, Austin Davis, Kellen Clemons and Sam Bradford the past 3 years. 😭😭
like when you told me unemployed Nick Foles was better than Big Ben right?
Michael Barkann is incapable of having an opinion. He can't even answer yes or no about Nick Foles. NOT SURE WHAT THE FANS THINK IKEMAN!!
Ramik Wilson begins next to Derrick Johnson at ILB with first-team defense. Nick Foles begins at QB for second-team offense.
Without Kellen Moore or Nick Foles - who opted for KC - Tony Romo is only healthy QB on Dallas roster with even 1 career…
Jerry Jones letting Stephen Jones know Nick Foles won't be coming to the Dallas Cowboys
Nick Foles has agreed to terms to join the Chiefs, source says. Reunion with Andy Reid.
Andy Reid, who played QB at Oregon, now trying to recruit former Oregon QB Nick Foles.
Cowboys' Stephen Jones says Nick Foles has 'a lot of attributes that could fit well for us.'
Stephen Jones confirms to that Cowboys are talking with Nick Foles reps- "want to get a guy in here sooner…
Cowboys executive Stephen Jones thinks Nick Foles could fit well for us.
VP made it clear that Dallas is interested in Nick Foles.
Cowboys COO Stephen Jones on Talkin' Cowboys says interested in Nick Foles, Zeke's hammy to keep him out a couple of days, lis…
Cowboys like backup QB Kellen Moore, no interest in Nick Foles
I hope Doug Peterson signs Nick Foles to a trial contract... he's iight and would be a legit backup and cheaper than Chase Daniels
The Rams have released QB Nick Foles. . He is now a free agent. (First reported by Nfl Network and confirmed by ESPN)
Rams granted QB Nick Foles' request to be released, per source. Now a free agent.
to pick up Nick Foles and release Thad Lewis in 3...2..1...
Don't need Nick Foles. We have Thad Lewis. In case you forgot.
Only three players in 2015 to have a worse QB rating than Colin Kaepernick: Andrew Luck, Nick Foles, Peyton Manning.
Reporter Rich Cimini believes the Nick Foles situation "bears watching" for New York.
"Jared Goff is enthused. Case Keenum is motivated. Nick Foles is somewhere else." From
Nick Foles? Case Keenum? Sean Mannion?. Who's the odd man out for the in 2016?.
Btw, Rams have already paid Nick Foles a $6M bonus for '16, and his $1.75M base is fully guaranteed; tho if he's cut, ther…
Nick Foles ... because that worked so well for Bradford? And aren't you currently backing up Case Keenum?
Looks like Nick Foles isn't the only one who hasn't been at OTAs!.
Someone should tell Nick Foles that once you've been benched for for Case Keenum you loose all right to hold out.
Nick Foles hasn't attended one OTA since the Rams drafted Jared Goff. Looks like the Rams plan is definitely working.
Who does Nick Foles think he is? Lol my man got benched for Case Keenum. At least Sammy B is a decent QB.
Nick Foles is mad we drafted a QB? You lost your starting spot to Case Keenum... After like half the season.. You're just getting mad?
Chip Kelly ruined the careers of Sam Bradford, Kiko Alonso, Lesean McCoy, Nick Foles, Desean Jackson, Byron Maxwell, and eventually the 49rs
Report: Rams put Nick Foles and Case Keenum on trade block
Rams QB's over the past 2 yrs Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Sean Hill, and Austin Davis. Goff is already an upgrade
Fisher's praise for Jared Goff is just recycled praise for Sam Bradford/Austin Davis/Nick Foles
Would you rather have Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg, or trade a 6th for Nick Foles?
going to start their time in LA with Case Keenum or Nick Foles at the helm. They need some hype & something new. (2/2)
Nah. You can't have Shaun Hill or Nick Foles as your starting QB. Ain't no tickets in that
Rams are expected to move on from Nick Foles soon. They have been looking for a trade partner but will cut him if no tr…
to when Seattle sniped Russell Wilson and the Eagles ended up with Nick Foles 😭
Nick Foles came in after Ryan Nassib was benched, Foles had a close to perfect game with 2 TDs and 152 QBR.
According to reports, Eagles pushing hard to trade for Rams QB Nick Foles. Either Fletcher Cox or Jordan Hicks plus a pi…
I'm going easy on Cook and his Jermichael Finley-like case of the dropsies. Played with Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Sean Mannion last year.
He also had Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Sean Mannion throwing to him.
He did say Nick Foles and Sean Mannion would compete for the job and also that they could bring in 1-2 more QBs. LOL.
Cooks QBs have been Jake Locker, Kellen Clemens, Austin Davis, Shaun Hill & Nick Foles. Is it that he can't catch or who was throwing?
Doug Moore backpedaling from his report reminds me of Nick Foles.
Dwayne Bowe and Nick Foles say it's around 50%... sigh.
The DeMeco Ryans trade, years later. The draft picks turned out to be Brandon Brooks & Ben Jones for Houston & Nick Foles for Philly.
Nick Foles is to the NFL as Mario Mendoza is to the MLB
Nick Schultz and Nick Foles share a first name and complete lack of athletic talent.
Almost half of the passes Nick Foles completed on 2nd down were failed.
Nick Foles: highest rate of failed completions of any QB since 1989.
For those who missed it: Eagles will not use franchise tag on QB Sam Bradford and they are expected to inquire about addi…
perfect 10 type of day for surfer boy, Nick Foles
Kirk's stretch looked like Nick Foles. His are inflated. Lots of YAC. Give me a safe deal that we can back out of.
.proposes trade of Foles for DeMarco Murray, because Fisher needs another talented running back!
Brandon Tierney discusses whether RG3 is the best option for the Rams at QB. Could RG3 be worse than Nick Foles?
Kirk Cousins is like Nick Foles in 2013. Where is Foles doing now? It is a roll of dice either way
I would much rather have RG3 then Chase Daniel or Nick Foles. Plain to see.
Nick Foles bout to get shot up in LA watch out
I will take Chase Daniel over Nick Foles every single day of the week. Mostly because it means that a QB's definitely getting drafted.
I swear, on everything I know and love, Kirk Cousins is Nick Foles 2.0
was his season more impressive than Nick foles 2 years ago? About the same IMO and we saw how that turned out. Need caution
Yeah, why does that not surprise me -- Please don't bring him back! And no Nick Foles either!
let's just take Sam Bradford and Nick Foles and push them somewhere else !
Adam Schefter: “If a deal IS NOT met, Chase Daniel is an option.. They are going to inquire about Nick Foles.”
Chase Daniels, Sam Bradford, or Nick Foles are the options? Why you gotta hate us Eagles fans 😭
I'll take it if it means no Nick Foles
Washington must have mentioned Nick Foles somewhere in the talks
Looks a little like Nick Foles in this photo.
he looks like Nick Foles in that pic
I believe the Eagles shouldn't give Sam Bradford the franchise tag of $20 Mill, and bring Nick Foles or trade for a Draft Pick
Kirk Cousins is nick foles.. . Look at that division
Just think in an alternate universe, Nick Foles doesn't exist.
I liked a video Could Nick Foles come back to Philly?
not happening.. Bank on either Chase Daniel or Nick Foles.
He still plays and will easily be the greatest TE of all time. Brooks Reed, Earl Mtchell, Robert Golden, Nick Foles, T. Wade
Chip Kelly did make Nick Foles a Pro-Bowler. Can't see Kaep wanting to leave SF now.
Pepsi is like Sam Bradford with a hint of Nick Foles
the same Nick Foles who was benched for Case Keenum?
They need something that's NOT Case Keenum 😂 or Nick Foles either lol
Case Keenum, and Nick Foles both started at QB for the Rams this season. How about that Ben.
oh it's a shame Nick Foles or Case Keenum couldn't go.
Chip had Michael Vick and Nick Foles when he got to philly.. Now he has Kolin K and Blaine G.. Seems like the same QB se…
Rams QBs Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Sean Mannion is not going to cut it 🏈
LA entered the night with its fans wondering whether Philip Rivers, Derek Carr or Nick Foles would be its QB.
Just heard talk on WIP comparing Nick Foles to Kevin Kolb. Is Foles that bad?
Everyone had the same love affair with Nick Foles as they are having with Kirk Cousins. See how he plays now that defenses have game tape.
Part of me keeps thinking Kirk Cousins can be very good...but the bigger part of me thinks he's Nick Foles part 2 (or Kevin Kolb part 2)
Remember when we drafted Marcus Smith over a QB because we had so much faith in Nick Foles'
Pat Kirwan and Co. are talking about Sam Bradford vs. Nick Foles on Sirius XM, and I'm about to park this car and start walking...
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I can just tick off boxes. Riley Cooper’s deal, Marcus Smith, Nick Foles sticking around, etc.
You win three games with Nick Foles as your starting QB and they should prep you for Canton.
When Chip Kelly arrived in Philly he had Mike Vick, Nick Foles, Lesean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy MacLin. . He le…
Players selected to this years pro bowl: Lesean McCoy. Players benched this year: Nick Foles, Mike Vick, Trent Cole
Kellen Clemens, Shaun Hill, Case Keenum much more fun to talk to than Sam Bradford and Nick Foles. And that's fine.
I realize Nick Foles was pretty awful, but these Rams are so much more talented than their record. How is Jeff Fisher
Haven't seen that much of Goff's film but he reminds me more of Nick Foles in terms of his mechanics and some other minor things.
Also, if I'm the Rams, I cut Chris Long, Rodger Saffold, Jared Cook, Nick Foles, and Kenny Britt. That alone would save you 27 million.
Pat Pete guards Kenny Britt and Brian Quick with Nick Foles throwing them the ball and gets the hero card? k
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Buzz Aldrin, Nick Foles, Jason Richardson, Geo Soto
>> Nick Foles to Kenny Britt for 30 Yards
Nick Foles' touch lacking. Kenny Britt coming back to bail out his QB.
Nick Foles had Kenny Britt open but couldn't even put it in the vicinity where Britt could attempt to catch it. Intercepted. Great job Nick.
Heard of Bob Stoops, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Leach, Sonny *** Larry Fedora, Nick Foles? All have things to say.
he's been a coach for how many years? How many 1st rounders has he groomed? He traded for Nick Foles and NO RINGS
Three reasons Nick Foles is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL
but Nick Foles was declared our starter for the next 1,000 years
Crazy to think the Michigan St. QB room at one time included Brian Hoyer, Kirk Cousins and Nick Foles. Obviously, not NFL studs. But still.
who is better, Austin Davis or Nick Foles?
just remember that the Rams would rather play a concussed Case Keenum than Nick Foles, DeSean has like 5 catches on the year...
I feel rotten for Nick Foles. I wonder if he remained, where the would be?
People compared Sean Mannion to Nick Foles preseason so
QBs the Arizona Cardinals have lost to: Landry Jones, Nick Foles (almost Blaine Gabbert). QBs the Panthers have lost to:
hey how nick foles working out for ya over there? He throw 7tds in a game yet?
What did Nick Foles say to Andy Dalton after the game? He thinks the are pretty good.
During Week 3 Nick Foles threw for 197 yds, 0 TDs, 1 INTs. Resulting in a QB Rating of 73.07 vs the
Rams' Nick Foles: Set to take over at QB -
Dear Browns, the Rams would love to have Austin Davis back. As the unofficial spokesman, I will offer Nick Foles in exchange for Davis
In Week 2 Nick Foles threw for 150 yds, 1 TDs, 0 INTs. Resulting in a QB Rating of 76.3 vs the
Off hands.. And into Reggie Nelson's. Nelson's 3rd INT in 3 games:
Nick Foles is horrible. That is all.
I heard Nick Foles is the best QB in Fantasy
Now, Gruden says of Austin Davis, "love it!" Still believe Davis is better than Case Keenum. Might even be better than Nick…
Austin Davis has thrown as much touchdowns as Nick Foles in the past 5 weeks.
Oh no Nick Foles was a great idea for the Rams future...
That's the only positive thing about having Nick Foles as quarterback. His interceptions aren't controversial.
Somewhere near the top of Chip Kelly's resume: 14-4 with Nick Foles as his starting quarterback.
Football > St. Louis Rams set to start Nick Foles vs Bengals> Although it may not be..
2014 Eagles who have been benched this season: Nick Foles, Todd Herremans, Cary Williams.
That Sam Bradford for Nick Foles trade is looking great right now...
More NFL Notes: Rams bench Nick Foles for Case Keenum: Case Keenum will replace Nick Foles as the starter, St...
Current update on the "They are who we thought they were trade" - Nick Foles benched, Sam Bradford hurt.
Nick Foles benched, Sam Bradford hurt all in the same week. Both teams took a L on that trade.
The trade: Eagles got Sam Bradford and a 5 (chip to deal up for Eric Rowe); Rams got Nick Foles, a 4 (OT Andrew Donnal) an…
Nick Foles overthrows Lance Kendricks who was wide open in Red Zone
Nick Foles just over-threw Lance Kendricks in the end zone, he was wide open.
Nick Foles misses a wide open Lance Kendricks in the end zone.
Because there are 32 of them. Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles, Blaine Gabbert, Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel, etc.
Tom Brady to Peyton Manning to Nick this rate Wes Welker will be getting passes thrown to him from Geno Smith some day
Ehlinger out here breaking HS records previously set by Nick Foles and Drew Brees, as a JR. . Only a 3 star though according to
2013 Nick Foles to Riley Cooper a top 5 duo of all time
Also, let go of Pro Bowlers RB Lesean McCoy and QB Nick Foles. Draft LB Marcus Smith in the 1st Round of NFL Draft in 2014.
>> Nick Foles to Kenny Britt for 41 Yards
Looks like they listened to me. Nick Foles connects with Kenny Britt for a great compilation behind the defense in position
In 2013 Colin Kaepernick vs Nick Foles would have premium quarterback match up
Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Winston, Kirk Cousins is all that's on there
"Nick Foles had his bell rung here, woah.
Hard to believe Nick Foles is still alive after that hit
Cam Newton Andy Dalton Aaron Rodgers and Nick foles. 3/4 are playing for mvp this year.
I'd take Brees, Brady, Big Ben, Rodgers, Ryan, Palmer, Dalton, Romo, and Nick Foles before him.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Nick Foles wasn't playing IN Seattle with their backs against the wall.
most QBs given all day in pocket, and blown coverages would have been successful. Nick Foles was.
Defense is a lot harder when the quarterback is Philip Rivers and not Alex Smith or Nick Foles. Pass rush must be better.
Last week, hit Nick Foles 12 times on 30 passes. Today, they've hit Philip Rivers 4 times on 32 passes. They need …
Nick Foles and Landry Jones beating up a good AZ secondary... Common theme? No... Pass... Rush
Nick Foles has thrown 2 more interceptions to than I have...
last game Rodgers threw 2 picks. if Nick Foles didn't throw 4 back the Rams could have won
Still not sure how Nick Foles survived this
ain't nobody got time for that. Nick foles is the truth
If the Cardinals didn't lose to Nick Foles and Landry Jones the NFC West would be beyond over. But here we are.
everyone has been exceptional against this D in the 4th, including Nick freaking Foles.
Someone earnestly told me last year that they'd take Nick Foles over Cam Newton, I wonder if they were committed to an asylum by now
dude, the LOB is dead. Or at least in a temporary coma. Even Nick Foles can shred them.
remember nick Foles and Andy Dalton already did this to them this year.
The Rams will win the West and make the playoffs this year, barring an injury to Nick Foles, Todd Gurley, or Tavon Austin.
Really impressed with the Rams' offensive line today. Forget sacks. Nick Foles hasn't even been pressured once!!!
Nick Foles has been practically perfect today. No interceptions. Not a single incompletion.
you probably think Nick Foles is good or that Ryan Mallet should be starting
My dream is to do an entire podcast with Rich Eisen, discussing why Nick Foles is a complete waste of space. I can do it, too.
hi mike, this Nick Foles reminds me of a young Vince Ferragamo, can he lead us to a Super Bowl too.
Not sure how Nick Foles survived this
Clay Matthews just brought the THUNDER on Nick Foles.
Watch pick off Nick Foles and take it 45 yards to the house:
Nick Foles looks more like the Christian Ponder to Todd Gurley's Adrian Peterson than the Brett Favre
Nick Foles only completed 11 of 33 passes? Ew
Not sure how Nick Foles survived this.. 😱💀
"Whatever you do, don't throw a pick here Nick Foles. (Waiting.) Nick. Nick. Nick? NICK!"
Nick Foles learns the fake Clay Matthews is nothing like the real one:
Clay Matthews crushed Nick Foles with a hit that will make you cringe
TOUCHDOWN PACKERS. Lambeau Leap time for Quinten Rollins as he picks off Nick Foles and returns it 45 yds for the TD.
Pick-6 at Lambeau!. Nick Foles misses his target and Quinten Rollins capitalizes. Packers take a two-touchdown lead over …
Nick Foles had 7td in one game... Imma kill Chip Kelly
Sam Bradford is on pace for similar stats as Nick Foles was orginally on pace ... - Bleeding Green Nation
U explain something to us? Why in God's green earth did the Eagles get rid of a future superstar Qb like Nick Foles?
Call me a band wagon but I might be a Rams fan now cause I only liked the Eagles cause of Nick Foles smh
On ESPN earlier Matthew Berry had CJ Anderson and Nick Foles in his daily fantasy lineup picks lmao
Christ. Nick Foles and Maty Mauk know how to give the ball away.
Anybody besides Kenny Britt gonna show for Nick Foles? Is Jared Cook alive? Did Lance get his hands replaced?
Travis Wilson will be the Nick Foles of this coming NFL Draft class.
Kirk Cousins has never even shown flashes of being a capable QB. at least Nick Foles had some standout games
Kirk Cousins update: still not good. "But Hayden, how did he beat the Rams?". Nick Foles update...
Cousins is young, like almost Nick Foles young
Kirk Cousins beat Nick Foles in a quarterback competition.
Kirk Cousins is a bankrupt man's Nick Foles.
please tell me you heard Nantzy say Nick Foles was at Michigan State at the same time as Cousins
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Texans had chances to get Nick Foles, Matt Flynn or Kirk Cousins. Alex Smith and Peyton Manning but hey Rick Smith our GM
Captain Kirk Cousins shooting Nick Foles with a phaser
.and Nick Foles is 2-6 as a QB without Chip Kelly as his head coach. 240 yards/gm, 7TD 4INT
he can control trading every good player on the team. Lesean McCoy, Nick Foles, Trent Cole, Jeremy MacLin, desean Jackson
That was worse than any interception Nick Foles ever threw .. Yeah, I said it!!! ...
The Chris Baker punished Nick Foles who may be injured.
Nick Foles you're not Braxton Miller. Your spin move is not deadly
Fake double reverse. Chuck it 40 yards to Kenny Britt for SIX. Take a bow, Nick Foles
Do I keep Teddy Bridgewater or do should I Pick up Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, or Ryan Fitzpatrick?
Should I start Nick Foles or Cam Newton week two. Foles had a great week 1 but I'm worried Cam will be harassed by JJ Watt.
Who gets the for the victory over the Seahawks?. A. Nick Foles. B. Aaron Donald . C. Benny Cunningham . D. Robert Quinn. E. Other
can you address why Nick Foles in St.Louis can face Sea tough D and win,but Jay Cutler can't beat the Packers
I refuse to believe this guy is any better than Marc Sanchez, Matt Barkley, Nick Foles, Tim Tebow, Michael Vick, anyone. Dude is awful.
I miss Nick Foles and DeMarco Murray is the new Chris Boniol.
Nick Foles bold af for going right at Richard Sherman and fitting that pass between Sherman and Earl Thomas.
domain names
Based on the play of Nick Foles & Marcus Mariota today, Chip Kelly better hope Sam Bradford is his guy.
The 'hawks are my other favorite team. They just ran into Nick Foles wanting to prove Chip Kelly is
Nick Foles executes the 2-minute drill to perfection! Foles finds Lance Kendricks for the game-tying 37-yard TD with 53 s…
Down by seven. Less than a minute left. Nick Foles + Lance Kendricks = 37-yard game-tying TD!
Nick Foles with the rushing TD now leads Shady and Chris Polk in rushing TDs
Greg Robinson gets beat by Michael Bennett. First sack of Nick Foles today.
Trent Dilfer was on Mike Missanelli Show; said Sam Bradford might be better fit than Nick Foles, who Dilfer said he likes a lot. Audio 4:55.
Nick Foles' new contract with Rams makes sense for both sides
We've really had Kevin Kolb, Mike Vick, Vince Young, Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley play as starters at some point since 2010
Rams, Nick Foles is your QB. Saints, Rob Ryan is your DC. Neither of you are winning the Super Bowl. Announce your cuts!
Gio Bernard and Nick Foles for Brady and Martavis Bryant? Besides Bernard I have Charles, Ivory and Lamar Miller
So you think Nick Foles' teeth and Mike Tomlin's eyes are big? That's cute. Signed, Peyton Manning's forehead.
"The Rams feel Nick Foles is the perfect quarterback to run this offense" *literally the very next play is a pick-six*
Dear leaguemates,. I will be rescinding any interest in Nick Foles. Even superflex. . Thank you,. FF Engineer
Nick Foles misfires on consecutive passes to Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. Punt.
look at Nick Foles for instance. Dude was a beast in Philly because of his Oline dawg. You NEED and Oline
Prepping for my interview with superfan and my husband says "just talk Nick Foles - I'm like hello Chris Long, Jeff Fisher, move to LA
If the 12 best QBs disappeared, then it would be Matt Ryan or Nick Foles getting the Tom Brady "Just wills his team to victory" narrative.
TMZ: We caught up with LA Rams QB Nick Foles, and his close friend, Craig T Nelson, at a water tasting event in the Valley
Who thinks Nick Foles will have a career like Kevin Kolb did when Eagles traded him to Cardinals
Players I'll be watching in Rams v Raiders (with emphasis). Nick Foles. Eugene Sims. Jamon Brown. Rob Havenstein. Demetrius Rhaney
Gordon: Extension made sense for Rams, Foles: Sam Bradford didn't want to commit to the Rams. Nick Foles is wi...
The St. Louis Rams are ready to bank on Nick Foles before he's ever thrown a pass in their uniform. Head coach...
Nick Foles signs a two-year extension with Rams. He is now under contract through 2017.
Fox 2 Camp Report for August 2.Includes comments from Nick Foles, Robert Quinn + an interview with Tavon Austin
QBs that Russell Wilson is better than: Romo, Flacco, Geno, Ryan Tannehil, any QB on The Eagles,Texans & Browns roster, Nick Foles
If Sam Bradford doesnt start/gets hurt and Nick Foles is unseated by Sean Mannion I'm just gonna be on the "throw money at wilson" boat
When u trust in the mundane coaching style/play calling of Fisher w/Nick Foles at the helm, you're asking 4 pain
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