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Nick Faldo

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo (born 18 July 1957) is an English professional golfer on the European Tour who now mainly works as an on air golf analyst.

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Here are 12 of the finest (unintentional) Double-entendres ever aired on British TV and radio. 1. Pat Glenn, weightlifting commentator - "And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria . I saw her *** this morning and it was amazing!" 2. New Zealand Rugby Commentator - "Andrew Mehrtens loves it when Daryl Gibson comes inside of him." 3. Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator - "This is really a lovely horse. I once rode her mother." 4. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race 1977 - "Ah, isn't that nice. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the Cox of the Oxford crew." 5. US PGA Commentator - "One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them . Oh my god!! What have I just said??" 6. Carenza Lewis about finding food in the Middle Ages on 'Time Team Live' said: "You'd eat beaver if you could get it." 7. A female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn't, turned to the weatherman an .. ...
Indeed, follows the 'personality' winners like Steve Davis/Nigel Mansell/Nick Faldo!!
ooh I dunno. Nick Faldo has won it before.
Nick Faldo? Nigel Mansell? Damon Hill? David Beckham? Not having a personality seems to be an advantage in sport.
It's also previously been won by the hugely thrilling Michael Owen, Jonathan Edwards and Nick Faldo!
Enjoying the final round of the $1 million Father/Son Challenge in Orlando on NBC. It's a fun tournament to watch. This year's participants include Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Vijay Singh. It's a special tournament. Should be played on Father's Day!
Signed Nick Faldo flag and photograph for auction for Motor Neurone Disease End 17/12 at 10.56pm …
.I also remember that Jonny Wilkinson was a hellraiser, so too Paula Radcliffe and that legendary wild boy that is Nick Faldo!
So nick Faldo, Nigel Mansell and now andy Murray have won SPOTY... Think they need to change the P!!!
Time for Sports Personality of the Year. Why do the use the word "personality"? Both Nigel Mansell and Nick Faldo have won this award. On a side note, what has Ben Ainslie got to do to win this? Is it that sailing just doesn't resonate with the public.
"We were happily married for eight months. Unfortunately, we were married for four and a half years. " Nick Faldo
Off to Sports Personality tonight with Sarah Ottaway and just read they're giving Fergie a 'diamond' award. The guys had a great career but took a deserved Lifetime achievement award some years ago. BBC are desperate to give Man Utd coverage and sell out to the commercial aspect. Giggs winning the award in 2009 and Januzaj nominated this year are testament to that. Giggs once nominated, always had enough canvassing from Man Utd to secure the public vote. Daley Thompson, Murray Walker, Roger Bannister, Jackie Stewart, Geoffrey Boycott, Torvill & Dean, Darren Clarke and Nick Faldo strike me as deserving as all have significant impact on sport in the UK but the BBC has sold out again by carving out an excuse to get Fergie in again
Enjoy the Del Webb Father Son Challenge this weekend at the spectacular Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes Golf Club. You have a rare chance to see legends of the game including Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Raymond Floyd, Dave Stockton, Hale Irwin, David Love III, Vijay Singh, David Duval, Nick Faldo and several others. This is the only time all year you can see Jack Nicklaus play live tournament golf. It's also a heartwarming event about family and fun!
Increasing Golf Ball Distance Skill Every golfer would like access to golf training techniques in order to increase the distance they hit the ball 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards or 40 yards. But in order to achieve this goal, you need to pay special attention to what areas? You have not won a no-effect of golf training tips? I think we have had this experience. At least, this experience made us very frustrated. But effective golf training techniques is the key research their own swing. When you are on the rod shoulder completely reverses the 90 °? You will not hit the ball at the crucial moment of loss of control? Or, during the entire swing ping k15 fairway wood , you are not hard to maintain a correct posture? You have to swing in-depth study of errors and physical limitations, and then to determine what are the most effective golf training techniques to increase your distance. Do not attempt without hesitation tell you that your golfers golf training techniques. Introduced golf to the magazine prior to ...
A full review of the golf winners of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. Sir Nick Faldo was the last individual winner and Seve was honored twice.
Subject: Funny Commentators Michael Burke on watching Phillipa Forrester cuddle up to a male astronomer for warmth during BBC1's UK eclipse coverage remarked: "They seem cold out there, they're rubbing each other and he's only come in his shorts." Ken Brown commentating on golfer Nick Faldo and his caddie Fanny Sunneson lining-up shots at the Scottish Open: "Some weeks Nick likes to use Fanny, other weeks he prefers to do it by himself." Mike Hallett discussing missed snooker shots on Sky Sports: "Stephen Hendry jumps on Steve Davis's misses every chance he gets." Jack Burnicle was talking about Colin Edwards' tyre choice on World Superbike racing: "Colin had a *** in practice earlier, and I bet he wished he had a *** now." Chris Tarrant discussing the first Millionaire winner Judith Keppel on This Morning: "She was practising fastest finger first by herself in bed last night." 'Winning Post's' Stewart Machin commentating on jockey Tony McCoy's formidable lead: "Tony has a quick look between his l ...
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They left off my favorite Feherty quote: After seeing one of the pros hit one of those approach shots that is hit beyond the pin and comes zinging back toward the hole, he said “The last time I saw recoil like that was when my wife saw me coming out of the shower.” David Feherty, CBS golf announcer. He said one day, "It would be easier to pick a broken nose, than a winner in that group." A few choice David Feherty quotes are below. If you watch golf on TV, he's often an announcer with a distinct Northern Ireland accent and a colorful way of putting things, so to speak. Feherty is a CBS and Golf Channel announcer who finds very unique, colorful and uninhibited ways of explaining or describing whatever is on his mind ... (probably always on time delay these days). Feherty Quotes: "Fortunately, Rory is 22 years old so his right wrist should be the strongest muscle in his body." "That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn't find it if it was wrapped in bacon." "I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn't be here this wee ...
Nick Faldo ohh no its Nick Denning, what do you have to say about that shot " I think Ill get another ball" ………….
Nice to see that South Africans know how to celebrate someone's life, rather than mourn their passing (especially enjoyed seeing The Poznan lol). Getting sad about a 95 year old's death is like crying cos you've finished a bottle of wine. As soon as you uncork it, you know you're going to finish the bloody thing. It's all about enjoying it whilst it lasts. Particularly like Obama's speech, recalling Mandela inviting his jailers to his inauguration, and wearing the hated Springbok jersey to a game. There has definitely been far too much sentimentality and eulogising but you cannot deny that he showed tremendous forgiveness and humility. He was also born on July 18th - as all great men are. (Vin Diesel and Nick Faldo I'm referring to btw ha ha)
Sports Personality of the year next week. Who have been the biggest British sporting influences in your life time? Mine have to be Ian Botham, Paul Gascoigne, Eric Bristow, Daley Thompson, Nick Faldo and Alex Higgins. Tony Currie and Kevin Keegan are up there too.
to hard to pick 1 but Manny Pacquiao.Jack Dempsey,Eric Bristow,Nick Faldo,Brian Clough and Alan Shearer wud b right up there
according to google the only results is a European golfer named Nick Faldo
Hall of Famers Nick Faldo and Tom Kite in 1st. Rd. Grouping with Kenny Perry at 11:35 on Friday.
Improve your putting with the Nick Faldo-tested thumb pointing drill - pls RT
I'm super excited to watch Nick Faldo start on the champions tour! I think you gotta have a few majors under your belt and you also have to be like 50yrs old.
may, ash, and max get on the ship and they start there journey to kill pikachued for four and a half years, - Nick Faldo
A rest from household chores tomorrow. Going to rip up the 18 hole golf course at up church. Clubs and shoes clean and feeling like nick Faldo lol.
150/1 Nick Faldo playing only his 4th tournament in 4years this week on the Field&Form -
6 of the golf courses in the Algarve have been rated in the Top 100 Courses in Europe. The leading one was the Monte Rei followed by The Old Course, San Lorenzo, Palmares, Quinta do Lago South and Nick Faldo.
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Breast Cancer Awareness
Nick Faldo to make Champions debut on U.S. soil this week at SAS Championship in NC.
U may not make my entire life better,but u've made my day worth it, for four and a half years, - Nick Faldo
A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read, - Mark Twained for four and a half years, - Nick Faldo
Was watching strictly last night as the 37 part programme on the economic effects of the Indo China war does not start till next week. Anyway Tony Jacklin cannae dance and is dull as dishwater. Made Nick Faldo seem like Russel brand . Why are British golfers so boring is it because they dont want to upstage their jumper.
Attending a clinic w Sir Nick Faldo 6-time major champion: Priceless. Learn more:
where's Nick Faldo when you need some real golf analysis?
Fred Couples is a alum but not Nick Price... You may be thinking about Nick Faldo who played at UH for a year
Sir Nick Faldo returns to Welwyn Garden City school for TV documentary
Well who knows..not sure I can see Tiger as a team player..a bit of a Nick Faldo type altho Faldo has mellowed a lot
We're not perfect, Any of us, We make mistakes, we screw up but then weld concentrate on golf, nothing else - Nick Faldo
anyone notice you went dressed as Nick Faldo?
Forget the David Leadbetter Nick Faldo swing change, Bob Torrances work with Padraig Harrington was the best I've ever seen.
Worst golf joke of all time has to be Nick Faldo's captaincy surely?
Just got all my times and schedule through for the Faldo Final in America can't wait now.. Even get to play a few holes with Sir nick Faldo. Defo guna be a high light of my career so far!
Last day off holiday, be home tomorrow. Boys golfed at the Nick Faldo Course, (like millionaires). Super day and John away for a Turkish shave to go with his Turkish haircut. Bit windy today but still scorching hot, see ya all soon xx
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And think I know where my blue Nick Faldo Pringle cardigan is too! Not sure I dare.
less than 48 hours to the start of - the tournament everyone is talking about, even Sir Nick Faldo and Gary Player!!!
The Beckhams have style. You may not like that style. But at least he's not a boring lemon like Nick Faldo.
Can you believe we've had messages of support from Sir Nick Faldo, and from Gary Player! To everyone who supports thank you so much - this is just the beginning!
Nick Faldo has a sponsorship with US Trust and Jack Nicklaus is sponsored by Royal Bank of Scotland.
We continue with our set-up today. It's pretty good some of you are making great progress to understand and appreciate what golf is. take a look on the.Power Posture In The Set-Up The correct posture is the final ingredient that will help your set-up support the swing. In fact, posture can dictate how well a golfer swings his or her club. Standing too erect inhibits the shoulder turn and the free movement of the arms, while crouching too much force the arms to lift up, often resulting in poor contact with the ball. Model Set-Up Next time you watch the pros on television or on video, study their set-up position, trying to find the golfer closest to you in size. If you are tall, I would recommend focusing on Ernie Els or Nick Faldo, while shorter players would do well to emulate Ian Woosnam or Gary Player. Take a 5-iron, assume a good grip, and hold the club out from the waist at about a 45-degree angle. Stand straight up – while remaining supple and at east – then bend from hips – not the waist. As y ...
Yes, amen, But so many people lie to themselves that everythingld concentrate on golf, nothing else - Nick Faldo
My visit to my old primary school hit the local headlines - (in the same week that Nick Faldo did for visiting his old senior school, which is also local!)
World Golf Hall of Famer Nick Faldo is coming to the Greater Hickory Kia Classic at Rock Barn, which will use a...
Hello everyone from us here in Turkey. Our third night here and back in room preparing for beer o clock. First day spent by pool in nice hot sunshine. Last night the weather closed in and there was an enormous thunder storm. Played golf today in perfect golf weather at the Nick Faldo course. There are many courses near here. We played with a very nice couple from Germany. It's a good job they spoke English otherwise it would have been a funny game. Ok tomorrow is a pool day with golf later in the week. OK off we go to the bar (in a while). xx
I had Nick Faldo's PHGA Tour for the Amiga CD32. Often booted it up, played for six minutes, then quit.
take her to visit where nick Faldo was brought up she will love that mate
Nick Faldo was a carpet fitter before his champion days.
Hi Eoin. How many clubs have you played for has had more clubs than Nick Faldo!
I'm not awed by much; however, golf w Sir Nick Faldo, at Baltusrol, no less, was a life highlight.…
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Sir Nick Faldo is playing in a fortnight...
Gina surprised me today for my birthday with a round at Baltusrol. As if that's not enough, I played with my dear friend Tiki Barber and Sir Nick Faldo. Yup that's Gina for ya! What a day! Thank you hon, I owe you one.
Ok, I like Nick Faldo but I'm not so sure on how I feel about being in 'his room' in the hotel. Feels a bit creepy and I hope he doesn't check in tonight and we get bumped out of the room. Worse than that he may want to snuggle up...
ANSWER! The former winners in our earlier (photo round) were Sir Nick Faldo, Steve Davis and Ryan Giggs.
Golf that most selfish of sports where one man takes on the field becomes a team game this week on both sides of the Atlantic as we have if we are being harsh (and we feel like it don't well lets be honest with each other) two poor man's Ryder Cups. I write of on this side of the Atlantic The Seve Trophy between Britain and Ireland v Continental Europe which is now in its 13th year and is staged in the beautiful surroundings of Saint nom La Breteche 13 miles from Paris. I have played this course and it is stunning, (to be honest I'm surprised I wasn't called up to play this week must be because I've changed my mobile number) with many holes perfect for Matchplay conditions. To give things an extra twist the teams this time are captained by two Legends of the Ryder Cup Olazabal and Torrance. Torrance leads GB and Ireland to what he hopes will be a third straight win but Olly will be confident not only because he is a brilliant Captain but also because the teams look closer in terms of quality this time aro ...
Tiki: "Hey, BT...guess who I'm teeing off with after the show?" Me: "Who?" Tiki: "Nick Faldo." Me: "Bleep off."
You have enemies? Good, That means you've stood up for something in your life,ed for four and a half years, - Nick Faldo
A group 2nite including me, Nick Faldo, Harry Carson, and others. Great nite
Today let's get on the set-up of golf game. Show you are learning fast. The Set-Up Positioning the body in relation to the ball and target is known as the set-up, or stance – and the key word here is balance. All athletic movement takes place from a balanced starting position. Think of a footballer preparing to take a penalty or a cricketer taking his stance at the wicket. The one thing they have in common is that their feet are positioned on the ground in a dynamic way that will allow them to shift their weight from one foot to another and use their body to propel a ball towards their target just like the golf swing. Parallel relationships Any discussion of the set-up starts from the ground up. One of the unique things about golf is that we set up our body parallel to an imaginary line that runs to the target. We can visualise the set-up position along a set of railway tracks, with the golfer parallel to one rail, and the club head, ball and target line along the opposite rail. In the distance, both ra ...
'sir' nick Faldo at the open: "coming through" after not stopping to sign autographs
Saw Abramovich in Beaconsfield, Nick Faldo in Eton and Sharon Davis in Windsor today, still that's nothing, they can all go home tonight and say they saw Julia Roberts!
The Ejura Golf Club will provide you an up-to-date complete Course on how to play the Game. A comprehensive Guide to the Rules, Techniques and use of Equipment. Go to Ejura Golfclub for new golf ideas. World of Golf and Origin Golf is played in almost every country in the world and has a huge following. The major tournaments are followed avidly by large crowds and millions more watch on television; the finest players are feted and applauded, and the ordinary golfer marvels at the supreme skill that they show. For all players – amateur, professional, novice and holiday hacker – the beauty of golf lies in the search for perfection which is ultimately unattainable. Yet the Goddess of Fortune gives brief glimpses of this Nirvana. All golfers will have struck one perfect shot, long etched in the memory, where the ball soars straight towards the distant flag or bounces twice on the green before running into the hole. At that moment, the variest amateur is on level terms with Nick Faldo or Severiano Balleste ...
this🏇 has bolted mate ,nick Faldo can feel free to sign me though
A man in love is incomplete until he has married, Then he's finished, -ld concentrate on golf, nothing else - Nick Faldo
The beautiful Aliona's up next, doing the waltz with Nick Faldo (oops sorry, wrong golfer)
John Humphrys on Mastermind: 'Who won his 3rd Open Championship in 1992?' :'Nick Faldo'. My work here is done! \o/
Can't believe we meet Nick Faldo and we were filmed by CBS today. They proper got a close up of me and everything.
Nick Faldo and ESPN came to film at work today! Visited his old form room-in the history dept no less!
Random day at work when Sir Nick Faldo MBE enters your history classroom with a camera crew- and one of the crew went to Hailsham Community College!! Very random indeed!!
Picture of me meeting Sir Nick Faldo and presenting him with a signed Heli the Rescue Helicopter book
Sir Nick Faldo came to my school today and there was a camera crew and everything like whaat
Charlottes claim to fame is that her boob was on Nick Faldo when taking a photo
Sir Nick Faldo went back to Sir Freds today, wish I was there!
Well that was well interesting, the only reason why you were all screaming was because there's camera men and you want to have the chance to be on tv, I bet you don't even know who Nick Faldo is...
Oo gonna be on a documentary about Nick Faldo on espn👀
Nick Faldo is at my school recording a documentary about his life
Sport is not news. I want news on news channels. Put sport on sport channels. While we're on the subject; the next time horizon is cancelled because of tennis I will punch nick faldo.
I'd Rather go to history than be squished in with the whole school to listen to Nick Faldo I appreciate it but the whole school in one hall?
I can't believe nick Faldo is on it and he's a big time gangster
Sir Nick Faldo is coming into our school tomorrow..
Sir Nick faldo is coming into our school tomorrow how exciting.
Six-time Major Champion Sir Nick Faldo reveals to Martin Hall the best tip he ever received for improving tempo and timing. Watch School of Golf Wednesdays 7PM ET.
Nick Faldo takes the green jacket in 1996.
Actually playing golf tomorrow at a Nick Faldo designed course in Cyprus. Can you hear me squealing with delight?
Sir Nick Faldo is coming to our school tomorrow
A column on an event Nick Faldo once said was not essential to win and the absence of six from this year's renewal -
Nick Faldo winning The Masters when Greg Norman had massive lead on final day
I guess I was thinking Nick Faldo, and blended it with David Feherty idk.. I'm just stupid
What a coincidence, because team Oracle hired Nick Faldo as their motivational speaker!
Nick Faldo didn't change to advanced technology clubs at the 10th hole though.
Undeniable Facts Of Badminton by Abdul Rauf Liaqat (Islamabad, Pakistan) Every sport in the world have many of it’s interesting facts. It might be historical facts, might be funny facts of that very sport or may be undeniable facts of the game you play. There must be several things that you don't know about your game. So let’s share and spread some of the facts of Badminton. Game Demands:- Badminton at the top level is an extremely physically demanding game requiring strength endurance, muscular power, agility, speed endurance, anaerobic power and a capacity game to accelerate / decelerate. Interesting Facts:- •Badminton is one the world's fastest racket sports, requiring quick reflexes and superb conditioning. It's officially the fastest racket sport in the world. The shuttle is smashed around the court at speeds of up to 300km/hour. •Badminton claims to be the second most-popular participation sport in the world. Only Soccer beats it. •A 1993 study revealed that more than 1.2 million Americans ...
going for a Nick Faldo at Moor Allerton 12 straight pars to start
Narrow Your Focus For Better Putting digg When I was in my teens, in the 1960ʼs at Champions Golf Club in Houston, Texas, Co-owner Jackie Burke taught me how to become a great putter. He constantly reminded me that great putters felt it in their fingertips and that all putts went wherever the hands went good or bad. He made me very aware that my focus should be only on what my hands were doing and not what the putter head or ball were doing that they were the effect of using the hands properly. Since then putting for me has always been easy and fun and also easy to teach. I was lucky enough to have someone who understood what great putting felt like pass it along to me. Since most golfers have never been taught this simple solution to great putting I have developed some feel drills that will help anyone become a better putter. The focus of this article is a drill I taught Nick Faldo in 2000 that improved his putting from one of the worst putters on tour to number one in putting at the 2000 U.S. Open at ...
We had such a fun time at The Greenbrier! We saw John McEnroe, Pattie Smyth McEnroe, Tommy Haas, Pete Samprus, Ivan Lendl, and Nick Faldo! Great time!
“Growing up, Tom Watson couldn't hit a curve ball while playing baseball. Nick Faldo rarely found the back of a hockey net and Arnold Palmer just wasn't fast enough to make the track team. Isn't is funny how sometimes, success begins just by putting the right tools into the right hands?” - Jack Canfield
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Eating dinner tonight and who comes in and sits down at next table but Nick Faldo with his son...and I had to behave!!! WHAT??!! Me??!! Behave??!! Yes I did...I didn't holler or scream until we went outside and then I let Juanita scream at him.
Gorgeous sunny morning at Lough Erne Resort doing bridal make-up for Helen Bruce. The Nick Faldo suite was HUGE! Lovely to work with a familiar face too, fab hairstylist Kelly McLean. Congratulations Helen and Neil!x
Poor guy comes into del sol and sees Nick Faldo sitting at one of our tables and gets so excited. He decides to sneak a few pictures. After Nick leaves the guy looks at his phone to see the pictures and they're all deleted because of the New iPhone software update. Lmfao.
Wooow in a month I'm 21 and flying to the USA for the nick faldo Grand Final .. How time flys !!! Better start practicing!
Today in Sports History 1915 - The first asphalt covered automobile race track was opened in Cranston, RI. 1956 - Mickey Mantle hit his 50th home run. 1962 - Charlie Finley was denied permission to move the Athletics to Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. 1965 - Mickey Mantle played in his 2,000th game. 1972 - Art Williams became the first black umpire in National League history. 1993 - The Anaheim Mighty Ducks played the Pittsburg Penguins in their first NHL pre-season game. 1997 - Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo were elected to World Golf Hall of Fame.
Can't find anymore facts about the Garden City. Una Stubbs, Kim Wilde and Nick Faldo are all call it home though
aye sound skin! as is Soren Hansen, Gary Player,Tony Johnstone,Rafa,Nick Faldo, to name a few who get back to you!!
Nick Faldo should just go ahead and keep his mouth shut when speaking.
Nick Faldo was apparently not a fan of sharing the CBS booth with Adam Scott
Nick Faldo is like all the bad parts of Chuck and Shaq put together.
Tiger hits a shrimp into the left fescue on 15. Clearly in agony according to Nick Faldo.
Nick Faldo Crushes Rickie Fowler And Jonas Blixt With Orange Puns: Earlier on the Golf Channel, Nick Faldo an...
I'm trying to figure out which one is
Nick Faldo of just called Kevin Chappell, who is on the 10th hole, the winner.
Nick Faldo is a pleb.apparently he feels the winner tonight?
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does Nick Faldo not know a thing or two about the game?
Nick Faldo should learn to appreciate the beautiful shots invented by TW; or should get off that commentary chair!
Nick Faldo is the absolute worst golf announcer ever. All he does is bash on Tiger's bad shots. Tiger's 79 wins are a lot more than his 40.
Sir Nick Faldo was a great golfer. But DO NOT pay any attention to his swing analysis. He hasn't got a clue.
Nick Faldo.. Please stop with this mumbo jumbo about why tigers shot went left.. You're clueless
Can you be any more boring, stoic, dry, dull than "Sir" Nick Faldo? Sir I say NO. A viewer fun killer. Typical Brit
Gotta dump "Sir" Nick Faldo. Phil hits one from a bad angle to 4 feet and the call is "good shot"? DULL. DRY. BORING sir...
This will be Sir Nick Faldo's final broadcast of the season on CBS. Another great job by him and Jim Naantz. The Masters will get here fast!
"It looks like they came out of the same bottle this morning." - Nick Faldo, Golf Channel, on Blixt & Fowler's matching orange outfits.
Nick Faldo has been giggling and making orange juice puns for 10 straight minutes on live TV. I'm equal parts entertained and annoyed.
Omg someone has to stop Sir Nick Faldo!! These orange jokes are hilarious. 😂😂😂
"This is getting spooky weird"- Nick Faldo in reaction to side by side shots by Ricky and Jonah while also wearing the same outfits
Twins when they teed off too. The orange jokes are not going to stop from Nick Faldo.
Tommy Fleetwood emulates Sir Nick Faldo and wins his first title at Gleneagles
'For Sir Nick Faldo and the whole team..." - Nantz. .. puke.
Me too! My gravy train is that we share birthdays! Once he's gone, only Nick Faldo is left & he's not that good.
The whole "Sir" Nick Faldo thing is getting on my nerves.
does nick Faldo be eating during commentating, sound like he has a mouthful
Nick Faldo really pisses me off as a golf commentator.
What did Jim Nantz ever do to CBS? Some of his longtime broadcast partners have been Billy Packer, Phil Simms, & Nick Faldo.
I wonder if Nick Faldo knows how stuck-up and elitist he sounds while commenting on the galleries?
nick Faldo has got to go. Brutal listen.
. I'm sorry but these Brits are so dry or stuffy like Nick Faldo, oh excuse me Sir NF, viewing on here is difficult
Nick Faldo sounds like a Monty Python caricature of a golf announcer.
As a Viewer, having to listen to the Contempt in the voices of Nick Faldo, Curtis Strange, Greg Norman to name a Few,
I like Sir Nick Faldo the way I like my women . with a few drinks in them
Nick Faldo is a pain in the *** ! Rory's best response was the sort of golf he played yesterday. Let's have more of that
Good find, he's had more clubs than nick faldo.
You know Nick Faldo and I won this thing last year.
"It's no fun playing this game if you can't finish it off with the putter" - Nick Faldo
Nick Faldo says "money for nothin and chicks for free" just ask the big swoosh
Did Nick Faldo just say "Money for nothing and chicks for free" ?
Wish mark rowe and nick faldo would lay off Playing with passion is what golf is all about.
corrected it for you : Nick Faldo is shocking
Nick Faldo is a shocking golf commentator
Nick Faldo needs to find a new job and get off my TV
Nick Faldo is a disgrace to sports commentating
Nick Faldo is really turning into a yank, Fake! Nothin against yanks, just people tryna be them!!
Sir Nick Faldo saying "you kiddin me" in golf commentary ! What is happening to the English language ?
Nick Faldo singing My Way after winning the 92 Open
Fun fact! Nick Faldo parred every hole in the final round of the 1987 Open Championship at Muirfield.
"Very claustrophobic, this golf course." -Nick Faldo on Liberty National
"Now we're going to find out if he's got the minerals to finish this one off." - Great stuff from Nick Faldo on Jason Du…
John certainly gives it a good hit, doesn't he? My Sunday best is a Wednesday afternoon compared to him. -Nick Faldo, on John Daly
Just been told I look like a young Nick Faldo. I can add that to the list of Pob, Neil Mellor & Beaker from the muppets.
Please ask DP this?, Should Tiger fire his coach as Brandel Chamblee has said? Believe also Nick Faldo also said this
Harrison Ford always reminds me of Nick Faldo (opposite also applies)
I know it's been said countless times before, but buy me 6 pints & tell me to draw Harrison Ford, I'll do you a perfect Nick Faldo.
List of last winners at Muirfield, Phil Mickelson, Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player.
Nick Faldo has always reminded me of Harrison Ford, when I was little I thought it was nice he had time to play golf between films
Meanwhile, Justin Rose, Nick Faldo, Tom Watson & Vijay Singh all fail to make the cut in
Quote from a GM staff member's dad out following the oldies... "I could hit it better than Nick Faldo, but Freddie Couples is awesome."
Nick Faldo, Tom Watson and Freddie Couples, what a fantastic group of golfing greats you could follow around for a sunny afternoon
also born this fair day Sir Garfield Sobers and Dennis Lillee. And Nick Faldo who's been known to bowl over a few maidens!
As long as neither Nick Faldo nor Sergio Garcia wins The Open, I'll be a happy man.
Everybody has arrived in Edinburgh...Justin Timberlake, Samuel L Jackson, Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, me... for The Open 2013 at Muirfield.
So Brandel Chamblee says that Jack Nicklaus was a better father than Nick Faldo.
Faldo, Couples and Watson are paired together. “The Open 2013: Nick Faldo still stirring up controversy at Muirfield”
“Pics of from an audience with Nick Faldo Photo album:
In Wednesday's paper: Nick Faldo under fire for telling Rory to keep an eye on the ball - but does he have a point?
Paul scholes is a genius who had more to offer. Nick Faldo is a tumshi who must be needin some publicity
What the back pages say: Stick to golf, Faldo tells McIlroy and Man United bid ... - Daily Mail
BBC Sport - Sir Nick Faldo urges Rory McIlroy to focus on his golf game 2013
Sir Nick Faldo on Five Live is golf's Sir Geoff. Annoying Me me me.tone gets up your nose but often hard to disagree with what they say
Tiger Woods tells Nick Faldo to get off Rory McIlroy’s back
Stick to golf, Nick Faldo tells Rory McIlroy and Manchester United bid for Cesc Fabregas - back pages, July 16
Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, and Fred Couples in one pairing at The Open...thats awesome Even cant beat that
A Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, Fred Couples pairing for the British. Can you say featured group!?!?!?!
Just listened to an impressive Nick Faldo, on radio 5, ahead of
A great listen with Nick Faldo, thanks for great radio.
just spent a lovely hour in the garden listening to Nick Faldo programme. Thanks 5Live. Super show
Audience with Nick Faldo in brilliant ! Seems a great guy.
Sir Nick Faldo hobbles of out into the Muirfield night clutching a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream!. Front page of the Daily Star tomorrow?
An audience with Nick Faldo on Radio 5 live just up to Muirfield on Thursday
Sorry but Sir Nick Faldo comes across as real big head
Listening to an audience with Nick Faldo. What a bell end.
Nick Faldo on fascinating interview, also some of the names mentioned in the Faldo Series, Rory and Yani
2013: Rory McIlroy has 'lost his focus', says Sir Nick Faldo - Telegraph (via
Thoroughly enjoying the Audience with Sir Nick Faldo (my golfing hero) now on
Here's pics of from an audience with Nick Faldo on now Photo album:
Hate how nick faldo just decides to come out of retirement!! Erse and hole comes to mind
Nick Faldo coming out of retirement to play in the interesting!!
Now on - an Audience with Sir Nick Faldo. Read how he has urged Rory McIlroy to concentrate on his golf
Nick Faldo, who turns 56 on Thursday, makes a sentimental return to The Open this week for perhaps one final time.
. Sir Nick Faldo has kindly donated a special flag to our charity to commemorate his success
With all the advice he's dishing out, Nick Faldo should be an agony uncle.
21:00 Open Golf: A special programme with Nick Faldo in conversation. Recorded at Muirfield.
Coming up later on - from 2100 BST, an Audience with Nick Faldo, then from 2200 there's a preview of the Para World Championships
It's my dad's birthday on Tuesday. where can I rent Luke Donald and/or Nick Faldo for the day???
Fred Couples, Nick Faldo, and Tom Watson all in the same grouping. That's gonna be awesome to watch
Is Nick Faldo actually competing in The Open? I thought it was a rick.
I never knew that Nick Faldo is playing in the Open Championship this year
Excited to see Nick Faldo out playing the Open Championship again!
How about a Nick Faldo Final pairing on Sunday...
Nick Faldo looks like he belongs in the Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Possibly co-piloted by Greg Norman.
I'm a Tiger fan but I will be pulling for Sir Nick Faldo this week
New blog out on Nick Faldo's 1987 Open Championship win at Muirfield: Please RT
Sir Nick Faldo hits a shot ahead of the 142nd Open Championship at Muirfield on July 16, 2013 in Gullane, Scotland.
Good luck! Sir Nick Faldo is back! 1 more Open. Hope the course memories get you to the weekend. Pringle jumper on Sunday
The Open 2013: Sir Nick Faldo admits it could be his last
Azinger: Muirfield not a fluke fest: Legends Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo believe Muirfield is a course that on...
nick Faldo, Tom Watson, and Fred Couples 9 am pairing for Thursday? What year is it?!?!?! I like those guys but ***
Sir Nick Faldo's bag complete with knight
Nick Faldo was a legend on the golf course. Not mad keen on his media work or Ryder Cup captaincy, with DJ Spoony. Case rests.
Fred Couples, Nick Faldo, and Tom Watson paired together for the first two rounds of the Open Championship. Probly skippin work.
Bad pairing for Nick Faldo in his ceremonial walk around Muirfield. Tom Watson will be more popular.
Nick Faldo, Tom Watson and Fred Couples in the same pairings at The Open? Holy *** - couldn't have paired them better if I tried.
"Nick Faldo, Tom Watson, and Freddy Couples in the same group at the Open Championship" "their caddies are gonna need defibrillators -Connor
The 1992 Open Championship was the 121st Open Championship, held from 16--19 July at Muirfield Golf Links in Gullane, Scotland. Nick Faldo won his third Open...
Old News but still good ! RD is the largest golf tourism destination in the Caribbean Santo Domingo. Golf tourism continues growing steadily in the Dominican Republic, which has 28 fields throughout its territory, which makes the country the sport's greatest tourist destination in the Caribbean and one of the most important in Latin America. The Domnicana Federation of Golf (Fedogolf) recently published the book " Golf Courses in the Dominican Republic , "under the direction and production of Carlos Lizarazo Plazas, with photographs of Ricardo Rojas and designed by Rosanna Disla Carolina, which presents the attractive course. The golf courses are in *** Cana, Bavaro, La Romana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Playa Grande, Juan Dolio, Jarabacoa and Puerto Plata , designed by prestigious names such as José Gancedo, PB Dye, Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent J., Gary Player, Tom Fanzio, Nick Price and Nick Faldo, among others. The published book provides every detail of golf courses in the country , its area . ...
Nick Faldo thinks Rory McIlroy would still be the world No. 1 if he'd stuck with Titleist.
I will have to agree with Nick Faldo. Rory's switch to Nike was a huge mistake.
Yes I agree with Faldo that Rory McIlroy should have stuck with Titleist. You don't change success! via
People interviewed today: Jesper Parnevik, Jeff Maggert, Nick Faldo. Maggert was on the range. Had a simply beautiful swing.
Local Final Qualifying for the Open Championship 2013 will be played on 02 July 2013 at Dunbar, Gullane No 1, The Musselburgh and North Berwick.
Sir Nick Faldo announces the Grand Final to be in the USA hosted by
JIm Justice and Nick Faldo believe in the banning of anchored putters.
Nick Faldo still believes Rory McIlroy should have stuck with Titleist: Nick Faldo warned Rory McIlroy even be...
Sir Nick to Rory on his equipment change: I told you so -
Sir Nick Faldo announces will host Faldo Series Grand Final in October 2013.
Big announcement at the from Nick Faldo: Faldo Series coming to for the Grand Final in October 2013.
Nick Faldo announces he'll bring his Faldo Series finale to The Greenbrier in October
Nick Faldo takes the stage at the along with Jim Justice
Nick Faldo on anchoring ban: "I am all for it. I think it's the right decision."
--- Nick Faldo will bring his global development series, to the US with the support of and
Nick Faldo announcement: Faldo Series global final for youth golfers ages 13-21 coming to Greenbrier in October.
Did you know :Nick Faldo shocked the American golfing establishment when he ordered Fish & Chips for the 1997...
Sir Nick Faldo arrives at the Classic for a presser with Greenbrier owner Jim Justice.
On set with Nick Faldo today at The Greenbrier as camera assistant for the Golf Channel.
E. Cape junior golfers tee it up on Glacier Series The Eastern Cape will host its second tournament on this year’s Glacier by Sanlam Junior Series with the Joseph Phiri Tournament at Royal Port Alfred Golf Club on Sunday. This popular junior series features 25 tournaments played around the country, with the winners in each of the A, B and C Divisions qualifying for the National Final later this year. The winner here qualifies for an all-expenses paid trip to compete against some of the world’s top juniors in the Orange Bowl Junior Invitational in America, one of the top three junior tournaments in the world. Each tournament is sponsored by either a leading professional golfer or South African golf official, institution or benefactor. Phiri, now one of the officials who helps run the series, was introduced to the game as a caddie and has risen to become one of the most respected PGA professionals in the country. And he knows full well the difference that can be made in a young golfer’s life. “In 19 ...
Great day at Blairgowrie Golf Course, no quarter given by some OAPs thanks to Rose's Dad's friends.
TXN Sports Fantasy Football Weekly Report The Experts Network (TXN) is an interactive digital sports network consisting of the world's most respected and knowledgeable sports analysts - Cris Collinsworth, Boomer Esiason, Nick Faldo, Howie Long, Cal Ripken Jr. and Phil Simms. out some of our work for their Fantasy Football Weekly Report Sponsored by Vicks / Nyquill
Hectic week at Congressional working on both magazine and TV pieces. No Tiger meant smaller crowds, which made my job easier. Heading to the Greenbrier tomorrow to tape TV vignettes with Nick Faldo, Judy Rankin and Steve Sands. I hope I don't have to call him 'Sir Nick'!
I reckon Nick Faldo could totally win all of if he fancied it?
Fergus C. Lane Nuremore Golf Saturday was a red-letter day for Nuremore. The classic, sponsored by O’Gorman’s of Market Square and LMFM was a stupendous success. No less than 12 clubs were represented and between fine golf, good food and excellent craic it truly was a day to remember. The unfortunate few, like the wedding guests of the New Testament who were too busy to attend, missed a great occasion. When the results were read out the winning team was tighter than the Lion’s Pack. Former Captain, Peader Gilsenan had surrounded himself with excellent players who were not only great golfers but had excellent handicaps to boot. Noel McNally, playing off 19, is going through a period when even Tiger Woods would not give him the required shots. Tommie McEntee was always a wizard off the tee and with fairway woods. For years he was less than perfect with his putting stroke and that allowed his handicap to drift out to 21 which is now way more than he needs since he corrected his putting errors. When yo ...
"Oh hello, my name is Brandel freaking Chamblee and my name is Nick Faldo and we're qualified to critique 14 time major winner Tiger Woods"
Nick Faldo, I can't believe you told Castro to go practice his Luck.
Met Sir Nick Faldo with Great guy who took time from his busy schedule to shake me hand!
please get rid of nick Faldo. The only thing that blow hard does is talk about himself!
Sir Nick Faldo dispensing VERY good advice on tape delayed AT&T. Great when one of these guys keeps it simple. Thanks Nick!
No, Sir: Tiger Woods disagrees with Nick Faldo’s recent criticism of his mental game -> Blog:
Tiger very obviously didn't like nor agree with Nick Faldo's recent comment that he is struggling mentally. "I've won f…
Tiger Woods responds to the Nick Faldo comments that he’s struggling mentally.
Quotes of the Week From Rory McIlroy's continued struggles to Nick Faldo chiming in on the state of Tiger Woods...
Nick Faldo and Jim Nance ... CBS tent on 18 ... Just sayin!! ;)
It is almost tradition these days in golf to question whatever is wrong with Tiger Woods when he has just one or two bad tournaments in a row. Despite the four PGA Tour wins this season, Woods played poorly at … Continue reading →
"what's that" buried bunker shot! Nick Faldo talked about it on TV yesterday. Bybee taught me.
PK looked like nick Faldo last night!!!
"My Lesson w/ a Champion at Winged Foot with Sir Nick Faldo via Never forget it! Cheers!
Another great job by Jim Nantz and Sir Nick Faldo.
Video: with -> Fanny Sunesson & Nick Faldo recall the 1990 British Open at St. Andrews:
Nick Faldo is going to play The Open this year. Why doesn't he play The Masters?
Right lets take the boys money at top golf then, just call me nick faldo
Golf Central just did a piece on Nick Faldo playing the beautiful 100 year old 9hole Winter Park Golf Club
ON THIS DAY IN GOLF HISTORY: June 29 - On this day in 1997, Greg Norman became the number 1 player in the world for the 10th time. Norman had gone back and forth with various golfers in the number one spot since he first captured it in 1986. Among the golfers that were also number one during that period were Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnam, Fred Couples, Tom Lehman, Nick Price, Ernie Els, and Tiger Woods. This time period in golf was the start of the Tiger Woods era, who had only seen the top spot in the world for 1 week up to this point. He would go on to battle Ernie Els, Vijay Singh, and David Duval for the top spot over the coming years. - Courtesy of
Tiger has played 9 times this year and won 4 of them - Faldo reckons he is not in a good place - many golfers would like o be in this place!
16th green at Shadow Ridge at Palm Desert, CA
Rory McIlroy's hopes of picking up much-needed form before the Open next month ended in more disappointment on Friday when he missed the cut in the Irish Open.
At wimbers with both freds and hattie watching Laura Robson from the press box. Lucky there is a roof now.
Guys, if I find a celebrity in the airport, imma share the picture with you. Last time I met Nick Faldo the golfer. The next Nick I want to meet is the Cage
One day in 1990, Nick Faldo asked Ben Hogan how to win the U.S. Open. Hogan replied, "Shoot the lowest score." Faldo thought the great man was having a joke. He asked the question again. And got the same reply. End of conversation.
Tiger Woods response to the media is great. "Tiger, Nick Faldo says you're struggling mentally." Tiger " I won four times." LOL!
reporter to Tiger Woods "Nick faldo says you're struggling mentally on the golf course this year, do you know what that's about?" ---tiger "No...I've won four times..." With a perfect, calm, dead stare expression...hilarious
Tiger Woods says he pushed his strained elbow to the limits at Merion, which could affect how he plays at Muirfield.
Spend the day with a golf legend at Ridgewood Country Club   10% Off
Fanny Sunesson and Nick Faldo recall the 1994 British Open at Turnberry where Fanny wanted to measure the course with her pedometer wheel.
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