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Nick Drake

Nicholas Rodney Drake (19 June 1948 – 25 November 1974) was an English singer-songwriter and musician, known for his sombre guitar-based songs.

Five Leaves Left Pink Moon Joe Boyd Bryter Layter River Man John Martyn Joni Mitchell Syd Barrett Bob Dylan Tom Waits Danny Thompson

“I love drake i don’t want drake to marry a lady that just wants drake’s bags”~Nick
Then listen to something like Nick Drake. I think you'll really like him
Justin did. The others just weren’t powerful unless you count drake but degrassi wasn’t really nick
.has been collecting Birkin bags for years as a gift to his future wife.
Anyone else ever seen drake with the double cup before 21?
Walter WilkesListening to Pink Moon by Nick Drake on my Amazon Echo
A new tuning always gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks Nick Drake
I would love to do a Kenan and Kel drawing, as well as a Drake and Josh one. They're among the few live…
Drake and Josh trying to steal the Peruvian puff pepper from Meagan for the salsa making contest
that song is apparently meant as a tribute to Nick Drake and I genuinely have no idea how
I looked up Nick Drake. His really good I like his stile thanks for telling me about him.🙂
That's fine loads of great music across many genres to try ... have a listen to "Day is Done" or "Nor…
Everyone please go check out me and NEW SOUNDCLOUD COVER! We were feelin this jawn🔥🔥🔥
Between you and Griffin I'm gonna be listening to a lot of stuff I missed out on before. Never real…
Nick Drake, Syd Barrett or Frank Zappa, to mention a few...albeit in very different ways.
I didn't know that all these artist are all signed to universal.Nicki Minaj Drake Ariana Grande Katy Perry Riha…
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Saw it written and I saw it say. Pink Moon is on its way. And none of you stand so tall. Pink Moon gonna get ye all. An…
nick drake: About to talk !! Catch my session LIVE right here: …
I love Nothing's better than putting on some relaxing Nick Drake, listening to a song while working, THER…
Music night chez me. . Nick Drake finished, now Portishead Dummy.
Falling in love with the music of Nick Drake. I wonder what took me so long? An autumnal spirit, and a soft heart-breaking quality.
No worries - there’s also the great Nick Drake, singer songwriter...
My favorite part of living NYC is discovering the hidden talent of buskers that dot every subway. Heading back from MSG aft…
"Drake almost single-handedly helped us become culturally relevant..."
did you ever have a listen to Nick Drake?
Nick's mother Molly Drake also was a musical bird. Here is just one of her recordings🌞.
Music legend will be sharing his stories on producing the 60s&70s + Nick Drake & the Folk Revival
Join us for on Nov 18 with Sarah Bentley from Joe Boyd on producing Nick Dr…
Lucy Rose covering Nick Drake - although I like your Darkness idea best
A fantastic and instructive day it was .. ps I am this Nick Drake - nickdrake25 is a n other...
I miss the days when I came home from school and watched Teen Nick for hours at a time. Drake & Josh and Zoey 101 marathon…
Y'all, if you're not familiar with Nick Drake, listen to Pink Moon. Even after six listens it tears your heart out.
Listening to Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" record all alone in the dark. Seems fitting.
When I listened to Pink Moon for the first time I swear to god I thought Nick Drake was French or something
Song for the time ahead: Nick Drake - At The Chime Of A City Clock . Album: Bryter Layter . 🍂 . .
Des. YouTube Nick Drake's John Peel sessions if you aren't familiar with his three albums.…
What's Going On by Marvin Gaye and Bryter Layter by Nick Drake , the full Albums , Mayb for U but do them at night during Downtime
Chet singing is like Nick Drake for me - so lonesome I often can't bear to listen. familiar with J…
on after 9.25 tracks from Gary Wright, Nick Drake,Linkin Park,Hannah's Yard,Joni Mitchell,
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Pink Moon: illustrated tribute to Nick Drake"
Kalliope doesn't like Nick Drake so I've placed sanctions on her
I just think of Nick Drake as being more.. masculine. J.K. Simmons IS going to play Sully, right?
Thank you Joe Boyd and, of course, Nick Drake. A lovely evening!!
Amazing end to the weekend, listening to and Joe Boyd talking Nick Drake at followed by playback of Bryter Layter.
Nick Drake's producer Joe Boyd and are here for a special celebration of the singer's musical life.
We're live streaming tonight's chat between Joe Boyd & on Nick Drake at 7pm -
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Looking forward to hearing Nick Drake on an amazing sound system, and to the great Joe Boyd talking to
A night of Nick Drake tonight at Spiritland. talks to Joe Boyd who produced Nick's first two masterpi…
A fantastic Spiritland Talks on Sunday: Joe Boyd, who produced Nick Drake's 1st two albums talks to a…
I've done a little DJ-ing: I made a playlist that contains my favourite songs from films and series (ao Nick Drake, Yann Tiersen and Choir
Website updated with new arrivals from Buckingham Nicks, The Damned, Nick Drake, Sex Pistols, Small Faces & more...
Amen. Gorgeous, rich voice and wistful songs. Imagine a playlist of Nick Drake and Roger Whittaker...
Leif Vollebekk's music evokes a nighttime Nick Drake drenched in blue. Hear him on https:…
John Martyn, Nick Drake. These are the two exceptions until Jose came around in 2005 with Veneer. I try to carry the torch as best as I can.
A slow but promising start. Highlight was attracting a fellow John Martyn fan with May You Never, leading to a Nick Drake request
Danny Thompson, Bassist legend who performed with Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, John Martyn-still going strong at 77. https:/…
"Five Leaves Left" by Nick Drake in Bach, Debussy, Delius, Drake that's 5LL's provenance
Michael Chapman: the man who connects Elton, Bowie, Nick Drake and Sonic Youth
River Man by Nick Drake from the album Five Leaves Left (Remastered)
Brandon on wishes they had Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake
u guys are genius putting TOUGH MUDDER adverts between songs on Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left. Amazing curation absolutely luv it
This morning's listening list: REM - Eponymous, Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left, and The Streets - A grand don't come for free.
Place To Be de Nick Drake. greener than the hill ♫
Hey, y'all! So far, we've enjoyed albums by Nick Drake, Lee Fields, Lou Reed, & Donny McCaslin. We're now spinning New Order!
I always forget Cat Stevens and Nick Drake made music at the same time. Drake is from some genius alternate dimension and has no peers.
"bringing the likes of Tim Hardin, Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell to mind" . 8/10 - Album Of The Week. BR001CD/LP
Do you feel like a remnant. Of something that's past. Do you find things are moving. Just a little too fast - Nick Drake
It's a Nick Drake day. Check out this 1969 John Peel session + don't miss the Pink Moon tribute on Dec 5th >>>
Podcast heaven - Simon Armitage and his lovely flat vowels and Danny Thompson talking about Nick Drake. Thanks
The Golden Hinde is moored near LB and was captained by Sir Francis Drake, so how about River Man by Nick Drake?
First Person to Smile by Too Early to Tell - FFO: Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, and Nick Drake. *PLEASE comment!*
💙covered a Nick Drake song last night (&it was beautiful) @ Hare & Hounds Kings Heath
Excellent Heath Ledger documentary on with soundtrack by Nick Drake. . Part of a 'too young to die' series. Well worth a watch.
the list of covers of this song supports this! Rod Stewart, Elvis, Nick Drake, Nickel Creek, Phosphorescent, etc, etc.
The 🎶 references in have left me surprised & starry-eyed. So far: Nick Drake, Mazzy Star, The Bangles, Big Star, Tom Waits..
Having a Nick Drake moment on the show this December.
Drake wanna be an athlete so bad LMAO
'Pink Moon', or indeed any Nick Drake song, is an excellent choice for a pub on an evening in autumn
Hey is there any particular Nick Drake book you'd recommend? Thanks man!
Someone got married at a Drake concert but she was listening to The Life of Pablo when it happened
“Free Ride” by Nick Drake, from the album Pink Moon
Still amazed by the string section in Nick Drake's Riverman. Oddly dissonant but stacks up with the tune.
Day 231: Nick Drake - Pink Moon. I picked this LP up yesterday from…
Some days you barrels through life, some days you get by with Nick Drake and tea.
thank you Max, very pleased it comes across well 😎
Nick should bring back Drake and Josh and iCarly
I really enjoyed reading Nick Drake's poems
Drake, Riff Raff and Justin Bieber. “we living life”
You know the 6ix is lit when and both rep the in the same week. 🙌🏽🔥
Lol @ the ppl who spent money on the drake concert got the whole thing on sc
Some trickery at Drake park with the boys 🔥 >>> &
Pink Moon by Nick Drake is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Jimi Hendrix. Nirvana. Nick Drake. Some of the few people I would give my life to see.
Drake: id like to report a clown. 911: go ahead. Drake: it's me. 911: drake ur not a clow-. Drake: then why did she treat my love…
“At the Chime of a City Clock” by Nick Drake, from the album Bryter Layter
That's enough. I am compelled to listen to Nick Drake to find some melancholy beauty to relieve this ugliness.
Drake really does whatever he wants
Drake forsure loves her cause there’s no way in *** any female is that funny
Drake's ghost writers took the day off
Why is drake dancing to anything so funny
If you take 40 off Drake's regime, he's nothing... FAX
Nick Drake's 'Pink Moon' transformed into a book collection in this art print:
rap battle when ur next in England. I'll end u
River Man by the wonderful Nick Drake, tho. Will have a triple from him coming up soon too.
everybody says the same thing about drake but I was still at his concerts losing my voice so whattaya gonna do
I still don't even know what that's about lol. But FMF said the same thing about drake
.reppin Curry on his back for night ✌🏾️.
this sounds like a Nick Colletti vine imitating what Kid Cudi vs. Drake beef would sound like
Kanye, Drake or whoever having writers won't take away from their greatness Kanye never was a crazy lyricist he makes good music
lol that *** came up with a hook for a mixtape that he got CREDIT for & Drake still making hot music where is Q.Miller 🤔
niggaz don't write 4 drake lol . But I agree it takes help to make good music but niggaz can't just write your rhymes
Gene and nick in a drake huddle and they will not be broken lol
If Drake didnt make good music, he'd be a lighter Nick Cannon.
. Hope you got something from it. Heavy Nick Drake reference. Sorry to have missed you tonight. Had a client event.
There's a dog at this rehearsal studio that is totally ignoring me and now I understand Nick Drake.
The first time Drake performed Know Yourself in Toronto
bet neither Drake nor Kanye say anything to Kid Cudi or they do and get made complete fools
Hate Drake, but "I should probably sign to hit boy, cause I got all the hits boy" 🙄
" it's 2 in the morning my mind is on you, 4am and it still hasn't moved " drake really understand how I'm feeling these days
Y'all do know without there would be no 808s and heartbreak, and without 808s there would be no drake. Just say…
isn't this the name of that one Drake song?
All this talk about Kid Cudi, Kanye, and Drake. I still think Nick Cannon this best rapper to ever do it to be honest.
A new Drake SNL skit that didn't make it to the episode
My mom, Mark Cuban, Ronald Reagan, my Grandpa, Margaret Thatcher, and of course Drake from Degrassi to now lol
Drake:I do a really good dolphin sound. Ri: *** what we're in a clu.. Drake:E E E
I chase the money like Joe Budden do drake fans 🐐🆗🆗
My goal at homecoming this year is to get down like Drake and Rihanna 😁😂
Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Boxset Review and the problem with current singer-songwriters
Bryter Layter do Nick Drake... que disco foda!
I wonder if I'm the only (aspiring) hip-hop producer that has Bryter Layter by Nick Drake and 'Six' by Mansun in my all time Top 20...
Tonight's full moon is called the Buck Moon which also happens to be my favorite seldom listened to Nick Drake album.
It was drake and future concert tickets :')
If y'all really think drake is better than Kendrick...
.debuts at No. 2 on Billboard 200 albums chart, and "Views" is steady at No. 1
Drake's video for Childs Play is being shot in Houston
I ain't for talking about levels I'll put a *** in his place looking down n nick name that *** droopy face
Rest of top ten are Charles Eberhardt, Ava Huffman, Nick Drake &
*** nah y'all smokin *** y'all think Travis better than drake rs!!!
it's just crazy that y'all think Travis is better than drake
So I went to go listen to some Drake and had an interesting experience after listening to a song suggested to me..
I may not know what I did yesterday but I sure as heck know the theme song for Drake and Josh.
wat I do like drake I just don't consider as a rapper at this point
I just think you don't like drake at this point cause you reachin super far rn 💀
Mom: hey what was that show drake was on on teen nick ?. Me: degrassi ? You know he was in a wheel chair on the show ?. Mom: the *** ???
That boy Drake did snap on that new French Montana tho
The only thing about half Drake diss bars is they're so generic u can say half that stuff about anyone
Howard's Way to Blue. (With sincere apologies to Nick Drake RIP).
Drake and Waka Flocka bring out in his home town of Chicago
Drake should probably stick to the music. .
Echoes of Nick Drake for me with Lovely track.
"Drake is downstairs in the lobby... said he wanna talk about these records you been dropping". Joe:
No Shopping-French Montana ft. Drake is too nice 🎶👍👌
“Time of No Reply” by Nick Drake, from the album Made to Love Magic
Someone needs to tell if I'm listening to Nick Drake I'm not interested in the ultimate house party
Lying in the garden in the sun, Nick Drake playing, watching the red kites circling lazily up in the sky. Proper Sunday chill in progress.
*Drake plays Pokémon Go*. "How am I supposed to catch em' all if I can't even catch her."
Drake not getting on a rap beat and zeroing in on a *** for 6 mins. It'll never happen. Stop looking for it.
Nick J is liking at a 45-50k sales and 60-65k SPS so far. behind Drake lol Drake *** blocking everyone for that
feel myself falling into another Nick Drake obsession
.still pacing to win US album sales race; set for 7th week at on Billboard 200.
Today it's been Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock, Colin Meloy and Nick Drake so far. That's an honor, right there.
That moment when is number 1 on the iTunes album charts... beating Beyoncé, Drake, and Nick Jonas.😎
When Drake said "I miss the feeling of you missing me"
Nick Drake. When the day is done. Down to earth then sinks the sun. Along with everything that was…
Khaled has Drake to thank for the two biggest songs of his career so far
Drake's album VIEWS is now double platinum! Congrats 👏
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Drake the type of *** to make eye contact through the crack of the bathroom stall.
I swear Kenan and Kel and Drake and Josh are the only Nick shows I can still watch at 20 years old and still enjoy it. It's still funny
enjoying backing music by the incomparable Drake .
Notable entries for the at Iowa:. Derek Scott Jr. Matt Tifft. Nick Drake. MORE:
gossip girl soundtrack is bumpin Nick Drake & I've never been more conflicted
Drake's "Views" has officially gone double platinum:
'Lemonade' by Beyoncé has surpassed Drake's 'Views' and is now the best selling album released in 2016 worldwide. http…
I think getting Nick Drake's face tattooed across my entire back would be punk af
One of my favs. Also, I can never recommend enough the Nick Drake documentary A Skin Too Few. Seen it?
Drake in August, Kanye in September... We bout to be lit in Bridgestone Arena come Fall 🔥🔥🔥
Nick or Disney Channel..? 🤔. I might have to go wth Nick only bc of Zoey 101, Drake and Josh and the Amanda show
I have as many pics of drake saved as frank does of Nick
netflix needs to add series of zoey 101, NBB, icarly, victorious, BTR, full house, amanda show, drake&josh and the rest of…
thanks for that Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake and Sonic Youth!
Cheers Matt just finished reading the Nick Drake omnibus press book cracking read cheers!
psh just because I like Nick Drake and Simon & Garfunkel and the Shins
I wish Nick Drake would do a Palm-wine cover of Lake Street Dive's song Seventeen
Nick Drake, Van Morrison, J. J. Cale, Randy Newman.. and James Taylor. . Here is our review!!.
Listening to Desert Island Disk and I'm loving how much it sounds like Nick Drake. It's fabulous.
I finally remember what Desert Island Disk sounds like! The guitar playing at the start sounds a little like Nick Drake's.
ICYMI: Nick Drake, a Haas Racing development driver, will take a big step in his career tonight —>
OH MY GOD, I just heard Which Will by Nick Drake for the first time in months. Dear lord, talk about mesmerizing.
Arthur Russell has the voice of Nick Drake, the avant-garde sensibilities of John Coltrane, & the spacey vibe of Explosions in the Sky.
Found an ace record bar in Florence. Pics of Joy Division on walls. Nick Drake, Rodriguez and Isley Bros vinyl!
"Nick Drake, it's like trying to talk about air or your arm, or just something that's so much a part of your life.."
"It's like trying to talk about air," on Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left:
Listening to Kings of Convenience for the first time and can't help thinking of Nick Drake starring in Father Ted.
Lovely to hear River Man by Nick Drake on Liz Kershaw's show
Eavesdropping on street book vendor snippet: "never mind the Drake Hotel, what about Nick Drake?" ...What about him?
Listening to Nick Drake with tea..though tequila might serve better. ~Five Leaves Left~. "
and Nick Drake must be a niche market in itself.
old but good The Cult Sonic Temple, Elle King Love Stuff, Johnny Cash the Legend of JC,Nick Drake Pink Moon 😊
Listen to River Man by Nick Drake on I love this song so much💙💙
Cigarette papers packet - with a note 'only Five Leaves Left' has inspired Nick Drake - ♫
Do you like Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, Jose Gonzales? Norwegian singer-songwriter has it all
Listening to Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left. It's been a while.
Pretty sure drake wasn't the reason he couldn't get the ball inbounds 🤔🤔
Exhausting win. Bulls absolutely own the Raptors. Now go home and get your shinebox
There so many new tv shows on Nick... While i'm just here watching Drake & Josh
GOAT of his era. Loses points for birthing Drake.
Lmao Drake fist pumping like he plays for the Raptors
Drake Be Like "If you stand there for 5 Sec I'll give U a Free pair of OVO 12s".
Bro you can't be doing my team like that
Drake really caused a five second violation
Devlin Pierson just said that Drake & Bryson Tiller were better singers than Abel.
one more... why is ISU the Des Moines host and not Drake?
Drake helps cause 5-second violation with game on line, celebrates
Drake trash talked the Bulls into a critical five-second call for the Raptors.
hey fam we got Martyn we got Drake (of the nick variety obvs)
Was recently asked my fav Drake songs, I got to thinking:. Best I ever had. The Motto. Jungle. Now & Forever. 10 Bands. Hold On, We're going home
DSotM is a top-fiver for me. Throw in Nick Drake's Pink Moon; M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming; & Nina Nastasia's The Blackened Air. 5th???
Nick Drake deserves all the attention and love that Bob Dylan should have never had.
And we got 'Nick Drake' and 'Dylan Thomas' as extra delights. Keith James never fails to deliver.
House Where Nobody Lives - Written by Tom Waits. Music by Nick Drake. Narrated and produced by Hank Beukema
Why isn't there a Nick Drake and Jackson C. Frank playlist on Spotify. Come on guys. Let's get it together.
Check out featuring Hear him talk abt Nick Drake + more.
do you dig Elliot smith Jackson C Frank Tim Buckley or Nick Drake? Great music, lyrics, vocals etc
the sun just came out and the sky turned blue in LDN the very second Nick Drake northern sky came on. Not even joking!
Nope, no Joe Boyd, or Nick Drake, If it hadn't been for Chris Blackwell.
Never heard Jon Brion before - love this. It's like Elliot Smith crossed with Nick Drake. Beautiful.
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Is there any new "hits" out that dont sound like a replica of drake or future? Am I missing something?
Drake shows up for some reason he's there in whatever the schools jersey is
Listening to Time of No Reply by Nick Drake on
You followed your heart Santiago, it didn't end well, so you put on some Drake and move onto better things
we got 30+ today 40 tomorrow then like 21 Friday lol
“You can take a road that gets you to the stars. I can take a road that will see me through.” Nick Drake
When Drake changes his avi that means views is super close, Drake always changes his avi before album releases
Drake has never Drake'd harder than he did in this moment.
Just thinking about Nick Drake and came upon this: Gabrielle Drake: ‘I want to complicate the Nick Drake story’
Drake center Enevold picks up his 2nd foul just 2:17 into the game. Nick McGlynn comes in for him.
Fantastic show. Make sure you check out the episode on Nick Drake - whose records he produced.
Drake and Josh was the best show ever omf
Drake n josh undoubtedly the most overrated show in all of nick history.
the funny thing is heaps of people in Sydney from around me got sick due to constant weather changes is that what's happening?
Lately I've been listening to everyone everywhere and nick drake
I'm still saying I played online with 😂
This ESPN Deportes call of Drake's kickoff return is hilarious. Feels like you are at the FIFA World Cup
When you turn into drake after getting your wisdom teeth taken out
In this regard, Blackstar reminds me of Nick Drake's Pink Moon or J Dilla's Donuts in the way he alludes to his own death.
That's good, I need to get my passport.
true true and working can help me get my passport finally so I can travel eventually something I'm keen to do
Hazey Jane II by Nick Drake is in The Sun, Lancaster. Download it now at
yer idk like I don't want to quit because I know I won't get a better boss or opportunity so yer
you should try Nick Drake ,a forgotten treasure similar in some ways to Syd Barrett . Another wonderful talent and sad loss
.thinks should push his album back. Should he?
yer I only chose a manual labor job because I had no clue what I wanted to do in life I kinda regret picking it right now
Even though I work with my dad and I normally enjoy it, since I started full time I've hated it and just can't wait to go home each day
After my daughter admitted she has a favourite Belle & Sebastian song (I'm a Cuckoo), tried to get her interested in some Nick Drake tonight
Only just starting to appreciate Nick Drake... Thank you to the people who told me to try him
All I want is Drake and Josh on Netflix
Drake needs to release his album ASAP
Groovy track from the 60s - Thoughts Of Mary Jane by Nick Drake.
Getty Images calls on UK public to search their archives for photos of Nick Drake, Otis Redding and The Who
"Northern Sky" by Nick Drake is musical perfection
Just Now - John Martyn, Northern Sky - Nick Drake and Carey - Joni Mitchell. I hate flying and they make me calm.
Stan on wishes they had Bryter Layter by Nick Drake
leading scorers at the half- Lucas Luttrell with 13, Nick Drake with 9 & Alex Anderson with 8
As Saturday Sun fades, I find I'm not ready to move on from Nick Drake. So, for a change, the Made to Love Magic compilation.
Nick Drake?... I'd also recommend an album by Julie Covington called The Beautiful Changes (lyrics by Clive James)
Ooh yes, it's definitely got that Nick Drake / John Martyn sort of vibe to it. ❤️
Blog review: Joe Boyd on Nick Drake, John Cale, Pink Floyd; on Chuck Berry; sanitisation of blues Sun 7pm
yeah :( . like many others, Jeff Buckley, Keith Moon, Nick Drake, Syd Barret (not dead but kinda) frustrating
Part 2 of latest show (50 UPLOADS!) with Jefferson Airplane, Tracy Chapman, Nick Drake & more
Me on Fri: "What a great sports weekend! Cubs in NLCS, IU homecoming, Colts/Pats". Me now: /listening to Nick Drake and drin…
listened to a lot of Nick Drake today. you'd think having had a folk phase in my teens I'd have heard him by now but nope
I added a video to a playlist Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
A-Z of artist albums today was D which meant the completely gorgeous Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake from 1969.
Because nothing chases away the blues like Nick Drake's 'Five Leaves Left' and Newcastle Brown Ale.
w/Wayne on top of music during that time, it was imperative Drake & nick held it down (which we know they surpassed expectation)
Drake be so spiritual in the studio, the boy probably got candles and hand lotion around him 24/7
Bring back Nick Gas, more classic Spongebob, Drake and Josh, Hey Arnold, Doug, Rocket Power, Catdog, Kenan and Kel, Ned etc.
When i ride with nick and he play every drake song known to man
Watching the new show Talia in the Kitchen is so much better than watching Drake and Josh all day on Teen Nick... Said no one ever.
The best kind of lunch break! in my water, yummy salad, a good book and nick drake on…
Just listened to Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, and Drake in quick succession so looks like I'm not an 80-year-old after all.
IDK about yall but before drake was a rapper, I was a fan of him in my old fav tv show on teen nick.
.has become the fourth artist to score 100 Billboard Hot 100 hits.
Nick Moore wants everyone to go out and cop the new Drake-Future mixtape. Neither he or I are being compensated for this promo.
...Billie Holiday, Nick Drake, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Clash, Misfits, Runaways, Rob Zombie...and a lot, lot, more...
Drake look like he making a sandwich for a customer at Subway
Breast Cancer Awareness
Meek meel and Drake are beefing coz of nick.
Drake knew he was the man by the age of 6.
you can shut up too before I get drake on you
You should invite some freshmen girls to your place tonight and show them your Nick Drake records.
Meek Mill doesn't recall taking that L from Drake 😂😂😂😩
Them bars from 30 to 30 been long overdue On Drake's behalf
"Will people catch up with this, as they had with Nick Drake, Judee Sill and Laura Nyro?"
I added a video to a playlist NICK DRAKE Essential Songs
Meek Mill and Sauce Walka are teaming up on a track... Btw.. They both Hate Drake..
When the news reporter is a drake fan
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