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Nick Clegg

Nicholas William Peter Nick Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is the British Liberal Democrat Leader since 2007 and currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (with special responsibility for political and constitutional reform) in the coalition government of which David Cameron is the Prime Minister.

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"It's like staring at an empty building site and saying we've made progress because we've made a cup of tea.". Nick Clegg o…
28. Nick Clegg can be accused of being undemocratic if he won't admit Michael Gove said what Andrew said he sai…
If you thought Nick Clegg was bad for LD brand Vincent Cable will totally bury the Lib Dems lol…
Like her odious liar of a husband, Nick Clegg, Miriam was educated at College of Europe in Bruges and supports the Cou…
Nick Clegg is exactly the same age as Mark Lamarr.
What a prat... Nick Clegg 'begs for second Brexit referendum and says young people should have TWO votes'
Nick Clegg: There is an obvious solution to the Brexit deal for freedom of movement of EU citizens
Satan and Nick Clegg debate Commonwealth Cultural Relativism at the Union
Ken Clarke, despite tuition fees and the coalition I'd still say Nick Clegg re Brexit
That I voted Nick Clegg over Chris Huhne in the 2007 leadership election & I repress it b/c I'm as…
Power to the people: O’Mara’s defeat of Nick Clegg (O Mara is a local bar owner who has cerebral palsy)…
Nick Clegg is funnier than Katherine Ryan, there I said it
Shortage of social housing? Tories refused to build social housing because it would 'create LAB voters' - Nick Clegg https:/…
sadly Nick Clegg wanted to take opportunity to be in government & call some shots b/cos Li…
And when Nick Clegg ruined our society because he believed he could have any meaningful influence on The Bullingdon Club's mass ransack?
A Sheffield venue has offered the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg a job as a DJ
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
First-time MP who beat Nick Clegg 'bought a new suit from Tesco' as shock result emerged
Good riddance to Nick Clegg: the last thing we need is a man who understands coalitions and negotiating in Brussels. https:…
How else was Nick Clegg's period in charge of constitutional affairs a disaster?
As with in 2010 & Nick Clegg will DUP Arlene Foster demand from position of Deputy PM & walk hand…
Nick Clegg must be nailed on for Strictly Come Dancing now, right? Along with Tim Peake & Marine A.
HUGE result for Jared O'Mara and Labour in Sheffield Hallam, edging out Nick Clegg. Lib Dems held since 97, before that alwa…
Nick Clegg and Alex Salmond gone are the only highlights for me
Some good news to come out of Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson lost their seats. 👍
The moment Nick Clegg fell on his sword.
My best parts of the night. Alex Salmond. Angus Robertson. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh. Nick Clegg. Bye, don't rush back .
Nick Clegg is the best Prime Minister we never had, if he has lost then it is a massive loss for everyone not just the L…
Genuinely sad to see Nick Clegg loose his seat. Important voice for social democracy and liberal centrism in the House of Commons
Leeds Uni student union bar reacts to Nick Clegg losing his seat to Labour
Thanks for being our mp. I may not have always agreed with you politically but you did some fantastic work for Sheffield Hallam.
The only plus is that he might be able to represent the U.K. with the EU. He might be able to d…
yes yes yes! So proud to have voted in Sheffield Hallam and given Nick Clegg the boot!
Lovely that BBC journos talking over victory speech by Labour young candidate who defeated Nick Clegg.
Exit poll seems to be pretty accurate. Lots of big name scalps - Nick Clegg gone, possibly Salmond,…
Nick Clegg released from his duties as MP to wander the streets of Britain, trying to sell the remains of his soul for a p…
I feel rly sad for Nick Clegg why won't anyone let the man be happy
Not nice to see someone being whipped like that but hey tis politics Nick Clegg
Results coming in for Surrey and nick_clegg loses seat. The latest here.
I really feel for Nick Clegg. Eternally associated with one malign u-turn, but a passionate, smart, well-informed centrist…
Whoever ends up in Govt. should appoint Nick Clegg as an EU negotiator. Won't happen of course. But should.
.you are the candidate but not E G candidate - more widely I am relying on you to and will uphold values.
Hard to deny that is the one of the most decent, honest politicians this country has.
Nick Clegg has lost his seat lmao fantastic
BREAKING: Former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg loses his seat to Labour in htt…
Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) and ex deputy prime minister in conservative coalition may lose seat ! This will be s bi…
for Nick Clegg are disgusting. He lied and lied and lied, and when he knifed students he told them to "grow u…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
BREAKING: Former Democrat leader Nick Clegg has lost his Hallam seat to Labour
I am so sorry that has lost his seat. A fine man who effectively sacrificed his party for his country. He did not…
History I believe will be kinder to you than the electorate. You put country before party and will have my admiration!
Rubbish! Nick Clegg put Party before nation. He sold out NHS for pathetic crumbs from Tories
Wow, end of an era... former UK deputy prime minister and former leader of the loses his seat.
Feel a little sorry for Nick Clegg, coalition seem too much too soon? Strong armed by Tories a bit?. Seems a good guy.
So sorry, nick. You didn't deserve this.
The people of Sheffield Hallam must have lost their minds. Voting out - one of very few truly honest politicians in UK. Madness.
I am so happy about Jared O’Mara replacing Nick Clegg. Disability advocate w/CP! Nothing about us without us!
Ben Affleck to play Nick Clegg in new film.
Sorry to hear Nick Clegg lost his seat. He was probably the Putney resident who cared most about the people of Sheffie…
Nick Clegg has LOST his seat to Labour! That's what happens when you sell out the students to the Tories!
That speech from Nick Clegg broke my heart. His speech shows the maturity the country needs to fix the divisions.
Yes. They did. They are this country's Nick Clegg.
Nick Clegg, Sheffield Hallam no longer agrees with you ^Guardian
Update your maps at Navteq
Nick Clegg loses his seat. Lib Dems going to pot.
'Theresa Mary May' is so hard to get right, isn't it? Also she's won but looks worse than Nick Clegg.
Ex-Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg defeated as MP for Sheffield Hallam, losing to Labour.
Nick Clegg has finally met his day of reckoning.Any leader that doesn't take accountability for his words has NO bu…
Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is defeated in Sheffield as the shocks continue
“In politics, you live by the sword and you die by the sword.”
Nick clegg gracious in defeat, a loss for British politics. A campaigner for mental health and liberal policies, tempering Ca…
Genuinely sorry about Nick Clegg, if rumours are true. History will judge him more kindly than you lot are about to.
Breaking News: Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has lost his seat to the Labour party
Students are reacting with delight to Nick Clegg's defeat
Nick Clegg should leave Parliament with his head held high. If you're celebrating the demise of moderates, be careful what…
Delighted Nick Clegg has been kicked out. His cynicism & opportunism on tuition fees & enabling of Tory austerity was un…
Nick Clegg has lost his seat...several years after he lost his spine.
"You live by the sword, you die by the sword" - Nick Clegg's parting words as he loses his seat.
"The truth is that it was right for Nick Clegg to go into coalition with the Conservatives" says Ed Balls
Very sad that lost. I like and respect him very much
Very much so ~ I gather you don't think so. Know him well do you?
Well as Nick Clegg said. Live by the sword, die by the sword. V apt for him and May
Nick Clegg is booted out of his Sheffield Hallam seat in the 2017 General Election as ex-deputy PM loses to Labour
Nick Clegg first 'big beast' to lose seat
I take it back,I take it back! Forget Philip Davies, forget Nick Clegg...this is the result of the night! The odiou…
Nick Clegg - lost his seat. I have discovered that I have a very cruel streak !
Former UK Deputy PM & leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has been voted out of Parliament by his own constituent…
.the UK will endure 'unprecedented hardship' unless politicians try and find common ground.
Nick Clegg out. Regret that to be honest. Give him a job negotiating Brexit
Nick Clegg backs plan for Britons to keep EU citizenship after Brexit if they want it
looking forward to Nick Clegg losing his seat tonight. Hopefully Tim Farron too
Human rights laws "did not cause these awful attacks in Manchester and London" Lib Dem's Nick Clegg says
And in the murdering footsteps of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg,
Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg outlines why a regulated cannabis market would improve public health in The BMJ today. https…
Nick Clegg grimaces his way through spoof version of his tuition fees apology (2012).
Nick Clegg repeatedly asked David Davis how much Brexit will cost the UK economy but he had no answers.
Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says Tory plans to scrap free lunches for infants would "hit the poorest".
Every time I see and hear Nick Clegg now , I think David Icke !!
Leaving the EU on Theresa May's terms may mean losing access to the whereabouts of terrorists, Nick Clegg warns
Theresa May scrapping free school lunches is ‘more Oliver Twist than Jamie Oliver’, says Nick Clegg.
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron as well as Nick Clegg the Deputy PM in David Cameron's Tory led regime, just like Theresa May
Congratulations to Nick Clegg. He signed a letter of intent to attend American International College next year.…
Nick Clegg: Brexiteers 'avoiding second referendum because they fear they would lose it'
That's fine, you walk away David 'Double D' Davis, and let professionals like Nick Clegg do it. It'll be better for…
Dear Kim Jong-Un, sorry to hear of your premature explosion. Try thinking of Margaret Thatcher, it worked for Nick Clegg.
Almost everything Nick Clegg has said about Brexit has come true. That's why his latest warning is so worrying
Brexiteers fear they would lose second referendum, says Nick Clegg
.Nick Clegg announced that the Lib Dems will have a second EU referendum too not just Greens
Nick Clegg says Lib Dems would promise a referendum on final deal, with two options: support deal or remain in EU.
Anna Soubry & Sarah Wollaston for the tories. Nick Clegg, Ming Campbell, Shirley Williams, & the late…
How can you have missed out Nick Clegg & Lorely Burt gazing lovingly at a h…
We must help poorer pupils, but not through selection | Nicky Morgan, Lucy Powell and Nick Clegg
READ | The Remoaners are STILL at it. When will sore losers like Gina Miller and Nick Clegg grow up?.
Nick Clegg: 'Let's join forces and beat the Brexiteers'
He ranks on my "MPs I think are self serving wankers" list pretty high. . Nick Clegg. Tim Farron. Hillary Benn. Yvette Cooper. George Osborne
To balance Nick Clegg's Ebbw Vale piece, how about one on Remainers who see EU as utopia without understanding how it works?
Nick Clegg asks David Davis to confirm whether UK can fully participate in EU crimefighting without abiding by EU data protect…
Nick Clegg has a go at David Davis. Suzanne gets last word - heroine og audience *** Keith Starmer gets last word except for DD
Question Time panel is just wrong:. 1 Suzanne Evans from UKIP with no elected MPs. 2 Nick Clegg who's done enough damage. 3…
'Selling off NHS for profit'. David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable . rt
Nicky Morgan had joined with Nick Clegg and Lucy Powell to oppose grammar school plans
Note to Las Vegas airport. Are you aware you've used Nick Clegg on your maintenance posters?
She once described me as 'faintly menacing' in an interview with Nick Clegg - the worst of both worlds frankly
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Nick Clegg and (God help us) George Osborne to launch a new pro-EU party? It would never fly!
My god. You sound mad, in denial. Tell that to Kofi Annan, Nick Clegg, John Prescott & the families of dead British soldiers.
Yes look at your all star bench of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Dianne Abbott, Tony Blair, Corbyn, need i go on? 😂
Nick Clegg claimed (when speaking to Andrew Neil in December 2016) that the EU is the world's largest single market. It…
Nick Clegg is paid £150 a minute for delivering speeches to bankers
They're all out. Piers Morgan, John McDonnell, Michael Gove, Paul Nuttall & Diane Abbott to come. Nick Clegg seems positively wonderful!
Oh dear Nick Clegg, clinging onto his European dream
'Next on Radio 2, Vanessa Feltz discusses Brexit with Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage'
Nick Clegg is right to say that Cameron's Brexit campaign was "bloodless". Just like Clegg's proportional representation campaign.
Nick Clegg and the sanctimonious Shirley Williams must share the blame with Tories for this - they helped them…
Nick Clegg on a footbridge with a devoted but illiterate cook, Betsy Baker, Warburton left a large pile of the manuscripts in his kitchen
Laura Kuenssberg says source told her the Queen really does back . Nick Clegg wouldn't lie to us, would he? h…
you were actually Nick Clegg's Press Office and you put it on your bio. 😂😂😂😂
FORMER deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has issued a list of 20 questions he says must be answered in the Govern...
Nick Clegg accused of using emotive language in Sheffield tree row
Does England and Wales lock up more people? - Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg calls for a big cut in th...
"He was supple, he was flexible… he was a really good coalition prime minister” - Nick Clegg on Cameron.
In London to meet and talk with Nick Clegg, former Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, about repercussions of Brexit
. Nick Clegg has a big house we can flog off.
Out of interest, did a single Remainer challenge this at the time? Nick Clegg? Tony Blair? Gina Miller? Anyone?
'You don't understand Brexit!' Andrew Neil DESTROYS Nick Clegg in car-crash interview
Andrew Neil on second referendum: . "Isn't it time for a rebrand, why don't you just drop the democrat?". Nick Clegg:. *si…
Dealing with constituents, Nick Clegg's face seems to permanently say "oh god, I used to be deputy prime minister".
Ironically, you are in complete agreement with Nick Clegg on this:.
Super Dooper Bright Spangly with Anne Widdecombe, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg + the Cowell...least more Mil…
They can move in with Obama, Merkel,George Clooney,Nick Clegg,Tony Blair,Richard Branson, Yv Cooper and Sadiq Khan
Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister, has admitted that he and his party broke a promise to voters over student tuition fees.
I love when the actors is starting to laugh. John Finnemore on the press reaction to Nick Clegg via
To be fair, we replaced Nick Clegg as deputy prime minister with pillows for about six months and no one noticed.
if Cameron could make Nick Clegg yes Nick Clegg deputy prime minister anything possible!
I trust everyone who want to stop Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Richard Branson, David Lammy, you name it!   10% Off
Nick Clegg, former deputy prime minister, and Norman Lamb, former health minister, have joined Labour and Tory...
I sure hope they do and get Vincent Cable, Simon Hughes, Nick Clegg , entice Hillary Benn, we Need them.
Great event with Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke. Ken said he agreed with Nick on most things and that he'll vote agains…
Nick Clegg should be had for high treason; he's clearly representing foreign EU interests over British interests
Cllr Brown says Lib Dems made a mistake in supporting Devonwall bill. Sponsored by Nick Clegg and voted through by cur…
Nick Clegg tries his hand at ten pin bowling in Colchester -
Nick Clegg? isn't he the quiet one on Last Of The Summer Wine?
Get away Nick Clegg and the globalists! Leave the people alone
aww, still hoping for a nice ride on the eu gravy train? Why don't you go get a real job, instead of being a political failure.
"Democracy does not mean you give government of the day unqualified rights" says on ruling…
Daily Mail resorting to painting Nick Clegg as some kind of Machiavellian plotting the death of Brexit. God that's desperate.
Finally I hear a voice that isn't shrill, hysterical and furious on Thank you, Nick Clegg.
Nick Clegg: peers will try to block without second referendum
.I honestly wish this dreadful man, Nick Clegg, would lose the power of speech as nothing but crap co…
If the promised 'having and eating of cake' deal doesn't materialise, perhaps people would prefer remain > May's/WTOs
Interesting praising sovereignty - spent yrs campaigning to give away powers to
'YOU'RE HYPOCRITES' Gleeful Clegg's astonishing blast at Brexiteers over High Court ruling
Nick Clegg much clearer than Raab:. Leavers knew what they were against, not what they were for. No mandate for Hard Brexit.
they did say already. But like in Finland, government decided.
The House of Lords has vowed to stop Brexit
Clegg has some gall... paid by the eu, to keep us in the eu... anti-British traitor
Well played Nick Clegg. The EU referendum was a vote on lies & hunches. Another referendum will be a vote on detail. htt…
Wow, Nick Clegg is playing with fire, I guess you can do that after you've already burnt your house down.
Wish Nick Clegg would crawl back from where he came before his stupid book came out and referendum vote
.Lib Dems will seek to amend legislation to avoid a damaging hard Brexit and give British people a say over t…
Nick Clegg reveals how MPs and Peers could delay leaving the EU and wreck 'hard Brexit' dreams
Take solace in the fact that while you're paying £9,000 a year in tuition fees, Nick Clegg could only muster £78,000 f…
Nick Clegg will be there or there abouts next week
The elite & rich politicians want to ensure cheap slave labour
Nick Clegg to will try to amend legislation before so the UK has a NEW REFERENDUM on the fi…
Clegg & Co are nothing but scumbag traitorous politicians looking to line their own bank accounts
Undemocratic Nick that likes to lie to students & stop democracy.
UKIP - more votes than LibDems & SNP combined - whys Nick Clegg on? He's never won an argument in his life. Farage destroyed h…
Who, other than the BBC, gives a toss what Nick Clegg thinks?
Clegg is scum he betrayed the nation on student fees,lost every referendum & puts the EU above Brits
Fine, . Given everyone "wants to respect referendum result", let's have a referendum on May's deal vs C…
Turns on Nick Clegg telling us we must respect "Parliamentary Sovereignty" The same Nick Clegg who has spent his career gi…
Nick Clegg vows to block Theresa May’s Brexit
Nick Clegg is a national embarrassment , he fails to mention the gigantic trade deficit the Uk has with the EU! https:…
Nick Clegg dominant on , shall we just do a Green Party and have co-leaders? (No it's a dreadful idea).
Great news Nick Clegg is to shadow Fox & Davies, finally someone with back-bone who'll hold Govt to account!
"this is your chance to decide" Not Tony Blair's or Tim Farron's or Ed Miliband's or Nick Clegg's or some unelected b…
If Labour win Sheffield Hallam in your universe, you can have Nick Clegg doing strictly instead of Ed Balls :)
Nick Clegg called out for claiming that nobody said we'd have to leave the single market if we voted to leave the EU. Worth wat…
It's only an 'advisory' vote about Sir Philip Green, I may decide to campaign for it to be ignored, are Nick Clegg & Ed Miliband with me?
Nick Clegg and Priti Patel on in the morning. Worth remembering Clegg voted with the Tories 99.6% of the time he…
Toby Young,Tim Lowton, Pritti Patel & Nick Clegg has finally come out as a Tory Party political broadcast
Unilever is no different to George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all the other embittered Remoaners who can’…
Nick Clegg's wife Miriam: I refused to cook for George Osborne via how rude
The indiscreet Ken Clarke says that Nick Clegg,when he first met him,was assistant to Leon Brittan and wanted to be a Conservative MP.
Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, the biggest double-losers in recent British political history - have joined...
Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have joined forces with pro-EU Tory MPs to demand the right to block .
My best mate has the hugest crush on Nick Clegg, I've just told her about tonights and she may have died.
Very tough. Narrowed it down to: Bobby Ball, Bob Wilson, Freddie Flintoff, Nick Clegg and Judy Murray.
There is a special door for cats in Downing Street, Nick Clegg confirms via
What's worse than David Cameron shooting his muck into a dead pigs mouth?. Nick Clegg asking for a straw. 😀
Tonight's event with Nick Clegg has indeed been cancelled BUT! consider spending your refunded ticket money on this!
Remember the libdems apart from Nick Clegg's lies, they gave us all 5 years austerity, but now Tim Farron is Tony Blair s…
Free to protest? I can still be arrested if my placard reads: 'Nick Clegg, oh dear' | George Monbiot
Nick Clegg says Brexit chaos can help Lib Dems back to power
A fantastically depressing paragraph in David Runciman's review of Nick Clegg's new book.
Nick Clegg's 12 Qs re: UK trade policy after Brexit. Liam Fox has opted to rant about execs playing golf on Friday htt…
Nick Clegg, the only man in this country who can appear less relevant than Tim Farron. And thats some achievement!
Fairly negative review of Nick Clegg's book by David Runciman seems to make a lot of logical leaps.
Politics by Nick Clegg review – a painful read according to David Runciman
David Runciman thinks Nick Clegg would've been better off trying to access his inner Tory ***
This is a brilliant review by David Runciman of Politics by Nick Clegg – 'a painful read'
And to think Gove was Education Secretary!Nick Clegg: ‘Michael Gove, from charm personified to hiding in the toilet'
It has that big guy from Shaun of the Dead. know... Nick Clegg! . ...i don't think that's right.
Nick Clegg says Russia should not host World Cup 2018. .
thank goodness we're rid of this lying *** Nick Clegg: Michael behind Queen backs Brexit story.
Former deputy PM Nick Clegg has told the BBC that Michael Gove was behind the Sun's "Queen Backs Brexit" story.
Michael Gove DID leak the Queen's alleged support for Brexit, claims Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg says in the Telegraph that Michael Gove leaked the Queen's EU remarks to The Sun to boost BREXIT vote. Bye any future Knighthood.
Nick (the eu hasn't got an army) Clegg grassing up another politician. What a nasty little penus brain he is.
Michael Gove leaked Queen’s private EU remarks to the press, Nick Clegg claims  - tower time
Nick Clegg: Michael Gove: disrespectful and Jeremy Corbyn: lukewarm. Who'd have thought eh?
Michael Gove is trusted by no one. Same is true of Nick Clegg. Two bare-arsed liars fighting over a lie. http…
Did leak? Nick Clegg says so, thus it must be true. Tuition fees increase anyone. Liars should never be trusted.
How many of 172 rebels will join ? Did Const voted LEAVE COZ was lukewarm 2EU ?
Theresa May needs to end Nick Clegg's obvious desire for stopping by enacting Democracy Today !. https:/…
Please sign this crucial petition demanding Nick Clegg releases his Carly Rae Jepsen video. https:…
If Nick Clegg had not supported Tory govmt.we would still have 50+Lib/Dems & a LP worthy of election
Bruh Hilary Clinton needs to go prison. Bernie needs to do a u turn because he just doing a Nick Clegg.
C rare white-streaked butterfly on 100yr Elm, planned 4 felling, frm top of open bus on 28.7.16 (10.30am-3.30pm) at S11 9EN
Nick Clegg awarded expenses allowance worth up to £115k a year normally only given to former prime ministers
It is totally unjustifiable for Nick Clegg to be claiming the special allowance previously only given to former PMs
Nick Clegg claimed £100k in extra expenses from fund usually reserved for ex-PMs.
Nick Clegg MP: Nick Clegg to release his election music video via
Nick Clegg, Norman Lamb, and the majority of our best candidates don't. If we follow everything Farron does let's go to church
Trying to imagine how a coup would look in the UK. I'm picturing Nick Clegg & Caroline Lucas leading tanks into Trafalgar Square.
. Nick Clegg, Paddy Ashdown & Tim Fallon are the reasons I ceased to be a LibDem..
Worth remembering that the only thing stopping British politics from tipping into this madness 5 years ago was Nick Clegg, & Lib Dem voters
It's fair Chris Morris & Nick Clegg, discuss what their virginity meant to them as a child & adult sex life to all magazines & newspapers
Nick Clegg predicted the future with stunning accuracy
The UK has reached a level of insanity where Nick Clegg is actually a prophet. I give up.
People are freaking out about how accurate Nick Clegg's post-Brexit predictions were via
Ah, Nick Clegg?! That's pretty dope. Personally, why do you prefer the Liberal Dems over the Conservatives? Since you are
Anyone blamed Nick Clegg yet? If the Lib Dems hadn't gone into a coalition would this ever have happened?
Old Etonians clambering up back daggers. Unions trying to derail Labour. Bring back Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg has made a strong bid for best insult of the referendum campaign so far
Nick Clegg: Boris Johnson is like Trump, with a thesaurus:
Nick Clegg: Boris Johnson is like Donald Trump with a thesaurus
Nick Clegg: 'Boris Johnson is like Donald Trump with a thesaurus'
Nick Clegg says Boris Johnson is like “Trump with a thesaurus”. Trump responds saying he doesn’t even like dinosaurs anyw…
Nick Clegg:"The British values that we cherish developed alongside European values, not in isolation"
Nick Clegg, traitor to British and Lib. Dem. values. Deserves to be tossed into an oubliette and left to rot. Limp-dicked fool.
Nick Clegg on Boris Johnson: "He's like a Donald Trump with a thesaurus"
so basically are Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke the only people consistently pro-EU in the country ?
Bizarrely JD Wetherspoon seem to think Tony Benn and Nick Clegg are party leaders (I think?)
The 'Spoons on the Leave wagon. Not sure whose thoughts are more irrelevant, Nick Clegg or The Ghost Of Tony Benn.
David Cameron is a liar just like Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. You can't believe a word he says. Total liberal spin.
Nick Clegg and Ken Clarke are making a LOT of money after time in coalition.
. See you next season Paul, well done you Tigers, don't tell Nick Clegg !!!
"Don't laugh about it, you would have brought this country to ruin" Michael Portillo tells Nick Clegg
Nick Clegg looked devastated when he realised what nasty deviousTory elite R really like.Did Tories steal his votes and trash his party?
Nick Clegg actually secret love child of Norma Major and Paddy Ashdown.
Didn't Nick Clegg call for an EU Ref once! Oh yes thats right he did.. Go & think about student fees Cleggy!
Baroness Catherine Ashton and MP Nick Clegg on the challenges of government & leadership lessons
Nick Clegg and Catherine Ashton talking on global governance and leadership
Brexit would isolate UK and threaten relationship with US, Nick Clegg warns :Auto pickup by wikyou
Hannan &. Nick Clegg know their facts on the EU,but differ, They should do head to head as Cam afraid of Farage
if you ever need to cheer yourself up remember that Nick Clegg put this on his desert island discs
Chuka Umunna was completely out of his depth, Nick Clegg has far too much baggage... And Liz Kendall couldnt answer immigration Q.
Nick Clegg to charge students £9,000 to attend talk at Cambridge Union
Dream on! the federal case. Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg & Ken Clarke. case closed.
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