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Nick Carter

Nickolas Gene Nick Carter (born January 28, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, entertainer and actor.

Backstreet Boys Sharna Burgess Aaron Carter Brian Littrell Lauren Kitt Bindi Irwin Joey Fatone Paula Deen Bob Carter Kevin Richardson Lee Ryan Steve Aoki Chaka Khan Howie Dorough Gary Busey

This man just searched for a picture of his own father with "Nick Carter dad"
Bob Carter, father of Aaron and Nick Carter, dies at 65
Nick Carter and Aaron Carter are mourning the sudden death of their father Robert:
(Bob Carter, Dad of Aaron and Nick Carter, Has Passed Away at 65) - via…
Aaron & Nick Carter are "heartbroken" over dad Robert Carter's death at 65
As much as I love Sean I'd still leave him for Nick Carter 💁
video posted May 8 by on website: "Nick Carter rocks out with Steve Aoki" -
That moment when you're front row for Steve Aoki last night and Nick Carter randomly shows up.
West Berkshire Council CEO Nick Carter and Cllr Marcus Franks answer questions from the audience at Newbury Vision Confe…
Tyler Hubbard, Nick Carter, and Nelly all on one stage? Yes please 😍🙌🏼 oh my heart.
Just read what Nick Carter had to say
Jae you got his name wrong, that dude is Nick Carter and his brother is Aaron Carter.
Loving Alain Clark .. Ben Saunders and Marco Borsato .. Ali B and Yes-R . Nick Carter and Aaron Carter Pharell and Jamie Lidell Robin Thicke
One group gets Nick Carter and the other gets Michelle Carter... that doesn't seem fair.
Last time Nick Carter walked into a reality house he took his brother's soul
PHOTO: with NSync's Joey Fatone, BSB's Nick Carter, AJ McLean and members of O-Town and 98 Degrees. http:…
Had no idea Nick Carter of the Back Street Boys was a fan. Just found that out on while interviewing
your a cross between Nick Carter and Justin B - the perfect man 😜
Nick Carter. But this is missing Jason David Frank from Power Rangers. Tommy was the OTB.
feat. Backstreet Boys in the 90s actually means feat. Brian Littrell only. Sometimes joined by AJ Mclean and/or Nick Carter doe
Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, AJ McLean and Nick Carter are all gonna be at some rando con in Kentucky this weekend what the ***
I have randomly run into Nick Carter 4 times in my adult life.
Finally I could publish my experience. Read here:
My experience with in Chile. You can read the full review on my blog
God I had the BIGGEST crush on Nick Carter during the I Want It That Way era. He was the first white guy I loved 😪 I still do
News --> Clinton hires senior Sanders aide to lead outreach to progressive groups.
What happened with vip pictures of July 20 of Nick Carter tour in monterrey? Mine is missing 😣
Any updates on the photos from the July20th Nick Carter VIP in Monterrey? pls, my friends are so worry!!
Meth vs Chef 2016 except it's Nick Carter breaking into the kitchen at Chez Panisse and trying to steal Alice Water's cutlery.
Please visit our website or contact me on 07902 148413/01706 812935. Nick Carter
It's also 3 weeks ago today that i got a picture with Nick Carter
I'm so angry, what happened with the pics from Monterrey 20th with Nick Carter? I want my money now 😡
19 in 99 - Nick Carter Lyrics: this song always gets me hype makes me wanna dance tbh
Bro:Nobody talks to you. Me:They talk to me all the time. Bro:Yeah your nerd friends. Me:They're not all nerds. Bro:Tim? Nick? Eric? Carter?. 😅😂😂
IDG how Nick Carter's everyone's favorite. I'd prefer any of the others instead of him. Or Howie. No one wants Howie.
I continue to confuse buying staffers with winning supporters
At 5:30PM EST, SoyBomb will become a devil child and adopt a Nick Carter hairstyle! Hope to see you there!
TRY Rokocoko puts back into the lead, Carter with con from wide misses stays 21-17 to
.FANCLUB MEMBERS: Have you entered to win a VIP upgrade for the South American
Backstreet's back, ALRIGHT! 🚶🏻Peek into former BSB, Nick Carter and wife Lauren's stunning…
Jon just told me he used to have Nick Carter chapstick because they were handing it out after the Backstreet Boys concert when he was a kid
19 In 99 by Nick Carter from the album All American - iTunes:
Nick Carter with his wife Lauren Kitt at the premiere of Backstreet Boys >>
Nick carter Backstreet Boys enjoy your weekend handsome.
Please give us this gift WE WANT NICK CARTER IN BRAZIL
Siri... I can always find my way home if I miss a turn or 2, I cannot always get back a moment before my inner Nick Carter comes out
All purpose parts banner
I love you nick carter and i love you Lauren Kitt carter and i love you baby odin regain carter Love jd
DON'T HOUND ME!($200): Nick Carter, one of the most famous of this breed, was able to follow a trail more than 100 hours old
Hey nick carter i am going to a friends, wedding tomorrow, on Saturday night and it will be in lake park
German coach has the best middle age nick carter Pantene Pro V bowl cut
Buy by ft. on. iTunes: Amazon: https:…
Nick Jonas: Jay showed me the way...
Inside the adventurous nursery of Nick Carter’s son, Odin Reign via
Nick Carter will always be one of my favourite artists. Carter actually has given out a new album and one song is "I Will Wait"
Don't Want You Back. I will never forgive Nick Carter for making The One a single instead of this MASTERPIECE
Had a dream last night that I met Nick Carter and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys and I freaked out!
has Nick Carter as lead vocal.Does not even come close to I was wondering why it sounded off
Congrats to Bryan Talavera, Caleb Carter, Nick Carter, Francisco Jiron and Matthew Kennedy for making it on the 1000 pound club for May.
I am happy to be present in my city, I will go on your show ! I love you ❤ Nick Carter ...
got ppl talking so here's a pic from the archives - myself, Nick Carter and Lee Ryan from Sugar Mag 2005
(this is kpop idol tho, coz Takeru, Chris Evans, Nick Carter and Lee Ryan still exist ;n;) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Happy birthday! Celebrities Calum Worthy, Rick Ross, Ariel Winter, Elijah Wood, and Nick Carter have the sa…
Today we were delighted to be invited to meet Nick Carter - CEO of West Berkshire Council.. to talk about what we...
Nick Carter and wife Lauren welcome son Odin Reign:
Nick Carter and wife welcome baby boy, share first photos of the baby »»
Tiffany's husband looks like Nick Carter doing Keith Urban cosplay. That is not a read.
BAES Nick is the bae of al Baes. Nick Carter and Nick Jonas & Nick Zano LOL
Nick Carter's movie premieres tonight! Part of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync in the old west with zombies! What could be better?!
lmao I'm laughing so hard 😂. Every time I'm listening "Miss America" (Nick Carter) I'm thinking about Steve Rogers omg I'm so done of myself
The truth is out there...Nick Carter & the have combined! Movie please lol🙏
Just saw Nick Carter and Brian Littrell showed up!! Backstreets back alright. I'm such a fan girl!!
Attn fans: Nick Carter brought out Brian Littrell & said they're 6 songs deep on the next album!
AJ McLean visits Nick Carter during Nick's All American Tour at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles via
Rialto Theatre welcomes Nick Carter this Tuesday, March 1. . Enjoy an evening with the pop sensation as he...
you don't know Aaron Carter? Younger brother of backstreet boy Nick Carter?
Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess amazing on Dancing with the Stars
24 DAYS UNTIL SEASON 22: Favorite S21 Quote // "Be with me. I got you" -Sharna Burgess (to Nick Carter in their tango)
Nick Carter brings his own ax to our show and another guitar player too...his name is Phillip…
Gigi, Nick Carter, A.J. McLean team up on 'Lip Sync Battle': She wanted it that way.
A: Howie Dorough, AJ MacLean and Nick Carter. (Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrel joined the band in 1993.)
People saying Harry will go solo😂You can do solo stuff and still be in the band. Just look at Nick Carter, Danny Wood a…
lack of minerals up there. Nick Carter will run riot!
I got: Nick Carter! Which Backstreet Boy Is Your Soulmate? via well lol.
I'm going to Nick Carter at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD - Mar 10
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter sued for trying to choke a bouncer: Nick Carter's looking back ...
is trending already. This Generation my God. I miss Nick Carter, Robbie Williams and Bryan Adams
ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was arrested and jailed in Key West, Florida, on a charge o…
What am I going to do tonight? WA! Nick Carter & Sharna Burgess Dance Jive on DWTS 21 Week 11 Finale
Backstreet Boy charged with battery: Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was arrested Wednesday night in Key We...
Most dramatic moment of 2015 still prob when Nick Carter tells Brian Littrell he was Jordan to Carter's Pippen in the Bac…
Christina, Gigi, Nick Carter, Cee Lo, and many many more are on Lip Sync Battle Season 2...are you ready?
Nick Carter, hero worshipping Kevin Richardson for living
Nick Carter was the waterslide kid in Edward Scissorhands? Since when?
Nick Carter went to rehab. AJ went to rehab. Keven tried a solo album. Nick, Brian, and Howie have solo albums.
"Brian was my favorite!" "oh yeah you can have Nick Carter, he isn't even the superior Carter brother"
Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess will dance to "A Cool Cat In Town" by
📷 swiftsykes: Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess jive to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars
Nick Carter at a party in Nashville, 2008
Nick Carter ( Aaron Carter's brother and Backstreet Boys member ) came in 2nd in dancing with the stars!.
Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys released his solo album and Avril has teamed up with him on a pop/rock song...
'Dancing With the Stars' Awards Season 21 Winner: The finale was a competitive battle between Nick Carter and ...
For the dance-off challenge, Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess will dance a samba against Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough.
Nick Carter reflects on his big baby reveal:
The perfect man has Nick Carter's corneas, Dan Aykroyd's humility & AJ McLean's quirky heart
'DWTS' recap: Nick Carter wows with 'best dance ever' and baby news
To see the love Nick Carter has for his wife makes me so emotional, like I can't wait to be loved like that one day
Nick Carter, wife Lauren Kitt expecting first child - WHDH
Exclusive: Nick Carter and wife Lauren Kitt are expecting their first child together!
My grandkids will go to America one day and ask around for the kids and grandkids of Nick Carter and Aaron Carter
BANG Showbiz. Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt expecting first child.
Set de fotos: nickcarter: Nick Carter on Dancing with the Stars - Week 5 Dance (Paso Doble)
Fair play to Nick, he got me hook, line & sinker with Howard last year.
Expect more raids on by US troops, Pentagon chief warns .
you don't have nothing to thanks!! :) I'm sure Nick feels all your love and support! 💕
At least you got Aldridge though Nick! He's in for a *** of a year!
hi Nick Carter! I will vote for you and watch you on tv monday night !p.s its my birthday on October 28th!
Former President Jimmy Carter calls for a five-nation solution to the Syrian crisis:
let's see danny is suppose to do a solo tour and joey not sure how many shows and nick Carter and the cruise
yes, you are!! You are one of the cuttest and supportive Carter girl I've ever met..Nick should feel honored! ❤
Josh is way better than Mason, hope Nick don flop this
thanks I was like 😱 when saw . Noteafactations saying nick Carter mention U OMG EEEKK !!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
That's all so crazy! 😍 . I told Sven this evening is going to be a Nick Carter free zone. And then…
On page 77 of 256 of Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It, by Nick Carter
Hi Liizzy Carter : Liizzy_Nick_BSB, D0 u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6? Please kindly check my bi0. Thx
Obvs, Nick ain't got yards overseas an ting
Its a Saturday night with nick carter! Oh yeah!
Saturday Night Samba! 6ta Semana de Nick Carter en Dancing with the Stars
So we were driving in traffic next to nick carter and we screamed for 10 minutes straight.
CARTER PERFECT FLICK HUCK TO NICK SCHALL! Break and we take the lead!! 6-5
Nicola Hancock as THE Backstreet Boys - Incomplete by the way I'm Nick Carter Jesse Bradford via
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter announced that he has a collaboration with Avril on his upcoming album, All American. https…
Now streaming on Rachel Love Radio Nick Carter, Master Detective - Murder in the Crypt
Nick Carter called Avril Lavigne to put her vocals on the song called "Get Over Me" while they were touring in U.S. http…
Giroud's hair went from flicky to Nick Carter curtains.
A very happy wedding day to my favorite person at Paul Mitchell Lombard and my once Chicago neighbor, Marin!!! She found her Nick Carter.
At semi state with and . Go chargers.
At MORP: Best costume goes to Nick Day and Will Carter.
Can't wait to watch eastenders. nick carter
Nick Mullins, do you REALLY have to chit-chat about the strapping on Dan Carter's leg in the middle of a move? Take a breath!
Thank you & for making our middle schools dreams come true
I dream about nick carter on 2 days for i dream about i find paper and we was sibbings!for you
The English Home ~ Nick Carter. I love everything about this room.
It's bday! She's the Brian to my Nick Carter. Happy Life day, my wonderful friend!
If I could have the voice of Nick Carter and the looks of Brian Littrell, id be ok with it 👌
Who else is receiving Nick Carter emails?! I blame you mister
That's where Willa Ford has been, she's been hiding as Olivia Newton-John's daughter since breaking up with Nick Carter in 2003.
Nick Carter is way hawter and cooler than Justin, no offense to the J-man.
What do alf, Nick Carter, Bob Harper, Tina Turner, and DJ Tanner all have in common?
Love isn't something you have it's something you do - Nick Carter
who was your boy crush when you were younger? — Nick Carter, Jesse McCartney... And then Bill Kaulitz, Billie Joe, …
I just had to inform for the second time this month that Aaron Carter and Nick Carter are in fact brothers.
DWTS: Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter's Confessions Prove the Show is the New Oprah Dancing with the Stars may bill it…
Nick Carter injected a little 'Backstreet's Back' on last night
Nick Carter has an emotional breakdown on last night's … that performance was CRAZY
Nick Carter dances to Backstreet Boys’ 'Everybody' on Dancing With the Stars via E…
The panel is moderated by Nick Carter - Associate Director, Baringa Partners LLP, United Kingdom
Nick Carter is making me so emotional right now
Nick Carter Was Jealous Of Hayes Grier's TMNT Dance on DWTS . Nick Carter arrives at the studio with pro partner Sh…
I mean I had no idea that Nick Carter would be doing it but I have wanted to see a waltz to the Dowton Abbey theme for 5 years
Nick Carter & Real Sharna Burgess will dance to Downtown Abbey Theme Monday Night
Nick Carter & Real Sharna Burgess talking about the slip or slide ;-)
with repostapp. ・・・. Nick Carter and his partner Sharna Burgess is back on…
Who will win Season 21 of "Dancing With the Stars"? I say Sharna Burgess and Nick Carter
Nick Carter will dance two individual dances on week 2 like boy band rival Lance Bass on S7 who did it on WK1 Lance's scores: (22,21)
How does Nick Carter not look like he's aged a day since I was obsessed with him as a giddy 13 year old?! 😂
I'm watching for Nick Carter. But my fave pro Louis Van Amstel is back too dancing with Paula Deen.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sooo Nick Carter is the only star I like on Dancing With The Stars this season ...hmmm how lame
all the best Nick!! You will win!! And you count with all the support! ❤
I liked a video Jennifer Paige and Nick Carter - Beautiful Lie
This is my fav. Nick Carter song .. But actually.. I love all his songs ..Lolsz Nick Carter - I Got You via
Nick Carter is going to dance in dancing with the stars. I am one happy girl.
The only ones that are familiar 2 me is Nick Carter, Andy Grammer & the girl that was in the Spykids movie I forget her name
Nick Carter is going to be on and I think my 90's girl crush dreams are coming back to life
General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff launches a new Army Leadership Code
Watch General Sir Nick Carter and Army Sergeant Major Glenn Haughton discuss the launch of the Army Leadership Code https:…
So excited for D150 to rock out at FNM! I'm dressing like nick carter!!!
make sure you guys have Joey and Nick Carter on the show to promote nicks film dead7!
Both Nick Carter and Paula Deen on season 21 of dancing with the stars. America, where we at
Where are the other celebrities on ? I only see two—Nick Carter and Chaka Khan
This is my impression of Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter when he was in his prime, which I think is some of my best work htt…
Dancing with the Stars. Watch us voting Nick Carter & Real Sharna Burgess power of the :-)...
who's the craziest little dance in the world? Nick Carter 😍😍
Miss message from filming for Here you go!
Nick Carter is going to give his fancy feet a different challenge after signing on to do the next season of Dancing With The Stars.
I hope that between Nick Toon and Duron Carter "son of a football player" stops being a metric to judge players by.
Never underestimate the loyalty of a 90's chick, especially if she happens to be a Carter girl *wink* wink*. You rock, Nick!
Called me partial, but i want Nick Carter to win! ! Lol
what if I dress like nick carter for the theme night
Shut the front door - Nick Carter is on DWTS this season. Game over - def gotta watch that crap this season
See Nick Carter and other celebrities in new DWTS portraits, via
Nick Carter is on this season of Dancing With The Stars. The feelings that I had for him in the 90s have strangely resurfaced.
Got admiration, I must admit I admire your chick. But we about to see a sequel to Mariah and Nick
Nick Carter being on Dancing with the Stars is the most real sign that my childhood is over.
Nick Carter showed up and it was wild, my hearing was never the same after that.
Looking at pics from is it just me or does look like she's possibly pregnant? Hope so. Would be so happy 4 her and Nick.
Hi, Nick. Were you able to give the team a quick call to discuss this further? ^ZR
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The perfect man has Nick Carter's animal magnetism, Ben Stiller's thumbnails & Gibby Haynes's charming heart
Dancing with the Stars with Nick Carter & Real Sharna Burgess Starting September 14th on ABC...
Bindi Irwin AND Nick Carter are going to be on therefore this will be my first time following that show.
It's amazing that my biggest idol Nick Carter joining Congrats babe. ☺
Might be watching dancing with the Stars this season just cause nick carter is on it...
Support the children in Africa and get my new album!!. Steve Nick
and then there is Tamar and Nick Carter like their careers are dead
Helena Bonham Carter to Star in Nick Hornby Adaptation of 'Love, Nina' for BBC
Someone please spam me with photos of Nick Carter idek
Incidentally Nick...Lynda Carter had trouble with the banks
Gorgeous hair and makeup by our own Nick Carter!
. I will be watching this year.. Gary Busey will be tv gold. Nick Carter nuff said 😊
Gary Busey, Nick Carter and Bindi Irwin sign up for Dancing With The Stats:
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 21 cast update: Nick Carter joins Dancing
Had a great time hearing the Charlie Parker tribute at Birdland. Some photos by Nick Carter with Lonnie Plaxico, Greg Osby and Victor Lewis.
Paula Deen, Bindi Irwin, Nick Carter & Chaka Khan are on .I think we need to watch this train wreck on principle
Barbers down the road has a picture of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys as one of their cuts. So 90s. So Peckham.
*nick prepares to get 65 points dropped on him by Vince Carter*
I thought people just really hated Nick Carter for being in BSB...
Is there any nick carter fans out there if so follow me my name is jenny lynn dixon 2
Nick brother, ladies and gentlemen...
Nash and Carter doing DM spree and I bet any of them will DM me ☺️
If need a follow from:. Cam. Nash. Hayes. Carter. Shawn. JG or JJ. Taylor. Matt. Aaron. Jacob. LOX. Helping as much as I can
Nick Carter Backstreet Boys - 2 POSTERS Centerfolds Lot 1273A NSync on the back
Been a while since we had a post featured on Houston Astros: What to do with Chris Carter?
Please remember a GREAT person to follow is Alan Carter from Space 1999 (TV 1975). That is actor Nick Tate
My early choice for UDFA that will make the team is Nick Perry. But DeAndre Carter and Brennen Beyer also have a shot.
Ben Barlow from Neck Deep . or Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys ? the world may never know.
this can't be true I don't know you
Nick is adorable. I'm glad he's the wedding officiant this time around, and Carter gets a break.
"we got a backstreet boy following us!!!" No Matt that's NICK Carter!
LGen Hainse, inspects the Ceremonial Guard with visiting CGS General Sir Nick Carter.
For dynasty how would you rank Nick Toon, Justin Hardy, Devin Smith, Duron Carter, and Kenny Bell.
Sorry for the delay, Nick. We hope you're well on your way now.
Check out the on Monday-You may see some familiar faces like Nick Ciuffo, Sean Smedley & Carter Burgess!
sebastian stfu before I kiss you. You'll be the second guy I kissed. The first one is nick. Love U bro …
Hey you're my boy and all but...… I think I had you beat lol. Mine was a little more gol…
Hi Nick, Apologies for that! Hope the flight itself will be much more pleasant. ^Martyna
Unimpressed - stuck in a crammed, hot bus on runway for 15+ minutes while you prep the ✈️😒
Ethan told me yesterday David Carter eats 10K a day
Sorry Kyrgios fined for Wawrinka jibe: Nick Kyrgios apologises after being fined for an "insulting remark" he ...
I am proud to be hosting General Sir Nick Carter, CGS in Canada!
Kyrgios fined for Wawrinka jibe: Australian Nick Kyrgios is fined for an "insulting remark" he made to Stanisl...
Saw this: "Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body," Carter said in a statement.
i used to have a HUGE crush on nick carter from the Backstreet Boys at one point of my life ...dont judge me
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I will always prefer Carter to be honest but I'm annoyed we'll never get to see Peter's reaction to Nick and Carla
Congrats to Senior Gerald Carter who will wear this season, he exemplifies what it is to truly be a METEOR!!!
Really pleased to introduce two new books into the 'From Practice To Performance' series...
Salute President Carter’s courage in face of mortality. Age 90, active to the end.
Lovely editorial by Nick Kristof about Jimmy Carter "We were wrong about you, Mr. President.".
The perfect man has Nick Carter's laziness, Josh Hara's selfishness & Jimmy Fallon's first-class armpits
Think I have just seen Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys in marksies
Backstreet Boys and 'NSync will team up for a "zombie Western" film written by Nick Carter and produced by The Asylum htt…
BSB's Nick Carter and AJ McLean join forces with *NSYNC's Joey Fatone for ... a zombie movie
Backstreet Boys members Nick Carter, AJ McLean and *NSYNC's Joey Fatone will be starring in a zombie film titled...
Few things in life make my jaw drop. Nick Carter and Brian Littrell yelling and swearing at each other is definitely one of them. 😱😱😱
I can't respect that. Brian Litrell maybe, but not Nick Carter.
OMG I just found the vid i took when Nick Carter&Brian Littrell were a foot away from me & the shrill scream I'm emitting is impressive af
I added a video to a playlist Brian Littrell and Nick Carter interviewed for Celebuzz
Just noticed that both Brian Littrell and Nick Carter appear to be wearing velcro non-slip shoes on…
Jaden Smith and Nick Carter look alikes work at Safeway in Orchards 😂😂
Harry Syles as Bryan in Westlife and Nick Carter in BSB. arghggh i love Harry Styles but not 1D
Happy birthday to my best bud Nick Carter aka Charlie Conway aka Garlic aka pus licker aka Chad Hoffman🎉
Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Jennifer Morrison. Seems cute, but also hot. And awkward too.
Me: Nick Carter is mine. Mum: Im the first your just 14 rn. Me: mom!!! Okay brian is mine. Mum: stop kiddo. They're mine. . Me: 😒😱
Today - I became the newest moderator on Nick Carter's official website. WHAT?!.
. A General from CENTCOM?. Cena?. Channing Tatum? . I’m sure a better choice could have been made. But yes….not Nick Carter
Nick Carter your are SEXY as *** and I want to meet you so badlyI would love to go on a cruise with u. Please follow me
Darling, how are you? I found "Backstreet Boys"'s Nick Carter is a special person. I previously didn't pay attention to.
I was a flowergirl, and refused to walk down the aisle unless Nick Carter was waiting for me at the end.
Crushing on Nick Carter and Fell for Brian's vocals. 💕
And today it's Lauren Kitt Carter her birthday .. Wife of Nick Carter .. So Happy Birthday ♥ Lauren Kitt Carter ♥
In 3 almost 2 More days and it's the birthday of ♥ Leslie Carter ♥ In heaven .. Sister of Nick Carter and Aaron Carter ...
I'm guessing they didn't find carter... Is it Aaron or Nick Carter?
Watch Channel 4's Auction House on now to see auctioneer Nick Carter who will be running our auction at on 19th June
Website Builder 728x90
Nick Carter is a funny guy actually.
I added a video to a playlist Nick Carter Basketball 2015
I don't remember Nick Carter ever being a solo artist, but thanks iTunes Radio for reminding me.
TEASERS! CONGRATULATIONS to Cassie & Nick!!! and i'm in LOVE with the ones with Carter too. you guys...
Nick Carter : Hey Yolandi make sure to grab us on if... via
finding carter makes me think about that shot let alone a whole movie! I would watch it!
"I Want It That Way" could only play for 2 sec and it'll live in my head for the next 40 hrs. *** you, Nick Carter. I'll see you in ***
Photoset: Sexy pictures of Nick Carter to save!! Credit to owners!
Photoset: Credit to molliime for these sexy pictures of Nick Carter !!!
What's this pic of James Harden and Nick Carter having a sleepover about?
Vegas is a hot bed 4 baseball at all pro levels Gallo Carter Bryant & dont 4get BuddyBorden SeanKazmar
Lil Wayne - The Carter 3 is still dope thou ...
I was sure Nick Carter made this. :( I'm so bad at music.
If you grew up in the 90s and say you didn't love Nick Carter you're a *** liar.
Holy lateness Batman! Here's a shot of Nick Carter styling a hip at in
Best place to finish your track season? Lacrosse...Nick Greenlund will be there next week!
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter plays a key role in this film -
(While talking about One Direction) Gradmother: "Didn't Nick Carter just quit One Direction??"
Okay so does it make me old if Nick Carter was my first love?
Now all i need 2 do is lose weight and color my hair blonde then i will take alot alot of pictures lookin like Nick Carter 2 funny hahhh!!
Paris' then boyfriend Nick Carter confirmed it weeks after Chad and Sophia got a sudden divorce in 2005. I've hated him since.
Maybe my dad's face got so pale and breathlessness for a reason .. Maybe was scared to death when he saw i looked so much like Nick Carter
Btw I never ever had plastic surgery or anything ..!! It's all natural.. On these pictures i just kind of look like NIck Carter 2 funny LMAO
Come see the artwork of Rob and Nick Carter literally change before your eyes! Here's an example of the works...
Great to hear Gen Sir Nick Carter talking about plans to help women develop their careers in the Army at Partner & Corporate lunch
Lovely: a defiant suggests Unite "Carter-Ruck off" over their libel threat to the good
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