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Nick Cannon

Nicholas Scott Nick Cannon (born October 8, 1980) aged 31, is an American actor, comedian, rapper, and television personality.

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😭 Mariah Carey dissed Eminem & Eminem dissed her & Nick Cannon .. he don't even like his own mom why would you diss him
Was bread wine, more Nick Cannon you had already been cursed with devils and who just don't know, it's burning and it No,
87. Nivea - You Don't Even Know (feat. Nick Cannon). - was totally obsessed with this song when I first heard it
Tyra Banks to replace Nick Cannon as the host of
Tyra Banks is set to replace Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent
Tyra Banks will replace Nick Cannon as the new host of "America's Got Talent"!
John Cena has a hip hop dance off with Nick Cannon at Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards via
On god I was flipping channels and came across Nick Cannon and John Cena in the middle of a dance battle lmao this is why I watch TV.
I still can't believe that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were married and had kids. That's so crazy to me.
could've went my whole life without seeing John Cena and nick cannon having a dance battle to bad and boujee
John Cena and Nick Cannon had a hip hop dance battle with their back up dancers to bad and bougie. This is everything y'all.
I hope you wasn't laughing at Nick Cannon's goofy self... 😂
Mariah Carey and ex Nick Cannon attend the Kids Choice Awards in matching outfits
Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Dem Kids Are the Perfect Match During Family Day at the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Reunite at Kids' Choice Awards, Pose in Matching Outfits With Twins on Red Carpet…
No. Celebrity does not exempt you from systemic It gives a false sense of security like a straw house.
Okay, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are a great example of parenting when divorced! Taking Dem Babies to the KCA's togethe…
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's co-parenting skills as a Divorced couple is Goals. This is beautiful.
I just saw nick cannon battle with cena during the hip hop dance battle.
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon match with their twins Moroccan and Monroe at the
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reunited on the red carpet:
Check out this cool episode: Nick Cannon's doing very well w/Nickelodeon stuff
Nick Cannon has welcomed son Golden "Sagon" Cannon to the world with Brittany Bell:
Nick cannon is killing me with this hair and turbin. I just can't.
Celebrity Seed: Nick Cannon is a daddy for the 3rd time
Can't Buy Me Love (the nick cannon remake is trash anyways lol) starring Camila Mendes & Sydney Park
Nick Cannon welcomes new baby boy Golden "Sagon" Cannon.
I just read the statement "Nick Cannon is a dad again" as "Nick Cannon is dead again" so yes, I think I should manage your…
Congrats to Nick Cannon on the birth of his son Golden "Sagon" Cannon!
12 y/o Nick is pleased to tell you that his adult counterpart got to design an airship pirate for with a Gia…
Nick Cannon is a dad again and Mariah sends congratulations
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Who tf is nick cannon having kids with now?!
Nick Cannon out of hospital amid lupus .
Nick Cannon in a room with Steve Bannon
don't forget nick cannon owns all the radio shacks all !! I'm watching now Miami..
Mariah Carey's sent Nick Cannon her heartfelt congratulations on the birth of his son:
Nick Cannon's ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell gives birth to his 3rd child!
Congratulations to Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell on their beautiful new baby boy 💖
Nick Cannon welcomes a baby boy with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell! 💙
Nick Cannon shares photo of his new baby boy with ex Brittany Bell
Celebrity Baby Alert: Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell! - WDW is excited to announce the birth of Nick Cannon and ...
Celebrities>Nick Cannon welcomes son and names him after a color>T ->
Nick Cannon and ex girlfriend Brittany Bell welcomed new baby boy! They named him Golden Saigon Cannon -Marina
Nick Cannon implies he quit There's "no amount of money worth my dignity or integrity."
Nick Cannon fires his longtime advisers after quitting 'AGT,' plus more news
The highlight of 2017 ASW was Nick Cannon looking like Miss Cleo and Woj breaking news.
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Nick Cannon wit dat dashiki lookin like he b on Bourbon St, tlkin bout 'I got these cheeseburgers' | Roots…
Nick Cannon fires his longtime advisers after quitting 'America's Got Talent:
My respect for Nick Cannon has suddenly skyrocketed. I'm proud of the way he stood up to NBC. Most of these entertai…
I am very concerned about nbc. Morning Joe protected Trump. Today pushed out Tamron and Al for Megyn Kelly and now Nick Cannon out at AGT
NBC getting upset w Nick Cannon about a black card joke is like someone having an "I'm not racist!" temper tantrum.
I'm glad Nick Cannon is not letting America's Got Talent silence him. When non-Black comics tell jokes, we are told to de…
'Punished for a joke,' Cannon quits 'Talent' via
Nick Cannon quits 'America's Got Talent' over stand-up show comments
Nick Cannon quits 'America's Got Talent' after criticizing NBC in stand-up show.
-related News: Nick Cannon leaves AGT over threat of being fired for "losing black card" joke.
Nick Cannon says he's leaving 'America's Got Talent' because NBC tried to 'silence' him
"My soul won't allow me to be in business with corporations that attempt to frown on freedom of speech".
*** nick cannon left agt. He made that show tbh
Time to give up on after Nick Cannon has to quit because of a joke. Bring him back and I will watch.
Nick Cannon gets punished for exercising his free speech**bull-. watch AGT show..
'Punished for a joke,' Cannon quits 'Talent'
Blog Post: Nick Cannon quits America's Got Talent over stand-up show comments
Nick Cannon quits show over joke on Showtime with the N word
Nick Cannon | I write this from a deeply saddened and...
Nick Cannon says he’s leaving claiming that NBC threatened his job over jokes from his new stand-up special
.announces he's leaving following fallout with NBC over racial joke:
Never been a Nick cannon fan but now I am. Shows real integrity ✊ *** the man!
Nick Cannon announces he's leaving 'America's Got Talent' after threats of firing: via
Nick Cannon has quit after put him on blast:
Wait they fired Nick Cannon cause of his "Showtime" comedy special?
Nick Cannon: 'Twins help raise each other' - is a veteran of the multiple birth family, after welcoming twins Mor...
Nick Cannon, 36, opted for a risky fashion look as he took to the stage in a red turban with zany American flag tro…
When Steve Harvey dies (heart attack/stroke), Nick Cannon will then be approached to replace him on the Family Feud, and he will.
Nick Cannon on Ex Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Flub: "She Got a Little Flustered": "But being the diva she is, she…
Mariah Carey is lost w/out Nick Cannon. *** Clark Productions is lost w/out Clark! Bottom line is they both desperately…
Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood founded to ‘exterminate the *** race’
Nick Cannon should replace Jenny McCarthy as New Years Eve host tbh
got to sit in on a conversation with Michelle Obama, Nick Cannon, and Seth Myers.
All this time I thought Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were still married or dating or whatever
It's so painful watching nick cannon read
Say what you want to about Nick Cannon ... But Drumline is a classic !!!
Nick Cannon receiving nothing but love while he being hospitalized & treated for his Lupus. . follow back...
Surprises During Christmas Hospital Stay: Nick Cannon got a sweet dose of holiday cheer…
Mariah Carey one dress that she performed at the Beacon Theatre is still worth more than Nick Cannon whole career
.dropped by to surprise during his Christmas hospital stay!
Nick Cannon going to have a platinum album before drops the fall semester grades.
Dear stop spreading myths about African Americans and abortion, do some research
Nick Cannon spends Christmas in hospital with Kevin Hart
watching all that! they're showing the season Nick Cannon played on!
I didn't know Nick Cannon was on All That.
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Kevin Hart made a surprise visit to Nick Cannon while he remains in the hospital due to lupus complications:
Nick Cannon is in the hospital for holidays with Lupus.
Mariah begged Nick Cannon for divorce so she could marry James Packer
Nick Cannon walks around with a turban and it's a fashion statement. When a Sikh man walks around with turban on it's called terrorism
Nick Cannon will be spending Christmas in the hospital
Say a prayer for who will be spending his holidays in the hospital 🙏🏽
When Nick Cannon had braids that's when Wild N Out was poppin.
Nick Cannon is being hospitalized through holidays due to Lupus complications:
Nick Cannon will spend Christmas in hospital
Nick Cannon will spend Christmas in the hospital - New York Daily News
.will spend Christmas in the hospital .
Drake and Nick Cannon got the craziest resumes.
Nick Cannon hospitalized due to lupus
Snoopdogg goes in on Nick Cannon and the Black Crew 😭😂
This fall has been full of ups and downs for Nick Cannon.
Nick Cannon hospitalised due to lupus complications - Carey''s ex has been suffering from the condition since 2012.
Nick Cannon, Mary J. Blige and Keke Palmer decided to be (honorary) Howard students. Guess they didn't wanna see the re…
Nick Cannon is a young entrepreneur doing it for the culture but folk out here calling him lame for what?
I chatted with learn a little more about the meaning behind latest mixtape on
Nick Cannon is the corniest guy on tv
Nick Cannon shares his joy at becoming a father for the third time
Joke of a commercial the incredible flip headphones with nick cannon... no one in a packed bus wants to hear someone else's music
Nick Cannon posts throwback pics with Mariah after DailyMail's photos
Nick Cannon this is not fitting of you you just don't make the profile
Nick cannon interview on tax season is really great.
opens up about the Hollywood actress who stole and broke his heart
By Jen Juneau Mariah Carey is a force to be reckoned with in the music world, but when it comes to parenting,...
Roast me into oblivion but I used to enjoy that Nick Cannon track "My Rib" in my young simp days
Nick Cannon posts throwback pics of him and Mariah
Nick Cannon posting these after the photos of Mariah and Bryan yesterday. He petty and I'm living! 👏🏼😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Nick Cannon will look like he's 20 years old until the day he dies
Did nick cannon ever come to Detroit?
Why is Nick Cannon out in these streets lookin' like Oscar Proud?
Nick Cannon's response to Mariah Carey's new boyfriend is... definitel... via
I normally don't care what Nick Cannon has to say, but in this case he's right 😂
Here's how responded to that photo of on the beach with her backup dancer:…
Just saw a commercial with nick cannon riding the city bus and going to a radioshack..this so innacurate. All the radios…
Nick Cannon Jokingly Mocks Pictures of Mariah Carey Making Out with Her Backup Dancer on the Beach
Nick Cannon denies dissing Mariah Carey with sweet TBT photos: 'It's all love' – USA TODAY
nick cannon probably still get ID'd at the bar inside Chilis
Nick Cannon says Planned Parenthood is inflicting “real genocide” on the African-American community
Nick Cannon's contribution to American society is a song called "gigolo" ...I think we can do without his hot takes…
Dang, my soundcloud put a nick cannon record on after a king los track. Wasn't tryna listen to Nick Cannon yo.
Nick Cannon likes to make jokes and now he is one. Planned Parenthood is an important part of a woman's right you would k…
Nick Cannon says Planned Parenthood is 'population control' via
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Nick Cannon doubles down on his claim that Planned Parenthood promotes "population control"
Nick Cannon wears a turban like he's a diva from an 80's nighttime soap opera. Like he's about to mix it up with Li…
Nick Cannon says Planned Parenthood is responsible for "real genocide"
.celebrates Thanksgiving in Hawaii with Kids & ex Nick Cannon! See all the pics here: h…
Nick Cannon: Abortion is a 'real genocide' against the black community via
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have agreed on a settlement in their divorce, and they both had to…
Nick Cannon couldn't write his way out of a box
Nick Cannon revealed he wrote for Kanye West
Let's be honest here... Would you really listen to Nick Cannon rap? lmao
The truth comes out. Nick Cannon cheated on Chilli with his ex and now she is pregnant. Nick confirmed it with The Breakfast…
Gordon ordered to pay $36 million for wrongful death of Bobbi Kristina
confirms he IS expecting a baby with ex
For everybody wondering about turban. Watch the full interview here:
For a corny dude Nick Cannon has been with some of the finest women in the entertainment industry
Nick Cannon confirms he's expecting a child with ex-girlfriend, Brittany Bell
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Watch full video of Nick Cannon Snappin about her new baby on the way on the…
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Divorce Settlement Is Eyebrow-Raising for Anyone in a Blended Family
Libra Nick Cannon is expecting baby but not with Ms. Mariah
Nick Cannon reveals records from jail amid Security Ministry inquiry into his recent transfer to maximum securi…
Nick Cannon reveals he ghostwrote for Kanye West
Nick Cannon on Trump: ‘I like my racism served right to my face’
Nick and Mariah have finally worked it out
Now tracking: Nick Cannon confirms he's the father of former girlfriend Brittany Bell's unborn baby
Nick Cannon confirmed that he and ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell are expecting a baby
Baby on the way: Nick Cannon is having a child with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell. Here they are …
Nick Cannon is expecting a toddler with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell
Nick Cannon 'Absolutely' Has a Baby on the Way With Brittany Bell: 'God Said Be Fruitful and Multiply'
Nick Cannon confirms Brittany Bell is pregnant with his third child
Nick Cannon say he “absolutely" has a baby on the way with Brittany Bell.
HONESTLY...I liked Morris Brown's drumline cause I can't take Nick Cannon seriously. Yet they still lost.
Nick Cannon says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are "American royalty":
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are like American royalty in the eyes of Nick Cannon.
Nick Cannon reveals his favorite celeb couples, calling Kim and Kanye "American royalty."
Nick Cannon reveals Mariah Carey's reaction when introduced to Ariana Grande -
Wow stood in line for hours & got all the way to the front for them to be over capacity. Trampling people over Nick Cannon he ain't Future 🙄
Okay FINE Nick Cannon you can spin our wheel! @ Rosen Shingle Creek
Surprisingly wild n out wasn't nick cannon's best work it was actually my cinderella
Im a little concerned about Nick Cannon. Hes been Wild n Out for over ten years now. I dont know. Just seems like a lot of Wild n Out to me.
My grandparents love the movie Drumline starring Nick Cannon. Wouldn't have guessed that one.
Honestly I don't know how Nick Cannon takes all the Mariah slander on Wildn Out lmao
"Ion write just spit when it come to a *** gotta cannon like nick put a drum to a *** 🔥💯
Said he was waiting for Nick Cannon to come out like "and that was TJ StroXXX, the newest member to Wild'n Out, stay tuned for next season!"
Is this nick cannon in monster house?
Nick Cannon started his career doing stand up comedy on the Baptist TV channel run by his dad.
Nick Cannon out here scooping up all his 90's crushes. Man living his dream, I respect it
The Mariah Carey and nick cannon jokes will NEVER get old lmao.
Only 3 days left before you Laugh Your Paws Off with Nick Cannon and special guests; Chico Bean…
Nick Cannon said you got a boyfriend? The girl said I got a couple 😂😂😂😂
I had a dream that I stole Nick Cannon's Cadillac 🙃😅
Eminem's Mariah and Nick Cannon diss stays being one of the dirtiest things I've ever heard
Tyler gross and Brendan west wanna be nick cannon SO bad
Lol I have to go to a radio shack tonight so you win Nick Cannon, you win.
An inspiration. Rehabilitative Justice is our Future in America.
Who is even listening to nick cannon rap tho
Straight from the trenches of Riverdale, MD. is easily one of the best in the DMV rn🔥 Nick Cannon (feat.
ICYMI: Nick Cannon drops off new freestyle 'Holiday (October 8th)'. Listen here:
I'm so glad Nick Cannon took a chance with kehlani and gave her an opportunity
Wow, Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out has really gone down hill
Nick Cannon is here. I havent seen him all year. It's midterms so I'm sure he has to hit up all his professor's office hours…
I liked a video Wild ‘N Out | The Real Housewives of Nick Cannon |
Nick Cannon has challenged Eminem to a $100,000 rap battle on "Wild N Out"
Sept. 23rd Howie Mandel and Nick Cannon at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. 8 pm.
Nick Cannon talking about reaching out to Selena Gomez in regards to Lupus, the illness she’s battling through during a r…
Nick Cannon reveals that he reached out to Selena Gomez to talk about her battle with Lupus « 96.5 Amp Radio
different kid got a loud speaker playin young thug. BOi you got a fauxhawk you look like nick cannon in 2009
*** is on nick cannon's head? He is not aretha franklin...holy crap ..that is just bad
Yo, *** is on Nick Cannon's head!?.. 😕 . Not for nothing tho, he's one of the most talked about people rn 😐😑
Ok this is weird. Nick cannon has now dated my two favourite singers.
Who the fk dressed nick cannon for this final ep of Fire them.
I've gotten Terrence Howard a few times, Nick Cannon. And even though he's not an actor President Barack Obama. Lol
I want Nick Cannon to stop with these turbans actually I just want Nick Cannon to stop
Bruh why nick cannon looking like haji from johnny quest😂
Downloaded the new Apple update, so far I like the new Nick Cannon emoji
Chilli and Nick Cannon spotted out and about after the season 11 finale of . ' '
what the *** was nick cannon wearing last night. Wow
Why Do People Keep Paying Nick Cannon to Be on TV?: Why do I keep seeing this dude on TV? Am I missing someth...
😂😂😂 My Mom said Nick Cannon was wearing that same thing you wear on your head 😂 Soon they will see, that's world to
All I can think of when I see Nick Cannon in that turban.
The thing Nick Cannon is wearing on his head for the AGT finale results makes him look like he should be looking in a crystal ball
According to Nick Cannon, "Marriage is a legal government confinement." Do you agree with him?
Can't wait for the end of America's Got Talent when Nick Cannon reveals he's hiding Voldemort under his turban
This is what I thought when I saw Nick Cannon's turban last night!!…
See. My "If Drake didnt make good music. He'd be a lighter Nick Cannon" theory aint completely off.
definitely nick cannon. He looked like a freak. There so many great choices for the top 2. But the right person won
I think it's so brave of Nick Cannon to keep hosting with his head injury. https:/…
Either nick Cannon is auditioning for the Johnny Quest movie or a real life version of Great Tiger from punch out
Nick cannon ain't wit me but you I'm drummin
Don't want to spoil that feeling but
Rapper style: Nick Cannon left his dapper days (with Mariah Carey) far behind as he enjoyed an …
Who wore it better hadji from Johnny quest or Nick Cannon
If Drake didnt make good music, he'd be a lighter Nick Cannon.
Why is Nick Cannon dressed like a Muslim wedding crasher???..
Why is Nick Cannon wearing a turban?
All this talk about Kid Cudi, Kanye, and Drake. I still think Nick Cannon this best rapper to ever do it to be honest.
Nick Cannon made Pete Davidson a star. I really wish that happens to Jeff Ross too… that he gets blown up by a cannon.
Sorry, but tonight, Nick Cannon on looks like being sexually harassed by ArteJohnson on
Nick Cannon bringing back a lot of great TV. . .I haven't sat and watch TV like this since 106 & Park or Def Comedy Jam
that's a long *** list though, from Kevin Hart, ludacris, nelly, Duane Martin, Nick Cannon, and a few more
Nick Cannon look like the thing from the Pee Wee Herman show
Nick Cannon is starting his first day of school tomorrow as a Howard Bison.
This is why Nick Cannon and Chilli have been spending so much time together
New post: Nick Cannon & Chilli show some serious PDA in new music video
Want to be kissed the way Nick Cannon puts the moves on Christina Milian in 'Love don't cost a thing' 😍😍
Remember that one time Nick Cannon was the principle of Dreyfoos for a day lmao
Me personally, I wouldn't put my kids on television. But to each his own.
Nick Bury has his work cut out for him with the GPW debut of Carlos Cannon.
The homie spit some funny freestyles about Kanye, Donald Trump & more [WATCH] - https:/…
I like underground rappers - Cory Gunz is a young kid that's been really doing his thing. I'm a
Feeling Freaky - Nick Cannon feat B2K . iconic. fight me
NEW ALERT Nick Cannon “If I Was Your Man” feat. Jeremih - As you can see from the current takeover this week th...
Chilli & Nick Cannon. Who would've thought ?. They're hella cute tho.
Mariah Carey really left nick cannon for an Australian billionaire. wow lmfao that woman...
Nick Cannon and Chilli Get in Bed Together for His ''If I Was Your Man'' Music Video—Get the First Look!
Lmaooo nick cannon in love don't cost a thing makes me think of this song and vice versa
Watch Nick Cannon and Chilli get intimate in his new music video
Nick Cannon was so fine back in the day
Nick Cannon is the most straight up dude might not be there but the man is real
There is not one person in America, besides Nick Cannon, that thinks Nick Cannon is cool.
VH1 is playing Friday right now and apparently Nick Cannon is in it or something
I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed how tight Nick Cannon's pants were on Reminds me of Daryl Strawberry's manspread days!
Lauryn Hill would be 2 hours late, Frank Ocean where's the album, TLC "C" what's up with Nick Cannon
Y'all really wanna see Drake get murdered? I knoow y'all seen what Eminem did to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon 💀
Ray J, Nick Cannon, and Bow Wow have all been inside of Kim Kardashian. Ain't no such thing as "corny" when you're…
See Love, Nick Cannon gets his hair done by new girlfriend, Chili
Nick Cannon is the worse over every guy on wild n out
Nick Cannon did so much for culture. If it wasn't for Wild'n Out I would've probably been out in these streets slangin white gurl.
Nick Cannon out here rocking turbans and riding for the culture? What year is this, man??
Ace Hood, Nick Cannon, bae and DCYoungFly all out here 😭
That's like Howie Mandel going to a skin head rally. Since when did Nick Cannon ever rap
Nick Cannon is in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he learned that another word for that is, SL,UT😂😂
When did Nick Cannon start advertising for Corn Pops?
Nick Cannon and singer Chilli enjoy some TLC - New York Daily News: New York Daily NewsNick Cannon and singer...
I literally love Nick Cannon to death. 😍
What do Paula Jai Parker, Nick Cannon, Selena Gomez, Toni Braxton, Seal & Tim Raines have in common? →
Nick Cannon will NEVA be Realer den da tyme he ain't offer up information N sellout Atlanta A&T to Morris Brown In
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nick Cannon challenges Eminem to a $100,000 rap battle on "Wildn Out"
putting on weight, Mariah Carey marrying Nick Cannon, Lady GaGa's birth in the music industry, Michael Jackson dying and --
Looks like Nick Cannon about to lose 100k. 🌞.
First of all who tf are u lookin like nick cannon retarded brother
Don't wear no ball shorts and sneakers to the beach either. This ain't Love Don't Cost A Thing you Nick Cannon head ***
Lets kill Nick Cannon and get paid.
So Nick Cannon wants to battle rappers for 100K 🤔😭
People probably not taking Nick Cannon up on his $100K Rap Battle challenge because they'd feel bad taking Mariah's 💰 like that. ☺
Nick cannon can't even beat a few of Belleville finest in a rap battle
Why does Nick Cannon look like he's slowly morphing into the nutty professor?
I thought nick Cannon was an old *** man on the talk lol he still sexy tho
Ok, who put Nick Cannon's suit in the dryer?
Nick Cannon wants to battle rappers for $100G - written all over this
Imagine having to say Nick Cannon is your ex husband.
Nobody wants to see a Nick Cannon movie
23. Cinderella- Lil Romeo/Nick Cannon. When Romeo wanted to be bowwow so bad.
Mariah Carey renewed her wedding vows at Disneyland. Sadly, her husband Nick Cannon isn't old enough to go on any of the g…
Feeling Freaky - B2K/Nick Cannon - Like I said Nick Cannon is worse than IceJJFish but hes on like 3 songs I like https:/…
He was Nick Cannon and I was Christina Millian in love don't cost a thing
I could let Ja Rule slide, but Nick Cannon and Will Smith? Then the worst LL song? Go away from me with this satan.
Nick Cannon is worst than IceJJfish but ain't gon sit and here pretend Gigolo with R. Kelly wasn't a bop
I can't spit game. First of all I think to much abt what Imma say and I usually end up sounding like Nick Cannon in Love Don'…
Steelcage match of corny Negroes, who comes out w/the chip, Terrance J, Nick Cannon or Steve Harvey? Kevin Hart-the ref. Mike Epps-announcer
Monday's Live Trivia clues:. 1) "Peace in our time". 2) Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Ja Rule, Nick Cannon and Stanley Tucci
Jessica White, Nick Cannon and Amber Rose Party Up at mur.mur nightclub
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