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Nick Cage

Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an Academy Award-winning American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including Raising Arizona (1987), The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Adaptation (2002), National Treasure (2004), Lord of War (2005), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), Kick-Ass (2010), and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012).

National Treasure John Travolta Wicker Man Sean Connery Ghost Rider National Treasure 3 Bad Lieutenant National Treasure 2 Liam Neeson Rainn Wilson Kristen Stewart Tom Cruise George Clooney

and like all Nick Cage movies except National Treasure
Why is it that Nick Cage looks like you?
Coming out of my cage and I've been doing pretty terrible actually
man Ghost Rider series was just so good. Can't get enough nick cage
Every girl deserves a guy who looks at her every day like she just stole the declaration of independence and is Nick Cage
'vDarkk_' nice try though i dont appear offline with 'hs?' in my clan tag&play cage matchs
Thanksgiving dinner with lobster, It's a Wonderful Life, Star Trek & now "Knowing" with Nick Cage. Let's see how this goes.
Where is the Nick Cage Fallen Angel Clone - Chad has an Ophiuchus Moon. We're gonna be Oph RICH soon! Place Bets Now
Nick Cage movies are always such a trip.
. I am actually down with this. They better have Nick Cage provide the voice!
Watching Backwards Compatible earlier and the spirit of vengeance shows up looking nothing like nick cage sad.
Watching my favourite Christmas movie... with and Nick Cage
k you might have gotten some good deals today but i spent the whole day in my pjs watching a Nick Cage movie marathon so who really won
My Mom: "We should watch a Nicholas Cage movie, he never does a bad movie."
Currently watching National Treasure 2. It's no National Treasure, but it's still Nick Cage hunting for (and being) an American treasure.
Nick Cage is the real National Treasure
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I initially read Nick Cage... which is what piqued my interest
Searching for keys with Nick Cage would be so cool
Find you a man that loves you like Nick Cage's character loves his ancestors in National Treasure
Riley Poole from National Treasure is undoubtedly the most underrated character in the western cannon. Nick Cage ha…
Whoever designs Nick Cage's wigs has some balls. U play a dangerous game when u purposely expose that hairline and still expect to be paid
Even the baby nicos are one of the most dangerous idols in the world so I built this cage so there's no possible way it coul…
Nick Cage is smarter than the computer!!
If you took scenes of Nick Cage bumbling his way through a thought process out, this movie’s runtime would be 30 mins
atop a mountain, suspended in a cage over lava, pepe cries for his lost love to come and kiss him while talking about Nick Arcade
National Treasure 3: Nick Cage discovers he has Canadian heritage. "I'm gonna steal the national maple syrup reserve," he says.
Would you rather have the face of Nick Cage or Donald Trump?
anything Nick Cage...I start watching something not realising he's in it and shudder and die and then have to turn it off
And you're doubly lying to yourself if you say you don't like Nick Cage.
So many Kardashian blogs but no Nick Cage?! What's wrong with this world?
What did Nick Cage do to deserve this disrespect?
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one word - snuff. Like Nick Cage in 8mm snuff
I don't know. I think Nick Cage ruined Ghost Rider for me. You can't unsee that.
The bee movie but every time they say bee is replaced with Nick Cage screaming "No, not the bees!"
I don't always do a one piece handle, but when I do, it's nick cage as Ghost Rider level crazy…
Yes the meme I've been waiting for. Nick Cage face swap. Thank you.
I think nick cage might get offended lol
well, at least Nick Cage PAYS his taxes
I can never decide if Nick Cage is an absolutely terrible actor or on a whole higher level of acting.
Nick cage saw the love live movie. NICOlis cage
I'm the baseball field to Kevin Costner! I'm the Declaration of Independence to Nick Cage.
Nick Cage is the poor man's Dennis Quaid.
Guys my family is playing apples to apples and the category was fabulous and I put Nick Cage. 👀
I wonder what nick cage is doing right now.
Imagine if Nikki Minaj and Nick Cage had a kid
the alternate ending is Cage thinking there's a map on the back of the constitution. Nick Cage 2020 you visionary featured in NBC s Science of Love
thank you nick Cage your movies are timeless
Ms.Lucias obsession with nick cage never gets old
im pretty sure they had to shoot nick Cage waist up whenever he said Declaration of Independence because he is so rock hard
no I'm pretty sure that's Nick Cage
So last year I was supposed to be an extra on the Movie "The Trust" with nick cage, in stead the director called...
I'm glad somebody got smart and casted Nick Cage and John Travolta for the same part
Nick Cage dodging bullets in a graveyard.
Nick Cage run not as good as Tom Cruise run but still entertaining
Your sense of direction so good you prolly woulda beat Nick Cage to the National Treasure
Hey, wasn't that a Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Segeal, Gary Busey movie? Or was it Nick Cage, Sean Connery, and Ed Harris?
Roommate Graham comes home drunk. Keeps asking me about "Nick Cage." (He means Luke Cage)
Nick Cage is slowly becoming the new Steven Segal
287.Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Creepy Nick Cage is my favorite Nick Cage. Herzog directed him good. 🔫/💊
Our favorite line from "Bad Lieutenant" u teased that Nick Cage's crooked detective was "[me] if you were a cop"
Okay. Nick Cage was just in the movie Snowden LMAO *** Oliver stone 😂👏🏻
I've tried everything else. [Fn: Except for not drinking like Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.]
have you noticed Nick Cage is gradually turning into Sam the Eagle?
Didn't realize we had so many die hard Nick Cage fans, already got winner Stay tuned for the next question
Oliver Stone plays SNOWDEN so safe that six weeks later I had to be reminded Nick Cage is in it.
It looks like he's talking to Nick Cage, Rainn Wilson, and Kiefer Sutherland from 20 years in the future - quite the scoop tbh
Josh Ramsay looks like if Nick Cage went through a scene phase
Tonight in the Netflix Screening Room: "Racing with the Moon". Nick Cage, Sean Penn, Elizabeth McGovern -
Why doesn't National Treasure 3 exist yet? Yo & Nick Cage can you get on that?
OKAY I literally had no idea that TALIA SHIRE is Robert/Jason Schwartzman's MOTHER!!! AND she is a Coppola therefore related to Nick Cage
Come see Nick Cage's hilarious Raising Arizona at 9PM in the Mills Parking Garage! See you later, gator!
no offense, but time isn't real, virginity is a social construct, jesus wasn't white and Nick Cage is a good actor
Thoughts on my way to work about party themes: St. Nicolas Cage-r Rager - you dress as a Nick Cage character & wear a Santa hat
Nick Cage is way funnier in National Treasure 2
In the last 5 minutes, Nick Cage has punched two women and side kicked Leelee Sobieski into a wall
Megan Fox wants to be in the Mortal Kombat reboot as Kitana.What's next Nick Cage as Johnny Cage,Seagal as Shao Kahn & Shaq as Goro?
When Christopher Judge does more with a small facial muscle than Nick Cage does with his entire body:
Our movie this week is National Treasure. Get ready for bad history, bad acting, and bad impressions of Nick Cage
Nick Cage did all of the stunt double work in Walker Texas Ranger and asked not to be credited for the role.
Someone should have asked Paul Schrader about his next Nick Cage movie.
Nick Cage wins an Oscar when people like John Goodman, Samuel Jackson, Micheal Keaton, Stallone has never won one? Give me a break.
What do I have to do to get the old Bacon Cheddar pizza back? Because I will steal the declaration of independence Nick Cage style.
I hope Nick Cage doesn't get it in his head to steal this National Treasure.
is that the one with nick cage and it's Christmas?
Nick Cage is invariably either amazing or upsetting, with no middle sliders
feeling very indecisive about what i want to watch for the rest of my workday. decided on "Next" because Nick Cage
Most important post of any team: Dr. Smooth in the cage.
I'd be proud to be the last good Nick Cage movie
Look who's in the cage! M Brantley's first swings on the field during camp. Looks like The same old Dr Smooth.
Is that Nick Cage on the pillow? I wonder if George is having that same thought.
Do you think Nick Cage and John Travolta have used the face swap app yet?
Deepika Padukone’s xXx: The Return of Xander Cage co-star Ruby Rose describes her as a WONDER WOMAN!
LIVE on Gomez, Marisnick, Rasmus and Springer in the cage.
undecided about this one: I can't tell if it's super generic or interesting. Reminds me of Nick Cage + Mega church.
I think I'm going to write in...may be Jesus...or Nick Cage or...idk I'm open for suggestions
I'm fed up with the educational system. 12 years and not once did we learn about National Treasure, nick cage doesn't get credit he deserves
If Britain leaves the EU, what next for the economy? Nick Crafts of responds …
Nothing comes easy, here's how trained for her flawless figure!
You know you forget to lock your PC when every image in your browser is replaced by Nick Cage. That'll teach me.
CiCi Checking out the throwing cage.
yo any girls around my age (12 xD rawr lmao) wanna go out?? . Name: Nick o leess cage. pls like real paris hr
yeah, but every time I hear the name, I think Cameron Poe and expect Nick Cage to jump out of an X wing!
I wonder if Nick Cage & John Travolta have tried face swapping on Face/Off 2?
I thought about Justin Trudeau & Bernie Sanders working together to fight world problems like Nick Cage & Sean Connery in The Rock.
Just found out Detroit gave Saddam Hussein the key to the city. Someone give Nick Cage my info bc I have an idea for National Treasure 4.
It appears she isn't. Not being related to Nick Cage could only be a positive for someone engaging in anything cerebral.
uh she needs to beat me up so bad. Lucky Nick Cage
Nick Cage would make a good Gordon Freeman.
lol at Jon being "so hot" and looking like nick cage, like that makes him hot??
Can u be arsed with nick burns saying I 'need to be raped' n he's gonna 'torture me in a cage' n kill me because Liam called him a peodo😂😭
Ghost Rider was terrible. That whole Nick Cage run was terrible
Actually, I think the vinyl is from Nick Cage's Superman suit in the abandoned Tim Burton film
There’s a new Nick Cage movie this summer! Can we watch it? .
I think Nick Denton and Hulk Hogan should just settle this thing in an iron cage
will this be our one great Nick Cage film this decade? You only get one.
Listening to and discuss Nick Cage and being censored on
Just like in the film National Treasure, Nick Cage found another 3 treasures and donated them all and took no reward money
From /r/onetruegod: 50 minutes left to contribute to the dating app that matches you based on which Nick Cage films you like …
Manager: Michael Bisping intrigued by Nick Diaz fight, but wants title ... - MMA…
You get a blu-ray boxed set of every Nick Cage movie ever made. But first, you have to watch every Nicholas Sparks movie. Deal?
Silent Hill Downpour might've been a great game is it was Nick Cage on that prison bus.
!!TRIVIA TUESDAYS!! Who can name the film on which Austin taught Nick Cage the art of the "subdued performance"??
Nick Cage and Amy Adams starring in an O. Russell movie about divorce would be a masterpiece.
I always find myself in situations where I'm changing my outfit in a public bathroom a la Nick Cage in National Treasure
I'm watching that Indiana Jones film with Nick Cage. No snakes, rats, monkey brains or entertainment yet.
We were denied a DC movie universe consisting of Shaq, Nick Cage & George Clooney. Which is somehow better than the one we're getting soon.
.I hear JJ Abrams is remaking "Car Talk" with Nick Cage and Vin Diesel. Rumor has it you're doing a cameo as Carl Kasell.
Who is the bigger star: Steve Guttenberg or Nick Cage?. Trick Question. Neither are anything close to stars.
check out opening scene of the Rock w/ Nick Cage. Vanessa Marcil basically naked
I mean the original piece by Leopold Stokowski not the movie with Nick Cage and Jay Baruchel
I don't know what's worse about being at a care now. Being around people that are actually sick or this nick cage movie they are playing...
Donaka Mark, Johnny Mnemonic... Seriously, this guy is second only to Nick Cage inexpensive pure crazy awesome.
you're missing the Nick Cage movie marathon on abc family
"Those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action". -Ya Boi Nick Cage paraphrasing T. Jeff
This guy looks like Nick Cage but ethnic.
I think we can all agree that National Treasure is Nick Cage's finest work.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So Nickelback and Nick Cage are like the same???
Accountant: Mr Cage, you are flat broke. *flashback to applying for a loan wearing John Travolta's face*. Nick Cage: I already handled it
*finds Nicholas Cage homeless*. Nick, the National Treasure was in your heart all along . *he punches me in the *** and ste…
the plot twist in that movie is that Nick Cage is the treasure.
How is it even possible that Nick Cage is that good at acting. On top of that he makes it look so easy. It's unfair to other actors.
I had a dream nick cage was coming to genny and every kept saying "get caged by Nicholas cage"
In support of here's me and my buddy Nick Cage (he's not happy)
dude, Nick Cage is going to steal you,
I wish Hollywood would just get it together and make a National Treasure 3 already... Plus I'm sure Nick Cage could use the work.
makes me think of the movie The Rock when Nick Cage says to Sean Connery: "YOU READ HIS EYES?!"
Nick Bockwinkel vs The Crusher (cage match) via RIP Nick. One of the best and classiest guys in the game.
Ive spent about 25 hours 'playing' but that time consisted entirely of trying to make my face Nick Cage
"If Nick Cage can steal the Declaration of Independence, then we can steal a composite naked" . -
I think you mean't to say only nick cage of course?
Nick Cage film where he has a southern accent, dear God yes.
The same Nick Cage from Lost Boys! The guy never ages. I read he was a vampire and seeing is believing!
Karma is real. UK has been infuriatingly good at 🏀 for 6 years and infuriatingly bad at 🏈 since nick cage made a good movie
Left Behind is so intense, but it's cool chilling with Nick Cage. 👕👖👞
I'm sorry I didn't know I was following nick cage.
Wait... Who let them make a second one? Did anyone really think that was a good idea? Nick cage seems like he's having fun at least
If drinking bourbon is manly then I'm Paul Bunyan's dad. If not I'm just Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas
I get to go on set of tomorrow. I get to see William Defoe and Nick Cage.
only if you go as this version of Nick Cage
When I had the opportunity to become an online friend to Nick Cage during his downfall I was pulled in many...
I thought a face-off violation was how i felt after sitting through that Nick Cage & John Travolta movie.
Bradley Cooper, "Aloha"?! Really bro. No guilt felt for taking my money to watch that tripe? Don't become Nick Cage.
Cage The Elephant reveal new album is produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auberach
Need some Nick Cage to get you through your work week?? . >>>By the way, tickets for Blues Traveler are still...
Nick Cage's entire career is based on that statement.
How much of that can we blame on the Curse of Nick Cage?
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Idk which Nick Cage movie this is, but it's awful and he keeps looking at a picture of a child
Just found out Roger Ebert wrote a very positive review of Moonstruck when it came out. I wonder if Nick Cage remembers those days...
I *always* think of Nick Cage chewing the scenery.
I hope whoever drew that was thinking of Nick Cage chewing the scenery.
Since Nick Cage became Unfamous there is a gap in Madame Tussaud's that needs filling.
Cage The Elephant are pleased to announce that the band’s fourth studio album TELL ME I’M PRETTY will be released on 1…
I don't know Nick Cage is about as bad as it gets sometimes
but coyotes are not to be affiliated with Nick Cage
Nick, it's even missing the roll cage like yours is.
I've always liked the with John Travolta and Nick Cage more or was that just FaceOff?
Hey nick cage what do you think of performance with this morning? *cue sound bit*
They start putting you in all these Nick Cage movies
Watching National Treasure. Like how did Nick Cage get such a bad rep? He is a riveting actor. . Lol jk. This movie still dope though.
I'm on that nick cage level brain activity
thought you were talking about the Nick Cage movie. Seemed pretty obvious to me
Website Builder 728x90
But only one man can beat Nick Cage...
"In honor of Thomas Edison, the Nick Cage of inventors...". -
I've only seen the Nick Cage version. Liked it alright. Was pretty unsettling.
Feel like getting dumber via nick cage? Con air is on TNT
Nick cage stars as the spelling god in godspell
Well... Had to rearrange the schedule... Tonight was my off night. LL sucked me into a Nick Cage movie. But it was so worth it!
Hi I'm Nick Cage, and I can't tell you how many times I have felt unfresh.
I forgot how absolutely horrendous the acting is in Con Air. (Cue spontaneous Nick Cage creepy laugh.)
Diet tip: almost cut thumb off cutting veggies. Let flowing blood make you feel nauseated. No more eating due to Nick Cage Moonstruck hand.
You can get a Nick Cage pattern on either fabric or wrapping paper!
this *** told me I look like a black nick cage *** *** you look like a white malcom x
Think U can take~on the kinky~Minx ✔ think again Ul try but fail begging to be released from ur cage🔗🔐
Yes! I'm totally Sean Connery. is Nick Cage. I'm the cool one.
Jen doesn’t know her nick cage movie characters smh
nick - what time will you be around to later. I need to attach a cage to back of bike and need a pair of pliers
can't wait to ring in my birthday with Nick Offerman, Cage the Elephant, and Fitz and the Tantrums tonight at MAXbash
Pamphlets are one option, Nick Cage has another (mileage may vary)
jk. Nick Cage , or I've nil interest.
Will Smith has kind of gone the way of Nick Cage, but at least Nick Cage has his life as a meme
I mean I might go full nick cage on some alcohol tonight.
I've heard pastor Brian is gonna play Nick Cage on Cage's biographical movie...
Just finished watching with Nick Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies. Despite the holes and dropped plot lines, I really enjoyed it :)
The difference in respect I have between Nick Cage and Benjamin Franklin Gates is honestly staggering.
Fantasy Sanders Administration that includes Ron Paul, and/or Kucinich, Polis, Grayson, Nader; would-be-nices Sanjay Gupta, Nick Cage for s…
I watched with Hayden Christiansen and Nick Cage. So I have no excuses
"Very good story. Actually read it in one day as I couldn't put it down." High praise says Sandberg's Nick Cage!
AND a Nick Cage 'The Wicker Man' reference in the commentary! via
Your Honor, my client is guilty. So, in lieu of a closing argument I'd like to reenact Nick Cage's final scene from Th…
...You know Nick Cage low key had some unreleased Elvis vinyl playing in the next room. . (x2). I'm the King now.
List of things that are NOT true:. -James Murray is a likable person. -Nick Cage is a good actor. -Ciaran makes good decisi…
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Don't make me become ruler of Earth cuz if so, Dr Dre is making Detox and Tim Burton/Nick Cage are making Superman Lives
You watch your hoor mouth! Andy Levy is a National Treasure!! Nick Cage found him under the Washington monument
How are Hayden Christiensen & Nick Cage in a period film. Was I THAT good this year
Happy Birthday, Allen! This picture is greater than any picture of Nick Cage.
...Nick Cage...really? Valley Girl was his BESTEST work...whatever
Just watched The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? - really interesting documentary. Still can't imagine Nick Cage as Kal-El
S3 True Detective-Subway to *** staring Jonah Hill as Jared Fogle, Chris Pratt as Det. Linus, Nick Cage as Cap. Olsen.
is Chad Kroger and Nick Cage the same person??
George Clooney still getting by on ER fame. Literally every movie he makes is terrible. Not sure who's worse him or Nick Cage lol.
more like Sam Elliot in Ghost Rider with Nick Cage
New film titled"National Transformer" ... A hybrid of National Treasure and Transformers.. Romance plot is btw Nick Cage and Megan Fox
Nick Cage is the greatest actor of this generation.
“I really admire actors such as Nick Cage, Will Farrel, and The Hoff. Those guys really put their soul into their work.”
yeah like in the Freaky Friday of my dreams that stars Nick Cage as John Travolta's daughter.
Russell Brand, Denis O’Hare, Ken Marino, Paul Scheer, Nick Cage and Rainn Wilson to star in Army of One!
conspiracy revealed, Matt Lees is an immortal like Nick Cage and Keano Reeves
~ I've been on set with Bruce Willis, Katherine Zetta Jones & even Nick Cage but she left me in awe!I'm going to miss her
Accurate prediction of me and Olivia at the Avett Brothers concert. (Ft. Nick Cage)
Hannah just referred to National Treasure as, "That movie with Nick Cage and the dollar and the bell."
Googly eyes and a Nick Cage photo... you got Gomez'ed
Frozen 2 officially announced. Now cast John Travolta and Nick Cage and call it Frost-Off. Or Super Frosty Brothers. Or the Frosting. Yes.
You have to eat lunch with one of these actors. Who do you eat with. Kristen Stewart or Nick Cage.
"She's just like Nick Cage but hotter and gayer." Alexis in reference to Kristen Stewart
doing best impression of Nick Cage in raising arizona well OK then
OMG would someone A slip in the movie Nick Cage mumbles while getting a bj from Elizabeth Shue
Watched Leaving Las Vegas' at the 30min Nick Cage is getting *** from Elizabeth Shue starts mumbling then says 'Bill Cosby'
I'm calling it. If Ghost Rider ever comes into the MCO Nick Cage will still appear as Johnny Blaze.
I even changed my pic to Nick cage so maybe I'll stand out among the crowd
ok but only because your lips are a National Treasure (like the Nick Cage movie)
Waiter, is the chicken cage-free?. Yes, they've never seen a Nicholas Cage movie. Not even Con-Air?! That's a classic. I'…
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I. Ugh. Ya know I was really going to watch this "Frozen Ground" and Nick Cage walks in... Next.
Nick Cage might be a terrible actor but I give him credit for trying
sorry Nick, we'd packed up. Took the cage apart!
I agree he is very talented, from Tom Cruise, to Nick Cage. He's no slouch.
hmmm...I love Nick Cage...I'll have to check it out! Lol
It's time to let my inner beast out of the cage
OMG! This guy on the Artis episode of Catfish is a HORRIBLE actor! HORRIBLE! It's like a bad Nick Cage movie! LOLOL!
When the Cubs win the World Series I hope they make a movie with nick cage staring in it
Had anyone seen Nick Cage in Bad Lieutenant. How cool was that movie.
Nick Cage was almost Bender in The Breakfast Club. I can't stop laughing.
I've had some of the most incredible times in that cage and in 3 weeks time I get to reignite my dreams all over...
Still waiting for Crystal Maze to come back and be presented by Nick Cage
Nick Cage is filling up my timeline.
“Nicolas Cage owned a pet octopus. He claimed studying its movements helped him with his acting.”go on Nick
no, no, you're thinking of Nick Cage
I'm forced to watch Ghost Rider with Nick Cage. Tragic
Mickenna: "nick cage is at least 70 I was like 3 when he did nation geographic!" 😂 ok mickenna
nah I love this movie especially bc Nick Cage is a total babe in it
thought I cracked the code, but I'm Nik Doces, not nick cage in davinci code
spent valentines day with bae watching National Treasure. she's jealous cuz I like nick cage more than I like her
“ So this is abou--.. ” Senketsu would be cut off by loud Nick Cage screaming, thus causing him to grow a look of disgust. “ ... ”
Imagine how much better earth would be without Nick Cage
Apparently Nick Saban and Nick Cage are the same guy. Has anyone seen them in the same place or together?
"This is like a feminist bisexual music about God... And Nick Cage."
Watching "Joe" starring Nick Cage. They really should've called this movie "Nightmare Town, USA." It's good but kind of terrifying.
How you get trough nick cage movies is beyond me! Nothing beats not the bees
"You're in love with my dad Nick Cage, it's over"
Liam Neeson is the rich mans nick cage
Guys Hideo Konami has a plan. Masamura Sakarami has a plan. Nick Cage Afune has a plan. Chill they got this. Chill. Just chill.
I'll keep it in mind. All I know about either Wicker Man, btw, remains the "bes! No my eyes!!!" Nick Cage scene
That would be an awesome movie title! Nick Cage could be in the movie.
Tomorrow I'm somehow signed up for a double showing of the Wicker Man. In hubby's words, "the good one and the one with Nick Cage."
lol no. Hey Nick Cage hasn't had a big movie in years. CMM is also on
Pretty sure Nick Cage just fed heroin to an elephant
Liam Neeson wants to be Nick Cage so bad
Just trapped Nick Cage in a cage playing the cage nick game
Have you not seen the Nick Cage mod for Majoras Mask?
Stealing the Declaration Of Independence with Nick Cage all for the children!
Did enjoy Nick Cage's performance in the "REBOOT"?
NBA All-Star weekend would be so much cooler if Nick Cage were somehow involved.
Nick is awesome, he's everywhere these days! :)
PLEASE do this movie! Nick Cage calls himself the White Ghost. Also, Haden Christensen is in it…
What if Nick Cage and Hayden Christensen were ex-crusaders who must protect a boy, the rightful Chinese emperor?.
I have this urge to watch a Michael Bay, Nick Cage movie, but I just saw The Rock and i dont wanna see that again
Well, if ya into celebrity sightings, catch that kid, Nick Cage, and J J Abrams over at either the Griffin or the Beauty Bar
Skyfall would've been better if Nick Cage was cast as Silva and Xenia Onatopp made a trumpet return. I mean think about, wouldn't it?
Nick Cage is going to be in a comedy movie about Osama Bin Laden and I've never been more excited
We're here! Nick Cage and Beardo are in Aspen and ready for the X Games! Follow along all week with
I think I may've went off my whole "release date order" thing...but hey, look! Another Comic-Movie with Nick Cage! Granted, this one's not as good as the first...but I've seen worse.
so we know what size Nick Cage morph suits to get you
City of Industrious Angels . (stars Harvey Keitel & Nick Cage as two love torn steel workers ;).
I often get Nick Cave and Nic Cage mixed up. And then thinking about them trading places is hilarious.
The Croods 2013 - Clever writing but what is that. it can't be! Nick Cage's voice? Just takes me out of it completely.
Feelin good about my future and its all thanks to Nick Cage making a comedy about Bin Laden
Received an anonymous envelope in the mail with nothing but a picture of nick cage
Anyone else seeing shades of Nick Cage in Pacino's performance?
Is there a local batting cage you guys would recommend if I haven't swung a bat in 10 years?
I'll be waiting for the day for someone to say,"Nick Cage is my Senpai"
To continue my night of bad movies with Nick Cage is on which is awesomely bad.
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