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Nick Broomfield

Nicholas Nick Broomfield (born January 30, 1948) is an English documentary film-maker. He is the son of Maurice Broomfield, a photographer.

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Nick Broomfield on his tragic Whitney Houston film: 'It was impossible for her to be who she was' -…
Was not a Nick Broomfield fan at all, but this film won me over. BBC2, 2 September, 9pm.
Filmmaker Nick Broomfield: "I like it spontaneous and rough and tumble.".
I remember watching Aileen and being blown away by the horror of it.
I had no idea Nick Broomfield lives close to where I work. If I ever pass him in the street with his headphones and boom mic, I'll say hello
2/3 And here's an interview with the legendary documentary maker himself.
1/3 Looking forward to the doc on BBC 2 this weekend
Love this guys doc's. Never frightened of getting under the skin of his subject.
Nick Broomfield: ‘I was a rebel, causing as much trouble as possible’
*WHITNEY KLAXON*. The Nick Broomfield documentary 'Whitney: Can I Be Me' is on BBC2, 9pm on Saturday.
Nick Broomfield binge on the horizon...
Nick Broomfield one of my all time heroes and inspired me to go into TV journalism. Read this and get inspired too:
Nick Broomfield: 'I was a rebel, causing as much trouble as possible'
WHITNEY: "CAN I BE ME" ***1/2 of *. Conventional (by Nick Broomfield standards) biodoc re Whitney Houston besieged by self/others.
Nick Broomfield chronicles life and times of Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos
Oh man 😟 You are so right! Have you seen Nick Broomfield's two docum…
It seemed like Reggie Wright tried to discourage Nick Broomfield from visiting Suge; he sa…
Next time you watch Biggie and 2pac pay close attention to the part where Nick Broomfield…
After seeing Eugene Deal's recent interview I saw Biggie and 2pac again and noticed Nick B…
Nick Broomfield has made some amazing documentaries, a different kind of journalism.
Nick Broomfield's latest appears to be about Whitney Houston
Whitney: Can I Be Me by Nick Broomfield will make its television debut 2nd September ...
Whitney Houston by Nick Broomfield could be interesting...
Nick Broomfield did the superb Biggie and Tupac documentary, so his Whitney film will be worth watching.
Can I Be Me review – sex and drugs and a family at war.
At the next racial draft I say we trade Jim Brown for Nick Broomfield. We can throw in that young GOP'er who was crying…
📈 Nick Broomfield on his new documentary about Whitney Houston, its emotional ...
6: El Duce, an LA musician featured in Nick Broomfield's documentary, claimed that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney t…
ONE WEEK TODAY! Join for plus intro from director Tickets:…
Interview with ahead of tonight's opening screening of his Whitney Houston film
There are still tickets for 'Whitney: Can I Be Me' + Q&A with director Nick Broomfield June 11.
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Looking forward to Dir Nick Broomfield's visit later this month? Hear our review of Whitney Can I Be Me beforehand…
Nick Broomfield on his damning Whitney Houston film: 'She had very little control over her life'
will Monster be getting a blu ray upgrade with the Nick Broomfield documentaries?
Just one week 'til the nationwide premiere of plus live satellite Q&A with director Nick Broomfiel…
We celebrated one of Britain's greatest filmmakers . NICK BROOMFIELD RETROSPECTIVE starts today with Soldier Girls…
Don't forget! Our Nick Broomfield Retrospective kicks off tomorrow with the winning SOLDIER GIRLS. Tickets…
Nick Broomfield will be joining us for a screening of Whitney: Can I Be Me plus a live Q&A on Saturday 17 June.…
Filmmaker Nick Broomfield speaks to about his new Whitney Houston documentary.
1/4 of tix have sold for in Scr 1 at Book now to avoid missing
Tickets are being snapped up quickly for our preview of + intro. Get yours here:…
Our Nick Broomfield Retrospective kicks off Sat and concludes on 8th June with an in-person Q&A. All details here…
A new 🎤doc by has been released. I hope it was done with integrity.
More cinemas now added for UK premiere with Nick Broomfield, and on 11 June!
Suspect police in S Florida got bribed for Tiger Woods mug shot. See Nick Broomfield's Selling of a Serial Killer.
From acclaimed director Nick Broomfield comes a new film about one of the greatest singers of all time. Whitney...
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"Here is someone who has completely lost her mind." - Stated by Nick Broomfield who refers to Aileen Wuornos after an…
Whitney Houston documentary 'Can I Be Me' trailer provides never-before-seen look at singer's troubled life
The trailer for a new Whitney Houston documentary debuts never-before-seen footage of legendary singer
Tix on sale for Premiering 11 Jun with dir. Nick Broomfield Q&A broadcast live from
It's a lack of Nick Broomfield's dad on work on nuclear, or see the composition and they're only plan us is Elgin Lumpkin.
in Guardian on Nick Broomfield's TV docs about Liverpool and Cardiff: EPISODE 1 - 25/05 9-9.30pm BBC4
aw man I adore Louis Theroux would probs marry him, haven't watched any Nick Broomfield though I'll need to check him out!!
all of Louis' stuff is great imo. Big fan of Nick Broomfield as well for documentaries.
Interview with Nick Broomfield: ‘I’ve always been fascinated by buildings and history’ |
Conviction of Franklin for "Grim Sleeper" murders says as much about the as anything:
Theroux's recent stuff has been much closer to Nick Broomfield than Michael Moore.
Nick broomfield documentaries are so relaxing
he's no Nick Broomfield, that's for sure
Mads Mikkelsen: “George Miller is a teddy bear and the girls are crazy — they are chain-smoking all the time.”
Finch & Partners, in partnership with Jaeger-LeCoultre, awarded Nick Broomfield the Annual Filmmakers Award in...
New internets, wherein I watch another Nick Broomfield doc and revisit being traumatized by GLOW as a 6 year old at
2002 documentary from Nick Broomfield or from 2015?
news: Whitney Houston doc coming from
See ALL the stars who turned out for the annual Charles Finch dinner
Find out why Nick Broomfield fell in love with the Cardiff Coal Exchange.
This documentary is going to be good.
Clive Owen & were among the stars attending the Charles Finch dinner at
Director Nick Broomfield happy to make Whitney Houston film 'without family approval' via
Nick Broomfield doesn't get a category on Kodi but Stacey Dooley does.
Your best bet is either the De Bellis and Broomfield bibliography or the NYer archive. Good luck!
Former CU / Broomfield Legacy grad, Broncos TE Nick Kasa is on with Big Al and now. Says he bought 8 tickets for
"That mad maze you call a mind" - Soldier Girls, film by Nick Broomfield
Check out this job: Ruby Developer in Broomfield, CO
Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2014) - Nick Broomfield digs into the case of the notorious Serial Killer known as the …
on 1948 Nick Broomfield, English director and producer
All purpose parts banner
Happy Birthday to director Nick Broomfield! Check out 9 of his sensational films on Doc Club
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1948, Nick Broomfield was born on this date in London, England, UK
Nick Kasa performed soccer at Broomfield Legacy High School in Colorado earlier than enjoying 4 years on the Color…
“Chaos is a creative place to work from.” - Nick Broomfield
Breaking News: Colorado football's Nick Kasa finds home with Denver Broncos
wow that'll keep me busy! How about Dreams of a Life? Nick Broomfield's Eileen Wournos was compelling too.
Breaking News: Nick Kasa finds home with Broncos just before Super Bowl
I'm hiring for a Ruby Developer. Know someone great? in Broomfield, CO
Is that the Nick Broomfield one? If so then yes. Not convinced like.
Contrast that with Nick Broomfield in Kurt and Courtney, teaming up with conspiracy wackjobs to bully a grieving widow. What a turd.
Beware of Mr. Baker was great but Tales of the Grim Sleeper; its almost unbelievable - Nick Broomfield is a real genius
out of Bill Gross. In the second half, Max interviews documentary filmmaker, Nick Broomfield, about whether when NHI
Did you like Jinx? Check out the new(ish) Nick Broomfield documentary: Tales of the Grim Sleeper. Utterly riveting.
No Human Involved - Nick Broomfield on 'disposable people' deaths ignored ...
Dylan 'BRUTUS' Carlson was quite willing to talk to Nick Broomfield after they put his music on the soundtrack and gave $!
What if I still kinda prefer the Nick Broomfield documentary that no one remotely connected to Nirvana wanted to participate in?
What happens in Nevada's most famous brothel? This Nick Broomfield doc tells all:
Great Nick Broomfield interview about his latest Doc, sloppy journalism labeling accused as murderer PRE-trial though
Watching a couple of Nick Broomfield docos. Gawd, he's a pain in the *** A total knob head
I've seen it, very interesting film :) have you seen Nick broomfield's kurt and Courtney?
what's your opinion on El Duce's interview with Nick Broomfield claiming he was offered 50k to whack kurt? Then winds up dead??
Nick Broomfield: on the trail of a Serial Killer | via
Enjoyed Nick Broomfield's Tracking Down Maggie. No doubt about it Mrs Thatcher was a vile old hypocrite & a great friend to some dictators.
Watching Nick Broomfield's documentary on Margaret Thatcher. Would enjoy it more if he wasn't continually driving & talking on the phone.
Nick Broomfield’s doc Tales of the Grim Sleeper is on Sky Atlantic tonight at 11 and is v good and depressing.
Oh, duh. The Grim Sleeper was made by Nick Broomfield. No wonder he seemed familiar.
'It was a nightmare!' Kurt & Courtney director Nick Broomfield reveals working with Love on the 1998 documentary w… http…
Broomfield enjoyed meeting Kurt's friends, but was terrified of CL.Checked for bombs under car.
Nick Broomfield, Barney Broomfield, and Pam Brooks from Tales of the Grim Sleeper. Shows the dark…
Jesse Moss doing Q&A for Nick Broomfield, Barney Broomfield, and the amazing Pam Brooks.
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Nick Broomfield is like British Herzog. Not sure I mean that as a compliment. . (There is only one Herzog.)
Kind of in awe of Nick Broomfield's stubborn maintenance of his headphones and boom mic shtick.
Nick Broomfield annoys me, but he dials it back in this one & once again proves more capable of investigating Black death than the police
Great interview with our Jury member Nick Broomfield on his amazing documentary TALES OF THE Grim Sleeper
On the other hand, I'm thoroughly engrossed in Nick Broomfield's Tales of the Grim Sleeper.
Nick Broomfield's 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper' Says the LAPD Ignored a Serial Killer Because His Vict
Just started watching and so far it's got one good thing going for it: it DOESN'T say "directed by Nick Broomfield"
but the official soundtracks make up for the lack of investigation - anyways, that's what Nick Broomfield is for
Filmmaker Nick Broomfield reveals Working with Courtney Love was a 'Living *** via
Nick Broomfield's 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper' Provokes > blunt, and honest, sad but riveting...
"Tales of the Grim Sleeper" by Nick Broomfield is now on HBO Sad and gruesome, not to mention infuriating.
The ending on Nick Broomfield's 'Kurt and Courtney' documentary always makes my eyes water.
Those who do are panning it. Alice Wheeler & Nick Broomfield both r badmouthing CL.
Nick Broomfield's documentary, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, is an extraordinary work. Disturbing and important
On and the police crisis you're not hearing about:
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'Biggie and Tupac' director Nick Broomfield on his doc 'Tales of the Grim Sleeper':
SBC 3s lose crunch game 3-1 v Broomfield. SBC 5s go down 5-1 to a very good HSBC 5s team. Nick McCarthy with a goal and dislocated shoulder!
Tales of the Grim Sleeper. (Nick Broomfield, 2014) Disturbing new documentary of Serial Killer in CA
I've watched the Nick Broomfield documentary touching on that subject..some very interesting things happened right near his..
You need to watch this documentary In fact you should have Nick Broomfield on the show.
This HBO documentary from Nick Broomfield examines a man accused of killings that have gone unsolved for decades.
Tales of the Grim Reaper - Filmmaker Nick Broomfield investigates the case of the Grim Sleeper,...
Nick Broomfield's 'The Tales of the Grim Sleeper' is now streaming on
in a similar vein, Nick Broomfield's Tales of the Grim Sleeper is also excellent
i had a dream Nick Broomfield, Louis Theroux, Russell Brand & David Mitchell came to do a talk at my school, what the heck
Nick Broomfield's quest for the real Sarah Palin. This involves battling the icy snows of Alaska in mid winter, the school friends, family, and Republican colleagues that in previous days gave their heart, soul and belief, to the charismatic, charming, intoxicating ex hockey mum. But it's not all pl…
Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos Sets the Record her final Interview w/Nick Broomfield
Absolutely shattered was like playing cricket in Bangalore not Broomfield today
If I'd filmed it, I could have pretended it was a new Nick Broomfield film
the kiss of death evil woman her watch the documentary on YouTube nick broomfield an you'll find out.. Skanky ***
Legendary documentary film maker nick Broomfield is my guest on loose ends right now.
Such a great interview with nick broomfield today on loose Ends - if you like his films, you will love his chat.Tomorrow 6.15pm.
Nick Broomfield's FBI/LAPD conspiracy theory is a bit far out but 'WKBAT?' is really good anyway, love the soundtrack & fashion
am interviewing nick Broomfield tomorrow on as a practice for Sunday week.
am interviewing doc film maker Nick Broomfield tomorrow on Loose Ends. spending the afternoon watching his movies... legend.
NFTS grad NICK BROOMFIELD, plus JULIEN TEMPLE and MARC ISAACS are running this one-day docs class -
Nick Broomfield, Julien Temple & Marc Isaacs will teach a 1 day doc masterclass on 26th July at the
Fantastic to spend time with Nick Broomfield at his place.
Nick Broomfield's documentaries on Aileen Wuornos make for really interesting watches.
It's Sunday night, the ideal time to watch a Serial Killer documentary. Nick Broomfield's Aileen Wuornos doc tonight.
Tomorrow we will be joined by judges Gyles Brandreth & Nick Broomfield
Been watching documentary films by Nick Broomfield today 1) Chicken Ranch, and 2) Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam. Thoroughly enjoyed both!
Ken Loach responds to Qs from Sam Morton, Lynne Ramsay, Nick Broomfield + others in today's Observer:
Last call for the no-Heathrow expansion video competition, and your chance to win £ 10,000. Enter the 'No Ifs, No Buts' video competition with a 2 minute film and Be Judged by Hugh Grant, Gyles Brandreth and BAFTA award winning director Nick Broomfield at the Richmond Theatre on June 18th. (Deadline 1st June). To find out more, visit:
Directed by Nick Broomfield. With Nick Broomfield, Madam Alex, Corinne Bohrer, Mike Brambles. A documentary crew from the BBC arrives in L.A. intent on interviewing Heidi Fleiss, a year after her arrest for running a brothel but before her trial. Several months elapse before the interview, so the cr...
“Chaos is a creative place to work from.” – Battle for Haditha director Nick Broomfield
Case Study day with Miss Caley Barnacle !! At least at means watching Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Nick Broomfield's Aileen Wuornos films and the love and the love of my life Louis Theroux :D
Nick Broomfield's voice is soul destroying
This documentary by Nick Broomfield is amazing. .
Are you going to It looks fantastic w/ guests Nick Broomfield, & Starts 6 Sep!
Nick Broomfield is a legend for making that documentary, one of the best I've ever watched. Too interesting
I'm going to sound like such a geek here but these Nick Broomfield documentaries on Netflix are incredible!
my weekend sorted, only Nick Broomfield! A British Doc icon
Some pretty ace Czech documentary on divorce. Reminded me of early Nick Broomfield stuff.
Nick Broomfield has made documentaries about Aileen Wuornos, Sarah Palin, Kurt Cobain and also Tupac Shakur but still not one about Aveyard.
Directed by Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill. With Aileen Wuornos, Nick Broomfield, Terry Humphreys-Slay, Leitha Prather. Nick Broomfield's second documentary on Aileen Carol Wuornos, a highway prostitute who was executed in 2002 for killing seven men in the state of Florida. This second installment…
Nick Broomfield on Quentin Tarantino: “It’s like watching a schoolboy's fantasy of violence and sex, which normally Quentin Tarantino would be wanking alone to in his bedroom while his mother is making his baked beans downstairs. Only this time he’s got Harvey Weinstein behind him and it’s on at a million screens.”
Watching the movie 'Monster' about the life of Aileen Wuornos. I have to admit that I'm actually really impressed with how well Charlize Theron has acted her. She actually looks really like her, and from watching the Nick Broomfield documentary, she has the mannerisms, accent, attitude and facial expressions right down to a tee. It's a really good show!
In this documentary Nick Broomfield pursues Aileen Wuornos, who is claimed to be the first female Serial Killer.
My dream job would definitely be making Louis Theroux/Nick Broomfield style documentaries. Perfect example : Broomfield and Aileen Wuornos.
the Aileen Wuornos docs are amazing though - by Nick Broomfield.
Eldon Hoke.. and his connection to Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain: MONEY FOR MURDER? Eldon Hoke (aka "El Duce"), singer of a band called the Mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love three months earlier to kill her husband. On March 6, 1996, Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who is one of the country's leading polygraph experts. He was also teaching the advanced polygraph course for the FBI. Hoke passed a lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Eldon Hoke briefly appeared in the Nick Broomfield "Kurt & Courtney" documentary. Eldon Hoke On April 19th 1997, eight days after having his story filmed by Broomfield, Hoke was found dead in Riverside, California by the California Highway Police. A source described the events as "highly suspicious. He showed up at his house in Riverside with this guy who he introduced as his new friend none of his roommates had ever met before and said they were going out to the liquor store and would be back so ...
Nick Broomfield's documentaries of killer Aileen Wuornos are on Netflix. Definitely worth a watch.
can't decided whether I love or hate Nick Broomfield. His arms are intolerably fury but he always has the awkward questions...
Nick Broomfield's The Leader (1991), the journey unearths much more than I could’ve anticipated
Fetishes is a 1996 documentary by Nick Broomfield filmed at Pandora's Box, one of New York City's most luxurious SM/fetish parlours. The film contains interviews with professional dominatrices and their clients, Made for HBO, with Michele D'Acosta, Mistress of Charm (Producer) Filmed at Pandora's Box, the luxurious S&M parlor in New York, "Fetishes" reveals in both a humorous and informative manner the full range of fetishes, from rubber and infantilism, to asphyxiation and mummification. Clients pay upwards of $10,000 a night to submit to a mistress who creates highly elaborate role-playing scenarios designed to meet her client's specific fetishistic needs.
Yeah the Nick Broomfield one. Similar questions. Don't get me wrong, there with always be conspiracy theories about anything..
I think Broomfield is in better nick than that pitch
The Nick Broomfield back catalogue on Netflix reminds me of my dissertation. Shame Netflix search doesn't appear to know the site's content.
Buck Brannaman, inspiration for "The Horse Whisperer," is revealed as a complex figure who can communicate with troubled horses all across America.
Nick Broomfield's Biggie and 2pac documentary is amazing
just watched Nirvana live at the Paramount on my DVR again; now I can go on another day
If you haven't seen Nick Broomfield's documentary about Biggie and Tupac's murders, you really need to. Nothing beats it.
Right whatched a bit of Michael Moore & a bit of Nick Broomfield... essay time - unless anyone wants to talk???, I won't mind lols
You seen the Nick Broomfield documentary about him and BIG on Netflix? Pretty interesting.
can't find the dvd anywhere :( Watch the Nick Broomfield documentaries to see how close Charlize Theron's performance is.
Just watched Sarah Palin: You Betcha! Nick Broomfield's intriguing investigation into her politics and personal life.
Let's start shooting this weekend. You wear the Sailor Moon outfit, and I'll chase you around like Nick Broomfield.
If u want to know more about who killed 2pac and biggie there's an excellent documentary by Nick Broomfield where some important people come foward, a guy named the "bookkeeper" who claims he.was responsible for.transporting money from LA to pheonix for the biggie hit, the rampart scandal, the officers who were involved in corruption who are now in prison for a bank robbery the officer who was having an affair with suges wife, a senate committee that was put together in 93 to investigate the threat of hip hop. If you want to know why real rappers are not blowin up and fake *** are prosperin you NEED to watch this film, it was about 2pac and biggie but much bigger than them
Today, I watch a Nick Broomfield documentary called Fetishes. It was.interesting.
Nah, this one chronicles the fallout from the cancellation of TERRIERS. You're thinking of Nick Broomfield's doc, GOING LOGUE.
nick Broomfield and Michael Moore are particular favourites
how about Nick Broomfield, Molly Dineen, Kevin McDonald, Morgan Spurlock for starters.
RocDoc Day w/ Nick Broomfield's Kurt and Courtney and ANVIL. not sure if i ever want to play music again.
Jst watchd th documentary by Nick of the best out thr, makes u think.What if they were still alive 2day?!
Watching Nick Broomfield's doc on Biggie&Tupac..watching footage from the Source Awards. *** time really does fly.
reminds me of the seminal Nick Broomfield film 'Baking With a Maniac'.
British documentarian Nick Broomfield investigates the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.
Coffee, Nick Broomfield's Heidi Fleiss documentary, and foam rolling. That's how my Tuesday is starting!
Most people in Broomfield are so fake, I wish most of y'all would fall through a frozen lake
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Having a nice afternoon watching Nick Broomfield's film Fetishes, volume quite high. Perfect time for Jehovah's witnesses to come knocking.
Nick Broomfield's Aileen Wuornos doc on Current. I like the subject matter of his documentaries and highly recommend his Biggie & Tupac film
Spent last nite and this morning watching Nick Broomfield's 'Biggie & Tupac' documentary its deep
it's not the one by nick broomfield is it? I've got it on DVD it's pure lethal
Nick Broomfield's documentary on biggie & 2pac is excellent. Well worth the watch if ur interested in the case.
This Nick Broomfield documentary on Biggie and Tupac is surprisingly boring
Switching over to Nick Broomfield's Biggie & Tupac documentary for a bit...
Nick Broomfield's documentary on Biggie and Tupac >
Nick Broomfield documentaries are pretty boring, aren't they?
Watching the excellent Nick Broomfield documentary "Biggie & Tupac"
nick broomfield is mental. I think you'll like it!
Nick Broomfield: "I was in the Polo Lounge [at the Beverly Hills Hotel] with Gore Vidal, and Suge Knight walked in"
Nick Broomfield: 'Suge Knight just stood there looking at me'
In the next room (I'm on my bed, typing) I can hear the Suge Knight climax from Nick Broomfield's "Biggie & Tupac". Haunting...
Daily Streamer: "Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood Madam." How does Nick Broomfield get those people to say those things on cam?
Yup this is my Brother Johnny Michael Winton and his band, Abita!! SO PROUD! "oct 28th.Nick Broomfield, Biographer of Kurt D. Cobain and Tupac launching a documentary on bands, south of L.A. called 'South Scene"... ABitA, has contracted a ten minute segment, to tell the tales...of struggling...and going from Chain Reaction (Aaron Christopher) to Fullerton! From Chain Reaction, to the Disney House of Blues! A big stretch, watch and listen how Shaun (FEE) Les Claypool, to Jenny (Gwen Stefanis cousin/Cozy Powell) to Johnny, an Yngwie/Hendrix player grew up to get their local fame."
I'd suggest Nick Broomfield watches every Zach Snyder film, then every Tarantino, and see if he comes to the same conclusion
Louis Theroux is an upgraded version of Nick Broomfield
Kurt & Courtney is a 1998 documentary film by Nick Broomfield investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain, and allegations of Courtney Love's involvement in it.OverviewThe documentary begins as an investigation of the circumstances surrounding Cobain's death and the theories...
Piers is a *** man. Louis Theroux is a don. You know Nick Broomfield?? He's a badman!!
Is anyone watching the Nick Broomfield docco on Sarah Palin? Americans are frightening.
"It was only when I saw the recent Nick Broomfield documentary that Sarah began to frighten me."
Nick Broomfield's 'Sarah Palin: You betchya!' was an interesting but very messy documentary
Was going to watch Sarah Palin doco on ABC but just realised it's a Nick Broomfield joint. So no.
Preview: "Sarah Palin: You Betchya!" Nick Broomfield's quest for the 'real' Sarah Palin airs at 8:30pm AEST |
Interviewed one day before my execution, taken from the documentary "Life and Death of a Serial Killer" (2003) by Nick Broomfield
Watched the Tupac and Biggie doc by Nick Broomfield last night. Really good. Suge Knight as intimidating as he is huge.
I'm not sure that I believe him, to be honest with you, but Nick Broomfield says he didn't set out to produce a hit piece on Sarah Palin. This seems laughable after watching Sarah Palin: You Betcha!, an exploration and evisceration of the former Alaskan governor and one-time Republican vice-presidential nominee. In his new documentary,...
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