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Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is an Academy Award-winning American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including Raising Arizona (1987), The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Adaptation (2002), National Treasure (2004), Lord of War (2005), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), Kick-Ass (2010), and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012).

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so even Ghost Rider couldn't get them with his penance stare, Comics Ghost Rider, not Nicholas Cage.
Snake Eyes is a surprisingly watchable Nicholas Cage vehicle where he plays a crooked, but not crooked enough cop. Check it out
I'm Nicholas Cage. Discover which star you are! . START QUIZ:
Imagine if Nicholas Cage played Aragorn instead of Viggo Mortensen
Nicholas Cage GIF's are the best GIF's. Don't @ me.
My mom is largely responsible for my cultural education, including introducing me to cheeses, scotch tastings, and old Nicholas Cage movies
Did you know that Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew? I just learned this!
right? even has a biopic made about him hiding from Nicholas Cage
Your life will suck worse than Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider
26 rare Porsches heading to auction with no reserve: From Nicholas Cage’s 356 Speedster to a…
I know right? If there are things you aspire to... would it be to be the NEXT Nicholas Cage???
I can't see a trailer for without thinking someone actually made Nicholas Cage's twin's idiotic script from
We will pay off Nicholas Cage from making another film.
nicholas cage is an angel who escorts the recently passed to heaven. Amazing soundtrack. Goo Goo dolls "Iris" ect. 1998 I think
I will!! It doesn't have Nicholas Cage as the lead role, right? :x
Fine JK Rowling! In the new movie Fantastic Beasts snow the actor Nicholas Cage could play young Seve…
Watching next...I want to marry Nicholas Cage.oh drat...
Nicholas Cage lost all of his money in a Ponzi scheme and now has to take any role that he's offered...
"Okay, We're gonna need a blow dryer, some lemons, a paint brush, and will someone get Nicholas Cage on the phone!"…
❝If you're talking about things disappearing, take a look at Nicholas Cage's hairline.❞
Nicholas Cage, one of pop culture's greatest mysteries, turned 53 today. Read how he becomes everything. .
Nicholas Cage & co. killed the classic action hero, bringing about the era of Neos and Jason Bournes. Perfect skinny little imperfections.
Surprisingly Nicholas Cage only appears once in these 10 Entertaining Bad Movie Performances
William Reid, we need to make a movie about your life, It must Star Nicholas cage and it must be set in Las Vegas, we will make a fortune
Islamabad in Nicholas Cage's movie vs Islamabad in real
When you can't find your car keys and you are running late for work . ( gif of Nicholas Cage losing his mind).
Nicholas Cage not my top pic for bio on Reagan anyway. More suited Bradly Cooper for this role.
Nicholas Cage stars alongside Tye Sheridan in a powerful story of redemption set in rural America. (2013 film)…
Best middle age white actor? Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or Nicholas Cage
The Pitch: Luke Cage, John Cage, Nick Cage and Nicholas Cage team-up to fight crime. The Title: "Cage Match".
'Face Off' on HBO, all time classic! 👌Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in their prime.
My Mom: "We should watch a Nicholas Cage movie, he never does a bad movie."
Just saw the movie "National Treasure 2" starring Nicholas Cage. Fantastic film. Paid tribute to the first and if anything outdid it
National Treasure 1 and 2 are the best Nicholas Cage movies
Will Smith has entered Nicholas Cage territory. No desire to see any movie they are in.
looks like Nicholas Cage dressed as Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror. The time warp has not aged him well.
I thought that was Richard Masur of not Nicholas Cage, at 1st glance.
the grand prize for the CTF is getting to hug Nicholas Cage while he makes National Treasure jokes
Let's talk about The Rock! No, not Dwayne Johnson. No, not the 1996 Nicholas Cage action movie that nearly gave us our wedding song.
glad to not disappoint your Helen Mirren, I'm Adam Sandler, David is Nicholas Cage
been watching Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage for 2 hours still no idea what's happening
I would absolutely watch a Nightmare on Elm Street Remake if Nicholas Cage was Freddy Krueger
I love David Lynch and this movie is typical David Lynch and Nicholas Cage is actually decent here
Not stupid like the Nicholas Cage version, more badass like the Iron Maiden song. Plus Christopher Lee 🤘🏻…
Indiana Jones found many amazing artifacts. Nicholas Cage stole the Declaration. But I doubt either of them could find their mom in Walmart.
I'm in the same boat and I'm getting the shakes like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. I might have a shopping problem
TIL that Nicholas Cage and Jason Schwartzman are the nephews of director Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apoc…
watching Frozen Ground with Nicholas Cage, Diana Bauman Kristina Kurtz your city looks very pretty and... cold!
Remember when Nicholas Cage and Chad Michael Murray did a movie together
Deep Impact with Morgan Freeman as President. Similar to Armageddon. The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage : Action film
Although Lea Thompson's and Nicholas Cage's characters are married in the film, the two never share a scene together
Reince Priebus sounds like something etched into the back of a document being deciphered by Nicholas Cage in National T…
.on why his musical will suit fans of Nicholas Cage compilation videos.
"The water makes the rocks darker!" - Nicholas Cage, unlocking the mysteries of life in National Treasure 2.
Matt Damon is a step above Nicholas Cage but he's still like that one uncle you have that swears he's a tough guy
Nicholas Cage confirms 3 is still in development 10 years later!.
Nicholas Cage to star in sequel about Leeds manager carousel, "Gone in Six Games".
Y'all always bring up Chris Brown, but never Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Nicholas Cage, Sean Penn and Emma Roberts.
and Johnny Manziel and Sean Penn and Woody Allen and Nicholas Cage and Alec Baldwin and John Lennon and Ray Rice and Michael Fassbender
Ben Rodriguez Jr CIA alum is the editor, Willem Dafoe + Nicholas Cage star + Paul Schrader directs + here's the...
how can u say no to Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightly and say yes to Nicholas Cage bye
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I need to listen to more Nicholas Cage the Elephant.
Ciera Payton from The Runner with Nicholas Cage; Bad Teacher; & Madea Goes to Jail (film).
I don't drag u for looking like Nicholas Cage don't drag me for my TV shows.
I can't believe Nicholas Cage fell for this trick again. - Burn The Witch
Now I want to see a Davey & Goliath version of The Wicker Man. I'm sure we can get Nicholas Cage to come back for it.
Watch the 70s version. Not the Nicholas Cage remake.
Oh. Sobbing Nicholas Cage isn't nearly as entertaining now.
as long as Nicholas cage digs my music I'm good
Been there, heck once I couldn't write a movie script because I had to see Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider.
Why is Part 3 of the Beginner's Guide review taking so long? Well, I need to watch a Nicholas Cage movie called Adaptation.
I'm holding fappy hostage. I need you to post a picture of you and Nicholas cage pillow. You have 10 minutes.
I hope that one day I meet and he says 'are you the girl who sent me that picture of Nicholas Cage as a pickle on Instagram'
Funniest part of the review. "You remind me of that guy from National Treasure!". "I remind you of Nicholas Cage??"
Nicholas Cage has an asian son named Kal-el. His son is superman
thank GOD nicholas cage didnt play aragorn i would have thrown up
Ted Cruz dropping out and Donald Trump becoming the nominee feels like turning off a Nicholas Cage movie to turn on a worse Hallmark movie.
don't worry, Nicholas cage will find the constitution on the back of the Declaration of Independence.
Living with nicholas cage 4 v important vine
My reaction to Trump's official GOP Candidacy is Nicholas Cage yelling the F word from that one movie
I really wish everyone didn't hate Nicholas Cage as much as they do ... I feel really bad about it.
who u think had the name first :pastor Troy or Nicholas cage
The video made me like the song so much more. This was so cool and better than the remake with Nicholas Cage!
Psyched for new and love the video, even though (or because?) it made me think of Nicholas Cage in Wicker Man..
You see, THE EQUALIZER is in the original > Nicholas "The Bees" Cage (which I love as well). :-P
'Nicholas Cage & John Cusack in Con Air tho... ' see more
I hate the only Left Behind movie is the one with Nicholas Cage and not Kirk Cameron, the remake is horrible😕
Needs more Nicholas Cage, still awesome video. "Radiohead - Burn The Witch"
Im in a uber and Nicholas cage was a customer earlier 🤔
Characters of a certain race should be played by that race. Otherwise Nicholas Cage WILL play Nelson Mandela.
How's your Tuesday? Here is Nicholas Cage to either brighten or ruin your day
A Nicholas Cage Panel would be awesome. He can talk about Ghost Rider and superman
This guy on my plane look exactly like Nicholas cage very weird
Please tell me why Nicholas Cage's son built like Orochimaru 😭🐍
a lady offered me a job, then I sold her a Nicholas Cage movie
4 lines in to article, and I'm reaching for the Nicholas Cage meme... xD
If you don't yell "I love Nicholas Cage" before every fireball shot, We can't be friends.
Swear it's Nicholas Cage's long lost brother that does the plenty adverts
Took me at least 2 minutes before I realised the Radiohead video wasn't the Nicholas Cage Wicker Man remake
her dad sounding like Nicholas Cage😂😂
Trump needs to get Nicholas Cage to be his running mate. This story has National Treasure 3 written all over it
The mayor for England in sid meiers pirates looks like Nicholas Cage with a wig.
Say what you will, Nicholas Cage saying "I can eat a peach for hours" is still the creepiest thing I've ever heard.
they offered us the sound track but Nicholas Cage is a coward.
Nicholas Cage movie on now.Dying of the Light.gonna check it out.
I'll take marriage advice from a fundie Christian like Kirk Cameron the same day I take financial advice from Nicholas Cage.
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Moonstruck. Nicholas Cage fully shouty mode "Johnny has his hand, Johnny has bride." Plus music…
When the cool breeze hits me I feel like Nicholas Cage in Con Air
Handsomenya Nicholas cage ni.. Dalam citer the da vinci code pon dia best
trust me, she's not. Nicholas Cage is great, here and there.
I'm on my Nicholas, ryt? Got everything on a Cage, I'm juss keepin what's mine.
You ever have the urge to go full nicholas cage in publ… — No i rather be robert downey jr in public because he mor…
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be Nicholas cage
My mom maybe the only person in the world who enjoys Nicholas Cage movies 😂
I support that decision. The real Nicholas Cage is so 2000s.
shh you must not say those things or the government will capture me and Nicholas cage will go on a Liam Neeson-type spree
Well once a day im going to upload a picture of Nicholas Cage's face on something, here is today's
My only real question is: When can we get a Ghost Rider reboot? I want Nicholas Cage as far away from my favorite superhero as possible.
I'm watching a movie that explains why Nicholas Cage has been balding for so long
my favorite nicholas cage movie is where he's a wizard and there's these lighting rod things and they play one republic when they kiss? ¿
Vince Neil and Nicholas Cage in Vegas brawl over female fan. Fulfilling one of the five signs of the apocalypse from th…
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but instead of the constitution, Nicholas Cage steals Zayn
Someone please tell me how Nicholas Cage has an Academy award.
I have no idea how Nicholas Cage keeps making movies.
Plot twist: The are actually played by Nicholas Cage.
There's a positive correlation between the number of movies Nicholas Cage is in and the number of drownings in a swimming pool.
If you think I won't spend over 100$ on Nicholas Cage decorations than you obviously don't know me
Best but most cheesy romance scene in a movie. And GO!!. I nominate Cher and Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck. Love...
One time, I stayed in bed for like 3 days eating nothing but grapefruits, watching Nicholas Cage movies... with kittens. I miss that bed.
unless you're Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, stop with the switching faces. it's unsettling at best
remember when nicholas cage stole the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure or smthing
Just watched with Nicholas cage. Well. That was something.
I can't look up Ghost Rider without having the awful, dumb, nicholas cage movie popping up. STAHP.
FUN FACT - People care more about National Treasure with Nicholas Cage than they do about finding a cure for cancer:
Been tryna watch this new nicholas cage film for the past three days now
I watched Mr. Right again. Nicholas Cage should be looking for you because you are a National Treasure! :-p
Not sure what made Nicholas Cage fly off the rails in Leaving Las Vegas, but I bet it was a bad haircut.
Paul Ryan says he will not seek the GOP nomination. Also, if asked, he will not break up fights between Nicholas Cage and Vince Neil.
my stepmums fave is Family Man bc she thinks my dad looks like Nicholas Cage😳 Téa is adorbs in it+we watch it every Christmas
Nicholas Cage in fight with Vince Neil Las vegas!. His finest performances ...
People say that I look a lot like Nicholas Cage. Unfortunately, those people are wrong.
I'm in for 6 and anything else with Nicholas Cage.
Nicholas Cage is a good actor he just does bad movies
Does Nicholas Cage consistently act in bad movies or is he a bad actor?
This game's getting fractionally boring and I'm imagining Nicholas Cage and Nicki Minaj have a baby together.
I feel like Nicholas Cage is the Nickleback of the acting world
Someone went into Aleks and changed all the pictures to pics and gifs of Nicholas Cage...
I pretty much like all Nicholas cage movies
Nicholas Cage knows where's it at; he knows the best type of fashion.
I have to say, Nicholas Cage can make a decent film ( not his biggest fan )
Con Air is one of my all time favourites. Nicholas Cage doesn't get enough credit especially when he finally kills all the…
After walking the Freedom Trail for 5 hours, I don't think I have a choice but to watch National Treasure. Hallooo Nicholas Cage 🙋🔔🇺🇸
Adam Sandler. Jim Curry (sp) &. Nicholas Cage. These dudes just kinda look like each other, but one looks like the other more.
The worst type of people are the ones who think they're super funny, but humor mirrors the acting skill of Nicholas Cage.
A buddy cop movie starring Nicholas Cage and Larry the Cable Guy
Nicholas Cage, thank for getting me to watch Bangkok Dangerous purely for your hot soup scene, the rest was pretty bad too.
Nicholas Cage is actually a Coppola and his cousin is Jason Schwartzman
I forgot how good the Ghost Rider movie is with Nicholas Cage 🔥
the bear suit used in the movie "the Wicker Man" by Nicholas Cage, no suspicion there.
If Arizona were anymore conservative, the film bearing it's name would've featured Kirk Cameron instead of Nicholas Cage.
Doesn't matter how you feel about Nicholas Cage you can't deny the National Treasure series is dope af
Wait, Nicholas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola?
Great acting from Nicholas Cage in Face Off. Castor Troy is a baddie
Nicholas Cage and John Travolta star in... via /r/funny
What an amazing gift my friend gave me. Nicholas Cage will always be in my dreams now.
Nah, old school, just sold part of my soul to Nicholas Cage
My Nicholas keeps escaping. If only I had a Nicholas Cage..
I want this said by Nicholas Cage playing the joker.
Stunning indeed- emulating my 2 favourites Dharmendra and Nicholas cage "new movie!
*at national archives* . "I can't believe I'm taking the same steps that Nicholas Cage took when he stole the Declaration o…
The real question is, when does the new Librarian of Congress get shown the Book of Secrets by actor and American treas…
Face Swap would have saved Nicholas Cage and John Travolta so much time
John Goodman and Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona. Again, this movie is genius.
I've fulfilled my lifelong aspiration to become Nicholas Cage
All I want in 2016 is for people to leave Nicholas Cage alone
There are only two Nicholas Cage movies I allow in this house. Raising Arizona and Gone in 60 Seconds. The cars saved him my disinterest.
A kickstarter for Nicholas Cage playing his Gone in 60 Seconds character, but in Gone with the Wind.
ill only go if Nicholas cage performs declaration of indickpendence
Nicholas cage is one of the greatest actors ever.
Nicholas Cage and in her Oscar winning role in ""Moonstruck" (1987)
"For like half a second you looked like the National Treasure guy" - . Thank you scout. . Love, nicholas cage
Nicholas cage is gr88 he deserves an Oscar
You're not disturbing Simon! You can recite every line from every Nicholas cage movie!!!
Nicholas Cage is a medieval knight who gets sent forward in time and finds himself battling internet trolls in modern day…
Must have knowledge of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and own all Nicholas Cage films on Blu-Ray.
I'll give Kevin Bacon some props for Hollow Man,but other than that he's in the same category as Keanu Reeves and Nicholas Cage to me
Couldn't have been cagier if Nicholas Cage was fighting Brittany Cage in a cage.
I legit have lightweight hated Brody ever since. And Jack Nicholson and Nicholas Cage for being jealous.
Through a malapropism, I have realised that Face Off stars Nicholas Cage and Danny De Vito
Ha! Reminds me of Nicholas Cage in Peggy Sue Got Married - "I got the hair, I got the teeth ..." :)
casting defects? Like cold shuts and inclusions, or Nicholas Cage as Superman?
I want to see (Jaden Smith) and Nicholas Cage fight it out to see who is Hollywood's worst actor
Nicholas Cage used to pay taxes, until he found out it went towards protecting the Declaration of Independence
Abed does the perfect impersonation of Nicholas Cage. Love it 󾌳
National Treasure Nicholas Cage the smartest man ever to grace the earth
I want to see Nicholas Cage as old Batman if they ever decide to make a faithful adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns
"Class, wat should we do today". Nicholas Cage: *raises hand*. "besides steal the Declaration of Independence". Nicholas…
Spending my lunch hour watching a Nicholas Cage film from 1992
after watching a Nicholas Cage movie
Nicholas Cage just needs to pay this *** ghost
My organic chemistry professor sounds exactly like Nicholas Cage
Hi Leigh The worse film I have seen is Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Nicholas Cage was bad in it.
It was Nicholas Cage who first advised Johnny Depp to pursue a career in acting, during the mid 1980’s.
I really thought he was Nicholas Cage 😂
Phil and Matt are torturing me with Nicholas Cage movies on MY SNOW DAY. 😑
Why is Marilyn Manson slowly turning into Nicholas Cage 😂😂
'Nicholas Cage returns stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull' has got the be the best headline I've seen in a long time
Just watched a Nicholas Cage movie with Paige & she's literally sobbing. I don't understand.
I'm waiting for astronomy to begin and someone behind me is watching my favorite Nicholas Cage compilation. There's hope in this class.
I had a dream last night that Nicholas Cage was the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.
so it's like the movie Face Off but someone forgot to stitch Nicholas Cage's face on?
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heard your story about the long flight with Nicholas Cage today-couldn't stop laughing!(a few years late but reminder I'm Aussie)
The aliens took Nicholas Cage's face/off
Why did I decide to watch a Nicholas Cage movie?
I wonder what nicholas cage is doing right now
How is Nicholas Cage in every movie on Netflix? What a worker.
What is the difference between a wasted sperm and Nicholas Cage? I'd rather be called a wasted sperm.
why is there a flashing nicholas cage??? mike tyson? hWAT
When The weeknd said i can't feel my face, it reminded me of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta's face off, that movie be GOAT
Why does the girl (?) in the second pic look like Nicholas Cage?
First picture: the love child of tom hanks and Nicholas cage . Second picture: Danny devito and Steve buschemi child
Evils and tragedies of the world aside, Nicholas Cage turns 51 today. Happy Cage day!
I knew those Nicholas Cage movies couldn't have possibly been real.
*peeling off facemask* "This reminds me of the movie Faceoff where that guy takes his face off...Nicholas Cage or whatever"
I sob every time I see Nicholas Cage's face.
I remember when John Travolta and Nicholas Cage were reigning
Apparently me, Steven Segal, & Nicholas Cage are all in the running to be cast in a new movie that will be filmed locally
Nicholas Cage involved in Mongolian dinosaur bone smuggling ring? Sounds like the plot of a bad Hollywood B-movie
Marilyn Manson is slowly turning into Nicholas Cage.
It Could Happen to You (1994). Rosie Perez is MORE annoying than Nicholas Cage in this twee barrage of crap. Dire.
Anyone complaining about Nicholas Cage's acting ability has clearly never seen Sophia Coppola.
Drove past Independence Hall + Liberty Bell this morning hoping to see Nicholas Cage running around, but alas - only National Treasures 😂
I live for those 2 seconds of footage in all of his action movies where Nicholas Cage runs in slow motion.
I heard Johnny was in Vegas because he is in a sequel with Nicholas Cage & Elizabeth Shue in Leaving Cleveland for Las Vegas
Don Cheadle and Nicholas Cage on Christmas, great stuff
I'm Watching "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage & Téa Leoni, 1990. Underrated, great holiday movie.
Why do so many movies on TV have Jason Statham Steven Segal and Nicholas Cage in them?. Oh wait. They're macho movies and programmers are men?
I've watched the tv: "the family man" with Tea Leoni and Nicholas Cage. For the fourth time
Ever wondered why a random guy like Nicholas Cage made hundreds of not so exiting roles? Now you don´t know.
RILEY: The world is slowly turning into a Nicholas Cage movie and no one but me seems concerned by this.
If you like Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz and Nicholas Cage and cheesy screwball Christmas movies, this is worth...
Nicholas Cage has helped to find a missing girl who was kidnapped. What a hero.
How do I go about becoming the next Nicholas Cage? You know like how jet li took over from Bruce Lee? I could be Ric mange?
You know what's a good Christmas movie people forget about? Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Don Cheadle
In my books, Denzel Washington and Nicholas Cage are the G.O.A.T.
Where is El Chapo? Maybe he got a facial transplant and is sitting in the lobby of Trump Tower. Please let it be Nicholas Cage's face
Had a great lunch meeting with Gabriel Paul Napora and Nicholas Cage today about our upcoming…
About to watch Raising Arizona. Only here for Nicholas Cage.
*finds Nicholas Cage homeless*. Nick, the National Treasure was in your heart all along . *he punches me in the *** and ste…
"Imagine if Nicholas Cage played James Bond... now THAT would be a great movie." ~ interesting moments with my cousin.
If the moon landing happened this year we'd turn it into some meme involving cats or Nicholas Cage wow that's depressing.
TIL Nicholas Cage and Jason Schwartzman are first cousins. Max Fischer and Big Daddy share blood.
Nicholas Cage, through his father, is related to Francis Ford Coppola Talia Shire Sofia Coppola Jason Schwartzman and Robert Schwartzman
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