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Nice Job

Nice Job leading the Belmont Community,along with your service to San Mate…
Nice Job to our Lady Cardinal Softball team tonight! In beating the Harmony Grove Hornets in the 1st round of the El D…
Owen Stamper of Allen County with his nice bow buck from last weekend. Nice Job young man!
Hey, Nice Job leading the league in wins... Here's a couple dayime playoff games and the Joe West crew. F
Good morning ... thk for the opportunity . i will mind . Have a wonderful day ... and by the way , you are doing a NICE job .
Must be nice not having a job and having mommy and daddy pay for everything 😂😂 but please tell me how hard your life is.
brilliantly entertaining film, funny, action packed and a great cast. Nice job. Must watch
Congrats to WHF FC tournament winners: Todd the Duke (TH9), Wiro (TH11) - $150 in prizes headed…
nice - no prob man, i believe he’s going to get a chance to earn the MLB job, Heeney on his way to the bench
Nice job Ride For Chicago ...welcome to finish @ Skooters in Shorewood. Spectacular day all around.
We all have a darkness to traverse, to face in one way or another. Nice job. Stay in the light my friend!
Thanks to for the works van repair this week, great job and nice people!
Nice rooflight job completed in less than 8 hours
Vineland defeats Egg Harbor Township 37-7 to go 3-0 on the season. Nice job, Fighting Clan!
Kobi Simmons doing a nice job of working around an off-ball screen and hitting a perimeter jumper.
good call going to the bullpen. Nice job, stoner
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Nice job Jay!!! It sure is a good thing criminals follow gun free zone rules right?! :D
👏🏻 welldone RMC managed to get rank 2 in KL,nice job guys keep it up 💪🏻
Full Video: Ava Addams takes off purple sweater and gives nice ***
Looks like if we had won we would have been on tonight! Nice job,
Porter Gustin did nice job today "staying home", watching for fakes and making big tackles. Wasn't losing contain like vs. Bama.
Look back to the good old days, and tears play their role. Nice job eyes.
nice one sir but d contractor( Sheffield Nig) did a poor job on that Opere Road. Maybe you should come see for yourself.
Nice job exposing this special snowflake. She knows who I am, but says nothing, in lurking, she advances, this is w…
maybe. But we need dreams in the first place. Muslims have no dreams. Only dreams we have is a nice house, car, job.
who don't want to get a job, BUT people who live off the government do not live nice easy lives, they live...
Nice job football, way to bring these guys back to the only home they've known.
Hard to say no to but has been the only decent investment on Nice job
Good job of the bus replacement nice twenty minute waiting time for transfer. Just what I fancied!
It was such a fun time and the setup was so creative and enjoyable. A nice venue too! Bride did a fab job 👌🏾
This is possibly the best year of racing I've ever seen Week after week a great show. Nice job Mark and An…
nice to know the cops are doin their job so well ! Harassin someone w/ no money for food or a home! Annoyed but not surprised
Nice job for today eziarchery 🎉 Alhamdulillah archery event with Kakak Kakak Bomba, I love…
First two Emerald Nightmare bosses down on day one! Nice job team! Kill videos coming soon.
Nice job of banning Chinese *** . Acts like these even core critic of urs like me wud appreciate u
me: "Why don't we ever do anything nice anymore?". bieber, with three monitors covered in SQL: "I've been so caught up in my job"
So proud of our boys tonight! Nice job blazers keep getting the dub! 24-8 💚💛
dailysmoothy:. dylanmn:. Shaved properly, nice job. That is such a well done athletically…
Don't you love it when your brand new headphones stop working in one ear. Nice job Apple. You're doing it right.
Good job to asb for the halftime show, the fireworks were nice
Hawks had a good game tonight and so did the Jackets!! Both bands are improving amazingly on their show and I can't wait for UIL! Nice job!
This was game. Nice job of choosing someone who just laid…
I guess I come off as a man *** according to the girls at my job. Because I'm " good looking and nice". I will never understand y'all 🤔😴
Yep I'm a fan of the show and you. What a fun show this is. Nice job.
Nice job boys congrats on your first WHL Win
The Ambari team in the Apache community and released Ambari this past week. Check HW's doc site for details. Nice job!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Nice Job! to the team on its 2-0 win over Pinelands on 2nd half goals from Connor Feeney and Brad Bischoff.
Record for highest score on a single Par-4 on PGA Tour? SIXTEEN! (+12 over) Nice Job, Kevin Na.
Nice Job , Gentlemen !! Rockies should have realized that they are the loser !!
Nice Job !! Ban star news, aaj tak and India today as well
Jalil Brewer win shot put with a 61 footer tonight. Nice Job! Brew and Isaiah Campbell go 1-2 in SP.
Nice Job on the Midwest Drive, Chip and putt piece.
Nice Job: 5-year postdoc/senior research fellow in human geography available at Oulu University in Finland:
"We did the Tim and Eric Awesome Show-Nice Job!" together. But who isn't a fan, right? :)
Hey! I got our yearbook critique back from VHSL this week and.we received a first place classification! Nice Job!
23 years ago someone did something nice for Hurricane Andrew victims.Nice Job!
Nice Job, Gentlemen, Zach, Joey, Chad, John, Josh,Parker,Connor&Coach, must have been the stats
Three Clear to Closes before 12pm. Nice Job: Fawn Hooper (Processor), Bert Jones (AE), Jamie Bihnam (AE) and...
Nice Job! I was wondering about Candy when you nicely recognised her role as former anchor of the program "State of the Union"
I read the article last wk.Great Stuff/Nice Job, Joe.Remembering Reynaldo Rey
Nice Job, Ireland. We did an overpass light brigade in San Diego-Friday-6/05/15
I was watching The Stephanie Abrams Show with Sam Champion & AMHQ. Nice Job.
Nice Job! to who added a two-run triple, and and who each had 2 hits, in Mater Dei's 7-2 win.
Google Wallet is better than my bank account notifications are fast,up to date and its not a pain in the *** to use. Nice Job
Read the New Day article on loved it especially the comic book inspired faction it's a great Idea. Nice Job!
That was a great with Dr. John Holdren. That hour makes a big difference. Nice Job!
Wohoo.. Gold Star Portland General Electric. Outage reported, was told by automated system eta for power to be returned. They were 25 mins early. Nice Job. Love you guys..
Congratulation Chris Kieres, Scott Robinson, Steve Jones and Andy Goodsell. They were awarded the EMS Crew of the Month. Nice Job!...
JP Morgan Chase had US taxpayers pay Millions for settlement US Public? You just elected those responsible. Nice Job!
Hey I just saw Emily and Lydia on tv talking about the Girl Scouts---Nice Job!
Nice Job tonight wildcats! Enjoy the victory then get ready for Ashley Ridge next week!
Nice Job Bullpen, Nice Job at Coaching Tony Pena, you see pitcher is Struggling. Hal it's your Fault
Nice Job with the Shining carpet in the lobby of the remodeled South Lamar location.
Did I hear 'Uncle Charlie' in there [smile]! Nice Job!
So funny, the red necks at work told me that Obama IS SOO Anti Military. He cut the Military budget etc. etc. .they don't even seem to know anything about the Sequestration budget. Because of the Sequestration, Domestic AND military spending share the 86 Billion in across the board cuts. Thank you Republicans for failure to pass a budget for more than two years on that one! The only thing they managed to pass this session is a watered down Highway bill so they don't all lose their elections and a bill that gives Billions in Tax Breaks to large corporations. Nice Job, Congress! (not!)
GHHS Science Olympiad finished 9th Place at the National Tournament ... Congrats to the team and Head Coach Reed. . Nice Job …
Must give a shout out to the turning stone casino. Nice Job for cinco de mayo...
Wow. Golden State Warriors you are *** You have a coach that leads you to the Playoffs in 2 consecutive years for the first time since 1992 and the first time with 2 seasons in a row with 45+ wins since 1976, and you fire him because front office (mainly the owner) doesn't like him... The fans love him. The players love him. Front office must not love winning. You guys just took HUGE steps backwards. Nice Job.
Congrats to Winning their Western Conference Championship and will compete for the OHA finals! Nice Job team
Took First in the Team Pool Tournament for Friday Morning pool league. We also won the season for Friday Pool league. Nice Job to our team of: Kevin Riley, Paul Wiese, Tim Green, Dan Hermanson, Bob Funky, and Ron (wally) Wahl.
Graduation! Beginner Dog Obedience, Yippee, Nice Job everyone. You guys have come so far, keep up the good work. You can see a little of our fig. 8 work and we played a game of musical chairs. It was close game but Tucker took the win. :-)
The Old Lyme Fire Department and Old Lyme EMS at work Sunday morning rescuing an elderly resident from her partially submerged car under the train bridge on Cross Lane. The women was not injured and the rescue was completed with out incident. Nice Job!
Congrats to cousin Bob Hoffman, coach of Mercer, for beating Duke yesterday. Nice Job!
Nice Job at TAG. I would like to chat with you in person John. Send me a note anytime. Chris Cook, Oracle CX
Good Morning Everyone it's Tuesday! Another below zero morning for the start of the day. Well if you hadn't caught our posts yesterday. Here is the recap. Patrol handled 11 motor vehicle accidents in the last 24 hours. On Febaruary 8th 1st Watch Patrol arrested an Armed Robbery suspect as he was fleeing the scene. He was charged with a felony. Nice Job 1st Watch Officers. The Niles Police Department was awarded Gold for fundraising for Special Olympics Illinois. NPD staff raised over $24,000 for this very worthy cause, making us 10th in the State of Illinois for fundraising. Awesome job NPD! Special thanks to Niles Public Works for all their hard work keeping the streets clear during the last several snow storms. They have been working long hard hours. Get some needed sleep! On this day in History. 2012 - Whitney Houston, American singer and actress, dies from an accidental drowning at age 48 1990 - Nelson Mandela (political prisoner-27 years) freed in South Africa. 1990 - James "Buster" Douglas KOs Mike ...
Angela Davis and are coming to Lehigh! Nice Job !
So I'm back at Newark airport checking in and the United counter looks like someone through up people all over it. No one seems to know what they are doing ! Just drop your bag anywhere and head for security. Nice Job
Young Indian team is out there for their first outing in safari land.. still need to work it hard Nice Job
Congratulations also go out to the Penn State Learning Factory team of Alexander Koslov, Andrew Timmons, and John Stillmun on their 2nd Place win in the "Lockheed Martin Best Project Award" at the December Learning Factory Project Showcase event. Nice Job! The team designed and built a prototype payload hauler device for their sponsor, and PennTAP client, the Nearth Company. The Nearth Company is owned by Ross Garside from Sunbury, PA Congratulations Ross! You were a great Sponsor. Thank you also goes out to faculty Advisor, Dr. Matthew Parkinson, for guiding the team.
Wow! This is why you have to show up every week ready to play... Regardless of the circumstances... Regardless of the competition.. NIU had their tickets punched to the Fiesta Bowl... Undefeated... Ranked in the BCS... And they got absolutely 'BLOWN OUT' by Bowling Green! BOWLING GREEN!!! Are you kidding me!?! Nice Job, Falcons! I was pulling for the Huskies to steal a BCS Bid... But I love an Upset as much as anyone!
Matt Young finished top 30 with a 17:10 and Michael Mentler PR'd at state cross country. Nice Job guys!
Mr Welch's oceanography class saltwater tank and turtles - Nice Job great new class at HJSHS
Nice Job to Tandon Doss for that 82 yard punt return tiuchdown against Houston!! Get 'em Ravens!!!
Congrats to Sebastian T from Irvine who passed his behind-the-wheel at Laguna Hills DMV and only missed -6. Nice Job!
So proud of my daughter. Finished her 1st half marathon in 2 hours 38 minutes! Nice Job!!!
This is how you do and Nice Job,Cool!
Attention Yankees Fans.ARod starts rehab games starting tomorrow.Do any Yankee fans honestly think he's going to make a difference? I say,absolutely not...Since he started steroids he's been an average player AT BEST! The sad part about it is he's signed for 4 MORE YEARS!!! Nice Job, Brian Cashman!!
You guys are on a roll today. Nice Job and keep up the good work!
Glass Sword as DoomsDay = Nice Job! Tre's Green Lantern is just too much...
Congratulations to all of the Lincoln County School District Graduates!!! Nice Job :)
Nice Job to UNH Sea Grant, Evan Mallett, Matt Louis, Evan Hennessey, Mark Segal, my lovely helper Mollie Sanders, Red Hook Breweing, Seaport Fish, The local fishing community and all those who came out to support eating local fresh fish at The Portsmouth Commercial Fishing Pier yesterday!! Well done to all!
Nice Job and Jay Bruce winning this game for the good guys.
Indiana Tech Wins the Hoosier Conference Championship and is on the way to the National Championships!! Nice Job !!
OH MY GOD Thank you pointing that out.I can't believe Al Roker almost kind of sort of gave an opinion but not really.Nice Job
Sweeep is Sweet! Nice Job program! Varsity at RM Invite tomorrow, games at 5pm and 7pm. Game 1 vs. Waukegan... Game 2 vs. South Elgin !
Nice Job tonight Heat! 88-86 over the spurs. with the clutch 3. Still top the spurs without James, Chalmers, and Wade
Nice Job! Did you edit this with Windows Live Movie Maker? (
What a great morning! Just got back from running the IRISH 5K in Pawtucket with Robin and Lucy. Little chilly in the beginning but after that 2nd mile things started to heat up. Nice Job girls.
Thanks so much for all of the Birthday wishes I got today... They mean a lot every year, but this year a little more... Just wish Mom was one of them, but I know she is smileing down on all of us...:) Thanks to Amanda and Scott, for putting on an awesome, BBQ chicken dinner, with all the fixings. Even managed to get my Aunt Elsie and cousin Diane up for the event... Which hasn't happened in like 25 years! Then to top it all off, a Carvel Ice cream cake (my high school job)... m Nice Job sis. God bless, and love you guys.
Attendance points are awarded to EMP! Nice Job you had 6.5 people attending.(.5 is someone who is late) (1D-3, IS-4, WG-5)   We have had to AGAIN switch around the teams.sorry.  Sammy is now team 1D, Fernando is still EMP, Roma is EMP, Nick is EMP, Jorge is EMP, Deonte is WG.   Makeup to make B a TOTS scary Zed-Thanks to (5pts): Sadie-1D, Lala-1D, Jo-IS, Cher-WG   Help 5pts each:   Sadie-1D for helping bring out the Z items, Gonzo-EMP-bring out the Z items, Jorge-EMP-excellent job taking pics, Nick-EMP thinking on his feet to get a pic of that cray cray Jeff, Fernando-EMP-excellent pics of our filming, Rachel-IS-bring out Z items, Jo-IS-taking aWeSoMe pics of our filming-plus ten more points for puting up with rude people (sorry :(  ), Jeff-WG-attempting to film with the broken camera, Cher-WG-helped take down signs.   Ideas! 7pts each:  Ariya-1D and Smity-IS   MuRdEr! 10pts  Ariya-1D last townsperson, Ty-EMP-Diabolical, Fernando-EMP points for good sportsmanship for being the brunt of Smity's d ...
So the Hockey Mom Hall of Fame excitement continues.see email I received below. Thank you again Karin Beckstrand! Oh and a guy from Mound/Westonka grabbed my arm the other night at the rink and said, Nice Job at the Wild Game the other week. I saw you!!! LOL. Too funny but totally cool. Loving this fame! Hi Tina, I hope things have been going well for you and your family since you were at the Wild game being recognized as a dedicated Hockey Mom! This time I am emailing you to let you know, you have been selected into our Hockey Mom Hall of Fame! Each month we will select one mom who stood out above the rest and add them to our Hall of Fame. A plaque will be made up with your picture and a brief description of your dedication. We will use part of the submission we received when you were nominated, however we will need a picture from you to place with it. You may pick the photo you want to be used, it can include your children, be at an ice arena, etc. Once you have selected the photo, please send it t ...
love it ! the Presidential Debate !so far impressed with Muite stand on the ICC matter ! why only 4 names that where forward to ICC & yet shod b 6 names ! Dida holding his ground ! Martha Karua nice job, Uhuru kenyatta standing Tall Let The People Decide ! Very consistence ! Nice Job so far !
"SHOUT OUT" We would like to THANK all the sharkateers that helped make Shoultes Movie Night a SUCCESS! 1. Tonya Smith 2. Krista Parke 3. Stacie Simpson 4. Amanda Smalley 5. Debi Mondares 6. Tiffani Mondares-Riggs 7. Tammi Habic (PTSA Secretary/Movie Night Chairperson) 8. Jennifer Giesy (PTSA President) 9. Anna Young (PTSA Treasurer) 10. Sherry Stewart (c/o PTSA Vice President) 11. Jann Zabel 12. Barb Thornlund (Our Tosa) 13. Chris Sampley (Our Principal) 14. Deb Vincelette (1st grade teacher) Thank You for ALL Your help in making this Shoultes event Successful, we had 230 movie guests attend...that means a lot of popcorn, nachos, smiles, laughter, friends, and families spending time together. With that said, Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, neighbors, spending their Friday, with your family, with our Shoultes Family. One last Thanks is to Tammi and Jennifer for putting together a great fun friday movie night! Nice Job~
Nice Job! May you have the success you did as a with the Halos - just don't beat the when you play them.
Nice Job today ladies! Final scores: 8-4 win over Rancho Cucamonga. 4-3 loss to Ayala. The important thing is we never game up. See you all at practice tomorrow after school!
Check out this publication if you want to understand "South Philly" style and news! Wonderful magazine for those living in the city now - and those of us who have migrated out of the area like me Barbara Ann Zippi - Nice Job ladies!
Splinter Cell Blacklist - Saints And Sinners: Great fan video from all the recently release footage! Nice Job :)
enjoying you and Mears on the telecast. Nice Job. You may be the next Eddie O.
Nice Job wrestlers!!! Let's recap finishes here please. I have seen that all of the following medaled today. Marcos 1st Payton T. 1st Chase 1st
JFF got 2029 total points. It looks like rudinger got closest with 2032!!! Nice Job! Going to give an 1st edition Tshirt to Anderson for 2nd place! I will send Messages Monday morning and arrange to get you two you shirts! Congrats and thanks for playing!!
This is the email I got today by our Athletic Director... Coaches It is with great pleasure that I tell you that ALL of our fall varsity teams had earned the “NYS Scholar Athlete Team Award”! This means that a required number of team members GPA is a 90% or better. This is the first time in my 10 years in Oneida that all teams in a season have accomplished this. Please congratulate your team members on a job well done in the classroom. Nice Job!!
Had two little guys join Gail and I clean the church today, it was Royal Ranger day to clean. I guess the others forgot! Here's a shout out to Austin and Ryland. Nice Job!
Red Hook Fire Company your truck LOOKED AWESOME tonight! Nice Job on the LIGHTS!
yes sounds like big job. Nice when finished though. Dont be in a mess over Christmas !
RDM did a nice job last season but this season the team lack confidence and technique
Nice!! well enjoy :) Great job today!! Double stacking *** lucky you won anyway :)
Nice job dear laptop, keep on rebelling. You only live once aint you laptop? Pft
'Have u had a nose job because your nose is perfect' nice chat up line
Hi , I just watched your work .. that's so awesome template. nice job Bro.. :)
it's my Sunday job, make the list, clean the house and have a nice bath:-) x
Nice guy? He's good at his job, but have you read this article?
Love it! Good job!!"Already missing Devoxx? Check out this very nice 2012 Devoxx video from @
Nice little Christmas temporary job confirmed, still on the fence about working New Years eve
also great job with those bazookas Trizzz they look pre nice.
Nice piece for those who remember youth spent watching Italian football on weekend mornings and on a Monday night.
That guy Waichue is half Thai half Swedish. Nice combination~~ n his job is cool too! xDD
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The bus I need to get for my job interview drops me off 10 minutes away at the bottom of a hill. Nice sweaty heap when I arrive then.
Umm some *** hit Kaseys car and ran off. Now its literally un-driveable. Cool. Nice job.
You'll get to watch all thr DBs u beat out last week!! Nice Job! Congrats! GO HAWKS!!!
Good job UN ,nice to know your are representing world peace:_
"Minutes ago, the IDF targeted the site in Gaza from where the rocket was fired at Tel Aviv." Nice job!!
ETSY: Why don't you buy sth nice for yourself?
Well done Miss Carla . You did your best. :) Nice job. :))
Used to get accommodation through work. When changed job had to move to cheaper area of London as couldn't afford nice area
I need more windows in this house. A job would be nice too.
feels so nice to even see that Artis-guy getting voted off! Good job guys!
Nice. Been meaning to give that a go, I like a classic job system.
I think Hardwell has a new chalenger :) Nice job man! (
Nice job! You just flew 429 miles CGK > SUB. Try our free service to keep your flight history and get personal flight map.
Matha u did a great job in My beautiful and nice concept ...007...@
Good job 😁👍 “Had the best night in a long time, it's nice to quit stressing for a minute. ✌”
We as a community, your family, friends, faculty and alumni could not be any more proud of you, the Mary M Knight football team! You did us all proud this year, YOU make me proud to say i am a MMK graduate, nice job boys
S/O to and for popping up at my job. It's always nice to see my hopefam while at work.
Nice job old fella. Bargs sounds like he had the Jandle down as well.
What were you thinking when you were spinning around? I was really scared that something would go wrong. But nice job!
Got that perfect *** got that perfect curvy body, got that nice smile, my titties lil small but they nice, got a job n a crib
I really wish I could get on at Toyota, Sabic, or Berry Plastics. The things I would do for a steady, nice plant job with benefits.
Why did I ever get fake nails? They were nice when the Pokeball paint job lasted, which was about 3 days.
nice job today. Very convincing win nice interveiw with larry merchant.dont gamble cash like mayweather. Keep ur cash
Meeting tonight was great, he's so nice. He even said he'd check out my youtube B) great job tonight!
So thankful to have such amazing friends and family that got him such nice things, and that I have a job so I can buy him nice stuff too (:
Innovative monitor ... 21:9 aspect ratio. This makes a lot of sense to me. Nice job Dell.
another nice sunny Sunday in worc. ready for job hunting and learning lines.
do you really believe PhD holders applied for a driving job? Nice piece there!
anyway suppose I best get ready for this interview. I think a week without a job is quite long enough thank you... been a nice rest though
Nice job there Lucy, coppying my answer -.- — It was just too good and true Charlie ;)
Get your iPhone insurance today!
cool, catherine stayed in Stellenbosch the last few weeks, what a nice person. Also my job to know the riders
Just cause I finished my job at the kennels today the paid me triple for a thank you. Aw they cute nice people
wow! Dude, it's CSI! Nice job making me seem crazy, how very "woman" of you.
your friend Iam_tosin, did a good job on that post. Tell him/her that was a Nice post
Job-hunting can be a right bore-off. Which is why we've listed lots of nice arts jobs for you here:
These blind ppl ar my job are really nice
Always nice to have a client offered an immediate start job over the weekend!! Life can change over night! Love this businessx
done photoshoot for SM STA MESA POSTER..nice job guys..thank u sa magaling kong photographer and makeup artist mr&ms and sa lahat ng models ko..see u on sunday 7am calltime for the mainevent..hosted by MS STEPH ONGKIKO news caster..
So, did what was a surprisingly good gig this eve. I just dropped in to check it out and it was so cool that when asked if I'd like to do a set I jumped at the chance. The room is in a community room of a kinda swanky condo complex in San Jose. It's run by Jason Myung Rogers and he really does a nice job putting the thing together. The Audience was very smart and were obviously there to laugh (not counting three women in the second row) - All the comics did great. Nathan Habib (who drove me did great, The headliner Liz Grant was amazing. And so was everyone else. If Jason asks you if you want to do this show - take him up on it. (just get really clear directions on how to find it once you have parked)
Nice job California ...if I ever feel the need for a state funded plastic *** I'm moving there
Proud of all three of my boys today for their volunteer work. Carson, Erik, and Christian did a great job at the Turkey Drive helping to feed 11,000 families. Christian did double duty and also volunteered at St. Pauls Episcopal Church as he cleaned the grounds. Erik put in 6 hours at the Turkey Drive. Carson helped for a couple of hours before he went to work. Nice job boys, I am so proud of all three of you, well done.
went to the Thanksgiving parade it was nice for a little town .it was in the evening and had nice Christmas lights lit up . NICE JOB TAZEWELL
Jon Block Group Sports sponsored rider Wyatt Farris recently won the 600cc Superbike race on his Jon Block Group/CT Racing/Pirelli Yamaha YZF-R6, and finished second in Formula One at the California State “Best Of The West” Championship, presented by San Diego BMW Motorcycles at the Las Vegas Motor ...
HomeMaker’s Tool Works is where to buy a MendelMax, the most robust 3D printer in its class. Headed up by the original developer, Maker’s Tool Works provides quality service and quick shipping. Buying from Maker’s Tool Works helps ensure the MendelMax retains it’s position as the leading edge RepRap...
10 in a row.. NICE JOB boys!! Have fun... BUT please don't wreck my house...LOL
congrats to Brandon and Brittany for getting their scholar/athlete awards for having a 3.3 or better during their sports seasons, nice job
Nice job to Emily Jaszewski tonight!! Wonderful show.
dedicated to our mentor and our dear senior . most respected senior MR.PURUSHARTH SINGH sir
Just got done watching (via Live web feed) my buddy Rich Black running in the Vet main event in Vegas at the final round of the Endurocross. Nice job Rich! I'm convinced that if you had gotten through that second corner without the carnage that you would have been competing for a podium spot.
Second best fight ever. Nice job Gsp.
I don't care what anyone says. Jab Tak Hai Jaan awesome movie. Nice job Yash Chopra.
Great fight!!! A rusty gsp got it done.. Nice job condit.. Good show!
Nice job Spartans! Wish I could say the same about our Bears...:(
Unbelievable music tonight at Lumpy's annual bash. I was proud to watch the Lumpster trade licks all night with Fly Amero from Orleans and Jon Butcher . As much musical fun as is allowed by law. Dance With Me left the crowd stunned . Nice job. Is it next year yet?
Nice job today adrenaline now lets come out strong tomorrow so that we can advance on in the tournament. good job today boys. Zach Halsted that cross to Nicky Butler was a really nice cross so lets come out strong and beat those guys
I just want to say nice job Taylor Christianna Thomas Your dress is beautiful and first time for everything. Sorry I couldn't help you more, the house needs my attention. Proud of ya.
Chalk one up for the brainiacs. Way to go Stanford! Nice job beating those weed-smoking, drunk-driving, Nike-supported hippie Ducks!!! BCS CHAOS!
Rolex sponsored Adam Scott was pretty quick to put that Tag down. Nice job Scotty!!!
NICE JOB RAAG! At Anahat, waiting for judges' placement decision. I am so proud of all of us no matter what and I love you very much! Thank you for including me in your brown family!
Go Wildcats. Had to "watch" on espn's game cast. Wish I had video. Nice job ASU too.
Probably the best UFC fight we have watched in 4 years! Nice job, GSP and Condit! So fun!!
Carlos condit u didnt win but u rep the 505 and that was good enuff for me nice job
Oh my God... What a PPV. Unbelievable main event. That was a blood bath that tested both fighter's heart, determination, and perseverance. Congrats to GSP. Also, nice job Johnny Hendricks. You found a way to land it again. It's alright to be a one trick pony when the trick is that good.
Warmed my heart to see how many people participated in Lights for Jayden. I was driving home from work and got to see alot of them. Went through my subdivision and was really happy to see how many people decorated in our subdivision alone. Jim spent his day off putting our lights up and did a nice job. He knew how bad I wanted to participate, but couldn't because of my work schedule. Jayden is an 8yr old boy that is fighting for his life. He has brain cancer and was just sent home from UofM on hospice. He loves Christmas and knowing this some of his bullock creek school mates decided to hand out flyers all over Midland to incourage people to put up their Christmas lights/displays this weekend, so that Jayden's family could drive him around to enjoy the christmas lights. I hope he enjoyed them as much if not more than I did. You are loved Jayden, keep up the good fight!
Thank you to everyone that came out to the fights tonight. The boys all fought great 3-0 nice job guys.
Saw The Belfast Cowboys tonight at Whiskey Junction in downtown Minneapolis. What a gas. The band was rocking, the people were dancing and there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. Nice job Terry Walsh, Dan Kowalke and the rest. Outstanding!!!
Nice job bucks I was scared. For a minute here we go wolves you ready yeah you no im talking to you not gonna say no names lol love you
That may be one of the few UFC fights that the battle was worth the money! Nice job GSP!
Nice job, Stanford. nice job, Baylor. Let's get it done, Alabama.
My sister-in-law, Erin just pulled off a true Surprise Birthday Party for my brother Trent. His actually 40th b-day is in January, but she had a party tonight. IT WAS A SURPRISE. I loved the look on my brothers face when he came in, totally priceless. Thanks for a GREAT Night, Happy Early Birthday, Love you Trent and nice job Erin!!! :)
Great job today to some wonderful teammates! I don't know what id do without them! Good way to start off a season with two wins today girls! 2-0 baby :) nice job Lady Mustangs!
That was the BLOODYEST fight I've ever seen! Nice job Georges St. Pierre!
Nice job by Condit. Giving thanks to Montreal even though they booed him and now cheering him. O Canada!
What happened to a hunter's code of ethics? Nice job disrespecting the animal you killed.
Dirk traveled to Maryland this weekend to wrestle in the Sam Case Duels...Well I guess he does better without "The Family" cheering him on...WVU Tech's website reads...Ponchack wins first match 9 to 0.second match Tech Fall 17 to 1 and then...Ponchak finished his MVP day with a pin! Nice job Dirk!
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Now that was a fight. Nice job GSP, kinda wanted Condit to take it though.
*** All o can say is gsp condit 2. Nice job condit too bad u lost
Kristof thankyou so much for your help at the store. You do a nice job when your here. I really hope you help out more often when you can. So thankyou again I do appriciate all your hard work and all your. Efforts
Well my party was pretty great you guys pulled it off nice job(:(: thanks who all came!! And thanks mom for letting this all happen!
Just read it has been 6,937 days since the irish were # 1 Nice job
Nice job on SNL governor Christie, lose 300 plus pounds and you could be the next president!
Been up since 5, been dancing since 8am, you could say i'm exhausted. Nice job at our first competition of the season girls!
Well nice job placing 9th Bubba just figured out he really placed 9th! Lol (:
I want to congratulate my daughter Jeanne Bernedette for being top 2 in her class. nice job anak. you can do more. Always thank the Lord for the wisdom He had given you.
Chilling with uBafo wami Mdurango.listening to some old school hOuse.Nice.Job well done to the organisor of Mahlanyeni 1st year was nice to make contacts with the legends Guffy and Sbu Maloya
Nice job Oregon, now we get stuck with ND vs Alabama more than likely in the title game. Not sure which I hate more, ND or the SEC.
Nice job Camas Papermakers! On to the semi-finals in Tacoma. You made a crappy football day a little better.
Giving a shout out to my cuz Eric Vanlerberghe and Ever Thy Ally for one *** of a show nice job guys
Is the former CIA director's testimony going to blow some major holes in the mainstream media and administration's narrative?
Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini tells ABC News Breakfast people forget that Hamas is a terrorist organisation that wants to destroy Israel.
ok ppl .. im at the C4W tonight with stephen and tamara and . omg . stephen got in the ring and got on one knee and asked tamara to marry him it was great .. wow im in shock .. i love ya stephen nice job .. now u all just wait i have a vidoe that im putttin up of him doing this .. congrats tamata and stephen . i love you both
Tonight.that was a great "comeback" win for Syracuse football.nice job! only took 1 week for the SEC to get back to the title game...nice job Oregon and Kansas State
Nice Job on the win Gators Beast team!!
Go Mount Carmel! Nice job Bro! Juan Beltran... Your hard work and dedication is paying off... you still have one more game stay focused :) love u kid!
Nice job Teamsters! Hey Hostess. Employees, you paid dues to a bunch of mobster thugs that just got your *** fired! Happy holidays!!!
Nice job Nixa! Cinderella was a pleasure and it was good to be back in that theater to watch all my friends:)
Nice job Baylor! Now get me some green sauce from Ninfa's.
I just love it when a plan comes together. Nice job Stanford and Baylor!! Now take care of your business Bama!!!
Just for those of you who like UFC but couldn't watch the PPV tonight. Johny Hendricks beat Martin Kampmann by KO in 46 short seconds... gotta love that 1 2 combo laid down perfectly!!! Nice Job Johny!!
Ashland came out guns blazing today w a 92-56 victory today. Nice job ladies!
Nice job Baylor! Gotta love college football just don't have to like it sometimes:(
Nice job Oregon. I was gonna throw money on u to win a championship. Good thing I didn't.
even tho we had so many team turnovers we still can thru wid a win im happy dat me n mii baby watch dha game 2gather its was fun nyways hope king james & D-3 gets betta nice job 2nite boys also 2 U-D 2 mo grab of rebounds u lead dha heat n rebounds hopefully nxt game which i kno u gnna get nyways bae teln me 2 *** 2 bed so nite heat safe trip home god bless
What a day. Have not seen that in a long time. Nice job team.
Woo Hoo Nice Job Notre Dame!!! Thank God because I thought Bryan was going to have a heart attack watching the game! Great night with great friends and an awesome win!
Nice job Baylor and Stanford! The SEC is back in the picture for the national title. Roll Tide Roll!
Okaiee! More top 3 teams upset tonight. Nice job Stanford and Baylor!
ITS GOOD ! ITS GOOD ! YEAH...Nice job Stanford! I was going to pull out the old nintendo for a family game of duck hunt.watching this game was better
SEC is back in the National Championship game. It would have been a shame if they didn't have a team represented. Chip Kelly at Oregon is a arrogant A hole. Local Gonzaga boy takes them down. Nice job Kevin Hogan.
Nice job Baylor and Stanford! Move on out of the way Bama moves on up!!!
It was a great hockey tourny this week for my son Weston, He lead the Golden Bears to solid victories and played a great series of games. You were unselfish and made everyone around you better. Nice job. Also congrats for being accepted to CSUF.
So No.1 and No.2 lose!!! Nice job OHIO STATE if u would have just imposed your penalty last year we would be probably be ranked after this weekend... Karma at work
Sascha Smith scared a few of our players tonight. Nice job Sascha Smith
Well.nice job Kansas and Oregon. Way to prove that you didn't belong number 1 and 2 and giving ESPN all the firepower they need. Come Notre *** just one week left. Don't lose. I really don't want another SEC rematch.
Nice job PAC 10 and big 12... If I have to watch another boring SEC team in the champs ill sleep through it all again
wow...nice job Stanford defense...good game
Nice job Oregon what a way to play.
Nice job Stanford you plucked the ducks
Top two teams in the country fall within a few minutes. Can you believe it? The Irish will be in the next poll. Who would have thought those words would be said at the beginning of the year? Nice job, Brian Kelly!
Nice job Stanford!!! Well Alabama fans you just have to beat Auburn and Georgia, you'll get another shot!
Just witnessed Oregon get upset by Stanford. Nice job Stanford, that was a battle so good game to both teams.
Well, gee, Pac-10 and Big 12. You just gave it back to the SEC. Nice job.
Nice Job Stanford and Baylor for paving the way.GO IRISH
Spent the day in May, TX watching the HCA Eagles win the 1st round of the play offs 71 - 30. Nice job boys. On to the regional game next Saturday night.
Nice job Bears... Hopefully this will keep the Heisman in the state!
Well we back in it rmft nice job stanford and baylor
Nice job K-State and Oregon ... You just placed a "15" on a silver platter.
Nice job k-state... thats what i would say if you could have beat BAYLOR FOR GODS SAKE!!
Nice Job on the tea Party Express Blog. 4 out of the last 8 entry titles use the word "black".
Congratulations to the Blue Springs High School Golden Regiment! Out of approximately 60 Bands at the Bands Of America Super Regional in St. Louis this weekend, Blue Springs brought home 3rd place! Though we hoped for a win, this is an awesome accomplishment for this size of competition. Nice Job, GR!
Thank You Justin Verlander, and your 9th inning 99mph Fastball (Plus the other array of frontline 89 mph change up???... SICK!!!) Nice Job.
Good to see my old friend & neighbor sing the National Anthem with Bob Weir & Phil Lesh at the beginning of the Giants/Cardinals game! Nice Job, Flan! Go Giants!
It is awesome to see a bunch of kids realize their potential trust their ability but most of all play as a team. Nice Job yesterday to the 130 lb Palmerton Booster Club Football team on one of the best team efforts i have seen as a coach in a long long time.
Started my day singing at a Coffee House at Lowell United Methodist Church. What a great group of people...their heart is with the Lord! Another of the Small but Mighty Churches in our area! Thank you for inviting me back! And thank you Shane for singing during my break. Nice Job!
Nice Job, Drew Brees. 48 straight games with at least one touchdown pass. That's a feat Mr. Sanchez will never reach. Jets suck! Put in Phil Simms' kid!!!
A team shows off a perfect square end cut! Nice Job!!!
First.congrats to Tigers and JV for solid game last night. Nice Job. Secondly, Including last nights game, the Tigers and Chi Sox both have 20 games left. What record will Jim Leyland get his team to achieve? What record is enough to win? I set the bar HIGH. I want the Tigers to go 15 - 5. If they lose the division it means that Chicago also went 15 - 5 (or better) down the stretch. Just saying this is a great measurable for the Tigers and Jim Leyland. If he goes 10 -10 down the him the door..please. NOW is the TIME to WIN EVERY GAME. P.S. to Jimmy Leyland...probably NOT the right time to rest any of your STARS. Fielder, Cabrera, A. Jackson and the BEST players need to be out there everyday! Good Luck Tigers.seriously.
Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Eleven:Eleven Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Eleven:Eleven on SoundCloud - Nice Job!
Boys golf defeated Fairview and Creekwood but lost to Houston County. Boys were led by Trevor Mace with a 41 and Daniel Huang with a 43...Nice Job boys! Girls golf defeated Houston County and Fairview, AnnaMichelle was low medalist(lowest score of all girls) with a 39 and Bailey Foote was 2nd place with a 42...Girls dominated! Great Job
The Blue Dogs may lose Illinois for Obama. Nice Job, Morons. I guess destroying the 50 state strategy Howard Dean created to win a landslide victory in 2008, and the monumental disaster of 2010 Rahm crafted wasn't enough for these morons.
Just saw Matthew Broderick in Nice Job if you can get it on Broadway. It was great. Then ate at Sardis. Are you all jealous? You should be.
Nice Job and on your photo gallery module - works like a charm!
probably my favorite Carl Thomas song! Not too many people know of this one. Nice Job!!
I am a HUGE fan of the post office! Nice Job! Ofcourse, I'm lucky enough to have a postman who lives in our neighborhood, is a great neighbor and who actually came over to give my kitty an insulin shot when I needed to go out of town unexpectedly.
Don Siegelman, former Democrat Governor of Alabama, get's 6 1/2 yrs in prison for bribery and fraud. Nice Job ***
Oh, Yeah! The Brooklyn Nets Open the Season in Brooklyn on Thursday November 1 Against the New York Knicks. The Battle for New York Begins! Nice Job, NBA!
Nice Job this summer and on the U23 jersey! Looking forward to having you down south soon. Good luck on your remaining races...
Nice Job, Knicks. You let one of the most dynamic and marketable players in the HISTORY of your franchise walk away for a few million dollars even though you have billions to burn... Jim Dolan, you are an *** !!
Nice Job of the Blackfish organization by Wietse.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Nice Job by the Lab Team at SNS on our Pinewood Derby Car.Please take a second and like our car. Each Like is a vote for SNS and Chevy Chase
Just got done with The Glee Project. Nellie Veit way to go... You are growing every week. Nice Job!!!
I not sure how many of you watched the All Star Game last Night. But didnt it seem like it was the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees VS the National League? Wow Just think what would have happened if Ron Washington would have played his players like La Rosa did for the national League.( The Guys with the Best numbers and tried to play as many players as he could ) What if Jerad Weaver Started the game with his .94 ERA I thought you play your best starter in ALL STAR GAME? Which means you pitcher with the best numbers. Vs. Verlander I think his ERA is 2.58 Maybe there would have been no Runs in the 1st inning. Nice Job there Ron Washington. Oh wait thats right Weaver did pitch in the 3RD INNING and he did what??? NO RUNS SCORED do you think thats why his ERA is .94. Then MY favorite part of the All Star game was when Ron Washington brought in MIKE TROUT in the what?? The 7th Inning?? This guy is leading the American League with the Highest batting average and most stolen bases and Can play the outfield li ...
Enjoyed trip to NYC. Saw "A Nice Job if YOu Can Get It" and Mary Poppins on Broadway. Went to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. Hard to believe how large it really is. Went to Ellis Island, China Town, Times Square and all the other touristy sights. Felt safer in NYC at 11 PM than downtown Asheville. Not a single person approached us for money and saw no one sleeping on the street.
Serena Williams for the Womens and Roger Federer for the Mens,,, Championship on The 2012 Wimbledon. My Favorite for that Spot Are Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal,, but Sad to say, they didn't won,,, history for RF 17 granslam title,, and his 7th wWimbledon title, while Serena,,, 5th title, and championship also for womens double, ROger has shared his 7th title with Pete Sampras of US, Nice Job my to al of you guys... keep it Up and God BLess
Nice Job on the Weather Report Tonight on ABC World News..Yea u Looked Good..:}
Philadelphia Union Michael Farfan Jack McInerney Zachary MacMath and all the boys in blue! Nice Job!! Sons of Ben
Nice Job by Former Devs. Cpt. Zach Parise.. Said the right things, & bolted to Minn with 98 mil after failing to win Cup. Gut check time..
Nice Job and x games It would be SWEET! if ya said hi to me okay You and Chaz Ortiz are my Fav. skaters keep up the great work
Perez Hilton chimes in on Ray Romano, Everybody Loves Raymond, Men of a Certain Age, and Parenthood. Nice Job...
I got an A on my Criminal Law paper about House of Representatives Bill 1421 pertaining to legalizing marijuana for medical use and my teacher commented "Nice Job!"...isn't that awesome!!lol
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