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Niall Quinn

Niall John Quinn honorary MBE (born 6 October 1966 in Dublin, Ireland) is a former professional footballer, and the ex-chairman of Sunderland A.F.C..

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Peter Reid so we can hear him repeatedly tell us how he brought Kevin Phillips and Niall Quinn into our lives.
Niall Quinn says "if there's contact, the rules say it has to be a penalty." Do they really?
Happy 39th Birthday to one of the all-time greats, Gianluigi Buffon. . You beautiful human being.
for niall, zayn and troye it's for ffs. For harry and cara, kellin quinn or offer
can you also @ these Swarvey aswell. Niall Quinn, Micheal Owen, Phil Neville
Niall Quinn should probably stay away from management.
Whoever this co-commentator in the MUFC game is is so pro Hull it's getting annoying. It's like Niall Quinn commentating on Man City.
This sitting with malarkey..any chance of a crack at it for the blues gane?oh and could join??
⚡️ ⚡️. Throwback to the 1990 World Cup where Niall Quinn was also registered as Ireland's third goalkeeper in…
Robbie knees, the duffer and big bird Niall quinn
Shane long quickly added to liverpools shopping list
Niall Quinn... what a *** Best team over 180 minutes, best chances maybe but didn't play the better football
I assume you've heard Niall 'state the bleeding obvious/offer no insight' Quinn?
I hate it when Niall Quinn is correct.
Harry Redknapp will realise that his BT Contract will be ripped up unless he goes on the 'Niall Quinn Quick *** train…
Niall Quinn: Why era of is ending and 'are back
I saw Miguel for Spain v Rep of Ireland in 93. After he saw off Niall Quinn, he then saw off Cascarino.
Shut up Niall Quinn!! He brought Matip on in the 93rd minute of a 95 minute game! No news at all!
we'll be playing Lillian Laslandes and Niall Quinn come the beginning of March!
Fair enough, it's enough to listen to the commentators try to find a way to complement the refs. Niall Quinn is particularly bad
💬 Niall Quinn: 'In the Premier League now, a big man [up front] is more important than ever.'
🎯 Niall Quinn says we're going through a "golden time" for the target man. . 🤔 Who is your all-time favourite?
I once let Niall Quinn out at a junction .. absolute random DD fact there ..
Niall Quinn says the false 9 fashion is ending, I'm sorry, have you not seen Roberto Firmino?
Niall Quinn explores why the era of false nines is ending and 'big' strikers are back in fashion in Premier League https:/…
This is hilarious. Niall Quinn for some bizarre reason is complimenting John Delaney on providing readily available…
6 mins: Aaron Burns heads just wide following Niall Quinn's corner from the right.
You're a plastic club who sold its soul to Niall Quinn with Roker Park and you label Utd? Look closer to home.
Great piece this from Niall Quinn about the late lovable Bob Cass and how football journalism used to be.
Chris Sutton is now in the same bracket as Andy Townsend and Niall Quinn as the most annoying pundits!!
Having to watch football on Bein Sports is just painful, their commentators are worse than Niall Quinn and Andy Townsend
Niall Quinn: This is why Jose Mourinho has gifted Chelsea an invite to Champions Leag
Who is the all time greatest cult hero in the Prem era? Niall Quinn, Jeremy Goss, *** Quinn?
GG (again!) to Niall Quinn for 1st at FNM. GG to me and Sean Lynch for 2nd & 3rd. A big thanks to all our players!.
Niall Quinn calling it as the biggest victory in there history in the 4th game in the group 🤔 decent win tho tbf
Niall Quinn comparing the Man City result to when they won a European trophy here. Group game or?
Man City win a UCL group game against Barca, Their fans & Niall Quinn going on like they've won the whole tournament.
Niall Quinn wetting himself, somebody should mention it's only a group game.
Alan Parry and Niall Quinn. The AIDS and HIV of football commentary
Somebody should've told Niall Quinn who our ref was today. Gary Beswick? 🤔
The year 2038. Claudio Bravo knocks a cup off the table at breakfast. Richard Keys, Gary Lineker, Niall Quinn all quietly mouthing. 'Joe'.
1991 and after having GK Tony Coton sent off, big Niall Quinn goes into goal for Man City and faces a penalty.
Quinn: Give Moyes more time: Niall Quinn believes David Moyes should be afforded time to implement his own me...
Thank you. I think the book is supposed to circulate alphabetically so please forward it to Niall Quinn.
usual on sky they have Niall Quinn, Terry Henry both ex ar5ena1 no Spurs player/ex player . biased opinions b4, during and…
Niall Quinn, Alan Smith and Terry Henry, I see Sky are providing a balanced commentary on Spurs again...
Thierry Henry and Niall Quinn in studio with Alan Smith on commentary. Should be a balanced afternoon of opinion
Sky have Thierry Henry, Alan Smith and Niall Quinn doing the Spurs match today... I presume Tim Sherwood was unavailable
If only the footy media had neutrals like Thierry Henry, Alan Smith, Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas or Niall Quinn.
have you noticed that the ref is like a cross between Niall Quinn and Alan Quinlan.
Niall Quinn: "Man Utd fans come from all over the world but fans come to the Etihad from the heart of Manchester" https:/…
sounds like something Niall Quinn would be involved in. Dodgy
The club pass on our condolences to former players Niall & Barry Quinn on the passing by of their father James today in Ballymena. RIP
Ireland legend Niall Quinn writes for JOE about Zlatan, Pogba... and Dundalk
Check out what Niall Quinn has to say on the Charity shield and the Zlat!
This is very nice from Niall Quinn.
do you not think this quote by Niall Quinn could be misinterpreted as being slightly racist??
Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal: Marcus Rashford follows up debut heroics with two first-half goals
Fiorentina vs Tottenham LIVE score: Follow the UEFA Europa League action as it
No surprise for Niall Quinn that new forward lit up https…
Louis van Gaal is the WORST Manchester United manager in 35 years after winning less than…
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COLUMN: Niall Quinn writes for JOE about Zlatan, Pogba, the new Premier League season and Dundalk's success
COLUMN: Niall Quinn on Zlatan, Pogba, the new Premier League season and Dundalk
"At Wembley in 1974 there were no black faces on the pitch". Niall Quinn not holding back there on Sky Sports
Sean Ward and Matty Clarke on for Mark Haughey and Niall Quinn after 57 minutes.
Martin Keown is like Niall Quinn on Sky. Sincere, enthusiastic 'punditry' based entirely on the last 30 seconds of evidenc…
Lawrenson and Savage do it for me 😳😳. Only saving grace, no Niall Quinn, Ray Wilkins or Alan Smith.
Had these stuck to the fridge for an age. The legend Mike Doyle , Niall Quinn and
Liam Brady and Niall Quinn probably as well in addition to the earlier list
C'mon you can do a Gary Breen to Niall Quinn flick to Robbie Keane to beat Khan
The video cuts away before you see Jack throwing his tactical sugar cubes at Niall Quinn in the hope that he'll knock it down for someone.
“It’s often been referred to as a death within your life.” - Niall Quinn on depression after he ended playing
Oh I don't know. Sky employ Niall Quinn and Don Goodman
Football Special Podcast - Man United v Bournemouth: Ed Chamberlin is joined by Alan Smith and Niall Quinn to...
Niall Quinn almost in tears at City's ineptitude-About as impartial as a Franny Lee/ Mike Summerbee hybrid.
Niall Quinn's punditry is like listening to an aural form of the flu. Wholly unpleasant and kills the weak.
Niall Quinn every time Welbeck plays "I took him up to Sunderland as a young lad" aye, you said last week, and the one before Niall.
Niall Quinn's voice makes me want to kill myself
Privilege to host guest of Niall Quinn at launch at House of Lords - and there too
you lost the league to Sunderland..,was Niall Quinn the leading scorer?
The commentator on has the charisma and personality of a wet flannel, think Niall Quinn and Phil Neville combined, that bad
he's even worse than Michael Owen and Niall Quinn which I never thought would be possible
Mike Summerbee took the biscuit for me closely followed by Niall Quinn for me, light years ahead of the scousers
was the turn of the millennium Kevin Phillips Niall Quinn v neck the apogee?
Ha! Guy nommed by some *** right-wingers to troll the Hugos is sending Zoe Quinn to awards for him
Niall Quinn closes the speeches by talking about the passion and aspiration behind
Ma Niall Quinn is off to Belfast for the weekend. Won't miss her x
Great Fam Bus workshop with Nick Quinn and Niall MacKenzie - very practical!
Great launch with Niall Quinn for player transition , addiction prevention for sports people, much needed.
I've seen and win at SJP. Seen and Niall Quinn score at the Leazes.
Here is our team, headed up by chairman Niall Quinn...
Chairman Niall Quinn officially launched our exciting new sports consultancy at the House of Lords today...
yeah I agree. So is Steve McManaman and Niall Quinn... 👍🏼
Niall Quinn needs to remind the Man City players again that they still have to score
Pat Lam: "The boys sat down and said 'Realistically, can we win this league? They all said 'Yes'."
need Niall Quinn to run down the touchline to tell them they need a goal!
they just need to ask Niall Quinn, he's a great pundit 👍🏻
Time to bring on Niall Quinn's disco pants
Niall Quinn needs to run out of the tunnel to tell them!
Was wondering when City where gonna bring on Niall Quinn for the long ball!!
Niall Quinn : Plenty of time, they done it against QPR, 15mins. WOW.. Yes Niall, Q..P..R - this is REAL MADRID..
Niall Quinn on for the last ten minutes. Knock it long.
Owen Hargreaves,the only pundit who makes Niall Quinn sound insightful
If a former Ireland striker borrowed trousers at the Bernabeu...they'd be Niall Quinn's Isco pants.
what about Niall Quinn being called mother Teresa? Put away your fancy touch screens
Niall Quinn playing for in the 90's. So much has changed since then...
When you think someone hacked Niall's account but then realize our fandom is just bored.
Congratulations to on the launch of his new company Fleet Street Sports and Media Group and appt of Niall Quinn as chair.
Remember when Liam and Zayn were working out and then Niall was on his Segway He is me .
Niall Quinn handing Bobby Moore's wife a bouquet of flowers during a tribute to 1966 at the House of Lords
Niall Quinn, Trevor Sinclair , Richard dune , David James and Richard Wright, some greats there 👀🙊
i wish there was relegation in the ranks of TV commentators too. My 3 for the drop would be Niall Quinn Alan Smith and Mich…
Looks like Niall Quinn was about to mug you!!
WATCH: Niall Quinn's son proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with brilliant training video
Big fan of Niall Quinn as a commentator sang praises for saints and has heaps of passion. Get him on
Gemini - With the descending Venus in your giant hands talking nonsense sector, try to avoid Niall Quinn
defo will be a hero I'm hoping my favourite forwards where Kevin Phillips & Niall Quinn
UFC200 is Saipan all over again. . Conor McGregor is Roy Keane. Dana is *** McCarthy. Diaz is Niall Quinn. Lorenzo is John Delaney.
The times they are a-changing. Niall Quinn to replace Lawwell and bring Keane and Steve Staunton with him
I'd even look at Niall Quinn...or what about someone with no Arsenal Souness
I don't know what's better Niall wearing glasses or his high note . htt…
Niall's interview with Sky Sports today at The Masters.
You don't hear the golfing world talk about Niall Quinn or Kevin Phillips do you?
Is Graham Souness just very small or are Niall Quinn & very tall?
Where is Alan Smith or Niall Quinn when you need them?
First time I have ever wanted Sunderland to win, even if I can't stand Niall Quinn
WATCH: Nasri back with a bang: Thierry Henry and Niall Quinn look back at Samir Nasri's impact for Manchester City
in 1999 Niall Quinn and Allan Johnston scored as beat Huddersfield Town
Colin Montgomerie is horrible to listen to like Niall Quinn and Thierry Henry just gets paid loads to be a dreadful pundit by Sky
David Haye is boxings Niall Quinn on the microphone 🙄🤔
Monty is the Niall Quinn of golf commentary
no brainer. 10 min left, need a goal? He's your Niall Quinn.
masters, Anyone agree. must be taking lessons from Quinn . Be controversial ... Its what we pay you 4
LISTEN: SNF Podcast: Thierry Henry and Niall Quinn were on Saturday Night Football to discuss Manchester City'...
Just caught end of the 'Pep talk', Niall Quinn saying it will be harder for Pep to pass I out cos teams don't respect you that much in EPL
I'm guessing you've never heard of Alan Smith, Niall Quinn or David Platt?
(27/3/91) It's 1-1 at Wembley as Niall Quinn equalises for the Republic of Ireland past David Seaman.
Graham Souness, Niall Quinn and Jamie Carragher could you pick a better bunch who hate United 😂😂😂
Niall Quinn has just said Anthony Martial has 'flattered to deceive' this season.
Niall Quinn set to return to Sunderland to replace Margaret Byrne following the Adam Johnson debacle. So ironic as he actually employed her!
ON this date 29 years ago, Viv Anderson and Niall Quinn were on target as Arsenal beat Spurs 2-1 in the League Cup semi at White Hart Lane.
Can you want to explain this, Niall Quinn?
At the start of this game Niall Quinn said Joe Hart should've started instead so now Caballero gets to kick his *** in.
Niall Quinn: "I don't know why Pellegrini's playing Caballero when there's Joe Hart on the bench"
Niall Quinn thinks Joe Hart is the best keeper in the league. Let that sink in.
Niall Quinn saying Joe Hart is best keeper in league.😂😂😂😂
he was the best co-commentator, Alan Smith is good but Niall Quinn is awful
get rid of Martin Tyler & Alan Parry etc etc boring old farts, Alan Smith, Niall Quinn etc etc get some new blood trained up!
Commentating on the *** game- Alan Smith,commentating on the Spurs game,Niall Quinn studio-Henry. MOTD,Keown,Dixon,Wright?
TUNNEL TALK: Niall Quinn & debate THAT penalty call in Spurs' win at City
aha but Niall Quinn's no match for Lee Dixon. Biased AND the worlds most boring man!
*** McCarthy and Niall Quinn tussle with Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard 1-1 v the Dutch
Young Irishman Niall Quinn dies after falling from houseboat on Australian river
Mass for Niall Quinn RIP on Wednesday 27th JanSt Patrick's Church, Bondi. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends🙏
Northern Ireland man dies in Australia boating accident
Family's agonising wait for Niall Quinn's body to be repatriated after tragedy in Australia - Belfast Telegraph
Coming up - Tributes to young Armagh man Niall Quinn who drowned in Australia at the weekend. We'll speak to a friend of the family.
Tributes have been paid to 27 year old Niall Quinn who died in Australia at the weekend
Devastated to hear of untimely death of Niall Quinn. Our sympathy and support to family and friends.
Our sincere sympathies go to the Quinn and Donnelly families on the tragic and untimely death of Niall Quinn in... https:/…
could be worse could have Clarke Carlisle or Niall Quinn
Niall Quinn is finding that oddly difficult to understand.
Henry was a great player. He seems a great lad. But he is a terrible pundit... Never makes a valid point. Should be Niall Quinn
God rest Niall Quinn of Silverbridge,County Armagh,killed in an accident in Australia.Go ndeana Dia trocaire ar an anam.
Irishman Niall Quinn was partying on boat when he fell into Australian river and died
Popular:. Northern Ireland man Niall Quinn dies in Australia boating accident
Thinking of the grief and pain in the hearts of the Quinn and Donnelly famillies tonight. Thoughts and prayers are with them. RIP Niall.
Niall is so cute when he is focused . .
Kevin Moran and Niall Quinn at Ireland training in April 1990. Quinn's gear is particularly cool.
Utterly devastating news about the tragic death of our much loved player Niall Quinn. Please pray for his f…
Deepest sympathy to the Family and friends of Niall Quinn and all those associated with the club
Australia death: Good times turned to tragedy for 'lively, likeable lad' Niall Quinn
Some of the rescue scenes in Australia where 27 yo Niall Quinn from south Armagh died. Friends & family devastated.
Northern Ireland man Niall Quinn dies in boating accident in Australia
Thoughts with family of Niall Quinn & entire community. Such a tragedy is hard to fathom. Ar dheis Dé go ra…
A proud son of . Privileged to have known and played with him. . Niall Quinn RIP
We are saddened to hear of the death of Niall Quinn, Silverbridge. We offer condolences to the Quinn, Donnelly & Boyle…
Our sincere condolences to the family & friends of Niall Quinn (on his tragic passing. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. 🙏
Irish tourist killed in tragic accident in Australia named as Down man Niall Quinn
Australia death: Tributes to tragic Co Armagh man Niall Quinn.
We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Niall Quinn R.I.P and to thoughts and prayers
Tributes paid to Niall Quinn from Silverbridge, who died in Australia boat accident
Niall Quinn RIP. A genuine talent and a proud son of our club.
Devastating news for Niall Quinn "The happy memories and fun times will stay with us forever"
I suppose Niall Quinn is about to suck City off! 💤💤💤
Niall Quinn and Thierry Henry jabbing at the Sky pad really makes you miss Gary Neville. This is the future folks, best get…
Martin Tyler and Niall Quinn are probably the worst commentary team outside anything Michael Owen has been on.
Niall Quinn or Michael Owen for the most boring pathetic commentator.
I don't know who's commentary is worse, Andy Townsend, Michael Owen or Niall Quinn 🙈
Niall Quinn has the charisma of a wet duvet.
Niall Quinn. The pundit who makes you crave BT sport and Michael Owens drone
Niall Quinn is a complete helmet,him and Michael Owen must be twins.i thought Andy Townsend was poor but Quinn and Owen are on another level
With Sky we dont have to worry about Michael Owen boring us or Owen Hargreaves making us go 'huh?', instead, we have Niall Quinn doing both!
Who's more annoying at commentating Niall Quinn or Michael Owen
Oh great, Niall Quinn, the Sky equivalent of Michael Owen.
3 people I wouldn't wanna get stuck in a lift with Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen & Niall Quinn. Nothing more to add on that one !
Aidan, "22 years ago today, dad was crying, said he had bad news. I thought City had sold Niall Quinn."
Niall Quinn helps launch Naas Racecourse 2016 season with Purty the horse and ... - Irish Mirror
At the moment for Y I'm thinking Yashin and for Q, I've got Micky or Niall Quinn so far
VIDEO: Blues beat Carrick in Shield semi: Niall Quinn and Mark Stafford are on target as Linfield defeat Carri...
Niall Quinn described Alan Hutton as 'an honest player'. Only way to describe him when broadcasting to the nation & trying not to swear.
Did Alan Parry just ask Niall Quinn if he was *** live on air? 😂😂😂😂
Alan Parry and Niall Quinn must be the commentary team in *** What a pair of ***
Alan Parry and Niall Quinn on commentary duty. It's a cruel world!
Kevin Friend wasn't clear but Alan Parry and Niall Quinn had literally no idea what was going on.
Alan Smith and Niall Quinn give him a run for his money in the biased stakes
I do like Alan Smith on commentary. He isn't Gary Neville levels, but he a different class to Niall Quinn!
Quinn blames City finishing: Niall Quinn blamed Manchester City's poor finishing for their failure to get a re...
Join Matt Le Tissier, Niall Quinn, Paul Walsh & Alan McInally for all tonight's goals as they go in! at 7pm
For another Jungle footballer there could be a lot better choices like Niall Quinn, Robbie Savage heck even Kevin Davies.
Niall Quinn and Gary Mabbutt jump for the ball in the NLD
Thanks for a wonderful evening. Brilliant host and honoured to have the opportunity to chat with Niall Quinn.
Nicky actually said in his media pitch today that he was going to do a feature on Niall Quinn's hair, this guy mind
wasn't feeling what Niall Quinn had to say about certain decisions in Stoke vs Chelsea -
Having lunch in Tanroagan and who should be on the next table? Niall Quinn and Ed Chamberlin off of Sky Sports.
Looking forward to tonight's Exchange in the Isle Of Man & seeing Niall Quinn after Saturday's result!
in 2002 Niall Quinn announced his retirement from football.
Niall Quinn announced his retirement from football 13 years ago today...
Owen Hargreaves has got to be up there with Niall Quinn, Robbie Savage and Alan Smith as the worst commentators
Niall Quinn on Sky on EPL,Andy Walker on Sky on SPFL,Chris Sutton on BT,David James on BT,Lawrenson MOTD,Bonner Sportscene
Ian Payne to the likes of Niall Quinn and Micky Gray in biased terms is laughable, and to be fair I thought Quinn was quite
The press room here at the Stadium of Light is packed with former derby stars, Micky Gray, Steve Howey, Niall Quinn, Kevin Kilbane all here
Niall Quinn, Gary Bennett, Micky Gray, Kevin Ball & Gary Rowell among the derby heroes in the press room today
Not sure who is the the worst football pundit, Michael Owen or Niall Quinn!
And while im'e in a moaning mood, Glenn hoddles droning voice and boring statements are doing me nut in, I bet Niall Quinn loves him
Alan Smith is joined by fellow internationals Niall Quinn, Gerry Armstrong, Neil McCann and Ian Rush...
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in '01 The Late Cormac McAnallen, Niall Quinn, Peter Stringer & Keith Wood were in the thick of the action
Niall Quinn is the Sky Sports version of Adrian Chiles.
What world is Niall Quinn living in? It was a dive, he cheated and got booked.
Sheikh Mansour, Yaya Toure, Franny Lee, Niall Quinn, Danny Tiato, Uwe Rosler, Steve Lomas, your boys are taking one *** of a beating!
Wish you were commentating on my telly. What's the odds we get Tony Gale, Niall Quinn or Chris Waddle.
could you please ask Owen Hargreaves to shut up and let a competent commentator do his job. He's as bad as Niall Quinn.
Would rather listen to Adrian Chiles talk crap than Niall Quinn talk crap
Niall Quinn reckons he's never seen John Terry so dejected. Nothing has been worse than getting benched at Man City ht…
Quiz: What is the link between Anthony Cunningham and Niall Quinn? Well.?
I'd be taking out Niall Quinn and putting in the late great Busby Babe Liam Whelan.
No bt sport so I've to listen to ronnie whelan,up there with Niall Quinn for bias
The last non-English hat-trick was scored by Niall Quinn against Stockport County in 1998.
compared Niall Quinn or Don Goodman, genius, but compared to Gary Neville, buffoon and thats from Leeds fan !
Niall Quinn says the ref got the John Terry decision 100% correct. Jamie Redknapp agrees
in 1997 Niall Quinn scored the first goal at the SoL & Kevin Phillips netted on his debut in a win v h…
Graham Souness and Niall Quinn are not friends.
Niall Quinn stopping to the ' coming from a Scotsman' aye nae bor mate..just because souness kens yer talking Shiite
Odds on a straightener between Niall Quinn & Graham Souness in the studio?
Niall Quinn sitting in a puddle of his own sweat after incurring the psychological destruction by Graeme Souness.
"That would never happen with Tony Adams and Martin Keown as centre backs". Niall Quinn on Koscielny face turn #
Souness basically told Niall Quinn he knows nothing about football. Graham gets Ozil.
you need Niall Quinn and Keano back!!
in 1996 Republic of Ireland striker Niall Quinn signed for from for £1.3m
what about Niall Quinn referring to Mark Noble's slip as 'Steven Gerrard-esque' 😂😂
Mark Noble slipped then and Niall Quinn said that was Gerrard esque 😂
Shots fired by Niall Quinn saying that slip from Mark Noble was Gerrard-esque.
Tell me Niall Quinn didn't just call Mark Noble's slip Steven Gerrardesque, what is the need for that?
Niall Quinn just referenced Steven Gerrard when Mark Noble slipped. Unsubscribing from Sky Sports rn
A10 Wear. 1st Spiz. 2nd Cath. 3rd Tracy. 4th Sean. 5th David. *bonus point for George as Niall Quinn used to play for Sunderland
25 MIN: Chance! Andy Townsend goes close for Ireland after a Niall Quinn knockdown.
Ireland have clearly forgotten that Niall Quinn, Tony Cascarino, and John Aldridge retired years ago. IRLSCO
Two top men Niall Quinn and Jeff Stelling in Tenerife fundraising for with
What this game is lacking is a tony cascarino and Niall Quinn in the air. put them under pressure
Joining us on The Morning View today is Niall Quinn, Neil McCann, Alan Smith & Paul Merson.
Great day at the golf day. Thanks Ed, and thanks to Niall Quinn, Tom Segal and Keals for tolerating my ineptitude.
SOCIAL: Here's Niall Quinn's team of the season! Keep sending yours in using
As bad as Niall Quinn is Tony Gale is a lot worse as a commentator
Gary McAllister is almost as bad a pundit as Niall Quinn..
Paul Merson says some incredibly stupid things, but at least he isn't Niall Quinn.
Niall Quinn was eloquent as ever also if only we had someone who wanted to buy us!
Good comment by Niall Quinn on Sky are v frustrated as atm there is no obvious person/consortium to oust Ashly
I'm sorry guys Niall is mine we already made the bro pact :)
True. We've suffered enough. Also, I'll never get over Niall Quinn giving the other Miliband £50,000 a year.
Niall Quinn? Never known someone to be so biased.
Lads I don't want to alarm anyone but I scored 3 points in hurling for today
Pretty sure if Falcao fell into a barrel of *** right now he'd come out sucking his thumb.
Niall Quinn - He would love to be a fly on the wall in Charlie Nicholas' flat.errr...okay Niall.
How in the name of Jaysus is Niall Quinn's son 'eligible' for Dublin when his club is Eadestown?
and it's obviously not a directive is Sky because Niall Quinn
Henry is the worst pundit on sky even worse then Niall Quinn
Fellaini reminds me of Niall Quinn. His height always worked against him with referees
niall Quinn's son was the sub keeper
It was good to see & Niall Quinn in Parnell Park today supporting their counties RT
Niall Quinn enjoying the Dublin v Offaly MFC in Parnell Park today
Genius utter class and those fans and Niall Quinn overdoing the hair gel a genuine period piece
20 years ago today the first ever episode of Father Ted was aired. Happy 20th birthday Father Ted!
looks more like Niall Quinn on the left!
if Niall Quinn managed it twice surely we can. My contact list is a bit limited on that front unfortunately
Niall Quinn, footballer form the 80s
Wish Shearer would stick up for us as much as Niall Quinn sticks up for the unwashed
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I swear if someone gives me a kellin quinn solo dm group I would cover my face with flour and take a pic
Niall Quinn: Why Fulham want my help to find Felix Magath's successor
If this goes well and gets Ashley negative press we shud expect Peter Reid as new manager and Niall Quinn director of football
absolutely brilliant. Niall Quinn is a creep !
JOE spins the Tombola of Truth with the brilliant Rubberbandits
depressing knowing your you I'd imagine!!
be happy for Niall and Melissa . me:
There are two types of reaction of niall girls for Niall and Melissa drama..
"I ship niall and Melissa, they are cute together."
Niall and Melissa. All the drama as always x.
OOH so Niall Horan left the Trekstock charity ball with his rumoured girlfriend Melissa Ann
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