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Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls, located on the Niagara River draining Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, is the collective name for the Horseshoe Falls and the adjacent American Falls along with the comparatively small Bridal Veil Falls, which combined form the highest flow rate of any waterfall in the world and has a vertical drop of more than 165 feet (50 m).

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Meetin' the Champ: Talking Canadian boxing with Lennox Lewis in Niagara Falls today.
Lennox Lewis at table rock in Niagara Falls for weigh ins for Friday night boxing matches
Saturday on Johnny Rocco's Italian Grill - Niagara Falls - Acoustic on the Patio - 7:00...
Royal LePage Niagara Grand Opening of the new Niagara Falls location at 4850 Dorchester Rd. It was a tremendous...
Niagara Falls (the city) = Vinci from True Detective season 2
Niagara Falls is a place where if you wear a skirt you'll have multiple Marylin Monroe moments
Congrats Lee Valley on your Grand Opening in Niagara Falls. Welcome to the community!
with NanaimoBulletin: VIDEO: Woman hangs by teeth over Niagara Falls
5 yrs. after hubby crossed on a high-wire, Mrs dangles from her teeth above Niagara Falls. What people do to av…
But why?. VIDEO: Woman hangs by teeth over Niagara Falls -
Erendira Wallenda successfully hung by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls, breaking her husband's record.
Daredevil aerialist dangles above Niagara Falls by her teeth
with LakeCowGazette: VIDEO: Woman hangs by teeth over Niagara Falls …
to glow in the dark mini putt in Niagara Falls.
And I thought I liked a good adrenaline rush. LIVE: Wallenda dangles her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls. https…
As promised, Erendira Wallenda balanced from a hoop dangling from a helicopter high above on Thursday. ht…
Another season of Falls Fireworks is underway with shows every Mon through Fri at dusk! https…
Aerialist daredevil Erendira Wallenda hangs by teeth from helicopter above Niagara Falls
LIVE: Woman to hang by teeth over Niagara Falls
VIDEO: Woman hangs by teeth over Niagara Falls
Erendira Wallenda may have dangled by her teeth above Niagara Falls, but I just spent 5 days in NY with my relatives. T…
WATCH: Woman hangs over Niagara Falls by just her teeth
‘If a guy can do it, a girl can do it too’: Daredevil hangs by teeth from chopper over Niagara Falls…
KCCINews: Stunt performer hangs over Niagara Falls by her teeth
Wallenda hangs by teeth from helicopter over Niagara Falls
Falls, a view of the American Falls from Luna Island. August 1935.
Ice climber scales frozen Niagara Falls - video
Erendira Wallenda was tethered to a hoop suspended from a helicopter 300 feet above the water
The 36-year-old mother of three spent about eight minutes of the 10-minute stunt hovering over the falls.
5 years after daredevil Nik Wallenda tightrope walked across Niagara Falls, his wife performed a stunt of her own...
5 years ago Nik Wallenda took to Niagara Falls, now his wife Erendira did... Both were a huge success!! 😁
Erendira Wallenda Hangs by Teeth out of Helicopter Over Niagara Falls!!!. Nik Wallenda's Wife Hangs by Teeth over Niagara Falls!. 6/15/2017…
WATCH: Nik Wallenda's wife to hang by her teeth over Niagara Falls: Erendira Wallenda…
How to fly a helicopter over Niagara Falls and hang by your teeth like Erendira Wallenda
Whoa! Aerialist hangs by her teeth and toes while on a hoop suspended from a helicopter above Niagara Falls.
Erendira Wallenda, Nik Wallenda's wife, to hang from helicopter by her teeth and toes over Niagara Falls
Erendira's stunt over Niagara Falls is not the only milestone for the Wallenda family this week! Nik and Erendira...
Watch daredevil Erendira Wallenda dangle from a chopper over Niagara Falls... by her TEETH https…
Aerialist wife of daredevil Nik Wallenda hangs by teeth over Niagara Falls: 'She's a ballerina in the air'…
Erendira Wallenda just broke her daredevil husband's 'iron-jaw hang' record — over Niagara Falls
Today in 2012 – Nik Wallenda becomes the first person to successfully tightrope walk directly over Niagara Falls.
Welp! She did it! . ICYMI: Erendira Wallenda dangled by her teeth, 300' over Niagara Falls this morning. . ~ Care
In honour of Erendira Wallenda's feat over Niagara Falls today, we're sharing an epic video of her husband Nik...
Nik Wallenda's wife to hang teeth from helicopter over Niagara Falls.
Rochester the Finger Lakes the Catskills Erie Canal and Niagara Falls in Upstate NewYork city and country...
You have to go to whirlpool state park and hike the Niagara Falls gorge! You hike right along HUGE rapids, it's incredible
Win a Niagara Stay & Play Package with Fallsview Casino Resort and come ZIP with us at WildPlay Niagara Falls!...
CCSTA Convention in Niagara Falls. Vice Chair Hall taking in dinner and the show - OH CANADA EH!
Second graders at St. John the Baptist recently enjoyed a field trip to the Aquarium of Niagara Falls! See more:…
Megan I thought that we were being shot at in Niagara Falls but turns out it was just the fireworks on Clifton Hill
Totally my 1st marathon today! 3:55:07 isn't a bad start. Excited for Niagara Falls in the fall ^.^
The drop from Ann Richards to GWB was Niagara Falls worthy & it’s been in free fall ever since
The Canadian Side of the Niagara Falls [3840x2160] A photo that was taken at the Canadian Side of the Niagara Fall……
We start serving food at Niagara Falls old fall street lunch and dinner Wednesday to Monday.
✨ NEW VIDEO ✨. NEON's trip to Niagara Falls for MusicFest Nationals Canada!. (pls watch this took so long to make lol…
is one the Biggest Cons with guest like see full list here
If you recently visited the Niagara Falls area or took a Maiden of the Mist ride, you need to read this.
What a hater! What do you mean illegals? They entered Canada with a visa. Did you or y…
A 16-year-old girl was stabbed in the arm during a fight in Niagara Falls.
Nice article about in the Niagara Falls Review, and Welland Tribune. http…
Ya ya wait till you see me complain and cry niagara falls on saturday huhu
Me: sells my Niagara Falls ticket to save money. Connor: I have guest list now want my ticket . Me: well how can I say no to that smh
Amazing experience 😍🙌🏾 getting wet 💦and seeing up close the Niagara Falls 🇨🇦.
Only 2 days left! in Niagara Falls on May 26. Grab the tix! 👉 →
I don't need Niagara Falls coming out my shorts at these hours tho I'm crying 😭😂😂
The heat is so bad that I'm barely outside 5 freaking minutes and I be sweating my back be looking like Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is Amazing! We just returned from an amazing trip to Ontario and one of our favouri
The boy who survived falling over Great story from our friends at This Is About
It appears the CN Tower & Niagara Falls did not light up in solidarity to the UK, like they did for Belgium, France, Quebec,
Just announced! Gipsy Kings in Niagara Falls on Jun 30. Get tix from CA$356 →
12. we have the nice side of Niagara Falls
"Amazing" really? No other words?. Could someone explain him it's not Disney World or the Niagara Falls?…
Tourist with measles rode Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls; measles exposure warning
Stay with Couples or Family Package at Embassy Suites by Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview, ON. Dates i…
Police are looking for info on Jameir Johnson, who has been missing from his home for over two weeks. htt…
Three Adventurous Things to do at Niagara Falls via https:…
BREAKING: Potential measles exposures in Western New York, including Niagara Falls and Maid of the Mist
Join us for the gold standard in soft tissue care July 13-17 Niagara Falls
Sending prayers your way good luck. Jace needs to be home with his mommy and brother and sister. S…
What are you waiting for? coming to Niagara Falls on Jul 26. →
Two wonders of the world. 1. Her. 2. Niagara Falls
Saw a lot of South Asians at the mall and at Niagara Falls. Desi repping full on
In need of the cheapest transportation option to get to Niagara Falls this week. Any suggestions? Car rental is too much & I can't take mine
and I went to Niagara Falls on THE SAME DAY. How did I miss her? Haye meri qismat.
Police seek info on missing Niagara Falls teen - The Buffalo News
"Would you rather go to Niagara Falls or Walmart?". -
ME: Isn't Niagara Falls so much fun?? . STELLA: I hope you drown.
Niagara Falls. . Click "share" to spread the word. . Print now available for purchase. . 8x10 $20 . 11x14 $30. 16x20...
Looks like your Niagara Falls boy might be replacing Sami Zayn in the MITB? 🙏
at least the Niagara Falls hospital still stands😤👌
Greg peeled back the curtain and took Niagara Falls Tourism on an exclusive backstage tour. .
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm doing a real road trip this Fall and I can't explain how excited I am. I'm going to see Niagara Falls. I just booked a hotel in Canada.
Niagara Falls at night- Fire works in Canada, American Water Fall in the USA: via
Congratulations to the band on their Silver Recognition at the national festival in Niagara Falls! Way t…
Who just scored a pair of tickets to in Niagara Falls on 6/5?? Me & that's who!! 👯🎉🇨🇦
Congratulations to the Gosfield North Band who achieved a silver at Musicfest in Niagara Falls! Hard work pays off!…
Does stupidity always just fall out of your mouth like Niagara Falls?
The smell of Aqua always reminds me of Niagara Falls. One place where all senses fell the mad rush of the Fall
Corrie and Russell to Niagara Falls and was born! Read about their fall side ceremony...…
How to Find Coupons or Discounts for the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York
Visit the ROM, go to Casa Loma, visit st Lawrence market, the hockey hall of fame, the CN tower, take a bus trip to Niagara Falls
Annie Edison Taylor (1838-1921), was the 1st person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel in 1901.
A5 it will make work meetings more enjoyable. Imagine meeting on the edge of Niagara Falls. I think SM will be slow…
My best vacation was to up to Niagara Falls in high school. I fingered this band geek all the way up there from sou…
Coming up Vincent Pastore from He is in town tonight ... in a band!! Niagara Falls.
Bobby Leach, second person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, 1911. He later died due to complications after slipping…
To all my Canadian friends, Niagara Falls is gorgeous and also Tim hortons is AMAZING!
I could more easily contain Niagara Falls in a tea cup than I can comprehend the wild, uncontainable love of God. - Brennan Manning
Really?? I used to love Canada til him lol... Went to Niagara Falls years ago - loved it. Plus they speak French there!! 😃
In the late 19th century, Frederick Law Olmsted & others sought a way to protect the Niagara Falls area which was largely privately owned.
Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office identifies victim of Sunday's fatal crash in Ellicottville as 90-year-old Charles West of Niagara Falls.
No Uber ride in West Glacier and now no Uber in Niagara Falls, NY??? Whyyy?? I'm bout to cry.
Enter for your chance to win an exciting family Waterpark Vacation or a Romantic Couples Retreat to Niagara Falls!.
Blues & Beyond this coming Saturday with Elena & the X-Statix at the best music venue north of Niagara Falls -...
For years and years Niagara Falls has received at least $16.5 million from the Seneca Nation. Unfortunately, we...
Leaders in Niagara Falls urge arbitration to resolve Seneca casino payment dispute - WBFO: . Leaders in the City o…
This Saturday April 1st at the Seneca Queens Theatre in Niagara Falls is Jack de Keyzer 'Shaking off the Winter...
(Post) Chairs left in an empty ballroom at the Fallside Hotel and Conference Centre in Niagara Falls. [940x627]
This is what Niagara Falls looks like from above.
The Seneca Nation wants to negotiate how much money is allocated to Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Salamanca
By the Skylon Tower: Observation tower featuring sweeping vistas of Niagara Falls plus an arcade…
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Brand Manager: CWD (Niagara Falls) "AT CWD, our aim is simple: CREATE WHAT'S DIFFERENT Do you thrive…
Listening to the weekend countdown back home in Niagara Falls, Ontario before I go back up North to teach…
A new user from Niagara Falls, Ontario joined Not4Dating
Join me as my personal VIP guest to this "invitation only" event in Niagara Falls, Ontario on Thursday March 23, 201…
Walked into another country today, which was pretty neat. 🇨🇦 @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
I wonder if there's a pot of gold down there? @ Niagara Falls, Ontario
Maybe there's a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow 🍀 @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Opened the place. glad we did (@ Frontier BBQ & Smokehouse in Niagara Falls, Ontario)
Ontario Trails Member - City of Niagara Falls has lots of great hiking and walking trails -
Hey , Here's the signs I see on the QEW between Niagara Falls and Hamilton Ontario. Makes sense!
Thank you and Niagara! Check out our Adventures at Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls, Ontario
been about ya and I'm still about ya 💋🥂 @ Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls' Woodcock selected for New Paltz internship program
Actually, 2600 is the length of brink in feet of the Canadian "Horseshoe" Falls located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Millions of tulips bloom in Niagara Falls, Ontario, during springtime – it’s a wonderful time to visit.
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Leaders Hall 2017 will be held June 4th to 8th in Niagara Falls, Ontario!
Niagara Falls is beautiful. Have you been there Joel? We'd like to go to the Ontario side but love the American side as well
If you're looking for somewhere exciting to go before March Break ends, try visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario. It's...
Escape crazy GTA home prices. Buy this in Niagara Falls. Walk Downtown + GO Station w planned daily service to TO.
View // jillypepper // The best view wasn't out the windows. // Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Canada: Storm Stella sweeps over Niagara Falls in Ontario - Weather - Newzulu International
there's so much to explore in Southern hometown is Niagara Falls, great wineries too, hope you enjoy it all.
Mark your calendars for our next conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario on October 30 & 31, 2017! We've also re-booked C…
w/ the Governor declaring a state of emergency effective 12AM, what are the odds I'd get to Buffalo from Niagara Falls in the AM?
When visiting Niagara Falls, I saw bird perched on branch right at edge of cliff, water rushing by. This is how I try to live life
Breaking News: moving to Hyde Park Arena in Niagara Falls, New York for the 2017-18 season.…
Southern side of Horseshoe Falls from Queen Victoria park in Niagara Falls, ON. @ Queen Victoria…
Great news! The Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls, ON will be illuminated for epilepsy awareness on March 26
Mystery gull at Niagara Falls. Suggested Ring-billed x Black-headed. Why does it have hood at this date? More here…
.book is packed with colorful folks like Annie, first to go over Niagara Falls and live!…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
May your search through Nature lead you to yourself. . The wonder of Niagara Falls ❤🌊❤
Going to Niagara Falls? Here's what we found out about what attractions charge the tourism fee and if you can get out o…
She is more than a little bit sorry because Mario Lemieux disfigured Niagara Falls.
USA (Niagara Falls). “The river is like a slipping floor of marble, green with veins of dirty white.”…
Charles Blondin was born 193 years ago today in St Omer,France,. tightrope walker crossed Niagara Falls.…
One dead after two vehicle crash in Niagara Falls
Praying for a great weekend away for our Jr Highs and their leaders at the BIC Jr High retreat in Niagara Falls.
1st album I ever bought, grew up 4 miles from Canada (Niagara Falls, NY) and heard them on Canadian FM all the time
Shoutout to Coast Waste Management Association - Thank you for being our Industry Partner in Niagara Falls:…
What a great day to see Niagara Falls! Check out this beautiful shot from our Storm Team 2 camera, powered by…
Delays on 190 North on Grand Island towards Niagara Falls have CLEARED. No delays.
My grandma always talks about how she wants to go to Niagara Falls. One day we'll get there.
. Please see my U.N .Case the deal (2004 Niagara Falls, Ont,) between Vatican church and Government Canada. See the Justice.
Burlington man still missing after Jan. 10 trip to Niagara Falls
Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder on location at Niagara Falls for II, Sept 1979.
Goat Island sits in the middle of the Niagara Falls, between Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.
A 30-year-old man climbed over the retaining wall at Niagara Falls and jumped into the rapids of Horseshoe Falls.
The Horseshoe Falls at its finest - Niagara Falls,Canada. 22 miles from Buffalo, NY with a beautiful…
Day 2 Niagara Falls.. Fam is awake and we are adventuring... Hopefully meeting up with Derek Grant Hardy and...
Save the dates! MARCH 4-5th is moving to the Scotiabank Centre in Niagara Falls
Listen: Person calls Niagara Falls police, asks them to stop wind from blowing |
KenWest hockey travels down to Buffalo State College today for a 1 pm puck drop. BlueDevils taking on the Ice Wolverines of Niagara Falls.
Mickey Redmond scored with less than 5 minutes to play to lift Peterborough into a 5-5 tie with Niagara Falls in the Cataract City.
Niagara Falls was bathed in Teal light on Friday night to spotlight an important health topic.
Panthers PW Panthers team getting a hockey story from HHOFer Marcel Dionne while in Niagara Falls.
archived photography showcasing the historic arts & cultural region of Niagara Falls,
Me and Harold are planning trips to Niagara Falls and Yellow Stone National Park and my heart is beating so hard from excitement.
The Grand Coulee Dry Falls, a fossilized waterfall formed in 2 weeks. It is 5 times larger than Niagara Falls took 12,00…
The story of Charles Blondin walking across Niagara Falls is a great one-Would you ride in his wheelbarrow?…
Accident in Niagara Falls at Montrose Rd & Kinsmen Ct has been cleared up
Eastbound traffic on McLeod Rd at Bruce St in Niagara Falls is completely blocked and only one lane is open westbound due to the collision
Collision blocking some lanes in Niagara Falls on McLeod Rd. between Dorchester Rd and Fern Ave
Are there any businesses in Niagara Falls,that's looking for advertisement and would like to sponsor me the...
My very 1st gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls last Saturday Night!...
Who is willing to go to the Iroquois national wildlife refuge or Niagara Falls with me tomorrow morning?
If I jump into the Niagara Falls because I can't do physics any more how long am I in the air if I jump at 30° below the h…
Surfers Paradise is what Niagara Falls would be like with a bit of civic planning and a shed load more cash. Same vibe though.
Captioned: Santa had some tricky deliveries to make in Niagara Falls!
It's Niagara Falls. It's one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. ...
Niagara Falls during the great freeze in the winter of 1911
"Niagara Falls away from him. He is...The most interesting man in Tegna."
My main hatred of Niagara Falls. Not enough good college friendly bars and Indians own the falls property.
of possible interest; Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario at Niagara Falls.
make sure to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake for alot of wine tasting when you go to Niagara Falls
📢 54-40 tickets for Jan 21 at Bears Den at Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls
For sale or lease: Two great office and retail opportunities on 3rd Street in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, Petra, Great Pyramid of Giza: Are these world wonders worth the hype?
Going on a virtual trip today..Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Hoover Dam, and Yellowstone!
Natural wonders of the earth; Niagara Falls, the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon and of course, Chris Brunt's rocket of a left foot.
Niagara Falls, Petra, Great Pyramid of Giza: Which are and aren't worth the hype?
It's like seeing Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon - even when you know to expect it the scale is still staggering.
Niagara Falls,Vancouver make Canada famous. But it’s the people that make this country so great!…
Roads were pretty much dry from Niagara Falls over Grand Island to downtown before 6 a.m. Here's latest ra…
The first glimpse I had of the Niagara Falls! As I went closer I went from Oh to OH OH WHOA!.
Statue of Nikola Tesla watches over Niagara Falls, where the acclaimed inventor pioneered world's first major hydroelectric p…
Great day for racing yesterday, AO provincial finals, Niagara Falls.. girls ending season on a positive note..First time in same race..!.
I think Niagara Falls is the only city left that still put "beats" inside the trunk of cars.
This is the Maid of the Mist.Jim and Pam were married here at Niagara Falls. My heart is very full at this moment http…
Led worship for the at Golden Harvest Baptist Church in Niagara Falls, ON this…
It's taking me almost hours 3 to get home from Niagara Falls to st.catharines.. it takes me that long to get to T.O..
Instagram: Roarin' strong. The great Niagara Falls || Captured by ht…
Niagara Falls man accused in alleged sexual assault at St.Catharines plaza. Details:
Niagara Falls wants say in next casino operator: Niagara Falls wants its voice heard as Ontario Lottery and G...
On a clear day, you can see the mist of Niagara Falls from Toronto.
Fun at Niagara Falls! Looking forward to preaching tomorrow at Lighthouse Baptist in North Tonawanda, NY.
A Dozen Red Roses were for my wife of 16 years today, married in Tazwell County, IL. We left for Niagara Falls the next day, always wanted.
Is it still anywhere North of Westchester County, or do you have to be between Kingston and Niagara Falls? Slowly I turn!
This time a few years ago my Mum and I went to Niagara Falls - the Spanish cable car that crosses the bend in the r…
GENESEE COUNTY SHERIFF'S REPORT. Niagara Falls man facing an assault charge after incident at concert. Peter S.
- County grants proposed fire tower land to Niagara Falls
County to sell property to Niagara Falls
I'm not really sure how to do that without turning them off completely. Like, how do you turn Niagara Falls into a mellow river?
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada🍁. Awesome shot chosen by our friends at (📷
He's a 27-year veteran from Niagara Falls fighting a new enemy, cancer. Joseph Argona had a Bills Sunday to remember tha…
to May 2000, Niagara Falls, Ont., with my baby Sandman along the Niagara Parkway. Had just turned 19. Sob, how…
Today we visited Niagara Falls. This photo is pretty nice. Lunch wasn't.
Sam and Ben on the boat near the falls. @ Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
… … … The battle 4 the Niagara Falls region (AD 1655) the Iroquois vs the Erie
I'm going to Ben Hudson Music at Big Texas in Niagara Falls, Canada - Nov 12
On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, the Wendy's restaurant offers Poutine. It's french fries and cheese curd topped with gravy!
I want to go to Mount Rushmore or Niagara Falls in two weeks who's joining?
Ah yes the Canadian side, as someone born Niagara Falls, NY I can confirm you made the right choice.
Happy Thanksgiving, Niagara Falls. We have so much to be thankful for!
Awesome view of Niagara Falls from above - alyaa2004
I can't wait to be at Niagara Falls with my best friend 😍 only 4 more days! 🎉🎉
Love All. Serve All. Niagara Falls. 🇨🇦 all the way from 🌴
"If you’ve ever been to Niagara Falls, you’d likely wonder why anybody would want to go over it in a barrel.
This cat is heading to CANADA! Gonna check out Niagara Falls and look at all the Canadian things! Its going to be so CANADA up there!
Niagara Falls for the weekend 😘 I might will be going online from the hotel room luv ya guys
Police looking to ID suspicious man in Niagara Falls .
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
thought you guys were within 1% reliability with Verizon? If so, why no service in Niagara falls?
Celebrate in today at Ball's Falls featuring the best artisan goods, food & Niagara wine htt…
Canadian whlsale club for candy. Need province/city to view - I put Ont/Niagara Falls.
Happy 23rd bday to my dad I hope you have the best day and it's as lit as our trip up Niagara Falls
Gifford 2032:"I have no political background but I can ensure the American people that we will have both sides of Niagara…
I went to Niagara Falls for vacation in 2011 and my dad and brothers took a day and went to a Jays-Rangers game
Happy Thanksgiving Niagara Falls! Have a wonderful and safe day. A reminder that City offices are closed today.
My nose is literally Niagara falls lol
The more hours you book the cheaper the hours are... :).
Next time you’re craving Mexican flavor, stop by newest Buffalo-area location at 1660 Niagara Falls Blvd.…
Spent the weekend resting due to weeks of debauchery. Come Monday morning, my voice is gone and my nose resembles N…
.I would escape to Canada, to stare at Niagara Falls!
The Niagara Falls VIA 11:30 - Union Station 13:34 is delayed 15 minutes from the Welland Canal because of boat traffic.
Made to Niagara Falls and golf tomorrow at Cedar Brae
One of the brightest rainbows I've seen. Gorgeous Fall day at Niagara Falls!
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Today is the last day for early bird registration for the Fall Regional Conference in Niagara Falls. It currently...
Welcome to the Scotiabank Convention Centre - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - Home Page
I'm glad you guys didn't fall into Niagara Falls or anything
We're you afraid to fall off of Niagara Falls or is that just me☆♡.?
If you're heading to Niagara Falls soon, stop by these places so you can see the fall colors!…
decided to go to Canada this morning 🇨🇦 @ Niagara Falls, Ontario
You have to get soaked when you visit Niagara Falls
I just want naga to fall so I can say "Naga Falls" instead of "Niagara Falls" lol
Yes! Oodles of yrs ago, Niagara Falls fall off part of it
Niagara Falls, down diver,. deadly aquatic narcotic,. fractured body, its beauty of self –. unrepentant to all and all of myself.
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month we are joining Niagara Falls in turning our lights pink today.
The better you dress the worse you can behave -Harvey Specter @ Canada ,Niagara Falls
Niagara University, Niagara Falls Memorial team up to promote Niagara Falls -
any chance you guys will be playing New Years Eve in Niagara Falls, Queen Vic park concert?
Niagara Falls. Nature never ceases to amaze us. Photography by John Moore
Epic road trip. Milwaukee to see the bronze Fonze, Chicago, Navy Pier, sky deck on Willis Tower, Niagara Falls, Eastern State Pen, Philly!
My half ironman is in Niagara Falls this Sunday so I'll let you know WHEN, and not if I do it!. Thanks
Warriors of the Sword. Christ-centered martial arts in the Niagara Falls, NY area. Check it out:. Visit us online:
The spectacular view of casino resort in Niagara Falls, Toronto. What a Shot!
City of Niagara Falls caught by NY operating unauthorized dumping ground, for waste storage. Details at 5
Hope to see you tomorrow night at the Blues in the Park at Fireman's Park in Niagara Falls on Dorchester Rd from...
On your way to the iRV2 International Rally? A stop at Niagara Falls is always a big hit with everyone and so...
Want to know what Yellowstone would be like without National Park Service? Take a look at Niagara Falls at night.
Currently listening to Elliott yamin "I will wait for you" and looking like Niagara's been fun
"isn't Niagara Falls between Canada and New York borders" guess the friend
I had such a beautiful day at Lily Dale on Monday ! I met some people from the class of 69 in Niagara Falls and...
since you're in Canada an you come to Niagara Falls
Home from Canada ..Niagara Falls we had fun Toronto 🇨🇦I must go back next year.
In one month I'm hosting the Niagara Falls group of the 4th annual 500px Red Bull Photography…
highly recommend Niagara Falls. You can see both a geological wonder and visit some great wineries in a day.
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Three arrested for passing fake US currency in Niagara Falls.
I grew up along the Canadian border (near Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY). We got Canada TV and Radio. Mom born in Timmons, ONT. 🇨🇦
Going to be in Canada tomorrow, staying in Toronto. Also going to Niagara Falls.
When it's Niagara Falls week and you didn't realise you ran out of toilet roll halfway through changing.
We know how tired you and your pet will be after exploring Niagara Falls! Rest with us at our pet-friendly hotel!
Here, in Niagara Falls. I have the "Chemtrail Flu". Coughing, gagging, hacking up flem.
what sums up what we were feeling before we zip-lined niagara falls is: IS EVERYTHING SECURE SIR?!!
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