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Cards complete the sweep of the Marlins today in St. Louis...they're now tied with the Pirates on top of the NL Central, after Pittsburgh dropped 2 of 3 vs the Cubs at Wrigley this weekend...Next Up: Cards vs Astros, Tuesday in St.Louis...Pirates vs. A's, Monday in Pittsburgh.Cubs at White Sox, Monday in Chicago.Brewers vs Reds, Monday in Milwaukee...
We would like to thank everyone for the Amazing Support. We appreciate it. Unfortainately we didn't get the finish we wanted (36th) due to having to go to the garage halfway in the race because of a Rear End Cooler Leak but Joey and The Team did a fantastic job like always and was able to finish the race and brought the car home in one piece. We are working hard and getting better every week and excited about the rest of the year and look forward to getting a lot of good finishes. Next Up: New Hampshire with Joey Gase.
Next Up: George Zimmerman's mother says it's her sons voice? If a forensic audiologist could not confirm voice recognition then the testimony by Trayvon's family is subjective, biased, and completely inappropriate as prejudiced.
Next Up: An awesome few weeks at Working on and new musical FOUND! Can't wait!.
"Mama" In this new horror movie there's not much We haven't seen before in countless ghost stories before but this one has Jessica Chastain in another solid performance after "The Help" and "Zero Dark Thirty" she's really becoming one of my favorite actresses and since We've already had "The Stepfather" it was only a matter of time before they made one about an evil "Mama"! Next Up "The Last Exorcism Part II", "Side Effects" and "Snitch".
Next Up, is excited to be hosting the Delta Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for their annual Pamper Party!
What a Baseball Season? The 10U Dillsboro Tigers met all challenges en route to a 20-1 season record, yes, 20-1. They had their ups and downs, some times during the games where you thought they were going to come unraveled, but they did a good job of pulling things together when they needed to. First, they win the inaugural Dearborn County Tournament of Champions, the Dillsboro 10U Regular Season Title & today, they capped off a Great season by defeating a good and game White Sox team for the Tournament Championships. Chuck Mcadams, you should be proud of your boys and your boy, he pitched a good game and they battled hard. Great Job to Hunter Hat, Dalton Hat, Alex Rullman, Chase Emmert, Hunter Ross, Ben Louden, Tanner Hughes, Jacob Teaney, Hunter Roesler, Daniel Fox & Coby Kelly, not to mention all the coaches, Greg Hughes, Rob Louden, Lloyd Rullman, Dan Emmert and Parents.Next Up, Dillsboro Summer Slam and then the Cal Ripken.
Great show tonight at the Red House! The Devil & Me is looking forward to playing there again soon. A big thanks to Full On Flyhead as well, they did their thing tonight! Next Up...the Devil & Me with The Electric Church, Wicked Crows and more! June 22nd at Mutiny Mfb.
Aight so, I've just watched Delirious, Raw n 1 of Dave Chappelle's Stand Up.Next Up.
Next Up is Jim Dandy's Pub on 27th Street in Oak Creek this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Come cheer on the contestants and...
Next Up! Super Cup. Chelsea Vs A German Side. Wait till the 25th to know our opponents. :D
“Next Up, It’s Sir on the Ukulele” ran the headline in The Sunday Telegraph as the paper gently poked fun at plans for teachers to take part in school variety shows with the comment,
Next Up: Greek structures in Sicily, prior to the foundation of Roman republic.
How about Next Up: Interview with the man that has a copy of Barry Soetoro's Birth Certificate from Kenya
That's the Ballgame...UK defeats UGA 5-0 and Wins the 3 game Series 2-1...Next Up for The Dawgs Kennewsaw State in Kennesaw...
RTdog capitob doing his thing at the first NOMW Next Up/ Hip Hop Showcase. Ever...
Next Up: Massey Whiteknife built a business and a...
Next Up on the LEVITY BALL is the young rising star
Next Up: Nathan Fillion - I have mentioned that I intend to watch all my Whedonverse stars' movies. I just fi…
The boys wrestled like true Beasts From The East!!! Next Up ... you guessed it ... Dundee
Next Up - steer-towers - him say you say, third booth - i need love, los cavernarios - i'm the monster, the mockingbirds - one by one, los gatos locos - dog eat dog, southern culture on the skids - skullbucket, the undertones - jump boys, the worlocks - i love you, the groovie ghoulies - rock 'n' roll damnation, roxy music - love is the drug, the kinks - (wish i could fly like) superman. and that should be it for this weeks show - Thanks For Tune'in In - NOW SPINNIN' THE PARAFILIACS - SOME KINDA HATE
ONTO THE 2ND ROUND FOR THE TC WARRIORS as the Defeat Page tonight, 55-53! Next Up will be Scottsdale Christian this Friday in Flagstaff at the NAU Skydome. Game Time: 4:30pm...GO TUBA CITY WARRIORS!
USA7s Next Up:22. Kenya 0-0 Sth Africa Pool B Follow all the Scoring in comments below:
USA7s Next Up:6.Argentina 0-0 Wales Pool C Follow all the Scoring in comments below:
Next Up: they'll Water Board John Brennan: until he tells the Truth: Live and in Color:
Just got my game camera working with movement Box2D! Next Up: Preparing for my midterm tomorrow... Need to write a lot of new sound effects for the game research project im working on at ucsc... Need to finish a collision min-heap program for my CS101 class... Got to start studying for the CS101 midterm next Tuesday... Need to find a way to get a blog and portfolio started... And that is just the start.
Congrats Chrystal on Winning the Family Fun Pack, Next Up for Grabs a Pair Of Tix To MR.Prince George before 5pm...
As a reminder mostly here are the upcoming events I know of: February 5th, 6pm at Fairmount Library in Davenport QC Next Up is having their monthly meeting. We are glad to have friends in labor so I hope some of you can come to meet more of them. February 10th , 6pm at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities in Davenport there will be a vegetarian/vegan/raw potluck. All who are interested in trying new foods or making something vegetarian, vegan or raw to share are welcome. February 15th, 7pm at the community room of 1212 W 3rd st in Davenport Progressive Action for the Common Good presents "We Are Not Broke" a social justice film about the struggle against the corporate message that America is broke. February 16th, 2:30 at 2113 E 11th st in Davenport you are invited to meet Brad Anderson who is running for Secretary of State for Iowa. This critical job decides how smoothly our elections run so I hope you will come say hi. February 16th, 6pm at 4600 46th ave in Rock Island QC Next Up is hav ...
Risk management is key for Financial sector, states Next Up in Financial Services Regulation
Next Up: "The Gary Null Show"' w/ look at yoga for the healthy cultivation of body, mind and...
Next Up: Ellen Dugan Ellen Dugan, is the award winning author known as the "Garden Witch". A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over twenty-nine years. She is a Master Gardener, and is also the High Priestess of her Coven in the St. Louis area. Ellen teaches classes both online and locally on Witchery, Psychic Protection, and Magick. She has contributed articles for over ten years to Llewellyn's Magical Almanac, Witches Datebook, Sabbat Almanac, and Witches Calender. She is the author of the following Llewellyn books: Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up (2004 COVR Award Winner 2nd Runner Up) Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens 7 Days of Magic (Out of Print) Cottage Witchery: Natural Magick for Hearth & Home Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon The Enchanted Cat: Feline Fascinations, Spells & Magick (2007 COVR Winner Best Book) Herb Magic for Beginners: Down to-Earth Enchantments Magia con las Hierbas (Herb Magic for Beginners in Spanish) Natural Witchery Intui ...
I'm surprised at myself for being a little sad Brian Burke was let go today by the Maple Leafs. I'll miss his pugnacity, truculence and above all, his bombastic nature. He did more good than bad for the blue and white, I like the Phaneuf trade, managed to get The Monster from Sweden, signed a few good contracts like MacArthur, Gardiner is ballin', and the Lupul trade was obviously lopsided. He was a true ambassador and leader in the community in Toronto, and all the cities he's had stops in, and we can all learn from the passion he brings to his craft. I hope to see Brian back in drivers seat of an NHL franchise in the future, though I do doubt it. Interesting that twice now David Nonis has superseded Brian. To the fans like Adam Mandelbaum, well, better luck next year. Baaaha
Purpose of Life A correspondent writes with some pathos of the futility of his chequered life. He quotes Sri Aurobindo's lines in Savitri: This world was not built with random bricks of chance A blind God is not our destiny's architect. A conscious Power has drawn the plan of our life. There is a meaning in each curve and line. And he wonders what meaning this conscious Power can make out of his life-long twisted lines and curves. What is the purpose of his life, he asks with feeling. This is a question which many ask but not all have the patience to follow the answer in all its implication. The main purpose of life is, indeed, to develop one's potential. Every one carries in himself a certain potential and life is given to him so that he may utilise it to bring out these possibilities into the open and actualise them. In other words, to grow in consciousness, to grow from mechanical existence to a self-directed life, from ignorance to knowledge, form weaknesses to strength. I spoke of the hidden potentia ...
well kad just picked the girls up for school ,shes bought herself new shoes and a dress and she looks AMAZING cant tell you how proud i am at the change in her in 3 months she is one hot mama. you go girl and enjoy your afternoon today so so so happy for you here to the next 3 months x
Check this Next big revolution in indian internet - I've been using and thought you might like to try it out.
Upon finishing watching Grapes of Wrath (to which Henry Fonda always tugs on my heart strings) Netflex suggested I should watch Power Rangers SPD next.
Found another one for you Becca. There are some things in life that aren’t meant to last. They just take place in our lives so we will be smarter next time.
people with positive traits and people with negative traits live side by side in this world. An analogy of this situation is that of a gazelle kept in a stable of vicious and wild animals, with whom it must live. sometimes, a miser lives side by side with a generous person, an imbecile next to a wise man and a compassionate person with a stone-hearted man.misers are merciless, they are cowards and shy away from giving service to others. Imbeciles cannot understand the wise; cruel people assume that they are being fair but always abuse their power. Those with angel -like souls live next to evil people. The former try to recognize the truth (haqq) and be good servants while the later live according to their instincts, and think that happiness is to eat, mate and atain a high social status.
Last night consisted of Thomas Laying diagonal across the bed smacking me in the face all night nickin all the pillows I would have been better sleeping on the floor was awake. All night about half 4 dog decides to sneek his way in aswel note to self next time coat n baby gate at bottom of stairs .busy day today great lol x
2013 Creative Pay-It-Forward: The first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a poem, or baked goods, or music - a surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer in their FB status. I'm biting. I need something to keep my mind occupied. LOL, lets make this fun!
Akshay Kumar, who is busy with his next film which is a remake of the Tamil film Thuppakki, has called on his fans to suggest the title for the film.
when the passenger next to you gets a box of curry out and starts eating it at 8am. Glad I am not hungover.
With his Batman trilogy now complete, Christopher Nolan has found his next project. According to multiple sources, Nolan has set his sights on a sci-fi project titled Interstellar, which he is in talks to direct and produce. The story involves time travel and alternate dimensions, and sees a group ...
* CELEBRATE WOMANHOOD * Hey Ladies ~ I just want you to know that you are Beautiful and Designed Perfectly by your Creator. Our God is incredible! Do you REALIZE...JUST HOW AMAZING your body is...that your body can bring LIFE to another HUMAN LIFE! WOW!!! (Okay, I know that you knew that...but seriously...contemplate and meditate on it for awhile...don't take it for granted) So..why destroy what God has created in you?! BE WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE: a wife, a mother, a grandmother and so much more! You are beautiful and significant - it's not your career that makes you who you are. It's who God has made you to be that makes you unique and designed for a grand and glorious purpose! Raising the next generation is the most INCREDIBLE PRIVILEGE AND MOST SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT ANY WOMAN CAN EVER ACHIEVE !
I think I should take sleeping pills for the next few days...
Esh siting next to this lady at the doctor and the smell is making me more sick esh am dying
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This always happens to me when I have to wake up early the next day
Great show tonight in Tulsa. We got history here. Thanks for always supporting. On to the next stop..
Psalm 37:5'Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do it, and He will.'- What a great way to start a new year.- We need to commit the next season of our lives to God.- At the same time we need to trust Him.- The promise is that He will help you!PRAYER: Lord, at the start of this year I want to do two things. Firstly I want to commit everything concerning my life into Your hands. Secondly I want to confirm my trust in You and I want to live with an expectation that You are going to help me! Amen.May you enjoy this year.
Interesting fact: There are three ways that energy is transmitted: conduction, convection and radiation. When a woman is pregnant, the comment most often made is something to the effect of, "she's so radiant and glowing!" To irradiate is to make sterile, to kill microorganisms such as protozoa and algae, to make fruitless and unproductive. In laymen's terms, to irradiate is to upset, offest, alter or destroy the natural output of energy from a particular source. In fastfood, all vegetables and fruit are irradiated to preserve them and prolong the shelf life. Essentially what's done is the food has been rendered lifeless. Think about that next time you're in subway.
I have just accepted a email frim unknown someone he said ,he will give me money from bank transaction, wawww ?? like this day somebody will give money free ??? CHEATER ! this detail email he sent me below (its *** N impossible, Nonsense for it) Dear Friend, Greetings to you and your family today, wishing you a prosperous new year. Please, I would like you to give an urgent attention to this mail. Though, I know it would come to you at uttermost surprise. My Name is Mr.Frank Saney, I am a banker by profession. I work in one of the reputable bank here in Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso. I am contacting you with reason to transfer an abandoned sum of $10.5M (Ten Million Five Hundred United States Dollars) to your bank account. The owner of the fund died since 2006 during the Iraq war with his Next Of Kin. And now the bank want to transfer the fund to the bank treasurer's account to share it within them selves. So, I discovered it and decided to contact you to present you to the bank as the Next of Kin/beneficiar . ...
Getting Offline Remember to Vote for me … we can do this! i expect to see 100% of votes when i wake up.
Microsoft's Xbox TV next-gen system has been leaked! This new set-top box is set to offer access to core entertainment services such as Xbox Video/Music, Net...
ima come visit in the next few weeks. Works gonna start getting slow so I'll be up there soon bro.
This is my oracle! Jubilee will win first round with about 45% to Cord's 43% Amani spokes in about 8.4% and the rest share about 2.3%. The country will get serious political shockwaves with massive activities of realignments taking place. 4weeks to run-off: The reality of a Uhuruto presidency will burst forth and an air of political tension engulfs the nation like you can't believe. The international satelite turns spotlight on kenya and a flury of diplomatic encores ensues. Jubilee is fanatic frenzy with excitement and the ''referendum for hague'' propaganda burgeons. Cord team grows cold and a blame game ensues with mild-panic but a strategic retreat is hatched and a full gear campaign secretariat overhaul. 3weeks to run-off: At this point the Hague date draws near and I see Uhuruto paying a visit to sudan the north and china and particularly of interest is Uganda. I see the Koffi Anna led team flying in and out of the country more times than you go to work in a week and also with the UN adhoc security ...
so here it is, I've taken over the chef position at Heat Bar and Kitchen, its the old Urban Grind coffee shop on Park blvd next to Numbers. completely remodeled and really cute, menu is not mine yet, got stuck with the lame *** previous chef's menu who bailed on opening day. Feeling like I've made it my own as much as possible, check it out, say hello, etc.the owners are super sweet guys, come support me and them !!!
Dear Google, could you sit next to me during the EXAM
Not to worry everyone I've. Called the surgeon his booked in to have the iPad surgically removed from his hands early next week :) should finally get a go. !
Well guys, we've had a bit of a "holiday" break, and by "holiday" I mean rehab after drinking Christmas and New Year away! But thezoo is back in the "recording studio" tomorrow, and by "recording studio" I mean the garage. So Keep an eye out over the next few days for the best episode to date!
Come next week when classes start I won't be able to stay up past 8 lol
OUTER HEBRIDES COMMERCE GROUP CALLS ON MSP AND MP TO STOP THE IMMINENT FERRY FARE INCREASE FOR COMMERCIAL TRAFFIC AND TO INTERVENE IN SCOTTISH SALMON CRISIS: It’s with great sadness that the first working week of 2013 was punctuated with the news that Scottish Salmon is being forced to reduce its workforce in the Western Isles. Speaking in Stornoway, Chairman of the OHCG, Calum Campbell of Polybox said: “ aquaculture has been of immeasurable benefit to our islands. Everyone in our Group empathises with the staff and management at Scottish Salmon as they try to increase the viability of their business. It is this type of event we were forecasting when we started our campaign against the massive increases in ferry fares for commercial traffic. Fish farming, like many other industries relies heavily on importing and exporting goods by ferry. It’s for that reason the 50% and further 10% increase on commercial traffic within a year by the SNP Government is scandalous. We now urge the SNP representat ...
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
ed in Port Alfred with a years worth of dust!! Have had some construction work done but a cleaning team is supposed to come in monthly and clean and dust!! Still get billed and am sure nothing has been done since at least October when builders came in!! So guess what I am going to be doing for the next bloody week. just in time to go home! Oh and our dear 43 yr old westpoint fridge who has given great service has decided that it is tired and wants to go to the great fridge heaven.why now!!
So excited and honoured to be my best friends maid of honour in feb next yr love u xx
is now looking for images to be featured on the next issue of Digital Photographer Philippines. Got some recent takes? Link them here..
Argh this kidney pain could not get any worse!! One minute one side stops aching...then the next side is like "oh forgot about ME did you?! Well HELLO!!!" Ow ow ow :'(
Pumped up for Next weeks 1st Year Intramurals
For all 8M-5 students, the next class will be on MONDAY at 11:35 am..!!! Aish karo..! :D :D
A physicist walks into a bar and sits next to an empty chair. Day after day he buys a drink for the empty chair and the bartender asks him why he is doing that? The Physicist says well according to Quantum Mechanics there could already be a beautiful women sitting here she just has to be observed :) - drp
im stressed: every night im up late wondering if i didnt duck that day them shots rang would i have caught them bullets to my head and chest. I stress about being locked up for 3 days 2 weeks before my granddad passed i lost those valuable 3 days and can never get em back. i stress over if im going to jail or not. I stress for the life's I watch pass before my eyes, sometimes i wonder just how i stay sane, i stress wondering how my mom found me when that truck was on fire with me in it at age 4, i stress wondering what if that gun didn't jam that night would i have died or just been brain dead vegtable life? I stress wondering why im so blessed and i dont feel i deserve to be... IM BLESSED because i am alive to do the things i've done so far see the sights i have seen. i'm blessed to have this Woman i sleep next too with my child inside her waiting to be born into the world. I'm blessed to finally have the opportunity to become a father. I'm blessed to survived what my brother and some of my peers haven' ...
What should be next in series.? 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, ...
In my opinion: Guys take notes. Since I don’t have a girlfriend, you might as well spice it up. I just know that if I had one I’d make sure that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as last time. I wouldn’t get comfortable in being just whatever with my girl. I want to make every moment something memorable, at least fun. This is also coming from the guy that doesn’t want to see his girlfriend every day, but I’ll let you know why. I want to be able to miss her. In today’s age, people barely have any time to miss each other. They’re constantly texting each other, always seeing each other, and things are moving too fast. By the time 3 months have passed you’d already have gotten to know everything about the other person. Now that’s all great and fine until you guys find out that there’s no more adventure in your relationship because there’s nothing left to do and nothing left to say. Every day begins to look the same and I’m not down for that. I want to miss her. I want to want to see ...
I'm really annoyed all I have been doing Is feeling dizzy with head aches and tired. I hope to be back to normal in a week. I got the dressing changed on my foot today and have to do the same next week then all should be well after that when the stitches are out. Keep the emails coming for the giveaway photoshoot and ill have a look when I can xx
Looks like the skydiving will be cancelled tomorrow due to bad weather conditions :-( next available slot on 15 Feb!!! Oh well.
Did u ever see South Park where they tape Kyle's mouth taped to a Japanese guy's *** and his *** is taped to a ladies mouth.the next stupid but so funny.
Players who are Fans can drive Arsenal to success! With the comments Szczesny made today it made me realise we really could have the next generation of a real competitive club which is full of true supporting players who will be playing their hearts out for this club week in week out. Szczesny told; “I think there’s a lot of players in this team that are genuine Gooners. You’ve got people like Carl Jenkinson, there’s Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong – a lot of young players who really feel it’s the biggest honour they could have, to play for this club. I think that’s very important for the future.” -Carolina
ATTENTION YALL! 26-01-2013 ke Hip Hop Show ko Block XX resort next to kopanong station...POSTER soon to be uploaded. Show by Makomonisi,Fingers ,UNIK,Bigg Matt and our Top produce Md Cool Mosankie...if you wanna take part in our you are welcum,poets,Rnd and ofcoz Hip Hop...Hala at Fingers Menwana to be on our line up! AWE!!!
Outtakes and bloopers for our Hobbit Party video (Maybe Wil Wheaton Will Show Up: episode 7)! Plus, we drew a wild...
Well folks the rumors are true. Soon we will be relocating our company to Phoenix, AZ. So for the next few weeks we will be closing up our accounts and offering a 15% off special on our Computer Repair Services. Get it while it's good.
Good meeting at Safarious. Start organising their library from next Thursday
December 2012 current Affair Question Answers For More Visit Us at Which among the following countries has launched construction of world's first fourth generation nuclear reactor? [A]United States [B]Australia [C]France [D]China China China has launched construction of a new $476 million nuclear power plant with a 200 MW fourth generation reactor, claimed to be the first in the world for commercial usage. It marks China's latest move to speed up nuclear power development, which came to a halt after the Fukushima atomic crisis in Japan in 2011. Nuclear power only accounts for 1.8% of China's total power output, far below the world average of 14%, and China plans to increase its installed nuclear power capacity to 40 GW by 2015. 2. Who among the following was the founder of South Asia Foundation (SAF)? [A]Nirupama Rao [B]Uday Kumar Mishra [C]Madanjeet Singh [D]Surendra Rao Madanjeet Singh Former diplomat, artist, writer and freedom fighter, Madanjeet Singh, a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 2000 passed aw ...
Not gon worry bout thangs dat I cnt control..a man gon b a man n gon do wat he wanna do anyways regardless of tha next..only focusn on gettn my grind on fa me n mines..get wit it..
Morning everyone, have some fab new Memo Boards to add over the next few days. Happy Thursday :) xxx
You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Goodmorning pps.hv a lekker thursday.
*he picks her up and carries her to their bed. He lays her down, lays next to her and begins to remove her shirt*
Seahawks are hunting for a Superbowl! Next stop...ATL to battle the Falcons!
Soo started dozin off then BAAMMM!!! Headache from *** again. I hate feelin like this. Non stop headache and abdominal pain... Ugh what next? Try this again. Night fb
An angry wife (Ekaitte) to her husband (Akpors) on phone. Ekaitte: Where the *** are you? ... Akpors: Honey, u remember dat gold shop where u saw the diamond necklace & totally fell in luv wit it? Ekaitte (relaxed): Yes, my king Akpors: Remember I had no cash 2 buy it 4 u dat day & I said I will buy it 4 u one day? Ekaitte (totally relaxed with a smile & a blush): Yes I remember my love! Akpors: Good, I am in a beer palour next to that shop!
The Hobbit CHAPTER 17. THE CLOUDS BURST Next day the trumpets rang early in the camp. Soon a single runner was seen hurrying along the narrow path. At a distance he stood and hailed them, asking whether Thorin would now listen to another embassy, since new tidings had come to hand, and matters were changed. ìThat will be Dain!î said Thorin when he heard. ìThey will have got wind of his coming. I thought that would alter their mood! Bid them come few in number and weaponless, and I will hear,î he called to the messenger. About midday the banners of the Forest and the Lake were seen to be borne forth again. A company of twenty was approaching. At the beginning of the narrow way they laid aside sword and spear, and came on towards the Gate. Wondering, the dwarves saw that among them were both Bard and the Elvenking, before whom an old man wrapped in cloak and hood bore a strong casket of iron-bound wood. ìHail Thorin!î said Bard. ìAre you still of the same mind?î ìMy mind does not change with the ri ...
One minute we're scolded for eating too much. Next minute for throwing food away. Make your mind up.
Little Red Hen in Seattle tonite, Thursday 9pm know you wanna be there! ;) The first 10 fans get a free picture next to Wayndiana's hat! ...and more original music with Mike Warren Steve Warren Scott Schwarz Wayne Franco and Chuck Hester
Hey yall, i'l be performing at The Canvas Open Mic's 100th open mic anniversary show. Come and party with us at the Sunnyvale Art Gallery next thursday (1/17) with music&performance from open mic regulars. Seriously, how often are your thursdays this much fun? music? performance? mingling? a RAFFLE? i'm cereal y'all offers diagnostic & repair information.
yeah so am I, the bus parked up or the one next to it lol?
Fair well to Sydney and all the friends we made! Don't worry, we will return one day!! Next stop Byron Bay! 12hrs on a coach
The Black Stars will meet the Pharaohs in Abu Dhabi in the first of two arranged friendlies - next game is against Tunisia on Sunday - for the team. The match will kick off at 9pm local time (1700 GMT).
Top Station Weather- minimal Easterly wind 5 to 7 mph, temperature 0C with some patches of hill fog moving through. Clear sky, good visibility. Snowsports are limited to the Traverse, upper 105, Upper coire Cas, Gunbarrel and Zig Zags. The last zig zag requires some walking (75meters) to the mid station . The machines have worked hard completing a good entry into the White Lady and are dozing snow into the lowest section of the lady piste, which will reopen later. Snow conditions have hardened with some icy patches in places.Uplift is limited to the Funicular railway which will be stopping at the middle station. We will also concentrate on dozing snow around the Ptarmigan bowl in preperation for opening the piste and Ptarmigan tow on Friday. Due to colder temperatures we are expecting to start snowmaking up top in the Ptarmigan Bowl tonight. In the longer term some forecasters are also hinting at "significant snowfall on eastern mountains" within the next 10 days, fingers crossed. Ops 2
"The Next person to say sum I dnt like is Gettn swunggg On" shut up lol
WHY NOWADAYS.WE LOVE THINGZ n USE PEOPLE ??? Used vs. Loved While a man was polishing his new car, his 6 yr old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car. In anger, the man took the child's hand and hit it many times; not realizing he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child saw his father.with painful eyes he asked, 'Dad when will my fingers grow back?' The man was so hurt and speechless; he went back to his car and kicked it a lot of times. Devastated by his own actions.sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches; the child had written 'LOVE YOU DAD'.The next day that man committed suicide. . .Anger and Love have no limits; choose the latter to have a beautiful, lovely life. Things are to be used and people are to be loved. But the problem in today's world is that, People are used and things are loved. In this year, let's be careful to keep this thought in mind: Things are to be used, but People are . ...
Shall be in studio at Cairns FM 89.1 on Kaleidoscope with Col Johnson 12 - 2pm plus recording weekly gig guide for 2moros Fryday Fryup with Marcus Smith. Have space available for any musos who would like to drop in for interview today 12 - 2pm, chat about your music, next project or life the universe and everything (though we may need a longer show for that!)
OK.. ALL MY FRIENDS PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE IN THE NEXT FEW SECONDS... i want these!!! Get clicking only need 7 of yas to win them... say i sent you Pleasee!
“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
Got off work a little early:) not another day off until next wk. . Blah. . . Exhausted. . .
Look like i'll be getting drunk next week
Next up though will be Sambuca with Saunders if i can have a say in it ;-)
Afternoon earthlings! We're keen to play Speakeasy's battle of the bands next week and we need some help! If ya'll could like this link we will send all of our positive love vibrations through the ether and into your conscious, providing ever lasting contentment and blessing from the cosmos. The earth mother will shine her glorious love rays down upon you. Birds
Thanks to everyone who turned out to see The Rubens last night at Home Club - next stop KL! Get ready for Bloc Party March 18!
Saturday January 19th is the next Arthop. We will be doing something new this time, about 5 artists will be showing FULL exhibits instead of the usual 4 paintings. I will be one of those artists. I will be showing at the "Arthop headquarters" on Mst between Main and 16th, across the street from the old County Bank, a few doors north of Hansen's Tires. Hope to see many of you there! I will be showing a lot of new work!!
If anyone would like to buy me an old copy of the novel "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell, I will love you forever. If you get me the BBC mini series, I promise to be your soul mate in the next life.
When your bout to honk at someone's slow *** then u pull up next to them and find out its a grandma. My bad grams
Happy New Year Painters! The Brigantine has worked hard to bring you 6 workshops for January and February to start out 2013 with an exciting schedule! We will do our best to keep the quality and subjects of the sessions improving with each and every workshop. Feedback is important to us, and will help us to know what you'd like to have us offer, and what we can do to keep these days together a great learning experience and a FUN day. The prices will remain at $75 per workshop except that Mr. Ceffalio's workshop will be moving to $85. Payments are due before the class day and should be in cash or a check. (made out to cash or the instructor of the workshop you are reserving a spot in.) No credit cards for worshops. I will still be providing paints for the first two workshops.after that it will cost $5.00 a palette or you will need to start buying paints.( I can help if you need to buy them slowly). Supply lists for each workshop are available after you have signed up. We will also still be providing lunch ...
Great news re pipe-laying in Claregalway - as from next Monday the 14th Jan from 8pm to 6am the work will be carried out. This will certainly relieve the dreadful tail-backs which have been occurring all this week in the village and beyond!
Physio done & yes it was interesting (thats being nice about it)... next stop Isle Of Wight to sign up 40 people for events year...
Frankly, the effort to be modest, to hide her breasts, made her look all the more adorable, as she was displaying, proclaiming, how intimate and personal this was. Plus, what one could still see, the soft, white parts squishing out from beneath her hand and arm, were really very enticing and, for the moment, sufficiently pleasing. This wasn't the reason her mother didn't complain about Mary's effort to hide her breasts, but it's possible that it did factor into her father's silence. Pulling panties down with one hand though was a bit tricky. She had to keep pulling down different bits and parts of her panties, inching one part down as best she could, and then shifting over to the other side, all the time bent over so that nobody could see what was being exposed, as well as continuing to try to keep her breasts hidden as much as possible. Once the panties were past her thighs, though, they slipped down the rest of the way fairly easily, gathering at her ankles in a little pile of very colorful cotton femin ...
E was so happy to hear my voice. N da kids got happy. Trues honest i cant wait til next week
Download for free @ From Flux Pavilions's forthcoming "Blow The Roof" EP, out January 28th 2013 on Circus/Big ...
Well good turn up of Timaru skaters at training tonight, called in after dropping off Motor Scotter to get fixed for Motorpacing skates & Cycling. Took Judah to bus & Had a fish with the mighty Quinn, Sister Cassidy & Analiese joined after training, but no fish around a few tiny yellow eyed mullet, but two or 3 very Big Stingrays cruising around & they were very big. Off to Dunedin Tomorrow, with the Slovakian girls, will go visit Queenstown on Saturday. Then its back to hard work next week.
What are your hopes for the next four years? President Barack Obama begins his second term in office on Jan. 20, with a hefty number of important issues facing the nation, including: * Immigration reform * Gun control * Federal spending * Environmental protection * *** marriage * A changing military...
Three men, a philosopher, a mathematician and an *** were out riding in the car when it crashed into a tree. Before anyone knows it, the three men found themselves standing before the pearly gates of Heaven, where St. Peter and the Devil were standing nearby. "Gentlemen," the Devil started, "Due to the fact that Heaven is now overcrowded, therefore St. Peter has agreed to limit the number of people entering Heaven. If anyone of you can ask me a question which I don't know or cannot answer, then you're worthy enough to go to Heaven; if not, then you'll come with me to *** " The philosopher then stepped up, "OK, give me the most comprehensive report on Socrates' teachings." With a snap of his finger, a stack of paper appeared next to the Devil. The philosopher read it and concluded it was correct. "Then, go to *** " With another snap of his finger, the philosopher disappeared. The mathematician then asked, "Give me the most complicated formula you can ever think of!" With a snap of his finger, another ...
Hold up, hey For my niggaz who be thinkin' we soft We don't, play We gon' rock it 'til the wheels fall off Hold up, hey For my niggaz who be actin' too bold Take a, seat Hope you ready for the next episode Hey.SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY!
Next 3 weeks will be spent saving up for the annual sale so I can go all out
Convo earlier: .. "Did you just say cows go to bed?" Literally lol. ;) -Tune in next for things you think Laura said...
Good morning to all our likers. Hope you week is going well so far? Judt letting you all know our big Sale is still on!!! Hundreds of fab items at 50% off, bargains to be had by everyone! Exciting times are a happening at ATP. Our new website should be up and running very soon and our new Gift line should be with us next week. Please,please,please help support local business', we really do need you. Xx
Next Group HypnoBirthing Class is scheduled :) Dates: Friday 1st and 8th Feb Time: 12-5 Location: Yama Yoga Asas Towers West Bay Cost: QR1250 per couple To book a place either contact me at clareor pop into Yama direct. I will be joining in on ALL the relaxations this month as I am also 12 weeks pregnant!! So dedicated to hypnobirthing I just leep having babys!
After an excellent viewing of New Year's Eve, genre confused film night continues with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Up next...who knows?
Brazilian prostitutes learning English ahead of 2014 World Cup In Brazil, where prostitution is legal, sex workers in the city of Belo Horizonte are preparing for the upcoming soccer World Cup next year by signing up to learn English to better communicate with visitors from abroad. Prostitutes in one of Brazil's biggest cities are beginning to sign up for free English classes ahead of this year's Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup Cida Vieira, president of the Association of Prostitutes in the city of Belo Horizonte, said Tuesday that 20 have already signed up for the courses and she expects at least 300 of the group's 4,000 members to follow suit. The association is organizing the classes and seeking volunteer teachers. "I don't think we will have problems persuading English teachers to provide services for free," she said. "We already have several volunteer psychologists and doctors helping us." She said classes are expected to begin in March and last up to eight months. "It will be important for ...
So I went to go check out some deals on fun inexpensive heels. I noticed a tall young man browsing the heels. I noticed he seemed to watch as I went from aisle to aisle trying on various shoes. I ignored this thinking maybe he was looking for insight on a gift for someone. Then I feel a presence behind me. I made a bee line out the aisle not even looking back. I went to a store next to the one I was in. I'll be damned here comes creepy shoe guy behind me again. I dodged him and suddenly he was behind me..again! Now mind you a shoe aisle is not big enough for 2 people especially one bent over drooling over her next pair of fun shoes. I have never had such an uncomfortable time shopping. I cut the shopping short went home and charged my taser.
As I enter the fourth decade of my life I can see that in the first three decades I have many defining circumstances to be very grateful for. I was born in 1983 in this country into a loving family with two highly involved parents. I received a good education and was taught by many talented educators. I had opportunities for further education and career open to me and I got to choose what to do next. I found a profession where I feel I can contribute now and develop in the years to come. I am in love with my husband, who is a *** fine looking hunk of a man, who knows me back to front and is proud of who I am. I have been very fortunate to have two gorgeous healthy babies delivered with the support of a good health system. I have a good family doctor. I have seen the love between a parent and child deepen even further with the bond I have with my parents and my respect for what they have done and continue to do for me and my children grows each day. My babies light up any room and sharing their developmen ...
Ok now the lady who buys lotto tickets on the daily is holdin up the dam line, i hope the next dude aint payin wit pennys for 2 18 packs
Once again uu manage to b an *** Uu yell at me, I try ma best to calm uu down n talk to uu but uu still yell. Den I hang up cuz wat I say or do its always wrong. Den uu call again yelln cuz I hung up. *** ? Wat do want from me? I'm really trying but ur always mad about something n take it out on me. Da next time uu call uu better apologize cuz I sure as *** don't know wat I did. Ugghhh I CNT wait for ma buddy to come ova today to cheer me up.
I'm too lazy to get up and get my charger so I'm really just gonna put my phone on my docking station right next to me. 👍
Look at this teacher he is teaching social in class and tellin pupils amani is the next goverment
But next week should make up for these 4 weeks of staying In
we are back next girl!! Miss u and can't wait to catch up with you. X
Really struggling with what to get Kev for his 30th next month
Short Bus 101 1. lick YOUR OWN window 2. keep the voices in your head quiet 3 bring a back up crayon cause the kid next to u ate your other one :)
"Be sober, be vigilant, for your adversary The Devil is a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour next." - 1 Peter 5:8
Home here I come. This has been such a painful day. You know how you get those days when you seem to be chasing your tail all day long? Well this was one of those. I'm outta here and heading home within the next couple of minutes.
Kobo has over 2 million ebooks to choose from!
Well I'm not a happy person I really wanted to catch up with my cuz rikki and his lady for dinner tonight but its call a god dam swear word WORK !!! I've just finish now well cuz next time love you guys heap and sorry shaz and Lara
Oh my God are so good to me, I will finish my youth service next month.
Go ahead and take away our firearms and the next wacko that wants to kill a bunch of innocent unarmed people. Maybe he wont be able to find a gun to recreate a scene from the Matrix. But he sure will have fun playing Kill Bill.
I am producing a first slide for my son&my daughter, this time I add Thai songs, but next time may be Chinese songs, I try to find some. My first slide begins in KL and tell you how Nick Synchronize feels for his truely love to Joyceanne Hong(Ming).
The day of the honeymoon came and the guy waited patiently in bed. The lady came with 2 glasses of water. 1st she removed her artificial eye n put it in a glass. Then she removed her teeth n put it in another glass. While the guy was in shock, she removed her prosthetic leg and put it next to the bed. When she was about to removed her arm the guy shouted "Modimo wa Israel!! Motho keyo a fela keso MOJE!!
I'm moving forward,this is mi year of favour,believe wen I say this,hehehehe the next tym u see me ,hehehehe jst wait and see,the word of God is taking center stage in mi lyf..Lord I thank you such blessings
Snoop Dogg wants PC to swing by his concert inPune, but PC's in LA! ­ hey sunshine if u got sum time swing by 1 of my shows in india luvd to but I'm in LA finishin my album!I'm sure ull kill it in india!Next time for some desi love ppl!
going to die next Mon... 6 meetings and 1 event, in 1 day!!!
Great news that we've managed to keep Wengers grubby hands off of our Luke!!.. Next up.. Jason Puncheon!
in the next week! contact me for best pricing in Cape town guaranteed!!!
Now that I'm up, I need to find something to do for the next...well, 24 hours :l
That moment when your the only one up and the next channel you switch to is the exorcist...O_O
I need to do REALLY good on the next PreCalc test for me to raise up my grade drastically.
ditto. Next phase is in development - where i wanna be. Stay up!
my dog is a local hero- last night next doors shed was on fire and Millie woke everyone up, money will be accepted for her bravery:-)
Wish I was cuddling up next to my booo
The weirdo better not sit next to me today, feet up and bag on the other seat me thinks
exo is gonna end up with like 40 Macbooks by next year
turd -__- why don't you hit me up next time then! Jeez
word same to you fam. Just hmu next time when you gonna come out here so we can get up
Been a month a go since I last woke up this ridiculously early lol.. Saying ridiculous next week I get up before 7. No
Next up on my playlist... Deep Xcape - After The Rain
LOL Fam bmt am all squash up in the corner and then some Next yute wanna come sit oppisite Me like *** Move Man
No joke, I just woke up in my room with all the lights on and "Ethan Frome" laying open next to me on the third page. Good pick Mrs. Reilly.
That child will grow up to be the next Shakespeare if he keeps it up (y)
Rolling Stone caught up with of PARAMORE about the next chapter Can't wait to watch it unfold!
i swear the key to getting a job is a follow up could be the next Steve Jobs...if you dont call...youre not getting an interview
The weather needs to make its mind up! One minute sunny then next freezing -_-
I keep my phone next to me at night, just in case you wake up I can be there for you .
1 album 'up all night' habis ini next 'take me home' yeah :D
Droppin the new single next week with I swear its gone tear the club up
If these barriers at north sheen don't come up in the next 2mins I'm gonna consider running across 😒
:( i seen bre when i.went up there , i hope you get bettee!! And next time tell me when you change yo name
*time lapse* I wake up the next morning to a huge explosion. // Gaia side monster attack?
Doesn't help! Busy day? Do let me know if you need any help re: working out tech set up for next SS (if anything's changing).
New brand production " Green Screen" Video & Photography powered by Next Up entertainment own by Nitro Filmz Studios “ GREEN SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH We photography your guest against a “Green screen" (just like in the movies) and then drop any jpg image or graphic behind your guest to reflect the theme of your event therefore we are seeking actors/actress and models for 2013 calendar if you interested pls inbox shoots every Thursday & Sunday@ 4pm for more information and location contact 242.535.111
A SHOWCASE, A CELEBRATION OF A LIFE AND A DRUMMER'S BIRTHDAY Next Up just days away, this Friday and Saturday Jan 11, 12th at Malarkys. On Fri, it's Traveler In Pain, with Black Mesa and special guest Slippery Weazel. Then on Saturday, Pain returns as we celebrate the life of recently departed friend Richard Stuht and our drummer Todd's birthday — with Dianna Lance Sedillo, Shawna Brittany, James Campbell, Tom Michaels, Dustin Cunningham, Ryan Smith, Dion Tejada, Jean Johnson, Alvin D.Garcia and Bernadette Vallejos-Michaels at Malarky's.
Next Up: Anthrax’s Scott Ian rants on MySpace about the lousy service at Lady’s Foot Locker.
Next Up = the runaways - cherry bomb, sahara hotnights - rockaway beach, simple minds - love song, siouxsie and the banshees - red light, sisters of mercy - alice, the slits - heard it through the grapevine, the smiths how soon is now, social distortions - don't take me for granted, stiff little fingers - alternative ulster, the stooges - shake appeal, the stranglers - nice n sleazy, t rex - slider, tom waits - i don't wanna grow up, tones on tails - happiness, the ventures - wipe out, x - your phones off the hook(but your not), x ray spex - art-i-ficial, young marble giants - wurlitzer jukebox, 23 skidoo - vegas el bandito Hey it's Now 8:19pm and i am here till 9pm so what ever don't fit in too tonight's show i will spin tomorrow night - \m/\m/ and just to make sure i wanna tell yeah/wish yeahs a Very Very Happy New Years To All - Love yeahs and Thanks For Tune'in in each week xo
Next Up--We visit Joe Biden's dentist to find out how they make his teeth so white.
Next Up is a growing network of social change leaders across western Canada with a different take on leadership. Follow:
Next Up: never done the Duck Tour in Austin so now we are! (@ Austin Duck Adventures)
Next Up for the Lions: Oral Roberts University in the first round of the Great Alaska Shootout.
"Snow White And The Huntsman" Not since 1991's "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves" has a retelling of a Disney film been so action packed. By changing the title from Seven Dwarfs to Huntsman and adding Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") and Kristen Stewart ("Twilight") this film was made simply to appeal to younger audiences but the one to watch who stole the show was the villainous Evil Queen played by Charlize Theron who finally comes into her own, and along with this year's "Prometheus" gets the roles that She deserves! Next Up my reviews of "Wrong Turn 5" and "Madagascar 3".
Next Up : Bidvest Wits away, a meeting with TerrorFanteni and Bryce Moon on Tuesday the 20th Nov 2012.
OK Teabaggers and Junior Leaguers, Were coming for your stuff! Your Banks are now Socialist Wealth Redistribution Centers. Hospitals are Mexican Mafia and *** run forced Abortion Factories. Your churches will be Black Panther rape clubs. Your Insurance Companies will insure that all Welfare Moms get free Foodstamps, Obamaphones and Crack-On-Demand. Guns will be confiscated by *** Hustlers and turned into abstract art. Liberal-run Schools will include re-education centers featuring lectures by Gangbangers, Transexuals and Runaway Fathers. Everyone will be forced to turn towards Solyndra, kneel and pray to Satan and George Soros twice a day. Death Panels run by Drag Queens will be coming for Grandma. Next Up: Locusts!
2mro at 2pm at American River College! The Next Up, hosted by E.M.A and Dogg.. Hio Hop Artist/Producer Showcase
Next Up Steez Yourself Wrap Up: Christian Hosoi and Geoff Rowley put in a good word for Next Up! Related posts:V...
Tommy Brown From Def Jam Records featured my album on the "Next Up" section of his website ' GoodFellazTV "
Jay Trouble ft. E.S.G. "Brand New" official music video from his new mixtape Next Up 4 Texas. - Download it at:
Fair Play Enough ! Points Shared and Can't afford to Lose or Draw another Match,will say that Torres Needs To Score Or Otherwise make him play with reserves,We have had Too Much Faith On Him But time to time He is Not Playing as a striker needs to play. Next Up: Chelsea Vs Shakhtar Donetsk Need To Play M.Marin and Hope Juan Mata and David Luiz be Back For The Fixture Against Liverpool also Forgot to say the Legend F. Lampard and John Terry will also Be Back. Good Luck Chelsea For The Future.
Matthew Odenbrett My wife was born in the Soviet Union, and came here from Russia 9 years ago. She observed the collapse of the Communist regime in Russia as a young girl, and she has noted the uncanny similarities between post-Soviet Russia and the USA under Obama. Next Up: Hyperinflation. Better be prepared for it.
Next Up: Delta Sigma Theta. They crazy! No...for real...their movie set this up in a insane ward. They bout to bring it!
Next Up for Siam Syndicate Sideshow KUTS 27th of October feat Tj Soulboy, DJ KENSHO & Ted Lianillo with live art & body painting from at Vinni & Matt Diamond Expressive (MDE) hope to see all you *** hopers of Bangkok out for this one and come to show the crew love : ) Peace K
One of my fav. songs. Enjoy & please subscribe! *Next Up: Weekly Broadway Show Tunes!! (Gotta release the Thespian in me somehow!)* I'm trying to study & I h...
Halloween is around the corner! Don't forget we have a couple of Signings and Sales going on in October all culminating with a Huge Halloween Comicfest Celebration on Oct. 31st Halloween ComicFest with Brandon Seifert: Comics Writer & Cre ator of Witchdoctor for Image Comics, Inc. Signing from 5 PM - 10 PM + Free Comics, Candy, Toys, A Horror Themed Scavenger Hunt, Zombiefied Caricatures by Tara Normal Creator HC Noel, Zombie Make Up by Local FX Artist Victor Accord, A Night of the Living Dead1968 Screening & more. October Events : Next Up *(Shown Here) Saturday Oct. 20th is 24-Hour Comics Day & Sale & PLB Studios, Greg LaRocque & Friends Signing from 12:00 Noon til 5PM. *Saturday Oct. 27th - Countdown to Halloween Weekend Sale + Stop by and see us On the Road at Annapolis Comic-Con! *Sunday Oct. 28th we'll be at Geppi's Entertainment Museum First Annual Halloween Spectacular 4PM - 7PM. *Wednesday Oct. 31st - Collectors Corner Halloween ComicFest Party! (Info at Top)
I was absolutely right when I predicted to some of my dimwitted Republican Family and Friends that Joe Biden would not only win the VP Debate convincingly, but he would also expose to America and the World the "Two-Faces" of Paul Ryan, Mit Romney & the Republican Party as the "Liers & Thieves" they truly All Are !!? ...Next Up. President Obama on Tuesday will win that Debate with MitWit Romney further exposing the Romney's Lies, and Deceptions, and his Grand Plan to Rob the Middle Class to Give to his Filthy Rich Masters !!! ...America Now Sees Through Romney & Ryan as the Lying Thieves They Are !!?
Director of Marketing, Kristin Milner, was featured in this week’s Next Up column in the
Next Up: Jim Miller from Bridgelux on LED interior applications.
just got accepted into the Next Up social and environmental justice program in Calgary. So officially I will be a Calgarian for the next 8 months. Any suggestions on a place to live and work would be greatly appreciated. I fly in on the 14th.
233437_Brand Focus
3g Results: Friday started 11th and finished 4th to lock into the A Main for Saturday. The track layed rubber on Saturday and we started 3rd and finished 2nd at Lucas Oil Speedway with the ASCS National Tour Next Up: October 11-13 Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, Texas
4-1 3-0 ACC Coastal- This was by far the most times I have said..."NoNoNo.Yes"about my beloved Canes in a long time.LOL very inconsistant due to youth but they are in great physical shape and are starting to learn how to win.Next Up?.Catholics vs. Convicts Baby.Next saturday night in prime time.and those hated Canes will set ratings records for NBC.
Avicii was awesome...Next Up one of my personal favorite's to see live DADA LIFE!!
Continuation of CNN News: Next Up: Video - Innoscence - causing all the Uproar in the Middle East. Original Script had Evil Person as George. Changed (False Flag) at last minute, believe it was last Card, one too many, the New World Order Secret Society whose Leader I believe to be George Bush Sr . They are trying to force US into War under Obama using False Flag. Wake Up America! I believe your Enemy is not Mohammad the Muslim it is George the White who served Your Govt in CIA, VP, Presdent and Leader of Puppet Son President. I believe the entire time he was also serving as Leader of the New World Order AKA Secret Society Flying the False Flag instead of US Flag. The got Beliefs into Govt, shot JFK who tied to get them out. I believe then involved in Vietnam until Hippies stood up - they couldn't shoot all of them. Then Watergate. Nixon, JFK oppenent, Resigned before being Impeached. The Arch Reagan makes him VP. Then, President. Then, False Flag Iraq War. One Term President. Then, Puppet Son Presiden ...
This Weeks Movies: Snow White And the Huntsman - This one was Ok. Average. Charlize Theron is kind of a Babe in a wicked Queen sort of way. 1 1/4 thumbs up. The Dictator - This was OK in a Talledagha Nights sort of way. It was Silly funny but we kept waiting for it to be Hilliariously Funny. It never did. 1 Thumbs up. Next Up: Residend Evil Afterlife (Milla will guarentee 1 thump up), Dark Shadows and Atlas Shrugged part 2.
Next Up: Big Ben & The Constitutional Court: Dr. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve and the Germ...
U.S. Economy Adds 201,000 private non-farm jobs were created from July to August... Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.1%... The U.S. economy will continue to slowly improve... The Eurozone will struggle through its crisis and avoid national defaults... Great DNC speeches... 4 more years, moving forward not backwards... Next Up... the Debates...
Next Up for Savannah State: The Seminoles: Florida State is the next opponent for Savannah St... (via
Next Up... WIGAN, time for revenge for last season.. Manchester United Fixtures 2012/2013 Season ...
ohhkay, flailing time is up! :( 4 major subjects dropped bunch of school work on us so... yeah. See you next week tlist! :) Jya!
I wanna wake up one morning with oomf next to me
Next up is rider as she competes in the ind. freestyle test - grade lb. Ashle ...
Wakin up next to da person yhu love>>>>>
Love waking up next to my boyfriend
A month ago today you were still mine.. Then we woke up the next day going "let's let love go & hurt each other"
Waking up and not being next to you...
If Romney becomes president, you might as well give up on life for the next 4 years.
"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to e
Megabus is the one with free wifi, right? Wonder if you could just drive up next to one on the highway and steal access...
The next time I wake up, I'll be getting ready for school :(
Just the thought of going back to school tomorrow makes me wanna curl up in a ball and sleep for the next 10 years.
Right, cheer up mode initialised! Looking forward to the next few wknds :-) especially
bring up an ex of yours in front of a potential next. Don't bring up the past.
He took her virginity and dumped her the next day 😂 lol that's messed up ..
Life re-starts tmrw. Finish setting up my classroom this week and next Monday the kiddos comes!
If u looking to make some legal legit money ! Hit me up ... well Dm me . I'm finna drop another phone for this next week !
Just pulled up next to another Ball State Alum at a Raleigh stoplight GO CARDS;)
I've followed you back now and I was leaving that for next time I turn up at your house, mortal.
Thanks, man! I'm already planning my next piece and it should also be right up your retro alley.
Looks like all I'm doing for the next 3 hours is catching up on all these magazines since I can't focus on my psych.
154948_50% Off Photo Sale!
I gotta fart, but my grandfather sittin next to me... But I'm too tired to get up & move. I guess he gone have to take this L lol.
Next track dedicated to the hot aunty in the next car - now playing (loud) auntiji, get up and dance!
No one is up yet , people don't know how to act when they don't have school the next day .
"I see you" "huh?" pulled up in an escalade next to me at a red light .
This is going to be the next 2 weeks for me. No food, all day. Just eating first meal of the day now, and I've been up since 5am.
Im fine baby, on break now. Next week prelim then in 3 weeks time O'levels alrdy. Stress level up to the brim :( Miss you :'(
Just got thanked by the elderly man next to me for being trim so I don't take up part of his seat
Why do I always end up next to the guy with B.O. on a packed train
Next time you're at a show, instead of just grabbing for the mic, try straight up stealing it & walking out of t ...
If I could wake up next to you every morning I could easily become a morning person.
ahh next tuesday, what time dyou finish? And don't worry everyone's college ID is mash up!
Social Network Question: Who is your favorite Star Trek villain and why? Answers may end up on our next episode! ...
Still cant figure out y the person sitting next to me on e train stood up n went to stand elsewhere to tamp...
What I woke up next to this morning 🐶💤💩
Some ppl are waking up next to someone, I woke up to
New Arrivals from Puma at
I so last night I went to bed in my room I'm my bed then this morning I woke up in my basement sleeping next to a popped blow up mattress
I really wish I could have waken up next to someone . :/
Me 2!"I hate how i can want someone or something so bad one night and wake up the next day and not gaf about them"
You set up the new business at last, well done, next step. 2
Next up for Messi: 2 World Cup qualifying matches with Argentina against Paraguay (Sep 7, home) and Peru (Sep 10, away)
It hasn't sunken in yet that I have to wake up tomorrow for the next 175 days of school! -.-
the things people type up about breaking bad recent episode is hilarious! Epic episode, can't wait for next year!
If college think im going to turn up for functional skills next year, laugh it up.
Ping me next time in New York and we'll beat up some miscreants for you.
Waking up next to the most attractive guy in the whole world >>>>>> (That's right, I've been cuddl ...
Every time I party I always wake up early af the next morning 😒
Just when I ball up my fist I realize im laying right next to you BABY WE AIN'T GOT NOTHIN BUT LOVE
Watching Liars at in LA on a warm evening. Next up Converge, Yeasayer, Beirut and the Faint! http:// ...
Before I go to sleep, I think of YOU, when I fall asleep, i dream about YOU. I wake up the next day and it starts all o ...
I sure did!!! Next Up, seeing how it is through a Melitta!
281150_Get Free Shipping on Men's, Women's and Kids' Apparel and Accessories from O'Neill. Click Here!
I'm laying on the groud typing this... becuz just like last time, I stumbled and fell... except this time I did a front shoulder roll and belly crawled that last 5 minutes... my arms are spasiming whilt I'm running, and I can barely lift my legs to reach a good pace... so while I still have the energy to move around, its barely enough to walk and get back to my car, I'm spent at 14.5 hours... Sorry I let you guys down... Pathetic, I know... Start weight: 215, end weight: 200... that's gonna take a while to gain back... but atleast I know my training is improving... Now I need to eat since this entire time I haven't eaten. Next Up: Tough Mudder in OCT!!
Next Up! I'll be presenting at the upcoming Symposium on the Study of Myth at Paicifica Graduate Institute, Aug 31 - Sept. 2nd. Then, in October my article on Osiris and the Arab Spring will be published in the Journal of Archetypal Studies. Stay tuned.. more to come!
Applications are now being accepted for all Next Up programs. Each PDF package contains the application information and the application form. Please read over both sections carefully before applying. Note that application deadlines vary by program.
And then I put the speaker up to my ear. It makes me feel like he's sitting right next to me talking in my ear.
okay next question, who should I start with?? Line they *** up in order I'm on my way.
Someone is scared of thunderstorms so he has to cuddle up next to daddy:)
The next summer olypics ill be 22 Sooo I wanna go to the rio Olympics whose up?! Best trip ever!
Mr. Dwight howard to lakers trade with bynum. Crazy line-up next season
A: sorry *she whispered,nudging C out the way so she could snuggle next to L* C: *he laughs,getting up to help her and Cam on the -
Moving on... Is the Quidditch Cup up next? Because we're dying to see some Veela!
They raised up the price for tickets this year but I'm going to the next show in December. Wanna come with?
- Next monday, will be my time to get up and go to school. && I have an 8:00 oh lord, I hope i make it on time.
He just asked me to look after his stuff. Hooking up is the next logical step, right?
Wake up. Practice. Clawsons. Sleep. Practice. Sleep. Hang out. My daily routine for the next few weeks.
Anyone else get a kick out of when they say 'Next up, Rihanna, Where Have You Been' and the song starts "I been everywhere, man..."
Kobo wifi eReader
Here we go spice girls should be up next
I'll be up all night the next couple of nights cause of summer poems... I still need to clean my room & closet..
On the next commercial I will get up & mop lol
I also plan on working in some running next week to keep the cardio up.
I seriously hate my phone pattern one day juiced up an tha next it's dry af 😒
And then Spice Girls came up next on the playlist, and there was no way any if us were ever going to sleep.
Cuddling up next to my lover all night😘😉
, next time an old person asks me what i'm gonna do whenn i grow up ; i'ma say "Ah Stripper in Magic City ^.^" ..
When my dog cuddles up right next to me>>>
I'd like to be cuddled up next to you tonight
*his next shot misses, terribly, but ends up exploding a crate of red sand. The slavers are -happy-* Well. Just.
You talk to much, next time you open up your mouth make it useful for something,
Catching up on PLL and uploading a video - watch for it in the next 15 mins or so!
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