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Warwick North returns home from Little League World Series: By: News Staff newsThe boys from Warwick…
Transition Leaves Staff Sergeant in Crisis - Robin Lore Lee from Huntsville, Ala., was a Staff Sergeant in the ...
Are you ready for the journey? Take a closer look at how and work together:
.has finalized his staff for the upcoming season. Read more -
Historic win for the children, families & Staff! Ontario won’t close schools for deaf and blind children
Breaking news: Security staff does job, passenger complies.
St. Pat's is proud to welcome these new members of the faculty and staff:
Want to support SEL in kids? Support the social-emotional needs of all staff too. via
New post on my blog: UPSA: Lecturers and Staff with SMC Are Good
Job loss fears at staff offered counselling
98% of political donations by Catholic Relief Services staff go to abortion advocates: report | News | LifeSite
I'd like to thank for this opportunity! Let's go!
Tonight's Collierville school board meeting ended quickly. Appointment of Jeff Jones as new chief of staff is biggest news.
My fave line: "The staff won’t be accepting feedback on the change.".
Welcome to the staff, coach Megan Hankins-Maldonado!. Release ➝
The Humboldt State 🏈 coaching staff will feature some new and familiar faces this fall!
A seafood restaurant, Nancy’s, has had a high-profile employee on staff this summer
Dear can U pls produce series of covert cable news daters & can I work on yr writing staff when U do?
part of AHL affiliate brand refresh
GOP beefs up staff to woo African American voters
RCC providing free resources to students - Faculty and staff who download the app also have quick access to the...
Theresa May's advisors are steering the Tory party in a pro- working class direction. -
POLL: Which of these best characterizes your attitude toward Pokemon Go?: FROM STAFF REPORTS Read more on…
Republican Party beefs up staff to woo African American voters: Afte...
Breaking news: Bid to cut A&E opening hours at Grantham Hospital: Talks are under way with health staff today...
Hospital staff injuries in the spotlight. A reminder to us all regarding safety in the workplace!. "Incidents...
Bradford Kings Science academy founder and two staff guilty of £150,000 fraud
Chakrabarti accused of ignoring Labour aide's allegations about Corbyn staff's 'problem with another-Semitism'
Chair, commits to "Atkinson Principles"?. AP The rights of working people. a) Tell staff to make crap news. b) Fire them.
NPA staff pledge support for new MD via
KUDOS! This deli is actively seeking staff with special needs via
Course helps people understand mental health issues -
Nova Scotia town council won't rebuke white councillor who said, 'I'm not your [N-word]' to staff at local pizzeria. htt…
Fox news staff feared ailes was monitoring them
Dry weather keeps city parks staff busy... except for grass cutting
Officers + staff undertake hrs of proactive work to safeguard public. http…
Govt cut funds to in 2014. Why are we surprised by in 2016?. via
News: of and to create organisation with 2400 staff, $150mill annual budget:
Every Tuesday, we let one of our staff members take over our page's feed with (personal or work-related) news...
🗣 "We must keep working.". 📰 Boss praises our Academy and targets improvement for starlets:
Tree falls on two cars at Roger Williams Park: By: News Staff newsA large tree fell on top of two cars at…
Salamander skin for surgery repairs? A group of Buffalo investors thinks so. By Stephen T. Watson | News Staff...
My obit of General KV Krishna Rao, an army chief who also made his mark as a Governor.
Incredible! Civil Servants splash thousands of pounds calling the speaking clock...!.
Civil servants splash thousands on calling the SPEAKING CLOCK
Sunanda murder case. Police arrests Tharoor's employees, chemists and a family friend. Tharoor to be summoned soon https…
Canadian media is more concentrated than ever and that's bad news for democracy
Rumor: Apple has 'hundreds of staff' working on virtual & augmented reality projects - via
Almost 14,000 attacks on NHS Scotland staff...somedeserve the NHS!
Official: Detention staff used martial arts on
Reason to celebrate for staff and pupils at a Norfolk academy after outstanding… https:/…
But heya, Michelle Gumabao is now part of AdU's coaching staff so yas that's suprisingly one great news 😊😉
NHS Scotland staff subjected to 14,000 assaults in nine months
There were 13,957 incidents of violence against staff in the 9 months to Dec 2015, say Scottish Labour
Some exciting news coming soon! Someone you know may, or may not, be joining the staff of an Independent Winds ensemble!
Official: Detention staff used martial arts on Gynnya McMillen via /r/news
Almost 14,000 attacks on NHS Scotland staff. Shocking level of abuse for those who care from a 5m pop.
16yo dies in Juvenile Facility after martial arts hold by staff. https…
Report: Detention staff used "martial arts" on Gynnya McMillen day before she was found dead in her cell
Almost 14,000 attacks on NHS Scotland staff. Shouldnt be tolerated.
Under-18s: Stoke 1 United 0: Shola Ayoola's late strike wins it for Stoke, despite a battling display from the Reds. htt…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Belleville native named chief of staff for Illinois Senate president
20 parliamentary secretaries -done . Additional personal staff to all mlas -done . Close aides appointed as advisors t…
🇺🇸. Legal action against soldiers 'could undermine Britain on the battlefield' warns chief of general staff
Of Character: Oklahoma teen's serving spirit runs in the blood: By K.S. McNutt Staff Writer kmcnutt
Young migrants go on rampage with makeshift weapons in Sweden
Hospitals told to cut staff amid spiralling NHS cash crisis great news
Tensions rise in Sweden as teen migrants go on rampage at child refugee centre
water supply 'contaminated with bacteria' allegedly knew in Sept, but staff told last week
Almost 14,000 attacks on NHS staff. Not good at all! Too many drunks!
10,000 kids missing in EU as criminals ‘exploit’ migrant flow – Europol chief of staff
(Times Pic) Steve Sarkisian's secret to "really quality dialogue" at staff retreats is 91 tequila shots
An additional six months for being in possession of a spent bullet. Sham-looking trial.
Al Jazeera staff sentenced to jail in Egypt AJENews
Nicky Butt will manage in the competition & Paul McGuinness has had his say on how the youngsters will benefit:
Former legislator seeks PRC chief of staff role
Al Jazeera staff sentenced to jail in Egypt
“Compulsory or not, I can’t believe this is a real stor. micro managing micro aggressions
7-Eleven staff work twice as long at half pay rate via
This is what happens when the government determines who is a journalist
Egyptian court sentences 3 Al Jazeera journalists to 3 years in jail, 1 of them in absentia
So remind me again, what's the difference between a 'ex' and a 'zir'?
"None of us can move on with our lives until the court clears our names."
"We’ve had huge concerns about this case all along," UN spokesman
University of Tennessee: Use 'xe', 'zir', 'xyr' instead of he or she via
Egyptian court jails Al Jazeera journalists for aiding terrorists
Hundreds of council staff undergo disciplinaries for bullying, social media mishaps and more. Data...
YJB proposes cuts to spending on youth custody staff
Heartbreaking verdict for 3 AJ staff doing their job!
Al Jazeera staff sentenced to jail in Egypt -
BREAKING: Egyptian court sentences three journalists to three years in jail after retrial.
Survey: are a hot demand in according to
AJENews: "Yet another deliberate attack on press freedom"
The Guardian:. Staff at Australia's Nauru detention centre handcuffed a boy in a recreation area for laughs.
Business goes under as entire staff masters art of looking busy - via
Excellent news in are now employers! (
Curzon Cinemas agree to pay staff Living Wage in landmark move
If Department Staff are concerned, shouldn't we all?
The staggering cost of getting it wrong when hiring new staff.
Karabakh president appoints head of presidential staff:
Report shows the devastating effects on patients from mistakes by staff renewing fears the NHS is struggling
NEWS: University of Sussex staff to boycott marking student work in pension dispute
Our employment experts have a warning for staff leaving for a new job - read it here
All in the pink to support charity. A SEA of pink swamped through a city care home as staff and...
Hey hope that's for future generations as well!?
Ikea, McDonald's first off the block in recruiting staff for Sydney Business ... *
The custodians of PPS nos at Dept of Social a Protection fear giving their PPS nos to via
Village school employs 6 members of staff but it doesn't have a pupil via
The village school in Cumbria which has 6 members of staff - and no pupils.
Police need extra 400 staff to 'hold the line' on crime, Edmonton police ... - via
Staff suspended in hospital probe via
Mater staff put to test in Ebola 'dry run' via
Women unaware of stroke risks Dave Saunders of PAHRC leads reviews on the role of PA in stroke
Industry News Spur tops with staff - Spur Corporation Limited is pleased to announce its Standard of Excellence Aw...
: IBM scaling down India business, MD Vanitha Narayanan to return to US - Economic Times
Karabakh president appoints head of presidential staff
Online media staff to gain press credentials in China: Chinese authorities will grant press credentials to sta...
Ritzy agrees to give staff Living Wage, and has to sack 20 of them to pay for it: Economic reality at it's most clear
The staff of the Moscow's cinema museum resign en masse unhappy with director's "authoritarian" management style, see
Times-Picayune to move printing to state-of-the-art mobile press, 100 production jobs to be cut,no cuts to news staff.
The latest news on public service reform in the UK
News in Nightmare diagnosis made us all closer says Motor Neurone Disease widow; temporary health staff cut says Union.
Latest UK Futures Programme competition opens today, looking at pay and progression in hospitality & retail:
£2m fund from and to help low pay in retail and hospitality:
Let them eat cake? The Queen's paying staff less than the Living Wage
cinema staff who fought to get paid London Living Wage set for strike ballot over possible redundancies
Department staff fear giving PPS numbers to Irish Water should bring more onto the streets this weekend…
Queen has to take responsibility for low wages of her staff. Once again a complete lack of leadership or care.
Agency staff filling care vacancies: A union expresses concern as agency staff are brought in to fill shifts a...
MT.cinema staff-fought for London Living Wage set for strike ballot over poss redundancies
Public sector 'is far less ethical': Study reveals impact of target regimes and box-ticking culture. via
Staff face sack after Picturehouse Cinemas agree to pay Ritzy workers London Living Wage:
Staff presentation over. Public comment coming up. Mayor: 50 pro-arena people to speak, 25 opponents.
Breaking news: Ten axes Wake Up and early and late news. Hamish McLennan's full email to staff on Mumbrella now:
Terrible to hear that Ch10 is axing Wake Up and the Early, Morning and Late News this Friday. Feel really sad for the staff. Wish them well.
Our organisation merges w July 1. We extend our thanks to staff & clients for their patience & support
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I get disappointed seeing news articles attributed to "Staff" or "Network writers." How hard is it to credit them with a byline?
BREAKING: Teachers and Staff at CICS ChicagoQuest vote to join Chicago ACTS Local 4343.
Selling themselves: How Telstra, Lion and others attract and retain the best staff
Unfortunately Matt we're stuck with parasites like you so Labor will always have a voter base. Unfortunately for...
Staff at Ten News about to be informed about a round of job cuts.
Well we can see you're a great example of someone that thinks for themselves. Of course we're still waiting... ...
As someone else said the tax payer ended up paying for a bunch of $900 plasma TVs that are already starting to sit...
Thrilled 2 c student version of amazing Wisconsin Idea Seminar for faculty & staff- changed my life 4ever
Chinese company says four staff killed in Vietnam unrest
Local Hero Gets A New Home: Staff Sergeant Rafael Arias Fernandez gave up much of his life for hi...
Well we all know we really missed out becasue we didn't get a chance to vote you in as PM Stephen but I'm sure we...
Fact Obama staff are so inept they can't warn him of atrocities b4 it hits the news is quite remarkable
New jobs as construction firm booms: CONSTRUCTION company CCG is creating 40 new jobs to help staff an additio...
We know that you lot picked this up from Gillard when she complained that Howard hadn't left here even more money...
Can you come up with anything that isn't regurgitated ALP spin, er, genius?. ...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
The Lefties are pretty desperate the budget is cutting into their welfare so they will make any claim... ...
Worlds first community-owned tidal energy device powers up (BusinessGreen staff/BusinessGreen)
Is Shrien Dewani now mentally fit to face trial over Anni?
Samantha Maritza committed suicide after hospital staff let her out unescorted
Judge: The hearing today for this murder trial is now...
Hyrule Warriors Confirmed for 14th August in Japan, Producer Roles for Team Ninja Staff are Revealed
Students, staff blockade over cuts before rally led by and march
staff team up with local business to donate stacks of books to schools in Vanuautu:
Rob Ford, over 1 year in 3 articles. . ~ ~ ~
I also strongly endorse Judith Burstyn for Vice Provost for Faculty & Staff
Gotta love the Italian justice system!.
News Break: Over 97 rebel returnees are currently presented to the AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Emmanuel T. Bautista...
GEORGE OCHENSKI:Y would Montana want 2 emulate chaos in Utah Nevada?
Murder trial is stopped after judge spots court staff having sex via
Court in the act: Italy murder trial halted after judge spots staff having sex - Telegraph
Staff losses loom as Treasury Wine Estates cuts costs in a bid to get the business back on track
“The success of the model will depend largely on mngmnt”—on 'global practices' changes
Just saw UTS protest on News. Staff protesting about pay issues. What the *** has that got to do with Abbott & Coalition?
The British Outlaw . Q:. Because the staff at SFMC is full of MC historians I know it's not new news to you that...
latest on Metro staff recommending rejection of plan - how will board vote this Friday? -
Murder hearing stopped after judge noticed 'court staff having sex' (sic)
When people are congregated harm happens, whether to individuals who are living there or to staff." Agreed!
PM staff told to keep it 'vague' on renovations
Hard to leave the Hilltop, but I am Excited to announce I am now officially part of the staff!
“Softball Adds Olympian Cat Osterman To Staff so exciting, she's my favorite softball player 😃😀
A TV room with several monitors streaming news from every outlet would be cheaper than advisors and staff.
Dr. Huda Zoghbi receives honorary degree from Photo by Michael Marsland.
MT Board of Investments gives 5% raises to exempt staff to match pay hike for classifed staff..
Here's another like the Bundy Ranch - Oklahoma-Texas border dispute has ranchers worried By RFD-TV News Staff - email Credit: Texas Farm Bureau Credit: Texas Farm Bureau April 10, 2014 BYERS, Texas (RFD-TV) Most people think the border between Texas and Oklahoma is the Red River. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that, especially along the part of the river where Tommy Henderson and his family ranch. Henderson lost a lawsuit 30 years ago that moved part of the northern Texas border over a mile to the south. The Bureau of Land Management [BLM] took 140 acres of his property and didn’t pay him one cent. Now, they want to use his case as precedent to seize land along a 116-mile stretch of the river. “They’re wanting to take the boundaries that the courts placed here and extend those east and west to the forks of the river north of Vernon and east to the 98th Meridian which is about 20 miles east of us,” Henderson explained. BLM, which oversees public land in the United States, clai ...
Super article.thanks WRXX for continuing coverage. Southern Illinois Salukis Southern Illinois Miners Weather Community Calendar Air Staff Contact Orphans Streaming Judge tosses most DHS motions in federal Murray case by WILY/WRXX News Staff • December 9, 2013 • News • 0 Comments A federal judge Friday tossed out the majority motions filed by the state in a court case that has the futures of Murray Center residents at its core. Judge Marvin Aspen scolded the Department of Human Services for their motion seeking to have hundreds of letters, and affidavits submitted in the case thrown out. lawsuit Aspen says in his ruling that the court need not discuss in detail the state’s dismay at the number of affidavits or declarations, submitted by plaintiffs for their fact witnesses, as the court did not limit the parties to any particular number of witnesses, and he sees no reason to constrict plaintiffs’ ability to present their case. The judge also notes that while the letters are not sworn affidavits, ...
WRXX-FM (95.3) & WILY (1210/98.7) – Centralia's Radio Legends X95 and the Big 1210/98.7 FM! IDOC and union rep disagree on fight at Big Muddy October 17, 2013 by WILY/WRXX News Staff | News The Illinois Department of Corrections and union workers at Big Muddy River Correctional Center are not in agreement over events this weekend at the Ina facility that sent two correctional officers to the hospital. According to statements from IDOC, three inmates were involved in a fight Sunday morning on their way to dietary and two corrections officers were injured during the fight. However, Union President of AFSCME Local 3663 Kimberlee Wharton says a corrections officer who witnessed the incident reports “several inmates” were involved and that one officer who was holding open the door to count the inmates in line was hit several times by different inmates. IDOC spokesman Tom Shaer denies the injuries to the two officers were serious, and says he has signed medical reports that support his statement. “The s ...
Imagine .up to now!! They work hard and are over-worked. The question is what is the problem? They actually are the First Responders and save lives. What happened to plan "B"? (Welcome comments) _ Two 911 dispatchers return to work, but VITEMA labor questions remain By Amanda Norris (Daily News Staff) Published: July 4, 2013 Font size: [A] [A] [A] More Sharing ServicesShare ST. THOMAS ­- Two out of three 911 dispatchers who did not report for their shift after they called in sick Monday and Tuesday have returned to work at the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency's St. Thomas call center. Meanwhile, questions remain about possible labor tensions between the dispatchers and VITEMA. The dispatchers have been seeking back pay owed from 2010, when responsibility for the 911 call center was transferred from the V.I. Police Department to VITEMA. The dispatchers currently are in contract negotiations. A typical shift at VITEMA's 911 call center on St. Thomas comprises five call dispatche ...
After a single season at the judges' table, both stars announce they're moving on. By MTV News Staff. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are le..
Derek Davis & the Tasty Groove play Friday at Doc's By Dave Richards, Erie Times-News Staff writer Advertisement Bradford native Derek Davis has covered a lot of ground as a musician -- vocally and geographically. His voice has more range than the Rockies, and he's played hard rock as well as country with current band Derek Davis & the Tasty Groove. "I'm blessed with a very versatile voice," Davis said. "It comes from my high school teacher. I'd be in musicals. I was in 'The Secret Garden,' singing the highest male vocal. And I had to learn a Yorkshire accent. At the same time, I was the lowest male vocalist in the state chorus, singing bass two." That range allows him to do a reasonable Johnny Cash when the band covers "Ring of Fire," and sing high on songs like Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" The Groove covers those songs, and lots of modern country -- Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Craig Morgan. "We don't do the whiny, complaining kind of country. You know, the ...
60 Minutes preview: Gates won't entertain comparisons of his life to that of da Vinci, but says the great thinker was way ahead of his time. Read this article by CBS News Staff on CNET News.
Two more residents moved from Murray Center by WILY/WRXX News Staff • May 6, 2013 • News • 0 CommentsWe have confirmed reports that two more residents of the Warren G. Murray Developmental Center in Centralia are being moved, today, that makes three residents who have so far been moved from the faci...
Bond Denied for a St. Rose Woman Charged with Meth Manufacturing by WILY/WRXX News Staff • January 31, 2013 • NewsBond is denied for a St. Rose woman charged with meth manufacturing. 21-year-old Chanda Atwood made an appearance yesterday in Clinton county court. Atwood was arrested January 16th and...
If you get a chance today be sure to buy a copy of the “Southbridge News”. On the front page you will see a picture of yours truly with Mr. & Mrs. Kowalewski as we are doing the “Survivors walk” at the Relay for Life. On page 8 there is also a picture of our team “The Knutty Knights” from last year’s Relay for Life. Mark Ashton the News Staff writer for the news asked me some questions as to how cancer has affected me and why I relay. I told me 10 years ago we started to relay with only Mr. “K” (Mr. Kowalewski to many of us) as the sole survivor and with a few months I was diagnosed with melanoma. Since then we have had many more team members get diagnosed with it and we even lost one of our team members. Told him we lost our most artistic & optimist team member “Cathy Righi” in 2004. Told him we are also to “busy” to get involved but we need to find the time to help the family and friends who are sick with it or no longer around to be with us. ( Tony Kowalewski , Patty Kowalewsk ...
For more information contact Renée Deyermond at rdeyermond There is an information session scheduled for Friday, January 11 at 1:00pm at the Riverwalk Campus. NECC to Launch Machine Tool Training Program Submitted by NECC News Staff on December 20, 2012 – 2:56 pm In response to a recent jobs report that projects the manufacturing sector will seek to fill 100,000 jobs over the next decade Northern Essex Community College, in partnership with Lawrence Technical School, has developed a Machine Tool Training Program (MTTP) to educate and train area workers for those jobs. The pilot program will be launched in late January, and will train 10 unemployed or underemployed individuals. Developed with input from local employers, the program will train individuals to operate computer numeric controlled (CNC) machines, which are used to produce metal parts with high precision. Graduates of the program can expect to compete for jobs paying on average $22 an hour according to George Moriarty, director of NECC’s Wo ...
At, Sunday means that it's time to look back at the week in *** news - in and out of Chicago - as covered by the News Staff. The top local and national stories of interest as ranked by popularity on the network.
Christopher “confused” by airport cost; Premier said it will be far from $2M BVI News Staff - Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 at 8:26 AM Christopher Opposition member Alvin Christopher remains adamant that the proposed expansion of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island does not make economic sense, considering the likely cost as well as a reduction in airlift and passenger load. The Second District representative yesterday told the House of Assembly he is not in favour of government spending more than $2M to extend the airport on Beef Island when one can build on Anegada for less than $50M. Premier Dr. D. Orlando Smith later said the “the cost is far from $2M”, but even that did not fully address Christopher’s query about the definitive cost of the project. Christopher had said: “To sit here and to tell me that we going to build an airport and you don’t know what it going to cost… All these different things that you going to tender, you don’t have any money and you ...
Only a few more more days to enter for some Theory of a Deadman and Big Wreck tickets for their concert at the EnCana Events Centre in Dawson Creek this weekend!!! Email your phone number (or easiest method of contact) to frontdeskwith the Subject Big Wreck and Theory of a Deadman. Names will be drawn and winners contacted on December 12th. *Immediate Family of TR News Staff are not eligible. **Must be able to pick up the tickets from our office.
More Than 1,400 CPS Elementary Students to Receive New Winter Coats from Wells Fargo . November 6, 2012 | by HS News Staff | Little Village 26th Street . Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo Advisors and employees throughout the metropolitan Chicago area are making this a warmer winter for students at two CPS elementary schools. Wells Fargo collected approximately $37,100 to purchase more than 1,400 new coats that will be given to students at two separate schools on two separate dates. For the second year partnering with Carson’s, Wells Fargo was able to purchase the new coats at a significant savings. Wells Fargo representatives will deliver and hand out brand new coats to all of the students at Cardenas and Ortiz de Dominguez elementary schools. Each student will try on and receive a new coat to take home. SCHOOL Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 10 a.m. Cardenas Elementary School 2345 S. Millard Ave. SCHOOL Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 10 a.m. Ortiz de Dominguez Elementary School 3000 S. Lawndale Ave. PROUD OF MY ...
Deen TV: Nashville, TN — The Het—Heru Sorority Inc. and The Nation of Islam Student Association will host its first annual Collegiate Black United Summit International Conference (B.U.S.I) with keynote speaker the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan this Friday, November 2, 2012 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Tennessee State University Gentry Complex Center. The program is also scheduled to be streamed live via world — wide webcast starting at 6pm Central Time by the News Staff at
Mexican army detains suspect in killings of 49 Article by Action 4 News Staff at 2012-08-03 19:10:00 Cat
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Michigan-based builder, Pulte Homes, designed and constructed new wing which will include a new elevator, bedroom and rehab and fitness area Read more by CBS News Staff on CBS News' HealthPop.
Report: Federal Judge Threatens Takeover of Oakland PD BY: News Staff | May 22, 2012 The Oakland, Calif., Police Department is under the gun to implement an effective computer system that tracks officer behavior. The department serves nearly 400,000 residents, yet lacks a reliable way to track data about arrests, complaints, use of force and more. Considered an industry standard among law enforcement agencies, such a system enables trend analysis and early intervention when problems are identified. According to an article in the Bay Citizen, Oakland purchased a widely used system from Motorola in 2005 in order to meet a court-imposed deadline for several reforms, including comprehensive data tracking. When the company couldn't make specific adjustments to meet the department's needs in time, Oakland built a system in-house. But the internal solution has been the subject of much frustration. The system suffers frequent crashes and data errors, and requires a lot of duplicative, time-consuming data entry. C ...
UPDATE: Decomposed Body Found Near UCSB Dorm Written by KEY News Staff Story Created: May 10, 2012 at 10:50 AM PDT Story Updated: May 10, 2012 at 3:00 PM PDT The UC Santa Barbara Police Department is investigating the discovery of a badly decomposed body found near UCSB's Santa Catalina twin tower dorm Thursday morning. Campus police and Sheriff's Officials from the Isla Vista Foot Patrol unit were called out around 9:45, to a marshy area roughly 200 yards from the student bike racks. A U-C landscaping and maintenance crew made the discovery. The area is currently taped off for the forensic's and coroner's investigation. U-C Police Sgt. Rob Romero tells KEY News, detectives are treating the death as suspicious, but do not believe students are in any imminent danger. Romero would not divulge information about the victim's gender, position of the body, or items that may have been nearby. University police are working with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and Santa Barbara Police on various miss ...
UPDATE: Two Fires in Jeff Davis Co. Now "Livermore Complex" Fire 4/30/12 CBS 7 News Staff April 30, 2012 Jeff Davis County, TX - Two large wildfires are now considered by fire officials as one big fire in Jeff Davis County and more crews will be coming in throughout the day to keep the fires from spreading. At this time we know that over 20,000 acres of land have now been scorched by the two fires the "Spring Mountain Fire" and the "Livermore Ranch Fire." Both will now be known as the "Livermore Complex” fire. At last report, one of the fires was 60% contained; the other 50% contained. Officials have not released the containment for the combination of both. The complex fire is burning on either side of Texas state highway 166. Texas Forest Service officials say the fire is near homes in the Davis Mountain resort subdivision, which only has one exit. Residents are being asked to evacuate after an order signed by the county judge. The fires started after a lightning strike struck one of the mountains earl ...
Pulitzer Prize winners announced, AFP and AP clear winners - Meri News: News Staff, for its enterpr...
Sat, February 18, 2012 4:39:27 PM Heir of Territory Federal Note Identified Dear KRCR News Staff and Record SearchLight, I would like to share with you that "The Heir to the regional Territorial US Federal Reserve Note is Identified - his name is - Jay John Sturges-Nagy - resident of Redding, Shasta Co., California and is a native Californian." His ancestor Robinson sister-inlaw to Reading; Her linage married into Sturges in the 1800's and Cutter married into My mother's lineage of Allen; That is the Word of Turth in God we trust. I reside a "Line - of - Sight, landhold, here in Redding", which is per 1847 Law, with "current Line - of - Sight, with Landhold - Acknowgement per Blood line Heir - which is a Truth of God; and Federal Law." I am also a High Priest of, the Order of Melchizedek, Salvatorians, of the Roman Catholic Church. I am also Heir to Ermihalyfalva Hungary which contains the city Valea Lui Mihai, Romania, and lands which are Governed by Ukraine. I am a Knight, Royal, in England. Several lon ...
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