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News broadcasting is the broadcasting of various news events and other information via television, radio or internet in the field of broadcast journalism.

Michael Monroe

News Flash | India skipper named 's Leading Cricketer of the Year
News Flash: The racist, condescending pigs are the Dems, always claiming to protect minorities w/af…
News Flash! Edison High of Huntington Beach pole vaulter Michael Chadwick joins 16-foot club today with big clearance in…
News Flash: Ancient building not built according to code. . Although if it falls down Israel will probably put a settlement on it.
Truly, truly unbelievable! News Flash! Iowa is the first Orange Man state to poll negative on the Orange Man... Gra…
News Flash- Sweden ministry of justice says recent riots were reaction to growing presence of Muslim terror groups.
News Flash, Cory Booker to make a fool of himself & the democrat party as he makes up about a conservativ…
News Flash - We're for an Education Project Manager to join our dynamic team in Ghana…
News Flash: Trent Boult picked, but to sit out of the 1st T20I under a rotation policy. Tim Southee rested for the entire series.
*** Its a good thing the *** community is so GOVERNMENT protected... *** . News Flash: A *** man is still a MAN...
News Flash for John Kerry. . You sir, lack the legal authority to demand what the next President must focus on, or…
News Flash! Chris Christie to be named as Secretary of Transportation (LOL)
News flash to my seniors who can't wait to graduate: STAY IN HIGH SCHOOL!! THIS COLLEGE LIFE IS NOT A JOKE!! YOU'RE NOT READY FAM!
Ayotte - what a two faced person she is. Changes her mind in a flash when nasty news comes out about Trump !
Julian and Barry is the new bromance you didn't know you needed
The new Mayor of Swanley elected for 2016/17 due to Tory "dirty politics". .
Aldo was injured...that's a news flash? Good god man. (1/3)
News flash: no one knows who this guy is. The only people who care are Trump flacks like you
flash news, we Hispanics run late but have no doubt will show up bf 9pm on Tuesday
Because news flash. . This isn't her first time to cover for that mag and if she's that bad (as you said it), why get…
Film News:. Images show "Cyborg" and "Flash" in the much anticipated Justice League movie (2017)
Israel: Abandoned weapons and classified documents found at army base
Israel: 'Government was not negligent on tunnel threat'
Khamenei: ClintonTrump prove Iran right flash, the worst of them are still better than the best of you
Funny that men nix the whole idea because they experienced "mood swings"... News flash: women do too when taking BC
NEWS FLASH: Now you can call into the Ben Toper Show-or I can call you and you'll be on live. So cool.
Third mother today has told me that school are insisting child goes to school! Backlash from Ester Crawley news flash wel…
News Flash - people who say/do offensive things probably want to offend you.
NEWS FLASH! supporters give the White House to because they insisted on nominating an unelectable candidate!
Nand flash shortage to push up solid-state drive prices
Sometimes I read comments and I just tilt my head thinking "REALLY". News Flash there is one of 2 people...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
the show sent a negative message that abuse victims can't heal. News flash: this is the AoS/Ward story, not the
News flash you can be black and pro black but not support the blm movement. Majority of black commun dont. Rioti…
News Flash: Bill Clinton is not running for President! And Trump is facing a rape lawsuit in December.
News Flash and Rebels punches Scrabble player in throat for word spell error👍🏾 2017 can't wait!
News Flash: it is a civic duty of ALL Americans to pay taxes! Not just "non brilliant" people!
Hey America getting tired of this liberal BS? To the over educated liberal leftists.News Flash...MEN are MEN and…
News Flash: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta doesn't care that you do not like Perfect Illusion or JOANNE.
News Flash! James O’Brien from LBC & BBC Newsnight stands up for Jeremy Corbyn & against his critics
I got home from LA this morning. News Flash: Rachel Tucker's baby girl and Danielle Goll's…
News Flash! Last chance to register for our next month in
Stillness in the Storm : Benjamin Fulford -- July 30th 2016: News Flash: Ma...
News Flash!. This is NOT the 1st or last film to use dirty money for financing!
News Flash: NOBODY DID! Jake Doe needed the die from the fire of the sun. He was an *** easily manipulated & HAD NO PURPOSE!
He deleted it. News Flash: It was too late immediately, if not quicker. Arrest Joe Walsh.
News Flash. Unfortunately George Soros isn't dead yet. Back to you Donnie T.
News Flash: PM Modi to meet business leaders in Qatar
News Flash: Craig Leipold does NOT have all pieces in place to make Cup run. Needs REAL leadership...not the BS as in the past.
News Flash! We are proud to announce we have become an approved with the USA Direct Selling Association!
News Flash: world isn't black and white, most things aren't pure evil or pure goodness, etc etc...
I wonder if Boaz would have noticed Ruth if she was a Cinderella typa girl. News Flash :Ruth was working ladies.
News Flash: EFCC arrest the MD of FCMB for receiving $115m from Diezani, former Minster for Petroleum Resources.
*News Flash* Storm Warrior is heading to the Scottish borders for the "Spittal Seaside Festival" 12th - 14th August
News Flash: Fashola and the president’s foreign trips: Babatunde Raji Fashola is a man who needs no...
News Flash: CCT trial: 5 punishments Saraki will face if found guilty: The Senate president Bukola ...
News Flash: Agatha Trunchbull and Dolores Umbridge, now working for Pearson, will join the US Dept of Education as special ad…
on the subject of making stuff up, News Flash: Kyle Connor signs with the Jets, tells College coach "Red" to take a hike!!
News Flash: Harry Brunjes 2 replace Peter Bazalgette as chair Will abstain on all decimation, er decisions re ENO
Ladies, if you're looking for a guy to save you... News Flash: A man did save you 2,000 years ago on the cross
News Flash: SPRING CRAFT FAIR AT Skerries Mills this Saturday April 2nd from 10am. Come on down & check our all...
News Flash. 70th Trophy Senior National - and register wins...
News Flash... Burger King is never a good idea! 🍔🍟😷
Death toll in double bombing in Syria's Homs rises to 25
Those figures on right are averages IF the race was tied, news flash, Hillary is winning nationally except in Fox fake poll.
News flash people Hillary use to be a young republican in 60's against desegregation. Yet blacks vote for her 70% in Nevada.
Flash !!! I don't take pressure while doing comedy: Kiku Sharda - Times of India: Times of I... celebs choice ;-)
Flash !!! LEAKED: The first look of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt from Gauri Shinde's film! ... celebs choice ;-)
Flash !!! Coming Friday releases to baffle movie lovers - Times of India: Times of IndiaComi... celebs choice ;-)
Double bomb attack kills 14 in Syria's Homs
6 Council for Higher Education members resign in protest against new appointment
News Flash: Kafir is simply the Arabic word for disbeliever. And in every religion there is the concept of belief and disbelief
Suspect arrested in connection with Michigan shooting
Suspect arrested in connection with Michigan shooting:
NEWS FLASH: I actually have a heart.
The Vampire Diaries sees you, Klaroline fans, and this flash-forward was clearly for you:
News flash to the couples posting kissing pics, you're the only ones enjoying those pictures. Nobody else thinks that's cute?
News flash; it’s from august last year when she and Tyler were at a radio interview.
Jan. 19, 2016... FRESH NEWS... This is a good one. . NEWS FLASH! Basic revolution to the fabric of society...
The Flash season 2: Allison Paige to play first female speedster...
mean NOW u have self worth! now u can have sex and there won't be any consequences! and news flash: marriage doesn't eq…
MK Boker slams leftist filmmaker’s statements: There is no limit to his ‘chutzpah’
Assad wants to be remembered as the man who 'saved Syria'
Ppl discussing originality - news flash it's all been done/said. Nothing's new anymore except a good relationship that'd be new for me 🙋
Motorcyclist killed by oncoming car ay entrance to Rosh Haayin
Cansa Shavathon in Sedgefield: SEDGEFIELD NEWS FLASH - The Sedgefield Lions Club are once again very involved ...
FLASH NEWS : David Mark returns to Senate for a record 5th time. ( )
NEWS FLASH. All somewhat active UBER DRIVERS IN KINGSTON ONT have been documented and info sent off too all to…
NEWS FLASH. Satish Wadhwani got arrested @ Jammu. A Master Mined in d Trending htt…
TROLL REPORTERS: FLASH. News is rife that financier & red cap chief faints on hearing 's concession…
News Flash: Obama is NOT INFALLIBLE & it's ok to disagree w/ POTUS in a democratic society
News Flash: is coming soon to High Noon Saloon (Chicago, IL). First quiz drops March 2nd at 8pm.
News Flash! Clem Sunter will be a guest speaker at June 26! Join us for a breakfast with a cause. htt…
News Flash: Mother Goose to be banned as "dangerous". Sticks and stones and now words also break bones. Film at 11.
News Flash! They can be the biggest scammers...jimmy swaggart, Jim and Tammy baker, rod parsley, Leroy Jenkins
News Flash!! The one who can BEAT Hillary will win republican nominee. DR BEN CARSON! Even though you have written him off.
SolidFire Recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape for All-Flash Arrays
Flash News of the Day. Correction. "Not envious." Via &
News Flash. We don't care. Myths don't bother us, except when they end up in our jobs, government and schools.
News flash: more people will die this year, even people you really like, admire or despise. Take the time to be nice before the next death.
The end of is getting closer, do you know why?
Flash and virtual machine storage in Russia |
broadcasted by European and US stocks pummelled
Flash !!! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone win the Filmfare Best Actor and Actress Awards ... celebs choice ;-)
News flash: putting the blame on someone else doesn't actually make you the better person
news flash: it's the only thing that matters in Singapore
still waiting for a news anchor to have a crush on me for one. Or just flash me.
Send your feedback about outdoors column - Flash News
Some encouraging news for the Flash as well: new turf and other stadium upgrades
Deal: BRAVEN 770 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon flash sale at 50% off
by broadcastetd Cruz apologizes to New Yorkers — for their liberal elec...
broadcasted by Interior Ministry has a stranglehold on the publication of ...
broadcasted by US judge rejects bid for new trial for Boston Marathon bombe...
Need news in a flash? Here's what's happening in your community.
It needs to be a sequel of the 1980 Sam Jones film. We definitely don't need a remake like the awful Syfy Channel...
People in Vancouver riots not real hockey fans. People who voted in Scott are not real hockey fans. . etc... etc... news flash they are.
DC in a week: Jan. 11 – Jan. 15: Need news in a flash? Here’s what’s happening in your community. Swanepoel re...
news flash! Fix for TDI not found, owners upset at lack of progress!
*NEWS FLASH* Thurs 28th January, FromeFM will be hosting a Community Open Evening with LIVE radio from 4-9pm
Here is a news flash for the "fans" of that the name on this account is not an actual name.. It is my middle name
Local man rapes girl, girl responds, "I want waiting for him to stop" /Flash news at 11!/
News flash! "Study" proves "trans" kids really, really do prefer the lifestyle of the opposite sex!.
yet another reason why the server is toxic. news flash: banning someone bc you dont like them makes YOU immature
Just waking up? Well in that case here's a news flash!
News Flash!. Former Vegas mobster Frank Cullotta will be attending tonight's Mob Week. Good chance for autographs.
News Flash! Ex Con comes out of prison rehabilitated and leads a good honest life. Whoaa
News Flash! Globe Trekker's wonderful Round the World series is now available to download!
News flash: There IS no "new black". Black is black. Always was and always will be. Just ask Los Bravos if he wants his baby back. NOT ribs.
I added a video to a playlist World of Warships NEWS FLASH: Update 0.5.2 New Ships, Maps and Gameplay
NEWS FLASH: donates more than his net worth to charity. Also, the sky is actually purple.
News FLASH: mom is just as stylish as she is!
Literally the only candidate who has policies that would help the Latino community and you guys are offended. News flash she is a grandma
news flash POTUS has a disconnect with the military the American people everyone except his 29 yo advisers
NetApp confirms $870m SolidFire acquisition – but don’t think this is all about flash: Cloud sto...
For all you feminists out there wanting Clinton as our next President. News flash, she hates feminists.
How to prepare for a happy retirement
Israel: How to prepare for a happy retirement
Israel: France foils jihadist attack in Orleans
Israel: Watch: PA passports to be issued soon?
"I don't like this always being hungry feeling." News flash Jeffrey, none of us do
Just passed a guy waving a confederate flash, it's 2015, not the 50's!😒
News flash guys: if a girl is trying to have a decent conversation and you say "you're hot" in the middle of it, it's degrading.
Y'all think you know me from I had no control over my storyline. News flash I didn't even know Mally and me and Be…
nails it. acquisition of is NOT about flash, it's about economics of whitebox & SDS
NEWS FLASH: vulnerability is a necessity for love. acknowledging your fears is necessary to overcoming them.
✡ broadcasted by France foils jihadist attack in Orleans
✡ broadcasted by Watch: PA passports to be issued soon?
news flash 4 felon Clinton supporters, she lies ALL the time, she got people killed by her stupidity & inaction
News flash: I don't give a *** about middle aged ladies who gossip right in the middle of the platform
I never knew there was a ban on this. So people still think that only *** men can carry a disease? News Flash! WRONG!
reports Report: Kim Jong Un sent envoys to apologize for Moranbong Band
France foils jihadist attack in Orleans
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Stu talking about how "it wouldn't be easy" if MWP was guarding Barton. News flash: it's not 2008 anymore
LIVE on 11 News at 6 pm now. Watch this sweet story of a surprise proposal flash mob in Memorial City today.
News Flash: People light fire to battle cold wave conditions in Delhi
BREAKING NEWS: Secret Service agent's gun, badge, radio, handcuffs and flash drive stolen in broad daylight from his car near Whit…
Gun, badge, stolen from Secret Service agent - New strategy, make seem competent compared to BO SS
When "damaged" people use their issues as a scapegoat for ruining others. Quit it. News flash: everyone's facing their own bat…
That moment when you secretly flash 10/23 on ABC 4 News LIVE. Got you Corner Canyon.
Watch: PA passports to be issued soon?
Watch: PA passports to be issued soon?:
Pennsylvania teen indicted over support for ISIS
broadcasted by Greece allows civil partnership for same-sex couples
News Flash: Actually, most everyone has disdain for the press these days.
News Flash: Every living thing on Earth has been genetically modified! Suspects are evolution, natural selection, and artificial selection.
News Flash. When you give something away. Say student loans. Who will pay for that?. Please don't bore me.
News Flash!. The Court of Appeal has nullified the election of Former Governor of Akwa Ibom State Godswill Akpabio. Re-run in 90 days.
Order Miche Bag Online!
News Flash... Our are going to lose. At least St. Ed's won! 🏈 Go Eagles! Hail to the Green and Gold!
News Flash: I live in the 12 point area
News Flash: 2 major pieces of info about Steve Conte & the Michael Monroe tour in Finland...Michael says:. "As...
via Michael Monroe:. News Flash, everybody!. As it turns out, Steve Conte’s wife is expecting and the due time...
News Flash: dialogue between me and philosopher Peter Singer videos now available!
News Flash: every time you are bad to someone, a baby animal stops being cute. Please be nice and stop making our plane…
News Flash! Prof. David Hunter's textbook on discrete math has just been released in its 3rd edition with IBL!
News Flash: Kakabreak lang daw nina Alden at Derrick Monasterio to give way to ALDUB for the mean time.
News Flash! Women do belong at the poker table and are taking it by storm!
News Flash: Governor Okezie Ikpeazu presents list of commissioner nominees to the House of ...: The Governor o...
News Flash: The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu has submitted his list of Commissioner nominees to the...
News Flash. Gov Okezie Ikpeazu just submitted his list of Commissioner nominees to the State House of Assembly through his Chief of Staff.
News Flash for Bernie and Hillary: Google Laffer Curve. When you excessively tax the wealthy they move the...
News Flash: Candidate suppression is no more democratic than voter suppression!
News Flash.. Giving 100m to a defensive of player Doesn't make you win ball games.. just ask Texans and Dolphins
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
News Flash!!! We want Nick and Nora Charles and Hart to Hart!! NOT As the World Turns!!! 😠😠
News Flash: If you see "Black Lives Matter" and interpret it as "Only Black Lives Matter, Every Other Life is Worthless" you're a racist.
News Flash ~> West Ham's Payet surprised by team's sizzling run
News Flash:just cause you're a poc doesn't mean using racial slurs makes you less oppressed. It's like taking one step forward then two back
News Flash: Mayor deBlasio stepped onto the first subway train to depart from the new Javits Center
News Flash: General Meade surrenders at the Battle of Brusharbor! All is lost for the Union!
Photo: News Flash: children of pop @ cheer up charlie’s 2nite @ 10 something free emoji 1st posthumous...
News Flash...Jamal Williams isn't playing for BYU this year. Just thought you might like to know that.
KID FLASH CASTING NEWS! has been cast as Wally West in season 2 of
even if it's a movie I've seen like 900 times!! "It's not THAT sad" news flash!! You are wrong!!!
You should spend more time worrying about keeping you legs closed. !!News Flash!! You are not that important and no one cares.
tbh get over yourself. u think telling people to cut and kill themselves is cool?NEWS FLASH ITS NOT. it makes u look pathetic +
News flash: People don't marry their high school sweethearts anymore so what's the point of being taken when you're young and could have fun
News Flash. Zac Smith graduates from safety course with a B+ and a nice certificate. Is now to be addressed as Professor Smith.
Well...NEWS FLASH>> Lynda just heard my song "MEMORY LANE" on the radio! Call in to your fav country radio station and req…
Hate how suspicious people are that I'm pro-women, like I have some ulterior motive. News flash: happily married, not t…
broadcasted by US to help counter Iranian threat after deal, Obama to assure S...
Will Google and Amazon be able to cover all the security holes in AdobeFlash?.
✡ broadcasted by Convicted nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu tells of London honey...
✡ broadcasted by The Palestinian family that fought a soldier to save their s...
News Flash: Peter Mukerjea could be questioned again today
It just pisses me off how you always act like you're better than everyone else. News flash: you're not.
**NEWS FLASH** End-of-summer Also celebrating my bday and the launch of our…
The stupidest stereotype is that not 1 white person worked their way up... News flash, WE DID!
Right? I think the Reverse Flash sapped his speed.
One more thing, if you could remove "under God" from the Pledge of allegiance that'd be great. News flash: EVERY …
News flash, this is a TEAM sport we win together, we lose together. End of story.
Flash in the sky: Rocket lights up South Florida
I think boys just try and tell me what they think I wanna hear, news flash: I'm not into the whole sappy talking about feelings bs 👋🏻
Two big conformity bills await the Governor's signature. More info:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
News flash you have to break up with Myah Beckham because shes cheating on you with Jordan UH OH! 😕
A Dizzi News Flash…. Progressive music gets official chart - Progressive music, the oft-maligned genre that had it...
NEWS FLASH! Please, please check your child's bag tonight for an important Peter Pan notice about next weeks organisation. Thanks Tinkerbell
News flash I'm not actually a stoner just incase you didn't know.
News flash, good human interaction and having an outgoing personality help in the real world
I was faithful and I wasn't your girl.. news flash buddy.
NEWS FLASH - From Sector St. Charles, Pack 103 had 4 Scouts register this week at the groups Join Scouting Night.
News flash: men are just as capable of catching feelings as women are
FCC developing an video platform for users to communicate with businesses and gov agencies using ASL
"Abbott wants all police lights to flash for one minuted in memory of slain Harris County deputy"
Everybody talks about how great country music is in the Summer. News flash, country music is good all year round. 🙌
'Go ahead, admit you're a racist' - A group of women were chatting and laughing together like old frie...
✡ broadcasted by Bringing Order to Life’s Chaos
News Flash: Chatham County Schools, NC exceeds 87% graduation rate, up 5%! Way to go
NEWS: SanDisk + Deliver First All Flash Array in the Market - ht…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Amazon joins in on killing Flash, stops accepting Flash ads
Flash back to Detroit in the '80s. Ex-drug dealer, informant White Boy Rick in court Friday via
News flash:knowing women & being related to women doesn't automatically eliminate the possibility of you being sexist http…
Tony Todd is the voice, but who is under the mask?
NEWS FLASH! Busy Bee Networking meetings in Hale and Chorlton will now both be held on Tuesday mornings -...
Love the line about female and male being oppressive and hateful. News flash- that is how God created us.
NEWS FLASH: aka 'THE DRAGON' hits the big 2-0. Birthday tequila shots all around wo
Premier League: Swansea are no flash in the pan: Swansea City have started the Premier League season on fire a...
FLASH: India wins third test match against Sri Lanka by 117 runs; wins 3-match test series by 2-1 after 22 years.
RIP From today stops autoplaying Flash banners after and many more
A Dizzi News Flash…. SpongeBob heads to Broadway - SpongeBob SquarePants is heading to Broadway as a musical with ...
apparently 2010 crash was also due to 1 trader found out after 5 yrs. One Man. US N CHINA.
NEWS FLASH. Karlas quads are back in business
News Flash -: Military Payday Loans - When it comes to financial hardships,...
Just realized that Uruha in my profile pic and header looks like he's really interested in Aoi's fingers. News flash.
The shortlist: What would your New Zealand flag be?
The Flash season 2 has cast its big bad. Kinda.
Google Kills Flash Advertising in Chrome for Good: Like many of its industry counterparts, Google is eliminati...
Google Chrome is about to kill off Flash-based ads forever
News flash!!. Wake me up when September ends jokes aren't funny!!. Cool!! Thanks!!
News flash- I've teamed up with to bring you 2 new ranges of seeds! Robs Heritage Veg & Robs Cut Flowers,…
"Publishers and advertisers need to work together to iron out the inevitable bumps in the road ahead”- Aden Forshaw |
Flash !!! Rumoured contestants of 'Bigg Boss 9' - Times of India: Times of IndiaRumoured con... celebs choice ;-)
Obama wants the US to start competing seriously with Russia and China in the Arctic ►►
Exclusive: will face off with star Tony Todd - he's voicing Zoom:
Google rolls out Flash ad update on Chrome
Some Flash news. I have little doubt that the show will handle it well, but this is why I just cannot get into comics
News Flash -: Marine Rings - Marine Rings which can be personalized with a...
News Flash: In October LH launches its first ever Arts Week
**News Flash** Put it in your diaries. American Smooth will be featuring at the Galaxy Imperial Championships in... featured in NBC s Science of Love
News Flash was gold today, that Ben Carson joke was great
News Flash: Americans think that murdering black people because they are talking, listening and breathing is lawful and "patriotic."
News Flash: Undercoveree today with the archaeological dig behind Likit's Dole Whip Shop and Secrets of St...
News Flash: Frank Reynolds is a character from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" he's not dead you ***
"News Flash" She's a Military Veteran and need your HELP! Spy agency worker found dead
News Flash, Greeks are going postal in Greece over austerity...
News Flash: 'Rahul Gandhi misguiding people on food park issue'.
News Flash. Saturday 18th July we will be at The Great Escape - Scottish Food and Drink Festival - via
News Flash! They're going to do a weekly Pizza Night. Pizza Oven Trailer out front :)
News Flash ~> Church shootings set off flag debate
News Flash: America does NOT come first to God does as HE SHOULD!
News Flash ~> Jacqui Lambie calls for death penalty for terrorists
News Flash: I am not as sexy as the model in the instructions.
News Flash!! SEVENTEEN University of Otago students have been awarded Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia ..
The Environment in 2025: News Flash, Direct from the Future!: Concerns about the environment are generally…
News Flash ~> Strauss open to an Aussie coaching England
News Flash new Eon Bio time capsule release of Humic acid mycorrhiza fungi and beneficial bacteria easy use prill
Saudis fear Obama has no strategy for Iran's destabilization attempts. News Flash: Americans do too.
News Flash! . Vegetable Quiche in the morning at Air Play. Live music at The Rusty Fox tonight. Have a great weekend!
News Flash: A black Spider-man would STILL be close to comic interpretations bc guess what?... MILES MORALES HAS HIS OWN COMIC BOOK SERIES.
News Flash : Remember the Eko Hospital story? The alleged negligence in the case of Dolapo Adesanya.. this is...
News Flash ~> United primed to resume Manchester top-dog role
News Flash! I will be walking in Fashion Show this Friday at the Hard Rock roof top in…
News Flash ~> Eagles' Mitch Brown out for the season
News Flash: Henry Hudson at home today for Varsity softball at 3:45 pm. Good luck Lady Rockets!
News Flash liberal *** celebrated the day in where Democrat policies/Dem politicians attacked black voters.
News Flash - The Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal has written letters to PM Narendra Modi and...
News Flash! The report below has been updated... The unknown man that Hillary's e-mail server was registered to...
News Flash: The Grammar Junior School Sports has just been cancelled due to the inclement weather. The date the...
News Flash: Our March General meeting has been changed from March 24 to 7:30 PM Tuesday March 31st at the Mine Hill Civic Center
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
News Flash: Vodka is pregnant. The father is Whiskey. I'm so excited for them. Hoping for a Gray Goose!
News Flash: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemns killings in name of Islam
News Flash! Volunteers needed for the Addy Awards on 2/26/15! via
News Flash ~> Golfing great Billy Casper dead at 83
Mumbai court sends Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar in police custody till Feb 6 in extortion case. News Flash:
CBI director Anil Sinha to meet Rajnath Singh over Cong leader Matang Sinh's arrest in Saradha scam case. News Flash:
News Flash: The hide of was found. A note pinned to the hide said he was moving to a nudist colony is Costa Rica.
News Flash ~> Bouchard moves into Aust Open quarters
News Flash ~> Hewitt set for Davis Cup captaincy
Well, after puking and battling an incredible migraine, taking the shot of Imitrex, I thought I beat the migraine. Then I made the mistake of listening to Obama spew his BS to the World and basically told the Muslim extremist that they are welcome to the U.S. Along with the Illegal immigrants here in the US who have been given amnesty. I started feeling that migraine pressure behind my eyes at this point. He goes on to say that the economy is great and that Obama Care has made it possible for all Americans to have health care. News Flash *** printing money without gold to back it up is called counter fitting and I'm pretty sure that's a felony. The little flashes of light I see just before a migraine are kicking in at this point. How about that Obama "Affordable" care act. Are you kidding me!? Affordable? For Who You Freaking *** The only thing that Obama care is affordable for is the same lazy *** welfare abusing, dope smoking drunks, parents who can't keep their kids from spreading their l ...
What we just posted to our supporters from the cancelled first run of the Bad Decisions Kickstarter: Thank you all for your support the first time around. We've got a new version of the prototype almost ready to order, and as soon as we have it we will film the video for the renewed kickstarter! We are in a much better position to support the kickstarter campaign this time around, so we're going to make sure this game becomes a reality. Look forward to a preview of the new campaign in the near future! _ Seriously, after 6+ months of play-testing with the first set of cards, we've refined both the concept and how we talk about it. We've dropped the "News Flash" part of the title and gone with more emphasis on the storytelling aspect - and will be playing up the input we want from supporters at every level of support from $10 up.
News Flash: Rosie Perez is leaving The View. In related news: Rosie Perez is on The View.
News Flash ~> Passengers open emergency exits on China Eastern Airlines flight
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