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Newark Airport

The Newark Airport Interchange is a massive interchange of Interstate 78, U.S. Route 1/9, U.S. Route 22, Route 21, and Interstate 95 (the New Jersey Turnpike) at the northern edge of Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

Port Authority New Jersey United Airlines Pulaski Skyway Newark Penn Station

I love the headlines in the New York Post. 👎🏻 @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Just going to say it—no airport better represents the place it’s in than Newark. Sorry,
I should be streaming my adventure through Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport on my way to Newark on December 14th start time around 430am et
Come stop by our booth at WASCO Expo today at Newark Airport Marriott!
There are times when I feel Jaipur bus terminal is better than Newark airport.
Thought about flying into Newark for your trip? walks you thru the train ride step by step!
not a bad place to catch a plane (@ Newark Liberty International Airport - EWR) on
Creepiest airport feature in world? One nominee are the mirrors above the urinals in Newark. Who thought that was a good idea?
I was standing next to and family at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Newark airport…
Traffic is so bad today ive watched 14 planes take off at Newark airport. That’s how long I’ve been sitting in front of it.
Off to Newark airport in 2 hours and back home to Colorado 😀😀😍😍
Currently waiting at gate C102 at Newark airport to catch the 10:00 am flight with to Shanghai 😁
The Newark Airport Paradox: Not one instance of eye contact, but thousands of personal space violations.
On line for our trip to Florida. @ Newark Liberty International Airport
No bomb found on flight from London to Newark airport |
Kind of a spectacular (and cold) sunrise @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
poverty still exists but at least every chair in the Newark airport gotta fukkin iPad
WARNING Potential delays at Newark Liberty International Airport/EWR on Wednesday, November 15 for one or more periods
Omg I'm at my airport gate and a woman here wants to introduce me to her son when we land back in Newark. We might have a love…
newark is the only airport where I fall asleep for a while and wake up thinking i missed the entire flight and we haven't even taken off yet
The band frequently flies out of Newark. Newark Airport voted "most miserable" in USA.
The free internet at Newark airport requires you to watch an ad that it doesn’t appear to have strong enough signal to stream.
newark airport suck, i knew i should have went to laguardia or JFK
Just sprinted through the Newark airport. I...I am not recovering well...
I just housed a hamburger at the Newark Airport and I've never felt more alive.
Good to be back in NY (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
At Newark Airport this morning behind when him and another guy have to get their bags checked by sec…
NJCL train the 6:43pm from Newark Airport, is up to 10 min. late due to Amtrak track maintenance.
I️ve never been treated so rudely than i have at Newark airport by your workers
Hi I'm at the Newark airport and I'm trying to use my miles upgrade or pay for an upgrade and I'm unable to.. can u assist me?
Travel Safety: Flying from Newark Liberty airport Monday, November 13? Check for flight updates:
Shooting Photos from an Open-Door Helicopter: My Flight over Manhattan and Newark Airport
Secret Ireland rapping up another tour, with great people. — traveling to cvg airport from Newark Liberty...
Had to tag my own bag and check myself out at deli. I feel like I’m interning at Newark Airport.
New artwork for sale! - "Landing at Newark New Jersey International airport" -
Hi Marushka; We're sorry to hear it. Newark Liberty Airport has been imposing Ground Delays often rece…
Gertrude Stein at Newark airport 1934. From Carl Van Vechten, Gertrude Stein, Part of a Life in Pictures.
why is the priority line empty and economy line backed up to security? Newark Airport TSA is not working. Bett…
we need to go to Newark Airport w/our 2 yr old. If we put him in a carrier & strap him in is w/us that ok ? We live in NJ
From shorts and a tank back to hoody & sweatpants (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
And so begins another sales week, focus on golf this time. @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Stuck at Newark Airport because of delayed flight with Can't get any help at the airport. Can you get me home to…
I long for the return of Newark airport "Ray can't stay" chants.
Perhaps a coupon good for one Nathan’s hotdog at the Newark Airport of your choice?
The cranberry chicken salad at Newark Airport is GOOD - not just "good for the airport" good, but GOOD.…
IAAPA time. — traveling to Orlando, Florida from Newark Liberty International Airport
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I took this photo at Penn Station on Monday. I was catching a train to Newark Airport for my…
At Ramada Inn at Newark Airport talking about Challenging issues for the family lawyer
I don't see no palm trees 🌴 — traveling to Flanders, New Jersey from Newark Liberty International Airport
traveling to Atlanta airport from United Airlines Term C Newark Liberty Airport
I brushed my teeth just because and it was so nice. 6 AM self-care at the Newark airport. Boarding in about 40 mins, hopefully.
Three cheers for Cheryl on the 7.29 Newark-Luton Airport Parkway. Friendliest early morning refreshment service in the land!
Galaxy Airport Parking. The best new parking with indoor & outdoor valet. Reserve now
Eating Dunkin Donuts at 1 AM in the Newark airport while the radio of the closed Jamba Juice pumps out tunes, waiting for a 6 AM flight.
what better way to appreciate the thunderstorm than by flying around Newark Airport waiting for it to go away
Last straw for $500 in train tickets and a night in Newark airport. Every leg of flight had issues. Done with them!
Met a friend from the wings tour in Newark at the airport! We're on the same flight home 😊
At the airport again to pick up my mom's friends from Vietnam Too bad it's not at Newark but at JFK
Just got back from Newark Airport to pick up my uncle and drop it off at United Express to go back to Boston to where I'm going this week.
This is how budget-savvy travelers save big on airport parking.
Omg Newark airport is the WORST!!! I got to my flight from NJ to Puerto Rico with 2.5 hours til my fl…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Bus Route No. 62, the 8:20 pm departure from Newark Penn Station to Newark International Airport is ...
traveling to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago from Newark Liberty International Airport
As I arrived at Newark a chariot in the form of a smelly bus was waiting to take my to my gate, I am now the princess of Newark airport
Day seventy: At Barcelona Airport heading to Newark Airport for a few weeks in New York, NY, USA…
I feel like the Newark airport is really trying to be something it's not
Theres atleast 2 of them on every gate at the newark airport. Crazy world we live in.
This restaurant is in serious need of a review from Aviation Queen.
Is this better than the Newark Airport where I read part of it?
Travel Safety: Flying from Newark Liberty airport Tuesday, August 22? Check for departure updates:
Outta here! — traveling to Stockholm, Sweden from Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark airport is my least favorite
Going to Newark airport is such a pain in the ***
Give him his Dunkin Donuts gift card and drop him off at Newark Airport. He needs to go.
A plane from Newark Airport passes through the setting sun over New Jersey, shot from the observatory at One World Trade Cente…
can't get anyone to retrieve my iPad at Newark from a flight I JUST got off of. Plane is still at airport and no one w…
United is opening an invitation-only restaurant at Newark airport. Check to see if you have access-…
Heading home from Newark Airport has greatly improved their food options (in…
Newark airport is a special kind of *** with a million gates and no good beer
Crazy how automated Newark Airport is, ultra-convenient. Off to DC...
Summer of John ! — traveling to Sydney, Australia from Newark Liberty International Airport
Did grant you access to this secret new restaurant at Newark Airport?
One way ticket to in September now cheaper than taxi to the airport in
For your airport parking solutions, visit Available in and
So opening a "secret" speakeasy called Classified at Newark Airport. Following the clues brought me here……
The United Terminal at Airport is really nice.
Workers at Newark Airport and Newark Penn Station would get a well-deserved raise from their current “poverty wages” http…
The mayor's overseas jaunt was kept under wraps until just 90 minutes before he took off from Newark Airport
Newark Airport given the all clear after 'pressure cooker' | Daily Mail Online ➜…
Simple smart campaign with useful tech component by Newark Airport takes on the time it takes to get to JFK.
I-Team: Another customs officer has come forward to allege extreme hazing, sex abuse at Newark Airport
PHOTO: Pressure cooker found at Newark Airport. Port Authority says no threat.
. UPDATE: Port Authority spox says all-clear at Newark Airport
All clear at Newark Airport after suspicious package causes evacuations, Port Authority Police report…
UPDATE: Port Authority police say the suspicious package found at Newark Airport has been cleared.
UPDATE: Port Authority Police Union says suspicious device at Newark Airport is pressure cooker-no injuries reported
Port Authority gives all clear after a pressure cooker was discovered at Terminal A of the Newark Airport https:…
Latest: Newark airport closed after United Airlines engine fire
United flight evacuated on Newark airport tarmac - -
Newark Liberty International Airport in northern New Jersey was closed for almost two hours this evening after fl…
First video of evacuation at Newark Liberty Airport.
5 injured, passengers evacuated after plane engine fire at Newark Airport
Newark Airport is temporarily closed due to deployment of emergency chutes on a plane with an apparent engine fire. No inj…
United flight evacuated after engine fire
Newark Airport has reopened, with UA48 departing first. Expect continuing delays this evening. .
Flights diverting to alternate airports due to temporary closure of Newark Airport. htt…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Second video: Inbound flights holding or diverting from Newark Airport after engine fire; passengers evacuated. ht…
kids Newark Airport reopens after plane engine catches fire
Newark (EWR) airport reopened after United Airlines engine fire - there were many diversions and delayed flights
Engine of SFO-bound plane catches fire at Newark Airport.
Newark airport closes after fire on UNITED plane...
Newark airport reopens after engine fire prompts plane evacuation
Newark airport in US reopens after engine fire prompts plane evacuation
United Airlines flight reportedly headed to San Francisco airport makes emergency landing in Newark, New Jerse…
Five suffer minor injuries after plane engine catches fire at Newark airport, officials say
United flight evacuated on Newark airport tarmac after engine fire
Newark Airport reopens after plane engine catches fire
Breaking: NEWARK AIRPORT: Aircraft on the runway has been evacuated. All ground operations have halted. Unknown circum…
Newark Airport is shut down after a plane engine caught fire. So much for the notion that deregulation would unleash t…
At Newark airport fighting for higher wages.
Newark reopens after United engine fire shuts airport down
EMERGENCY United Airlines evacuated on tarmac at Newark Airport after engine fire
United flight evacuated on Newark Liberty International Airport tarmac after engine fire spotted, officials say
United flight 1579 grounded after engine fire, chutes deployed, ground stop @ Newark Airport no injuries reported
you are the biggest joke at Newark Airport! This driver just called and told me he was on the Highway 12 minu…
[New York Daily] Lawyer caught with loaded gun at Newark Airport
Check out Full Time Driver at Newark Airport - Newark One Stop Career Center Open House in (NJ)
in 2000: Pete Gas defeated Crash Holly at Newark Airport to win the WWF Hardcore Title.
On the road again ✈️🚖 — traveling to Newark Airport from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
I just realized that Newark airport was the reason I almost didn't end up at Hamilton
Same reason Cory Booker uses the glory hole in the bathroom of the Delta wing at the Newark airport.
Newark airport is my least favourite airport in this country lol
The only thing I like in NJ is Newark Airport because you get to fly far away from NJ
This is what airport looks like at Because you know you wanted to know.
It used to scare me when my cab drivers drove 90 mph over the Pulaski Skyway, but now I fly into Newark Airport specifically for it
it was just weirdly warm when we got out of the airport at Newark,SF was a little chilly but not actually cold
I'm at a dumpsite.but some ppl call it the Newark Airport
commiserations. a flight out of Newark was once responsible for my spending the night at the Milwaukee airport.
Nothing new. I was told that years ago, in Newark airport.
Dogs at airports to help with the stress of holiday travel?.
I'm still not home tho 😕 (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
Been chilling in Newark airport since 2:30 today...6hrs later 😅
On MLK Day, airport workers at Newark Liberty International march to demand $15/hour .
Newark airport workers' push for $15/hr wage, evoking the spirit of MLK Jr.
Great to walk through Newark NJ airport and see the Pitt signs...!
fun story time: Was picking my brother up from Newark airport and everything was stopped for protests. know what I did?
Just landed at Newark Airport and sends a text saying welcome to Canada
Hey weren't you in LA on August 24?. Why were you at the Newark airport?
Had a long moment at the airport where I completely forgot whether I was at LAX or Newark. Had to have a think. Then saw Jersey t-shirts.
What's the point of being TSA Pre-check at Newark Airport Term A, when it's a 30 min lane with every1 else and have to take out my PC?
'We make too little money. Newark airport workers make less than NY airport workers.' Says Benjamin Marte
Thank you Newark mayor for standing with airport workers on day.
Jersey is dirt and Newark airport smells like ***
The quality of the drivers & cars seriously going downhill. Uber pickup yesterday at Newark Airport was in such poor co…
1) I was shocked at the lack of security at Airport last Wed. I didn't put my shoes (combat boots) in the bin.I wore them whole time
Looking for healthy at Newark Airport?. Just opened all-vegitarian restaurant by award winning…
I added a video to a playlist Amtrak Train 172 - Metropark to Newark Airport Rear View (GoPro)
5:00 am flight — traveling to Charlotte, North Carolina from Newark Liberty International Airport
500 am flight back to Charlotte. No need for sleep. Path train to Newark International Airport.
When the dude that causes bad luck around him lands, it's Newark Airport, and they mention it thereafter.
Newark Airport is the home of Fails...
Omg. CBGB lives on at the airport! @ Newark Liberty International Airport
I'm a Regular at Newark Liberty International Airport - EWR on
Newark Airport to Boston for 2 nights in the Park Plaza hotel 🔑
Travel Safety: Flying from Newark Liberty airport Sunday, January 15? Check your flight time:
Some guy at the Newark airport just said Canadians and Americans are basically the same and I won't lie was a bit insulted
Newark airport is nice, one of my favs ^_^
Last time flying internationally in premium cabin for 100K+ miles (@ Newark Liberty International Airport)
northbound on the NJ turnpike about five minutes away from Newark airport
When you see at Newark Airport taking his shoes off at the start but don't want to bother him because he has his hands full...
Don't have a deli that doesn't have salt & vinegar chips. letting me down at Newark airport
Navigating Newark's airport should be an Olympic sport.
First flight complete. Only 2 more left 😔 (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
I just ran through the Newark airport to get to my gate and am a red sweaty mess. Sorry to the person sitting next to me 😅
Lets make this a tradition. Every time I'm at Newark airport I'm getting turnt!
Got off the plane and the first thing I heard in the Newark airport was Brittany spears' "toxic"
Newark Airport terminal C doing its best to bring Panem Capital City transit hub realness to air travel.
So the TSA in the West Palm Airport sparked up a conversation and that kinda thing NEVER happens in Newark
... no matter what, stay in your MAGIC 🔮 @ Newark Liberty International Airport
I know what I'm getting for breakfast! Love you Newark airport! @ Newark Liberty…
On my way to Mets Fantasy Camp! — traveling to Port Saint Lucie, Florida from Newark Liberty International Airport
When you take the Pokemon gym at the Newark airport😎
someone please explain to me why its $13.00 to go from Penn to Newark airport but $4.25 from Penn to Hoboken?? ***
OMG Newark Airport service on airtrain is worst! Needs to be burnt to ground and redone from scratch.
What's this white stuff on the ground ? (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
just in case you're homesick. Picking up my son at Newark airport. 😊
Fun fact: it costs less to rent a car in Montana for a week than to leave one parked at Newark airport.
The new restaurant at Newark Airport includes vegetarian and vegan choices, and is part of a $120 million...
The hole left in the Empire State Building after a B-25 bomber on 355heli s way to Newark Airport crashed into it https:/…
Old vid she might be a gamer one day lol @ Newark Airport and Port Newark, Newark
Bus route no. 107, the 8:45PM from North Terminal, Newark Airport to Ivy Hill will not operate today due to an earlier schedule adjustment.
Newark Airport - the air is redolent of burnt onion bagels. Smells like home!
Newark Airport - "2 Chairs" expanding its reach to help Bob Beaudine spread the Good News.
Going to see my NY GIANTS! YAY!! — traveling to Newark, New Jersey from Fll - Ft. Lauderdal International Airport
Sob. My parents got engaged at Newark Airport.
Gorgeous sunrise at Newark airport atm
Cleared: Construction on Both directions from North of Newark Liberty International Airport to US 1&9 Truck...
Minnesota here we come! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ)
3 días de sol 😍 — traveling to Miami Beach, Florida from Newark Liberty International Airport
OTG and Urbani Truffles forge foodie partnership at Newark Airport ... - The Moodie Davitt Report
Hi Josh, apologies for the delayed response. It looks like your flight was delayed due to weather around Newark airport. ^BT
"If you have a Galaxy Note7, please dispose of it" - gate attendant at Newark airport. Note7 is now considered no better than trash
Construction on US 1&9 northbound North of Newark Liberty International Airport left lane closed for repairs until 5:30 AM
Did you know that I live in the Newark airport now? It is the best!
Is the Airtrain the fastest and cheapest way to get to Newark airport??
Newark airport hosts Truffle Week in the Terminal w 6 eateries will serve $60…
Feel like food options at Newark are bad? See how is changing Terminal C.
check ya in 16 hours when we land in HK 🇭🇰 @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Lufthansa, United planes clip wings on Newark Airport taxiway
2 Airplanes Again Clip Wings at New Jersey’s Newark Airport: Two airplanes have again clipped wings at New Je...
chill *** spooky *** vibes in a handicap accessible room at the Newark airport Holiday Inn
For 2nd time in 24 hours, planes clip wings at Newark Airport (-
2 airplanes again clip wings at Newark Liberty airport via must be
Pretty sure today is 'Taxi on every single Taxiway' day at Newark Airport
Newark Airport has a restaurant in this terminal that is named after CBGB so if there was any doubt punk is definitely dead…
Planes collide at Newark Airport for a second straight day
Reports from airport that a United flight & a Lufthansa flight clipped wings at Newark's airport.
really wish people would stop judging what they think of all of New Jersey based solely off of Newark airport
2 planes again clip wings at Newark Airport
2 airplanes again clip wings at Newark Airport
I am at Newark airport and asked custom service desk near gate c131. No one helped and the agent just walked away. Really terrible
NEWS Lufthansa A340 and United B777 clip wings at Newark Airport
2 planes clip wings at Newark airport for 2nd day in a row
RIP Tommy Ford I had the honor of meeting you in a Newark Airport in NJ years ago you were very polite to talk to me thank you rest in peace
Second day in a row: Two airplanes again clip wings at Newark Airport
▶ Planes clip wings on ground at Newark Airport for 2nd time in 2 days
2 airplanes again clip wings at New Jersey's Newark Airport
On the radio now: A close call at Newark Airport.
nice! FREE pizza and snacks for delayed passengers at Newark Airport! Good job whoever thought of it.
First meal back in the states was Qdoba in the Newark airport. Next stop: Chick Fil A on union
Oh god all of the restaurants in Newark airport are automated via iPads and while there are waiters present you never interact with them.
no I can't make it through to the airport. I was hoping Unitsd Airlines at Newark Liberty could help me out.'re blessed. I've slept on the airport floors from O'Hare to Newark
At the airport, but my bag isn't ... Nice one British Airways — travelling to Morristown, New Jersey from Newark
Last time I fly out of this dump. JFK all the way, Driving to Newark would have been faster. (@ LaGuardia Airport)
Having a bite at Newark Airport. One of them is metal and one is plastic. I feel so much safer…
Going from the airport at Newark, New Jersey to JFK in New York and we have to take a taxi
Team brunch after an early 6:20am flight. In Newark, NJ airport with a lot of travel time left.
$10 bucks for a sandwich. $4 bucks for a cherry drink. Twenty minute wait. Yup it's Newark Airport.
DELTA DELAYS CONTINUE - Travelers at Newark International Airport are dealing with delays after Delta's AM outage.
.Airlines Expanding at Silicon Valley’s Airport with. Nonstop Service to Chicago O’Hare and New York/Newark.
Possible celeb sighting at Newark Airport layover, Golf Channel's Still counting it even if it wasn't.
Going into the city is like going to Disneyland. It's not worth it. *Opting to stay at Newark airport for 8 hours instead of going to NYC*
. Come to Newark Airport before I go back to Hong Kong! 😢🙏🏻
Daily, a new concept at Newark Airport, is seeking Hosts, Servers + Bartenders at their OpenCall 8/11:
. Trying to claim miles on flight from Newark airport to Mumbai. But your website does not show Newark (EWR) on its listing.
Currently crying as I read letters in the Newark airport as strangers stare at me, lol
.domestic check-in lines in Newark Airport Terminal B. Many have been waiting for an hour.
.flight status screens showing departing flights with many 2-hour delays at Newark Airport.
Keep it locked to Traffic and Transit on the Ones, plus live at airport.
Hi, Boingo offers complimentary Wi-Fi at Newark Liberty Airport as well as JFK! ^Jovannah
It's like they made Newark airport just to show people what a horribly run operation looks like.
did u know that in some places in NJ (Newark airport) you cannot use cash to buy alcohol? Only debit/credit.
Special thanks to and the staff at Newark Airport for getting me to my gate with a bathroom break to spare 👍🏼😁
yessir. Sitting at airport trying to get to Newark. Ugh
BREAKING: Muslim terrorists holding hostages in Newark airport. And you still not voting ?
12 hours in Newark Airport to kill. cmmas10. @ Newark Liberty International Airport
What have I learned today? Newark Airport totally *** Terrible security line set up and no free wifi.
*lands at Newark Airport*. *immediately checks to see if any Hamilton lotteries are open*
Photos from Ethiopian Airlines (inauguration ceremony at Newark Airport
Sitting at the gate in Newark Airport about to board a flight to Vail, Colorado for some skiing. Life is good.
.pressures to raise minimum wage at Newark Airport to $15/hr.
Ras Baraka is banning from Newark Airport and Penn Station.
...the 5:30PM United Airlines flight from Tampa International Airport to Newark Airport on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 was DELAYED 2 hours.
I'm a air U.S. Air Marshal I need booty and a sense of humor I'm out of Newark Airport no biggy
The people that designed & run the Newark Airport are probably the same people that draft quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns.
CBGB’s is opening in Newark Airport. Fully expect Scottish Government to suggest reopening The Arches in Prestwick.
proud to support and stand up for our brothers and sisters at Newark Airport today. Si Se puede!
can you believe jfk airport and Newark failed inspection.. Guess they don't check for bombs...
Although I was somehow expecting Newark Airport instead of SFO when we landed and it was really confusing for several minutes.
8 days from now I will be landing in the pride and joy of New Jersey: Newark International Airport.
Arkansas Man accused of hiding knife in his underwear at Newark airport security checkpoint -
Construction on BOTHDIR from North of Newark Liberty International Airport to South of Delancey St
Sitting at the airport waiting for Louise. Looking at the arrivals board. Why is there even a flight from Newark to Philly?
Sitting in Newark airport, holding back tears.
Cleared: Incident on SB at South of Interchange 13A - Newark Liberty International Airport/US 1&9
The long way home. — traveling to Dallas, Texas from United Airlines Term C Newark Liberty Airport
Knife found in man's underwear at Newark airport - Asbury Park Press
New post: Knife found in man's underwear at Newark airport
Watch "013 CMS, CME.EE series at the Springhill Marriott Newark Interntional Airport, NJ. Dolphy Gilpin" on
Knife found in man's underwear at Newark airport
Man Caught With Knife in Underwear at Newark Airport: TSA: A man who was turned away from a security checkpoin...
Man tries to sneak knife in underwear through security at Newark airport, officials say
Not a shock that DOJ is raising a stink about trying to get slots from at Newark Airport! $UAL $DAL
President Obama Arrives in Newark: Air Force One touched down at Newark Airport this afternoon as President Barack…
you shouldn't let Newark Airport treat Star Alliance Gold and/or precheck customers like this.
"Pulaski Skyway" is such an epic sci-fi name for what actually is just a crappy bridge to Newark Airport
Train 3823 from Penn Station to Trenton is running 16 minutes late at Newark Airport. (08:28 AM) [Clever Commute]
Don't forget you can still experience Newark Airport wine bar like I just did for breakfast!
Whoever's in charge of Newark Airport should visit some other airports, like Seattle or Portland or Denver for clues on how to improve
just missed the call, at Newark Airport now. Leslie's calls are always fun
Democrats want billion-dollar PATH extension to Newark Airport put on hold after CEO's resignation.
There we were...side by side in Newark Airport. photo courtesy of lindathib who…
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