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Newark Airport

The Newark Airport Interchange is a massive interchange of Interstate 78, U.S. Route 1/9, U.S. Route 22, Route 21, and Interstate 95 (the New Jersey Turnpike) at the northern edge of Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

New Jersey Port Authority Air India New York Good Morning Happy New Year

when I worked for Continental view from the Terminal B at Newark Airport!…
Greenwood Lake, NY. Drove to Newark Airport. EWR>PEK. Arrive 1:45 PM Sep1. Will be in Beijing for one month.
GROUND ZERO I visited ground zero yesterday Thursday August 21, and discovered that construction isn’t complete yet. The new World Trade Center is unoccupied. This surprised me because I thought everything was up and running. It’s still one vast construction site surrounded by fences. The trip really brought back memories. I was living in Manhattan on 9/11, on West 55th Street near Ninth Avenue, a few miles uptown from the World Trade Center. On that morning I sat at my home computer, focused on writing. My sixth floor window faced a brick wall across a back alley. I couldn't see sidewalks or the street, and was effectively cut off from the outer world. While tapping the keyboard, I heard a low flying jet. It didn't surprise me because Newark Airport was across the Hudson River and frequently I heard jets, although never quite that low. Sometime later I heard another low-flying jet. Then came more jets. I also heard explosions that morning, not unusual because many construction projects were ...
"1965-Brigitte Bardot waits in a plane at Newark Airport before flying out to Hollywood.
UPDATE: Air India flight makes emergency landing at Newark Airport after engine overheats on takeoff.
An airliner with 313 people aboard made a harrowing return to Newark Airport for an emergency landing after striking a bird. Air India Flight 144 took off at about 4:30 p.m. and quickly sucked a bird into one of the engines of the Boeing 777.
Newark Airport is not the best face to put on this country just like Penn Station is where the majesty of NYC goes to die.
If U need a LIFE CHANGE & UR in Newark NJ, be there at 7pm & hear a Millionaire tell U how at Crown Plaza Hotel 1&9 N next to Newark Airport
Well this is an rather ominous, unfortunate, ticket number to get at Newark Airport before my…
Cocaine-baked cookies valued at $50K found in luggage at Newark Airport
Dad story: 1969 was a monumental year! So many incredible happenings. The moon landing, Woodstock, Nixon becomes President, The Beatles last public performance on the rooftop of Apple Records, Sesame Street debuts on Public Television, the films Midnight Cowboy, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Easy Rider, The Love Bug! Monty Python aired for the first time. The John Lennon Album "Two Virgins" featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the nude are confiscated at Newark Airport. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is introduced. The very first ATM is installed in the US. The first microprocessor is created which leads to the computer revolution. The first linkage of the internet between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. The Beatles "Abbey Road," The Who's "Tommy," Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies, Elvis' "Suspicious Minds," Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," Sinatra's "My Way," Temptations "Can't Get Next To You," Sly and the Family Stone's "Hot Fun in the Summertime".. ...
Boarded. Seated. Ready to fly. — traveling to Houston, Texas from Southwest Airlines EWR Newark Airport
At Newark Airport, bound for Stockholm to board the MV Explorer to lead the 5th Annual Ultimate Travel Workshop. Two weeks sailing around Northern Europe ahead! Sadly, going solo as Dawn and the girls stay home. :(
I already hate coming to newark smh well the airport here
I hope the lame food court at NewArk airport imports the pizza from NYC. Please?
Also Newark airport not a lot of fun.
We are in Newark airport just have to go to Charlotte then myrtle beach then we will be home!
Ok let's have a chat with Tim Cook (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR))
Heading back home! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 83 others)
Early booking of your Int. service @ or call
Team will be flying out of Newark Liberty Airport back to Istanbul on MOnday night at 10:30 p.m.
I caught this guy eyeing my sandwich at the airport. @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Back to my hood!! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 80 others)
If it ain't one thing it's another ! Somebody just come to newark airport and shoot me !
Six days ago, I was with Dutch royalty watching the most famous rock band in Holland give an award to Malala. Five days ago, I saw four F-16s perform the missing man flyover above the American cemetery in Margraten. Four days ago, I was standing on a dog sled near the North Pole. Two days ago my life was flashing before my eyes as we made an emergency landing at Newark Airport. And today, I'm driving to Richmond to celebrate the nuptials of Josh Teitelbaum and Emily M. Zuelzer. Whatever my life may be, it's certainly not boring.
Attention fellow frequent travelers: If you are at Newark Airport, do NOT use the TaxiPass service to get back to Manhattan. They are AWFUL.
Seeing off Maulana Yusuf Islahi at Newark New Jersey airport for Houston TX today.
In our 9th hour in Newark airport... Started doing wall sits, yoga, and meditation... We may have cleared the terminal
Tonight/tmrw I perform w 11 other actors in 10 short plays all set in the Land of Dreams, Newark Airport.Come see us!
No TSA Precheck at Newark International Airport. Another reason to love New Jersey.
Newark Airport, to Philli, to Madrid, to Jerez. 16 hours of travel.
Even though it's for a somber reason (Chris' Mom's funeral), I can't wait to see my future sister-in-laws. We're on our way to pick up Laurie Acker Grafeld and Jackie and Chuck at Newark Airport. And I always have a great time with them!!
Waiting for my connecting flight to camp — at Newark Airport: United Airlines
On our way home from Newark Airport. Incredible trip. As always, Jon Terry chronicles it well!
Am at Newark nj airport reading Philip Roth is there no end to my pretentions (is that grammatically correct?)
At -- Chicago O'Hare airport...waiting for my newark flight! On my way to the dream city..😌✈
"Security at Newark Airport just patted down my hair. Can't figure out if that's racial profiling."
Ah, Newark Airport. I am looking forward to indulging in your many charms today.
"can't stop... won't stop" today I'm coming to you live from Newark Airport, WHAT!!! Yea, Newark Airport. Check it o…
Half way there, sitting outside Newark airport smoking like a chimney before the second leg of a mammoth day of travelling.
Newark Intl' Airport - Runway maintenance being scheduled from June 1-15, flights will operate at reduced capacity.
Frequent flying has it's benefits :D Lounging it at Newark Airport
though I will be passing through Newark airport for six hours this Tuesday
have met a person at Newark Intl airport holding American passport flying with free pass in Air India. Need to tell more.
Near midair collision at Newark airport recounted by NTSB
In route to ATL to see my niece graduate HS! So proud of her. But in the meantime I… (at Newark Airport) [pic] —
meet me at Newark airport around 3:30 with some mangu
I have met a person at Newark Airport holding American passport and flying in Air India with free pass.
Man accused of stealing bags at Newark airport
Forgot to ever post this but parked up next to the BA Dreamliner at Newark Airport in February!
Something different... Good Morning from the airport. there…
People watching at the Newark airport = good times.
Why is this the worst airport to navigate? (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR))
So close yet so far away. Thinking of lived ones in NYC. @ Newark Liberty International Airport
Liberia: 'Never Arrested in U.S. - A.B. Kromah Debunks Social Media Reports. Monrovia — The aftermath of the arrest and indictment in the U.S. of Mr. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, a former prominent figure in Charles Taylor's National Patriotic Front appears to have triggered a wave of uncertainty for former players of the Liberian civil war harboring plans of traveling to the United States of America. On Thursday, online and social media was mired in speculations that Mr. A.B. Kromah, Deputy Police Director for Operations in the Liberia National Police Force had been arrested and detained by U.S. Law Enforcement Authorities on Thursday. Some reports suggested that Kromah, a former Chief of Staff of the Liberian army under the Dr. Amos Sawyer-led Interim Government of National Unity who was later a liaison between the interim government and the Alhaji Kromah ULIMO-K faction, a rebel faction in the civil war, was being held on immigration violations. He was also go between the United Nations and the ULIMO org ...
Cannot board soon enough. This airport is a freezefest.
Newark airport finishes runway ahead of schedule.
Wearing my meniscus knee brace to the airport got me to completely bypass the entire security check lines?!?! Winning! I'll hobble my *** thru Newark airport from now on ;-p Now if only they would put *** coat hooks in the bathroom stalls so my bags didn't have to touch the floor.
Today's venture is from Newark to Florida and from Florida to Cancun Airport. Connecting flights are sometimes cheaper.
Fund raising for in Vancouver tonight. — traveling to Vancouver International Airport from Newark Liberty...
Nice nite at Newark airport if your a fukin vampire
Tomorrow I get in to the newark airport at 4, will anything be going on? Wont have my hotel room yet and looking for something to do. This is oracle btw
USA FORMER MINISTER OF LIBERIA ARRESTED ON MONDAY AND CHARGED FOR GIVING FALSE INFORMATION BY NOT DECLARING AFFILIATION WITH VIOLENT POLITICAL GROUPS WHILE APPLYING FOR CITIZENSHIP AND IF CONVICTED FACES MAXIMUM SENTENCE OF 110 YEARS 21ST MAY 2014 PHILADELPHIA - An indictment was unsealed in federal court Monday charging the former National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) minister of defense with lying on his application for U.S. citizenship by not disclosing his alleged affiliation with a violent political group in Liberia. The former minister was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and FBI special agents Monday at Newark Airport. Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu, aka Jucontee Thomas Smith, 68, of Collingdale, was charged with seven counts of perjury, two counts of fraudulently attempting to obtain citizenship, four counts of fraud in immigration documents and three counts of false statements in relation to naturalization. If convicted, he faces ...
Looks like it's going to be a lousy ride to newark airport!
Hey y'all. I'm lookin for a ride from Newark airport to Scotch Plains Friday night. Unfortunately it's at 10 pm. I'll buy you a drink at your place of choice!
Anyone gonna be by Newark Airport tomorrow about 1:30? Trying to hitch a ride for my friend before having to book a service.
At Newark Airport on my way home. Had agree at few days with family. Love all around. I am one lucky guy. I know it and I do not know why, but I appreciate and I feel bad for those who do not get to see their grand children and great grand children. To all my friends who are happy for me, thank you. If there are still any haters out there the only thing I can say is SUCKIT.
Clue Perhaps when Heffron Drive flies into the area for their June 28th concert at State Fair Meadowlands, they'll land @ Newark Airport... The town the tickets are in is within 15 minutes of the Airport.
Parted company with Alex Ozuna here at the Newark Airport, so Randell and I are back to just being by ourselves. Gonna miss our 11 kids!!!
We missed our chance at the Brooklyn Grimaldi's, so we're trying out the Hoboken, NJ one. Our last stop before the Newark airport, then headed back to Texas.
What is the earliest flight departure after the cruise? To be safe to get to Newark airport Thanks
I'm very sorry to inform you that tonight's show at the Spirit of 66 is postponed until November 24, 2014 as I'm stuck at the Newark airport and won't make it to Belgium on time for the show. Purchased tickets stay valid for the new date or can be refunded where bought. Le concert de ce soir est ANNULE mais aura lieu le 24 novembre Les tickets achetés restent valables pour la nouvelle date ou peuvent être remboursés où ils sont été achetés. We are sorry for the inconvenience, we where looking forward to the show as much as you. ;-( Newark Airport waiting to board Jet Blue, with my friend Tily. Puerto Rico here we come. Will post pics.
Heading to Newark airport for the Disney performing arts trip.wish me luck
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The latest development in the story on the Liberian lady that diverted her air line from Newark airport where she was intended to land to her married husband. Yesterday she went to the Social Security office in Maryland, and she was denied that her petitions have been cancelled, she and her mother in Liberia including other family members has been calling the young man's twenty-hours and the guy refused to answer the phone. Your thoughts, should the guy answer the phone?
Picking up Lizzie from Newark Airport and I would like to know how the heck you are suppose to get people when the cops don't even let u wait for 2 minutes and they are nasty too...
Does anyone know anybody who lives close to Newark Airport where Josh could leave his car and get a cab to the airport?
It was a long walk and I cried all the way home from Newark Airport. I miss you Dana Hills are alive….
Dhenise Galvão, take a look of what an american mom said about kids having fun in the outlet... Jersey Gardens Jersey Gardens brags that it’s the “largest outlet shopping destination” in the state and it doesn’t disappoint. Two meandering floors of indoor space house outlet stores for retail giants like Banana Republic, Old Navy, Kenneth Cole, Burlington Coat Factory, Forever 21 and even a Bed Bath & Beyond. At the popular (and huge) store Kidstown, prepare to be overwhelmed with infant clothes and nursery furniture, a wide variety of older boys and girls clothes, footwear and toys. Jersey Gardens also has a great little play area for kids 6 and under with a mini taxi cab, car and a few slides with benches surrounding it for weary parents to take a rest. The food court is standard stuff or you can grab lunch at the Chili’s or nearby Ruby Tuesdays. Jersey Garden’s proximity to Newark Airport make this a fitting place to take out of towners either before or after a long flight to stretch a bit, ...
Newark Airport is a flat circle and this shuttle bus is the Yellow King.
Good Morning! It's primary day in six states. Whoopee! Well, it is important because a) it's an exercise in democracy and b) it may tell us Republicans could regain a majority in the Senate. So there. The races we are watching closely today are in Georgia, Kentucky and Oregon. We expect Tea Party candidates to lose to conservative Republicans in those states. Does that mean the Tea Party is dead? Nah. Or maybe. We'll talk. A near-collision at Newark Airport. We'll also outline a new report that details just how dirty and disgusting it is inside a plane. Hint: best not to touch...anything. China has summoned the U.S. Ambassador to China. Chinese leaders are way miffed after federal prosecutors in the US charged members of Chinese military with cyber theft and more. CBS is reporting China is also threatening "serious damage' to military ties with the US. Things are heating up in Libya too. Civil war is about to break out. The US Embassy may be evacuated at any time. The NBA Commissioner is expected to hold ...
"Newark Airport is the Newark of airports" -
Also, I love airports. Though I haven't been inside Newark Airport in about 7 years.
Welcome to Newark Airport, the hotel California of airports.
Bus Route No. 107, the 10:25 am departure from Newark Airport to New York Port Authority is delayed due to police activity.
Tourists stop by Gate 80 at Newark Airport, cause you can catch glimpse of new World Trade Center Empire State Building.
What a week and still going! Standing in the TSA line in Newark Airport flying to D.C. To cover the White House Correspondents Dinner it's crazy because I can't remember how many times I have covered this event. Having a moment, realizing I have been doing this thing for a while. In all honesty I was feeling some kind of way yesterday and had a talk with a fraternity brother and he put it in perspective. He said man, before you let anything or anyone get you in some kind of way, take a walk in an ICU or go to a homeless shelter. Your problems are blessings and never discount your blessings! Still going and felling blessed! -Love Live Life.
Dear Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Regarding Newark Airport: YOU SUCK! What is nice though is that you Have no problem SCREWING "EVERYBODY" One last thing: F You!
FAA looking at whether plane landing at Newark Airport flew too close to departing jet
If you ever want to be depressed, hit the Borders at Newark Airport. It is 90% scott patterson. (Leaving for China in 2 hrs!)
Met up w Joseph Watson during a layover at Newark Airport. So cool to hear the departure announcements in an international airport: Air France. Singapore Air Lines. BOAC. TWA. Gives me the travel itch.
GREAT STORY! Lady lost diamond ring in Newark Airport when on plane to London. Someone turned it in anonymously. Now American Air Lines wants to give two free tickets to him. AWESOME!
We are offering discount rates from Newark Airport back towards the Lehigh Valley tomorrow morning between the hours of 6am and 9am .If …
Newark Airport runway rehab to reroute air traffic -
The flight attendant just said welcome to United a Flight 3451 going to New York's Newark Airport. At first it bothered me but now I am thinking New York can have Newark and its airport if it wants to.
Newark Airport will soon have a direct rail link with lower Manhattan under a new plan by the Port Authority. The $1.5 billion project would connect PATH from the World…
Back home. Tried to fit as much warm air into this plane as I could. (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR))
A bit nervous to fly today. @ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Newark airport, it's been real. I'll remember you fondly.
Best and worst of Newark airport. Great view of NY skyline, old school no tram or trains between terminals. You have to leave the building and ride packed bus to next terminal consisting of five gates and limited food choices.
I call that Monday morning at Newark airport
Traveling is stressful enough as is, don't let your transfer be a part of the stress. Car service helps with that!
Some friends waiting for at a restaurant just outside Newark Airport
On the road again... (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 65 others)
On the ground for an hour and still no luggage! Newark Airport ***
Classic run in with at Newark airport pre-sunrise 🌅✈️
I hate daylight savings time. Sooo tired. On the train going to Newark airport.
My hotel is right beside the Newark airport lol
going to NJ apt since I'm flying out of Newark airport at 530pm arriving at lax 830ish since I stayed up I'll sleep thru it
I bought the last signed copy in the Newark airport. Can't wait to read it on vacation!
Why the heck are there so many people at Newark Airport on a Sunday at 6 am?!?
At Newark airport I feel like this is my 2nd home
Where are all these people going at this hour? (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 20 others)
Oops just checked my flights, I land in Newark airport at 8.05pm and fly out from JFK
Just like the old-school mix tapes lol @ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Touchdown. daddy is comming home. (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 9 others)
Polishing off a coffee, then heading to Newark Airport. Oh joy.
Pickin up a different type of Grammy @ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Can proudly say I am one of the few *** in shorts at Newark airport
nils I saw you in Newark airport in September and I wanted to tell you how much your music meant to me .
unfortunately I am back on the "ice coast" taking bets on whether my snowboard bag made it as well
back in NYC (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 45 others)
When I use google maps on my phone and click on Newark airport, my flight time & confirmation # is listed. Creepy & helpful
If you're ever in the Newark airport for a layover, go to Gallagher's. TOO good omggg burger lovin
Delayed in Newark airport. Why couldn't this be Miami or San Diego?
Watching the planes depart from Newark airport
here's the transportation info from Newark airport into the city.
At Newark airport New Jersey waiting for flight to jax after a day and a half in Baltimore.
Here we are, Newark international airport, waiting for flight number 2
Driving home from Newark airport. Had another wonderful time in Costa Rica.
Heading to the ATX (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 79 others)
Boarding now at Newark airport.. Look fwd to reaching home on Monday morning!!!
Ah sure there be no point goin to bed (alone) for 4 hours lol,, Bags all packed and ready to go, If ye see The Druids Vezal Dan on the road round 3am give us an olde Flash lol, Dublin Airport here we come, Next stop Newark Airport New Jersey, looking forward to meeting our friends over there over the next 9days and making many more friends. See ye soon.
Sittin at my gate in Newark airport waiting on my next flight. Inhaling a bag of cheetos. Why can't we have all seating on planes be in recliners again?
Amtrak ACS-64 leading the northeast regional today. This is at the Newark airport train station
At Newark Airport waiting for boarding to begin! Almost home! Gonna be a great week!
5,000 miles added to my acct. in compensation for 4 hr. delay at Newark Airport…..thank you American Airlines!
In the past year I've managed to get myself from Peru, IL, to Milwaulkee, WI, to O'Hare Airport in Chicago to Newark Airport, Newark, NJ, to some tiny airport in SC, to Columbia, SC- all in less than 24 hours... Then early that next morning (and hour and a half of sleep since I left WI) I took a taxi to Fort Jackson, SC and met these really nice people called "Drill Sergeants" and "Reception Cadre".. After a nice week of exams, shots, issued gear, and my first fully bald head, I stood outside in summer PT uniform from 2100-0300 (perhaps 0400?) for no apparent reason at all, as if to say, "welcome to the Army where the rules are made up and the points don't matter!" The next morning, aka a few hours later, I was standing in a formation with my duffle bag and a couple drill sergeants were walking around us chuckling and sizing up all the new "soldiers to be". This tall, lanky, white, Staff Sergeant, and a short, stocky, Mexican sergeant looked at me and said "He'll do ok" and put yellow tape on my duffle ba ...
Newark Airport terminal lights tied to security system: Those new lights at Newark Liberty International Airpo...
Newark, NJ - Workers and supporters of SEIU Local 32BJ held a rally at Newark Airport, Feb. 11, to demand pay equity for all airport workers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A spirited crowd turned up in Terminal C to present demands. Workers from JFK and LaGuardia airports came to…
It's miracle on ice! We actually made it out of Newark Airport between snow storms. On our way to Disney World. Woohoo!'
Gov Christie: Don't stiff Newark Airport workersStop blocking a raise for low wage Newark International airport workers. The Port Authority gave workers at JFK and LaGuardia a raise -- Newark workers deserve the same.My name is Demetrius DeBaise, and for the last five years I have worked as a baggage handler at Newark International. Every day I lift overweight bags for hours on end for just $8.25 an hour. The stress of trying to provide for my family on so little income has nearly broken me. And now, Governor Chris Christie and his cronies in the Port Authority just blocked my raise. This week the director of the NY/NJ Port Authority ordered raises for low-wage workers like me at JFK and LaGuardia airports. But Newark workers were left out. The reason? Chris Christie and his top person at the Port Authority refused to go along. Christie’s cronies at the Port Authority punished an entire town by closing down bridge lanes. Now they are bullying me and my co-workers to protect the profits of major airlines ...
On Saturday, July 28, 1945, William Franklin Smith, Jr., was piloting a B-25 Mitchell bomber on a routine personnel transport mission from Bedford Army Air Field to Newark Airport.[3][4][5] Smith asked for clearance to land, but was advised of zero visibility.[6] Proceeding anyway, he became disoriented by the fog, and started turning right instead of left after passing the Chrysler Building.[7] At 9:40 a.m., the aircraft crashed into the north side of the Empire State Building, between the 78th and 80th floors, carving an 18 ft (5.5 m) x 20 ft (6.1 m) hole in the building[8] where the offices of the National Catholic Welfare Council were located. One engine shot through the South side opposite the impact and flew as far as the next block, dropping 900 feet and landing on the roof of a nearby building and starting a fire that destroyed a penthouse. The other engine and part of the landing gear plummeted down an elevator shaft. The resulting fire was extinguished in 40 minutes. It is still the only fire at ...
New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie is giving 4,000 Newark Airport workers the shaft by choosing not to... ht…
"There’s more to New Jersey than Newark Airport" via
come on - some great things have come out of NJ. Think Bell Labs, not Jersey Shore or Newark Airport. I got out when I was young.
did you hear that fans have to park @ Newark Airport then will be forcibly bused to the stadium? Can't drive your car there
Hooked up with 2 Seattle Seahawks D Line beasts last night after they came back to the team hotel from the Knicks game. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett signed 125 SI mags list night for my private signing. Couldn't have asked for 2 nicer guys. Got done around midnight. They added my name to the team's list of allowed guests allowing me full access at the team hotel the rest of the week. UNREAL!! Took a 4 hour nap, off to Newark Airport. Grabbed Drew Brees on 4 SI's as he stepped off his red eye at 5:30 am and completed the cover that was just signed by the 2 Seahawks 5 hours earlier. More shenanigans today through Friday.
Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line trains have resumed stopping at Newark Airport station.
NEW: Plane returns to Newark Airport in New Jersey after severe turbulence; 5 hurt, reports -
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I was stuck at the Newark airport once. Once.
So help me, if I end up sleeping at Newark Airport tonight.not happy, I didn't know flights could even be delayed until 2 a.m.
Big fan.Saw you the other day at Newark airport but didn't want to bother you while you enjoyed a brew. No reservations about a rt
this is unacceptable. why have We landed at Newark airport but there are no gate agents to let us off the plane?
Sitting at Newark airport for hours waiting to leave on my honeymoon. No answers from This is a disappointment & terrible service.
In just about 6 hours I will be heading to Newark Airport to start my never ending journey to Kona, Hawaii
I'll be at Newark airport on Wednesday
Had similar problems last night flying home from Newark. Gave false hope to stranded travelers waiting for hours in the airport.
Seriously think I will die at Newark Airport.
Hunkered down again with now at the Newark airport. Three days later and still in New Jersey state emergency!
Still stuck in Newark airport. And now there is a chance that they might have to cancel the flight. What a grand day.
Final airport of the day (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 88 others)
are you still Open for re acommodations at newark international AirPort?
Newark airport is a hot mess tonight
That same son is stuck in the Newark airport til 1am. :(
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The airport in Newark is just killing my spirit right now
The international arrivals at Newark airport basically get to walk down a catwalk 💁
"Newark airport delays flights by many many hours and then tricks you when you think it's time to board." Whoa
There better be a dunkin in Newark airport because I'm gonna need LOTS of coffee tomorrow
At least the Newark airport is really nice! Oh wait...
We made it from from Newark Airport to home in 24 minutes. Took over two hours from when we landed to get our bags. VERY glad to be home. Looking forward to going back. Elizabeth Taylor
Truly long line at Newark airport gets even longer.
Newark airport was a gong show, one more day till home
Need a transfer from to the hotel in Manhattan? and reservation @ or call 862.GET.LIMO
Chaos at Newark airport. Gates double booked, flight times changing, who knows if we will take off tonight.
stuck at the airport in Newark with Pap ✈️😳
Why is the flight cancelled after 10 hours at Newark airport? Because says there is no crew for the plane. Nobody knew this at 2?
Bump-and-run thieves steal brand-new Range Rover at Newark Airport, authorities say
Stopping in Boston because Newark airport is closed and we are out of fuel lol basically life ***
Just when I think I can't hate Newark airport anymore.
adventures in the airport! canceled flights are so much fun! . any famous people in Newark who want a chat?? :p
Line for rebooking at Newark airport getting longer. Hoping I don't end up in it myself.
I will arrive at Newark Airport at 9:42pm (local time)
Crazy customer service line in Newark Airport!
I will arrive at Newark Airport at 9:40pm (local time)
I will arrive at Newark Airport at 9:36pm (local time)
I will arrive at Newark Airport at 9:34pm (local time)
Newark and it's airport are the armpit of the US. Never been to that airport when they haven't lost or delayed luggage.
. Nobody actually wishes to see more of Newark airport!. Safe travels, let's just hope there is a vegan meal on board!
I've been in Newark's airport. You have my sympathy. ;)
Also, Newark airport is horrible. There are no *** seats or outlets or wifi.
Walking through the newark airport hearing my mom's maniacal ear splitting laugh, but it's not her ,…
Nothing beats a 4 hour delay at Newark Airport
Nice work ! Now on third gate change with two hour delay to Edinburgh! Seeing more of Newark airport than I ever could have wished
So while everyone is gonna be in school tomorrow...I'm gonna be stuck in Newark airport for 6 hours.
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The new taxi system at Newark Airport is frustratingly inefficient 😖
Note to self: never go to Newark airport ever again
After 'Snolocaust' in Chicago this is nothin. (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) w/ 117 others)
Last night at Newark Airport, awaiting the arrival of my dad & sis: Me: mmm it's taking a little while for them to come through Adrian: oh you know what the delay probably is? Me: no? Adrian: Lou's waiting for her nose in the oversized baggage area!
Drriving to Newark Airport to not even get near a plane is very anticlimactic
Met USA Olympian track star and World Champion, Sanya Richards-Ross, today in the Newark Airport.…
Restaurant in Newark airport just gave me counterfeit money for my change
Waiting for Carrie to get off her plane. @ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
Thank you for auto rebooking me. The service center wait is INSANE @ Newark airport tonight. Silver status pays off!
If one of my New Years resolutions was to scowl while eating a disgusting wrap sandwich in Newark Airport I would REALLY …
ground stop at island airport. Stuck here in Newark. Contemplating driving
Newark airport is a zoo; club is packed; internet isn't working in the lounge; flights delayed...but I'm still in a good mood.
Ok so I've been in Newark airport for 8 hours now and still have 7 to go IF we board on time and IF they don't cancel AGAIN. I wish they would just fly us out tomorrow.
Not feeling good about this drive to Newark Airport today. Wish there was another choice.
Got stranded in Newark airport for 2 days.flight to Amsterdam got cancelled, flight to Brussels got cancelled, disgusting United airlines, no compensation, no food, no drinks, no hotel rooms, and most importantly, my trip to Europe got totally destroyed..Andrew He Lichuan
Humming down the Thruway. Leaving from Newark Airport. Back to the warm lands. LOL!
Bout to get this job at Newark Airport its litt wen i do.RT
Heading to Newark Airport with Meg. Had an awesome break with her, but of course way too short. Meg has an exciting last semester of Grad school with her orthopedic residency. Enjoy every moment Megan Kreyling. Can't wait til we head down the end of April for graduation! Love you!
Lazatin family was at Newark airport NJ yesterday but never take off for Chicago. Our flight was cancelled! We need to stay here till Monday morning. Airport in Chicago can't accommodate anymore plaines to land due to bad weather
On our way to Newark Airport, NJ. Flying back to CO. Had a great holidAy vacation. Thank u to the Liu's & the Conroy's for their hospitality & generosity.
I am on my way to Newark Airport after a nightmare situation all night trying unsuccessfully to deal with the airline. UNITED AIRLINES... I just hope your reps re-route me and get me to SF today. This trip was for business of a historical nature and I will be willing to tell the whole story EVERY press opportunity possible, which will be ample, for years to come and eventually in my book. I am mystified by the bad business I was served with, probably among numerous others. This is already costing me A LOT more money and the mishap caused me irreparable damage. I am prepared to be an angel upon arrival but I will unleash a ninja diva and get even more press.
Dear Newark Airport: I hate you. I'm sorry, but I do. Twice in the last three weeks you've totally mucked up my travel plans even though I wasn't even flying through you. You just hog all the planes the other airports need, and that's greedy and childish. Grow up, EWR.
Chaos at Newark Airport with luggage.and guess what...Martin's bag is still in Newark NY.goes to the help desk...'yes this has been happening for the past 2 weeks.' Luckily they deliver bags to your door so no need for a another round trip.! Absolutely ridiculous!!
Stuck in the Newark airport with a sick girl, no luggage, and a customer service counter that is about to shut down.
In the Newark airport waiting for our flight. (Delayed 2.5 hours). Had the most amazing trip to Nova Scotia, but really looking forward to getting home to my puppies.
Waiting to leave Newark Airport. My flight has been delayed till 940 and I was supposed to leave at 625. Salty Huevos
24 hours now at Newark Airport. Trying to stay positive, a lot of folks are in the same boat.
After leaving a chaotic Newark airport and nearly missing flight, it's good to be on home soil! Happy New Year everyone x
So I'm sitting in the Newark airport, waiting to board my flight to NOLA, and I'm equidistant to the gate to Cancun. Decisions, decisions.
My intern is stuck in the Newark airport coming home from a mission trip. FB friends, who lives nearby and will let him stay with you. He is a great person and is exhausted!!!
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Hanging around Newark airport for 6 hours waiting for my delayed flight ... Not so much fun... But witnessing a quarter mile long line at United customer service (some people actually grabbed chairs from the food court because the line is so long) shows it could be so much worse . Will overnight in San Jose and will get to the beach tomorrow morning
Your Ultimate Choice on Newark Airport Transportation Did you know that it is so easy to miss a flight? How many times has this happened to you? Has it been any cup of tea for you whenever you have to cancel or miss your meetings simply because you missed a flight? What explanations do you then have to give, for not being on time for your flight? Is it not devastating to give excuses linked to traffic? Does it serve you and your immediate bosses right when you miss that very important meeting for your company’s progress?
Any friends at Newark airport this morning? Is it crazy town? My Mom's flight is delayed and wondering if she should just stay another few days. Thanks in advance.
Watching all the stranded travelers at Newark Airport on TV. looks like the zombie apocalypse
Got to love getting stuck in Newark airport fml
Stuck at the Newark airport for another 6 hours, who wants to be my knight in shining armor and take me to the city?
Sitting in Newark airport, waiting to get to Washington. Was supposed to be in New Orleans yesterday morning, but after a couple of cancelled flights and an airport hotel, this looks like the new plan. Oh well! Im right next to a pretzel store and they're baking now, so Im enjoying the delicious aroma :) Hopefully can upload some pics from New Orleans later today!
Stuck at Newark airport with family as United cancelled my connecting flight and booked next available for Tue Jan 7th as earliest next confirmation. This after booking all flights through United vacations.
Anyone know anyone who lives near Newark airport??? Message me if so!
There are massive lines here at Newark airport of people waiting to reschedule flights from missed connections and having no hotels tonight. So grateful this is final stop -- it eases the frustration of being held 4.5 hours on the Tarmac in Phoenix to get here.
Goin take the train dwn to newark airport ... Think I got it just gota stay up for that transfer
I'm looking for the place near Newark airport to stay tonight. -my flight was rescheduled from JFK to Newark - :(-If you have a friends or advice please let me know.
Looks like we are sleeping at newark airport tonight
Just got to Newark Airport & forgot how cold it get up here..but when I drive across that bridge to NY my parents, siblings & old friends will warm my heart... I Love New York
If anyone is stuck at Newark airport, let's hang. I'm bored and will be stuck here for a while!
Still at the Newark airport. 1500 flights canceled. Stuck here once again. No flights into Green Bay tonight :( missing home
At Newark Airport flight was suppose to leave at 3:40 still at airport the time has changed 7 times and the terminal has changed twice I just should have paided the 1500.00 Dollars they asked and left yesterday it's crazy here
Sitting in Newark airport while my husband and London friends enjoy drinks in the pub. Every 30 min or so they push out the departure time. At 2 hours delayed - fingers crossed this is the one
who go down to Newark Airport, monday?
I am waiting at Newark Airport for my connecting flight to England, where I will join my sister Bonnie for a weeks vacation.
Flight was canceled. Chilling in Newark airport for who knows how long.
So, any Kubies with a car, could anyone pick me up from Newark airport tomorrow at 4:10PM?
Well , made it to Newark Airport ! Meagan's flight only 1 hour delay ! Can't wait to see her !! 7 1/2 months is too long ! So happy she is coming home !!
Rushed to Newark airport 5 in the mornin yeterday jus to give my Queen wut she needed to catch her flight but *** now Im left in the snow n she in Cali...Eye miss her already !!!
Well it's fri morning just left Newark airport luggage never got on flight now the long journey home in storm lol
Now if Newark airport has cancelled all Flights as they reported." Then what is it that I keep hearing Vibrating going by in the Sky's Then!!! Spaceships Aircrafts! Hm!
Looks like I live at Newark airport for the next 36 hours. Blah
Just drove to work at Newark Airport 3 hours early. Snowing already. Lots of cars still on the roads. Long night ahead with concerns on getting home in the morning... Here's hoping for a safe night in the storm..
Reserved parking space at Newark Airport.$5 United Club membership.$95/year Beating it out of Dodge for sunny Orlando ahead of the storm.PRICELESS
Couldn't get to Newark airport today so I get some extra days at home in NY to enjoy family and the first winter storm of 2014!
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Gotta love Newark Airport. I'm standing outside and some gal is parked where she shld not be. So airport traffic cop tells her to move. She doesnt after several reqs. Then a he takes out ticket book. Still doesnt he finally said ' i gotta hear yur excuse for ignoring me." Then states..i'm not here to listen to yur story. Move yur vehicle." I love Jersey!
Flew into Newark Airport. Took a bus into Grand Central. Got on the purple 7 train to Shea Stadium to get to our hotel room. gonna relax and then go lunch at Koreatown Flushings, Queens.
Shut stuck in the Newark airport no planes going out ugh oh well gotta make the best of it
Good Morning!! At Newark Airport waiting to plow snow with the rest of the Shimanoots!! If your flying in or out of Newark call me , ill make sure the runways clear cump!
Any Friends close to Newark Airport? I NEED HELP PLEASE. My 16 year old son is stranded because of United's ineptitude. 2 flight cancellations from LAX to PA and a reschedule and they were still 30 mins late on getting him to his connection so he is stuck. He is too young to get a hotel room and United is just brain dead about what we/he is supposed to do.
I am currently sitting in newark airport and i never in my life seen so many chinese people.
just got back home from Newark son's flight is already delayed:(.I'll follow his flight on "".Great way to start 2014 !
A man wearing women's clothing breached a fence and walked onto a runway at Newark airport on Christmas Day in the second apparent failure of a...
Tired and soar at Newark Airport, but we made it through!! Flight boards in 3.5 hours. Youtube, here we come!
Landed almost an hour early at Newark Airport!!! Unheard of. Happy New Year to all!
Still at the Newark airport. Flight is delayed due to a late flight attendant. Better than the flight I was supposed to be on tho. My original connection in Chicago was canceled. Glad I chose to take an earlier flight.
Enjoying some "chinese fast food' at Newark airport, wondering, what have I been waiting for all these years?
Well we're off to Newark airport! Time to hop the train over to the city and get ready for this amazing New Year's Eve!!
Anybody wanna pick me up from Newark Airport on Wednesday around 7:15ish?
Just got to Newark airport which feels like home already :) and wanted to thank you all for an amazing event over the past few days. You have no idea how much energy and creativity I get by your trust and warm feedback. As the New Year begins, let us pray, that it will be a year with new peace, new happiness, and most important with health, God bless you through out the New Year. Happy New Year ! See you again on the end of January.
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May the year ahead bring you and your loved ones good luck, fortune, success and lots of love. Have a safe and Happy New Year from the Hilton Newark Airport team!
It's fun watching my gate at Newark Airport react to nine, loud Glaswegian accents
At 3:30am I left Manchester and headed to Newark Airport with no problems. Parking at Newark’s Long Term parking was a breeze and better than I had expected. New buses and friendly employee’s, Carols was my driver who insisted on carrying my bags from the car to the bus (Super nice!) Pre screened TSA and right into the terminal to the gate. Taking my seat back in row 11 was ok until the flight attendant asked that I move forward to First Class, very nice and a very good breakfast. 5 hours and 20 minutes to fly to San Francisco, not done yet another flight to Tucson Arizona 2 hours and 15 minutes. I was informed that I would be met by car to the hotel and will transfer me to the hospital for prayer. It has been a real experience being here in Arizona with the morning temp being 38 degree. It’s been an easy time so far but this afternoon one of the local Deacons is picking me up to visit a few people in need of prayer. Each time that I post that I am in a certain area calls come in “Do you gave any ...
4:00 am .. Off to the Newark airport to try again . Everyone cross your fingers
Waiting at Newark Airport for the plain to finish an oil change. Really?? The plain has been here since 8pm. My flight was supposed to leave at 10pm but still waiting at 11:30 wow!
Stuck at Newark airport and my flight is delayed for an hour. I was bummed. But then I noticed an empty seat right in front of the tv screen playing the packers/bears game. Things are picking up.
Farrish & Fenton spotted at Newark Airport waiting for Jets to land & Congratulate Rex
Can anyone pick me up from Newark airport at 7:00pm? 󾌳 󾰀 I'll give you a high five. And a $20.
Yonit and I have arrived at Newark airport! We are meeting on floor 3 of terminal C by door Yonit and I are wearing blue and white t-shirts. Come meet us whenever your arrive!
Anyone feel like driving me to Newark airport at six am tomorrow ? (Lol) I have the feeling that is not a very tempting offer. :)
2 of my 8 hours in Newark airport completed. Nice.
Let's freaking go Newark Airport it is a Christmas miracle you haven't Fd up my flight home for the first time in 3 years.
man breaches 300-million-dollar Newark airport security system, caught on runways - Read more -
So I'm back at Newark airport checking in and the United counter looks like someone through up people all over it. No one seems to know what they are doing ! Just drop your bag anywhere and head for security. Nice Job
I've landed at Newark airport. I'll be here (in JC and NYC) until Jan 1st. Anyone want to meet up after 9pm in downtown Jersey City hit me up!
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On plane at Newark airport - going home to heat! It's been cold up here !! At least I got a free beer at the airport!!
Man found on tarmac at Newark Airport
A high-tech security system at Newark airport apparently wasn't enough to nab a cross-dressing man, who climbed a fence late last night and wandered across two runways.
Anyone know how to get to Newark airport from Brooklyn
Anyone who live close to Newark Airport who would be able to rent out their couch for a night? Dec 30-31.
Tried a complimentary egg nog at Newark airport. Never had one before; never will again. Feel a little nauseous but at least I know why they're free.
Nothing like the smell of the Newark Airport
A man trying to escape a bad date hopped the fence at Newark Airport, and nobody noticed.
Here at Newark Airport waiting to head to Atlanta for the Spanish sessions at the MAS/ICNA conference this year. May Allah accept it from all of us. Amin.
New Jersey man scales security fence and wanders across two runways at Newark airport
This just happened. At the Newark airport bar and here is the conversation that just ensued. "What do you have on draft?", "we have no drafts", "you have no drafts?" , "no drafts", "at all?" , "at all" , "so no drafts?", ""no drafts." , "I really wish you had drafts", "well we don't"...
NOT EVERYONE IS A PIECE OF CRAP After what happened at the Short Hills Mall, the mood of Christmas became so full of sadness. I was no exception; I was heartbroken for the family who lost a husband, son, a beautiful man. Only thirty years old, married two years, just about to start a family. This man was shot dead in front of his wife, as they left Short Hills Mall during a carjacking that turned into murder. The state of New Jersey was sickened by these creeps we cannot even call men. Only animals would commit such an act of disregard for human life. Three months earlier. My dear friend Lorraine called me because her (half) sister Melissa’s father died. Sadly, Melissa did not feel she was a good enough daughter. So many people carry guilt with them after a dear loved one dies. Melissa was feeling that kind of pain. Lorraine asked me to please talk to her and I did with pleasure. Melissa is a lovely young girl, who recently got married to a great guy. She could not enjoy the happiness of her new marr .. ...
The Port Authority’s pricy perimeter-protection system failed again Wednesday when it failed to detect that a man — dressed as woman — had hopped a fence at Newark Airport and…
Rocky Horror wannabe defeats Newark Airport security. The TSA is nothing if not consistent. They spent $300 million on Newark Airport’s perimeter security system but a transvestite parked on a nearby road got miffed with his “date,” climbed over the
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