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New Zealanders

New Zealanders, colloquially known as Kiwis, are citizens of New Zealand.

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ALSO New Zealanders don't do sausage sizzles at polling booths. So no for kiwis.
New Zealanders: Time to stop looking at cats online, and go vote. Polls are still open until 7pm
New Zealanders are heading to the polls for what promises to be a close election.
New Zealanders are choosing to shiver through the cold months because they can't afford to heat their homes.
New Zealanders are casting their votes Saturday in a general election which final polls showed was too close to...
New Zealanders are going to the polls in the general election and their dogs have tagged along too.🗳️🐶.
As New Zealanders head to the polls with their dogs, cats are feeling a bit left out. 😿 https…
New Zealanders head to polling booths after a tight, volatile race
New Zealanders head to the polls in general election.
New Zealanders head to polling booths after tight, volatile race .
An impressive 1.24m New Zealanders voted before Election Day - according to new stats this afternoon. About 3.5m el…
New Zealanders head to the polls in a cliffhanger election.
The Latest: New Zealanders head to polls for national vote -
New Zealanders head to polls for neck-and-neck national vote -
Nice terror attack: New Zealanders speak of horror of Bastille Day attack - NZ Herald
New Zealanders in training for commissions at the Oxford University, England.
New Zealanders can crowdfund beaches & plan trips to Mars but don't wanna give up $10 tax cuts to help poor people & hospitals…
Good luck to women tomoz as they face the New Zealanders. Every Ponty, Llan and Aber in Wales are behin…
Anne Tolley: Interest free loans save New Zealanders $500k
Everyone in New Zealand is obsessed with the rotary engine. They are to New Zealanders what V8s are to Americans,...
UK Foreign Secretary wants to ensure New Zealanders can "come and go" freely. ▶LISTEN
Smolov considers a victory over New Zealanders the first step on the Cup of confederations...…
the New Zealanders will hate us for stealing their sheep but it'll be worth it.
Rex Tillerson was greeted by a sea of middle fingers from New Zealanders mad about the Paris accord
This slit trench on the Ashdown Forest was dug by New Zealanders in 1940 - they did a very good job!
Why do Australians and New Zealanders consume a high amount of alcohol?
Australians, New Zealanders & Britons attended the Thanksgiving Service at the Cenotaph…
1 day after Australia, now New Zealand restrict immigration & out New Zealanders 1st for jobs
Illuminate 2017: New Zealanders on the Western Front - What's on - Auckland War Memorial Museum
Man it's so windy now in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. I like listening to the heavy rain though :D Stay safe New Zealanders!
New Zealanders race to rescue whales after hundreds stranded:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
‘It was really haunting': 416 beached whales propel New Zealanders into rescue mission
"It was really haunting: 416 beached whales propel New Zealanders into frenzied rescue mission". via
Volunteers able to refloat about 100 whales after more than 400 beached in New Zealand - National Post…
: World › Volunteers refloat 100 pilot whales after 400 stranded in New Zealand Volunteers in New Zealan…
New Zealanders race to save whales after 400 stranded
New Zealanders Sing to Beached Whales as They Race to Save Them - another attempt to refloat survivors soon underway https:/…
New Zealanders refloat 100 pilot whales after 400 stranded
New Zealanders have conventions and pleasantries, but we are direc...
Scott Thornton, Nicola Reynolds, Nigel McIntosh & Saeyorn Sivanesan were among the nine New Zealanders at the...
I love New Zealanders, but I will never understand how they can think the vial of caustic acid known as "Steinlager pure" is even beer.
According to an Elite Singles survey, New Zealanders love Hugh Grant, Love Actually and Sandra Bullock!
."Helen [Clark] ... was a woman at a time when a lot of New Zealanders still believed women should be in the kitchen ..."
Larry Williams not on the side of New Zealanders in this case!
Absolutely agree Tony and got there selling sound policies to New Zealanders. Pity todays Lib leaders haven't same integrity.
If I had to take *** I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it. Erwin Rommel
would guess it's more a nuance thing for New Zealanders. I bet the Irish players were unmoved at the time.
A lot of them are already Canadians, New Zealanders, Aussies w/ dual citizenship. They'll move studios abroad.
Friend immigrated to NZ tells me that "NZ First" party is making its presence felt by channeling white New Zealanders anger at immigrants
Scrum & Coke is a nomadic, barbarian-style team of New Zealanders who will be entering 10's in 2017!…
New Zealanders take their coffee seriously and there’s a new guide to prove it →
New Zealanders get that Christmas feeling in new campaign from and
They might build a wall to keep New Zealanders out!
Still with you keep ya head up. Still a winner to us New Zealanders!! 🙌💯🙌💯
There's some good in that, I guess. Maybe they could draft in some New Zealanders to help? Everywhere else is now r…
I know there are some New Zealanders (Māori) & other polyps that aren't the rock involved but that doesn't negate the issues
New Zealanders will happily recognise the Californian Republic when it leaves the United States.
Gig practise (Fringe Bar, the 20th btw!). Drinking Mexican beer. And who's gonna pay for it? New Zealanders!
This will affect you and people you care about, re: New Zealanders on my feed dismissing the election
I met some lovely New Zealanders tonight who spoke highly of their homeland
Aussies and New Zealanders voted the NBA’s dirtiest...
New Zealanders, you can still do something meaningful politically tonight. Help stop the TPPA.
Im astounded. Even us New Zealanders are stunned right now huh 😲
Well, brothers & sisters, fellow Canadians and fellow New Zealanders,i must stop crying& get some sleep. God is in control.
New Zealanders are very confused at how this even happened. Total horror movie
New Zealanders... how many of you felt this exact same way on the night of our last General Election?
New Zealanders - Next election, please do NOT vote for the New Zealand First party or we could end up with a situation like Americas.
The only tweeps I see telling New Zealanders to mind our business is American Polynesians. Lol just an observation
These New Zealanders and their twist off caps are making it too easy for me to drown my angst in a bottle!
Wait. Some people are getting mad at New Zealanders caring about this election? Au kefe
This feels like that year when loads of New Zealanders put "Jedi" as their religion on the natioanl census just to see what would happen.
New Zealanders: What's important now is stopping this wave of fascism from reaching our own shores.
When you look up "Sore Loser" no doubt you'll find a picture of this guy.
How about the New Zealanders who say Trump is racist that suddenly change from anti-immigration to inviting Americans to come live here.
If u vote for trump...90 if not 100% of us New Zealanders will literally lose a lot of our respect for americans i swear
Hey New Zealanders how's your country doing?
Order Miche Bag Online!
This is a scary day for all New Zealanders..
Only 9% of New Zealanders want Trump to win. . is one of them. 😂.
The frustrating thing is as New Zealanders we can't even threaten to move anywhere
New Zealanders, I really hope we can go into our own election with as much passion.
Only for a short time and only if you have a special skill they can't get from New Zealanders. that's rare.
Good luck from us New Zealanders, I feel like you'll need it.
How are New Zealanders reacting to the election?
This is my experience of New Zealanders too. Classy people. Quick to celebrate the successes of others.
New Zealanders have restored the first-ever computer-made music — recorded by Alan Turing in 1951.
New Zealanders' debt levels at amber alert - economist. We learned NOTHING from the GFC, NOTHING!. .
"By pulling $ out of KiwiSaver the future retirement lifestyles of many New Zealanders is being compromised".
I'm happy to announce that The Silver Mask should now be available for New Zealanders to buy on Kindle and iBooks.
Usain Bolt has just turned himself in attack was the only New Zealanders safe.
U'd swear the Carling Black Label cup organisers were New Zealanders trolling on the semi final match...
3 great New Zealanders: Ernest Rutherford, who split the atom, Edmund Hillary, who climbed Everest, and Charles Upham, who won the VC twice.
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85 New Zealanders march on the Champs Elysées, but Aussies are Bastille Day guests of honor - via
Watch: New Zealanders mark Japanese territory in new full-length film →
New Zealanders find new use for your rotten caravan
for New Zealanders: this could be Boris's David Shearer moment.
92% of New Zealanders and 84% of Australians agree: it's time to label palm oil! . Source:...
Does help the fishing industry dump on New Zealanders?
this kind of rubbish does not warrant any attention from fair minded and sensible New Zealanders. . it's what 9 years of Labour gets you
New Zealanders hate CO. Ha ha. Rhys, probably David Farrier & now Mad Monster Party all flying over me.
think WI, English, Australian, South African and New Zealanders are exempt from this list??
I wonder why New Zealanders didn't like the silver fern?
New Zealanders to find out if they will keep British Union Jack on their flag or replace it with a silver fern
Fiji Sun: An overwhelming number of New Zealanders have shown their support to ‘Adopt a School’ as Fiji embark...
New Zealand vote to keep the Union Jack on their flag 57% vs 43%- well done New Zealanders, sister nation
New Zealand votes to keep flag with Union Jack: . After the government gave New Zealanders the option to change...
'Majority of New Zealanders have spoken': 57% of Kiwi voters decide to stick to old flag: Wellington: New Zeal...
More than 100 now follow the New Zealanders who are supporting Britain leaving the European Union.
Awesome: New Zealanders successfully crowdfunded the purchase a beach and made it open to the public.
Abel Tasman beach pledges nearly complete - New Zealanders have come through on their promise of pledges for th...
did Key just mumble something about New Zealanders not paying his son's tertiary education?
Watching comedy these days I'd think there were more Australians and New Zealanders in America than black folk.
GABBIE US New ZealandERS DONT CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING OR 4TH OF JULY (and only half of us celebrate Halloween)
And all the New Zealanders scream when getting this notification
New Zealand in third New Zealanders recorded a first, fourth and sixth place fi...
Australians and New Zealanders aren't that different when it comes to alcohol and you know that
New Zealanders Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie, and Paul Snow-Hansen and Daniel Willcox have both won silver at the 2016...
hope Robert will be consistent and PUT up his hands. I mean both against the aussie and New Zealanders later in the season.
New Zealanders raise more than €1 million to keep the 'best beach on the planet' in public hands
Australia is making it easier for New Zealanders to acquire citizenship.
So are any Europeans, Australians or New Zealanders playing Bravely Second other than myself? What do you think of it thus far?
Flags are always going to be about politics but there has to be division made. It's a shame that New Zealanders...
Power to the people! Democracy is government of by and for the people. Long live the collective mind awakening...
Meet some super cute n nice Colombian girls and Japanese girls. They all told me that New Zealanders and Australians mumble when they speak
End to end stuff tight game here, New Zealanders holding back
A total of 90 New Zealanders are registered as being in Tonga - two are registered on SafeTravel as being in Vava'u
Amazing that wants New Zealanders to live like this.
National acts like a corporate party - not a party looking after the best interests of New Zealanders or Nee...
New Zealanders we can't ignore this!
Interesting, as I hadn't heard of this: There's another way for New Zealanders to become Australian citizens, and...
"We need to build a wall to keep the New Zealanders from swimming in" - Donny Trump
There is even Lord Of The Rings beer! New Zealanders think of everything :).
Having an amazing time at the dōTERRA Australia Alive Convention! Lots of us Kiwis here repping the New Zealanders!!
Tbh, my very point is that New Zealanders shouldn't give a hoot what I think about the flag. They should vote with their own minds & hearts.
My response to "we've got to look after New Zealanders first" claims on refugees + today's htt…
Crowdsourced Awaroa beach-buy has "opened a wider debate on land ownership and access for New Zealanders."
Soon New Zealanders will be deciding whether to keep or change their flag... Just wanted to show you a flashback...
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Over a third of Australians and New Zealanders try addictive illicit drugs. Learn how to cope with addiction in...
"Some 49% of New Zealanders expect to not use cash (in 10 years)" Read More
Editorial: Ten-year plan to give young a better start: Thousands of young New Zealanders face serious challeng...
“At 10:57 last night we delivered a pristine piece of beach and bush into the hands of all New Zealanders"
I always think New Zealanders could do with a few squirts of Sinex up each nostril and then a great big blow into a nice crisp hanky
UNITED KINGDOM – Immigration Health Surcharge to be Extended to Australians and New Zealanders
They havent got jobs for their own people, so many New Zealanders come to Australia to look for work!
What is it with New Zealanders and streaking?
we are giving the New Zealanders hangovers uk style tonight
New Zealanders have trusted too long they have risen they have been heard they say no ttpa no flag change
Average amount of alcohol in New Zealanders' drinks hits 18 year low
Useful advice how everyday New Zealanders can help following
Only 80% of New Zealanders think child poverty is a problem. *** !?!?!
New Zealanders have "done something very cool," says Duane Major, founder of beach campaign. Final total for the…
A group of New Zealanders banded together in a crowdfunding campaign to save a beach for everyone:
Veda bought by US company Equifax: Veda, which holds credit files on New Zealanders, has been sold to United S...
A new exhibition celebrating what it was like for New Zealanders during WWI has opened at the Auckland War Memorial Museum today.
Australia’s move to welcome more New Zealanders as citizens… not so generous
Those who pledged money to buy an Abel Tasman beach for New Zealanders are fulfilling their commitments. More ...
New Zealanders can now make Burger History in new campaign by NZ & Robber's Dog
Paul Lasike talks about his journey from to
Because New Zealanders like eggs and explosions are cool
Here’ a great place for New Zealanders to take a holiday – Great Barrier Island
Kyle Mills the New Zealanders comes on to the pitch. Can he make any difference? Lets find it out
Connected Kiwis: the majority of New Zealanders are spending two working days online each week
Research shows New Zealanders now spend the equivalent of two working days per week online.
IPL has stopped New Zealanders giving up international cricket for county like Glenn Turner did
Why do Australians and New Zealanders refer to the British as Pommies?
bang on mate! First country and same back at yeh! New Zealanders travel in time hehehe
I actually love New Zealanders they're so down to earth it's cute
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Maori parties byline has been "for Maori and all New Zealanders". Are they suggesting there is a difference?
Maybe the site is racist against New Zealanders.
Feel like it is a true test to my canadian roots when i take some New Zealanders to their first hockey game and need to explain the sport!!
New Zealanders lose $12m to scams between January and November. Worst - and weirdest - scams of 2015
New Zealanders are so cheap... where is my paper money coins don't count
Side note: New Zealanders of all people should know that Kiwi are nocturnal. So why the *** is Goodnight Kiwi going to bed?
Is this a horrendous joke? New Zealanders? Australians? Obstetricians in trainee pregnancy row
Met the cutest New Zealanders yesterday and watched the Fireworks with them 😊🎆
of course but people think we are British and the New Zealanders are Australian but we all know we are all different
Campaign Against Landmines used ketchup sachets to appeal to New Zealanders to donate money to help clear landmines
Well New Zealanders are called Sheep shaggers so uhh it's in my blood it seems. also thanks for the no judgements. much appreciated
no as in New Zealanders. Men and women are clumsy. If done well no-one gets hurt
There are Germans, New Zealanders, Korean, Mexicans, Americans, Texans, and many many more!!!
If they've got an Australian accent you can no longer call them New Zealanders, 3 News
NOT having an All Black in the list of top 20 living New Zealanders would be downright bizarre
Sitting In a hostel with Australians and New Zealanders is the best way to spend New Years!
Happy New Year! You're a little late to the party for us New Zealanders ;)
Didn't see any native New Zealanders in Taylor Swift's new video. How ignorant of her. Everyone grab your pitchforks!
New Zealand, such a nice environment. Probably why there are 6 different security checks 😓 I envy you New Zealanders
what about us New Zealanders?? We live in the world's first time zone!!
New Zealanders lose $12m to scams: Vulnerable Kiwis falling victim to scams seems to be endless, with more tha...
Our New Year's Resolution: tell New Zealanders how they can make a difference
This is how New Zealanders Celebrate new year
You New Zealanders are just so ahead of the world in EVERYTHING :-)
im going to graduate & see my dog into the next life then i will return to eat with New Zealanders you all sold your sex at me im ashamed
New Zealanders are in 2016 already. Less than two hours and counting here.
You shouldn't. But it puzzles me no end that many Australians and New Zealanders are deeply worried about this.
Happy New Year New Zealanders and Aussies!! And to the the rest of you in a couple hours xxx thanks for the love this year…
While y'all just getting ready to enter new year, New Zealanders and Australians are already in 2016. . FACT ;...
meeting the first kiwi I liked ((bc New Zealanders are called kiwi's and I don't like the fruit))
New Zealanders and Australians be living in the future already.
And here we are stuck in the Old Year. Curse those magical time traveling New Zealanders.
I can't begin to tell you how little a New Zealanders opinion means to me.
Happy New Year to fellow Aussies, New Zealanders, and asians (not meant in a racist way at all) 😊
New Zealanders and Australians have sucked up the WhatsApp instead of lips. .
Just Another New Year's Eve morning in Orillia, Ontario CANADA. It's 2016 in New Zealand. How's that going for you New Zealanders so far?
EFTPOS cards remain New Zealanders' card of choice, says Paymark data as we shop till we drop.
faces a constant challenge as more New Zealanders buy online
well New Zealanders are kiwis I'd name it after Jonah Lomu & call it legendary
New Zealand named most the world's ignorant developed country: A new report shows New Zealanders have the wron...
New Zealanders rally to global People's Climate March call for action
New Zealanders march for solutions not pollution
“Our PM has been busy reconfiguring his own impotence abroad as a brave concern for New Zealanders here at home.”
New Zealanders might be killed on Christmas Island - never mind says our PM they should show some guts and come home - Right
Prince Charles praises New Zealanders for 'putting aside the hurts of the past'
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Some South Africans more patriotic about New Zealand, than actual New Zealanders. 😊😊😊
& commemorate the Battle of Beersheba:
This is what rugby means to New Zealanders...
I added a video to a playlist New Zealanders try American candy || Sian Marie
“Together, these two developments, the Balfour Declaration and the Battle of Beersheba, would set off a chain of...
Abz put the cherry on top, what a happy Sunday it is for New Zealanders. Yes I'm still overly excited about the win.
Wallabies were real close to rolling the New Zealanders, just a couple of things going the other way. Next time!
I genuinely love it when the Australians and New Zealanders wake up.
Posted by the mother of one of the New Zealanders locked away on Christmas Island. How many have died already?
Observation: attention all Australians and New Zealanders please look at the size of our nations and how close we...
Any chance our media could do its job and report on what is being done to Asylum Seekers and New Zealanders and others on Christmas Island?
The app translates into Maori. Watch out you New Zealanders!
The New Zealanders have taken pity on us.they've provided caffeine, a platter and a kids movie…
The New Zealanders are so devoted to rugby that they play it in school when kids in other countries learn how to pronou…
5am kickoff can’t prevent New Zealanders partying as they celebrate back-to-back World Cup wins via
Seeing about 50 New Zealanders do the haka in the middle of sydney casino last night at the final whistle was class !
All us stray New Zealanders in Los Angeles uniting to watch our beloved All Blacks
First time to experience the triumph moment in NZ. All blacks has really made this year for New Zealanders.
Walking around with New Zealand flag and people asking if that's how New Zealanders dress 😂
Lmao you guys have a good team I can't lie , New Zealanders be eating some good stuff
Congrats blackcap New Zealanders for the winning of the World Cup of rubgy and defend the title. First time in the history of the rugby.
Why isn't the pro Israeli anti Palestinian Australian media reporting this --->
FYI it is peak hour for drunk New Zealanders on the tube rambling about Dan Carter
The New Zealanders should have to give up their anthem if they want to continue with their Hakka.
The humility and respect shown from both the New Zealanders and Australians post match is fantastic. A credit to this fanta…
Yas fellow New Zealanders winning the World Cup legends
"New Zealanders, and commemorate the Battle of
Beers and tears as New Zealanders react to World Cup win via
New Zealanders react to All Blacks' historic victory over Wallabies in Rugby World Cup
New Zealanders react to World Cup win: Celebrations are already starting in New Zealand after the All Blacks' ...
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New Zealanders react to World Cup win via
A perfect summary of how New Zealanders are feeling today. Through source
Australians, New Zealanders, and Israelis commemorate the Battle of Beersheba https…
Australia holds New Zealanders hungry and traumatised on Christmas Island - desperate to return to their...
New Zealanders who have served year or more in prison could face deportation under visa changes.
Emglish claims economy can still deliver "higher wages for New Zealanders" so where the *** are those higher wages Bill?.
John Key says he wasn't informed by Australia that they planned to send New Zealanders to Christmas Island
Immigration Minister: Let New Zealanders become citizens - Sign the Petition! via
New Zealanders the second largest population in immigration detention - Radio New Zeala...
Man, New Zealanders obviously don't know what good music sounds like because isn't even in the top 200!!
Don't want a swarm of white New Zealanders either so I don't think race comes into it
Blog: A professional and reassuring response - Ngā mihi. New Zealanders would have been shocked by the events that...
News in 5: Thousands of New Zealanders protest against the + more
I now know what unites all New Zealanders: getting on the *** m8. Too late for a Lion Red stubbie flag?.
New Zealanders still stranded in Bali by volcanic ash are expected to be able to leave the country by Wednesday.
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350 New Zealanders stranded in Bali: A volcanic ash cloud which has left hundreds of New Zealanders stranded i...
Hundreds of New Zealanders are stranded in Bali thanks to a volcanic ash cloud.
Did you know 44% of Police time is spent on domestic violence? "I don't think New Zealanders want to live in a...
lingo and just a regular term for New Zealanders or if it was a slang curse word for New Zealanders AND I WAS ALWAYS SCARED TO CALL SOMEONE
Government statement on financial capability gets behind the goal of helping New Zealanders get ahead financially
"Coleman said New Zealanders were getting larger and that without intervention the country would pay the price down the track."
.Why is this being run out of Palo Alto? Why are so few New Zealanders involved? We have genetics expertise here too.
Helen Kelly one of our great New Zealanders. Living proof, with John Campbell, Queens honours are a joke.
New Zealanders prove they don't deserve to design their own flag via Australia can keep Russel Crowe ;o)
New Zealanders reversing the brain drain
but then New Zealanders do have better things to do! I never heard of Eurovision when I grew up down under!
Gallery: New Zealanders put forward bizarre submissions for new national flag
Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection reveal that since the law change, 175 New Zealanders' visas had been cancelled.
SIx young New Zealanders have been selected by the Royal Society of NZ to visit CERN (the European Organization...
I am so pleased you are all there representing all young New Zealanders, Kia Kaha Lest we forget
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
[The Age World] Huge crowd for Wellington dawn service: Tens of thousands of New Zealanders have flocked to th...
New Zealand is calling for passports to be scrapped for New Zealanders and Australians crossing the ditch.
New Zealanders must be pretty excited that St Kilda and Carlton are coming to play there this weekend. Look out Rugby Unio…
Yo ESSENTIAL SKILLS. New Zealanders have top priority for work in New Zealand
Greetings from Melbourne. Lots of New Zealanders on the flight down from Sydney. Don't worry, I have alerted the authorities.
since Thursday the New Zealand population has really grown - everyone except Australians are New Zealanders now!!!
5m New Zealanders yesterday, 5m tomorrow, 60m today.
Good luck today ,you have the support and admiration of 4 million New Zealanders with you on this glorious day.
I am obviously going for the Aussies, but I'm so happy to see the New Zealanders in the final
LIVE: New Zealanders have begun arriving at the to support their team in the cricket WC final. More soon
I am, you are, we are New Zealanders. Just for today.
A plane load of drunk New Zealanders arrive in Melbourne...
I hate cricket but this still made me laugh so hard why are New Zealanders so funny
I kinda like electricity. Less people die and I can talk to New Zealanders and stuff. Just produce it in a better way, please
New Zealanders love a good bandwagon, how comfy is it though?!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Should You Visit New Zealand?: By David FrancisThe local people, New Zealanders or Kiwis as they like to be ca...
one thing I just to see, when the New Zealanders leave the field Met Duk Bekke. Well done Bulls.
Barring Aussies & New Zealanders the ppl watching NZ-Aus final will be the real cricket aficionados ! No bandwagon jumpers tomorrow
New Zealanders hailed the Black Caps’ cliff-hanger World Cup semi-final win over South Africa as one of the...
Anyone out there want to volunteer & contribute New Zealanders to the Irish Project? Pls RT.
Ah yes, us New Zealanders and Aussies love these kind of tunes!“YES! Love.Great sound.Great guys!”
So was mia the whole night, so I was taken in by a bunch of drunk New Zealanders and a Scottish guy that sounded like shrek.
Maori: "New Zealanders are to be commended 4 confronting their history. It's untrue that you can't change the past."
In wake of deadly crashes, New Zealanders are confiscating car keys from tourists via
New Zealanders you have to win at any cost.
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