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New Zealander

New Zealanders, colloquially known as Kiwis, are citizens of New Zealand.

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saame. Best character. The guy who plays Archie is actually a New Zealander and he was born in 1997,…
Rupert Julian: A New Zealander who preceded Sir Peter Jackson, but had to go overseas to do it:.
South African caddie Gary Matthews has criticised women's world number one Lydia Ko after being fired by the New Zealander's camp after onl…
It's not often I feel ashamed to be a New Zealander. This is one of those times.
Ross Taylor is 50 runs away from being the 4th New Zealander to make 6000 runs in ODIs. But he isn't getting there today!
Book every New Zealander should own - Flaxroots Productions
⚡️ “There's a sit-in to save a New Zealander's home” because NZ government hates the poor and downtrodden!
Thanks for the show & from this New Zealander. First time hearing your music, my brother bough…
The sit-in to stop a New Zealander's eviction is underway.
Kirk Penney selected the top New Zealander playing abroad in last week's games – h ...
The song, a reworking and expansion of the traditional is sung by U.K.- based New Zealander,
I liked a video from New Zealander Trying To Speak Spanish And Portuguese
"The last capitalist was smothered today because a New Zealander put a sock in their bunker's air intake."
he's got that New Zealander power yo. The power to be one day ahead of everyone
This is rich coming from a white New Zealander.
You wouldnt be the first Youtubing New Zealander to join us on the Cinematics side :-)
Since I am now a New Zealander apparently, I am very offended that you have me mixed up with an Australian.
shunned by English and New Zealander alike, I'm forced to live in the wilderness, solving wilderness-based crimes.
I never realised how racist people are down under. — oh for SUURRREE white australians and New Zealander...
St. Patrick’s Day miracle: How a New Zealander in Denver found a missing Iowa man
I'm a New Zealander. location is not a hindrance to information. It's not the 1800s.
3 days later on the train, we saw a rascist bloke yell at another man, telling him to "Go back to China or become a New Zealander". So sad.
Proud New Zealander or just a big fan of the fruit?
We love this food sharing table set up by New Zealander Sally Brown!
Kiwi Marcus Daniell and doubles partner Marcelo Demoliner have been eliminated from the
Waitaminute! I'm listening to the game, but that's not an Aussie accent! That's New Zealander, mate!
And thanks to the nice New Zealander on the videos, dat clutch accelerator tip saved me boi
Canadians & New Zealander can enjoy a in P:natgeo
"Let's be honest with ourselves and accept that fear of the burqa is about our fear of Muslims"
which New Zealander got to 200 test wickets in the fewest matches?
Wicket! Southee gets Shakib and has his 200th Test wicket - fifth New Zealander to do so ^CE
Stat Attack: Tom Latham's 137 was the first ODI hundred at the Hagley Oval, Christchurch by a New Zealander!…
Shane van Gisbergen is the first New Zealander to win the Jason Richards Memorial trophy.
Premier League TV battle hots up - BBC sports editor Dan Roan meets the New Zealander who could be the biggest ...
Awesome night at the gibsons dojo with our New Zealander
HDPA doesn’t particularly like Katherine Mansfield’s At the Bay. So what. KM was a New Zealander.
Devoy: 'This is not how we roll': This month when I opened a copy of the Wairarapa Times-Age , a New Zealander…
New Zealander's historic appointment to UN committee
Three Aussies kidnapped in Nigeria: Three Australians and one New Zealander are among a…
Gunmen kidnap two Australians in Nigeria: Two Australians and a New Zealander have been kidnapped by gunmen i...
Three Australians and a New Zealander believed to be among group of workers kidnapped in
Three Australians, one New Zealander among mining workers kidnapped in
Pm Turnbull says they don't know the identities of the kidnappers of the Australians and New Zealander in Nigeria
Two Australians and one New Zealander kidnapped by gunmen in Nigeria - Daily Mail
Three Australians and a New Zealander are believed to be among a group of workers from a Perth mining company...
Gunmen kidnap two Australians and a New Zealander in Nigeria
Stella Maxwell is not a New Zealander. That is all.
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Oklahoma City center Steven Adams is breaking new ground as a New Zealander succeeding at the top levels of
»Sigmund Freud is called as father of modern psychiatry & psychology. »Ernest Rutherford,a New Zealander,in 1908 discoverd Atomic Nucleus.
Nancy Wake, who has died in London just before her 99th birthday, was a New Zealander brought up in...”
Confronted a prominent New Zealander on Lambton Quay. Asked him to explain things. He said he didn’t know details. A mealy-mouthed reply.
Making history - Duane Major announcing the Abel Tasman beach is to be gifted to all New Zealander's
Just wish Richie and Tony Grieg where about to commentate on it...these New Zealander commentators are bloody terrible, not doing it justice
Air Vice Marshal Sir Keith Park, a New Zealander who was a principal Royal Air Force commander in th
Al Rowland in New Zealander of 2009 list - Massey University:
Stripping white bikini New Zealander model shows her amazing body in garden https…
he is in fact a New Zealander. Aren't you supposedly a blackcaps fan?
A story we just didn't have time for this morning: New Zealander's get a lesson on traffic accidents whilst peeing:
IMGP2390 - 26.1.16 - Breeza Hall - Luke O'Shea and Phil the New Zealander
Blowing kisses to the nicest New Zealander in the Megaverse :)
Excited to have a New Zealander join our program! Welcome to the Olivia (Liv) Mendonca -
A New Zealander, who has sat out more than a year's worth of rugby through various bans, is the new England rugby capt…
Essex sign New Zealander Adam Milne, he will play against Kent twice
Taranaki Sean Kelly finalist for Young New Zealander of the year
Dipendra Singh Airee snatches wicket of New Zealander Aniket Parikh for Nepal, Talor Scott comes in to bat.
Philip Blackwood leaves Myanmar after being jailed over Buddha image: Philip Blackwood, the New Zealander who ...
The man found dead on a New Zealand-registered yacht in Thailand was New Zealander Allen Moselen.
Thai authorities confirm the man found dead on NZ-registered yacht 'Waitane II' off Phuket's Nai Harn beach on Saturday was a New Zealander
In a New Zealand first, 20 year old Alisha Butt has received funding for the $1000 per month whole plant...
A quintessential part of a New Zealander’s diet, Kiwi fruits are a great source of vitamin C, and vitamin E, and...
As an American New Zealander in the US I guess Im glad our copyright regime will overlord over software production in NZ???
We have Danielle Williams going into the game. And we have our first sighting of New Zealander Laken Wairau.
Top Story: Australian judgement called into question by New Zealander who claims American isn't paying attention.
Interestingly most commenters in this article are against Richie McCaw's nomination. .
I just got called a New Zealander by . What a brave soul he is.
Kiwi man whose mum-in-law died when cocaine parcels burst inside her arrested:   10% Off
New Zealander Peter Leaitua arrested in Colombia on drug charges
Introducing the Irish, Swiss, Italian, and New Zealander work peeps to s'mores.
Congratulations to our friend Louise Nicholas for her nomination of New Zealand of the year. Your tireless work...
Great to see Louise Nicholas nominated for NZer of the year, for her work with women & victims of sexual violence
New Zealander features as prize winner at the World Future Energy Summit, part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.
Hey a fellow New Zealander :) Good to see " Being 'forced to penetrate' is rape" via
As if the captain of England is a New Zealander 😂😂
Joël Penkman is a UK based New Zealander with a background in graphic design. She combines…
.let me know if you need this Norse looking New Zealander to bulk up on Meaty Boy burgers for Ragnarok
//Oh imma say it mate i'm black New Zealander trash
The Fantastico Duo of New Zealander’s who I grew up Adoring -
How about this. If you send in celeb sightings to news media, you are a bad New Zealander. That's not what ordinary Kiwis would…
Authorities arrest Australian and New Zealander in South Jakarta chiropractic…
Will McCaw win? Richie McCaw and Louise Nicholas nominated for New Zealander of the Year
Conrad Colman, the first New Zealander to take part in the Vendée Globe?
makes me grateful for the Tasman Sea and the fact I am a New Zealander
another interview with a New Zealander detained on Christmas Island
London Broncos sign 24 year old New Zealander forward Mark Loane from St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL.
SME profile: New Zealander who packed up his troubles in Dubai
love this, would love to be a New Zealander on a Quantas flight on Monday. Well done
What my Australian accent sounds like to Americans: Canadian, English, South African, New Zealander. The last one is the most insulting.
New Zealander awesome model gets nude in nature with
The fire service is urging every New Zealander to ask their neighbour if they have a working smoke a
Ko, a New Zealander, beat the previous record for a youngest major champion, set in 2007 by Morgan Pressel, by nearly six…
37 Victoria Crosses were awarded for the Gallipoli campaign: 23 to British soldiers, 4 to Irish, 9 to Australian, and 1 to a New Zealander
"The only thing I need tasty *** for are to thicken up a seafood chowder!" yelled the drunk New Zealander aka my new buddy
New Zealander beautiful model gets nude in nature with
Joe Schmidt seemed much better as a New Zealander
The most important part of that TV3 lead story was the opinion of Liam Messam, an indigenous New Zealander. "Waste of money." *** straight.
12 year old New Zealander wins award at Japanese Film Festival. Narrated in Te Reo Maori, this painterly...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
That New Zealander's comment on British people's hatred of immigration speaks volumes. "We don't mean you"
New Zealander Bert Munro with his 1920 Indian - the fastest Indian in the world then.
This is one New Zealander's take on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (X-post r/nz) Through s…
when you find another New Zealander.
now it just says 'public figure' or 'prominent New Zealander' or some such
The only description of Australia you'll ever need. From the point of view of a New Zealander of course :P ^_~ xD
apanese-born New Zealander Miho Wada leads her pocket-sized jazz orchestra on flute and saxophone, performing her...
*The timid New Zealander girl pecked his cheek smiling cutely* there
. Well that's the very reason The New Zealander didn't survive the 1860s. .
CALUM ISNT WHITE he is a poc so stop whitewashing him because it's really annoying. Just because he is a New Zealander doesnt make him white
Nathan White’s fairytale comeback for Ireland is likely to continue: • New Zealander should get second cap aga...
nah, I'm just teasing. Good luck with the New Zealander. If she texts reply with "your message gave me new zeal! " ;-)
Congrats to 12 year old Tomairangi Harvey, winner of Best Young Filmmaker at the Japan Wildlife Film Fest.
Let's nominate .for New Zealander of the Year Please Join, Invite & Share! :-D
Every New Zealander should read this. We need to emerge from our insular complacency, care and take action.
check out a guy called Jordan Rakei, any of his songs and he is a fellow New Zealander
To be born English is to win the lottery of life. Im an Englishman, to be born and New Zealander your a dam fine person
australian or New Zealander, I'd say. But I'm bad with accents >_>
Could've chosen a better picture he looks like a stereotypical New Zealander playing rugby..
Ever wonder where Laura Myers of finds her inspiration? Check our the article to find out!
hook was dropped for the favoured New Zealander
love you very much princess so pretty such talent your perfect you ever want to marry a New Zealander ... call me :)
I've had drunk blokes trying to talk to me on trains. I think having sober 40-something New Zealander-only carriages is the obvious solution
Bob Proctor starts of talking about an inspiring New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary on his Six Minutes to Success
They older guy in fear the walking dead is cliff Curtis who is a New Zealander so nz represent
Intrepid New Zealander Sasha rode 2 months solo in Japan on her trusty bicycle. Hokkaido, she said, rocked it best
Helen Clark at AUT. A great New Zealander in action
. Indeed! Very patriotic!. Nobody will mistake you for a New Zealander now!😂
Coetzee makes world junior medley semis: New Zealander Wilrich Coetzee has produced a personal best in th...
.is bloody marvellous, let's nominate him for New Zealander the Year! …
New Zealand's Angie Petty qualifies for 800m semifinals at world track and field champs: New Zealander Angie P...
are we about to do cocaine with the New Zealander?
Meet the New Zealander who's reimagining '90s minimalism:
Thanks for sharing and showing your support thebigidea
Meet the designer who's reimagining '90s minimalism and counts Carolyn Bessette as a muse:
Today is the 40th anniversary of Sir John Walker's WR 3.49.4 mile run. An iconic photo and an amazing New Zealander. htt…
A single & 26th ODI fifty for Guptil, he is 9 runs away from becoming 10th New Zealander to make 4000 ODI runs--
I can't content this anymore. Rasa mcm nak jadi New Zealander
Top four women at the Women's British Open: three Koreans and a Korean-born New Zealander.
Were quite a few Aussies there actually. And even a New Zealander! If Rush won't come to us, we'll come to them!
Venmo Lucas pardons 7000 prisoners, but not New Zealander
yes! My mum is British but a fully assimilated New Zealander, we cannot understand this sheet thing.
update: up to 3 Italian French and New Zealander (maybe this should only half count... 🎶E Ihowa Atua🎶...)
What is the longest organ in a sheep's body?. A New Zealander's ***
No one seems to remember "Mr. Pip", shortlisted in 2007, by another New Zealander, Lloyd Jones.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Going Green... Well, this guy has it down! How beautiful!. New Zealander Barry Cox has created a green church...
happy birthday to my favourite Aladdin New Zealander ❤️ you and miss you!! have a great one 🎉☺️
a cool New Zealander teen created this saltnpepper tribute for you courtesy of
Solar-powered retreat. Things like this make me proud to be a New Zealander!
Myanmar pardons 7000 prisoners, but not New Zealander -
yeah, who would wanna eat a New Zealander. super gross
Stop making fun of Randall, he's a New Zealander, not a Brit!
The fact that a Chinese, a polish, Italian, Latina, New Zealander came up to me and said thank you for doing...
New Zealander won his country's only slot in Olympic windsurfing in 2012. Now he's looking to 2016 in Rio.
top 3 fav account. IMY !! You're definitely fav New Zealander and your account is rad af. 👼🏼💟
John Campbell is bloody marvellous - nominate him for New Zealander of the Year here: Nominations close on Sept 30.
Never taking Aussie or New Zealander ever again. They have no cardio. Soa looked done before the round. Hunt, Soa, Perosh...They always gas.
.was the first New Zealander to be drafted. Watch him chat about this proud moment!
Who's hungry?. We enjoy our warm summers as much as the next New Zealander, but winter brings the weather that...
A truly great New Zealander. Selfless and totally dedicated to the lives of others.
Nope - but at least I had a dishy GP smiling and Anthony Ainley in my head and a brilliant brusque New Zealander!
The Fifth Carolina Cup SUP competition was taken by an Australian and a New Zealander.
"Talking about what's acceptable and what isn't is a conversation worth having and one every New Zealander needs to be part of" -Jackie Blue
Q: Where are you from?. Ans: New Zealand. Q: Are you friends with Ray Comfort?. Ans: No, no New Zealander would be silly enough to admit that.
the New Zealander in me would prefer Phar Lap - nice raft of books DP!
On a New Zealander would rip out electrication in favour of fossil fuels, an area that runs thru a world heritage park area. Thicko Kiwis
. I am a New Zealander from Arab origin, I am proud to know that people in New Zealand know Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed very welll
Is it too late to nominate Prince Philip for New Zealander of the Year? I feel like he's done a lot for this country.
New Zealander on Indonesia drugs charge a 'victim of human trafficking'.
New Zealander & two Burmese arrives Bahan court for Buddha bar trial - chained together.
Ok so only Sir John Kirwan and Sir Stephen Tindall re the only people i have heard of on the New Zealander of the Year list. Hmmm.
New Zealander of the Year shortlist unveiled: Sir John Kirwan, Sir Stephen Tindall and Judge Peter Boshier are...
New Zealander of the Year contenders named: John Kirwan and Stephen Tindall are nominees but Lorde has missed out.
WHY IT IS HARD TO GET HARDWOODS FOR BUILDING IN SAMAR-LEYTE: Hi everyone. I am a New Zealander living in Eastern Samar for 8 years now. It is appropriate to review building practices and materials here in the light of two supertypoons in the space of 56 weeks. There are many problems here, essentially poverty, corruption, lack of suitable building materials. The Government will not allow the milling of any native hardwood timber, so coconut is commonly used. It soon becomes rotten &/or infested with termites so it is useless as a long term building material. Steel roof trusses rust near the sea, and in any event are too light structurally. Typhoon Yolanda proved beyond a doubt that buildings with steel roof trusses lost their roofs, whilst those with bolted yakal hardwood roof trusses survived (mostly). Such hardwoods are only available on the blackmarket; or otherwise as salvaged timber when large trees are washed up on the beaches as at present. But Yakal is so heavy ('ironwood') it generally ...
New Zealander faces Myanmar court over Buddha booze insult A bar manager from New Zealand appeared before a Myanmar court Thursday accused of insulting religion by using an image of the Buddha to advertise a cheap drinks night.
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Pope Francis appoints New Zealander to Vatican Commission on child abuse...
Turns out he was a New Zealander. Unclear if he's Pakeha or Hori, but definitely not Paddy.
New Zealand bar manager held in Myanmar over 'Buddha' promo: A New Zealander is due to appear in a Yangon cour...
New Zealander of the Year nomination: Nurses answered call to help Sierra Leone's Ebola… (News)
Stormy Sydney. First Image compliments of Hirsty Photography. Warnings have been issued for heavy rain and Hail, stay safe Sydneysiders and visitors alike. Also featured here (second image) is an amazing image by Sydney photographer Roland Taylor. The 24 year-old New Zealander combined a perfect vantage point from his balcony in Surry Hills and a few thousand dollars' worth of camera kit to produce the photograph of Wednesday afternoon's lightning strikes over Sydney. Mr Taylor says the multiple exposure, timelapse shots were taken over 20 minutes - a neat result for his budding portfolio. Have you taken any storms over Sydney images? If yes post them in the comments below for Sydney to appreciate. Image and story courtesy of Sydney Morning herald:
Whenever a New Zealander whinges about Wayne Barnes - and it happens often - they need to remember that because of them Steve Walsh exists.
What do u think? I read from barca blaugrana that joan laporta is asking to meet with ronaldo's agent. Courtois telling cech to leave chelsea? TRANSFER GOSSIP Manchester United will have to battle Barcelona for the signature of Cristiano Ronaldo next summer after the Catalan side ramped up their interest in the 29- year-old Real Madrid forward. (Daily Star) Lars Bender has won 18 caps for Germany Arsenal have set their sights on a move for 27-year-old Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Lars Bender. (Daily Express) Liverpool are set to make a £25m bid for Chelsea's 24-year-old forward Andre Schurrle, but they face stiff competition from Tottenham. (Daily Express) Manchester United are keen on signing £7.5m Brazilian striker Douglas Coutinho, 20, from Atletico Paranaense. (Daily Mail) Arsenal and Manchester United have been handed a boost in their pursuit of West Ham defender Winston Reid, with the Hammers ready to sell the 26-year- old New Zealander if he does not commit to a new deal. (Mirror) Bayer Leverkusen ...
Winning bronze or going for gold? Explaining to Bob Jones why Rutherford ranks as a great New Zealander [BLOG]
LMAO. got a classic Shoaib Akhtar video coming. all New Zealander's look away.
The Ebola virus was dropped over West Africa by Jay Leno's private air force, piloted by Mongolian and New Zealander ai…
Gold Coast teens threaten to behead New Zealander with a beard. This country.
For my overseas pals, Mike Hosking, a 'leading' TVNZ1 journalist (admittedly with a sense of wit and sometimes some intelligence, yet a John Key boot licker), assisted by a former netball player to provide 'female presence', presents a 'who we are at 7-00pm' programme, much like the great Bill Grundy in the UK did in the '70s. His dismissal of 'real' news tonight was a reality check for any thinking New Zealander (thin on the ground according to polls). My question, why (I know the answer already) was he allowed to be so biased tonight? If you don't like my post, unfriend me. I have enough real friends, and you may not count among them.
A meeting point for Australians, New Zealanders, Catalans and others, living in Catalonia or related to it. This society is based in Barcelona and most of the membres are living in Catalonia or visiting it from time to time. We encourage understanding, friendship and having a good time in this piece…
Yesterday a New Zealander in my cricket team told me he enjoyed his citizenship ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall
I thought he was like native New Zealander(Maori) xD
All purpose parts banner
Our updated New Zealand Rugby Pin Up T-shirt is now available here.
While you're all watching a tubby New Zealander in a beard is riding a husky sled to glory on Your loss.
I'm even a New Zealander and you STILL won't follow me
Odysseys: New Zealander adopts city with song in heart
jokes i thought you meant like a New Zealander like me 😂😂 its just the fruit 😭
Hey all set for next week?? Will be great the have the New Zealander over here :-)
yep yep yep | Who might the 'average New Zealander' be?
Making a life choice to watch the Middle Earth Saga for the first time - apparently I'm about to become a 'real' New Zealander
New Zealander adopts city with song in heart - Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Who might the 'average New Zealander' be? Probably not me ...
"Would these same white, middle-aged men presume what it is women or Maori want? Of course, but that's not the point"
My outer monologue is generally Irish or New Zealander. It's more fun that way =)
So, yesterday my wife and I helped our son (briefly) set a world record for Youngest New Zealander.
Former New Zealander Beauty's Best impresses in Cran. trial Now with this progressive 4YO will open campaign Caul Sept 20
'Who might the 'average New Zealander' be'?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Our visitor host Shoshana is the first New Zealander to be accepted into UCLA Screenwriting. Go Shoshana!
Today in History 1 Sep 1987, New Zealander sentenced to death in Malaysia
The land is a mother that never dies~~ New Zealander Proverb
'If I hear one more politician tell me what NZers want I'm going to change my nationality". My column today.
your use? They New Zealander who's supporting terrorist and fall of the west?? You make to sense
Best Male Videos - New Zealander jock stripping naked
Endlessly talking to Aussie and New Zealander ppl. Good lord, let me have their accent pls. 😂
. Which country are you borrowing money from to implement this policy? $18,000.00+ owed by all New Zealander's.
I wish I could! Maybe I need to find myself an New Zealander. 😄
I don't know Australian/New Zealander money, so I thought you guys legitimately had 5 dollar coins there.
"Chris describes himself as an “Old New Zealander” – i.e. someone who remembers what the country was like before Rogernomics."
essential reading for all New Zealander's "Essays reflect on rebuild" .
Congratulations to Mason being the first New Zealander to win a tournament outside of NZ!
And New Zealander viewers liekk me ;)
Taking your New Zealander teammate to her first American football game is hilarious 😂🇺🇸
An Asian or a New Zealander idk u tell me
What are some simulators of average New Zealander's life?
THE mother of the New Zealander who plunged to her death allegedly trying to escape Gold Coast playboy Gable Tostee…
Nice to see a New Zealander finish in such fine form. Class ride for Jonelle Price and Classic Moet
That lady gets the New Zealander of the Year Award in my eyes.
John Mitchell comments "there's nothing a New Zealander likes more than Aussies talking themselves up!"
Man to appear in court over New Zealander's balcony death: A 28-year-old Gold Coast man is charged with the mu...
Earl Bamber (NZ/Team 75 Bernhard) was thrilled with his second win of the Porsche Carrera Cup season on Sunday and has now moved to the top of the overall points table. In an action-packed race in Austria’s Spielberg, the New Zealander outpaced the 20-year-old Porsche junior Alex Riberas (E/Attempto Racing powered by Häring) who finished second. “What a sensational race – possibly one of the best I’ve ever contested. My fight against Alex was incredibly close,” said a delighted Bamber. Third place went to local man Philipp Eng (A/Team Deutsche Post by Project 1), however, the 24 year old is not eligible to be included in the results until a pending appeal is heard in the coming weeks. This allowed his pursuer Michael Ammermüller (D/Walter Lechner Racing Team) to climb the podium in front of packed grandstands...Full report and Photos at
So New Zealand's leading newspaper put a picture of a deceased New Zealander who was killed in Gaza on the front page today… only problem...
The conversation of two 6 year olds in my clinic today Girl asking boy: Would you rather be a New Zealander a banana or a donut??!! "I was like whattt" Boy replies: A hundred and thousands!! Girl sits there with a serious look on her face rubbing her chin pondering long and hard then says: Hmmm good choice!! 😵😵😵😵 = I'm beyond lost!!
Investigate Malaysian Airlines MH-17 crash, bring about justice! Stop Israel’s massacre of Palestinians, end colonisation! Monday, 21 July 2014 The South African Communist Party expresses its deepest condolences to the families, relatives and friends for the loss of loved ones when a Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 Boeing 777 airliner crashed in Eastern Ukraine on Thursday, killing 295 people on board. The victims are reported to include 193 Dutch including one dual Netherlands-US citizen, 43 Malaysians including 15 crew members and 2 children, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians including 1 infant, 10 Britons including 1 dual UK-South Africa citizen, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian and 1 New Zealander, according to the full flight manifest reported in the media to have been released by Malaysia Airlines on Saturday. The flight could apparently have been shot down in the war-torn Ukraine where fighting continued. If true, then this deadliest attack would constitute a war crime in violation of i ...
MATCH REPORT 4: ANTIGUA HAWKSBILLS V JAMAICA TALLAWAHS MATCH REPORT 4: ANTIGUA HAWKSBILLS V JAMAICA TALLAWAHS The reigning Limacol Caribbean Premier League champions, the Jamaica Tallawahs brushed aside the Antigua Hawksbills in a comprehensive eight wicket victory at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium at North Sound. Chris Gayle continued his stellar form from the opening game with a match winning 37 off 31 balls as his team cruised to victory with more than five overs to spare in a match where there was only one winner from as early as the second over. Regular wickets prevented the Hawksbills from building any meaningful partnerships in their innings with the left arm spin of Nikita Miller and Daniel Vettori causing the most damage. Vettori showed all of his experience in an opening spell of three overs that saw him concede just 11 runs while picking up two wickets. When the New Zealander returned to complete his allocation he was just as miserly picking up another wicket to finish with figures of 3-13 off ...
YOR Health products are now shipping to New Zealand today!. Every health-minded New Zealander can now set a goal,...
New Zealander who helped Chinese miners dies | GlobalPost
China: New Zealander who helped Chinese miners dies
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Nigeria VS Bosnia: Biology teacher to officiate = Whangarei schoolteacher Peter O’Leary has been selected to referee today’s group F game between Nigeria and Bosnia-Herzegovina. O’Leary, the head of biology at Tikipunga High School, becomes just the second New Zealander to control a World Cup game. “Peter rang me as soon as he got the news yesterday,” said NZ Football’s referee development manager Ken Wallace. O’Leary referees in the A-League and has been part of Fifa’s programme since 2010. He copes with mistakes by using the “dump and forget” method. Wallace had no doubt O’Leary was up to the job. “Peter’s done under-20 World Cups, the London Olympics and the Club World Cup,” Wallace said. “He’s performed well and he was at the last World Cup as a reserve so he’s got experience of the atmosphere and procedures. If they do well they will get the chance of doing another game.” He officiated the match between Nigeria U-20 and Costa Rica in Canada 2007 on July 1. The matc ...
A New Zealander just sprayed himself all over with Axe and now it smells like an 8th grade boys locker room in here
I am a New Zealander, but i do NOT support drone strikes in Iraq. Just wanting to make that clear since John Key told Obama that NZ backs the killing of civilians by remote control.
The Prime Minister is unable to confirm whether or not a New Zealander has been killed in the Syrian conflict.The Syrian Government representative to ...
It's almost US Open time. Some great facts and figures... This is the third US Open Championship and the seventh USGA championship to be conducted at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2). In 1999, Payne Stewart made a par-saving putt from 18 feet on the final hole to defeat Phil Mickelson by a single stroke en route to his second US Open Championship. With an even-par round of 70, Stewart was the only player to finish under par for the championship, with a 1-under total of 279. Stewart used just 24 putts during the final round and one-putted the last three greens when it mattered most. In 2005, Michael Campbell became the first New Zealander to win the US Open when he made an important birdie from 25 feet on the par-3 17th that helped him see off Tiger Woods by two strokes. He also was the first sectional qualifier to win the Open since Steve Jones in 1996. Woods had struggled with his putting all week, but found the hole for birdies on holes 10, 11 and 15 to pull to within two strokes of Campbe ...
Oklahoma City Thunder's Steven Adams: How tragedy helped turn the New Zealander who wanted to be a farmer into a...
A young New Zealand lad moved to London and went to Harrods looking for a job. The manager asked 'Do you have any sales experience?' The young man answered 'Yeah, I was a salesman back home in Taupo.' The manager liked the New Zealander so he gave him the job. His first day was challenging and busy, but he got through it. After the store was locked up, the manager came down and asked, 'OK, so how many sales did you make today?' The New Zealander said 'One!' The manager groaned and continued, 'Just one? Our sales people average 20 or 30 sales a day. How much was the sale for?' '£124,237.64p.' The manager choked and exclaimed £124,237.64!! What the *** did you sell him?' 'Well, first I sold him a small fish hook, then a medium fish hook and then I sold him a new fishing rod.' 'Then I asked him where he was going fishing and he said down at the coast, so I told him he would need a boat, so we went down to the boat department and I sold him that twin-engine Power Cat.' 'Then he said he didn't think his Hon ...
There are reports a New Zealander has died fighting in Syria.It would be the first Kiwi casualty of the Syrian civil war.The Ministry of Foreign Affai ...
It couldn't decide if I was Welsh, South African or a New Zealander.
A Scottish Rudolf Steiner preschool teacher has been denied another temporary work visa by Immigration New Zealand because he is taking the job of a New Zealander. - New Zealand Herald
Written by John Minto "It’s a useful rule of thumb that when right wing commentators attack you then you must be doing something principled and effective. And we were. I was one of about 30 to 40 who attended a candlelight vigil outside Prime Minister John Key’s residence in Parnell on Sunday evening to remember Daryl Jones – the New Zealander who was murdered in a US drone strike in Yemen earlier this year – and all the innocent people killed in similar strikes in the past few years. The PM told a media briefing at parliament on Monday that it “just wasn’t cricket” for us to gather outside his house when he was having family time. That caused a rush of blood to the heads of our right-wing commentators. Radio Live’s Sean Plunket rang for an interview and could hardly contain his bile. How dare we upset the PM and his family? How dare we invade their privacy? And on and on… He even suggested we had turned the PMs family into “collateral damage” of our own. Just how any minor inconveni ...
Australian and New Zealander adults are fat and getting fatter:
As everyone knows I was in favour of the Internet/Mana alliance from the start not for the money but for the intense media interest that it has generated. If the media ignored Mana as usual in election year I doubt we could push past 1.2% party vote. The rangitahi (youth) vote is our target and young people all over the country have taken an interest in the Internet party and Kim Dotcom. The next objective is to get the youth to vote in polling stations for a target of 2% to 4% party vote. With this strategy we can secure a position in parliament for John Minto a true champion of the working class New Zealander. For those members who disagree and have decided to depart may I suggest you wait till tomorrow until the announcement of the Internet Parties leader you may be pleasantly surprised. But if you still choose to leave do it honourably please avoid attacking our strategic allies or the integrity of our movement. On Sept 20th if we have made a tragic mistake you are welcome to comment.
MEET MOTLEY CREW'S SKATERS - 'MERICA # 1019 Some would call her foreign, but she's a local now. 'Merica is a team person who binds us together with humour, affection, positivity and good old American enthusiasm. A Taupo based (naturalised) New Zealander she travels twice weekly to train and play with the Steam Rollers. We love her, but we especially love her *** .. when she sticks it in the face of the opposing team. Who is your derby hero? "My roller derby heroes are my coaches present and past. Bully T James, Princess Die, Shan Grenade, and Mon Bash. I will also always love the skating style and charisma of Fia Fasi Oe?" What's the best thing about derby? "The ladies (and gentlemen) you get to know. Roller derby folks are a different breed of people and this has allowed me to meet really progressive, confident, fun-loving, sporty folks who don't give up easily." "Nothing worth doing is easy."
12 debut Australian and New Zealander authors with a promising future — a guest post by Lisa Hill
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
[image]A New Zealander has told a British court Rolf Harris was a 'disgusting, vile' man who assaulted her when she was a teenager in 1970.
It should be a requirement to have a New Zealander in the red chair of every week.
Ernest Rutherford is only New Zealander to have an element – rutherfordium – named in his honour
According to Australian newspaper Herald Sun, Roxette will visit Australia in February 2015 as part of the new world tour that will start in October this year. In addition, the New Zealander news w...
Well got me this you did it makes you worthy of the nobel prize for patience. To my sister Kari - you seem to have a way of keeping me a new uncle, looking forward to this year.but have no clue how you do it every day To my grandmothers and Aunts, I love all of you and you are all very special to me.Happy Mother's Day everyone! Oh yes, let me not forget my cousin who is 8 months pregnant with twins.oh yeah and my cousin Allison who has the cute New Zealander..
Auckland’s Dr Sharad Paul has been described as a Renaissance man. In the year 2012 alone, as well as juggling three medical roles, he was also a finalist for the New Zealander of the Year award, his second novel was published and he was awarded the Chair’s Award by the New …
Lucille Frances Ryan, or Lucy Lawless, is a New Zealander actress and singer with a net worth of $15 million. Lucy Lawless gained
WAR AND PEACE: THE SPIRIT OF ANZAC AND THE HUMAN RIGHTS I have been invited yesterday to attend the forum which it has organised by THE AUSTRALIA HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION in partner with THE New Zealand HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION to mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of World Word 1. The half day forum has experience how Australian's and New Zealander's war experience shaped the contemporary world order, in particular the International Human Rights and Freedom. The panel led the discussions were including a high profile speakers: 1) Lieutenant General David Morrison AO, the Chief of the Australian Army. 2) The Hon. Elizabeth Evatt AC, the Commissioner of International Commission of Justice, former Member of U N Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and the Human Rights Committee. 3) Dr Damian Powell, Principal Janet Clarke Hall and Senior Fellow School of Historical and Philosophical study, University of Melbourne. 4) David Rutherford Chief Commissioner, Human Rights Commissioner ...
Wiremu, a New Zealander, was on the dole in Australia but about to fly home to watch the Rugby World Cup and was not feeling well, So he decided to see a doctor. "Hey doc, I dun't feel so good, ey" said Wiremu. The doctor gave him a thorough examination and informed Wiremu that he had long existing and advanced prostate problems and that the only cure was testicular removal. "No way doc" replied Wiremu "I'm gitting a sicond opinion ey!" The second Aussie doctor gave Wiremu the same diagnosis and also advised him that testicular removal was the only cure. Not surprisingly, Wiremu refused the treatment. Wiremu was devastated, but with the Rugby World Cup just around the corner he found an expat Kiwi doctor and decided to get one last opinion from someone he could trust. The Kiwi doctor examined him and said: "Wiremu Cuzzy Bro, you huv Prostate suckness ey." "What's the cure thin doc ?" asked Wiremu hoping for a different answer. "Wull, Wiremu", said the Kiwi doctor "Wi're gonna huv to cut off your balls." " ...
I never get tired of doing this... You might be tired of me makin' this sh1t up, but I'm not! When an eel bites your hand with a pain you can't stand that's a moray. When our habits are strange and our customs deranged that's our mores. When your horse munches straw and the bales total four that's some more hay. When a beam from the sun lights the heath where we run that's a moor ray. When a sand-coated board buffs your nails, yes milord, that's emory. And our friend Mitch Albom every Tuesday would come to hear Morrie. A New Zealander lad sports tatoos by his dad. That's a Maori. When a glacier's retreat piles up stones at its feet that's a moraine. When two patterns of lines cross to form new designs, that's a moiré. The briefest of pauses in poetic clauses, they are morae. What the palest young man needs to get a good tan, that's some more rays. When Othello's poor wife, she gets stabbed with a knife that's a Moor, eh?
Trudy Campbell...Shirley Henderson..Jan O'Neil..Paula Campbell.Can never take the kiwi out of a New Zealander . Kate Dunn..Alex Campbell
Thousands of Australian and New Zealander people attend the Dawn Service in Anzac Cove, http:/…
Adela Recordon, Chilean surfer. A total of 32 countries and 400 athletes and team officials are confirmed in the 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC). The world’s largest and most important Junior competition will take place in La FAE, one of the best and most consistent surf breaks in Ecuador. ... The confirmed countries are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tahiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and Wales. Kehu Butler's world ranking took a dramatic rise at the 2014 Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championship held in Ecuador over the last fortnight. The 14-year-old Omanu surfer was the best performed New Zealander finishing in 7th place in the under-16 division after a 31st place last year. ... His father Kahn managed the New Zealand team in Ecuador that ...
Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander, and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepalese Sherpa, were the strongest and most experienced snow and ice climbers on the 1953 British expedition.
New Zealander, Australian killed in drone strike
A world traveler an American world traveler and a very smart young man. I have been asked about Miley Cyrus a handful of times during my travels abroad. I am often asked if I know someone named "John" who also lives in New York City. But the only question I have been asked on every coast of every country I've visited is: "Why do Americans love guns so much?" One of my Tasmanian friends wants to travel to the U.S. but told me she is "scared I'll be shot." A New Zealander informed me last night that, were she to summarize the U.S. in one word, it would be: "violent." My Saudi Arabian friend gently suggested, "Every country has its problems. Yours is guns." As the U.S. repeatedly fails to prevent gun violence, I find myself often slipping into a disillusioned resignation that perhaps this is just how the world is now. But what is happening in America is not normal. And, we can not explain it not really the second amendment really, really it is 2014 lunatics walk around with assault weapons and think it is co ...
A WORD TO CHANGE YOU LIFE: They said to the woman, “It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is truly the Savior of the world.” (John 4.42 NRSV) Winston Churchill knew the difference between celebrities and heroes. In the summer of 1941, Sergeant James Allen Ward was awarded the Victoria Cross for climbing out onto the wing of his Wellington bomber at 13,000 feet above ground to extinguish a fire in the starboard engine. Secured only by a rope around his waist, he managed to smother the fire and return along the wing to the aircraft's cabin. Churchill, an admirer as well as a performer of swashbuckling exploits, summoned the shy New Zealander to 10 Downing Street. Ward, struck dumb with awe in Churchill's presence, was unable to answer the prime minister's questions. Churchill surveyed the unhappy hero with some compassion. "You must feel very humble and awkward in my presence," he said. "Yes, Sir," managed Ward. "Then you can ima ...
Our First Lady, bravo... Rosmah shed tears with passenger's wife 8.08pm: Rosmah Mansor sheds tears when meeting the family of a passenger who boarded the missing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) aircraft, Bernama reports tonight. Earlier today, she cried spontaneously when Danica Weeks, 37, shed tears while sharing the latter's story on the fate of her husband Paul Weeks, a New Zealander onboard the ill-fated plane that disappeared on March 8. Rosmah immediately hugged Darica and tried to console her during the hour-long meeting attended by the couple's two sons - Lincoln, three-years-old, and Jack, one-year-old. Rosmah was seen cuddling Jack as she arrived for the meeting in Perth at 10am. "You are drinking milk. Can I have some milk?" she asked Jack as she put the baby on her arm. Speaking to the media later, Rosmah said she hoped Darica could be strong as the Malaysian and Australian governments as well as other countries were searching for the plane. "I asked her to be strong and to remember all the good deeds ...
If only this was still true - that those we democratically elect were still answerable to you and I. Well Key has given Aotearoa New Zealand the opportunity for its own spring revolution. what an obnoxious arrogant date for an election - does he not recall Muldoon's faux pas in '84 and look what we got - all those nazi mein kempf believers -Jone's 18% of National party supporters who left their party - thinking they were the "sent messengers" that destroyed the fabric and tapestry of this fabulous country's society. Yep we get our three yearly chance to clean out those who have behaved like rats of the sewers - just look at how they have mis- managed the rebuild of Christchurch with one eye on how much can I make out of this personally - a boost to the economy rather than restoring fellow New Zealander's lives and another nazi policy believer Hyde's wet dream the SUPER city of Auckland thrust upon the innocent with no referendum of those who are paying and HOW they are paying - what savings??? - but have ...
Outspoken caddie Steve Williams says former employer Tiger Woods has lost his intimidation factor, as the New Zealander revealed he will quit full-time golf this year. He thinks one thing and I think another," Williams, who now carries the bags of Australian world number two Adam Scott, told Fox Spo...
On your FOX Mornings Coming up….. President for 45 minutes ? Space Shuttle Enterprise maiden "flight" Co-Pilot Of Hijacked Plane???!! Climate Change 'A Weapon Of Mass Destruction'.. Shark Cull: Striped Wetsuits To Cut Fatalities! Indian production of Japanese amphibious planes?? The second highest Test score is created by New Zealander! World Cup 2014 stadiums become white elephants…. Indonesian airports reopen after Java volcano eruption…. Get the facts with local & international grabbing headline stories and the greatest “Pick Me Up” tracks to jump start your day with Jimmy Deen !!!
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