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New Zealand is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Kim Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz on January 21, 1974, also known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor, is a German-Finnish businessman who rose to prominence during the dot-com bubble and was convicted of insider trading and embezzlement in its aftermath. 5.0/5

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NSA surveilled Kim Dotcom because National Security is just the excuse.
NSA unlawfully surveiled Kim Dotcom in New Zealand: report
I had no idea how big of a deal Kim Dotcom's persecution was having on New Zealand. What a weird thing for NZ politics to g…
Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US: NZ court: New Zealand's High Court ruled Monday that Kim…
Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US to face criminal charges, High Court rules: A New Zealand j..
Internet boss Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the US, New Zealand judge rules - Belfast Telegraph
New Zealand judge rules internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom be extradited to US via
New Zealand court rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US
Kim Dotcom extradition to US can go ahead, New Zealand High Court rules
‘We won but we lost anyway’: Kim Dotcom eligible for extradition to US - High Court of New Zealand:
New Zealand appeals court upholds Kim Dotcom extradition ruling
A court in New Zealand rejects internet mogul Kim Dotcom's appeal against extradition to the US
New Zealand court: Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom can be extradited to U.S. over fraud charges
After reporting on Occupy movement, WikiLeaks, the FBI and Kim Dotcom saga, Suzie Dawson targeted by New Zealand & US intelli…
Kim Dotcom wins right to live stream extradition court hearing
New Zealand judge to allow Kim Dotcom to livestream his latest legal bid to halt his... by via
"I'll be at Kim Dotcom's Megaupload 2.0 & Bitcache launch on Jan 20 in New Zealand doing a Big news for Bitco…
New Zealand's spies admit to illegally deleting key evidence in Kim Dotcom case [2014]
US fails to revoke Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s bail conditions in New Zealand
Impoverished forced to roam New Zealand countryside eating hobbits for sustenance. .
Kim Dotcom has successfully fended off an American government bid to put in him back in a New Zealand jail for allegedly violating his bail.
Good evening! Here are some business stories you may have missed: Bill hiking tax exemption cap on bonuses awaits PNoy's signature adds flights to Japan, US, Middle East offers to rehabilitate MRT-3 incurs P2.5-B budget deficit in October firms to roll back prices on Tuesday hires 9 banks for dollar bond - IFR Dotcom beats US bid to revoke bail in New Zealand
WELLINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. authorities have lost a motion to have cyber fugitive Kim Dotcom remanded in custody in New Zealand before his extradition hearing to face internet piracy charges in the United States. An Auckland court on Monday rejected allegations that Dotcom, the founder of the Megaupload online file storage site, was a flight risk and had broken the terms of his bail conditions imposed after flamboyant internet entrepreneur was arrested by U.S. and New Zealand authorities in early 2012. ...
New Zealand election: party over for Kim Dotcom as PM wins with landslide via
New Zealand election: pulpy over for Kim Dotcom as PM wins kith landslide
Kim Dotcom's Internet Party bombs out of New Zealand election
What does Kim Dotcom really think of New Zealand? We talk to three of his former employees - and the man himself. Tonight, 8.40 TV3
Warner Brothers has struck out vigorously at criticism of their denial that the movie company was involved in a plot involving the Prime Minister of New Zealand to bring the master hacker and criminal Kim Dotcom to America by rendition. The criticism relates to the statement of denial originally issued by Warner Brothers being "anonymous" - attributed only to the company with no actual person accepting ownership of the statement. That was just an oversight, Vice President in Charge of Public Relations, Elmer Fudd, said earlier today. He went on to point out that the statement was actually issued by Warner Brothers' CEO, Bugs Bunny and that the company stood by it implicitly. Yosemite Sam, Warner Bros. Director of Corporate Affairs, agreed, issuing his own statement that while Warner Brothers did nothing other than come to New Zealand to extort $40 million or so from the NZ taxpayer, a trifling amount in real currency, it was essential that Dotcom be brought to the US as soon as possible to face the conseq ...
Dotcom: NZ at crossroads: The approaching election represents a crossroads for New Zealand.
New Zealand mainstream media barely touches on the big issues from last night, while even Australian media covers the facts rather than focus on Kim Dotcom.
Edward Snowden's Opening Address at the Moment of Truth Kim Dotcom holds panel with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to expand on revelations that New Zealand government sought to implement a top-secret mass surveillance program. Recorded live at the New Zealand town hall meeting in Auckland.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Money may not be able to buy you love, but in Kim Dotcom's case, it seems it can buy everything else. Affluent lifestyle, fast cars, women. Check. New Zealand residency. Check. New - New Zealand Herald
Link to article. Megaupload founder in bid to prove US authorities aided by New Zealand illegally targeted him at behest of Hollywood studios Kim Dotcom is resisting extradition from New Zealand in one of the largest Copyright Infringement cases ever… [ 338 more words. ]
What's going on? Kim Dotcom's New Zealand political party teams up -
Kim Dotcom is getting millions of dollars in seized assets returned from New Zealand. Founder of the file hosting website Megaupload, Dotcom had several cars...
A New Zealand court has denied a request to extend the freeze on Kim Dotcom's assets.
Posted 12 mins ago Kim Dotcom wants to launch a cryptocurrency in New Zealand. This was found on his political party’s website. Remember Kim Dotcom? This German-Finnish entrepreneur made headlines in the past as the founder of Megaupload, a website where it was easy to put up illegal content for d...
Kim Dotcom launches own political party in New Zealand
Kim Dotcom gets into politics with launch of an 'Internet Party' in New Zealand
Kim Dotcom to stand as MP: MegaUpload founder launches New Zealand political party based on values of ‘
Internet entrepreneur and alleged copyright pirate Kim Dotcom today made his official foray into New Zealand politics kicking off a digital membership drive for his Internet Party.
Mega, founded by Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur fighting the U.S.'s largest ever copyright case, is aiming to list on the New Zealand stock exchange via a reverse takeover of TRS Investments.
Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom, who is fighting extradition to the US, formally launches a political party to contest New Zealand's elections.
Kim Dotcom reveals Internet Party There ain't no party like an Internet Party. At least that's what Kim Dotcom is counting on with the launch of his political party in New Zealand this week
Kim Dotcom, accused by Washington of being one of the world's biggest internet pirates, plunged into politics on Thursday with the launch of a party to contest New Zealand's general election in September.
Kim Dotcom, the flamboyant internet entrepreneur accused of masterminding the largest Copyright Infringement in US history, is planning to list his latest online venture on the New Zealand stock exchange. Mega said on Tuesday that it had agreed to
Why would the Prime Minister of New Zealand develop a relationship with a hate-speech prone blogger? Inside the ugly defamation campaign against Kim Dotcom.
In October 2013, VICE News was invited to visit the infamous tech mogul and creator of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, at his palatial property in New Zealand. Even ...
In 2012, the New Zealand government admits to illegally spying on Kim Dotcom. In 2014, the President of the USA visits New Zealand on urgent business... Join...
Dot Com's Internet Party: "Mitchell said the Internet party aimed to appeal to the 800,000 eligible New Zealand voters who did not vote or who had stopped voting." Translation: Our party will appeal to the uninvolved, the self involved, the unmotivated, the ignorant, and the lazy. The party was targeting voters who shared the party's vision of a ''big techy economy'', Mitchell said. Translation: We will appeal to freeloaders, moochers, deadbeats and thieves. If that seems harsh, can someone, anyone out there make a convincing argument that Kim DotCom has done anything but exploit a legal loophole (DMCA) to profit from the sweat of others? That's a Dis-economy. The fool was too greedy to play by the rules though and his knowing participation in mass Copyright Infringement will hopefully put him out of our collective national misery sooner rather than later.
I'm just skimming the news here, but did Kim Dotcom just launch the Nazi Party in New Zealand?
New Zealand Herald on Kim Dotcom owning a signed copy of Mein Kampf: "Other [New Zealand] politicians had read books by Joseph Stalin and George Bush." Lol
David Fisher: Kim Dotcom has caused carnage in New Zealand politics, and is set to challenge the music industry with his new website. He personifies the danger technology poses to copyright law
Indicted cyber guru Kim Dotcom celebrated a deal today that would see the internet storage company he founded while out on bail valued at $179 million USD and listed on New Zealand's stock exchange.
Kim Dotcom's Mega to list on New Zealand's stock market
Marking the second anniversary of the raid on his New Zealand home, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is today enjo...
Kim Dotcom to launch New Zealand political party
Kim Dotcom to launch 'Megaparty' for New Zealand elections
Indicted Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom to launch political party in New Zealand
Celebrity defendant and founder of MEGA, Kim Dotcom, is having a huge party in New Zealand, and the invite is to everyone in the world.
VICE News recently visited the New Zealand palace of Kim Dotcom, the creator of Megaupload who is currently at the center of the biggest copyright case in history.
Read more: The case against Kim Dotcom, finally revealed - Read more on this subject: Criminal Justice SystemNews Story Source: ars technicaNearly two years after Kim Dotcom's New Zealand mansion was raided by police, US authorities have made their case as to why the man behind Megaupload shouldn't simply go bankrupt like previous copyright violators before have--he should go to jail, they argue. Read More or Make a Comment
:) 2013 TOP TEN QUOTES 1. One of the messages that I had was that this bill was the cause of our drought. Well, in the Pakuranga electorate this morning it was pouring with rain. We had the most enormous big *** rainbow across my electorate – Cabinet minister Maurice Williamson in his speech to Parliament supporting the *** marriage law. 2. The GCSB, the only government department that will actually listen to you – Unknown origin but repeated on social media. =3. What didn’t he know and when didn’t he know it? – Winston Peters querying John Key’s knowledge of the Parliamentary Service’s actions. =3. I'm not a spreadsheet with hair – Auckland singer/songwriter Lorde. 5. Why are you going red, Prime Minister? – Kim Dotcom at the Parliamentary enquiry into the GCSB spying on New Zealand residents. I'm not, why are you sweating? – Key's reply to Kim Dotcom. 6. Male writers tend to get asked what they think and women what they feel – Man Booker prize winning novelist, New Zealand's Eleano ...
New Zealand MP asks if NSA spied on Kim Dotcom
New Zealand internet company Slingshot has entered into a partnership with Kim Dotcom's Mega
New Zealand's annual Targa Rally kicked off Wednesday at the Coatesville mansion of Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur and hacker worth an estimated $200 ...
Henry's Top story: Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand over electronic snooping | Polit… see more
Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand over electronic snooping The Megaupload founder is suing the N
Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand over electronic snooping. $4.8 million, claiming it illegally spied on him in advance of a raid on his house
How the US and New Zealand government have managed to be more of a *** than Weev and Kim Dotcom, I have no idea.
Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand over electronic snooping
Kim Dotcom is suing the New Zealand government for illegally spying on him
Awesome to see fighting New Zealand and Five Eyes illegal spying on him.
Kim Dotcom sues New Zealand for $7 million over illegal spying, raid .
Kim Dotcom is suing the government of New Zealand, and the lawsuit could make him a multi-millionaire again.
NEW ZEALAND: Kim Dotcom to start NZ political party, idea panned by PM
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom plans to launch new political party in New Zealand -
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom set to launch political party in New Zealand
I always wondered how officials had contents of Skype chats between Kim Dotcom and his staff. This might explain it:
New Zealand appears to have used NSA spy network to target Kim Dotcom
Podcast between Tom Roads and Kim Dotkom; entrepreneur, currently residing in New Zealand. He is the founder of Megaupload and its associated websites, as well as Megaupload's successor site, Mega. What makes Kim controversial is the fact that the American government is actively trying to extradite him from New Zealand to the US. American comedian Tom Rhodes wanted to meet this enigmatic maverick of modern technology and show the human side of this public figure who is so often demonized in the mass media. Recorded on the last day that Tom was in the country for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Kim & Tom are instantly united by their humor and a very honest open conversation about everything of relevance pertaining to Kim Dotcom is raised and discussed openly. Sources of news clips can be found on YouTube. Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple, gives an interview where he defends Kim's actions and ways of doing business. Source of the interview clip with Tom Rhodes is from the program Nine to N ...
Kim Dotcom tries to makes primes Minister John Key sweat and John Banks think Kim Dotcom is to fat to be the new Prime Minister of New Zealand. Than the worlds laughs.
Love the civilian news paper, the best truth around, check out the last paragraph! Prime Minister John Key has told an anxious New Zealand public that if they don’t want to be spied on by the Government Communications Security Bureau, then all they need to do is hide under a blanket. At a select committee hearing on a new bill to redefine the powers of the GCSB to allow it greater flexibility in conducting surveillance, Key told submitters – including internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom – that he felt they were spreading misinformation about the bill, and that the expansion of powers “isn’t that bad,” because the Government still can’t get a camera “up on underneath your pants or whatever.” “Look, you’re wrong, actually,” said Key to civil liberties campaigner Thomas Beagle. “You’re suggesting that, under this bill, New Zealanders would just have to accept being watched all hours of the day, right?” “Well, obviously not as an absolute,” replied Beagle. “But in a general se ...
Hands up those who witnessed the meeting between Kim Dotcom and the PM John Key in Parliament's committee rooms. If Dotcom is correct in his claims that John Key lied to New Zealand, and can prove this, surely this would be the end of John Key?
After seeing Kim Dotcom and John Key on the news last night about that whole spying thing. I don't want these two legends to settle this in court. I want them to settle this at a food court. Imagine that, the Jolly German against the Right Honourable Prime Minister of New Zealand battling it out eating as many cheeseburgers as they can in fifteen minutes. I think the Justice Department really need to take my idea on board to revolutionise the future of New Zealand Justice. It would make programs like Judge Judy much more watchable if it was an eating contest, and the loser gets thrown in jail for doing wrong.
What's going on? Kim Dotcom debates New Zealand leader over spying - Houston Chronicle
Is the World feeling betrayed by the US spying and lying program? Megaupload Judge Steps Down After Declaring U.S. ‘the Enemy’ By David Kravets07.18.123:32 PM Kim Dotcom. The New Zealand judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of accused file-sharing kingpin and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is recusing himself from the case after making a public remark that the United States was “the enemy.” Auckland District Judge David Harvey was commenting at a copyright conference earlier this month when he said, “We have met the enemy, and he is (the) U.S.”
The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, is "going out of way to destroy" Kim Dotcom and the major New Zealand business, Mega. I was once a supporter of John Key. No longer. I see John Key's allegiances as being not to New Zealanders but to the paranoid schizophrenic US Government and the corrupt Hollywood infotainment industry. Don't let John Key open the backdoor for the AmeriKans to change our laws, as he opens the backdoor of his house in Hawaii to his AmeriKan visitors.
Kim Dotcom joining Alex Winter from his bed in New Zealand for a session at
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has taken a swipe at New Zealand's Prime Minister, accusing him of trying to curry favour with Hollywood film executives by assisting in his extradition. The German-born former hacker is fighting extradition to the United States on charges of Copyright Infringement, mon...
Kim Dotcom has called for an investigation into the FBI case against Megaupload in a legal review which accuses Prime Minister John Key of being misled by the United States.
Update your maps at Navteq
Kim Dotcom at SXSW: Megabox Online Music Service Could Launch in Next Six Months News / By Glenn Peoples, Austin | March 11, 2013 9:18 PM EDT 0 inShare. 9 0 0 Kim Dotcom joined SXSW Interactive via Skype on Monday to talk about Hollywood's outdated business model and the U.S. government's role in the attack in his cyberlocker site, Megaupload. The Internet entrepreneur turned folk hero was a humorous, well-spoken and imposing presence even from his home in New Zealand. More than anything, Dotcom was defiant over the hour-long question and answer period. "I will never be in a prison in the U.S. I can guarantee that," he told a crowd of hundreds gathered in Austin's Long Center. It was an impressive crowd considering the venue's distance -- nearly a mile -- from the Convention Center that hosts most convention panels and keynotes. Dotcom, looking like a floating head in black clothing against a black background, drew a bigger crowd than a keynote by Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde three years ago. Sunde a ...
On This Date In History: 2012 The animated film, 'The Lorax' earns $70.7 million dollars at the box office, the fifth highest returns ever for an animated film 2012 The U.S. requests New Zealand extradite Kim Dotcom and three of his MegaUpload associates, forcing them to face charges for breaching copyright 2011 Saudi Arabia bans all protests after demonstrations have taken place east of the country 2011 In the Battle of Az Zawiyah, rebels successfully overcome pro-Gaddafi forces trying to push into the city 2010 Gordon Brown, United Kingdom's Prime Minister, gives evidence to the Iraq Inquiry 1997 Tommy Lasorda, Nellie Fox and Willie Wells for Hall of Fame 1996 Earl Weaver and Jim Bunning, elected to Hall of Fame 1995 21st People's Choice Awards: Tim Allen wins 1995 Estonia Centrumlinkse Coalition party wins parliamentary election 1995 Graves of czar Nicholas and family found in St. Petersburg 1995 Marc Velzeboer skates world record 3 km short track (5:00.26) 1994 Dottie Mochrie wins Chrysler ...
Dotcom says new site legal, no revenge for Megaupload saga AUCKLAND (Reuters) - Kim Dotcom, founder of outlawed file-sharing website Megaupload, said his new "cyberlocker" was not revenge on U.S. authorities who planned a raid on his home, closed Megaupload and charged him with online piracy for which he faces jail if found guilty. Dotcom said his new offering,, which will launch on Sunday even as he and three colleagues await extradition from New Zealand to the United States, complied with the law and warned that attempts to take it down would be futile. "This is not some kind of finger to the U.S. government or to Hollywood," Dotcom told Reuters at his sprawling estate in the bucolic hills of Coatesville, just outside Auckland, New Zealand, a country known more for sheep, rugby and the Hobbit than flamboyant tech tycoons. "Legally, there's just nothing there that could be used to shut us down. This site is just as legitimate and has the right to exist as Dropbox, Boxnet and other competitors, ...
the internet cult hero spoiling for a fight with US authorities . German-born former hacker says his eyes have been opened to US tactics after his Megaupload site was shut down last year In massive, swaggering capital letters, "Mega" stretches across the grassy slope in front of Dotcom Mansion. A huddle of electricians and carpenters are removing the wooden stencils and wiring in the fluorescent tubes. They are up to G. All around the vast grounds of Kim Dotcom's luxury home just north of Auckland, New Zealand, gardeners and technicians are busy, like Oompa-Loompas at the Chocolate Factory, setting up for the big night, overlooked by life-size inflatable giraffes and hippos. On Sunday, almost a year after the internet entrepreneur and several of his associates were arrested in a spectacular dawn raid on the mansion, about 200 invited guests will gather at the opulent estate for the launch of Mega. The new cyberlocker service is a simplified, super-encrypted successor to Megaupload, the file-sharing site t ...
Follow me: John Key appears on Q & A to answer to allegations that he lied coming from Kim Dotcom earlier in the week. New Zealand ...
President Barack Obama and New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key talked about Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom before a meeting at the East Asia Summit in Cambodia.
MIKE YARDLEY CANTERBURY MORNING MONDAY'S TOPICS - Kim Dotcom has branded John Key a liar and he continues to maintain his innocence. If this guy has done no wrong, should he freely go to the States, prove his accusors wrong and sue them for millions? What do you make of Kim Dotcom? - Graffiti attacks have reached record levels in Christchurch, with unprecedented volumes of complaints being made. Has your neighbourhood been defaced by the vandals? is this out of control? What's the answer? - Royal schmoozing. Did you see Charles and Camilla over the weekend? Should Charles become King of New Zealand in a decade or so, or do you want NZ to cut the chord and establish its own Head of State before then? After 10, the EQC's Reid Stiven is in-studio. Be a talkback caller from 8.30am, be into win a summer escape to Braemar Lodge Hanmer Springs and tickets to James Bond. Ph. 340-1098 or 0800 80 1080
Kim Dotcom now plans to give New Zealand free broadband pipe to US via Sean Gallagher
Kim Dotcom has told the world he wants to get into the submarine cable business. Dotcom’s plan is to revive a company called Pacific Fibre that, as we reported last August, wanted to build a USA-to-New Zealand cable, but sank for lack of funds. New Zealand has few submarine cables connections to the world, which keeps the cost of landed data high and therefore means local internet service providers charge prices that seem less-than-generous compared to ISPs in other parts of the world. Those costs are also presumably bad news for Dotcom’s new venture,, as it will ship an awful lot of data to and from the land of the long white cloud.
CLOUD STORAGE MAGNATE Kim Dotcom is promoting a transoceanic fibre cable for New Zealand that will see his new home and its citizens provided with free superfast broadband. Dotcom says that he has a lot of support for the idea and will meet with Pacific Fibre founders this week, if they have the tim...
There is a story circulating at the moment that Kim Dotcom wants to revive Pacific Fibre, the company that failed to build New Zealand's second international
Kim Dotcom is proposing free broadband to all New Zealanders as he tries to resurrect the ill-fated Pacific Fibre cable connecting New Zealand to the United States.
Kim Dotcom: U.S. Government Used Echelon to Spy on Me - posted in FileSharing News: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom believes that he was spied on by New Zealand’s GCSB because this allowed the U.S. Government to have real-time access to all of his communications. New Zealand and the United State...
The world's most powerful spies are believed to have met in Wellington just two days before Prime Minister John Key announced an inquiry into illegal snooping on Kim Dotcom. The intelligence alliance of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - known as Five Eyes - regularly meets across the globe. The Dominion Post understands the agencies met on the weekend of September 15 and 16. Mr Key was in Auckland meeting US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that weekend. ...for those unaware, Nicky Hager exposed NZ's involvement in the Echelon spy network in his first book, Secret Power - New Zealand's Role in the International Spy Network - it shows how we allow the NSA through the GCSB to effectively spy on whomever they like whenever they like.
After the release of a report that showed New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau spied on Kim Dotcom, the country's Prime Minister has extended his apologies to the Megaupload founder. At a press conference, Prime Minister John Key said "basic errors" had been made, that he was "ap...
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has apologised after an official report revealed that a spy agency illegally carried out surveillance on Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom, which may affect a US bid to extradite him.
The legal case against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom continues to spiral out of control as New Zealand's Prime Minister announced this week that an inquiry into unlawful government spying on Dotcom and others has been launched.
The bid to have Kim Dotcom extradited to the United States suffered a significant setback today. US authorities had insisted there was no need for them to reveal the evidence they hold against the Megaupload founder. But today a New Zealand judge upheld an earlier decision and ordered the US to reve...
The US's case against Kim Dotcom and Megaupload continues to run into significant problems. While the US Justice Department (with an assist from New Zealand law enforcement) has continued to insist that extraditing Kim Dotcom halfway around the...
Is it okay for me to say that I'm a little glad we're doing so poorly in our case against Megaupload kingpin Kim Dotcom? I am. I am so glad. I miss Megaupload dearly and I'm truly pleased by this latest news: Judge Winkelmann of the High Court of New Zealand has upheld a ruling that the FBI must...
Under US pressure, foreign governments are shutting down foreign data-sharing Websites which (1) do not violate their own laws, and (2) do not host content directly, or by direct link, thereby not violating US laws, and are sending their own nationals to the US via extradition to be tried on criminal charges of Copyright Infringement. The raid on Kim Dotcom's mansion in New Zealand involved 2 armed helicopters and 76 policemen in body armor with assault rifles. Demonoid was just shut down by the Ukrainian authorities as a "gift" to the United States; the Site was not in violation of Ukrainian law.
Kim Dotcom, proprietor of the legally embroiled file-locker service MegaUpload, says that Joe Biden personally ordered the illegal raid on his business and his house in New Zealand. Biden's an old pal of Chris Dodd, the former senator who now runs the MPAA, and a TorrentFreak investigation shows tha...
The search warrants used by police to raid the New Zealand home of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom have been ruled illegal. In addition, the data that was sent to the FBI was ruled to be unlawfully obtained. The decision by the High Court is the latest in a series of setbacks for prosecutors on both ...
WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak says the U.S. piracy case against Kim Dotcom is "hokey" and a threat to Internet innovation. Wozniak and Dotcom spoke out against the federal case in separate interviews with The Associated Press Wednesday.
New Zealand lawyers for Kim Dotcom and associates allege that FBI agents committed an “illegal act” by cloning data from the file-sharing tycoon’s seized computers and FedExing it to the United States.   The cloned data was sent overseas just days after a judge decided a court hearing was needed to ...
Megaupload has no rights? US broke its own rules by going after Internet giant More than four months after federal agents shut-down the file-sharing service Megaupload and ordered a raid on the New Zealand mansion of its founder Kim Dotcom, attorneys are asking a US court to dismiss the case against the website. Ira Rothken, the California-based attorney of both and Dotcom, is calling for a US federal court in Virginia to dismiss the criminal case against the website. According to Rothken, the website’s Fifth Amendment rights were violated when the FBI ordered for Megaupload to be taken off the Internet earlier this year. As a result of the agency’s demands, Megaupload’s servers were seized and millions of files uploaded to the website — including those owned by paying subscribers — were made unavailable and are still inaccessible today. Now Rothken says that the prosecutors in the case failed to guarantee Due Process for his clients and is asking the court to dismiss the charges. ...
Well..I see one the latest headlines in the NZ Herald support the fact that the NZ Immigration knew about the FBI interest in Kim Dotcom before they let him in the country.lets just amend that name , his name before he changed it by deed poll is Kim Schmitz ...roughtly translated as Kim Smith .well nothin' fancy in that name really is there , so lets look into the egomanic personality of this man who wants to be known as the man of computers ...I have no doubt after his latest meddle in politics he will also want to become King of New all you poor Kiwis out there that have been led to believe he is one cool dude , watch this space !! Even Tin Finn 'wont comment' on the fact that he has rented his studio to this disruptive man.
THE German-born multi-millionaire Kim Dotcom is rapping his revenge on John Key's New Zealand government, which originally overruled legal qualms to grant him residence, and then sent in the police Special Tactics Group to arrest him to face extradition to the US.
Kim Dotcom has released a politically charged hip-hop song that draws attention to a growing scandal in New Zealand that centers on politician John Banks accepting a donation from the embattled Megaupload founder and allegedly attempting to hide it. PHOTOS: 6 Outrageous Kim Dotcom Moments
Political round-up: Banks and Dotcom By Bryce Edwards NZ Herald Monday Apr 30, 2012 Something is rotten in the state of New Zealand politics. That at least will be the public's verdict on the latest political finance scandal involving government minister John Banks and his extremely dodgy, if not illegal, campaign finance practices. This scandal therefore has the potential to have a significant impact on politics in this country. It will reinforce to the public the grubby and deceitful character of politics, and increase their suspicions about the probity of relationships and money between politicians and the wealthy. Many voters already believe that politicians, parties and governments aren't to be trusted, and this scandal will do little to change their minds. The Banks/Dotcom scandal is such an explosive one that it's already being reported internationally - see, for example, the coverage in Britain Guardian newspaper: Kim Dotcom donation claims rock New Zealand coalition. The story broke, first, on TV ...
Kim Dotcom allowed back online in New Zealand - Atlanta Journal Constitution
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