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New Zealand is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. John Phillip Key (born 9 August 1961) is the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand, in office since 2008. He has led the New Zealand National Party since 2006. 5.0/5

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Ouch! I hope something like this won't happen in New Zealand?! Didn't John Key say something like Norton Antivirus is protec…
. Even our tax here in New Zealand funded her, when the word got out, John Key resigned from Prime Minister.
Former long serving New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has been made a knight.
His Majesty King Abdullah II meets with Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key and Cabinet Ministers
Bill English sworn in as New Zealand's Prime Minister, succeeding John Key who unexpectedly resigned last week.
Bill English sworn in as New Zealand's new Prime Minister
Bill English appointed as New Zealand Prime Minister after Jon Key's resignation”
New Zealand's ruling National Party has appointed Bill English as the country's new Prime Minister
Bill English is set to become New Zealand's next Prime Minister after John Key unexpectedly resigned last week.
Bill English is confirmed as New Zealand's new Prime Minister, after John Key's surprise resignation
Bill English is expected to become New Zealand's next Prime Minister following the surprise resignation of John Key
John Key was Prime Minister of New Zealand for eight years, or as an Australian would put it, "seventeen terms".
'Say it ain't so, bro!': Malcolm Turnbull rues the departure of New Zealand's John Key
I'm no expert on New Zealand politics but I think there's clearly one standout candidate with the diplomatic credentia…
New Zealand president John Key resigns as he presided, in disgrace and futility. Let his fate be a warning to all who would…
John Key in sudden resignation as New Zealand Prime Minister via
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John Key has announced his intention to resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand.
John Key has resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand
It's all happening in political circles on Monday.. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has resigned (via https:/…
John Key announces he will resign as Prime Minister of New Zealand
John Key resigns: New Zealand Prime Minister to quit in one week
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key resigns after eight years because there's 'nothing left in the...
John Key resigns as New Zealand Prime Minister
New Zealand PM John Key gets hard time over Olympic Sevens losses
New Zealand: The victims of the John Key Govt's agenda .
Today Biden met with PM John Key (of New Zealand. Here's what they said:
The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, trying out VR via
John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, the dog who caught the bus.
Must read: Investigative journalism exposes how John Key turned New Zealand into a tax haven for tax avoiders.
New Zealand's not a safe place. If you're a young woman with a ponytail in the company of John Key anyway.
PM meeting with Rt. Hon. Mr. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand at Washington D.C
PM Modi is scheduled to hold a meeting with John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand later today
New Zealand's flag isn't changing after all: New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, was a strong advocate for...
New Zealand chooses original flag design: Prime Minister John Key, who has been a good sport about all of this...
PLEASE SHARE!. Prime Minister of New Zealand - John Key. Minister for Climate Change Issues, Minister for Social...
Let me say this: I don't think John Key has *ever* been to a Mosque in New Zealand. . There's every possibility I'm wrong.
Herald: Political roundup: Increasing hatred for John Key: Matthew Hooton has a theory that the New Zealand po...
New Zealand offers to take 267 asylum seekers, including 37 babies, from Australia
I'm glad I left New Zealand when I did. I have fond memories. The country has since gone to *** under John Key.
New Zealand needs a leader with vision. John Key is not wired to be that leader. He's a numbers man. Spreadsheets.
Seven Sharp; Mike Hoskings aka Suck up to John Key; whilst New Zealand suffers
One of John Key's better decisions - New Zealand to turn Kermadec into vast marine reserve -
New Zealand appoints Trade Commissioner to PNG: The Prime Minister, John Key, made the announcement after he o...
Profits before People - “Both Mr Abbott and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key refused to go further than...
Abbott accused of being on islander time: Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his New Zealand counterpart John Key have…
DTN New Zealand: Put a blowtorch to this bad dream: We have John Key and Rodney Hide to thank for the scandal ...
John Key is ready to welcome the Syrian refugees to New Zealand with a gift.
First time John Key has come close to leading New Zealand on an 'independent foreign policy' is refusing more refugees. Heartless.
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key makes case for flag change – video
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key wants a new flag. This is brand building! Guardians of nature?
I'd rather have Kayne for New Zealand's Prime Minister than John Key tbh
John Key and Peter Dunne and Steve Adams were on my plane. New Zealand is so weird.
The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, and half a dozen of his ministers came to Sydney for a joint cabinet...
Some very serious questions raised by the waitress whom New Zealand PM John Key harassed - about the
Hair-pull could land New Zealand's John Key in court
has New Zealand PM John Key taken the art of hair to far? Does he need to just sniff as Darce Does?
Who will the White House install to be the next Governor of the non-sovereign U.S. State of New Zealand after John Key is go…
Imagine if John Key was this passionate about ending child poverty in New Zealand or ending homelessness or climate ch…
Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, take both and I to the homeland please. we're willing to work..
"look, I'm John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand and I reckon, at the end of the day, people really don't need hospitals"
Telogis opens world R&D center in New Zealand - New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, did the ribbon-cutting *** ..
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Neighbours across the ocean. PM with PM John Key of New Zealand & PM Abbott of Australia.
A prediction for the future of New Zealand under the leadership of John Key and the National Party
Who on 21st September 2014 was re-elected as the Prime Minister of New Zealand for a third term? [A]Mike Moore [B]Jim Bolger [C]John Key [D]Jenny Shipley
When is John Key not acting as the Prime Minister of New Zealand? When he's talking or texting right wing blogger Cameron Sl…
Plot-twist: John Key gets ousted as Prime Minister of New Zealand when he can't explain what a "prime number" is to the Governor General
PM John Key says New Zealand will be a "small country with a loud voice" after winning a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
3 THINGS BOTH JOHN KEY AND New Zealanders NEED TO REMEMBER AS THIS FOLKSY PRIME MINSTER BEAVERS AWAY, HANDING OUT GOODIE-BAG ENTICEMENTS TO MINOR PARTY MPS TO BACK HIM:- FIRST: We are meant to be a democracy. Yet as National Party ministers admit, the political decisions regarding this country's directions are made in the Cabinet room on the Beehive's ninth floor. Former colleagues go further. John Key has been described as ruthless...not, as a party leader should be, basically the chairman of a party of free individuals, sharing a basic Political Philosophy - but a determined, virtual ruler, intent on getting his own way. The multimillionaire who so shocked his own former colleagues in the tough financial world that they called him "the smiling assassin" is still smiling. The highly ambitious individual who gained his own seat in parliament by undermining a sitting National Party member now runs this country...not a healthy result for a democracy - but then New Zealand isn't a democracy any more. John .. ...
John Key is now coming under criticism for handing control of New Zealand's spy agencies to attorney-general Chris Finlayson.
Nobody loves you when your...John Key wants 2015 referendum on ridding New Zealand's flag of Union Jack
John Key has won an emphatic victory in the recently held general elections and is all set to lead which of the following countries for the third term? 1) Zimbabwe 2) New Zealand 3) Spain 4) Norway 5) None of these
New Zealand election: party over for Kim Dotcom as PM wins with landslide via
Climate Abbot & Key slammed for ditching Global Climate Summit Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 21:50 Nuku'alofa, Tonga The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand, Tony Abbott and John Key, have been slammed for deciding not to attend the UN climate summit in New York tomorrow September 23. The UN climate summit will be attended by more than 120 leaders including US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott however, has decided against attending the summit despite being present in New York this week. A public denunciation came in the form of Ms Shirley Laban, convenor of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN). She called the absence “alarming and disheartening”. Shirley Laban stated “If Australian and New Zealand leaders refuse to do their share to address the issue they send a very poor signal to the global community. Pacific communities will reap the devastating consequences of their failure to act for generations to come ...
PM John Key of New Zealand: Do not sign the TPP without Informed Consent of NZ Electorate via
Current Affairs for September 23, 2014 1. Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar is appointed as the new chief of Pakistan's dreaded spy agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). - He succeeds Zahir-ul-Islam as such. - Its considered one of the most potent public office in the country. 2. New Zealand may hold a referendum next year to change its flag. - The newly elected PM 'John Key' is all for the change and want the current flag replaced with national sports emblem which is 'Silver fern on black backdrop'. - The current flag carries a colonial legacy in the Union Jack at the top left quarter and looks too close to the Australian flag. 3. Hardeep Singh Puri, India's former ambassador to UN, is appointed as the Secretary General of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM). - The commission is tasked with the objective of identifying policy proposals to enhance the multilateral system's ability to respond to existing and evolving global challenges. - The commission, launched by International Peace Institute (IPI ...
Readout of the President’s Call with Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand :
John Key was re-elected as the 38th Prime Minister of which country ??? New Zealand
I was reminded of Hitler's Nuremberg Rally last might as I watched John Key arrive at the National Election Night Party on the waterfront in Auckland ... with everyone chanting "John Key" ... then he began his speech by saying twice: "Thank you to you all for keeping the faith". I found it really scary. How can this happen? How has the left lost so much support in this election despite all the good sense that has been spoken? I am quite spooked that half of New Zealand seems to think the course we are on as a Nation is a good one, with the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer, our national treasures being sold to overseas interests, and nothing being done to address climate change. How can this be?
PM congratulates John Key on re-election as PM​ of New Zealand: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Mo...
Polls Close in New Zealand Election: Polls close in New Zealand election with John Key front-runner to remain Prime Minister
Edward Snowden says John Key not telling truth on allegations of on New Zealand citizens via
Re: Greenwald, Dotcom, Snowden and Assange take on 'adolescent' John Key
THE TELLS OF JOHN PHILLIP KEY: Serial Fudger of Oldspeak in a Post-1984 Orwellian World TELL NO. 1: SQUINCHY KEY NOSE One of NZ PM's John Key's 'tells' when he is lying is his trademark squinchy nose. Key deploys the Squinchy Nose to downplay the lie he is telling. TELL NO. 2: MUMBLY SLURRY KEY WORDS "But, I'll be giving, ou know, any evidence that I have. But, as you know, I was overseas at the time. Aah, so theresavery little involvement there. Buttum, I'll make sure I'll give all the information I've got." - Key did not explain whether he meant by 'I' in 'I've" means John Key, the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister's Office, or the Department of the Prime Minister. Key's soundbites are pitched to 'No-Nothing New Zealanders' who believe he is a nice, honest man with the integrity to lead a government that leads a people. 'No-nothing New Zealanders' include recent immigrants who have no knowledge of New Zealand's history, multi-generational 'Kiwis' who follow 'the news' believing they are well-informed ...
Today Prime Minister John Key and Film Director James Cameron have announced the Avatar sequels will be filmed in New Zealand. Full story here: courtesy:
My song about John Key, the Smiling Assassin and New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key.
John Armstrong’s image of John Key as ‘the Richard Nixon of. New Zealand politics” reminded me of this from April 2013
I think the commentary about the Internet Mana F*** John Key video shows how tired and conservative New Zealand politics has b…
John Key ice challenge!! Yes that's right I nominate the Prime Minister of New Zealand. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO SO HE SEES IT! I have spiced the ice challenge up and for the people I nom you too have nominate one famous person. Iv nominated: Josh Laby Lutu Epati Eoin Reilly nick bell and of course the good man John Key. Oh and thanks Shea Bentley for the nom.
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key says his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe has made it clear that Tokyo is...
Here goes another one, changed the names&area to suit Aotearoa ! One night a small, twin engined commercial airplane was flying over South Auckland with five people on board: the pilot, Jonah Lomu, John Key, the Dali Lama and a student. Suddenly there was an explosion and the passenger cabin began to fill with smoke. The cockpit door opened and the pilot burst into the compartment. "Gentlemen, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we're about to crash in South Auckland. The good news is that there are four parachutes, and I have one of them." With that the pilot threw open the door and jumped from the plane. Jonah Lomu was on his feet in a flash. "Gentlemen, I am New Zealand's greatest athlete. The country needs great athletes. I think the greatest athlete should have a parachute.!" With these words he grabbed one of the remaining parachutes, and hurtled through the door and into the night. John Key rose and said "Gentlemen, I am the country's cleverest man. The country needs clever men. I t ...
3 years ago, John Key was in the spotlight on BBC's Hard Talk, where he uncomfortably tried to brush aside the science around New Zealand's deteriorating freshwater quality. We thought it was time for Russel Norman to remind Key and ask how his lack of action on water quality is going. We have a strong plan that will clean up NZ's rivers and lakes:
I am a New Zealander, but i do NOT support drone strikes in Iraq. Just wanting to make that clear since John Key told Obama that NZ backs the killing of civilians by remote control.
I'm plowing through the 430 plus page Trafficking In Persons report which was released today in the United States. In it's fourteenth year of publishing it reports on what almost every government in the world is doing - or not doing - to combat human trafficking. I was struck by the opening statement... "In the 14 years the United States has produced the Trafficking in Persons Report, the world has made tremendous progress in the fight against human trafficking. There is no government, however, that has done a perfect job responding to this crime. In the years ahead, it seems unlikely that any government will reach perfection." I spoke back at the screen and said to myself... New Zealand could be the country... New Zealand could do it. I really believe that to be true. It might take many years to achieve but if we believe in a Slave Free NZ then we can be the first nation in the world to be truly slave free. What do you say John Key? You are in the United States right now, and whilst you sat in your ...
Conservative New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has agreed to support US Secretary of State John Kerry to help in anyway possible with the conflict in Iraq... John Key said a few days he was not going to support the Iraq situation as New Zealand is trying to put a in a bid for a seat on the UN Security Council later this year.
In a global world where they are free to call almost any country home, they choose New Zealand. John Key
Rumors have been hinted from our Prime Minister John Key that President Obama could visit New Zealand later this year during his meeting at the G20 summit down-under in Australia in November... It's a rumor so far!!!
Maria Rita and her friend Mr. John Key the Prime Minister of New Zealand!! What a happy day :)
Thanks to New Zealand PM Mr. John Key for his letter containing his good wishes. We will make our ties with NZ much stron…
‘‘I am proudest of the fact that I did not go grovelling to the Dotcom mansion.". - Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key
Shameem sisters do a dash as Singh is cleared LAST SISTER EXITS: Nazhat Shameem heading to Geneva as Fiji's representative. So both of the Shameem sisters have now opted out of Fiji but no matter how far they go, they will always be tainted. Nazhat Shameem is to take up a post with the United Nations in Geneva, two years after sister, Shaista, sought sanctuary in New Zealand. Readers will recall both of the Shameem sisters have been implicated in Frank Bainimarama's 2006 coup and were part of the Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum inner circle. Their departures, albeit both at different times, but before the September general elections suggests the playing field that has been Fiji no longer suits them. Both sisters had it good here, although Shaista, got more of a public drubbing after switching sides, presenting herself as a supporter of justice, when she wanted out. Her New Zealand LinkedIn profile currently declares she is 'Committed to Justice' and 'Noblese Oblige' - a French phrase meaning 'with wealth, power and p ...
The greedy Labour-led Government should apologise for gouging New Zealand taxpayers following the announcement of an enormous $11.5 billion surplus, says National Party Finance spokesman John Key.
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key says there will be no big-spending promises in the nation's budget to be...
MEDIA RELEASE New ZeaLAND RALLIES FOR ABDUCTED NIGERIAN SCHOOL GIRLS New Zealanders living in Wellington and Christchurch have signed up to turn out on Wednesday, 14th May 2014, to walk in support of the 276 schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria. We are asking the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable John Key to add his voice and that of the Government of New Zealand to the global call for the safe return of these girls, who were abducted from their school dormitory in northeastern Nigeria. Our primary aim is to raise awareness about the plight of the abducted innocent girls and get the Nigerian government to secure the release of these girls within the shortest time possible. In Wellington, Her Worship Mayor Celia Wade-Brown will address the rally before it departs Civic Square at 12 noon. The rally will then proceed along Mercer Street, Willis Street and Lambton Quay to arrive at Parliament at approximately 1:00p.m., where the supporters will be received and addressed by some Members of Parliament. A represen ...
WAY TO GO, New ZeaLAND!!! THANK YOU, JOHN KEY!!! BREAKING NEWS: WE DID IT!!! There are floods of tears happening behind the scenes at HUHA and the NZAVS this morning. We woke to the news that John Key has said NO to any animal testing on psychoactive drugs manufactured in NZ. If they can't be proven safe without the testing of animals, then they won't be allowed to be manufactured in New Zealand - WHOOP WHOOP what a huge day in the NZ History. Thank you to all of you, this was absolutely a team effort!! PIC: Some of the 30 beagles rescued by HUHA from a NZ animal testing facility in 2012 - this pic was taken as the dogs started to learn to play, enjoy life.and their freedom:0)
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, says that the pension age in New Zealand will stay at 65, and he doesn't think there will be a mass exodus of aussies. Let's wait and see.
Chinese president to visit New Zealand: Chinese President Xi Jinping has accepted an offer from John Key to visit...
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A bit of current affairs from NZ - New Zealand's elections will take place on Saturday 20 September 2014. The latest polls show The Nationals led by John Key will romp it in. John Key's popularity as Prime Minister is 65% David Cunliffe's popularity as Leader has sunk to an all time low of 11.1%. Party Preference also sees National well ahead 50.8% Labour Party with 29.5% and the Maori Party and Mana Party trailing at the end with just .2% and .1% of preferences in the latest poll respectively.
Journalism news. Click the "continue reading" link to see all the headlines: TVNZ can't push staff on political views 'Journalists must not participate in community or political activities TVNZ eyes staff crackdown By Adam Bennett ... for journalists already advise that and warn again backs content levy Broadcasting coalition backs content levy ... news media industry as well as supporting local programming, says the Coalition for Better Broadcasting. McMillan wins 2013 ANZCA Media Award for pain story New Zealand Doctor Online "Pain, finding perspectives", a cover feature by New Zealand Doctor journalist Virginia McMillan, has won the $A5000 Australian and New Zealand ... John Key disgusted at journalist 'who told the wife' - reports | New Zealand's ... All news ⋅ New Plymouth Youth In Politics LATEST: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is disgusted that a journalist was first to tell a New Zealand wife that her husband was aboard a plane ... & Maori TV talk b ...
Like to get from Kaikoura to Christchurch for $3? Bill and John are two Kaikoura locals with a shocking secret in the back shed - they’re converting their cars to run on electricity! “It’s not as hard as you’d think and a lot of backyard hobbyists in New Zealand could quite easily do it.” The conversion to electric is expensive at the moment, but as with anything, with more demand the price will come down. Send an email to John Key and Anadarko, and help save Kaikoura:
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, fan of living above ground, has not heard of the snakemen, and they are not real http:/…
Are you telling me that John Key is actually shorter than Tony Abbott? Crickey New Zealand.
Winston Peters there have been two government enquiries here in Australia, a joint enquiry by the two Productivity Commissions and the national Access & Equity enquiry. Both identify major issues for New Zealanders permanently residing here and both with solid recommendations for each government. If you were to become Prime Minister of New Zealand, what would you do about the issues TWO GOVERNMENT ENQUIRIES have raised for New Zealanders living in Australia? I ask you this as I hold no hope John Key will do anything about the issues faced by over 200,000 kiwis living in Australia.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott will welcome his New Zealand counterpart John Key to Sydney this week for talks (cont)
A press release from John Key: PM and Ministers to visit Australia Prime Minister John Key will travel to Sydney from 6 to 8 February 2014 to meet with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. “Australia is New Zealand’s closest international partner and our relationship is vitally important to New Zealand’s trade and economic interests,” says Mr Key. “I am looking forward to meeting with Prime Minister Abbott again and building on the close working relationship that has developed between our two Governments. “It will be an opportunity to thank him in person for inviting New Zealand to join the G20 meetings, which Australia is hosting this year, and discuss our joint response to the New Zealand and Australian Productivity Commissions’ report.” Mr Key will be accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and five other Ministers – Steven Joyce, Judith Collins, Tony Ryall, Amy Adams and Michael Woodhouse. Mr Key will join with Prime Minister Abbott to chair a joint meeting of Cabinet Min ...
- John Key - the darling of the private investment banking world before turning up in New Zealand politics - in full flight in this video - telling lie after lie about the truth he knows of the nitty gritty of the chronic historical balance of payment deficit crisis of New Zealand and - that not everything that benefits the private banking network - with who the authority of credit and currency has resided in full since 1934 - always benefits New Zealand as a whole - but - the Harvard educated Leader of the Opposition David Cunliffe does know - yet - despite talking up the big game of foreign ownership of our finance being a major issue - never holds John Key to account on it - in-fact assists on keeping it the elephant in the room - while only offering superficial speed humps to the core predatory lending fraud - leaving the misled National Party muppets (monetarist finger puppets) to defend their muppet master; Watch this video - - of Stephen Joyce - in which - at the 3.30min mark - he makes it quite cl ...
New Zealand may be about to drop the Union flag from its design. John Key, New Zealand's Prime Minister, has...
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key opened the door to a national referendum later this year on changing the country’s flag, which would end a longstanding debate over whether it too closely resembles Australia’s flag.
John Key, the New Zealand Prime Minister, has raised the prospect of a referendum to change the country's national f…
New Zealand Could Drop Union Jack From Flag A silver fern flag is considered as a replacement, but traditionalists argue New Zealanders died for the Union Jack. By Jonathan Samuels, Australia Correspondent The Union Jack could disappear from New Zealand's flag after the country's Prime Minister mooted the possibility of a referendum on changing its design. Prime Minister John Key told reporters a black flag with a silver fern might be more appropriate. "The silver fern is something that applies to our greatest sporting teams and so many other things we do," he said. "It has international recognition and sometimes our flag gets confused with Australia's." A referendum on changing the flag could be held at the same time as this year's general election, but Mr Key says it is not a priority. "It's something that may be worthy of consideration, we would have to discuss it with senior ministers to decide whether it's an issue we want to progress," he said. Read More: Sky News ---
"And I take my hat off to the teachers and principals across New Zealand who are making a real difference in lifting achievement. A mountain of evidence shows that the quality of teaching - inside the classroom - is the biggest influence on kids’ achievement. I think everyone can remember the best and most inspirational teachers they had at school. I certainly can, and they made a big difference to my education." John Key, Prime Minister 23rd Jan 2014
As the pros teed off yesterday at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, they weren’t the only ones making headlines on the greens in Hawaii. U.S. President Barack Obama had his own leisurely round on the tropical paradise, enjoying time on the greens with the Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key.
Attorney General of New Zealand celebrating movie deal with John Key & Hollywood. raid dividends.
The people of New Zealand have spoken and voted overwhelmingly against asset sales ? it is now time for John Key to listen to them, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.
OMG guys! NZ made the news again!! "NZ's John Key adds 'unidentified guest' to unwanted tags
The rise of the Right Wingers "Tony Abbott of Australia, Stephen Harper of Canada, and John Key of New Zealand" .
THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY THUNDERS INTO CONTENTION FOR 2014 3 DECEMBER 2013 NOT IF BUT HOW MANY The ChCh East By-election plus todays spectacular fall from grace by the ACT Party as a coalition partner next year both conspire to thrust the Conservative Party literally into the now vacant seat of a credible coalition partner for a possible tight re-election of John Key government. What makes this new positioning so powerful is the growing popularity of the Conservative Party amongst the disgruntled voters of the centre right leaning. An equation that also includes United Future and the appeal that the Conservative Party will have in Peter Dunnes new electorate. At this stage at least, the rapid rise of the Conservatives indicates that the question is not their election into Parliament but the number of MPs that their collective MMP votes will bring into Parliament. It is doubtful that the National Party will automatically gain the ex-ACT Party membership as one of the themes coming through in the media is tha ...
Can't believe the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key shot the entire Irish team (I have no idea what's going on)?!?!?!?!?
Latest brilliant New Zealand govt plan to take from the poor not the rich..John Key looking after his mates..again! http…
The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key hanging out with some of the New Brighton Clubbies in Christchurch!
John Key you lying *** last Tuesday you publicly said there were no plans to sell shares in air New Zealand, today it announced that the share are for sale TOMORROW... That doesn't seem like a lot of warning for the so called 'mum and dad' investors these asset sales were apparently aimed at. I've worked with government agencies for the past 5 years and there is no way that any government department can make a decision in a time frame in less than 4 months.
So this morning we are told that after thirty years of a sensible distance kept from the US war machine John Key has an NZ navy vessel docking in an American port... Wake up New Zealand. The US are intending 80percent of their navy to be deployed in the Pacific by 2020. Guess where they want to dock and refuel and whorehouse. Please, please, please keep this vile military force at the distance that was so hard to gain...
New Zealand Should Go To CHOGM - Key: Prime Minister John Key says New Zealand will still go to...
New Zealand's Prime Minister Hon John Key: Seems to be saying "hmmm not sure about that bit!"
DTN New Zealand: Cup-of-tea stunts grow cold: Prime Minister John Key has indicated he will abandon election-y...
Shah Rukh Khan () with John Key (PM of New Zealand) .. SRK is all set for the Temptation Reloaded in Auckland !
The King Khan - is Welcomed by the Honourable PM John Key @ New Zealand
The Aotearoa Civil War - Maori and Pakeha versus culturally ignorant and uncouth South Canterbury Kiwis and the Great Southern Kiwis. The white fellas will know which side they are on by knowing the difference between their P's Q's and U's. The Kiwis are going to bet smashed. Their heads are going to get chopped of kicked for six. Their mana will get eaten and their wasted corpses will be thrown into the Tasman Sea as fish food for Andrew McCauley. The Kiwis who run away and hide in the bushed will be tracked down and deported to the deserts of Australia. The war will start by chopping off John Keys head and having a ball up. We don't want his mana so we are going to throw his corpse in the Kaituna river for the eels. The only way for John Key to stop the war is by building refuse tips in Nepal. In 10 years there will be a beautiful mountain country competition between New Zealand, Nepal and Switzerland. If Nepal win the New Zealanders can continue to call themselves Kiwi with pride and mana and they will ...
It's International Rabbit Day! Please stand up for rabbits today by sending John Key an e-card asking for a ban on cosmetic testing on animals in New Zealand as part of the review! (it's a NEW e-card). Please share!
Was talking to dad about work hours and money. The cost of bills are pretty high -.- the minimum wage is slowly going down. People work there *** off. In my personal opinion I reckon New Zealand needs a better leader. John Key needs the boot. |:
Go New Zealand next time we will get the America's Cup if the lovely Government will let us by the sound of John Key tonight on the news.
Who would you rather have run New Zealand: John Key or Obama? — John.
Officially, the New Zealand Prime Ministership is shared between John Key, Richie McCaw and Bernard Lapasset.
Ouch: Spy Law "is just like a bigger version of Norton Antivirus" - John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand
One thing in New Zealand we should all protest against this year but know it will end up happening anyway: John Key twerking.
In a move that surprised John Key, South Korea has decided to resume Free Trade talks with New Zealand, four years after they stopped.
Hands up those who witnessed the meeting between Kim Dotcom and the PM John Key in Parliament's committee rooms. If Dotcom is correct in his claims that John key lied to New Zealand, and can prove this, surely this would be the end of John Key?
After seeing Kim Dotcom and John Key on the news last night about that whole spying thing. I don't want these two legends to settle this in court. I want them to settle this at a food court. Imagine that, the Jolly German against the Right Honourable Prime Minister of New Zealand battling it out eating as many cheeseburgers as they can in fifteen minutes. I think the Justice Department really need to take my idea on board to revolutionise the future of New Zealand Justice. It would make programs like Judge Judy much more watchable if it was an eating contest, and the loser gets thrown in jail for doing wrong.
I have something very import to share with you all. Some of you may be aware of this but I want as many people to know. There is a sub species of dolphin named the Maui's Dolphin. It is found only in the shallow waters of the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. According to data, there are only 55 of these dolphins left in the world - off the coast of NZ. They are on the "critically endangered" list. To save these dolphins, drastic action MUST be taken - not next year, month or even next week. NOW. Legislation must be passed quickly by the NZ Government to protect it. This would include a cut in the levels of fish stock caught in those waters where it lives. To date, the NZ Government has procrastinated over this issue. I am asking all my friends to write directly to Prime Minister John Key stating the facts and what we expect his Government to do in order to help save this dolphin. I will write the letter and I can send it to you - all you have to do is sign it and send it to John Key. I will ...
"On a scale of 1 - 10…how much are companies using the internet." - John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand *hangs head in …
The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, is "going out of way to destroy" Kim Dotcom and the major New Zealand business, Mega. I was once a supporter of John Key. No longer. I see John Key's allegiances as being not to New Zealanders but to the paranoid schizophrenic US Government and the corrupt Hollywood infotainment industry. Don't let John Key open the backdoor for the AmeriKans to change our laws, as he opens the backdoor of his house in Hawaii to his AmeriKan visitors.
1. An American company, Palantir, that provides services to US intelligence services has established an office in Wellington. It is also the creator of a programme called Prism, but denies that is the same programme used by the NSA that has made international headlines. 2. The Prime Minister is refusing to say if New Zealand spies are using the same programme brought to light by an American whistleblower. The leak of the Prism programme is causing international concern over the conduct of the US National Security Agency. John Key says he would not comment specifically on the the activities of the SIS and the GCSB but says he has received assurances that they are complying with New Zealand law. 3. New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters claims he has electronic records that prove that Peter Dunne is the leak of the GCSB report, but declined to release publicly what evidence he claims to have. Labour was granted a snap debate on the issue in Parliament where they called upon John Key to reveal the identity ...
John Key was looking for a call girl. He found three such girls in a local pub, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. To the blonde he said, I am the Prime Minister of New Zealand . Now how much would it cost me to spend some time with you?' She replied, "$200". To the brunette he asked the same question. Her reply was "$100". He then asked the redhead... Her reply was: "Mr. Prime Minister, if you can get my skirt up as high as my taxes, My panties as low as my wages, Get that thing of yours as hard as the times we are living in, And keep it rising like the price of petrol, Keep me warmer than it is in my apartment and Screw me the way you have retirees, then you can have it for free, like everything immigrants get".
We all know John Key has let down New Zealand and is our worst Prime Minister ever! Get involved, join us and rake the muck! Some guidelines for our members: 1. New people are most welcome here as long as you: a. Are fed up with the way John Key is handling the runnin...
What's been goin on in this 2 bit town today other than the wind...?? Ya won't get a better way of saying F!*^# OFF John Key and your big business cronies. AND a HUUGE shout out to local girl Mischa Davis... Onya girl!! By Kieran Campbell Olympic rower Rob Hamill and young champion surfer Mischa Davis have thrown their support behind a new campaign to protect what they say is a major threat to New Zealand beaches. The duo joined forces today for the launch of the Green Party's bid to stop deep-sea drilling in New Zealand waters. Mr Hamill, also a former Green Party candidate, said the Government could not be trusted to ensure risks were mitigated for exploratory drilling planned for the west coast of the North Island and the east coast of the South Island. "It's our entire national coastline that is under threat," Mr Hamill said. "They're going to say it's fine, there's no risks involved. [But] you simply cannot guarantee that." Green Party leaders announced the campaign today - named Kiwi Bid - which the ...
Soon to be single prediction ... John Key's, Prime Minister of New Zealand. I don't see the ladies lining up. No lady would.
Annette King will be 67 at the next election. If Labour get into government, she will be New Zealand's oldest health minister ever, having first been elected to Parliament thirty years earlier. This is the rejuvenation that David Shearer promised, in response to John Key promoting Simon Bridges, Nikki Kaye and Michael Woodhouse MP.
From NZ Herald article, Large crowd expected for Paul Holmes funeral: "Prime Minister John Key has offered his apologies for not being able to make the funeral - instead he will welcome Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to New Zealand when she arrives in Queenstown later in the day." Is this what people voted John Key for!! Doesnt he have time for his people? Hope Australians can vote for him in next election..
x iswear John Key is the most hated person in New Zealand . Helen Clark come baac to New Zealand an be Prine Minister . set this niggr John Key straight -.- x
Coming up on ONE News at 6: Authorities say catching the man who admitted to some of the worst sexual offending New Zealand authorities have ever seen has saved young lives. Plus, Titewhai Harawira wins the argument over escorting the Prime Minister at Waitangi, but John Key wants better organisation in future. And police reveal mysterious details about what Shalvin Prasad did just before he died.
NORWAY,THE MOST DEVEOPED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. New Zealand Score: 0.908 Wellington New Zealand is a small and relatively remote group of islands and was one of the last islands to be discovered and settled by humans.. Thus, it contains a beautiful landscape and flourishing animal life and biodiversity that attracts flocks of tourists annually. New Zealand is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy that also recognizes Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State and in their national anthem, while John Key is the Prime Minister. New Zealand has one of the highest living standards and happiness ratings in the world, and tends to be a strong advocate for peace and environmental sustainability, banning nuclear weapons and protecting its diverse wildlife. The country’s GDP is $157.877 billion dollars, with a GDP per capita of $35,374 for its population of about 4.3 million. Its education, literacy, and health standards are all very high with a life expectancy of 80.2 years (keep on living, Jamie). Of course, New Zea ...
"Now the first movie has grossed more than $1bn, Warner Brothers should repay the $67m subsidy the movie moguls sucked from Kiwi taxpayers," said Peters, adding that Prime Minister John Key's suggestion that the film's presence in New Zealand would create 3,000 jobs was a figure that had been "plucked out of the air". "How many of [these jobs] will exist once the final film has premiered and how many of these jobs actually went to New Zealanders?" he asked. "There is no doubt now that the deal with the movie industry was more about lining pockets than creating jobs. "The film industry fat cats deserve millions of dollars in tax breaks because they are on a 'worldwide playing field'. Yet somehow that same logic does not apply to our manufacturing industry." -Winston Peters
The Hobbit is AWESOME. To bad Warner Bros, the Doddit & John Key stained the benefit for New Zealand by abusing me.
TPP trade talks spark protest Published: 9:20AM Monday December 03, 2012 Source: ONE News Long running talks to hammer out a Free Trade agreement between 11 Asia Pacific countries have resumed in Auckland, sparking criticism and protest. Opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) say the high level negotiations are undemocratic, and warn promised benefits will come at a cost. Placard-waving protesters made no secret of their opposition to high levels talks that have brought 500 international trade negotiators to New Zealand. "It's being held in secret," said Robert Reid of First union. "I mean this is the umpteenth meeting that's happened and we still don't know what's in the agreement." A group of international experts in fields including public health, consumer rights and labour say they have been locked out of the discussions until a "stakeholder" day scheduled for Friday. Law professor Jane Kelsey said the group of experts is "locked out of the entire Sky City Convention Centre for all 10 days e ...
The frequently foolish John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, has a long track record of outright “ignoring” mass dissent amongst the population, boiling for over a year now. When 8,0...
Labour turns tables on migration Labour leader David Shearer turned one of Prime Minister John Key's old publicity stunts against him yesterday by using Wellington's Westpac Stadium to mark the symbolic departure of the 50,000th person leaving for Australia this year. Mr Key had used the stadium in his 2008 election campaign, claiming its capacity of 36,000 was the same as the number of New Zealanders who had moved to Australia in the previous year. Since then the numbers crossing the Tasman have increased to 54,000 a year - and Mr Shearer went back to Westpac Stadium to rub Mr Key's face in it. He turned on a clock Labour has devised to tick off the numbers departing - on average one every 10 minutes. He said that by Labour calculations the 50,000th New Zealander would have left yesterday "with a one-way ticket". "This is John Key's legacy. After four years of National, the only way people can close the wage gap with Australia is to move there. This Government is turning New Zealand into a finishing scho ...
Follow me: John Key appears on Q & A to answer to allegations that he lied coming from Kim Dotcom earlier in the week. New Zealand ...
MIKE YARDLEY CANTERBURY MORNING MONDAY'S TOPICS - Kim Dotcom has branded John Key a liar and he continues to maintain his innocence. If this guy has done no wrong, should he freely go to the States, prove his accusors wrong and sue them for millions? What do you make of Kim Dotcom? - Graffiti attacks have reached record levels in Christchurch, with unprecedented volumes of complaints being made. Has your neighbourhood been defaced by the vandals? is this out of control? What's the answer? - Royal schmoozing. Did you see Charles and Camilla over the weekend? Should Charles become King of New Zealand in a decade or so, or do you want NZ to cut the chord and establish its own Head of State before then? After 10, the EQC's Reid Stiven is in-studio. Be a talkback caller from 8.30am, be into win a summer escape to Braemar Lodge Hanmer Springs and tickets to James Bond. Ph. 340-1098 or 0800 80 1080
ARARE – President Robert Mugabe is ready to hand over power if he loses the forthcoming watershed elections, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said. Mugabe will voluntarily give up his powers and will not seek to subvert the will of the people, Tsvangirai told his New Zealand counterpart John Key yesterday.
Convicted rapist Mike Tyson has brushed off criticism from John Key, saying there is nothing the Prime Minister can do about his entry to New Zealand.
What the f?!k is going on in this country. It starts from the top with John Key who is showing him self to be completely incompetent and a American puppet. Can someone please tell me what John Banks has over him because the decisions he is making regarding Banks are beyond comprehension. Now we have the GCSB and the NZ Police doing illegal things for the FBI. New Zealand is rapidly becoming a third world American puppet state. GOD HELP US AS WE CAN'T DEFEND OUR SELVES THANKS TO THE LANGEY GOVENMENT.
John Key should step aside highlighting the dignity & accountability of his position as the Prime Minister of New Zealand, allowing a free/independent enquiry into the whole saga of spying a NZ resident, breaching his privacy, rather 'spray & walkway' with an apology, as Hon Winston Peters said in the Parliament yesterday.
After the release of a report that showed New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau spied on Kim Dotcom, the country's Prime Minister has extended his apologies to the Megaupload founder. At a press conference, Prime Minister John Key said "basic errors" had been made, that he was "ap...
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has apologised after an official report revealed that a spy agency illegally carried out surveillance on Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom, which may affect a US bid to extradite him.
Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key gets down to Beyoncé at school …
John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand dancing on Beyoncé move your body.
How many people do you think will drive to Wairoa to protest against this John Key lead facist hung minority government that governs Aotearoa. Protest starts at eleven at the War Memorial Park at Freyburg Street Wairoa on the 24th August 2012. This is where Outlaw 1080 Aotearoa make their stand, as we been protesting for almost nine weeks everyday here in Wairoa to stop asset sales and stop drilling for oil to save the antartic regions and to have the nz government charge with chemical warfare on our nation of New Zealand.
John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, publicly announced his support for the bill which will allow the legalization of *** marriage.
"Mum, if New Zealand was Star Wars, then John Key would be Emperor Palpatine, & Gerry Brownlee would be Jabba the Hut. Gerry the Brownlee."
John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand is selling his country’s assets. But who are his preferred investors?
John Key must take responsibility for the class size debacle, apologise to New Zealand parents and instruct his Education Minister to stand aside, the Green Party said today.
Joint press point by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand. They discuss New Zealand's involvement in NATO...
Prime Minister John Key will next month welcome United States Marines to New Zealand to mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of US World War II forces to this country.
PROTEST TODAY! 'Do the 'Honorable' thing John Banks! RESIGN! NOW! 12 noon till 2pm outside the electorate office of John Banks (27 Gillies Ave ) calling for his RESIGNATION of - the not so 'Honorable' MP for Epsom, because he is not 'fit for duty' as an MP - let alone a Minister. Have you seen This shows some of the banners we'll have on display - today! :) How come Taito Phillip Field got sentenced for SIX years for 'bribery and corruption', for providing 'immigration advice' to Thai nationals in exchange for work on his properties - while 'dodgy John Banks gets political protection from 'shonky' John Key, after giving 'immigration assistance' and Coatsville property purchase 'assistance' to a German/ Finnish national, in return for $50,000 donated to 'Banksie's' 2010 Auckland Mayoral campaign fund? What's the difference - apart from Taito Phillip Field being brown? Isn't it painfully obvious? That this MINORITY National Government has only 59 out of 121 MPs - so has no mandate for assets sales. That' ...
How Fonterra will be used to steal your dairy farm off you - the War on NZ's Food Industry.saturday, 12 May 2012 13:14 New Zealand has just stood by and watched as one of the largest privately owned dairy farm assets in the Country was handed over to the Chinese as a prearranged gift. The way the sale of the Crafer was carried out, made it very clear that the deal had been arranged/ promised to the Chinese behind closed doors some time ago - no doubt as a kick back for the Free Trade deal or some other commercial arrangement NZ's were never told about. John Key and National were determined to insure the Crafer assets were sold to that particular Chinese group and nothing was going to get in their way. How did they manage to secure the Crafer Farm assets so they could be gifted to the dairy hungry Chinese? Simple, the same way they have stolen our assets for the past 40 years - DEBT. Our Government (all controlled by the U.N, the Trilateral Commission and their neo Nazi Global Banking Cartel) had obviously ...
THE German-born multi-millionaire Kim Dotcom is rapping his revenge on John Key's New Zealand government, which originally overruled legal qualms to grant him residence, and then sent in the police Special Tactics Group to arrest him to face extradition to the US.
United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is meeting with Prime Minister John Key and other ministers in Wellington today in her first visit to New Zealand.
ASEAN-New Zealand Partnership Highlighted by Prime Minister Key Jakarta , 17 April 2012 The ASEAN-New Zealand Dialogue Relations have significantly progressed in the areas of energy, disaster management, agro business and education, stated the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Rt. Hon. John Key, during a Public Address at the ASEAN Secretariat on 16 April. Prime Minister Key further highlighted New Zealand’s enthusiasm about the rising middle class in ASEAN who are looking for quality education. He noted how “New Zealand has been one of the most popular destinations for quality education for ASEAN youths.”
Our interviewee came just last week for his State visit to Indonesia. He's New Zealand's Prime Minister, Mr. John Key.
A dying Australian man's love letter has gone viral, capturing the hearts of millions, including Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and John Key.
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