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New Yorkers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2010, New York was the third largest state in population after California and Texas, with a population of 19,378,102, an increase of over 400,000 people, or 2.1%, since the year 2000. The population change between 2000-2006 includes a natural increase of 601,779 people (1,576,125 births minus 974,346 deaths) and a decrease due to net migration of 422,481 people out of the state.

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Nike is letting New Yorkers test the self-lacing Mags. Here's how:
New Yorkers or anyone in NYC Oct 11-October 22, don't miss my friend the incomparable in her one wom…
I'd borrow up to my eyebrows to build lavish Casinos in Atlantic City so New Yorkers would no longer fly to Las Vegas. Saves CO2!
Sharing this again cause its one of the best stories I've ever read. New Yorkers may remember. via
.chair explains New Yorkers should “explicitly advocate for the continued operation of
Bill DiBiasio,tells New Yorkers to love & accept premise that in some mosques "kill the infidel"doesn't influence its members
If we could be anywhere tmrw, THIS would be it. New Yorkers, don't miss Ali Ben Makhlouf:
Bleeker Street is perfect right now! Sunshine, New Yorkers, Rocco's Pastry and taxi cabs. I ❤️ NY.
New Yorkers come on out next Mon to support
Please donate to our benefit ride for . The New York Milk Bank. You will be helping the newest New Yorkers!!!...
New Yorkers react to the Chelsea bombing in the most New York way.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he assured President Obama that "New Yorkers are not going to be intimidated"
Foster Design Build Wall Street unfazed by weekend bomb attacks: New Yorkers are on high alert af... Robert Berg
We are closely monitoring the situation and urge New Yorkers to, as always, remain calm and vigilant.
New Yorkers: An explosion just happened a block away. Oh well. Gotta meet my friends at the bar. Rest of the US: OMG ISIS…
New Yorkers protest G4S role in Standing Rock and Palestine
Flooding is a reality that New Yorkers know all too well. Interesting read on what is and isn't being done.
Contact ur & let them know Missourians don't want carpetbagging New Yorkers dictating MO laws!
Can 8 New Yorkers visiting Toronto this weekend for do it right with a promotional cooler full of ?
Former head admits she was to tell New Yorkers was safe | US news | The Guardian
Former EPA head admits she was wrong to tell New Yorkers post-9/11 air was safe. A building goes down po…
New Yorkers sending relic of World Trade Center to Gander
.They aren't human, only carnal instincts. -- New Yorkers back from Burning Man won't stop whining
is now St. Teresa, and New Yorkers at were overjoyed:
Because some, especially New Yorkers, remember the Met Mile. Twin Spires has him favored in what?
New Yorkers when you change the news paper in your animal cages please recycle return it to the front door of the New York Times
Watch: We hang out with a group of tight-knit New Yorkers as they run wild in the big city:
I can't wait until Alex Rodriguez joins former fellow Yankee Ichiro Suzuki in Miami. It's what old New Yorkers do: retire to SoFla.
New Yorkers have been creating Pokémon GO and for hospitalized children:
Where are you getting your info? Fl is one of his best states. He lives there, ex New Yorkers.
still doesn't get how New Yorkers look at .
De Blasio still doesn't get how New Yorkers look at crime via
De Blasio still doesn’t get how New Yorkers look at crime
New Yorkers: don't miss your chance to see Julie Taymor's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM on the big screen this weekend
The second floor of a Department of Sanitation garage in East Harlem is home to thousands of objects New Yorkers...
New Yorkers can smell a con man before the rest of us have even rolled out of bed. Listen to them.
How to save New Yorkers $3B on electric bills? Public Service Commission must up goals
Poll: Nearly half of New Yorkers think Cuomo is part of the state's corruption culture
Henry, an African spurred tortoise entertains busy New Yorkers as he walks in Central Park.
Responding to K2 with Facts Instead of Fear: On Wednesday, New Yorkers awoke to news in the New York Times an...
Pinned to Movies on New Yorkers peel guns off 'Jason Bourne' ads
New Yorkers peel guns off 'Jason Bourne' ads.
New Yorkers peel guns off 'Jason Bourne' ads via
Nope. Passalong opportunity for New Yorkers. They're not a sponsor. But we're fans of the food. Still, they're no Harvey's.
New Yorkers called for unity at a peace vigil in Brooklyn
11:11 Jamie, LouLou, Mia, Autumn, tori, lily, Cassidy and all of the others in New Yorkers are happy and well💗
The only thing about the new GHOSTBUSTERS that's worthy of outrage is when four New Yorkers eat pizza and it's Papa John's.…
Alex Epstein visits the People's Climate March in NYC to educate New Yorkers about why fossil fuel energy is …
Kirkwood, Sanford, Windsor, Delhi, Hancock, Caatskills! We need more downwind New Yorkers involved in this!
New Yorkers protest spate of police killings in Manhattan - New York Daily News
."I bet 99 per cent of New Yorkers haven't a clue where it is." - official NYC tour guide.
NYPD Commissioner Bratton urges New Yorkers to stay vigilant during the holiday
NYPD Commissioner Bratton assured New Yorkers that the city will be safe for 4th of July celebrations, but urged residents to stay vigilant.
New Yorkers push for Empire State Building to go blue for Bill Cunningham -
Fabulous Anthony Lane piece, clarifying it all for mystified New Yorkers.
Really nice - Charlie Rangel retiring and watching New Yorkers pick his successor
New Yorkers have their own way of speaking, their own tempo, and Texan...
“...In the summer New York was the only place in which one could escape from New Yorkers...” . ― Edith Wharton
Obama names The Inn a national monument. A look back at New Yorkers gathering there to mourn Orlando:
Super scary imaginary gun commands New Yorkers to trample one another.
My favorite part of the Mermaid Parade is riding a Q train full of sea creatures and watching New Yorkers pret…
New Yorkers can now have boozy brunch at 10 a.m. on Sundays by
New Yorkers can now booze at brunch starting at 10 am on Sundays
Huge thanks to for helping bring back DFS to millions of New Yorkers & keeping this industry alive
80K homeless New Yorkers are waiting for you to
New Yorkers...Have you all become Brain Dead now, Like California has been for decades? dB is complete Nazi, Moron, crook,angry fk
Prohibition, be gone! New Yorkers can now purchase Sunday morning booze:
If 103 *** people got shot at once on the Upper West Side, New Yorkers, we would, I don’t know, it would be like the sky was…
New Yorkers are on the brink of having better access to affordable contraception. But unless the New York State Sen…
9/11: the line that divides New Yorkers. on the great Michael Brick.
asks New Yorkers to wish Trump a Happy Birthday and they comply, sort of:
New Yorkers mourn Pulse victims at historic Stonewall Inn
Photos: Thousands of New Yorkers unite at Stonewall Inn to honor Orlando victims
"We've got one enemy – it's the f**cking gun!". New Yorkers gather at The Stonewall Inn to mourn victims:.
"I feel really f**king sad.". New Yorkers come together at the iconic Stonewall Inn to grieve together.
Proud to stand with so many New Yorkers tonight at the Stonewall Inn as we and the victims of yesterday’s…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Be inspired by young scientist, Jessica Han & her mission to improve the quality of healthcare for New Yorkers
New Yorkers, please vote for King David Tacos in the Small Business Grant Contest! 🌮🌮🌮
Donald Trump keeps collecting a tax break aimed at New Yorkers who make under $500,000:
New Yorkers & the NYPD are getting along better than they have in a while, report says:
Calling all New Yorkers! Catch two films on PBS in June- tonight, Fire In Our Hearts is on WNYE at 9 pm and midnight EST
NYC Meetup June 4th (TOMORROW) Reminder. Just a quick reminder to all New Yorkers that we are having a meetup tomorrow @ Union Square from …
"New Yorkers would be lucky to have a mayor with a fraction of Ken Lovett's character."
God I love a flash mob. New Yorkers do them so well! We used to do them at the ice rink at the Rockefeller centre
As a history buff, it kind of aggravates me that New Yorkers only know William Floyd as a parkway and Francis Lewis as a boulevard
What's so fascinating about New Yorkers is that each person has a whol...
Who say's New Yorkers can't celebrate the Buy your tickets now!.
worse than New Yorkers hate every Jets draft pick.
Hey Los Angelenos Friends, Go see my kids' band tonight!!. Here's what New Yorkers say about THE LEMON TWIGS:...
I try to make the most connections with New Yorkers more than anyone. Thats where a big part of my career will be.
Overheard from man crossing 6th Ave, midtown: "Gotta do something, gotta make money, gotta stay relevant." New Yorkers, your new ambassador
CB2, Elizabeth Street Garden, NYCCGC and other park supporters at the New Yorkers for Parks rally at City Hall...
New Yorkers: Hardboiled, directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun-Fat, at Metrograph
Trump and Sanders are two New Yorkers that give everyone else in that fair city a really bad name…annoying, whiny and egotistical. The pits.
My parents were New Yorkers, and I was conceived in Los Angeles. My fa...
Looking to spend your summer at the movies, New Yorkers? We can help you with that…
Ready Girl & The Avengers star in a new comic book to prepare New Yorkers:
Ready Girl & Avengers star in new comic book to prepare New Yorkers:
So excited for the premiere of this important film. New Yorkers, see it at the Film Forum next week.
Me: "Should I just fill my bottle up in the sink?". 4 New Yorkers stop walking, eyes blank, in unison: "NYC water is actually very clean."
New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed;...
New Yorkers have the cronut and San Franciscans the cruffin
New Yorkers leave for states with lower taxes. One can thank Democrats
New Yorkers: If you've been denied mental health or substance abuse treatment coverage, report it to my office: https:/…
One World Trade Center is lighting teal tonight for food allergies! New Yorkers, check it out!
How is teaching New Yorkers to be heart healthy
New Yorkers, don't miss by Selvamani & by at curated by https:/…
YASSS! A muni digital services playbook for all New Yorkers! We are looking forward to building a shared future.
We agree, Greenwich Village is where New Yorkers feel like true New Yorkers
Rock Calendar 5-8-61: New Yorkers choose the name "Mets" for their new team. Other possible names: Rebels, Skyliners, Jets, and Islanders.
New Yorkers unleash rage over alleged primary voter fraud
Chair of board of says organization provides food to 1.4 million New Yorkers.
I love the honesty of New Yorkers. When a New Yorker says 'let's do lunch,'...
Anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place. ~~~ Johnny …
Thanks. I was just wondering. Some fans are calling Michael Kay and Insist that New Yorkers should be patient with him.
"Trump panders to Hispanics by eating bad Tex-Mex food made by New Yorkers"
Trivia: The last time we had two New Yorkers as the Presidential nominees was 1944! FDR & Thomas Dewey.
FUN FACT: Last time 2 New Yorkers ran against each other for president in general election was in 1944,former governors FDR vs. Thomas Dewey
New Yorkers, let's be the example for everyone in every state that experienced
If you call people of London -Londoners and New York - New Yorkers why don't we call people of Hong Kong - Hong Kongers?🤔
ISIS-linked hackers put out a list targeting more than 3,000 New Yorkers for death
New York (AP) — The Latest on campaign 2016 a day before New Yorkers vote in their state's crucial primary (all times Eastern Daylight
I have big emotions, and I care deeply about delivering for New Yorkers, an...
New Yorkers- this is a rare opportunity to see Oracle's "Lamborghini of Boats" in action!
New Yorkers will soon be able to enjoy free produce from a barge via
*** New Yorkers simultaneously expect people to know everything about NY, while referring to most of the US as fly over states
More strung out than New Yorkers? How?! But glad you can feel the downtime.
New Yorkers: don't miss Marc Levy and Douglas Kennedy in conversation at wonderful Albertine Books in French and...
Agree. We need a every now and then to remind New Yorkers that what we actually need is a Joe Lhota.
We now know the cause of that mysterious noise that woke up scores of New Yorkers last night
Senator Edward M. Kennedy went to Grand Central Terminal on March 26, 1980, to thank New Yorkers for his upset victory over President
"Long Islanders are wannabe New Yorkers." -comparative politics professor
Banksy’s New Yorkers shut down to us at Linlithgow Palace flys flag at immermannstrasse in den kennt und will Frieda sehen?
New Yorkers turn out to mark the 100th anniversary of an Irish rebellion.
Just passed the World Trade Center...for New Yorkers its engraved and always relevant.
Hundreds of New Yorkers joined us in celebrating the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 in Union Square Park.
Like 'Terminator 2' star, New Yorkers get bikes blessed: Actor Robert Patrick blessed his new Harley-Davidson at Hollywood’s St. Thom...
What a quorum! Less than 20% of New Yorkers voted yesterday. Kabuki democracy at its best (h/t
Millions of New Yorkers disenfranchised from primaries today due to restrictive voting laws: http…
Hillary Clinton thanks New Yorkers and suggests that she has the Democratic nomination sewn up (LA Times)
From Gail Collins: Sorry to say, but Donald Trump is someone many New Yorkers can relate to. https:…
Everybody always pays attention to New Yorkers.
Attention all New Yorkers, do not let ANYTHING come between you and voting for tomorrow! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
Tomorrow is a big day for New Yorkers to decide who they hate more, millennials or women
From Manhattan, to the Bronx, to Jackson Heights and through Astoria, Bernie's been meeting New Yorkers all day. https:/…
Lying Ted Voted down Aid for Super Storm Sandy. He hates New York. He hates New Yorkers. He hates himself when he wakes up.
It’s not just Trump kids. 3 million registered New Yorkers can’t vote in primary tomorrow b/c not registered D or R
New Yorkers, George is right. he knows business.
New Yorkers, remember that in the days before the thanked FDR & Pope Francis and Hillary tha…
New Yorkers: come celebrate at the photo booth! Union Sq 12-7pm 🌎
New Yorkers here's the link for the ticket to Moh Maya Money screening at NYIFF.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
New Yorkers! Tickets now on sale for KHOYA's screening at the
the argument "there are more down staters than western New Yorkers at UB" is stupid.We should just change it to East Long Island University
New Yorkers know the I've known for 45 years—always asking “What can I do to make it better?”
DTN Libya Unrest: Young Voters Set to Turn Out in New York City: Many of the New Yorkers heading to the polls ...
First, Terry Collins mentioned he reads the papers, now Hillary Clinton tells New Yorkers to read the Good week for NYC print.
How a single sticker on a subway map could force New Yorkers to think about Rikers Island
THR: These are the top Google searches New Yorkers have about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (WASHEX)
i really hope New York (sorry, New Yorkers!) *** all the energy remaining out of this primary and the 26th is tame here.
Downtown Norfolk people want to be New Yorkers so bad. 😂😂😂
Calling all boot obsessed New Yorkers, head over to Space Cowboy Boots for their sample sale this Tuesday and... https…
New Yorkers are mostly interested in New York - in case you haven't noticed...
This video of A$AP Rocky driving is the reason some New Yorkers don't drive... 😩😓😖...
Trying to turn more of our west coast friends into New Yorkers!! @ (le) poisson rouge
continues at 11.15pm with gorily violent thriller The Divide, as eight New Yorkers survive a nuclear attack.
Chicago, Austin and New Orleans are places New Yorkers and Angelenos go to say they've been >20 miles from the ocean
New Yorkers have street smarts,they know a con man like when they see one
Ted Cruz tried to play up his Cuban roots in The Bronx — but New Yorkers weren't having it.
While Sanders, Clinton, Cruz and Kasich all try to act like real New Yorkers, I just saw hail his own yellow cab
We think that goes for more than just New Yorkers
When I went to I ended up dealing with lots of New Yorkers on the phone. Tons of old crabby NYC Russian Jews.
Ted Cruz attacked New Yorkers and New York values- we don't forget!
GOP lawmaker: New Yorkers who vote for Cruz "should have their head examined"
The nerve of *** asking New Yorkers for votes and money when he is backed by the Bush team.
Trump hopes a boost from New Yorkers will make his campaign: If Donald Trump's insurgent bid on the White Hous...
Unbelievable evening. Just made a speech in front 17,000 amazing New Yorkers in Bethpage, Long Island--- great to be h…
In picking a VP it has to be a strategy behind it. I like Rudy Guiliani but should ther be two New Yorkers on a Trump ticket?
Jet Blue told New Yorkers to steal its bus-shelter ads, and rewarded them for it:
New Yorkers, join us tonight at to launch THE THROWBACK SPECIAL:
We must enact automatic and same day voter registration. It's time to let New Yorkers voices be heard!
New Yorkers!!! The Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral has the relics of St Faustina Kowalska this weekend!!!...
Update your maps at Navteq
It's not you, the city is more crowded: According to the United States Census Bureau, we’ve reached a record high of 8,550,405 New Yorkers.
New Yorkers deserve a debate between and Sign the petition:
NowThis is LIVE in Washington Square Park, asking New Yorkers about the 2016 election:
In 1849, New Yorkers rioted over rival productions of Shakespeare. Really. via
New Yorkers donning tall hats, bonnets walk the 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, the U. S., Sunday
It's time for a in NY State. New Yorkers deserve to know current views:
It's a perfect this season because is playing at the St. James Theatre! How I envy all you New Yorkers! 😉🍳🍅
New Yorkers who have registered to vote in the past however have no party affiliation. You are able to register as Dem…
I was walking in Port Jeff & I started laughing because I remembered the scene in Spider-Man where the New Yorkers yell at the Green Goblin
"We are upper‐income New Yorkers who treasure the quality of life in our state. However, we are deeply concerned...
As the state who elected Hillary Clinton to be our senator, New Yorkers have gathered in front of Trump Tower today to say…
Bernie Sanders's official FB page has an event for NY voter registration!! New Yorkers, invite as ... htt…
New Yorkers dropped to their knees in a Manhattan cafe Thursday, begging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ditch...
New Yorkers try really hard to recruit Trudeau for president via
How to Pick Someone Up While Waiting on a Line: New Yorkers hate lines. Make the wait productive by finding a date.
More than 200 western New Yorkers gathered in Albany to Photo by belligerentbex (on IG)
As New York City becomes more common than ever to film in, so does the opportunity for New Yorkers to turn their...
Misinformed, ill-advised ranting is a staple of communication for New Yorkers.
Hands down the worst thing about western New Yorkers is the way they say tournament as ternament... The word "tour" is literally in the word
you only speak for yourself, not New Yorkers. you should be impeached. worst 'mayor' of my lifetime, including nanny Bloomberg
New Yorkers must register to vote by March 25 in order to cast ballots in the presidential primaries on April 19:
New Yorkers don't have that Mid-Western hospitality that we were raised with.
It's the season to see a buncha New Yorkers and Angelenos wearing cowboy boots swaggering around Austin like its an old western town
Governors Ball Music Festival reminds New Yorkers about the popular multiway music festival held on Randall's Island…
Hire a rowing boat on the lake in Central Park . The West Village pub crawl is good way to meet New Yorkers.
New Yorkers: See at the tomorrow night, if you can!
Central Park is packed with a bunch of pasty white New Yorkers who will have sunburns tomorrow
Building a Food Festival, Hold the Fusion: Open-air food events like Smorgasburg have captivated New Yorkers, ...
VERY COOL. Me and my fellow New Yorkers are celebrating 25 years of "That Guitar Man from Central Park". Be there.
I never really understood the Central Park Rangers part of the movie Elf. New Yorkers - what's up the the Central Park Range…
Electronic Device Insurance
Reminds for New Yorkers planning their weeks: I'm talking at on Tuesday at 6. Would love to see you.
Nothing like a couple of New Yorkers at Grand Central Station acting like A couple of tourists on a Saturday...
Reminder to New Yorkers: I'm talking at on Tuesday.
Why Drinking Beer in Central Park Is a Toast to Civil Liberty: . Bye-bye, brown bags: New Yorkers can now crac...
But don't worry New Yorkers, the may be moving out of the stadium, but it's gonna hit the streets!. https:/…
This is how a councilman wants to shame New Yorkers into voting:
Councilman wants to shame New Yorkers into voting
Humbled again by standing ovation at Carnegie Hall last night. Blessed that New Yorkers love my performance.
I agree with Peter King, or as we say on NY Island which which non-native New Yorkers like Trump call Manhattan...
I was just there. New Yorkers are friendly. And the coffee divine. Kinky boots a hoot👠
Video series launched to educate and inform New Yorkers about addiction treatment services: https:/…
New Yorkers trying to cross the street is basically just a real life version of Frogger
Lady Gaga and regular New Yorkers star in Barneys' spring ad campaign via
Bushwick is a popular haven for artists, hipsters and New Yorkers who enjoy good grub. - amNY: amNYBushwick is...
James Van Der Zee, photographer, known for his portraits of black New Yorkers.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
“You can get the true essence of New Yorkers by just hanging out in Central Park.” –Andy Roddick
Yes. All the New Yorkers are asleep and I'm just getting warmed up, (liquored up usually)
@ All New Yorkers: "dammmnn daniel, back at it again with the white timberlands"
Just last month ya were calling us New Yorkers roaches with timbs 😒
Woman directors feature in the shorts categories, while their feature-length counterparts barely get a foothold in
The reflexive allergy to L.A. that a lot of New Yorkers have, I feel like i...
Yesterday we saw two nearly 70 year old white and wealthy New Yorkers win Nevada and SC. Political revolution? Yea, right. Vote
Dub - a win, a loss, a dance, $20, $20 worth of weed, an unwanted situation. Only New Yorkers would know, it's all ab…
Can you imagine hardcore New Yorkers from the 90s trying to milly rock? Lmao
⭐✨🌟✨⭐. Consider me living proof that even jaded New Yorkers sometimes get a little starstruck (see below)
New Yorkers back at it again with the white timbs
"he said the company found that most New Yorkers with cars wanted them mainly on weekends."
New York. Incidentally, I just had to kick some crazy New Yorkers out of Baltimore earlier this weekend.
I think it's weird for me to accept that New Yorkers are most likely not to be a "car man" 😭😭😭
Choose your scandal: 1) terror funds = pork barrel unrelated to safety, or 2) WH put New Yorkers at risk. Which?
Like spring on Edward is enjoying his vacation. He sees why so many fellow New Yorkers visit. https:…
no indication Feliz-Volquez among 78 New Yorkers city has started to track for their history of mental ill…
I just compared New Yorkers to bees. If you leave us alone, we won't bother you. But if you bother us, we will sting you.
Those guys are good for New Yorkers
. Both New Yorkers. Can't be on same ticket.
One thing about New Yorkers is they really know how to have fun
even is leading with “have a car? you could save”. Do they know that New Yorkers don’t own cars?
. The CIA was shocked, twice they had UBL in their sights, and Bill Clinton said no! Torture?. New Yorkers Dead!
Opinion: Safe and Healthy Housing for All New Yorkers by Dulce María Rivera of
You have one more week to catch up with these 15 shorts before the big night!
So the winners tonight are two fabulously wealthy New Yorkers near 70 years old who hang out together. It's a revolutio…
New Yorkers voyaged to South Carolina to canvas for Heading home fired up! https…
Recent headlines of slashings across city creating anxiety for some New Yorkers – New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
The BBC is comparing New Yorkers and Londoners on the basis of their knowledge of US primary processes; where...
listing 262 Mott Street looking like any New Yorkers dream home in Architectural Digest this...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
World Trade Center scare - New Yorkers report 'smoke' at the top of the Freedom Tower | Daily Mail Online:
A bill to provide 12 weeks of paid-family leave to New Yorkers was passed Tuesday by the state Assembly.
Super Bowl 50 ad shocks New Yorkers with 9/11 footage -Time to fire that creative team.
Agree Leslie Moonves and Bernard Madoff are the most well known disgraced New Yorkers ever living in NYC.
I’m contagious w/ accents, put me in a room full of native New Yorkers & it’s like My Cousin Vinny. French ppl? My English will be accented
Native Texan and I luv New Yorkers. As Davy Crockett said to Congress 1835, you may go to *** I'm going to Texas.
NYC Wants to Turn Governors Island into a Year-Round Destination for New Yorkers & Tourists
Here at Lehman College in the Bronx, in auditorium decorated w/portraits of every day New Yorkers, for Bdb's State of the City Speech
Pacific Park Brooklyn is a place for all New Yorkers to live
I support Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. Learn more about how they help hungry and homeless New Yorkers.
New Yorkers could face big hikes in their gas and electric bills
the same services New Yorkers can now receive from a doctor through the Affordable Care Act." Sounds about right to me
More than 2.7 million New Yorkers have enrolled in a health insurance plan through
According to 3 mill New Yorkers lack English proficiency or high school diploma. We need more funding for adult education!
Fun fact: Puerto Ricans and New Yorkers will die if they don't let someone know where they're from at least twice a day
Meet Black Singles 300x250
now if the values u speak of relate ppl like Duck Dynasty or David Duke then ur right New Yorkers don't share those values
.demands that apologize to New Yorkers via
New Yorkers pitching in to feed seniors without power in Red Hook, Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy.
by broadcastetd Cruz apologizes to New Yorkers — for their liberal elec...
Ted Cruz asks New Yorkers for donations after insulting them: There’s one thing...
"This is the foundation for a robust farm and food economy to benefit all New Yorkers."
it reminds me of the ethnic New Yorkers who aspired to success.
what did New Yorkers think they were gonna get with big bird as Mayor
One thing I forgot to mention about the New Yorkers were surprisingly unfazed by the wig.
what a great video and super successful Community Day!! Thanks for helping feed hungry New Yorkers!
Well New Yorkers the weather has been good so far but ish bout to get real n I'm not ready
New Yorkers! Who's coming to my exclusive book launch party on Tuesday, January 19th? Don't miss it! htt…
that's exactly how New Yorkers sound to us when they be down here telling us about the crib
only New Yorkers really understand. Love to see you eat a real slice without folding.
Review: Chancellor Zimpher Urges All New Yorkers to “Stand With SUNY” in Annual State of the University Address:
All purpose parts banner
11 New Yorkers who break the millennial stereotype, like and
"The street homeless are New Yorkers." ~https:…
native white New Yorkers are the literal worst
*** New Yorkers would take away the least amount of money if they won the powerball
When i say yada yada yada i just think of the show seinfield and jewish New Yorkers
New Yorkers always be crying about NY slander lmfao
After a warm, and wet Sunday, New Yorkers were treated to a beautiful full of color and brilliance. https…
Is it just me or should half of the New Yorkers articles be in
I'm slowly starting to understand why New Yorkers feel this way. Lol!
That's how New Yorkers act on a daily that come to Florida
Some of these photos from the No Pants Subway Ride this year are perfection.
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