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The New Yorker is an American magazine of reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry published by Condé Nast.

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Revolting handmaiden to fascism Charles Harder turns his guns from Gawker to New Yorker, NYT.
New Yorker in the world of meddlesomers, worrywarts & mercenaries who use publications as instruments of influence
Happy 60th Birthday to one of my favorite female comedians, a native New Yorker from Kew Gardens, Queen... Fran Dre…
Stephen Moore You are so brilliant. Re Cohn "He is a New Yorker, He is from New York" Wow
Join us October 20 for the Welty Gala with Jeffrey Toobin, author, CNN analyst, & New Yorker writer. Tickets:…
Funclickearn - Head to a pizza festival at Girgaum Chowpatty’s New Yorker. 12 pm to 11.3...
Wonder if Gov. Susan Martinez would endorse Gary Johnson, but Gary in his New Yorker interview knocked her for this https…
Françoise Mouly writes about the New Yorker cover artist Barry Blitt, whom she will be interviewing at the New Yor…
.coverage of in the New Yorker. Looking forward to the concert on Aug. 29. https…
How my phone made me an instant New Yorker – CNET
Here is my New Yorker post about the earthquake. Mexico solidario, saldremos adelante.
Amy, if you ever need anything about the New Yorker magazine of the early 1990s, you know whom to ask.
New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik to appear at Little City Books on Oct. 4
My immediate mental association for St Croix is Paul Krugman, who talked about his vacation home there in a 2010 New Yorker profile piece.
Adam Gopnik's new memoir is the finest book of the 'New Yorker' writer's career, says Brian Bethune
Reviewed in recent New Yorker. Definitely worth seeking out to add to my Presidentia…
You're not a real New Yorker until you get a better sleep on the A train from JFK to Columbus Circle than in your boujee Buffalo hotel room
Who's Been Seeding the Jane Mayer profiles & political funder Robert in the New Yorker ht…
I must be the only one that noticed how Skylar Astin never posted anything about 9/11 on social media until now. Some "New Yorker".
In Pyongyang, New Yorker's helpfully breaks it all down for senior N. Korean official.…
Read Strawberry Valley in 8/21 New Yorker. Fascinating and exemplifies Digital DNA logic of our Oxford book
Jane Mayer and New Yorker have done their best to out Mercers. See links at + see Carole…
Enjoyed this wonderfully done profile of Ken Burns in the New Yorker.
Jane Mayer outed Mercer in the New Yorker back in March - excellent article that I li…
The 65.8 million are already in tune with facts. Also, link isn't working today. Wash Post and New Yorker do a good…
New Yorker accused of trying to join Islamic State group - ABC News
Did you catch this profile of KB in the New Yorker? The comments on his…
Negative profile of filmmaker Ken Burns in the New Yorker is worth reading for his very problematic approach to historiography.
I leave Uwith this thought I read in the New Yorker yrs ago "Bitterness serves no purpose. It only corrodes…
Craig Carton, a great New Yorker who keeps sports fun and interesting for all who love sports, much love for CC
Whatever you do, don't show Donald Trump the front cover of the New Yorker
Hello sir, as a New Yorker, I am deeply grateful for your work on that d…
Reading a '99 New Yorker profile of Mary Meeker, and, well:
I want the Statue of Liberty removed, I'm offended as a native New Yorker
a native New Yorker , this mayor offends me. His values and what he thinks are…
Yet the carpetbagger won over the native New Yorker. 🤦‍♂️
It's not often that a central New Yorker finds themselves in both the Atlantic and the Pacific in the same week. 🛫🌊
Makes me scratch my hear as a native New Yorker why he was memorialised in my h…
When a New Yorker claims to speak for a Tennessee Volunteer we know we are in the presence of a ca…
*Bird man hand rub* As an alum and native New Yorker, this pleases me.
Excited to get to take down my native New Yorker
As a native New Yorker who lived in Chicago I hated it then realized it is delicious, but very dif…
Yeah, and I'm a native New Yorker. In fact I'll go as far as to say that people who like B&W coo…
A New Yorker offended by an F bomb. Oh, I hurt my irony. STFU, Joe.
Except i know a current (not native) New Yorker who LOVES ranch dressing on pizza. But I'm 110% with you on that.
New Yorker: James B. Comey has championed throughout her preference that misleading impression that neither he nor anyone
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I am not a native New Yorker so pardon my ignorance. *** is a NY black & white cookie? First thing come…
I’m sorry, I am a native New Yorker also immune to the charms of the black and white.
- as a native New Yorker most of these transplanted journalists would have never survived past middle school...they are pansies
A whole family just biked past me and naturally to a native New Yorker, this seemed a bit bizarre.
The return of a native New Yorker: whales
Since you're native New Yorker, curious for your opinion on the HBO offering, The Deuce. Any inclination to revisit that era?
. Brilliant!. Only a native New Yorker can appreciate just how . 'SPOT ON' his performance really is.
'No-one opens the door...for a native New Yorker.'
This weird, fella needs to sell the Jets to a native New Yorker who will move them back to where they b…
Meet Amy, a native New Yorker who is fighting hunger with
Writer John Smelcer invented an agent named "John Savage," a New Yorker acceptance letter and more, via
A native New Yorker whose family was not in the United States during the Civil War.
As said by a native New Yorker (Union state). Who's heritage is he talking about?
Clinton investigation.” New Yorker: James B. Comey ‘had no fewer than two decades, while raising taxes on millions of an
Fascinating story of Pauli Murray by the New Yorker: "The Civil-Rights Luminary You’ve Never Heard Of"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hey Tony that's what they say about you. Drinking smokin New Yorker. The rest of the country loves Trump!
Watch Paris is Burning if you haven't - as a New Yorker and my friend it's a must. ❤️ sure are a New Yorker.
He praises Ryan Clizza the writer of the New Yorker article thst got him canned. Hes a liberal Wall Street just...
Ross Douthat and Christopher Hitchens drinking at a dinner party & talking about Jesus seems like a one panel New Yorker cartoon
Dude this New Yorker cartoon of Jeff Sessions is more devastating than all Trump's digs.
New Yorker cartoon trolls Trump for fake Time Magazine cover hanging in his hotels - Staff
Few things make me rue being a New Yorker like reading about a good, strategically managed pro basketball team
RIP Sam Shepard. Read this great profile of him in the New Yorker from 2010:
On a map, you are correct but every New Yorker knows Long Island is Nassau and Suffolk counties. Y
Source to WSJ: Trump was dismissive of Priebus for not returning fire following Scaramucci's New Yorker interview. https:…
Amazing. Per WSJ source, Trump was put off by Priebus' refusal to "return fire" after Mooch's New Yorker interview
Kellyanne Conway defend's Anthony Scaramucci's comments to the New Yorker: he is “passionate about the president”
New Yorker claims White House spokesman said. "kill all the leakers".
the Trump admin as the Ship of Theseus except every plank is a GOP official being replaced by the most stereotypical New Yorker conceivable
New Yorker's claims that White House spokesman wants the FBI to investigate Reince Priebus
New Yorker roasts Bill DeBlasio for attending an anti-American Antifa protest in Germany.
If there is an emergency or something in Penn Station, does the average New Yorker know how to navigate their way to the exit?
As a New Yorker and a Long Islander, I can assure you, I won't be voting for him, if he ever runs for anything, eva!
Big shout out & congrats to my fellow New Yorker & Long Islander Anthony you're the best 💪🏼❤
Again you lost this battle saying northerners created hella and never in the history of life has a New Yorker or je…
This Chicagoan turned New Yorker knows:Vienna beef hot dogs are the only real hot dog. End of story
Between your Texas piece and Kelefa's story on George Strait, the New Yorker should open an Austin bureau.
It just took me almost two hours to get home. Am I real New Yorker if I blame de Blasio?
Wow: Bisbee '17 filmmaker Robert Greene in the New Yorker!.
America’s Future Is Texas. Shooting wild hogs from balloons? Politics as usual in a fractious State. New Yorker.
Speaking of murder & oppression, this is a great New Yorker article from 2007 just f…
Here's the actual 1928 New Yorker magazine cartoon. (Broccoli, we're told, was an usual it…
I'm reminded suddenly of this Trump Tower Baku article in March 2017 New Yorker:
New Yorker: Straus refused to consider last-minute bathroom bill deal, said he didn't want a suicide "on my hands" https…
David Remmick in the New Yorker: What, to Donald Trump, is our Fourth of July?
"Letter from Shanghai" June 26th New Yorker kept me reading, waiting for book marketing workshop ...…
I cancelled my New Yorker subscription bc there is only room for one magazine in my life
Journalists doing real work in Russia are heroes. Read " Journalism Under Putin" in the New Yorker.
"Souvenir" is the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy New Yorker with delusions of grandeur.
Like a true New Yorker, they never go to Times Square.
Robert H. Griffith, as a New Yorker, you'll appreciate that.
New Esquire humor editor Bob Mankoff says he’ll ditch the ‘delusional’ open-call approach of his New Yorker years WP
On Kevin Shattenkirk, a "New Yorker at heart" who left millions on the table to play for his favorite team:
OFFICIAL: have agreed to terms with FA d-man Kevin Shattenkirk. RangersTown lets welcome home a true New Yorker at hear…
Bob Mankoff: Anatomy of a New Yorker cartoon via
Wow! For some reason I placed you as a New Yorker who went to Stuyvesant or Bronx Science. But I'm a NYer,…
Jared & Ivankas Guide to Mindful Marriage (by Paul Rudnick in the New Yorker) - Democratic Underground
It's shocking how much better the New Yorker was when Dwight MacDonald wrote f…
My apologies to New York for calling *** tator don a "New Yorker" ~ he came outta Queens I know.…
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This is such a tiny ramen salad, from the New Yorker's piece on Stevie Nicks in a food truck.
An article by the New Yorker on the terrible consequences of the Mexico City Policy in Africa -
Talk of the Town: New Yorker illustrator Tom Bachtell showing work in Bedford via
Anybody hungry tonight? New Yorker plain cheese Pizza. One of the best in the world.eaten in Center Moriches.…
Great way to practice analyzing images - check out the New Yorker cover. Barry Blitt’s “Modern Times” via
Comedian Lewis Black, a New Yorker, says the same thing. He quite seriously states that you gu…
I read a whole story in the New Yorker about Tucker Carlson. He would go out at three in…
.Thank you in advance for voting NO on the GOP healthcare sham. You and Senator Gillibrand make me proud to be a New Yorker.
Reports in both New Yorker & NYT that thing that tipped Trump to reject Paris Agreement was Macron's boast about his death-…
I'm pretty sure Trump's America wouldn't let me (New Yorker) have 'foreigners' work for me (my cod team) 😉
Go inside the head of the Pentagon chief with this excellent New Yorker profile.
New Yorker, Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper was a pioneer in the field of computer science. https…
An old New Yorker once told me, "Even if you win the rat race , you still a rat " . I stopped running ever since
The real question is do I want to take vacation days to go see The National AND attend the New Yorker festival so I can reach peak hipster.
New Yorker poetry podcast is REALLY good. Poet Paul Muldoon has a guest poet…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
: "we met the Long Island medium and now we're going to shilelagh law...that's a very New Yorker kind of day"
How right you are Mr BLIAR! New Yorker magazine publishes fawning interview with Tony Blair.
New Yorker interview of Tony Blair on his return to politics
Barry Blitt always has a unique take at the New Yorker. James Comey firing and another big news story converge.
I was hoping the New Yorker cover would be James Comey at Fyre Festival
When people got NY/NJ in their bio I already know they from Jersey and jus be in NY all the time cus aint no New Yorker go…
A New Yorker editor picks 7 of his favorite Jewish cartoons | Jewish Telegraphic Agency
From Diane Ravitch. Andy Borowitz is a humorist who writes for the New Yorker. Here is the last word about Trump...
.who I had the great fortune to work with at has a New Yorker piece that makes me ache
You know you're a New Yorker when you use the Empire State Building as the middle of your compass.
A New Yorker fact checker who understands what journalism is supposed to do
The 1949 New Yorker was a vision of pure brilliance and beauty!
What Are Your Favorite Examples of Biblically Inspired Art? An interview with Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker magazin…
After 20 years at the New Yorker, cartoon editor is leaving. Sad news from a funny guy.
It's absolutely eerie how accurate this New Yorker comic was regarding the legends of both Star Wars and Bernie Sanders.…
well then what is the New Yorker a "Vessel" for? Calvin Trillin's ACCURATE Taste in Hometown Food Perfection
My is from a 1/7/13 New Yorker piece he wrote about growing up loving Mary Renault's work.
Adam Gopnik on New Yorker doubles down on Trump Derangemenr Syndrome.
How would a New Yorker deal with that?
Female surgeons at Hennepin County Medical Center, around the world post tributes to New Yorker cover
Sorry. First was said to be Washington Irving. A New Yorker. Hotspur for The Philadelphia Phila Junto
Killers of the Flower Moon - David Grann: From New Yorker staff writer David Grann, New York Times best-selling…
or if you really want to read misinformation and misquotes - pick up a New Yorker -
StreetEasy: "implicitly commanding you to be the kind of New Yorker who not just lives down to all the worst...
Thanks Sanam, we have Caravan & Harper's, we're getting New Yorker and Saveur. Weekly mags do…
Got my first subscription of The New Yorker today - feeling like an adult
📷 roxlet: RIP Jack Zigler, one of the best cartoonists at The New Yorker magazine. He could be both...
My New Yorker roots just came out when I saw the hat 😂.
Excited to share a city again w/ Patrick Ewing, new Georgetown coach & former Halloween muse for undersized NYers.
It wasn't my favorite New Yorker profile of all time, but Kelefa Sanneh did not go easy on him.
"I got to have all these choices... So it was a very shocking experience to find myself, childless and alone at 38." https:/…
the New Yorker Presents series is absolutely incredible.
At dinner Billie just yelled "yo yo yo in effect". She may have been 8 mo old when we moved but the New Yorker is strong in her!
This. . New Yorker article on ways of combating deafness for people. When it's time, I want a Halo.
David McCants returns to New Yorker Lions for 5th straight season
If you are wondering why New York City is closing Rikers, read these pieces by
Spring weather, spring attitude ⚡️It's a great time to be a New Yorker 🗽
2. Here's how Jane Mayer described the Kochs in New Yorker, 2010–get why Trump signed Execurive Order to dismantle Obama's…
I'm stunned! Said no conservative former-New Yorker ever ---> "People are fleeing New York at an alarming rate"
Jack Ziegler, a longtime cartoonist for The New Yorker, died at 74. His satirical, silly and observational style
THANK YOU. As a country, we have got to give attn to this fact. New Yorker had a great piece months…
A hilarious interview with the illustrator who did all of those awesome Trump covers for the New Yorker
This, as a CERTIFIED New Yorker this is the most disrespectful thing I've seen done to a pizza, it almost…
Planning Passover in an apartment for more people than it should reasonably hold: New Yorker skills. Will make it work.
But, I view DT as a New Yorker. A real one. And for better or worse, that's the leadership we need
I am a New Yorker and he's done nothing that hasn't benefited him first. He has shown up at events where he pretended tha…
*kicks you back into the New Yorker offices*
The New Yorker finally weighs in on fat but doesn't seem to get anywhere. In sum: eat in moderation-Sigh
A hilarious chat with the cartoonist who did all these amazing Trump covers for the New Yorker https:/…
You know you're a New Yorker when your tourist friend has already been to more art exhibits in the city than you.
Lol He's a moron... I will give you that, he speaks like a New Yorker wi…
Depends on the part of the country. New Yorker's(not Southerners) tend un…
White man accused of fatally stabbing black New Yorker is charged with terrorism
RIP Jimmy Breslin. A great reporter, a great columnist & a great New Yorker.
The Nazi influence on Trump and Bannon - more from Jane Mayer's outstanding New Yorker article on the Mercers.
If you read only one piece this week: Jane Mayer's long-read on the Mercers in the New Yorker via
Jane Mayer's article (New Yorker) on Robert Mercer was breathtaking in scope and highly informative. Scary too.
I have a lot of problems with the New Yorker but Jane Mayer is probably the most effective critic of libertarianism
good story in New Yorker by Jane Mayer. He's a nut. Plain and simple.
frigid temperatures left ​New Yorker 's house on Lake Ontario completely covered in ice (Johns house?)
Tremendous thing about Catherine Opie in the New Yorker. Total icon.
So. Trump's Azerbaijan business ties were exposed on New Yorker and are now on Simple translation: TERRORIST TIES…
Free yourself from political chaos a little each day: New Yorker poetry bot - up for the next 92 days
1. New Yorker now out with a full story on Trump's shady Azerbaijan deal (Newsweek reported it months earlier)
We're giving you a code for 10 free Gett rides GettPromo: GTETAMX - Towers at the New Yorker
Jay Z and Kalief Browder during their meeting at Roc Nation in 2015. Hov read the New Yorker piece on Browder and knew he…
Great thing about being a New Yorker: no matter where you go, you are basically guaranteed your hotel room will be 2x the size of your home.
"I must say, that staying at Kimberly Hotel makes you feel in Manhattan like a real New Yorker."
to "I'm a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one"
"Asked what he would name the book today, ghostwriter Tony Schwartz told the New Yorker ..." :}
Yes, I'm the New Yorker schlepping a rolling suitcase through the Rosewood Sand Hill parking lot looking for the hotel lobby
Remember how ended with an alternate happy ending? It's all Did the Oscars Prove-New Yorker
Awesome Art Deco lobby in the New Yorker Hotel
City at the New Yorker Hotel near to Madison square gardens and john shanks should do a interview for guitar world
“He retired to Florida in 2009, leaving a legacy of ghosts.” - a great obit of a great New Yorker:
. reminded me Taj Gibson is a New Yorker. That’s three NYC area guys w/ OKC now w/ him, Billy Donovan & assistant coach Royal Ivey
Look, I subscribe to the New Yorker and The New York Times, drink fine wine, eat well, read widely, like to travel, and so forth
New Yorker bias. A stronger chief executive with real power to exercise could make bigger Econ decisions.
when ur New Yorker friend doesnt understand that in rainy cold weather southern Californians sleep with more than one sheet and fleece throw
Health warning as deadly disease spread by rats kills New Yorker
I feel like everyone in this town is either country af or a New Yorker it's the strangest combination of people I've ever witnessed tbh.
...Franklin Pierce? Warren G. Harding? Andrew Johnson? James Buchanan? Seriously, New Yorker, you're better than th…
Hey, why aren't all New Yorker's listening to AM 970 now? Joe Piscopo & Frank Morano are tearing up the airwaves.
"Immig"? Is that some New Yorker slang or just a lazy copy editor?
Mayor De Blasio deems pizza in Staten Island ‘sound enough’ to eat like a New Yorker at Lee’s Tavern, Staten Is
Wrote this for the New Yorker and hoping it comes true.
Bern Cohen never met the man, but have seen his work and I'm a fan ,,, and he's a fellow New Yorker ,,, to my...
the New Yorker example is well chosen because Dwight MacDonald's review of Michael Harrington...
guys I've done it, I've found the new universal New Yorker cartoon caption
Interesting to contrast the timidity of the New Yorker with Der Spiegel’s cover
Shout out to friend and alumni Ashley Jones who was recognized in the New Yorker for her collection of poems...
Vanity Fair, New Yorker cancel annual parties in Trump's first year via
Vanity Fair and New Yorker call off White House Correspondents' dinner parties
Omar Mateen, the deranged Orlando nightclub shooter, was a New Yorker *** Born and raised in New Hyde Park. Read!
Vanity Fair, New Yorker back out of WH Correspondents' Association events
A New Yorker we love! Standing up for others and giving to others when there is great need.
"Khizr Khan became a citizen in 1986, claims to New Yorker he voted for Reagan."
"As a New Yorker, I am a Muslim.". –NY Governor Cuomo in reaction to President Trump's ban on immigrants and refugees
Dame Helen Mirren declares herself a New Yorker as she addresses Women's March crowd please feel to not…
Iman: Supermodel. New Yorker. Muslim. Somali. Refugee. She would be excluded from entering the United States...
Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Alum. Taxpayer. Fluent in 5 Languages. Married to an amazing New Yorker
~~~ Ed Koch was a WWII combat vet, a great: Mayor, American, Jew, defender of Israel, New Yorker. He will be long remembe…
RIP Wayne Barrett. a real New Yorker - and that means something
The Ghanaian-born New Yorker managed to go the distance with Guillermo Rigondeaux in 2013 and will represent a real test for
I haven't watched MIC in years but I'm sad her and the New Yorker didn't stay together. She was less insufferable then
A good man and a wonderful New Yorker.
For those questioning claim that Deng set up Ivanka and Jared because it's from People, here's the New Yorker
it's game day!! Keep moving forward, it's the only way to play. This New Yorker is rooting for you. NYvsGB
Yall obsessed with New Yorkers but ask ya self when was the last time a New Yorker was obsessed about you.
. She was on the 43rd floor of the New Yorker Hotel a balcony overlooking Trump T…
This rain is nothing to an experienced New Yorker like myself
Nikola Tesla passed away at age 86 on January 7th, 1943 in Room 3327 at the New Yorker Hotel. RIP.
Good read about the redesign in 2014: via
This amazed me - the New Yorker story on Mustachianism was among their Top 16 most read of 2016:
| Movements are born in the moments when abstract...
70 things you’ll never hear a New Yorker say: TimeOutNewYork
When you have a minute the profile, Viola Davis's Call To Adventure in the New Yorker. She's a phenomenal human being also very relatable.
As a "hometown" New Yorker it does surprise me. It's a diverse force that works hard to be that. Seems we're m…
How can a working class New Yorker not support Trump Chucky???
The New Yorker is on fire this week.
A cartoon by Swipe through more cartoons with the New Yorker Today app:
70 is the new 50:. Patti Smith sings her biggest hit after revealing how she write it.
I liked a video from New Yorker's David Remnick on his fears over Trump's presidency -
When the New Yorker gets into the frey, that's a big deal! Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack via
LOL very - Thoughts While the First in the Series My Wife Wanted to Buy - The New Yorker h…
He blocked me a while ago when he sicked followers onto ppl complaining about that New Yorker 'article'. But I can guess.
The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi - The New Yorker
The Trump presidency is "a sickening event in the history of the United States," writes New Yorker editor.
Serbian American Inventor Nikola Tesla died in Hotel New Yorker, Manhattan, on January 7, 1943 at the age of 86.
New Yorker in a bar, 2004: "You're not Mexican. Mexicans are short and dark." Me: "We come in all shapes, colors, and s…
do yourself a favor and never go to up to a real New Yorker and say you root for both teams...
"The opening of phase 1 of SAS has inspired me not only as a transportation researcher but also as a New Yorker."
My fave spot in the park! I was sitting on this bridge the moment I realized I would become a New Yorker.
Simple pleasures as a New Yorker. I was 1 of many selfie takers on New Years day: Second Ave Q subway via
8 years -- and 2 New Yorker covers. How optimistic I felt illustrating the first, how frightened when I created the second.…
Little Giant Ladders
Herein I build on recent New Yorker piece. | "Varieties of Civil Disobedience for the Age of Trump"
An ode to a place which no real New Yorker ever went to: “The Twilight of Carnegie Deli”
Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker reviewing a book about Paris Commune, equated the c20k executed with a couple of cops killed by revltn
Like a true New Yorker!! I love Anthony Bourdain and his show!! Followed him for years!!
“I’m not saying I know the guy personally, not like I’d hug him, but I’m saying that as a New Yorker, we pretty...
…southern American values if he doesn't pay any homage to country music during his Presidential events. As a New Yorker, he's a real Yankee.
Every real New Yorker knows the appropriate response to "YER" is "YEO." Two yerrr's don't make a right
See my dialect map and make your own. - - I apparently sound like a New Englander. I blame my New Yorker dad.
is trying to sucker punch DJT.. Some hometown news paper you are! Hillary isn't even a native New Yorker!
The contents of Abbi Jacobson's bag include a fat J and a copy of the New Yorker--and I thought I identified with her before...
Where would you take this New Yorker?
Bin Laden. Thank you, President Obama. This New Yorker will always be grateful.
Chotiner talks to an irritable Seymour Hersh about his Bin Laden story, the New Yorker, Vox, and sources: via
This inspiring young New Yorker is showing the world how easy it is to live a zero-waste lifestyle.…
I'm never one to pull over for rain, a New Yorker born & raised. But driving thru this with tractor t…
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'Joseph Mitchell is the common link between the cases [...] head over to the New Yorker to confront him.'
"His influence and work have made me a better writer, lover and listener.". Leserbrief zu Leonard Cohen im "New Yorker"…
Celebrating loss: Spiegelman's first comics pages in a long while in this week's New Yorker ht…
Lets remember De Niro's a fellow New Yorker, and they're prone to bombastic language😎
I'm Jewish AND a New Yorker. Does that make me double not real?
Trumps daughters Jewish privileged New Yorker too & supports same heinous policies u tacitly endorse when you canonized HRC
Honestly, I bet most of them have no idea that he's Jewish, because his name isn't. He just sounds like a New Yorker.
Speaking of racial supremacism, you are writing for New Yorker that is owned by Jewish Supremacists who oppress Palestinians.
Thanks to the CBC for the lovely radio interview about my New Yorker covers. Click here to listen:
New Yorker wrote excellent profiles of creators behind Unreal & Blackish just before their worst seasons. Please stay away from Rachel Bloom
Proud to be Jewish. Proud to be a New Yorker. Proud of our Mayor. Where is Donald Trump when people like this use h…
From the New Yorker interview with Obama. I feel like a kid whose most beloved teacher is about to be replaced with Fred…
New Yorker got10,000 new subscriptions in 3 days after election; Mother Jones, Atlantic see big increases, too:
Schumer "is the first Jewish man and first New Yorker to serve as a Senate leader.”
From Junot Díaz to Toni Morrison, sixteen New Yorker writers address the reality of a Trump Presidency.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Is this a Saturday Night Live skit? Warren, you crack me up. Wants to tell a native New Yorker what's what in NY. Really?
as another Jewish native New Yorker raised by a single mother I feel stronger because you've been calling out the Anti Semites
1. Love this photo of Irish writer, Maeve Brennan. She moved to NY when she was 17. Worked for Harper's & New Yorker.…
: From the Sunday crossword to the Styles section New York Times is a New Yorker's bible. Don't fail me.
Interesting huh .. This will go down as an all-timer from the New Yorker
Glenn Beck in the New Yorker: "Obama made me a better man." Had to check this wasn't Borowitz or Daily Shouts.
Glenn Beck sold his soul for a 500 word puff piece in the New Yorker.
Thanks UNLV Prof. Michael Green. "This is not a New Yorker humor piece, and it's a very interesting article."
If you aren't born here, to be a real New Yorker, you have to bring yo...
Pretty clear from this New Yorker article that the White House has gone to war with Comey over the Hillary probe.
A former New Yorker on why you need to see the Abilene Film Fest
so are you a Canadian, a New Yorker, a Tanzanian, a Kenyan, an Indian... Pls pick one
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