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New York (locally ) is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 27th-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 7th-most densely populated of the 50 United States. Jeremy Shu-How Lin (born August 23, 1988) is an American professional basketball player with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Jeremy Lin Is Back in New York, and So Is a Glimpse of the Old Linsanity
Jeremy Lin returns to New York, to play for the Nets -
Remembering the last time Jeremy Lin -- now a Brooklyn Net -- took over New York
Jeremy Lin heads back to New York to join Brooklyn Nets
Yahoo's Dan Devine on Hornets inbound to Zeller: "Steve Clifford used the Knicks' attention to ex-New York guard Jeremy Lin — …
I remember when Jeremy Lin was all over social media, news, on TV, everywhere. That dude was incredible in New York. Linsanity was the best.
Jeremy Lin's return to New York a far cry from 'Linsanity': The Lakers' 92-80 loss to the New Y...
Lebron to Cleveland, melo staying in broke New York, Jeremy Lin to LA, Paul Pierce to wizards, and Gasol to Chicago. This will be a very interesting season to say the least!
Okay Lakers, LeBron is back in Cleveland, Chris Bosh is back in Miami, Carmelo Anthony is back in New York, and all you have to show for this Free Agent period is Jeremy Lin and a head coaching vacancy?! REALLY?! How's that $48.5 million dollar contract to a 36 year old Kobe Bryant working out for you?
Jeremy Lin could be in Carmelo Anthony’s way once again. The Houston Rockets, long linked as a potential destination for Anthony, began their efforts to clear enough money from under their salary cap to make a run at a max player by agreeing to send Omer Asik to the New Orleans Pelicans for a 2015 first-round pick. Now, in order to sign Anthony when the Free Agency period opens on July 1, the Rockets will need to rid themselves of Lin, who went to Houston, partly because of Anthony’s reported dissatisfaction with the “Linsanity” craze that swept New York while Anthony was injured in 2012. Before Lin signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Rockets, it was nearly impossible to believe the Knicks would allow the biggest phenomenon in the NBA to leave town, but Anthony’s supposed unhappiness sharing the spotlight with Lin, and the duo’s clashing styles on the court, allowed the unthinkable to occur. While negotiations were ongoing in 2012, Anthony remarked: “It’s up to the organization ...
I am so tired of clueless Klein kids trying to act like they know basketball. Y'all know absolutely nothing. James Harden screwed the Rockets the entire game. Jeremy was literally the only reason they won. Basketball isn't all about stats. Yeah harden scored 24 a game, but his decision making is atrocious and he is quite possibly the worst defender in the history of the sport. Jeremy Lin is a point guard who needs the ball in his hands to be extremely effective. It's because of the system that he isn't as successful as he could be. Put him on the ball and let him run the offense instead of Harden and his numbers would be just like they were in New York. Kevin Mchale is a horrible coach and doesn't utilize him like he should. It's like the Nash situation in LA. You can't take a great point guard off the ball and expect them to play the same Even so, Lin is still effective and makes more of an impact than Harden. When Lin is in the game the Rockets are +34.7 and when he's out -25.4. It's incredibly annoyi . ...
There aren't many basketball stars who step off the bench and directly into the dictionary, but that's what happened last season when a third-string guard for the New York Knicks named Jeremy Lin spawned something so new, so crazy, so outside the realm of rational explanation that it demanded its own word: Linsanity. For a few weeks, the entire professional basketball world was in the throes of this Harvard educated Asian-American who battled his way through racial stereotypes to become a shooting star.Through his first five starts, the undrafted Ivy League point guard, scored 136 points more than any other player in league history. Not bad for a guy who had been spending his nights crashing on his brothers' and teammates' couches, uncertain of his future with the team. But then, just as quickly as Linsanity arrived in New York, it evaporated. First came an injury, and then he was on his way out of town bound for the Houston Rockets, and a three-year, $25 million contract. His days on the couch were over ...
ny knicks' jeremy lin story NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin story, of Asian-American kid out of Harvard who brought life back to Garden is American classic In the land of opportunity, Lin finally gets his chance and makes the most of it by Mike Lupica New York Daily NEWS - Sunday, February 12, 2012, 11:17 PM There are so many elements to what has happened already to Jeremy Lin, because the rest of the league missed him and the Knicks nearly did, because he comes from Harvard, because he is Asian-American, because basketball New York has fallen for him as suddenly and completely as it has. But as much as this is a basketball story, a New York story, a story about an Asian-American kid who has come from the end of the bench to become this kind of sudden star, the best part of it is that it is an American story. It is a story about immigrant parents and the country of possibilities they imagined, for themselves and their children, a story of hard work and perseverance and perhaps dreams most of all. American dreams. " ...
DELFINO PROPELS ROCKETS' WIN OVER NETS Visiting Houston Rockets outlasted host Brooklyn Nets, 106-96, in what appeared to be a high-scoring NBA game at Barclays Center in New York aired over Fox Sports this morning. Argentinian Carlos Delfino, who was acquired by Rockets in August last year, scored a season high 22 points coupled with five rebounds and five assists to lead the charge in the crucial final period. Delfino, a six-foot-six Small Forward, came to the rescue as Rockets' scoring leader James Harden and point guard Jeremy Lin struggled for points. Four other second unit players contributed 33 markers for the Rockets. After a string of 30-plus points in as many games, Harden finished only with 22 while Lin chipped in nine points and six assists. All-Star center Brook Lopez led the Nets with 27 points and six rebounds. Both teams started hot in the opening period, 34-31, but Nets had costly turnovers down the stretch. The host team managed to equalize the scores 7:45 minutes in the third canto, 64 ...
Deron Williams started hot, but he left the court dejected as Jeremy Lin had the last laugh. The two point guards with a history went head-to-head at the Toyota Center, and the final result – a 119-106 Rockets' victory Saturday – was again flattering for Lin against a New York opponent.
Top 10 NBA Players of 2013 Blockbuster trades and signings have placed some of the NBA’s best in new homes. While it remains to be seen how the players who were a part of the Dwight Howard trade will fair, there is no doubt that Howard himself will vie for a position among the best players in the NBA today. And so, with the 2012-13 NBA season only about a week away from commencement, here is a ranking of the best players. (Note: Kevin Love and Derrick Rose are not considered because of injuries.) 10. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks Although the Jeremy Lin saga took center stage in New York last season, Carmelo Anthony still put up over 21 points per game. He is one of the best scorers in the NBA along with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James—all who accompany him in this top-10 list. The Knicks have not performed well in the postseason over Anthony’s tenure in New York but injuries have not helped. The addition of Jason Kidd should help get the best out of An ...
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Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs The Rockets have to be feeling good about themselves after winning by 23 points on the road in Chicago on Christmas Night. James Harden and Jeremy Lin are picking up the pace at the moment for a team that has collected some high-profile wins in recent weeks. Houston also raised eyebrows around the NBA when it won in New York against the Knicks in the middle of December. This team clearly has the talent to beat San Antonio on that basis alone. The Rockets also took the Spurs to overtime a few weeks ago in one of the more entertaining NBA games of the young season, but that contest was in Houston. This game is in San Antonio, and the Spurs – blessed with a relatively light workload this past week (this will be only their second game in a five-day stretch, with the previous game being at home) – should be able to win convincingly. Add the Spurs to your NBA picks tonight.
Jeremy Lin was barely hanging on to an NBA job when he stepped on the floor at Madison Square Garden last February. He returns Monday having proven he's a legitimate starter and sometimes star, capable of energizing a franchise and a fan base, a player who saved his team's season and was rewarded with a lucrative contract. Linsanity was short but spectacular, and even the New York Knicks' locker room is filled with Lin admirers. Yet on the court, his old team hasn't missed him at all. "What he did was amazing. I mean, I was watching every game. He was hitting game-winners, he was doing all that. He was amazing," point guard Raymond Felton said. "But it's time to move on. We're 18-5, whatever the record is, we're 10-0 at home, so no need to talk about that no more." Lin makes his lone New York appearance with the Houston Rockets, who threw big dollars at Lin in July and were maybe just as surprised as so many others when the Knicks let them have him. They could have kept Lin simply by matching the Rockets' ...
Kobe Bryant Blames Media for Carmelo Anthony’s Struggles Last Season At the height of Linsanity, Carmelo Anthony became public enemy number one in New York. This season, with Jeremy Lin and Mike D’Antoni no longer in the picture, Anthony is putting together an MVP-caliber season. Kobe Bryant thinks the media was unfairly critical of Melo when things went sour. Per the NY Post: “Kobe Bryant was talking with his good friend Carmelo Anthony in the wake of the Linsanity fever that swept New York last season. Bryant had one question for Anthony. ‘What the *** are you doing?’ Bryant said. What Bryant said he saw was a guy who was simply not being himself. Last night, before he sprained an ankle, Anthony — as he has all season — was himself. ‘Melo was sensational,’ Bryant said after Anthony scored 30 points in 23 minutes before leaving the Knicks’ 116-107 victory over the Lakers with the injury. ‘He’s playing the way he’s always played throughout his career. He’s in an environment wh ...
HOUSTON – It was Linsanity. Except that it happened in a half-empty arena while almost everyone in town was watching Monday Night Football. It was Linsanity. Except that instead of pouring in 38 points over Kobe Bryant to take down the Lakers, he scored 38 points and kicked away the best chance to win the game with a turnover in the final seconds of regulation. OK, so it wasn’t quite the Linsanity that turned New York and the basketball world upside down for a couple of weeks last February. But at least Jeremy Lin finally showed some of the crazy stuff that made him a worldwide phenomenon and got him his $25 million free-agent contract with the Rockets. For the first time this season, Lin rained down 3-point shots and spun through the lane like a twister ripping off tins roofs. His spark nearly turned into a raging inferno that took down the Spurs. In addition to those career-high tying 38 points, there was 4-for-5 shooting from downtown, seven assists, two steals and just a light bulb of inspiration ...
Jeremy Lin may be gone, but the non stop chatter about him isn't. The constant comparison of Jeremy Lin to Raymond Felton along with the question of whether the Knicks are a better team with or without Jeremy Lin appears not be ending anytime soon. The newest rumor to flood out of New York's camp is...
UPDATE: The Houston Rockets stunned the New York Knicks, while the Memphis Grizzles returned to winning ways in the NBA on Friday. James Harden scored 33 points as the Rockets claimed a 131-103 victory over the Knicks in Houston. Houston point-guard Jeremy Lin added 13 points and seven rebounds in the first game against his former team, while Chandler Parsons had 31 points for the hosts. Carmelo Anthony posted a season-high 37 points for New York, who lost consecutive games for the first time this season. Meanwhile, Rudy *** recorded 21 points as the Grizzlies improved to a 9-2 record with a 106-98 home win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike Conley added 19 points for Memphis, while Zach Randolph chipped in with 17 points and 12 rebounds. The Lakers are yet to win on the road this campaign and have now dropped two straight games with new coach Mike D'Antoni on the bench. Elsewhere, the Boston Celtics ended a two-game losing streak with a 108-100 home victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tony Parker post ...
Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni. Same D'Antoni who got ran out of New York when he couldn't handle the mess of surprising star Jeremy Lin (Linsanity) and Carmelo Anthony who could not stay on the same page with Lin that included Amare' Stoudamire. D'Antoni won in Phoenix but didn't win in New York with the same offense so which D'Antoni will you get with his old point guard Steve "pick and roll" Nash and "Mr. triangle offense" Kobe Bryant? No defense. Just jacking up shots. Howard/Gasol? Really non factors, they will be in the pick and roll with very little low post action. D'Antoni's philosophy?, The defense IS the offense. Just out score your opponent every night and win, plain and simple. 3 pointers? Just let them fly. Who controls the offense/the basketball? Nash, not Kobe. Can/will old legs/bodies Lakers starting 5 (minus Howard) keep up running up/down the court fastng breaking against young legs of the Clippers/Thunder/Heat? We will find out. Not hiring Jackson? IMO, had to do more dealing with Jackson ...
Deron Williams said Saturday that Raymond Felton is a better playmaker than the point guard he replaced in New York, Jeremy Lin.
I disagree with commentators who are of the opinion that Eric Bledsoe`s improvement as a point guard have come because of signings Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups, he has just blossomed into a good PG even before the big signings much like Jeremy Lin in New York , had nothing to do with carmelo or any other guards who have walked in the garden. huh! am glad thats out of my chest!!!
Jeremy Lin: Pertinent Tyson Chandler's Comments About Rockets PG Jeremy Lin provided an amazing spark to the New York Knicks, and the team's fanbase in last season. As the "Linsanity" craze began to die down, however, his flaws were exposed and former teammate Tyson Chandler wasn't afraid to point that out. Chandler talked about Lin in relation to New York's new duo at point guard, Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd. The veteran center believes they will run the Knicks offense more efficiently than the breakout star, who's still learning how to play the position, according to Al Iannazzone of Newsday. Not only is it terrific analysis from a player who's played with several different point guards during his career, but it also points toward the biggest challenge facing Lin as he prepares to take over the reigns over the Houston Rockets offense. He must learn how to lead an offense over an 82-game span, not just for a couple weeks. Defenses will have adjusted to his playing style, which relies on quickness and a ...
Daydream image: Jeremy Lin still with the Knicks in a photo with Stevie Nicks. Wearing a jersey that says the New York nicks
Sanchez gets benched. Tebow starts. The Jets win the Super Bowl. And the city of New York becomes devout followers of Jesus Christ. Na, NYC is too sinful to deserve that. The city, after all, ex-communicated Jeremy Lin.
Watching this NBA game when Derek Fisher was on the Lakers playing against New York with Jeremy Lin.
Two Views of Raymond Felton as He Takes Over for Jeremy Lin in New York
Phil H. New York, NY 2/13/2012 Having Time Warner Cable as our primary cable carrier here in NYC is on the same level as the following - pick one. A) Sticking hot needles in your eyes B) Drinking gallons of warm sour chunky milk C) Shooting a nail gun into your skull D) Dousing yourself with gasoline and setting yourself on fire E) Being forced to watch every episode of Jersey Shore and Housewives of NYC F) All of the above The Dolan family rules over this cable empire and don't seem to give a crap about their customers. To still not work out an agreement all year long with the MSG Network so we can watch the Rangers and Knicks by this point is inexcusable. The Rangers are having an amazing season, and the Knicks have a wonderful story happening with Jeremy Lin but no one can watch the games because Time Warner *** *** Are you kidding me? Slow *** customer service, reception outages, over priced fees, the list goes on and on. Nice way to take care of your customers Time Warner Cable - NOT!
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This is Jeremey Lin bigger then the beatles arriving in taiwan (here comes western conference all star starter!!) this is my favorite quote: "Taipei, Aug. 4 (CNA) NBA sensation Jeremy Lin arrived Saturday in Taiwan, where he is expected to meet the media and fans" JLin does not need the New York market, he is going to make a lot of $ from marketing in Taiwan. They can buy a pair of $200 sneakers. "Average wealth in Taiwan is US$161,000, well above that of even the most successful developing and transitional countries, and it approaches that of some countries in Western Europe, the Credit Suisse Research Institute said."
Jeremy Lin was not only the toast of the town in New York, but around the National Basketball Association during the 2011-12 season...
Is Ichiro ready for New York -- and is New York ready for Ichiro? It’s hard not to see the Big Apple arrival of future first-round Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki as a kind of karmic consolation for the city’s loss of Jeremy Lin to the Houston Rockets. But there are there are significant differences--an...
Got my flip flops ready; I've decided to re-evaluate my anger towards the Knicks for letting Jeremy Lin go and continue to root for them. I still dislike James Dolan managing to make every decision but the right one; Amare's lack of defense; Carmelo hogging the ball and I hope Raymond Felton somehow is in shape and J-kidd will not get any more DUI's. I hope Mike Woodson stops giving the green light to J.R Smith and I hope that Tyson Chandler can score on something other than a lob. I do like the veteran presence on this team and hopefully that will guide them in a winning direction. Hopefully one day the rabid New York fans and media will one day allow the Knicks to properly build a team of parts that actually fit together instead of trading for players that other teams don't want. Hopefully they will one day realize that 1st round draft picks are actually important to keep.
Charles Barkley says Jeremy Lin will have more success in Houston than Tim Tebow will in New York
Steve Nash on Lakers; O.J. Mayo and Elton Brand on Dallas; Kidd on New York; Jeremy Lin let go by Knicks; Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis on Miami... hm who's next?
I wonder what the bigger story in New York will be - Rick Nash or Ichiro? All of a sudden Jeremy Lin is old news.
New York said get out Jeremy Lin, we're making room for your dad- Ichiro Suzuki!!!
Jeremy Lin, who signed a million deal with Houston this week, says he first realized his days in New York were numbered when the Knicks made a surprise move to get guard Raymond Felton.
Last night Raymond Felton said he was the best point guard in the league... No. Jeremy Lin did better in New York then you ever will.
Jeremy Lin was introduced as a Houston Rocket today. He probably had mixed feelings about the whole affair, considering his love for New York and his time with the Knicks. Maybe this goodbye card from his former teammates will help cheer him up.
James Dolan: "I felt betrayed and deceived by the 23 year old signing a deal with Houston" Knicks decide not to match the offer after no offer was given to Lin before the Rockets stepped in. Jeremy Lin: "I preferred New York" Dolan. Emotional *** much???
Players kind of like to be wooed. They like to feel in control in a season that could see them walking away from nearly half of their games internally chewing out their teammates, coaching staff or fan base. They want security, to be sure, but they also want to be in charge. And they don't want to promise to sign a contract extension as a stipulation that would lead to a trade to a team they're unfamiliar with. This is why the various general managers involved in Dwight Howard trade talks need to back off a bit, and understand what they're dealing with. Yes, relatively early in an offseason, it's a smart move to dig in and demand that someone like Howard or Andrew Bynum agree to a contract extension (obviously, for the full amount they're NBA-legal to give) because you still have 10 weeks until media day hits and training camp starts. Eventually, though, you're going to have to back off. [Related: Jeremy Lin to Sports Illustrated: Honestly, I preferred New York] For a few weeks, this may have been the maj ...
Jeremy Lin is going to Houston Rocket, but claimed that he love New York. Well, for sure Lin will miss Frank Sinatra's New York, New York.
"Quick get us Bobby Flay's opinion on Jeremy Lin leaving New York."
At 11 p.m. EST on Tuesday night, one hour before the New York Knicks needed to decide whether to match the Houston Rocket's three-year, $25.1 million contact offer to keep Jeremy Lin, the point guard's cellphone rang at his parents' home in Palo Alto, Calif. The call was from New York general manage...
Jeremy Lin was an example of the free market economics in motion. This is not personal but business but therein lies the contradiction. You don't structure one deal and then turn around and restructure the deal. James Dolan (who is not shy about spending money) felt more hurt and betrayal than anything else. Even honor among thieves and Jeremy Lin and his Houston cronies, his agent and entourage violated that causing the ire of one James Dolan. Houston may have also thought New York would match any offer may have bought off more than they can handle.
Linsanity has a new name: Lincome. With his trade from the New York Knicks to the Houston Rockets, NBA superstar Jeremy Lin, who turned the Big Apple crazy for Linsanity last year, is going to cash in during his stay in Texas more than he could imagine in New York.
Looking at Outside The Lines on ESPN and boy they are heated that Jeremy Lin isn't in New York anymore.lmaooo
Ok let me put it out there. First of all congratulation to Jeremy Lin on in contract. Well deserved. Now I can go back to not being a knicks fan. Lin in not in New York not because of his contract is to high that is just the story they are throwing out there. This is about Carmelo Anthony who cannot stomach sharing the limelight with Jeremy Lin. What the knicks don't realize is that Jeremy Lin can inspire people to play hard and to win. Carmelo is just not a leader but his ego will not let he see it. The got rid of all of the Jeremy Lin backers on the knicks, Jared Jeffries, Landry Fields. Let just hope they don't get rid of Iman Schumpert, but that dude is due to break out and you know Carmelo won't be able to handle that. I wish Jeremy all the best of luck and can't wait till the rockets play the knicks cause he is going to make them look foolish.
Only in America: Jeremy Lin play approximately 6 weeks in New York and now is going to be paid 25 million dollars. He was giving a nick name, the keys to the city, and made headlines everyday. Today's news is about how and why New York Knick did not match the Houston Rockets offer. This crap is "Tim Tebo on steroids" and goes to how far we will go to create more worthless heros.If Lin had stayed in New York they may have named a street after him. Heck, half the City still hates Patrick Ewing for not winning a championshp and he's in the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Sports Update: Anthony hopes Knicks keep Lin - WASHINGTON (AFP) Carmelo Anthony (R) and Jeremy Lin of the New York ...
Clippers signed Grant Hill which I'm stoked about and Knicks failed to match Rockets offer to Lin so Jeremy Lin is going to Houston. If you ask me New York made a huge mistake by letting him go, big time mistake.
New York nicks give up Jeremy Lin for Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton ?
So to recap... I back three basketball teams - Utah Jazz, New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers. Two years ago, the best player in the NBA left the Cavs and pretty much gave them a middle finger on the way out... then last year, my favourite player, Deron Williams, got traded from the Jazz (a month after I got his Jazz jersey), now this year, New York is about to cut my favourite player, Jeremy Lin, loose (also a month after I got my Lin cap). So... how much abuse am I expected to take from the NBA??? (Just as an aside my 3 teams have been to the finals 5 times since I've been following them. They're 0 for 5)
Sporting goods outlets in the New York metro area seem to agree with Carmelo Anthony's assessment that the Houston Rockets' three-year, $25.1 million dollar deal to Jeremy Lin won't be matched, as Knicks jerseys and t-shirts bearing Lin's No. 17 were relegated to clearance racks by midday on July 16...
I might not attend another Rockets or Astros game in my life time. Somebody think the paying public is stupid. 25.1 million dollars for Jeremy Lin for 3 years. He will get 14 million dollars his 3rd year. He was a 1 month wonderboy in New York. You get rid of Scola. That's crazy. Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, will be fired at the end of the next basketball season. The owner, Les Alexander is betting Lin will bring in a bunch of Asians to the games like when Yao Ming was here thus making the organization money. They still will not make the playoffs.
What seemed a certainty days ago — that the New York Knicks would match any offer sheet for restricted free-agent guard Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets — became quite unclear Saturday night, after the Knicks agreed to terms with free-agent guard Raymond Felton in a sign-and-trade deal with Portland. The Knicks also received forward/center Kurt Thomas from the Blazers for a second tour of duty in New York. In exchange, the Knicks sent forward Jared Jeffries and center Dan Gadzuric to Portland.
Lin-sanity over in New York?.perfect example why buying pro jerseys these days is a Bad Idea. EBay has a ton of Jeremy Lin jerseys real cheap this morning.go for the Clyde Frazier.or Willis Reed instead..
Raymond Felton is returning to New York, calling into question whether the Knicks plan to re-sign fellow point guard Jeremy Lin. Felton's agent confirmed a Yahoo Sports report Saturday that Felton would be signed and traded by Portland to New York. Lin has signed an offer s...
Jeremy Lin is young, has tremendous upside, and brought the kind of relevance to New York basketball it hasn't seen in years, and we're trading this away for Raymond Felton? Jimmy Dolan ***
Warning Rant a com'n: I am not a fan of Stephen A Smith. For you who do not know, he is a loud obnoxious sports commentator for ESPN. He is not a reporter because he never reports, he just commentates about what other people report. So anyways This guy is, yes, black. He always defends everything that black athletes do or gets. He is always saying if an athlete can get $200 mil, then good for that dude. So now all of a sudden an Asian American basketball player is looking for his payday by going from New York to Houston, Mr Smith is saying that this player cares only for the guaranteed money this Asian American player was gonna get. I'm not even a fan of this athlete, Jeremy Lin. I think he may be a flash in the pan, but it's not my money and if he can get it so what. But for this commentator who screams about racism in everyone of his rants and then say this guy is gready and selfish, well its screams of a certain double standard and affinity for his own color.
The New York Knicks will not match the $25 million contract offer Jeremy Lin has received from the Houston Rockets, the New York Post’s Marc Berman reports. The decision comes as the Knicks have agreed to a sign-and-trade with the Portland Trail Blazers that will send Raymond Felton to New York. Jason Kidd and Felton will be the Knicks’ point guards next season. The Knicks have until Tuesday at midnight to reconsider letting Lin to go Houston, but the organization is apparently not happy with how his deal with the Rockets materialized. Jeremy Lin's contract is "ridiculous," according to Carmelo Anthony. (AP Photo)Writes Berman, “The Knicks were bitter because they told Lin immediately the club would match the original offer and Lin apparently shared the information with the Rockets. Lin and Houston then plotted to redo it. Lin secretly flew into Las Vegas without informing the Knicks to renegotiate the contract and sign it.” New York was ready to match Houston’s initial offer of four years, $28. ...
If Stephen A. Smith's report is accurate (and the Knicks are denying it) Jeremy Lin will have gone from midseason hero to a new team in the next couple of days. Smith claims the Knicks are not going to match Houston's offer and instead will turn to newly acquired Raymond Felton and newly acquired Jason Kidd (assuming his legal problems can be resolved). Interesting how Lin lost favor in New York. He was once on the cover of SI two weeks in a row. Now he'll evidently be a major figure in the rebuilding of the Houston Rockets.
Jesus H. Christ! The Knicks are killing me. I get the Camby trade, but Raymond Felton for Jeremy Lin confuses me a little. Felton and Lin have almost the same skill set (in my opinion). They both play at a high pace, penetrate with relative ease and shoot very well. OK, so Felton may be a better assist man and is less turnover-prone, but considering what Lin brings off the court, trading him is a head scratcher. New York has for a long time, been starved for some kind, any kind of excitement at the Garden and as soon as they get it they let it go. Good luck selling that one to the fans. And btw, *** are we supposed to do with Kurt Thomas' old a$$. That guy could barely get up and down the floor the last time he was here. And they traded our best YOUNG forward off the bench too. I really thought we were moving forward, but Thomas for Jeffries?... SMFH
Jeremy Lin is on the verge of leaving New York after signing a $25M offer sheet with the Houston Rockets. They signed up Jason Kidd & traded for Raymond Felton. Where does Lin fit? Silly Knicks. Melo & Amare cant share the ball around when Linsanity is running & gunning. Bye Yao Ming, hello JLin.
Story on Raymond Felton sign and trade and the question of whether Jeremy Lin's run is over in New York -
Is the Jeremy Lin era already over in New York? Latest reports suggest Knicks will acquire PG Raymond Felton:
I'm in New York tossin dimes like I'm Jeremy Lin - Domo Genesis
New York head coach Mike Woodson reiterated yesterday that the Kicks will “absolutely” match the offer sheet the Houston Rockets presented to Jeremy Lin and the Asian-American phenomenon will enter training camp as the starting point guard. The 23-year-old Lin, who suffered a torn left meniscus i...
Nike Air Force 1 – Jeremy Lin | Available: The latest reports out of New York have Jeremy Lin unhappy with the K...
Memo to Jim Dolan and everyone involved in running the Knicks: Jeremy Lin - match Houston's offer - PLEASE! It's great that you drafted one of my fellow Hellenes and that you re-signed Steve Novak. Now please sign Jeremy Lin again. He was responsible for renewing my interest in the NBA and the Knicks. And if he leaves New York because you didn't do all you could to sign him, I'll find other things to do with my time. Nuff said.
Here come the haters lol…. Its has been announced that Ray Allen is signing with the Miami Heat, while Jason Kidd opts to move on from the Dallas Mavericks and come to New York where he will play back up and mentor to Jeremy Lin.
What a sports week: Steve Nash is a laker. Joe Johnson and Deron Williams are playing together in Brooklyn. Jeremy Lin is playing in Houston. Ray Allen is taking his talents to South Beach. Marcus Camby is going to either New York or Miami. Tiger Woods wins a tourney, and 6 days later misses the cut in another. For 3 months prior to the fight, Chael Sonnen runs his mouth, but in the last two days, when pushed or shouldered by Anderson Silva, he freezes and can't ven make eye contact. Tomorrow, Tito Ortiz fights his last fight, and Silva hopefully extinguishes any doubt about his dominance. Oh, and the Olympics are nearly here, not to mention America reigns supreme in the hot-dog eating competition yet again (Chestnutt!). What a great time to be a Sports Fan!
-According to sources, Lakers no longer asking for an extension commitment from Dwight Howard. Lakers are positive that Howard would love L.A. and sign an extension at the end of the season. No trade talks going on between the teams at the moment though. -Antawn Jamison had a good meeting with Charlotte and could play a veteran role their. But Jamison has been working out with Golden State and Stephen Curry in particular and likes their improving roster. -New York is expected to match any offer for Jeremy Lin now with the arrival of Jason Kidd. Knicks also working hard to re-sign JR Smith. -LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have aggressively been recruiting Ray Allen to play in Miami... Chris Paul is also working hard to bring him to LA, but with the addition of Jamal Crawford, doesn't look likey anymore.
Jeremy Lin only played 35 games for New York. So, 194 days after the Houston Rockets waived Jeremy Lin, on a contract worth $613,474, they offer him a 4-year, $28.8M deal. Say what? No wonder more people show up to MLS Houston Dynamo games than NBA Houston Rocket games! :)
One day after the Knicks missed out on Free Agent point guard Steve Nash and hours after they surprisingly landed former Dallas point guard Jason Kidd, the Houston Rockets made a strong attempt to steal New York's restricted Free Agent point guard, Jeremy Lin.
So before the start of this past NBA season Marc Cuban decided to dismantle parts of his Championship team by showing the door to Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea and Corey Brewer. All so he can save some money and be better prepared to make a run for Deron Williams and Dwight Howard this summer during free-agency. So we fans had to endure a horrible season in which we saw Lamar Odom have a meltdown, countless injuries, embarrassing losses and then ultimately a quick playoff sweep by the Thunder. Fast-foward to present day...we traded Lamar Odom to the Clippers, Deron Williams re-signed with the Nets, Dwight Howard only wants to be traded to the Nets, Jason Terry is leaving Dallas for Boston, Jason Kidd is leaving Dallas for New York, Steve Nash was traded to the Lakers and Jeremy Lin should be joining the Rockets. Well looks like Dallas missed out on pretty much every prized free-agent this off-season! Dirk Nowitzki and Vince Carter are now the biggest names on the team. Thank god they achieved a NBA Title bef ...
The pressure is on New York to match a backloaded offer from Houston to keep Jeremy Lin in the Big Apple.
Jeremy Lin is garnering a bunch of interest, New York is believed to be the front runner then theres Houston, Dallas, Golden State, Toronto, and Phoenix! He definitely deserves a Mid-Level exception from a contending team.
It has been a foregone conclusion for months that Jeremy Lin will re-sign with the New York Knicks, but sources close to the situation say the return of the Free Agent point guard is not as certain as it once seemed. While both Lin and the Knicks are hoping for a reunion, sources say that if any clubs offer Lin, a restricted Free Agent, a backloaded contract that pays him an eight-figure salary in the third and fourth years, the Knicks could be given pause about matching the offer. With the new collective bargaining agreement employing a more punitive luxury tax, beginning in the 2013-14 season, the Knicks are extremely concerned about the financial ramifications of such a deal. Toronto is perhaps the only team that might consider offering Lin a backloaded contract, known as a "poison pill" deal. The Raptors are currently going all-out to sign Steve Nash. Toronto has offered Nash a three-year deal worth $36 million, sources told's Marc Stein. But if Nash, who is also considering Phoenix, New York ...
It's a great to be a New York sports fan. Victor Cruz, Jeremy Lin, Chris Kreider and R.A. Dickey.
Ray Allen to the Heat? Brandon Roy coming back from retirement? Nash to New York? Dwight to the Rockets? And oh yah Jeremy Lin could be moving as well. I love NBA!
B' Ball Ruminations... Why is LeBron James deemed a villian for leaving the city of Cleveland when the entire Oklahoma City Thunder organization left the city of Seattle for no good reason except the ownership wanted to abscond with them to his hometown? No one has cast OKC as villians...Intersting double standard. Can anyone tell me what exactly the NY Knicks think they would accomplish by bringing in Steve Nash? An over the hill point gaurd who doesn't play any better defense than Jeremy Lin? To win a championship? That wont happen. New York fans are pathological and obsessed. I guess cuz they're New York all their sports teams should win titles every year. Ridiculous. And their pathology seems to transfer to the ownership of each team cuz they all (including the Yankees) make stupid moves and sign players to dumb contracts trying to buy championships or at least legitimacy. The Knicks...they should build their team with good role players around Carmelo Anthony (Stoudemire is on the way and ...
Tim Tebow was kicked to the curb from Denver for Peyton Manning; could the same happen to Jeremy Lin in New York with Steve Nash?
All-Star point guard Steve Nash, an unrestricted Free Agent, said Wednesday that he would weigh an offer from the New York Knicks, should they choose to make one. "The Knicks are a great franchise and I live in New York City (each summer), so I'd definitely consider them if they were interested," the Phoenix Suns' mainstay said at a promotional appearance in Manhattan. Anthony Gruppuso/US PresswireNash is an eight-time All-Star and two-time MVP. The Knicks, however, will be hampered in Free Agency. Because they likely will lose out in early-bird rights arbitration, which hasn't been decided yet, they'll only have veterans' minimum contracts to offer Free Agents. And that's if Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak don't re-sign, which is highly doubtful. Also at Wednesday's event was Knicks legend and MSG Network analyst Walt Frazier, who told Nash, "We need you to come to New York!" Nash said he was "flattered" to hear that from Frazier, who believes the Knicks need to land a veteran point guard. Nash is the front-r ...
"isn't it ironic that Stephon Marbury is in China and Jeremy Lin is in New York?" 😂😂😂
The Post’s Steve Serby sat down with Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin to talk about his life as an instant New York superstar, his faith and more.
As a Philly fan, I am ecstatic to see Tebow ruin the Jets, and watch Jeremy Lin run the Knicks into the ground. Just keep talking about New York sports, and watch the Philly teams swoop in under the radar, just watch. I bet no one on here knows the 76ers are leading their division, and the Eagles traded for Demeco Ryans.
Can Knicks guard Jeremy Lin add to his legend in New York? - Phil Taylor - via
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Some star players from New York's second rate teams (David Wright of the Mets, Darrelle Revis of the Jets, John Tavares of the Islanders, and Jeremy Lin of t...
I swear I low LA but when it's ready to end, Ima be in New York talkin to dimes like I'm Jeremy Lin. - Domo Genesis
Perhaps it's only fitting the Toronto Raptors reportedly have eyes for Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.
Lin out Game 5, likely for rest of series New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Jeremy Lin will n
Knicks Rumors: Mike Woodson Deserves Contract Extension After NY's Late Charge: The New York Knicks were a talented team trending in the wrong direction before Mike Woodson replaced Mike D'Antoni. Ever since, the Knicks have played a lot better and earned a playoff spot, which should be enough to earn Woodson the full-time job. New York went 18-6 during the regular season under Woodson and avoided a sweep against the Miami Heat with a victory in Game 4. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports the late charge will be enough to earn Woodson a contract extension: When you consider all the things Woodson had to overcome to win 18 of the final 24 games, his record as coach becomes even more impressive. Most notable are the injuries to Jeremy Lin and Amar'e Stoudemire, which forced role players to step up. It was clear the Knicks had lost their way under D'Antoni. The team was wise to make a move during the season to see if the problem was actually the coach or the players, and it turned out that D'Anton ...
New York athletes are cursed?First it was Jeremy Lin,then Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire of the Knicks ended their season on injures now the greatest reliever of all-time Mariano Rivera of the Yankees tears his acl how worst can it get.I wish all a speedy recovery with their rehab.
Jeremy Lin sits down with Rachel Nichols about his maturation to a global icon, from Harvard to the NBA, and from the bench to the court. All rights reserved...
GROWING CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE OF TWO YOUNG MEN Two prominent young Christian athletes have been named to Time magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People in the World.” New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin made the list, even though one is a backup (Tebow) and the other will miss the remainder of his season due to injury (Lin). In reporting the story, The Washington Post wrote of Tebow, “The backup quarterback for the New York Jets has become a polarizing figure in football, in part because of his outward displays of Christian faith.” That’s how the world sees forthright Christians these days — if they talk about their faith, they are controversial or polarizing or divisive. Despite the jabs they often receive, these two young men are willing to keep talking about the importance of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In the midst of a constant barrage of sports controversies, Tebow and Lin remain humble and examples of how Christians should conduct ...
so why isn't anyone talking about Avery Bradley like they talked about Jeremy Lin??? New York knows how to hype people up
New York, you should be ashamed of yourself. Jeremy Lin beat Mariano, Jeter, and Eli as most beloved in NY. Championships > Winning Streak
Odds that Jeremy Lin pulls a Brandon Roy and plays in New York's first round playoff series (assuming they make it): 100 percent.
Its really insulting to know that Jeremy Lin is the most popular New York team player.. He beat Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and Victor Cruz
Mike James says he almost took Jeremy Lin's place on the New York roster. Details here, via
Podcast: Mavs GM Donnie Nelson talks about Jeremy Lin blowing up in New York, how he discovered the point guard ...
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