New York & Empire State Building

New York (locally ) is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States. New York is the 27th-most extensive, the 3rd-most populous, and the 7th-most densely populated of the 50 United States. The Empire State Building is a 102-story landmark skyscraper and American cultural icon in New York City at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. 5.0/5

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Today in 1931 - Empire State Building opens in New York. Have you been to the top?
New York's Empire State Building lights up with fashion photos to celebrate the 150th anniversary of style magazine Harper's Bazaa…
I want to go to New York so bad. The MET, Empire State Building, Carnegie, Radio City, Times Square and Central Park Zoo. 😭😭😭
Sure, Beast has a nice library, but Kong will bring you on an amazing date in New York, with Ice Skating and Empire State Building.
Very snowy day in New York. Ghost of the Empire State Building on the right.
Our Brandon Meyer is in New York and shared this photo today... "Top of the Empire State Building! Austin Kelley traveling…
Seeing the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in programmes makes me want to go back to New York so much 😭😭
Visited the Empire State Building after a fun morning at the TravelClick New York office
Philly to New York with friends, the Fifth Avenue, Centre park, The Met, Empire State Building...wonderful view☺️
Empire State Building and a London favorite in New York: Pret A Manger
Check out this incredible shot of the moment lightning struck New York's Empire State Building, captured by https:…
The flea can jump up to 200 times its own height. This is equal to a man jumping the Empire State Building in New York.
100% of America is so embarrassed that Donald Trump has won New York that even the Empire State Building has gone red.
Last day in New York. Spent the day shopping with my girls, went to The Empire State Building, Rockefeller...
"are you going to stay in the Empire State Building when your in New York?" -
Elizabeth Hurley - Photoshoot at the Empire State Building in New York, October 2015
Every time I'm in New York, I say a little prayer when passing the Empire State Building. A good friend of mine died up there. - Fay Wray
Arrived in New York for fashion week... And we have a sweet view of the Empire State Building!
Tonight's sunset on the Empire State Building & Statue Of Liberty in New York . (📷:
IMAGE: Empire State Building in New York has lit up with colours of the French flag.
Whenever a New York Sports team loses, I look at the Empire State Building I'm like, "Aww, let 'em have it" and giggle maniacally.
The eclipsed supermoon rising above the Empire State Building antenna in New York.
9:54 PM: King Kong falls off the Empire State Building. 9:58 PM: The people of New York feast on delicious gorilla meat.
Meet the company that brought Goddess Kali to New York's Empire State Building
Goddess Kali projected on New York's Empire State Building - The Times of India
New York home of the Empire State Building of Olive Gardens.
New York's Empire State Building glows green for Ramadan. It's the Democrat strategy: Kiss enuf butt = no more 9-11s. h…
"New York City. Home to the Empire State Building of olive gardens."
New York's Empire State Building glows green to mark Eid al-Fitr holiday at the end of Ramadan
New York's Empire State Building lights up green to honor Muslims on
I took this almost 1 year ago, I'm dreaming of New York again!! 🇺🇸 @ Empire State Building
Let's go to New York and go to the top of the Empire State Building 😍
It's a gorgeous night to have New York at my feet! @ Empire State Building 86th…
In honour of World Autism Awareness Day the Empire State Building glows blue in New York
New York's Manhattan is pictured from the Observatory of the Empire State Building on a clear night in the Big Apple
Hugh Jackman mock climbs Empire State Building as he and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop celebrate Australia Day in New York on Friday
It's officially Christmas in New York so the Empire State Building (seen from our hotel room) is green and red 😍
I have been to New York at Apr 1990 and Nov 2005,also. My favorite place is "Empire State Building". Mitsumasa
Actual story intro: "The future British king has followed in the footsteps of King Kong by scaling the Empire State Building in New York."
“Pretty colors on the Empire State Building tonight in New York 🇬🇧 I love It there!!
I overheard my son saying he would like to get high in New York. I think it's great he wants to go up the Empire State b…
It's sad I've live in New York for 14 years and never been to Bronx zoo or Statue Of Liberty or the top of the Empire State Building
Stay with us for convenient access to great New York attractions like Empire State Building
Taylor was afraid to move into New York and now the Empire State Building is lighting up for her
Is that the Empire State Building? I can't see KingKong on the top, mostly they ARE in the street.. lots of em — feeling nga naa sa New York
This photo of the New York Cityscape was shot from the 86th floor of Empire State Building. New York.
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For those in New York, here's a little info' on adding some zest and zing to the City's Empire State Building:...
On July 28th, 1945, a US Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of New York's Empire State Building, killing 14 people.
How did I miss this? Amazon to open its first store in New York, across from the Empire State Building via
I would go to New York know just to see the Empire State Building light up like that
Depart Edmonton June 9, 2014 to spend 3 nights at New York New York Las Vegas! Start spreading the news: You can vacation in Vegas while staying in New York City. At New York-New York, the ambience of the Big Apple meets the busiest intersection of the Las Vegas Strip. Visitors who stay here can also take advantage of Broadway-caliber entertainment, alluring nightlife and a death-defying roller coaster. This Westjet Vacations package is available for only $561.00 plus tax of $128.00 for a total price of $689.00! Every single detail of New York-New York harkens back to NYC, starting with the famous skyline. It features 12 room towers designed to re-create the Empire City's most famous skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Century Building and the Ziggurat Building. Visitors will also discover a 150-foot replica of the Statue Of Liberty and a 300-foot-long copy of the Brooklyn Bridge. Plus, the exterior reflects distinctive New York City landmarks like the IRT Power St ...
Empire State Building shines its lights in New York Yankees pinstripes in honor of Derek Jeter v
Empire State Building lights up to honor Derek JeterUpdated: By: FOX and Melissa GundersenAn iconic New York landmark bids farewell to a Yankee legend.The New York skyline was illuminated in blue and gold Sunday night. It was a way for the Empire State Building to pay tribute to former Yankees short…
This photo taken from the Empire State Building, New York, shows RFA Fort George, HMSs Invincible and Cornwall in July 2004. Also Concorde trying to land on an American flat topper, allegedly she parted all the arrester wires before aborting (yeah right) Many thanks to George Walton for the picture,
While travelling to New York City, I was walking around the Manhattan and came in front of the Empire State Building through 5th Avenue. Standing there, I took this shot from the other side of the street with a wide angle lens.
Ted & Ger met with Sandra South & Les Simpson Sheila & Bobby Cooper in New York! this is us on the Empire State Building. Missing you guys. Thanks for a wonderful day. Xxx
Tell me a romantic New York story. Remember your date to Governor's Island/Elsa's/the Empire State Building? Like that. I'd say "for a story" but really it's for my own story/edification and because I love love so isn't that enough?
day 30 you would be an architecture? which one you would be? Over the past weeks body painter Trina Merry has been filling the streets of New York with body painted models. Using her brush to seamlessly camouflage their body into the world behind, she’s been painting her mostly nude subjects in front of famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Guggenheim Museum, Empire State Building, Central Park and the New York City skyline.
As a team Flight Centre Noosa Civic has explored almost every continent on Earth (most of them twice!)... We have visited the Taj Mahal in Agra; the Eiffel Tower in Paris; the Colosseum in Rome; the Empire State Building in New York; the Pyramids of Egypt; Big Ben in London; Niagra Falls in Canada; and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. We have dived the best dive spots in the world. We've shopped with the best of them in New York and London. We've braved the overnight trains and buses throughout Asia. We have bartered our way through the markets of India, China, and southeast Asia. We have ridden camels into the Sahara. Climbed the Great Wall of China, Cruised down the Nile in Egypt and safaried our way through Africa! And best of all we have lived to tell the tale and share our experiences with you!! Our experienced travel consultants are waiting to build your next amazing travel experience... give us a call...
Sounds like Jenna is having a blast. New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island to name a few. She got to see her favorite TV show stores Cake Boss and Kleinfelds and Time Square and Empire State Building. Doing college visits for her cousin also. Brown, Princeton, and Columbia to name a few. What an awesome trip! Can't wait to see you tomorrow Jenna!!!
I have a treat for all of you. A picture of the Empire State Building from a boat in New York (on the Hudson River)
High above New York City today, a silent anniversary of what happened 69 years ago at the Empire State Building. Brian Williams reports:
I like New York.. Up the Empire State Building.. Good view...nice .place...nice to ..loved China Town..
Empire State Building, New York: 1930s construction/present day
Joseph C.'s Review of Empire State Building - New York (5/5) on Yelp -
New York for 2 in Midtown West! UP TO 19% OFF Vacation Apartment from €59 per night Book Now! situated in the Midtown West district, this 250 sq ft accommodation sleeps up to 2 people comfortably. The vibe of this neighborhood can be seen in the stylish restaurants, fashion boutiques and cool bars that are on offer. Within a short 5 minute walk from your apartment is Times Square and 15 minutes away is Central Park where a horse and carriage ride around the park is a worthwhile experience. Other attractions of Manhattan you must see is the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building which is 25 minutes walk respectively. Access to the other districts of New York is made easy with the use of the metro station on 50th St.
Absolutely adore New York. Smashed out the tourist hotspots today seeing Wall St and the charging bull, 9/11 museum and fountains, Tiffany's, Soho, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn, the Statue Of Liberty, Queens, the United Nations building and countless other awesome things. A day and a half in this wonderful city is not enough - certainly will be back!!!
Beautiful day in New York. Heading for Empire State Building appreciate
Did you know ? " The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan (the cube) is said to be one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. " - The findings show that the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, which opened in May 2006, is more popular than many other well-known tourist sites such as St Paul's Cathedral in London, the Reichstag in Berlin and the Washington Monument in the US capital. - The store, which features a giant glass cube facade with a suspended Apple logo inside, is also the fifth most photographed landmark in New York after sites such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and Grand Central Station. Know more:
Climb aboard ZEPHYR, a one-of-a-kind luxury yacht, for an opportunity to view New York City from the comfort of multiple climate-controlled decks. Surrounded by spectacular sights outside and elegant amenities inside, you will glide past many of New York's most legendary landmarks, including the Statue Of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. From start to finish, ZEPHYR provides a unique fun-filled experience. A cash bar is available on board to keep you refreshed along the way. Departs from Pier 16 in the historic South Street Seaport in Downtown Manhattan. 9:15 Boarding 9:45 Set Sail 12:00 We dock but the DJ keeps on rocking Free Admission to Highline Ballroom After Party with ticket. This is event is 21+ with proper ID
SO, the riddle is solved, the "Hollywood-types" who hosted, keynoted, and were special guests at the gala 2014 Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York were none other than: Michelle Obama [via satellite on the DiamondVision,] Nick Cannon, Kay Walking Stick, Emmy® Award–winning actor David Strathairn, and Zac Posen from Project Runway. David Strathairn recently played Civil War era Secretary of State, William H. Seward in Steven Spielberg's epic film "Lincoln." Immediately following the National Ceremony was the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Benefit at the The Edison Ballroom. In addition to a fabulous dinner, this annual fundraising event featured readings by David Strathairn and further recognition of the program’s exceptional creative teens. Also on Friday, two giant Times Square screens promoted the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, thanks to support from Viacom, and the iconic Empire State Building shined its tower lights in gold to honor the talent of all national Award "G . ...
There is a monstrous video screen with Will Ferrell's mug shouting "Go Kings Go," and other ravings about losing his mind, in the shadow of the Empire State Building. The video screen is on the corner of 33rd and 7th avenue, one of the busier intersections in New York. For those unfamiliar with the…
Tired but still on a high from my five day trip to New York for the Book Expo America. I had a fantastic time at the Expo and touring Manhattan with Tommy! We took hundreds of pictures,.We loved and filled every minute.( We didn't get back to the hotel from the Empire State Building until 1;15 A.M. Sunday morning.). One of the highlights for both of us was worshipping at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church this past Sunday. It is truly an amazing experience to worship and share communion with God's people in a church that truly welcomes ALL people from every place and every walk of life, from the most affluent to the homeless.
hey everyone hello from manhattan I cannot believe how wonderfull New York is I'm am doing so many great things Empire State Building was amazing and New York at night with Time Square lit up like day time going to broadway show today 9/11 memorial and Yankees game c u all way to soon
"Sleepless in New York"... I finally made my night tour on the Empire State Building - THANKS to Nate, my new friend 3:) THAT WAS F**ING AMAZING!
I'm getting so excited about my trip to New York . Staying in Manhattan for a week! Going to the Broadway play Rock of Ages, Yankee's game, Kelly and Michael show, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Statue Of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum. Still working on Letterman tickets with Kelley Miller.
June 19-23 you have the unique opportunity to see New York. We have several openings for our trip. We will see two plays, attend acting workshops, see the Empire State Building, the 9-11 Memorial and our own choir students sing with a mass choir at Carnegie Hall. If you are interested, PM me and I will get you the details. This is for adults or students and they don't have to be from Tulare. All are welcome to join us!
Our last day in HECTIC New York but it was so exciting we walked across Brooklyn Bridge we went to the top of the Empire State Building (got ripped off wasn't happy) and then topped the day of by going to Broadway and seeing the show Chicago and then a walk through Time Square.
I had a dream last night I went to go visit my mom - she had moved to New York and lived in an apartment overlooking the empire State Building and had a store built into it ... also Michael Warden and I texted
I am having a great time in New York City!!! We have packed so much into our first 3 days!!! Empire State Building, a singing cafe, the broadway show Wicked, the Today Show, touching Tim Mcgraw, a Bus Tour, the 9/11 memorial(it was breathtaking), Chinatown, shopping in stores that I could NEVER buy something in, a yummy bakery and dinner at a wonderful pizzeria with the Donohue's and the Buckley's. I wonder what we are going to do today?
How have I been to New York City many of times and actually "lived" there for about 4 months total but have never been to Central Park, the Empire State Building, on Ellis Island, Rockefeller Center, Coney Island, St Patricks Cathedral, or 5th Avenue. Looks like a trip is needed, *** it!
my American dream is to view the sights of New York City from observation Deck at the Empire State Building
New York at night from the Empire State Building! :) @ Empire State Building
Things I want to see and do in New York: visit Ground Zero 911 memorial: visit the vast Central Park : Empire State Building: take a boat over to Statan Island: visit David Zwiners gallery : sit in Times Square on an evening watching the street entertainment: Have my photo taken with Statue Of Liberty!
Today is Thursday, May 1, the 121st day of 2014. There are 244 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On May 1, 1898, Commodore George Dewey gave the command, "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley," as an American naval force destroyed a Spanish squadron in Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. On this date: In 1707, the Kingdom of Great Britain was created as a treaty merging England and Scotland took effect. In 1786, Mozart's opera "The Marriage of Figaro" premiered in Vienna. In 1911, the song "I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)," by Harry Von Tilzer and Will Dillon, was first published. In 1931, New York's 102-story Empire State Building was dedicated. Singer Kate Smith made her debut on CBS Radio on her 24th birthday. In 1941, the Orson Welles motion picture "Citizen Kane" premiered in New York. In 1960, the Soviet Union shot down an American U-2 reconnaissance plane over Sverdlovsk and captured its pilot, Francis Gary Powers. In 1961, the first U.S. ...
Good morning everyone! Today in 2007, the House of Commons unanimously apologized to former students of Canada's Residential Schools for the trauma they suffered as a result of policies intended to assimilate Indian, Inuit and Metis children into mainstream society. Also today in 1931, the $40 million Empire State Building was completed in New York, holding the title of the world's tallest building for two decades and in 1960, Cold War tensions reached one of their highest levels when an American spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union. Powers was later sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was released in a spy exchange 18 months later. Have a good one!
Best view in New York is NOT from the Empire State Building, but from Rockerfeller Center.
Freeezing New York! Breakfast in Times Square then the hunt for a coat with all the shops filled no jackets in their new spring lines . More shopping ... Bugger... Haaa! New boots yay! Empire State Building, spring time tulips my favourite flower, Wall St, A very moving Ground Zero and a beautiful dinner and wine in Little Italy, now for a martini watching the New York sunset overlooking the Hudson. Spectacular day x
New York travelogue entry 1: Found the cutest little hotel to stay in. Hotel 31 on East 31st near Park Ave. and Empire State Building. Very old. Small rooms with 15' ceilings and wood trim. Shared bathroom but clean and unique. Inexpensive by NYC standards. Elevator with the gate and door. If you take the stairs it's a lot like the ones in The Big Bang Theory.
50 Years ago they put the Ford Mustang on the Empire State Building in New York! They did the same thing for today!
The video doesn't do this justice. If you're in New York and can see the Empire State Building it's really pretty. Does anyone know why they did this tonight? (Taken out of my bedroom window)
Two of the world’s most recognizable icons are coming together April 16-17, as the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang convertible will be on display on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York. The display – replicating the same feat from nearly 50 years ago – coincides with the global c...
Fritz Henle: “New York - Empire State Building from my window at the Americana", c. 1960.
this is what midnight in New York from the top of the Empire State Building looks like🌃❤️
Just a few things to see in New York. The public library (can't wait to see Patience and Fortitude - the two lions that flank the entrance) St Patrick cathedral, Ground Zero, Top of the rock, Times Sq, Central Park, Empire State Building and so much more. Two more sleeps, but boy is sleep difficult to do!!
Visitors reaching the 86th floor of New York's Empire State Building may not get the view they expect, come April 16-17. Sure, you'll still be able to look out across the Big Apple as normal, across the myriad skyscrapers and the large green block of Central Park, but you'll also see an example of.
Some fun facts about NYC. * The Empire State Building has its own zip code. * The East River is not a river, it’s a tidal estuary. * There is a secret train platform in the Waldorf Astoria hotel. * The winter of 1780 was so harsh in New York that New York harbor froze over. People could walk from Manhattan to Staten Island on the ice. * Eating a New York bagel is equivalent to eating one-quarter to one half of a loaf of bread. * It costs $1 million to get a license (medallion) to operate a taxicab. * The first pizzeria in the United States was opened in NYC in 1895. * There are tiny shrimp called copepods in NYC’s drinking water.
The Ford Mustang officially turns 50 on April 17, 2014 and as you may have guessed the Blue Oval has a lineup of events planned to help celebrate the anniversary. These include a repeat of the 1964 stunt where a Mustang was taken to the roof of the Empire State Building in New York, as well as two.
Some armchair historians are wondering about the end of Prohibition reference.A little extra info "While the 21st amendment would not take effect for several more months, prohibition effectively ended on April 7, 1933 when the Blaine Act (passed on Feb. 17, 1933) went into effect -- modifying the Volsted Act to legalize 3.2 beer (3.2 percent alcohol by weight, 4 percent by volume). To celebrate, Augustus Busch Jr. and Adolphus Busch III presented their father with the original set of the famous Clydesdales, who carried the first case of legalized Budweiser to be presented to New York governor Al Smith in front of the Empire State Building on that day."
Just received a FaceTime from my dad outside the Empire State Building in New York, jealous is not the word.
Jet lag finally subsiding. New York was really good and I implore anyone who hasn't been to go. Go to Manhattan and just walk around, take in the smells of the steak houses, donuts, coffee, and all other wonderful smells. Feel the vibration of the subway under your feet, listen to the chatter of the New York man/woman as she/he goes about their business. Look up and randomly see the World Trade Centre, the Empire State Building or peek through the buildings and see the Statue Of Liberty in the distance. Go to Little Italy and order a Canoli, call in at Lindys and have an original NY Cheesecake. Order a NY Strip Sirloin. Go to Macy's and discover that there actually isn't an alley behind there as Rachel once said, and of course venture down to Greenwich Village and find 'the' apartment. Go to Central Park and feel the serenity within a bustling city, watch the dog walkers and runners fly by as you contemplate a visit to The Boathouse for a well earned beverage. Call in at Union Square to sample some p ...
Just had a great visit to the Empire State Building, now having a drink and bite to eat. New York is Amazing!
And the night ends with the Empire State Building. So long New York! Hello New Jersey Turnpike!
Lunch atop the Empire State Building in construction, New York, 1932
Announcement: I thought I'd use the 'social media' to announce that the Cissna Park High School Music students are selling cookie dough now through March 17th. This year is a very important year for them as they are raising money for our upcoming trip to New York in May!!! We are leaving on May 7th for New York. The band will be playing with the West Point Military Academy band on May 8th! We we also be touring downtown New York, attending a broadway show, going to the 911 memorial, Empire State Building and more! Would you please consider supporting these students by purchasing a tub of cookie dough or a simple donation would be wonderful? Thank you so very much! :)
As the golden sun sets on the Manhattan district of New York the Empire State Building is visible as a reflection off another equally tall skyscraper
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What a great view looking north along the Hudson. The George Washington Bridge is being built, and I believe that the Triborough Bridge was also under construction in 1930. As well, the Empire State Building was going up. All of that in the first year of the Great Depression. We should try that approach today. In fact, a bit further north of this scene, a replacement for the much-maligned Tappen Zee Bridge is beginning to take shape. That is the biggest public works project we have seen in New York for some time. Probably since the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built.
July 4th Fireworks Cruise & sightseeing tour, 2 night stay at the Westin hotel. Also have a choice of admission to Empire State Building or Museum of the City of New York. Let's plan your 4th of July celebration now. Inbox for details and pricing. Don't forget to share.
John Kerry is trying to revive a the old scam about Global Warming. When I say Old it started in 1895 with the scares about a new ice age, Then in 1934 it was Global Warming scare and some blame on carbon from Auto exhaust. Then in 1975 it was global cooling again, There was a claim Canada would be covered with Ice, New York would be destroyed with only the Empire State Building sticking out threw the Ice. Next 2006 Global Warming again. This time a lot of people can make a lot of money from it now. They are willing to make up data or change data. Place temp. reading equipment in Places that will automatically get higher readings as a city grows. One of the major goals is wealth redistribution. Everyone except the one on top gains something from that
Seeing as it's the 30th anniversary of the TalkBack album this year and Nile Rodgers recently cleaned up at the Grammys with Daft Punk, here's an excerpt from my Spoons Story about how we first met. I'd already done the Empire State Building, the tallest in New York City at the time, and all the other tourist duties with my family on a short trip there when I was younger. But that was mostly a blur now. This time was completely different. We were there for business; to in any way possible leave our little mark on arguably the greatest city in the world. When we finally hit the stage that night we were, as expected, more tied up in knots than usual. This was one show we needed to absolutely nail to the wall. The audience was jammed right up to the edge of the stage, eager to get their first glimpse of Boy George, primed for something to happen. Because of New York's reputation in movies and the special tour we'd gotten of mutant-town the night before, we assumed anything could happen. And it did. The light ...
What if the entire world joined forces to fight cancer? Tuesday, February 4th is World Cancer Day, a time when organizations and individuals around the world send a message: Ending cancer should be a global health priority. One of the most visible events marking the occasion in the United States will be in New York, where the Empire State Building will be lit blue and orange on February 4th for the fourth year in a row. The colors are those of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which organizes World Cancer Day. This year the UICC will focus on dispelling damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer. The organization aims to improve knowledge about cancer and dismiss these 4 myths: Myth 1: We don’t need to talk about cancer. Truth: While cancer can be a difficult topic to address, particularly in some cultures and settings, dealing with the disease openly can improve outcomes at an individual, community and policy level. The American Cancer Society has lots of pointers for talking about ...
What we have been up to. 27th shopping then that nite Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens he had it pumping. 28th double decker tour of New York,then the Statue Of Liberty and that nite tour of Empire State Building. 29th tour of aircraft carrier, walk around 911 (Ground Zero), Icehockey game at Yankee Stadium New York Rangers vs New York Islanders was cold -5deg cel. 30th walk around Grand Central Station (subway) then walk in Central Park. John Fogerty concert at Paramount Theatre that nite he had it rocking. 31th flew to Buffalo the tour into Canada to Niagra Falls. 1st helicopter flight over New York. That nite baseball game at Madison Square Gardens New York Knicks vs Miami Heat. 2nd was Super Bowl game Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. Pregame entertainment was The Frays playing then Cindy Lauper. At half time Bruno Mars played then the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a song, it was great atmosphere *** of a show.
one of the nest memories I have is when me and my dad went to New York. night time looked like day, Times Square was breathtaking with the lights, different people, culture, art, night life. the 9/11 memorial was beautiful. being on top of the empire State Building, and seeing a 360 degree view of new York was breathtaking . seeing a Broadway show was like no other. Radio City Music Hall was magnificent. the variety of food and people and cultures and society is unbelievable. getting coffee at the busiest Starbucks probably in the world at Times Square at 10 at night. walking down people and car filled streets. taxing down highways with skyscrapers as far as you could see. taking the tramway thing over a river to get to Roosevelt Island. the nightlife. the lights. everything. I miss it. I felt like I belong there.
You're from New York when...--You say "the city" and expect everyone to know you mean Manhattan. --You have never been to the Statue Of Liberty or the Empire State Building. --You can get into a four-hour argument about how to get from Columbus Circle to Battery Park, but can't find Wisconsin on a map. --You think Central Park is "nature." --You think eye contact is an act of aggression. You're from Colorado when...--You carry your $3,000 mountain bike atop your $500 car. --You tell your husband to pick up granola on his way home and he stops at the day care. --A pass does not involve a football or dating. --The top of your head is bald, but you still have a ponytail. --Your bridal registry is at REI.
Empire State Building gears up for Chinese New Year Sun Guoxiang, consul general of China in New York, attended a ceremony at the Empire State Building on Wednesday in honor of Chinese New Year 2014, which is the year of horse according to Chinese Zodiac Calendar.
What's it like to run to the top of everybody's favorite New York Skyscraper, the Empire State Building? Find out, with Team for Kids! Sign up to run with the New York Road Runners charity that raises funds for free fitness programs in underserved schools across the city and country, and you'll get: • Guaranteed entry • Signature Team for Kids singlet • Invitation to a pre-race call with TFK coaches • Fundraising tools and support Spots are limited so register today:
Fog moving around the Empire State Building in New York City, as seen from an camera feed:
Since 1931, the Empire State Building has been an international icon and has been immortalized on the Silver Screen as a timeless classic for not only New York, but the world. As a hot destination for Hollywood, filmmakers have featured the building in more than 250 feature films to tell their tales. Some of the most memorable Empire State Building moments can be seen in "King Kong," "An Affair to Remember," "Sleepless in Seattle," "Elf," and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief." The Amazing Spider-Man An Affair to Remember Anchoring in Seattle Annie Hall Any Wednesday April Fools Ask Any Girl Auntie Mame Bachelor Apartment Ball of Fire Bell Book and Candle Best of Everything Bright Lights, Big City Big City Blues Blackboard Jungle Bon Voyage Broadway Melody Butcher's Wife Champion Charlie Chan of Broadway Come to the Stable Coogan's Bluff Daddy Long Legs Detective Story Elf Easter Parade Edge of the City Fail-Safe FBI Story Fine Madness Finian's Rainbow Footlight Serenade Fitzwilly For ...
2014 Predictions World Predictions Trouble in Lebanon Beirut on fire. Contamination of water in major cities. A giant sinkhole in Egypt. Trouble around the pyramids in Egypt. They may sink. Sinkholes worldwide. Another marathon tragedy. Riots at a sports stadium in Brazil. A flood in the London, England underground. Power blackout worldwide. Empire State Building tipping. A tragedy at the Swiss Alps. An attack at a military base in the US. A shark will kill somebody at Coney Island, New York. A tight rope walker walking over a Suspension bridge. Explosions and riots in Detroit, Michigan. A causeway in Florida will collapse. A casino fire. Partial collapse of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. A great earthquake in Japan. Terrorist attack in New York City. Giant earthquake, Palm Springs, California. Earthquake in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Uprising in Turkey. A fire and explosion at a subway in New York City kills many. A fire in the old section of Paris, France. A chemical attack on the United State ...
TODAY IN FOOD HISTORY On this day in: 1493 Columbus returned from his first voyage to the New World. 1846 Edward H. Johnson was born (died Sept 9, 1917). Johnson, vice-president of Thomas Edison's electric company, created the first electric Christmas tree lights which he displayed on a Christmas tree at his New York home on December 22, 1882. 1863 James Plimpton of New York patented 4 wheeled roller skates. 1903 Thomas Edison electrocutes an elephant to publicly demonstrate the supposed danger of alternating current (AC). Edison was advocating direct current (DC) be adopted as a standard. 1905 Actor Sterling Holloway was born. He was also the voice of Winnie The Pooh, the honey loving bear in Disney's animated version. 1909 J.R. Simplot was born (died May 25, 2008). Founder of J.R. Simplot Company in 1929 in Idaho. specializing in potato products (in 2005 it supplied more than 50% of McDonald's french fries). 1958 Sputnik I fell to Earth (see Oct 4, 1957). 1997 Billionaire Harry Helmsley died. Husband o ...
Various Music Events On January 1 1936: Billboard magazine publishes its very first record sales chart, with the first Number One listed as Joe Venuti's "Stop! Look! Listen!" 1940: New York radio station W2XDG, broadcasting from the Empire State Building, becomes the first to broadcast with the new Frequency Modulation technology, making it the first FM station in the world licensed by the FCC. 1950: Sam Phillips, a 26-year-old disc jockey, opens his new Memphis Recording Service -- later to be immortalized as Sun Studios -- in Memphis, TN, at the corner of Union and Marshall streets. 1957: BBC-TV premieres its new musical variety show Cool For Cats hosted by Kent Walton, is broadcast on ITV. 1959: While on furlough from his Army outfit, Elvis Presley takes his new BMW out for a spin on Germany's famed Autobahn highway and totals it (fortunately leaving the scene of the accident without a scratch). 1959: For the first time, ABC-TV's teen dance program American Bandstand leads the US daytime television rat ...
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Grand Lodge of New York building in West 23rd St NYC. Taken from the top of the Empire State Building.
Raising the mast of the Empire State Building, New York, 1932. By Lewis Hine
Throwback to our last night in New York & the beautiful Empire State Building. 😭
We had a wonderful week in New York, arrived home about 10:30 Sat night and were about ready to drop. We saw 4 broadway shows, 1 each day and they were great musicals. We also visited the Empire State Building : the Statue Of Liberty and the 9/11 Memorial.
Flashback: In 2008, became the first female artist ever to have New York's Empire State Building
Can someone send me the HQ picture of gaga wearing the New York shirt and City shorts with the Empire State Building in her mouth please
New York's Empire State Building lights up in Philippine colors
Empire State Building in New York lights up for the Philippines :)
The New York skyline looked a little different Friday night with the iconic Empire State Building lit up in the colors of the Philippine flag.
Seth - The Eternal Validity of the Soul - Chapter 1 "You cannot understand yourselves, and you cannot accept my independent existence, until you rid yourself of the notion personality is a "here and now" attribute of consciousness. Now some of the things I may say about physical reality in this book may startle you, but remember I am viewing it from an entirely different standpoint. You are presently focused entirely within it, wondering perhaps what else if anything there may be outside. I am outside, returning momentarily to a dimension I know and loved. I am not in your terms a resident, however. While I have a psychic "passport," there are still some problems of translation, inconveniences of entry I must contend with. Many people, I hear, have lived for years within New York City and never taken a tour through the Empire State Building, while many foreigners are well acquainted with it. And so while you have a physical address, I may still be able to point out some very strange and miraculous psychic ...
Might fly to New York just so I can jump off the Empire State Building
Sitting in the hotel room with a glass of red wine and a leftover croissant from this morning's breakfast at Cafe Metro. Today we went up the Empire State Building but it was so packed we skipped going to the 102nd floor. This building was built in the 1930s and is taller than the Shard. We went to the 86th floor. Then off to a bar near Madison Square Park for alcohol and food, including the best New York cheesecake I have ever tasted and a delicious pilsner beer. Then subway to Central Park where we walked around the reservoir which was in the film 'Marathon Man'. Then fed pidgeons with a pretzel on the steps of an art museum just east of Central Park (Conor had a hotdog). Then walking and subway to Times Square, where we watched the excellent film, 'Gravity', in 3D at the Regal Cinema there. Then, wandering around and subway back home to the hotel, via a Dunkin Donuts (I just had coffee). I haven't had any tea today! I must get a cup tomorrow morning, even though tea is unusual in America. Tomorrow, Con ...
Percy Jackson is about modern demigods in America. Also Mount Olympus is in New York. On the 100th floor of the Empire State Building.
Touched down in New York. Drove in a yellow taxi to our apartments. Was looking out the window of the taxi and saw the Empire State Building. :D
Loving And Knowing October 25, 2013 — by Julie Ackerman Link Read: Romans 5:6-11 God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. —Romans 5:8 In a novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, one of the characters, speaking of New York’s Empire State Building, said, “I know this building because I love this building.” That statement caused me to think about the relationship between love and knowledge. Whenever we love something, we want to know everything about it. When we love a place, we want to explore every inch of it. When we love a person, we want to know every detail of his or her life. We want to know what he likes, how she spends her time, where he grew up, who her friends are, what he believes. The list is endless. But some of us want to be loved without allowing ourselves to be known. We’re afraid that we won’t be loved if we are truly known. We don’t have to worry about that with God. His love is far superior to ours: “God demonstrates His o ...
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By Edith Honan NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Reuters) - The Central Park horse and buggy ride, for decades an iconic New York experience along with a Broadway show or a visit to the Empire State Building, is facing extinction. Animal rights groups that had long argued horses do not belong in a congested, urban…
US fans petition to have Empire State Building in New York turn "TARDIS blue" on November 23.
New York, what an amazing town. Got up late and still had time to catch a quick lunch beside Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), catch the subway to Yankee Stadium and have beer and hotdogs, and to top it off, a quick stop off on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building to check out the view... Can't believe only 7 days left in this 6 week adventure.
According to Wikapedia, when comparing ALL ACTS OF DOMESTIC TERROISM by ANY Group or Sector, Islamic Extremism's list is SO LONG it had to have it's OWN PAGE: Islamic Extremism[edit source | editbeta] This list, starting in 1977, is the most extensive. Refer to the following link for this list. See also: Islamic Extremism in the United Statesor failed attacks by date Attacks or failed attacks by date[edit source | editbeta] 1977 Hanafi Siege 1989 firebombing of the Riverdale Press 1990 Assassination of Meir Kahane by Egyptian 1990 Assassination of Rashad Khalifa for questioning Koranic verses 1993 shootings at CIA Headquarters 1993 World Trade Center bombing 1993 New York City landmark bomb plot 1997 Empire State Building shooting 1997 Murder of Prison Guard by Haneef Bilal[29] 2000 H. Rap Brown(Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin) shoots two Police Officers 2000 New York terror attack 2000 millennium attack plots Aftermath of the September 11 attacks 2001 September 11 attacks 2002 Los Angeles Airport shooting 2002 Jo ...
So my mom wants to go to New York but expects me to go up them Empire State Building. She doesn't understand my fear of heights :/
New York harbor from 86th floor of Empire State Building
Got to see the fabulous showroom at the Giorgio Armani Corporation in New York. Top floor with a stunning view of the Empire State Building.
new skinny skyscraper for New York via > 30m taller than Empire State Building
USA: From $495 for an Accommodation and Tour Package - Choose from New York, San Fran, Miami or Los Angeles Amount: from $495.00 Discount 50%! Highlights Four-day tour of buzzing New York, alternative San Francisco, beachy Miami or star-studded Los Angeles Includes accommodation in a range of highly-rated hotels Combination of guided and semi-guided tours See world-class sights like the Empire State Building, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, Miami Beach and the Hollywood Walk of Fame Take a boat trip on the San Francisco bay, visit Key West or cruise past the houses of celebrities Enjoy free time to explore additional attractions The Deal $495 for a New York tour package ($999 value) $569 for a San Francisco tour package ($1,097 value) $575 for a Miami tour package ($1,097 value) $649 for a Los Angeles tour package ($1,245 value) Four-day tour with three nights of accommodation in hotels from 1st Retreats’ collection Sightseeing of major landmarks Airport pick up (San Francisco and ...
Over 12 hours of New York!!! We saw the 9\11 Memorial, Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building..ate New York pizza, rode a ferry to Stanton Island, Grand Central Station,hopped the subway to Yankee Stadium...caught a on a train to our hotel outside the city...all with 2 kids in tow!
We made it home. My review of our New York trip. A majority of New Yorkers are from foreign countries. Most of the ones we talked to were from the middle east. To my surprise, most everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful. However, Manhattan is very crowded and fast paced. From the taxi cab drivers to the Wall Street workers, they seem to always be in a hurry. Many of the people you meet on the street are in their own little world with their headsets on or glued to their cell phone. New York has some great sites to visit. The 911 memorial is very moving. The Statue Of Liberty is impressive. I also enjoyed the Empire State Building and Central Park. I also attended my first Broadway Show (Motown). Even though the tickets were pricy and the seats were crammed together, the quality of the show itself was great. I was not impressed with the food in New York. All those people seam to eat are expensive sandwiches. I could not find a decent steak or BBQ restaurant. Somebody could put in a Whitts or ...
This video is about New York, New York - Empire State Building changes colors for Independence Day
3days, 72hours later since leaving home we have been to 2countries, 3cities and passed 3 timezones and gone back a day with 18hrs flying and now finally at our reservation in Brampton Ontario, Canada.pheeew! We ticked off the last of our New York list today with The Statue Of Liberty, Staten Island,Ground Zero and the Empire State Building all getting SMASHED by these 2 maori natives from Waiwhetu lol was a full on day with nothing to eat til 8pm an hour before our flight to Canada, Just too excited had better things to do and accomplish than eat (yeah yeah i can hear u all WHAT NO EATING! lol) we can eat, sleep, snore and dribble on the plane but an awesome experience and we got a few more things we want to do wen we come back like, Yankees stadium, Brooklyn, Central Park and Harlem but we done pretty well with the 40hrs we had with 6hrs sleep BOOM! take that APORO NUI! Well 2am hea in Brampton we can sleep in this morning but not too long as Dallas has our next 11days sorted with Niagra Falls, Theatre . ...
Well, New York, it's been AMAZING!! I loved everything! I don't care what the naysayers think, NYC is full of wonderful, nice people. The only people who think otherwise are missing out (and I'm sorry if you had a personal bad experience...). The only downside to this entire week was the random bag lady yesterday who, when I stopped to set the walking GPS on my phone, screamed at me that she couldn't be by "those things". It's not the phone, lady, you don't like people. Maybe living in New York City wasn't such a wise choice then. Haven't walked this much since living in Chile, the food was amazing, Broadway was spectacular, the Village was quaint, I want to live inside the Metropolitan Museum, the view from the Empire State Building was priceless, I want to vacation on the 4th floor of Tiffany's, Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty made me cry, and the list goes on. Just one more half day in the city, hope nothing bad happens to make me change my mind! ; )
mark it off my bucket list ! visiting New York to bring Nina back home! Anke in Times Square ! Anke and I on the big screen ( left side) . Radio City Music Hall . Rockefeller Plaza . Me showing my love for liberty . Empire State Building . The New York Public Library ! Having a Blast ! : )
Raeann Isom and I just got back from our 25th anniversary trip. In New York, we stayed in a Midtown Manhattan apartment with a doorman, did all the New York things like the Empire State Building, 911 memorial, harbor cruise, saw Wicked on Broadway, Times Square, Today Show, etc. We took the train to Washington, DC through Philadelphia and Baltimore, saw the big sights there like the Capitol Building, Smithsonians where we saw the Wright Brothers plane, the Spirit of Saint Louis, the Bell 1, the Apollo 11 command module, a lunar module, Archie Bunker's chair, Dorothy's shoes, etc. Took a segway tour around the National Mall, toured Ford's Theater, met up with Maggie and Schuyler, sat next to a crying baby for four hours on the flight home (the first time I actually rooted for the plane to go down). A very good time, but it's good to be home. We'll post some photos as soon as we figure out how.
Day 43 - Last day in New York :-( - I set off on foot again, walking in Manhattan is great fun! Today, I went to the Lego shop, up the Empire State Building again (long story, a typical Jill one), shopped in Macy's, walked the High Line (an old railway line turned into a city walking trail) explored West Village and Greenwich Village and went to MOMA (museum of Modern Art). We finished off with a lovely dinner in Rockefeller Plaza and a last visit to Times Square. Tonight we will have about two hours sleep before flying to London tomorrow!
Massive day. Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, Central Park, New York pizza, Madison Square Garden... Now off to the Lion King...
I let the cat out of the bag. It was an accident, but now Mom knows I am taking her to New York to see a Broadway play. I guess it's better that way, she can plan outfits and whatnot. We are doing the usual touristy things, Empire State Building, Met Museum of Art for the mummies and Greek statues, Staten Island Ferry to see the best views of the Statue Of Liberty without spending hours on Ellis and Liberty Islands, and 9/11 memorial. Can anyone think of one more good thing we should see? We have ample time for one more sight. I am afraid if I don't fill it up with something, we might be tempted to go shopping, and ain't nobody got the time or bank accounts for that, lol.
I arrived in New York yesterday expecting a beautiful summer day, but it's been windy, raining and cold. My first impressions... this place looked dirty, streets had a lot of trash and perhaps it's just the weather but the place looks dull, kinda reminded me of Shanghai at times. The buildings look grim however I must say the people and shops fronts are beaming with style and atheistic trendiness. It was very cool travelling over the Brooklyn Bridge and viewing the Empire State Building from a distance. This place is also so iconic, you perhaps unconsciously feel you know the place from all the movies and sitcoms you watch on TV. My Manager and I booked at the Holiday Inn in Soho for the night and had dinner at a nice little italian restaurant. Was very cool to have a welcoming crew of friends here to help me celebrate my birthday, Jeremy Culver, Charleene Closshey, Rae Smart, Jeff Osborne, Kym Borghuis. It was very special thank you! Such an awesome way to be welcomed to the Big Apple! Today, our second ...
Trying to plan a trip a vacation anywhere. I though about a Disney Cruise to Alaska but, all departures from Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors were sold out and, I am not flying to Vancouver to meet the ship there or somewhere in Florida to catch it there. I guess cruising is not in the agenda since my dates are kind of set in stone (last week of vacation for Andy). I am thinking about Puerto Rico or Hawaii but the boy keeps asking me to take him to New York. I don't think that latter is a good place for a 7 year-old to visit at this time. Not much to do for a 7 year-old to see there besides the Empire State Building, he is and needs to be active all the time. No ready to spend $100.00 per person to be standing in lines for hours to get on rides so Disney Word is out of the question too. Decisions!
This weekend was a Blast. I saw God's work in many ways, I served God's calling through Mission with the TSPC Young Adults Group through helping Guyon Rescue work on Hurricane Sandy Relief on Staten Island. Then toured NYC, complete with a Visit to St. Patricks Cathedral, Grand Central, Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. As well as eating my first New York Pizza in New York. Enjoyed a awesome (and Huge) Reuben at the 'Park Cafe' and then elsewhere some New York (oreo) Cheese cake. The spent serving mission and the fellowship in NYC with April, Alina, Matt, Chance, Robbie, Logan, Jake, and Reed; was indeed Blessed as well as priceless. And the best moment(s) of all were Singing Happy Birthday to Chance on the Subway and then the Ferry. Why? Because the whole subway car joined in with us, and our entire half of the ferry joined us on the ferry! It. Was. A. Blast!
There is a ghost in the machine. Charles Walter Carvin, Sr. was the first tenant in the Empire State Building. He was my grandfather. I knew him when I was young. He was a family figurehead. He would visit on holidays and he mentored my father in business. He taught Charley Jr.  about marketing and taught him that to succeed in business it is good to be aware, to be involved, to know your market, and to place yourself into the thinking of decision makers and technological innovators in the world. Charley rode up Elevator D with Al Smith, the Governor of New York regularly at the time, on his way to the 31st floor and became friends with Winston Churchill long before World War II, as Winston was doing business with Al. Then when World War II was in full swing Charley was contributing rayon to the war effort. He was on the cutting edge of contribution. He gave little thought to what was in it for him. He did the right thing when the country was in peril.   I usually talk a lot about how my father, Charley ...
So I've got two free days in New York in Mid June. Options are Lady Liberty, Greenwich Village, Empire State Building ..need inspiration where should I go? Spending days in Central Park so that's ticked off already. Really can't wait bit don't want to miss out
New York skyline with the Empire State Building, first Freedom Tower, and the Statue Of Liberty to the…
Just seen from New York! Thank you Empire State Building for switching off for Earth Hour 2013
Reminiscing about New York's pubs. There was the Jack Dempsey outside the Empire State Building that Kieran made friends in, the Irish Pub that got destroyed when the Twin Towers fell down, the pub in Brooklyn that three guys in their 40's talked about bar brawls, and Welsh Bar in Brooklyn that we got free drinks in...sure there's some more I can't remember. Great boozers, terrible Pints.
Hi there people. I have a great time here in New York! Yesterday i visit the Empire State Building,Times Square and the Marriott hotel. Today we gonna see China Town,Little Italy and Central Park.
Empire State Building flashing in blue and yellow when Swedish House Mafia came to New York...
Thoughts, tonight, that I might someday take back: Is New York great? What makes a great city? -- You can live on Park Avenue, see shows at Lincoln Center, shop at Tiffany’s, and climb the Empire State Building. But these opportunities do not make New York a great city. New York is, for its most fortunate, a *luxurious* city. It is certainly a *diverse* and *productive* city. -- The measure of a city is not its luxury, nor its diversity, nor its economic or cultural production. -- What makes a great city? How well its *least fortunate* citizens live.
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Hello from New York!! :D this place is even bigger than I could've imagined! Flight wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected! Off to the Empire State Building & Times Square this evening :)
my perfect proposal would be to go New York. Tea in the Hard Rock Cafe, watch The Lion King on Broadway. Proposal on Empire State Building
Home after an action packed week in New York. Times Square and on the big screen, 34th St, 5th Ave, Empire State Building, Rocker fella tower, Staten Island - Statue Of Liberty, Central Park, Ice Skating, Ground Zero, Madame Tusards, Broadway Show - The Lion King, Subway & Yellow cab rides and some shopping!
North Korea, poised to conduct a nuclear test any day now, has posted a video on YouTube depicting a US city resembling New York engulfed in flames after an apparent missile attack. The footage was uploaded on Saturday by the North's official website, Uriminzokkiri, which distributes news and propaganda from the state media. The video is shot as a dream sequence, with a young man seeing himself on board a North Korean space shuttle launched into orbit by the same type of rocket Pyongyang successfully tested in December. As the shuttle circles the globe - to the tune of "We Are the World" - the video zooms in on countries below, including a joyfully re-unified Korea. In contrast, the focus then switches to a city - shrouded in the US flag - under apparent missile attack with its skyscrapers, including what appears to be the Empire State Building, either on fire or in ruins. The footage appears to have been taken from the popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. "Somewhere in the United States, bl ...
I had a once in a lifetime winter break. I've been all over the country. I spent nearly a month in New York, saw amazing performances, saw the Atlantic Ocean, Staten Island, the Statue Of Liberty, The Wall Street Bull, the top of the Empire State Building, Radio City, Rockefeller Center, Queens, Brooklyn, and then about ten hours (collectively) in Denver. I also made it to San Francisco and got back to the Pacific Ocean- my home. It's been interesting. I can only hope the good times keep coming.
24 hours in THE city this week, and I am in love with New York... watched the sun rise behind the Empire State Building, watched it set behind the Statue Of Liberty. In between, ate a classic pastrami sanny at Grand Central, beautiful dinner at Balthazar with co-workers, and snapped up a soy latte & NY bagel on my way to airport next morning. Can't wait to return!!
Why, yes, I'm from New York. Mhm. The Statue Of Liberty is totally in my backyard. Yes, I just so happen to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on the way home. Indeed, the Empire State Building is TOTALLY across the street. Want me to take pics the next time I run into Derek Jeter at the supermarket? - Jason
East Coast + Canada Grand Vacation 19D/18N New York Boston Quebec Montreal Ottawa Toronto Niagara Falls Pennsylvania Dutch Washington DC USD 4,560 (dep Mar 16, 30 Apr 16,27,31 May 7,11,14,18,21,25 Jun 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25,29) Day 01, Jakarta Start the trip from Soekarno Hatta International airport and heading to New York City!! Day 02, New York City Welcome to the “Big Apple!” Enjoy time at leisure to relax or to do some independent exploring. Your Tour Director is on hand this evening to answer any questions. Day 03, New York - Boston This morning, on the included sightseeing tour with a local expert, visit Broadway, the Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, City Hall, Wall Street, and Trinity Church. This afternoon, head for Boston-the “Cradle of American Liberty” Visit its historic landmark, reflecting the important part it has played in the history of the United States. Day 04, Boston On your morning guided tour of Boston, see Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church (where Paul Rever ...
New York City Trip 2013 best trip ever saw Grand Central Station, spent 1 hour trying to find United Nations Building only realizing that it was in front of me the whole time, Empire State Building, New York City Library and to top it off Times Square was the highlight of my entire trip. New York you will defs see me again very soon.
Well its Wednesday in New York and already have been up to the very top floor (102) of Empire State Building, Taken the boat to Ellis, Liberty and Governors Island, had fun in Times Square at Night and got a birthday gift of tickets to see Avenue Q on Broadway this evening and still 5 more days to go, only let down is Ali Patrick not here and i'm missing her loads, still 5 days will go quick.
He meets with the head Observer after a hologram of Peter surfaces from the shop attack. The Observer tells Broyles that one of his men recently failed to pass the routine security check. Broyles watches as another Observer breaks the guy. Edwards and Bradway have a relationship that goes back to when they were both with the Kansas City Chiefs organization in the early 1990s. Edwards was a scout and secondary coach for the Chiefs from 1990-95. Superbowl Rings A former 10-year NFL defensive back, Edwards spent five seasons with the Buccaneers as an assistant head coach and secondary coach..      Located right on Park Avenue within walking distance of Rockerfeller Center, the art deco Waldorf-Astoria opened with a speech from then president Herbert Hoover in 1931. The original hotel, built in 1893, was razed to make way for the Empire State Building. Super Bowl Rings for sale The new high-end property houses two of New York's most well-known entertainment venues and has hosted live shows.      Which ...
New York in seven days, I intend to jump a couple turnstiles, rip of a couple cabbies. Climb the Empire State Building, visit Freedom Tower, eat lots of Trinidadian food on Liberty Avenue. Then I will run down to Coney Island, pick-up a couple of hot dogs and get get a pre-emtive bypass surgery in Charleston...can't hardly wait.
After prison Helmsley served 18 months in federal prison. Her later years were apparently spent in isolation, especially after Harry died in 1997, leaving Leona his entire fortune (including the Helmsley hotels, the Helmsley Palace and the Empire State Building), estimated to be worth well in excess of $5 billion. Her few friends included Patrick Ward, Imelda Marcos, Rodrigo Handall, the Noriega family, and Kathy and Rick Hilton.[25] A 2001 Chicago Sun-Times article depicted her as estranged from her grandchildren and with few friends, living alone in a lavish apartment with her dog.[26] In 2002, Helmsley was sued by Charles Bell, a former employee who alleged that he was discharged solely for being homosexual. A jury agreed and ordered Mrs. Helmsley to pay Bell $11,200,000 in damages. A judge subsequently reduced this amount to $554,000.[27] She was forced to give up control of her hotel empire, since most of her hotels had bars and New York does not allow convicted felons to hold alcohol licenses. Mrs. ...
Some ideas for school break trips: New York & Washington DC. Start in NY, attend a Broadway show, see Times Square, Battery Park, Empire State Building, Lady Liberty and more; then travel via Amtrak to Washington DC where you will explore the Capitol, Supreme Court, National Zoo, Embassy Row, Georgetown, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR Memorials.
OK, New York-area listeners: Monday is our first day on our new radio home, AM 970 The Answer. I'll be broadcasting from the world-famous Empire State Building and re-uniting with my old friends and colleagues, some of the greatest talk broadcasters in the business. Here's the story: Mike Gallagher added to AM 970 The Answer/New York Displaced in the schedule changes as CLEAR CHANNEL took over Talk WOR-A/NEW YORK, SALEM RADIO NETWORK's Mike Gallagher show has landed on crosstown SALEM Talk WNYM-A (AM 970 THE ANSWER) for a live clearance 9-11a (ET) starting MONDAY (1/7). "I brought MIKE to NEW YORK years ago when I programmed WABC and am delighted to have a chance to get him on my station in NEW YORK," said SALEM VP/Director of Spoken Word Format PHIL BOYCE. "CURTIS SLIWA's program is moving an hour earlier to accommodate MIKE, so CURTIS will air 6-9a, going into GALLAGHER's program, while DIAL GLOBAL's DENNIS MILLER program will move to 11a to 1p, and SALEM's DENNIS PRAGER show will move to 1 ...
does anyone think kane chronicles and Percy Jackson and the olympians take place in the same time/place because in kane chronicles 1.Amos states that Manhattan has its own set of gods and that they must be kept separate from Egyptian gods. He says this while looking at the Empire State Building, the current home of Mount Olympus. 2.When the Egyptian goddess Bast needed a portal she said that "I try to avoid Manhattan, but this is an emergency." She presumably wanted to avoid Manhattan because she knew that Olympus is there. 3.Later in the book, Thoth mentions that the Greeks confuse him with Hermes, something he takes offense to as Hermes is apparently of a very different person. 4.In the second book, The Throne of Fire, Carter catches a glimpse of a winged horse flying around Manhattan, and recalls what Amos said about Manhattan and its gods. It is unknown however if the pegasus was Blackjack, the original Pegasus, or simply a pegasus that lives around New York City. 5.Nico di Angelo mentions having trav ...
Between Fina with 3 points and Hami with 4 points (for the win possibly) Round 10 In the city of New York,NY United States, the coming of the New Year is celebrated by the lowering of a gigantic crystal ball. Where does this event take place? a) Central Park b) Trump Plaza c) Yankee Stadium d) The Statue Of Liberty e) Empire State Building f) Times Square g) On the Manhattan Bridge h) At Home
The New York Times December 24, 2012 City’s Law Tracking Energy Use Yields Some Surprises By MIREYA NAVARRO In courting tenants over the last six years, 7 World Trade Center has trumpeted its gold LEED rating, an emblem of sound environmental citizenship. But when it comes to energy efficiency, the young 52-story tower is far from a top performer, according to data released under a city law that tracks energy use in New York buildings. It had a score of 74 — just below the minimum of 75 set for high-efficiency buildings by the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program. On the other hand, two venerated show horses from the 1930s, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, sailed to an 84 and an 80 as a result of extensive upgrades of their insulation and mechanical systems. And the MetLife Building, a 1963 hulk looming over Grand Central Terminal? It scored 39. Still, solace is at hand for MetLife’s owners: the Seagram Building, Mies van der Rohe’s bronze-toned 1958 ...
Ryder Cup 2014: Tom Watson named US captain: Tom Watson will become the oldest captain in Ryder Cup history after being named as United States skipper for the 2014 event at Gleneagles. The 63-year-old succeeds Davis Love III following Europe's record-breaking comeback victory in October. "I was waiting for about 20 years to get the call," he told NBC. "It is a great honour to do it again." Eight-time major champion Watson was the last US captain to record an away win, with a 1993 victory at the Belfry. David Toms and Larry Nelson were also tipped to take the job for the event which runs from 26-28 September 2014. The decision, news of which was broken on NBC's morning Today Show ahead of a formal news conference near the top of New York's Empire State Building, represents a move away from the Professional Golfers' Association of America's policy of appointing major-winning players in their mid-to-late 40s as skipper for the biennial competition. At 65 when play begins in Scotland, Watson will overtake Jo ...
Gary Barnett, one of New York's leading developers, is planning a new Midtown skyscraper that could rise 300 feet higher than the Empire State Building, and he's has hired the architect who designed the world's tallest tower.
This is how I feel today after a BIG day yesterday in one of the most incredible cities in the world - NYC. Rockettes, Empire State Building, brilliantly beautiful Christmas windows, Ice Skating at Bryant Park and the sea of (fabulously fashionable) humanity that is New York!
Empire State Building shines green for Thanks and Giving On Dec. 6, the definitive feature in the New York skyline—the Empire State Building—was alight with green in recognition of the St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign. With some help from St. Jude patients Arianna and Cody, NFL legend and Thanks and Giving celebrity Michael Strahan lit the historic building in a special ceremony. Strahan is one of a number of celebrity voices helping spotlight St. Jude this holiday season.
In New York City last night, the Empire State Building lit up green in honor on St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!
This year’s Holiday Train Show at the New York Transit Museum's Gallery Annex in Grand Central Terminal celebrates Grand Central’s 100th birthday! The free show includes a 34-foot-long display featuring miniature versions of favorite city landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building (see if you can spot King Kong!). Nothing says 'New York' like our train systems!
Carmelo Anthony is carrying New York and the Empire State Building on his back with 23 of the team's 53 points at the half tonight.
Home at last...Home at last,,,Home at last!!! So very happy to be here! There were some things we did and saw in New York: - St. Mary's Children's Hospital... Bringing donated blankets and the kids singing and dancing for the terminal children... - Bus Tour of Downtown Manhattan/ Central Park South - Dinner at Pasta Lovers Trattoria - Go up in Empire State Building -Bowery Street Mission- Deliver blankets and kids sing for the patrons - Statue Of Liberty Harbour cruise - 911 Memorial tour - Dinner at S.P.Q.R. - Gershwin Theater to see WICKED!!! - NBC Studios tour - Rockefeller Center - Minskoff Theater to see Lion King! - Times Square shopping - Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe - On the road again... coming home Very busy 3 days in New York... The hospital and the Mission were the best part to me and then seeing Lion King was incredible also!!! Wicked was good, but i was blown away by Lion King!!! I think its a crazy place and I probably will never return there... but I am glad of the experience. The kids were gr ...
View from New York at night. Freedom Tower in the back. @ Empire State Building 86th Floor Observatory
What a big couple of days, yesterday we did the American Natural History Museum, Central Park, McClarens Bar (from How I Met Your Mother) and a stand up comedy show. Today we did a TV & Movie tour of Manhattan, visited the Magnolia Bakery (from Sex & The City), Dash (owned by the Kardashians), Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building and found an awesome little pub for tea, loving New York!
I could not leave New York and not post a photo of the great Empire State Building. So @ Madison Square Park
Rediff Live! The Empire State Building in New York was today bathed in blue light to mark US President Barack Ob...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
1 year ago today in NYC...managed to get to the Empire State Building early and beat the 3 hour long queue, took a taxi back to my hotel... lost my wallet in the back of the taxi, 3 hours later get my wallet returned through the help of stones friends, spend the afternoon in Times Square, score stand by tickets for David Letterman (guests were Tony La Russa and Puscifer...the house band (AKA. CBS Orchestra) played "Brown Sugar" as warm up), meet Rupert Jee after the show, head down to the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village...and that is only half the story of a roller coaster day that I will never forget. Truly amazing. Shattered, shattered. New are great.
this is new york when the lights are out and hurricane winds blows (that's how they are typhoons here.) New Yorkers think that this is the apocalypse. but surigao had these in 1964 & 1984. Apocalyptic scenes as New York bears brunt of Sandy by Mariano Andrade and Brigitte Dusseau, Agence France-Presse Posted at 10/30/2012 11:00 AM | Updated as of 10/30/2012 11:33 AM A fallen tree lays along a darkened Sixth Avenue in Chelsea during a blackout believed to be caused by rising river waters as Hurricane Sandy made its approach in New York October 29, 2012. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly NEW YORK - Hurricane Sandy turned New York into a disaster zone on Monday as a record storm surge sent seawater pouring into Manhattan, sweeping cars down streets as the city was plunged into darkness. The Empire State Building remained an eerie beacon of light as 250,000 Manhattan homes were deprived of power, while emergency officials confirmed at least one 30-year-old man had died, killed by a falling tree in Queens. The East River a ...
All New York City subway & train service is suspended. MTA bus service has stopped. there are no PATH trains. American Airlines JetBlue and Delta are not flying. Amtrak is not moving. The Staten Island Ferry isn't running. the Department of Education public and charter schools are closed. all City Public Schools are closed. the New York Stock Exchange closed. the New York library system will not open today, neither will all 10 national parks. the September 11th memorial will stay closed, as will the Museum of Modern Art. all Broadway shows were cancelled Sunday and Monday night. the Journey concert at the Barclay center has been canceled. You can't go to the observation deck at the Empire State Building today, heck even my Starbucks around the corner closed at 4 yesterday. but where you can go is to my restaurant for breakfast KTCHN.
Susie is sponsoring a trip to New York for five nights! The trip is through Smithsonian Student Travel and ppl outside of MSCS are welcome since it is not school sponsored. Find the itinerary at . The following info is subject to change after our meeting when I will determine the wishes of our group. Students: $1,844 - Adults: $2,119 and they set you up on monthly payments. This price includes air, ground transportation, hotel, daily breakfast, daily dinner, overnight security at hotel, tour consultant to answer parent questions, 24 hour emergency support number, full time Smithsonian tour guide with us at all times, medical and accident insurance and gratuities. These are some of the sites we will visit: 5th Ave., Empire State Building, Manhattan, SoHo, Little Italy, 9/11 Ground Zero, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, 2 Broadway shows, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklin Bridge, Central Park, NBC Studios, Harlem Yankee Stadium, Apollo Theater, Museum of the Moving Image and Museum of ...
So we visited New York yesterday...42nd Street,Time Square, Central Park, Broadway..and up the Empire State Building... Wow! Back in NY today for a lunch meeting and more sightseeing before work starts...tomorrow. It's everything I expected it to be...We love the Big Apple :)
Phantom of the Opera was great last night at Broadway, after going to Bethel Brooklyn! Today, went to the Empire State Building today - amazing view for New York, really enjoyed it. Then we went to went on a horse and carriage around part of Central Park, absolutely beautiful! Going to Walkill Bethel and Patterson tomorrow :) Xx
Finally did Empire State Building today awesome! Also went to exhibition on human bodies very interesting Ashleigh would love it (actual bodies used quite graphic ) then had a beautiful meal in perfect Italian restaurant in Little Italy. Raced back to motel to change for comedy show then some more shopping got home well after midnight, New York is killing me, we both need a good night sleep but loving every minute. photos of Empire State top and bottom also restaurant and m&m's store
I learned my sense of direction in New York is absolutely terrible lol. I would have wondered off to my demise if not for my buds. Also did not know that I was sitting in the Empire State Building nor that Grand Central Station still was an active train station. Steve moments. Ah memories
The building is expected to be taller than New York's iconic Empire State Building, which currently rises 1,250 feet to the 102nd floor observation deck. One World Trade is being built on the site of the original World Trade Center towers - or Twin
So, we have really gotten a lot done so far. We saw a concert at Radio City Music Hall, we saw Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Penn Station, Grand Central Station, walked all over New York. We are seeing Wicked on Broadway in 2 hours. We are going to run in Central Park tomorrow morning, then going to the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island (by ferry!) and World Trade Center memorial tomorrow in the afternoon. Then we have reservations at a Comedy Club tomorrow evening. Can anyone think of anything we are missing?
Watching the Jets football game tonight from New Jersey...First of come when they moved to New Jersey..they didn't change their name to the New Jersey Jets...When the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis they became the Indiapopolis Colts.When the Raiders moved to Los Angeles they became the Los Angeles Raiders..when they moved back to Oakland..they again became the Oakland Raiders.They should be called the Bipolar Raiders...Also from watching the scenery of the area...on my TV ...I wonder when the Empire State Building and MSG moved to New Jersey...They should be showing the highlights of New Jersry..not of NYC.The Jets don't live in New York anymore.If there are no highlights of New Jersey...don't show anything.
We have been fortunate to see so many things in New York. Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, 911 memorial, Empire State Building, MOMA (blah, sorry artists), Museum of Natural History, the Broadway play, Wicked, Wax Museum, Ripley's believe it or not, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square (craziness), China Town, Little Italy, Wall Street, Central Park (tomorrow) and so much more. Today we had the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. So much to do, so little time. I will love bringing Allen back here sometime.
Been to Cape Cod then on to Newport Rhode Island then on to New York. Stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel on Matisan Avenue which is near Time Square. Hotel has carpet on the pavement outside. Been to top of Empire State Building and Time Square after dark. Taken 3 tour bus rides all over the place. Going on to Baltimore tomorrow.
4 days in New York! spending time with my amazing sister, two of my longest friends from high school, fabulous food, Empire State Building, Rockefeller, Sacks, Grand Central Station, Union Station, Central Park, Ground Zero, Staten Island, Broadway Show, Times Square, Meat Packers District, name it, we've done it, or are trying to pack it in tomorrow before catching the Red-eye home. So fun.
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" on Broadway; Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Neil Young, John Legend, and Band of Horses in Central Park; singing the Fight Song with a hundred other UK grads at an Irish Pub in the shadow of the Empire State Building...another Saturday in New York. :-)
Last two days, great fun at the Naval Academy. Tomorrow Fritz is taking me to the "Dark Side" - West Point. Drove up through New York today. While on the New Jersey Turnpike, could look to my right across the river and see the new tower in New York City. It is so big - and beautiful. Also said hi to the Empire State Building. Last time I was there, I was in my 20's (just a few years ago).
Day 3 of our New York adventure, had a wonderful walk in Central Park, saw the Dakota building where John Lennon of the Beetles was shot, the building Jackie Kennedy lived in, Times Square, drove through the Lincoln tunnel, Empire State Building, ABS NBC CBS studio, Hudson River, Plaza Hotel, Broadway, theater district, garment district, Grand Central Station,Columbia University, Little Italy, a busy city with a million yellow taxis more tomorrow.
When you see the end of an alley stood a enormous structure of Manhattan Bridge, and under the bridge the Empire State Building in the distance, you know this has to be New York.
Just retuned from New York site seeing saw World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Time Square Lots of walking spending time with my sister and nephew
Just returned from an absolutely fantastic time in New York where I stayed with my old footy mate Mac from Carlisle + his wife Mary Lee. Did + saw absolutely loads of things including Empire State Building / Ground Zero Memorial Park / Central Park / Times Square / Staten Island inc Statue Of Liberty / Grand Central Station + more. We also went to Flushing Meadow + saw Djokovic v del Potro + took in a baseball game New York Mets v Atlanta Braves. Also visited a Comedy Club whose surprise guest was Robin Williams !! And believe it or not we managed to squeeze in the odd bar here + there (still detoxifying ) !!!
New York City, Empire State Building (1985). Painting of New York skyline with World Trade Center, in phosporescent acylic paint on canvas by Thomas Bacher, purchased from Harris Gallery. 42"x 60".
I wasn't in New York 11 years ago today. I was in Chicago working across the street from what was then the Sears Tower, for a travel agency. I'm thankful I didn't have to suffer through the direct and immediate consequences of that day. The indirect consequences, though, are still etched in my memory and can still invoke strong emotions in me. My day started out like any other that year. It was a busy year - the company I worked for had just launched their service to the public about three months prior. I got up and was watching the news as I got ready for work. There was a report of a "small plane" hitting the World Trade Center. I remember thinking that the hole in the tower didn't look like the mark of a small plane, but I figured I wasn't an expect. I knew that decades ago a plane had hit the Empire State Building and that skyscrapers are designed to absorb far in excess of their normal loads and stresses so it was just a mildly interesting new story on an ordinary day so I went to work. By the ...
Gotta say, New York is quite impressive. Went to most of NY main landmarks (Times Square, Empire State Building, Ellis Island + Statue Of Liberty by boat, etc.). Though it truly is busy as heck. Onwards to Philadelphia and DC tomorrow!
Morning all: day 1 in New York...busy day...World Trade Center...Ellis Island and the Statue Of Liberty from Battery Park, Museum or two, Empire State Building, NewYork Sky-ride and finally the lights of broadway.very busy.update later.
Tomorrow is one of my favorite parts of the conventions! The Roll Call! "And the great state of New York, Home of the Buffalo Bills, The Empire State Building and the greatest Fire Fighter in these United States Cast their 384 Delegates for President Barack Obama! ( I like when it's not an incumbent ans thy say "The next President of the United States! BTW: This is just what I think they could say!)
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