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New York State

New York (locally or ) is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States.

Billy Joel Andrew Cuomo Governor Cuomo Westchester County Year Award

.was in a New York State of Mind on Wednesday when he shut down the Yankees on Wednesday.
You probably know about the wine and beer trails in New York State like I do but did you know there is also a...
“Like you know about Pressure! It’s a good thing I’m in a New York State of Mind, or else it’d be Say Good…
I'm so excited to feature Catskills Regional Harvest & Cheese & Dairy Society of New York State at Phoenicia...
New York State says crime fell between 2015 and 2016, but it was quite the opposite in Chemung County.
Trump can't pardon people for offenses in New York State. Eric Schneiderman might g…
A white man who plotted an attack on a Muslim mosque in New York State won't face terrorism charges. Imagine that.
Win Tickets to See The Trews at the St. Lawrence Fair in New York State! - K-Rock 105.7
In 2014 I helped mold one of the top receiver's in New York State. The following year I was…
The Senate Republican health care bill continues the assault on Medicaid and New York State.
The Healthcare Association of New York State is taking a critical view of the Senate health care bill
They're among 77 colleges in New York State that made Money magazine’s ranking of the 100 best education values...
Maintaining in this wack state still. I ain't got a New York State of mind like you yet. Correction, I d…
Why tech education company General Assembly supports new legislation to in New York State.
Here's how bad things are in the New York State legislature: a member just texted me this gif.
This has already happened in New York State and the New York State Assembly BLOCKED legislation this year that...
For young teenagers, New York State is calling the wedding off. The little-known law that for decades has...
Didn't realize the Buffalo Buyout made it into the Senate! (It screws New York State and anyone not in the districts that…
New York State legislature passes bill addressing the anchorage proposal, limiting oil barges on the Hudson
New York State legislature adjourns without agreement on mayor control of schools.
A bill in the New York State legislature was passed to finally make gestational surrogacy legal in New York! We...
The Child Parent Security Act was recently passed by New York State legislature to finally make
Thank you! Actually, we're roughly 4 hours northeast of there in the central part of New York State.
I just signed a bill outlawing child marriage in New York State once and for all. We raised the age of consent for marriage…
If you ever find yourself in the Albany area of New York State, stop by Troy and visit the most beautiful high sch… https:…
If you live in New York State. Please read and share this.
Happy to announce "No To The Invasion" exhibition at the Hessel Museum of New York State,…
"There are 45 national network of freedom sites in New York State. This is the second in Monroe County," - Bill Sel…
In Quebec all types of alcohol sold at independent stores in New York State in Vermont Ohio M…
I can't wait for the New York State fair 🙀🙀
New York State consumes more electricity than all the Sub Saharan countries except South Africa. Such is the global inequi…
Proud to march in the Israel Day parade this morning. I declared today Shimon Peres Day in New York State.
Congrats to the girls and boys track and field teams on winning the New York State catholic High School track and Field…
Is it fair to say section 1 is the toughest section to play in tennis wise in New York State 🤔🤔🤔
It turns out multiple Billy Joel songs get stuck in my head whilst traversing (I'm thinking New York State of Mind & Uptown Girls) 😬🎶
That's the remains of the New York State pavilion of the 1964 World's Fair.
He already says "snack" like one may when expressing nostalgia for the great New York State fair. Sneeaaayyck
Deutsche Bank has been fined by New York State, England and the federal reserve for laundering Russian money. Follow the money to Putin.
Carpet cleaning business for sale in Albany, New York State
Our fight for Workers' Comp Reform in state budget is already paying dividends for employers across New York State!.
Beezie Madden had two perfect rounds and the time for Breitling to take home blue in the Old Salem Grand Prix today in New York State
The Grammy Awards are in a New York State of Mind. The Recording Academy announced on Tuesday that the 2018...
.Bill Gresser, the CEO of EB-5 New York State, which arranged green cards for f…
Steven Holcomb, a gold medalist at the 2010 Games, was found dead at an Olympic Training Center in New York State.
Look I already filed a complaint with the New York State public service commission. Your customer service is the worst.
New York State stopping Health Commerce System access for Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9. For details see:
Good news from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman regarding foreclosure prevention funding in New York State!...
However, my smart friend P. T. Barnum has discovered a prehistoric giant human in New York State. Huge breakthrough!
As heroin scourge explodes Upstate,"a New York State trooper pulled over a driver on the West Side Highway."
Views like this from ur room at the will put you in a New York State of Mind!
Here's a little from last week! We are on our way to the New York State finals in Albany…
The Hudson Valley is a New York State region that stretches along the Hudson River from Westchester County to Alban…
Members of the League of Women Voters of New York State, the New York State Assembly and Senate gathered at the…
Some essential facts about New York State's new tuition-free university program!
Governor Cuomo continues to fight pipeline construction in New York State, even after viewing them as safe, seems he…
New York State has renovated its oldest surviving theater.
This is Governor Cuomo's New York State!! This is my bankrupt state.
NYC sends a truckload more cash to the feds than what it gets back in return. In fact, New York State.gets...
Police are on the lookout for Steve Stephens who may be in New York State.
New York State of Mind! 🍎. With the 14th pick of the WNBA Draft, the select Lindsay Allen!. 🍀
We in California need our attorney general to join New York State and Massachusetts in suing ExxonMobil for its...
YES! New York State denies permit for the 97-mile natural gas pipeline due to threats to water:
If your house in rural New York State is worth 125k, you'll pay over 5k a year in property taxes,…
Glad to see the Senator doing so much for the people of New York State. BTW has anybody seen or hea…
NY is moving towards becoming the first age friendly state. Be apart of this moment. Attend our Livability Summit
What ever happened to Glens Falls/BYU hoops star Jimmer Fredette? Find out Sunday on ESPN's 'Outside the LInes.'
New York State inches closer to with pickup of new senate support. via
The spring trout and salmon season is set to get off to a chillier start across much of the state Saturday.
I've needed some version of solace given the state of the New York Knicks
Dahmir Pross of Bishop Kearney, state player of the year in Class D football, will play for an NAIA program.
Fred Smith: The Pathetic Lies of the NYS Education Department, in Service of the Testing Regime h/t
It happens every year: Boston College has snared an early commitment from a top New York football prospect.
Lansing girls swim coach Diane Hicks-Hughes has been elected to a top national position in the sport.
I'm in the New York State of Mind ♫. I just have never been in New York, but who cares?
New York shouldn't just The state must It's first presidential test.
.New York could soon be the only state holding out on reform
All purpose parts banner
Roy Simmons IV has gone into the family business, taking a lacrosse coaching job in Section 3.
How a small group of New York DEMOCRATS are banding together to BLOCK criminal justice reforms. .
The state of New York cares actually. You didn't get to me at all. But if this is how you get your confidence…
UmI don't think I have a favorite state although I've lived in 6. F…
Our guest speaker for the 2017 New York State Summit takes the podium! Thanks for being here. htt…
If New York continues to stall efforts to state will fall on the wrong side of history.
Harper's Ferry: Governor Morgan of New York proves his benevolence by distributing candy among needy state residents.
WoodTrends help renovate the New York State Police Academy, originally constructed in 1967.
Trying children as adults leads to greater recidivism and is bad criminal justice policy; needs to
yoongi pronounced 'new york state' as 'new york steak' and why do I find namjoon and hoseok reactions so cute
New York has fewer organ donors per capita than any state in America
If New York makes public colleges and universities tuition-free, mark my words, state after state will follow.
We are asking that you sign the LSTA Dear Appropriator Letter. IMLS funding is crucial to the students in New Y…
California Texas and New York can all vote for Hillary but if electoral college members vote for trump h…
I am officially announcing my candidacy for Governor of New York State!!
I don't see what could go wrong here. Lets invade Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and New York State. Lets stop re…
New York State legislators have begun a rare five-day workweek in Albany
Fun in the city! @ Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State
New York State has shortchanged nonprofit social-service organizations by at least $1B over past six years
The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is the first in New York State to use this technology.
Calling all New York State schools, do you need funding for school health & wellness initiatives?…
Statement from Lisa Perry, Interim President & CEO of the Community Health Care Association of New York State, on GO…
Snowstorm banishes truckers from Thruway in New York State, it's time Ontario does too
New York State has banned tractor-trailers from most of its major interstate highways including Thruway, 81, 84 & 8…
If you see one of these snow plows around New York State don't freak out -- they're supposed to do this.
Good news for politicians in Niagara County, Albany and all across New York State.
my New York State exchange works really Great!!!
Professor emeritus Alan Lakso speaks to a packed house of New York State grape growers at
Child homelessness in New York State is at an all time high and schools need to be equipped with support staff & services
The Restaurant Spotlight Restaurant of the Year Award showcases the best restaurant in New York State.…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
She's in Paris for Paris Fashion Week. When you're a felon who can't leave the New York State area, things can be different. ht…
BRODSKY (softly) It was never struck by Stanley Kubrick, Michael and the ghastly Police. New York State medical Professionals
It's not too late to get the Flu activity is still high across the country – and here in New York State:
to our 2009 undercover investigation on the largest dairy factory farm in New York State — Willet D…
The Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River, between New York State & Ontario
New York State publically shares school and district data on . On Friday they released the most recent Graduation...
New York State publicly shares school and district data
New York State - Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Largest Offshore Wind Project in the Nation
is fourth-highest in New York State for traffic fine revenue.
. There is a great PTSD Program in Alexander Bay in New York State near Fort Drum. They have not lost a single vet to suicide yet!
Congratulations to Anthony Del *** for being named to the New York State's All-State Team. We are very proud of you!
New York State and NYC continue to reject and defy their native son, POTUS.
The Beijing Olympics are ceded through the character Cablevision, once in New York State and Sideways.
Police corruption? New York State police and Marshal Farms arrest activists with no probable cause. via /r/Liberta…
We must send a clear message across New York State that killing a police officer will be met with serious...
New York State appeal of Exondys 51 denial by Excellus.
On January 4, 2017, members of the Port Jervis City Police Department, assisted by members of the New York State...
S00975 [NEW] Requires organizations applying for arts and cultural grants from the New York State council on the ...
Corfu: Corfu city is located in New York State, Genesee County and has a unique zip code assigned by the US Postal…
Happy National Blood Donor Month! Thank you to all the generous donors across New York State!
We have filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of New York State's surcharge fee ban. READ:
What's been your experience with the ability of New York State politics to correct things via regulation?
If the wife and I decide to drive North next year who has the best Pizza in New York State
Now playing New York State of Mind (with Billy Joel) by Barbra Streisand!
Fillable License No. 079728, Norman Canter, M.D. - New York State ...Connecticut allowed me to retain my license; NY's action was illegal.
.announces more than $2.6 million to expand apprenticeships for at-risk youth in New York State
Happening now the official kickoff of New York Progressive Action Network. A state wide coalition puting local politics…
Trump couldn't even win his home state of New York
This is blasphemy in the state of New York.
"Monkeys don't wear glasses." . On the disparity in treatment of black & white prisoners in New York State prisons. htt…
Me: I'm from New York. Everyone: Oh Wow! Really . Me: The state not the city. Them:
Petraeus as a top contender, along with Tennessee Republican Sen. chairman of the four: former New York
A heart-stopping investigation of violent, Jim Crow racism in New York's prisons - from my teammates. .
New York State is boycotting the largest bank in (Danske Bank) and the British retail group because their boycott of Israel
There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.
Yo state cool but it ain't New York.
This is why I keep paying for the despite its too-frequent screwups. Important journalism.
"For black inmates, what happens inside can be profoundly damaging," via
New York loosens restrictions in its medical marijuana law, but no sign of the state embracing full legalization
insane detail in this expose of NY prisons--guards hung an "all lives matter" sign in a prison visiting room.
Another well researched example of the deep white racism in America. via
In New York state's prisons the guards are white, racist, biased & abusive. Attica, Clinton, Great Meadow, Downtown, etc. Study by
Racial bias rampant across NYS prison system- inmates subject to racial slurs and harsher discipline at every stage ht…
After a while, one gives up on the notion that there is a single American institution that treats blk people fairly. http…
New York should Frack. Thousands of jobs and millions in revenue. NY would be a truly rich state.
*** of an investigation by the NYT on racial bias in the New York prison system
New York state has been extraordinarily generous to our new American neighbors. I'm proud.
His home state is New York. I know he took the electoral college. He won, I don't care about that. McMullin has val…
Guards punish black inmates more severely than whites inside New York State prisons, a NYT investigation found
New York State will not do business with the anti-Israeli companies on this list:. (TY for RT)
The Scourge of Racial Bias in New York State’s Prisons, via
That's why I like living in New York State. Nothing ever happens here. Used to drive big trucks. Saw all the bad stuff i want
Taxpayers will pay to defend illegal aliens under Gov. Cuomo's plan. No governor has hurt New York State more than Gov. Cuo…
If you live in New York State and want to run for office, join the Green Party now! and hit me up if you are...
New York State again unlawfully delays issuance of sea level rise projections. Building in hazard areas unimpeded. http…
Fearing Trump, two New York State legislators press for update of state abortion law
RUSH: should withhold all Federal money from New York State & New York City until the Gov & Mayor end the hate.
But she was good in office in New York State. Trump had 10% of the vote in NYC, his home. Says something
More Election Day fun at Glen Mountain Coffee and - this district is the best in New York State.…
Data to Care: A Critical Tool for Ending AIDS in New York State via
News the Day after the 2016 Breeders' Cup - A New York State of Racing - Horse Racing -
Panel discussions with one of my students on race and discipline in New York State schools.
Meet our guest number 1. Vitus Gbang. He is a lawyer Admitted to practice in Ghana, the New York State and the...
Andrew Cuomo: Early voting in New York State - Sign the Petition! via
There's a 14 year difference between Black Male life expectancy in DC (66) and Black Female life expectancy in New York State (80)
Season 4 is gonna blow you away, Ghost and the real deal Mata. New York State of Mind, kee…
Outrageous that New York State does NOT have early voting and makes it hard to absentee vote. The legislature must act at once.
"claimed a major success in 2014 after lobbying New York State legislature to pass a bill increasing protections for child models"
The Clinton Foundation was improperly registered in New York State
Assistant to the Director of Development - Roundabout Theatre Company - New York State: The highest quality t...
Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York State, not NYC. Bill De Blasio is NYC's mayor.
My 100 miles was all in New York State between Watkins Glen State Park to Sugar Hill State…
Watkin's Glen in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
half the New York State fair just lost power lol
.FYI: It's not the Supreme Court of New York City; it's the Supreme Court of New York State. (at 60 Centre Street, NY, NY)
New York State plans to invest millions into water infrastructure improvements
"Right now, someone in a New York State prison is being beaten within an inch of their life by a guard." -
.is focusing her legal battle in New York State, she also has a ton of new music.
“New York State is clamping down on sex offenders on parole playing Pokémon GO,” Don Reisinger reports for...
MLBPA Teams with A-Rod, MLB, New York State, Harlem RBI for Urban Youth Academy in the Bronx Help achieve
Time for a little algorithm adjustment , color was glorious in eastern New York State.
"New York State of Mind" is a beautiful song and I can't wait to see Billy Joel August 18th!!!
Hitting the opening AIR to New York State to to have an awesome week!!
why does New York State still not have uber..
I'll even throw in the New York State electors.
the Chinese man doing my nails in Henrietta asked me where I was from and i said "New York State." i officially hate myself
Please run for governor of New York State in 2018! We need your vision, intelligence, class, and determination!
Happy 5th Birthday to one of our favorite places in all of New York State - Elm Street Bakery in East Aurora...
Healthcare Association of New York State installs new president: 4 things to know. M. Beatrice Grause, BSN, RN, is…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thus guy is a City Council Member and the only viable Republican in New York State that doesn't include Albany.
New York State to the rest of the country: Step up your highway rest stop game, guys.
Please sign and share. Support my bill to ban cat declawing in New York State!. (SEE PIC). https:…
Two types of people in this world. You got the Small town state of mind people and the New York State of mind type of people.
I want a little bit of open ocean with a New York State of mind 🎶
Making plans for weekend? Celebrate at a New York State park or historic site.
The best ways to enjoy the across New York State:
Here's a list of New York State recommended value brands, all priced at $18 or less, for your summertime drinking https…
Said goodbye to my PA license today...I'm officially a New York State licensed driver again 🙌
I am all for gun control! Sen. Rosalind Schaaf Ryan of New York State
Support A9618 to expand employee ownership in New York State! Sean Ryan Senator Rob Ortt. Sample language for...
Congrats to Alex Tudor, placing 3rd in New York State in Long Jump with a New School Record!
I promise you as a New York State senator she was sued thousands of times, and taxpayers picked up the dime
Hillary's place was in New York State as US Senator. She and her liberal democrat rabble-rousers...
Marissa Piesman is an assistant attorney general in New York State and the coauthor of the Nina Fischman series:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I liked a video from Frank Dixon in a New York State of Mind live at Times Sq…
I don't think I can fit it all in 140 characters. 1st song was the "Glee " cover of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind."
There are more than 400 golf courses in New York State.
Ride the waves this summer in New York State.
I'm honored and excited to have officially announced my candidacy for the 133rd Assembly District of New York State.
Congratulations on ending the & striking a blow for equality in New York State ht…
New York State's assembly has voted unanimously to repeal a so-called tampon tax
New York Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide If you live in New York State read this.
A New York State of Design: How NYC Became the Design Capital of the World - Print Magazine
Aid in dying bill clears hurdle in state Assembly - A New York State bill to legalize so-called physician-assis...
Of course we think New York State has a ton to offer, especially the scenery, so check out this list with plenty... htt…
Lobbying congress on behalf of AH&LA the American Hotels and Lodging Association representing New York State...
What's going on at the New York State fairgrounds today
10 last-minute ways to spend weekend in New York State:
Kudos to New York State for finally paving part of the palisades park way
RICK COLLINS will be serving in the role of program co-chair at the upcoming Spring Meeting of the New York State...
On an Amtrak train in New York State this yr check out "DW's Museum Guide" inside!
Did you know that our customers can use any ATM located in a Rite Aid Pharmacy throughout New York State free of charge?
My first teaching job was in New York State, and I use to visit this Native American Shrine/Museum
West Virginia is following in the footsteps of Alabama and New York State in creating a haunted trail for tourists.
New legislation to end AIDS epidemic in New York State: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is advancing legislation tha...
Waynesville Middle School chorus is catalyst for changes in New York State law.
May is Beef Month! Celebrate by donating beef to a Food Bank Association of New York State regional food bank in... https…
Big shout out to for his win at New York State championships. Can't wait to see how you fair at...
Thanks! Even w/ the amazing downtown San Diego as a backdrop,I'll always be in a New York State of Mind
I drove by this tonight and had to call someone to ask whether the New York State fair had moved to queens
Hear some creepy stories about New York State's Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum
New York State museum was pretty cool
Farmworkers in New York State are denied basic labor rights. It's time for to pass the Farmworker Fair Labor Practice…
YMCA and Board Chair Steve Obermayer being honored at Preservation League of New York State
I'm the most independent and conservative Democrat in New York State.
Bill Yuhnke Pres. LIBERTY CAB on CAPITAL TONIGHT talking about ride sharing in New York State...
New York State just authorized $57M to help with weatherizing 8600 low-income homes across the state.
Mike Huckabee wants Conservatives out of Andrew Cuomo wants Conservatives out of New York State. See similarities between the two?
Well in my case I took the New York State civil service test and scored a 90, which is a very high score.
if people are calling it Upstate, they've either never seen a map of New York State, or they think the world is sideways.
May 4 1847 - New York State creates a Board of Commissioners of Emigration.
Wow, I just realized that my geography of New York State is: NYC, Westchester County, "Upstate," Hudson River Valley, Buffalo/Niagara.
DeNora Getachew of the Brennan Center for Justice: we need same day voting in New York State.
New questions emerge about many of New York State's (and Upstate's) major economic development initiatives.
First anvil of the day . I'm at a giant flea market in New York State ... Old Mousehole forge…
What about 2 nuclear power plants in US leaking, in Miami and New York State
New York State : 192nd Season of Navigation on New York's Canals via
Our Household Hazardous Waste Facility is one of the few in New York State that is open 5 days a week, plus targeted weekend dates
Justine Bateman Net Worth: Justine Tanya Bateman was born on the 19th February 1966, in Rye, New York State, U...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
New York State Senate: Petition to End Prison Slavery in New York State - Sign the Petition! via
its not fair but New York State is a rough state.
New York State, I love your hatred of Ted Cruz. I have a fair number of issues with you, but still.
To be fair, Harlem is in the southern part of New York State.
"Great honor" for New York State for Donald Trump to vote for himself
Whatever happens tomorrow in New York State primary, Bernie is closing the national gap. In several recent...
Official. The first round match-up is a New York State battle. Schedule:
Yankee Doodle Sanders. Will win the battle of New York State?
Yankee Doodle Sanders - the song. Will win the battle of New York State?
Can you recommend anyone for this Sales Internship Program – New York State - NY
Report: Closing would increase New York State electricity costs by as much as $2.2 billion/year. More: http…
I'm in a New York State of Mind. There's nothing like being in the greatest city in the world! in full effect! :-)
Disabled NYC police officers get a lower disability benefit than POs in the rest of New York State. Contact
Health Department Report on Fracking in New York State and statewide ban on Fracking
The women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Kappa Epsilon Zeta Chapter would like to wish all New York State...
Bold prediction from Bernie Sanders about WI primary. "I think we win here, we win in New York State, we are on our…
Niagara Falls is going to go dry – again. New York State plans to shut off the thundering waters of Niagara Falls
Opt-out cloud lingering as students face next round of New York State tests via
She'll be heading for the Clinton Correctional Facility, New York State.
From our family’s orchard in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State to your Ingles Market Produce Section.
is that a reference to Billy Joel's New York State of Mind? I'm sure your old bones are in bed already, but congrats on the 25
GW Men's Basketball Stays in the New York State of Mind - George Washington University ...
People who live in New York State!! Find out if they might be able to receive:. Help with buying food...
In terms of comebacks, that Cuse run in the second half will rank up there with Frank Reich in the New York State history books.
A reminder it's not just southern states where Democrats sell us out. New York State comes to mind. Any other good northern examples?
Ulster Heart Walk benefiting the American Heart Association - New York State is on Sat, April 9th, at SUNY New...
NY Libraries under legal attack. Help protect free association libraries in New York State.
Policy Institute, a left-leaning economic think tank. "As a businessman and philanthropist and as a citizen of New York State, I
Today stands for more than just potential - now it means 100's of real jobs. My thoughts:
When everyone was roasting New York then started coming for every state
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Looking for in New York State? is a comprehensive resource that may help.
Another interesting storyline is that if it is Trump/Clinton in race, Trump will sue her in New York state for charity fraud...
Probably because you're looking at the entire state of New York vs. cities of Sydney and Auckland.
Poll: Clinton crushes Sanders by nearly 50 points in New York
Plenty of work ahead of state wrestling programs to climb ranks: NEW YORK — None of the sta... via
This is what happens when you have VERY LIBERAL DEMOCRATS running the state and city.
Their New York State PI licenses hold no legal authority in Colorado, but that's not going to stop them.
"Making Bracket Wasn’t a Given, but Syracuse Looks as if It Belongs" by MARC TRACY via NYT The New York Times
How disgusting. Not on our watch. South Carolina, New York State consider refugee registries.
Justine Wise Polier (1903-1988) was the first woman judge in New York state.
I may be in New York but my apartment is in A STATE OF TRANCE 💥🎧🚀🏝
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