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New York Harbor

New York Harbor refers to the waterways of the estuary near the mouth of the Hudson River that empty into New York Bay.

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Wow That's amazing! I've been to New York Harbor during a trip there after eighth grade!
BLT & Harbor Point To Host Westchester-Fairfield State of the Market at Harbor Point!
Us Navy warships bout to sail into New York Harbor for Fleet Week. Nobodys Messing with New York this week!!!
The River Project hosts “Meet the Fishes.” See species that live in New York Harbor, at Wetlab on Pier 40 4pm [Free]
Meet the kids working to restore one billion oysters in New York Harbor, as part of the Project…
With gearing up again tomorrow, we take a look back
My school's got something similar for our 2017 Seniors. They're all going on a yacht around New York harbor! 11pm to 4am!
The Project is working to restore oyster populations in the New York Harbor and the Hudson River.…
arrived in New York Harbor after being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean in 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases.
My word count on my new just hit 1776. I mean, how can you not New York Harbor // pardon me are you Aaron Burr, Sir?
I checked in at Pier A Harbor House on
Who is your favorite New York Movie Actress?(Mine is in the harbor)
Beach goers spotted on our morning run. jgoodfriend @ Sag Harbor, New York
The LiRo Group honored to be involved in the development of the new Kosciusko Bridge and the New York Harbor of Ligh…
US Cash Products-New York Harbor gasoline eases in switch to trade May futures
Breathtaking Views atop Grymes Hill with the Verrazano Bridge and a New York Harbor backdrop. . Delicious Food,...
Unfinished Verrazano-Narrows steel suspension bridge over New York Harbor on January 6, 1964
Coney Island is in southwest Brooklyn, just east of New York Harbor and a popular summer destination.
New York Harbor premium to Chicago slides on a supply glut in the East Coast hub │
"Liberty Enlightening the World", which is the full name of the giant copper statue in New York Harbor, is a...
Menhaden increases around New York Harbor attracting more whales, including one cruising close by Gracie Mansion.
View atop the old Produce Exchange, looking across Governors Island and New York Harbor towards the Narrows, 1883
On this day in 1886, President Grover Cleveland dedicates the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. PS: my first d…
Sail down the Hudson River into New York Harbor, one of the largest natural harbors in the world.
Not my usual Thursday afternoon! — feeling thankful at New York Harbor
The name of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York Harbor is spelled wrong. Should it be fixed?
The latest "global icon on New York Harbor" coming soon to the St. George area of Staten Island.
Lisa's going away party... (@ Pier A Harbor House in New York, NY)
A beautiful day in New York Harbor visiting the "green lady" from the NY Water Taxi
Make your summer plans even splashier by learning how to sail in New York Harbor!
Now to just get from Joint Base Pearl Harbor to New York in time!   10% Off
Biologists at New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory discovered new genetic pathways for corn. B73 and W22...
Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbor
The United States has France to thank for for the lovely Lady Liberty standing in New York harbor!
Iroquois-class destroyer HMCS Athabaskan arrives in New York Harbor to mark the beginning of Fleet Week in New York https…
Cruise ship pulls into port with dead whale stuck to its bow | New York Post
Sailors arrive in New York Harbor and hit up Times Square as Fleet Week gets underway in NYC https…
After completing the Transat bakerly race sailboats glide through the waters off Manhattan https:…
The Transat bakerly is a one-person-sailboat race from Plymouth, England, to New York City https:…
Ships parade into NY Harbor to mark beginning of
Sunset over New York Harbor and Lady Liberty. 📷: rach_walker12 via IG
The 29-year-old actor, who portrays the suffering Theon Greyjoy, joined the British sailing team in New York Harbor.
The Hills, a park with panoramic views of New York Harbor & the Statue of Liberty will open on July 19th.
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel designed Eiffel Tower also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor
Queen Mary 2, one of the Cunard's cruise ships in New York Harbor -
America’s Cup racing returns to New York Harbor.
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Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Statue of Lumio standing proud in New York Harbor lighting the sky with her
At least he can still move forward with his plan to build a giant statue in New York Harbor.
The Norwegian Breakaway setting sail from New York Harbor in the…
Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut - The New York Times
This time last year couldn't be more different
Contractor Leads in Head of the Harbor, NY - Business Leads
The evening we departed New York harbor, 10 days ago. Returned this morning to a new year, back inNY. . Lost: a...
Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut via
Fallen tree in on Harbor Rd NB between Cnty Rte 11 and Lawrence Hl Rd
Fallen tree in on Harbor Rd SB between Lawrence Hl Rd and Cnty Rte 11
"Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut" by Unknown Author via NYT
I added a video to a playlist Introducing Anthem of the Seas: Now Sailing out of New York Harbor
On the Market: Homes for Sale in New York and Connecticut: This week’s homes include a seven-bedroom Victorian...
. ~ the native would saunter towards the New York harbor, savoring the various smells of this colossal city. He enjoyed ~
there's too much green to feel blue👗💘 @ New York Harbor
NO!!! I WONT! . You’re allowed to believe he loathed New-York-Harbor-based national monuments all you like, though.
Jan 1 / 2-1892 Immigration center on Ellis Island in New York Harbor opens
Spending NYE in with old and new friends 💙🎉🎆 @ New York Harbor
On the market in Lloyd Harbor, N.Y., and Fairfield, Conn.:
OKX updates Gale Warning (extends time of New York Harbor [AN], extends time of Long Island Sound East of New Haven CT/Port Jefferson NY, L…
Synopsis: In the spring of 1899, Henry Rochester boards a ship on the docks of New York Harbor and sets sail... https:/…
Quarantine islands in New York Harbor, 1902. Immigrants with infectious diseases were kept here
Time lapse video of tourist helicopters over New York Harbor
Time lapse of sunset over New York Harbor 11-20-2015
Jewish children wave at the Statue of Liberty as the President Harding steams into New York harbor.
That statue in New York Harbor looks pretty foreign. Watch Play of the Day
A lovely panorama of New-York and the harbor from Staten Island, c. 1850
Tick one off your bucket list... Start you week off by sailing into the New York Harbor.
Several times a year we see replica of The Amistad sailing in New York harbor near the Statue of Liberty ht…
Time lapse video over New York Harbor 11-20-2015
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The Colossus of New York Harbor. This who we are. Any other statement is a false face of our America. “Give me...
I keep Saying that Lady Liberty should be given BACK to FRANCE. she is in New York Harbor as a big LIE !
Editor, Real Estate needed in at WATERFRONT COMMISSION OF NEW YORK HARBOR. Apply now!
"Bartholdi originally planned for his statue to be a Muslim peasant woman, Instead, she stands in New York Harbor."
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: An immigrant family on Ellis Island looking across New York Harbor at the Statue of Lib…
Greenport Harbor Cuvaison now available on tap.
Happy days racing in New York Harbor! https:/…
America's ideals are represented by THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. You know, that big copper thing in New York harbor?
Why keep the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor if so many of my countrymen are willing to turn their backs on the Syrian refugees?
The Billion Oyster Project wants to plant a billion oysters in the New York Harbor. Learn why!
New York Water Taxi. New York Harbor. Took this shot in August but reminds of the NY skies today.
The prepares students for careers on the water.
A ship passes by the setting sun in New York harbor - August 26, 2015 - Photo by James Scully
Manhattan: RFK Bridge ESU & NYPD Harbor on scene with a jumper down from the bridge, Aided removed the water and being trans…
Closing Day at in Easthampton Southampton Sag Harbor, New York! Congratulations to winners!
Greetings, Fans, I am the art teacher and co-coach of the Sailing Team at New York Harbor School, a...
Happy Tuesday sailors! A beautiful fall day in New York harbor - to learn more about sailing follow link in our bio
Great story of New York Harbor by my friend
9/11, Benghazi, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor, New York fires, Crucifixion of Jesus, The Ice Age. just to name afew.
"why d'ya wanna patrol the New York Harbor area?". [imagines pooping all over the Statue of Liberty]. "To serve & protect our …
1962 New York City Harbor Lower Manhattan Tugboat Origina photo from my slides
FDNY rescues suicidal man who jumped in East River: Both FDNY and NYPD harbor boats responded to the scene and...
So Russia is parking aircraft carriers right off New York harbor? Oh wait, they're too busy in Syria propping up Assad.
US Harbor Assault this Saturday October 17 at 1800 PST (game time) or 9PM EST. We attack New York which is held...
Looking over New York Harbor on this picturesque
by gnautilus: An image featuring "Liberty Enlightening the World" on a clear afternoon in New York Harbor. . Please …
Join me this Thursday on the New York Harbor Jam for a party in your ears!.. Fantastic Indie and Label music...
"The immigrants arriving by ship to New York Harbor did not look up to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Decency"
Rays of light on New York Harbor by
NEW YORK TIMES: The last ferry from Battery Park to these 2 harbor attractions leaves at 3:30 p.m. daily
2 people surfing at belle harbor beach in queens new York less then a year before hurricane sandy. source...
and the tender was called Blowfish...No joke!! Seen by the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in New York Harbor
it was given by by President Grover Cleveland to place in the New York Harbor :)
Woman jumps off Staten Island Ferry into New York Harbor - NY Daily News
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: Happy 130th Anniversary of this great lady's arrival in New York Harbor, June 17, 1885.…
Photoset: ny007ny: Happy 130th birthday Statue of Liberty! The Statue arrived in New York Harbor on June...
130 years ago today, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor. Happy Anniversary, Lady Liberty!
130 years ago today, "Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" arrived in New York Harbor -
130th anniversary - Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor: 200.000 people welcome
Coast Guard Cutter Eagle holds change of command ceremony in New York Harbor
Aug 5 1884- The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty is laid on Bedloe's Island (now Liberty Island) in New York Harbor
Windsurfers in New York Harbor with the twin towers of the World Trade Center behind in New York in 1990. . Photo...
A cruise around New York Harbor with Nicole Moudaber?? I'm in the mood!!
Visitors to the Statue of Liberty were evacuated from Liberty Island in New York Harbor on Friday after a report of a suspicious package, t…
Man missing after S.I. Ferry leap: A man plunged into New York Harbor from the Staten Island Ferry.
Boys and Girls Harbor is looking for a Part-Time Math and/or Science Tutor in New York
It's like a game of Battleship being set up in New York harbor
Virginia Thoren in Schiaparelli, New York Harbor, 1962. Accompanied by woman's best friend 🐶
Panorama of New York Harbor, 1854. Staten Island is in the foreground, highlighting its importance
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Lady Liberty. If you’ve ever gazed out across New York Harbor, you will have seen one of the most iconic American monuments. The statue...
At -- Sunset and New York Harbor. Today. Couldn't resist to share with you.
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"Harry Houdini stepping into a crate that will be lowered into New York Harbor as part of an escape stunt in 1912" htt…
The bridge simulator at The New York Harbor School was pretty darn cool
The latest from New York Times: "Frozen Harbor in New Bedford, Mass." by KATHARINE Q. SEELYE and ROBIN LINDSAY
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: The Statue of Liberty standing above an icy New York Harbor
During the War of 1812, the Corps designed a system of fortifications for the New York Harbor and enlisted 38,000 people to help.
Heard a new phrase on show. Up Sparking. As in 'Up sparking a conversation'. Need a bin the size of New York Harbor for that one
New York fortified itself so heavily in preparation of the War of 1812, the British didn't dare enter New York Harbor. |
The fact that thought Pearl Harbor was in New York😑
Blog post: Raptor Wednesday: Away-way out on the ice, a young Bald Eagle hangs out in New York Harbor. With so...
The Statue of Liberty hails dawn over New York Harbor in 1978.Photograph by David Alan Harvey, Natio
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As I expected I harbor no ill feelings, thank you for helping put us back on top of the world and good luck in New York.
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Late again? Maybe Mayor doesn't care. He doesn't care about us in Yorkville either.
Gilbert N. was home in New York City when he heard the news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After...
Some 14 days ago...Manhattan Island surrounded by the frozen waters of New York Harbor. Love it!
Prev link reminds me of Black Tom, 1916. Sabotage in US by German agents.Forgotten by many. Thank u
The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, has 35 foot waistline.
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Broadcast from the torch balcony, enjoy high resolution images of New York Harbor and the downtown Manhattan...
Staten Island *Maritime Incident* in the New York Harbor. E-155 on board Marine 9 with EMS Medics as well as...
A view of Lower Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry, as the New York Harbor is filled with large chunks of ice.
Looking at Battery Park across the frozen/ icy New York Harbor and the East River, far right (with Brooklyn...
The frozen Arctic, or New York Harbor? You won't believe how icy Hudson River is:
Students decorate lockers with messages of love for suicide prevention
If this is what they pay me for. I'm rich! @ New York Harbor
New York Harbor in noon light. Waiting for the Hugo Boss show to start.
BrickHouse Brewery: Patchogue, a harbor front village on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, is home to ...
The real unreported problem is the New York harbor has become smaller and smaller! Dredging is the answer!
Allow yourself to be completely mesmerized - Watch as the city lights of New York trickle across the harbor!
Sick of winter? You may change your tune after seeing these beautiful ice flows via timelapse in NY Harbor:
We were featured in for Morgan + Johnnie's wedding extravaganza.Check us out:
Dreamy, winter sunset over New York Harbor this evening
New York City should KNOW NOT TO just put out fireworks without ADEQUATE warning.. This is land of Pearl Harbor, land of 9/11
“The S.S. Normandie capsized after going up in flames in New York Harbor, 1942 |
Blue Found on the Beach. . (Barry Rosenthal arranges beach trash that he collects around New York Harbor) htt…
Dreamy winter sunset this evening, New York Harbor htt…
Dreamy winter sunset this evening, New York Harbor
Why are New York Harbor's dry docks important to the global economy? Find out on Brooklyn Navy Yard Tour 2/15 h…
At -- New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty views from the roof garden of one of my listin…
The Statue of Liberty was originally built for Egypt and was meant to stand in front of the Suez Canal instead of the New York Harbor.
Travel Channel Vid: Manhattan Is Oyster Island - New York Harbor is known for its oysters; Grand Banks is the plac... htt…
Today in history On Dec. 7, 1696, Connecticut Route 108, on of the oldest highways in the US, was completed. In 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the US Constitution In 1808, James Madison was elected as the fourth President of the United States. In 1836, Martin Van Buren was elected as the 8th US president. In 1862, during the Civil War, the Battle of Hartsville, Tenn., and the Battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., began. In 1868, Jessie James and his gang robbed a bank in Gallatin, Mo., and one person was killed. In 1872, the British warship HMS Challenger began a 3-1/2 year round-the-world oceanographic cruise. In 1917, during World War I, the US became the 13th nation to declare war on Austria. In 1932, the first gyro-stabilized vessel arrived in New York Harbor after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In 1934, Wiley Post discovered the jet stream. In 1939, at the age of 36, the New York Yankees' Lou Gehrig was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the US ...
The Liner, 'Queen Elizabeth', bringing American troops into the New York Harbor, at the end of WWII.
November 21, 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Verrazano Bridge Anti-Italian Bigotry and Prejudice in Brooklyn In 1909 my grandfather and the other Italian immigrants experienced the anti-Italian bigotry and prejudice that was prevalent at that time especially during the Hudson-Fulton Celebration in New York City. The Italians protested passionately the exclusion of the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano from the exposition. In 1524 Verrazzano was commissioned by the French king, Francis I, to find a passage-way to Asia. He sailed westward, landing in the vicinity of present day North Carolina and then sailed north into the present day Hudson River on his ship La Dauphine. His explorations gave France its claim to the lands in North America. The English explorer, Henry Hudson, didn’t sail into New York Harbor until 1609. Apparently history chose to ignore Verrazzano’s voyage, his explorations, and his discovery of the Hudson River and New York Harbor, and instead credited the dis ...
Today in History Kenesaw Mountain Landis: judge was elected the first commissioner of baseball after the Black Sox scandal (1920) Leon Trotsky: was expelled from the Communist Party and Joseph Stalin became the Soviet ruler (1927) Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge: eight-mile-long structure opened for traffic (1936) Ellis Island: the New York Harbor facility, which served more than 12 million immigrants, was closed (1954)
“Why Veterans are Important to our History and Future” Illinois Sarah Morthland As a storm rolls into New York Harbor, I am reminded of the countless wars my nation has faced and the sacrifices the veterans have made throughout the history of America. I am The Statue of Liberty created in 1875 and now stand proudly watching over the nation as each of our brave soldiers fights for our freedom. At my feet are loose chains symbolizing the freedom our first soldiers fought for during the Revolutionary War, in my left hand a tablet engraved with the date July 4, 1776, and in my right hand a torch that illuminates the way for all veterans of all wars. Looking down at my green cooper body, I can see the cracks that have formed throughout my years stationed at Liberty Island. With each crack forced into existence, a soldier is placed into the remembrance of my heart, and with each casualty the cracks deepen. Even though a soldier’s sacrifices may be forgotten and the cracks in my body repaired, the mem ...
Everyone is familiar with the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of the promise of America, but for a few years early in its existence, it was also officially a lighthouse. The lighted torch in Lady Liberty’s right hand has great symbolic significance, but at its beginning, it was also used as a navigational aid for ships entering New York Harbor. Nine arc lamps were placed in its torch.The torch could be seen as far as 24 miles away at sea and stood over 305 feet high. The Statue of Liberty became operational as a lighthouse on November 22, 1886. The Lighthouse Board was responsible for the statue. Despite efforts by the Lighthouse Board the torch was still considered too dim and remained virtually invisible in the night sky. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt ordered the statue's transfer to the War Department, as it had proved useless as a lighthouse. The Lighthouse was deactivated in 1902. In 1933 the statue was turned over to the National Parks Service.
Photo: New York, NY – The last big earthquake in the New York City area, centered in New York Harbor just...
10/29/1813: USS Demologos; first warship to be propelled by a steam engine, built to defend New York Harbor.
Did you know, shortly after Greece was invaded by Italy, Greek Americans mobilized and formed numerous support and relief organizations, most notably, the Greek War Relief Association, which raised tens of millions of dollars for the people of Greece. They immediately launched the "Greek Railway Express" which was a coast to coast journey collecting dry goods, clothing and other materials for immediate shipment to the people of Greece via ship. These photos are from the collection of Gregory C Pappas and show Chicago's collection point for clothing, sent to Tripolis; and a Greek Railway Express truck that helped transport the materials across country to New York harbor..
Sag Harbor Coat Drive starts today.Bravo to these young ladies! Let's all help those in need.
Another look at last night's gorgeous over New York Harbor http:/…
Crazy beautiful sky over New York Harbor http:…
//Somebody help. Should I put into or onto for "As ships sailed (into/onto) New York harbor"...
2/2 7th New York Heavy Artillery. Injured at 1864 Battle of Cold Harbor (via National Museum of Health and Medicine)
y'all are the rugged to my elegance💕😛 @ Cold Spring Harbor, New York
The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in the middle of New York Harbor, in...
28.10.1986 – The centenary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty is celebrated in New York Harbor.
On this day: 1886, U.S. Pres. Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor.
IN HISTORY TODAY - 1886. The Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, was dedicated in New York Harbor by Pr…
Trivia Tuesday: What monument in New York Harbor was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland on this day, 1886?
The Shearwater emerging from New York Harbor, where the Hudson and East Rivers meet
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: [Liberty, Protected and Preserved]. Governors Island, New York Harbor, and the Statue ...
New York harbor and boats in the mist. @ New York Harbor
I added a video to a playlist Morgan 3 Wheeler, Sag Harbor New York
Big Govt Out of Place in Modern Society: … built, saw as they entered New York Harbor in...
Visit Picnic Point on Governors Island via a free ferry & relax in hammocks with incredible views of the Statue of Liberty & New York Harbor
New York Harbor, from the top of the World Trade Center, 1977. Photo by Tom Baril.
My 6th great uncle= Jacob Blackwell (1692-1744)-owner of Blackwell's Island (today it is called Roosevelt Island in New York Harbor).
1957: A blimp greets the Mayflower II in New York Harbor (
First time sailing and it was great! Can't wait to do it again. @ New York Harbor
Largest recreational marina to be developed in New York Harbor in 50 years coming to
fireworks on the Hudson cause it's almost my birthday. 💃 L'chaim 🍷 @ New York Harbor
Governors Island Art Fair Lodges in New York Harbor's Military Ruins for the Month -
Here are the twin towers in about 1991; my colleagues and I were working in New York and were in New York Harbor and I made these pictures. New York will never be the same
on 1810 The Tonquin sets sail from New York Harbor with 33 employees of John Jacob Astor's newly created Pacific Fur Company..
New York Harbor. Up the East River & then the Hudson.
This weekend marks the anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn. In June 1776, General George Washington moved his troops to New York Harbor, in anticipation of a British attack. Finally, after months of anticipation, British forces landed on Long Island on August 22nd. Five days later, the British attacked American positions at Brooklyn Heights and the Heights of Guan (roughly today’s Prospect Heights). Although vastly outnumbered, the Americans managed to hold of the British, and the remainder of the army retreated to Brooklyn Heights. The August 27th Battle of Brooklyn was the first major battle of the American Revolution fought after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On the night of August 29-30th, Washington executed a brilliant evacuation plan, moving his entire army to Manhattan without the loss of a single life. The Americans were eventually driven out of New York, and the British maintained control of the harbor throughout the war. Interested in learning more about Brooklyn's ...
OVER THE JERSEY SHORE (AP) — The image on a satellite photo snapped by NASA showed a big green arrow off the New Jersey coastline, starting in New York Harbor and spanning almost to Atlantic City. Some blogs were already starting...
I think if u can send back children u need to take that statue in New York Harbor down !
FDNY firefighters rescued a 23-year-old man who had lost his jet ski, 3 miles off the shore of Sandy Hook, New Jersey in New York Harbor.
Black Tom Explosion (1916) Newspaper article from "The Jersey Journal" announcing the devastating news of the munitions explosion at Black Tom. Now a section of Liberty State Park (along Morris Pesin road including the park office and Flag Plaza), Black Tom was originally a small island in New York Harbor not far from Liberty Island. Between 1860 and 1880, Black Tom was connected to the mainland by a causeway and rail lines terminating at a freight facility with docks. The area between the island and the mainland was filled in sometime between 1905 and 1916 by the Lehigh Valley Railroad as part of its Jersey City facility. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Black Tom was serving as a major munitions depot. Before the United States entered the First World War, American businessmen would sell their supplies to any buyer. However, by 1915, the British Navy had established a blockade effectively keeping the Germans from being able to buy from the American merchants. The German government, on July 30, ...
See NY Harbor's active shipyards and learn how they churned out vessels for WWII on a tour 8/10 & 9/1 ht…
We have a statue of LIBERTY in New York Harbor, not a Statue of Equality.
WHAT A SWEET STORY... (CNN) -- It was about eight months into her fight with heart cancer that 24-year-old Maire Kent knew she was going to die. In November 2012, Kent was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. By the end of September 2013, she was gone. But it's what happened in the final weeks of her life that made her friends and family feel as if she's still around. "I met her by chance, actually," filmmaker Keith Famie told CNN. "I went to the hospital because I was having some chest pains and we ended up having the same doctor. Our conversations took off from there." Famie happened to be working on a documentary about how people deal with the end of life. So he and Kent decided to document the last leg of her life and her final wishes. Inspired by her favorite children's book, "Paddle to Sea," in which a boy carves a wooden boat and sets it free in the Great Lakes, Kent turned to her family and said, "I want to do that. I want to go to the ocean. Cremate me and put my ...
TIL that during WW1 German Saboteurs set off bombs on Black Tom island in New York harbor. The blast could be felt …
Sailing around New York Harbor with Capitol Cities: My experience on the ... -
"First Mate" watching geese parade by, Harbor Island, Mamaroneck, New York, en route to summer camp.
Learn the ropes on in scenic New York Harbor via Offshore
Goodbye for a while, Arizona. — traveling to New York, New York from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport -...
We built this city on rock and roll. @ New York Harbor
If Russia is not discouraged, New Yorkers may one day see Russia over New York Harbor. G-D help Ykpaiiha!
Kourtney leaving a market in Sag Harbor, New York on Tuesday.
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Today in history: 1916 – 2 million tons of ordnance exploded on Black Tom Island in New York Harbor.
More far you go more divided u look @ New York Harbor
Perk Alert: A champagne boat cruise after dark from
Passengers on Boston Harbor Cruises whale watching boat are back on dry land - New York Daily News
Mark Sanchez: "Fans in Philly are friendlier than New York fans." Butt-fumbles may or may not cause some to harbor resentment.
In 1780 New York harbor froze, allowing people to walk from Manhattan to Staten Island.
'Cake Boss,' family rescued from boat stranded in New York Harbor ...
First images from satellite SkySat-1 include The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor!
Looking at this 4.17-acre waterfront estate in Lloyd Harbor, New York I can't stop thinking, "I wonder how much...
Such a beautiful way to end a day. @ New York Harbor
If you're looking for great views along the New York Harbor, take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry!
SHADES OF SELMA, ALABAMA? "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." "Well, give me your tired and poor yearning to be free just so long as they’re from Ireland or Scotland or Germany. The Netherlands? Italy? We’ll take them. England’s okay too. Maybe Poland and Greece. Even the stinky French. Why, we’ll even take the Russians. Sure what the heck, welcome to America! Come on in." "Brown Spanish speaking children from where now? Central America? Whoa, not so fast". "Hey, there’s a reason why the Statue of Liberty holds her lamp above New York Harbor and not the Texas border. Just saying." "Because this is America right? Is that who we are, a bunch of fat white Christians with signs and bibles screaming hatred at a busload of brown children?" - Jim Wright
Buddy "Cake Boss" Valastro was rescued Friday night after his 32-foot Boston Whaler got lost in heavy fog and and low visibility in New York Harbor.
Firefighters rescued the star of TLC’s “Cake Boss” reality show and his family on Friday night after they got lost while boating in foggy conditions and drifted into a heavily trafficked channel in New York Harbor.
On July 4, 1776 George Washington was sitting in New York on Manhattan Island in blistering heat staring at 120 British ships that began arriving in New York Harbor on June 29. The British had landed on Staten Island where they found the loyalist very hospitable. Martha Washington had left New York for the safety of Mount Vernon. Five of the 120 ships had more guns than Washington had at his disposal to protect the entire city. The British ships carried over 10,000 men. Washington was told to expect hourly arrival of more ships. By August 4 over 400 ships had arrived carrying another 10-15,000 men. Washington did not find out until July 6 that the Congress had voted for independence from Great Britain. Alexander Hamilton, per the Congress, sent Washington a copy of the declaration on July 8 with instructions to read it to his men. That was done with much joy on July 9. The crowd was so jubilant that they marched to the statue of George III and pulled it down. Those men, and many others like them, spent t ...
Little Giant Ladders
My fellow Americans: In a few moments the celebration will begin here in New York Harbor. It's going to be quite a show. I was just looking over the preparations and thinking about a saying that we had back in Hollywood about never doing a scene with kids or animals because they'd steal the scene every time. So, you can rest assured I wouldn't even think about trying to compete with a fireworks display, especially on the Fourth of July. My remarks tonight will be brief, but it's worth remembering that all the celebration of this day is rooted in history. It's recorded that shortly after the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia celebrations took place throughout the land, and many of the former Colonists -- they were just starting to call themselves Americans -- set off cannons and marched in fife and drum parades. What a contrast with the sober scene that had taken place a short time earlier in Independence Hall. Fifty-six men came forward to sign the parchment. It was noted at the time ...
Learn how submarines in New York Harbor menaced British warships in the Revolution and American merchantmen in WWII
NEW YORK — Well, hello, sailor! Fleet Week is returning to New York City after a year's absence, officials announced Tuesday. Three Navy ships and two Coast Guard cutters are scheduled to arrive in New York Harbor on Wednesday morning, the start of the week. The usually annual celebration of Am...
It just dawned on me that I've lived in Milwaukee, Germany, Harbor Springs, East Lansing, Chicago, Rome, the Netherlands, and New York
1 out of two of my dates for tonight @ New York Harbor
Pierson Students Lobby for CPR to be Taught in New York Schools - The Sag Harbor Express: The Sag...
Couldn't get better. Live inYork. Work with great people. Land your Great op for a massively talented designer. juniors.
5th grade cruise around New York City harbor and Statue of Liberty with hundreds of 10 year olds. Had…
On a normally slow day, a swarm of activity today on Governors Island. Bee swarm. For the short time they were here, they enjoyed the Castle Williams exhibit and a great view of New York Harbor. Now they are off to a new hive in a far away location...
Good luck to the amazing athletes who are starting the epic 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim tomorrow from the Catskills to New York Harbor. "The swimmers in the 8 Bridges challenge remind us of the motivation for cleaning up the river along the entire length. Some people express dismay to see anyone swimming in the Hudson River. To them, the river still retains its polluted reputation. They are missing out on the enjoyment of a tremendous natural resource. It helps to have water-lovers championing the cause for a swimmable Hudson to show that the river still belongs to us all, even if we aren’t trying to set any endurance records," writes Patrick Landewe, keeper of the Saugerties Lighthouse. Greg Porteus)
The 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, the longest marathon swim in the world, started today. The 8 Bridges is an epic swimming odyssey that celebrates the mighty Hudson and New York Harbor and we're a proud sponsor.
New York Harbor, September 1937. My parents on their honeymoon weekend in the city.
"Framed by the Harbor" by C. J. HUGHES via NYT The New York Times
A historic neighborhood on Staten Island with a wide variety of homes and views of New York Harbor.
(l-r) Artist and WWI Veteran Peter Ruta; VANYHHS Director Martina Parauda; and Art Historian and WWII Veteran Philip Gould A joyful celebration of art and life, held  on June 17 at VA's Manhattan Campus, focused on the installation of three beautiful landscape oil paintings, donated  by Artist Peter Ruta, a WW II Veteran.  "We must be doing something right, " said Director Martina Parauda,  referring to Ruta's 90 plus years and apparent very good health.  Ruta, who was wounded in combat, has received VA services for many years.  He paints every day at Westbeth Artists Housing on Bethune St. in the West Village apartment he shares with his wife of 45 years, Suzanne Ruta.  Two of the couple's four adult children and a young grandson attended the event, along with a group of longtime friends and VA Harbor Staff.  Ruta was introduced by Art Historian and Sarah Lawrence Professor Emeritus  Philip Gould, also a WW II Veteran who served in the Pacific.   The Ruta oil paintings have been permanently in ...
Oh just hanging out in the Harbor, not late for work at all. 🚢 @ New York Harbor
Closed due to accident in on US-9 NB after S St and before Harbor Inn Rd
Half-Hour Jet-Ski Rental or Four-Hour Jet-Ski Tour of New York City Harbor for Two from Rockaway Jet Ski - Up to 43
129 years ago today the arrived in the New York Harbor from France.
From Boston to cape cod to bar harbor to New York back to Boston all in 10 days
The Statue ouf Liberty arrives in New York harbor 139 years ago today. Download The New Colossus today.
education. Lindsay Dee Lohan[1] was born on July 2,. 1986, [3] in New York City, and grew up in. Merrick and Cold Spring Harbor on (17/249)
On June 17, 1885, as a gift from the French, the now iconic Statue of Liberty arrived dismantled by boat in New York Harbor, according to The History Channel.
On this day in 1885, New York Harbor received 350 packages, occupying more than 200 cases, shipped from across the Atlantic. Today, these pieces make up the Statue of Liberty, one of America’s most defining landmarks and iconic symbols of liberty.
The Staten Island Ferry in New York Harbor. Port Elizabeth and the Bayonne Bridge in the distance.
Three U.S. Navy ships and two U.S. Coast Guard cutters arrived in the New York Harbor on May 21 in celebration of the 2014 Fleet Week New York Parade of Ships. Now in its 26th year, the week-long celebration has been held nearly every year since 1984. Nearly 1,500 Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are participating this year.(Photo by Simmon Guo)
After a tour around New York Harbor and a steady mooring at a Stapleton pier, New York City prepared to welcome droves of sailors dressed in their...
A dozen Navy and Coast Guard ships as well as ships from all over the world visit New York Harbor each Fleet Week. Fleet Week includes a series of events and opportunities to meet Sailors and Marines,...
Look out for the US Navy ships and US Coast Guard ships arriving in New York Harbor this morning, now - 11 AM in honor of Fleet Week in NYC. Click here to find events near you.
Anchors Aweigh! Fleet Week is back in NYC. After last year's budget crisis left Uncle Sam short of funds, three Navy ships with the destroyer USS Cole in the lead and two Coast Guard Cutters will sail into New York Harbor this morning. 1010WINS reporter Al Jones will be aboard bringing our listeners first hand, close up coverage of the excitement which will include some fantastic fighter jet flyovers. The ships will carry 1500 U.S. service members from the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. So if you see these young guys and gals about town in their dress whites, thank them for the sacrifices they've made for the rest of us. 1010WINS LIVE at North Cove Marina in Battery Park City.
**ANOTHER fresh canvas for the graffiti taggers of NJ! Dead Whale Found in Brooklyn
"They planned to bring it to the New Jersey side of the harbor"
NEW YORK AP -- Police say a whale has been found dead in New York Harbor. The roughly 25
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