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New York Fire Department

The New York City Fire Department, officially the Fire Department, City of New York (FDNY), is a department of the government of New York City that provides fire protection, technical rescue, primary response to biological, chemical and radioactive hazards, and emergency medical services to the five boroughs of New York City.

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five in 1947, her mother was a teacher & her father a firefighter with New York City Fire Department.
Progress is punk rock and don't play by the New York Fire Department's rules, man
RIP Michael Duffy, a 20-year veteran of the Fire Department, who died from 9/11-related cancer.
"Father Mychal was chaplain for the New York City Fire Department on Sept. 11, 2001 when terrorists crashed...
At least 2 people shot at New York City hospital Fire Department rescue workers head towards the
Honoring New York Fire Department and 9/11 Hero Michael Duffy, died 8/8/2017 of cancer. Honor him so he is not forg…
Next he will say 911 was great for New York´s Fire Department. Great cuts to their payroll that day. YUGE
New York Fire Department fire boat sprays water just off the 79th St. boat basin on the Hudson…
I just bought 'Fire Department City of New York Rescue 2' on Fire Replicas
THE NEW YORK TIMES: Veterans Affairs Department plans to fire its D.C. medical director — again
Watch for Fire Department activity in New Hope on Upper York Rd (Rt 263) at River Rd due to a wire problem
Today is a great day to read about the New York Fire Department. I can't even fathom what they went through 15 years ago.
New York Fire Department members who died on 9/11.
New airboat rounds out the rescue tools in the Poquoson Fire Department's inventory
Vatican hits back at Turkey for calling pope 'crusader': Two New York City Fire Department EMTs got engaged d...
- Rye Fire Department Serving the City of Rye New York. The page
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Victor Fire responded on June 24, 2016, as automatic mutual aid to Fishers Fire Department, New York for a brush...
A Fire Department from New York are sat across from me as I'm watching Chicago Fire. I wanna invite them to watch with me
Come this October 2016 I will have 28 years representing and serving The Mariaville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. in Duanesburg, New York.
Awesome! Reminder that firefighters can get college credit recs for FOMI.
Congrats to all! This course has been eval by for college credit recs.
Almost got hit by the new york Fire Department as i crossed the street in manhattan. Hows your day?
Victor Fire, with automatic mutual aid from Fishers Fire Department, New York, responded for a smell of gas on...
This is how the New York Fire Department deals with zealots
History of Civic Services,New York Fire Department,Fire Engine used for 1st Time
Think about it: Fire Department New York but New York Police Department? Who made that call?
Marvel Superhero Firefighter Helmets: (Photos: FDNY)Soon, the Fire Department of New York City will celebrate ...
I went to the Fire Department when I was in New York. I would visit the Limerick one. Best wishes. Canada.
The New York Fire Department will be auctioning off Marvel-inspired helmets at New Y...
Marvel made these custom helmets for the New York Fire Department!
After 9/11, actor Steve Buscemi rejoined the New York Fire Department to help firefighters sift through the rubble of the World Trade Center
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Eric Garner Memorial Destroyed in Fire. Fire Department says it was an accident, daughter says vandalism
Fire at the 25¢ department store, New York City, 1916
New York City Police Department union chief under fire from his own membership.
Get Firefighter Fit: The Complete Workout from the Former Director of the New York City ... -
Mens Shirt size L New York City Fire Department by AbiDashery via for him
Members of the Lebanon Fire Department from Lebanon County Pennsylvania traveled to the E-ONE Plant in New York...
Freezing rain conditions created a backlog of emergency medical calls for the Fire Department in New York City...
It would be so amazing to work for New York Fire Department 🚒
New York Times: If you want to work for the government, you'd better not be religious.
New York City Fire Department engaging in firefighting and rescue operations near the World Trade Center in New...
From all of us here our thoughts and prayers go to the Sherman New York Fire Department and to the family. May...
Yesterday at noon, steel recovered from the World Trade Center was permanently emplaced on the memorial plaza across from our Post. Perfectly angled towards lower Manhattan, this steel stands for all of those who served and sacrificed on September 11, 2001, and each day since, both at home and abroad. We are grateful to have worked with the City of Long Beach, particularly the Department of Public Works, for these past few months to at long last provide an appropriate home for this sacred piece. Our thanks to the motorcyclists from the FDNY Fire Riders and Boots on the Ground NY, the Long Beach Police and City Of Long Beach New York Fire Department for providing the Honor Guard escort as the steel was transported through Long Beach to the memorial plaza. We look forward to conducting a formal dedication with the City of Long Beach when the full grounds are complete next spring.
Steve Buscemi, a former New York City firefighter, will debut a new documentary about the New York Fire Department tonight at 8 p.m. on HBO, and it features Kean University professor Terry Golway offering historical perspective. Golway, an assistant history...
What like the New York Fire Department ? Or maybe the L.A Fire Department ? What about the Chicago Fire Department ?!!!
City Of Long Beach New York Fire Department 1 hr · *Weather Alert* The National Weather Service has issued a COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY for Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Southern Queens and Southern Long Island between 7pm Tuesday and 1am Wednesday. Tidal Departures from 3/4 to 1.5 feet above normal around the times of high tide. Moderate to heavy rain will enter the area later tonight. Please DO NOT drive your vehicle through water if you can't see the bottom! Please report any flooding conditions that may cause a hazard.
Breast Cancer Awareness
New York Fire Department says 24 now confirmed injured after building collapse in East Harlem, NY; death toll still at 2 …
HISTORY 1990: GFWC celebrated its centennial anniversary in New York City. 1990s: GFWC actively supported the passage of the Violence Against Women Act; the Americans With Disabilities Act; the Family and Medical Leave Act; and legislation supporting handgun control. 1994: GFWC founder Jane Cunningham Croly was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York. 1997: GFWC renewed its commitment to libraries with the Libraries 2000 project. Over a five year period, GFWC clubwomen raised and donated $13.5 million to public libraries and public school libraries across the nation. 2000s: GFWC members contributed $180,000 for a fully-equipped ambulance for use by the New York Fire Department in response to the loss of equipment suffered during the terrorist attacks on September11, 2001. GFWC continues its tradition of addressing social issues affecting women and families through programs that combat violence against women and promote human rights.
At least four people confirmed dead - 63 injured - in the Metro-North train crash, New York Fire Department says
In Irish News today: WIN New York Fire Department jerseys - 5 to be won
Slideshow: The New York Fire Department's Special Operations Command is trained to respond to the worst disasters.
22 August, 18:25 hours approximate. Location: Undead Central, San Diego CA “There’re enough crawlers to make our day suck,” Joel whispered. He was dressed in black tactical gear with a New York Fire Department ball cap pulled down low to keep the sun off his face.
The Root: Racism and the New York Fire Department - notes from the (cont)
Interesting fact of the day slaughter of American buffalo (they`re actually bison) began in the late 1800s with a dual purpose - to starve the indians into submission and to provide enough hides to make drive belts for the new industrial phenomenon of mass production, By 1900 at least 50,000,000 buffalo had been slaughtered, skinned and left to rot. But not was all bad news beacuse meanwhile the volunteers who made up the New York Fire Department relied on hefty buffalo hide coats as their only formn of protective clothing, after these firemen had retired many would still turn up at fires to help out and were soon nicknamed "buffs" alluding to their buff coloured overcoats, this term soon ended up meaning anyone who was a devotee of something, "He`s a bit of a buff",, In England buffalo hides were imported and used as they were in the states, "knocking off time" came when the main drive shaft was knocked out by the foreman, On this day,,1961 and the Beatles play their first gig at the Cavern Club,(I think ...
URGENT - via Andrew Kirschner - The Holley New York Fire Department is holding a squirrel killing contest known as 'Squirrel Slam', a competition for children and their parents to senselessly shoot squirrels. Cash prizes will be awarded for... the biggest dead squirrels. I called the Fire Department at (585) 638-6884 to express my disapproval. I politely explained that this is not the image children should have of a Fire Department and suggested that rather than holding a competition to kill animals, they should host an event to raise money to save animals since they are in the business of saving lives. I encourage you to call as well. Thank you. The event is scheduled for February 16th. There is still time to stop it. UPDATE: Thank you all for your passion and concern. I just spoke with Holley, NY Fire Chief Hendrickson. He encouraged everyone to send an email via their website. He assured me the Board is reviewing all emails as they receive a CC. He told me they will consider not hosting the event depen ...
I've been so busy today tryin to shut down the "Squirrel Slam" (kill) sponsored by the Holley, New York Fire Department, I havn't had time to welcome a bunch of new friends! So my paws are extended out to Nicole, Melissa, Martha, Katia, Cathy, Billie Jean, Keith, Susan, Vanessa, Allen, Deborah, Allison, Fay, Risto, /susan M., Rick, Por and Tanya! Thx ya'all for comin over to meet me! I'm normally a very funny, peace luvin squirrel, but when my cousins are in danger, I havs to speak out!
Silent footage of the New York Fire Department during the 30s. A ride in the fire chiefs vehicle through the streets to the fire. Snow covered streets where ...
Move over IKEA monkey! In 1907, every fabulous Fifth Avenue lady and New York Fire Department crew had their own pet monkey. Keeping a monkey was so fashionable that the animals were considered a Gilded Age luxury.
Author: Michael ByrneI am a native New Yorker. I was born in New York City. I grew up in the city’s Public Housing developments in East Harlem and my Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters still live here. I worked for the New York Fire Department for 20 years, eventually serving as a Captain. I worke...
"Are you volunteering today?" "Something like that. I'm the Chief of Personnel for the New York Fire Department. I'm making sure everyone is where they need to be, and has what they need." "Oh wow. Do you mind if I take your photo?" "Sure. Can my son be in the picture?"
I have the geatest respect for police, fire and all first responders especially in light of what has happened on the east coast. However,...I just saw an assistant Fire Chief from the New York Fire Department with 3 stars on his shoulders. That is the rank of a Lt. General. The very rank of "Stormin' Norman Schwartzkopf when I served in his command in what was then West Germany. This is the man who planned and orchestrated Desert Storm. The afore mentioned Fire Chief wouldn't amount to a pimple on General Schwartkopfs butt. How dare he insult and demean the rank of Lt. General. As a veteran I urge all my fellow veterans and citizens alike to protest the wearing of Generals ranks by anyone who has not been commissioned by the United States Military.
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New York Fire Department: Boom of a crane collapsed on 57th Ave between 6th and 7th Avenues; no injuries reported -
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