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New Year 2013

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Sorry everyone, I'm a little late but I sincerely wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013
It´s almost Kings Day!!. Inserted into the Christmas party and New Year 2013, ACAPORAMA in partnership with the...
Good day FB world. Here's my City Sense column today in the Philippine Star. Attachments: The first image is an aerial that of Loboc showing the damage to that beautiful church and the tragedy that the ridiculous bridge-to-nowhere beside it remains. The second image is of the coast from Maribojoc to Loon, showing how far the water has permanently receded. The third image is of Loon church - residents now hear mass beneath the giant acacia beside the ruins of the church. The following images are of what remains of Maribojoc church - almost nothing, Cortes Church (which sits on the edge of steep slope that has started to fail), Baclayon Church, and three images of Estancia in Northern Iloilo, the last being of the oil spill. Assuring Recovery in the New Year 2013 was a year of disasters, with the Visayas taking the brunt. The twin terrors of the temblor and typhoon Yolanda wrought unfathomable loss of life, heritage structures, and damage to the economy. Filipinos are resilient. This is a given; but in the ...
Malones Irish Bar, Edinburgh – Christmas & New Year Nights Out This entry was posted in Christmas & New Year 2013/14 on 30/11/2013 by Sandy. About Sandy Managing Director at 7ahead Ltd. View all posts by Sandy →Leave a replyLooking for a great night out in Edinburgh over the Festive season? Look no…
David Shearer Nov 18 2012 says "there is a real issue when politicians get new ideas and try to interfere with the economy" How does this add up with his speech in the New Year 2013; "We desperately need real leadership now more than ever. The Global Financial Crisis has exposed the frailties of the old economic wisdom. The National Party believes the financial crisis is just a blip to get over. Their solution is to apply their failed ideas of the past over and over. They are wrong. The hands-off, simply leave it to the market approach has failed all over the world. We are on the cusp of a new era – when new thinking and leadership is needed to build wealth we can all share in. The world has changed. National hasn’t. It’s stuck in the past. We need a government that recognises times have changed. We need a Government that finds the courage to act, not better excuses for why we can’t. We need a government prepared to stand up for hardworking forgotten Kiwis. We need a smart, hands-on Government. A ...
A letter from Mr.Sudheer Babu -Senior Manager, Wipro Technologies, Johannesburg. SA. Dear all, At the outset I wish you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year 2013. I would like to take few minutes of your precious time for a noble cause. Rtd. English Lecturer Sri P.S.Moorthy, (The Adoni Arts and Science College, Adoni, AP) has started a voluntary service Organization, Shri Swamy Vivekananda Seva Sanstha in 1982. The main motto of this Organization is to help poor students, poor and down-trodden families. My college-mates Veerendra Gowd, Manav, Kiran, and myself are from this College and actively working in this voluntary organization since 1992. We used to go along with other friends and other active members of this organization to collect contributions, old clothes to support poor families and poor students. I have seen hundreds of happy faces with this great support. On the birthday of Swamy Vivekandna, 12th Jan, we are going to support hundreds of poor families by distributing clothes, food g ...
This is New Year 2013 on collection pages. They didn't use it on Google Persian
First, Please Notice the Date I uploaded this Video March 7th, 2013. Syria will Attack Israel with Chemical Weapons after the coming of the New Year 2013 (Re...
AMAZING chinese New Year 2013 the YEAR of The SNAKE Good Luck:-) and Happy New Year
New Year 2013 ~ February/March Newsletter This is a brand new Newsletter we shall be sending to you periodically between issues of New Vision. We hope that you enjoy it! Frequency of New Vision In the November/December issue of New Vision we flagged up the possibility that New Vision would become a quarterly publication rather than bi-monthly. Thank you for sharing your news and views. We have very much appreciated hearing from you. (Some of your comments will be published in the next issue of New Vision.) All of you, without exception, seem to understand the need for the magazine to be issued four times a year in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spring issue will be born slightly earlier this year at the end of February ~ the others will come to you as we follow the natural cycle of the year. Your letters and emails continue to come in and each one is encouraging and warming to the spirit. It is good to know that so many of you care so much about The Hamblin Trust and New Vision. New V ...
(Excerpts from ) Annual General Meeting Caring Chief Minister Enthuses WBCS (Exe) Officers She expressed warm wishes of the New Year 2013 not only to the WBCS(Exe ) officers but also to the members of their families. She applauded them for their hard work that resulted in notable performance of the State Government in both capital and social sectors and the growth of GDP more than the national average. She insisted on better service prospects for the WBCS ( Exe) officers. This is how the Chief Minister of West Bengal reached the 600 odd audiences gathering in the Town Hall for the annual general meeting of the Association on 2 February. Smt Mamata Banerjee said that restructuring of the WBCS (Exe) cadre would be completed by the Finance Minister within two months and the officers would have more structured career progress as a result. The house cheered as she made the announcement: “I have proposed for 50% promotion to IAS. I have noticed that special secretaries from SCS officers are i ...
New Year 2013 saw the emergence of a new player in the international TV news service industry with the official launch of Opera Production. From its head offices in Paris, Opera Production offers clients access to an ever-expanding network of international correspondents located at key geopolitical…
Happy Chinese New Year for all family and friends! The best and best of all good health, happy, lucky ,fortune, prosperous New Year 2013.
Corporate greeting card for the chinese New Year 2013 (spring festival) The year of the snake. The translation of the chinese symbols: 新年快樂 (xīnnián kuàilè,Happy New Year! written with traditional Chinese characters).
Ciaron has been missing from home in Royton for 23 months now and was last seen with his family at home no one has seen or heard of him. Ciaron is 21 years old good looking boy and usual lives with family at Royton in will be a great help if people could help and look out for him and if you do see him please get in touch with Ann Marie Walls who happens to be his mother..!! This is much appreciated if anyone gets involved :) police is reckoning that Ciaron could be anywhere most likely he could be in Lancashire or Great Manchester area. Please keep your eye out for him as his family n friends miss him dearly, and as Ciaron did not come home for christmas 2011/2012 n New Year 2013 we all getting worried, as it is going to be another christmas without him. It's such a sad thing that family has to be hurt at this terrible feeling of not knowing where your child is, but myself n the rest of this group is urging for any good news and reports and if you do so have any information please bring it for ...
OUR REDEEMER LIVES! OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR! Saints, I heard a Rumour from the Lord This Morning concerning North Israel. Obadiah 1:1 ...We have heard a rumour from the LORD, ... Syria and Israel's Northern Enemies will attack Israel with Chemical Weapons after the Coming of the New Year 2013! Revelation 16:2 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image. (Mustard Gas leaves Sores on the Skin!) I have the Strength of the Lord and will not fear any Man, any longer. Israel Forgot God and Have Placed Many Idols upon their Hearts. The Christian Children need to look deep within their soul to uncover their secret sins, the iniquities that have taken them away from their First Love. The Beloved of their Soul. They have set their eyes upon the Idols of Babylon USA. The Lord Jesus is Calling! Return Unto Me and I will Heal you. He is Pleading with All Flesh. Repent f .. ...
In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most merciful An invitation…to break the silence To whom it may concern On 2nd Jan 2013, it happened. The headlines that day were, “young doctors attack seniors…”. A lot many of Questions were asked. Much was said about what was right, what was wrong, who was responsible, who was not? That day some of the medical professionals singled out as ‘young doctors’ got beaten up, got severely injured with bones fractured & wounds gaping. Some were put behind bars and charged with ‘non-bail able offense’. Others were denied treatment by the local hospital and received the First Aid Management some 75 km away from the ‘scene of the crime’. Those on the ‘other’ end bellowed that ‘they have been pushed’. The dawn of the New Year 2013 had begun, with yet another sad and unfortunate event. The state machinery came into action. Measures were taken. This news made headlines. Speculations, litigation, hearing and prosecution began. All of this followed ...
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Vitali and Wladimir wish all Klitschko fans a happy and healthy New Year 2013!
3 weeks into the New Year 2013 - and so far so good with eating healthy and feeling great. Smile - you are on Candid Camera!
A Refreshingly Spiritual Experience in the lap of Mother Nature Param Youth Circle (PYC) is happy to announce the first outdoor program for the New Year 2013 on Saturday, the 26th of January in the divine presence of our acharyas, P.P.Mataji, P.P.Swami Nijanandji and P.P.Swamini Shraddhanandji. All members of PYC (i.e. both yuva as well as madhyamik students) as well as young adults of the ‘Parivarik satras’ (family camps) are invited to join the one-day program and be blessed. The program will be held at, TRUPTI BUNGALOWS – NO.27, NEAR BLUE ROOF CLUB, (i.e. 1.5 km. From Hyper City and 3kms. from SURAJ Water Park, Owla Naka, Ghodbunder Road, Thane West). All those interested in joining the program will kindly register their names at the earliest along with the resgistration charges of Rs. 300/- (per student) or Rs.500/- (per adult). Arrangements for travel to and fro by bus, breakfast and lunch will be made for the registered participants. Those who are interested in availing the transport facilitie ...
Hi everyone! welcome to the New Year 2013...I am hoping everyone and our fb family have a Wealthy..loving...Healthy and Promising new year! And I would like to say HAPPY BIrTHDAY to these People. Mariel...Mark...Joy..Ann Therese and Vivien Joy. and have many more! and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for all those that i have not mentioned.
So help me God this year hasn't been good so far but lord bless me n the year 2013 *** lost my life last night but i see now it may require me 2 protect myself at all cost *** ain't fighting fair now a days fixing be a new day new me God bless all love one out there
Chef Edith Paiz from EPI Catering shares her Kitchen Bits post: Thoughts About The New Year and a recipe for a...
First gig of 2013 was a blast. Lots of friends new and old trekked out to One Trick Pony and we thank you all. Looking forward to a great year.
Disneyland announces the next celebration, Lunar New Year. Feb 8-11 at California Adventure
Actualite Afrique, actualite africaine. Journal africain, actualites, news Africa
Check out these pieces that are me in the new year >>
Young people must continue to have a voice in 2013
Learning to Lead™ BC is an annual weekend program held at UBC. It provides young girls, emerging leaders and graduate students with opportunities to be mentored by accomplished women leaders.
We have just entered the year 2013, in the coming future; America is going to experience rumblings of catastrophic proportions. The nation is going to be shaken in ways that most American citizens never imagined. Awake or Denial To those who are awake and know what time it is, please read this warning and share it with all who will listen. For the pretenders living in Slumber-Ville America, there is a belief that the coming year will be business as usual. But my friends, business as usual is now in bankruptcy and LaLa-Land is in foreclosure. Before I move on, it is imperative that as Christians, there is an understanding that this thing is not going to be stopped. Ladies and gentleman, America is presently under Divine judgment and it is going to take place as a mandate by God Almighty. When judgment happens over a people, it takes place in several categories; Famine – Economic duress, drought, crop failure, extreme weather. Pestilence – disease, plague, death, The Sword – War, political tyranny an ...
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I will be having a Required Alcohol Server Training class for new certifications and re certifications Monday January 21, 2013 at Harry's Stone Grill 621 Clifty Drive Madison, Indiana starting at 5:00 pm. Anyone wishing to attend this class to fulfill the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission's required Certified Server training may attend. As always the class is $25.00 per person, business checks and money orders (made out to Mike New ) and cash will be accepted! Thank you. Also this is the third year I have taught this class be sure to check the date on your certificate a lot of servers and bartenders are close to expiring.
12 honest questions to ask yourself in 2013: Am I really experiencing life? Are you really experiencing life –...
Jinxed star who missed most of last season and has already sat out four months of this one must prove he can stay fit to get a new contract
~*2013 Lab News*` For anyone that's curious or interested on what's going on with Myself and my labs... 2012 was rough and *** me. Put a very big speed bump in the road but I'm thankful for it. I'm finally back on my feet and heading the right direction. My goals for 2013 are big and I WILL be making them happen, i've already started! First and most important thing to me right now is getting all my dogs testing finished, I'm almost done with that... Yay!! I am also working on starting my own line... this takes some time. I have a very good start with my current foundation girls. Sammie (retired) Diva and Mia. I have a nice Sammie daughter i've very pleased with. Then I have my new stud who is Champion sired and will be the Key to my bloodline. I will also be joining some AKC show and obedience clubs to help me get started with showing and CGC titles on my future pups. I haven't decided if I will be showing my own dogs or if i'll be looking for a handler or even both. Another big thing I'll be doing th ...
Speculators may turn to commercial property Analysts expect heightened interest after curbs on industrial sector Jan 19, 2013 By Melissa Tan   Buyer interest in commercial property is growing in the wake of last week's cooling measures, which included curbs on red-hot industrial property. Experts said commercial property, as yet untouched by any of the seven rounds of cooling measures, could become the new target segment of speculators. All eyes are now on upcoming launches of office and retail space, which analysts said could be oversubscribed. The industrial cooling measures consist of a seller's stamp duty, imposed for the first time on the sector. It ranges from 5 to 15 per cent and applies to industrial property or land sold within three years of purchase. This is meant to dampen speculative activity in the industrial segment, where prices have doubled over the past three years. But analysts suggested this was like plugging a leak only to have another spring up. "I'm worried about the impact on the ...
Verse of the Day “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13 NKJV ~ Day 19 of 2013 ... and counting, now left with 346 for another new year. ~ “你 们 所 遇 见 的 试 探 , 无 非 是 人 所 能 受 的 。 神 是 信 实 的 , 必 不 叫 你 们 受 试 探 过 於 所 能 受 的 ; 在 受 试 探 的 时 候 , 总 要 给 你 们 开 一 条 出 路 , 叫 你 们 能 忍 受 得 住 。” 歌 林 多 前 書 10:13 CUVS “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart ofwisdom.” Psalm 90:12 NIV “求 你 指 教 我 们 怎 样 数 算 自 己 的 日 子 , 好 叫 我 们 得 着 智 慧 的 心 。” 詩 篇 90:12 CUVS
Did u make a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape or become healthier? Your dog can help!
Snow January 2011/2012/2013 (sorry, couldn't be bothered taking a new photo for this year) :)
2013 will be the year that TTR really moves up with AMSOIL as the primary product of choice. I am truly excited to be pioneering the brand in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick. Stay tuned for great information, sales, and possibly contests in the coming months!
We have just posted some new Valentine earrings for 2013. While last year we went less traditional, this year we have gone red heart crazy! Pick a few for yourself and your friends. All earrings are $12.
New Year Eve 2013 (COJ235574): Is everyone ready for the BIGGEST and BEST New Years…
FIRST New Fortnightly ENewsletter goes out Monday. OMG its been WAY over a year since the last!! New server, New Delivery. Can I do it?!?!!? LOL But the question is, are you on my list?? :) If not, please enter your email below with your first and last name, or PM me :) The Opt In form is not yet up on the website! :) Look fwd to bringing you a helpful video clip, recipe, quote and task :) All with the intention of helping and inspiring you to create a healthier YOU :) Are you ready? 2013 is GOING TO ROCK :) xoxo
Dear Mr Gove new year special: Michael Rosen's letter from a curious parent
Welcome back in the new year, hope you had a relaxing and invigorating holiday period, I'm sure you are back firing on all cylinders in 2013
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For a perfect Central Cascade experience visit the Old Parkdale Inn Bed and Breakfast, circa 1910, in the Hood River Valley, surrounded by one of the largest pear growing regions in the nation and just minutes from the Mt. Hood National Forest and Columbia River Gorge. A fanciful inn nestled in the...
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its commitment to help people lose weight and transform their health and fitness, ViSalus™ kicked off the New Year with the launch of the NEW Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge at over 400 Resolution Rally events throughout the U.S. and Canada. New in 2013, the Body by Vi Challenge now includes a 90-day money-back results guarantee, new weekly winners, more resources and support, plus over $47 million in free products, prizes and vacations.
People act so fake. It's 2013, I'm supposed to be happy with my new year. Getting rid of yo' tail real quick.
Change my header as well as my profile picture wow it really is 2013 new year new me...
Stamp duty fraud lands property agent in jail Jan 19, 2013   A former property agent who short-changed the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore of $532 was yesterday sentenced to two weeks' jail. Koh Siew Buay, 50, had pleaded guilty last month to using three fake stamp certificates. A district court heard then that between January and June 2011, she collected $1,028 in stamp duty from the tenants of three premises she was handling. However, in her electronic application for the stamp certificates, she listed shorter rental periods and lower rental amounts so as to pay a lower fee. She was then issued three stamp certificates. Koh created three bogus certificates - with the correct details and the higher stamp duty actually payable - for the tenants, who were unaware that these were fakes. She kept the difference of $532. Pleading for only a fine to be imposed, defence counsel Louis Lim produced a report from the Institute of Mental Health that stated she was suffering from depression when she committed ...
Press Release, Kinnasand GmbH: January, 18th 2013 KINNASAND achieves a successful start of the year: In line with the imm cologne 2013 PURE TEXTILE, KINNASAND acquires the highest award „Best of Best“ of the Interior Innovation Award for the new collection UNFOLD. The Interior Innovation Award is yearly presented at the imm cologne by the German Design Council. An international jury composed of designers, representatives of the media and design institutions, has awarded 180 products out of the 500 international entries with the label „Interior Innovation Award Winner 2013“, only 15 products were awarded as „Best of Best“. Designers Sebastian Wrong (London), Stefan Scholten (Amsterdam), Giulio Ridolfo (Udine) comprise the jury this year, as well as Barbara Friedrich, Chief Editor of A&W Architektur & Wohnen (Hamburg), Gerhard Wolf, CEO Funktion Möbel Furniture Store (Darmstadt) and Andrej Kupetz, CEO of German Design Council (Frankfurt). The Interior Innovation Award stands for first-class inn ...
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I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a memorable one with great friends, great family and lots of love. This year will be a new journey for us as Papa and I are purchasing a home in Sun City, AZ. My last day of work will be on March 22, 2013. We will travel back and forth from Sun City to Durango, enjoying our new home and will be taking the dogs with us - that should be fun. Hope to do some volunteering for wound and ostomy patients while in Arizona.
This is from Tyler perry. Hey Tiffany Black, A few years ago I was getting these really insane water bills. I mean HIGH! So I decided to dig some wells in my yard to have water for my landscape. I live alone, so I know it had to be from watering the grass. So I hired a company to come out and dig these wells. The foreman and I walked all around my yard and as we were walking he was putting down flags. I asked what the flags were for. He said, "The flags represent good places to dig for water." I asked, "Why do you have so many flags?" He said, "I'm not sure if any of these places will produce water." I said, "Hold up, you mean if you dig all these spots and don't hit water I still have to pay you?" He said, "Yes, that's how it goes." I said, "Ok, fine." Needless to say, he dug three wells and never hit water. I said, "Just stop." I got a few more extreme water bills and called him back. He said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Yes, keep drilling until you hit water." The next well he dug he was down 500 feet and ...
Excellent read and I would be very interested in that study. Happy New Year Kathleen and wishing you the best 2013.
I have decided to do mu part to spark the economy and get people back to work while keeping the "dollar" in the U.S. IM BUYING AMERICAN! American everything! Cars, clothes, food etc. I will have to do some research to approve sellers but 2013 is the year of American. Good bye Nike, farewell Honda, see ya Samsung! Hello new balance, greetings General Motors whats up Element Electronics! This will be hard!
Flaherty says on track for stronger growth later this year:
My marriage went through difficulties in 2012. See how the new year began in my ebook
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ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (Faculty of Experimental Music & Digital Media/Tenure-Track) School of Music College of Music & Dramatic Arts Louisiana State University   The CMDA is a performing arts community that trains, cultivates, prepares, and rewards excellent artists, educators, scholars, and performers--fostering passion for the arts, collaboration, and the creation of new works. We engage with our community, heightening our collective ability to communicate with expressive power and purpose. LSU is a national flagship institution with world-class intellectual and creative resources. Located in a dynamic city situated on the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge represents the best of Louisiana's vibrant, evocative and diverse culture. The state capital, Baton Rouge is a thriving city that is home to both LSU and Southern University and numerous businesses and industrial facilities, with a metropolitan area population of over 700,000. The LSU School of Music offers a comprehensive music program with nearly 500 maj ...
At my mom's historical home as u can see the Obamas an MLK. on the wall watin to move Feb. 1, 2013 starting new life, year, new erthang gettin started first week.
There were probably many, many times this year when I may have... Disturbed You, Troubled You, Pestered You, Irritated You, Bugged You, Or got on your Nerves!! So today, I just wanted to tell you… Suck it up, Cupcake!! Cause there AIN'T NO CHANGES Planned for 2013!!! WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND Happy New Year 2013
7 Secrets Hello, Thuy! 7 Secrets for ESL Learners from you've received all the 7 Secrets that I sent you. Here they are again, in one easy document for you to print out, to remind you of everything you've learned. Secret LEARN ABOUT WORD STRESS Word Stress is golden key number one for speaking and understanding English. Word Stress is *very important*. You can try to learn about Word Stress. This is one of the *best* ways for you to understand spoken English - especially English spoken fast. What is Word Stress? Take 3 words: photograph, photographer and photographic, for example. Do they sound the same when spoken? No! They sound different, because *one* syllable in each word is "stressed" (stronger than the others). PHOtograph phoTOgrapher photoGRAPHic This happens in ALL words with 2 or more syllables: TEACHer, JaPAN, CHINa, aBOVE, converSAtion, INteresting, imPORtant, deMAND, etCETera, etCETera, etCETera The syllables that are not stressed are 'weak' or 'small' or 'quiet'. Native speakers of English l ...
First meeting of 2013. Great way to get the new year kick started!
I took 2 minutes for each of you who are on my list of friends! I like communicating, looking at the pictures, hear you and your family to share jokes and stories, as well as to obtain and sometimes to provide support during the good times and the bad times also. I am not only happy to count you among my friends, but also my family. As busy as we all are, see who takes the time to read this article until the end. If you enjoy your family and friends all over the world, go ahead and copy this on your wall too - even if it is just for a minute. I'll look to see who cherishes family and friendships as I do. Thank you all so much for being part of my life. Happy New Year 2013! It says to 'copy' and not 'share
SAGITTARIUS IN 2013 III The Empress; 6 of Wands; Queen of Cups; 8 of Wands This is the year that you aim high. The past is dead and gone, and you are dancing a jig on its grave. Doors have closed, never to be reopened, and you slammed them shut yourself. You are moving forward towards your destiny and have all of Creation behind you, in your corner, in your pocket, ready to do your bidding. No thing and no one dare get in your way. A potent fire burns inside of you. Your time has come and you have never been so ready or so empowered to reach your goals. Aim High. You know how powerful a tool the mind is, and you choose to fill yours with positive thoughts, affirmations, and mantras. You have learned that the subconscious mind becomes putty in your hands when you associate pictures with your words. It’s fine to affirm that you are well-off and prospered in all that you do, but if you cannot picture yourself living the lush life, it’s all for naught. You know that now and oh my nothing can stop you from ...
Want to save money/gas in the new year? trade in your old car and get a 2013 You will be glad you did!
Enter to in the wood swivel photo table
"The Tories’ biggest supporters in Canada were older men outside of Quebec who make $100,000 a year or more"
210 units sold in a day at new condo Buyers drawn by discount offered by developers to offset cooling measures Jan 19, 2013 By Esther Teo Property Reporter   Just one week after the latest round of tough property cooling measures, more than 210 homes were sold yesterday at a new Tampines condominium. Buyers at a preview of the 630-unit Q Bay Residences were attracted by a discount of 5 to 7 per cent offered by the developers to help offset the measures. By noon, the showflat in Tampines Avenue 1 was crowded with hundreds of buyers jostling to get in on the action despite the harsh new curbs, such as higher stamp duty and a need for some buyers to stump up more cash upfront. Q Bay, developed by Frasers Centrepoint, Far East Organization and Sekisui House, is the first private residential project to be launched after the measures. The most popular units were suites. The project's buyers were mainly first-timers intending to live there, said Mr Cheang Kok Kheong, chief executive of Frasers Centrepoint Homes ...
Since our friends produced & directed this movie,"Dash" that is premiering next Thurs as seen below! it inspired me to write a poem I wanted to share: “ Dash” Some see a dash as a little mark that goes between some words Some see it as a pinch of this or that like seasoned herbs Some see it as a marathon with bodies well prepared Meditating helps you see there’s so much more to share In our imagination while remaining here on earth can we see it’s possible our Dash may have more worth? From the year that we were born to our expiration date Will we be reflections of he who does create all things out of nothing by the power of his word will our dash be longer or will it be too short The Dash, it represents the time we hold so dear As we dash outside our door beginning a new year will we merely see ourselves as we look into the mirror lets fix our eyes on whats unseen and not on what we see and then you’ll see that what is seen is only temporary The unseen is eternal so when hope seems to be lost . ...
71-year-old woman kidnapped, left in trunk in Parsippany, authorities say
Stolen Valor Act /Other Bills Introduced: The Stolen Valor Act, legislation that would make it a crime to knowingly benefit from lying about receiving a military valor medal was introduced this week by Congressman Joe Heck (R-NV). VFW has been very vocal and intimately involved in the stolen valor debate. The bill, H.R. 253 currently has 63 original cosponsors and was referred for consideration to the House Judiciary Committee, the same panel that approved Heck's bill last year. Violators would face a fine and up to one year imprisonment. For more information or to join the conversation visit our blog at: VFW-supported bills, all of which we advocated for last year were reintroduced this week, they include: **H.R. 303 legislation that would extend full concurrent receipt to all military retirees receiving VA disability pay and their retirement pay---current law provides concurrent receipt on a phase-in schedule for only those retirees rated 50% or above by VA. **H.R. 288 allows dependent children of veter ...
IT IS FRIDAY! Did you make your Runner's Savings Account deposit???! hmmm? DO IT.
Photo: Winter / Spring Workshop Schedule Happy New Year! What do you want to learn in 2013? Learn something...
CANCER HOROSCOPE LOOKING AHEAD TO 2013 Your Cancerian focus on the family will be highlighted in your mind this year. You'll be very busy with activities that involve your family and your closest friends. Every new group activity you'll be engaged in will give you strength and stamina to face other problems. This is good, because around the Spring Equinox, there might be shaky moments in friendships that have nothing to do with you. Your Cancerian inclination to "hold on" may be fairly important during the times when upset friends need support, but you'll also know when to let go, stand at a distance, and analyze the situation. Love for others shouldn't come at a price, and if you keep busy and focused, you won't lose anything more than honest sweat. *BIG SHOCKER THERE!!! LOL THIS IS ACTUALLY MY GOAL...TO STOP LETTING MY LOVE FOR OTHERS COST ME MY LOVE FOR MYSELF* And speaking of sweat, water plays a very important part in your dealings this year. There will be events where you might be near water and you ...
When you end up doing a 2013 team kick-off over a Saturday, Sunday - does it auger a fantastic year ahead. And one new joinee today :)
Saw some amazing new 3D devices this year at the CES 2013 event! The future of 3D is looking Bright!
The Guidant John Rose Oval in Roseville, MN receives major upgrades.   Timing System – Over the last few years, there have been significant issues with the timing system used for Metric Speedskating events.  Several years ago, it appears that a lightening strike severely damaged the electronic consoles.  Those were replaced last season, but periodic problems still existed.  After careful review, it was determined that a lot of our issues related to the age and condition of the interfaces along with some of the wiring.  Since last spring, a group of volunteers met every Wednesday evening to engineer, plan, run new wires, solder terminals, install ground rods, purchase new sensors, etc.  Material and volunteer support for this work was funded by a generous $25,000 grant from the Midway Speedskating club.   Highlights of the upgraded timing system include: 2 new Daktronics timing consoles 4 new Tag Heuer photocells (and 2 older spares) 5 new Alge Starting gun sensors (4 guns, wires, starter boxes, . ...
Thierry Henry to play on for 'another two years' - The 35-year-old is currently playing for New York Red Bulls in th...
Dreaming of a change of career? Over the next 30 days we'll be showing you how can transform people’s lives
SUSAN'S SALON IS HAPPENING THIS SUNDAY Join us this Sunday at 9 a.m. in Sacred Grounds and Books for our monthly discussion group. All are welcome to drop in and pastries will be served! Our topic this Sunday will be "Making time for." The new year gives us an opportunity to look at priorities in our lives and remind ourselves what is really important and what we can let go of. What do you want to "make time for" in 2013?
I broke exactly 0 new rappers last year, and plan on doing the same in 2013.
Happy New Year! Hope everyone grows and learns a lot in 2013 :) let's make this the best year yet!
100 truths; five likes ♥ 1. last beverage: water 2. Last phone call: Sadie:) 3. Last text message: Sadie:) 4. Last song you listened to:whatever it is by Zac Brown Band 5. Last time you cried: hmm not sure HAVE YOU EVER: 6. dated someone twice:yep 7. Been cheated on: probably 8. Kissed someone & regretted it: yes ... 9. Lost someone special: yeah 10. Been depressed: quite a bit 11. Been drunk and threw up:of course not LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: 12. purple 13. black 14. orange THIS YEAR HAVE YOU: 2013 15. Made a new friend? nope 16. Fallen out of love? nope 17. Laughed until you cried? yep 18. Met someone who changed you? nope 19. Found out who your true friends are? yeah 20. Found out someone was talking about you: always 21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list: Sadie:) GENERAL: 22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: alot 24. Do you have any pets: two dogs 25. Do you want to change your name: nah 26. What did you do for your last birthday: not a thing 27. What time ...
NTA ( Nigerian Television Authority ) shared the following link: The year 2013 has arrived with such certainty that it is hard to ignore. Much as I do not like odd numbers, I have a positive feeling in my spirit that this will be a great year indeed. With the turn of a new year, come new resolutions, new responsibilities, new dreams, new schemes and new life. Pe
News Regarding SESIS please read Q&A on the UFT's SESIS arbitration victory PUBLISHED JANUARY 18, 2013 What was the result of the UFT’s grievance concerning the Special Education Student Information System (SESIS)? The union won the SESIS arbitration. The arbitrator directed the Department of Education to pay UFT members for time they were logged onto SESIS outside of their contractual workday from September 2011 through December 2012. He specified that these employees be paid at the pro rata rate, which is an hourly rate based on annual salary. Who will be covered under the arbitration? UFT members who worked on SESIS outside of their work day in virtually all titles are covered by the award. Do I get paid even if I did not submit a UFT survey? Yes, if you were logged into and worked in SESIS outside the regular school day, i.e. before or after school, on weekends and/or on holidays. What should we do with the records we have been keeping about the time spent outside the workday on SESIS activities? Y ...
The event titled Get Grounded in the Classroom starts on Sat-02.02!
Interested in public speaking. Are nerves holding you back. Want to network or make new friends. Learn leadership skills that look great on a CV. Practice the art of public speaking in a safe positive environment. Speak easy toastmasters mallow are offering a special discounted membership rate of €35 for the remainder of the speak easy term ending May 2013. This offer includes the competent communicator manual, the competent leadership manual, four free tips books and a monthly magazine from toastmasters international. Please contact any member of speakeasy toastmasters, visit our website or come along to our fortnightly meeting in the Hibernian Hotel Mallow at 8pm. Next meeting Jan 24th. Guests are always welcome and will never be asked to speak. Please share with your friends if you think they could benefit. Go on JUST DO IT make this the year you conquer the fear that is holding you back. You will never look back.
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Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who wait and the best things come to those who don't give up.Let go of the old, take hold of the new and believe that 2013 will be your best year yet!
OK the new 2013 season is on us. If you have not already cooked in a contest what is the first one you will compete in this year?
VIRGO IN 2013 XII The Hanging Man; 9 of Coins; 10 of Cups; 5 of Swords This is the year that you feel deserving. You will have no trouble focusing on what you wish to get done this year, absolutely none. You will have a wee bit of difficulty moving forward, however. But this is nothing new to you, who are used to checking off the list of all that could go wrong or mess up your well-laid plans. That famous list which is more of a hindrance than a help because it makes you hesitate and it prevents you from taking that all-important first step forward. Not to worry. This year you will get help specifically as concerns your finances; you will not go it alone. Depending on how you feel about accepting the help that is offered to you, you will continue to not go it alone for a good many years in the future. This will be a test for you, because you are getting what you asked for. In theory it works, but in actuality? If your sweetie offers to support you while you go back to school or pursue your dreams, will y ...
Survived another round of holidays for 2012! Looking forward to some hopeful changes in 2013, but given Sacramento and Washington DC's status-quo, I doubt much will improve! Let's all hope! Happy New Year everyone!
So, 2013 is turning out to be an interesting year. Baby coming in the summer, and just got married. Nice, simple little service at St. John's City Hall, with Megan and our parents. Couldn't be happier.
Busy is good! I lost my hamster at new year but am aiming to make 2013 best year yet! :) x
Selena Gomez looks cosy and chic as she touches down in New York… The 20-year-...
I think I should find a new league for 2013... Realize I missed not really playing fantasy last year.
New post from Readers Questions: New Year! New Design! and What Would... member
Within this organization are some of the company’s top money earners! Coalition International has helped countless individuals build successful businesses of their own. Our mission is to break...
People of Gummi emirate are congratulated the new year,2013.those that are online,men and women,those are not married,they should be try,to be on 4 ?---
Current News You Are Invited Posted January 3, 2013 To attend the planning of your future!!! March 21, 2013 / May 16, 2013 TDCJ Correctional Employee's Lobby Day At Issue: Privatization of ERS Retirement Cost of living pay increases 14% (3.5% for each fiscal year 2012-2015) Sick Time Benefits / Vacation Benefits Reduction of Health Care Benefits Work Place Conditions and Safety Tentative Events: 9 am Correctional employees meet at 1106 Lavaca Street, Austin Texas 12 Noon (March 21) Fallen Officer's Ceremony on the South Capitol Steps Attention AFSCME Members We will be up against the usual attacks we always encounter during the upcoming legislative session, only there is a new twist, with some new players. The ALEC group has been exposed and brought into the light, and we now see them for what and who they are. It turns out the ALEC group is basically against all public employees and using current and past Texas politicians to push their agendas. We are prepared for these carpetbaggers, but you need to kn ...
Jan. 10—As 2013 begins, humanity faces the worst economic breakdown crisis that the planet has seen since the 14th-Century New Dark Age. The mega-bailouts of the predatory banks and of the international speculative financial bubble, which began in earnest in 2008, and continue in crescendo up to the...
Port Jervis City Police Department Press Release - January 18, 2013 Subject: Updated Information -Fatal Fire: 8 Mountain Avenue, Port Jervis New York. Death Ruled a Homicide by Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office At About 10:48am on January 15th, 2013, Port Jervis City Police responded to a reported structure fire located at 8 Mountain Avenue in the City of Port Jervis, NY. Police Officers arrived at the scene with members of the Port Jervis Fire Department and Port Jervis Volunteer Ambulance Corps and located a 38 year old male subject outside the burning residence presenting burn injuries. The subject was immediately provided emergency aid by first responders and transported to Bon Secours Community Hospital for emergency care. Once inside the 8 Mountain Avenue residence, police and fire personnel discovered the body of a deceased female who has been identified as Tyrochelle Haughton, age 35. Haughton resided at the 8 Mountain Avenue residence which was damaged by the fire. An autopsy was pe ...
Happy New Year? I just calculated an additional $75 of Statutory Deductions on my pay stub. (unlike)
2013 SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION BEGINS TODAY!!! The “Early Bird Special” goes until March 10th. We can’t wait for your camper to experience all the new things we will be doing this year! Visit to sign your camper up for an amazing summer beginning June 3rd!
My Hubby is the BEST!!! He has just booked our little family to go to NEW YORK for our 5th Anniversary & Xmas 2013 love you baby x Loving my life x
Ok getting fed up with the bias coming from the media. Here is a report received today. X X, 23, of X and X killed in today's crash in X. Police say he was not wearing a seat belt. X’d out the names and places to protect privacy. Here is how irrelevant information can be, although true, useless… A survey shows that out of the 123 car accidents so far in 2013 all drivers had eaten some kind or corn products in 2012. True but useless. So I ask did the seatbelt kill the 23 year old or the crash? The police determine the car was traveling significantly over the posted speed limit. I say that the speed and lack of care in navigating a car on slippery conditions are the factors in the death, not the seatbelt. I have worked in emergency services in many places all my adult life. Was put in charge or records on a department. Along the same time I saw a public service announcement with a State trooper that I know well stating that he had never taken a dead person out of a car crash that was dead. This is a ...
Reduced Runners and the Sale goes on.Great shoes at great internet matching prices. Please call the shop for more details on styles, sizes and what stock is left. New year, new styles, new stockist, new YOU all due for 2013. Stay safe, happy running.
Woza 2013!no stress...monate & money waya waya!“That's our resolution 4 de new year!
Dear Friends Thank you for be friends For this year fresh and new Another chance to know you To show my love for you Thank you for this day that bring us together New dreams, new plans, new hopes Along with all the strength I need Thank you and thank you ! For this day fresh and new A chance to grow, a chance to show My boundless love for you. By: Thuy Swanberg 1/18/2013
Urban lit authors are often stereotyped and for good reason some times but it irks the *** out of me when people don't even take the time out to read the books and pre-judge us and there have been times when I have had to adamantly defend urban lit. I know for a fact there are urban lit authors that write just as good if not better than mainstream authors and the New York Times Best sellers list will attest to that, but still you have people hating. That is one of the reasons it was my pleasure to work with the sista Nika Michelle as many of you know she is a gifted writer. I like writers that dare to step outside mundane boundaries of the urban normalcy. With BLACK ONYX, Nika has done that. I am very proud of her and I have every intentions of letting her shine as a author and the authentic beauty in the representation of urban literature. I think she is the culmination of another generations of talented young authors. Like it or not she is a representation of us. Urban lit is here to stay!! Nika Mic ...
It is 2013... wow! It seems like 2012 just started, and now we must acclimate to writing a 3 at the end of the year. I hope that your holiday season was enjoyable, and that the first of this year has started without any problems. We enter into another year with the same therapists and staff from last year. One change, in particular, has occured since last year. Kelsey Wallace was married in November, and now is Kelsey Cannady. We are so proud for her pray that her marriage is blessed and filled with much joy, happiness, and peace. Our mission at TheraKids is to continue to provide each child and his/her family with skills they can use to make great strides and gains. It is our desire for the children we service to feel successful and better equipped in the skills that they may have previously had difficulty. While doing this, we also want to equip family members in learning ways in which they can assist their child with learning. If you have questions, or would like to have a particular topic addressed in ...
How are your new year’s resolutions going so far? Share with us. We wish you the best in 2013! -
8 More Fluoride-Free Communities! From Breaking News: Eight more communities are fluoride-free! On January 15th, the North Burnett Regional Council voted to end fluoridation for the Australian communities of Monto, Gayndah, and Mundubberra. This was followed by the South Burnett Regional Council also voting unanimously to end fluoridation on January 16th for the towns of Blackbutt, Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai, and Murgon. The decision will protect the health of residents and save approximately $200,000 annually. Hopefully more communities in the state of Queensland will follow suit since the fluoridation mandate has been repealed, giving municipalities and regional councils authority over the practice. Fluoridation proponents in Queensland are not giving up though. Just this week Queensland's Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, went before the Australian media to urge municipalities to remain fluoridated. While doing so Dr. Young made some outrageous statements, calling fluoridation . ...
Eliminating the factor of “non-cognitive skills…almost eliminates the estimated gender gap in reading grades,” a researcher has found.
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin indicted Posted by National Director, Dee on January 18, 2013 at 3:17pm in Corruption Send Message View Discussions . By Rick Jervis, USA TODAY Probe into City Hall corruption has already netted guilty pleas by two former city officials and two businessmen. NEW ORLEANS – Ray Nagin, former New Orleans mayor and the public face of the battered city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has been indicted by a grand jury on 21 federal corruption charges. The indictment, released Friday, alleges Nagin awarded lucrative city contracts to contractors in exchange for more than $200,000 in kickbacks and first-class trips to Hawaii, Jamaica and Las Vegas. Nagin, 56, served two four-year terms as mayor, from 2002 to 2010, and currently lives in Frisco, Tex., outside Dallas. If convicted on all charges, he faces more than 15 years in prison. Nagin becomes the first mayor in the city's 295-year history to be indicted under federal corruption charges. Nagin could not be reached a . ...
My mind is overflowing with the new thigs that I have seen.more later. 2013 is going to be a great year, esp. for travel!
WE ARE BACK! Great gig at the picket to start the new year, loads of energy and a great atmosphere, thanks to everybody who came and supported us, the first of many gigs in 2013, we promise you that!! :D
VIENNA, Jan 18 (Reuters) - U.N. nuclear inspectors returned from Iran on Friday without securing an agreement to investigate suspected atom bomb research, they said after two days of talks in Tehran.
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I GOTTA TESTIMONY!!! This morning I posted a status that God makes no mistakes (see it if you didn't read it), He'll remove mediocrity & replace it with greatness... Well for quite sometime Ive been worried about finances, was completely unfulfilled with my job, & a few days ago the one I love broke my heart... The devil has been throwing stones left & right since the new year! But about an hour ago, I received great news... I GOT MY DREAM JOB! Literally, I've had 3 dreams that it was MINE! I'll be involved with the community, contributing to the city where I'm from! Pastor Jamal Bryant said the job God had for me didn't even exist AND HE WAS RIGHT! I'll be the first in my position! Don't tell me about my God! I know what he can do through the storm! Im in tears!!! Jan 2013 begins my due season! It all goes up from here!
Jan 2013 has been a breakout month. we've had just over 100 new listeners from 20 countries this month alone and we're just over halfway thru the month. So a big thank you to and all the listeners for rocking the new year with us!
2013 is a new year for me gotta try & reach my goal. Focus on church & Education this year :)
Right... Quick message to all my supporters... It's a new year and a new start... I aim to have a overhaul on this page and be more proactive with posts and updates of work etc... I am in the early stages of setting up a new studio and gallery... So busy bee at moment... I promise to post updates and news in coming weeks... Thank you for you likes and support best wishes for 2013 to you all x
Just met with a new client for May of 2013. This wedding season is shaping up to be the best one yet! We have been so fortunate in the last 5 years with Blue Elephant! I'm enjoying the January lull. Bring in on, 2013.
Hi a bit late I know but Happy New Year to everyone. Lets hope 2013 is a good year for helping yet more doggies. Also just a note this rescue page is in Norfolk UK not USA so we wouldn't be able to help with anything over there. Sorry.
CineMart was the first platform of its kind to offer filmmakers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get their projects financed. Here's a complete overview and profile of CineMart.
Greater Austin Housing Market Update Austin home sales hit six-year high for December; 2012 ends with increased sales volume, stable prices and strong demand. AUSTIN, Texas – January 18, 2013 – According to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) report released today by the Austin Board of REALTORS®, the volume of Austin home sales continues to rise as December became the 19th straight month of sales volume increases—the most home sales in December since 2006—and year-end figures show momentum in Austin real estate coursing steadily into 2013. According to the report, 1,828 single-family homes were sold in the Austin area in December 2012, which is 17 percent more than December 2011, and the total dollar volume of single-family properties sold was $513,028,200, or 35 percent higher than the same month last year. This is the strongest year for the Austin housing market we’ve seen since the recession. Each month brought double-digit increases in home sales volume and double-digit decreases in active ...
VERSE: Let praise awaken Inside of every heart For He is awesome Our God is awesome Verse 2: The ground is shaking As weʼre singing loud For He is awesome Ou...
Hey everyone! Hope your new year is off to a great start. We are gearing up for an exciting & busy 2013. We have 2 shows this weekend. Both are on Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm both days both locations. We will be at the Seminole Trade Days in Seminole, TX and at the Odessa Gun Show at Building G at the Ector County Coliseum. It's going to be a beautiful weekend so get out and enjoy it and be sure to come see us to stock up on goodies for the big division championship games this weekend.
January 18, 2013 There is no Conspiracy Theory by Raja Petra Kamaruddin The important thing is, while Dr Mahathir may have been guilty of ‘reversing’ what Tunku Abdul Rahman did, he did not act alone. This was not one man’s plan on how to ensure that Barisan Nasional and UMNO do not lose power. It was a GOVERNMENT plan, with Dr Mahathir as head of that government, of course. And we must remember that in 1991 Anwar was Malaysia’s Finance Minister and in 1993 he became the Deputy Prime Minister. And the ‘Christian’ government of Sabah was toppled in 1994. THE CORRIDORS OF POWER Raja Petra Kamarudin Over the last two years my studies in British and European history has been able to help me look at events from a fresh perspective. When we studied history back in our school days in Malaysia it was merely a study of dates and events, and maybe the personalities behind those events. Later they changed the syllabus to objective and you just marked the correct answer: A, B, C, D or E. That brought the ...
Hey it's 2013. So many opportunities await. So many ideas, and so much energy! And I'm excited about all God Has predestined in this new year! What about you?
Zeitgeist's long running Indeterminacies program kicks off the 2013 season with Todd Lombardo and Josh McGuire. The event will be held at Cotten Music Center just a couple blocks from where the new Zeitgeist will be later this year.
To my friends who work at WSH, look over this new bill by Senator Mike Carrell and others in the Senate. I think this is a good start.
For 2013 I want to lose weight, continue with zumba, go on a date, meet new people and have fun. What do you want for this year?
By Frosty Wooldridge January 18, 2013 Every Monday at 7:00 a.m. Mountain Time, I interview for one hour with Dave Chaffin on The Morning Zone in Cheyenne, Wyoming. At 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time, I interview with Zeb Bell at We talk about what our country faces on several levels. I have interviewed on over 100 radio shows over 1,500 times in the past 10 years. I have written thousands of commentaries on the immigration, environment and population issues we facing our country for the past 40 years and today. I clearly “see” where it’s all heading. Zeb Bell asked me on air, “Do you think we’re losing our country and why?” From my own perspective as a citizen of America and as a world traveler who has seen what occurs around the planet, I feel like I am writing the obituary for my own country while it continues on its death spiral. It happened to other empires like Rome, Great Britain and even the Soviet Union. It happened to the Incas, the Mayans and the Gree ...
Our certified instructors teach students the Bikram yoga method, instilling the belief that anything worthwhile is worth doing in 100-degree heat.
SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (USNA), a global nutritional company, today announced that in 2012, it earned more than 85 national and international accolades for its world-class products, innovative marketing tools, exceptional executive leadership and strategic partnerships with elite athletes, scientific experts and research institutions. The company, who also celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, nearly doubled the number of awards it received in 2011. (Logo: year has been a tremendous one for USANA, its associates and its employees. Not only did we celebrate our 20th year, we unveiled our new corporate branding, launched new products and sales tools, opened three new markets and continued to expand our services on a global scale," said Kevin Guest, USANA's president of the Americas, Europe, and South Pacific. "To receive recognition for all of the hard work we put into these projects, from an array of diverse and reputable organizations, is an absolute . ...
NEW JUST LIVE! STORE NOW OPEN ON KAUAI!!! Aloha Just Live! Ohana (family): Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We have been very busy menehunes here at Just Live! Zipline Tours. We busted our little ole' okoles during the holiday season getting a store ready for a New Check-IN location for our tours. Our NEW Check-In Location is in Anchor Cove Shopping Center in Lihue (Nawiliwili area) on Kalapaki Bay. We are within walking distance from the cruise ship port of Nawiliwili, The Kauai Marriott & Beach Club, Banyon Harbor, Kauai Inn and the Garden Island Inn. We are only 3 minutes from the Lihue Airport. Super Stoked!!! We are also expanding to retail awesome and solid quality Outdoor Gear & Camping Supplies. In addition to selling a wide array of outdoor gear we will also be renting camping and backpacking supplies to visitors and locals. Kaua'i has some of the most amazing hiking and backpacking trails and camping spots in the world. We will stock what is practical ...
Following up on some things I warned you all about months ago. They are just starting and it's going to get worse. Last week we did a poll to see how many people had their SS go up. Soon, when Obamacare goes into affect, your paychecks will go down even more. That's right, everyone's check will be going down dramatically. What I'd like to discuss today and do a poll about is the companies who are cutting back hours all over the country to avoid obamacare so they won't go bankrupt. I know in my household, as of today we are losing 800 dollars a month because of cuts in hours. Thankfully I work for myself, but millions upon milions of people are soon to have the same to happen to them and that's the plan, make no mistake about it. I was asked when I originally talked about this subject months and then again, weeks ago, "what does this have to do with prepping". Well, those who listened and prepped will have food to see them through this time of hours cut in their jobs. Those who will grow their own food won ...
Happy New Year!! We are excited for 2013 and can't wait to see you at our next resident event!!
12 Great Motivational Quotes for 2013 .This set of inspirational thoughts for the new year will galvanize you into action. At the start of every year, I create a list of quotes to guide and inspire me for the next 12 months. Here are the quotes I've selected for 2013: "Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." Napoleon Hill "The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear." Brian Tracy "Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." Dale Carnegie "Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats." Og Mandino "A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided." Tony Robbins "If you can't control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls waiting to be attacked." The Book of Proverbs ...
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Rick Riley and I am writing this letter because I feel GOD calling me to make a stand. To let people know HE is here with us and HE is only waiting for us to call on HIS name. Then HE will rescue our Nation. This is what GOD has shown me. It’s a New Year 2013 the Earth is still here it wasn’t destroyed like people predicted. So I just want to say thank you Father GOD for watching over us. So where do we go from here Barack Hussein Obama is our President. We need to look at what GOD wants from us. HE wants us to love one another and to support who is in Authority. Whoever is the head of our Country that is who we are to get behind and support. We are not to down grade him, we are supposed to lift him up and pray for him to hear the GOD of Israel voice. The Bibles tells us this, Submission to Governing Authorities Romans 13 1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which GOD has established. The authorities that ex .. ...
"GET IN YOUR POSITION!" BY FRANK .KELVIN) We RELEASED this Prophetic on December 6,2011 We have been lead to re-release As we have entered into a New Season and New Year 2013 the Trumpets have been sounding, the foot soldiers are marching in position. There is a charge in the atmosphere! The religious leaders are confusing the body of Christ with their lies and deceit by denying, the true deity of the GOD head. Watch and Pray!! Watch and Pray! Move into your position as Nehemiah get on your wall take your place, see your weapons of warfare Jezebel is present, Delilah lurks, Bathsheba is flaunting. Can you see your weapons? Is your shieid raised, do you hold your sword has it been sharpened, where is your helmet, is your waist girded, when did you shod your feet last? Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood. Jeremiah 48:10 KJV PROPHETIC DECREE AND DECLARATION FOR 2012-2015 MISSIONS SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: A task ...
Dear Brethren, On my behalf and that of entire Western Outreach (WESO) Ministry I’m very proud of you and I pray for increased blessings in this New Year 2013. I trust that you will continue to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I have you in my heart, due to limitation of time and space we may not have shared in the year that has just ended, but I know God who is unlimited ministered to you. WESO ministry moved on by the grace of God, Just looking back at what we were able to accomplish, we give glory back to God. Again in this year I humbly ask you to continue supporting this work financially, through prayers and physical availability where possible. You were one of our greatest supporter in previous years, we really thank you for that. In the year 2013, we intend to accomplish several things in the ministry and this will require our total dedication so that we see them come to pass. Due to complexity of running mission, we intend to acquire a new set of instrument, Purchase a Mission Van ...
As we commence the New Year 2013, I would like to thank all the people who have supported us, as well as those who challenged us to perform our duties better. We are grateful. When structuring the Investigation team, our aim was to find an efficient and effective way to address corruption, by minimising costs and time wastage. I need not to mention the results which were already released to the media for the public consumption suffice to say that the immeasurable achievement is that the results of our work would act as deterrence for future corrupt activity. The Government provided K9million in 2011 for our operations. We managed those funds, including acquisition of assets like vehicles and carrying out operations both within and abroad, among others. Notwithstanding that, as of this date, we still have K2million from this K9million given in 2011. The Acquittals for the expenditure of those funds had been submitted to Department of Finance last year. The scourge of corruption had permeated all the fabri ...
Joke of the New Year 2013, Asaduddin Owaisi calling the a congress govt. in Hyderabad communal.Didn't he realise that when he was their ally
Dear Alumna/Alumnus, Warm Greetings for New Year 2013! We are extremely pleased to inform & invite you for ALUMNI' 2013, the Alumni Meet for all the alumni of CET-IILM-AHL scheduled on 2nd or 3rd week of March at CET-IILM-AHL, Gr. Noida. Since, many of you may have been away from iilm for many years, it will be wonderful to see old friends after such a long time and foster new ties as well.Over the years the college has undergone through a great deal of transformation and you will observe several new developments. we are sure by now you must be eager to explore what all has happened over these years and how the college has grown? It is a fantastic opportunity to interact with old buddies and relish past memories. We eagerly awaits to welcome you during your visit to alma-mater and ensure that you gala time. Please also inform & cascade this invitation to your other batch-mates, seniors & juniors. We are expecting alumni from all batches to participate in this Alumni Meet to make it a memorable one. Your r ...
Yet Another Year Gone By... The year has been with its ups and down, sad and great moment, great expectations and achievement, blessings and above all the beauty of our exitence LIFE. The year 2012 has defined itself in so many ways for me and most Nigerians. From the subsidy issue which started the year, to the resurgence of Boko Haram who indiscriminately claimed the lives of so many innocent Nigerians with their bombings, to plane crashes, to the collapses of buildings in Lagos Metropolis and various part of the country, to the disappointing show of our athletes in the London Olympics, to flood killing and displacing so many families making them homeless and destroying their farm settlement, to the death that invaded Nollywood killing some of our Tv Stars most notably Sam Loko, Pete Eneh etc, to the kiddnappings of prominent personalities in the country; its with this, that describe the sad event of 2012. All this we over came and celebrated the end of the year 2012 and passover into the New Year 2013. ...
I've just joined the Google Nexus 7 Giveaway for New Year 2013 from
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I took the first-place spot in Ultimate Music Moment contest with my series from russian non-profit musical festival "Empty Hills". My work appears in the January issue of PDN and online here: beginning of New Year 2013, huh? Thank you, my friends, for your support and feedback. You are very important to me. You made me believe in myself by your comments to my pix and nice words in private messages. I feel like 2013 will bring a lot of new awesome pictures to us ;) Stay tuned!
UMW meeting is this Wednesday January 9th at 2:00 p.m. We meet at The United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall on the side of the Church. First meeting of the New Year 2013! See you there.
"I can see you in the morning when you go to school", lol. New Year 2013, you're looking good. New TA contract, job prospects that involve song-writing, solo piano/vocal gigs, playing with my musical friends, a DMA completion, a Mahlers quest for intramural hockey glory, so many family members returning into my life, much clearer self-understanding emerging... it's all good :). Cheers all and hope you're all having a positive start to the week.
LESSONS FROM ISRAEL’S VICTORY OVER AI. In obtaining victory over Ai, Joshua humbled himself and sought to know the cause of their defeat in the hand of a seemingly little country rather than resort to blame-game. The lessons for this New Year 2013 are these: every believer who has suffered defeat in one area or the order in 2012 needs to do self-examination at this beginning of this year 2013 to ascertain the cause of defeat and seek to know and do the will of God. Second, there are several battles to be fought this year 2013 and each battle has its peculiar strategy for victory with God. Therefore, the believer must learn from God what strategy to employ in fighting the battles of life this year 2013. Third, God addressed the issue of fear which is the weapon Satan uses to demobilize God’s people. In spite of previous defeat, God’s command is, “Fear not, neither be thou dismayed…see, I have given into thy hand the king of Ai, and his people, and his city, and his land” (Joshua 8: 1). God is s ...
DJANGO UNCHAINED 1st action movie of 2013 and it's OFF the CHAIN :) on repeat since ringing in the New Year 2013 is PITCH PERFECT :) Watching it at home wit babe Fineeva Maka in bed.
Thii is the first sunday in the New Year 2013. Holy Communion Sunday.The LORD anointing flow through Miracle Tabernacle today.Pastor Virgil L Thomas brought forth a Prophetic message today. Subject: I Need to know what GOD has done for me.Scripture:St John 15 Chapter 7,16,and 3 Verses Colossians 1 Chapter 13-14 Verses. Revelations 1 Chapter 5 Verse St John 17:17 Galatians 5:22 . 1) Just look at me. GOD has santify my soul.2) I am delivered, and   sat me free,because of him(Jesus) on the cross. God What are you saying to me personal?             Haapy New Years
Tonight's First show of the New Year 2013 will be a stream of unconsciousness including Sarah Scott the Smurfette, the Weirdest places we've ever been and is stealing in Skyrim as bad as stealing in real life? Also a Vox Pop of New Year Aspirations from the streets of Oxford courtesy of Josh Hodgepodge's amazing editing skills. I have eaten far too many Liquorice Allsorts - I feel a bit weird!
Well Church Gone Wireless: We have completed the 1st week in the New Year 2013. As the pages of the human calendar turn, there is a 'kairos' calendar that those led by the spirit of God follow. As days and times are classified even in the scriptures as 'seasons,' there are seasons of transition we who are led by the spirit are going through that are merging and converging with human events. It is important that we keep our internal balance at such a pivotal starting period where the spirit of newness is felt worldwide. One way to do that is by embracing change with understanding of what our purpose is in this "change" season. In Myles Munroe's book 'SEASONS OF CHANGE' he says "If we are to benefit from change, however, we must understand our role in the process of change." here are some quick tips CGW will share this week to help you through with wisdom. Well cull form Myles excerpts 1 day at a time to gain a detailed understanding, but for now take note of these 4 things to make sure you are soul stabili ...
New Year 2013 and my birthday with my daughter Princess and my son Larrison.
BOY ROMANO HOLIDAY Entrepreneur Romano, a Brunei denizen for two decades, effortlessly toured the visitors to the De Guzman-Alabastro wedding, from the Brunei international airport and back, Madewa at COLA to Radisson Hotel and back, BSB to KL, Madewa to Kuala Belait and back, coordinated by Purple, and financed by Thea. Thanks to Minet and Ben for the Kuala Belait hospitality, the trip to Miri, delayed by lack of rooms and wheels to Miri before New Year 2013, to Dorkie hosting the Panaga lunch and piloting the Fortuner, Marie on her Innova, and Kalla on her Vios, to George Francis Bennett, to Levy's home cooking, to Father Paul's Christmas and New Year's eve masses and Migrant's Party at St John's Church, Kuala Belait, to Father Arin Sugit officiating the De Guzman-Alabastro wedding, to Bishop Sim for appreciating the FB updates ; to the Trinidad family for the debut dinner at the Brunei Shell Recreation Club; to the visiting priest from Singapore for his homily about the 10 lepers whom jesus cured and . ...
1st Sunday in the New Year 2013. Make your way to Church some where today or follow me to the Fairview Christian Church 6147 Roungtop Drive NLR. Rev Michael Barker Pastor. Rev Stephen Souljaboy Robinson Asst Pastor. The teaching and preaching is on point. To God be the Glory. That's what's up for 2013
New Year 2013. New Teams... Ravi Vs. Getting... Ravi won the series by 3-1. It could be 4-0 but thanks to Mukesh who forced Mum to bowl 2 overs who opened his heart but Rampaul was at his best.. Good series... let.. us see next Sunday where we can play...
Good evening ALL USS GREEN bAY (LPD-20), This is Don Murdoch of Portland Oregon. A former USNR D.E. Sailor always on the U.S. West Coast and Western Pacific. Happy New Year 2013. Wherever you are, thank you for everything you are doing out there for ALL of us here at home as I recall my days as a Sailor how much mail from home is cherished. Green bay Packers defeated Minnesota Vikings today 24 to 10 this evening and during my I sailed alot in and out of Mare Island San Francisco for over there, and if the NFL goes down to Green bay and San Francisco, well,let's just shake hands and say, "May the better team win!" Again, Happy New Year 2013! Supportive Shpmate, Don geen bay
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad National Assistant Minister to The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is scheduled to speak live via webcast @ from The Nation of Islam's National Center on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 10:00 AM CDT. Lecture Title "2013, Making it Through to the Other Side" Note: Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad will also be commenting on the movie "Django" as well as including excerpts from "A Special Roundtable Discussion on the Year 2012 & the New Year 2013 with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan"! Available to view this Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 6:00 P.M. CST at: Live Webcast Notes: •Program Begins Sunday @ 10:00 AM CT •Access page:
Last night first Friday of the month Holy Rosary, Mass,Communion & Adoration was amazing great way to start the New Year 2013!!! God is good!!! The
on Behalf of Pastor E.A Adeboye, Papa David Oyedepo, Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, Rev. Ayo Oritsajafor, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Mathew Asimolowo, Dr. D.K Olukoya, Pastor Paul Adefarasin and my humble self Pastor Peter Ogunbanwo and others, we welcome you all to the New Year 2013. We pray this year shall be your best year so far in Jesus Mighty name, you will experience God's signs and Wonders and everywhere you go this year you will be highly favoured in Jesus Name. Amen
Welcome back to yet the first edition of the 2013 edition of the Pacis Quiz with Danni In the last edition we discussed about our resolutions for 2013 but remember resolutions without expectations can not work so today we ask what your expectations are to ensure your resolutions work? All your views will be taken and shared with your colleagues all over the globe here on radio pacis 90.9 fm peace of Christ for all from 3-5pm as you listen to the best hip hop, rnb, rap music and so much more. Send your New Year 2013 greetings to friends!
Dadi Janki: 13 points for the New Year 2013. I PLEDGE TO… 01. … Act in spirituality constantly and not come into extroversion. 02. … Keep the fast of remembering One and living economically. 03. … Be accurate in Yoga, Service, Shrimat and daily Routine, and not be careless. 04. … Be a Well‐Wisher for all, engage in elevated thoughts, and not give or take sorrow. 05. … Remain beyond all questions and maintain a cheerful stage. 06. … Be free from attachment, subservience, and coming into influence, and stay in the royalty and personality of purity. 07. … Stay beyond the body, intellect and old sanskars. 08. … Always adorn the Shield of Humility and carry out the task of World Renewal. 09. … Being detached and free from entanglements by experiencing the stage of the Detached Observer. 10. … Liberate the self from the consciousness of “I” and “mine” with the awareness of Karavanhaar. 11. … Remain engaged in the dance of harmonizing sanskars and never come into conflict. 12. ...
team is working hard & commencing the New Year 2013 with da dubbing work. Dubbing & post production to go hand-in- hand with shooting
Bringing in the New Year 2013 on a bright an right note. I knew it would be a Blessed year 4 Us Got the best woman i could ever ask or pray 4 The woman of my Dreams. Rededicated my Life to Christ Jesus my Lord & Savior Been Sober & Clean living 1 1/2 yrs now an it feels greeeat! Believe me I just got so many "Blessings" i can't even count em, or know where to begin! Im so blessed Now im Proud & excited to announce an say that im searching 4 A new Home 4 me an my Family im jus overwhelmed by the goodness, greatness & blessings of the Lord this year is just Looking Great!! God is Good let me testify take my word 4 it There is rewards with walking right! Believe me "I can Do All things through Christ Jesus who Strengthens me!" Phil 4:13 Bible ~true Keep God 1rst
To all our loyal and new Salsa friends, El Rancho, Truly the best latin hot spot in Toronto for 33 years is very excited about this coming New Year 2013. we will have a line up of the best Salsa Deejays in Ontario to play along side our resident DJ GAMBOA, guests DJ Moreno and DJ El Romantico. To be added in our top Salsa talent starting Friday, January 4th, 2013, "SALSA CLÀSICA" featuring VIEJOTECA by The legendary radio show celebrity host ... DJ GURY GURY at CFRU.CA 93.3fm every Tuesdays 6-8pm to perform LIVE at El Rancho, FRIDAY, JANUARY 4th and 25th, 2013 and following Fridays thereafter every first and last Friday of each month. Get your dance shoes ready and prepare for your chance to dance with DJ GURY GURY's famous Salsa Dura danceable vintage rhythms. Please save the date and mark your calendar. Everyone are FREE before 11pm with Friday guest list emailed at infoDinner A La Carta, Dinner & Dance, we have VIP booth and bottle service packages available for groups so please contact us for details ...
Well its the 4th day of the New Year 2013 and I felt it was necessary for everyone out there following my page Hike Across Kansas that they should know a little about the person their following. To start I am in college here in Colby, Kansas taking general education at this time. I got into Kansas Exploring when I was very young. My first sampler festival was the festival in Newton, Kansas. That was my first Kansas sampler experience. My parents dragged us kids to several BYOLC events and took us on mystery trips where we would explore Kansas. I guess you could say I got dragged kicking and screaming into loving to explore Kansas. My parents both graduated from K-state and KU. My mom with a geology degree from K-state and My dad with a pharmacy degree from KU. I myself am going to college but not to a University at this time. I am going to Garden City Community College next year to study Fire Science ( fancy term for becoming a Fire Fighter) and the year after to become a paramedic. hopefully in the years ...
Christmas has passed, no apocalyptic terrors now that 12-21-12 has come and gone, A New Year 2013 with a new Congress and plenty of the same old stupidity and non-working, self imposed raises, and the same old "presidential rhetoric" blah blah blah...NOBAMA is still at his back biting, lying, and dishonest best: NO NEW JOBS FOR THE JOBLESS, THE UNION THUGS CARE ONLY FOR THEIR WALLETS AND BE DAMNED FOR THE REST OF THE USA WHO ARE JOBLESS, and meanwhile in Boothbay Harbor, ME, yet another Christmas has passed without the joy of Christmas carols, or even a *** *** *** in the hall ways of it's, the Super. Ms King has managed to keep God, Christ, and anything happy about the Holidays (Holy Days) out of the child's heart...I have often wondered who "dumped" coal in her cereal as a kid. PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN...AND ALL OF GOD'S CHILDREN, AMEN! REMEMBER THE OVER 60,000 TROOPS LEFT BEHIND STILL FIGHTING ISLAMIC TERRORISTS (call a spade a spade): NO MR. NOBAMA THE WAR IS NOT OVER, SO DON'T BE ...
We want to thank all of the companies and individuals who hired us to perform at there events this past year. Ernst and Young St. Petersburg Restaurant and Vodka Bar Aria center Fashion + Fusion Mpls. Profile Event Center Heartland Adult Day Care O'Shaughnessy Theatre Maplewood Mall Mall of America Baldwin and Obenauf Southdale Center We wish you all the best in this New Year 2013.
.Log Cabin booked for New Year 2013 only 361 days to wait!!
Celebration is in the air. A child is born unto Grasby .. Welcome Nicholas.. Massive congratulations Katherine and David. Its a New Year 2013. sounds lucky!!. ...and those born again *** Jimmy & Kenny are still at large..Christmas is Over... Hooray.. in anticipation Kennys already dowsed the tree with Parafin...and the fairy is about to do a Joan of Arc re-enactment. *** *** hope she's wearing flame proof knickers. Cross Keys Grasby View map · Get directions
New Year 2013 at Nan Hua Temple FGS Nan Hua Temple celebrated New Year 2013 with a special Dragon Light offering event that synergised Buddhism and spirituality in a very extraordinary and heart-felt experience for all those who attended. The Temple manager, Venerable Hui Xing, welcomed all to the special event in the main shrine. The Abbot of Nan Hua Temple, Venerable Hui Fang, together with Venerable Hui Mu and Venerable Hui Xiang, led all into The Heart Sutra chant, officially opening the ceremony. Young and old then participated in transcribing the Heart Sutra, which assisted in focusing their minds and improving concentration levels. The Heart Sutra promotes happiness and peace in all sentient beings. The Transfer of Merits chant followed and added to the holistic, universal energy of peace and well-being. The Venerable Yi Chun shared the 2013 New Year’s message, which was translated by a BLIA (Buddha’s Light International Association) volunteer for the benefit of the English-speaking followers. ...
To celebrate the New Year 2013, tonight's theme is Songs That Feature Years in the Title. From Pulp's Disco 2000 to Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 what do you want to hear? Is it REM's Pop Song 89, or how about Prince partying like it's 1999? Get in touch and join Bryan from 10 past 6.
2013: Abatemi-Usman calls for peaceful co-existence Vice Chairman of Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs and Senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial district, Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman, has called on Nigerians to continue to show love and affection for one another in the interest of peace and unity in the country. The call was contained in a statement issued by the Senator's Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Michael Jegede, to congratulate Nigerians on the celebration of the New Year 2013. The Senator noted that it is only with the total entrenchment of peace, love and unity amongst the people that the country can achieve the desired growth and development. While calling on government to take proactive steps in tackling the general insecurity problem in the country, Abatemi-Usman, made a passionate appeal to those involved in the wanton killing of innocent citizens to have a rethink and embrace dialogue, which is known to be the best approach for conflict resolution. Stressing the need f ...
Neil Gaiman's commencement speech was one of the best things that happened (for me). Here's his New Year 2013 wish.
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First of all please allow me to wish you all a very happy and fulfilling New Year 2013! I also like to thank you for your continual support despite the lack of post since we left for our babymoon.
So glad to be back on the air tomorrow morning. Get up we debut "Lingirie or Leave Him" at 7:35am. You won't want to miss it! What is ONE thing you would like to see our show do for the New Year 2013??? - bubba
New Year 2013 - Let's start with a BIG BANG! Kentucky Proud Products Available at the Restaurant & Market Pyreneese Cheese Dairy Fresh Cheese - 13 varieties Butters, Jelly and Preserves Honey Peanut Brittle Meats - Beef, Lamb and Goat Bees Wax Lip Balm (more products coming soon) and Books from local Authors More to come - working on: Farm Fresh Eggs and Produce 2013 - Support KY Farms & Small Business Buy Local - It just doesn't get any better than this! Happy New Year from all of us at SAHARA!
Kim Jong Un Visits Kumsusan Palace of Sun Pyongyang, January 1 (KCNA) -- DPRK Marshal Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, with his wife Ri Sol Ju visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on Tuesday to pay respects to the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on the occasion of the New Year 2013. He was accompanied by Kim Yong Nam, Choe Yong Rim, Choe Ryong Hae, Jang Song Thaek, Hyon Yong Chol, Kim Kyok Sik, Kim Ki Nam, Choe Thae Bok, Pak To Chun, Kim Yong Chun, Yang Hyong Sop, Kang Sok Ju, Hyon Chol Hae, Kim Won Hong, Ri Myong Su, Kim Yang Gon, Kim Yong Il, Kim Phyong Hae, Kwak Pom Gi, Mun Kyong Dok, Ju Kyu Chang, Kim Chang Sop, Ro Tu Chol, Ri Pyong Sam and Jo Yon Jun, who are leading officials of the party, state and the army, and officials of leadership organ of the Central Committee of the WPK. Also attending it were scientists, technicians, workers and officials w ...
Ringing in New Year 2013 with W2 in Vancouver! Happy New Year everyone!
TYVM 4 rB :-) my best wishes for the New Year 2013! :-)) ""Dionne Warwick - Walk on By"" ♫
Happy blessed,wealthy and healthy New Year 2013 to all from a grey cloud London City.lolxx
Ich wünsche euch allen ein gutes Neues Jahr. Gesundheit, Glück und ganz viel Spaß im Leben. Ich freue mich euch alle 2013 wiederzusehen. Liebe Grüße aus Alanya. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Health, happiness and a lot of fun in life. I look forward to see you all in 2013. Greetings from Alanya.
Happy New Year from the team at Prepaid Financial Services! We wish you all the very best for 2013 and beyond!
I know it's a bit late but they say it's better late than never so, from the LDT crew, we wish you all a very happy, blessed and properous new year filled with joy, love, partying and more LDT merchandise. A very big thank you to all our loyal customers, followers and even those that mention the brands name to friends, because without each and every one of you none of this would be possible...KEEP REPPING IN 2013!! LDT Crew
Such a good way to celebrate the new year!!! Happy 2013 Joseph Williams/Peter Friestedt album
Happy New Year to you all - hope everyone had a good break and is now ready for an exciting 2013. We are back to work and looking forward to exciting times...
Happy New Year to all our customers! Now is the time to get the ball rolling for 2013 weddings. We have extended our sale. Must end Saturday, 5th, January. Come and check out the bargains, all gowns £300
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013! Here's to a good year...
It's a brand new year! Who is going to be joining us in 2013 for the challenge of a lifetime. Come on, tell us all about it!
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Happy New Year everybody! We hope your new year got off to a great start and long may it continue into 2013!
Happy New Year everyone, We hope you had a great xmas & new year. We are open again as normal so pop in or give us a call for all your lubrication needs in 2013
Happy New Year everyone hope you all have a fantastic 2013 x
Who said print was dead...rethink! an inspired way to start out the new year.
Happy New Year...and first day back to work... here's to 2013!
Happy New Year 2013! Greetings from the Global Risk Learning and System Team. We wish you all a safe, prosperous and exciting year ahead.
Happy New Year! Will 2013 be the year of SVO? We certainly hope so! What are some things you would like to see in the game?
Happy 2013 to one and all! This years resolutions: 1. Connect local customers to local businesses 2. Launch our awesome new reviews system ... What's on your agenda for the year ahead?
Thx all dear that like my page hope new year 2013 will make all of u success with everything u want anyway I every thx for Mr sovannakuch leng for coming today to take the ball light that his bidding in shop ! Best wish for na all my be fri!
Happy New Year to our 35 and have given predictions for 2013. Read them here:
Happy New Year everyone. We look forward to hearing all your news throughout 2013!
Happy New Year girls and guys. Lets make 2013 one to remember for all the right reasons x
Don't bring your 2012 issues, into 2013. Have a new mind set to do new things for the new year#
Yaii! Happy New Year too:*{} amennnRT juniiyeyy heyya Happy New Year kakak:* Hope 2013 will be lucky years! Gbu always{}
Popular at Forbes: 12 time management techniques for the new year.
Happy New Year guys. All the best for 2013. From the FE team.
Happy New Year to you all. 2013 is going to be full of surprises, the first of which will be announced in the newsletter tomorrow. Keep an eye out.
Every year Flames Productions stages what has become a staple on the live music events calendar. Set against the backdrop of the unspoiled beauty of Alligator Pond in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Rebel Salute delivers the greatest roots reggae show on earth.
Happy New Year! Wishing all of you a beautiful 2013 filled with laughter and good memories. For the month of January we have a special rates of R550 per person sharing, Bed and Breakfast. Why not start 2013 with an impromptu getaway? ;)
My first post for Ultimate Blog Challenge How I'm transforming in the new year!
Wishing all the very best in your new role, James, I hope 2013 is a successful year for you.
Happy New Year Everyone: As we start a brand new work year, I wanted to take a moment and thank members ...
Wishing all of our followers a Happy New Year! All the best for 2013.
Happy New Year darling! Have a fab one! Hopefully, our classes courtesy Shaista will pay off in 2013! ;)
Happy New Year to all of our followers, hope you all have a great 2013!
Yes harry is 2013 , Happy New Year c:
We are back in the office today. Looking forward to a great 2013. Anyone have any interesting new year resolutions?
Happy New Year! To all fans, partners and friends as well as all team members Phoenix Racing wishes a great and healthy 2013, with lots of fun, happiness and success. We look forward to the new exciting season!
Wishing all of you a Happy New Year :-)
Not saying new year new me. But I'm getting my life together & if you not tryna help/encourage me. In 2013 you'll be cut off!
Happy New Year, back to work as usual at UBS. Have a great year ahead everyone.
Thanks to everyone that has "liked" and followed us over the past year. In 2013, APS will begin to better utilize all forms of media to keep everyone better informed on all of our job opportunities. Please share this status and refer us to a friend. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Abi naa, hapi new year dear"Lmaoo itz nt me ooohRT Ah kemi, u want to kill sum1 in 2013"Ahhh..
A new Era for KalDev Games has just begun! Originally started on 1st February 2012 to work alongside Team BitShift and TuDocs Ltd (R.I.P), very little was ever achieved. Towards the end of the year, a new hope started to emerge, with new ideas, and ... ... 2013 introduces the new KalDev Games, ready to roll with the first Android title already in the pipeline (also for iOS and WinPhone eventually).
Happy New Year to you lovely! I am hoping 2013 has lots of lovely things in store for you :) x
Happy New Year my fellow creative beasts. prosperity and blessings in 2013.
And a Happy New Year right back at you; here's hoping for a prosperous 2013;
Happy New Year everyone! Only 176 days until gates open for Glastonbury Festival 2013...
Hello, and Happy New Year! Kick off 2013 with a swanky Monsters University TV spot:
Happy New Year!! Our resolutions for 2013: make a difference! Improve exchange! What are yours?
Happy New Year! All month long, come link up any book related posts you have written. Did you write a review?...
Off and running to greet 2013! Spin class, then first day in the office for the new year. Going to rock...
Happy New Year. Thanks for all your support in 2012. Let's make 2013 an even better year for entrepreneurs in Africa!
Happy New Year ! I Wish it will be good and successful year for You 2013:D ({})
Thanks Andy, Happy New Year! Hope 2013 brings you lots of good things.
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Back Again For 2013! Happy New Year Everyone. Tell us about your 2012 resolutions
Happy New Year guys and lets keep our for 2013”no doubt
Happy New Year to all. This is our first day back at work, raring to go after all that eating and drinking and hoping for a Green Deal 2013.
This is Adam Lambert's explosive live concert at an exclusive New Year Eve party held on 31st December 2012 at the Grand Mulia, Nusa Dua, Bali.
Happy New Year to all our swimmers, family, friends and supporters! Hope 2013 is good year for us all!
Our sincere and grateful thanks go out to all of you who have followed and supported the Trust during 2012. In 2013 should be a great year with the following major aims for the Trust: - The creation of a new Wildlife Law for the protection of Alderney's land and seas; as approved by all newly elected States Members. - The development of a ‘Living Island's’ programme to challenge all of us who love Alderney to truly appreciate and care for our island. - The launch of the 'Living Island's Project - Burhou'. This will take PuffinCam and PetrelCam (into class rooms across South East of England and the Channel Islands - Another successful year of caring for Alderney's wildlife both on island and out at sea. So keep your eyes open for what's happening and if you would like to know more, or have thoughts we should know, then please get in touch. Remember the Alderney Wildlife Trust exists only through your support! To celebrate the close of the year the Wildlife Trusts have produced their annual review whi . ...
Happy New Year to all. We wish you all the best for 2013
Happy New Year to everyone who knows us at Carmenta Life. May 2013 by a fun, happy and healthy year!
Back in the swing of things today. We hope you all had a brilliant new year. Welcome to 2013!!!
Happy New Year to our esteemed customers and friends! May 2013 bring forth good things to us all.
Ah! Day 2 of the Raw & Juicy, January team 'Juice Cleanse'...I (stephanie) feel SO much better already even after 1 day. It's only 5am and I'm wide awake and planning the day, which is a massive difference to the last 3 weeks of fatigue!! Some of the team have decided to do a water fast, which for me is a little too hardcore with a business and family to run, I've decided to do another 'Alkaline' cleanse with a lot of emphasis of Kale, Cucumber & Tomato! ...we will be adding some new supplements to the packs this year so please feel free to suggest anything that you would like to see added. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and is looking forward to a happy & healthy 2013! With love, Stephanie and the Raw & Juicy team!! x
Happy 2013 Everyone! Excited to begin working on some great new projects this year. Also stay tuned for the launch of our Top Secret website in the next few months! Its really happening, pinky swear!! :)
The Health Bar is a juice bar serving up liquid food and additional snacks such as homemade energy and protein bars. We strive to have our juices made from local produce and organic ingredients.
Happy New Year to all of you! May all that quality performance enrich your computers! :) Let's make 2013 great and surely worth to remember ...
Happy New Year to all... roll on 2013.
Happiness keeps you sweet, Trials make you strong, Sorrows make you humble, Success keeps you glowing & God keeps you going. From the AWAKE crew, we say a Happy New Year and May all our cherished viewers have the best and greatest of 2013 and the years ahead.
Need a new year guitar ,of course you do . i got em for you ,come take a look all the best for 2013
Happy New Year! Southpaw Grafix will is closed for the holiday break and will re-open for business on Monday January 7, 2013.
Happy New Year everyone! Did you meet your 2012 goals? I didn't, but I can reflect on how much I learned in 2012 to make 2013 'the' year. Here's to a successful 2013!
wishes all a prosperous and Happy New Year! Back in the workshop and looking forward to providing you with continued excellent guitar repair services in 2013!
Happy New Year to all our lovely followers! Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and healthy 2013, full of fun and laughs!
The Grange - Airsoft and tactical gear in the Midlands
A Massive Happy New Year to ALL our customerz who have supported uz over the yearz we really do appriciate it :)And we look forward to serving you in 2013.Without you we could not be "Keeping the Vibe Alive"
Happy New Year. We wish you all the best for 2013
Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all. Lets hope 2013 is even more fun. Anyone make any resolutions?
Computer Recyclers UK are very proud to support the Microsoft Digital Inclusion Initiative, Get Online @ Home, helping the nation get online, with affordable, no nonsense Windows 7 desktops & laptops, starting from as little as £99. Take a look at what you may be eligible for…
Numerology, Discover everything about numerology, Life Path Number, day og birth, The symbolism of numbers and master numbers
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Happy New Year to all of our Members, Friends and Followers. We hope that you all enjoyed a Merry and Safe Festive Holiday. Youth Club will re-open next week, starting Tuesday 8th January 2013. Hope to see you there @ Rocket Pool Youth Centre
Wishing everyone an awesome 2013... Happy New Year !!!
Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients. May 2013 bring you all you wish and strive for. Dr Gabriel and Zoe.
A Happy Stanced 2013 to all our fans! Let's scrape the new year!
Happy New Year! At the start 0f 2013 why not reflect on these words from Lamentations Ch.3:22-24? 'The unfailing love of the Lord never ends! By His mercies we have been kept from complete destruction. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day. I say to myself, "The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!". Amen!
Happy New Year from everyone at Adventure 001. Wishing you all the best for 2013!
Happy New Year! Looking for a new job for 2013? Look no further... We have lots of jobs available in Gibraltar so get in contact with us today. Send your CV to helloa taster of what we have to offer: Grails Developers Project Managers QA Manual Engineers Technical Writers Database Administration Lead Business Analyst Java Developers HTML Developers Creative Mobile Designer Web Developer Poker Risk Affiliate Executive Get in contact with us today! You can also refer your friends to us to win £250!
Focus SB is now open after the Christmas break has come to an end. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to what 2013 has up its sleeve for us.
Just to wish all Mogues fans, friends and members all the best for 2013!! With the Christmas behind us now, club activities will begin commencing afresh once again for another new year, with the Strictly Club Dancing something to really look forward to over the early months of the year!
Hello and welcome to Sauti za Busara! We appreciate the important work you do in helping us to share the festival with the world.
Happy New Year!!! Wishing you and your family a prosperous and healthy 2013!
Happy New Year from everyone here at The Brass Monkey, lets hope 2013 is a good one!!! Problems with the phone lines today folks so if you fancy booking a table please email us on infofor a prompt response
I want to wish my friends Happy New Year and I hope they have great 2013. I had a blast night with my friends on SL. And was worth it too : )~
Happy New Year everyone, we're back from our Christmas break and looking forward to all of the exciting projects we've got lined up for 2013!
Happy New Year! The next coffee shop will be held on Friday 25th January 2013.
Happy New Year! In 2013, PanicLab is doing a bit of a comeback. We're kicking off with a new performance at The Place on the 11th of January: Throb is a tribute to anyone who has had to care for someone they love. Book here:
Happy New Year everyone. It's our first show of 2013 this Sunday Tim Williams Is playing for us. 7pm coffee, Xscape. As always it'll be busy. Make sure you get there with plenty of time to get a good seat.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Here you can read which dates are available for all Trueways Survival Courses along with their respective availability.
2012 is history - 2013 is a mystery , A very Happy New Year to you all :)
Well that's us finished with the celebrations for another year, and what a good one it was!! Lots of new exciting promotions to come in 2013. Starting at 12pm today with soup, sandwich and a scone for only £2.95 in our cozy alexanders bar. What a great way to warm you up on a cold January day! Also ask about our brand new loyalty card scheme, 10% off all food and drink for our customers in 2013. Happy New Year!
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