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New World Order

The New World Order (commonly known and stylized as the nWo) was a professional wrestling stable in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/E).

New Order Frankie Boyle Donald Trump George Bush Stokely Carmichael Alex Jones Henry Kissinger European Union

You certainly were. You signed Agenda 30 and created a revision of New World Order and did you darndest to implicat…
If that be the case, then Trump wants to blow it up because the Satan-worshipping New World Order is…
3/3 (Novus ordo seclorum). Without the New World Order, we will not become slaves. (Boaz and Jachin)
The devil crept into heaven, god overslept on the 7th, the New World Order was born on September 11th. ~Immortal Te…
The so-called "elites", the PTB of this world MUST take down the USA to install the New World Order. (Novus Ordo Seclorum)
The Rise of Right Wing Nationalism in the Global Arena & Gaurav Pradhan Dream of a New World Order
"All we need is the right Major Crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order" . - David Rockefeller
Your "big dream" is nothing but Pie in the Sky lies of the New World Order which only fools ***
You're absolutely right. They're the Globalist/New World Order folks: George Soros, the…
by "Cyber Warfare and the New World Order". . htt…
Using the Refugee Migration Crisis to Build the New World Order via
CNN's has an episode tonight called "New World Order" and it isn't about the Monday Night Wars. Hurts credibility of the series
Telling the New World Order and George Sorros to *** off? Making you lazy *** work and earn your…
"Donald Trump is the New World Order's greatest nightmare." ~Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown
BREAKING: Here's what Fred Durst had to say about Battlefield: "It can save us from the New World Order."
The Soviet Union "collapsed", George Bush, Sr became president, and he started his tenure w/ talk of a New World Order. Everything changed.
Last night's New WorldOrder is now on iplayer
Mika is the daughter of a renown Globalist and Joe had…
You have no viewers and your show stinks! President Trump will stop your new war world order and make…
In your Belief System, which is more Likely/Desirable:. A New World Order is being Currently Installed;. We won't ALLOW a
Mika not journalist but daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinsk, key New World Order player, architect Al-Qaeda/Isis
Here's a link to the latest ep of Frankie Boyle's New World Order: via
When you've caught up on has a show here and it's well worth a watch!
The New World Order is unravelling everyday now. It's just a matter of time before it's fully activated.
Is your spirit yours?. Not at all. No liverty. New World Order. Worldwide cloud crime network. LINE stamp on sale…
And hoping to aid in carrying out the goals of Mika's NWO/Globalist father.
How is my licence fee allowed to fund such a left wing prog as Frankie Boyle new world order? Shame cos I liked him as c…
I liked a video Mega-churches, New world order Agendas Exposed! 2015 (Church of Tares)
Spray the world.(Lsd). Create a program. Set up you're psychology. Project into the masses. NWO New world order.
Bullcrap. War on terror still continues. Let alone the genocide going on in Palestine. UN is a scam…
Frankie Boyle's New World Order is awful. Benjamin Zephaniah advocating anarchy, blaming the media... irresponsible and wrong on many levels
A wee reminder New World Order is back tonight at 10PM on BBC2, forming an ontological bridge between Gardeners' World an…
Arch of Ba’al Is New World Order’s Model for'Temple of Darkness' in Jerusalem, Believes Rabbi -
👉Have they filled his Little boy Brain with fantasies of a New World order, him being Dictator of America, Running Country under his values👈
True Faith: a brilliant new exhibition shows how Joy Division and influenced the art world htt…
BREAKING: Here's what Uncle Ben had to say about water bottles: "A dog is failing to meet the standards of the New World Order."
Not one laugh in New World Order for over 10 minutes. I am not criticising this is the best insight into
Franky boyle new world order was vile and lacked diverse opinion. Forcing people to pay a tv licence to be abused is sick.
Lord: ‘Australia could take lead role in emerging new world order'
New World Order takes up REAL GENUINE reflection on REAL NEWS with a hilarious twisted passioned poin…
They are all one in the same with the same goal a New World Order
Frankie Boyle has produced in his New World Order show not only the best comedy but also the best current affairs programme…
World Order performs at last year's J-Pop Summit Festival. Shot for New People, who will be…
There is a new and unique development in human history that is taking place around the world; it is unprecedented...
Aha!! Glad that someone has finally hit the nail on the head. The 'migrant' situation is a…
Typical. We all seem to have differen…
waiting 4Father Christmas *** dwn tak u all 2heaven in a new world order p…
Economic reforms for new world order. GST launched: PM Modi stresses on political unity for reform…
I'm thinking it started with Johnson and really got rolling with GGWB. Read my lips new world order.
Frankie Boyle's New World Order is our favourite Tv show.
Support Sayawatha this upcoming World of Dance finals 2017 by purchasing our new merchandise 💙💛 you may order from any sayaw…
- for the purpose of war & destruction so that they can establish their new world order.Had Ame…
Of course Americans not flocking to Canada. Canada already fell to the New World Order
UN policy for New World Order. We have remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family & national i…
"Maybe that's why the New World Order con-man Henry Kissinger himself said, “Control oil and you control nations;...
So they 100% would bow before ur throne in the New World Order
most stupid news bias company, who owns MSNBC, the new world order owns them, and MSNBC is PURE GARBAGE NEWS
it's time for a new world order Politicians are an endangered species. THE G MAN
Another Democratic freak new world order
Someone's talking 'bout new world order
16. A cure for cancer has already been found but the government needs the money to fund the New World Order (connected to Den…
Sounds very like my country council LG have become dictatorships New World Order.
New world order. Part of biggest plan on earth. Control.
US should be proud of its cosmopolitan cities. The new world order is borderless
The leading source? What a joke! Fox News has 10x the ratings. I can show you connections between NBC and New World Order.
"Obviously, oppression based on gender and sexuality is at the core of this new world order; but I’m expected to...
Is this the new world order? Seems our freedom of speech rights are slowly but very surely being eroded from right ben…
Sometimes your story is so HOT you have to tell the World.pre order @ 🔥the new bo…
Well if they do, we've got bigger problems. Predator publishers publish antivax, AIDS denial, alien cod…
Anonymous - Plan to defeat the Illuminati and New World Order 2016
Why is Trump so attracted to whack jobs? Bannon and his new world order agenda. Like chara…
Couple days late but if you're bored. Check this album out by DJ Scooter on
5. Tsuritama. a boy moves to a new town only to be forced to fish by an alien in order to save the world and make so…
I still think that Alex using the terms 'globalists' and 'new world order' was a ma…
Definitly propped up by the New World Order scary so many libs accept these kind of phonies!!
The New World Order willday rule one world, one leader, total globalisation. Read: Bildeberg Society.
'n Y'all think we not in the new world order yet 😆
It's like my whole world is crumbling in order to build a new one but I don't know if I can handle this
Blk pple wake up they want us 2 believe this is natural! This is genocide, welcome 2 the New World Order!
They do not want the truth. They want global enslavement. They have pulled up their chairs to the new world order g…
The poverty pimps have sold out to the New World Order & they never want America to be successful ever…
Give me the aftermath of revolution, the growing pains of a new world order. "Winning was easy, young man. Gove…
He was a boy. She was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious?. I was killed by the Illuminati. The new world order is coming.
This link will give details of The New World Order idealogy. A chilling speech from Bilderberg conference early 199…
How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, Updated Edition (…
Some people still today don't understand that the OBSTRUCTIONISTS have sold out to the New World Order…
It is time to investigate the shadow government, all treasonous who support the new world order. Prosecut…
What brands should know about the new world order of media influence. Read more at:...
Unilag alumni x-rays the concept of the new world order
New World Order.Rothschilds, Soros, Morgan, Rockefeller fund the Shadow gov. Reports today Oba…
A new world order needs all of China, the EU and the US via
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Explore the new website with many helpful features to help you stay involved in the world of
McCain is part of Clinton/Soros New World Order trying to undermine the US. He has helped fund…
Satoshi Nakamoto: Liberator of the People? Or Architect of the New World Order? Check it out!
BREAKING: Here's what Jeb Bush had to say to Mark Zuckerberg: "Scarce destroyed the process behind creating the New World Order."
Trudeau hails Macron victory. Of course he would they work for the same people. New World Order creeps.
This is an attempt at new world order where the old governments aligned against autocracies are being ov…
We must redouble efforts to promote the book in order to fight illiteracy & poverty & to strengthen peace
Islam is the tip of the spear for "New World Order", every argument used for the hordes, fits the orders hand like…
For those who are not aware...its just a picture(it seems) but its our reality. New World Order!
Welcome to the Soros' New long time planned World Zionist Globalist Order, yes it's all about…
I still can't believe that it's the current year and the new world order isn't established yet! I mean, it's the current year, it's time.
I added a video to a playlist WORLD ORDER in New York
The new world order requires a bold new way of looking at our most cherished institutions
More and more evidence is stacking up. Look here in black and white. Karl Marx trained this Guy in Chicago to lead…
A new world order is emerging, moving away from Globalization and globalizers, writes A must read!
.Not only did Marine fundraiser in /trump /Tower she also took millions from Putin. New World Order f…
Which means there will be a lot more dead babies. Vaccines are a new world order death scam and everyone with any sense knows it !
I guess it's the new world order. I just don't buy it.
If u can't figure out that the new world order and big pharma are one group. Then keep believing what this nerdy TV scientists are telling u
both ryan and his wife work for George Soros Global New world order
If you expose these 4 subjects: Illuminati, New World Order, Antichrist and the Beast, rest assured you're being close…
New World Order Puppet Trump is Pushing the Dividing of Jerusalem to the "Finish Line" to continue…
John Sunols discussion on the coming of Agenda 2130 : New world order is coming and going Public
Why US is so afraid of only one man - Putin? Because Putin challenges the US hegemony in his goal to build a new world…
Imagine being an Alex Jones follower. Literally believing in the New World Order, reptilians and demons. Then he admits its…
Holy day is callously by people who haven't been to church in years for a New World Order globalist…
Insane John McCain Says People are Desperate for a New World Order via
's New World Order looks to be stabilizing again. Sighs of relief heard all through D.C.💩
say no to the communist New World Order / say no to communism by drones for the USA
Also here's the movie on New World Order translations. Pretty long, I haven't even finished it yet lol.…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Prepare for Islamic terror attacks all through Easter Week. . It's the New World Order thanks to Obama's feckless foreign pol…
All of it. There's a hidden agenda to make Christians be subject to the New World Order. Here's a video…
New Releases in Terrorism. Cyber Warfare and the New World Order: W... by James Rosone, Miranda Watson…
Sen. McCain told European leaders that he fears New World Order elite in America & Europe are fighting losing battle http…
this thread: the guy is basically the democrats' Alex Jones spewing paranoia about the New World Order
- This man has very few friends in Washington or Media and none in the New World Order. This is why I…
One of the New World Order's leaders, David Rockefeller has died at 101 -
I liked a video Mars, Nibiru, NATO's aggressive Atlantic Resolve and the New World Order
Khujo touched on the New World Order, Martial Law, The Constitution not mattering, Modern Race Wars & Adolph Hitler in 1995 -- its 2017 📡
. Absolutely! She is a product of the Bilderberg Group and is a puppet of the Globalist Elites trying to establish New World Order.
New World Order and Draco Empire will crumble before their eyes. End of transmission… Chuck Missler talks about the signs of the times.
Ben Swann interviews Danny Mason, a colleague of David Crowley, who was the director of the anti-New World Order film, Gray State
Dawn of the New World Order: 2017 will be the year EVERYTHING changes -
No big news today only that the Liberalites trying to prevent progress in the New World Order, Oh yeh full moon today, & peace be with you
"Pan Afrikanism and the New World Order - Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael)" on YouTube /
reports on affirmation of Democratic demands for New World Order. Hulk Hogan skeptical
'Former' Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan will be remembered as a Benedict Arnold collaborator with the New World Order.
Henry Makow - Cruel Hoax, Feminism and the New World Order via
(1/2) You're a sell-out to the New World Order shame on you Great words today, Rep. Lewis. You are a ma...
John Kerry is an old Yale "Skull & Bones" guy who definitely wants a New World Order, a crazy "borderless world"!!
Jack Van Impe ►Hillary Clinton, ISIS and the coming New World Order. h ...
Yoga to buttress self-will towards SI (Spiritual Intelligence) is ours in the New World Order as per this?
Obama see's himself as ruler of the world and little does he know he's just an *** in the New World Order who sold his soul to the Devil!
Ben Carson thinks the *** rights movement is an anti-American plot created by Communists and the New World Order https:…
Soros's quest for globalist New World Order is danger to democracy world wide.He uses $ on causes, not helping ppl.
Even the professional wrestling supervillains of the New World Order have to ask permission to stay up late on a school…
I liked a video Who is behind the New World Order (by G. Edward Griffin)
Who can you trust, they're secretly working for the Freemasons Jesuits for the New World Order. Control Food Water causing Disease
Tony 'New World Order' Blair, doing God's work. . Look at the peace he brought to the Middle East as their Peace Env…
Oh no it's the New World Order. Hide! Fluoride in water caused the twin towers to collapse or perhaps the black he…
BREAKING: Putin, Trump and Modi to meet in March in Crimea for a 'Yalta Summit' to initiate the dawn of a 'New World Order'…
I liked a video Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order says Jacob Rothschild
Watch Bush Sr. Speak on the New World Order in 1991... Need more proof? .
is to enact the New World Order's agenda for world domination.
New World Order. World gang cloud network. Gang and cult are so useful to make community mess and weaken nation down.
Oh, I love guessing games! Is it Terry Bollea? He wanted to start a New World Order!
Green technology is a JOKE introduced by BATHHOUSE BARRY, the New World Order *** Case closed
Both Bushes,Both Clintons,Biden,Obama are ALL "New World Order" advocates. They're all seeking America's downfall
Wall Street Journal: Henry Kissinger on the assembly of a New World Order -but don't worry, jus…
Listen to Mr4Twenty - A New World Order by Anno Domini Beats on
First time I learned about the new world order I was just a kid watching wrestling
The 1850s were a turning point for globalization, from telegraphs to colonization.
NEW WORLD ORDER. "Global order out of control as Russia 'swaggers' 10/03/16. As time grows closer to the Second...
Just wait, soon it will be revealed. They cannot stop it. They want to implement the New World Order, but have failed. We ar…
While george soros lost over 1.6 billion and helps the UN for the new world order.
PUTIN is trying to lead the USA's integration on NEW WORLD ORDER (2016) ... via
New vid in 10 secs first 5 likes gets the order of the best in the world award
What Syria reveals about the new world order
Is this in preparation for The New World Order?
Thanks for speaking to HHS students about your activism in the post 9/11 new world order
The NEW WORLD ORDER Exposed! Facts, evidences, real video, testimony and... via
The S.Nazi.P, Sinn Fein and Corbyn don't like the U.K, But, Here's the Laugh, They Want to Stay with the New World Order Imperialists The EU
What reveals about the new world order
You are looking to make many of us and making us into these? You desire to control and own us as such? No way. New world order?
The New World Order is on a roll. Hillary will continue the momentum. Hence, every person and entity that has...
Donald Trump nor any of his klansman friends pay taxes they believe in white supremacy,a new world order & secretly to take over the world.
Wonder Woman knows where a mans true place is in the new world order of
A vote for Clinton is a vote for the New World Order and an end to the United States of America
Donald Trump you're racist hatred and tax-dodging goes hand-in-hand all you hate mongers,believe in white supremacy and A New World Order.
This Election is the last time to stop the Neo Liberals of the New World Order, the Globalists.
.& "New World Order" is one of the hardest new songs on SoundCloud…
ECW is a group called the New World Order of Wrestling, with Hogan, Hall and Kevin Nash.
I added a video to a playlist Farrakhan speaks on New World Order! Exposes U.S. Gover…
New World Order agents get caught with their pants down in Syria: If either the Syrian government o...
George (New World Order) Soros said in an interview Trump will win the popular vote but Hillary wins the election by e…
Banksters, Gangsters the New World Order | Federal Reserve Documentary Reupload: The sound at the end of my previo
Qatar Racing Limited have renamed the Requinto 2yr they have in training with Joseph from New World Order to Duplication.
Architect of the "New World Order" is Giving up on America's Empire — Adam Weishaupt was our first NWO ideologue.
Let’s call this story the “Jesuit-Vatican connection” to the unfolding New World Order agenda.
The fake Black Militant Back to Africa, New World Order, New Black Panther NUTS are no less LOST than RB
Dump the European Union and its goal of a New World Order, aka Agenda 21, then Dump the United Nations, aka U.N.
Important to understand the NEW WORLD ORDER: Obama vs Putin A Basic Com... via
The global economy is the new world order. Millionaires & Billionaires are being produced from international markets.…
support to fight the devil and his fallen angels and the Dracos and their Illuminati New World Order tyrannical police state imperial
Have you heard ‘DA NEW WORLD HOUSE ORDER VOL1. free down load’ by User 634952500 on
its a NEW WORLD ORDER a brand new day..curtis mayfield'
ever hear of the New World Order aka "globalism"? Yea your support for more defense spending is supporting that movement.
the beginning of a New World Order 💐
I liked a video from Canadians Love Their New World Order
All a facade for the new world order to take over
I liked a video Final ALERT: NEW WORLD ORDER (Airports will be closed) All USA need to see this! JULY
This could be America's next President signing away the US Constitution, the TPP, The New World Order, and America. ht…
The "they" that DJ Khaled is talking about is the illuminati/new world order
trumps plan all along was to get Hillary elected. Just like any other candidate that's for new world order.
Deeper into the Soul of Lucifer aka The Satanic New World Order: via
its called the New World Order, where there is no room for old, vulnerable or sick people
The New World Order will not include the USA!
Next thing you'll be telling me that you haven't worked out if World In Motion was or wasn't New Order selling out
Let's read International Evangelist: Trump is New World Order’s Nightmare by click this !! :)
The New World Order's and it begins with Marshal Law
Now on the requirement of a new world order because the post-1980s orthodoxy is dead:
Understand the Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order via
words like Globalism,and phrases like fundamentally change ,or new world order..Politics,what those words mean is GOVT DEPENDENCE
The New World Order is against us. Screw them.
Looks the same to me! More of that New World Order maybe! Not here! Sorry!
Hillary Clinton Elections in the United States New president chosen to institute fical plan the New World Order in the Nations.
12 Times Pope Francis has Openly promoted New World Order or One World Religion | End times bible study
I love to hear TRUMP say this! New World Order equal evil people for themselves only!!
Murals at the Denver Airport, which many believe to depict the "New World Order."
President George Herbert Walker Bush’s concept of the New World Order is an old idea, one which…
I have been saying this for a few months - so the New World Order is moving swiftly now. . So what will be the...
Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Truth Can and Will Destroy the New World Order and Satanism - Veterans Toda...
The final three stages of the New World Order. via
Albert Pike's dream towards the New World Order to red carpet the anti-Christ won't happen in my lifetime, you sob's
The FINAL Three Stages of the New World Order via "Please Vote for trump."
Read the piece. It also means the end of the New World Order because other EU countries are doing the same.B/C progressiveism.
Is beginning of the end of Globalisation? Is Protectionism the new world order? by on
A warrior of youth. I'm taking over, a shot to the new world order. I Am Bulletproof
In order to achieve the New World Order every boundary, distinction, convention and tradition has to be destroyed.
reading comments online I'd swear people think it's a new world order.
People who know R talking about muslims d New World Order is importing to our countries on purpose...LISTEN TO THEM!
PM Boris and the New World order via
NSG results aren't an end, but beginning of new world order. China stands isolated;its hypocrisy stands bare & its fear o…
Dailykossaks & Euroliberals carefully crafted New World Order using democracy & human rights as fig leafs but in reality are fascists
Amanga from some *** talking about new world order soyiqeda
I am also reading this book currently. It's one of the best books on the new world order.
who cares another sellout of the American people to the new world order go TRUMP
I liked a video The Truth about Illuminati, Masons, the New World Order (Fourth of July Message!)
Any new financial order for the world must tackle the three chief challenges of our age. ~James Buchan
part of New World Order and Islamitization of America!
The solution to the problem of the upcoming collapse of the European Union is going to be a new world order. . I never saw that coming.
Why is the media and the liberal establishment unable to understand the new world order of the unwashed masses?
The that built was all M10 forward, new world order. Surprisingly powerful decks. And fun.
Screw the New World order and Globalism. We're now awake to it! That masses are mobilizing. Trump gets it. He's riding it
[video] Beginning of the End for the New World Order?
More EU members will opt out of the EU now. The new world order you advocate is being destroyed. Thank God
First Rule of the NWO (New World order ) any man who disobeys the new rules will be struck in shadows of the night
These great leaders warned us of the evils of EU & the New World Order Elites. Nationalism is coming back! https:…
new melenium new world order lots of groups. court sessions and ceremonies gladiators HONOUR paranormals . wanna see our stuff !
It's not unless you're a New Word Order One World Government groupie.
BREXIT Signals the End of the New World Order - Breitbart
working to replace America in a new world order. . A must read. Free Download!
I liked a video Super Exclusive: "PUTIN" Checkmates OBAMA about the New World Order 2016 (Please
🚨 BREAKING: Globalism is DEAD. Shove it up your New World Order.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jim Stone on a bad day for the New World Order.
9/11/11 was the anniversary of George Bushes 9/11/91 "New World Order" address. Don't know of it? Research & learn
To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for a New World Order, Thomas J. K
.You're just a Rockefeller muppet repeating ex PM Gordon Browns words on the New World Order.
. Bail-out bill for predatory banks signed by George Bush. Just another of the New World Order's gang. It's ain't about party.
Choose no sides in the synthetic solution that leads, ultimately to the Satanic New World Order.
This is the vision of Hillary and the New World Order! What say you, America
yes they are all in it for themselves they do not care about us or the poor or the oppressed. New world order coming
IF a new world order is not achieved very soon, Mankind will have no Future. ANNIHILATION
Look at your dollar bill. The words at the top mean - Our enterprise is a success. The words on the bottom - New Order of the world
He's part of the New World Order gang 😎 🇺🇸
**MUST SEE** about 10 min. Anti-trump ppl don't want u 2 know this. It's all about "new world order" & NAU 4 them. https:…
we must perpare for the New World Order! read Revelations before its too late!
I love it Trump is in the way of the New World Order by building the wall Mexico border what is medical done for us
Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” - Film, Literature and the New World Order
LONG LIVE THE QUEEN A NEW WORLD ORDER monarch.June 7 1pm PST the crowning of Ms Rod_em is that in the bomb…
[video] David Icke - Explains the New World Order agenda!
How EXACTLY will the New World Order try to FORCE YOU to be part of it? ... via
I'm the new world order, Googleplex.
Freedom of speech is no longer a right. New World Order rearing its ugly head.
Started with Bush # 1 calling for the New world order. Never forgot that speech & knowing we were in trouble.
The New World Order wouldn't be a very bad idea. I mean our very differences inhibits our growth as human beings
Bleary eyed Monday AM motivation music is Sunrise by New Order. Absolutely world beating bassline on this one...
Max Igan is in the same "lobby" as Assange, Ken O´Keefe and others who tries to reveal the New World Order
Raghuram Rajan and other Pied Pipers of the New World Order via
Humanity will Rise and defeat the New World Order!
Chaney, Condi Rice is the Posterkids for CFR. Bush 41 spoke of New World Order in State of Union.
Michio Kaku serves New World Order. BTW, better quantum field theory books are Greiner or Scharf, Finite QED.
Welcome to the New World Order prime minister, watch what you say and do:
" Mikhail Gorbachev calls for New World Order'. No wonder he's hero , that's how elite roll , one world gov baby
Will the New World Order finally get its own Nuremburg Tribunal?
New World Order on over drive, Brits fighting to get out of EU, USA fighting for some justice, n Canada being sucked in to yet another block
these ignorant individuals that want New World Order and North American Union are evil
New World Order emphasizes people dying age 69 because 70 AD was after 69 birthdays if Christ was born in 1 AD. 2nd Tem…
Just announced, Q5's new album New World Order, featuring cover art by your truly. Thank you Q5!
- Is called New World Order . Never fall for this SCAM!
is my wedding entrance officially approved by the New World Order?
This message was paid for by the New World Order.
(2014) Ukraine and the New World Order - . The key points for patriotic decisions that drive NWO progress.
Get your garden ready for the New World Order with this tasteful Illuminati Raised Bed.
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