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New Warriors

The New Warriors is a Marvel Comics superhero team, traditionally consisting of young adult heroes. They first appeared in The Mighty Thor #411 (December 1989).

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New Warriors mailbag: What's up with all these Klay Thompson rumors? (+ much more)
Not going to lie, if Marvel ever does get the Fantastic Four back I am mostly only interested in Doom showing up on New Warriors.
Move over - there's a new Squirrel Girl in town. New Warriors cast announced
Marvel have cast their Squirrel Girl and the rest of the New Warriors... Yes, we're getting a
Milana Vayntrub will be Squirrel Girl as Marvel’s New Warriors finds its cast:
It's half New Warriors and half Great Lakes Avengers, and I am here for it.
This New Warriors show sounds more like a Great Lakes Avengers show than a New Warriors show
Not quite the New Warriors more Great Lakes Avengers, but I'm definitely going to check it out🙃
Re: My hunch Freeform's Squirrel Girl-centric show is gonna be the Great Lakes Avengers, but called New Warriors.
So Mister Immortal is going to be in that New Warriors series Marvel's doing. Is it secretly a Great Lakes Avengers setup?
Pretty good lineup of Great Lakes Avengers and New Warriors. Glad they are using Debrii...she has dope powers.
Idea: fuse the New Warriors and the Great Lakes Avengers into one team
Yes, the show is technically called New Warriors. But you made it Great Lakes Avengers when you included Doreen and Mr. Immortal. Own it.
Hey like it's New Warriors by way of Great Lakes Avengers.
that was last season.This is a new season.There is a new ora about this Gol…
Ready for tipoff..Can't wait 2 see what Warriors do with the new acquired talent. I would not take them to win it…
The are the only team EVER to win 65+ in 3 straight seasons. All they do…
This Just In: Warriors have targeted Saturday night's home game against New Orleans as the return date for Kevin Durant,…
New Locked on Warriors podcast! Warriors/Suns, including Curry's first quarter, clinching home court and more:
Idc I'm sick of the warriors and Cleveland. We need some new teams.
Marvel’s New Warriors Featuring Squirrel Girl Headed to Freeform in 2018 via
Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees (3-0 lead), not the only team fam. . In the NBA? Sure. But not ever.
hey mate get a new proof reader or hold back on the 🍺🍺.warriors can knock off the Titans.eels will be guaranteed the 2 pts
Okay so Shannon Purser and Anna Kendrick are considered. Hey your chance!
Oh that's for the best. Like, let the New Warriors have her on the team since she's proved her worth before.
Why yes, we're doing a live-action TV series featuring Squirrel Girl! Details:
Wait, it was supposed to be a solo Squirrel Girl show but New Warriors got in the more they thought about it?
We're getting all the series, including
If the NEW WARRIORS tv show uses work as a template (moral development of young superheroes) it should be u…
It's official : there will be a NEW WARRIORS TV series with Squirrel Girl as the lead character !. thoughts?
Yeah the stadium will be a huge + A's have all leverage in world to stay in OAK with new stadium with…
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It appears that the bidding war is over, and that Squirrel Girl has found her home:
What I think of when I hear about the New Warriors show.
Squirrel Girl, ‘New Warriors’ coming to Freeform in Marvel comedy
.New Warriors are coming to and has the details
The Warriors continue to find new and creative ways each day to make me hate them even more
Marvel is working on a New Warriors series starring Squirrel Girl
(also tbh Civil War still makes me knee-jerk badly at anything resembling "lol who takes the New Warriors seriously" takes)
"Marvel's New Warriors" headed to with Squirrel Girl and more! First details:
New Warriors coach Stephen Kearney is keen to bring versatile Kiwis test star Tohu Harris across the Tasman from...
Yes! New Warriors! Also had a full run of Dark Hawk. Can't go run with the Dr. Strange
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Check Out on , with the new chant ,
New FanShot: Steph Curry receives platelet-rich treatment for rehab on knee
Opening Night. Familiar teams, new faces. . Bobcats v. Warriors.
Criminal Heroes Of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK & THE WARRIORS - We got the streets, suckers. Can you dig it? via
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Thanks to west branch booster club, athletic department for the new weight room and thanks to the custodians put tog
The new-look Cavs have put the Spurs and Warriors on notice.
Our new podcast talks about Curry and without him, Sandoval out for season, and why your commute ***
Negative ads are fairly new to us. We would prefer yung "Face to Face" type of things...and keyboard warriors for the negativity!
Lakers hire Luke Walton as new head coach, team announces
A new update has been posted to Jennifer Michaels Heart Warriors:
Congrats to new Warriors associate head coach Frank Vogel
Check out the feature by about my new single Warriors. https…
Was never SUPER into MMPR as a kid, but I think the new suits look fine. I'll take armored warriors over cheap store-bought spandex goobers.
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Please watch and support this movie on Warrior and our Warriors as they face a new transition
Best news from the Cavs' first half? Warriors have a new record they can break.
Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Grand Galvatron Video Review and New TF Yuki Photos: While we wait for the...
Congratulations to Luke Walton on becoming the new Head Coach of the . »
An original New Warriors cover by Mark Bagley and Larry Mahlstedt.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I need a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider omnibus. If we're gonna have New Warriors and Fatal Attractions, where is my GR!
A comic little Pete is reading in an ep of Pete&Pete. New Warriors or a team up? Thing and Darkhawk?
New date for Bridgestone Invitational in 2016 to avoid conflict with ...
New Article: Young Warriors expected to leave for SA this morning
New on Turkey using phony war on ISIS to bomb Red Kurdish warriors—"the most heroic group"
Billy Moore apologies for "coconut" comment about the New Zealand Warriors' style of play:
This year we've selected 13 returning warriors & 12 new to compete in the annual Meet the new guys: http:/…
Yoon Eun Hye at Muse Dress Conference . cr: goddess new clothes. weibo
Maasai women are the new solar warriors of Africa -
new story on darkpolitricks 1 Last Excerpt From &quotThe Partnership 5 Col...
Master of the Force 1: Warriors of a Higher Power (Warriors of by Karl Kaulback A new brand of warrior
What if Avengers: AoU had been called Avengers: New Warriors? Since it was after the whole HYDRA infiltration & all, think I'd prefer it.
NRL Set of Six: Can the New Zealand Warriors be relevant without Shaun Johnson? -
A happy 2 days in a cupboard reading my first audiobook: 'World of Warriors: A New Hero'
Davis endorses Gentry plan for roster stability, new style
that new Meek Mill is weak. gets the "W" like the Warriors during the Championship.
now playing Eastzane Warriors EP . the new brand by ...!🙌🏻
These new Drake fans are probably the same fans that switched over from the Cavaliers to the Warriors when we took that W .
"In order to get something new something old HAS TO DIE" -Carlos Orozco or
Billy Moore says sorry for 'coconut' remark about New Zealand Warriors' playing style
Aye when Sharks get a new coach, can we get a hockey version of Steve Kerr and have a season like the Warriors. Just a suggestion
Greetings Sourcefans! This week we have new instock items like MMC Warriors - R-09 and R-10, Platinum...
Warriors Guard, Stephen Curry, is named Will we see any new endorsement deals in his near future?
Steph Curry's 2014-15 season cements a new era of basketball via
Congrats the new mvp. You deserve it you have played great all season for the
Thanks to amazing vols, new trails are making nat'l parks like more accessible
New Dig at First Emperor Mausoleum Expected to Yield up to 1400 More Terracotta Warriors | via
New Movie Alert: Warriors And Kings Featuring Junior Pope Odonwodo Junior Pope Odonwodo is currently at the locati
Sunday Yoga Warriors getting ready for the start of a new week!
lmao these new Warriors fans prolly didn't know baron played for them 😂 they like baron who?
Opposition is emerging to the new plan for an arena in SF’s Mission Bay neighborhood.…
Now, Stephen Curry has a new label: NBA MVP. The Golden State Warriors' point guard won the league's top individual award Monday, be...
Steph Curry broke his own NBA record, setting a new mark with 286 threes this season
The new MVP dominates from deep. Yes, dominates
I got almost every movie that I wanted from the announcement today. Next - Scarlet Spider/New Warriors movies
Photoset: lydiastilinski: Jon Bernthal and Tom Mison attend the Entertainment Weekly: Brave New Warriors...
"New Warriors coach Steve Kerr, the former TNT broadcaster, was among those to give Curry a second-team vote."
The Mighty Thor Storyline features the 1st appearance of the New Warriors!
New Warriors. I gotta go with my Young Heroes.
Some really great new stuff with week, including the new Image book Undertow, the origin of the Metal Men in Justice League and the brand new New Warriors featuring Scarlet Spider and old school positive Speedball! And for all you Loki fans out there, Boom has started a new book about the mischievous god being banished to earth and joining a Rock and Roll Band! THIS WEEKS HOT NEW RELEASES A Plus X A Voice in the Dark Adventure Time Alex + Ada Amazing X-Men Animal Man Avengers World Batman 66 Batman and Two Face Batman Beyond Universe Batwoman Ben 10 Birds of Prey Bloodshot and Hard Corps BPRD *** on Earth Captain America Conan the Barbarian Curse Extinction Parade Fables Ghosted GI Joe Real American Hero GI Joe Special Missions God is Dead Godzilla Rules of Earth Green Lantern New Guardians Harley Quinn Iron Man Annual Justice League Kings Watch Loki Ragnarok and Roll Marvel Knights Hulk Midas Flesh New Warriors Night of the Living Deadpool Nova Protectors INC Punisher Quantum and Woody Red Hood and the . ...
MARVEL NOW WAVE 2: The NEW WARRIORS return in an all-new series from Scarlet Spider writer Chris Yost with this week's NEW WARRIORS Marvel has been absolutely killing it with all the new MARVEL NOW books that've been hitting in their 2nd wave this year, and this week's NEW WARRIORS is no exception: it's incredible! In NEW WARRIORS classic '90s New Warriors founders Speedball and Justice have come together with a group of young heroes including the new Nova, Sun Girl, Hummingbird, and our personal favorite: Scarlet Spider, to stop the latest threat to the Marvel Universe: the Atlanteans, Inhumans, clones, and hundreds of other so-called "superior" beings are living among the humans of the Marvel Universe, but not everyone is pleased about it. The High Evolutionary has raised an army to combat the evolution of humanity -- and the New Warriors are locked in his sights. Written by Chris Yost, who did amazing things with the former Scarlet Spider series, this is gonna be one of the biggest surprises of the Ma ...
The first comic I ever bought was Scarlet Spider I was really sad to see it go. Can't wait for New Warriors!
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All-New Ultimates will kind of be the Young Avengers or New Warriors of the Ultimate Universe, I guess.
Been reading a novelization of Marvel's Civil War. (Glutton for punishment, I guess). Been pretty decent on the whole, though I think Tony Stark and Maria Hill come off even worse than they did in the comics. But it was still a dumb event no matter how you slice it. But I'm struck by a couple observations. 1) It would have been much better to have created an entirely new character or characters to be the fall-guys, rather than the New Warriors, who were way too experienced for that kind of mistake. 2) The moment you put Cap on a side, that side generally becomes the right side (exception: A vs X). 3) If a Civil War type event was even done in the DCU, you'd get Captain Atom on the pro-reg side and literally everyone else on the other.
Little Giant Ladders
Someone, I can't remember who, said something about "moral nostalgia" vs. "character nostalgia" with regard to developments in American comics. That stuck with me because I think it seems like it's true. In the '90s, as most people know better than me, comics went through a neoclassical movement led by a few influential writers and works: Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, post-DC Alan Moore. This was a movement of "moral nostalgia" for the way superheroes used to be before the Edgy and Dark era. But it wasn't particularly centred around *characters*. Alan Moore built his neoclassical stuff around ersatz characters; Grant Morrison's influential JLA used the younger guys who had taken over as Flash and Green Lantern; even Busiek's resolutely old-school Avengers imported characters from the very '90s New Warriors series. It was a nostalgic time but more nostalgic for every character being the best version of himself, even if it was a lame character. Current writers seem very nostalgic too, b ...
It's a team that doesn't feel important. New Warriors is the same, but hoepfully it will strike a decent chord.
Iguodala still getting a feel for new Warriors teammates (Comcast SportsNet Bay Area)
Marvel is bringing back the New Warriors who used to be my fav team, but sadly I'm not looking forward to this
New forward Iguodala is now playing PG. He's doing it all w/ 13asts, 5reb, 4stl as GSW leads late 3rdQ on
and Fearless Defenders with Rat Queens. Maybe put New Warriors in Scarlet Spider's place, but that depends on future solicitations.
U hear Stryfe is back in the Uncanny/cable and Xforce crossover. Meanwhile Scarlet Spider is on the New Warriors again.
as mentioned, Scarlet Spider is moving to New Warriors in February
You won't be talking about Scarlet Spider for long. It's last issue is New Warriors on the other hand...
Looks like New Warriors is going on my pull list. getting a chance to write more Scarlet Spider always deserves some of my $$
Yost Puts the New Back in New Warriors - Marvel's New Warriors are back! Writer Chris Yost tells CBR what he and artist Marcus To have in store for Nova, Justice, Speedball, Scarlet Spider and the rest of the team.
Pretty good list! How happy are you that Scarlet Spider made it into New Warriors? Not his own book but he's still around
A new New Warriors title with Scarlet Spider on it written by Christopher Yost? AH YES!
Scarlet Spider occupying the Night Thrasher-ish stealthy ninja-lite role of the New Warriors reboot is an interesting choice.
New Warriors coming this Spring, by me and featuring Justice, Speedball, Nova and Scarlet Spider.
Scarlet Spider fans will happy to know the Peter Parker clone is returning next year in a new New Warriors title... http…
Speedball, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Justice, and more! An all new New Warriors by Chris Yost and Marcus To!
Woo-hoo. Despite the Scarlet Spider series being cancelled, it looks like the character is moving to the new New Warriors series, with the same writer. Makes me very happy I can still get my Kaine fix!
New Warriors will be a new ongoing series from Marvel by Chris Yost and Marcus To. It will feature Nova, Scarlet Spider, Justice, Speedball, Sun Girl, Haechi, Aracely, and Water Snake.
I guess with Scarlet Spider being in Yost's New Warriors the theory that Miles Morales is supposed to take over the name is debunked.
After the end of Scarlet Spider with it looks like Chris Yost will get to continue his fan-favorite run with the character in a brand new New Warriors book! He'll be collaborating with his Red...
Scarlet Spider may be getting cancelled in December, but Marvel has revealed that the character will continue on in a brand new New Warriors series in February! The announcement was made today at N...
I dig Skottie Young variant covers.. just not deaging in comic.. the New Warriors should look older than the Young Avengers
Eh, I guess the New Warriors and the New Mutants were contemporaries.
Way back in the early 90's I worked at a local drug store and we just happened to carry a good selection of Marvel Comics. Being on board with both the New Warriors and Guardians of the Galaxy launched I was familiar with a lot of the Marvel characters, though I only read those two books. It was around this time that I was able to pick up my first copy of Amazing Spider-Man at the drug store. I don't remember the exact issue but it was the beginning of the now infamous Clone Saga. Not having the whole history and "relationship" w/ the characters that others had, including my older brother, I loved the story. I stuck with the title for awhile - through the Clone story and even the Slingers stuff. I quit right around the time John Byrne came on board. I didn't read another issue of Amazing until the Civil War cross over issues. The Amazing Spider-Man was my new favorite title. Even with the whole "Brand New Day" stuff where Peter and Mary Jane were no longer married, I kept on reading the book...3 t ...
I have been investigating New Warriors Training Adventure, a weekend masculinity initiation run by the Mankind Project. Following the New Warriors weekend is a weekly group meeting called the Integration Group (I-Group). In this excerpt from an In...
He had a short lived series, then went on to join the New Warriors back in the 90s, and he became Pennance during Civil War.
New Warriors uniforms: Good, bad or plain ugly? Opinions on the new design from GSoM...and Robin Lopez
Friday: Well, the cold weather is still with us and not likely to leave anytime soon, so come on down to the store for Warhammer Fantasy gaming today. Remember that the New Warriors of Chaos models and book will be out tomorrow,The store will open at 10 am for Advance Order pick up and general shopping. Join in the 40K Beginner Game Day at 12:30 pm for a chance to improve your basic rules knowledge. And on Sunday, the last Astro-mini con. Doors open at 9:15 am, (yes that's 9:15 am on Sunday, if you want to be done before the Super Bowl starts) and the first game starts at 9:45 am. This is a great way to check out the Astronomi-con format and have a chance at a free pass for the main event Feb. 22-24th. See you at the store. Mark
The battle lines in "Civil War" were drawn all wrong. Pro Registration/Con Registration should have been between the Fantastic Four (who have never NEEDED secret identities) and whoever's served as an Avenger (who have worked with the authorization of governments all over the world) and younger heroes, much like the New Warriors whose run in with Nitro triggered the larger conflict in the first place. Heroes just entering the world of the Marvel Universe, bristling at the thought of jumping through hoops that their predecessors didn't have to.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I continue my quest to have the world's largest Speedball collection. Steve Ditko run, New Warriors, Penance
Why can't all TV shows be a New Warriors cartoon, in the Young Justice style, that ties in to Earth's Mightiest Heroes/Avengers Assemble?
New Warriors guard Jarrett Jack conducts his very first interview as a member of Golden State with in Las Vegas during NBA Summer League.
My deal with is I'll check out anything that seems new/fresh (New Warriors 3 or Red She Hulk) or by Hickman or Bendis
I'm selling a bunch of comics, if anyone is interested let me know. not posting prices for them, just make an offer i'll probably say yes. list of whats up for sale: {if i don't list issue numbers its because there are alot of them, if interested just ask} Manga (american comic style) -3x3 eyes:curse of the gesu (dark horse) # 4 of 5 -Kia Asamiya's Nadesico [volume 1] (CPM manga) # 3 -Kia Asamiya's Nadesico [volume 3] (CPM manga) # 20,25 -Battle of the Planets (top cow) Genesis evangelion (viz comics) book three Mobius (viz comics) (rippled from water damage but not too bad) -Robotech (wildstorm) Racer (NOW comics) 19, 29, 30 -Speed racer (wildstorm) boy (NOW comics) (CPM manga) Joe vol. 1 Transformers vol.1 flight -the New Warriors -Uncanny x-men -x-men (x-babies issue) -x-men unlimited fairy tales comics presents and ghost rider) rider and werewolf by night) -x-men the movie All of them -Crimson Dawn out of 4 -Rom punisher vol 2 Might thor annual part 2 the korvac quest -iceman x-men Rider 2099 days of ...
STUDIO: New Warriors star Omar Slaimankhel joins the show. He was on hand yesterday as the Warriors dealt to the North Queensland Cowboys
New Warriors GM Bob Myers showed up tonight accidentally wearing same tie as owner Joe Lacob. Myers joked, 'we're already on same page.'
NBA star Brook Lopez visits Marvel HQ to discuss AvX, New Warriors, Daredevil and more!
hmmm... i am going to do a "dream team" of underused or unknown characters and pitch it an a new, "New Warriors".
New Warriors center Andrew Bogut: 'Exciting to start over'
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