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New Orleans

New Orleans (or , locally or ; ) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana.

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I have some records for sale! all of these are in perfect condition, some still have wrappers on them. the records are not scratched or broken! I have got them appraised, and im asking what I think is reasonable! BUT if you don't like my price then we can work with the price cause I really need these gone! Loretta Lynn "blue Kentucky girl" 8.00 Kenny Rogers " daytime friends" 9.00 Kenny Rogers UA-LA689-G 5.00 Kenny Rogers LWAK979 5.00 Willie Nelson "the second in your mind" 5.00 Willie Nelson "red headed strangers" 6.00 Willie Nelson "city of New Orleans" 7.00 Hank Williams jr, major moves 7.00 Hank Williams jr "Montana cafe" 10.00 Hank Williams jr "family tradition" 7.00 Merle haggard 2 record edition "sing a sad song" & "high on a hilltop" 15.00 Johnny paycheck "slide off your again sheets" 5.00 Thirty years of bluegrass 5.00 The shirelles 5.00 More brandy "hank Williams you wrote my life" 10.00 George jones "I am what I am" 7.00 Waylon "dreaming my dreams" 4.00 Jessi colter 6.00 The sensational Charlie ...
Today, we look at how much New Orleans' neighborhoods,education system and economy have thrived after Katrina.
So I have been nominated by Nelson Ruger to list three positives about my life everyday for five days... I am so grateful for so many things in my life... 1) I have found what I am most passionate about in this world -- photography -- and spend everyday making pictures. 2) In 2014 I have already travelled to California, The British Virgin Islands, Spain, New York, Delaware, and Ohio and have trips planned to New Orleans, back to BVI, and Michigan. I love to travel and I get to do it very often. 3) I have some incredible friends in my life who make every day better through laughter, understanding, and the creation of wonderful memories. I think it is a very strong exercise to force ourselves to find the good in our lives... I want to share this assignment with three of my favorite people in this world: Emily Sarina Bogart, Meghan Winch, and Katie Breen. What are you most grateful for?
Winter 1784: "The Mississippi River froze down to New Orleans, & ice was reported floating in the Gulf of Mexico."
I also ran into Brett Hart in New Orleans
Vote for Louisiana Seafood Festival - New Orleans as the Best Specialty Food Festival I voted!
WAIT I MAY HAVE ASKED YOU ALREADY unless it was someone else lmao, but that's cool!! I live in New Orleans but on the West Bank
People love New Orleans for many reasons but for Rick Bragg, it's all about the po'boy.
Abraham Lincoln? More like every high school boy in New Orleans .
ha ha you and Bob Ryan know New Orleans better than me I haven't been that way in a sec ashamed to ask to refresh my memory
Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist at Rph On the Go (New Orleans, LA) Find this Job&More
Today is the Death Anniversary of Sir CLYDE Leopold WALCOTT, (17 January 1926 - 26 August 2006) the Legendary West Indian Cricketer. Walcott was a member of the "three W's", the other two being Everton Weekes and Frank Worrell: all were very successful batsmen from Barbados, born within a short distance of each other in Bridgetown, Barbados in a period of 18 months from August 1924 to January 1926; all made their Test cricket debut against England in 1948. In the mid-1950s, Walcott was arguably the best batsman in the world. In later life, he had an active career as a cricket administrator, and was the first non-English and non-white chairman of the International Cricket Council. Walcott was born in New Orleans (Bridgetown), St. Michael, Barbados. His father was a printing engineer with the Barbados Advocate newspaper. He was educated at Combermere School and, from the age of 14, at Harrison College in Barbados. He took up wicket-keeping at Harrison College and also learned to bowl inswingers. He married ...
Voodoo is bound to New Orleans' "enigmatic belief system as it is to jazz, Mardi Gras and gut-busting Cajun cooking"
Peyton Manning is Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Rental Show in New Orleans.
Did you know that 'Adam Levine' was Trending Topic on Sunday 24 for 3 hours in New Orleans?
ARA just announced their keynote speaker for the 2015 Rental Show 2015 in New Orleans...Peyton Manning! Being a success in the rental industry takes leadership, perseverance and teamwork — which are three characteristics that describe him!
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New Orleans, Preservation Hall. Authentic Jazz music, like it was in 18th century. Loved it
Jazz up your morning with a taste of New Orleans. Big Easy on sale today only for Must-be-a-mistake-Monday!
I just received this urgent prayer request. Please join me in storming heaven. This was sent by Father John Pitzer, formerly at Holy Ghost Church and now New Orleans. Please offer your prayers and share with as many people as possible. Dear Friends, Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts. "We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food to. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated it's staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!" Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advanc . ...
ooh definitely recommend it.. good soundtrack with Dr John and some sweet New Orleans jazz
August 25, 1918 birth of jazz drummer Freddie Kohlman born in New Orleans.
Headliners working traditional New Orleans big brass sound and a hint of good time
I liked a video Panorama Jazz Band on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans
Just like New Orleans, it's big and easy - Drinking a Lager by Jazz Kitchen at —
New Orleans 🎺🎷 The place with the real jazz music just on the streets 🎶
Y'all gonna make me become a travel nurse, so I can Laissez le bon temps roullez live from New Orleans every winter. Lawd, yes.
People get surprised when they hear I love Jazz but I'm from around New Orleans so of course I do.
Did Oswald work with the CIA?--Well Ron Lewis claims that Lee Oswald worked with him for Guy Banister in New Orleans.
New Orleans for the win. Wish we had the Jazz of New Orleans in Atlanta. Or in Los Angeles when I move there in less than a year:
Usher literally just transformed the VMA stage into a New Orleans jazz festival.
New Orleans jazz just sounded really appealing to me so I had to buy this today. I am not disappointed.
Wow, jazz is amazing. I mean, that's not a new feeling but New Orleans really proves what good jazz is. I'm...
Riverboat Dixie Jazz Band play New Orleans style jazz from the early 1900s at Gardens of the World T.O. 5pm
Just touched down in New Orleans with da homie Mannie Fresh…
Have u read JAZZ BABY by Set in 1920's New Orleans. Highly recommended!.
going to New Orleans for the first time to run the rock n roll half marathon in January!! so excited 💃💃💃💃
maybe, maybe not. Have learned not to be fooled by pre-season champs. New Orleans is good. We'll find out how good.
How I learned the name of who went in to New Orleans to get things under control
On this day in Saints history-August 24th Happy birthday today to: Lee DeRamus—Born in 1972 (Wide Receiver 1995-96) Gill Fenerty—Born in 1963 (Running Back 1990-91) New Orleans native 1968—Saints defeat the Cleveland Browns in pre-season action at Tulane Stadium 40-27. Saints safety Dave Whitsell has an INT runback for TD. Parts of this game were used in the filming of the movie “Number One” with Charlton Heston where he played a Saints quarterback hanging on to the end of his career. 1972—Saints cut RB Hoyle Granger & DE Mike Walker, they also trade DE Lawrence Estes to the L.A. Rams for an undisclosed draft choice. 1973—Saints break training camp in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 1974—Saints win their first-preseason contest of the year, 16-7 over Dallas. Saints WR Doug Winslow runs back the opening second half kickoff 93 yards for a TD. 1979—Saints defeat the Houston Oilers in the Superdome 10-7 to close out pre-season at 1-3. Saints kicker Russell Erxleben makes a 29-yard fieldgoal wi ...
For clues to what’s ahead for John Wiley Price, look to New Orleans
..."Everyone else can appreciate one of the first real glimpses we've had of the promising New Orleans defense."
*Claps Hands* Pat Swilling..Sam Mills..Ricky Jackson..Vaught Johnson...I grew up in New what's UR point ?
Hey Indy remember tracy porter picking off manning sealing the super bowl for New Orleans?!? And drew Bree's killing your defense
Come by Bayou St. John New Orleans and get some FREE school supplies, nice food and music. From 3 to 7pm
Remember when Bush chose David Duke as his advisor in New Orleans following Katrina?
I really have no idea if I should go ahead with the idea or not. The French Quarter in the heart of New Orleans is a perfect place.
I'm glad you're enjoying New Orleans :-) you should go visit the French Quarter, it's great there
I'm gonna move to New Orleans and become a ghost tour guide. Also this magical 1%.
Just landed in New Orleans!!! Anyone near the French Quarter? You can see me getting a little crazy
“Only people from New Orleans knows what he's talking about 😂
Was Ryan Anderson's season-ending injury the biggest loss for the New Orleans ... - The Times-Picayune
It's official I'll be in New Orleans for Southern Decadence weekend, check me out let's play!
Flight from Denver to New Orleans. Of course there is a Joey Harrington jersey on board. or ?
Theresa Caputo Tickets in Kalamazoo at Wings Stadium, Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, Kiva Auditorium in Albuque...
Top four most voted loyal football fans this not from me I just saw on news 1 Green bay 2 Denver 3 New Orleans 4Cowboys
It's been a long time (@ Le Bon Temps Roulé for The Soul Rebels in New Orleans, LA w/
New Orleans on Tuesday. Southern Decadence starts on Wednesday. Oh. My. God. I'm so excited.
I♥thick big booty go-go dancers. I'm hoping to see a few of them during Southern Decadence weekend in New Orleans
Get our guide to as it takes over New Orleans
ON THIS DAY IN TEXAS HISTORY – August 22, 1901 The Houston and Texas Central Railway acquired the Austin and Northwestern, Central Texas and Northwestern, Fort Worth and New Orleans, and Granite Mountain and Marble Falls City lines. The H&TC was originally chartered in 1848 as the Galveston and Red River Railway and was renamed in 1856; Paul Bremond and Thomas W. House were involved in the line's early development. It was sold in 1877 to Charles Morgan, and then came under the control of the Southern Pacific when that corporation began to take over Morgan's properties in 1883. However, the H&TC continued to be operated by its own organization until 1927, when it was leased to the Texas and New Orleans. It merged with the T&NO in 1934.
That was in New Orleans and John Sterling (yes, THAT John Sterling) was on the call.
Kind of late, but I can't wait for my traveling season to begin. So many places to go. Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, South Carolina, and many more! Out of the country sounds good too.
everytime I walk past Police in New Orleans airport I think of you!
Sooo excited, I can't sleep! Just confirmed yesterday that I will be going to New Orleans at the beginning of September for training and conference! I guess I'll be able to put that new luggage I won to good use after all!
“Great coverage of the burgeoning edtech scene in Baltimore & New Orleans: The birth of cities
We'll be back in New Orleans in Oct. laissez le bon temps rouler
Do you think New Orleans point guard Brian Roberts is an adequate ... - The Times-Picayune
Photo: Check Out Dolf and Drew’s LIVE PERFORMANCE during Southern Decadence in New Orleans with plenty of...
Watch Terminator 5: Genesis Full Movie Online Streaming: recent months, the film cast of stars who have some very familiar characters playing raised. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, reprise his role of traditional robot killing machine, and will be assisted by Emilia Ckarke Sarah Connor, Jay Courtney and Kyle Reese, Jason Clark and John Connor and water Okeniji that Danny Dyson, engineer and son of Cyberdyne kilometers Dyson at Judgment Day T2. Also in the cast are JK Simmons, Byung Hun Lee, Michael Holt and Gladys. What is sad is that we know what the Terminator is very, very small number of structures .. He has written Genesis of the "script, Patrick Lussier and ETA Kalogridis, but the studio behind the film, not plot confirmed the official summary last summer that the film will serve the expected type of restart to be the first in Triple Schwarzenegger said the new will happen to production in the next four months to four and a half will be, and the crew killed more in New Orleans .. the director i ...
Aneas Williams from holly Grove, in New Orleans. Same place Lil Wayne from.
The Mailman Marathoner AN AMAZING FACT: Back in 1904, a mailman in Havana, Cuba, read in a newspaper that the Olympic Games that year would be held in St. Louis, Missouri. That’s when the 5-foot-1-inch Felix Carvajal suddenly decided to run in the Olympics. Nearly penniless, and with no formal running experience or sponsor, Felix decided to pay his own way to the Games. After work he would go to Havana’s Central Plaza and run in circles to draw a crowd. He would then announce his intention to claim a prize for the greater glory of Cuba. His appreciative audience donated enough money to help him enter the race and secure Felix’s travel on a steamer bound for New Orleans. However, the boat passage was expensive, and what little money Felix had left was stolen in New Orleans. Undaunted, Felix Carvajal walked, ran, and hitchhiked 700 miles to St. Louis, arriving moments before the marathon start. It was a 100-degree day, and Felix was wearing woolen trousers, heavy shoes, and a felt beret. The race was ...
Just learned this from Dr. Ben Carson: The murders in the Democratic cities of Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and Washington D.C. are responsible for our high murder rating at # 3 globally and that without those cities, we would actually be among the 4 nations with the LEAST murders. Something isn't working in those cities. I say it isn't some inanimate object that commits murder, it's the people.
Jon Roniger has a show on 08/21/2014 at 07:00 PM @ The Foundation Room a... in New Orleans, LA
Small forward John Salmons agrees to one-year deal to join the New Orleans ... - The Times-Picayune
Our Brothers Keeper Outreach Ministry continues to partner with the Covenant House Youth Shelter in New Orleans,...
We just found out about this, otherwise we would have been promoting these events throughout the entire Summer: EVERY TUESDAY WEEKLY & EVERY WEDNESDAY WEEKLY & EVERY THURSDAY WEEKLY & EVERY FRIDAY WEEKLY & EVERY SATURDAY WEEKLY FROM 06/24/2014 TO 08/30/2014 JEAN LAFITTE NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK AND PRESERVE Battle of New Orleans Talk In 1815, the American victory at the Battle of New Orleans brought the country together and gave the United States new prominence on the world stage. Hear the story of the battle on the very ground where American troops defeated the mighty British army. Talk takes place about 2:45 p.m. each day when Creole Queen excursion boat arrives at battlefield. No talk (the battlefield is closed) on Mardi Gras (Tuesday, March 4, in 2014) and federal holidays, except for Memorial Day and Veterans Day when the battlefield is open. Note that gates to the battlefield and to the national cemetery are open 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on days when the battlefield is closed, except for Mardi Gras, when ...
1912 Zane Grey publishes Riders of the Purple Sage, Shaw writes Pygmalion later becomes basis for My Fair Lady, W. C. Handy publishes Memphis Blues first blues published in sheet music form, Percy Granger Composes Random Round an experimental work in improvisation, Louis Armstrong learns to play cornet in a reform school band in New Orleans, and the first contest devoted to music in schools takes place with All-Kansas Music Competition Festival.
WWL-TV's online coverage of high school sports in the New Orleans metro area, from the River Parishes to New Orleans East.
Lafayette Cemetery (Private Garden District Tour). Guest photograph. You are a part of New Orleans with us!
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a pot hole on Lombard St, New Orleans on - Drive Social.
Industry Noize: NOLA Sees Theatre Revival - New Orleans continues to see a revival in its theatre district, wit...
Good bye vacation back to New Orleans — at Port Aransas Ferry
. I remember a QUANTUM LEAP where he jumped into the body of a New Orleans bordello owner.
literally a fraction as big as New Orleans “gonna doing it big in DC, how big will it be in Tampa next year?..”
SPEx @ Music At The Mint 8/15 - The US Mint Museum here in New Orleans video recorded our set and posted it...
The National Baptist 134th Convention is next month in New Orleans, they are electing a new President. What are they doing about ?
There is a house in New Orleans... An unforgettable classic of Gregory the House of the Rising Sun:
Laura and I going to spent a week on the Biloxi gulf coast. You know with all the bells and whistles. Like gambling,fishing, and yes drinking some. By the way that is where we met 30 years ago. A trip down memory lane. My question is we have decided to leave a day earlier and was wondering if we should stay a night in New Orleans or else where. What do you say
I might go to at Le Bon Temps Roule in New Orleans, LA - Nov 13
There's a billboard in the New Orleans area for a plastic surgeon that days "Put the Hot Back in Momma."
Interesting stat. U.S. is ranked 3rd in the world in murder rate. However subtract the murders from Detroit, D.C., New Orleans, and Chicago. And we go down to 3rd or 4th from the bottom. Just heard Ben Carson say this... Evidently its not so much cops killin brothas. It's brothas killin brothas. Our civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. would puke to see what has happened to his beloved dream. In light of this stat, he would no doubt exclaim; "I was martyred for this?" The pointless violence needs to stop, and we need to turn to God, or we will permanently cease to be a great nation. Hey cops! Stop shootin tear gas at these folks. Instead, shoot books, or library cards at them. Oh yea, and cops. You are not exempt either. Read U.S. history, or the constitution, and bill of rights at break time, and understand what governments role really is. And maybe we can all get along at some point.. Crazy! I'm actually on both sides of this issue! How bout that?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Think you know everything about New Orleans and Louisiana, test your knowledge at our trivia night, Aug 28 at Mint
Courtesy of Tony Finstrom: 1921 - JEAN ECKART (1921-1993), who collaborated with husband William chiefly on Broadway set designs (though they also co-produced the original musical ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, and dabbled in lighting & costume design), is born today in Glencoe, IL. 1925 - Texas Guinan and Jack Haley star in the new two-act revue *** PAREE, which opens a 181-performance run at the Shubert Theatre tonight, staged by J.J. Shubert & Charles Judels. 1942 - Hope Emerson and Gene Barry star in a revival of Sigmund Romberg's THE NEW MOON, opening tonight at Carnegie Hall for 24 performances, under the direction of John Pierce. Setting: Grand Salon of Monsieur Beaunoir's Mansion near New Orleans; The Chez Creole; The deck of "The New Moon"; an island. 1981 - Playwright and screenwriter ANITA LOOS (1888-1981) dies today in New York City. Her 1926 play (based on her novel), GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, starred June Walker. It was the basis for the popular stage musical of the same name (for which she co-au ...
An outstanding New Orleans musicians - Benjamin Booker - is album of the day on Chech it & laissez le bon temps rouler
John Salmons to reportedly sign with New Orleans -
Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, Camden, Memphis, Oakland, and Detroit are some of the most dangerous cities in American where Young black men are killed on a weekly basis. Where is the outrage, the 24/7 national news coverage, the protest marches led by Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, the riots and looting? What makes Ferguson, MO different? As black boys we are taught by our parents when confronted by a police officer you keep your hands in plain sight, and you answer all questions with yes/no sir or ma'am, you don't talk back or get smart with cops, and you comply with all directives. Most importantly we were taught not to make ourselves targets. When did it become the norm that we disrespect ourselves but expect others to show us respect? We call ourselves *** *** , sell drugs to our own people in our neighborhoods, we adopt jail house fashion and call it swag, and disrespect our women with impunity. Again I ask where is the outrage from our communities and protest lead by our "black leaders ...
Stormy skies at City Park in New Orleans. Thunder. Hoping to be drenched shortly.
On this day in saxophone history, Sam Butera was born, New Orleans, LA, 1927. C/o his work w/Louis Prima, Keely Smith, and The Witnesses.
Thank you, for blessing the Indiana State Fair with your New Orleans soul, beard, and voice.
I have a real problem if we're talking about my "Queens" 'cause there's: Nina Dobrev: Queen of my universe. // but also... Elena Gilbert: Beauty Queen [or Warrior Princess] Katherine Pierce: Queen Petrova. Lydia Martin: Cinnamon Queen [or Queen Lydia] Holland Roden: Queen of my heart. Regina Mills: Queen of queens. Daenerys Targaryen: not a queen, a Khaleesi. Caroline Forbes: Queen of New Orleans. and... yeah, I think that's it.
The Mavs should offer Carlisle, Parsons, Monta, Champ, Plano, Allen and Frisco to New Orleans for Anthony Davis.
“Que Pasa Fest 2014 Commissions Artist to Create its Official Poster and Names Guillermo DeBango Award Recipient” Kenner, LA--Cervantes Fundación Hispanoamericana de Arte (Cervantes Hispanic-American Arts Foundation), creators of Que Pasa Fest 2014, is proud to announce that it has COMMISSIONED COLOMBIAN ARTIST, Mario Padilla, to create this year’s official poster. Padilla, who has a Masters of Fine Arts, is very involved in the local art community in New Orleans. His series of paintings and sculptures: "Second Lines", "Portraits" and “1001 Faces of America Latina," are mostly inspired by his different investigations, beliefs, political ideas and travels around the world. This year, Padilla has committed to create a poster that once again will show what Que Pasa Fest stands for, which is the fusion of Latino culture with the uniqueness of the Louisiana culture. For more information on Mario Padilla and to see his works, go to The recipient of the Guillermo De Bango Excellenc ...
people saying the purge will happen Sunday in New Orleans will post pictures of Mardi Gras mask and Hurricane Katrina damage
New Orleans ex-cop again sentenced to 17 years for burning body of man shot to death after Hurricane Katrina:
The other 2 non-youth curfews in the US were Katrina and some other hurricane, both in New Orleans. Where is police report?
Remember this? Lt. Gen. Russel Honore calmed the situation down in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina:
Bullet to the Head -- really good film noir with Sylvester Stallone playing a New Orleans hit man --- he does a great job. Good stuff on HBO on now.
Exclusive: Shaw cast as Papa Midnite on 'Constantine': The voodoo king of New Orleans will be a magical adversary for John Constantin...
So Eerie driving by the abandon six flags in New Orleans!
Terrific presentation by US Army Corp of Engineers inner workings of the New Orleans levee system. Learn something new today!
New Orleans bounce !! Every Monday and Tuesday night at 7:30pm! Please sign up online!
Friday August 15, 2014 has arrived. There are 138 days left in the year! In 1769, Napoleon was born. In 1935, Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in airplane crash at Barrow, Alaska. In1975, Clay Shaw of New Orleans died. He was acquitted in CIA situations with Kennedy Assassination. In 2013, Bert Lance of Georgia died. He was involved much with Jimmy Carter. Have good Friday!
After & March to jackson square New Orleans:
Deeply disappointed in New Orleans council & for not approving Uber. Devastating to city's efforts to …
Next time you are in New Orleans...A decent Old Fashioned cocktail then Charbroiled oysters paired with a 12 year old scotch.
It reminds me of the time I thought I saw Catherine Keener at a New Orleans bar, and drunkenly thought I should hit on her...cont'd
New Orleans has some of the best seafood in the world! If you love seafood, check out this list from htt…
If u ain't from New Orleans or Louisiana period I just can't believe u were a Saints fan before the Drew Brees & Sean Peyton era..
to New Orleans with my bro ABD, Archbishop Demetrios of America.
Ed Nelson, the New Orleans native who began his acting career in his hometown and went on to become a familiar face to American television audiences over 40 years, as a star of the prime-time soap opera “Peyton Place,” died on Saturday. He was 85.
and when Pastor John Hagee said New Orleans was destroyed because of the *** pride parade CONSERVATIVES WERE QUIET!
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It's only a matter of time before they're militarized in South central, Brooklyn, New Orleans, Seattle, DC. What will we say then?
Police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes extrajudicially killed at least 313 African-Americans in 2012, according to a recent study. This means a black person was killed by a security officer every 28 hours. The report notes that it's possible that the real number could be much higher. The report, entitled "Operation Ghetto Storm," was conducted by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an antiracist grassroots activist organization. The organization has chapters in Atlanta, Detroit, Fort Worth-Dallas, Jackson, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, and Washington, D.C. It has a history of organizing campaigns against police brutality and state repression in black and brown communities. Their study's sources included police and media reports along with other publicly available information. Last year, the organization published a similar study showing that a black person is killed by security forces every 36 hours. However, this study did not tell the whole story, as it only looked at shoot ...
I'm bossin, New Orleans, Ferrari's, Bentley's to Monte Carlo's, El Camino's, Impala's, disappearing with your broad at 3 in the mornin
Trooper Roland Coppola, Sr., posing with boxers Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis. in the early 50’s in New Orleans.
Lucas Black on - see him in the premiere of NCIS New Orleans in Sept
May go to Pensacola, Florida for a day just because it is only 3 hours from New Orleans. Lol
Still an OG for Jaques-Imo's on Oak St. RTTime to vote! Who makes the best fried chicken in New Orleans?
Today in Coast Guard history 11 August. 1812-The Revenue Cutter Louisiana capsized and sank at her home port of New Orleans during a hurricane. All hands were lost except for her master. 1817-"The ship Margaret, which sailed on Sunday, August 10, 1817, for Amelia Island with a number of persons on board, supposed to be going out for the purpose of joining the pirates, was brought back by the RC Active, under the command of Revenue Captain John Cahoone, and anchored yesterday morning [11 August 1817] in the Bay. The cutter fired several shots at the Margaret before she hove to. It is said that she has also munitions of war on board." [Taken from the New York Gazette-New York Post, dated 12 August 1817.] 1966-CGC Point Welcome was attacked in the pre-dawn hours of 11 August 1966 by U.S. Air Force aircraft while on patrol in the waters near the mouth of the Cua Viet River, about three-quarters of a mile south of the Demilitarized Zone (the 17th Parallel) in South Vietnam. Her commanding officer, LTJG Dav ...
Today at 6:25am, my Dad lost his 4+ year battle with colon cancer. The feeling is indescribable. I can remember where I was on Lynchburg College's campus when I found out the news in December of 2009 of the diagnosis. The whole time as a family, we thought he was going to battle and beat the cancer since he was an incredibly strong man, kind of like a "super-human." A few examples: (1) Between chemotherapy treatments (which is one week apart), he drove (the whole way) a Penske truck with me from Alexandria to New Orleans to move me in to my apartment. While moving in, we carried a couch up five flights of steps because it did not fit in the elevator ON HIS OFF WEEK FROM CHEMO. (2) Last year, while I was safe from the snow in New Orleans, he would be shoveling snow against doctors wishes WHILE CONNECTED TO CHEMO. He wore many hats that did not include being a father and husband. He was a Mr. Fix-it not just for the family but the neighborhood, he was the Garden Guy with the tasty tomatoes, the Chaperone as ...
New Iberia. Lafayette. New Orleans. Lake Charles. You are not exempt from police-gang violence. I know you see it. Get strategic.
two years on i would recognise my mistake and start listening to the REAL music of New Orleans; Crowbar and Phil Anselmo
NCIS: New Orleans star Scott Bakula says "I am excited that Mark Harmon annd Gary Glasberg gave me this opprutinity i am going to have fun!"
'Brandin Cooks' appeared on Saturday 9 at the 8th place in the Top20 of New Orleans's Trends:
Mark Ingram starts NFL preseason with promising performance for New Orleans ...
Tonight is gonna be special, Tim is dedicating his performance to me, little ole me tonight, below is a list of the line up of music, please come out and help me celebrate his dedication of talent, time and love. I promise you wont regret seeing the bald lady!!! ;) LOL Can't wait to see everyone at Tierneys tonight! Here's the set list: Tim Shewmake’s Set List 2014 Days Go By (Keith Urban) City of New Orleans (Arlo Guthrie) My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Willie Nelson) There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler (Dan Fogelburg) Lonely People (America) Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett) Moonshadow (Cat Stevens) Rock Me on the Water (Jackson Browne) I Can’t Tell You Why (The Eagles) Rainy Night in Georgia (Ray Charles) Southern Comfort Zone (Brad Paisley) Sitting on the Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding) Georgia on my Mind (Ray Charles) Cat’s in the Cradle (Harry Chapin) Sister Christian (Night Ranger) Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Elton John) Our Town (James Taylor) My Maria (BW Stevenson) Horse With No Nam ...
It's good to read is doing well! Would be great to see him on NCIS:New Orleans!
Photo: I’m playing a show on the Internet tomorrow at 3 PM CST live from Bayou St.John, New Orleans. The...
You must lobby to get on NCIS New Orleans! You would be fantastic on there opposite !!!
Prayer is the most powerful weapon. 🙏
can I bring y'all candy to the New Orleans show because it's the day after halloween?? 🎃👻🎉
Next summer im going to drive to New Orleans, people come with me
The New Orleans Saints that's all u need to know
Black folks in New Orleans WANT them here on a permanen…
SLAM NEW ORLEANS BEASTING ON STAGE! Semis bout. Last ones of round 1, second 10! of the night!
Brandin Cooks with a touchdown tonight for the New Orleans Saints.
you should add more tour dates bby. Come to New Orleans.
Mark Ingram had eight carries for 83 yards and a 22-yard touchdown in the first half and the New Orleans Saints won their preseason opener without Drew Brees, beating the St. Louis Rams 26-24. STATS:
Observation Deck: Highs and lows from 26-24 win over in preseason opener
Most the time I'm lurkin in New Orleans like a pelican.
Me and my bro Ha Sizzle in the car in trafffic...might as well give yall a 1-2 All my New Orleans bounce fans share this!!!
Another good game has come to an end as the New Orleans Saints gets a 26-24 win over the St. Louis Rams!….
😂 i dont even stay nor am i from New Orleans but baby i be in all the tea with minnie cat Fred and buck
Brandin Cooks was my favorite player in college last season and I think he'll be a star and the OROY in New Orleans this year. So talented.
come up a bit short in 26-24 preseason loss to visiting New Orleans: via
Aug 14th me and kickin raps in New Orleans
Decade after Katrina, haunting images capture lifeless Six Flags in New Orleans…
““Can someone take me to New Orleans tomorrow ??”nope”...😂😂 what she knw about the city
I live in New Orleans. so I have August hair.
Its really stupid to beef with somebody cause yall talk to the same person. Small as New Orleans is you gon be beefin wit…
I'm driving to New Orleans this a boring drive and B sleep smh
Shaky New Orleans Saints open preseason with 26-24 win at St. Louis Rams
On Thursday 7, 'Victoria' was Trending Topic in New Orleans for 5 hours:
Louis Armstrong left New Orleans by train to join King Oliver's band in Chicago in 1922
“gotta love you a new orleans chick 💁☺️.” We da best
People think I should turn up for my 21st in New Orleans. . I just want seafood
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I'm really concerned with putting new orleans on the map
round 4, 5 and 6 atl, nashville and new orleans we are literally traveling the whole US 😏😊
3 cold brew methods from Blue Bottle, including the New Orleans recipe
Not in New Orleans. I know NOLA cemeteries like the back of my hand. I want other Deep South cemeteries.
So happy and I are in New Orleans for the weekend😄
. kmsl 4 a second I thought she was from new orleans lmao :(((
They owned New Orleans at the time and thats what have them the right to void the trade
are we gonna turn up in New Orleans?? 🎉🎉
Preseason don't count but good lil "W" fa New Orleans
New Orleans has been a total game changer 💜 pretty sad to leave actually
Meet darling Olivia- going to live with Ashley near New Orleans!
for New Orleans Saints fans that may not be able to watch all of the games, 870 am wwl does live broadcasts of all of the games, so although you may not be able to see the game, you can at least listen to it.
Congrats to the New Orleans Saints on winning our first Preseason Game! Saints 26 to St. Louis Rams 24! Who Dats.!
Check out my spin on Arlo Guthrie's "City of New Orleans."
Living with ALS is no picnic but watching all of your friends dumping ice water on their heads is pretty *** funny. The amazing thing is how successful this has been in raising awareness for ALS. It's gone viral. I've seen professional athletes including, appropriately enough Falcons Quarterback Matty Ice doing it, policemen in uniform, and on-air reporters, among probably thousands of others. As funny as it has been, my dear friend Dana Crosby McNamee turned the tables on me and nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge. I have never backed away from a challenge so I am going to have one of my favorite nurses here in the ALS Residence, Jackie, dump this bucket of ice water over my head. I am doing this for all of my pALS out there who don't have the good fortune I have, to have amazing 24/7 care in a beautiful home that is fully automated. I will not rest until the ALS Residence is an option for people with ALS across the country. Because I didn't do my challenge within 24 hours, I will be donating my $ ...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
So we are stopping in New Orleans tomorrow. Any suggestions for beignets and/or lunch?
First world problems - southern style So we came to the Red Dress Run tonight in New Orleans ( love this city ) ! This day started crazy and ended crazy so the ride down was relaxing music and funny conversation and several white knuckle incidents with crazy drivers . So anyway , we made it to realize that after allowing the car to drive away to be parked 20 minutes away , we realize that her purse is in there , a dress ... And the worst of all . An eyelash curler ! After she commented in her cute little Southern voice with the dramatic hand gestures that this was a first world problem .. I looked into those big blue puss- n - boots eyes with recently curled blonde ringlets and corrected her that these are actually first world Southern girl problems ! I mean really. Sometimes we actually have ti laugh at that . She did. She's a good sport about it. Sometimes we see the same situation and view it through different eyes. One person is in a wreck and is severely injured and wonders why God did th ...
Guy joseph why u texting me getting all excited about the saints preseason score ,new orleans are only fooling u guys to get paid! The only way yall got a superbowl was only cause of miss katrina! Thats wgo yall saints fan should be rooting for! Lol Cowboysnation!
The New Orleans Pelicans, the basketball team, was not the first "Pelican" sports team to call New Orleans home. What sport did the first "Pelican" team play? When was the first game, and the last? Who attended any of the games (besides me and my dad)?
I was just looking at the new Tattoo Voodoo Expo- New Orleans tshirts and realized that 4 out of 5 of our sponsors will be attending Ink Life Tour in Longview, while you are walking around be sure to stop by and say hello to Adam Everett of Fusion Tattoo Ink, Sailor Ralph of Sailor Ralph's Shipwrecked Tattoo Studio, Tracy Scianneaux of Wicked 13 Tattoos and myself.
Never Eat At HOUSE OF BLUES NEW ORLEANS!!! GO STRAIGHT TO WILLIE MAE'S SCOTCH HOUSE! They have best of everything!!! You can thank me later!
My mama enjoying herself in New Orleans
After putting in almost 60 hours so far this week, I'm almost packed and ready to leave for New Orleans. Now if my flight didn't leave so stinking early... Ready or not, National Sales Conference, here I come.
THE LONGEST RIDE: A note for our PAID EXTRAS: Emails for those scheduled to work as PAID EXTRAS tomorrow have gone out via makescenes. Please click the "accept" link or the "decline" link right away. If you ignore it, your name will not show up on the list tomorrow and you will not be issued a voucher for payment. We have to stick to the productions budget. Once we reach our our number of paid extras, you are welcome to (encouraged to) volunteer with us and be eligible for the great prizes! About 80% of our paid extras have already confirmed, and others are confirming very quickly, so if you know you're on our paid list for tomorrow, please click the appropriate link right away. A note for our VOLUNTEER EXTRAS: Your calltime differs from our paid extras. You'll be in the same scenes, enjoy the same fun, be provided food all day AND BE ELIGIBLE FOR ALL THE GREAT PRIZES. The paid extras are not able to participate in the raffles. The call time for Volunteers is 12:00pm (noon). All of this info is for SATURD ...
TOUCHDOWN Austin Davis to Austin Franklin on the slant from the edge of the redzone, nice! PAT good: Rams pull within a FG, 26-24 New Orleans - Rampage
Voodoo - New for 2014 at Knott's Scary Farm Beware the cursed swamps of New Orleans, where mindless zombies trudge through the murky bogs in search of bloody sacrifices and demons use Voodoo curses to possess innocent souls. Choose your path carefully children, for one wrong turn and you will be hexed forever. Includes Skeleton Key Room (Requires Fright Lane with Skeleton Key Additional Fee Pass).
Is anyone suffering with breathing issues in the New Orleans metro area? It's been over a week and I'm still having to do breathing treatments at least 2 times per day. Could barely speak at an outing tonight - kept getting short winded like a fish out of water. Didn't know if something was in the air and other people are suffering or if I'm the only one just having an episode?!
Feels good to see the New Orleans Saints playing football, even if it's just preseason. Oh, and Brandin Cooks is a BEAST!
Heading back to New Orleans Kelly! So many memories we share! Like you dancing in the rain on Bourbon Street..miss you so much!
The New Orleans Saints are playing football tonight. I am combing through my news feed and deleting from my friends list women who adorably refer to Saints players and personnel as their husbands.
Off to New Orleans in the morning for our 41st anniversary, with my beautiful bride. Hard to believe she put up with me that long. Or me her. Lol. Life's been hard, but its been good. Hard work and a good loving women will get you through the bad times. Proud of of our accomplishments. Three great children, 9 beautiful grandchildren and a host of great freinds. And I ain't finished yet. Well maybe with the kids . Lol. Will be posting from time to time over the next few days. Lets see what happens.
Carly has been asked to do a fashion show in New Orleans & to bring some Je T'adore pieces down to be seen for possibly a future project! :)
Well, Field Training didn't exactly end the way I expected. Bad weather lead to a cancelled flight which means I'm stuck in New Orleans for the night. Besides that, I thought Field Training was a lot of fun and an overall great experience. I met so many amazing people, made some great friends, and learned as much as I could from the FTOs, CTAs, and other staff. I'm hoping to actually getting home tomorrow and am looking forward to learning and growing during these next two years as a POC. Thank you to those who supported me and sent me letters, it really meant a lot. And a big thank you to everyone at Detachment 720 for setting me up for success. Congrats to all our new POC!
TCA 2014: 'NCIS'' Mark Harmon talks crossover with New Orleans spin-off - Pack your bags, Gibbs: You might be...
Michael's journey to New Orleans began last August in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, one of the world's most violent c...
Something very cool traveling by train listening to Arlo Guthrie's City of New Orleans
CRAIN'S EXCLUSIVE: DEGC names Rodrick Miller of New Orleans as new CEO, replacing George Jackson:
Report: Cleveland Cavaliers to trade Alonzo Gee to New Orleans -
I'm going to at The Irish House in New Orleans, LA - Sep 13
this year I've been to North Carolina, New Orleans, St.Martin & I'll be going to Italy like yes
NEW ORLEANS in 1923 - Rare Historic Silent Film Take a look back at America's Most Unique City - New Orleans, Louisiana - in this rare historic film reel! - ...
I’m listening to The City of New Orleans - Original Version by Arlo Guthrie via
how come you can't see them then?... Texas well Austin is where I want to visit next year! Doing Miami and New Orleans this
At the age of 17, Wayne was in the mean streets of New Orleans gangbangin and living the life of a true thug. At the age of 17, Tupac was in
Amazing Opportunity to work with the organization responsible for hosting most of the major events in New Orleans (Super Bowl's; NBA All-Star Games; Final Fours) Position Title: Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation (GNOSF) Intern Department: Marketing Classification: Internship Primary Objective(s) of the Position: The primary objective of this position is to assist the Director of Event Sales and the Event Sales and Operations Coordinator with all aspects of the planning and execution of all of GNOSF events and assisting with the management of minor events. This position will focus on the 2014 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl and will run from September – December 2014. Duties, Responsibilities, Areas of Accountability 1. Assist GNOSF staff with day to day operations surrounding the GNOSF. 2. Work with New Orleans Bowl staff members on all operations including, but not limited to: Supervisor: Director of Event Sales a. Gameday Operations b. Ancillary Event management c. Pre and post-event functions d. Cr ...
9th anniversary of Katrina: August is Katrina Month in New Orleans.   August 29, 2014, will mark the ninth ann...
THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD & THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Before the American Civil War, on a per capita basis, New Orleans was the wealthiest city in America. Drawn by the rich cotton & sugar plantations, abundant trade & thriving port, Americans came seeking their fortunes. From the city’s earliest days, New Orleans had close ties to the money centers of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, London & Paris. The House of Rothschild’s English bankers began living full time in New Orleans in the early 1800s. In 1857, Judah Benjamin was an agent of the House of Rothschild living in New Orleans. His job was to fund the Confederacy & help foster a devastating Civil War. The House of Rothschild established the secret Mystick Krewe of Comus in New Orleans with its founders – Albert Pike, Judah Benjamin & John Slidell. Judah Benjamin was appointed first Attorney General of the Confederate States of America & then Secretary of War. Benjamin also became head of Confederate Intelligence & was a key player in the assassinat ...
With Michelle on our way to New Orleans and Six String Music Fest!!! The morning has begun :) bloody Mary's
Singing Fats Domino songs in my head (I'm on to "Walking to New Orleans" now!) :0))
Shandra Strickland, Illustrator "Shadra Strickland studied, design, writing, and illustration at Syracuse University and later went on to complete her M.F.A. at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She won the Ezra Jack Keats Award and the Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award for New Talent in 2009 for her work in her first picturebook, Bird, written by Zetta Elliott. Strickland co-illustrated Our Children Can Soar, winner of a 2010 NAACP Image Award. Shadra is also the illustrator of A Place Where Hurricanes Happen (Random House, 2010), written by Renee Watson: a story of four children in New Orleans before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. Publishers Weekly called Strickland’s illustrations “quietly powerful,” and Booklist said, “In vibrant, mixed-media images, award-winning illustrator Strickland extends the drama, feeling, and individual stories.” Shadra travels the country conducting workshops and sharing her work with children, teachers, and librarians. She currently works and ...
" Better Than Ezra "Know a Lot of Fans by Name" and Have a Nonprofit in New Orleans -
My son Sashi and his friend Pablo Andrés just landed back home after a month and a half, and 10,000 mile of exploring this vast country of ours. Along the way, they picked up their friend Kaiser. They started in Santa Cruz, and explored Portland, Washington, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Chicago, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Florida, including the Keys, New Orleans, Austin, Sedona, Zion, The Grand Canyon, (including, I'm told, Bedrock City "Yabadabadoo"), Las Vegas and Joshua Tree. They did it all in a tent, on couches (thank you Joel Davis and Meg Walsh ) a couple hostels, and cheap motels. ($!7 each a night to stay on the strip in Vegas). They landed at our place in East Hollywood last night, still smiling, and still liking each other. Amazing! Welcome home guys!
TROOP B - NEWS RELEASE August 6, 2014 State Troopers Interrupt Attempted Murder and Apprehend Suspect NEW ORLEANS – This morning, Troopers assigned to the New Orleans detail in support of NOPD interrupted an attempted murder in the 6th District. While on vehicle patrol, plain clothes Troopers on the lookout for suspicious activity witnessed a suspect brandish a firearm. Troopers immediately intervened as the suspect fired a round and fled the scene. Troopers along with law enforcement partners quickly apprehended the suspect and recovered a firearm and narcotics. At approximately 1:00 am this morning, Troopers patrolling in the New Orleans 6th District observed two subjects involved in an altercation under the overpass at Calliope St. and Simon Bolivar. Troopers witnessed Cleveland Bell (B/M, age 35) of New Orleans, LA pull out a pistol and fire at the victim. Troopers immediately identified themselves and Bell fled into a nearby neighborhood. Louisiana State Police and the New Orleans Police Depa ...
We have a music tour in September and a Central Business District, New Orleans, Louisiana/Faubourg St. Mary tour...
Is it bad that I'm already thinking about next year's vacation? I'm thinking three days at Gulf Shores AL and Orange Beach, and two days in New Orleans, LA. What do you think Daniel Stewart?
On August 4th, we celebrated the life and times of Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an African-American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. Armstrong often stated that he was born on July 4, 1900, a date that has been noted in many biographies. Although he died in 1971, it was not until the mid-1980s that his true birth date of August 4, 1901 was discovered by researcher Tad Jones through the examination of baptismal records. Armstrong was born into a very poor family in New Orleans, Louisiana, the grandson of slaves. He spent his youth in poverty, in a rough neighborhood Uptown New Orleans, known as “Back of the Town”, as his father, William Armstrong (1881–1922), abandoned the family when Louis was an infant and took up with another woman. His mother, Mary "Mayann" Albert (1886–1927), then left Louis and his younger sister Beatrice Armstrong Collins (1903–1987) in the care of his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong, and at times, ...
Smell of jasmine intoxicated his senses. CITY OF SPIRITS. New Orleans paranormal.
I had a chance to speak with a deputy chief with the NOPD Administration tonight at a crime meeting, and discuss the security services Pinnacle is providing in New Orleans and will soon be providing in the French Quarter. It was refreshing and encouraging to hear his support for what we are doing, and that he can see our vision for security and how we can work along with the NOPD to increase security for our clients and the citizens.
$385,000 - 3219 St Ann St, New Orleans, LA 70119 - Classic Camelback 2blks from the Bayou. Front of home featur...
Moon Taxi is in New Orleans at HOB on Oct. 30th. Just so you know.
Good Morning from New Orleans training camp at The Greenbrier! 🏈
Class action lawsuit filed in New Orleans against eBay over data breach: The United States District Court for ... ht…
Listening to these awesome pieces and feeling transported to New Orleans, the Jersey Shore, Tunis, London...
We connected with presenters in New Orleans, Maine, Palo Alto, and Portland today via video confernce.
I'll be ministering in the New Orleans area...and have Sunday evening open...would love to minister!
Classic Deep South – with a Cajun twist 11 nights from £2,195 per person Explore the great South of North America, on this awesome self-drive tour starting in Atlanta and ending in vibrant New Orleans. Enjoy the open roads, the magnificent scenery and learn about the turbulent history that this area has witnessed. Visit iconic American places and enjoy a wealth of entertainment and fabulous restaurants: this is sure to be a trip of discovery and adventure. Highlights * Cruise the Mississippi on board a traditional steam paddlewheeler * Access to the Nashville Country Hall of Fame * Visit the birthplace of Dr Martin Luther King Jr * Access to The Edgar Degas House, Creole and Impressionist Tour * Traditional breakfast in New Orleans.
Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Remembering Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971) - Louis Armstrong was Born in one of the Poorest Sections of New Orleans, on August 4, 1901. "He was a prodigy," says art Historian & Curator Marc Miller, "a hard-working kid who helped support his mother and sister by working every type of job there was, including going out on street corners at night to sing for coins." At age 7, He Bought His First Real Horn--a Cornet. When Armstrong was 11 Years Old, Juvenile Court sent Him to the Jones Home for Colored Waifs for Firing a Pistol on New Year's Eve. While there, He had His First Formal Music Lessons & Played in the Home's Brass Band. He was eventually Realeased from the Facility. From that point on, He largely Supported Himself as a Musician, Playing with Pick-Up Bands, & in Small Clubs, with His Mentor, Joe "King" Oliver. Oliver was One of a Handful of Noted Musicians in New Orleans--along with Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet & Others--who were Creating a Distinctive & Widely Popular New Ban ...
Vince McMahon brings his over-the-top travelling circus to New Orleans this weekend for WrestleMania XXX
New Orleans on our day off. sgab71 joedarkerhorse @ Mississippi River,
Celina fell in love hard, enough to leave New Orleans for Jacques, but would she survive? …
Three years ago as Kings, now together with New Orleans. This game was vs. New Orleans.
Dallas might be the newest addition to the Aer Lingus routes, think New Orleans has a shot?
Thank you, Jackie Sneed Lynch and WXTX-Fox 54 for allowing me to be a part of a fabulous event tonight. I know that Elijah will represent Columbus well at American Idol in New Orleans. Loved my crazy sidekicks, Isiah Harper and Kenny Lewis. They make judging so easy because of their knowledge and expertise. Loved seeing great friends supporting this Uptown Columbus event: Brantley Boyd Lewis, Joshua Huggins, Bailey Taylor Pugh, Madison Avery Redden, Lauren Ford. Seeing good friends enjoying the gorgeous evening out and about is always a plus: Christopher Patterson, Virginia Cook Patterson, Larry Dooley, Donna Dooley, Pat Daniel, and Steve Hodges.
"Ahmadiyya Muslim community New Orleans. We gave out American flags and free water.
It's a great day for a crawfish boil!!! — at Bayou St. John, New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans lose free agent point guard Brian Roberts to the ... - The Times-Picayune
New Orleans coach Monty Williams excited about roster changes for ... - The Times-Picayune
Do you think New Orleans rookie center Jeff Withey should have ... - The Times-Picayune
Farewell Ceremony held for New Orleans based army reserve unit deploying to Middle East
Grading the New Orleans head coach - The Times-Picayune
Boss just asked me about the Hornets and I started talking about New Orleans. Lol gotta get used to calling them the Pelicans.
New Orleans offseason moves appear complete but is the upgrade ... - The Times-Picayune
SAHS is pleased to recognize the outstanding research effort of Metoyer descendant, Cornell Celestine for his recent book, "My Rachal Family of Color in Isle Brevelle, Louisiana." He donated to the SAHS a copy of this excellent contribution to Isle Brevelle history and heritage. Cornell is also creator of the website, which helps families connect with information about ancestors. (((SEE SUBMITTED BIO BELOW))) Cornell August Celestine was born December 17, 1950 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the second born son, from the union of Beverly Celestine Sr. and Dolores Moran who produced five other siblings. His father, Beverly Celestine Sr., was a descendant of Felix Celestin and Philomene Monconduit of the German Coast Parishes. Felix Celestin’s family migrated from Haiti after the revolution in 1790 to Louisiana. Our Monconduit family migrated from the Brittany region of France, mixed with Belgium and French Acadians from Canada. Cornell‘s father’s mother was Angeline Si’ mon; . ...
New Orleans forward Anthony Davis had little difficulty elevating his ... - The Times-Picayune
New Orleans swingman Tyreke Evans continues to produce as a starter - The Times-Picayune
* Today in Black History - August 1 * 1619 - Twenty African "Negroes" became the first Blacks to land in Protestant America at Jamestown, Virginia. Surviving evidence suggests that the twenty Africans were accorded the status of indentured servants. 1834 - Slavery is abolished in the British Empire by the royal ascent of the King of England after having been voted by Parliament the previous year. 1838 - British slaves in the Bahamas are emancipated. 1852 - San Francisco Methodists establish the first African American Zion Methodist Church. 1867 - African Americans vote for the first time in a state election, in Tennessee, helping the Republicans sweep the election. 1867 - General Philip H. Sheridan dismisses the board of aldermen in New Orleans and named new appointees, including several African Americans. 1868 - Governor Henry C. Warmoth of Louisiana endorses a joint resolution of the legislature calling for federal military aid. Warmoth says there had been 150 political assassinations in June and July . ...
Terry Pospisil from New Orleans will be joining Kenny Putnam, Boyd Bristow, Mike Connor, and Guy Gullickson at...
New Orleans will play the Dallas Mavericks in Bossier City this October - The Times-Picayune
Spice, deliciousness and a taste of New Orleans in City Market...
Little Giant Ladders
when I decided to have an nba team I just chose the pelicans who are also from New Orleans
oh same I'm from virginia but I'm a pelicans fan. My dad's from New Orleans so I kinda grew up liking the saints in nfl and
New Orleans may not be looking to fill void at small forward through ... - The Times-Picayune
Former NBA veteran Josh Howard unable to emerge on New Orleans ... - The Times-Picayune
Do you think New Orleans point guard Jrue Holiday was worth giving ... - The Times-Picayune
Well, that birthday was super! I had a lovely breakfast with my family followed by hours in a natural history/science museum in the company of my wife and a dear old friend; then margaritas before going to a fantastic movie. Now its wine and relaxation. Some lovely and thoughtful gifts came my way: an enormous crystal dug out of the ground by a friend, an antique ebony wood clarinet which has been passed down in one family for 70 years, a ginormous flask which holds (I kid you not) a fifth of liquor and from my ever caring wife, 66 million year old dino poop. I'm coming back to New Orleans tomorrow, the party isn't over.
New Orleans lose to Charlotte Hornets, 104-75, in summer league ... - The Times-Picayune
Harden,Parsons weigh in on Omer Asik and his move to New Orleans. More ->
Contract Processor at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts (New Orleans, LA) Find this Job&More
Sam Friend On 'Song Travels': Friend shares his love of New Orleans "jass" by playing "Sweet Lorraine" on six-...
The Rachel Maddow Show reported on the invasion of the First Unitarian Universalist Church in New Orleans last week.
I'm deeply offended that Lebanon's Cafe covered their sidewalk area. Change is ugly in New Orleans.
"This is what happens when u have your national convention in New Orleans." 3/07
Last night of vacation, back in New Orleans. :) @ Hotel Monteleone
yeh I went to New Orleans comicon and the only big names were like Matt smith, Stan lee, and Norman rheedus
Central Casting Louisiana is happy to announce that we now have a permanent office in New Orleans in the CBD! We...
Central Casting hiring full-time casting director & assistant in New Orleans to begin immediately resume to careersNOLA
Brandin Cooks is gonna be a problem in New Orleans. Of course Graham will get the most grabs, but Cooks will be vital to that offense
Jorge Soler replaced by Ryan Kalish in tonight's I-game at New Orleans. Haven't heard why. No official word yet.
148 years ago today, 40+ African Americans were killed in New Orleans when they paraded in favor of voting rights. http:…
Louis Armstrong was born August 4 in New Orleans, and I just found out that Louis prima was also born in New Orleans
Not too late to get a ticket to Wine & Dine with Chef John Folse to benefit the Archdiocese of New Orleans...
First day back in Philly after two weeks on the road with the Peter Matthew Bauer band. Fully initiated road dog right here. I survived the tour with both my phone and wallet, but lost my iphone charger, sunglasses and vintage DuranDuran tank top. I got a tattoo in New Orleans on my way to sound check. I visited 10 cities that I have never laid eyes on before and came to appreciate the scope and span of other places, other homes and roads, other people. A gift, a blessing to be reminded that the world is bigger than you are. By oh so much. Travel is the spiritual umami that's gonna make me a better person, I just know it.  I have a bunch of observations from the rock n roll road adventure I just completed. I have a lot of one liners about how roughing it in a tour van is exactly like roughing it during tech week in a DIY warehouse space, how musicians are the same as actors just with better haircuts and less eye contact, etc.  But here's what I really notice is the biggest common thing between being in ...
There is a reality show with Steven Seagal as a sheriff in New Orleans? On a scale of 1 to Walker, Texas Ranger how awesome is it?
Friday night...we play at southport hall in New Orleans and then we fly to Morgantown, WV to play Mayhem on the mountain Saturday to support military personnel and their families. We will be sharing the stage with Hoobastank, Adelitas Way, Drowning Pool and several other great bands. It's gonna be a long but awesome weekend. Spread the word!
Did you know? About 850 people in New Orleans participated to break the Guinness World Record for human mattress...
Willie Nelson and Family performs "Always on My Mind," "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" and "I'll Fly Away" live at the Farm Aid concert in New Orleans, ...
Omer Asik reportedly being traded to New Orleans
Book Signing at Tales of the Cocktail 2014 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans.
5th Ward Weebie & Mannie Fresh Performing Live at Republic in New Orleans on August 7th
New Orleans in three-team trade to acquire center Omer Asik and small ... - The Times-Picayune
There is a house in New Orleans. They call the Rising Sun. And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy. And God I know I'm one~~
Alpha Kappa Alpha and Sigma Gamma Rho chapters featured in New Orleans newspaper. via
Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens and to the guy in New Orleans who's not getting murdered tonight.
New Orleans and Houston are two cities I need to visit so I can cross them off my bucket list... Other than that I think I'm good w/ the US
So my Ian is stuck in Dulles airport coming home from New Orleans. Waiting up for him. Lol. He'll wish I hadn't made this my status.
I really debating to go to the MDBP in New Orleans on august 29 then new braunfels Saturday then Dallas Sunday 🙌
On Sunday morning, the Rev. Deanna Vandiver was leading a service at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, a graceful, Gothic-style brick building in the city's Freret neighborhood. The sanctuary, with 70 or 80 people, was nearly full, and included a group of teenagers who had...
The crowd is going nuts for Debauche, the "Russian Mafia band" from New Orleans
"Like Tom Waits on helium" no, much better than that-New Orleans' Stephanie Nilles. Discovery of the fest
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