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New Orleans

New Orleans (or , locally or ; ) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana.

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Rosita Chatonda, a "structured-out" Black teacher, calls for the U.S. Justice Department to: "Investigate the Massive Terminations of African American Teachers in U.S. Schools" Chatonda says "More than 100,000 Black teachers have been terminated." By Rosita Chatonda April 14, 2014 From Massachusetts to Michigan, from New York to New Orleans, tens of thousands of Black teachers are being "structured out" of the Education field. The Chicago Public Schools is no exemption. Over 6,000 Black teachers lost their jobs in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) between 2010 and 2013. In 3 years, can 6,000 educators become incompetent? Would 6,000 educators decide to retire all at once? Since the year 2000, over 10,000 have lost their jobs. The same is true for almost every large urban school district highly populated by African Americans. Cities like New Orleans, Detroit, Philadelphia and many more have been affected. Nationwide over 100,000 African American teachers have been terminated. Massive termination of Afric .. ...
Once Vegas is done, New Orleans is definitely next on my wish list. Gotta go to Mardi Gras once in my lifetime 🇺🇸✈️
New Orleans singer August Alsina's music has been going viral since he was in his mid-teens. Now he's signed to Def Jam.
"El Valor de la Tortuga Marina" The Sea Turtle Value. A socioeconomic analysis about the impacts of the sea turtle conservation projects in remote communities. a pleasure for the authors to share this new paper release with all of you. In addition, a related speech will be oral presented in ISTS34 New Orleans (Tuesday 24th, 9.24am, at Bissonet, Marriott New Orleans, LA / Speaker: Rob James - Corcovado Foundation). Regards, -- Daniel González Paredes Master of Advance Studies Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego (UCSD) danigonzalez
Soul Tunes: Irma Thomas - I'll Do It All Over You. Soul Queen of New Orleans belting it out.
New Orleans media rivals partner to winning effect for Louisiana Purchased project
Senate & Governmental Affairs hearing the battle between the Times-Picayune and the Advocate over legal notices in New Orleans.
Me: I need air in my tires. Just moved here. Didn't know where else to go. Honda guy: ok kool I can help you. Where did you move from? Me: Opelousas. Honda guy: oh ok kool. Me: , do you know where that is? Honda guy: yea. That's on the south shore, right? Um no. No not at all. Lol. It's 3 hours in the opposite direction of New Orleans actually.
I should be in New Orleans today seeing my favorite singer preform tonight. But I'll listen to his album all day instead.
Irma Thomas, the renowned rhythm and blues singer from New Orleans, sings "It's Raining."
If you long for the ambience of Bourbon Street, come to Mardi Gras at Hollywood Arts Park on Mar. 1. Admission is free. New Orleans is here.
Heading to New Orleans. My brother's life partner died last night at 9pm. They have been together since 1975, *** straight people don't stay together that long.
Having cut an album of standards on his first Warner Brothers album, In a Sentimental Mood (1989), Dr. John turned for its follow-up to a collection of New Orleans standards. On an album he described in the liner notes as "a little history of New Orleans music," Dr. John returned to his hometown and set up shop at local Ultrasonic Studios, inviting in such local musicians as Pete Fountain, Al Hirt, and the Neville Brothers and addressing the music and styles of such local legends as Jelly Roll Morton, Huey "Piano" Smith, Fats Domino, James Booker, and Professor Longhair. The geography may have been circumscribed, but the stylistic range was extensive, from jazz and blues to folk and rock. And it was all played with festive conviction -- Dr. John is the perfect archivist for the music, being one of its primary proponents, yet he had never addressed it quite as directly as he did here.
It’s the most spectacular celebration of the Big Easy spirit outside of New Orleans itself – Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Orlando! Feel free to share or repost, but please do not remove or alter the watermark without crediting Dave Moseley Photography. Thanks!
Zurich to feature a host of international players: The Zurich Classic of New Orleans will feature a host of...
On behalf of the Members and Officers of the New Market Fire and Rescue are thoughts and prayers go out to. Sgt. Frank Guinn, a firefighter at Station 21, was killed while training for an Ironman Triathlon in New Orleans. Sgt. Guinn was bicycling with his brother-in-law when they were hit by a car on the Chef Menteur Highway. His brother-in-law is in critical condition. "Sgt. Guinn's brothers and sisters in Atlanta Fire Rescue are devastated at this news," said Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. "He was a dedicated professional and devoted to his family. As a Department, we will wrap our collective arms around his wife Kim and his three beautiful girls. We ask that you keep them and Sgt. Guinn's entire family in your thoughts and prayers."
For Immediate Release April 14, 2014 GULFPORT, Miss. — Memorial Physician Clinics welcomes Nancy C. Montz, MD, in the practice of Internal Medicine at Memorial Physician Clinic, 1756 Popp’s Ferry Road in Biloxi. Dr. Montz graduated with her undergraduate degree from the University of New Orleans. She earned her medical doctorate from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine in New Orleans. Dr. Montz completed her residency in Internal Medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Dr. Montz is Board Certified in internal medicine. For more information, call (228) 865-3200.
Paula, I miss New Orleans already even though I am glad to be home with family too. Had to pop in on GI everyone
Note the City Park train in the background of the wedding party, second line. Can you say most New Orleans wedding ever?
Some time ago we were discussing the BHS band trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Returning to Boaz the band spent a night in Biloxi, MS and then continued our return trip via Mobile. The attached photo is two of the cooler band nerds exiting the Biloxi hotel. The guy on the left is Robert Luther (Bobby) Lackey. I am on the right. The pic is dated March 1960. I have one other pic which is of Bill Cox and the photographer from the Boaz Leader, Archie ?. The first night of the trip we stayed in the barracks of an army base. I think that cost us $1 each.
Many people think some of the things I participate in are slightly out there... so I would like to share the reality of my past few days... I spent the weekend in the presence of some exceptional people- artists, musicians, dancers, visionaries, farmers, foodies, healers... I don't know how many maybe 20,000? Every action, from helping someone carry their bags, to giving us a lift to our car, to sharing a bite of food, was giving & at the same time receiving. These people are changing the lives of others- I met a very special man who has delivered truck loads and clothing to those in need from New Orleans to the Hopi tribes in AZ- many rallying to to educate others about clean food sources, I saw an old friend who had a booth filled with fantastic hand woven garments from Mex allowing the opportunity for a village to support their families thru fair trade, and my lovely soul sister Laurel Lyons from Sedona who sat on a panel and taught us about our dreams. Each festival participant learning to see their . ...
Did I ever tell y’all the story of how I met Walton Goggins at Bacchanal in New Orleans? He was a cool dude.
production began today in New Orleans on AMERICAN ULTRA. Stars Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace, and Walt…
Ride shotgun with Flow Tribe as we roll through New Orleans with the Krewe of Endymion during Mardi Gras 2014!
didn't recognize this name/logo for University of New Orleans...probably why you have so few followers
Bar Trivia for Math Teachers: . The Desmos/Mathalicious happy hour in New Orleans on Friday was a great end to ...
Last lunch in New Orleans , at acme oyster house . Charbroiled oysters .
Slimm Scrilla is now on the charts of for Rap/Hip-Hop artist in New Orleans,…
I had the good fortune of being able to step in as a last-minute chaperone for the Southwest High School choir trip to New Orleans. An 18-hour bus ride followed by trying to keep track of 220 high schoolers during the French Quarter Jazz Festival might not be everyone's cup of tea - and I wasn't at all sure it would be mine - but thanks to the fantastic students and staff of SWHS, I had an absolutely amazing time. Couldn't be prouder to be a Southwest and public school system parent - and to know what quality people we will be sending out into the world with this next generation. Here are a variety of photos from the trip:
You know you grew up in Nassau, New Providence if you understand the connection between the Battle of New Orleans, Obeah practices and two settlements in the Bahamas. Prior to the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the American Confederacy, the British still had an extensive foothold in Louisiana. At that time Florida belonged to Spain. Apart from the war with Britain, the Americans were embroiled in a conflict with the Seminole people, who enjoyed protection in Spanish Florida. The British sought to employ Guerilla warfare against the Americans, so they posted Captain Edward Nicholls to a Florida outpost called "Prospect Bluff". Nicholls' recruited Seminoles, Creeks, runaway slaves and freedmen, combined they waged a fierce opposition to the Americans, during the Seminole Indian war. The Battle of New Orleans took place on January 8th 1815 and the British lost in convincing fashion. The remnants of the British fighting forces along with a large following of residents, of New Orleans fled eastward, ov ...
Sitting at the bar at the Acme oyster house in New Orleans all by myself... So there's that
David, the movie star! He tried out for Jurassic Park 4 in New Orleans, and called to film as a background actor in Nicholas Sparks' new film "The Best of Me". These are pics of him on the set. He received his paycheck yesterday - since he worked 13.5 hours, it included overtime!
OMG Callie Lynn Rushatz team took first! National champions! Getting their jackets in New Orleans right now!
John off Bar Rescue show dude b havin my bak hurting son b talkin madd greezy New Orleans *** will pop him on camera str8 lose his job
Here are my two trusty steeds that I utilized at our 1 1/2 hour concert today at "A Taste of New Orleans" down at the Sunken Gardens. I got the last Bobby Black model Gibson TB-100 back in the early 60s and the 1930s Bacon & Day Sultana around 6 months ago with the help of Tyler Jackson. After 10 years, I never get tired of playing at this annual event.
Watch Hugh's performance of 'Swanee River' in the home of blues, New Orleans. Hugh Laurie's new album 'Didn't It Rain' is now available to purchase worldwide...
What a beautiful Palm Sunday celebration at First Presbyterian in New Orleans. Pastor Fred leading parade of palms everyone had palm and musical instruments ,next Bell Choir with an unexpected guest pop up, the Chancel choir
Only in New Orleans. Casey is awakened by a rooster at her back door a week ago. A Shetland pony and 2 little billy goats walked on leashes on her street today. Interesting.
My babies @ Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Garden
President Reagan's Address to the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana on 8/15/88. For more information on the ongoing works of President...
Here's another document/link a member added on the Avoyelles Parish Genealogy FB page... Reference to a Marksville Register established 1868 by Amos and 2 references to its dissolution: "(1868) December 30. - The Marksville Register, (republican,) destroyed by an armed body of men, led by democratic editors, making the sixth republican newspaper destroyed in the State of Louisiana within a few months." The destruction was also reported in the New York Times on January 1, 1869: "Newspaper Office Destroyed by a Mob. New Orleans, Dec. 31. The editor of the Marksville Register, who is also the clerk of the seventh judicial district court, reports the total destruction of his paper by a mob, led on by the editor of the Marksville Villager, a democratic paper published at the same place."
Linda & I will be singing along to "The City of New Orleans". (@ Marin Center Veterans' Memorial Auditorium)
Our church family and pastor prayed for and I as we leave New Orleans
Hi Willie! Great music! I love this by Bobby Bare! I think Mel Tillis wrote this song. Thanks for playing Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond. Also, the songs by The Mamas and the Papas and The Monkees! Wonderful! Snowing there and we have air conditoners on here in New Orleans!
Dem shrimps @ Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Garden
Whoa. Cool truck. @ Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Garden
So excited to see our friends from Pensacola. Meeting them in New Orleans. Then a 6 night cruise with them.
Not a good day! Arrived at airport early for my flight, checked in, got to my gate. Tried to pull up mobile boarding itinerary found. Hm. Searched for flight number.flight CANCELED. WTH? Oh, and by the way, all flights into Houston are sold out, and that's only connecting HUB to get me to New Orleans today. So.I'm waiting to board a BUS contracted by United to Houston to catch my connecting flight home. Hmmm.think United Airlines would have enough planes around to bring in a bigger one. But I guess bussing their customers 2.5 hrs makes more sense to someone...somewhere...for some reason.
How about some great Americana, Tex-mex, Bluegrass to go with the lovely food ? New Orleans jazz, you name it, I got it
"Leroy Jones, the hometown trumpeter most deserving of wider acclaim." Larry Blumenfeld, Village Voice Sunday April 13, 2014 @ 2:15 to 3:30 pm French Quarter Festival, Capital One Bank Jackson Square Stage Leroy Jones & New Orleans' Finest Leroy Jones, Bruce Brackman, Katja Toivola, Meghan Swartz, Mitchell Player, Jerry Barbarin Anderson The legendary jazz trumpeter Leroy Jones is known to music lovers as the "keeper of the flame" for traditional New Orleans jazz and to critics as one of the top musicians ever produced by the Crescent City. "The mission of the Leroy Jones Quintet is to expose audiences everywhere to the authentic music of New Orleans, the music of Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden, Danny Barker and all the other greats who have helped create the rich gumbo that is the sound of New Orleans," he says, "while putting our own more modern stamp on it." Jones himself, a native of New Orleans, whose playing has been described as a blend of Louis Armstrong and bebop virtuoso Clifford Brown, has been ...
Screaming from uptown New Orleans to Mobile Alabama to my other daughter Lady Shawan Kent Cook! Happy Birthday. Pray your day be Fabulously Blessed!
MY NEW GIRL- ATTORNEY Lindsey Marshall is SO SMART, BEAUTIFUL, FUN, University Houston Tracker Star, Tall, Lawyer, Model, Young, and from New Orleans my Hometown:-) Big Jared Fan. Pinch me if I AM DREAMING!
Sunday, & about to go to The Teddy Bear House Museum to unload more Bears & meeting a Contractor at 1pm. We will be talking about Electricity, Cabinets, moving walls, bathrooms, etc. Then off to New Orleans to look for tax papers & loading the van again. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Sold! at Baton Rouge Blues Festival yesterday. Today Sunday April 13 I'll be painting on the courtyard of Le Jardin / Adorn, stop by if you are in the Quarter for French Quarter Festival. Next Market Saturday April 19th The Arts market of New Orleans at Palmer Park.
Amazing gift delivered to a special celebrity in New Orleans today.
Someone is stalking voodoo mambo Mama Mulate Big Easy set in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
God I love New Orleans. Add in my beautiful wife Isla on my arm, good friends Tony, a cold abita strawberry, and Rebirth Brass Band about to play and you couldn't do much to make it a better night. But Gary should be here. Stay safe in Afghanistan brother.
I tried to dance at a funeral-New Orleans' style. I joined the Grave Dancer's Union-I had to file.
Just posted a photo @ Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Garden
When TED Senior Fellow Cesar Harada heard about the devastating effects of the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, he quit his dream job and moved to New Orleans to develop a more efficient way to soak up the oil. He designed a highly maneuverable, flexible boat capable of cleaning large tra...
Me and the love of my life Mike Motor — at Taste of New Orleans at the Sunken Garden
I am getting super excited about going to Music City in 3 weeks! Solo road trip, and it's ok with me. Stop in motels/hotels when I need to. I'm going to see the Grand ol Opry, Hurricane Hills (Loretta Lynn), country celebrity homes, Ryman Auditorium, and live country...and Rock Music! Next, in Oct with my hubby... a spooky ghostly tour of New Orleans. Super creepy Voodoo cemeteries, casino's and maybe Kristina Parcells will join us.
They don't have 8 ward song in New Orleans do they? Oh
I had a roommate in New Orleans who is the only person I know who has been arrested for drunk in public on Bourbon Street. He thought he was lucky when the police didn't find the cocaine in his pocket. They did, however, find it when he was in lockup. They charged him with introducing a controlled substance into the prison system. I found a set of fake identity documents in his room later. Apparently he was on probation in another state for a dui. Believe it or not this guy was better than the guy I found on Craigslist.
Got Paul McCartney concert ticket yesterday and going to the concert in New Orleans in June. Whoohoo!
if you want to follow my race tomorrow. . bib number 225. . New Orleans should be live in the morning.
Ironman 70.3 New Orleans bike check in done
Who's going to see Paul McCartney in New Orleans on June 19th?? ME! I'm very spoiled and very lucky!!! I'm one happy birthday girl.
Sad-Atl FF Frank Guinn killed today in New Orleans training for the Ironman Triathlon. Hit by car. (more)
Our family is in New Orleans for the first time since Joel's stroke. It's been 3.5 months since his stroke and 2.5 months since his heart surgery. Tomorrow he will run the New Orleans half ironman! So thankful for his health!
Good luck to Team RWB Lafayette members Josh Louviere and Derrick Bordelon tomorrow at the Half Ironman in New Orleans!
not to long ago when i signed up to be a runner for kids with special needs, i signed tucker up to receive a runner for his epilepsy. well he got paired up with a pretty amazing lady Jenna Jacobs. Jenna is competing in a half Ironman tomorrow in New Orleans! so we are wishing you good luck Jenna and tucker says "swim real fast!" were excited to keep up with the event tomorrow online!
How LA's film tax credit is keeping the New Orleans brand out there: on "Lizard Lick Towing," Ron & Bobby reclaim a hearse from gangbangers.
Our journey so far (for those who are interested). Day 1 - Augusta to Mobile, AL Day 2 - Mobile to New Orleans to Lafayette, LA Day 3 - Lafayette to Houston, TX Day 4 - Houston Day 5 - Houston to Brownsville, TX Day 6 - Brownsville across Mexican border to Tampico Day 7 - Tampico to Poza Rica Day 8 - Poza Rica to El Tajin to Costa Esmeralda Day 9 - Costa Esmeralda to Veracruz to Tuxtepec Day 10 - Tuxtepec to Oaxaca Day 11 - Oaxaca About 2,200 miles so far.
Congratulations to Ohio State's Food Science College Bowl team for winning regionals and moving onto nationals at IFT in New Orleans!!!
I would love to catch the French quarters Festival in New Orleans one year
God I love festival season in New Orleans!! FQF Day 2!! :)
NFL NOTES-PATRIOTS NATION-The PATS are close to signing there own "FRESH PRINCE". Defensive End-Will Smith from New Orleans is ThisClose to becoming a Patriot...Stay tuned...Summer Summer Summertime!!
Last night at Taste of New Orleans at Sunken Garden with my Love
My throat is sore and hurts to swallow, either I hav strep or its because I was trying to be Ivan Moody last night with Joe. "There is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun..." Lol
Headed to New Orleans. With Aunt Gloria , Uncle Keith and Honey. It's going to be 81 today. :)
Dodge caravan gone take our skulls for a ride to New Orleans to meet up with our friends The Bedroom for a show tonight.
A Maniac shout out to athlete Mark Voss as he races his first 70.3 Half Ironman event in New Orleans this weekend! His dedication to training and natural athleticism is bound to keep him on course for a successful event!
Personal highlight of New Orleans wooing and struting like Ric Flair whilst singing The Middle by Jimmy Eat World on the karaoke. Had the place in the palm of my hand!!!
Artists Signed to Young Money: Lil Wayne Real name: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America Notes: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is a music artist from New Orleans. He is the founder of Young Money Entertainment and joined Cash Money Records when he was just a young teenager. Weezy has won four GRAMMY awards in his career and was also a member of Sqad Up and Hot Boys. Chanel West Coast Real name: Chelsea Chanel Dudley Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States of America Notes: Chelsea Chanel Dudley, better known by her stage name Chanel West Coast, is a rapper, singer, dancer, designer and songwriter from Los Angeles. She signed with Young Money Entertainment earlier this year and is mostly known for her work on Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory” show. Chanel is currently working on her “Now You Know” mixtape. Christina Milian Real name: Christine Flores Place of birth: Jersey City, New Jersey, Uni ...
I'll performance at French Quarter Festival "GE capital / New Orleans tech big river stage" with Russell Batiste band on 2pm!!
Me bean and g way gon act up tonight bruh. Buncha dirty New Orleans *** and a Dallas *** in Hollywood ...
Sub modo Sub modo is Latin for "Subject to a modification or qualification." In a contract sub modo, the agreement between the parties may be altered or limited within certain parameters. For example, in a 19th Century United States Supreme Court case, Eldridge v. Trezevant, 160 U.S. 452, a landowner with property adjoining the Mississippi River filed for an injunction to block the State of Louisiana from building a levee through his property. Citing an earlier Louisiana case, Ruch v. New Orleans, 43 La. Ann. 275, the Court upheld a lower court's dismissal of the injunction, stating "Under the doctrine of a servitude, the riparian owner enjoys his property sub modo, i.e. subject to the right of the public to reserve space enough for levees, public works, and the like; that over this space the front proprietor never acquires complete dominion. It never passes free of this reservation to a purchaser." In other words, in this particular...
Leaving Dallas, next stop Ruston, then Lafayette then back to Ruston & back to Lafayette, then White Castle, New Orleans, Tall…
Just bought tickets to see Paul McCartney in New Orleans! I can't wait!!!
Beautiful night on the river in New Orleans at the Quarter Fest! Enjoying the amazing Brass-a-holics!
Thunder 15.5-point favorites over the Pelicans tonight. New Orleans without five of its top six scorers.
Apr 11, 2014 - Episode 170 - Ben joins the crew this week to discuss their time in New Orleans for WrestleMania 30, Raw, Undertakers broken streak, and the passing of the Ultimate Warrior.
LOOKING for a two man JET SKI and 1 operator for this Sundays Ironman Triathlon in New Orleans, LA. Must be an accomplished rider with history on that ski. Because of the use of this ski, rescue Certs are not a requirement, but First Responder w water rescue training is preferred.
Hey guys (and gals), I have some students looking for internships in the New Orleans area. Shoot me an email at kristietif you are looking for a summer intern (or 2)! Thanks!
Which of the following jazz greats did NOT hail from New Orleans? B.B. King, Louis Armstrong or Pete Fountain?
Rev Paul S. Morton, Sr and the Greater St. Stephens Mass Choir(New Orleans) singing one of my fav gospel songs: "Your Tears." Some of the lyrics: I won't have to cry no more, when I reach the other side. God's going to wipe my tears away. THANK YOU LORD, AMEN!
" -- This, my friends, is why we come to French Quarter Festival -- " Chris Waddington Friday April 11, 2014 @ 2:15 to 3:45 pm French Quarter Festival, Barracks St. Brass Band Jam Stage, Barracks St. side of the Old U.S. Mint Leroy Jones' Original Hurricane Brass Band The Original Hurricane Brass Band was initially founded in 1974 by New Orleans trumpet legend Leroy Jones. Back in the day, the band was formed around the core of the Fairview Baptist Church Brass Band and included, in addition to Mr. Jones, among others the legendary tuba player Anthony "Tuba Fats" Lacen, trumpeter Gregg Stafford, trombonist (then snare drummer) Lucien Barbarin, bass drummer Charles Barbarin, clarinetist Joseph Torregano, tenor saxophonist Henry Freeman, trombonist Michael Johnson, trumpeter Gregory "Blodie" Davis, trombonist Charles Joseph and sousaphonist Kirk Joseph. In those days the Hurricane Brass Band was an undeniable force on the local brass band and Second Line scene and contributed greatly to what is nowadays kno ...
Kristen Stewart spent her 24th birthday on Wednesday with friends in New Orleans. The group celebrated under the sun, playing Frisbee golf and drinking Coors Light as they hung out at a local park. It was a fun break from work for Kristen, who is in
Main Street is here! Last night, we gave away hundreds of Fixi merch and met many of our valued customers. Get yours and lsiten to some great music with us! We'll be at the following performances: Friday 7pm - Vadym Kholdenko (pianist and 2013 Van Cliburn gold medalist) @ the Sundance Square Stage 9pm - Luke Wade and No Civilians (local Fort Worth badasses) @ the Star Telegram Performing Arts Stage Saturday 3:30pm - Poo Live Crew (local covers from some of my favorite goofballs) @ the UT Arlington Stage 7pm - Mingo Fishtrap (Austin dudes with a New Orleans funk) @ the UT Arlington Stage 9pm - Bob Schneider (singer-songwriter from Austin with a phenomenal backing band and great tunes) @ the Sundance Square Stage Sunday 2:30pm - Me & My Monkey (Beatles! Beatles! Beatles!) @ the UT Arlington Stage Thank you for your support and making us part of the Funky Town vibe! Show us your Fixi merch and receive a special discount!
Heading out this morning to New Orleans for Todd's Ironman Triathlon on Sunday!
Up at 3am but off to New Orleans for parade and Jazz festival :-)
New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees has thrown his support behind a petition to get an official NFL game played in Australia.
Junior League of New Orleans Fetes its Kitchen Tour: The Junior League of New Orleans held its eighth annual K...
I am on a mission.over the next few months I would like to shoot every Legitamate Tattoo Shop and some of their clients in the New Orleans area. I will make prints available of your work.but i will retain the rights to the photos for submission to various publications.if you are interested let me know!.Tomorrow I will be Shooting Wicked 13 Tattoos the First of hopefully many throughout the city! ***Note if you are a scratcher or are working in an Unlicensed establishment dont waste my time! I am a professional tattoo artist and I do not support or promote scratchers!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
WIN! An exclusive Meet & Greet with New Orleans brass band The Soul Rebels (after their gig on Tues!
Alright, alright, alright...happy day good fine people. Here's the weekly reminder to tune in to the Saturday Night Ramble thi Saturday from 7 to 9 pm on KABF 88.3 FM. Dale Smith, host of the Collage show on Saturdays from noon to 3, will be filling in for me this week. I'll be reporting live from the 2014 French Quarter Festival in New Orleans. Yeah, it's a tough life. This week's SNR is the "hope the levee don't break" ramble and will feature Louisiana and NOLA based music including Anders Osborne, Galactic, Dr. John, John Lisi & Delta Funk, Kermit Ruffins and much, much more. Tune in and see what it's all about! Laissez bon temps rouler!
Hello there!! My name is Michael Haley and this year I am riding my bike from New Orleans to Chicago with a group of awesome young people from Biking for Babies, in an effort to raise money for pregnancy resource centers across the country. These resource centers provide much needed care, suppor...
What are YOU going to bid on? Register today to reserve your seat! Luncheon guests will have exclusive access to our fabulous silent auction and incredible deals, and support our life-giving services at the same time! -Pixar Animation Studios: Exclusive tour and lunch for six of infamous Berkeley animation studio - Universal Studios: Tickets and 'Front of Line' access for four, with giant gift basket of goodies to Hollywood's landmark attraction -Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino: Two nights, dinner and spa package included in this luxury Las Vegas getaway package -Sheraton New Orleans Hotel: Two nights near the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and in the heart of downtown New Orleans -Marin Luxury Cars: Experience legendary performance and luxury in a Jaguar for two days! -Marine Mammal Center: Private Sea Lion Release Party and lunch for eight - Price Family Dealerships: Exclusive tour of vintage car collection and lunch for six -Savor Oakland Food Tours: Walking and tasting tour of Jack London Square for two ...
Irma Thomas, Soul Queen of New Orleans, just kicked off French Quarter Festival with a great show. I had no idea she is 73!
Board Certified Professional Ergonomist Kathy Espinoza to Keynote AOHP’s 2014 Annual National Conference April 10, 2014 – Kathy Espinoza, MBA, MS, CPE, CIE, a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist and Assistant Vice President, Ergonomics and Safety for California insurance broker Keenan & Associates, will make two keynote presentations at the 2014 Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP) National Conference, scheduled for September 10-13 at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA. On September 10, Espinoza will give the AOHP Board and Chapter officers practical steps for Finding Balance Between Work and Home to allow them to fully focus on life after work at the end of the day. At the September 11 General Session, she will deliver an upbeat presentation on Building Relationships in Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce, accentuating the positives each generation contributes and how their unique values impact motivation. Espinoza has been with Keenan since 2003 ...
New Orleans, LA - Customer Service Rep., 3 - AMERICAN SYSTEMS: duty and reserve sailors and their families, re...
LSU SYSTEM PRESIDENT ON LBIS TV TONIGHT! Dr. F. King Alexander, President and Chancellor of the Louisiana State University System, is my guest on tonight's Louisiana Business and Industry Show TV. We discuss the current state of LSU, higher education funding, LSU's role in workforce development, and LSU's importance to Louisiana's economy. Join us tonight at 8:00 PM on Cox 4 in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans markets. Six replays are now available each week: •Fridays at 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM •Saturdays at 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM •Sundays at 3:00 PM •Mondays at 2:30 PM Go to the LBIS tab at to access all previous LBIS TV episodes and LBIS Radio podcasts.
let the festival season begin!. soul searching with the Soul Queen of New Orleans - Irma Thomas
Happiness is listening to the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas, singing at the French Quarter Festival.
Happy Thursday ppl...going back to 2002 in New Orleans; my 1st (and only, thus far) Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Boule. Man, I have lots of pics I found from that trip but I'll only share these two for now. The 1st is me before going to see Gerald Levert that evening in concert. The next is a second picture opportunity w/ Soror Sheryl Underwood!
I never really counted how many trips I've been on the past 14 months- Washington Baltimore (3x's), Las Vegas, Florida, Denver Colorado, New Orleans, Kentucky, Dallas Texas, Texas Fort Worth again , California Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to Canada Vancouver this week, Miami and New Orleans next month, Las Vegas on July 11th. Costa Rica in September . And in 2015 building bottle schools in Guatemala! I feel like I'm missing something. But I have been so blessed with so many amazing best friends around the nation and international!
Irma Thomas is the Soul Queen of New Orleans and rocking live at on the river!
That's right. I'm appearing live at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans this Halloween weekend.
I might go to at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA - Aug 3
Port of New Orleans is nearing completion of the upgrade of the Erato street Cruise Terminal. This will be the home of the Carnival Dream...
Lake County the city also would be more populous than New Orleans, St. Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Tampa, and Tulsa.
Just realized that in Less than one week we will be making our Illinois Debut! Special thanks to Friends Of The Blues for having us be a part of their concert series!! So honored to be a part of such a stellar lineup. Cant wait to see our Blues Warrior Friends in Person. Skyy Dobro, Rainey WetnightBob Kieser and some deep dish pizza wouldn't hurt either. Check out this awesome Press release for our upcoming show on April 17th! The Friends of the Blues Radio Show gets lots of CDs mailed for hopeful air-play to WKCC, 91.1 FM at Kankakee Community College. However, we do not get many with only three songs on them, so this one was intriguing. Annie Mack from Rochester, Minnesota had sent out a demo “EP” with rough mixes of three songs that would subsequently appear on her debut CD, “Baptized in the Blues.” Beyond intriguing, the music and instrumentation were great, with one song done Gospel style but with Latin rhythms, one was Motown meets New Orleans, and one Blues. The guitar work was fresh and .. ...
Today I'll be praying for Pastors, church leaders,churches, single mothers, females of all ages, job opportunities, city of New Orleans (my hometown) and finances. I'm believing God!
Live and Recorded Public meetings of Regular City Council Meeting for City of New Orleans, LA
More merchant vessels hail from St. Louis (24K) than any other port in the US. New Orleans comes in 2nd with 11.5K. .
Back to work after a STELLAR trip with the greatest assembly of fellow pro-wrestling (see what I did there?) friends a guy can ask for. We ran WILD on New Orleans, mastered Bourbon Street, and even ended up being a part of many of the wrestlers' flights. Not to mention, getting to DANCE with Bayley, clubbing with Vickie Guerrero & having a stored picture on my phone with SHIMMER's Nicole Matthews. Summary? EXCELLENT vacation Thank you all for the good times!
The Ultimate Warrior was unquestionably one of the most polarizing figures in the history of professional wrestling, but he made a lasting impact that will live on forever. Warrior made his triumphant return to WWE at the 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony in New Orleans on April 5. He hadn't been seen at a WWE event since 1996, but his popularity hadn't waned one bit. After appearing on Raw for the first time in nearly two decades on April 7, tragedy struck. The Ultimate Warrior shockingly passed away at the age of 54 Tuesday, according to The professional wrestling community is deeply saddened by Warrior's sudden passing, but he built such a strong legacy that he will never be forgotten. Here is a look at some of Warrior's greatest accomplishments over the course of his storied career as the WWE Universe mourns his loss and remembers his indelible impact on the business. WrestleMania VI Ultimate Challenge vs. Hulk Hogan Hulkamania was born in 1984 when Hulk Hogan defeated The Iron Sheik for the WWE cha ...
Monday Night Raw – April 7, 2014: Playing To The Crowd Monday Night Raw Date: April 7, 2014 Location: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield It’s the night after one of the best show in years and the big question is where do they go from here? For the first time ever, Undertaker is coming off a loss at Wrestlemania in what very well may be his last match. Other than that we’ve got a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the form of a goat man. Tonight is usually one of the most fun shows of the year. Let’s get to it. We open with the Monster video on Daniel Bryan’s career that aired at Wrestlemania. The song fits so perfectly. The video eats up nearly five minutes but it’s awesome. The arena is filled with the YES chant and here’s Daniel Bryan to drive it them even harder. Bryan is wearing the World Heavyweight Championship and has the WWE Championship in his hand. I wish they would just get rid of one already. Even JBL a ...
Giving all thanks to God this morning for all of his love and support. I am in receipt of a donation provided by an individual who supports my work with the Independent Black Farmers. These funds will be for additional production cost and travel to the following cities for additional interviews and footage: 1. Washington, D.C. 2. Tulsa, Oklahoma 3. Memphis, Tennessee 4. Denver, Colorado 5. New Orleans, Louisiana Wednesday, June 4, 2014 I will be in Los Angeles, California, to attend the monthly meeting of the Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers (BAD) to be a part of a discussion about my documentary, "The Last American Plantation." I will then head up north to the Bay in just enough time to spend a week with the grandest of all mothers, my grandmother for her birthday. And afterwards... if everything goes right I will be in New York for the American Black Film Festival TAKING first prize in the screenplay competition.
Jefferson Parish art teacher accused in sexual battery case: A New Orleans man was recently arrested on suspic...
Since you're going to New Orleans you should make it a Mardi Gras party ;-) masks and beads
Compton, New Orleans, Little Rock, west VA, Indiana, and chiraq in this bish
As a Legal Consultant and Advocate for Justice since 1989, I feel I should share some of the injustices that aren't new, but confirms my many years of documentation and research: When Jerome Morgan was 17 years old, he was arrested for the shooting death of Clarence Landry. Clarence was killed on May 22, 1993 while he was a guest at a "Sweet 16" birthday party at a hotel in New Orleans. Jerome was wrongly convicted of second degree murder the following year after a one-day trial and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. He spent 20 years in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola before a New Orleans judge threw out his conviction in January 2014. Though the case is not over yet, the judge granted him bail and Jerome was released into the arms of friends, family and the staff of IPNO on February 4, 2014. (The Innocence Project)
Well, today was the last full time day for our Chef Matthew Kaltenbaugh. :-(. He's off to a new chapter in his life and we sent him off with nice bottle of 12 year old McCallan (he had to test it first to make sure it was good). We're gonna miss him around here, it's been 2 1/2 great years, but wish him well...and he will be back to help us out when he gets bored with his cushy, easy new job. Ha! BUT the good news is we have a new Chef to welcome! Chef Kris Geiselman, a Gulfport native who comes to us from Domenica in New Orleans! Kris has been here two weeks and already shaking things up a little. I'm happy to have him and think you all will love what he brings to the table! We love you Matt and we welcome you, Chef Kris!
Dear President Obama, I'd like to log a formal complaint with you. I know you're just a couple blocks from my apartment at a fancy fundraiser & schmoozing with ridiculously rich people and all. But I was unable to get my dry cleaning this evening due to the traffic mess you've created. I need to look good in New Orleans this weekend. Please have your staff check with me next time you come to visit. Thanks. - T. Moss
Yay! So ... We made it to Chicago. The flight they promised to hold that would take us directly to New Orleans to land at 6:20 left 10 minutes ago so ... We are now on a flight to Little Rock then to Dallas and then, and only then,quite possibly to New Orleans some time around midnight. *** southwest? Just WAIT until you get this hate mail from me!!! ✈️
But a few notable naval and military victories, climaxed by Gen. Andrew Jackson's triumph at New Orleans,
New Orleans for the weekend for a much needed break! Kings of Leon and Local Natives Friday night!
New Orleans criminal court is getting more efficient, according to a report released early today.
I haven't followed wrestling very much the last couple of years, but the untimely death -- and the timing -- of Jim Hellwig (aka "The Ultimate Warrior") is a bizarre story. Hellwig -- who sold out many arenas during his peak -- vanished from the public eye in 1996 and made very few appearances thereafter. Rumors of his death became commonplace. He burned bridges with WWE head Vince McMahon, who more or less 'buried' him -- and surprisingly brought Hellwig back to the forefront this year. The WWE inducted him in its Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday in New Orleans. Hellwig made one last appearance on Monday Night Raw and died yesterday evening. He even mentioned mortality in his acceptance speech. I was not a fan of his character, but he brought a certain brand of uniqueness to a business chock full of imitations. The Hall of Fame induction represented a mending of fences between Hellwig and WWE honcho Vince McMahon. Forty-eight hours after his HOF induction, Hellwig died. It played out almost like a movie o ...
The Neville Brothers perform "Don't Take Away My Heaven" live at the Farm Aid concert in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 1994. Farm Aid was started b...
Our man Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 was at radio row during WrestleMania XXX weekend in New Orleans and got exclusive interviews with many of WWE’s top stars:
INDIANAPOLIS - Last year, the Colts played the New York Giants on national television in preseason. This year, the teams open the Colts' preseason home slate on a date to be determined, then Indianapolis hosts New Orleans on national television on Saturday, August 23, the league's critical third weekend of season premier action. The Colts open preseason play on the road at the Jets, with the game day and time to be determined. This marks only the second time the teams have battled in preseason. Though the date and kickoff time are not set in week two against the Giants, New York will be making a return visit to Indianapolis for the first time since beating New England in Lucas Oil Stadium in Super Bowl XLVI. In their only other venture to the site, the Colts bested New York, 38-14, in 2010. With the NFL's third week of preseason play typically finding front-liners appearing into the third quarter, Indianapolis and New Orleans meet for the second time since Super Bowl XLIV. The Saints, powered by Purdue' . ...
Titans announce 2014 preseason schedule. Home games include Green Bay and Minnesota. Road games at New Orleans and Atlanta. Dates TBA.
Tired of everyone complaining about Pres. Obama vacation. George Bush spent almost 2 years on vacation. Obama has taken Fewer Than George Bush Vacation Time George W. Bush was criticized for spending nearly 500 days at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, during his two terms in office. He was there in August 2001 when he received a CIA briefing paper warning of al-Qaida's intentions to strike the United States – about a month before the Sept. 11 attacks would occur. In 2005, he remained on vacation after Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans and devastated the Gulf Coast. His presidency suffered from his response to the storm and his decision to not immediately return to Washington. The costliest former president? George W. Bush, who clocked in last year at just more than $1.3 million. Ronald Reagan from LA Times, Issue Sept. 8, 1987 In 1987 President Reagan left for the West Coast for a 25 Day vacation. President Reagan spent one whole year out of a 6 1/2 year term on vacation. The bill for his one month lon ...
PRE-ORDER! AVAILABLE: Saturday, April 19th [Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA] Tucker Gage doesn’t spend all his time at the Silver Bullet or with his pack. In his free time, he volunteers at Village de l’Espoir, also known as Village of Hope in downtown New Orleans. His passion is to protect and rescue animals in need. His path crosses with his mate, Sloan McKenzie, when the man needs a guard dog to protect him from his ex-boyfriend turned stalker. Tucker will do anything for his mate, even if that means hiding who he really is by staying in wolf form. Sloan McKenzie has locked himself away, avoiding his ex-boyfriend and the outside world. The man won’t leave him alone—he shows up to Sloan’s house almost every night and calls nonstop. With his behavior escalating, Sloan’s brother, Matthew, takes him to, Village de l’Espoir, to get a dog for extra protection. What will happen when Sloan finds out that Tucker isn’t just his guard ...
We from New Orleans and she from Georgia. -Weezy
Happy birthday to one of my BFF's Laura Mann. Laura was one of my first friends at Baylor University. Laura lived across the hall from me in the dorm our freshman year. We later become roommates in other dorms and also in an apartment. Our faith drew us together and kept us close. She used her beautiful voice for the Lord and soon me, her and Benjie Harlan (now the talented Dr Benjamin Harlan) soon became inseparable. We called ourselves the 3 musketeers and spent all of our spare time together. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories. I still stay in contact with Benjie and think we should have weekend reunion in New Orleans, Laura. I love you girl.
My Bucket List. Place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not:) PS: I still have a LOT of time left:):) Things you have done during your lifetime: ( ) Gone on a blind date (x) Skipped school (x) Watched someone die (x ) Been to Canada (x) Been to Mexico (x) Been to Florida (x ) Been to Hawaii (x) Been on a plane (x ) Been on a helicopter (x) Been lost (x) Gone to Washington, DC (x) Swam in the ocean (x) Cried yourself to sleep (x) Played cops and robbers (x ) Recently colored with crayons ( X) Sang Karaoke (x) Paid for a meal with coins only ( ) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch (x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't. ( X) Made prank phone calls ( ) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans (x) Laughed until some kind of beverage or french fries, came out of your nose (x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue (x) Danced in the rain-naked (x) Written a letter to Santa Claus (x) Been kissed under the mistletoe (x) Watched the sunrise with someone (x) Blown bub ...
Holy crap, I got Mikayla and 2 of her friends tickets to see Lana Del Ray in New Orleans on 4/25/14 not knowing its the same time as The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. No wonder I can't find a place to stay. Its gonna be crazy. What the *** was I thinking. Really wish I had gotten the ATL tickets for The Tabernacle show.
Good luck to as they represent the School of Business at the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans tomorrow!
Adult Advanced Ballet at New Orleans Dance Academy today at 10:00am. For more details check:
Just posted: Lens of the Day: Sights and Sounds of a New Orleans Streetcar
'at Morial Convention Center in New Orleans' - triggatreyzgyrl on The Angel Network
Great day at WWE Tower. Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome in returning home. See you all in New Orleans
Video: Bicyclists participate in the 3rd Annual Bike to Work Day
//Yeah we can start a new if you'd like, given Tamora is still partly in New Orleans
Five years after Katrina: A look back at gun confiscation in New Orleans: via
Jason I gave you 10 playa points for comment about New Orleans and then took away 5points because the lAdy cut you a new awhole
Wrote this raps in New Orleans and performed them in New Zealand
The hashtag took the 3rd place in the Top20 of New Orleans's Trends for Tuesday 8:
New model (New Orleans ): Looking for young new models for our website. Must be 18 and older! Mus...
Producers casting for a stylized Mystery TV Show (New Orleans): Casting is now underway for a new...
A new creative reuse center in town, ScRAP NOLA, is now open in the New Orleans Healing Center. For a list of...
Let's go to sleep in Paris and wake up in Tokyo. Have a dream in New Orleans, fall in love Chicago
I'm in shock this morning about the news of the We just saw the guy at in New Orleans. Sad day indeed.
Just landed in New Orleans for a quick visit. Working on a project here. Food, music and good people!
Just days after being inducted in the HOF in New Orleans Ultimate Warrior has died..Another part of my childhood gone. RIP
I was proud of my letters in New Orleans and now I am in California too!
Accident with injury in on Hwy 18 at Brg Cty Ave
Happy New Orleans Bike to Work Day! I'm headed to Lafayette Square for free coffee, pastries, and awesomeness now. See you there!
Headed to New Orleans on Sunday for a week of haven't been there since the oil spill
New Orleans weather changes just like its niggahs.
did you get to talk to him in New Orleans?
Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock'. aint dead. Its just an internet hoax. . The roumer that the New Orleans star died while...
Good Friday celebrated from two vantage points in New Orleans - The Times-Picayune (blog)
WWE Star the Ultimate Warrior Dies at 54. Only two days after appearing in New Orleans on Monday Night Raw.
Negotiations continue over Tulane scholarships: Senators are bogged down over what restrictions they're willin...
I wanna go to New Orleans for 4th of July.
This appears to be the final photo of Warrior from Tuesday morning at New Orleans airport with
Our electrifying connection... THANK YOU New Orleans and my WWE Universe family.
Gotta go handle sum morning errands, I hate that weather outside, like *** is wrong with New Orleans WHATS REALLY GOOD B
New Orleans autograph signing and Meet & Greet on 4/15/14 at Best Buy in Metarie:
On the plane ✈️ From LAX, to Dallas, to New Orleans 🌿🍃
New Orleans to be home to nation's first all-charter school district …
I met the Ultimate Warrior this morning at New Orleans airport
PHOTO: The Ultimate Warrior at the New Orleans airport on Tuesday morning ... just hours before his death and he looked fine -
WWE Star 'Ultimate Warrior' dead at age 54. Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night in New Orleans and appeared on the company's Monday night professional wrestling show "Monday Night Raw" For more details:
Fathers Day weekend y'all gone catch me in New Orleans 😏😍👏👏 uh oh , 👀
Guess who is going to see Lana Del Rey in New Orleans in two weeks?
Not going to outside lands this year... But I'll be at essence in New Orleans!!
Judy Carmichael just talked with Mad Men's Bryan Batt at his home in New Orleans for an upcoming show for "Jazz...
London was cool and is now becoming Geneva. Long live Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow and, of course, New Orleans!
Wednesday Night Specials::: Around the world again. Carribean (Coconut Shrimp, Coconut Chichen served with ginger glazed carrots and Carribean Corn), New Orleans (Red Beans and Rice, Chicken & Sasuage Gumbo, Craw Fish Tails) and a California Dish not sure yet
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Local Natives in New Orleans. Who's coming with AJ Martin and I??? 😎
Watching vampire diaries I want to go back to New Orleans
WWE SUPERSTARS SPOILERS WWE Superstar in New Orleans: *Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler. *Titus O'Neil defeated Kofi Kingston. It is a hot crowd. Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback (with Curtis Axel) Both of these guys worked hard. Lots of good spots. Hot crowd for Ziggler and Goldberg chants. Ryback wins with Shellshock Winner : Ryback by pinball Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O'Neil Short match. Titus wins with a spine buster bomb. Titus is over in NOLA. Winner : Titus by pin fall
To all my Fellow Parishioners, we lost a Person, A True Gentleman . Yesterday in our Parish & Neighborhood, As a Child he was my next door neighbor, I Coached him in Baseball & Football at Jefferson Playground in the late 70’s. From my Perspective He was an Advocate of Children teaching them the Sportsmanship of how a Player should conduct themselves On & Off the field while Coaching them as a Jefferson Mustang Football Head Coach. His Children & Players Ronnie Coached always came First in his Short Life. He attended East Jefferson & Rummel High School & University of New Orleans, He had many more accomplishments than I’ve already mentioned. His name; “ Ronnie Casse Sr. " He Passed away suddenly yesterday 4/7/2014 Additional Information can be found in Wednesday’s Times Picayune Obituaries. Condolences to his Family from My Family. Sincerely, E. Mang We created a Group we would like you to join here in FB ( Ronnie Casse Sr, He is a Gentleman ) In the photo Standing in Front of Ronnie, is his son . ...
Jerry Saltz: As with all things Bush, the content that comes out of the pictures is not a man exploring his own vision and his deeper feelings. The content that speaks volumes in Bush's work now is what he's not painting. His own cronies are missing: Karl Rove, *** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and the Fox News personalities and right-wing talkers who cheered Bush to war. Imagine Bush painting his view of the 2000 election. Or of his landing on that aircraft carrier; of the torture at Abu Ghraib; of bringing the U.S. economy to its knees. Picture a self-portrait of him flying over New Orleans after Katrina or meeting with FEMA director Michael Brown. Think of a self-portrait in the Oval Office, perfecting efforts to stop *** marriage or watching Colin Powell talking about yellowcake uranium at the U.N. Or anything to do with bringing America to war under false pretenses and costing the lives of tens of thousands. As Stalin edited people of out photographs to erase them from his ...
Was really awesome to see so many of my road buddies this past weekend in New Orleans at WrestleMania 30! Robby Brookside, Dusty Rhodes, Fandango, Alicia Fox, Normal Smiley, Tyson Kidd, Ziggler, The Bellas, Mauryse, Spears, Bray Wyatt, Justin Roberts, Slater, Sandow, Christian and tons more! Flattered to speak at DDP's surprize birthday at House of Blues with Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Big Show & others...And totally Super proud of my big brother Jake the Snake for going into the Hall of Fame in front of his family, friends and fans!
WWE Raw Results – April 7th, 2014 We open Monday Night Raw with Daniel Bryan, our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! The New Orleans crowd goes absolutely outstanding Daniel Bryan jokes around asking if the crowd gets tired and how hard it is to do the yes chant with two titles. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it and Bryan says its them who deserve it. He says the yes chant is all about the power the people have. He says because of them he is standing in the ring as champion. Out comes Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H says he won’t step in the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he will regret. Bryan then goes up to him and shoves the titles in his face. Triple H says this moment won’t last, and that it won’t even last tonight. He then says he will defend the title tonight against him! He says he will end the yes movement and that the reality is that it is Triple H’s show and he can’t do nothing about it. Daniel Bryan begins a Yes chant as Triple H and Stephanie walk away. We ...
According to official web site, dates for New Orleans and Louisville in June. Is Albany next? Find out
We're reading Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline, on WRBH 88.3 FM New Orleans right now.
“Y'all know Katt Williams in jail still?” But he just did a show in New Orleans
“New Orleans JazzFest Festival Bed and Breakfast room with private entrance, April 29 to May 5, in Lower Garden District at Terrell House Mansion built in1857, JazzFest has 12 stages – over 250 bands will play including Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Lyle Lovett, Chaka Khan, Maze, Foster the People, Trey Songz, Alabama Shakes, John Fogerty, Al Jarreau, Johnny Winter, Trombone Shorty. Ride the trolley to Festival and French Quarter. It is nothing like Mardi Gras. I made the reservation a year ago but can’t go. Take over my reservation under name of Cynthia Arrington by contacting Linda and switching our reservation to you, $225 per night for 2 people. Includes amazing New Orleans style breakfast.”
WWE Monday Night Raw Results April 7, 2014 New Orleans, Louisiana Results by: David Stephens of A video package highlights the journey of Daniel Bryan that culminated as he successfully won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan’s music hits. The Champion makes his way to the ring. The crowd absolutely roars. Bryan soaks it up and leads the crowd as they chant. Bryan recaps that he finally overcame the odds to win the Championship. The crowd chants that Bryan deserved it. Bryan turns it around on the crowd and thanks them for their ability to make change and allow him the opportunity to compete for the Title. The King of Kings. Triple H makes his way towards the ring with Stephanie McMahon. Hunter stands on the ring apron. He says that he is not going to get in the ring. Bryan responds by leading the crowd in a Yes chant. HHH tells Bryan to enjoy this moment because it’s not going to last. Triple H says that this moment is not even going to make ...
Got to say i love when Wade Barrett get's pop's from the crowd like this. For once it's not in England, but in New Orleans.
Delfeayo Marsalis is one of the top trombonists, composers and producers in jazz today. Known for his “technical excellence, inventive mind and frequent touches of humor…” (Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times), he is “…one of the best, most imaginative and musical of the trombonists of his generation.” (Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner.) In January 2011, Delfeayo and the Marsalis family (father Ellis and brothers Branford, Wynton and Jason) earned the nation’s highest jazz honor – a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Award. Born in New Orleans on July 28, 1965, Marsalis was destined to a life in music. “I remember my dad (Ellis Marsalis) playing piano at the house, and me laying underneath the piano as a child, listening to him play. After briefly trying bass and drums, in sixth grade I gravitated towards the trombone, which was an extension of my personality. Early on my influences and inspirations included J.J. Johnson, Curtis Fuller, Al Grey, Tyree Glenn and Tommy Dorsey ...
Left downtown New Orleans with and at 6:28 am cst now on I-65 headed back to Charlotte
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler and Titus O'Neil vs. Kofi Kingston was taped tonight in New Orleans to air on this week's WWE…
WWE Raw results: No rest for Daniel Bryan as Wrestlemania fallout sees The Shield take on The Authority - After an unbelievable night in New Orleans at Wrestlemania, Monday Night Raw kicked off by celebrating the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. -
Went to 2 Ring Of Honor shows, saw Katt Williams live, experienced New Orleans and Bourbon Street to the fullest, met some of my favorite wrestler/managers like Jim Cornette, Pat Patterson, Tommy Dreamer, and Chris Hero just to name a few, oh yeah, and I witnessed Wrestlemania in person (all in one weekend), a true dream come true. Also had a great time with great friends. It will be a weekend I will never forget.
WWE Raw Results 4/7/14 from New Orleans. Epic best Raw of the year show. Must watch. Must read.
So for the 5 or so of you who are wrestling fans now that I've been able to get over the streak ending butt hurt here's an honest critique of Wrestlemania XXX. What worked best: Hogan, Austin, Rock in the ring to kick things off. Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history. The Daniel Bryan championship saga was epic storytelling. After 20 of the 30 men were eliminated from the Battle Royale it was awesome, at about the point of the amazing Kofi Kingston save. Cesaro winning was phenomenal. Ultimately what worked best? The WWE not only stunned 75 thousand plus in New Orleans, stunned millions of fans watching at home, but recovered the crowd with the amazing story telling of the triple threat main event. As much as the streak ending to a part time jerk upset me. Tonight's promo with Heyman and Lesnar made it worthwhile. It is about time the WWE returned to making heels hated and not cool bad guys. With The Authority and Heyman/ Lesnar they are back to a heat generated pro ...
Grandpa Hulk Hogan comes out to present the André the Giant trophy to Antonio Cesaro .. Hogan says well let me tell you something brother you know something manics we had the biggest best WrestleManias here in New Orleans last night {LOAD OF CRAP } But the best part was the Battle Royal last night & it was great to watch Big Show get picked up & launched out the ring last night & there were 30 men in here last night & lets hear it for Cesaro . Cesaro & Zeb Coulter come out . Hogan says all I have to say is congradualtions brother . Zeb says I'll take it from here but I'll turn back over to you here in min even though your not from here I brought you in & made you a real American not to mention a Zeb Coulter guy . Cesaro grabs the mic says he's not a Zeb cOULTER GUY HE'S A Paul Heyman guy . Heyman comes out says not only is he the advocate for the conquer but also the king of swing Cesaro . Zeb bout has a heart attack says you mean to tell me your jumpin ship to Heyman . Heyman says that right he is . Ja ...
NOLA is booing Rey Mysterio and cheering Wade Barrett.wrestling lives! I love this New Orleans crowd!
I didn't go to Raw just mania. I lost my mind. Btw Bruno Sammartino was on my flight out of New Orleans. Best mania ever
Mitch Landrieu D Mayor of New Orleans brought over 1,000 new good paying jobs to us today! Republicans ===> O Need a job? VOTE DEMOCRATIC!
Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ younger sister, got married less than a month ago. The 22-year-old actress and singer married Jamie Watson, a businessman, at the Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans. The two made their red carpet debut as husband and wife at the ACM Awards 2014 held at the MGM Grand G...
I just watched the beginning of Mania to the end since I came into the show last night when John Cena showed up for his match. I can now I can say that the show was pretty good despite the lack of build up for the majority of matches. This is better than the meh that I felt at the end last night. Pros - Bryan vs HHH match [4 of 5], Bray vs Cena [3,5 of 5], Hogan, Austin, Rock Segment [5 of 5], Andre the Giant Battle Royal [4 of 5], Taker vs Brock [3.5 of 5], WWE WHC [4 of 5], The Wyatt's being played out to the ring live [5 of 5], HHH Entrance [3 of 5], People's reaction / my reaction to Taker / Brock finish [PRICELESS], Really cool intro with New Orleans street band playing, Taker's entrance with coffins [5 of 5], Paul Heyman [5 of 5] Kofi Kingston [5 of 5] Daniel Bryan - MVP of Mania [5 of 5] Cons - Divas match [1 of 5, very sloppy and should have been a fatal 4 way] , Shield vs Kane & NAO [2 of 5, way too short and wasted opportunity for a great match for US title], WWE Tag Match not being on the main ...
Hey people! I need your help! I'm looking to book a few house shows in late July and early August, and I need to get in touch with some local artists and music fans who'd let me perform for free! I'm gonna be in Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Asheville, Saxaphaw, Richmond, Wash. DC, Roanoke, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport. Shoot us a message if you can help!
Anyone who read the Game of Thrones books knows Daario Naharis becomes a jazz musician in between Seasons 3 & 4 and moves to New Orleans, where he drinks heavily and smokes a bunch of drugs... In case you were wondering about the sudden aging and facial hair.
1. Pre-show: excellent four-team elimination tag match for the straps. Honestly did not expect the Usos to retain, though I have no complaints. 2. Cesaro swing...on Swagger?! After an ankle lock that Zebb halted? I thought they'd split at WMXXX, but I thought Cesaro would end up a babyface. Now? I don't know. But maybe that will all be clear after the battle royal. 3.Somehow Hulk Hogan and the 75k+ who started off in New Orleans were magically transported to Detroit! Welcome to the Silverdome, brother! Oops! The crowd was kindly about it—much better than people in Detroit would have been been had the opposite mistake happened. That’s okay. At his age, it’s a miracle he remembers how to flex! 4. STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD!!! (Yeah, I’m such a mark. Get over it.) Seeing those two in the same ring makes a man wish this had happened 15 to 20 years ago. 5. When the Rock’s music started, the hair on my arms stood on end. (That’s no small accomplishment!) That is a whole heck of a lot of star ...
Baton Rouge, La. – The 2014 Louisiana International Film Festival and Mentorship Program takes place May 8-11 at Perkins Rowe, featuring films from all over the globe, including world and Louisiana premieres. Programming includes dramas, animation, foreign-language, comedies, adventure and more in feature, documentary and short formats. This year’s star-studded line-up includes: “God’s Pocket,” with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks and John Turturro; “Elsa & Fred” set in New Orleans and starring Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer; “The Double” with Jesse Eisenberg; “A Thousand Times Goodnight” with Juliette Binoche; and director Roman Polanski’s second North American screening of “Venus in Fur.” The festival kicks off with the Gala Premiere on the evening of Thursday, May 8, followed by three full days of film, food, cocktails and industry networking. In addition, a special screening of “The Devil’s Violinist” will be presented with director Ber ...
He can play the horn. He can sing. And that's made him the latest musical star of a great New Orleans tradition. But Trombone Shorty mainly just wants you to...
For those that know me well I am quite the sentimental person ... so here we go again . April 7, 2003 ... 11 years ago today ... I met my wife and best friend Lanie that day and the rest is history! A big thank you to friends like Tiffany Scheffler Mathews, Jared Mathews, and Zac Schrieber for making it happen that night ... I remember everything about that day like it was yesterday (it is also my grandmother's birthday as she is 92 today, and the Cubs were snowed out that afternoon against the Expos- yes kids there used to be a team called that- ha! Syracuse edged Kansas in the National Title game in New Orleans led by a baby-faced Carmelo Anthony, and my future wife helped cook me a great meal ... we have ridden a roller coaster of joys, disappointments, challenges and more during the last 11 years but thankfully we have stayed on track and in the same seat together for the ride .. to another several hundred "11" years ... Love you to pieces Lanie!
My home track the Fair Grounds. Nothing like New Orleans.
In our private roomette on the City of New Orleans train waiting to depart the Big Easy — at New Orleans Union...
Fullbacks find tough sledding in free agency John Kuhn’s one-year deal with the Green Bay Packers on Thursday serves as a reminder of the rough landscape facing all fullbacks in today’s NFL. It’s not so much the contract Kuhn received – an $855,000 veteran minimum salary with bonuses that push his compensation north of $1 million – but more the fact he’s one of only two unrestricted free agents at the position who have signed with a team since the start of free agency on March 11. The other is 27-year-old Erik Lorig, who agreed to a four-year, $4.8 million with New Orleans on March 18. The deal reportedly included a signing bonus worth $1 million. Two other fullbacks, Henry Hynoski and Jed Collins, found work after not being tendered restricted free-agent contracts. The New York Giants eventually settled on a one-year, $1 million deal with Hynoski. Collins reunited with new Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi on a one-year, $710,000 deal. The two previously worked together with th ...
Breaking News: Fans at the Superdome in New Orleans and at Miller's Davie Ale House in South ...
Is it still too early to ask if Cm Punk's in New Orleans for Raw? :D
New Orleans??? What?? Do Gumbo and Crawfish Etouffee make guys bigger??
To all of my family and friends: Friday, April 11, Bustout Burlesque will be featuring a star studded lineup like no other aside from our own New Orleans performers. Miss Miranda, Danny Diesel from AMERICAN PICKERS, Stormy Gayle, and Evangeline the Oyster Girl! Don't miss this chance! I guarantee it will be a great show!
boarding NB City of New Orleans bound for Chicago (@ Memphis Central Station)
Mayor Landrieu was quoted as saying "WrestleMania has taken its rightful place amongst the most historic events ever held in New Orleans."
In New Orleans in the last 14 months, the Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl and the Undertaker lost a Wrestlemania match. I hate New Orleans
Philadelphia booed Santa Claus but New Orleans booed the Undertaker which is worse
New Orleans is the place the won their second Super Bowl so I gotta love that place
...and this SHOUT OUT is for all the people that took the time to open my Black Woman's Mini Video/Film Festival Bermuda pages even if you may not have clicked 'like' thank you for showing interest and allowing me to reach you in my special way : Washington, DC; Paris, Ile-de-France, France; Toronto, ON, Canada; Brooklyn, NY; Ashburn, VA; Los Angeles, CA; Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfale; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI; Port of Spain, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; Shreveport, LA; Houston, TX; Bronx, NY; Fort-de-France, Martinique; Nottingham, England, United Kingdom; Charlotte, NC; Baltimore, MD; Tampa, FL; Cleveland, OH; Nashville, TN; La Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe; Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana! Who knows maybe all of you can come forward and join us here in Bermuda, for a wonderful and unforgettable night of films, fun and family! Peace to you All, Rosheena — feeling wonderful.
Guess it wouldn't be New Orleans without a little Voodoo
Big E Langston has got the biggest chest in New Orleans for his age
As I board my flight to New Orleans for the first time, seeing Spring, anticipating beautiful times ahead, in my self and in my relationships, I'm really appreciating this... "Always, when you know what you don't want, that's when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want. That is the fruit of your experience. Now pluck it and savor it and enjoy it. Visualize it, and find the feeling place of it. And live happily ever after, once you get the hang of this." ---Abraham
New Orleans ! enjoy ! I have Black Sabbath tomorrow evening !
I made Carla Hall's mini king cakes for our ppv party, since Wrestlemania is in New Orleans this year!
Cm Punk and AJ Lee are making babies in New Orleans and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me
Just finished making Red Bean Soup. A Williams Sonoma recipe from their New Orleans cookbook. Running it through the blender produces an awesome texture.
Make sure to tune in tomorrow for Movie Monday on the Brian The Hammer Show, Brian has the comedic duo of Precious Chong & Melissa Story stopping by for a few minutes at the start of the show to give us an update on their fundraising campaign to produce season 2 of "Sex & The Single Parent". Brian's guest today will be: -Kyle Hester, Actor & Producer - Kyle has had the honor of working with award winning Directors John Frankenhiemer, Bruce Beresford and Mark Shelton to name a few. His career has taken him to both sides of the camera including building the 1/3 scale sets for "TEAM AMERICA" and being the Art Department lead man on the T.V. Show "WIPE OUT". Kyle is currently working on his first producing venture "BURDEN OF FREEDOM" where he will produce as well as play one of the lead characters. Kyle was born in New Orleans, LA to a professional Football Player Father (Ray Hester of the New Orleans Saints) and a Cheerleader Mother (Hollis Huntoon) -Top 10 Box office Hits -Celebrity News & Gossip Join us LI ...
CBC 2 at 12:50 PM on Sunday tells us "I'm Walkin" is by Fats Waller. No! It's by Fats Domino, still with us in New Orleans.
In addition to the youth movement in New Orleans, the Saints have announced this will be the last year of the Superdome!
April 6, 1943 birth of saxophonist and composer Noah Howard born in New Orleans.
Very inspirational story about Jake "The Snake" Roberts. He provided alot of entertainment during my time in New Orleans. The 2014 version of World Wrestling Entertainment's Hall of Fame featured the most colorful class since the company began doing the event the weekend of WrestleMania in 2004. And it was an emotional, laugh-filled three-plus hour induction ceremony in front of about 10,000 wrestling fans Saturday night at the Smoothie King Center. The most memorable entrant in the seven-member class was Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who was famous for his DDT, ring psychology and mesmerizing promos in which he rarely raised his voice. Roberts had fallen victim to drugs and alcohol, but recently, with the help of Diamond Dallas Page, he has overcome those demons to take his place among the all-time wrestling greats. Page, who inducted Roberts, credited Roberts, along with Dusty Rhodes, for helping mold Page into a star. "He never stopped teaching me," said Page of Roberts. "It is a debt that I have been work ...
I'm gonna miss Capitol Hill, but at least I'm prepared for the nights in New Orleans. :)
Anybody wanna take me to 's upcoming concert at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans on 01 May 2014?!
Well, let the speculation begin. Cm Punk spotted at the New Orleans baggage claim with AJ Lee.
Nice, Ted acknowledging his New Orleans history. You can tell he's jazzed. - Pete
Some of us Combo are strikin' out east to Halifax with Whitebrow while others are headin' south to New Orleans with the Don Valley Stompers... ...but we’ll all be back together again for Montreal April 25-27! Hope to see you before but if not we'll be back in May with shows at our favourite haunts: Grossman’s Tavern, Cameron House and Gladstone Hotel!
10 year old Golden boy "Oso" needs to find a new safe, loving, forever home. His Mom has a new baby and she states he is in the way. I think she does want the best for him, and agree with her, he does need a new home. One where his new person/family will shower this sweet angel with the love he deserves, and realise how truly fortunate they are to be able to share their lives with this precious soul. If you can welcome this sweet boy into your home, please click on the link to this CL ad and reply via email. Oso is located in New Orleans, LA. Per the ad, she's a week away from taking "her beloved companion" to the shelter. Please DON'T email this owner to abuse her, this won't help Oso and could severely affect his chance of finding a new home. If you want to voice your opinion, do it here, not by emailing the owner. We need to help this sweet, gorgeous Golden boy. Per the ad .. "Want a huge smile at the end of the day? In need of a little affection? I've got the dog for you!" Oso is a wonderful dog. He's ...
– At the Scott Hall and Jake Roberts WrestleMania XXX party at the House Of Blues in New Orleans on Friday night,...
My new mate Sycho Sid. Not the friendliest to be fair, but neither I am... Except in New Orleans..
Barista - - LA-New Orleans, A Coffee Attendant with Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts is responsible for ...
Fountain Lounge Server Assistant - - LA-New Orleans, A Busperson with Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts is ...
I am sitting on the throne of love in New Orleans. Future Professionals had this on my stage. I totally felt the...
The WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony for the 2014 class of inductees airs TONIGHT (April 5) live and, for the first time ever, in its entirety on the WWE Network starting at 9 p.m. ET from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year's class is headlined by Ultimate Warrior, who will be given a live microphone after Linda McMahon introduces him. When he wants to, Warrior is an incredibly thoughtful speaker who delivers his message eloquently. But we're hoping he channels the man who hails from Parts Unknown and goes insane right there live on stage. Here's the rest of the class, and who will be inducting them: - Jake "The Snake" Roberts (Diamond Dallas Page) - Lita (Trish Stratus) - Paul Bearer (Family) - Carlos Colon (Carlito, Primo, Epico) - Mr. T (TBA, rumored to be Hulk Hogan) - Razor Ramon (TBA) The ceremony will air in full, so be ready to strap in for one *** of a ride. It's scheduled to run for 2 hours and 30 minutes with a one hour "Red Carpet Arrival" special set to air just before it. C ...
From F4W Online/Wrestling Observer Newsletter: - killswitchreso: "Tons of reports from the New Orleans...
The City of New Orleans, Louisiana: Support development that is consistent with the existing...
Drinking on a hurricane and walking around Bourbon. All my New Orleans dreams are comin true.
Out tour of New Orleans has worked up an appetite! (@ Palace Café - w/ 3 others)
My two sisters and I and in New Orleans! Neidhart girls are taking over!
Scott Hall and Jake Roberts held their Hall of Fame party in front of a packed crowd at the House of Blues in New Orleans last night. Below is a photo of Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair, Hal and Jake on stage:
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I must say, I'm very sad to be leaving New Orleans. I fell in love with the city and the people. I've never been to a place with such friendly people. If I had come here in my 20's, I probably would've moved here! Kelly Tauzin Roberson , Cathy Harris, and Paula Day Taylor, I totally get your love for this place! I did get to visit Saints and Sinners, but no Channing Tatum :( Despite that, this was the BEST vacation ever, and with the BEST friends (Nick and Natalie Eubanks, LOVE you guys!). Til next time NOLA, and there WILL be a next time!
Dyes Hair Orange: React Now!: Nothing may rhyme with orange, but something can now be associated with this color: Kristen Stewart's hair! The 23-year-old dyed her brown locks bright orange for her role in the upcoming movie American Ultra, with The Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans doing the coloring job and posting a photo of Stewart on Instagram. "Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role wrote the salon as a caption to the above photo. We wonder what Robert Pattinson thinks of this ‘do. In the aforementioned movie, which starts shooting this month, Stewart will portray the girlfriend of a stoner played by Jesse Eisenberg. "Simply put, American Ultra will be the most fun you can possibly have in a movie theater without the use of drugs, fireworks or canola oil," producer Mike Bregman told The Hollywood Reporter in November. We're excited to check it out. And for readers to browse through the following examples of wild 21 Totally Crazy Celebrity Hairstyles Open Slideshow 1. Willow Smith Pink ...
By the way, if you're in New Orleans tonight and HAVEN'T hit Bourbon Street, you are MISSING out massively.
At the convention centre shopping at the superstore, & picking are Axxess tickets up, I love New Orleans! Wwe fans everywhere 👍🇺🇸
Should make New Orleans by 8 or 9. Still haven't slept.
That's because they host the Super Bowl in New Orleans.
Mayor Mitch Landrieu- City of New Orleans and WWE Superstar the Like us @ WE are DAT, LLC
Off to get me some protein bars then come home and tidy up the house so that we can leave for New Orleans tomorrow. Have a great day everyone!
Hope Jennifer C is going to be in New Orleans at the Jazz Festival- seems like lots of the crowd comes to glimpse HER -- that's OK- the men forget they are there to see the music- they want to see the girl star from Dextef!
I'm going to The Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Tipitinas in New Orleans, LA - Apr 24
'Tryna' shows up at this time as Trend in New Orleans
NY, Pitts, New Orleans, Miami, Florida, Tenerife, Majorca, Perth, Melbourne and uk you?x
[VIDEO] Lilian Garcia Sings Karaoke in New Orleans: Lilian flexes her pipes...
Almost to New Orleans!! The kids have been waiting on this for a few years and just as they thought it may not happen we are on our way to Wrestlemania XXX! Tomorrow all axxess activities then Sunday the big event! Apparently it's the Super Bowl of wrestling!!!
Just saw Yonder Mtn. on tues.amazing!!! Earphunk out of New Orleans tonight... Arlo Guthrie tomorrow night... Neko Case the spring!!
"South station on Boston to the stockyards of Austin, from the Florida sunshine to the New Orleans' rain."
John Lydon to play King Herod in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' tour that hits New Orleans in June
From Antichrist to Jesus Christ: An arena show of Jesus Christ Superstar starring the former Sex Pistols frontman kicks off a national tour in New Orleans in June.
WWE WrestleMania 30: Stone Cold Steve Austin to call out Cm Punk in New Orleans?
someone go by WrestleCon in New Orleans and grab me that Jim Cornette book
1914 Briefly News of the first week of April: Walden’s Ridge residents “are tired of the picturesque approach to the mountain at Albion View, known all over the world as the W.” They want a straight and graded road leading into Anderson pike at the brow. The road commission informed residents there are no funds for such a project. And according to Matt Godsey, Orchard Knob workhouse foreman, the road would have to start a quarter mile below the W to create an easy grade. Over 12,000 tin cans were collected by first and second graders in Oak Grove during a city wide clean up contest. Prizes were given to the children who placed in the top five. Cincinnati, New Orleans, & Texas Pacific Railway company is granted a permit to begin construction on a $100,000 car plant here in Chattanooga.
Now this is a cast! An arena tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar” will kick of June 9 in New Orleans with Sex Pistols legend John Rotten Lydon as King Herod, Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams as Mary Magdalene, former ‘N Sync-er JC Chasez as Pontius Pilate and Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd as Jud...
The Nerds and Red Necks have ascended upon New Orleans for Wrestlemania, hilarious!
Champ Bailey, the Denver Broncos will miss you. I'm excited to see what you do in New Orleans. With that said, it's time to buy a new Broncos jersey.
The Wrestlemania crowd is by far the best fans I've seen in New Orleans in three years.
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