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New Orleans

New Orleans (or , locally or ; ) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana.

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"Battle of New Orleans" was made popular in 1959 by Country & Western singer, Johnny Horton
On this day in Saints history-December 15th Item newspaper’s Hap Glaudi reports that New Orleans will be awarded a franchise in the new All-America Football Conference for their inaugural 1946 season, story turns out to be premature for the following month league officials decided not to place a franchise here despite the article stating a local group of unnamed businessmen put down $20,000 for the franchise. 1966—John W. Mecom, Jr. is named majority stock holder & president of New Orleans’ NFL franchise. 1968—Saints defeat Steelers in Tulane Stadium 24-14 to finish the season 4-9-1. RB Charlie Brown scores the Saints first-ever punt return TD, 53 yards in which nine Steelers defenders touched him. TE Jim Hester catches the Saints longest pass of the year (51 yards), TE Dave Parks has 103 yards. Other Saints TDs by RBs Tony Lorick & Don McCall. Saints defense has four sacks, Steelers seven. Steelers offense has four turnovers. Steelers WR Roy Jefferson has 139 yards & a TD. Saints defense h ...
Football fun tonight, ok here we go the game for tonight is New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears My pick is New Orleans
oh boy! Chicago vs New Orleans tonight! I'm sure I'll see many Bears fans on campus today! Not so much tomorrow I'm guessing though...!
I've been on and I found a record from 1920 of when my great grndpa sailed from Costa Rica to New Orleans.. crazyy
Louisiana USA New Orleans » UPDATE » 67 Krispy Kreme Buy dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, get second one for free
Glen David Andrews: Playing a show in New Orleans, LA at 9:00 PM today at Three Muses
Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Irma Thomas: Nothing like the Soul Queen of New Orleans. Read more...
RuPaul plays New Orleans, LA in Mar. Get your tickets here:
Appearing at The Shakespeare Pub Saturday, December 13th You know you wanna! Brent Johnson – Brent Johnson and the Call Up A guitar prodigy from the age of four, South Texas born Brent Johnson always knew where he wanted his playing to take him. Drinking in the very best of Blues, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Country and World Music, by the time his family moved to New Orleans in his teens, he was predestined towards a career in music. Writing his own material, Brent formed several high-school bands, all with a lean to the Blues, then joined ‘Under The Gun’, who built a considerable following on the local live circuit in Louisiana and beyond. As admiring of the style of The Clash, Albert King, Charlie Parker, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Collins or Black Flag and Thelonius Monk, Brents passion for playing was immediate and intense for his audience. By serendipity, New Orleans’ legendary ‘Braille Blues Daddy’ Bryan Lee heard Brent's playing and immediately recognized his virtuosity, drive and dedication to his Cr ...
Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper indicted in New Orleans rapes, still jailed in LA - Los Angeles Times
Dion Waiters remains in New Orleans overnight with abdominal pain: . NEW ORLEANS: Dion Waiters did not fly hom...
YOU HAVE TO LAUGH The next time you hear a politician use the Word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about whether you want the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, But one advertising agency did a good job of Putting that figure into some perspective in One of its releases. A. A billion seconds ago it was 1959. B. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive. C. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. D. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet. E. A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate our government is spending it. While this thought is still fresh in our brain...let's take a look at New Orleans ...It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division. Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu (D) was asking Congress for 250 BILLION DOLLARS To rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number... What does it mean? A. Well .. If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans (every man, woman and chi ...
David Franklin done got on Kamera n said HAYNESVILLE Has NO College Potential PLAYERS. N yet dey got his bak n New Orleans competing fa another title. N da whole Haynesville supporting. Smfh. Guess he got me to I Sent my kiddos. Wish the tors Good luck... Ds it. IF U HAVE KIDS N SKOOL IT'S UR JOB TO get dem to da nxt level . Da skool or coach gve a *** Use dem dnt let em use you. Rr
Acadiana High sent their football team off to New Orleans in style this morning. Watch it here:
Well Darren Sharper aka Bill Cosby just caught his first rape case. Th is one is in New Orleans.
Longtime NFL safety Darren Sharper was one of three men indicted Friday on rape charges in New Orleans. Ken Daley of NOLA...
Ex-NFL S Darren Sharper was charged Friday in a nine-count grand jury indictment stemming from multiple rape allegations in New Orleans.
Darren Sharper indicted on rape charges in New Orleans - USA TODAY
Former NFL safety Darren Sharper indicted on 2 rape charges in New Orleans:
Former NFL star Darren Sharper has been indicted for rape in New Orleans -- stemming from an alleged 2013 incident involving two women. According to…
I just wanna send prayers for traveling graces for errone going to New Orleans for the Championship Football game. Bring another win from the Superdome back to the 318. Haynesville, Louisiana. Home of the Champions!
Twenty-four hours in New Orleans and not a John Goodman or a Steve Zahn to be found.
Got a spare 30mins? Watch this film shot in New Orleans by DOP Sam Fisher
I added a video to a playlist New Orleans - French Quarter and Downtown - 2013 US Roadtrip
I can't wait for next weekend to come so I can be with my bf having the best time ever in New Orleans 😍
*crossover idea*. Caroline goes to a bakery in New Orleans to try the best beignets ever made.
Dave Chapelle is back! Sold out show tonight in New Orleans! Check him out!
Vintage Bennette Moore hand colored photographs Amazing New Orleans art from the past!
“where? There's nothing to do unless u live in New Orleans” ... Lafayette! Anything is better than JXN MS!
Finally finished with the semester and leaving for New Orleans tomorrow for wedding! Christmas is starting early this year!
My First convention of 2015 is.. Wizard World New Orleans . Jan 9-11, 2015...
The heart of New Orleans. Thumpin' and beatin'. Livin' and breathin'. Stealin' and feedin. Peelin' and leavin'. Killin' and grievin'
Lil please stop the killing New Orleans
Lol *** you coming through or not. And I already told you if you're serious we can hit New Orleans 👌
he wore the kd 7 the first night back. I work at the New Orleans arena
“Is it possible Payton has reached his expiration date in New Orleans?” This “could” be last year in NO. Man, that deserv…
Most expensive listed 'dream homes' in New Orleans area .
Came to New Orleans and still didn't go home yet 😒
LeBron James out for Cavs' Thursday clash with Thunder, Durant (Ball Don't Li
First time ever playing New Orleans and it was so amazing, Thanks to all you ghosts who made it out ❤️.
“Can your character just go to New Orleans and be a total bad *** with Klaus?”only if I g…
I'm so heartless, thoughtless, lawless and flawless, smallest regardless, largest in charges, born in new orleans, get killed for jordans
Y`all. I can't front. I am falling pretty hard for New Orleans. And last night I casually browsed local apartment listings. Just for kicks. Yeah.
The zombie scene in American Horror Story Coven is bullcrap because the dead are put in mausoleums in New Orleans how's that for a fun fact?
We were never gonna win this game, come on now. Onto New Orleans
Living in New Orleans as a child it's hard to not use the word *** or *** and with all this stuff going on imma try not to say that
They will not win the Division. You MAY see them in Atlanta or New Orleans though.
Cant wait ✊ after i graduate ima be in killeen for a year so i can become a CNA then im moving to New Orleans to go to medical school .
Three weeks away from in New Orleans!
Not a bad view in downtown New Orleans. Excited to be here with my family for graduation. .
one day will rule the whole New Orleans
I can't stand living in New Orleans nothing but thottin *** boys and girls I should have been born where the faithful boys at
At a bar listening to jazz in New Orleans, this was drawn on chalk in the restroom. Amazing.
Our mouths are watering over these amazing
I love New Orleans to death,but I have to get out the city before it try to trap me 💯
oops I'm going to New Orleans tomorrow
Here’s the paradox of pre-Katrina New Orleans: For its ten million pie-eyed vacationers trolling the sticky streets of the French Quarter, the city was a pul...
Wonder what the weather in New Orleans gone be like for the weekend... I pray not rainy&cold...
I wanna go to New Orleans I love that southern hospitality
Every time Taylor & I are due to go to New Orleans, she can't!
I'm seriously in love with New Orleans. I've got to visit again.
Have a nice night! Wish I could be there this weekend..but hope to see u in New Orleans! Goodnight..sweet dreams.. :-)
aww i should go to New Orleans ...didn't think out this plan 😕
Just opened a wine bottle with a kitchen knife and a house key. Welcome to New Orleans.
I want to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, and its the weekend for my bday , that would be fun .
Hey y'all! I will be leaving Christmas afternoon to roadtrip with Sarinea Meserkhani back to Louisiana! I will be heading to New Orleans first and then Shreveport Bossier, my hometown and then back to Los Angeles! Can't wait to see everyone again!
Hi! As a new member of the group, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Giambrone, I live in Clinton, Mississippi. I work at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History as an historian. My grandfather, Salvatore Giambrone, immigrated to the United States on board the ship San Giovanni, arriving on August 1, 1913. My grandfather was from Santo Stephano, Sicily, and his parents were Joseph Giambrone and Rosa Cacciatore. He had three brothers, Michele, Pietro, and Ignazio, and one sister, Maria Josepe. Salvatore initially lived at Smoke Bend, Louisiana, near New Orleans, but he eventually settled at Bolton, Mississippi, and married Frances Mary Giardina. I look forward to being part of the group, and making contact with other Giambrones!
Netanyahu disrupted during congress by a brave Jewish girl who exposes Israel, to be tackled by AIPAC . Rae Abileah, a 28-year old Jewish daughter of an Israeli, is a member of Code Pink, a pacifist organization. She told Ynet that she had disrupted another speech by Netanyahu at the Jewish Federations General Assembly in New Orleans in November. "We are a young generation of Jews who don't intend to sit by in silence and allow prime ministers who commit crimes against humanity speak," she said. "As far as we're concerned he can speak at the International Criminal Court in the Hague." Abileah says she used a card procured by a friend to sneak into the House of Representatives. "When Netanyahu began to speak about Israel and democracy a got up to speak against its anti-democratic operations," she said. "I yelled, 'Stop the occupation, stop Israeli war crimes' and I called out for equal rights for Palestinians." Abileah claims that immediately after her protest she was attacked by activists belonging to the ...
Tomorrow we r headed to new Orleans
Well no create a player tonight, just gotta get ready for New Orleans next and "just try to get better everyday" lol
A fourth consecutive Cajun appearance in the R+L New Orleans Bowl might be reason enough for fans to purchase tickets but another reason could also be supporting their Alma Mater. Attending the New Orleans Bowl in December has become a tradition for many Cajun fans. A.J. Abear with Cajun Harley…
The City Council on Thursday gave the Housing Authority of New Orleans the go-ahead to build a community center at the Marrero Commons housing...
New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy's Strings Department performs the "Game of Thrones" theme for the Christmas concert, because...*Winter is coming*. You can see Cristo next to the girl at the end.
How much does it cost to catch the bus( RTA) in New Orleans nowadays?
Next week this time we will be landing in New Orleans. Looking forward to seeing family and friends.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I want to go to New Orleans sooo bad!! 😫😫😫😫 Uugh! Nobody wants or can even go with me 😒 I need new Friends
So proud of Jackie Johnson she will officially be a New Orleans Seminary Graduate this Saturday with her Master Degree! Love you Jackie and congrats!
"What a great night. Holy crap. Did I mention that I love New Orleans? — with Gerard Butler"
About to crank up @ Oak Wine Bar tonight w/ Ronald Reiss on pedal steel. Come check out one of the few pedal steelers in New Orleans lend his talents to one of the many singer/songwriters in New Orleans. Please disregard any grammatical errors, it be what it be.
Flight has been booked for New Years Eve!.in New Orleans! Ohio State Playoff Game here we come! Can not contain my excitement. Go Bucks!!!
Just watched the 30 for 30 on Miami football. Interesting they mentioned Luther Campbell and that controversy as what brought down the "U" never a word spoken about a particular trip to New Orleans in Jan of 1993. They are a cocky bunch. Lamar Thomas must think he is still 22 years old. However his run in with a Mr. Teague was well.again absent . Good grief. It was a great run no doubt but even with 2001 NC, well they only got 5. I guess that's impressive for other schools.
ESPN Video: The NFL Live crew make their picks for New Orleans at Chicago.
CONFESSION # 1846 - I’d been using the telephone personals. One guy had this ad on it that was like, “Totally hot muscular masculine dude, only reply if you’re the same.” I left him a message and he called me and right away admitted that he’d lied, he wasn’t particularly good-looking but he was willing to pay. I needed money so I agreed to meet up with him. We went to a motel and he blew me. I blew him too and made out with him because I didn’t know how to set boundaries. He paid me $40 and I felt so gross. He called me back a couple days later and offered me $80. I needed money to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras so I said yes. He didn’t want to spring for a motel room so we went to the city park and hid in the bushes. He sucked me for a while, but when I turned away to pee he scooted over on his knees to drink it, and I let him.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Little Richard, perhaps the world's most dynamic performer, who is 82 years young on December 5th. remains an iconic figure in the crossover from New Orleans R&B to Rock'n'Roll, and in the acceptance of flamboyant *** performers.
Held Brooke's 1st birthday party that weekend! Dressed like mini and major Princess Tianas. Flew in crawfish from New Orleans and Aunt Tai McEachin arrived with an autographed book from Anika Noni Rose.
Ok, just registered, booked flight and hotel for the New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon in Jan. Ready or not here we come.
I'm so ready to move to New Orleans with my buddy Ken Lewis Jr. And Andrew Lewis and start a good job and make some good music! C'MON February! Divorce can feel worse than death and then an extensive surgery that disables you can bring you down...and then after being on my own since 18 and having to go back to my parents isn't easy for me or them...but I'm thankful to have a roof over my head.and now I've reconnected with someone very special and she has brought back a smile that I thought was gone forever.I write songs, some are happy and some are sad...and then most of them are from real life experiences.I don't talk to many people unless on here and this is where I vent sometimes...I want y'all to know that I know some of my lyrics are dark but I've been down a dark road and I try to end them with a positive outcome but sometimes it's not there...just because I'm sober and I am staying on that path and everyday I do, it gets easier but I also fall sometimes.not lately but I've had someone encouraging m ...
If you are one of about 1000 pledge contributors, Merry Christmas from New Orleans. a little film by Gail Harvey , a demo of a new song... xmas in NewOrleans.
In New Orleans 15 years and just remembered I like Jazz and Blues!!!
New Orleans: The approaching 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is a timely reason to see just how much the city has revived, says Lonely Planet editor Sara Benson.
It's time to book a vacation... to Queens. That is, at least according to the fine folks at Lonely Planet, who have released their "Best in the US 2015" list. While there are plenty of good reasons to always go to New Orleans, the same c...
DESPITE WORKING OUT KICKERS, SAINTS APPEAR TO BE STANDING BEHIND SHAYNE GRAHAM, SOURCE SAYS DECEMBER 10, 2014 Despite working out at least three kickers three days after Shayne Graham missed a field goal, it did not appear Wednesday afternoon that the Saints had any immediate plans to make a switch at the position, according to an NFL source with knowledge of the situation. The news isn’t exactly surprising. Although the Wednesday tryout players — former Saints Super Bowl hero Garrett Hartley, rookie free-agent Zach Hocker, and preseason New Orleans kicker Derek Dimke — all have their upside, Graham this season is 18-of-20 booting field goals for the Saints (5-8). Graham is seventh in the NFL with his field-goal percentage of 90. Hartley played for the Saints from 2008-2013 and made 82-of-101 attempts (81.2) during his tenure. He was released by New Orleans last December after missing two field goals in a 27-16 loss to the St. Louis Rams and was replaced by Graham. In 2009, Hartley connected on a ga ...
Pro Football Talk: Sean Payton insists he’ll be back in New Orleans next year
Today in 1889: Jefferson Davis is buried in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana.
If you're looking for rental seasonal or business contact Dewey Vacation Rentals. They're located on New Orleans...
Myers knows the West can turn you on your head at any time. Next up? Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, & OKC -
Take off time — traveling to New Orleans from George Bush Intercontinental Airport - Houston
At Thursday's regularly scheduled New Orleans City Council meeting, council members are expected to decide on the future of New Orleans police officers' salaries and minimum wage rates for city employees.
Actress,Voice Over, Radio Personality and current midday DJ for Q93 FM in New Orleans- Shay Moore will join the...
I wonder when they'll have auditions for Wheel of Fortune in New Orleans.
Panthers' Brandon Williams fined for role in fight at New Orleans: CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers tight end…
need help I have martellus bennet vs New Orleans, and I have Delanie Walker vs the jets. Who do I start???
Mills sees veteran teammate as mentor: Bears tackle and New Orleans-area native Jordan Mills was a Jermon Bush...
Thank you, Downtown Athletic Club. When I was a little boy growing up in New Orleans playing in the…
No one does Mardi Gras quite like Tipitina's Foundation. Due to our deep involvement with the music community, the entertainment we provide is second to none. Enjoy the sights and sounds of New Orleans area school marching bands, many of whom play instruments provided by our Instruments A Comin' pro…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Lincoln traveled to New Orleans by flatboat twice, but as far as we know, he wasn't at Mardi Gras giving or receiving beads.
I will be going to New Orleans in February to celebrate Mardi Gras. Anyone wanna tag along and take a road trip? Serious inquiries only.
Are you interested in sharing information on New Orleans and Mardi Gras with your students? If so, purchase the...
Growing up in New Orleans was the coolest,esp when your Dad is Mr. Mardi Gras. Here he is in 1983.
New Orleans is so much more than Mardi Gras | A Rendezvous with Life
The block hot the cops hot. Finna go to New Orleans to the Mardi Gras. She a hot thot she was already dropped
War On Abuse and Domestic Violence Present: "The Royal Concert Tour" F/ the. King of Hip Hop Soul Holly Rob in New Orleans,…
Between 1961, when she gave her first talk at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston, and 1981, when she gave the last talk of her life in New Orleans, Ayn Rand spoke and wrote about topics as varied as education, medicine, Vietnam, and the death of Marilyn Monroe. In The Voice of Reason, these pieces, wr...
December 10th: Born on this day 1910, Born on this day, John Hammond, producer, A&R scout. Worked with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, George Benson and Janis Joplin. Hammond died on 10th July 1987. 1926, Born on this day Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones, New Orleans blues guitar player from the 1940s and 1950s best known for the million-selling song ‘The Things That I Used to Do’, a song that is listed in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. 1967, American soul singer, songwriter Otis Redding was killed in a plane crash, aged 26. Redding and his band had made an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio on the local ‘Upbeat’ television show the previous day. The plane carrying Otis Redding and his band crashed at into icy waters of Lake Monoma near Madison. Redding was killed in the crash along with members from the The Bar-Kays, Jimmy King, Ron Caldwell, Phalin Jones and Carl Cunningham. Trumpet player Ben Cauley was the only person to survive the crash. 1971, ...
We had a great event at The Old US Mint in New Orleans & we'd like to say a special thank you to Greg Lambussey...
SONO Student Dave Clive sitting in with George Porter Jr., at my "Spirit of New Orleans" drum camp finale concert!
Country's top chefs coming to New Orleans for John Besh Foundation benefit: Michael Anthony, Marc Vetri, Micha...
I am asking for my Episcopalian friends to say a special prayer this morning while my friend Hazel Barnes is in surgery for a serious operation called the Whipple, she has a severe case of Pancreatic cancer. The Whipple is a very intense surgery. This is a picture of her about 5 years ago at her surprise retirement party in New Orleans. A school teacher for many years but after hurricane Katrina she moved to the Atlanta area. Hazel is the aunt of Connie Payton wife of the late great running back for the Chicago Bears Walter Payton. Please pray for my dear friend whom I just love and adore .thanks friends of the Episcopal churches
2 of Aaron Rodgers' 3 interceptions were made by New Orleans. The 31st ranked defense. What is life?
Toni had a new reporter for WXXV Fox 25 news channel as a trainee today, They did good covering the Ocean Springs PD Christmas toy drive. I think she said she might be training her for 3 days. One employee went to New Orleans that is being replaced.
Thousands gather for Christmas caroling in Jackson Square each year to take part in a famous New Orleans tradition. Follow your holiday joy.
One of the properties being sold by the Transportation Dept. is on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans.
Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State have been selected to play in the first College Football Playoff. Alabama is the top seed and will play Ohio State in one semifinal at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Oregon is the second seed and will play Florida State in the other semifinal at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Both games will be played New Year's Day. The winners will advance to the national championship game to be played Jan. 12 at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas.
Depiction of the tragedy in New Orleans to the song "Tie My Hands" by Lil Wayne. Video Created by Rami Hashish.
Alabama to Play Ohio State in College Football Playoff Semifinal Crimson Tide and Buckeyes to play in 81st annual Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans at 7:30 p.m. (CT) on Jan. 1
Sugar Bowl Tickets Public waiting list is open for playoff semifinal tickets Ohio State meets Alabama in first-ever College Football Playoff at the Allstate Sugar Bowl COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fans interested in purchasing tickets in the Ohio State sections through Ohio State University for the first-ever College Football Playoff semifinal game at the Allstate Sugar Bowl are encouraged to submit a request now at the following link on the Athletic Department website: 12-1 Buckeyes, Big Ten Conference champion and the No. 4 seed, will meet the 12-1 Alabama Crimson Tide, the No. 1 seed and champion of the Southeastern Conference, at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 1, in one College Football Playoff semifinal at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. Ticket prices start at $195 including service charges. Ohio State receives approximately 13,000 tickets for the semifinal game and, should general public tickets be available after priority requests from season ticket holders, faculty, staff and students are fulfille ...
Just got accepted to Tulane University in New Orleans and Baylor University w/ a $34,000 scholarship
Swaggy P, eerrr, Nick Young draws the foul. Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday coming back in to try and lock it up for New Orleans.
Roman Harper makes sweet return to New Orleans and Superdome.
I Apologize to You God By David J. Stewart "The wicked shall be turned into *** and all the nations that forget God." —Psalm 9:17 I apologize on behalf of my nation. The United States of America has become a large Sodom and Gomorrah. I am so sorry Lord, you deserve far much better. You have blessed us with freedom, and yet we taunt your holiness by living in unrepentant sin. You gave us your precious Word, and yet we have banned It from our public school's curriculum since 1963. Your Word teaches us to pray; yet since 1962 teachers have been legally forbidden to lead children in prayer. You teach us in your Holy Word that you lovingly formed mankind out of the dust of the earth, and breathed into us the breath of life; yet, our schools are legally required to teach children that they evolved from apes. We are so filled with sinful pride and stubbornness in America that we have even renamed one of our most popular cities SIN CITY! Some people believe that You judged New Orleans with hurricane Katrina, .. ...
Great WIN in the superdome with 41 points... so fun seeing former teammates, coaches and fans in New Orleans
Strange But True: Saints have lost 4 in a row in New Orleans, longest home losing streak in Drew Brees era.
Think Brees & Ryan are finished in New Orleans, sad to see for the former
Former tarheel Tre Boston is having a great game in New Orleans.
People saying THE Ohio State University. Well, in that case, we are THE University of Alabama. See you in New Orleans.
Many of New Orleans' former Brothels are also some of the most haunted buildings in
Former Panther kickers always flock to New Orleans. Wonder if Gano will sign there in a few years.
Ohio State has made the first-ever College Football Playoff. Will play No. 1 Alabama in New Orleans on Jan. 1
On this date in 1889, Confederate President Jefferson Davis died in New Orleans.
We're all over the place in 2015 - New Orleans, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Las Vegas, San Francisco,...
Up next for Lakers: Sunday vs. New Orleans: New Orleans' Anthony Davis, right, and Ryan Anderson block a shot ...
we ain't good enough for the Alamo bowl. I want my rematch with Bama in New Orleans. They got one pawl!!
Just switched over to a very sensitive "voodoo in New Orleans" episode of Murder She Wrote.
My mom just told me that she found an antique book on voodoo in New Orleans and almost bought it for me but didn't
OH MY GOD!!! I'm so excited for u!!! Witches and Voodoo and New Orleans!!
So while my dads in New Orleans seeing Gerard Butler Im at my grandmas playing trivia crack...what am I doin with my life.?
I thought Voodoo moved back to New Orleans?
Ron Rivera confirmed that rookie Bene Benwikere will start at outside cornerback on Sunday vs. New Orleans.
At Fogelman Arena on the Tulane University campus in New Orleans, Louisiana for an afternoon of Basketball---Mississippi State Style!!
I'm the fellow with voodoo dolls and New Orleans spookiness in my office.
Hamilton Collection
Considering college in New Orleans? Debuting your project at Tulane University could be a great resume booster for you!!
House of Voodoo, New Orleans, Louisiana. My boyfriend and I loved it and the ghost tour!!! | Trendvee
Today is Saturday, Dec. 6, the 340th day of 2014. There are 25 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Dec. 6, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln nominated Salmon P. Chase to be chief justice of the United States, succeeding Roger Taney (TAH'-nee). (Chase was installed as chief justice nine days later.) On this date: In 1790, Congress moved to Philadelphia from New York. In 1884, Army engineers completed construction of the Washington Monument by setting an aluminum capstone atop the obelisk. In 1889, Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States of America, died in New Orleans. In 1907, the worst mining disaster in U.S. history occurred as 362 men and boys died in a coal mine explosion in Monongah, West Virginia. In 1917, some 2,000 people died when an explosives-laden French cargo ship collided with a Norwegian vessel at the harbor in Halifax, Nova Scotia, setting off a blast that devastated the city. In 1922, the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which established the Irish Fre ...
It has humor, mystery, voodoo, New Orleans and murder –and a great story –wow!
discover the immortal soul eaters of New Orleans and Voodoo Queens who rule them .
I owe the city of New Orleans $320. Meaning my car will stay in Jefferson Parish until further notice.
New designer drug "25i" sent 3 to hospital in New Orleans after this weekend's Voodoo Music Experience festival.
LAKE FOREST, Ill. (AP) -- Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been ruled out for the team's Dec. 15 home game against New Orleans due to two fractured ribs and a lung injury suffered in Thursday night's loss to Dallas.
Need some beignets from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.. Smh….
Straight from a voodoo shop in New Orleans. Street cred + 💯. Thanks carl_cap!
Ima start going to New Orleans every Friday & come right back to houston Saturday night.
I am a New Orleans native, try , also Cafe Du Monde for beignets. Both are great places.
What brings you to New Orleans? Check out Cafe Du Monde, Port of Call, Napolean House, and MY BEDROOM.
I bet repeal day was like NYE, Thanksgiving Eve, Super Bowl Sunday and July 4 stuffed inside New Orleans and wrapped in Las Vegas.
Music in New Orleans for Sunday, Dec. 7, 2014: Jazz bassist James Singleton celebrates a new CD
My diamonds no voodoo they 504 from New Orleans -Chief Keef
do voodoo put a curse on yall nigghas , New Orleans baby . 😝
Booze, blues, and voodoo. 1950's New Orleans is the setting for the immersive show, "Closing Night at The Caledonia Club." Cool premise!
just spoke with about the Spirit of New Orleans drum camp. Final perfomance is Sunday!
New Orleans! Naughty fun all night tonight at Experience VOODOO BURLESQUE starting at 9:30p!
practicing voodoo in the city limits of New Orleans is illegal and so is predicting someone's future
Day 2 in New Orleans so far consisted of a tour and now we are at the Ruby Slipper! The day has been great.
Day one in New Orleans featured Anita's Diner, Acme Oyster Co., and Cafe Du Monde!
Asked if have a tighter curfew when in New Orleans, Ron Rivera replied: “Oh, *** yeah.”
My diamonds no voodoo 504 bitxh they from New Orleans
Hahha. I am so freaked out right now. I've only been practicing Haitian Voodoo for a few weeks. New Orleans voodoo wasn't working
"I've heard Secret Santa is New Orleans' oldest tradition!"...yes, i believe that's how they sent voodoo dolls!
Florida State fans, I understand the frustration with dropping in the polls but stop complaining about bias against your team and the ACC. My news feed is full of all the perceived injustice against you. Justice will be served if you win your conference championship this weekend and take care of business in the playoffs. That's why the playoffs are there. The committee is there to find an undisputed national champion (and don't forget to generate money making matchups everyone wants to see) It doesn't matter if you're number 1 or 4 going in, you're in! Win and the nature of it being undisputed handles everything for you. Bright side of being number 4 is that most of you can travel to the game if you want. Would you rather have a game in Pasadena again to start with or New Orleans? Also, you're trying to fight a conference battle about ACC verses SEC. I'm not saying the SEC is as dominant as it has been in recent past, I'm also not saying it isn't, but as a conference if the ACC wants the respect most of . ...
I love New Orleans voodoo for sure. Might check it out I. The off season
Just STFU Zach.."with 10 days to prepare for their next game, Monday Night Football at Soldier Field vs. New Orleans
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The Coast Guard sponsored the Bayou Classic football game in New Orleans, Nov. 29, 2014. Coast Guard personnel attended a career expo, set up a static display outside of the super dome, and were recognized on the field. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tippets.
my mom went to New Orleans so I asked her to buy me a voodoo doll and she actually did
I have to say to this day one of the best gifts I've ever gotten is a voodoo doll from New Orleans. Real authentic looking and Easy Rider-y
Working in New Orleans earlier this week. Didn't see much of the city but was beside the Naval Air Station.
'The Originals': Danielle Campbell On Davina & Kaleb: Previews for the episode have hinted that New Orleans wo...
Willie Nelson, Arlo Guthrie and Dottie West - The City of New Orleans (L...: blessin even still. Qem.
Jennifer Moore and Debbie Wilson visit Santa at Travel South International in New Orleans!
About to take the stage at Huey Long's. Come on down and grab some tunes and New Orleans tucker.
In the aftermath of the police shooting in Ferguson, President Barack Obama wants to distribute 50,000 body worn cameras to police departments around the country. The Police chief in New Orleans says at $2 million a year, or 2 percent of his budget, body cameras are too expensive. What do you think? Is it worth the money for your police department to invest in the cameras?
If this is correct, New Orleans now more dangerous than Ciudad Juarez:
Evan Anderson and James Yockey speaking at Capital One Securities' Energy Conference Weds, Dec 10th in New Orleans.
Michael Bublé is a Canadian doing an imitation of New Orleans-based Harry Connick Jr doing his best Jersey accent.
Love the new NCIS New Orleans with up thanks to on demand. Loved sling blade. Enjoying Mr Black all grown up.
Today December 3rd 2014 it's reported that Douglas Scott Stanberry has passed away. His body was recovered from the wreckage of a stolen 85 foot yacht half way from Memphis to New Orleans. The yacht was covered in empty half gallon bottles of Jack Daniels and beef jerky wrappers. The play list from his iPhone was set to repeat and many of John Prine's greatest hits could still be heard playing as he United States Coast Guard started recovery efforts. It's not at this time made plain what caused the wreck, but many barge captains reported a voice on the VHS calling them out to play "chicken". Shots have been reported being fired at local fishing boats from a crazy yacht captain but at this time we can not connect the two. Rest in peace
with the palm trees it looks like New Orleans vs San Francisco. Beautiful.
he Princess and the Frog is a 2009 American animated musical romantic fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 49th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, the film is loosely based on the novel The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker, which is in turn based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "The Frog Prince". Written and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the film features an ensemble voice cast that stars Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, Keith David, Michael-Leon Wooley, Jennifer Cody, and Jim Cummings, with Peter Bartlett, Jenifer Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Terrence Howard, and John Goodman. Set in 1920s New Orleans, Louisiana, the film tells the story of a hardworking waitress named Tiana who dreams of owning her own restaurant. After kissing a prince who has been turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor, Tiana becomes a frog herself, and must find a way to turn back into a human before it is too late. The Princess and the Frog began p ...
I'm at for Luke St. John, baron amato, Mr. B, No Suh Foster and 2 more in New Orleans, LA
plus, New Orleans would be such a waste on Tech fans, they'd never leave hustler club after seeing first boobies
traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana from Southwest Airlines at BWI
Which is worse... Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, or Smoothie King Center in New Orleans?
Sophie Dee & Gianna Michaels Coming to Hustler Club in New Orleans: via
It's official: Kevin Durant will make his season debut tonight in New Orleans, per Scott Brooks.
Comedian Dave Chappelle coming to New Orleans' on Dec 11 via
How the Irish Became White Art McDonald, Ph.D. Several weeks ago I participated in a three day anti-racism training workshop which was conducted here in Pittsburgh. The facilitators were Rev. Joe Brandt, Executive Director of Crossroads Ministry, and Ms. Barbara Jordan, a community organizer and educator from the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond, a New Orleans' based sister organization to Crossroads. Besides providing a very excellent and intense experience of just how systemic racism is in our society, on a more personal level it was a very rich reunion with these two highly skilled and committed trainers. I had spent a day with Barbara down in New Orleans during the UU Urban Church weekend this past January and she had a very good feeling about UUs. She was delighted to meet someone from Pittsburgh who "had eaten her food, in her community." Just as delightfully, Joe and I realized that we had shared a ministerial experience some years back in the South Bronx. We learned and talked about all o ...
.Thunder Report with Scott Brooks and Anthony Morrow b4 trip to New Orleans
Just saw that Flow Tribe is playing when I'll be in New Orleans for Christmas. Easily the highlight of my crappy Monday.
7 Facts about Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 Tiki Bar in New Orleans (I'm saving my pennies to go there this...
Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson arrives in New Orleans to prepare the city for an anticipated British attack.
Thank you for naming us one of "New Orleans' Top 10 French Restaurants You Should Try."
200 years ago today. Andrew Jackson arrived in New Orleans on December 1, 1814 to discover that the city had...
In 1814 General Andrew Jackson, commander of the U.S. Army of the Southwest, hastened to defend New Orleans,…
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 34 - Baltimore Ravens 33 (7-5) : This was a tough loss to stomach. At home, scoring 33 points, and having Pittsburgh and Cleveland losing set the stage for a win that would have an impact on the season. Leading for all but the last 38 seconds is a horrible way to play football. This may be the dagger that keeps the Ravens out of the Playoffs for the second straight year. From the look of things though, even if they make the Playoffs, they will be torched against the QB-quality they will face. 1. Marlon Brown was on fire, and then was concussed and out for the game. SSS had a bad game, after the fire that he brought to the field in New Orleans. Torrey Smith looks like he is on a roll. The receivers were a positive, even though Flacco threw the ball high quite a bit. 2. The Ravens had the ball after an impressive Jacoby Jones return in a position to bury the Chargers. They then called offensive plays that were more focused on burning up clock and going for a FG than looking to ...
I love oysters! These rockerfella oysters were tasty! Oysters Rockefeller was created at the New Orleans...
NCIS:New Orleans is just a ripoff of Chief Wiggum P.I.
New Orleans big aab. Last night I walked the same distance as from glen oaks to Sherwood
New Orleans! Wake up, get dressed and meet me at Kingdom Builders Family Worship Center You can come as...
Jim Garrison of New Orleans, poster child for Plausible Deniability for Profit. The Conspiracy Theory the Emperor's New Hand Me Downs...
New Orleans-style iced coffee at Ocean Grounds. The coffee is inside the ice ball, and slowly melts…
Im tryna go back to Glen Oaks , i hate New Orleans schools .
I just turned to the New Orleans city council meeting, and boy did I get an eyeful when they opened the floor to the public. Lawd!
In the 2011 class, D'haquille Williams, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry were HS seniors playing WR in the New Orleans ar…
MGySgt Kevin Buckles visits with the Landry Walker HS band while in New Orleans for the
I'm sorry, but Caroline Forbes needs to go to New Orleans. It's the only option.
Byron Scott is getting fired no later than after next season. Guaranteed. *** I won't be the least bit surprised if he gets fired after this season. He's a top 20 Lakers player of all-time but a horrible coach. He was really lucky to have had Jason Kidd in New Jersey and Chris Paul in New Orleans. -Nick
This evening Colonel Edmonson welcomed over thirty Troopers assigned to New Orleans to support the New Orleans Police Department throughout the 2014 Bayou Classic weekend. Troopers will be patrolling the French Quarter as well as surrounding areas of the city during the 41st annual Bayou Classic to be held tomorrow in the Louisiana Super Dome. Troopers urge everyone to have a safe time and if they are joining the Bayou Classic festivities please have a plan in place for a safe ride home and responsible celebrations. Always wear a seat belt, never drive distracted, and never drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver.
New Orleans police to reopen more than a thousand child abuse and rape cases mishandled by detectives.
BNSF's ex-Frisco mainline through southern Missouri and northern Arkansas to Memphis is flood-prone, and when flooding takes the line out of service, high-priority shipments are rerouted through other gateways; such was the case in the spring of 2008 when BNSF sent a few Schneider trains via the Lafayette Subdivision and through New Orleans. Since the only containers that BNSF normally moves on this line are maritime containers moved between New Orleans and the West Coast (and since UP moves its Umax and Pacer containers in addition to maritime containers), seeing these was an interesting diversion.
Although I did have Thanksgiving in New Orleans last year and it was delicious...except the sweet potatoes marshmallows!!
let me know I'll come I love New Orleans and I think that's the Allstar weekend to.
Omg please tell me y'all saw the New Orleans booty bounce dance crew in the Thanksgiving Day Parade? So proud to call it home.
*** you — traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana from San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Tonight, Executive Chef Tory McPhail faces Curtis Stone's Kitchen Inferno determined to bring home the prize for his city of New Orleans. Tune in at 10|9c!
Listening to some New Orleans jazz helped me distinguish between trumpet and trombone, but that's about it. D:
Executive Chef represents his hometown of New Orleans on tonight's new with host Watch at 10|9c!
The band is just getting warmed up! Come by tonight for some great New Orleans jazz and even better drink specials!
Missing our New Orleans jazz, so I ordered 5 new CDs!
John Gray has a show on 11/26/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro in New Orleans, LA...
Dave Grohl: I knew nothing about New Orleans or jazz before ‘Sonic Highways'
Hey ghosts a night in New Orleans semi tickets on sale in Murray's place everyday at lunch until Dec 4 $20..Don't miss this jazz of a time 💃
Just looked up the jazz bar from the 1st night in New Orleans up on google!Looks so dodgy but this place was unreal!
Pierre Thomas will host fundraising dinner in New Orleans
New Orleans & I stay in the neighborhood with Cummings elementary na.
“Celebrating jazz, culture and history in New Orleans.
Why Music: Telling the Story of Music and the Mind: Meet Una Vida -- a jazz singer from New Orleans confronted...
What makes jazz so winning is that it seems to resist change while changing before our eyes and ears - New Orleans -
“There are only two things: Love and the Music of New Orleans or Duke Ellington” (Boris Vian)
My flu is back, hope it doesn't last 7weeks like last chest my head. Ooh ouch. So since I got time on my hands my thoughts about this week. Ferguson riots. The city KNEW what they were doing By announcing that verdict at businesses won't be able to open, the city gets the property on the in New Orleans when the levee "broke".the people burning and looting are not from Ferguson.Why didn't the national guard shut the city down and make people show id to get in certain areas? Mike Brown wasn't giving a chance to prove his innocence. The cop became judge,jury and executor. Isn't a life worth more than a handful of swisher cigars? Those condemning mean to tell me as a kid you NEVER swiped something from a store? Hope you don't get shot. What ever happened a life is lost and a cop will never be a cop again.i also don't like how he equated Mike into an animal. We need to boycott CNN until they get rid of Don lemon. This joker said crowd was smoking weed(untrue) jumping on car ...
My dream : Go to New Orleans and sing jazz the all day . 😊
but as we all saw against New Orleans, the Jazz need some help with their post defense.
There's more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival. Here's our experience.
Celebrating jazz, culture and history in New Orleans.
I am back in New Orleans with Walker Percy's The Moviegoer. Lethargy, Catholicism and class.
Baltimore Ravens come up big in New Orleans, hand Saints 3rd straight home loss..
All of the major cities are showing out today, New Orleans is still boiling over the Saints
On Monday 24, 'Saints' was Trending Topic in New Orleans for 6 hours:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Jacob I have something to give you at the New Orleans m&'s saints related 😏
We got that Johnny Horton song Battle of New Orleans out of it, which means we're all winners.
New Orleans: TOMORROW night at 6, Frank Warren of fame will be at the bookstore signing copies of "The World of…
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1947, John Larroquette was born on this date in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
New NCIS: New Orleans tonight @ 9pm - A stolen Navy-issue gun turns out to belong to a chief petty officer who died 40 years ago.
Bought our yellow Chrysler Crossfire Roadster the week New Orleans, LA was hit by the Hurricane later in week.
Bill getting ready for solo show in New Orleans tonight with Dr. John, Deacon John, Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. and...
It's now officially INTERNATIONAL!! New Orleans in USA have just signed up!! Still time to get involved - contact jonathanfor more details.
New Orleans hosts the voice of artists from around the world for via
Rough night for the Saints. Care to SOUND OFF again on the terrible performance in New Orleans? Call 320-1130!...
Selfie because it's way to early to be going to New Orleans 👑❤️
* New York Jets 3-38 Buffalo Bills * Baltimore Ravens 34-27 New Orleans Saints The Buffalo Bills overcame the loss of home field advantage and a lack of practice time to trounce the New York Jets 38-3 in Detroit on Monday, while Baltimore kept pace in the hotly contested AFC North with a 34-27 road…
New Orleans is the City of Spirits. French Quarter MYSTERIES. http…
I need to go to New Orleans for a getaway
THANK YOU for finally asking the question. Just like New Orleans and Katrina. No one home .
Anthony Davis GOES OFF for a career-high 43 points & 14 boards in the New Orleans Pelicans win!
When I look at Missouri I am reminded of New Orleans after Katerina. I watched in shock as reporters stood & watched people brake into business & take things. My daddy ran a small business for 25 years. If this had been our family it would have ended to our livelihood. It brokes my heart then & now.
“New Orleans is a city that knows the deepest pains and the greatest joys. It shows in every corner of the city.”—
Another good week of picks only 2 games wrong (god I hate the NFC south *** you Atlanta and New Orleans) but it was funny watching NYJ lose
URGENT! PLANO RESIDENTS! My heart is hurting so so badly :'( I am in New Orleans on a last minute surprise trip and I had my good friends take care of my dogs, including my wonderful sweet foster dog Oliver-Shane. Unfortunately, sweet Oliver is very scared of other people (though still very sweet, he wags his tail when he sees you and wants to trust you!) and he ran away from them and he has been gone all night. Despite all of their efforts, they have not been able to catch him. I am trying to get an earlier flight to come back today but I desperately need everyone on the look out. He is SUCH a good dog and there is no way I am losing this kiddo. We are going to find him, period the end! He went missing between independence and Coit. Winfield Dr. Is the street that my friends live on, I really really think he will be close by. Because Oliver is so scared, it will take him quite a bit of time to come to you but if you are patient and get down on his level, he will come to you slowly. Make sure to grab him ...
New Orleans is a city of bold colors and distinct flavors, filled with sounds and a history etched in the cobblestoned streets. No city in the world can duplicate its brand of living music, culinary genius, and potent artistry, as its bravado breathes from the pores of a place that refuses to believe in “the rules.” In a literal reflection, the people of this city are cultural anomalies in any comparison with rest of the planet, as was so starkly brought to the surface after tragedy unsheathed all of the cities’ truths. No matter what the present “norms” present, New Orleans people have never followed the status quo without resistance – and even if they reluctantly do, it is often with a flourish that betrays its penchant for being different.To live in the Big Easy is to speak and understand its primal language. Even the people attracted to relocating to such a humid, oppressive climate always seem to be searching, creative souls who hear the song of the city calling. Yet whether one is born a ...
Love New Orleans and The French Quarter? This book is for you: Flying Solo
Baltimore came out blazing and never let up, taking down New Orleans on Monday Night Football. -
Gracepoint Homes debuts gated enclave in Shenandoah with New Orleans flair
Hello New Orleans :) thank you David for taking me to the airport!
I iust love having to ride all the way to pascagoula...then ride all the way to new orleans for work...NOT!
Here in New Orleans during Katrina black cops were shooting unarmed, innocent ppl down like dogs! Some are in prison most are not!
Teen driver won’t be cited in crash that killed 5 in family: NEW ORLEANS — A careless-driving citation against...
Totally want to see Klaus and John work a case in New Orleans now.
As the season begins to grind, the Pelicans show increased maturity | The New Orleans Advocate via
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Got 2 brothers on my daddy side from New Orleans We talk but Never got to meet up Bayou Classic imma see my big brother Go support one of his shows
Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints on Nov 24, 2014. Watch video of the game, buy tickets, get stats & depth charts, game highlights, analysis, recap, and discuss with other NFL fans!
Until next time, New Orleans. Been fun. We'll miss ya.
Ravens came to play in New Orleans November 25, 2014Drew's Blog, HomeBaltimore Ravens, Basketball, Drew Brees, drew forrester, drew's morning dish, drew's podcast, Hanley Ramirez, New Orleans Saints, Pablo Sandoval, UMBC18inarowYou can make all the jokes you want about the NFC South…
Ravens pick up a big win on MNF in New Orleans.
The Baltimore Ravens picked up a big win in New Orleans on Monday Night Football to keep pace in the division race:
Forsett rushed for 182 yards and two touchdowns, and Baltimore beat New Orleans 34-27 on Monday night.
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Worst or first? Saints remain stuck in NFC South limbo | The New Orleans Advocate
As noted last week-- a 5-11 team could still win the NFC South
Is it me, or is any offensive player with a pulse almost a must start against New Orleans defense?
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