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New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States.

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your real story is McFarland, son of New Jersey real estate developers. Not a group overly familiar with ethics
Wire: New Jersey to vote on bill to regulate daily fantasy sports
On my way to visit family earlier in New Jersey, I passed in East Rutherford, NJ. Home of the
It's officially race day in East Rutherford, New Jersey!. How to watch »
The Nets helped a lot of us in New Jersey with their NBA Finals appearances. Great team.
Tbh I Booked a trip on the 11th of June to East Rutherford, New Jersey @ the MetLife Stadium but I see that I'm easily pushed away / blocked
& Nets too. All these people's original teams in the New Jersey area the Knicks & Nets are so *** that they abandon their team & bandwagon
-16 is low. As a New Jersey resident. NY sports fans and a Brooklyn nets fan. I would only hope for a…
And have New Jersey nets 1st Rd pick in 18...
Im so anxious bcs i want JungKook to meet JustinBieber but JB is in New Jersey, & its literally across the freakin country uGH
Check out new post Central Jersey Calendar of Events
I'm so ready to be on my way to New Jersey on the 26th
Foto de Justin hoy en New Jersey. I vote for for Top Social Artist at the
Last night Quest Young (PN '12) was hit by car in New Jersey and died. Quest was everyone's favorite. I can't remember being m…
why am i having a feeling that after Justin performs in Minneapolis he'll come straight to New Jersey
Another photo of Justin Bieber spotted with fans today in New Jersey. (May 19)
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Met with talented candidates for New Jersey's 25th Legislative District. I support Lisa Bhimani, Richard Corcoran, and Tom…
I can't get over New Jersey...they stayed charged up& the love was transparent on all levels
Another video of Justin Bieber spotted out in New Jersey today. (May 19)
USA at Sat, 20 May 2017 04:41:51 +0 | Hazard event has been observed in State of New Jersey, USA |
School is over, time to hit the beach! @ Seaside Heights, New Jersey
Jon Bon Jovi spoke to graduates at Fairleigh Dickinson University in his home state of New Jersey yesterday. Bon...
The Nets were more competitive and watchable when they where located in New Jersey.
The a gift that keeps giving... Thank you New Jersey!! We love you 😂😂
The Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett trade to New Jersey for the Nets pick
That's what I saw plus the 1994 Houston Rockets and the 2003 New Jersey nets but I know fo…
Imagine if the Nets stayed in New Jersey lol
Nets have to just pack their bags and move back to New Jersey no?
How to enjoy Princeton University Art Museum with kids. Princeton, New Jersey has so much to offer f
Steve Van Zandt originally turned down honorary doctorate from Rutgers University in New Jersey.
State senator introduces bill to legalize marijuana in New Jersey:
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo and boyfriend Dave Cantin were brutally beaten during a home robbery:
Report: Former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her boyfriend were attacked during home invasion https:/…
Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dina Manzo and her boyfriend were brutally beaten during a robbery at their home:
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Dina Manzo one of two people violently attacked during NJ home invasion
Bona hiring Lee could give them, based off his history with St. Anthony's and Bob Hurley, Sr., a nice presence in New Jersey. Solid hire.
Union County College joins the County of Union, New Jersey in honoring and thanking Linden police...
Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah Davis walk off the field after the retirement ceremony of Derek Jeter's number..
Frelinghuysen targets critic in note to her boss
Need a new soccer jersey any suggestions?
Similar legislation is being considered in New Jersey, Tennessee and Chicago.
Ive been to New Jersey for a hockey tournament but not been to NY
New Jersey family says JetBlue kicked them off plane for storing birthday cake in overhead bin.
& Will be on somebody's Jersey because they are the new Coke & Pepsi
The Prophet Muhammad's own example is making it difficult to ban child marriage in 2017.
Please--we want a ban between D.C. and his golf club in New Jersey, too!
I think we should call and let him know that we will not tolerate this. Period. Washington, DC . (202) 225-5034 . New…
New Jersey governor says banning child marriage would conflict with religious customs.
Anna Jones recipe for baked new jersey and four complementary
Now that's how you answer that final question. Miss New Jersey USA did it for me.
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See you 2x in NY, 1 x in New Jersey, 1 x Uniondale, NY, Amsterdam and all German dates ❤️ 😘
This is why we have to fight all religions, humanity can no longer be held hostage by 1st millennium superstitions. https:…
New Jersey family kicked off JetBlue flight due to birthday cake
This includes the deplorable of New Jersey, which thinks this direct violation of their ethics code i…
GOP lawmaker targets New Jersey activist by sending letter to her boss — and she resigns under pressure
Is this the icing on the cake of U.S. airplane horror stories? JetBlue latest to terrorize customers on film.
Thank you New Jersey... It was great to be back tonight. 📷: https…
Ready to ? Check out our Jersey Pinterest board:
TIL that two New Jersey day care employees were sentenced to prison in 2015 for running a toddler fight club
Come see myself and on June 10th at in New Jersey:))) see you all there 👍🏼😀
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
New friends from the Union of Concerned Scientists joined us at River Barge Park in Carlstadt, New Jersey to talk...
Rutgers having Steve Van Zandt as their commencement speaker is the most New Jersey thing I've ever heard.
Nebraska, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Jersey and South Carolina, the courts have ruled that an employee cannot be denied
Big news from the Caesars Entertainment Corp. in New Jersey. Find out the full story:
WATCH: New Jersey family of four kicked off a Jet Blue flight to Las Vegas
Trumpcare amendment author Tom MacArthur faces hostility in New Jersey .. doesn't know the bill
A New Jersey man was killed in a Garden State Parkway crash this weekend, police said. Story developing.
Gov. Chris Christy just vetoed bill in New Jersey that would prevent child marriages!
When hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 I sent in money to help the victims in New & New Jersey from the devas…
Last week I took part in a seminar at Monmouth University entitled "The Future of New Jersey's Suburbs". Here is...
45 is treating the presidency and our democracy as a bully and a small time crook! The U.S. is not a New Jersey construction company!
•will fight anyone over New Jersey. •1st nose was exactly NBA player Alex Len's. •only dates men with excessive body hair
Chiefs release Khaseem Greene after charge in connection with New Jersey shooting
When did Trump make up his mind? Last weekend, at his golf course in New Jersey.
Lidl shines spotlight on Jersey Royal spuds in new TV ad
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Glad you enjoyed. You came all the way from New Jersey. The least I can do is give you a good show!
New Café Opening tomorrow at Hotel Chocolat, Jersey. We are now open Monday – Saturday 8am – 5:30pm. Pop into...
New Jersey boy donates 3,000 comic books to military so troops overseas have "something to remind them of home."
when are you scheduled to come and blow New Jersey up? I'm asking for a friend.
Here's what it's like to take a $400,000 Rolls-Royce Dawn on a road trip through New Jersey via
American soldiers returning from WWI on the USS Agamemnon, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1918.
& win an & Team India's new jersey. The F3 launch event begins at 12:30pm. Don't miss it!
Voila!. Take a look at Team India's new jersey. What do you think about it?. .
Resorts Casino first to launch daily fantasy sports in New Jersey .
New artwork for sale! - "Sunrise at Manasquan Reservior in Howell New Jersey" -
New Jersey: highest property taxes, 11 credit downgrades, and last in economic growth. Had enough? Me too. NJ needs a…
Look how garbage the east was that season. New Jersey (41-41) & Washington (41-41) two so…
Republican lawmaker gets drubbing over health reform. Tirades, yells and cries of "liar" lit up a town hall meeting in New Jersey, where fo…
Supporting LGBTQ young people in Jersey. New posters available. If you want a poster for your organisation or place o…
She Killed It: New Jersey teen arrives to high school prom in a hearse and coffin
This might just be the new Ajax away jersey for next season.
A new public footpath on the northern end of the Jersey Airport runway has been opened.
Republican congressman faces angry crowd at New Jersey town hall meeting for attempting to repeal Obamacare…
Tomorrow is my last day in New Jersey 😱😱😱
New Jersey poised to become 1st state to outlaw underage marriage
LeBron had the easiest road to the Finals in '07. Washington, New Jersey & Detroit (who were aging) by 2007.
When people got NY/NJ in their bio I already know they from Jersey and jus be in NY all the time cus aint no New Yorker go…
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will any of you two attend New Jersey like last year😉😉😉
This might be a great fit for you: Branch Manager- East Hanover, New Jersey - NJ
Chiefs released Khaseem Greene after he was charged in connection with a New Jersey shooting
What a day we had at Glenn 'Kootz' Taylor's studio in New Jersey! Two days for Glenn and me, actually, and...
REPORT: Russian *** Ilya Kovalchuk to return to NHL, his agent says "anywhere but New Jersey, Ilya hates spray tanne…
My latest blog post for the Regional Plan Association: Defending Planning Autonomy in New Jersey - RPA Lab
Norma's Flowers is coming soon. We are located at 974B Stuyvesant Ave., Union, New Jersey. Grand opening date will be…
A3) Some parts of Parvin State Park in New Jersey were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps
The governors of New York and New Jersey met for breakfast at a diner on the west side of the Hudson River…
We bring fashion into the Richard Meier Model Museum in New Jersey. Read the story here:
u know I swear New Jersey looks a lot like holland or zeeland, Michigan at times.when…
Treasures of New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickinson – Florham premieres Wednesday, May 10 at 8pm on NJTV. It will also... https…
Today was a very special day at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Hillsdale, New Jersey!. Birthday blessings, gifts...
JC LANDMARK on Rte 440 under the Pulaski Skyway on May 6th. @ Jersey City, New Jersey
Check out: The 10 Commandments of driving in New Jersey
Class of '46: At age 88, they're still proud alumni: New Jersey high school classmates visit Naples, Bonita for 71s…
LeFrak is about to open a shiny new high-rise in Jersey City's Newport community
What a team performance! Great job guys! is the new leader on the GC and will receive the pink jer…
Needa be buying u a new jersey cause that jawn fake ain't no pink stripe? 😂
Thank u Refugees: Creating a new life in New Jersey
Hey New Jersey, Trumpcare architect is holding a town hall next Wed. Got anything to say to him? http…
Mar-a-Lago is closed for summer. Trump has a new golf getaway in Bedminister, New Jersey.
AP BREAKING NEWS:Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is trying to sell his New Jersey home, and is as…
A New Jersey man is accused of planning to build a pressure cooker bomb and attack Manhattan, authorities say
New Jersey: Muslim plotted pressure cooker bomb jihad massacre in NYC, wanted to join the Islamic State. Yet...
Jared Kushner's family pitches a New Jersey real estate project to wealthy Chinese investors. Sure, why not?
President Trump, off to New Jersey, can't stop advertising his own brand via
New to the Market: Home Listings in and around West Deptford
The bill for coagulation disorders in New Jersey averaged 34 iPhone SEs (a 13 ft line of phones)
If Trump golfs today and tomorrow at his course in New Jersey, he will have golfed once every 5.4 days as president. https…
My sources tell me there's a horse named Irish War Cry from New Jersey...lock it in, throw away the key. We're about to be rich ☘️
Like literally, this probably has New Yorkers and people from Jersey so confused. It took me a sec
People who hate New Jersey eat bagels from Dunkin' Donuts so how am I supposed to take anything they say seriously?
The sea is rising in New Jersey. But nobody wants to leave the coast. An issue we will see more & more often!.
Will you go on FOX today and call your golf resort in Bedminster the "New Jersey White House"?
White House says Trump traveling to New Jersey to ‘save the taxpayer money'. That is so thoughtful !! When will his approval rate go to 0?
The $4 billion oculus -- which Mitchell Moss aptly described as a "f--king train to New Jersey" -- leaking is the perfect NYC…
Pres.Trump says staying at his New Jersey home cuts the cost of security detail compared with staying in Trump Tower
“The president is staying at his private residence in New Jersey. He’s trying to save the taxpayers money the best way…
New Jersey! will be here on Sunday, get your tickets here:
New Jersey: Man pledged allegiance to Allah, planned to "kill as many people as possible" in NYC
New Jersey has free Uber promos! Get free ride promo of $20. Uber code MIGUELT10. Beats Lyft. Promo Land.
Some new jersey numbers are joining
On this day 80 years ago, the Hindenburg burst into flames at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey.
Thanks everyone for support. I raised $45K in one week to consider challenging TomMacArthur author of TrumpCare 2.0…
Roxey Ballet Presents Cinderella at The College of New Jersey Kendall Theater at 4:00pm https:…
President Trump is now at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. Some of his neighbors are not happy about that. htt…
NEW JERSEY convert to Islam and ISIS wannabe planned pressure-cooker attack on Manhattan after …
Dunkirk is the story of a young American GI from New Jersey fighting off a Polish battalion during the battle of Pork Chop Hill in 1934.
Reed is a policy analyst focusing on New Jersey civic affairs.
The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2017 Annual National Meeting in Newark, New Jersey, from...
I hate when people use RU as Rowan university. There's only room for one RU in New Jersey and it's RUTGERS so get out of here fool.
Did New Jersey make or did Bruce Springsteen make New Jersey? Hear more on Schedule:
Yeah. He is the richest member of New Jersey's congression…
Bus Trivia- which famous American's son was the last royal colonial Governor of New Jersey?
Glad your back! Hope your going to be at walker stalker New Jersey this year! Would love to meet you!
Hi Jon please come to walker stalker New Jersey!! I would love to meet you!!
I've called 🤡thePied Piper from day one! If he played his flute to New Jersey they would jump o…
Steve Bannon looks like if New Jersey caught a bad case of Florida.
Bruce Springsteen talked a lot about New Jersey (are you surprised?) and Tom Hanks is afraid of the boardwalk now
Great talk with the youth at WORLD IMPACT with Mike Spencer!!! @ Newark, New Jersey
Kat *** & I paid homage to Clara Barton in New Jersey on the way down to DC @ Washington,…
Students from Mount Saint Mary Academy pitched in during the Community FoodBank of New Jersey's Global Youth Day.
The 2016 New Jersey concert featured many great performances. Get your tickets for the 2017 edition…
Amazing event connecting Annapolis Royal Canada with Hoboken, New Jersey. Please come out and learn more about Rose…
They mentioned Chase escaping through a tunnel to the Port of Newark in New Jersey on tonight's episo…
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NY State just made public college tuition-free and New Jersey is banning vape pens.I had to get outta there, man.
A New Jersey man told a judge Tuesday about a plan he played a part in to rob and kill his childhood friend.
Rare view over American bison at a snowy New Jersey farm
1st modern container ship, the Ideal X, left Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston on 26 April 1956 heralding a revol…
1956 - "First container ship left Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston, Texas."
1956 - SS Ideal X, the world's first successful container ship, leaves Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston, Texas.
An aerial gondola connecting Staten Island to New Jersey could become a thing:
Either that, or don't attend university, go to New York and New Jersey for a year and get a job when I come back
Defending a Juvenile Case in New Jersey. Handling juvenile delinquency cases is becoming a sub-specialty that...
Commission set to vote on New Jersey statehouse renovations - Washington Times
please call tom dart because michelle mc martin needs more money for black turbine so mob boss shorty New Jersey
STAND Central NJ. Supports democracy by fighting for social justice, starting from the ground up in New Jersey.
Today in New Jersey military history:. April 24, 1780: General George Washington put on a show for his...
New Jersey! Our release show May 19 at the Brighton Bar is selling fast! Get tix now: free CD at door!
Mr. Sikowitz: I spy a fly with my little thigh! . Tori Vega: [with a thick New Jersey accent] Thigh?
New Jersey, tell the East Hanover Board of Education that a public school is no place to fly religious flags.
Haven't seen anyone wear socks like that since Kerry Kittles in the New Jersey/ glory days.
Pic I took last year at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey.
Some of the talented staffers who helped the Burlington County Times win best small paper in New Jersey for a sixth…
New Jersey group gathering to hear Holly Austin Smith speak about &
New Jersey natives and actors Perri Lauren and Chris Meyer will be in New Brunswick on Sunday!…
Charlie Murphy's friends and family laid him to rest yesterday in New Jersey
After graduating, he chose to attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey to be closer to his sister Kenisha who lived in Edison
we are recruiting for our New Jersey chapter. visit our website for more information.
A New Jersey pizza restaurant has set out to change Taco Tuesdays forever; NE-038TU
How to Find Coupons and Discounts for the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, New Jersey
Presenting 'Step Up and Lead - Leadership Skills' (chapter 3) to members of the Westmont FD in New Jersey tonight
Eligible to apply: nonprofits/religious institutions from nine New Jersey counties -
The rivalry is alive with and St. Anthony’s. Watch the action from the Green Wave’s 19-10 win. .
If wants to win, he should focus less on defense industry cash & more on voting in line w/ constituents htt…
Today, I'm signing up new folk to join our excavations in this summer: join our field school:. https…
Former Passaic mayor Alex Blanco sentenced to 27 months in prison in federal bribery case
On May 13 four streets in Middletown Township will be dedicated to military veterans via…
Immigrants without legal status contribute an estimated $12 billion in state and local taxes.
This is not how Chris Christie thought his term as governor would end
Join peers to collaborate on solving digital education challenges. NJ on 5/31.
New Jersey's has a NEW rocking video for their single called "Pull Me Through"!. Check it out:…
Consumer contacted an agent for Motorcycle insurance in Paterson, New Jersey.
Good afternoon from 🚒 Advanced Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning in Jackson, New Jersey! One of our…
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Just ordered my new jersey all Grey colour rush with on back! 🔥
Richard Matthew Baines is accused of endangering the welfare of a child and viewing or possessing sexual images...
Every dog can have its final day here: Pooch hospice in New Jersey is a sanctuary for terminally ill ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Macy the colorful cream dog from New Jersey
Shout out to we love our new Jersey's! If you would like something like this for your club or organizatio…
Traffic court = no fun. 😭 Watch out in New Jersey. Don't merely hold your phone in your hand EVER. They are cracking down big time.😟
Believe it or not, this taxi is from New Jersey. I'm shocked. Nice hood ornament though. Classy.
My step dad said I can move with him to New Jersey 😊
The will be in to see 2018 guard Jalen Carey (from Immaculate Conception in New Jersey.
Always talk with an attorney when you are considering a divorce.
Education is a vital component to protecting New Jersey’s wildlife. Let CWF come to your classroom! Learn more here:
any award winning listener mechanics in the New Jersey area? asking for a couple of guys buying an old conversion……
Aging and sick dogs, many of them homeless, find sanctuary in their final days at this special hospice htt…
I live in New Jersey and contributed to Jon Ossoff's campaign. We can make change. Please contribute to team O…
Philip Morris. Aging, sick, homeless dogs find sanctuary at this special hospice http…
Morning! Is it a beautiful day in New Jersey?
Exciting news for and New Brunswick! Another university musical theatre program coming to New Jersey!…
Read about Fort Lee, New Jersey--where the 8th Virginia first joined the Continental Army.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Congrats to Billy Baldwin for taking 3rd place in the New Jersey "War at the Shore" tournament this weekend.…
New Jersey boy band Bro4 will risk career ruin by cavorting on Donald Trump's White House lawn ... because they bel…
My boy looking from the grenades out in New Jersey
Kane Head High (USA). Another from this bad boy is a 6.6% IPA from New Jersey, it pours hazy w……
my boy drove from Philly to New Jersey transit and we got to NYC that way but I don't remember how he did it
I don't understand why St. Louis Blues legend Martin Brodeur is wearing New Jersey gear in these Enterprise commercials.
My style fluctuates between 26yr old New Jersey guito living in his moms basement, and 14yr old boy wearing used clothes in 1991
Not a school boy but I'm trappin out the campus @ Newark, New Jersey
Policy: Maserati says toot toot to New Jersey,…
Congratulations to THETA-DELTA Chapter (Sigma Pi - Theta Delta) at The College of New Jersey in Trenton, New...
. New Jersey teen accepted to all 8 schools.
Starting the first page of the next chapter. 📖📖📖 📸: @ Jersey City, New Jersey
I think the entire state of New Jersey is stranded in Penn Station right now
Thank you , Iz and all the Aldub Maiden New York and New Jersey chapter, for taking care of me.…
All new The KoyPo(n)d with talking OJ Simpson, miniature pitbulls, and New Jersey.…
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Housing advocate calls for 280 more affordable units in New Jersey by 2025 - Burlington County Times
We are one of the most successful construction companies in New Jersey, Southern New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, an…
Music News In 1964: Chubby Checker and the former Miss World Catherina Lodders were married in Pennsauken, New Jersey.
American Revolutionary War: American forces are ambushed and defeated in the Battle of Bound Brook, New Jersey. 13t…
BREAKING : A New Jersey teen was sentenced for making bomb threats to Sul Ross State University.
ON THIS DAY in 2008, the band played the Izod Center, New Jersey and Tal took this great photo (later uploaded to the Coldpla…
New jersey rides free! Take a ride for free w the LYFT app. Use credit code LICK for free rides credit
Bruins authentic jersey size 54 new fight strap black mens men XXL
The is being elected to the U.S. Gov't!. NJ: Muslims turn to elected office in increasing numbers.
The superb new stamps from Jersey Post - an array of ancient treasures! Excellent.
Don't forget the Mexicans and Vietnam, and the WMD's in New Jersey. Is there anyone left to b…
Muslim group harassing and intimidating private citizens for opposing New Jersey mosque - FITNAPHOBIA
Vacancies - Financial Advisers & Trainee Financial Advisers wanted to join busy team at HBFS in Jersey…
"Hitler never owned the USFL's New Jersey Generals. Back ach you, Sean Spicer." - Assad's Press Secretary.
My new sounds: Looking for someone Jersey Club Music on
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New logo looks very much like home jersey color. Lol
I'm not buying the new Lions jerseys if they're trash. My only exception is the Thanksgiving jersey.
A new poll shows that Chris Christie is the most unpopular governor in the US... it takes A LOT to *** off New Jersey.…
A group of protesting women gathered in New jersey and bonfired bras 1968-69
Islam Indoctrination in Schools Spread to New Jersey - NJ Spotlight https:/…
By The Rundown Live New Jersey State Senator Michael Doherty, who was co-chairman of the Donald Trump for...
Manafort has been familiar with New Jersey real estate since at least 1989.
Just entered the Giveaway to win a new SCUF IMPACT, Gamer Bundle & Jersey!
LILRED LLC is in Morristown, NJ. New Jersey has the 4th largest Ukrainian pop (70,000) in the US.
If you're in north New Jersey or NYC, & need footage shot/edited. is DEFINITELY the guy you need to see.
Booking sessions for Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey from April 19-23, 2017.
Coptic Christian's are even SLAUGHTERED in New Jersey by the same Egyptian MUSLIM's they are fleeing (& America is ALLOWING in)…
I was obviously getting my *** out of New Jersey for college. 😂 I scrapped University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill at the last second.
Green Bay and New Jersey for the Eagles' preseason road games. Thanks, NFL.
T-24 days & I'll be at the Atlantic City Boardwalk, New Jersey 😍😍😩
king julian was like "this place is a dump, are you sure we're not in New Jersey?"
Risky business on this beautiful Sunday!! @ Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Picture perfect mansion on a hilltop in New Jersey 👌. • • Follow us
Consumer contacted an agent for Mobile Home insurance in Manchester Township, New Jersey.
Big deal. The current governor of New Jersey spreads across 12 time zones .
Zygi Wilf and his political allies, have literally destroyed New Jersey.
I am from New Jersey and the Izod Center was jumpin that night.
Happy Birthday to Leon Huff. (born April 8, 1942, Camden, New Jersey). . Leon Huff together with Kenny Gamble are...
Born today in 1942 in Camden, New Jersey, producer Leon Huff who worked together with Kenny Gamble for The O'Jays,…
The Liberty Bell was made with 25,000 officers at Camp Dix in New Jersey. 1918.
Off to Turbo Time then Englishtown, New Jersey! — traveling to Apex, North Carolina
Education news: A New Jersey high school senior has her pick of any Ivy League school, plus Stanford University.
on this day in 1975-Actor Zach Braff, the voice of Chicken Little, is born in South Orange, New Jersey.
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1975, Zach Braff was born on this date in South Orange, New Jersey, USA
Missed it? New Jersey man pleads guilty to plotting attack on pope during 2015 visit
Electronic Device Insurance
Not to be confused w/ Bridgewater, a small town in Somerset County, in the west of New Jersey. X-)
If you are near Edison, New Jersey, stop by Barnes & Noble on Thursday, April 6 at 7:00 PM. Steve will be talking... h…
New Jersey teen gets into Stanford after writing 100 times on application
By killing the Hudson Tunnel, Christie has established himself as the worst governor of New Jersey in my lifetime.
New Jersey lost an irreplaceable part of its identity with St. Anthony closing. Column:
when New Jersey assembly and senate creates law because of his actions. We…
Dear friends in the Greater New York metro area, as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern...
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Looking for Lyft coupon codes? Use the codes for TWENTY bucks LyftPromo: ZOOT >> William Paterson University of New Jersey
It has been reported New Jersey celebs Bruce Springstein & Bon Jovi keep LLamas to avoid taxes. Then they scream about Trump?
New Jersey: Muslim teen admits jihad plot to kill Pope Francis in Philly
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