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New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States.

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PREMIERE: New Jersey's hope is back at 'em with a brand new single, “Fei Long’s Coupe,” and EP.
New York and New Jersey!. Our shows at Madison Square Garden and the Prudential Center are starting at 7:30pm sharp. See you…
New Jersey attorney general warns of "mass overdoses" in area in the last few hours
This giant New Jersey farm uses no soil: The future of food? Read more
You know I'm from New Jersey when I'm sitting here in Los Angeles RTing info about sanitation jobs and infrastructu…
via could jeopardize people in New York, New Jersey, California, and other high-tax states, all democrat
This German shepherd refused to leave the the side of a deceased pit bull on a busy New Jersey highway. ht…
Yes, remember, he's already been busted 4 money laundering w/his New Jersey…
SOAR! is getting ready to take flight October 10th! NYC, New Jersey & Maryland -Im coming your way! Pre-order NOW at https…
trying on outfits for Exxxotica New Jersey. see y'all there
This trans teen was beaten at her New Jersey high school
Sussex New Jersey I’m v proud of you can’t wait for the three of us to hang out SORRY 2 INTRUDE but im inviting myself
Live link of talk to a houseful audience in New Jersey. . Dr Swamy LIVE from New Jersey watch…
Good morning, New Jersey! The Harvest Moon setting through clouds as the Sun rises:
The Harvest Moon emerging through the clouds over the Lackawanna Terminal Clock Tower in Hoboken, New Jersey
Started watching "Captain Phillips" thinking it was "Sully". Kind of makes a difference. "What's with all the Somalis in New Jersey?"
Update your maps at Navteq
Secret Service spent $137K on golf carts to protect glorified steak salesman Trump at his New Jersey & Florida clubs https…
Nick Cannon refuses to apologize for offensive show at New Jersey university
Thank you New Jersey car dealership for supporting our police against criminals.
Production Editor Check out the System One job of the day.
.volunteers are at vigils tonight across the country - from New York to Virginia to Tennessee t…
Me whenever Brandon gets a new oilers jersey
If SENATOR Mendez of new jersey was a republican and not a DEM💩💩 it would be all over msm all day everyday facing 15 y…
Heading to New York City after the Yanks won! Might have to bust out the Tex jersey. For solidarity.
They also need to lock up the Boston Bomber’s wife Katherine Russell. Why isn’t SHE…
Why is corrupt so interested in my country?
New Report on Climate Mitigation for New Jersey Available. An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving...
Prosecutors: Driver wanted in deadly bus stop crash may face more charges after turning himself in.
That's actually their white jersey (which is new this year-no charcoal grey on shoulders that you alluded to)
I start working in New Jersey in a couple weeks, if tickets weren't gonna be stupid high, I'd go check out Yankee Stadium
New Jersey really has too much talent to go unnoticed... only a matter of time
Remember when Obama dragged his feet about helping New Jersey after Sandy because Christie said mean things about him?. Neither do I
And destruction of the environment through pollution. Important that people realize it is a continuous building p…
Tracy Mcgrady for the win on my nba fantasy team nba 2k10. New Jersey Nets TMAC!.
Man accused of setting off pipe bomb in New York that injured 30 people removed from courtroom
A message from Islamic Jihad of New Jersey. I ordered the death of the terrorist British collaborators…
And in Virginia & New Jersey you have Gubernatorial & State Legislative races too. . VOTE
.is in New Jersey for the where USA is in control after Day 1 action!. Markets:
Most underrated jersey in the NHL is the New Jersey Devils road jersey.
Is it just me or does the new jersey look like it has a mullet?
In the race to replace the Democrat leads the Republican by 14 points, according to the latest poll
Does it get more douchey than wearing a Jeter jersey, Clemson sweatshirt, & New England Patriots hat?
The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico is not abstract to New Jersey. Congress must act quickly & forcefully in expeditin…
(2015) Following an incident in Elizabeth, Chief Keef threatens New Jersey on "Faneto". 100+ people gather in Newark to resp…
In Lakewood, New Jersey. that was another of your jokes. The school board is all Hi…
A possible new mizzou gold jersey? The color seems brighter than the other one and there is no design on…
Electronic Device Insurance
How to Get a Contractor's License in in 5 Easy Steps I
Not bad for a country the size of New Jersey, right?
"He's an egotist, a narcissist, and he's very incompetent." New Jersey's tells she was not satisf…
My man sent me an autographed jersey! But I'm more excited about his new book! Grab a copy. He's great stories ab…
The Devils have Nico Hischier and Taylor Hall, but not enough else to be competitive. Here’s our team preview:
Donald Trump installed goats on his New Jersey golf courses to get them designated as agricultural properties to lower h…
[New Jersey] Min will deliver a serious message at Newark Symphony Hall
7 suspended after transgender teen attacked in New Jersey high school.
Remember "The Watcher" house in It has landed on a list of America's creepiest urban legends…
Lunchtime flow at the work spot. New Jersey @ Morristown Medical Center
Try Campmor on Route 17 in New Jersey, it's about 25 minutes over the George Washington Bridge or Tent N T…
Looking for Linux Administrator for one of our esteemed client in New Jersey, with 4+ years of experience in Red Hat…
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New Jersey prosecutors turn to an old law that seeks to hold drug dealers accountable for…
Putting my order in for White House Fruit Farms while in New Jersey...something about those blueberry donuts from home 😩
It is an incredible THIRTY TIMES in New Jersey, though Black & white kids commit most offenses at similar rates. Think ab…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
At the turn of the 19th century, Italian American communities in New York & New Jersey were DECIMATED by outbreaks of Hepatitis Ey
John Lovett would be a much better presidential candidate from New Jersey than Chris Christie.
Honoring USMC Captain Ryan K. Iannelli, 27 of Clarksboro, New Jersey, died (Sept 28, 2011) when his helicopter crashed…
Democratic nominee for gov in New Jersey gets 280 characters. Shouldn't provide same to Republican
Supreme Court will hear New Jersey sports betting case
While people are dying in Puerto Rico, is playing golf this weekend at his country club in New Jersey.
Trump currently on his way to golf course in New Jersey.
New Jersey firm tapped for new student housing at Via Sacramento Business Journal
How about another coming-of-age story set in New Jersey: PALISADES PARK by Alan Brennert?
Chemicals Could Be Key in Investigating the New York and New Jersey Bombings - Scientific American
When and where can I buy a new Nike Kyrie jersey? Better give me a Hayward one too. ☘️🏀
Two thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in New Jersey.
Are there not states in America that currently allow girls to marry? 🤔
Yup can't wait. Got my new real jersey last week
MoneyBagg Yo's tour bus shot up in New Jersey by Bloods who claim he didn't pay them toll
The first feature, you're only one day, you just came the New Jersey.' No more appropriate.' Whatever you shoot the phone.
He ranted so angrily that spit could be seen flying from his mouth in the video
Thank you New Jersey, USA for a fun match! Where should the Global Football Tour visit next?
Three former presidents and golf enthusiasts - Obama, Bush and Clinton - help tee off Presidents Cup in New Jersey.
I'm truly blessed and honored to say that I have committed to play D1 baseball at New Jersey Institute of Technology
Beach Luxury Art & Posters: Jetty at the New Jersey Shore Photo Print - This is a long exposure black and white p……
Here it is...the beautiful new YIFA jersey logo, care of VERY impressed.
Looks like those harlequins in the New Jersey Legislature did it again. What a bunch of harlequins
Lakers, Heat bring new brands to jersey patch lineup - L.A. Biz
Congratulations, You are the lucky winner of Dundalk tickets and a brand new jersey! DM us now to get y…
Benefit of growing up in New Jersey. I look them dead in the eye and say no on the way in.…
the New Jersey Devils for the Stanley Cup 2k18
Meanwhile, at the Presidents Cup golf tournament in New Jersey ...
POLL: Is taking a knee a peaceful form of protest or disrespectful?
SIGN & RT: STOP Baiting NOW!!. These screen shots are from an actual bear baiter in New Jersey 🤬! Sign at https:…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm watching reruns of the real housewives of New Jersey at 2am. lol @ my life
When I drink Vernors in New Jersey, I feel thankful but slightly disoriented. Also, how is it caffeine-free with that buzz?
As he continues to battle cancer, is still planning on playing in the home opener.
New York's Museum of Modern Art pays homage to Colin Kaepernick by displaying his jersey
People say I don't wish to leave a paper trail at same time they leave a gigantic cyber footprints the size of New Jersey
Former U.S. Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton, attended the trophy presentation at the Presidents Cup, a golf tourna…
Woman house-sitting for New Jersey resident found dead by her 5-year-old son
Former presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton attended the Presidents Cup in New Jersey
Better to live in New Jersey than pay $3K per month for a studio in Morningside Heights. --Satan
I just had an intense longing to be in Asbury Park, New Jersey
.assistant to International Team Captain Nick Price as Presidents Cup begins Thurs in New Jersey
USGA: Former Lobo golfer competes for New Jersey now - Albuquerque Journal
I remember my dad had to get an HIV test due to the fact that he refereed the Lewis Morrison fight in New Jersey in '95.
2018 New Jersey small guard Luther Muhammad committed to the Ohio State basketball team and Chris Holtmann last week
JERSEY CITY, New Jersey: International Team captain Nick Price will field his big guns early on Thursday in an effort to avoid falling behi…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Variance approved for new elevator addition in Momouth Beach, NJ @ Monmouth Beach, New Jersey
counting down the days til I'm back w the MO gang @ Mount Olive, New Jersey
Honoring Sgt. Jonathan A. Gollnitz of Lakehurst, New Jersey who was killed 09/26/12 in Afghanistan.
This Edison National Park site is a must-visit for New Jersey kids. .
In 1879, the first demonstration of the incandescent lamp was performed in Menlo Park, New Jersey by Thomas Edison. .
***FIRST OUT OF STATE JOB - NJ***. A family of five in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is looking for an educational...
New Jersey governor Chris Christie has reportedly been chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Con…
Remember when blamed New Jersey for hurricane Sandy?. Yeah, neither do I. . is a sociopath. Full stop!
Get ready for all the pretty colors of fall in New Jersey: Moderate weather and good rainfall this summer will……
Emily from New Jersey: "now I am looking for one for dating. I am not disclosing my personnel details here."…
Ana from New Jersey: "I have a private residence, I enjoy kissing and both of us having lots of fun"…
Can’t wait to go to New Jersey in a few weeks
Phillips 66 to modernize FCC at Bayway, New Jersey refinery| Reuters
In one case, a couple reported annual income of $39,000 when they were getting more than $1 million from an LLC.
Trump is single handily destroying the NFL because they wronged him in a lawsuit involving his team, the New Jersey Gener…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Ryan with at the in Elizabeth,New Jersey
The thing I miss most about New Jersey is that someone was always setting off fireworks. 2AM? Didn't matter. Christmas? Didn't matter.
Wait you're telling me the Arizona brewing co isn't located in Arizona, but new jersey?
Diane from New Jersey: "are you interested in me in a sexual way?"
Clara from New Jersey: "Hi, im looking for a guy who is open minded generous and like to have a little fun."…
Where's the tape of the Muslim celebrate in New Jersey. Where's the people quit lookin…
I just went and grabbed a new tb 12 jersey
Hold up. I just read he spent the weekend in New Jersey at his golf club. Golfing while Puerto Rico is suffering?? Send hel…
Hurry up and announce digi winter and come to Philadelphia New Jersey and NYC okay
NY Rangers’ Andrew Desjardins will have a hearing Monday for an illegal check to the head on New Jersey’s Miles Wood.
i missed this, i was too busy rooting for the Bears. New favorite player. May buy my f…
Strive to be Great!!! motivate & encourage others along the way... @ New Jersey
The full look. . See all the new jerseys for this season at
New Jersey is trying to expand beyond parlays. They're challenging the federal ban and SCO…
Central Park breaks 1959 record with high of 91 degrees
Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of welfare fraud
Clara from New Jersey: "Hey there, just looking for a fun looking for someone to talk to."
Thanks for hitting it out of the park this weekend, New Jersey. You too,
I need a new bengals jersey. I think it’s time to permanently retire the Jeremy hill jersey 🙁
New Jersey (Thur, September 21, 2017) - The New Jersey Martial Arts Hall of Fame is extremely proud of its sixth... https…
Denise from New Jersey: "I am tired of immature boys and want a man with some intellect."
Walking into to your life to ruin it like @ Monmouth Beach, New Jersey
Grace from New Jersey: "looking for boys or men looking for me"
I never got to watch another New Jersey mom and pop shop commercial ever again and for that I’m thankful
Jersey Boys. Here's the Ireland team for the match in New Jersey on Saturday 😀
.Very excited for my first time fighting in New York. I've fought in New Jersey, Atlantic City before but…
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey is so *** pretty. Like if you've ever dreamed of a "white picket fence" home, this is it
Bark at the moon. 35mm Band practice. @ Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Home is where the heart is. — traveling to Morristown, New Jersey from Dayton International Airport (DAY)
My favorite people on my favorite girls special day💗 @ Monmouth Beach, New Jersey
Don't worry though because the Trump family wedding planner is now in charge of federal housing in New York & New Jersey so…
Stuck at work? Listen to the latest news and gossip out of New Jersey!
Saddle Brook, New Jersey is MONEY's No. 24 best place to live in America
I could have had a FREE trip to New Jersey & New York 😩😩😩😩 but because my parents wedding I can’t go 😿
CMA CGM is adding 14,000-TEU ships to a New York-New Jersey port loop to take advantage of the higher Bayonne Bridge https…
Senator Lindsey Graham wishes he can have one of my two scoops but I told him NO! I spent 17 days on a working ice cream tour of New Jersey!
Just 1 correction, New Jersey is a state in USA & not a City. Princeton University is in Princeton town☺☺
Thrilled to be launching our first campaign video. I am ready to lead New Jersey's 11th Congressional District. Please w…
Ok what level of injury to New Jersey would he be down with?
I bought oscar a new jersey and I hope it comes in today so he can wear it to the game.
Day Two of my vacation with bestie Michelle Day One we rested in New Jersey…
After Monday's game, I made a purchase for a new jersey.
Guys, these beautiful flowers are actually CUPCAKES 😍
Police seize 7,600 bags of heroin -- along with ecstasy, crack cocaine and marijuana --. in massive NJ drug raid
Congratulations to on being named New Jersey Defensive Player of the Week!!! Well deserved!!!
2 more premier shows added Newport, New Jersey . New Day 1 Records are in making
Montclair's New Muse 4tet concert is going to be a hit - just come see for yourself! Takes place on 9/28 at 7pm!.
A bakery in New Jersey i selling bagels made with FIREBALL WHISKEY. I think I'm drooling. -
Electrical and Instrument Second Line Supervisor - Bayway Refinery in Linden , New Jersey 07036 job with Phillip...
Gov. Christie: "I oppose Graham-Cassidy because it's too injurious to the people of New Jersey."
It's more than just a jersey. . The future 👉🏽
After lots of requests over 30 new were delivered today, including lots for jersey fabrics and wint…
Menendez trial: Prosecutors detail gifts the senator received from co-defendent via
.revealed its new Connected Jersey, designed with hi-tech features:
NJ Gov. Candidate Sends Democratic Opponent a Box of Calculators to Help Find 'True Cost' of Campaign Promises .
It was breezy but not windy. I did hear that east of here, in New Jersey, it was windier.
This from 08/24/2017║K-mart closing 28 more stores including 2 in New Jersey
New York Rangers Preview: A preseason tilt with the Devils via
head coach Alain Vigneault on Chytil, Desharnais, Kreider's leadership qualities & more before tonight's preseason game…
My cousin going tell me instead of LA to go to New Jersey Next Weekend With Her 🤔 Should I ?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
See more photos of the Statement uniform and pre-reserve your new Pacers jersey at
Just get G. Gordon Liddy (wrote about the Hindenburg flying over his childhood home in New Jersey) to go ye…
commercial : "come visit georgian court university for our open house and take a tour of New Jersey's most stunning campus." . um...hmmm
Looks like Tuesday wants to rumble. @ South Amboy, New Jersey
Got up to do the breakfast dishes and THIS happened! @ South Orange, New Jersey
Can you recommend anyone for this OBIEE Developer - South Plainfield, New Jersey -
This might be a great fit for you: Full Stack Web Developer/ Net Developer - South Plainfield, New Jersey -
So, Molly Pitcher, we met again on this battlefield of the New Jersey turnpike.
New Jersey is a top-10 high school football state, and where Notre Dame recruits consistently.
I teach beginners to the Economic Club of New Jersey.
September - Mays Landing, New Jersey (although I think I prefer the picture with my cat)
Legalize Marijuana in New Jersey?. I think we should call it the Harold & Kumar Bill. READ:
Sunday, Sept. 17th, in Asbury, New Jersey! Join us! Share with friends!
Satisfy The Jones by HAZY MALAZE (from Hazy Malaze 2003). Neal Casal led the New Jersey rockers, along…
Levi Sanders, son of Bernie Sanders, speaks about progressive goals for New Jersey
Looking for a Specialty Pharmacy in Jersey City, New Jersey? Visit us now to know more about our services.
I'd say port city—at least until the ice caps finish melting and New Jersey goes under
I saw them in New Jersey once - Cornwall seems pretty far north too. Uncommon there?
During the 1600s, Sweden had a small North American colony spanning parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Dear diary,. Mark has changed nationalities multiple times.. Nicaraguan, Romanian, North Korean, from New Jersey.. lol.
4 years ago today a mysterious traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey, set off a chain of events that altered the course of Am…
Welcome Pilot Keith Sproul of North Brunswick, New Jersey. Keith flies the balloon Pandy.
will probably sling gators as far north as New Jersey, UPI Reuters
Wish I was there Red House Painters - New Jersey via
You don't know *** until you encounter New Jersey country fans
We watched it already here in New Jersey! Beautiful movie! Ang galing ni Joshua and Julia!
Cruz: "Nobody in Texas gives a flip" about Christie, neither do many in New Jersey, he "should go back to the beach" htt…
Rumor has it there is a new "North" jersey on the way to Toronto. Here are some of the potential designs 🍁🔥.
Awesome looking jersey Vio :D So any fun plans for the weekend? Like maybe seeing the new IT? Lol
"I'd just rather be in New Jersey you know?"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Get free taxis New Jersey! Uber counterpart Lyft gives u 10 dollars of free rides with code FASTEST. Cool coupon.
Yes, and punching a reporter in the face. This is how I plan to win a senate seat in New Jersey.
I'm sorry but you need a new jersey 😔
Charlie.That's because he's one of them!. Hes the New Jersey spitting image of his b…
Sad news in country music. Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry has been killed in a helicopter crash in New Jersey.
Troy Gentry, of country duo Montgomery Gentry, was killed in helicopter crash in New Jersey. (Via 12 News)
Chris Christie mad as *** at Paul Ryan.because they voted down aid for New Jersey and…
ICYMI: new kit will be available at Nike outlets starting today and on their website from 12 Sept. https:…
Heading to Medford, New Jersey to play tomorrow! Ya looking forward to the show? WE ARE!
New Jersey! What are you thinking to let this boy go unadopted so long? Get out those RTs, folks!
At U16 Colorado Evolution, New Jersey Devils and 2-0 after a day of play. Day 1 Results:
Hi, I just wnt to ask if you heard about New Jersey Shore and all the place that can offer in everything about vacation?
If anyone happens to be around northern new jersey tomorrow, come on out! I smell rares coming out.
Lol sorry Mary, but Kellyanne reads faster than libtards like you. I'm…
Hischier, Butcher impress in debut with Devils via
Paul McCartney in NJ; Beatle ate dinner at Jimmy's in Asbury Park - Asbury Park Press
Done watching here in New Jersey. and best actors of their g…
Nico Hischier, Will Butcher impress in debut with
I'm officially in New Jersey so I'm referring to everyone as *** Garbage for the entire weekend 😂😂😂
Lol gaddis actually has the nerve to call himself a reporter. I'm just gonna leave this…
New Jersey rest stops have the best stuff! XD
Montgomery Gentry singer dies in New Jersey helicopter crash
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been confirmed as Manchester United’s new No.10. But which players previously wore the jersey bef…
New Jersey... Stand with to lead your State. Get the vote out! !!
"Troy Gentry loses his life in helicopter crash in New Jersey" : via
he also kicked some field goals with the Giants when they played in New Jersey this summer
"How can you abandon your stuff?", said one New Jersey native. It's easy dude - it's just stuff. Start thinking abo…
Country music star Troy Gentry, one half of Montgomery Gentry, has died in a helicopter crash in New Jersey.…
[New Jersey Online]TAMPA, Fla. — Kei Igawa received a phone call from his wife moments after the s…
BREAKING: Montgomery Gentry's official website says Troy Gentry, half of the country duo, has died in New Jersey helicopt…
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Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry has tragically died after a helicopter crash in New Jersey:
We've covered over 600 miles through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virgina and we...
Bank of New Jersey is a proud sponsor of Harrington Park Town Day
A Big Day for NY/NJ: Smooth Sailing as Port Authority of New York and New Jersey opens to larger ships via
I periodically receive emails addressed to a pastor named Dennis in New Jersey by mistake. Just got one about plans for someone's funeral.
Rev Chip Stokes of Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey defends DACA - “These aren’t pawns, and this isn’t a game.
I mean Standard Oil Co was based on Ohio and New Jersey not in Malabo neither Ulan Bator
there was another Pavel in the '90s...but he's by Devil on Ice. Bure never played for New Jersey!
Martin Truex JR will be the First Monster Cup Champion from New Jersey!
My name is Dah'jah Hood, I'm from Mays Landing, New Jersey. I will be attending the illustrious Spelman College 💙
You must do ferry trip to Staten Island - it's free! I have been to NY but we were staying with friends in New Jersey.
Sandy didn't go into Rhode Island. She went west into New Jersey.
BREAKING UPDATE: Hurricane Irma has shifted paths and it's tracked to hit the Northeast near Virginia, New Jersey, and…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Regional Sales Manager -North New Jersey -
Hey everybody! We played our first New Jersey show last week at Mexicali Live... and it was rad.…
Little Giant Ladders
New Jersey religious leaders say they are outraged by the disorder at Essex County College in Newark, which is in danger of losing its accr…
Hi, Cenzino in New Jersey is a grand place and welcomes a well known NY Chef...Chris Gesualdi, just ask Thomas Keller his friend..
New Jersey bar owners are boycotting the state's craft beer over liberalization of tasting room restrictions…
It's 16 minutes before the hour, and you're listening to "Relevant Radio Philadelphia" AM 640 WWJZ / Mount Holly, New Jersey
Be the same as evacuating New Jersey!
Small Businesses Owners - learn how your biz qualifies for Tax Incentives in Camden & New Jersey!
Miss America model pilots plane from Vermont to New Jersey for upcoming competition
The Career Services team in New Jersey certainly knows how to welcome their new students!!!
A 34-year-old Queens man and a 29-year-old New Jersey woman were arrested in connection with the alleged conspiracy https:…
. In an interview with Chris Hayes, the New Jersey governor defends his friend the president…
star receives blessings from at the event in New Jersey! bri…
New Jersey rabbit and deer hunting doesnt count
RedPiss soon to fall out of playoff hopes.. . I would LOVE to see Philly make the playoffs while New Jersey misses…
Asking fans for funding isn't new. Nor is taking the chance to coax sponsors onto a blank jersey.
New Jersey a good fit for Butcher -he will get opportunity there...especially as a powerplay QB. Reminds me a little bit…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Did you know that dentures come from funding war against New Jersey?
Living by Design: the contemporary concept behind Urby sees city life reimagined for the 21st century...…
For my son and for NYC. 🕷🕸 . en Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey
Why is Ana Navarro from tied to indicted Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey?
One day I'll say i saw Dubs in New Jersey
Really can't wait to leave to New Jersey Friday.
New in our shop! Houston Texans Officially Licensed Dog Jersey - Red Trim.
I mean you've heard three people from new jersey yell at each other over my mouth when the thing happened to uknowwho
Couple leaves waitress $1,200 tip for $20 bill, along with special note in New Jersey.
Loving this quiet stretch of beach in Spring Lake, NJ. @ Spring Lake, New Jersey
Welp since she live in Jersey, I need to find new people with the same mindset as me and we can push each other to…
Discounts for New Lyft users applies $50 credit Discount Code is: ZOOT >> The College of New Jersey
house wives of New Jersey is back starting sunday🎉🎉
Rise of Antifa New Jersey DHS guide to Anarchist Extremists – Antifa -
So hyped to be able to go to the Fifa World Cup Qualifying Match up in Harrison New Jersey this upcoming Friday!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
this has to be in an Against All Odds somewhere in a new jersey mall.
yellow boy from DMV move to jersey when I move to DC lol gave me good meat when I went home to NJ love giving y'all new fli…
Being a poor kid in New Jersey gave me the drive I have today. The way I saw it was, I have nothing to lose and nowher…
Wed Oct 25 in Baltimore or Philadelphia. Wed Nov in Atlanta . Sun Nov 5 in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Mon Nov 6 in...
The Equal Rights Amendment was written by New Jersey's Alice Paul! Learn more here!
.is proud to September 8th & 9th, at Essex County College, New Jersey. September 15th, at…
Supreme Court in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, and divisive vision that Clinton wasn’t criminally culpable.” Aurora
After the 'dust' settles, Texas might want to take a page from New Jersey, DON'T REBUILD ON BARRIER ISLANDS! Especially not with our tax $!
.writing for on the day his 7-year-old son hit a ball from Chelsea Piers to New Jersey:
Dogs rescued in Puerto Rico wait for homes in New Jersey
Fairfield American routs New Jersey, needs one more win to reach U.S. title game at Little League World Series https:/…
Architectural photography for ophthalmology clinic in New Jersey @ ISA AYDIN Commercial Product…
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