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New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States.

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BREAKING: Donald Trump forces Jets to sign QB Jay Cutler as punishment for New Jersey and New York voting for Hillary.
Atlantic ocean in the winter: the New Jersey coast version
and other New Jersey native players of Temple University Football team speak at their Pro Day
🌸 . Gardens in Florence, Italy and New Jersey are the two largest gardens in the world dedicated to the…
This bridal shower is actually a Real Housewives of New Jersey episode.
"Antonia Gorga, Mother of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga, Dead at 66"
Turns out cold and windy makes for a beautiful sunset, too. @ White Meadow Lake, New Jersey
There's something new and well deserved on jersey. He's part of the 🅰️ rotation.
Historic Revolutionary War home in New Jersey unexpectedly demolished. .
Cat with his camel friends. I see stuff like this every day in New Jersey. :-)
Disappointing to lose, but we got everything to play for on Tuesday. Let's do this. recap:
The suffers first defeat of 2017 in a tight clash vs. England. is your Woman of the Match. 📝 | https…
We are now switching back and forth between this movie and real housewives of New Jersey. I don't know which is scarier.
Mother of 4 killed in her Palmer Township home, "strongest suspect at this point" dead in New Jersey
March 3 Elvis arrival at McGuire Air Force base near Fort Dix, New Jersey at 7:42 am in the middle of a…
Back in New Jersey. Not much has changed. The pork roll is heaven. The people deranged.
In 1960, Elvis Presley, still in his army uniform, arrived by plane at Fort Dix, New Jersey, along with 79 other soldiers.
"Where you from?" . "New Jersey". "Oh! Jerwzee". "..." . "So, you do that pump fist dance too?". "No."
but Fort Dix, New Jersey, would become her permanent duty station.
New Jersey made a law to where if you were a slave born after July 4th 1803 you were free but before you were not.
New Jersey massive fire: Multiple buildings burning now as winds whip flames; FFs from Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, Ne…
How the *** was everybody IM BACK!New Jersey bad sound is back...People look for March Madness(3/17/17)
New Jersey is home to sexiest American singer on the planet. Jon Bon Jovi.
New Jersey icon Jon Bon Jovi turns 55 today. Hear him sing Bon Jovi classics and cover the Beatles in this playlist…
Happy birthday to New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi! The frontman turns 55 today.
Update on Jewish Community Response to Anti-Semitism | The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey
Today is for other markets, but here it's the deadline for our bus trip to New Jersey!
In person FCICE training int two cities: Orlando and New Jersey. Learn more:
Nj online poker's mad scientist_ jason 'jlaw' lawhun Most of the players that comprise the New Jersey online player pool are longtime ...
It is time for New Jersey to finally kick the hedge fund habit for good:
get ready for the fight of your life. New Jersey will not take this lying down.
REMINDER: Payments for trip to New Jersey for Hurricanes vs. Devils are due on Wednesday March 1st!
Wanted by the FBI and the State of New Jersey for the murder of a police officer.$2,000,000 dollar reward. Location…
A new City in New Jersey, supporting South Jersey & the Delmarva Peninsula. Titus R.Pierce
A New Jersey woman was rendered speechless when she was told she had won $2 million in Wednesday's Powerball jackpot.
New Jersey public school teachers are underpaid, not overpaid
fun fact my mum asked me if I have an internet friend in 'New Jersey or New Orleans or something' because of that attack thing
First day shooting of the season get back at it @ Fort Dix, New Jersey
State police records show New Jersey taxpayers paid more than $300,000 to cover the cost of a security detail that…
New Jersey homeland security officials are on a heightened state of alert
Had to take this one for my secular friends @ Bergen County, New Jersey
We're hard at work developing our heavily revised map of Bergen County, New Jersey; from the GWB to Ramsey Route 17…
Don McEwan was driving near Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne, New Jersey, when he spotted a bright blue sedan sink... ht…
New Jersey girl plays first game on boys' basketball team
Had a $10 credit with mlb shop so just got a $34 discount off a new DW jersey. NOICE!
My Mother voted for someone who campaigned for Trump once, ONCE! is a Trump/Christie ally. BuhBye!
Loved hearing about this 12 yr old who donated 1300+ books to a children's hospital! Read more about her generosity:
Patrck Kane: "As far as motvating plyrs, having a coach that you want 2 play for, [Hynes] is at the top of the list" h…
there's a couple places in newyork that have better platters , juicy platters in New Jersey is better
Taxis for free New Jersey? Use Lyft code GUESTS to snag up to 10 rides with credit. Pass uber up. Big savings.
Stephen Curry Chinese New Year Jersey - Black . Now for sale // Link in our bio
So pleased I nabbed the new jersey before heading home later. Almost makes up for no…
Highs in the 60s and possibly 70 have New Jersey residents wondering - why so weirdly warm this February?
Poorer pupils in Jersey 1/2 as likely to get top GCSEs. Hear from on new Jersey Pupil Premium sche…
I guess I gotta buy a new purple jersey now
Nick Schuren just updated his Youth1 Player Profile! Check it out here:
Thanks to at Florida Mall for kitting me out with the new jersey before I fly home to England this afternoon.
This is in New Jersey. What does it have to do with Texas? I don't agree with the decision. Boys b ball is boys b ball
Immigration Raid Protest Scheduled for Today: ELIZABETH, NJ – Make the Road New Jersey is holding an emergency…
New Jersey Pastor offers church as sanctuary to illegals
WATCH: Traveling across the new elevated Bayonne Bridge
We're live in New Jersey, but if you live elsewhere please do check out to learn how you can help.
Parents of New Jersey school is doing this exact same. Muslim parents 'sent school headteacher death threats
TICKET UPDATE: Only 15 VIP Hangout Tickets left in NEW JERSEY! Who's getting the last ones? 😱😱😱 . -->
Small Business in New Jersey who WORKED HIS FINGERS TO THE BONES To Pursue his dream of owning a Garage. Hires The
Springsteen Invites Teenager on Stage Who Steals the Show - reflecting my New Jersey bias - fun story:. https:…
Religious vaccine exemptions explode more than 50% in New Jersey –
I am very happy to get rid of Hall. Good luck missing the playoffs every year New Jersey
Looks like typical February weather for New Jersey this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you know around 60/70 .
CONFIRMED: New Jersey lawn care company has blocked Breitbart from their media buy!
"There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry." J. Robert Oppenheimer died in Princeton, New Jersey in 1967…
.teammates Steven Santini & are living their dreams together in New Jersey.
morning skate updates and projected lines ahead of tonight's game in New Jersey:
eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one,
My favorite part of The Walking Dead was in season 6, when Glenn hid under the state of New Jersey to escape those walkers. 😝
Celebrate Presidents Day & trace the footprints of the first president George Washinton across New Jersey? featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Prophet (an advocate for a movement) Noble Drew Ali, founded the MSTA in 1913 in New, New Jersey.
New Jersey youth basketball team chooses to forfeit season rather than kick girls off via
DSCC's new Comms Director & the biggest Dierks Bentley fan to grow up in New Jersey.
Shouted at Donald Trump that he's a *** whilst on honeymoon in New Jersey in 2013. Similar thing with Marty Whela…
New York feels more a part of me than Jersey does.
they are a lower division team. RB is in New Jersey.
Fire destroys at least 12 boats at marina in Belmar, New Jersey:
Wow, fascinating state effort in New Jersey to push back on USDA blackout Great work
Posters from white supremacist group popping up on Rutgers campus
Find out how we're saving this New Jersey school district nearly $285K in costs:
Taxis on the house New Jersey! Save a ton over Uber when u try Lyft. Lyft credit code GUESTS gives free promo rides. Big dinero.
Report: New Jersey ranks 23rd in condition of bridges
Thought Valentine's was over? It's never too late for a surprise. Introducing U.S. Soccer dressed Specs:
The match that gave Pat Glory the ranking. The New Jersey stud edges PA state champ Julian Chlebove.
MERCHANDISE | You can pre-order the new home jersey now in store or online:
This new Port... I mean Engl... I mean USMNT jersey is awful
Russian spy ship spotted off Atlantic Coast, possibly near New Jersey, officials have confirmed.
Nepotism is alive and well. NJ mother-daughter prostitution team arrested in police sting. .
.New review by joshc - Playhouse Lounge, Burlington, New Jersey...
New review by joshc - Sinsations, Keansburg, New Jersey...
New review by joshc - Untouchables, Keansburg, New Jersey...
I think I need the new red jersey, I'll just buy myself a birthday present
Putting our new jersey under the microscope reveals a few hidden features. Take a peek 🔬👀 |
Sponsors to amend bill direct response to removal of animal cruelty data from USDA website ht…
“Our goal is to provide universal access to both education and physical resources for parents,” said Jennifer...
Senator Lesniak protecting the exploited. Let's make him New Jersey's next Governor!
New Jersey mother-daughter prostitution team arrested in police sting
Phil Dunphy x U.S. Soccer = Shoutout to Ty Burrell of for dressing More:
So excited for baseball to be back in had to put on my new jersey! Thanks to my hubby, f…
"Welcome to New Jersey" group show will open in three days at in New Jersey.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
*Eddie Olczyk at the 2010 Olympics voice* that goal scored by Bobby Ryan who is of course from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
New Jersey: Is Muslim mayor who declared amnesty for illegals linked to Syrian terrorists? via
"Welcome to New Jersey" exhibition will inaugurate the new exhibition space of Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New Jerse…
"Canadian gateways deliver speed. There is no congestion like New York or New Jersey," Jim Quinn,
Supporting the local New Jersey economy with Belgian Dubbel from and Great Western Trail from
I miss New Jersey. Im mad my parents moved us to florida when i was 2 i hate it in this gross state
New Jersey, with NJ-07 and Leonard Lance firmly in my sights.
Day on the famous boardwalk in Atlantic City New Jersey, the Vegas of the east! Cracking place 👌🏻😀
Why religious vaccine exemptions are on the rise in New Jersey - Press of Atlantic City
Hacked again by her beautiful sister/ best friend uptownjudy @ Atlantic City, New Jersey
Having Joe Piscopo be the governor of New Jersey is really the perfect fit. Have to guess that press conferences would be HILLARIOUS!
Piscopo says he is "seriously" thinking about a run for New Jersey governor
Piscopo 'seriously' thinking about a run for New Jersey governor
"Welcome to New Jersey" magnificent group show is starting today at .
Out with my girls uptownjudy and tashaalimom @ Atlantic City, New Jersey
Happy Birthday to your mom!!! Your Aunt Evelyn from New Jersey was there tonight, i WANTED SO MUCH to go with her!!!
Inaugural Exhibition "Welcome to New Jersey" at Jonathan LeVine Projects opens Feb. 18 in Jersey City
I'm in a class taught by a Texan from New Jersey. A southern accent at yankee speed is... interesting.
Loletha Elayne "Lola" Falana (born September 11, 1942 in Camden, New Jersey) is an American singer,
Commending U.S. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, for joining ten of his colleagues by becoming a patron of S.
Ice, bitter cold follow snow that blanketed New Jersey
Northlandz Model Railroad Museum Is a Handmade Wonder - The Northlandz train museum in Flemington had long been... http…
See our full list of school closings for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
Lol so I ordered a home G's jersey and managed to get shipped a new authentic away jersey so like super not mad about it?
when did your relationship with Trump go south? I sat next to you two at 1997 Final Four in New Jersey.
Ibtihaj Muhammad, Muslim Olympian born in New Jersey who won gold for US, says she was held by Customs for 2 hours
PRINTED 1791: A HANDSOME COPY OF THE FIRST PRINTED BIBLE ... . - Bid on this now on eBay >
The Duke of York turns the area into New York and New Jersey, renaming the port city New York City.
To declaw cats or not? New Jersey could be first with ban
I think we should have a travel ban that keeps him in New Jersey
Did you hear about the Muslim immigrant who cut off the heads of two Christians in New Jersey?
Vizio to pay $2.2 million for tracking your shows
The DNC is lining up the Castro twins in Texas and Cory Booker in New Jersey to be their next heroes. Brown & black ppl to do…
Also, people from New Jersey need to stop punching Pennsylvanians in the chest.
There is a Bright Future for the Media, At Least in New Jersey -
The 10 least-diverse towns in New Jersey So relieved Glen Ridge didn't make this list.
Sixers Practice Champion XL new reversable red white
midwives of new Jersey. It is a private midwifery practice that does births and Morristown and at home
There are 3 EDM concerts in Tuscaloosa tonight. I feel like I'm back in New Jersey.
Rep. Lance who represents Somerset & Union counties announced he will host his 41st in-person town hall meeting.
after a two and a half hour delay in New Jersey finally leaving for Florida✈️
She's from New Jersey. New Jersey is a state in the United States of America 🇺🇸
Blair Walsh wore No. 3 with Minnesota. Which makes you wonder which new jersey number Russell Wilson will end up with next yea…
The Lavallette School is a K-8 public school accepting tuition students for the 2017-2018 school year. Schedule...
Staying cosy in my new fave jersey dress and bomber at last night
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
New Jersey archdiocese promises to clamp down on pro-life priest after media hit job | News | LifeSite
New Jersey's greatest debate comes to the RAC on Saturday...Taylor Ham® or Pork Roll⁉️. Which side are you on?. 🎟
New Jersey's like that dude from Split with a personality disorder going from 70 degrees to a blizzard the next day thinking it'…
Are you going to see EXO in New Jersey?
I REALLY just knew this kid is from New Jersey because of his hair. Smh, wild.
New Jersey where you can experience every season all over the course of 7 days.
Right! Jersey had a brand new outfit on, diaper bag packed with the right formula and all when he brought her to come see me o…
It's so New Jersey that people are daging today because it's so nice out and will be daging tomorrow because of a snow…
Yes they are the New York Jets and Giants but their stadium is in New Jersey
Comedian Jimmy Carr says for Americans to understand what Liverpool is like, they should think of New Jersey.
The Prudential Spirit of Community awards honored two New Jersey students for being the top volunteers of 2017.
I’m running to be the next governor of New Jersey because true leadership means making a difference in the lives of other…
Judge refuses to release suspect in New Jersey teen\'s murder
92...Remember when "The Messiah" of New Jersey, Dajuan Wagner, scored 100 with 4 mins left in a game?. VIDEO:
Attention, New Jersey: If you're following the bizarre and tragic murder of Sarah Stern...
Do you remember what happened at the Civic Arena on New Years Eve (Dec. 31, 1988) against New Jersey?
Soon in Jersey City ! . Honored to be part of the group show 'Welcome to New Jersey', Jonathan LeVine Projects...
Before signing with New Jersey in 2011, Kinkaid played for Union College in the ECAC league, a division of the NCAA.
OUCH! on -“Unfortunately Steve Sweeney has done irrevocable damage 2 Atlantic Cty & New Jersey in general” (1/2)
PhD alumnus (Class of 2016) Khaled Zayed will be teaching Health Care Computer Skills at Union County College in New Jersey next semester.
It's time to take -- what candle are you lighting today? @ Bradley Beach, New Jersey
3 years ago, we headed to New Jersey for a night before jumping on a plane to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. What a memory
Tournament is hosted by Rowan College at Gloucester County in New Jersey.
Prabhas in Mirchi success meet , East windsor , New Jersey.
All seats for the New Jersey Legislature, New Jersey's General Assembly & Senate, are up for elections on 11/7/17.…
Pennsylvania Turnpike officials say the Delaware River Bridge, which links the Pa. and New Jersey turnpikes, is e…
New Jersey high school students yelled "ashy knees" as a black basketball student stepped to the free throw line:
I'm guessing bring him to justice he's on ten most wanted list TY FBI FU New Jersey
What northern state has the best local players in Halo 5: Guardians?. Tri-state area: New York City, New Jersey, & Philadelp…
Ohio is looking into setting variable speed limits, something that Delaware (495) and New Jersey (Turnpike)...
Two men have been arrested for the murder of missing Sarah Stern from Neptune city, New Jersey.
New Jersey is lucky to have you, we Democrats are lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.
."Republicans may enjoy defending Donald Trump...but Democrats will stand up for New Jersey...".
."Democrats will stand up for New Jersey residents anytime and anyplace...".
New Jersey cardiologist joins cardiovascular practice in the Empire State
TRUMP (tomorrow): "I saw people celebrating the Bowling Green Massacre in New Jersey. Everyone whooping and hollering on top of a Denny's"
Ocean County asks state of New Jersey for $511,900 for future construction of the Barnegat Branch Trail.
Statistics show New Jersey criminal justice reform off to strong start
01 Feb 1893 – Thomas A. Edison finishes construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria in West Orange, New Jersey.
[Detroit Free Press] - Red Wings react after losing to New Jersey
(Detroit Free Press) react after losing to New Jersey : Red Wings captain..
Front and Center: 'Southside Johnny' airs on 2/6 at 12:00am on CH THIRTEEN. The Godfather of "the New Jersey...
Don pepe getting ready for the move @ Hudson County, New Jersey
Christie's anti-addiction agenda advances in New Jersey
Anyone else going to the bts concert in New Jersey on march 23??
Watching jersey shore makes me super excited for this New York/ New Jersey trio im taking w my bffs😍
NEW JERSEY! We're coming to The Boneyard in Atlantic City on 2/17 with our buds Gonna be a good time.
SJR87 [Passed] Designates February 3rd of each year as Senator Joseph Palaia Day in New Jersey.
Jet Star roller coaster dumped into the sea by hurricane Sandy, New Jersey...
Christie now tied for least popular N.J. governor in memory
mcleanspub: What do y'all think of our baby new jersey and logo?
Speed restriction on New Jersey Turnpike inner and outer roadways both directions I
With my family’s support, I have decided to make this term in the NJ Senate my last and 2017 my last year in office. http…
When is already trending in New Jersey 💁🏻
Terrorists make bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers in New Jersey, New York, California, Colorado, Utah
New Jersey Senate has proposed 2 new pay equity bills
Delays on Garden State Parkway northbound North of Exit 129 - New Jersey Turnpike (
BREAKING NEWS: is coming to NEW JERSEY! + NYC, Philly, D.C., Honolulu, & 12 more cities! 😱 😱. VOTE:
Rushed opioid treatment bill will cover only 30% of NJ residents
A common cause; from Standing Rock to Sweet Water, New Jersey's Pilgrim Pipeline
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Incident on NB from North of Exit 129 - New Jersey Turnpike to North of Exit 130B-A - US 1
Here we go again! Bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers being reported in several states today
Someone fly some crawfish up here to New Jersey😒
Supporters wishing to purchase the new London Jersey see
Some Jewish Community Centers in the tri-state area told to evacuate Tuesday amid more reports of bomb threats
The state of transparency in New Jersey, Casino Control Commission edition. 🙄
[Why Devils' Taylor Hall got pulled for 1 play by Wayne Gretzky at All-Star Game
*** New Single Release ***. . Indie Pop artists out of New Jersey, SØF has just released her…
Today marks the third round of coordinated bomb threats to Jewish community centers *this month*
Authorities say a woman fatally beat her husband with a fire extinguisher inside their New Jersey home.
Family of deceased WWII veteran from New Jersey reunited with class ring he lost while he was serving 73 years ago.
That time had to wear a new teammate’s jersey:
Some people think that New Jersey is better than New York lol isn't that tragic
Democrats of New Jersey make sure you get out and vote for Phil Murphy for NJ Governor! got you Phil!!👍…
Huge win coming for Democrats in New Jersey this fall as we take back the Governor's Office from Chris Christie
Bill Pascrell, Jr betrays the middle class of New Jersey. Votes and speaks for the neo-liberal nazi's
Back to drug events for A rare area where he is likely to get Democrats in New Jersey to give him what he wants in final year.
Democrats and in New Jersey: Chris Christie vetoed legislation to go: “Comey’s public announcement in a President.  What’s
Solemn High Mass for the Feast of Saint Blaise in Jersey City, New Jersey .
Sen. Cory Booker ( New Jersey) being hailed as rising star of the Democrats on US tv tonight amid Trump protests.
Congratulations to our Nursing Program on their recognition as one of the top RN programs in New Jersey!
That white New Jersey for lack of a better word, was Mwa!!
Who came out to see us at our in-stores in New Jersey and Long Island? Share your photos with us! (📷:
This alone should ensure Democrats retake New Jersey's Governorship in the fall.
Somewhere in Tenafly, New Jersey, a chiropractor is viewing "Leave it. to Beaver"!
Final: Paul VI 73, Roselle Catholic 67. RC is New Jersey's first loss of the day. NJ holds a 2-1 edge over DC as we he…
States of New York and New Jersey, as well as in the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of New York and
July 18, 1992: Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston got married at her multimillion-dollar estate in New Jersey.
Fact-checking Trump's claim that thousands in New Jersey cheered when World Trade Center tumbled via
Bathroom got that double mirror thing going @ East Hanover, New Jersey
As a 45 year old jewish man in New Jersey, Don't question how I remember the 1940s, it's epigenetic or something.
I am trying hard to get out of The Peoples Republic of New Jersey but until I do I will fight the Democrats every m…
Massive improvement from the clubs, this is awesome.👌 new jersey for the 2016/17 season! 😘👍😍👏 https:…
RECAP: Washington heads into All-Star break on winning note after Thursday win in New Jersey
The 2nd worst traffic bottleneck for trucks in the nation is in our area, report says
if you want a new season of Jersey Shore because that is what the world needs rn. I love you jersey shore.
New area code may be headed to South Jersey
Nna ke sharp plus I have New Jersey weather eya vuma lol
My *** was telling me L.A. was small like bruh, it's bigger than New Jersey the state 😂
Take this week's local news quiz: Let's see how well you know New Jersey news.
Absolutely. And as a resident of the pansy state of New Jersey, I'm in danger every time I step from my home.
New Jersey to be first US state to offer new parents baby boxes.
Brilliant article by about a company that's actually helped lower infant mortality rates
Remember that one time my Dorito looked exactly like New Jersey?
New Jersey pol asks Trump not to ban internet gambling - SFGate
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
President Trump: Some people* are registered to vote in New York AND New Jersey!. * his son-in-law, a WH adviser .
it's not the pure experience, because you don't end up with herpies at the end of it." -Anonymous describing New Jersey
Guys, we don't know it was Russia. It could have been China, or "a 400 pound guy in New Jersey"!
The fact that this is in New Jersey says something...
Trending post: Photos: John Mikel Obi named new captain of Tianjin Teda and given No 10 jersey
Joe Thornton San Jose black size xl new
celebrates New Jersey's own Sam Lipman, who won $1,000 from PCH! Enter for your chance to win:
After a day in New York & New Jersey, the prepares for another day behind enemy lines in Baltimore.
Well as much as I'd like to see New England wear the navy jersey (they still could dependingon ATL's choice of uni.) M…
New Jersey native Jenny K. talks about moving across the country to attend
Breaking out my new Blount jersey today❤💙
When the Florida homie moving back to New Jersey 🙃😍
Foreign hackers, don't read this!. . . . . . . . . . . . . 400 lb hackers in New Jersey: hello.
Did a project with my Gz coming soon!! @ Fort Lee, New Jersey
New Jersey gas prices doing their best to keep up with
My degree was fourth best college major program is us. They guided my career and said I should live in new jersey. I was diabetic
As someone who live in New Jersey, I 100% agree with everything that's stated. 😂
Oh! - Last night I went to McDonalds and got a 10 piece McNugget. I thought of you...all the way from New Jersey. Crispy. Delish.
New Jersey gives out free baby boxes in a move to lower infant mortality rates
In New Jersey 105,000 Finnish style baby boxes are expected to be distributed throughout 2017
# 3 from New Jersey...Nice to know you!😊
yes you do Bea, New Jersey misses you
Lucky *** is going to New Jersey ... take me bruh
ya, I think New Jersey is one of them. NJ is a dump so avoid it. I blame unions and democrats.
Chris Henry and Ryan Walsh having fun at the American Planning Association (APA) conference in New Jersey!…
The Holland Tunnel, the first Hudson River vehicle tunnel linking New Jersey to New York City, opened today (November 1…
Plane from New Jersey to the Dominican Republic diverted due to bomb scare.
New Jersey man who avoided paying tolls nearly 900 times is arrested, police say
Need a free ride now New Jersey? Pass Lyft today because Uber is giving free ride credit with STEVENT1811UE code. Easy peazy.
Need a free ride now New Jersey? U got a free ride credit from Uber w the STEVENT1811UE ride promo code. Free money.
Update your maps at Navteq
Pick up free cabs in New Jersey w ur iphone. Credit code INK on the Lyft app. Lyft trumps uber this month.
New Jersey police recorded a matter of three weeks to rapidly reduce their ability to drive a hotel from Montgomery County Council.
I had so much fun today. I went to Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey and finally back home in
I wonder how many states used the money from the Obama stimulus package 2009 on infrastructure? New Jersey, in fact. did not.
Support for NPR is provided by The Carly Rae Jepson Office, leading the way to economize the New Jersey liberation front.
Oh my, what a WONDERFUL time to be alive. 😚👌💋 @ Elizabeth, New Jersey
LINK: New Jersey . fixed income retirement . retirement tax brackets . life in
Shout out to all who know what this is and where it comes from @ Elizabeth, New Jersey
Waiting in the airport to fly home. — traveling to Glen Rock, New Jersey from Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Kathy and Rich Wakile of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey at Mari Vanna DC Restaurant!
Breakfast time with my beautiful wife then off to New Jersey. — feeling pumped at Toronto Pearson International...
The 9/11 road trip never happened! Elizabeth Taylor stayed in NYC and MJ went to New Jersey with his kids at The Ca…
Uncle oogies in sea isle city New Jersey has already made that a thing. And have perfected it and have been for a w…
Elizabeth the fat neon goose from New Jersey
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