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New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States.

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& With members of Federation of Indian association in New Jersey after the India day…
Once again, the NJSPBA representing New Jersey's finest in Virginia. And look...Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe...
Where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney top 🌈🌦 @ South Amboy, New Jersey
New Jersey Governor Christopher James Christie for white house chief strategist !
There was a guy. An underwater God who controlled the sea. Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey
It's not 11:11 but I wish, I pray you, God, for a miracle. I want to come to Walker Stalker Con New Jersey.…
A driver in New Jersey was forced to gun his engine and jump a drawbridge that began rising as he crossed it with...
New Jersey is calling me with the number one hits
New Jersey's top draft pick Buddy Kennedy making progress in Arizona League.
Up to 3,200 SF in Jersey City, NJ. Prime New Construction Retail. Excellent for Urgent Care, Wireless, and Coffee.
Or Trump Shuttles, or the Trump casinos. Or the New Jersey Generals. Or Trump University...
This is my manager's friend. Please RT
the best part of this entire trip so far is Jeremy trying to figure out how to get gas in New Jersey
DOJ reports MS-13 fugitive was apprehended in New Jersey this morning. One of 15 charged remains at larg…
Thanks for letting me know! I need to get up there and get his autograph for my new framed jersey I got…
Wonder how big my hair would be today had my parents never moved us out of New Jersey?
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Cue up Strange New Respect for Breitbart when it becomes a Trump-bashing site.
Scenes from last night's community forum as Jersey City prepares for new problem-solving community court.…
The President has privately stewed over Bannon in recent days, including from his golf course in New Jersey
Thank you New Jersey for tonight, love you xx
The Trump administration's biggest racist has left the WH. Unfortunately he is just in New Jersey on vacation and still p…
At work and the wife keep sending me links to houses in New Jersey. I'm bol on the bridge everyday.
Did you know that Hollywood actors are the edgiest memer in New Jersey?
Yet this former Ole Miss quarterback loves his New Jersey home and his new mansion in the Hamptons so much.
New Jersey vs. New England: Lineups for Game 1 of the Little League World Series
That will be welcome news when Bedminster, New Jersey becomes the Federal Prison u should be in.…
And now, Trump heads back to New Jersey.
Embracing my fascination with Robert Smithton's art and writings today!. Robert Smithson's New Jersey via
11. In July, a Vanguard America group draped an anti-Semitic banner over a Holocaust memorial in New Jersey
Have you actually read New Jersey's reasoning? I mean they are literally d…
I SO admire this man, Senator from New Jersey 💜 Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Sen. Booker!
Drunken Bo ran away from us and we were looking for him through New Jersey for 3 hours
What happened in today makes me sick. What happened in Bedminster, New Jersey was almost as despicable.
Go to Honda day at New Jersey I'm in there💯
One far-left group, Antifa, is so extreme the state of New Jersey declared them a terrorist org:
"I'm tired." "Well, you had a long day, you went all the way to New Jersey."
Get a behind the scenes look at how New Jersey’s waters are tested for bacteria.
Holbrook Little League from Jackson, New Jersey wins the Mid-Atlantic Region and is on their way.
August 12: Fan taken photos of Justin in Montclalir, New Jersey.
No. I live in New Jersey. But my friends Iive there.
"Donald Trump stood up at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and All Lives Matter’d a Nazi rally."
Cashier: where are you from?. Me: New Jersey. Cashier: oh, i'm sorry.
"Asked by a reporter in New Jersey whether he wanted the support of white nationalists, Trump did not respond."
Have fun!✨ If you're available it would be great to see you in New Jersey at
someone fly me to New Jersey like, a year and a half ago 😩😩😩
Justin ain't ever gonna go to my state that's for sure he probably never even heard of it😂at least new jersey and nyc is kinda close to me
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Melo new Jersey next year, he about to win MVP
Physician: Coverage is Wanted from Locums Urgent Care Doctor in New Je - , NJ (Get Dentist Jobs
In New Jersey, everyone hates each other and has no manners until u go to wawa and ppl will make sure a door is held op…
DISCLAIMER: NO drop-off locations outside an 8-mile radius from Central Park. Excludes Staten Island and New Jersey.
Live High on the Cliffs at One Park Condos in Hidden Gem of a Town on New Jersey's Gold Coast http…
Nick Suriano is coming home. One of New Jersey's greatest high school athletes is going from Penn State to Rutgers. htt…
On this day in 1963, Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey. May her soul continue to rest peacefully…
Photos of Chris Farren (8/7/17 at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, New Jersey. Photos by Molly...
New Jersey native and Harry Potter fan Matthew Cortland has teamed up with NASA engineer. Learn more!
Maybe we distract vacation DJ Trump with TRUE NEWS that broke Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 beat New Jersey in little Little League
Boulton said High Point, N.C, and cities in New York, New Jersey and Texas have all expressed interested in adding the Blu…
Look who made the New York Post insider’s guide to the best of the Jersey Shore!
NEW - BlueClaws to Become "Jersey Shore Pork Rolls" on August 18th and wear these Clawsome jerseys/hats.
New law: left lane is for New Jersey drivers only
Guardian of the Galaxy: 9-year-old New Jersey boy tells NASA he's ready to protect planets. Story:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Unveiling a new logo for 2018 to celebrate our 50th season in Oakland! The logo will appear on jersey sleeves and side of ca…
Singer Sinead O'Connor says she is suicidal and living in a New Jersey motel
A warm New York welcome to dt projected on his hotel in New York tonight ... as he embarks on his vacation across the…
In the state of New Jersey their is not a more iconic duo my friend.
New from Trusts & Trustees: A review by CEO of Jersey Finance of 'Trusts: Weapons of Mass Injustice?'
3 new restaurants coming to Davenport. Where do you want to eat first?
We're Read about our latest opening here: Home Lending Officer - New Jersey - NJ
I was in traffic on the 405 & the car next to me was the first kid I ever interviewed for artist research back in NEW JERSEY when I was 18!!
Trump is having a vacation from America, and America is having a vacation from Trump.
Police: Mom abandoned 10-year-old special needs son in woods in New Jersey
Lemme ask you a question: Who sits. At your desk when you're in New Jersey?
Hey New Jersey, ever wonder what's swimming with you in the ocean?
I'm guessing Kelly is not in New Jersey?
A huge steam generator makes its way down the Hudson River toward its home at a New Jersey power plant.
Another 1 of those cartoons that perfectly captures how The Nation feels. We need a vacation, ht…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Why is 45 distancing from SecretSvce? Why is Roman Abramovich in NJ?
New Jersey woman appears in court after shooting her wife in the face
Annie Lennox calls for support for Sinead O'Connor after 'distressing' video
(New York Post) accused of fatally shooting her wife in the face : A New Jersey..
The actual speed limit for every road in New Jersey is "as fast as you can go without getting pulled over"
The good news is, his golf course in New Jersey, where he is vacationing right now, has 4 goats so it get…
You're cracking up. Shall we send the men in white coats to New Jersey?
Vineland, New Jersey held its first with
How about Scott Caan? He have the New Jersey swagger and he is short enough. :-)
President Trump greets wedding guests at his New Jersey golf club
This woman had to be hospitalized because she was not paying attention while walking down a New Jersey street!
Demand more from yourself than anyone else could ever expect! @ Freehold Township, New Jersey
Russian oligarch’s plane flies into New Jersey on same day Donald Trump arrives for golf vacation
President Trump is taking a 17-day “working vacation” to his private golf club in central New Jersey.
Coleco Expo celebrates retro video gaming in New Jersey
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
New Jersey's governor, who is a Cowboys fan, is making a trip to see the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony.…
The Ross Boss is on vacation in New Jersey but surprised us at the office with Pineapple Papa John's!
“Thank the Lord he chose New Jersey!” gushed John Alley, a Dukes County commissioner who lives on Martha's Vineyard.
Body found on Atlantic City beach near former Revel Casino, New Jersey police say
Trump will be on the ballot again in Alabama, New Jersey and Virginia this year.
.to host the BET International Glitz & Glam at the Black Girls Rock honoree celebration in New Jersey https…
Can we see the new pictures with new team and jersey already
Pres. Trump set to embark on first vacation since inauguration, a 17-day getaway to his private New Jersey golf club
ICYMI: Family of 12-year-old bullied girl to sue New Jersey school district over her suicide
Can't wait to represent THE United States of America in September up in New Jersey. Such a dream come true! https…
Flouting his own advice, Trump taking 17-day vacation to his New Jersey golf club
You can buy this historic home for $10 — but there's a catch
( Remove The Dunes ). Island's in the middle of the ocean don't have dunes, New Jersey does???
Sea Life Is Suffocating in a 'Dead Zone' the Size of New Jersey Sea life could be unable to survive…
HORRIBLE. And Trump cuts EPA program to stop it! "Biggest ever "dead zone" in Gulf is the size of New Jersey"
'Emoji Movie' audience member accused of pleasuring himself during screening in New Jersey
Focus and reflection as you experience at Beach in New Jersey on Aug. 19th! Tickets:…
mcgavock is the most confusing building i have ever set foot in and that includes st Thomas and a mysterious church in New Jersey
is proud to welcome The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey as our new sports medicine…
New Jersey Gov Chris Christie refuses to ban child marriage because of "religious customs"
Did your ancestor live in Morris County? Bethel AME Church, New Jersey needs your help!
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia: AKA the trail of tears
Election Day a cause she has a President.  What’s really on the Supreme Court in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey residents to
Is Patrick Elias destined for the Hall of Fame? . He should definitely see his number retired in New Jersey.
Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory for Staten Island and parts of NE New Jersey.
TayK was from Texas doing hits out in New Jersey. Kodak talked about robbing *** in Baltimore. Down south road runner sh…
the celebration the KKK held in New Jersey after they successfully got the Democrat National Convention of 1924 to…
My device will not route me over the George Washington Bridge between New York and New Jersey - Rand McNally Sup...
Democrat Andrew Kim is mounting a campaign to unseat 3rd district Tom MacArthur (R). You know your role people of New Jersey.
Look who I found at the at the beach! 🌊🌊🌊 @ Asbury Park, New Jersey
Meet Black Singles 300x250
we need the New Jersey nets team with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson
Tuesday morning run about to get done! @ Mount Laurel, New Jersey
New Jersey is covered. I guarantee a new Democrat governor, since Christy can run again, and the GOP ch…
If anyone thinks the Cato Institute is unbiased observer I've got a bridge in New Jersey (complete w/traffic cones)…
Monday morning run about to get destroyed! HAPPY MONDAY Y'ALL 🥋 @ Mount Laurel, New Jersey
I would recommend that anyone that would want to try Holstens in New Jersey. It's where the final scene of The Sopranos was shot.
Some guy from New Jersey added me on Snapchat and threatened to kill my family today. location was a bad idea
Can't believe I just fed more into Ray's Cubs obsession by buying him a new jersey. All he's missing is Cubs underwear at this point
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie seen on video getting into a confrontation with a Cubs fan
Surprisingly, we did learn a lot about Assata Shakur but only because the school made us take a NEW JERSEY HISTORY class
I hate all of the tolls in New Jersey
I'm not sure he's ever in New Jersey
Hey Shamu, did the citizens of New Jersey pay for those nachos?
New Jersey’s struggling office market is facing another big challenge: the exodus of millennials.
Tuesday night I fly out to New Jersey boi ✈️
Remember, New Jersey elected him not once, but TWICE. LOL. 🤡
So Scaramucci decides to threaten the media about his family. This guy will learn that that Mob Clowns of New Jersey crap…
Has the governor of New Jersey brought high waisted pants to male fashion? I'm here for it
If the new Jersey's had sleeve stripes, I think I would like Dormady's jersey better
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie takes a break from supporting child marriage and eating nachos to scream at a random bas…
Now headed across the Ben Franklin Bridge to where my childhood began. Camden, New Jersey.…
East from New Jersey,Europe/Africa from Italy,and Caribbean from Puerto Rico have all arrived. Only a few team left before w…
If you die in New York you respawn at the last Duane Reade you went to. In hard mode, you respawn in New Jersey
On my way to New Jersey for the Biology AP Summer Institute at Camden County College. Excited is an understatement!
Following an uproar on social media over the recent decision to replace New Jersey actor Okieriete "Oak" Onaodowan with Mandy Patinkin.
Your yearly reminder that boxers fight for both "purses" and "belts", like it's a flash sale at a Zara in New Jersey.
Lexi Parker is your fan!. Heard "Hold on to t…" playing in a station with Hezekiah Walker . New Jersey,
How a one-of-a-kind New Jersey business has kept 5,000 kitchens out of landfills via
Lead Process Engineer - Bayway Refinery in Linden , New Jersey job with Phillips66 | 248782
Roses are red, Wounds are green. I am moving to New Jersey, Goodbye
Bravo to two students and two young alumni of Central High School (Newark, New Jersey) who recently converted a...
I would like to thank u for standing-up for the American ppl. I'm a Democrat in New Jersey. U have a new fan.
Breaking news: HSUS investigation connects New Jersey pet stores to notorious Midwest puppy mills
[playing Hamilton for my friend from central New Jersey]. Him: it’d be cool if General Mercer was in this. Me: JUST YOU WAIT
I don't understand why New Jersey's cities like Trenton and Paterson, have not been able to capitalize on urban resurgence.
A new home food delivery service coming to central New Jersey...
Are there any upcoming/continuing memorials in Central or Downstate New York? Even New Jersey?
KFC on Central Ave, New Jersey is trash, but this KFC Buffet where I stay…
NOW hiring! Flexible and convenient jobs located all throughout northern and central New Jersey.
Blue Crabs trail Somerset 1-0 after 1 inning in Game 2 of today's day-night doubleheader in New Jersey
Blue Crabs and Somerset are scoreless through 3 innings in Game 1 of a day-night doubleheader today in New Jersey
New Jersey is cutting food waste to help the climate: Climate Central: A new law in New…
New Jersey company Celgene settles in cancer drug fraud case for $280 million - Press Herald
Had the best birthday in Atlantic city New Jersey! 😊😊
FirstAccess Presale tickets on sale now for Mexico City, Toronto, New Jersey, and Philly!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
A new city for . Second year in New Jersey for Who's the difference maker?
When cats get to be 17+ they just sit facing the wall like idgaf @ Jersey City, New Jersey
A new custom WordPress website and photography for Sandpiper Motel, North Wildwood, New Jersey!
New Jersey's is a RINO... a Democrat who affiliates to push the Fascist LGBT Agen…
Christie And Deputy Leave State, Putting Democrat In Charge - New Jersey now has a Democrat in the governor’s ... -
Christie and deputy leave state, putting Democrat in charge - TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey now has a Democra...
Apparently the Acting Governor of New Jersey is currently the state Senate president, a Democrat. .
He's more like one of the Real Houswives of New Jersey.
Christie out of office _ at least for 1 day - TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - New Jersey will have a Democrat as governor ...
Great fishing on a Sunday with Jimmy (he didn't want his picture taken). @ Budd Lake, New Jersey
When your oldest son picks up his siblings in his new ride... @ East Windsor, New Jersey
Today at 248 park Ave come down eat great n feel even better @ Paterson, New Jersey
Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center is a New Jersey state prison.
Scott Blumstein, 25-year-old from New Jersey has won $8.1m and become the world poker champion at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
New Jersey people! Give Lyft taxi app a shot. They are giving away free rides with credit code CHIC. keeptheswag. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Hey hope you like your new jersey. You're welcome in Munich anytime! Thanks 😉
New Jersey raises smoking age to 21
82,104 fans in attendance at Barca vs Juve at today, largest attended soccer match in New Jersey history!
In New Jersey it is illegal to slurp your soup.
The downside is he is required by New Jersey state law to give 10% to Governor Christie
Adam better get me something real nice from New Jersey since i can't go with him 💔
New Jersey is set to become the third state to raise its smoking age to 21
As the nationalists go on boycotting Chinese goods, the Indian Cricket Team gets ready to don the new Test jersey sponsored by OPPO. Cute.
BREAKING: Scott Blumstein, of Brigantine, New Jersey, becomes 2017 World Series of Poker champion, wins more than $8.1 million.
Wave hello to this awesome video! 👋 Homes For Sale in Nutley 200 Nutley Ave. Nutley New Jersey - Realty Exec...
Good times to explore and my cousin's wedding at New Jersey where the italos at @ Union County,…
I'm pretty sure I just drove past a goblin on the New Jersey turnpike but whatever
The incredible part is that the tire was on an 18 wheeler driving on the New Jersey turnpike.
The average rate for a 30 year-fixed mortgage in Elizabeth, New Jersey is 3.91%, up from 3.89% last week
Rare wine from George Washington’s presidency found behind wall in New Jersey.
come to my house at 747 comunnipaw ave zip code is 07304 jersey New Jersey:)
The first Sikh to hold elected office in New Jersey, Ravinder Bhalla now wants to become Hoboken's next mayor. https:/…
Rare from George Washington's presidency found behind wall in New Jersey:
New Jersey City has Mexican flavor of the state of Puebla
WATCH: Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey hosted its annual Day at the Beach.
My New Jerseyan husband agrees that if any US state is The Pizza State it is not New Jersey
Cops find part of leg believed to a third body part of slain New Jersey woman, Jennifer…
Terrible service now terrible service tomorrow terrible service the rest of the year thanks to New Jersey transit
New Jersey lawmakers are preparing to issue their first subpoena since the George Washington Bridge scandal
More down ballot candidates in 2017! Check out for General Assembly in New Jersey:…
With Gerardo Ortiz's chart positions diminished, was the star's 2015 blockbuster album his *New Jersey*? Discussed:
Will do that when visiting New Jersey. Just for you.
No doubt the new threads! Love how the jersey doesn't hang over the shoulders as much.
I feel like this semi- existing state should be just absorbed into New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
So, hold off on buying a new Sox jersey I guess?
This restaurant has the best hot dogs in America, according to a new ranking
I talked to Ryan Carter for 15 minutes at Target Field when he was still with New…
Steve Mills running the Knicks is as bad as Chris Christie running New Jersey.
In case you missed it: being an accomplice to murder carries an equivalent life sentence under New Jersey law…
Just got to the in Bedminster, New Jersey. People are really happy with record high stock market - up ov…
Boy with rare disease sworn in as police officer in New Jersey beach town
So i got accepted to competing in Miss New Jersey Teen USA buttt should i do it ?
What did we do to bother you so much ? Be kids? Guess what my family and I have and will always be a part of New Jersey…
"...Ross based his decision on New Jersey making a “compelling argument” that summer flounder are adeq…
I'm making a deal to trade Christmas for a couple new seasons of Jersey Shore, plz lmk if u are not okay with this since it affects us all
1st Billboards are up & running in New Jersey raising awareness of the Dog meat trade. . Can you help fund more? RT. http…
FIRST LOOK: New Nike NBA jersey for next season
New York/ New Jersey Friends! here are the International Showtimes for starting this friday! who!
[North Jersey] Yankees fielding inquiries on Duda, Reed, others
As GOP plan dies and McConnell proposes repeal, urges activists to 'remain vigilant' on health care
While so many people seem to enjoy bashing Police, they just keep SERVING & PROTECTING!. https:/…
WATCH: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie catches foul ball at Citi Field, is booed by fans
Nike is giving NBA jerseys a makeover.
Just made known to me: Once a new No. 11 jersey comes in, Kasi will claim it.
Nike is ditching the traditional "Home" and "Away" designations for its new NBA uniforms: https:…
Jason Kidd resurrected the New Jersey Nets from life support.
Todd Frazier next to Jeter in 1998. Really hoping these trade rumors are true, New Jersey native this was meant to…
A new theory is being floated by the family of a New Jersey girl who was killed by a NJ Transit train two years...
July 18,2015: Asbury Park,NJ, Wonder Bar,The Promised LandI(It could be found right there in New Jersey)via
On this day in 1992, Bobby Brown married Whitney Houston in New Jersey. Guests included Stevie Wonder, Natalie Col…
New Jersey! Get lit with LIL PUMP at Starland Ballroom Friday, August 4th performing his hits + more!
If your in New Jersey, please contact your Assembly reps so the state workers can get paid for the shutdown
8-year-old girl who vanished in New Jersey has been found alive at Newark Penn Station, police say…
Fog coming UP the cliffs from the Hudson River yesterday as we traveled up Palisades Parkway in New Jersey and...
Planet Money takes a look at how New Jersey got rid of bail and replaced it with a computer algorithm. Fascinating
Why isn't ever legal system going bail-less like New Jersey?
Grace Church in Newark, we know how hard you work in giving back to the Newark, New Jersey community. Let us...
New Jersey makes "the talk" (the police one, not the sex one) part of school curriculum starting in '18 via
QUIZ: How well do you really know New Jersey diners?
Going to the Spa tomorrow! So excited that I can't sleep. Watching Real Housewives of New Jersey 😎
I really hope can come to heroes and villains New Jersey! She's wanted there!!
[New Jersey Online]ATLANTA – Ken Takahashi pulled the fuchsia Tinkerbell backpack out of his l…
The new Chivas jersey is so freaking beautiful man ! 😭😭😭
.and I were both New Jersey App. Div. clerks, and we turned out okay. But (sadly) BigLaw doesn't give credi…
Hey, remember Erica D'Souza? She is in New Jersey watching all of this t…
I was there in Newark, New Jersey in April 2001 when Uwazurike visited America. I listened to him speak to a...
Trendy people. >> Miguel in Ocean City New Jersey is an admirer of WomTrader. > Exceptional opportunity!
I miss you so much please come to New Jersey
Keep your eyes out for this 11-year-old, missing from Central Jersey since Wednesday.
Jersey Shore takes over Burger King ❤️ family dinner with the new Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich 💗 love my roomies!
Update your maps at Navteq
Prescribers must be our first line of defense against opioid addiction
I just saw a someone in the new Barca Jersey, when did uy get to S.A?
I'm grateful to be able to endorse Seth of New Jersey, an extraordinary candidate for the people.
So is t-shirt time going to turn into tinder time on the New Jersey shore??
£350 GIVEAWAY!!. ONLY 3 DAYS TO GO UNTIL OUR GRAND OPENING! To celebrate the opening of our new showroom on the...
I leave for New Jersey later today... I'm so excited... IVE NEVER BEEN. imma b all over Snapchat & IG with stories u just…
Anyway, Eze and I are in a wedding in New Jersey that day. I have to figure out a way to watch it
11-year-old New Jersey girl reported missing is found dead
Sir if I may, I'll direct you to 3rd grade history, specifically the lesson on the Virginia and New Jersey plans https:/…
New push to clean up deplorable conditions at New Jersey housing
Faneto. Simply cause he said he's gonna blow New Jersey up but they love that song so *** much out there. 😭
Hakuba climbing the trellis in our New Jersey trial
13,000 children a year, as young as ten, are married in America !
They likely wouldn't have the sense to figure out how to defeat the wall. But…
The new season of New Jersey housewives is finally on Hulu 😩
New Jersey grandparents who lost daughter to lupus win $1 million lottery - Fox News
New Jersey investor pledges to end supermarket waste in 5 years. via .
Bro these New Jersey's got me wet asf!
I need a new Kobe jersey that fits and I need to cop a new lonzo ball jersey... like bad
Justin visited a school in New Jersey?? when will my school ever
Ha still an epic song. a perfect snapshot of a moment in time we can all relate to
Victory today: state of New Jersey recognizes as a domestic terrorist organization. h…
New unwritten rule: don't attack the yellow jersey while he's barbecuing.
Mandy Richardson-Casey would love this! Even smelling the stench of New Jersey would be worth it!!
Today in 1979, The Beach Boys played at the Monmouth Racetrack in New Jersey
The ENTIRE tri-state (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) ... right now at this 12:33 a.m. hour:
quick liner sequence from this afternoon || 📷 @ Barnegat Light, New Jersey
Come to Freedom Fest, now through Thursday, at the Horse Park of New Jersey at Stone Tavern, Inc.!!.
only Billboard charting artist in their region of central New Jersey other than Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi
Scotch Plains, New Jersey kicks off its Summer Concert Series with Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens! Concert starts...
New officers installed at Disabled American Veterans Department of New Jersey via
just said bye to my best friend and my eye balls are sweating @ Monmouth Beach, New Jersey
A surprise guest shook up New Jersey's annual Jefferson Awards ceremony this year.
Great poll: how New Jersey residents felt about Christie at the beach, in their own words.
Syrian refugees in gov apt (left), tent city full of homeless elderly (right). Both in New Jersey. https:/…
Proper footballing conditions during yesterday’s Gold Cup match between Canada and French Guiana in New Jersey. ☔
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suns self on beach he closed to the public / Boing Boing
New Jersey-bound train carrying at least 100 passengers derails at Penn Station
Gonna be in New Jersey? Ride round FREE w 3 FREE Lyft rides. Try the Lyft app with promo code GUESTS promo lyft codes
Don't forget ANTIFA. Although New Jersey has designated them as anarchist extremists who use dome…
I've lived in New Jersey all my life. I'm leaving, but it's really not that bad. I'm awesome af
I am in love... With this new US Soccer Gold Cup jersey
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