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New Jersey Nets

The New Jersey Nets are a professional basketball team based in Newark, New Jersey.

Jason Kidd Lewis Katz Brooklyn Nets Richard Jefferson Michael Jordan New Jersey Devils Kobe Bryant Vince Carter Kenyon Martin Milwaukee Bucks Cleveland Cavaliers San Antonio Spurs World Series Denver Nugget Chicago Bulls Detroit Pistons

Wire: New Jersey to vote on bill to regulate daily fantasy sports
Danny, imagine you found out tonight that the 2012 New Jersey Nets beat the 2017 Spurs to win the NBA Championship tonight.
Richard Jefferson the last New Jersey Nets legend left.
The Nets helped a lot of us in New Jersey with their NBA Finals appearances. Great team.
my future wife in New York wearing her older brother's Brooklyn Nets jersey tryna look cute for the gram,
& Nets too. All these people's original teams in the New Jersey area the Knicks & Nets are so *** that they abandon their team & bandwagon
-16 is low. As a New Jersey resident. NY sports fans and a Brooklyn Nets fan. I would only hope for a…
how about my dude rocking a New Jersey Nets jersey. Like, why?
And have New Jersey nets 1st Rd pick in 18...
The New Jersey Nets acquired Dikembe Mutombo from the Sixers in this 2002 trade:
IN THE EARLY 1990s, while Tim McLoone was working for the New Jersey Nets as an arena announcer,…
Jefferson tried to dunk like 02 New Jersey Nets Jefferson
New Jersey Nets Jefferson really did. More of an oblong jaw line.
New Jersey Nets oh wait..they moved to Brooklyn 🤔
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson took a trip down the New Jersey Turnpike and across the Delaware River to his hometown of...
Did he call them the pick hedgin', shot blockin', rim rockin' New Jersey Nets?
If the New Jersey Nets (LONG LIVE THE NEW JERSEY NETS) had just stayed we wouldn't have this NBA problem.
weren't they the new Jersey Nets in 13
I'd like to see the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the D-League replace the New Jersey Nets. Their logo is m…
New Jersey Nets get the number 1 overall pick last night.
Here are all the stars the Nets could have had without making trades
I sincerely hope that Celtics pick to the Raptors or the New Jersey Nets so they get ball instead of the Lakers
The Nets were more competitive and watchable when they where located in New Jersey.
Because we have to troll the New Jersey Nets of Brooklyn at all times.
The Native American Indians who sold Manhattan to the Pilgrims think the New Jersey Nets got robbed by Boston Celtics
The a gift that keeps giving... Thank you New Jersey!! We love you 😂😂
The Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett trade to New Jersey for the Nets pick
That's what I saw plus the 1994 Houston Rockets and the 2003 New Jersey nets but I know fo…
Imagine if the Nets stayed in New Jersey lol
I wore a New Jersey Nets jersey for picture day in 2nd grade. Does that count?
Nets have to just pack their bags and move back to New Jersey no?
New Jersey Nets trading their no. 1 pick in 2016-17-18 to Boston will come down as the worst trade in the history of spor…
New post: Melbourne United signs former New Jersey Nets big-man Josh Boone
Sources: Melbourne United has signed former New Jersey Nets big-man, Josh Boone
Kobe Bryant arrives before Game 4 of the 2002 NBA Finals against the New Jersey Nets wearing a Michael Jordan jersey h…
Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin once got into a fistfight while on the New Jersey Nets http…
TIX L B New Jersey Nets vs Miami 1996 stub with photo of Chris…
In 2008,the New Jersey Nets traded Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. In 2016, Richard Jefferson is starting in the finals
Kevin Durant should sign with the 1994 New Jersey Nets.
Just wright may be the worst movie I've ever seen. It even ran the nets out of New Jersey smh 😂
last one to do it was the New Jersey Nets & New Jersey Devils I don't even need to read that article
sorry to burst your bubble, Dalton, but the New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn
Sharks & Warriors are first NHL/NBA market duo w/teams in respective finals of same postseason since New Jersey Devils & Net…
Feb 2011, the Warriors traded Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric to the then-New Jersey Nets for Troy Murphy and a 2012 second-round pick
Brooklyn Nets (re)brand "Swamp Dragons": Three days after Zach Lowe told the story of how the New Jersey Nets ...
Keith Van Horn wins it for the New Jersey Nets at the buzzer in the Big D back in the 1999-2000 season:
7–14th so Bucks, Boston and New Jersey Nets away. Hoping to get a P&T meet for the Spurs game on 8th too :)
My man takes a look at what may have happened if the New Jersey Nets drafted Kobe Bryant in 1996:
They just announced New Jersey Nets or Mets fan can board first. @ Boston Logan International Airport
When you workout with and reminisce about old New Jersey Nets basketball 🙌🏽 also my fellow wildcat alum ❤️💙🐻 💪🏽💪🏽
When the New Jersey Nets snapped the Pistons' NBA record of holding opponents under 70, they celebr…
Already there. Just need to decide if I'm going New Jersey Nets Vince Carter or Dallas Mavs Vince Carter with it.
Will you go with the retro Seattle Supersonics or maybe decide to bring back the New Jersey Nets?
New Jersey is trash they lost the islanders and nets b. He need a win in the giveaway for the culture
Fans obviously still in the Nets Team Store buying the new black jersey
basketball shots against the Philaelphis 76ers when he was playing for the New Jersey Nets and then Mr. Wilt Chamberlains
After losing to the Bucks, it was pretty clear someone was going to have to pay. Enter the New Jersey Nets...
The New Jersey nets are going to win the 2016 World Series
Man guns himself down at New Jersey gun range
Not a huge hockey fan so missed the move to Brooklyn - but the new third 'Nets' jersey is great, no?
Brooklyn rookie shares a North Jersey apartment with 2 roommates because prices in New…
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but if the New Jersey Devils win a championship New York steal some of that shine..the Nets too
New Jersey Devils : Matt Irwin nets a PPG for Boston and the now trail 1-0 in the secon...
“Could John Stockton get to the finals twice with the 2002-2003 New Jersey Nets? with Richard Jefferson & Kenyon Martin?”hmm
We just landed in Norfolk & now my mom's about to drive to Jersey for her New Jersey Nets reunion tonight 😳 she has so much energy
Portland trades former Terp Steve Blake to the New Jersey Nets, per Yahoo! Sports.
Avery Johnson: 'My roots are still in Louisiana': New Jersey Nets head coach Avery ...
13 years ago today (2002), Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal complete the 3-peat against the New Jersey Nets. http:/…
This ticket got you into the 11/25/1979 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Jersey Nets game at the Coliseum at Richfield.
“Horrible: 1990s New Jersey Nets that have passed away: Haley, Schintzius, Dare, Gilliam, Mason, Petrovic" nets are cursed
On this day in 1987, Michael Jordan scored 58 points vs the New Jersey Nets, setting a Bulls record. VIDEO:
On this date in 1987, Michael Jordan dropped 58 points on the New Jersey Nets in just 37 minutes. With zero three-pointers.
Famous African Americans born on January 26 Kirk Franklin (Grammy Award-winning gospel singer who has worked with groups like The Family and One Nation Crew. He has led groups like God's Property as well.) (45) Vince Carter (8-time All-Star guard/forward who won the 1999 NBA Rookie of the Year award as a member of the Toronto Raptors, and developed a large following after winning the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and earning the nickname Vinsanity. After spending the first 6 years of his career with the Raptors, he played on the New Jersey Nets for 5 seasons, then went on to join the Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, and Dallas Mavericks.) (38) Anita Baker (Detroit-based R&B singer who released the 1986 hit single "Sweet Love" and the album Rapture. She has won eight Grammy Awards, including one for her single "Sweet Love.") (57) Torrey Smith (Speedy NFL wide receiver who helped the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl in 2013. He had his breakout campaign in 2013, where he topped 1,000 yards for the first time in ...
Forgot he went to the finals twice as a member of the new Jersey nets
I used to be a Nets fan, back when it was New Jersey and they had Kidd and Martin
The nets was better when they was called "new jersey nets "🏀😂
I played on the old New Jersey Nets court with my team
ICYMI, the Brooklyn also stuck two eras in a blender with their new 70s/10s combo jersey
I love Dr. J though. I've got his New York Nets jersey.
Love the new throwbacks. Although, it took long enough for the word "Nets" to appear on a jersey.
Kim Kardashian is marrying a player on the New Jersey Nets. Finally, someone on that team is scoring.
The Nets are gonna have a new jersey coming? 👀
The nets new alternate jersey would be amazing if not for the sleeves. Cmon NBA, you know the sleeves suck.
Bank account is hurting because on top of national championship gear, I gotta get that new Nets jersey. Thank god for
At least new alt jersey looks good.
Left school to practice at the New jersey nets old arena
Back 24 years today, on January 23rd 1991, Drazen was traded to New Jersey Nets
In January 23, 1991., this day 24 years ago, Portland traded Drazen Petrovic to New Jersey in three-team deal
Happy Birthday to Surprise, I'm buying you the New Jersey Nets as your present!
More like put them back in New Jersey “Somebody should buy the nets n move them to queens”
My day consists of me laying in my bed watching New Jersey Nets highlights on YouTube. The good days
2011–12 New Jersey Nets season. The 2011–12 New Jersey Nets season was the 45th season of the franchise, their 36th in the National Basketbal
“Nets are getting sold? Interesting” bout to head back to New Jersey or move to Seattle. Lol
Russian Tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov has stated that he has made an offer to buy the New Jersey Nets, no monetary figures wer…
I'm thinking of buying the New Jersey Nets. What do you think
The New Jersey Nets are up for sale!
Someone better buy the Nets and send them right back to New Jersey 🏀😂🏀
New Jersey Nets for sale... Going to Seattle? Prokhorov surely won't care where they end up, right?
Who is down to buy the New Jersey Nets and move them to Seattle?
New Jersey Nets fans are more annoying than Knicks fans. Shouldve just named the team Brooklyn Knights.
I hope that whoever buys the Brooklyn Nets moves them to New Jersey.
They selling the Nets? For real? New Jersey Nets become Brooklyn Nets become.? Saw talks last week about ATL Hawks getting sold.
*All of New Jersey laughs* "BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets are officially for sale.
excited to be the new owner of the brookyn nets! first order of business? WE’RE GOING BACK TO NEW JERSEY
Chris Christie should buy the Nets and move them back to New Jersey
So is Mary Higgins Clark still a co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets? I know she was when they were in New Jersey.
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Hopefully the new owner moves them back to Jersey.
Harden has 30, Rockets rout Nets after Howard-Garnett fight - New Jersey Herald
Notables . -Kerry Kittles, former NBA player for the New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers
It's time for the Chicago Bulls to bring in a big man like Brook Lopez from the New Jersey Nets or sign Ray Allen.
Last man on the New Jersey Nets roster.
no was always a nets fan, grew up and could only afford New Jersey nets tickets
It felt more gratifying rooting for the New Jersey Nets in-between ownerships & being from NY than it does rooting for this 💩
New Jersey Nets was the original lob city
Tony batie, Eric Williams, Paul pierce, Antonine walker, and I think we had Anderson at guard. We lost every year to the New Jersey Nets
I admire your loyalty to the Knicks however. Brighter future than my New Jersey nets. (Always will be NJ)
“Knicks 😩 horrible” 😭😂 ️Lls they got the same record as the New Jersey nets used to have 😩
well we ARE playing like the New Jersey Nets...
lol were you a new Jersey nets fan before they went to Brooklyn? I'm a Knicks fan that has to deal with the struggle!
Hope at can find a way stick with the New Jersey Nets. Main reason Michigan Basketball got back on track.
yeah, but did you buy a 1987 Fleer card of Tony Brown, Nets coach when he was with New Jersey. You want sick? I got sick
Die hard Nets fan from New Jersey rocking my Brooklyn Nets gear in Aruba! Let's Go Nets!
The Orlando Magic traded Reggie Theus to the Nets back in 1990:
IT'S BROOKLYN BABY! December 23, 2005 - Vince Carter of the New Jersey Nets scored 51 points in a 95-88 win over t...
New jersey can't beat new york in anything. They even lost to nets
The last time I went to a Bulls game the Nets were still in New Jersey
the Hawks been my favorite team ever since the New Jersey Nets ceased to exist
13 years ago today, Paul Pierce scored 46 points in the second half against the New Jersey
should have traded him to the NEW JERSEY NETS
The are 9.9 points per 100 possessions better with Mason Plumlee on the court in the last six games
Nets 110 Pistons 105 Jack filled in for Williams on New Jersey, played mostly positive ...
Former New Jersey Nets point guard KENNY ANDERSON will be on the show tonight at 9:00pm. Be sure to…
I miss the New Jersey Nets. That was the O.G squad
Chris Christie is the real reason why the Nets left New Jersey
Lunchtime drawing: Looking north up the Hudson w/ the pier, nets & New Jersey
If the Nets trade that should've stayed in New Jersey
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Phil Jackson spent his final two seasons in New Jersey as part of the Nets before retiring in 1980.
Report: Kings talking to Nets about trade for Deron Williams: The New Jersey Nets and Sacramento Kings are dis...
Just a soccer ball, 2 pairs of soccer cleats, 2 pairs of indoors, my new barça jersey, my new America jersey, my sweat pants & goal nets.
Yeah Lakers tried to get D Will before he went to New Jersey Nets now Brooklyn Nets.
please don't tell me the Brooklyn Nets ripoff is the new jersey and logo.
Long Island/New Jersey/Brooklyn have a copyright on black & white and circles/globes? is too full of itself.
New logo for the is pretty nice, even if it does look kinda Nets-ish. Im more curious about what the new jersey/color scheme will be.
Of course, Dallas was rumored destination for D-Will before the Jazz traded him to New Jersey. Then he re-signed with the Nets. Angry Cuban?
Cavs play the New Jersey Nets tonight at 7:30 pm EST.
I'm from NJ, mad that they left. They still play like the New Jersey Nets.
I raffled off New Jersey Nets tickets at my work Christmas party tonight. The guy who won them gave them away. No one cares about the Nets.
I was a real New Jersey Nets fan until they left to Hipsterville, but said he rather see hippies than empty seats.
the new Nets alt jersey just leaked on eBay. The top this time, not just the shorts. Did you see it?
Is it cool to rock New Jersey Nets gear yet? Asking for a...myself.
miami heat vs new jersey nets 2012 - YouTube
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About 4 years ago, saw the nets play in new jersey a few years before
new jersey nets basketball schedule - YouTube
The Jets and Nets need to move back to New Jersey
new jersey nets trade for gerald wallace - YouTube
I mean I was a New Jersey Nets fan, they moved to Brooklyn, but I'm still a Nets fan. But I don't think I could root for a Canadian team
The Lakers swept the New Jersey Nets in 4 straight games in 2002 to win their third consecutive NBA title.
jayz moving the nets to Brooklyn bad move. In New Jersey they didn't have as much expectations in Brooklyn…
Mandatory of medical workers coming back from nets possible carrier
Sitting in the hotel lobby sponging free wifi in sweatpants and a New Jersey Nets t-shirt has inspired some strange looks my way.
The 01-03 new jersey nets led by J Kidd was a cold *** squad across the board. The Lakers was just better
Brooklyn Nets should put a team in New Jersey -
On this day 47 years ago, the New Jersey Americans (now the Nets) played the franchise's first game.
Yeah, The New Jersey Nets Is a better job than Umass. Kentucky is a better job than Memphis.
Today is Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Today in Sports History 1956 - Billy Howton (Green Bay Packers) caught seven passes for 257 yards and two touchdowns against the Los Angeles Rams. The final score was 42-17. 1966 - The U.S. Congress approved the AFL-NFL merger. 1973 - Fred Dryer (Los Angeles Rams) became the first NFL player to record two safeties in a single game. The Rams defeated the Green Bay Packers 24-7. 1975 - Carlton Fisk (Boston Red Sox) hit a home run in the 12th inning in a 7-6 win over the Cincinnati Reds in Game Six of the World Series. 1976 - The Philadelphia 76ers purchased the rights for Julius Erving from the New Jersey Nets. 1980 - The Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series. 1984 - Steve Cox (Cleveland Browns) kicked a 60-yard field goal against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was the second longest field goal in NFL history. The Browns lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 12-9. 1997 - Ray Bourque (Boston Bruins) became the fifth defenseman in NHL history to play in 1,300 regular-seaso ...
Read more : Why did Kim Kardashian divorce Kris Humphries? After a relatively short time of dating, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries proposed marriage to Kim Kardashian at her Beverly Hills hom
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if you mean paying tribute to New Jersey Nets great Buck Williams then yes
It's a shame Vince Carter left for Memphis. He's going to miss the New Jersey Nets reunion in Dallas.
Lionel Hollins hired as New Jersey Nets head coach. Jason Kidd hired as Milwaukee Bucks head coach. Meanwhile the Los Angeles Lakers have legend Byron Scott on pause.
The Milwaukee Bucks have completed a deal with the New Jersey Nets to make Jason Kidd their next head coach, ending Larry Drew's tenure after one year.
New Jersey Nets head coach Jason Kidd has been given permission to interview with the Milwaukee Bucks. Apparently...
Nope, New Jersey Nets & Utah Jazz lost back2back "No Team has lost back to back finals...Spurs had this from the Onset"
Totally irrelevant, but kinda spooky: The San Antonio Spurs made only 12 of 20 free throw attempts in losing Game 2 by two points on Sunday night. The most recent team to shoot 60 percent or poorer from the line in an NBA Finals game that it lost by two or fewer points? The Spurs, in Game 2 of the 2003 Finals against the New Jersey Nets, when Gregg Popovich's team made only 14 of 25 free throw attempts (56 percent) in an 87-85 loss. As was the case in this year's Finals, San Antonio's loss evened the series at one win apiece; in 2003, Popovich's squad eventually won the championship in six games. The Spurs' most obvious failure from the line on Sunday night came when Tony Parker and Tim Duncan each missed two free throw attempts within a 10-second stretch of the fourth quarter, with San Antonio holding a two-point lead. The last team to miss four consecutive free-throw attempts in the fourth quarter (or overtime) of a Finals game, when the score was within 10 points? The Spurs, in that same game against t ...
9 June 2014 Singapore - The Singapore Slingers today announced the signing of Hassan Adams for the 2014 AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League season. Adams starred for the University of Arizona Wildcats and was the 54th overall pick by the New Jersey Nets in the 2006 National Basketball Association (NBA) draft. He also saw action for the Toronto Raptors. Adams, a powerfully built 193cm guard who can play multiple positions, played 4 years at the University of Arizona where he averaged 17.5ppg and 5rpg during his senior season. He went on to play 61 games for the Nets and 8 games for the Raptors. He has since played in the Philippines, Serbia, Italy, and Venezuela. Singapore Slingers head coach Neo Beng Siang said, “We are very excited about welcoming Hassan to our team, with his vast experience he should really help our young players continued development this season”. He added “Hassan is looking forward to joining the Slingers, this is a very good opportunity for him to showca ...
Connection Former Nets owner Katz dies in plane crash
Last team to lose NBA Finals in consecutive seasons? New Jersey Nets (2002 vs Lakers & 2003 vs Spurs)
Whom did Duncan and the Spurs beat previously? Defeating the wildly shocking Knicks was a formality in 1999. Taking down a clearly inferior New Jersey Nets team in 2003 was expected. The shellacking they dealt James' Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007 was something most saw coming. Unseating the Detroit Pistons in 2005 marked their most trying challenge. They were the reigning champs and pushed the Spurs to seven games. -B/R article
Former Nets owner Katz dies in plane crash via
PHILADELPHIA (AP) Lewis Katz, a self-made man who built his fortune in New York parking lots, billboards and...
Lewis Katz, who died yesterday in a plane crash, had a vision for the New Jersey Nets that went unrealized.
Former Nets owner Katz dies in plane crash -
Lewis Katz, a parking, billboard and sports mogul who through the years owned the New Jersey Nets basketball team, New Jersey Devils hockey team and, most recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, has died. He was 72.
Lewis Katz’s Vision for the New Jersey Nets Went Unrealized: As an owner of the Nets when they were in New Jer...
Former New Jersey Nets and New Jersey Devils owner, Lew Katz, has died at the age of 72 in a plane crash at a Massachusetts airport where his plane went down shortly after takeoff. There were seven total people on board when it went down and there were no survivors. Katz was recently the co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer. R.I.P
June 15, 2003: The Finals, Game 6 between the San Antonio Spurs and the New Jersey Nets (now became the Brooklyn Nets) Tim Duncan almost achieved an historical quadruple double as, the MVP of the season finished the game with: 21 points, 20 rebounds, 10 assists, 8 blocks and the last but not the least, the second ring of his career. -Tony
Lewis Katz, a philanthropist and businessman who once owned the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils, attended an event in Concord Saturday afternoon at the home of historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and her husband, Richard Goodwin.
Lewis Katz, who owned the New Jersey Nets during their most successful era then sold the team to Bruce Ratner, was killed Saturday when the Gulfstream IV he was flying in crashed at Hanscomb AFB outside of Boston. He was among seven killed.
Lewis Katz, Co-Managing Partner, Philadelphia Media Network and former owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA basketball team and the New Jersey Devils NHL...
And no, I don't count New Jersey Nets or Devils as NY-LA. Sorry.
New Jersey Nets? ... Went to Brooklyn.. Metlife Stadium/Giants/Jets? in Jersey but associated with NY. bottom line--
Sometimes, I miss the New Jersey Nets days. Sure, we spent years in the Knicks' shadow but us fans used to rock in crappy ole Izod Arena.
New Jersey Nets fans and Heat hater are all over TL talking crap it's kinda funny really cause The Nets are just...
MERALCO BOLTS IMPORT FOR THE GOVERNOR'S CUP 2014 TERRENCE WILLIAMS 6’6” Guard / Forward 220 lbs. Terrence Deshon Williams (born June 28, 1987) is an American professional basketball player. Williams was drafted 11th overall in the 2009 NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets. He was the senior co-captain for Rick Pitino's 2008-09 University of Louisville Cardinals. During the 2007-08 season, Williams achieved the third and fourth triple-doubles in Louisville basketball history (the first two by Samaki Walker and Ellis Myles). He racked up 14 points, 13 assists and 12 rebounds in the Cardinals' season-opening 104-69 win over Hartford[1] and had 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists in a January 19, 2008 loss to Seton Hall.[2] At Rainier Beach High School, Williams was a four-year starter on the basketball team. He helped the team to a state title in 2003. He averaged 21.7 points his senior year. He was also a starting wide receiver and free safety on the football team. He considered attending Indiana and K . ...
It seems that the Miami Heat is the only team that isn’t experiencing any trouble this Playoffs. During a blow-out win against the New Jersey Nets in the opening game of their Conference Semi-Final series, LeBron James unveiled a clean White/Red PE of the Nike LeBron 11 Elite. We’ve yet to see an all-white upper [&hellip
I wish I still had my New Jersey Nets jerseys...Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, Jason Kidd
I love how everyone I have known my whole life are huge Brooklyn Nets fans all of a sudden when I never once saw or heard them root for the New Jersey Nets. Talk to me when you rock a Sleepy Floyd, Ed O'Bannon, Drazen Petrovic, Kenny Anderson or Kenyon Martin jersey and know about the teams past. Don't hate when someone spills knowledge on you, you might learn something.
Eric Williams Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star, NBA Player Is Homeless And BrokeLeave a replyFollow Williams (pictured), who played with such NBA powerhouse teams as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, and New Jersey Nets and was also featured on the reality show “Basketball…
Four current NBA teams originated in the ABA: Denver Nugget, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, and San Antonio Spurs.
Selfishly I wish Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett retired Celtics. I grew watching up those guys. WHO remembers Antoine Walker? And how every year him and Pierce lost to Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets in the eastern conference championship. Man Pierce is the Truth now and forever HALL OF FAME.
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Basketball Forever. Dwight Howard hasn't won a playoff game since April 26th 2011, back when... - LeBron hadn't won any championships - Derrick Rose was still healthy, and the MVP - The LA Lakers were the defending NBA Champions - Kyrie Irving wasn't in the NBA - No one had heard of Jeremy Lin - Carmelo Anthony was a Denver Nugget - The Brooklyn Nets were still the New Jersey Nets - Lamar Odom was 6th Man & had his own TV show WOW.
The Boston I mean New Jersey Nets no the doing pretty good for old timers 💯😏
ill be cheering on The Toronto Raptors for the next week..they are still the New Jersey Nets in my eyes
No one in the NBA capitalizes on a contract year quite like Kris Humphries . Following a productive 2010-11 season for the 24-win New Jersey Nets , Humphries earned himself a nice one-year contract ...
Before he turned to coaching, Phil Jackson dabbled in announcing games on television as an analyst for the New Jersey Nets.
The No. 3 Delta State University men's basketball program (26-6) will take to the court this evening in the NCAA South Region Final - an appearance in the Elite Eight on the line versus No. 8 Tuskegee University (20-11). The Statesmen are trying to make it back to the NCAA Division II Elite Eight for the first time since coach Steve Rives and Delta State defeated Lynn University, 63-59, in overtime in the South Region title game during the 1997-1998 season. Former head coach Rives coached today's inductee. Both a Statesmen and an Ole Miss Rebel during his collegiate career, the Greenwood native played his freshman and sophomore seasons at Delta State, where he was a two-time All-Gulf South Conference selection, the league's MVP and led the Green & White to victories at Mississippi State and two Sweet 16 appearances. Once a phenom talent at Amanda Elzy High, this 2013 inductee played professional basketball with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets, averaging eight points per gam ...
Change of plans as Ginebra eyes ex-NBA player Jackson to replace Rodgers Nelson Beltran [ Source: Philippine Star ] - March 18, 2014 In this Oct. 29, 2010 file photo, Sacramento Kings' Darnell Jackson, left, attempts a shot as New Jersey Nets' Kris Humphries defends during the third quarter of an NBA basketball game in Newark, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)MANILA, Philippines – Barangay Ginebra is now considering to tap former NBA player Darnell Jackson as replacement to Leon Rodgers. Jackson, a three-year NBA veteran with stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Sacramento Kings, is in town, flown in by the Meralco Bolts. However, Jackson reportedly refused to join the Bolts’ practice session Monday with Brian Butch still under contract as Meralco import. Jackson, apparently, now wants to void his own deal with Meralco.
Need able and committed musicians for grunge revival musical outfit, Scoish Maloish. Required items for first practice: Doc Martens, badly damaged guitar, Chicago Bulls or New Jersey Nets jersey, Marshall stackz, flannel shirt (tied by the sleeves around your waist), skateboard, enough Bubble Tape for everyone, attitude that drifts between apathetic-angsty-and mysteriously blithesome, found jewelry, Electro-Harmonix Small Clone chorus pedal, rudimentary knowledge of Neil Young's catalogue, stinky hat, braided goatee, Five Alive, spiral-bound notebook and gel pen, and, of course, a white novelty sweater.
Best video I have ever seen in school, New Jersey Nets timeless brings me back to the good days
The Brooklyn Nets signed former New Jersey Nets and Stanford University Center Jason Collins. Jason Collins will be the back up Center for the Brooklyn Nets a…
Jason Collins to sign with the New Jersey Nets.wake me up when Lebron and Dwayne Wade both come out of the closet. That may lure me back to watching to what use to be the NBA (haven't been into it since the 2004 riot in Detroit). I'm not even sure if the Nets are still in New Jersey. They're still known for Jayson Williams throwing away his career in the matter he did.
On this day 3 yrs ago, the New Jersey Nets traded two 1st Rd picks, Derrick Favors, Devin Harris & cash to the Utah Jazz for Deron Williams.
He was most noted for his days with the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets, although he also played briefly for the Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz late in his career. His nickname, "Chocolate Thunder", was bestowed upon him by Stevie Wonder.[1] He was known for his powerful dunks, which notably led to the NBA adopting breakaway rims due to him shattering the backboard on two occasions in 1979. Name this slam dunker!!! A. Daryl Dawkins B. Shaquille O' Neal C. Shawn Bradley D. Dikembe Mutumbo
1970 — Pete Maravich scores 64 points but Louisiana State still loses to Kentucky, 121-105. Dan Issel scores 51 for the Wildcats. And on this day in 2003 — Michael Jordan becomes the first 40-year-old in NBA history to score 40 or more points, getting 43 in the Washington Wizards' 89-86 win over the New Jersey Nets.
2003–04 season Prince playing against the New York Knicks After the Pistons were swept by the New Jersey Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals, Carlisle was fired and former Sixers coach Larry Brown took over as head coach. Under Brown, Prince became the Pistons' starting small forward and increased his scoring average to 10.3 points per game, up from 3.3 as a rookie.[9] In that 2003–04 season, Prince was also selected to play for the Sophomores (second-year players) in the NBA Rookie Challenge.
Another Denver team playing in New Jersey tonight? Uh oh. I'll bet the Nuggets are happy the Nets play in Brooklyn.
Vujacic was traded early in the 2010-2011 season to the then New Jersey Nets for draft picks and Joe Smith, who retired the following year
Nets aim to bounce back versus 76ers
Tony tell Tom its Brooklyn Nets not new Jersey
what you gon say? new jersey lost the nets? GOOD CAUSE THE BEST SHOOTER STILL IN MY HOOD, *** !! . GATTAM!
right now i got on all red. my red New Jersey nets jersey, some red leggings and my red angry birds slipper. that's weird.
This is like every NBA Finals the New Jersey Nets played in during the early 2000s.
Seattle out here playing the 09 New Jersey Nets
The Broncos are really pulling a New Jersey Nets right now
the Nets moved and changed their name. Maybe some major sports teams just don't like having New Jersey associated with them..
After so many years, the New Jersey Nets left to NYC. We already have a basketball team here in NYC. .
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If you're from New York its like you're bound to hate NJ. I mean Jay Z changed a team from "New Jersey nets" to "Brooklyn Nets"
Jrue Holiday scored a triple-double (11 P, 11 A, 10 R) and the Sixers beat the New Jersey Nets in Newark 106-82.
Izod Center, home of the New Jersey Nets...oh wait
Pacers send Nets to third loss in row
I might dig the Nets if they woulda been a brand new team made for BK, instead of recycling Jersey's funky *** team.
still wear my New Jersey Nets Anthony Morrow with pride
Actually i'm fans of Nets not SA Spurs. But thanks for the new jersey. Greatest sister in… (w/ Christine) [pic] —
You know who used to play at the Meadowlands? The NEW JERSEY NETS and the New Jersey Devils. So.
Marbury was that *** New Jersey Nets are the biggest joke of a franchise in the history of the NBA. ESPN said it
fans: What was you worst experience at a Nets game? Whether in New Jersey or Brooklyn.
New New Jersey Net: Former Pike star Marquis Teague, who is now with the Nets after the Bulls let him go
wearing my new jersey at the game vs Nets
NIXON: I might catch a Nets game when I'm in New Jersey. HALDEMAN: They're in Brooklyn now. NIXON: Brooklyn? My God.
What a week for the state of New York: 2 Stadium Series games, Knicks, Nets, Duke-Syracuse, and of course the Super Bowl (in New Jersey/NY).
well you know the new jersey nets are a bunch of old folks chasing there youths! Not taking anything away from Durant tho!
That's all she wrote! Patrick Sharp nets another hattie and the win 5-3 in New Jersey. See you in Chicago on…
the cavs have become the old New Jersey Nets...
Billy Joel’s former Excelsior co-op asks $1.5M mm| Jan 28, 2014, 1:30:32 PM Billy Joel and his former co-op at 303 East 57th Street A two-bedroom co-op at the Excelsior owned by Billy Joel in the 1980s just hit the market for $1.5 million. The 1,800-square-foot unit at 303 East 57th Street near Second Avenue features floor-to-ceiling windows, a newly renovated kitchen, mirrored walls and a wet bar. Joel — who shared the space with then-wife Christie Brinkley — later sold it to Alan Aufzein, a former New Jersey Nets partner. It sits on the 44th floor of the 48-story building. “With all the amenities, like a pool, gym, 24-hour doorman, the separate driveway — it’s just waiting for the next budding rock star or master of the universe,” Halstead Property broker Elayne Reimer, who has the listing, told the New York Daily News. In May, Joel sold his two-bedroom pad at 128 Central Park South for $11 million. Five months later, he relisted his 5,500-square-foot Sagaponack oceanfront property with th ...
Kobe and Shaq after winning the 2002 Finals against the New Jersey Nets. 
A Warriors got two good guards Jordan Crawford who's been doing good with the C's and Marshon Brooks former New Jersey Nets overall draft pick!! Welcome to the Bay Area! Toney Douglas you will be missed! :(
First they host Justin Beiber now the New Jersey Nets?!! Who's next? The Cowboys? 😂
I miss when it was New Jersey Nets , & Jason Kidd was whooping *** !
Jay-Z Biography: Shawn Corey Carter (born December 4, 1969), better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is an American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor. He is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America, having a net worth of over $450 million as of 2010. He has sold approximately 50 million albums worldwide, while receiving thirteen Grammy Awards for his musical work, and numerous additional nominations. He is consistently ranked as one of the greatest rappers of all-time. He was ranked so by MTV in their list of The Greatest MCs of All-Time in 2006. Two of his albums, Reasonable Doubt (1996) and The Blueprint (2001) are considered landmarks in the genre with both of them being ranked in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Blender, included the former on their 500 CDs You Must Own Before You Die. Jay-Z co-owns the 40/40 Club, is part-owner of the NBA's New Jersey Nets and is also the creator of the line Rocaw ...
Bulls open Christmas schedule with rout of Nets - NEW YORK (AP) — Taj Gibson...
Like no, shut up you have three NYS. And it's New Jersey's only professional level team now that the nets are back in Brooklyn.
Always gonna call the Nets the New Jersey Nets. Don't see how anything has changed.
Im reppin Christ till I'm wrinkled up in my old age Reppin Christ, till I'm dead, layin in my own grave Reppin Christ, till I take a trip on that Soul Train with my soul shinin so bright like a gold chain but it seems that ya boy aint eva seen mo' pain cuz my homies livin sinful lives like it's ok tryin to escape or get away like OJ so I got the blues like I represent fo' tray so I stepped to the plate like a batter in his zone to get my Josh Hamilton on, and bring em' home if your dealin with temptations, better leave em' alone better slow yo roll like you drivin through a school zone and your old ways are played out like a pay phone and plus they aint worth a food stamp or peso I stand in the full communion of saints so I can face off with the devil, we can trade blows and I aint got a halo yet, but you can bet that I'm postin up the devil like New Jersey Nets and I'm swingin on the devil like the New York Mets if my God stands before me tell me who wants plex and who would have ever thought that he cou ...
Throwback of Christine on court as a New Jersey Nets Dancer!
If that's really how Brooklyn Nets fans act to KG then *** move the nets back to New Jersey because KG is in the top 10 of greatest pow ...
E o melhor é que no final dela, tá escrito "Special thanks to Mookie Blaylock, the New Jersey Nets, the NBA, and all of their lawyers".
When I go to the New Jersey show and they're not wearing Nets jerseys I'm gonna die.
The 9-19 Brooklyn Nets are a bickering, broken mess of a basketball team
The nets left jersey for broklyn new state same story they stink worse in broklyn but jersey has no team now we loose
Send the Nets back to Jersey & the Knicks to Virginia...New York don't want these *** ..
Sources: Kidd calls out team as skid grows
My basketball app is so not updated because it still says the new jersey nets lol
Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets are in trouble, and I don't think "Coach Kidd" was ready for all this! That is one fat payroll they have this season!
New Jersey and I ain't talking about the nets, flyer than a Falcon had to move to the cadets
Cant wait to wear my Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies and New Jersey Nets jerseys that I got for Christmas
D-Will: This is a 'nightmare' season for Nets
New Jersey residents probably happy as ever the moved to
Shiiddd come to think of it..the nets might as well move back to fzckin new jersey ..
Knicks are my 2nd favorite team just because the Nets left New Jersey and now they can smd.
I'm amazed on how bad the New Jersey Nets and the Knicks are.
These NY teams man. The Nets coulda stayed in new jersey for this
I know it is Christmas Day and we are supposed to be thankful for everything that we have. But this is the worst brand of basketball I have ever seen. The New Jersey Nets suck and the New York Knicks suck. The NBA office should write a letter to every family member of the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder for taking their fathers away from their families.
I haven't watch a full NBA game at all this whole season. I miss my New Jersey Nets and my all-time favorite player balling
Bulls use big third quarter to rout Nets 95-78
Nets suck they shoulda stayed in New Jersey
The Nets need to move back to New Jersey. They don't deserve to play in Brooklyn looking like this.
The nets are the most garbage team ever with the talent they got, Brooklyn needs to go bak New Jersey it's where they belong …
Should have left the Nets in New Jersey
they're really Knicks fans let's be one cares about the New Jersey Nets in Brooklyn lol
"This Brooklyn Nets team is worst than any team New Jersey nets ever had" lmao
where Brooklyn at where Brooklyn at? Don't which was uglier these uni ' s or the New Jersey Nets play.
Maybe the New Jersey Nets should have asked for some heart for Christmas... Definitely wouldn't hurt...
New kicks and all! "Nets about to do ticket specials buy 2 tickets get a jersey and 10 min run in real game."
That this Nets team is in Brooklyn is a special gift that everyone in New Jersey should enjoy today.
Nets are almost as bad as the New Jersey nets when they went 0-16 to start the year.
Maybe the Nets needs to go back to New Jersey
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Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets turning over in their graves.wait
Funny, when you finally faced reality, it was amazing how clearly you could see things. Mary Higgins Clark December 24, 1929: Happy 84th birthday, Mary Higgins Clark! The mystery and suspense writer has penned almost 50 books, but she has other interests as well. Clark is a part owner of the New Jersey Nets and recently purchased a seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
Leave it up to me, I'm a put on for Plainfield. I'm not scared to show up and show off for my City. I feel disrespected to see New Jersey Nets is now in Brooklyn but I have to respect Jay-Z when I see him wearing that Brooklyn Nets Basketball Hat. He on inspire me to put on even more for Plainfield! There is nothing plain about this field I was born in. Good Morning New Jerusalem
New Jersey Nets have lost center Brook Lopez for the year. Out with a broken foot. Ouch.
Did you know? "Top 10 Richest Celebrities of the World in 2013" 10. J.K. Rowling - the greatest writing pieces of all the times, she is now considered to be one of the richest writers of all times. 9. Steven Spielberg - he is one of best directors of Hollywood. 8. Oprah Winfrey - the Queen of Television. She has now got her own tv network which is titled as ‘Oprah Winfrey Network,” OWN”’. 7. Donald Trump - is crowned as the king of the real estate holdings all across the globe. 6. Georgio Armani - coming on to the world of fashion, Armani is the name no body can deny. 5. Ralph Lauren - is the man who knows all the tips and tricks of Polo. He has dozen of exotic cars like Alfa, Romeo, Ferrari and Bugatti. 4. Mikhail Prokhorov - is although from Russia but he has managed to maintain his rank in the kings and queens of New York City. He is also the owner of the New Jersey Nets from NBA. 3. Michael Bloomberg - is the name which echoes in the streets of the city of United States which never sleeps. T . ...
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