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New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America.

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Car swallowed by large sinkhole in New Hampshire after 129-year-old water main breaks.
I spent a lot of time climbing in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire's White Mountains in the 70's & 80's. Fro…
Joint press conference in New Hampshire w/ 7K supporters.
Secrets of the State House vault revealed | New Hampshire
The first in North America appeared at St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire in 1884.
Concord man shoots himself in foot while hunting in Stewartstown | New Hampshire
25 Nov 1963:. Chip Kelly born,. Dover, New Hampshire. He has served as head coach of. the Philadelphia Eagles (2013...
Starting my day by going out for a run with a group of State troopers from New Hampshire who are helping in the recove…
Know what Nascar should do? Make the drivers change their own tires like Morgan Shepherd did that one time at New Hampshire.
Two months on the road !! — traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire from Southwest Florida International Airport
Latest on Chip Kelly: staff got off a plane from New Hampshire last night... AD Scott Stricklin, President Kent Fu…
I'm surprised New Hampshire isn't on your list. Just an idea of New Hampshire I have. "I'm from New Hamp…
Dan from New Hampshire. I am a Senior at Plymouth State University graduating in the fall. I would like…
Report: Florida officials fly to New Hampshire to present Chip Kelly with contract
This reads like Hampton was New Hampshire's own Footloose town.
Police officer, good Samaritan revive Manchester woman who crashed car | New Hampshire
(OOA) Manchester, New Hampshire *TRUCK ROLLOVER/TRAFFIC* Interstate 93 SB at Interstate 293 split - MVA with an...
ATF New Hampshire - Manchester Man Sentenced to 70 Months in Federal Prison for Firearms and Narcotic Offenses.
Nothing better than some puppy therapy @ Manchester, New Hampshire
Joyce Craig is the first woman elected Mayor for Manchester, New Hampshire (the largest city in the state). Congratulatio…
New Hampshire: Why are police ignoring evidence that mosque is preaching jihad? (VIDEO)
Just add snow to the list of things I miss about New Hampshire
When I was 20, I drove to California from New Hampshire in my Pontiac Grand Am, packed with…
NH Legal news: New Hampshire's Chief Justice, Linda Stewart Dalianis, will step down from the Supreme Court on Apri…
Joyce Craig’s victory on Tuesday night makes her the FIRST woman in the Manchester, New Hampshire's 266-year history to…
New Hampshire full of politicians packin heat 🔫 , why you think its called the Free State ? Constitutional Carry papaa
From a cemetery in Littleton to the Opera House, New Hampshire north of the notch abounds with them, and a local...
College Promise programs continue to grow - also see links at
House swept away by New Hampshire floods.
.upsets No. 1-seeded New Hampshire, advances to Championship .
You can take the girl out of New Hampshire but you can’t expect her to wear a seatbelt or understand sales tax
I had a press release on my basketball accomplishment I done a little bit for in New Hampshire I was ready to connect to play in the WNBA
Hart’s turkey farm in New Hampshire is dedicated to turkey
A home in Warren, New Hampshire was destroyed after being swept into the Baker River by floodwaters
swept away by raging floods in New Hampshire
WATCH: House washed away in New Hampshire flooding
- Whole house swept away by US flood
Is this the start of psychology's Weinstein scandal? Three Dartmouth professors accused of sexual misconduct
Home swept away by intense floodwaters in New Hampshire -
Advocates: Education aid bill would drain money from public schools | New Hampshire
Autumn along the Contoocook River in the quaint village of Contoocook New Hampshire.
This resort is bigger than the state of New Hampshire and there is only one treadmill in the gym 🤷‍♀️
House swept away by New Hampshire floods
A house in Warren, New Hampshire was destroyed after storm waters carried it into the Baker River: https:…
...The flood warning continues for the following rivers in New Hampshire...Maine Pemigewasset River At Plymouth af…
I would like to hear more news and updates on the Voter Fraud Investigation!!!
Dreamers across New Hampshire and America are vital for the future of our state and our nation. Let's pass the
I miss New Hampshire so much. Someone take me home
WATCH: A house is destroyed after washing away in New Hampshire flooding and colliding with a bridge: http…
If classes arent cancelled tomorrow im suing the University of New Hampshire for making me miss the 10th inning
Voters to elect mayors in cities across New Hampshire on Nov. 7
New Hampshire's Lake Winnepesaukee will miss Mittens & Family but NH loss is UT…
New Hampshire sets marrying age for boys at 14. For girls, 13. While both are too young, shows girls more exploited
Oh I do miss that. Could do the same in New Hampshire.
On a bus back to New Jersey after a great few days in Boston & New Hampshire. I already miss the smell of clean air and beer that isn't $12.
I miss the fall time in New Hampshire 😞
Scott Brown under investigation for inappropriate comments in New Zealand, still pretending he's from New Hampshire. ht…
New Hampshire man charged with shocking dog with stun gun
Colors in New Hampshire are just amazing! We were afraid we'd miss them since we're so late this year.
I’m worried about accidents like Ada county. Or the near-miss that almost happened statewide in New Hampshire
Yes in New England, this is the Connecticut river between Vermont and New Hampshire
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I kind of miss New Hampshire in the fall.
Tonight we go inside the opioid epidemic in New Hampshire - don't miss "Inside with Chris Cuomo" on HLN @ 9pm
DNC member Kathy Sullivan of New Hampshire apologizes to new members, says these meetings shouldn't be "bogged down" in procedural debate.
See our latest NH and click to apply: Sales Internship Program - New Hampshire -
Early 2020 poll of New Hampshire finds those with most name ID on top
So excited to share & Chad's gorgeous wedding at Ashworth by the Sea in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire!...
New Hampshire is a drug den. The White House is a dump. Bannon lurked in the back room. And Mueller’s on…
500 killed by mass murders in New Hampshire. Curiously there is almost no media coverage. No manhunt. No hype.
Retirement of Dr. Thomas Andrew, Chief Medical Examiner for the State of New Hampshire
Congrats to for being a hero!. National service is a national treasure | New Hampshire
These New Hampshire corn mazes are, in a word, Ah-MAZING:
Meteor fireball seen in sky before fire breaks out in New Hampshire mountains via SOTT
A key House Democrat is retiring at the end of her term
Please keep the White Mountains of New Hampshire a secret, everyone keep going to Vermont...😍😍😍
We're focusing on New Hampshire pastors/Elders/ministry leaders for this first one, but looki…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Another embarrassment to a certain New Hampshire college:
my two favorite things: foliage and Sophie 💜 @ University of New Hampshire
The average cost for a prescription of Complera in New Hampshire was 22 iPhone 6S Pluses (a line of phones 11 feet long)
New Hampshire Eats: Old recipes from the 19th Century
Here's some DIS and their biggest fans from New Hampshire! Thanks,
Looking for a new bed then come and see Forty Winks Bed Co in North Camp
'Goat Yoga' a hit on New Hampshire farm
Celebrating either Gera or Mulmubu as both scored 4 years ago today, with my New Hampshire students..At…
New Hampshire Rep. Shea-Porter to retire, opening up competitive House seat.
Thank you for your years of service to New Hampshire and for always being a champion for the rest of us!
A fun day with colleagues at Diana's Baths in New Hampshire!
Spreading the word of the Baggies New Hampshire in my Mulumbu match shirt.Kids were thrill…
University of New Hampshire coming in hot.
We're big fans of New Hampshire's stunning White Mountains! via
Yeah. That's what old, white, zeros do when they retire. But he totes missed out on that must see cruise from…
How do you feel that you’re leaving the city to go to.New Hampshire
Carol Shea-Porter won't seek re-election for competitive New Hampshire seat
New Hampshire Union Leader "kicked out of the ABC News debate like a dog" (01/10/2016)
We are huge fans of the NH movement. like the residents has it's own personality.
Looking for fall fun? Pick your own pumpkins and apples in New Hampshire this weekend: Pick Your Own Farms:
CNNPolitics: New Hampshire Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter is set to retire, opening up a competitive House seat…
If Frank Gallagher was a real person he would be at Penuche's Ale House in keene New Hampshire
Thank God there are still men with principles->Pat Buchanan: Judge Moore & God's Law | New Hampshire
FB: held off on the road by No. 15 New Hampshire
Main lobster rolls, kettle corn from New Hampshire, Fudge from somewhere. I forget, we went to the…
Michael Gill, former Eclipse Award-winning owner, hit with $274+ million judgment in New Hampshire defamation case
How much can libel cost you? As much as $274.5 million in New Hampshire. Yikes!
All-time highs for fall visitors expected in New Hampshire
Unlike the NFL, all NASCAR teams stood during Sunday's national anthem in New Hampshire. (Via
.subscribed our Names. George Washington - President and deputy from Virginia. New Hampshire - John Langdon, Nicholas
New Hampshire... Muslim “Refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7. . - We do NOT want more of these…
The Wood Devils of New Hampshire. Fave hobbies: screaming, blending into trees.
Real Estate Corner: Are millennials about to make their move? | New Hampshire
I feel like Walter White in the cabin in New Hampshire. Time to tie up loose ends and close this chapter.
September 18, 1819, John Langdon dies. Langdon was a leader of the American Revolution from New Hampshire.
Today in 1679 – New Hampshire became a county of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
18 Sep 1679 – New Hampshire becomes a county of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
New Hampshire town wants reimbursement for 911 calls from the beach
Many thanks to Joshua Anderson for taking us on this virtual tour of Portsmouth, New Hampshire! (ig:
David Boggs teaching in the Command Leadership Institute being held at Hampton PD in New Hampshire. Changing Lives!…
hey james its me Bryson back in middle school I live in new Hampshire so dude how are you?
VOTER Fraud : Kobach challenges 'legitimacy' of New Hampshire's 2016 election, after out-of-state voter report
This New Hampshire resident is confronting Kobach over the facts in his Breitbart article
Despite what the Trump admin says, there are no actual signs of voter fraud in New Hampshire, writes
New Hampshire state prosecutors sent to investigate alleged attack on biracial boy
I'm guessing this *** has forgotten all about the NH voter fraud.
I'd forgotten how much I like The Hotel New Hampshire.
Police refuse to release info on a biracial 8-year-old boy who was hanged w/ a rope by one or more teens:
Are you know counting New Hampshire making adjustment for voter fraud recently discovered?
Moments ago, Charlie St. Clair rode to victory in New Hampshire, flipping a crucial seat in the state House.
This has to be great news for Democrats right? 😂🤣😂🤣.
is ALL COMING OUT! did NOT win New Hampshire. 5700 Voters NOT REGISTERED in State.…
"We will never know the legitimacy of the election" in New Hampshire, Kobach says. Yes, we do know. Trump lost it. Fraud cla…
Democrats already flipped two other Oklahoma seats, plus three more in Trump districts in New York & New Hampshire. https…
Trump Effect: Biracial 8-year-old boy lynched by teenagers in New Hampshire
Elderly woman killed at New Hampshire hospital, son arrested via the Android app
More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump - -
Controversial voter fraud commission heads to New Hampshire
If you aren't prepared to talk about Richard Collins, Heather Heyer or this story, don't talk about Jemele…
Secretaries of State from New Hampshire & Maine slammed Kobach's lies about voter fraud at commission meeting today
I wouldn't be spiking the ball before you cross the line for Touchdown just yet! 😂🤣…
Shocking Project Veritas video reveals how Hillary stole New Hampshire from President Trump.
Flip Seats or Die: Democrats pick up yet another GOP seat in New Hampshire special election
Trump empowered racist white teenagers lynch 8-year-old biracial boy in NH — and police are refusing to release info https…
Elderly patient shot dead in New Hampshire hospital by son, police said
What happens when the Sec. of State from Kansas comes to New Hampshire to accuse voters of fraudulently electing ...
Who does Kris Kobach think he is, lying about New Hampshire law IN New Hampshire TO New Hampshire residents. Fool. Shameful.
White teens attempted to lynch an 8-year-old Black boy in New Hampshire, and police are remaining silent:
This was a fraudulent election. KellyAyotte "lost" by 1,000 votes with 5,500 fraudulent votes counted. htt…
New Hampshire officials slam Kris Kobach for unfounded assertion that election was fraudulent - Chicago Tribune
A Democrat just won New Hampshire House seat in a district Trump won by 16 points-if you say isn't working, you'…
BREAKING: Charlie St. Clair has won the special election for the New Hampshire House in a district Trump won by 16 points!
Checking out "New Hampshire mosque preaches jihad terror, necessity for Islam " on Tea Party Command Center:
3/ The Election Integrity Commission accused New Hampshire voters of fraud for using out-of-state driver's licenses.
is right again! 5,000+ New Hampshire presidential votes were illegally cast tipping state to Hillary! http…
Trump's "voter fraud" expert, Kris Kobach, is a goddamned liar taking direct aim at the foundations of democracy. https…
'Now there's proof' Kris Kobach’s is dangerous and needs to be removed. Now. The Washington Post
Munich Comes to New Hampshire - Boston Restaurant News and Events on
Analysis: Kris Kobach says he has "proof" of voter fraud in New Hampshire. He can’t be serious.
Voter fraud alert: More than 5,000 New Hampshire pres voters may not live in state - may have tipped it to HRC
.on how transparently unhinged and suppressive Kobach's latest claims about fraud in NH are:
Kayak has become my guilty pleasure. Also I was going to go to New Hampshire for my fall trip but tickets to Toronto are cheaper.Decisions!
Data shows that 5,300 fraudulent votes may have been cast in New Hampshire in 2016. That means Trump may have actuall…
Did occur in New Hampshire? Read the article: Watch our video: h…
. The Kobach Commission. Manipulating facts to suit his goals. Just like he does with Crosscheck. .
New Hampshire GOP passes bill out of state House to suppress votes from Dem-leaning college students & young people https…
Make no mistake, this is an orchestrated effort to delegitimize Dem-leaning student voters so the New Hampshire GOP can s…
College students are allowed to vote,
Kobach/cronies are fact fearing zealots. Their real aim: make it more difficult for certain groups of people to vote https:…
This is irresponsible, stupid journalism. Having an out of state DL isnt fraud. I have a TX DL & legally vote in NY .ht…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kris Kobach’s leap of logic on voter fraud in New Hampshire should be disqualifying
Lying pence. Pence's spokesman pushes lie about voter fraud in New Hampshire via
In one hour, I found four legit NH voters whom Kobach accused of being fraudulent.
Trump was right, voter fraud is real.
Trump & Ayotte really won New Hampshire. via
JUDCIAL WATCH: Massive fraud found in DACA applications, and 5,300 illegal votes cast in New Hampshire in 2016!
Penny Tusa joins Alexis Dirige, Ashley Brown and Jocelyn Urias with ACES in this match vs. New Hampshire.
Out-of-staters may have won New Hampshire for Clinton, data suggest //
video exposed fraudulent voting in NH in 2016. Now 5000 more fraudulent votes were discovered. ht…
*** cloth came out of mills "in virtually every northern state from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania.”' .
spent 8 days at umbagog state park northern New Hampshire ... was a good trip
Endocrinology position in beautiful northern New Hampshire with a manageable drive to Boston. The …
Last night I was in Vermont, tonight in northern New York!. (Previously in Maine and New Hampshire.)
F8: Due to construction, buses to Cheverly detour on New Hampshire & Merrimac, to resume route on University & 15th Ave.
The Ben & Jerry's creamery, Mount Washington and Acadia NP tomorrow. Let's see what you've got, Maine and New Hampshire.
Congrats to 2018 Peyton Goodrich from New Hampshire on his commitment to play baseball Saint Anselm College!
At the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for & Back in 'Merica!
Gonna be back in New Hampshire in three days. that's just so beautiful
Blog Post: Penton Park - new elegant Hampshire wedding venue
Weren't the cheesey statues of CSA soldiers made by New Hampshire hucksters.
I'm at a casino in an attic in New Hampshire
ICYMI: Priorities USA Foundation is suing New Hampshire because there is no excuse to justify voter suppression. https:/…
Time is running out to sign up to 2017! . Sign up now:
The Latest: Virginia police say white nationalist Christopher Cantwell of New Hampshire turns himself in.
Watch and collaborate on a Bob Marley cover in New Hampshire ::
New Hampshire defeated les de UQAM last night by 19pts. NCAA Foreign Tour Montreal.
Explore nonprofit partnerships with Makiyah Moody and the Collaborative Map at Leadership Summit…
Half of top 20 locations worldwide for consumption of is composed of US states with New Hampshire ahead
Mayor Eric Garcetti will travel to New Hampshire to rally Democrats
I don't hate anything as much as people from Massachusetts hate people from New Hampshire
Kelsi and I leave for our New Hampshire trip tomorrow and I'm so excited
Back on the road! Wisconsin today, New Hampshire tomorrow, and Iowa Saturday. ✈️🚙✨
Modern day voter suppression is all about creating barriers to the ballot box -- like New Hampshire's
Ryan Baumann (Bellport '18) has committed to Southern New Hampshire
Variety of opportunities available in Southern New Hampshire - (NH Job)
Our new removal process for & is transformational. Get rid of your gum problems. https…
ACTION REQUIRED: If you can be in New Hampshire and attend this meeting, REGISTER ASAP. Space limited for Pence-Kobach Frau…
Nothing tender around here. Unless you New Hampshire tonight! Polls looking for a cat.
. It all comes down to if you are going to Vote Democrat we are going to try to stop you from Voting! This fro…
New Hampshire has this sort of magic where everyone who grew up here will always want to come back. Even just for a visit.
On this day last year, a beautiful morning in the New Forest! One of my favourite shots of the heather there.
Today during restoration we found this stereo card. Manufactured by the Kilburn brothers of New Hampshire, between…
name getting lots of good air time on liberal radio in New Hampshire
Two important lawsuits were filed this week against new voter suppressive laws, in New Hampshire and in Indiana. (1/)
wants his wall,congress+Sen.are fighting. But as Sept.$ is needed to pay Veteran pensions,we are 350 billion-Trump
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
New Hampshire woman to serve 6 months for animal cruelty: (from
New Hampshire is the Nation's Best State for Families to Live a Richer Life
In the aftermath of the great Great Dane rescue, puts his shoulder into reform. Thanks, Gov!
NEWPORT, N.H. (AP) -- A New Hampshire woman has been sentenced to six months in jail after 21 Chihuahuas and a...
New Hampshire's Governor is Chris Sununu. John Sununu is his father who was governor…
Curve and Fisher Cats wrap up the series in New Hampshire today. Notes: Listen:…
But the Fisher Cats get that trio of runs back in the B2nd. Comic Con night in New Hampshire.
Curve and Fisher Cats about to get started in New Hampshire. Tune in:
U... couldn't be more wrong. Supreme Court ruling Chaplinsky vs. New Hampshire
Here is the case and a link for the Supreme Court courts decision -Chaplinsky v New Hampshire (1942) -
Christopher Cantwell is part of in New Hampshire. Are they all Nazis???
That was mean. Not all of New Hampshire is inbred gunslinging sociopaths. Jeness & North Beach have decent East Coast surfing.
Per the US Supreme Court in the court case Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, “fighting wo…
NH Supreme Court rules Kibby letters should be made public | New Hampshire
Fighting words are not protected by the Constitution: 1942, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
In Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942), the Supreme Court held that speech is unprotected if it constitutes "fighting words"
Can you recommend anyone for this in New Hampshire?
My two-week guide to Cape Ann, north of exploring Rockport, Gloucester and up into New Hampshire and Maine…
New Hampshire meets Montana, John Ordway is here from the Lewis and Clark expedition
Great Summer / Fall deals on in North Conway in the heart of the White Mountains region of New Hampshire.
Trump told the President of Mexico he "won New Hampshire because it's a drug-infested den." Two problems: It's not, and he di…
Moments before he tried to use me as a bed @ North Conway, New Hampshire
New Hampshire is latest state to sue OxyContin manufacturer.. Related Articles:
Now you said New Hampshire is a drug den right?
Happy share your favorite cat photos! We met this adventurous cat on a hike in New Hampshire!…
Too bad it's not November 2016: Kasich beating Trump by 12 points in New Hampshire poll
Chemical spill at UPS facility in New Hampshire, 10 people report symptoms
At this point it must be possible that a ham on rye could beat FFvC…
Introducing - one of Capture Higher Ed's newest partners!
I am proud to say I'll be continuing my education and baseball career at Southern New Hampshire University. Go Penm…
Disagree. New Hampshire is just a little ways
Both your budget AND health care plans cut opioid funding, and you just called New Hampshire a "drug-infested den." So…
Any sane American would support Kasich over Trump. Poll finds more GOP support for Kasich than for Trump in NH
GOP voters would support Kasich over Trump or Pence in the 2020 New Hampshire primary: via
Tarkanian sets sights on Heller | Trump trails Kasich in New Hampshire poll
Who seen today's poll out of New Hampshire? If Gop presidential primary were today, who would they vote for:. 52% Kasich…
New New Hampshire poll released by shows John Kasich leading Trump & Pence if primary held today
I'm ready to take Dixville Notch by storm!
Thanks New Hampshire for a wonderful day and night in your state. Off to Canada for two days off. We'll see you all ne…
Congratulations to the following YMCA Tennis teams competing at USTA Districts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts...
A couple awesome finds from random New Hampshire flea markets this weekend. On the left is a…
Thanks to the firefighters from Massachusetts & New Hampshire battling against wildfires in B.C., Canada
USA at Tue, 08 Aug 2017 17:37:57 +0 | event has been observed in State of New Hampshire, USA |
John Kasich picked over Donald Trump in New Hampshire primary poll. Pretty amusing.
Oh, this is the first one of these I've seen. Tee hee.
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You CAN run a fox exhibit in new hampshire if you have all the permits tho
Councilor in Hope for recovery in New Hampshire. Turned his life around.
Six UPS workers injured by chemical leak at New Hampshire facility
More good news: A new poll shows that Eugene McCarthy would beat Lyndon Johnson in New Hampshire if the primary were held to…
There are few states in which it is easier for Democrats to commit massive vote fraud than New Hampshire. Trump in NH
1:30pm Midday New Hampshire lottery results are at:
Poll: Kasich leads Trump by double digits among likely GOP primary voters in NH
Suggests large *** in Trump's armour. GOP voters would support Kasich over Trump in 2020 primary.
Here's a nice shot of a fall day spent kayaking the Merrimack River in New Hampshire. Fun fact - not a drug…
Republicans have no honor, decency or shame. Like Trump, all lies, bluster and divisiveness. New Hampshire deserve…
"New Hampshire". Real drugs, or just republicans whining about pot?
I've been to New Hampshire and it totally has the best black market *** pills, believe me
Jeanne Shaheen demands an apology from Donald Trump over New Hampshire comments - -
So New Hampshire Democrats are now going to spend the day acting as if New Hampshire doesn't have a massive problem with dr…
I can't wait until Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells us Donald Trump was just joking about winning New Hampshire & calling it a
"I won New Hampshire because they were all loaded"
Trump said he won New Hampshire after he saw how many illegals voted there. Winning Big League
Just checking in with all of my New Hampshire peeps to see if you have all had your fix yet...
A charming way to describe my home state of New Hampshire!
Nice I'm sure New Hampshire wanted him to say that thank you Donald Trump for saying New Hampshire is a drug infested Dan really nice
Sometimes, the truth hurts. New Hampshire has a drug epidemic.
Trump argues he won NH because it is a 'drug-infested den'
Friendly reminder that Hillary. 1. won New Hampshire. 2. had an actual plan to end the opioid addiction epidemic
New Hampshire's GOP governor tears into Trump for calling the state a "drug-infested den"
Sen. Maggie Hassan barely won New Hampshire, but she did win. Unlike somebody else who's claiming to have won there. This th…
Well, that explains it... ... except, of course, for the fact that won New Hampshire.
According to Trump, this is the drug-infested den that we call New Hampshire. 1st Clinton won this state. 2nd drugs come h…
.care to comment on Trump calling your state New Hampshire a drug-infested den? Do u agree? You're a YUGE Trump…
Obama would never admit the death and suffering his open borders policies have caused. New Hampshire
It's funny that the thing people are most mad at Trump about (New Hampshire's a drug den) is the one true thing he said in…
Trump falsely told the President of Mexico he won my home state, New Hampshire. He didn't. And we're not a "drug-infested…
.comments about New Hampshire are disgusting. As he knows, NH and states across America have a substa…
The *** with New Hampshire a bunch of rich white people that didn't…
Opioid user numbers in NH are staggering | New Hampshire 2015
Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire. The man is a pathological liar.
Have you been to New Hampshire recently? Manchester specifically? Because if you have…
Liberals: What Trump said about New Hampshire is horrible!. Same Liberals: Every state in the Midwest is full of rednec…
Imagine if Trump had said voter fraud is a myth when he knew different? New Hampshire has a drug problem.
Attention liberals: . Trump didn't lie when he said he won New Hampshire.
Republicans And Democrats Unite To Fight Back After Trump Calls New Hampshire A Drug Infested Den and why he won it.
Umm. I can't believe I'm defending Trump here But he's not wrong Chris. New Hampshire is basically the northern hom…
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