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New Guinea

New Guinea (also known by other names) is the world's second largest island, after Greenland, covering a land area of 786,000 km2. Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, it lies geographically to the east of the Malay Archipelago, with which it is sometimes included as part of a greater Indo-Australian Archipelago.

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C. fleckeri or the sea wasp - deadly venomous box jellyfish found from northern Australia, New Guinea to the Philippines & Vietnam.
On 4th October 1942, Australian forces continued to advance along the Port Moresby-Kokoda track in New Guinea.
We are in his presence, and you shall be laden with sheaves upon your back, in Darwin and Port Moresby and Thursday Island in New Guinea.
WWII Picture of the Day - Australian troops at Milne Bay, New Guinea, after the unsuccessful Japanese invasion atte…
Little Bronze Cuckoo (F) - The little bronze cuckoo is found in Southeast Asia, New Guinea and northern and eastern…
July 12, 1942 NYT Disclosure "US Troops in New Guinea" Dad and 41st FS in 2 weeks will join 35th FG in Port M…
On 12th July 1942, Australian forces from Port Moresby arrived at Kokoda in New Guinea.
Could love keep her in Chicago or would her restless heart return to New Guinea? Paper Love by . htt…
OTD 1944: HMAS VENDETTA transported 1937 soldiers, 90 tons of stores, in support of the Australian advance in New Guinea.
Elusive dingo relative rediscovered in remote highlands of New Guinea
Pini swims on: By PETER PUSAL Papua New Guinea swim legend Ryan Pini has not ruled out competing at the 2018……
Black tree monitors are native to the Aru Islands off the coast of New Guinea. (Photo: Cincinnati Zoo)
Charles: I tot Papua is another country . Putri: No but Papua New Guinea used to be a part of Indo. C: oh so theres New Guinea & Old Guinea?
The Imperial Japanese of the 20th century did have a navy, they raped & pillaged from China to New Guinea
First book of 2017 read. Details Chinese in pre-independent New Guinea. Some observations of early 1900s still ring true toda…
aka was right about earthquake Magnitude 8.0 quake hits east of PAPPUA New Guinea via
Was it your Grandfather who was a gunner on a B24 in New Guinea?. My Dad was a B24 pilot there. Plane name Gentleman Jim.
it is time the world condemn the genocide that is taking place against the people of West Papa New Guinea.
w/ Chai and Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley from . What's in yours?
Today was unreal! Absolute paradise in Papua New Guinea - Conflict Islands! Going to miss days like these 🌴☀️
Papau New Guinea even. Please be serious.there is no comparison.
Hello by Adele is number 1 in Papua New Guinea top 100 songs
One week and counting until Raynard and I leave for Papua New Guinea.
Article from Oct last year but I am sure lot of is still burning
Exxon’s deal for a stake in Papua New Guinea’s LNG project looks like defeat for Total. But the synergies make sense htt…
The long-beaked echidna is thought to live only in New Guinea.But now there's evidence that Australia might also house the egg-laying mammal
If Wenger gets his first win against Jose in the first contest as United boss then my trip to Papua New Guinea is on
Papua New Guinea – Celebration for 41st anniversary of independence
Guinea pigs are social animals, so why did Eric seem happy on his own?
When regular customers bring you fresh apples. You pair it with a Reserve coffee from Papua New Guinea ☕️
I'm getting a new PC soon, do you want me to buy ds3 so you can have a guinea pig to test stuff out on?
See if you can find some interesting facts out about our new pets.
Harmony Gold agreed to buy Newcrest’s 50% interest in Hidden Valley JV in Papua New Guinea for $1.
A generous offering received from Friendship Baptist Church in Raleigh for the Papua New Guinea Bible Project. Another to be received later.
Age, growth and maturity of oceanic whitetip shark from Papua New Guinea
Sea rise and lack of services behind exodus from Papua New Guinea outlier.
Picture: Transport ships packed with war supplies for the invasion of Cape Sansapor, New Guinea. July 1944. [
When New Guinea and Australia were one continent
your biggest fan from a small plaCe called- Papua New Guinea!
gifts from the Filipino counsil in Papua New Guinea, handcrafted in gold plates ‘Birds of…
The first book in a new animal series by Holly Webb, join Josephine the talking guinea-pig and Sophie in Paris!
Journalist stands up to armed robbers in Papua New Guinea
enjoying the traditional local food in Papua New Guinea
so you can live like a savage ? Papau New Guinea wants the whiteman back. Life is worse off there by any measure.
This year marks 60 years since the first Goroka Show in the Papua New Guinea highlands. https:/…
Grip tightens on Papua New Guinea gas - More on
It's our own in house blend, from Brazil, Guatemala and Papúa New Guinea, very chocolatey and nutty, a dark roast https:/…
Why Australia is closing its refugee detention center on Manus Island: Papua New Guinea's prime minister announced..
My oldest Becca in a village in Papau, New Guinea
So wait...your mum is from New Guinea? . No. Guyana. Ghana?. NO. GUY. ANNE. UH. SOUTH AMERICA. Oh. Never heard of it.
Our new trading partners are now New Guinea, Bermuda, Mauritius, Tonga, Christmas Island & Tristan da Cunha. Fantastic!...?
Australia's behaviour towards the island New Guinea, & skin to vulture capitalism
Papua New Guinea Inge Estate, Sarchimor: A massive finish of springtime and lemonade. A saucy finish of denseness and terror. 72pts
30th sounds high for a small island off a large continent. Where do they rank Madagascar and Papua New Guinea ?
PNG university allows classes to resume: The University of Papua New Guinea backs down after a month-long sta...
Slice-of-life video about Papua New Guinea's ppl will hit you right in the feels
Papua New Guinea-Hired gunmen & HIV-The practice of hiring gunmen in tribal wars and giving them women.
To all our friends in Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Canada!💕.
Elk-Antelope partners agree on final well: Decision made to drill appraisal well at Papua New Guinea gas field
"Our research highlights that a key factor fueling this situation is the criminalization of sex work. Laws that ma…
PNG urged to establish mission in Geneva - One Papua New Guinea: One Papua New Guinea PNG urged to establish…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
American exceptionalism should not be about being the only country besides Papua New Guinea that does not provide paid mate…
The Asia-Pacific Region and World Mission loses another life-servant, Gordon Johnston.
A huge thank you to my awesome for supporting my adventure from the UK to Papua New Guinea...
Where shows celebration of higher growth than India in Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire etc
Amen my granddad fought on New Guinea and Okinawa the bomb needed to be dropped to save AMERICAN LIVES PERIOD
my nudes leaked, I'm now big in Papua New Guinea
Reuben Barwe says President Mugabe was representing Africa at the ACP Summit in Papua New Guinea. k. Rrrreuuubben B…
I'm so excited to be starting a new job, moving in with my love & our guinea pigs! goodbye Neenah hello Sheboygan 🙄
Thanks for refreshing the history books. . Family and I loving the story. From Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea Huli Wigmen are famous for their tradition of making ornamental wigs from their own
{ { the Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea } } by Montgomery, Sy Author
Dear Elder Mellor: . You are assigned to labor in the Papua New Guinea Lae Mission. . You should report to the New Zealand M…
PNG make biggest gains in new Rugby League World Rankings. Papua New Guinea, who will host a group in the 2017... https:…
But Starbucks new limited Papua New Guinea dark roast is pretty exciting.
Photos: VP Osinbajo arrives New Guinea for 8th summit of African, Caribbean and Pacific…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
15 May 42, AUSTRALIA:. Several thousand Australian Army troops depart for Port Moresby, New Guinea, to bolster the defenses there.
Australia is blatantly violating the Refugee Convention by sending asylum seekers to offshore detention centers in Papua New Guinea.
Upcoming event: New approaches to tackling gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea
Sepik river in Papua New Guinea is higher than it has been in years. relief. Check us…
Is it NOT a shameful thing to be a Hon. MP in Papua New Guinea?
Papua New Guinea: Reading for a Better Future - To improve the reading skills of elementary and primary educati...
Upcoming event: University reform in Papua New Guinea: the Unitech experience
Papua New Guinea: land of tropical rainforests, volcanoes and our NEW, arabica
Water powered technologies reaching Papua New Guinea today! easier sorting that than systems for Northern Ireland at Balmoral! Free water!
Wonderful missionary couple who are sold out for Jesus. Many dedicated years in Papua New Guinea! I hope sometime...
I need to practice my cut-crease. And play with some new glitter liners. Anybody wanna be my guinea pig?
When Febreezion from Papua New Guinea thinks 2014-15 was all Hazard.
Adviser Academy - upcoming information evening in Sydney - register your interest to attend
Adviser Academy - upcoming information evening in Brisbane - register your interest to attend
Adviser Academy - upcoming information evening in Melbourne - register your interest to attend
Young PNG and Australian entrepreneurs share secrets of success – Papua New Guinea Today
2017 General elections for Papua New Guinea. Looking for great leaders to save this sinking ship? Who's up to the challenge?
Phones Against Corruption takes on government fraud in Papua New Guinea
Yellow-Streaked Lory is found in Indonesia. and Papua New Guinea
hello there from dolly in Papua New Guinea still cruising
Australia : of Australian patrol officers in Papua New Guinea documented
Manus Island asylum seekers no longer in detention, says Papua New Guinea
New today! Bright Guinea Pig Bowl find out more by clicking below
Marines of the 1st Marine Division from the battle on Cape Gloucester New Britain,Papua New Guinea on 1944!
Extreme world 'Papua New Guinea' has made me feel sick after hearing about what those women go through
All so proud of our Yr6s after gruelling set of new assessment papers - our little 'guinea pigs' for the much loved new national curriculum!
Parrot Flower - An exotic type of Impatient probably from ... -
Asylum-seekers at camp in Manus Island now free to come and go after court ruling
If my anthro teacher references Papua New Guinea one more time this semester I'll snap tbch.
Barney my new Guinea pig let's me hand feed him woop woop bart is still scared
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1944 HMAS Barcoo, Kapunda and Stawell bombard Japanese fortifications at Karkar Is, New Guinea
'Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves’ Henry David Thoreau https:…
More about this story and amazing Papua New Guinea at
Papua New Guinea ancestor skull at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.
A pastor in New Guinea said, "We need a (worship arts) manual. Thank you for freely sharing yours." Glad to do it!
p. 40 D. eucnemis "widespread in Australia" ...only from two localities in N Cape York peninsula...but widespread in New Guinea
Quicklet on Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond While Working in New Guinea in 1972, Where He Was Studying Bird
East Timor And West Irian: West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, formerly known as East ...
543 asylum seekers (including 70 children) in detention in Nauru. 926 adult asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island, Pap…
Far too much graft & corruption in New Guinea. I believe it comes from the Top down, like the Trickle Down Effect.
Papua New Guinea will always be beautiful. Have a wonderful day.
Papua New Guinea's top anti-corruption cop sacked after making arrests - ABC via
Researchers love studying ppl in New Guinea
Interview with Rod Pearce; An Australian who has lived most of his life in Papua New Guinea, who is credited with... htt…
Excited that our song 'Echoes' from new show 'The Guinea Pig Club' is in the final of the Best Song Comp
Thank God that he made ne live in Papua New Guinea, its a mysteries.
Island detainees plead: anywhere but Papua New Guinea
Incredible events right now in Ominous signs for the rule of law:
New Guinea, Fiji and Hawaiian Islands, Coloured map by J. Bartholomew. c.1906
'Ebola with wings': Expert raises alarm over deadly outbreak in Papua New Guinea
Like I don't care if Rooney has to be sold to a mid-table team in Papua New Guinea to make space for Kane. Just get the lad!
A wonderful story of how God found the way to the hearts of the Tami community in Papua New Guinea.
The first billboards have been going up in Port Moresby as preparations continue for Papua New Guinea 2016.
for people affected by leprosy in Papua New Guinea, as the number of new cases (although relatively small) is inc…
Dad also served at Wheeler in 1940. Rasmussen later flew a 8th FG P-400 in New Guinea when Dad was there.
Raja Ampat is an island somewhere located at Papua New Guinea
Part of winning report announced moments ago: tracks slave boats to Papua New Guinea
I can take a plane be ANY WHERE in the world, Papua New Guinea or New York, I will wake up there open MAC and work
winner: AP tracks slave boats to Papua New Guinea
These people in Papua New Guinea imagine slopes to orient themselves inside flat homes:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
How to make that Papua New Guinea trip happen:
The new stationary jump cycle for Guinea Pig Parkour. .
Newsroom | AUNZ : Manus Island detainees plead: anywhere but Papua New Guinea - He claims that we caused to damage…
Twelve people, including three children, have been killed after their light plane crashed in a remote part of Papua New Guinea
Billboards are going up in Port Moresby in Papa New Guinea as preparations continue for the - 11/13-12/3
The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea has passed the buck to the Law Society with but a single *** of...
The West outbreak of has killed more than 11,300 people, mostly in Leone, and...
Nigeria are drawn in Group B of the U20 World Cup in Papua New Guinea alongside Spain, Canada & Japan.
Two new deaths in declared free of the disease in December
Guinea government confirms two new Ebola cases
2 cases of Ebola reported in Guinea ending hopes that the whole of WAfrica could now be free of new transmissions of the dead…
New cases in Guinea reported today. Very curious to see which vaccine they will use now.
Two new cases of Ebola confirmed in Guinea via
Several months after announced it was free, gov't confirms 2 new cases
Canada has been drawn in a pool with Nigeria, Japan and Spain for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in Papua New Guinea
Update your maps at Navteq
Nigeria have been drawn against Japan, Canada and Spain in this year’s FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup in Papua New Guinea.
heartbreaking: Ebola isn't gone from West Africa. 2 new cases in Guinea.
Watch as the U-20 finds out its group for the 2016 later this year in Papua New Guinea.
Guinea govt confirms 2 new Ebola cases, months after country declared free of the virus (PTI)
Two new confirmed cases in just hours after WHO declared end of outbreak in and the rest of we…
Guinea confirms 2 new Ebola cases, 3 probable in southeast - Washington Post
Datum Recruitment Services is hiring a Retail Stores Manager for a retail store at Bulolo Papua ,New Guinea .
MOUNTAIN LEAF-WARBLER (Phylloscopus trivirgatus). Resident. Ranges from Malay peninsula to New Guinea, including...
Whether I'm watching an AFI video on YouTube or a clip about frogs from New Guinea , Chief Keef's I Don't Like is always in recommended.
Check it out! I donated to Medical Boat to Papa New Guinea via
Free, new, birth control from government & Gates Foundation: another guinea pig experiment on poor Indian women
Canberra announce the signing of Papua New Guinea star Kato Ottio for the next two seasons
11 prison escapees shot dead in New Guinea - reports
Buy the U S. Army Campaigns of World War II: New Guinea a Series of 40 Illustrated Books That Describe the Campaigns
We remember defender Naomi Yupae, founder of E. Highlands
Buy Miche Bag Online!
A Conversation on Climate Change in the Papua New Guinea Islands via
"Ideologic Organ reissues sacred flute music from New Guinea"
New Guinea? Sophie Foster, you dark horse. You know some stuff.
On my blog I review a new book about Beatrix Potter:
Beautiful baubles on bright Bilum bags, a social enterprise product from Papua New Guinea by Among Equals.
WWII fighter discovered in jungle in New Guinea…
The desire to possess the beauty of the birds of paradise by the indigenous people of new guinea is an ancient obsession.
Earthquake 90km S of Taron, Papua New Guinea at 21:34 UTC has been changed from magnitude 4.8 to 5.1.
Pre-K is getting a new class pet tomorrow! Meet Bob, the guinea pig.
Perks of your mom being a hairdresser is being her guinea pig for her new hair color line. 😏
.. No, all were intercepted on the high seas and imprisoned in New Guinea, Nauru and Christmas Island. A…
I added a video to a playlist Swain: Papua New Guinea
70% of Papua New Guinea women raped, assaulted via
I want a new puppy.. or kitten, or Guinea pig.. 🙄🙄
Beautiful Brisbane! Off to Papua New Guinea, the second country of Join me…
People are dying in Papua New Guinea where drought decimated crops
U.S tourist gang-raped,boyfriend beaten and forced to watch in Paupa New Guinea
Airbus Helicopters delivers the first of three H145s to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea – Vertical Magazine…
Reports emerging of deaths from malnourishment in remote parts of Papua New Guinea
the Australian government, outsourcing and dumping its responsibilities to a less wealthy country like Papua New Guinea. The re-opening of +
70% of Papua New Guinea women raped, assaulted
Male can be found in New Guinea and have very distinct breeding habits making wild displays for females
Women in Papua New Guinea are at high risk for attack:
UNICEF estimates that around one million children in Papua New Guinea live with violence, either at home or in...
What really happened to this couple on the Kokoda Track? via
New Wichita theater group debuts its first show (+video): Guinea Pig Lab Theatre showcases Kansas playwrights…
Papua New Guinea fury over couple who 'feared they would be eaten by cannibals' Authorities in Papua New Guinea have begun questioning the s
Shade: Sansevieria with mixed ferns and New Guinea impatiens.
Doubts raised about dramatic story of gang rape by ‘cannibals’ in Papua New Guinea
Elements of the First Marine Division prepare to go aboard ship at New Guinea to there next Island, Cape Gloucester
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Trying to decide if my guinea pig or dog should be my New Years kiss tonight🤔
Awww it's my Guinea pigs first new year 😍
your fireworks scared my best friends guinea pig , happy new year 😃 looking forward to your EE return
My New Years kiss was my Guinea pig Frank seeing as my husband isn't here with me
Since it's New Year already in Italy, I gave the guinea pigs their NYE radicchio.
Thanks to our bro +Don Lippert the Diocese website is online from Papua New Guinea
My dog,my little guinea pig,my Asian pig,my grandpa I hope you enjoy your new year up there in the sky❤ many people that I lost on this year
Nearly took a new born Guinea pigs life today.
Total ASA begins drilling Antelope 6 with High Arctic rig in Papua New Guinea
My new years eve consisted of meeting/talking to two of my friends, spoiling my guinea pigs and watching fireworks😊
From what I understand there is more info at the Archives than is sent. I want my Dad's New Guinea details. Happy New Year!
Couldn't think of a better way to spend New Year's Eve with my Guinea pig Pablo and watching football. 🎉🐿🏈
There's a guinea pig burrowing in my sweatshirt how's your New Year's Eve going
to treat myself this New Year, I wanna get a Guinea Pig and I'm quite determined to get one
Ornithoptera paradisea paradisea (Staudinger 1893), from Madang Province, New Guinea which may now be extinct
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Happy New Year to all Gooners in England, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Faroe Islands, Gambia, Guinea and Iceland!
There are dialect variations in between New Guinea lowlands, highlands, and the islands.
On this day in 1962 The Dutch leave New Guinea and The Match Game debuts on NBC with host Gene Rayburn
New Guinea isn't a country it's Papua New Guinea
A rare has re-opened the debate on connections between & New Guinea
no they will just build on Papa New Guinea!! Best tactic
Tonight cat, I'll become best friends with a lad from Papa New Guinea
Garry Lo adds to New Guinea contingent at Sheffield Eagles. Brilliant tryscoring via
Andrea Hamann reminisces about her colourful childhood in Papua New Guinea! »
Johnny Aba from Papa New Guinea - fought for WBA World Featherweight Title in 79!!
'Women showed us their scars' - new report on domestic violence in
Papua New Guinea: report finds women struggle to have complaints addressed by police http…
Papua's got a brand New Guinea pig.
A dog, 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and getting a new puppy soon :D
An epic adventure - The UK to Papau New Guinea over two years with no flights...
There's a whole documentary about this with an anthropologist in Papua New Guinea, Oh What A Blow The Phantom Gave Me.
Reuters: Guinea records three new cases of Ebola, brings total to nine.
‘Burn her’: Women in Papua New Guinea tortured for witchcraft (GRAPHIC IMAGES)
Conversations by top Papua New Guinea influencers in the last week
'Murica: The United States is one of only three nations that do not mandate paid maternity leave. Other two: Papua New Guinea and Oman.
Hey I'd love to test out the new launch 3s if you need an extra guinea pig 😆
New Guinea urged to fund and violence services
LOL! Man's 'psychic' Guinea pigs may need new home
I liked a video isolated: Tribes beautiful women in Papua New Guinea
Man's 'psychic' Guinea pigs may need new home! Lol
I added a video to a playlist Papua New Guinea Rain Forest Tribal Isolated
News Night exploring a new 'genetic project' in South Africa - and are the guinea pigs! 7:40 on
New Guinea tribes held ritual orgies as a common method of appeasing gods and resolving problems.
New WHO Ebola report for Africa finds one new case in Guinea last week: a newborn whose mother died after delivery.
Renewed violence in 1 new case in 21k affected by floods, Our
Violence against in at emergency levels affecting 2 thirds of homes says …
1,000 languages in a country the size of Texas means 1,000 words for in New Guinea -
I also apologize that it's a documentary on bird watching in New Guinea
there are 1,065 ways to say "dog" in the Trans New Guinea language family via
So close: reports 1 new case in Guinea. Sierra Leone is 3 days from being declared Ebola-free.
The one new case reported from Guinea last week is a newborn whose mom died from the disease 1/2
Equatorial Guinea borders closed as party chooses presidential runner:
1 new case in Guinea Recent cases generating a large number of high-risk contacts
Family violence in Papua New Guinea is an emergency: new report "Bashed Up"
Love coffee? Love the gospel? See how our missionaries combine both in Papua New Guinea
Intriguing extracts about Papua New Guinea – critters from Inside the Crocodile
Moderate earthquake, 5.3 mag has occurred near Kavieng in Papua New Guinea -
This story by Kent Russell on witch burnings in Papua New Guinea is really awesome.
One of our members was in New Guinea - visiting Bomana Military Cemetery - photograph WW2 graves
According to . US Lesotho, New Guinea, and Swaziland as only countries that do not mandate paid maternity leave.
not just every other industrial country. Every country except us and Papua New Guinea.
I'm pretty sure it's us and Papua New Guinea that don't.
Countries with no paid maternity leave: Lesotho, Swaziland, Papua New Guinea, and U.S.
Correction Bernie. The U.S. and Papua New Guinea are the only countries that don't mandate maternity leave.
we are the New Guinea/Suriname of the western hemisphere. we! 😧
HAH, Got you good, Suriname and Papua New Guinea will be the new leaders in the world economy.
"After helping me save the crew of the enemy at Surabaya, I fought at Kiska, Solomon, New Guinea and Atti island."
Manus Island: Papua New Guinea court rules human rights inquiry null and void ...
On This Day: 22 July 1942 - Beginning of the battle of the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea.
Throughout June, July and August 1943, Drayton escorted Australian troop carriers from Townsville, Australia, to Milne Bay, New Guinea.
it's human nature more than race probably. Tribes in Papau New Guinea live in trees
If you're going to the Dundas West street festival, check out especially if you need coffee, and get their New Guinea beans.
Turns out, the Solomon Islands are in the Pacific Ocean close to New Guinea which is north of Australia and west of Indonesia.
Young chicks bathing on the island of New Guinea
waCrysl clear water of Papa New Guinea:
Little Giant Ladders
JT's 30 year old roommate from New Guinea who doesn't speak like any english, is probably the nicest guy ever.
Port Moresby is the capital of what country? (Myanmar (Burma); Malawi; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea)
My brother has been called to serve in the (PNG) Papua, New Guinea mission! 😊
New article! and New Guinea at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games -
Good points. He excelled in New Guinea and Inchon but he had his failures too. I wonder how you say "Caesar" in Japanese.
doctor turned patient: Dr Craig Spencer's excellent piece on his experience in and New York.
Read about a successful deployment in the mountains of Papua New Guinea
Is it possible to amp up brain power? Dan Hurley becomes human guinea pig, looks at research.
in Guinea: 4 new cases yesterday (3 in Forecariah, 1 in Macenta). Over 30% more cases in Feb than Jan so far.
The asylum seekers shunted from Australia to Papua New Guinea
Will anyone be traveling to the Pacific southwest this year and visiting Papua New Guinea?
Women’s Micro Bank is the first microbank in PNG to focus on the needs of female clients
New Guinea rainforest being leveled for palm oil, revealing gaps in zero deforestation pacts /
India one of 10 most linguistically diverse countries [The country with the greatest diversity: Papua New Guinea!]
GENEVA, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone reported 99 new confirmed Ebola cases in the week to Feb. 22, down from 128
The next era of ocean exploration begins in Papua New Guinea:
ecologist have documented socio political impact mineral extraction in PNG and its roots in corruption and kinship
The number of new cases of is decreasing in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea
Make time for coffee!. ... Today's coffees;. Papua New Guinea Kunjin . Tanzania Peaberry . Espresso . ... Roasted in...
I can't remember when I first heard the phrase "One up the bum, no harm done.". But whoever said it owes me a new guinea pig.
Burial services set for missing WWII airmen shot down over New Guinea
Experienced something new,Mandy's 1st experience with the Guinea pigs 🐹
.Support women's leadership by helping Sylvia John, YWCA Papua New Guinea, get to YWCA World Council
I'm raising money for Papua New Guinea Missions Trip. Click to Donate:
Support women's leadership & help us get Sylvia John from YWCA Papua New Guinea to YWCA World Council Ps RT
New cases of Ebola rise for first time this year in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, WHO says
, 01st day. Sri Lanka 12 : Papua New Guinea 29. Sri Lanka 40 : China 00. wish you a all the for tomorrow games
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