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New Girl

New Girl is an American television sitcom that premiered on Fox on September 20, 2011. It stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, and Hannah Simone.

Megan Fox Nick Miller Nasim Pedrad David Walton Sandy Cohen Jessica Day Zooey Deschanel

Hannah Simone at New Girl special screening in North Hollywood
New Girl is too relatable sometimes I get uncanny valley syndrome
New Girl / Brooklyn Nine-Nine tag should have been the New Girl cast meeting a confused Stevie Schillens on the street.
I'm thankful that Damon Wayans Jr. had to quit New Girl & finish Happy Endings bc I love Winston so much. (Also should I watch Happy Endings
If you love New Girl as much as we do, definitely get here for Damon Wayans Jr. 2 shows THIS Fri. & Sat. Nights! https…
Should I catch up on New Girl or start Designated Survivor or start Speechless?
Of course Sandy Cohen is Schmidt's dad on New Girl lol
YO. Schmidt from New Girl played Young Sandy Cohen in The OC and Sandy Cohen plays Schmidt's dad in New Girl.
I seriously think Maria & I are the female version of Schmidt and Nick from New Girl lmao
And Peter Gallagher aka Sandy Cohen on New Girl the guest stars on this show are always on point
New season of New Girl, American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy, and The Walking Dead starts in a month? Goodbye social life
Season 4 of New Girl is such an emotional roller coaster one minute I'm happy then mad then crying fml
Obligatory Winston is the best part of New Girl and Lamorne Morris should be in everything
New Girl season 5 is on Netflix thank you god.
Funny because I watched New Girl mostly because Deputy Leo was in it. Did you see Kristen Bell's response?
'New Girl' is how I make my living, and if I'm going to do a movie, it's because I really, arti
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Coming back to 'New Girl' was a real reminder of how lucky I am to be on a popular network TV s
Recap of the first 3 weeks of the semester: I have already binged Emily Owens MD, iZombie, and two seasons of New Girl.
LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR (Perkins) meets SECOND CHANCE SUMMER (Matson) meets the quirk and humor of Jessica Day from "New Girl".
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I've just watched episode S01E20 of New Girl!
I'm just out here chasing my dreams girl. But it's crazy cause that dream cost me my dream girl
Some new girl started at work and she said I look TWENTY FIVE. Ha yeah she didn't make a good first impression
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Planned to drive my friends to a bar cuz i dnt drink, found out there was a new girl coming. Man she must think my driving is so bad lol
If your girl isn't praying for you get you a new one .
Afternoon. Will be playing bones from the New York City Girl compilation Thursday between 8-10pm U.K time
1. Imagine if on the new season of the newest member of the kid's group is a little girl of color. Instead of focusing on..
NYT frantic running negative Trump stories as their girl Hillary drops in polls! They have their agenda! .
I promise to give the next girl that wants to be serious with me a chance instead of being scared to try something new.
Girl take pride in what you wanna do, even if that means a new man every night inside of you
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How do you miss me so much one day then the next your with a new girl😂😂
This little girl opens up a box and pulls out a fluffy new pet. She immediately loves her “hamster,” which has...
A 2-year-old girl was taken to a Boston hospital by medical helicopter after tripping and falling into a fire pit.
Ryan "i got jealous because she has a new *** bestie in her snapchat" awks moment when its a girl bestie not a guy😂
She actually got her new tattoo! Crazy girl. Lol thank you guys so much for watching and hanging out with us.
When your ex follows your new girl just to stay in your business😂😂
Chasing Your Dream Radio hot new song - Girl Code -
If you my ex don't make your new guy laugh with jokes you heard from me shorty. Now folks gone be using my jokes on the girl he cheatin with
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Torn between being excited about new year ahead at work and not wanting to leave my baby girl!
Not ashamed to say I fangirled over _brown new favorite number. Lovely bubbly talented girl ❤️ htt…
Ya girl just got a new car which means I gotta celebrate
Drake really gets into a fight with his girl in the new "Child's Play" video 😂. Watch:
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I've just watched episode S04E22 of New Girl!
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My girl turns 11 tomorrow. Still not sure how to celebrate as new semester just started and her dad is busy dealing with office hackers 😕
I've just watched episode S01E04 of New Girl!
Every ex of mine new girl can't top me . Hands down, I done seen them all, lol
Late 2008ish>By this time Paris was constantly throwing jabs at Kim. Shocked her once assistant is the new it girl. http:…
Welcome to my high school, new girl. Please immediately throw away your smartphone. Those things are incredibly dangero…
Robert Griffin declares his love for his new snow bunny weeks after his divorce🙄. "Girl you must be an angel.
Getting shot by sillvee New Pics coming soon...If you need new press pics she's your girl.
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Hollywood life: " Justin Bieber spotted with a younger girl, possibly his new girl friend"
Girl this my last L, Imma roll it up with you. Cop some brand new shoes, put me in a good mood 🎶
Claim your girl in public as much as you do when it's just the two of you, don't be acting brand new when you around peop…
Roxy has only bagged herself a new home!! Good luck Roxy girl xx
Woohoo, my new song with my favourite girl is online now, check it out! 🔥🔥
Take you to the mall and get you a new outfit girl thats just some child's play
Nasim Pedrad plays SUCH a great part on New Girl 😂
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Conversely, Nasim Pedrad is the best addition to New Girl outside of the main cast since the show's start.
I love watching New Girl on Netflix, don't tell anyone 😂
Honorable mentions to Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Modern Family and New Girl.
Jessica Day - New Girl . actual human flower who you cant help but adore & just die a little bit every time she talks
I don't know what hurt worse Jon Snow being betrayed OR Dr. Sam breaking my heart on New Girl a second time.
List of people I love who flopped law school . -Dan Howell. -Spencer from icarly . -Nick from New Girl . There's probably more…
My current financial situation is just the same as Nick Miller from New Girl: broke
I relate to Nick Miller from New Girl on a spiritual level
Everything about Nick Miller & Tran's friendship on New Girl cracks me up.
Nick Miller from New Girl is my soulmate
I've never met a more relatable character than Nick Miller from New Girl
I had a dream last night I was the star in New Girl instead of Zooey Deschannel. I peaked in my dreams is that even possible
Megan Fox to rejoin cast of 'New Girl' - Business Standard
I mean, as much as I love New Girl and Megan Fox, I'm still disappointed that Jess isn't actually in it
Megan Fox signed contract with New Girl for up to 8 episodes on s6 that means nick and reagan are gonna be serious BUT WHAT ABOUT JESS!
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New Girl is rubbish without Jess in it, Megan Fox who the *** do you think you are? You bring nothing to this show.
I'm so anti- Megan Fox in New Girl. She makes me angry, it's Nick & Jess. Not whatever Fox's character is called. SEE I care not for her.
Megan Fox in New Girl bores me so much. Please bring my child Jess back.
wo, wo, follow Tom Cruise in Risky Business up with whatshisface from New Girl?
When you restart New Girl even though you didn't finish the first season yet because Schmidt is your spirit animal
Jane the Virgin, Saved by the Bell, and New Girl if you haven't seen those:)
Did you know that Taylor Swift and Dylan O'Brien were on New Girl in the same season? That was a good season.
Megan Fox is lowkey jokes in New Girl
Can I start watching New Girl just for Megan Fox?
Even Australia and New Zealand are calling Fifth Harmony the biggest girl group in the World 🔥🔥🔥
Ya girl got a new phone so hmu if you have my number
38D new girl cherry - 00973-38396068 . hi dear my name is cherry from Japan my pic
Man, if you don't want to hangout, tell me, if your girl won't let you see your friends and you complain about it, you need a new girl bro.
you can't put a pre-order on a new girl every year like you can with 2k ... Cherish the woman you have and don't take her for granted
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A new specially priced blockbuster everyday this month. First up, Gone Girl. (US).
SO PROUD OF THIS GIRL AND HER NEW MUSIC! So glad this song we wrote YEARS ago with is…
This beautiful girl Sasha is now a wonderful new addition to our family - mine, Mike's and Clarabelle's, our Beagle.
The are becoming the most popular new girl evolution in the world!
I will forever be thankful to Grey and Caleb for introducing me to New Girl
Never get upset when u c ur ex w a new girl/guy. Just remember ur mom always told u to give ur old toys to the less fort…
My old girl tripping too, got a new girl on line 2
If you don't look like this after she rides your face, you should get a new girl...just sayin
Urgent story. Every other week a young girl of color from the Bronx goes missing.
Driving down the street and this girl jumps in front of the street on purpose and jumps back. Is this a new game?
If this gets 75k RT's I'll post a picture of my new haircut!
White people shows I will never get into: New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Pretty Little Liars
Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson share passionate kiss on set of New Girl
Latin music sensation Isabel Marie triumphs with several hit songs off her debut album "New Girl in Town,"...
I've watched The Addams Family, finished New Girl, and now I've been watching cake decorating videos for 2 hours. Summer.
Max Greenfield plays young Sandy Cohen on The OC. Peter Gallagher plays Schmidt's dad on New Girl. This is the best thing ever.
3 of my favorite shows are on this. Austin&Ally / GMW/ and New Girl
no problem. New Girl is really good too, not a chick flick type of show it's a lot like friends
I can still watch it over these other overrated shows like 'How I Met Your Mother', 'New Girl', and 'Cougar Town'.
I think my fave thing 2 do is drink 2 glasses of Pinot Gris and then binge watch New Girl
(EW) What to Watch Tuesday: 'New Girl' is having a wedding - Plus: Dana Carvey and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a ne...
Zooey Deschanel talks about how "New Girl" execs had to hide the Kardashians from Prince
I don't know, I watch... Amy Schumer, Silicon Valley, New Girl. it's looking bleak for me for a while.
Megan Fox being Jess' sub on New Girl is the greatest thing that has happened to me.
Ugh why is this Sam person on New Girl. So dull. Just like Gideon on Reign. I'm tiyad of dull love interests on my chick shows!
the New Girl when Nick can't tell the difference between Jess and Jordan Catalano.
This week's "New Girl" bachelor/ette parties two-parter was really great. Perfection use of both Nasim Pedrad and "Return of the Mack."
I've watched 10 episodes of New Girl and drank a pitcher of Kool aid. Saturday nights are crazy
New Girl needs to add Nasim Pedrad to its cast full time.
Nasim Pedrad's lipstick in the finale of New Girl is my actual holy grail lipstick.
Prince was on New Girl (Zooey Deschanel's TV show) a few years ago. In the show he throws a house party. Prince s…
New Girl has me dying while my roommate is trying to sleep 😂😂😅
Just posted a reflection on Prince + New Girl + the hard work of making things people love… – Thanks
Sorry to everyone who stopped watching New Girl a hundred years ago but Nasim Pedrad is really good on it
Fox is reairing the Prince episode of New Girl tonight at 9:30.
So glad I'm re-watching New Girl with Corey. Nick Miller one liners killing me 😂
RIP to the man who didn't walk...he Floated! Pleasure working with you! Us over at New Girl miss ya already htt…
performing with and promoting her debut album "New Girl in Town".…
Gil and Jackson are Nick and Schmidt if New Girl was a drama. Shawn is Winston.
I'm so happy David Walton is back on New Girl 😊
*Jenny and I are sitting in my room, drunk, watching New Girl, and she licks my arm*. "I haven't licked you in a long time.". Ok, Jenny.
I am the result of cross-breeding Seth Rogen and Nick Miller from New Girl
I wish David Walton was permanently in New Girl
Linda from Bob's Burgers is just Jessica Day from New Girl a few years down the road. Bob is Nick Miller.
David Walton back in New Girl gives me life but also heartaches because About A Boy was cancelled and I am still sad about that.
ugh, I like David Walton, but bringing back David Walton is the worst mistake New Girl could make
There are like 300 outlets creating TV shows and no one will give David Walton a better job than "occasionally be handsome on New Girl" smh
"If u will excuse me im going to call my childhood phone number and scream at whoever picks up" - Lucy Punch, New Girl
Tuesday's episode of 'New Girl' will feature 'Hands To Myself', "The Heart Wants What It Wants' and quoted lyrics from 'Sa…
Celeb Clip for Lake Bell and Zoey Deschanel give New Girl some good spice depth
No one ever told me the queen Linda Cardellini is in New Girl. The game done changed. The game. Done. Changed.
New Girl referenced David Ayer's Fury. Also the letter E is terrifying.
Lambda Chi invites the other team to come over and watch New Girl after club sports
I would really really love to see and Nasim Pedrad in a New Girl buddy cop spin-off
Let's all take a second and appreciate how good Jesse Spano from Saved By The Bell still looks as of the last episode of New Girl.
So is that movie that's coming out with Sally Fields a prequel to New Girl? Old Girl?
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