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New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam was a 17th-century Dutch colonial settlement that served as the capital of New Netherland.

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An immigrant family looks out over the New York skyline as they arrive in the USA from Germany aboard the S.S. Nieuw Amst…
OK, so why doesn't the "Holland Tunnel" from what was New Amsterdam go to the Netherlands?! 🤔
It's Listen to about the origins of New Amsterdam, now known as New York City
I got my lil sack of fire reggie. 2 condoms. my pint of New Amsterdam gin. And i trimmed the hedges so my *** looks a bit more "appetizing"
went cheap with the New Amsterdam gin this time
1655 Peter Stuyvesant & New Amsterdam ban the Jewish from any form military service
on this day 1655 New Amsterdam & Peter Stuyvesant bars Jews from military service.
I have a new American gin..."New Amsterdam". Craft and since it's new, cheaper than martin Miller...and GOOD!
Today in 1652 New Amsterdam (now New York City) enacts the first speed limit law in North America
New Amsterdam: Affordable Vodka with Great...: Producers of affordable vodkas and gin, New Amsterd...
I legit thought New Amsterdam was a country bc the name was so familiar but then I realized it's just a brand of vodka😂
"maybe New Amsterdam vodka is Italian" .Tyler bye
In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant arrived in New Amsterdam to become governor of New Netherland.
1647: U.S. - Peter Stuyvesant arrived in New Amsterdam as Director-General of New Netherland, the Dutch settlement in…
Irma Boom . Cuyperspassage, new pedestrian and cycling tunnel in Amsterdam features a fantastic tile mural
New York, Dublin and now Amsterdam in a few months, 2016 is the year 👌🏻
My new favourite place is this garden behind the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam 🌷🌷
The White Room by 3* Michelin Jacob Jan Boerma is our new restaurant in Amsterdam
A new favorite: DJ Kaan Deniz - From Amsterdam To Istanbul Part 3 || URBAN EDITION by on
New on 500px : Houses of Amsterdam by Thokuipers
Expand your skills in new office in All info:
Take a look at the amazing 'Vino Mosaic' at the new Coravin offices in Amsterdam!
A new favorite: Premiere: Hiroshi Watanabe - Soul Transitions (Original Mix) by on
So i ordered a bed and a new desk and it'll be delivered this friday but i will be shopping in amsterdam so i hope my dad will be home
A couple of new headline shows to announce : LET Amsterdam at 27.05 & at on 28.5
Every night out in Amsterdam is my new favorite night
A new chance to experience Kentridge's Lulu, for those who missed shows in Amsterdam and NYC.
Week's highlights! Read the brand new Easy Virtue at https:/…
Our in Amsterdam introduced a new way of funding today. See more
Amazing views from the new office in This is my
travelling to Lima from Amsterdam tomorrow for our honeymoon - could I request some champagne for me and my new wife as a surprise? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wow! So happy! Dudley (our new organiser of Amsterdam International Life Drawing Society, who is so brave to take...
leaving tomorrow from Amsterdam to New York to see and hear
aww it's the new one!! Saw the original in Amsterdam last year and fell in love x
There's a special place in *** for whoever invented new Amsterdam vodka 😈
Ateliermob will be in AMSTERDAM for New Europe City Makers Summit
New video online! Interview with the CEO and CBDO of during Amsterdam 2016
Soul Burger Amsterdam: new burger spot in West
Ahead of our debut in Amsterdam next week you might want to follow our new international handle
My brand new remix for my buddy Steve Mulder! Released on Amsterdam's finest Orange Recordings. You'll find also...
Cure Skin Cancer in 30 Days with Cannabis - (blog)
Best week in Berlin+Hamburg +Amsterdam on tour w/ Now 🛫 London to ✈️ to New York to see the boy in da corner
Enjoy one of our new songs !!! Live in Amsterdam, October 2nd 2015
Amsterdam’s Wikkelhouse takes cardboard to a long-lasting, cozy new level: via
Period features, whimsical details and Dutch Generator, Amsterdam's trendy new hostel, via
10 x restaurants in Amsterdam that are open on New Year&Eve
New York is due a visit. My 3rd home after Amsterdam & Dubai. Soon come Manhattan I know u miss me.
Rescued circus lions getting new home in S. Africa
Italy in July, reading festival in August, Amsterdam in October then back to the Alps at New Years! Going to be a busy year 😊🤑
it was called new Amsterdam church did not allowed them to enter in mainland.
NEW VIDEO IN MY NEXT TWET :) hope you all enjoy it :D until im back with fast wifi to upload the Rotterdam and Amsterd…
Last week in Amsterdam working on new Inner City tracks with Thanks Nachtlab Studio!
W+K Amsterdam plucks a new Milka cookie from its jar
The attack sub on the front lines of a new cold war
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is searching for new ways to bring in money outside of ticket sales.
I really cant believe I drunk swam across the pemi this weekend..things that a bottle of New Amsterdam can do to you.
New Amsterdam with pineapple Fanta 😭😋 festival shall be lit.
New Amsterdam theatre is effing gorgeous 😍😍😍
what i remember about American history? the Boston tea party and New Amsterdam. thats all.
Can't trust you if you drink Sutter Home, Canada Dry, or New Amsterdam.
Gemalto brings trust to a new world of mobility at Mobile World Congress 2016: AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, Feb...
Breast Cancer Awareness
We're going to London and New York City. And we take a little piece of Amsterdam (Right!)
A New show for the produce industry, next November, Amsterdam,
Super convenient for Amsterdam's Schipol airport - the new has a pillarless ballroom for up to 640
My new sounds: Test Covers Or Originals with Friends on Smule MDG- Cover of Like Real People Do by Hozier
Searching for new music? Check out the latest Tracks Of The Week!
New exhibition at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum explores artists' fascination with prostitution in Paris
Look at those flowers! We're convening in our new offices at Thanks for having us.
Study and the City in this NEW program on the sociology of food. We and h…
I'm at New York film academy cafe in Amsterdam
New review on! Bistrot des Alpes: comfort for this positively Alpine weather...
New book 'YOU RUN AROUND.' now available at Boekie Woekie, Berenstraat 16, Amsterdam !
Looking forward to many new contacts and inspiring day @ Amsterdam
Upgrading the van part 1: a table and new curtains, with some help from my parents!
Today's taxi. Off to preview the new Lexus LC 500 hybrid coupe in Amsterdam.
NEW: How Amsterdam changed world football forever. Celebrating a hub of creative thinking. htt…
An first!. In 1654, 23 Jews refugees from Recife, Brazil landed in New Amsterdam. 361...
We thought we were the only ones still drinking gin & tonics. Check out New Amsterdam gin. It's cheap & delicious (like me).
I think New Amsterdam gin does that.
New Amsterdam gin is cough syrup, yes?
The 1st brewery built in America was in New Amsterdam in 1612 by Dutch colonists. Happy National
Just realized that is the home of Peter Minuit, founder/purchaser of New Amsterdam aka New York City.
Grab our Save on New Amsterdam vodka 1.75L and enter to win a wireless speaker system!
I have been nursing 2 bottles of New Amsterdam this weekend. New Amsterdam is the best Vodka of all time.
New Amsterdam is the smoothest vodka I've ever has aside from Grey Goose.
Ula keeps saying she has PTSD from New Amsterdam vodka lmfao
New Amsterdam vodka is good and it's cheap...bring it to my house
Great Vodka, New Amsterdam is my Vodka of choice.
2) Shows: Almost Human, Terra Nova, New Amsterdam are the latest casualties; Firefly is the most famous. Wonderfalls, Brimstone, Roar . . .
New Amsterdam became New York in 1664. Why they changed it I can't say. Maybe Big Jim, Time Traveling Dad, just liked it that way.
Something new by davidjunelouf in Amsterdam
Twente sack coach Schreuder: AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Twente Enschede coach Alfred Schreuder became the first casualty of the new Dutch ...
2 great new guides to Amsterdam and Brussels from authors and
in Amsterdam to try out my new camera
Beautiful slow fashion afrieksuits pop up store Amsterdam! New womens collection available to order…
Had such a great time yesterday with fellow writer Jessica Lipowski in Amsterdam meeting new people. Not much...
30.08.2015 16:23 Flight SX0301 from Amsterdam to Berne will be 10 min. delayed. Expected new arr. time 18:00.
New name, same great training and networking opportunities at
Premiere: unveil the video for epic new single 'My Amsterdam'.
With my new love (bike) om the Ferry from Zaandam to Amsterdam
Well arrive in Amsterdam, new experience and new projects coming soon.
My new local Maccies is Amsterdam airport.. I don't care.. None of those soft luke warm fries here! 🍴😈
Check that out for a summer and my new years might be spent in Amsterdam looking like a good end to my year
Get the training you need to advance your career and make new connections at our many networking events at
We're opening new locations in London, Amsterdam, Santa Monica & Portland! Join our community:
Today in 1645 local American Indian tribes and Dutch settlers signed a peace treaty in New Amsterdam (now New York)
A good day to explore my new hometown by with
RT5 more days until our new entrance hall opens for the public.
Architecture love in Amsterdam: The Atrium at Rijksmuseum via
There seem to be a lot of misinformed voters in New York. A lot of New Yorkers seem to think NYC wouldn't survive...
If anyone knows the American lad on the Delta flights named Robert with dark hair who flies from New York to Amsterdam, let md know please
A new favorite: Full Premiere: John Monkman & Pete Tong - The Bumps (Coyu Remix) by on
A new favorite Free Download: Hush & Sleep - Nahé by Click Records Amsterdam on
Light lunch. First pit stop at the all new Hoxton Hotel. A slice of London in Amsterdam. …
morons want to turn New York into hillbilly heaven.
Our new post talks about our best shopping stops in
We recently shot a new Promotional Video to be released soon. looking for a Platform.
Coming soon new tins with artistic air.
New in Amsterdam: from a 50 meter tall crane.
Going from Cape Town to Amsterdam then connecting to New York tonight. Is anything available tomorrow instead in Business class?
In 1645 - American Indians and the Dutch made a peace treaty at New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam later became known as New York.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
*** pulled out a bottle of new Amsterdam and offered me and my homie a shot 😂😂😂😂
Never again mix Smirnoff, E&J, and new Amsterdam 😭😭 then eat spicy Alfredo and hooters shrimp
New Amsterdam and High Life currently terrorizing my liver 😲
Both the New York and San Francisco have Orange logos because of the Dutch & NYC's New Amsterdam roots http:…
New wing to power our R&D activities in Explore our tech centres around the world.
Oath Keepers and Tea Partiers want to turn upstate New York into ‘New Amsterdam’
by 😻.. I come here a lot, but still find new spots I love 😎.
I still got that new Amsterdam for u
NEW POST: love in Exploring the atrium at Rijksmuseum.
Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam. Why’d they change it? I can’t say!
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, Marriages...
My earliest years were in the colony of British Guiana, at Alexander Street, New Amsterdam, Pleyt Ancker,...
Only can give you so much magic & pixie dust in check out New Amsterdam theatre tour
LIVE on More backstage at New Amsterdam theatre
On stage at the New Amsterdam theatre in Times Square!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
New Amsterdam gin will always have that place in my heart she bad af
I drink New Amsterdam gin. It tastes expensive, but isn't. I drink it with flat water and lime. It's grownup limeade.
That's an IMMEDIATE turn off for me). But why when he comes home from work today is he carrying the biggest bottle of New Amsterdam gin?
MAINLY the New Amsterdam gin we had on our bar... that was an immediate trigger...
New Amsterdam is in town! Check it out take the Water Taxi Miami
I was drinking New Amsterdam when they ONLY made gin
AVAILABLE: New Amsterdam: The History of the Dutch Settlement... by Charles River Editors -
A *** die and y'all put New Amsterdam, Henny bottles & teddy bears where he got shot but won't call him when he's alive to see if he good
I'm gonna kill my roommate for getting a handle of New Amsterdam berry vodka. The only thing gayer would be if he got Pinnacle whipped
The PK is brought to you by New Amsterdam vodka. Because of course.
I can go for New Amsterdam vodka right now 👌👌
imo it's ok to not spend a ton on booze you don't always drink. New Amsterdam gin and vodka is good but cheap.
only my cousin would take a Popeye's cup full of New Amsterdam vodka in the club 😂😂😂
Alcoholism is waking up at 10 a.m with a hangover and chasing 5 advils with a swig of New Amsterdam vodka
Stop taking pictures with New Amsterdam vodka like you cashed out for it. You just paid 10 dollars for a fifth of instant migraine.
About to head over to for some spirits. May have to grab some New Amsterdam vodka that raves about.
2 bottles of champagne, 3 bottles of New Amsterdam vodka, 24 pack of bud light, 12 pack of Mikes harder & multiple mini bottles.. when's NYE
We got Wild Turkey, Paul Masson, and some New Amsterdam.jesus be with my liver
Check out my new YouTube video about my trip to Amsterdam!
Dad: you can drink a fifth of new Amsterdam by yourself right . Me:💀
This year has been the best for travel New York, Orlando, Miami, Amsterdam and disney land paris in December
With a coffee and a doughnut ... Out for a evening walk and shopping in New Amsterdam
My great great great however long ago was a founder of New Amsterdam.
Actually, we sold the colonies to the Brits. New York used to be New Amsterdam.
My new fave song is 'Tulips from Amsterdam ' 💐
and they haven't announced a new date for Amsterdam so I might not get to see them again 😭🔫 fml
I'm not even hungover, Viniq, New Amsterdam, Redbull, and four loko.
The entire US Cocksucking Department at the American University of Amsterdam is ranting about the new trailer
There's a New Amsterdam vodka commercial that touts partying (w/ shots, of course) as "Practice your right to assemble." Timing? Not great.
Going into another new year with the other half and in Amsterdam this time is going to be insane. 💁🎉
Heinekens, new Amsterdam, and backwoods. Hood rich today
Cloud startup DigitalOcean brings new Amsterdam data center online
Everyone is invited to a new worship experience in Harlem tom 4--at Grill on the Hill, 1624 Amsterdam Ave at W 140th St!
'Pixie & Trent will be dancing to 'Tulips From Amsterdam', handing out tulips and dancing around a windmill' reaches a new low
Curious about our city 400 years ago? Visit this to see some of life in New Amsterdam:
This new site from has digitized 17th century records of life in New Amsterdam:
Currently hiring 3 new (pre-PhD) researchers for our project Creative Amsterdam at UvA's ACHI: http:/…
Dutch Central Bank moves 122 tons of gold reserves from New York to Amsterdam | Fox News via
Calling all New Yorkers: Check out new site showcasing historical records from our New Amsterdam days: http…
Amsterdam. I am over it living with snow, ugh, New Jersey. But I would put up with it with joy, to
Aladdin, New Amsterdam theater. - James Monroe Iglehart was amazing.
Santa Claus Santa Claus supplants the Christ-child as the central person of Christmas. "Santa Claus" may be a corruption of the name "St. Nicholas," a supposed Roman Catholic Bishop of Myra, in Asia Minor, who may have lived in the 4th Century. More churches have been named after Nicholas than any of the apostles. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of Russia and Greece. In spite of Roman Catholic tradition, there is no real proof that an historical St. Nicholas (St. Nick) ever existed. Philip Revzin in The Wall Street Journal (December 22, 1986), writes that "virtually nothing is known for sure about the original Nicholas of Myra." Dutch settlers brought the idea of a gift-bringing Christmas patron of children to New Amsterdam (New York City) during the 17th Century. Dutch children shortened "Nicholas" to "Claus," and the Spanish influence in the Netherlands changed "Saint" to "Santa." Christmas in Holland is still celebrated on December 6, the supposed day of St. Nicholas' death. French children call Santa ...
That show with now Jamie Lannister from GOT, right? Something about New Amsterdam? He played an immortal.
Students from New York City’s Loyola High School got a unique introduction into the history of New Amsterdam today from a special teacher:Mr. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Mr. Rutte taught at the Museum of the City of New York on the known and unknown contributions of the Dutch to N…
I just bought large prints of these beautiful old maps of New Amsterdam (later New York), which will look great framed in the flat in London.
On Sept 8, 1664 New Amsterdam became New York City - NYC 350 years in the making. Check out this video :
TIME TRAVELING, SEPTEMBER 8 1565 A Spanish expedition establishes the first permanent European settlement in North America at present-day St. Augustine, Fla. 1664 The Dutch surrender New Amsterdam to the British, who then rename it New York. 1866 The first recorded birth of sextuplets takes place in Chicago, Ill., to James and Jennie Bushnell. 1900 A Category 4 hurricane rips through Galveston, Texas, killing an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people. A 15-foot storm surge floods the city, and numerous homes and buildings are destroyed. 1935 U.S. Senator Huey P. Long, "The Kingfish" of Louisiana politics, is shot and mortally wounded by Dr. Carl Weiss at point-blank range outside the main hall of the Louisiana state capitol building. He dies two days later. 1952 The Ernest Hemingway novel "The Old Man and the Sea" is published. 1960 NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., is dedicated by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1966 NBC-TV airs the first episode of "Star Trek," entitled "The Man Tra ...
Peter Stuyvesant vs. everyone! Reflecting on the 350th anniv of the last day of New Amsterdam:
New blog post: Live Promotions from New Amsterdam, and
August 9 . 480 BC   The Persian army defeats Leonidas and his Spartan army at the battle Thermopylae, Persia. 48 BC   Julius Caesar defeats Gnaius Pompey at Pharsalus. 1483   Pope Sixtus IV celebrates the first mass in the Sistine Chapel, which is named in his honor. 1549   England declares war on France. 1645   Settlers in New Amsterdam gain peace with the Indians after conducting talks with the Mohawks. 1805   Austria joins Britain, Russia, Sweden and the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia in the third coalition against France. 1814   Andrew Jackson and the Creek Indians sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson, giving the whites 23 million acres of Creek territory. 1842   The Webster-Ashburn treaty fixes the border between Maine and Canada's New Brunswick. 1859   The escalator is patented. However, the first working escalator appeared in 1900. Manufactured by the Otis Elevator Company for the Paris Exposition, it was installed in a Philadelphia office building the following year. 1862   At Cedar Mountain, V ...
PLATFORM Sun. June 22, 10:30am at Ethical Culture Society of Westchester "Let's Go Dutch: A Heritage of Dutch Humanism" Anne Klaeysen The Dutch established New Amsterdam at the mouth of the Hudson River in the 17th Century, and Jacob Klaeysen established a Dutch family in western New York in the 20th Century. Leader Anne Klaeysen explores her rtoots through the works of two Dutch Humanist philosophers, Erasmus and Spinoza. Anne Klaeysen is Leader of the NY Society for Ethical Culture. She also serves as Humanist Chaplain at New York University and Ethical Humanist Religious Life Adviser at Columbia University.
The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian stands where the first building in New Amsterdam once stood. |
This day from the past for June 12th…163rd day of 2014 - 202 remaining... → 1611 - Hudson Bay NWT - Hendrick Hudson d1611 starts return voyage, but his ship Discovery is again locked in spring ice. → 1665 - English rename New Amsterdam, New York, after Dutch pull out. → 1690 - Churchill Manitoba - Henry Kelsey sets out from York Factory with party of Stone and Assiniboine Indians on journey lasting two years; Hudson's Bay Company employee will record first European description of grizzly bears and buffalo. → 1846 - Montreal Quebec - Fire in a Montreal theatre kills 200 people. → 1876 - Journalist headed for Little Big Horn files dispatch. Marcus Kellogg, a journalist traveling with Custer's 7th Cavalry, files one of his last dispatches before being killed at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. → 1787 - Law passes providing a senator must be at least 30 years old. → 1849 - Gas mask patented by Lewis Haslett, Louisville, KY. → 1862 - Civil War - J.E.B. Stuart rides around the Union army. ...
Grey Goose is my ish but New Amsterdam is still my ride or die.
I traversed to a city which I'm told is the greatest in the world this weekend. But when I arrived, however, I found that Rome wasn't there. Instead it was a sprawling metropolis that the locals referred to as New Amsterdam, I believe. Luckily Stavo Craft was one of them. We happened across some warehouses where people housed wares. "Art", they said. "No, donuts," I replied. So we proceeded to get some of those instead. Stave told me what alcohol was. Never heard of it.    I needed to get over to a central island portion of the city where the residents house their billionaire class. It's a cruel ghetto of luxury buildings and gold-plated thises and thats. There was a large boat waiting nearby where masses of people were waiting. "I'll take my chances with this creature and forgo the underground snake transport entirley," I noted to Mr. Craft, though he had disappeared in search of an emergency massage session.   The barge dropped me off at Wall St. I'm told that this is where people meet to figure out ...
This day from the past for June 1st…152nd day of 2014 - 213 remaining… → 1495 - First written record of Scotch Whisky appears in Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Friar John Cor is the distiller. → 1533 - Anne Boleyn crowned queen of England. → 1638 - The first recorded earthquake in the United States happened at Plymouth, Massachusetts. → 1657 - 1st Quakers arrives in New Amsterdam (NY). → 1660 - Mary Dyer is hanged for defying a law banning Quakers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. → 1714 - Placentia Newfoundland - Philippe Pasteur de Costebelle surrenders Placentia to English under Captain John Moody; moves to Cape Breton; John Moody appointed Deputy-Governor of Placentia. → 1779 - American Revolution - Benedict Arnold is court-martialed. After a relatively clean record in the early days of the American Revolution, Arnold was charged with 13 counts of misbehavior, including misusing government wagons and illegally buying and selling goods. → 1792 - Bluegrass state Kentucky is admitted t ...
ANNOUNCEMENT BY RUBY LEE THIGPEN WHITEHURST ~CARLA-RAE to star in TWO NATIONS film as BRIGHT STAR WHITEHORSE the Great Storyteller~ Carla-Rae, (Birth Name Beshaw) (pronounced Bee Shaw), is a SAG, AFTRA and AEA, actress. Born in upstate New York Carla-Rae is of Seneca/Mohawk French Canadian heritage. Carla-Rae has had the pleasure of working with television, film and theatre stars to the likes, Wes Studi, Virginia Madsen, David James Elliot, Marc Vann, Tatanka Means, Tonantzin Carmelo , Michael Spears, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Tamara Podemski, Emily Podleski, Maggie Fine, with Directors and Producers such as Award winning Director Lasse Hallstrom, in Fox series "New Amsterdam", Director, Chris Eyre in PBS award winning docu drama "We Shall Remain", Director Michael Linn in award winning, Indie Feature Film "Imprint", Director Julie Ann Robinson, ABC network "Scoundrels", just to name a few. AND now I have the pleasure of saying that Carla-Rae will star in Two Nations as Bright Star Whitehorse, the great Stor ...
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