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Nev Schulman

Yaniv Nev Schulman (born September 26, 1984) is an American producer, actor and photographer. He is best known for the 2010 documentary Catfish where he starred as himself.

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This documentary takes place in 2007 when Nev Schulman sees one of his photos used by a NYC alternative newspaper and it garners the...
Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo are everything I want to be in life
Nev Schulman is such a genuine soul, bless him
Remember when Nev from Catfish got expelled from Sarah Lawrence for punching a *** .
How is using his furry birthday suit to save animals 😉
My corporate interpersonal skills are A1. My communication on Nev Schulman. Honestly, truly.
Omg yes!! And he reminds me so much of Nev Schulman who I adore 😩😍
Rafael Solano is a slyly better looking version of Nev Schulman
i love nev schulman he is so BEAUTIFUL
"Hi this is Nev Schulman, I make a show for MTV called Catfish.."
Just found out Nev Schulman from Catfish has a podcast so I'm def not getting any sleep tonight.
I don't get the point of Nev Schulman's new show... if someone has a personal secret I'm sure they don't want the whole world to know
"Hi Alex this is nev Schulman I make a show for mtv called catfish we're calling on behalf of mylo...LMAOOO IM WEAK
I can't express to you how much I love Nev Schulman.
If I could be anyone for a day, I'd definitely pick
I will seriously die for Nev Schulman
I have very little experience with dating websites. My feeling toward datin...
someone catfish me so I can meet nev schulman
The guys behind 'Catfish' and 'The Jinx' launch new video editing app via
I died when said hi officer im Nev Schulman
I am going to bed sorry if I don't dm you back xoxo I love Max Joseph and Nev Schulman and Matthew Gray Gubler and Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun
My ideal weight is Nev Schulman on top of me
Yup…. This actually happened a while ago…. …I wonder what came of it?.
I don't care what anyone says, Nev Schulman is ADORABLE
Nev Schulman is currently in Uruguay and my heart is racing with excitement.
. yung catfish in the cut, someone call that dude Nev Schulman
the silver jews sounds like Max Joseph and Nev Schulman combined, Max brings the silver, Nev brings the Jews
Nev Schulman is so cute and hot okay , don't @ me
If you want proof that 'Catfish' was real, just put me in an audition room and w...
The guy I'm talking to looks like Nev Schulman if he was 22 again and basically I've never been more happy in my entire life
Nev Schulman completes the New York City marathon -- see pics!
I can't believe how much I want to meet Nev Schulman
My ideal man is a cross between Nev Schulman, Richard Osman and Passenger.
There needs to be an active Nev Schulman.
You have to be careful of how much time you devote to someone who is not telling you the truth. -Nev Schulman
Nev Schulman is actually my soul mate
"I hope you find a man like Nev Schulman someday" thanks, mom
i had a dream that Nev Schulman was my bf and we took a selfie together lo heheheh ehehe
Nev Schulman is a total undercover hottie🔥
Nev Schulman : Who's watching right now with my cousin ...
Who's watching right now with my cousin DillOnfire??? check it out!. — Nev Schulman (NevSchulman) July 1…
So does this mean I have to become a legitimate insane person for Nev Schulman to visit me on my birthday??¿?
I love Nev Schulman, my goal in life is to meet him and Max
Why is Nev Schulman's name not spelt Niamh? Stupid spelling of Niamh that doesn't make sense.
I'm gonna fake having a catfish so I can meet Nev Schulman
These are all random quotes from nev schulman that I had saved in my phone after I saw him talk LOL but yah I still think abt that day ***
One time Nev Schulman came to speak at my college and I thought it was just abt his TV show but it was inspirational af& changed my life??
Love this article. Lets get away from the internet & get back to meeting in person
Foto: catfishedtvshow: I can’t get over how cute Max Joseph and Nev Schulman are. They’ll be back on...
Nev Schulman is too attractive to handle
LOVE this article.It explains many of the reasons why TheDatingGame was created-to get people meeting in person again
Nev Schulman impressions would be great too
can Nev Schulman take over the world
Meeting in less than 2 weeks and I get a call "Hi this is Nev Schulman from MTV's Catfish."
One of my quotes made top comment on Nev Schulman's (MTV's Catfish) page. There's a total of 335 likes and rising. I can't even believe it.
Nev Schulman reminds me of Cedric lol
Imagine saying "I needed a new phone bc nev schulman threw it into the ocean"
There are no Nev Schulman iPhone cases on eBay and I am very upset
Nev Schulman's chest hair literally looks like a cat resting on his chest 😖
Everything I know I learned from Nev Schulman. Oh, jk, that was just a couple of very specific things.
Seductive eyes Sunday. I honestly just want to meet okay this single…
"Hi Nate this is Nev Schulman from the MTV show Catfish"
Somebody catfish me so I can meet Nev Schulman
who r jack and jack I stan nev schulman
I can't believe nev schulman came out as a homosexual in that music video good for him
Nev Schulman actually gets paid to to internet stalk people on TV... How can I get in on this???
I liked a video from MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Catfish (ft. Nev Schulman!)
Simon Rex - My GPS is cooler than yours Nev Schulman, Rudy Mancuso -
Why does young Joseph Stalin look like Nev Schulman and Zayn's love child
Are we being Catfished? Nev Schulman is the new face of Rocawear
Nev Schulman, the force behind and face of MTV’s Catfish is the new face of Rocawear
Obviously I know how stupid that sounds. Like how would I possibly meet Nev Schulman.
New life plan: only drink diet coke or water and smoke. No food. Lose weight. Conquer the world. Become friends with Nev Schulman.
I love love love Nev Schulman but am not a fan of his intense hairy chest omg. 🙈
I need Nev Schulman in my life oml :c
Thanks to Nev Schulman & MTV's catfish, I met the love of my life! (We saw TFIOS and you can't tell but we're crying)
Watching Nev Schulman on Catfish makes me weak to my knees. 😍
Nev Schulman's gf probably doesn't even need a comforter she can just wrap herself up in his chest hair
Let me call Nev Schulman for a new cathfish ;) Abby Blake
Nev Schulman's chest hair bothers me
I would totally catfish someone to meet Nev Schulman . Hottie!
Nev Schulman of MTV's has a new gig
i thought what we had was sPECiaL nEv scHULMAn
It takes quite a lot to shock me, but an episode of did the trick. This one actually left me speechless:
Lol @ my mom being sad cos Nev Schulman has a gf.
Nev Schulman doing yoga in a towel? Christ on a bike I hate to say this but I actually can't even.
I just got nev schulman'd by my own cat
can I have Nev Schulman for christmas please
I think I'm in love with nev schulman
-- come on, proclaim to the world your love for me, Nev Schulman. (
“so old. so crusty. “Bruno's turning 30 next year. Let that sink in.”” nev schulman news
Catfish and Corrie kind of day. Client switched days so I'm off today! Nev Schulman 😊❤️. Peter Barlow 😡💔.
// There's a Nev Schulman fake. Is today my birthday?
Nev schulman is actually my boyfriend
Nev Schulman is the friendliest mansplainer
Nev Schulman is very attractive but that chest hair gotta go.
Yaniv Joseph and Max Schulman is being talked about... Our fans, Nev. Help me.
That wasn't a Catfish tho "Even celebs can get Catfished. See what happened to Rent actress Tracie Thoms
Rocawear Europe: Nev Schulman: No you are not being “Catfished”, that IS Nev Schulman of MTV’s “Catfish” in Ro...
Turn down for what - has developed a serious 'tude on this season of http:/…
Seriously though, is not the cutest model ever?http…
Was Nev Schulman just doing yoga whilst wearing nothing but a towel? Be still my heart.
Hi reddit, I am Nev Schulman, creator and host of [Catfish](on MTV and subject of the documentary Catfish. I neve...
Confession 7; I always have plans on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. Actually, I just sit at home watching Awkward, Faking It, & Catfish. Confession 8; I am in love with Nev Schulman from Catfish..
Broadway and film star Tracie Thoms participated in MTV's Catfish to get Nev Schulman and Max Joseph's help in finding the super fan who lied to her over social media. See what Tracie said about the experience.
This is MTV Celebrity News RSS Feed Max Joseph and Nev Schulman don’t mess around when it comes to documenting wily “Catfish” behavior, but what are the guys really like during their travels in the few minutes the MTV cameras are down? When each episode airs, there’s a TON of stuff you never get to see, and now, we have an inside... Read more » Shoddy Disguises, Time Travel And Oversleeping: The Other Side Of ‘Catfish’
Catfish Kidd Cole tricked Philadelphia woman Lucille into working for free and contributing her own money. She suspected he was a fraud and called in Nev Schulman and Max Joseph for help.
Nev Schulman is the greatest thing to ever walk the Earth. He not only has an awesome story, but is a totally chill guy. From one New Yorker to another, A+ dude. So glad that DePaul offers the opportunity to see such awesome people.
Who's ready to see Nev Schulman tonight at Iowa State After Dark! MU Great Hall @ 11pm!
Dis guy on is very confused Nev Schulman
My camera roll consists of selfies, nev schulman and walt jr from breaking bad
Nev Schulman from "Catfish" just contacted me regarding my online girlfriend. This should go really well.
Nev Schulman from MTV's will be on campus 9/24! Stop by the event to score some great Swag! -EC
If nev schulman doesn't come to my sweet 16 I'm suing my parents bc they obviously don't love me
"Dad can I skip school to go meet Nev Schulman?". "Is he going to give you a scholarship to college??". "No". "That's your answer". Well then...
That is very true. I would really like to meet Nev Schulman, but from America to England! Ha ha.
What an episode? My heart was beating so much. Nev schulman is z man:*
Omg me and just got catfish omg daebak where is the camera where is Mtv where is Nev Schulman O.O
"I think I'm being catfished, this guy says he's Nev Schulman" 
There are not enough pictures of Nev Schulman on the internet.
Catfish: The TV Show : i really liked the show today i love u Nev Schulman but i hate seinna very much i feel so sorry for jasmin she was very honest !
A tad obsessed with Nev Schulman right now, but S2 Ep 10 was the best reveal ever
The phone call that no Catfish wants to receive Nev Schulman
BREAKING NEWS: small forest fire found in nev schulman's chest hair
No way...♡ him! MT Nev Schulman, host of MTV sensation Catfish, on campus TUE 9/24 at 7p
Nev Schulman is coming to WCU on Monday ... thank you
Nev Schulman, host of the MTV sensation Catfish, will be on campus TUE 9/24 at 7 telling stories about his encounters
Catfish time i need to call Nev Schulman these mfs aint real
I just want to date Nev Schulman guys omg
The University of Texas has been catfished! No, UT’s website has not been hacked and no fake profiles have been submitted, but Nev Schulman, star of MTV’s Catfish The TV Show, graced the 40 Acres Wednesday night. The event was presented by Campus Events + Entertainment Distinguished Speakers and too...
I'm extremely jealous of anyone who has met Nev Schulman from Catfish in real life. 😩
Nev Schulman is correct! new episode was on, on Monday or Tuesday I think
"Nev Schulman has a girlfriend, life over, dreams crushed" kill me
Nev schulman is such a spice even with his king kong godzilla chest hair 😍🐒
“Nev” Schulman, co-host of “Catfish” will speak Sept. 23 at 8 pm in the Grandroom of A.K. Hinds University Center.
Catfish on campus: Nev Schulman, star of ‘Catfish’ documentary, to speak at UMSL | UMSL Daily
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Nev schulman was in my dream last night is anyone surprised
Nev Schulman of 'Catfish' will speak at UMSL.
underappreciated otps - Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. thank you for this
Distinguished Speaker's "Catfish on Campus" with Nev Schulman was an amazing and inspiring event! We would like to thank everyone for supporting us as well as UT Student Activity Center for allowing us to use their facilities! Be on the lookout for our next event! -JJ
Night made! Got reserved front row seating to see the ever so handsome Nev Schulman, got to touch him twice, and he waved hello and goodbye specifically to me Lisa Guerra. Ahhh cloud nine ;)
Best time ever seeing Nev Schulman from Catfish!
Jay Sean is married and expecting a baby and I didn't get to see Nev Schulman!! :"(
I should meet Nev Schulman, because I want to have an autograph to give my baby sister (Nev's biggest fan) to make up for all the years I wasn't there for her.
About to see Nev Schulman! I just found out he has a girlfriend though :/
Bout to see Nev Schulman. If only Lori Rogers could be here. We could fan girl about him together.
you know what i am gonna go. this is Nev Schulman we're talking about.
IT'S CATFISH WEDNESDAY!! Nev Schulman, himself, in the flesh on UT's campus, dishing out all the info on the bright and dark side of internet dating! 7pm, SAC Ballroom, doors open at 6:30pm! Free w/ UT ID!
ATTENTION! Christopher Nickelson and all of Distinguished Speakers are bringing you Nev Schulman the infamous creator of Catfish tonight at 7pm in the SAC Ballroom! Do not miss out on this incredible event!! Hope to see everyone there!
Anyone in Austin want to go meet Nev Schulman (Producer of Catfish) with me tomorrow?! 7PM at SAC Ballroom.
I am so crushing on Yaniv 'Nev' Schulman (Nev Schulman)
Nev Schulman From Catfish is coming to Western in a week! :)
nev schulman is coming to western...kinda a little excited about it lol i LOVE the show catfish :)
The scariest call you could get in 2013 is, "Hi this is Nev Schulman...I have a show called Catfish...have you heard of it?"
Why do people inbox me with what appears to be 'Fake Pages" You don't have any friends/family posting on your page, just spam and ponsy schemes, green dot scams ...etc. Nev Schulman (CATFISH) has thought me what to LOOK Don't make me do a google picture search;))
Hey longhorns! We hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday afternoon, Campus E+E's got a lot of great events coming up in the next week. Don't miss Catfish on Campus with Nev Schulman on Wednesday night at 7 PM in the SAC Ballroom. Be sure to get there early to be guaranteed a seat! You won't want to miss it.
You never truly know someone until you've seen them naked. At least that's the lesson we learned from Nev Schulman, the host of MTV's hit show Catfish. The 28-year-old TV personality recently dropped a truth bomb on Us Magazine, telling the site 25 of his deepest, darkest secrets — including tha...
While I'm on the publicity train up and down your TL, don't forget that Nev Schulman is coming to UT's campus on Wednesday night at 7pm in the UT Student Activity Center Ballroom! Bring your questions or your own "Catfish" love to see the star of MTV's hit TV show in person! As always, this event is free with a current UT ID!
who wants to be my catfish? desperately need to marry Nev Schulman and I'm thinking that's a good way to initiate contact.
WE NEED TO CAREFULLY AVOID "CATFISH" HEALINGS! "Catfish" is the title of a 2010 documentary that follows 24-year-old New Yorker Nev Schulman as he falls in love online with a 19-year-old girl from Michigan (so he thinks). The woman, whose online name was completely false, ends up being married and in her late forties. Her online identity was completely false. The film spawned a reality television series of the same name which tries to expose similar hoaxes. The definition of "catfish" is simply someone who pretends to be someone they're not by using social media to create false identities or events. These poor people are obviously just looking to be loved, even if it means creating a huge lie. We need to be careful not to duplicate this sick dynamic in the area of divine healing. We must not "catfish" fictional miracles, only to find out later there is no real healing going on. That does more to ultimately debilitate people's faith than anything else. The discussion in the wake of every divine healing sho ...
So I think Tarra Holbrook is being "Catfished". We'll see what happens tonight. Just remember I don't need Nev Schulman to find you!
I'm going all "Nev Schulman" right now! Got a friend request from someone I didn't know. Started doing some research and found two other Profiles using the exact same Profile Pic!! For those of you that watch CATFISH you know what I'm talking about!!
Oh my god spending my day with Kelly & Kristen Marie Brosnan channeling my inner Nev Schulman
Nev Schulman and Max Joseph team up with MTV Act to share their advice on online dating and young love on the internet:
Nev Schulman Is such an awesome dude! Someone Catfish me so I can meet him? :)
Jordyns got a thing for Nev Schulman.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I love how sweet and protective Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are! I want them to be my friends! =)
I have the biggest crush on Nev Schulman 󾌵 I would never catfish you lol 󾌧
I love watching Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are such amazing human beings with huge hearts, thank you for all you do for these people on the show. You can tell some of the things the guys say really hit home and change a lot of people for the better.
Sons of Anarchy TONIGHT! Who is excited as I am? And a New Catfish: The TV Show good night for TV! Sons of Anarchy Fans Nev Schulman
Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock comes to Jarman Auditorium this Saturday at 8pm! Tickets are FREE and will be distributed tomorrow from 11am-1pm in Dhall to students with their Longwood ID. A drawing will be held during saturday's event and 20 students will win a Meet & Greet with Nev Schulman from MTV's Catfish: The TV Show!
Love Nev Schulman [and this snap for the NO H8 Campaign [
Photographer and television host Nev Schulman shows off how to make the most out of Pro Camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020. 41 reasons to buy a Nokia Lumia 1020:...
I'd marry Nev Schulman right now, no questions asked.
Nev Schulman this made me think of you but I don't know why ha ha!
I would love to listen to Nev Schulman and Jeremy Wade explain to each other their idea of catfish
Chris Hanson is the original Nev Schulman. It's for adults. And his show actually did good for the community!
I need to meet either a Taylor Lautner, a Skylar Astin or a Nev Schulman. Or if they all combined I think I wud live happily ever after
Nev Schulman from Catfish reminds me of Joey Greco from Cheaters
Nev Schulman of MTV's hit show Catfish decided to grab a camera and shoot a quick video on behalf of students everywhere who ...
Waiting for the ultimate when we find out that Nev Schulman is actually Joey Greco.
All purpose parts banner
Nev Schulman on Texting, ‘Catfishing’ and Manti Te’o - Yaniv “Nev” Schulman has spent a lot of time...
Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Rivers and Nev Schulman are my idols.
Diaporama : hazel-grace-lancaster: There was a lack of Nev Schulman photosets in the world. I decided to...
Had a dream that Adrien Brody and Nev Schulman were the same person... I don't know what to believe anymore.
Photos: Ian Somerhalder with Nev Schulman on Watch What Happens Live hosted by Andy Cohen
Ian Somerhalder, Nev Schulman and Andy Cohen on (behind the scenes)
Is anyone not having dirty thoughts about Nev Schulman, Ian Somerhalder and Andy Cohen? Good god.
Set de fotos: fakecarousels: Crushes of the week: Nev Schulman and Max Joseph from Catfish - The Show.
With this whole thing trending on Instgram, I realize one thing about myself.. While everyone is posting pics of Channing Tatum in all his glorious buffness, I post my "Man Crushes" as Nev Schulman from Catfish and Matthew Gray Gubler aka Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Give me a quirky, nerdy, super intelligent guy anyday, and I'll tell you he's the hawtest thing alive. Channing Tatum who?
We dig the shirt too, Nev Schulman.
ESPN Video: Catfish creator and executive producer Nev Schulman discusses the latest developments in the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax story.
Why is Catfish: The TV Show named "Catfish"??? Forgive me if this is obvious and I am just missing it...Yes I am confessing to watching the marathon on MTV.OH BOY! Nev Schulman
Executive producer of MTV's "Catfish," Nev Schulman, believes that Manti Te'o was very likely the victim of hoax.
Watch out for me and Nev Schulman on Anderson Cooper tonight discussing the Manti Te'o story.
Coming soon to Pay-Per-View: Rafe Spall and Nev Schulman in an epic battle of the teeth.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Nev Schulman heyy Nev, thought I'd tell you I saw you on Jeff Probst Show yesterday, that was pretty cool! Ha wish u knew me. ;) Still think it's great wht you do, had your movie and now a show, pretty cool! Well have a nice day! Hope I can hear from u sometime. ;) XOXOX.
Nev Schulman from the MTV hit show "Catfish: The TV Show" at the Jeff Probst show! Tune-in on Friday, November 23rd.
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