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Nesta Carter

Nesta Carter OD (born October 11, 1985) is a Jamaican sprinter, who specialises in the 100 metres event.

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Approx 500 Arsenal fans including many lads I know have just started walking from the Marble Halls singing We want Wenger Out…
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are you staying up for the Thurman fight Nesta? Chris is & I'm sure will be.
Usain Bolt confirms plans to train with are "in the pipeline" ➥
[sprinter Nesta Carter has launched an appeal to the C…
Usain Bolt insists losing 1 of his 9 Olympic Gold Medals after team-mate Nesta Carter tested positive does not tarn…
Nesta Carter got busted, and now Michael Frater is talking about comebacks
Misleading headline "Usain Bolt Stripped of Gold Medal" . Nesta Carter was the guilty athlete, not Bolt, as implied. Poor report.
Usain Bolt stripped off his 4×1 gold he earned in the Beijing Olympic games coz of that *** Nesta Carter. *** Carter!!! 😕
Usain Bolt and Jamaica stripped of 2008 Olympic 4x100m gold after Nesta Carter tests positive for doping offence
Confirmed: Usain Bolt loses his 4x100m relay 2008 Olympic Gold Medal after Jamaica teammate Nesta Carter found guilty of dop…
New post on News Geek: Usain Bolt loses one Olympic Gold Medal as Nesta Carter tests positive …
BREAKING: Usain Bolt no longer has “triple treble” 🏅, after losing Beijing 2008 relay gold as teammate Nesta Carter disqualified…
One of Usain Bolt's nine Gold Medals stripped due to teammate Nesta Carter's doping case from 2008 App
Usain Bolt has lost one his Olympic medals after Nesta Carter has tested positive for a banned substance. More:
Usain Bolt forced to give back Olympic Gold Medal after 2008 relay partner Nesta Carter fails drug test
Usain Bolt stripped of Beijing Olympics 4x100m relay gold after Jamaica team mate Nesta Carter tests positive. More: http…
Usain Bolt's trebble trebble gone, stripped off beinjin 08 relay Gold Medal after team mate, Nesta Carter was sanctioned by IOC fr substance
Jamaica & Usain Bolt have been stripped of their 2008 Olympic 4x100m Gold Medals after Nesta Carter tested positive fo…
Nesta Carter is the first Jamaican to be disqualified from the Olympic Games for doping. Lebedeva is the 32nd…
Nesta Carter costs Usain Bolt a medal, doesn't get the clickbait headlines. Headline-only readers will assume Bolt did s…
Guessing that Nesta Carter isn't very popular in his home nation right now. SMH.
Usain Bolt stripped of 2008 Olympic relay gold after Nesta Carter fails drug test
Usain Bolt is losing one of his nine Olympic Gold Medals in a doping case involving teammate Nesta Carter. .
Jamaica Beijing 4x100m Gold stripped due to Nesta Carter doping. Usain Bolt now only has 8 horcruxes left.
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Bolt loses 2008 Olympic relay gold in Carter's doping case - News - via
Usain Bolt no longer has the triple treble. Must hand back gold from 08 relay after Nesta Carter sanctioned by IOC
Bolt and the Jamaican team were stripped of a Gold Medal because a member was found guilty of a doping violation
BREAKING: Usain Bolt no longer 9-time Olympic champion. Sprinter stripped of 2008 relay Gold Medal in doping case of teammat…
"Usain Bolt Stripped of Gold Medal After Relay Teammate Found Guilty of Doping" by VICTOR MATHER via NYT
Nesta Carter fi dead! Gatlin looking like the father the son and the Holy Ghost compared to the consequences of this news 😭😭😭
Usain Bolt will no longer have his 'triple treble'. His team-mate Nesta Carter has tested positive for doping. ➡️
Bolt loses one Olympic gold over teammate's failed dope test
Seems like Nesta Carter is going to be the new fastest man alive cos he can't let catch him.
BREAKING: Usain Bolt loses Beijing 2008 relay gold after teammate Nesta Carter disqualified for doping. Bolt no longer has “trip…
Usain Bolt could lose an Olympic Gold Medal over Nesta Carter doping reports:
Big. Nesta Carter was on the last two 4x100m Olympic relay Gold Medal teams with Usain Bolt.
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Is Nesta Carter not running this season? Thanks.
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The Men's 4x100M Final begins at 8:10AM. What can the Jamaican team do?. 1. Nesta Carter. 2. Asafa Powell. 3. Nickel Ash…
Nesta Carter first, Nickel Ashmeade on the back stretch, Usain Bolt third it and Asafa Powell anchors for 100m relay.
3 years ago today, Michael Frater, , Nesta Carter and broke the world record.
Almost time for the men’s 100m. Asafa Powell and Nesta Carter face Mike Rodgers, Kim Collins and Jimmy Vicaut
Nesta Carter, Andrew Fisher finished out of the top 3 in the men's 100m in Rome. Story coming up with their times and quotes.
Men's 100m: Jamaica's Nesta Carter and Andrew Fisher are in this race. Justin Gatlin is also competing.
Mens 100m up next w JAM Nesta Carter, Andrew Fisher. Gatlin also runs as well as Kim Collins.
Allyson Felix, Nesta Carter, David Rudisha, Christine Ohuruogu just watching and learning off me
VIDEO: Terrible 100m start sees Blake beaten: World 100m champion Yohan Blake is beaten by Nesta Carter at the...
on a photo from Nesta Carter, Nickel Ashmeade back in sixth in 9.95. Pre Classic Men's 100m results
- - - Men's 100m - 2013 World Championship silver medalist Justin Gatlin confirmed his superiority over rivals with a hard fought win over compatriot Mike Rodgers. Gatlin who has the two fastest legal times over the distance this year clocked 9.76 (+2.7) to defeat Rodgers 9.80. Jimmy Vicaut 9.89 of France was 3rd with a fading Nesta Carter finishing 4th also in 9.89. Nickel Ashmeade was 5th in 9.95.
Nesta Carter, And Mike Rodgers will push pace big time... plus tailwind
Nesta Carter, Nickel Ashmeade and Justin Gatlin about to burn rubber. Men's 100m now on track
On track: Men's 100m - Nesta Carter and Nickel Ashmeade are competing in this race.
Gatlin vs win streak PREFONTAINE CLASSICS TOMORROW Men’s 100 meters Did you know that Justin Gatlin has won the 100 at the Pre Classic every time he’s run it since 2005? He won it in 2005 and 2006 (the latter annulled due to his doping suspension) and didn’t run it again until 2011, but now has won it three times in a row. Right now he looks good to stretch it out to four straight. HE IS CALLING USAIN AND BLAKE TO GET ON THE TRACK BECAUSE HE IS READY FOR THEM CLAAT Nesta Carter and Nickel Ashmeade will be running.
No Michael Frater in the men's 4x100m final for Jamaica. Nesta Carter - Nickel Ashmeade - Julian Forte - Yohan Blake
"Nesta Carter to Nickel Ashmeade to Julian Forte to Yohan Blake to 1st place
Yohan Blake, Warren Weir, Nesta Carter, Andrew Fisher makes up strong Jamaica 4x1 team but i think the USA looks stronger.
Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Nesta Carter, Kemar Bailey-Cole, Michael Frater and Warren Weir* if he runs the 100m
Wonder if Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Nesta Carter would ever switch sports..
Young Americans to face veteran Michael Frater Two-time Olympic relay Gold Medallist, Michael Frater, will be looking to keep Jamaica sprinting atop the podium in the 60-metre dash at the New York Road Runners Millrose Games on February 15, 2014. But the 31-year-old's task won't be easy as three young Americans - US Olympian Isiah Young, and 2013 NCAA champions D'Angelo Cherry, and Ameer Webb - will be in on the chase. "All three Americans were born in the early 1990s," said Dr Norbert Sander, the executive director of the Armory Foundation. "This could well be a race of Olympic contenders in both Rio in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020." Frater - who won global 4x100m gold in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 - joined Nesta Carter, Yohan Blake, and Usain Bolt on Jamaica's world-record relay team (36.84) at the London Olympics. But he has also taken individual silver at the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005. Armory regulars are well acquainted with Cherry, who won the 60m dash for Mississippi State at the Armory Coll ...
Moscow: Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt lifted track and field out of the doping doldrums as he reclaimed his world 100m title in emphatic style on Sunday. Bolt clocked a season's best 9.77 seconds in heavy rain at the Luzhniki Stadium, with American Justin Gatlin claiming silver in 9.85sec and Nesta Carter, also of Jamaica, taking bronze in 9.95sec.
Nesta Carter has led the 4x100 team off in every major Championship in recent years.
USA Justin Gatlin took the silver with a season's best of his own at 9.85 second and Jamaica's Nesta Carter won the bronze in 9.95 seconds
Just found out that ma cousin Nesta Carter came 3rd after Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin
Usain Bolt won the 100m with a season best time of 9.77s ahead of Justin Gatlin & Nesta Carter at the IAAF World Champ…
Two underrated athletes at elite level are Nesta Carter and Michael Frater. With those guys on a relay, it's a done deal
WR run in Daegu 2011 for Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell in men's sprint relay...
We all loved watching you. I have a sore throat now after cheering for and and Nesta Carter
Of the fastest 100m times in 2013 amongst tonight’s competitors, Nesta Carter (9.87) leads GB's James Dasaolu (9.91) and Usai…
BREAKING: Asafa Powell one of the five Jamaican athletes who tested positive for banned substance; Nesta Carter, Sheron…
The World Championships in Moscow is just around the corner and there is talk that Jamaican Track and Field is on good footing,however, the likes of Nickle Ashmeade seems very unreliable and inconsistent. Jason Young is , in my opinion still trying to find his footing. Nesta Carter is yet to really impress, except for his victory in Birmingham.. The USA ,Tyson *** is improving, with Rodgers, and Gatlin is still a force to reckon with. Now people please LEARN me something here. Yes I say LEARN, let us be realsitic, who seems to have a mighty better chance in in the men's 4x100m relay. They are calling for Asafa to be injected in the mix, good for a lead off leg and better than Nesta. Bailey -Cole has the experience from London but is not consistent either, Bolt can't do it alone. i have confidence in these guys abilities but the US is three strong thus far but how strong and versatile is remains to be seen. Let me know your thoughts.
Nesta Carter you and your sexy athletic body must just come to mu house!
Nesta carter's run in Birmingham is sure to keep him on the 4x1 team
Nigeria's Blessing Okagbare upset favourites Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Carmelita Jeter to win the 200 meters at the Diamond League meeting in Birmingham on Sunday. The race had been billed as a clash between Jamaica's Olympic 100 winner Fraser-Pryce and world sprint champion Jeter of the US but Okagbare finished strongly winning in 22.55. Fraser-Pryce, who plans to run the 100 and 200 at August's world championships in Moscow, was second in 22.72 with Jeter, competing for first time since suffering a hamstring injury in Shanghai in May, finishing last in 23.36. Jeter declined to talk to waiting reporters but training partner Okagbare did not think the American's performance was a cause for concern. "She's fine. You saw her run today so you can tell for yourself," the Nigerian told reporters. "It's good she's come back. "I'm not a good starter so I have more of an advantage on the 200," added Okagbare, who has yet to decide whether she will attempt a sprint double in Moscow. "With the upcoming world cham ...
Carter lands 100m in Birmingham: MONTEGO BAY, St James — Jamaica's Nesta Carter was a surprise winner of the...
The Diamond League meeting here saw mixed results for Caribbean athletes with Jamaican Nesta Carter and Ryan Bra ...
Nesta Carter wins 100m in Birmingham - Universal Sports: via
Nesta carter is on drugs I can not believe he won that he looks drugged up
Hamilton Collection
Nesta Carter wins 100m in Birmingham - Universal Sports
Nesta Carter .. Another Jamaican making the headlines with his 100m Sprint Race ..
Nesta Carter victorious in men's 100m 9.99
Looks like Jamaica have another new sprint star in Nesta Carter! Rapid 100m in 9.9 sec
Congrats Nesta Carter, on winning the 100m today "yea we can expect nothing less from a jamaican"
Not a bad run by Nesta Carter, 9.99.
shoulda picked nesta carter. I've been scrolling through flotrack from the break room.
mens 100, the best guys were Kim Collins, nesta carter and some Nigerian-british guy
Nesta Carter grabs the win in 9.99 with Collins in 10.06, so consistent, Rodgers 10.07 and got a PB of 10.17 - …
Diamond League Commentator on Nesta Carter unexpected win, "never under estimate a Jamaican sprinter". lol DWL
Jamaica’s Nesta Carter clocks 9.99 seconds winning the 100m at the Birmingham Diamond League in the United Kingdom
- Birmingham - Men's 100m (RACE VIDEO): WATCH as Nesta Carter wins in 9.99...
Confirmed: Nesta Carter wins 100m race in Birmingham
9.99 for a fast finishing Nesta Carter to take the 100m .. Kimmari Roach 10.17 and Julian Forte 10.76 finish down the …
Nesta Carter wishes Yohan Blake a speedy recovery if the news of the scratch for is confirmed.
“9.99 for the win by Nesta Carter in the 100-meter dash final. slow
Nesta Carter's sub-10 clocking secures him 100m victory ahead of who records another PB with 10.03
What a close 100m! Nesta Carter takes the win in 9.99, while notches another PB of 10.03, just ahead of
Nesta Carter takes the men's 100m in 9.99
YESSS! Nesta Carter [JA] takes the100 metres. He was 4th in the JA Champs! Jamaica truly has strength in depth
Time for the men's 100m final on BBC2 - James Ellington, Kim Collins & Nesta Carter involved
Gwan Nesta Carter first in 100m Diamond League meet in Birmingham!
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Now why Bruce James don't shut him nastiness and guh whe bout a wonder if Nickel Ashmeade will give his 100m spot to Nesta Carter as he will be running the 200m. What does he think the yute was training for; his coach contioned him for the sprint double. Nickel Ashmeade is Tyson *** training partner so it is not suprising as Tyson said that Ashmeade was on target, Nesta Carter have to hold him relay spot or just retire dem can men no individual event
Your head's in a spin. If you're given to worry, the injuries to Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell can't be comforting. With the reliable Michael Frater just coming back from knee surgery, that leaves only Nesta Carter on track from the elite group...
The full strength of the MVP Track Club will grace the Montego Bay Sports Complex this Saturday, February 9th @ the 50th Milo Western Relays. Shelly-Ann, Asafa and Nesta Carter continue to participate in various local meets in preparation for the 14th World Athletes Championships set for Moscow, Russia later this year. If you are in Montego Bay this weekend, here is your opportunity to see some of Jamaica's finest athletes!
GLASGOW INTERNATIONAL MATCH Venue: Emirates Arena, Glasgow Date: Saturday, 26 January Dai Greene and Andrew Osagie will face each other in a 600m indoor race at the Glasgow International on Saturday. Greene, 26, is the world 400m hurdles champion and Osagie, 24, was a finalist in the 800m at the 2012 Olympics. 21 years at Kelvin Hall, the Glasgow Athletics International Match returns to Scotland in 2013 - at the new Emirates Arena. As the 5,000-seat state-of-the-art facility hosts its first world-class athletics meeting, some of the biggest names in British athletics compete, including current world 400 meter hurdle champion Dai Greene, Olympic bronze medalist, high jumper Robbie Grabarz, the young and improving talents of Perri Shakes Drayton and pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale. This international match team event sees Great Britain line up against USA, Russia, Germany and a Commonwealth select team, with stars such as Olympic Gold Medalists Nesta Carter, Carmelita Jeter and former world champion Bernard La ...
Jamaica&team of Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Nesta Carter and Michael Frater win gold in the men&4x100 ...
.you should remake Cool Runnings with you, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell and Nesta Carter. Best film ever.
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Who has won the Gold Medal in the Men’s 100m and 200m sprints in the London Olympics 2012? A) Michael Frater B) Usain Bolt C) Yohan Blake D) Nesta Carter
well if unno did walk wen Julie seh fi walk then we cud all have gotten a pic wit him n Nesta Carter
Almost time to name the 2012 recipient of the Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence in Sport. Nominees Nesta Carter, Stafanie Taylor and VCB
with I wud watch the fastest human: Nesta Carter :run in SuperSlow motion
loving that name. Would prefer 'akin nesta carter' tho. Love that man
Ma marry Nesta Carter :$ even tho he is my best friend cousin.
9.87 win by Bolt, if he raced Yohan Blake now, he can be beaten! Nesta Carter is peaking at the wrong time, good to see Bailey Cole running A standard races
I think jamaica should have a proper bobsleigh team for the winter Olympics blake ,Asafa Powell and Nesta Carter
Nesta Carter, Yohan Blake, Mike Frater and would actually be the greatest Bobsled team ever..
4th Sept.2011 world record is set by Jamaica's 4x100-meter relay team of Nesta Carter,Usain Bolt,Michael Frater & Yohan Blake
Yohan Blake with his best time yet of 9.69s!.Congrats as well to Nesta Carter for finishing 3rd, continue to make us proud!..Jamaica 1st and 3rd: Yohan Blake 9.69 (MR) and Nesta Carter 9.95 (SB). Well done guys!..Official results for Men\'s 100M ...
Blake runs 9.69 to win in Lausanne, Bolt bosses 200m Yohan Blake blew away a top-class Lausanne Diamond League field to win the 100m in a time of 9.69 seconds into a headwind. The Olympic silver medallist finished clear ahead of American Tyson *** in second (9.83), and Nesta Carter (9.95). Blake told the BBC in an interview afterwards that he had been "ill all week", but nonetheless set a personal best by 0.06 seconds. Usain Bolt ran in the 200m later in the evening, posting a time of 19.58 to win, a meeting record. Bolt predictably dominated his race, comfortably winning ahead of Dutchman Churandy Martina and Nickel Ashmeade as the top three all finished in under 20 seconds. Olympic champion Aries Merritt was disqualified for a false start in the 110 metres hurdles, devaluing what was billed as one of the highlights of the evening. Merritt's fellow American, Olympic silver medallist Jason Richardson, took advantage as he led from the front to win in 13.08 seconds, ahead of David Oliver and bronze medalli ...
Ryan Bailey: Faster than Nesta Carter and Michael Frater. Ryan Bailey: Not nearly as rich as Nesta Carter and Michael Frater.
Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt are the all time 4*100 greatest! Trust me. 36.84sec is incredible!
America’s Ryan Bailey won the 100m in 9.93s; beating the Jamaican duo of Nesta Carter and Michael Frater into 2nd and 3rd place respectively
Nesta Carter 2nd and Micheal Frater 3rd behind Ryan Bailey of the US in the men's 100m at the Swiss Diamond League.
from '08 Blake and Bolt were actually slower. On 3rd leg Blake '12 was 0.1s slower than Bolt '08, and on anchor leg Bolt '12 was 0.1s slower than Asafa '08. The difference? Nesta Carter and Michael Frater were both faster. Carter took an astonishing 0.3+s off his '08 lead-off leg time and Michael went sub-9.0 taking off 0.1s off his '08 second leg. These two men, stalwarts of Jamaican track & field, are the ones that
Nesta Carter and Michael Frater should make a Jamaican bobsled team.
Big up to Michael Frater & Nesta Carter too, not just Yohan Blake & Usain Bolt!
Nesta Carter. Michael Frater. Yohan Blake. Would make the best jamaican Bobsleigh team.
Congrats to Usain St. Leo “Lighting” Bolt., Yohan Blake, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter for breaking the 4x100m relay Final with 36.84seconds. Again TO DI WORLD!
Usain Bolt won his third Gold Medal at the London Olympic Games by anchoring Jamaica’s team to a sensational 36.84 seconds for a world record in the 4 X 100 metres relay on Saturday. Bolt along with team mates, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake held off the strong opposition from the American team who was second with Trinidad and Tobago third. In an interview after the race, Bolt told reporters “I came to the Olympics with one mission, to defend my titles, I did just that. Now I am happy.” Bolt now has three Gold Medals from London having won the individual 100 and 200 metres. The track star, over the last four years has left every major championship with a record. He still holds the record of 9.58 and 19.19 for the 100 and 200 metres respectively. Bolt has three races scheduled for the season and has committed to participating in Lausanne, Zurich and Brussels.
Big up 2 my bro Nesta Carter ...proud of u bro.
I wonder how Gatlin felt this morning after talking crazy all week then waking up to Jamaica's Relay World Record and losing the 100m to 2 Jamaicans ?
Great job, Team Jamaica. Lots of thanks for representing us to the max.
You should seriously consider making a Bobsled team with Yohan Blake, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter.
This is history, therefore it can't be bought!
A tek wi a tek i to dem. Big up all the athletes in London
Jamaica : Nesta CARTER,Michael Frater,Yohan Blake,and Usain Bolt (new world record 4x100m Men's)
Looking forward to Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Nesta Carter and Michael Frater smashing the bobsled record in 2014
Oh my good still buzzing can't believe I saw Nesta Carter breaker
People forget Nesta Carter is the 5th fastest man ever
.The Jamaicans — Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake and the incomparable Bolt — were supreme, as most thought they would be, destroying their own w...
Big Congrats to for winning the Mens 4x100 !! Nesta Carter and !!!
Just realised that if Asafa Powell had run Nesta Carter's leg Jamaica's 4x100m WR would have been even faster!
A very big shoutout to for dominating the 4 by 100m relay Nesta Carter and
everythingyntk: Aug 11, 2012… Usain Bolt and the rest of the Jamaican 4x100m Relay Team, Nesta Carter, Michae…
To the people that say why did nesta carter run in the 4x100 relay instead of weir, nesta carter is the 4 fastest man in the world ever
Relook at: Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Johan Blake & Usain Bolt smash the world record on men's 4x100m finals. New: 36.85
Jamaica's squad for the men's 4X100m relay final at 3pm: Nesta Carter to Michael Frater to Yohan Blake to Usain Bolt.
“We shell already & we shell again Thank u Nesta Carter, Michael Frater,
That Jamaican sprinter 'Nesta Carter' was the 5th fastest man ever, I didn't know that
Jamaica just breeds fast people and Nesta Carter, 4x100 relay!
Want to say Congratz to the Jamaican quartet of (Nesta Carter; Michael Frater; Yohan Blake and ...
Feel sorry for Nesta Carter & Michael Frater (not too sorry, they're Gold Medalists) but forced to anonymity by Blake & Bolt.
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Nesta Carter ,Michael Crater unsung heroesRT last night!!the Jamaicans winning that relay was certainly my favourite moment
Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, Warren Weir, Nesta Carter, and Michael Franter are my new favorite people.
Jamaica Anniversary wrote: JAMAICA EASILY ADVANCED TO 4X100 FINALS SATURDAY In the final Saturday, Bolt will take Kemar Bailey-Cole's place on the anchor leg, while Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and 100 and 200 runner-up Yohan Blake will run in the first three spots, as they did in the preliminaries. The U.S. and Jamaican times were the fourth- and fifth-fastest ever recorded, and based on all the fast times run...
Especially chuffed for Nesta Carter and Michael Frater, they'd be star sprinters in most other countries
Tonight the 4x100 will close off the track program of the games, and all eyes will be on Usain Bolt as he attempts the double-triple (back to back triple golds.), as well they might. With Bolt to join Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake sub 37 isn't unrealistic, but they should face stiff competition from the USA. Gatlin guided them home in the 4th fastest time ever in the heats, and they could add Olympic 4th and 5th place getters Tyson *** and Ryan Bailey who ran 9.80 & 9.88 respectively. Likely teams will be: Jamaica - Carter, Frater, Blake, Bolt vs USA- Bailey, Patton, *** Gatlin. In those formats and barring any mishaps 37.10 may not guarantee a gold. The best times of those 8 reads: Bolt 9.58 *** 9.69 Blake 9.75 Carter 9.78 Gatlin 9.79 Frater 9.88 Bailey 9.88 Patton 9.89 Promises to be a fitting finale to possibly the greatest Olympic track program yet seen.
Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Nesta Carter & Michael Frater are doing the relay, I don't know if Asafa Powell is doing it anymore for Jamaica.
Ryan Bailey won the first heat, in 10.06, Nesta Carter, 10.15, Mike Rodgers, 10.18,
Tyson *** and Ryan Bailey go 1-2 in 100m final in London: 10.03 to 10.09. Jamaica's Nesta Carter third at 10.13.
Not the fastest 100m time: 10.03s, but gets the job done. 2nd Ryan Bailey (10.09), 3rd Nesta Carter (10.13)
Tyson *** just won in 10.03, great surge over last fifty meters, Ryan Bailey 10.09, Nesta Carter, 10.13,
Asafa Powell came 2nd tied with winner Nesta Carter in 10.19 (0.2) in the 3rd & Michael Frater got the 4th in 10.09 from Clarke (10.15).
JAMAICA'S olympic trials for 100 metres remind of the kenyan trials for the 3000 metres so much talent eeh,you have; Asafa Powell, Bolt then the likes of Yohan Blake, his training partner, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Lerone Clarke all have come to the fore. But only three can make the Olympic startline.Man this should be the final at the olympics all these guys have run sub-10secs before.
"The Sprint Factory" web page & behind the scenes with Nesta Carter, Asafa Powell and extended invu with Yohan Blake!
The Lightning Bolt with Asafa Powell, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter smashed the world-record for the 4x100m relay at the Bejing Olympics in a time of 37.10 seconds.
I think the Mens 4x100 relay record will be broken at the Olympics...Nesta Carter - Yohan Blake - Usain Bolt - Asafa Powell - Jamaica
Imagine an in form Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake, Nickel Ashmeade and Lerone Clarke in 1 race?
Usain clocks 9.79s Not bad at all considering only Tyson *** Nesta Carter, Yohan Blake & Asafa Powell are capable of that.
There will be 6 JAMAICANS in the Olympic 100m final: Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt, Steve Mullings, Michael Frater, Asafa Powell & Nesta Carter
Why is Nesta Carter not talked about for 100m by Jamaica? He's 4th all time, higher than Yohan Blake and Steve Mullings
Usain Bolt cruises to 10.05 seconds to win semi final 2 for the final later on. He is joined by Yohan Blake and Nesta Carter to make it three Jamaicans in the finals
Usain Bolt ran the fastest time in the world this year on his way to 100 metres victory in the final Diamond League meeting. The Jamaican clocked 9.76 seconds in Brussels, 0.02 quicker than the previous best, which was set by his countryman Asafa Powell. With 30 metres remaining Bolt, who made a sluggish start, was struggling to overhaul Nesta Carter in the lane adjacent, but peeled away from his rival in the final strides. British duo Harry Aikines-Aryeetey and Mark Lewis-Francis completed in sixth and seventh respectively, with Lewis-Francis posting the best time of his season. In the race immediately after Bolt, his training partner and world 100m champion Yohan Blake responded to the challenge, running the second-fastest 200m of all time, beating Walter Dix to the line with a time of 19.26. Blake's previous best this season was 20.33. World champion Dai Greene finished second to Javier Coulson in the 400m hurdles, but the Brit still claimed top spot in the table. Greene was well placed heading into th ...
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