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Neon Indian

Neon Indian is an indie electronic band from Denton, Texas.

Washed Out Jeffrey Tambor Toro Y Moi Animal Collective Purity Ring Haw River Ballroom Com Truise Oneohtrix Point Never Majical Cloudz Frank Ocean Saint Vitus Memory Tapes Beach House Best Coast

So vele Emtee is empty? 😱. No wonder he's dating an Indian chick, they like discount.
2. Dear Skorpio Magazine by Neon Indian . I started jamming this song in the elevator one day and I felt so good afterwards lol…
Clinical trial: will listening to exclusively neon indian increase or decrease my quality of life?
Pandits were perscuted thrown out of valley & temples vandalised but neither the Indian state nor the Thekedaars of Hindus b…
Wanna see something inspired by the Black and Neon Indian Circus Posters
ListenUp: A dark tune by Fever Ray, groovy sounds by Boulevards and Neon Indian, Mickey Hart and Avey Tare team up……
I liked a video Neon Indian and Friends - "Pop Life"
Thank you to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe for speaking about their culture to our student-athletes.
Doubt it'll be seen but Neon Indian's music saved my life as a dumb depressed high school freshman
And puts the Indian next to the spiritual advisor neon. 🤦‍♂️
23. Should have taken acid with you // Neon Indian . - The type of song that should be played at every house party while every…
If you can't bump to . Two Door. Phoenix . Foster the people. Neon Indian. Chvrches. Saint Motel. Tame Impala. The 1975 . Young th…
Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, more appear on our client new LUXE Compilation
October 28 binch were going to see neon Indian
I might go to at Treasure Island in San Francisco, CA - Oct 15
If you don't vibe to neon Indian, You are a pathetic excuse for a life.
Update your maps at Navteq
Cashmere Cat, Neon Indian, Mura Masa, Flume, Giraffage , XXYYXX are my favorites rn
Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms is such a great album. Here's his track Ephemeral Artery.
At a bar with a live DJ for the first time in a while, and my temptation to request all of Neon Indian's Night School right now is REAL high
First time listening to Neon Indian in ages
I only want to marry someone who's willing to start saving now so we can hire Neon Indian to play our wedding.
Hi guys, listen every Saturday 12-2 for some awesome tunes including Neon Indian, Frankie Cosmos, Hoops, Glass Animals, and more! ty
ilFrantoio is now listening to Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian
So far at this coffeeshop the music consists of: M83, Blackbird Blackbird, Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Neon Indian. Am I in 2011?
So in October I'll see Neon Indian with and Two Door Cinema Club with !
Straight from the LA Premiere, just released Retro "Annie" music video http…
Neon Indian and Classixx in Concert at 9:30 Club - Oct 07. ► Shop Tickets:
I just added “Neon Indian "Polish Girl"” to The best of the best of the best on
every indian restaurant in glasgow has a flashing neon sign out front that says "INDIAN, KEBABS, PIZZA" i luv it
This is the first Neon Indian performance in 5 years that's not a $10 DJ set at Cameo Gallery.
I wrote about a bunch of good shows this week. Tonight = Neon Indian, Pere Ubu, XYLØ & more
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Actually its giving me Sunlandic Twins vibes with a heaping of Neon Indian and various Electro Dream Pop bands. Def some Chairlift
Current status ... Neon Indian and Friends - "Pop Life" via
Neon Indian is really Jake Gyllenhall's secret chill wave project
ooh, I like a bit of Metric! Last album I bought was Carly Rae Jepson! Really good! Have been listening to Neon Indian, try them!
hi. Any copies of Neon Indian, Ezra Furman or Sensible Record Collection left?
Neon Indian in a week, Father John Misty in two weeks, and Swans in July I'm so hype
Neon Indian - Polish Girl and so I end my night falling asleep to music ❤️
when the Broadway Coffeehouse plays "Polish Girl" by Neon Indian in your times of existential and educational crisis :')
Going to the broad museum and Neon Indian concert tomorrow in LA so tomorrow should be lit af.
Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian from the album Psychic Chasms
ICYMI: Flying Lotus, Neon Indian, Dan Deacon, Yoshiki and more to perform at →
where is Neon Indian's new album on groove music?!?!? I've waited FAR ToO lOnG foR tHa GROOves
get for Neon Indian in on thursday, jan 28
Also i love oscar isaac plus he kinda resembles alan palomo from neon indian
Polish Girl by Neon Indian, found with Listen now:
Not sure if I should see Neon Indian in February 😕😕
Indian Bollywood Shaded anarkali suit in off white and neon pink 1170
Man I'm so glad I started listening to Neon Indian. Jalen put me on indirectly
The 2009 coming-of-age summer anthem that should have been.
I could listen to Neon Indian everyday.
take a microphone and place it next to a blot sheet of LSD and record the sound it makes, the result: Neon Indian's latest album
The game has gone to far.. Oh annie Indian.
I liked a video Ephemeral Artery by Neon Indian
Is it normal that the service fee for 1 Neon Indian ticket is $18 and $20 for two tickets?
Should have taken acid with you by Neon Indian ♫
Did you check the new Neon Indian and Oneohtrix Point Never records this year?
This Neon Indian album is such fire
The Panera I'm in is playing Neon Indian. How times (and acceptable music) have changed since I worked at Panera in high school
Neon indian has got some bangers haven't they? decent tbh
Going to see Vince Staples and Neon Indian back to back in February 😅❤️
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I added a video to a playlist Neon Indian - Slumlord Rising (Music Video)
Will someone see Neon Indian with me Jan 30th in Toronto lol
Kick off 2016 with a party at the Planetarium! returns with 1/8
Neon Indian's album Psychic Chasms is pretty good
I guess the weeknd but Smh where's neon Indian
Spectacular albums that unfortunately didn't make this list are from Joanna Newsom, Neon Indian, Bjork, Selena Gomez, and Empress Of.
Lying poolside, listening to Neon Indian, drinking a deliciously cold corona. Do I have to go home?
I was listening to Neon Indian and then my phone started playing Radiohead like pls stop I don't want to be sad right now
I've listened to the new Neon Indian album like six times today. I'm pretty sure that means I love it.
Getting excited to unleash the new live show this Thursday supporting Neon Indian @ Fat Controller •
I've concluded that the new Neon Indian album - while not his best - is great now that I know which songs to skip.
Neon Indian's most recent album is pulling me through life rn
PODCAST: Great new today with We talk mostly about the Tomb Raider soundtrack:
Change of Coast by Neon Indian from the album: The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 1: Original Music
whenever I hear Annie by Neon Indian I think of woody allen's movie Annie Hall... Neon Indian LIVE !!!
LIVE on Neon Indian last song in Jakarta
Just realized how much Neon Indian’s vocalist looks like Sacha Baron Cohen.
Future Sick - Neon Indian, around this time last year this song was always on my mind because of you 😭💗🎶
Anything I've ever listened to from Neon Indian sounds like it was made exclusively for Starbucks.
Join the crowd here at Rolling Stone Cafe for Neon Indian. is on the stage right now.
I personally love XXYYXX, Neon Indian, Pink Floyd, Gorrilaz, Zepplin, things of that nature
It's a Tuesday session with Grace Love and the True Loves, Leon Bridges, Len Barry, New Order, Neon Indian and more…
Pre-rain selfie. Btw to those who are attending "Neon Indian" show, I…
61 Cygni Ave. by Neon Indian from the album VEGA INTL. Night School
We hung out with in Philadelphia. Check out the gallery.
Prasvana is thrilled to announce Play Loud Session with Neon Indian Live in Jakarta tonight
Neon Indian performed at Haw River Ballroom on Wednesday. Check it out:
I'm seeing Neon Indian!! The Haw River Ballroom is always, you know, a lot. But I dig it.
Neon Indian show at Haw River Ballroom, too hope!
The USP/Homie viewing area is at capacity for Neon Indian, not sure if that's due to them or people getting set up for Wu Tang
I can't tell if this is a neon Indian song or a jean claude van damme movie is about to start.
I tried to listen to the new Neon Indian and it still sounds like the music kids who did mushrooms in high school would make.
what are the odds when I'm walking past The Kenzie they're playing Neon Indian
oh hey go listen to the new Neon Indian album
**TuezGayz Tunes from artists like Toro Y Moi, CHVRCHES, Peaches, Shamir, Neon Indian, Grimes, Chromeo, Lauryn Hill + many more!
Check out these detailed They pair great with our for
Hipster complaint of the day: I remember listening to Neon Indian 6 years before GTA 5 okay that is all bye
Some funky chillwave from arty psychedelic popsters Neon Indian. Video after the jump.
it's like neon Indian I super nostalgic to me n this is like a mix of new n old n I love it my heart is like so full :--)
This is the hotline you've been looking for (no bling in sight!) - the Vega INTL Night School Hotline:
Look out Drake! Neon Indian has his own VEGA INTL. Night School Hotline! Bling Bling!
Watch the "perfect boyfriend," in his very own hotline commercial
is VEGA INTL. Night School by Neon Indian. This album takes a dance pop sound and throws tonnes…
Neon Indian has nailed what a pop album can be with Vega Intl. Night School
I think the Strokes Machu Picchu and Neon Indian's Annie I think must directly or indirectly be influenced by the Monkey Island theme.
Albums releases this week by Neon Indian, Majical Cloudz & Deerhunter have entered our critics chart -...
great week for releases from Neon Indian, Beach House, Deerhunter, Majical Cloudz, and the Saturdays = Youth remix album. dope.
Neon Indian leads you through the underground with VEGA INTL. Night School
This wk is a fairly big new release wk (Deerhunter, Disclosure, Gangrene, Josh Ritter, Neon Indian), but next wk is even bigger.
Stream the New Album by Neon Indian, “VEGA INTL. Night School,” in Full | Under the Radar
The new Neon Indian album sounds like the theme song of Miami Vice meets Tron. I guess that's fine
You got a link to the new Neon Indian album? I can't find one anywhere.
But I also have other little things to buy like a new notebook and a monthly bus pass...and I'm already seeing Neon Indian next week...
So stoked for this Neon Indian concert this month.
Jaar, Neon Indian, and Shigeto all at the same time? *** man
What song is currently your favorite? — Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
One moment you're listening to Neon Indian's Era Extraña and then a One Direction song comes right after
Secured Neon Indian EP. Friday is a success. Anyone have the new VEGA "Well Known Pleasures" EP?
So excited to get back on stage for some LIVE shows supporting NEON INDIAN when he comes to Australia…
NEON Indian ?its not as good as last years BUT it's not Behhhaad
All purpose parts banner
vid in LA for Neon Indian but can't get there now :( Lol were u really👀? How is England?
Why is Annie by Neon Indian so good
bae: come over. me: I'm doing construction. bae: I got the new neon Indian album . me:
New wig! 💖 just in time for the Neon Indian music video tomorrow and my trip to Chicago! 😊😊😊
Neon Indian comes to Chicago on October 17th so start doing drugs now probably!
Polish girl by neon Indian will forever be my favorite 😩💚
Hey man you've gotta come to Amsterdam, I'm dying to hear your brilliance live. Neon Indian is musical magic!
Coffeehound is playing Neon Indian and I am a happy clam
From the archives: Neon Indian with Prefuse 73 - Should Have Taken Acid With You
Feeling inspired. Time to put on some Neon Indian and go ham on a canvas.
Crazy lineup. Wu-Tang, Neon Indian, MSTRKRFT, Doomtree (of course), and Afrika Bambaataa got my attention.
"The best album of 2015 thus far by someone not named Kendrick Lamar" - reviews
We think new album is pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
Dang Houston! I'm so happy to call you home. Thanks for putting on your dancing shoes for me and Neon Indian at...
Neon Indian (alan_palomo) last night at SF's newest venue socialhallsf @ Social Hall SF
New tour dates just announced!. Pleased to be supporting Neon Indian on the East Coast and then have a…
Looking forward to new LPs from: Dam-Funk, Disclosure, Autre Ne Veut, Neon Indian, and Oneohtrix Point Never. I'm stoked.
"Vegas Neon" a sign in front of the Las Vegas Indian dealership.
forever one of my favorite songs. Fallout - Neon Indian: via
My shuffle is on point! First Neon Indian and now Toro Y Moi. I'm jamming on the L rn. 😌🎶
Lemsip after a night of study to try and ease my raging headache! A lovely bit of Neon Indian to take the edge off too!
why are all the henna tattoos on white girls 😒 where are the Indian or desi girls which is their culture💀
Listening to this Neon Indian album is giving me such inspiration.
Hey lovely seeing you today You are not alone on the front and thank you for saying it!! :)
Hi good to see you Absolutely loved your new neon range of cards! X
What *** called her a Hot Indian Girl and not a Bomb Bae
I like neon Indian i haven't heard that song but I know exactly what u mean, they have a similar sound
Can Neon Indian tour as like a band again please and thank you
It took me far too long to discover Neon Indian
I like "feel it all around" there's this one song from neon Indian called "polish girl" and it is honestly so best 😂🙌
Neon Indian showed up to the noise show and threw skittles at everyone
Neon indian Polish girl always puts me in a great mood 🎶💓
Sleeping to Neon Indian gives me some tripped out dreams
chillwave is basically just Washed Out/Neon Indian/Toro Y Moi -- but I do love K&D too
Listening to "Suns Irrupt" by Neon Indian like it's the middle of summer. Jumping the gun a little bit.
Artists... IDK what you have(n't) listened to before, but I'm digging Frank Ocean, Sylvan Esso, Purity Ring, Neon Indian rn
🎧 Polish Girl by Neon Indian 🎧. sorry I forgot this single for yesterday! Photo by
MONDAY'S PICK: Washed Out AT THE BIJOU THEATRE Ernest Greene, better known as the EDM artist Washed Out, started producing songs in his bedroom studio after moving back in with his parents following college; music bloggers discovered him via Myspace, and one of those early writers described his sound as “drowsy, distorted, dance pop-influenced tracks that brought to mind Neon Indian and Memory Tapes.” He released two EPs in 2009 and made his debut as a live performer the same year; by 2010, he was on the bill at the Pitchfork Music Festival, and his song “Feel It All Around” has since been featured in the opening sequence of the comedy series “Portlandia.” He’s gone on to release two albums on the Sub Pop label, and both charted in the Top 25 of the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart. He’ll perform live at 8 tonight at The Bijou Theatre, 803 S. *** St. in downtown Knoxville; Small Black opens the show, and tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door.  BARLEY’S KNOXVILLE, 200 E. Jackson A ...
They play everything from Lana, Frank Ocean, and Neon Indian.
Moby one of 30 top EDM artists, including Neon Indian, Poolside, Claude VonStroke, Purity Ring and KCRW DJ Jason Bentley, performing poolside June 13-15 at three hotels throughout Palm Springs. Tickets (for adults 21 and over) are now on sale at
Shout out to the guy putting on music before Com Truise's set. Aphex Twin, Neon Indian, and Boards of Canada so far.
and Steve Jobs, Jack Nicholson, The Doors, The Beatles, MGMT, Neon Indian. Tbh, acid created the best influential figures
Today I've already listened to a Dead Kennedys album while at the gym, Jammed to the story so far's what you don't see while cleaning the house and Now I'm hooked on Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms. for artistic inspiration. All my friends Jest at my music tastes!
Tickets and information for Big Freedia, Neon Indian, The Glitoris, and Extended Play’s upcoming concert at Villita Assembly Building in San Antonio on 28 December 2013.
Polish Girl by Neon Indian is a good song
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
love Neon Indian. Do you listen to Washed Out? My favorite summer music
Neon Indian - Polish Girl is one of my all one fave summer jam bams ☀👌
For all you ratchet kids who also like Indie Electro. Polish City (Tyga vs. Neon Indian)
Now playing: Neon Indian- Deadbeat Summer My radio show has just started. Get wild. Turn your radio dial to 88.7 FM or stream online at (click on the button on the top left corner of the page). Some what I’ll be playing today: Neon Indian, Los Campesinos, Balam Acab, Benny More, The Tallest Man On Earth, Mos Def, Neutral Milk Hotel and more.
I did not know people were hip to neon indian!
I really like Neon Indian. That is all.
Polish Girl by Neon Indian. Thanks and it was just on Bourdain's No Reservations. FUAAA perfect track
U know what my summer song is??? It's "Deadbeat Summer" by Neon Indian...that song is my motivation to fake do something/nothing
You collaborate with Neon Indian and Com Truise these days. Why you collaborate with them? :)
my songs from Neon Indian were deleted and cannot find them, do you know why?
Prepping for tomorrow's sale with streeet_spirits neon_indian...
Mind, Drips - Neon Indian, is definitely one of the trippiest songs of theirs
There's a weird disconnect when you're talking about music you think is bad while unironically listening to Neon Indian
Toro Y Moi followed by Neon Indian. Thank you,
Polish Girl by Neon Indian just came on pandora and I'm really happy
Polish Girl by Neon Indian makes me really happy yep
This album cover by neon indian just gives me good vibes!
me n made a song last nite that sounds like if the members of Neon Indian were raised in gangbangin *** Little Ro…
I used to listen to Neon Indian but ehh
Arcade Blues by Neon India, Polish Girl by Neon Indian, Hardest of Hearts by Florence + The Machine.
jesus i just love neon Indian and Toro Y Moi okay
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I have a question!! Which artists are you listening to NON STOP lately? For me it's gotta be this Bob Dylan discography and also Peezo's new EP. Share some music love!!
And we're off back to Perth!!! Kids are playing happily on their psp's! Here's hoping its a good trip :)
I just played Polish Girl by Neon Indian on at Bulldog Northeast.
Here's my annual assistance for anybody lacking a soundtrack to their summer. This music has been awesome to my soul for the past few weeks. Era Extrana, by Neon Indian Bankrupt!, by Phoenix Holy Fire, by Foals Night Visions, by Imagine Dragons
writing some music, Sian's a good yardstick. she's called it 'spaceship boogie' and is '200% better' since adding the offbeat hihats. time for bed.
Listen to a playlist by Jimmy Allen for free on Grooveshark
Lets drop sum barz any1 hu is up 4 a freestyl
4th if July with Neon Indian. Jam it, happy 4th to all!
I'm sick of t-shirts fitting like bags near my waist. If one of my friends doesn't step up and teach me how to sew my shirts to fit better, I'm going to Buckle and buying 5 Affliction shirts (they're douchy but they're comfortable and fit). You have until the end of July.
Listen to music by Neon Indian on Pandora. Discover new music you'll love, listen to free personalized radio.
I love a tan girl in some neon pink lol
Tell us the top 3 most played albums in your rotation currently.
got me two new fishies and some new makeup today :D
Neon Indian - Polish Girl Nothing like music in the morning to cheer me up ^__^
Keep calm and listen to Neon Indian.
anything you know about Twin Lakes or your memories growing up or living there!562 members
A great track off of Neon Indian's sophomore album, Era Extraña (2011)
Hey guys, I was handed a disposable video recorder! Check out the natural hues of Florida skies! I did a little sound editing, I hope you enjoy a nice little remix of Neon Indian and the nice visuals!
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Do you know how you just listen to one song then end up falling in love with it and, listening to it over and over and, it then becomes your favorite song?!
The Neon Vibe 5k is a night-time fun run featuring fluorescent powder and liquid, black lights, a live DJ, and an AfterVibe celebration at the start and finish lines. Neon Vibe participants are maintaining a healthy lifestyle while giving back to the community as a portion of event proceeds are don...
OH MY GOSH! Butch Clancy will be at Kaleidoscope! Seeing Butch Clancy live has been a dream of mine for a long time. Hes so amazing and now hes coming to our backyard at the beautiful Mount Pisgah! And even though Bassnectar isn't my favorite music... Seeing him perform with such an incredible passion for his art is priceless and inspiring. NOBODY, nobody should miss this festival
Thousands of New Yorkers gathered at TROPFEST, the world’s largest short film festival, for a FREE event featuring film screenings and musicial performances earlier in the afternoon by indie favorites Chairlift, DJ Set by Neon Indian, Bear in Heaven, Ghost Beach and People Get Ready.
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Psychic Chasms is definitely my album of summer 2013 󾌧
Happy Social Media Day! Food has definitely been one of the all-time favorite W!W! social media topics - So what's your favorite food?
*SUNDAY BREAKFAST* The rich and famous quite often pay the stars to sing at their birthday party's. Leona Lewis was paid £1m; Robbie Williams also got a million. We don’t have that kind of money but we would like to know this morning if you could choose any musical artist – from any era – to play at your birthday party, who would you choose? ~ Pete
Music video for the song: "Fot i Hose" by the norwegian band Casiokids. Visit at: or Video by Asla...
I forgive and release everyone from my past of all negativity and love myself into the future.
Which Bra Colour you like mine is pink..
That's how we roll!!! Showing up minutes before Neon Indian took the stage!
Abby has her own playlist; songs that she likes to mumble/sing with. They are: "Eight" by Grimes "Warehouse Mouse" by Imagination Movers "Matador" by Maria Taylor "Carried Away" & "Eyes as Candles" by Passion Pit "Era Extrana" & "Halogen" by Neon Indian (the latter is "Mommy's song" according to Abby "Some Nights (Intro)" & "We are Young" by Fun. "Keep Running" & "All I Need" by Gemma Hayes, which I was told that the latter is now her favorite, when it used to be the former. "Boyfriend" by Best Coast "Drummer" by Coconut Records "Breathing Underwater" by Metric
Comment your favorite color and what you would like me to post and I'll post something funny that has to do with your favorite color. c: ~Violet
I new music choices. What should I listen to?!
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Saw a ghost on the road yesterday, no ome believes me :(
Check out the fab Neon Indian site and 30% off who can resist!!
The song is Deadbeat Summer by Neon Indian. I do not own the rights to this song.
The only kind of deadbeat summer I would have... been vibing to Neon Indian pandora for all of charrette, actually:)
Optimo mix "Polish Girl" for Neon Indian new remix EP ERRATA ANEX...
i haven't seen AM, Jake Bugg and Neon Indian yet but.. I guessed it was awesome :D your musics tastes are so coool
Anyone want to see James Murphy and Neon Indian? I will love you forever
I really wish I was on acid All this Neon Indian & Animal Collective is making me impatient
Neon Indian has never released an official music video… 'til now. Watch the synth-pop outfit’s first official music video for their hit single "Sleep Paralysist"…
Belle & Sebastian, Neon Indian, and Jeffrey Tambor are on Yo Gabba Gabba tonight at 8. Perfect lead-in to Girls, right?
It's cool that Belle&Sebastian/Neon Indian will be on Yo Gabba Gabba, but I'm concerned about Jeffrey Tambor as a "miniature feisty king."
think we may need a Yo Gabba Gabba viewing this Sunday: Jeffrey Tambor as a "feisty miniature king", Neon Indian, & Belle&Sebastian
Just bought In the Aeroplane Over the Sea on vinyl and an LCD Soundsystem and Neon Indian album with my friends. i forgot how nice it was having friends
On // MEKLO A SHORT FILM BY Aaron Brown - Renowned music video Director, Aaron Brown of Focus Creep, who use to work with bands such as Girls, Neon Indian and Cass McCombs as just released a new short Film ! This Wasted youth skateboarding documentary highlight a Gang of Young Blood Skateboarders in Los Angeles streets . The result is sick ! This is a DAZED digital film Exclu .
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer (Toro Y Moi Remix) . treat yourself to some good vibes
Chillwave / lo-fi song in the style of Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Washed Out. The sample is "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac. Created on Mixcraft 6. The Trade...
Jake Ragusa Matthew Russell Nick Lensing Lauren Smith Bart McIntosh Cole Kilstrom Nick Anderson . I will not be here, but I recommend Neon Indian at the Mohawk for NYE. One of my favorite artists at my favorite Austin venure. Tix on sale 11/29.
Like seriously. Who here listens to Neon Indian, Walk the Moon, Funeral Suits or Gold Panda?
Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you everyday! Tune in today from 9am to 9pm for our annual Turkey Day Takeovers beginning with GROUPLOVE in just a few minutes followed by stephie coplan, Silversun Pickups, Metric, The Hives, Bloc Party, Hot Chip, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Washed Out, POP ETC, and Neon Indian...
Can't wait to see Neon Indian tmrw @ Saint Vitus for relief!
Neon Indian at Lollapalooza 2012 (more by James Richards IV) The previously discussed Suffocation show at Saint Vitus on Saturday (11/10) has officially moved to 11/25. Car Bomb, who were last seen playing 285 Kent during CMJ, are also now...
SUnggyu's song is like Crystal Castles and neon indian had a baby throw some Animal Collective in there *** ..i like that shizz
Neon Indian came on XMu today, and then AnCo came on right after, and then Grizzly Bear. They was killin it.
I could listen to Neon Indian all day long!
Listening to Neon Indian just makes you feel good.
been listening to Virtual Flannel, Neon Indian and Egyptian Hip Hop tonight. too much obscure indie stuff makes me feel a bit headachey
Ok need to decide whether i get Animal Collective, the xx, neon indian or tame impala vinyl
Is David Bowie Dying? - The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian - Subversive Sounds for Freaks of All Ages.
Girls know EVERYTHING! Trust me we always find out ...aguas hombres!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Definitely one of the best bands I've seen Neon Indian
If you don't like Neon Indian, we can't be friends.
Polish Girl by Neon Indian. I think I'm in love. 💕
Lol my goodmorning pic no filter no make up just ugly lol :p
quick! My neon Indian one is green and that was £8 (EP) and I have a purple Beach House one which was £6 (EP) both limited
Oh well, the important thing is you wrote to Neon Indian! :p Have fun tonight, take care!
Whenever I hear neon indian I think of Brian and last summer/ two summers ago
Neon Indian makes me feel like I'm on drugs. It's great.
My mum said I have ah neh bra, becos my boyfee is mix indian -.- n becos it neon pink. Neon pink is ah neh color meh???
My top 5 bands!! The drums, beach fossils, new order, wild nothing, and neon indian!
Wanna lay together and listen to Phantogram? (Or Neon Indian)
I just feel like listening to Neon Indian and smoking.
Terminally chill by neon indian o m g just perfect
Neon Indian by Polish girl is pretty much the worst song ever.
if got Neon Indian then I wanna be a Xenon Indian.
Neon Indian -Terminally Chill Somethings are better experienced than heard...
I'm a sucker for 80's tunes! And new music. But hands off too Neon Indian!!' Very happy what I heard!
READ THIS.CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT A NEW AWESOME SOUND: The song is Polish by Neon Indian from their new album Era ...
i am so entranced and in love with neon indian's album era extrana. i HAD to buy it today right after work
i wish AK-7, Tierra Cali, Neon Indian, Kirko Bangz, and the long list of other artists i like would come here!
Friday, November 2 at 10:00pm in EDT at Joe Squared Station North
I want a cute girl to come over and enjoy some neon Indian with me. Plz.
UNOFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO. The music is Neon Indian's 'Deadbeat Summer' from the 2009 album Psychic Chasms (Lefse Records). The footage is from 1970s films 'Are We Having Fun Yet' and 'Freewheelin'.
BLOG: A safe and supported introduction to Neon Indian and banana-induced Eurotones.
Neon Indian, passion pit, the limousines, the postal service, lana del rey, florence, mumford and sons, ron pope. o ya. them too.
I'd probably rank it like this: Toro Y Moi > Neon Indian > Washed Out >>> Memory Tapes (those are the "big four" that stick out for me)
So good. Emil & Friends cover of Neon Indian's Polish Girl
So, seeing Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, The Deer Hunter, My Bloody Valentine, Explosions in the Sky, Neon Indian, and Animal Collective last night at Hopscotch was way cool.
Neon Indian is so chill, I could listen to them and Animal Collective all day.
Junior Year, ASAP Mob, SchoolboyQ, Neako, Nas, More Mobb Deep, lots of Indie *** like Neon Indian, and the BIRP Playlists.
Somewhere in-between Washed Out, Neon Indian and Owl City exist Chad Valley is nothing short of badass! I love the treble drop at the :30 mark! Here’s a free download to more Chad Valley mate...
Every time I listen to Neon Indian I'm instantly transported into a good mood 😃👍👌
so i didn't know there was a music vid for this.ah. soo good Neon Indian "Polish Girl" by Tim Nackashi: via
I'm a neon Indian lol I'm so hipster
Neon Indian will get me home. I'm sure of it.
Indian master taxi man blasting haddaway and 2 bad mice, under neon skies, over wet roads.suburban crescents...south west locked on awesome
Yes my momma is taking me to subway :)
When my parents watch my vlogs and for a second, they're listening to Neon Indian & Telepopmusik.
I always mix up Perfume Genius and Neon Indian in my head while singing
Oh geez, Neon Indian just came on, life is good.TIfOG1
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