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Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 — 5 December 2013) was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election.

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Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu on record as Israel IS an apartheid state. Much, much,…
Bob Hawke says proudest moment as prime minister was when Nelson Mandela visited Aus following his release 🇦🇺
Lord Joffe obituary - Fascinating read, not just for his involvement in Nelson Mandela's Rivonia trial HT
“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” ~ Nelson Mandela
Mac Maharaj has penned a great tribute to the lawyer who defended Nelson Mandela during the Rivonia tri…
'Yaya Banana' has signed for Panionios and 'Nelson Mandela' has signed for Eintracht Frankfurt. Shut the transfer window do…
"Man's goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished." ~Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela (18) from Cameroon has signed his first professional contract with Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany 🇨🇲 https:/…
Big day for Cameroonian soccer players with great names: Banana Yaya signed with Panionos in Greece & Nelson Mandela signed with Frankfurt
Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will. -Nelson Mandela
"Sport Has the Power to Change the World" - Nelson Mandela . Happy Olympic Day! Celebrating…
Went to a state funeral where people talked about being tortured with Nelson Mandela then went to a restaurant that caught fire what a day
Eintracht Frankfurt complete the signing of Nelson Mandela -
Nelson Mandela marg each day many cars parked right under the "no stopping no standing" sign boards in presence of DTP officers.
Quote of the Day:. "It always seems impossible until it's all done.". - Nelson Mandela
Day off and I'm shopping with the wife. Nelson Mandela didn't die for this
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THOUGHT OF THE DAY . "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela
An article I did on Sir Quett Masire, Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe;.
Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe know that Zeph "The Lion of Azania" Mothopeng doesn't broo…
Imagine how he feels,he's like a modern day Nelson Mandela
You were imprisoned for mortgage fraud not your political beliefs, trying to move like you're Nelson Mandela or something. h…
Lord Joffe, civil rights lawyer, Oxfam's chair and Nelson Mandela's defender at the Rivonia trial – via
Joel Joffe, who defended Nelson Mandela and the ANC at Rivonia Trial, dies.
RIP Joel Joffe. (He was part of Nelson Mandela's defense team in the Rivonia trial) . HT
And y do the SABC apparatchiks repeat Nelson Mandela's quote but never read a single q…
"It always sound impossible until it's done." (Nelson Mandela). .
Tan Sri Limkokwing devised the PR strategy for Nelson Mandela's campaign in South Africa's 1994 elections.
Live in the most expensive square mile in Africa. Welcome to Nelson Mandela square
OMG am devastated would have been like when Nelson Mandela spoke at Trafalgar Square
in the last 100 or so years Mahatma Ghandi or his successors Dr. King and Nelson Mandela were able…
My personality type matches none in bts ima INFJ but you know who has this type ? Dr king and Nelson Mandela
The big mouth in Nelson Mandela square
This is just like Nelson Mandela's death!
" is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the " Nelson Mandela via
One person can start a revolution that changes a whole nation. Individuals like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Dr...
quote from Nelson Mandela - this is why is key for peace and prosperity
"Fools multiply when wise men are silent"-Nelson Mandela
Great to see that Nelson Mandela Bridge is guarded by security guards.anither step in the right direction
The Rhine, seen from the Nelson Mandela Bridge. Beautiful right!
I added a video to a playlist Nelson Mandela - former president of South African
A beautiful shot of the Nelson Mandela Bridge at night captured by 🇿🇦
Corbyn was protesting against Apartheid when Tories called for Nelson Mandela to be hanged. Let that sink in before you…
It always seems impossible until its done. - Nelson Mandela.
Ian Paisley could be freinds with Martin McGuinness, and Maggie thatcher called Nelson Mandela a terror…
Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Fred 'the negotiator' Talbot from our local garage, man was a silver-tongued killer.
Nelson Mandela Bridge is the best in 360
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Nelson Mandela Bridge is the best in 360 . .
Nelson Mandela Bridge in recognition of the role Nelson Mandela was having in uniting South Africa
Anti-apartheid activist and former South African president, the late Nelson Mandela with Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman.
How the ANC is letting Nelson Mandela's sacrifice and legacy go to waste by the day, in continuing to back Zuma as…
People spread the word of Nelson Mandela and don't even know he was a Nelson Rockefeler's tool to keep with all diamonds in South Africa.
Nkalakatha. This song did more than Nelson Mandela in trying to unite the people of South Africa, so THIS IS NOT UP…
It is 03h00 in the morning is South Africa nobody sleeping we remembering our beloved PRESIDENT. R.I.P Nelson Mandela
South Africa has been captured by Guptas since Nelson Mandela's Era, wenzeni uZuma
Jacob Zuma: "I want the people of South Africa to treat me the same way they treated Nelson Mandela".
Eastern Cape-South Africa. The birthplace of Nelson Mandela, the Eastern Cape is scattered with traditional...
4/36. Dakar Conference contributed to decisive meetings between Nelson Mandela and PW Botha in 1989
Nelson Mandela statue unveiled in South African capital Pretoria, a day after he was buried http:…
Iman and David Bowie in South Africa in 1995 see Nelson Mandela they are there. Beauty, generosity, humanity, commitment,e…
“It’s something that should make all of us sad, that the South Africa of Nelson Mandela is now being said to be...
The pic is from South Africa - the state funeral of Nelson Mandela.
Well a-hole we aren't in South Africa and Bernie isn't freakin Nelson Mandela or anything close.
This should make us all vey sad, this cannot be the South Africa of Nelson Mandela
1994: Nelson Mandela sworn in as President of South Africa via
'Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world' - Nelson Mandela 🎓
After his release from prison, Nelson Mandela thanked Idi Amin Dada for the role he played in overthrowing Apartheid in Sout…
Thought for the day, especially apropos on May 17, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia: Nelson Mandela
So let's live in a society where the PM wanted to hang Nelson Mandela, an…
How many people wanna do a Nelson Mandela and go from a being a prisoner to one day becoming a President!
The happiest day of Dr. Tajudeen was when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Come celebrate this ICON on May…
Nelson Mandela died and was replaced by a clone: a conspiracy theory
♫ Ai Weiwei's done it, . Peter Greste's done it,. Even Nelson Mandela's statue's done it, . Let's do it, let's post a
In some ways, it is easier to be a dissident, for then one is without responsibility. - Nelson Mandela
Anna Shapiro drawing the prominent form of the New Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital.
Winnie, then wife of imprisoned ANC leader Nelson Mandela, was banished to the dusty Afrikaner dominated town of Brandfort in the Free State
67 homes to be built during Mandela Week - In partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Habitat for...
As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest. — Nelson Mandela
Our march to freedom is irreversible. We must not allow fear to stand in our way. ~Brotha Nelson Mandela
ON THIS DAY in 1986 - South African President PW Botha sent Minister of Justice and Prisons Kobie Coetsee to visit…
Nelson Mandela, a statesman and a leader. Today's world leaders can learn a thing or two from how…
"May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears" ~ Nelson Mandela . At first, this place chose us, being the onl…
We have been learning about why Nelson Mandela is so important and what questions we would have asked him.
Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement. - Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela: For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others
There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.-Nelson Mandela-
May ur choices reflect ur hopes and not your fears. -- Nelson Mandela. ht…
Following a 27-year spell as a political prisoner, Nelson Mandela was sworn in as South Africa's first black presiden…
I don't know how many tmes I've complained about crime at the Nelson Mandela Bridge but still...silence…
Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all~Nelson Mandela RT
That landmark is the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, and is located in Port Eliz…
Nelson Mandela. on the hour every hour
Quote from Nelson Mandela for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to appear in a leader's debate. "a good leader can engage in…
We've already established the Nelson Mandela Bridge is a major problem, why haven't more cops been deployed there…
Now playing: Umfaan -Long Walk to Freedom: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela Disc 1 by Ricardo Bornman -…
This is a logical fallacy. Nelson Mandela made almost the exact same comment on colonialism. Is he racist??
💟. Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human r…
That sad thing we never talk about of blocking locals from attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela so they had to watch f…
The secret ballot was used by MPs since 1994 to elect the Presidents of SA. From Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki to J. Zuma
Even better we could have a Nelson Mandela day 🙈
does this include Jesus, Bishop Lekganyane, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela etc? Mind the generalisation my dear.
Mary Robinson, member of Elders who delivered Nelson Mandela lecture 2012 tells me she believes SA has worsened in worrying…
On this day in 1994, Nelson Mandela sworn in as South Africa's 1st black president.
Is this the South Africa that Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters fought for???
"She quotes Nelson Mandela talking about apartheid in South Africa to urge women to request flextime from their sup…
its crazy how Nelson Mandela has changed so many racist white people mindset over in South Africa
Did you know: . Nelson Mandela was 27 years older than his wife, Graça Machel.
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On the 10th of May, 1994, Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black President. The South...
President Obama traveled to South Africa to honor the late Nelson Mandela. Watch him speak at the memorial service:
What an honour there's Steve Biko & Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Patrice Lumumba of Cong…
America created Nelson Mandela and the war on South Africa... Barack Hussein Obama created Worldwide Christian Geno…
My South Africa visit was a 'Tirth Yatra,' it reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela & their great work.
Africa is not a country. Not all white South Africans agreed with apartheid. Nelson Mandela said we are all African…
Had we been there, instead of Nelson Mandela, South Africa would have been either Palestine or Zambia next door to it. 1
Nelson Mandela could have continued to win as the president of South Africa, but he did not to set a precedent. 2
Take South Africa, Nelson Mandela took only one turn and let the institutions to become powerful, much l…
This painting of Zuma raping Nelson Mandela is drawing outrage in South Africa
Nelson Mandela (top row, second from left) on the steps of Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa, early 1940s.
6th May, 1994. Nelson Mandela and the ANC, finally confirmed winners in South Africa's first post apartheid election
Today I found out Mrs. Stapleton has shaken hands with JFK and Nelson Mandela, and has had LUNCH with BILL GATES??? This woman is unreal omg
I really like Nelson Mandela but South Africa is a crime ridden mess that is just waiting to explode-not a good situat…
"The new South Africa was born of dialogue, it is what it is today because of dialogue" Nelson Mandela. TMF
Oh how I miss the feeling of being led by these principled men. Pres. Nelson Mandela & Pres Thabo Mbeki 😩
Nelson Mandela, and the South African farm murders via
South Africa never saw a real human rights defender either until Nelson Mandela rose up. We show up & surprise the world at God's whim.
"...and the people vote for Nelson Mandela" (1994, South Africa)
Happy South Africa! Long live the spirit and dreams of Nelson Mandela. we will always remember what yo…
Zuma: I want people of South Africa to treat me like Nelson Mandela. Malema: What a great idea, lets start with 27 years in…
She flew to South Africa as well, to wait for Nelson Mandela to die. Fraud Journo.
"There is no short cut to making South Africa the country of our dreams" - Nelson Mandela, 27 April, 1995.
Has the abolition of apartheid & peaceful passing away of Nelson Mandela led to a whole new reality in South Africa? http…
Are you serious! Look at Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Casper Lee, Charlize Theron. All from SA, and as for CoD 1/2
Nelson Mandela and Jomo Kenyatta are historical African people that were committed to non-violence and fought for A…
If Jeremy Corbyn was wrong on Northern Ireland, so was Nelson Mandela
Mr. President, I have come to report to you that South Africa is free today.- Nelson Mandela, 27 April 1994, John Langalibalele Dube's grave
Don't judge me by my success, but by how many times I feel and got up -Nelson Mandela
'history will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children' Nelson Mandela. So m…
Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. -Nelson Mandela
Wenger thinks Aaron Ramsey is the new Frank Lampard? . Sure, and I'm the new Nelson Mandela.
"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." - Nelson Mandela. La Villa Francisco Mountain Resort. San...
There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living ~ Nelson Mandela
[now] speaks to artist Ayanda Mabulu about his latest painting depicting Pres Jacob Zuma in a sex act with Nelson Mandela
You think Pres Jacob Zuma is first to be called corrupt, dictator frightening investors ? . Well, Nelson Mandela also wa…
Photos:Nelson Mandela wanted me to marry his daughter, Kevin Boateng reveals
At age 15, this grad sat down for tea with Nelson Mandela:
One to live by: . "I never lose. I either win or learn". --Nelson Mandela
Extremists on all sides thrive, fed by the blood lust of centuries gone by. Nelson Mandela
Please post this lecture from Nelson Mandela on the benefits of colonialism in Sout…
On this day, Nelson Mandela met with the National Cricket Squad in Pretoria.…
How have they been allowed to get away with this. Some rainbow nation Nelson Mandela lef…
On this day in 1993, Nelson Mandela appealed for calm after the assassination of Communist Party leader Chris Hani.
A day well spent, at the Nelson Mandela square on a shopping spree lol wait until you see what…
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PHOTO: Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Julius Nyerere wave to the crowd during Madiba’s 1990 visit in Tanza…
"One day I will be the first black president of South Africa." Nelson Mandela,1952. Indeed, bold goals are the lifebloo…
Two fantastic shots of a fantastic group. The second here in front of the Nelson Mandela mural at Robben Island.
More from Robben Island trip. Home to Nelson Mandela for 18 of his 27 years of incarceration.
Forgot to add Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela just to name a few more. What do we have now?
The day I am afraid to do, that is the day I. am no longer fit to lead. Nelson Mandela
. This day in history Nelson Mandela donated R20 Million to two Venda schools. h…
Divorced (1992): Nelson Mandela announces he will seek divorce from Winnie
Yep. It died the day Nelson Mandela passed away, sadly.
Today, Phil Jackson is exactly as old as Nelson Mandela was the day he was released from prison (26,141 days).
Hm. Are you aware that Nelson Mandela was born in July, and we have Mandela Day, Thabo Mbeki was born in...
Can Sean Spicer get the Sign Language Interpreter from Nelson Mandela funeral to help him out?. He may make more sense than Spicer
I say to all those leaders: Do not look the other way, do not hesitate ... It is within your power to prevent a genocide.Nelson Mandela
Five people have been granted honorary Canadian citizenship: Raoul Wallenberg, Nelson Mandela, the Da…
comedian/journo Mark Thomas exposed all the arms sales to Syria etc in 'as used on Nelson Mandela' + was watched by mi5?
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Nelson Mandela, Aziz Pahad and Winnie Mandela outside the court at the Treason Trial. 13 October 1958 (Bailey's African H…
Just had a friend say that Nelson Mandela is still alive, but then showed me a picture of Morgan Freeman...
Today is . To quote Nelson Mandela: "Sport has the power to...
"Sports has the power to change the world" ~ Nelson Mandela; - Happy International Day of Sports for Development an…
6 April is International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. . On this occasion we recall Nelson Mandela's...
Happy Freedom Day SA "Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as one.” - Nelson Mandela
Cde President Peter Mokaba was Deputy Minister in the cabinet of President of Nelson Mandela, President chose...
Pan Macmillan to publish Nelson Mandela and Mandla Langa’s “Dare Not Linger”
El Blanco with James Cairns is simply excellent! Go see it! Showing at the Theatre on the Square (Nelson Mandela sq)
"It always seems impossible until it is done"-Nelson Mandela
My dad is on the Nelson Mandela high school wiki page and I just can not be arsed.
Former South African President and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela, 94, in still-fragile health, is released from the hospita [1/3]
Former political prisoner, Nelson Mandela ally and South African politician Ahmed Kathrada has died.
See what Nelson Mandela said about change
If I ever get rich. My garden will have so many statues. . Nelson Mandela and Malcom X will have wings Guarding my gates!
Nelson Mandela was a terrorist? For fighting for black people to be treated as equals?
misinterpreted conspiracy theories with wheatley The Mandela Effect: nelson mandela is stealing your memories. stop…
and who defines who is a terrorist? Nelson Mandela was labled a terrorist by our government for years.
"It seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela
'To deny people their human rights is to deny their humanity.' - Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela said it best. I'm proud to stand w/ all the women of
Ahmed Kathrada, an anti-apartheid activist who spent 26 years in prison, has died at 87.
Demonized for years and placed on the terrorism list here in the United States along with Mandela, he was a moral... https:…
Ahmed Kathrada: anti-apartheid titan who was jailed with Mandela dies at 87
The battle against waste has begun! We are going to clean this City, end to end. Change has come to Nelson Mandela Bay. https:/…
Veteran Anti-apartheid Activist Who was Sentenced to Life in Prison with Nelson Mandela Dies
6/7 She is not Nelson Mandela, whom she quotes. She has a different reputation and personal brand. She is not in charge of the DA’s agenda.
Nelson Mandela did it. Thabo Mbeki did it. Jacob Zuma failed dismally.
Ahmed Kathrada, South African anti-apartheid leader who was jailed alongside Nelson Mandela, dies at 87
People have gathered at the Nelson Mandela Foundation to pay tribute to Ahmed Kathrada.
Anti-apartheid icon jailed for years with Mandela dies at 87 via
Our thoughts go out to the millions Ahmed Kathrada touched in a tireless campaign for equality in South Africa. https:/…
After Nelson Mandela.2nd longest serving prisoner anti apartheid stalwart is no more H…
The leaders of Southern Cameroon standing tall makes me remember Nelson Mandela. Its always good to stand up for the trut…
Ahmed Kathrada, who was imprisoned alongside Nelson Mandela, described Israel's actions as 'worse than apartheid'
Anti-apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada who spent many years in jail alongside Nelson Mandela, dies at age 87
Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada, who was sentenced to life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela, dies at age 87.
Ahmed Kathrada, Nelson Mandela's trusted ally who helped overturn apartheid in South Africa, dies at 87
"I like what Nelson Mandela said: to lead from behind." GM Masai Ujiri
Angelique Kidjo: What Jimi Hendrix and Nelson Mandela taught me about racism. My first realization that color co
.will be publishing Nelson Mandela and PEN SA Exec Vice-President book in October
Tan Sri Limkokwing devised the successful PR strategy for Nelson Mandela in the 1994 South African election.
I claimed Nelson Mandela and Mohammed Ali so please allow the whole world claim Wizkid if possible.
"It is not where you start but how high you aim that matters for success." ~Nelson Mandela
.Despite what some tributes to Martin McGuinness suggest, he was no Nelson Mandela
Can we liken Martin McGuinness to Che Guevara?Radovan Karadzic?or Nelson Mandela? Lord Tebbitt wants him in the warmest part of ***
Robert Sobukwe was the brains behind Sharpeville day. was brains behind . Nelson Mandela...???.
The pedestal you have put Nelson Mandela on is actually Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe's rightful place in SA History.
Piers Morgan CLASHES with Lord Tebbit as he compares Martin McGuinness to Nelson Mandela on GMB
Visited Robben Island today. Spent time with a former prisoner and saw Nelson Mandela's tiny cell. Such a surreal e…
Inside the Prison of Nelson Mandela | Robben Island If this man could be humble, the entir… htt…
Learn a lot about Nelson Mandela at the Robben Island museum by attending the International Jazz Festival.…
Although little more than a month out. of Robben Island, Nelson Mandela was. present. FW de Klerk was also there,. as an “advocate of peace”
Show us some Fendi, Get that Bobby Brown make up.. have dinner at Nelson Mandela hotel.. get an apartment in camps bay.
yes my Mayor a human rights day tomorrow don't forget the meter readers are suffering in Nelson Mandela bay municipality tenders
When people say Nelson Mandela bay is the best kept secret, they are right!!! How beautiful are these early morning sights?? I…
Curious to know Beyak's view of Nelson Mandela and apartheid. Fully expect she and Rob Anders have the same brain.
The arch bishop must teach the nation to forgive like Nelson Mandela but he himself can't forgive.Jesus is teaching us in the Lord's prayer
Nelson Mandela's eldest granddaughter Ndileka says she will not vote for the African National Congress anymore.
Nelson Mandela didn't abide by the rule of law and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize! Go figure Leigh Sales!
Do you know that Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) were officially considered as terrorists till…
true vision like Nelson Mandela or Thomas Jefferson & not like the Sharifs or Zardaris
14/03/2017. Mthatha. Nelson Mandela road blocked of with burning tyres outside plaza and Durham street just below St Marys private hospital
Nelson Mandela inherited Samora Machel's wife.And He was not Luo
'The greatest glory lies not in never failing but in rising every-time we fail' - Nelson Mandela.
Message on the base of Nelson Mandela's statue at Victor Verster Prison. Wonderful words
Statue of Nelson Mandela outside Victor Verster Prison, brings back memories of 11th February 1990.
40 delegates from Nelson Mandela metropolitan university,In South Africa had to discuss and bring concrete measures & peac…
Dave Randall talks of how 'free Nelson Mandela' by Jerry Dammers made him anti apartheid
11 February 1990: Nelson Mandela walked as a Free man after spending 27 years in Jail. Never Forget!
Nelson Mandela and his wife Graça Machel spend his 90th in London for his Birthday Tribute which was held in Hyde P…
RIP Nelson Mandela. You are now truly free. God Bless and enjoy the heavens. Tell Celia Cruz hello for me and azucar
“Only free men can negotiate. A prisoner cannot enter into contracts.” Nelson Mandela
Kwame Nkrumah came out from prison n became a president. Nelson Mandela came out from prison n became a...
An American equivalent of Nelson Mandela wouldn't be a Black/African American president, it would be a Native American president...
(1994) South Africa emerged from aparted regime with Nelson Mandela as its president. GATT treaty signed to create…
Oscar Lopez, a member of FALN, has been locked up in the U.S. prison more longer than Nelson Mandela will now pardon by President Obama.
Nelson Mandela spent 27 years wrongfully imprisoned before God made him the President of South Africa.
After mentioning Operation Phakisa Ocean economy by President Zuma we lost Nelson Mandela bay to defenders of white capital
over 20 years ago (Nelson Mandela etc.). I was young enough to remember living in a violent free society under the apartheid government,
"Who's the president of Mexico that had aids? I think it was Magic Johnson, no wait it was Nelson Mandela" -
I was lucky enough to be an International Observer in Nelson Mandela 's first election in 1994. It was honor to a free election
Nelson Mandela - Mickey Wallace live on our free app!
February 11, 1990 - Nelson Mandela was released from prison (he spend there 27 years). He became the first Black presi…
The only president South Africa had after Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela. Gaven Mbeki. Walter Sisulu. Enoch Sontonga. Steve Biko . Thabo Mbeki and many more. Eastern Cape has so much to offer..RT...
Nelson Mandela was not only a civil rights activist and president of South Africa, he was also a writer. He wrote "Long Wa…
Former President's Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki at the swearing in of Members of Parliament in 1994
All prosper by all being free. "Money won't create success, freedom to make it will." Nelson Mandela
"SA shall never be free until Palestine is free " Nelson Mandela
Support full access to free markets. "Money won't create success. The freedom to make it will." Nelson Mandela
There are no monuments erected in honour of committees. . ✔ Tom Mboya. ✔ Dedan Kimathi. ✔ Nelson Mandela
Been laughing all day at the thought of Nelson Mandela being confused for Ossie Ardiles 😂
We can't even relinquish Tshwane, Nelson Mandela bay and Johannesburg Fam😖😢
back Nelson Mandela by Hugh Masekela, intandane by Busi Mhlongo SHOW with
8. William Wallace, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Toussaint Louverture and countless other great men and women throughout history.
On this day in history Nelson Mandela presents the UN Development Fund Women’s Award to Albertina Sisulu…
In his book ‘We Need to Talk’,Professor Jansen states that in 1994, Nelson Mandela introduced the idea of a rainbow nation momentarily...
Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS. ~Nelson Mandela
Dear South Africa and the World the "rainbow nation" Nelson Mandela had is a farce. You can't put a band aid over a third degree burn.
Nelson Mandela was a former President of South Africa. Considered a leader for providing civil rights.
Doctors involved in treating former president, Nelson Mandela during his last days, were awarded medals by Presiden…
Some of the medals are also for bravery and others for service to former president Nelson Mandela. . MV
"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."- Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela voted for first time on 27 April 94. He was 76 & spent 27 years in jail to win this right. And you're not…
Answer to yesterday's Question: Nelson Mandela met with NY Mayor David Dinkins, Earl Graves and BE 100 CE…
claims to represent Madiba values? this is Nelson Mandela on Affirmative Action, your party rejects.
Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom, signed by Robben Island guard Christo Brand .
Nelson Mandela sews prison clothes in the yard of Robben Island prison, 1966
7 more reasons why Nelson Mandela is a hero! ✊🏾.
It only seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela
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