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Neil Woodford

Neil Russell Woodford CBE (born 1960) is UK Head of Equities for Invesco Perpetual in the UK and has been described as one of the best known and best performing fund managers in the UK market today .

Bill Mott David Kuo Lloyds Banking Group

'Neil woodford is a *** hes gambled with inv ..' by vik2001
'Now Neil Woodford warns of stock market bubbl ..' by herbie47
Neil Woodford has finally figured out that there's a bubble. I wonder how that dog he believes in so m…
Star fund manager Neil Woodford warns he's lost count of 'lights flashing red' in the markets
Neil Woodford: prophet warning - journalists seem to relish covering him anyway! via
Neil Woodford: Will investors keep the faith?
"It is the most uncomfortable position I have been in during my career." A must-read for UK investors: and
Neil Woodford: Will investors keep the faith? via
This should be getting "bubble" press not bitcoin... "Neil Woodford warns of stock market ‘bubble’".
Neil Woodford says markets are in a bubble which will 'inevitably' burst -
Woodford has warned that the stock market is in a bubble that will “inevitably” burst because “investors have forgo…
The thing to realise about Neil Woodford, is he's probably best though of as Utnapishtim from the Epic of Gilgamesh
Boom Bust Boom time again .. . Property bubble is growing again As we all "the man on the Street"can see but...
Will the Budget Boost Woodford's Performance?: The Budget brought good news for they types of companies Neil Woodfo…
Neil Woodford: prophet warning - The argument that the fund manager’s chosen stocks are cheap is hard to sustain
Beleaguered fund manager, Neil Woodford, holds firm in bull market. "Buying what’s going up, just because it’s goin…
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Neil Woodford warns of stock market 'bubble' via
Neil Woodford warns about bubbles and inflated asset prices:. Owns housebuilders and Purplebricks.…
Neil Woodford is warning of a stock market 'bubble' via
"There are so many lights flashing red, I'm losing count," says Neil Woodford, warning of a stock market bubble in intervie…
Neil Woodford warns of stock market ‘bubble’ - via
Sorry but is Neil Woodford a complete knob or something? Reckons stock market is in a bubble yet launches his Patie…
Neil Woodford warns of stock market ‘bubble’ via
Blog: There is a bubble. And they only end one way. - The FT has reported this morning that:  Neil Woodford, the UK’s m…
Neil Woodford warns of stock market 'bubble'
Neil Woodford warns of stock market ‘bubble’
Money | Neil Woodford issues apology for fund’s performance
Amused to note that the CEO of Provident Financial is named Peter Crook
Neil Woodford issues apology for fund’s performance
Neil Woodford issues apology for fund’s performance -
Woodford's still long Tobacco, which I think will turn into another shocker: Woodford: 'I'm right to be criticised
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Neil Woodford: 'I'm right to be criticised. And I'm very sorry'
Neil Woodford discusses performance of his fund since 2016,strategy & hysterical…
Full transcript here: kudos for the openness, it has to be said
Neil Woodford blames a summer of poor performance on... Chinese credit growth!
Neil Woodford: a summer in perspective.
Star fund manager Neil Woodford invests in Seedrs
Neil Woodford turns to crowd funding after Provident disaster: Fund boss invests another £4m in ... …
received £4m investment from Woodford in a follow on round (which the crowd is invited to join): via
Hear from fund management legend Neil Woodford at this year's BVCA Summit on 12 October.
Very pleased to share that Neil Woodford is investing a further £4M in As always, we eat our own dog food:
Seedrs gets new investment from Woodford Investment Management
Neil Woodford is getting bullish on the UK economy
Neil Woodford votes for Glaxit -- thinks $GSK is about to get whupped up on by $GILD on HIV. He wants out.
Clearly we are in good company . Reinforces our view on this holding
Neil Woodford has bought back into the ‘traditional ‘ sector via the Lloyds Banking Group.…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
So Neil Woodford buys Lloyds for the first time in many a year, use to be a top holding, but sold well before financial cr…
Mr Tutt | "A pleasant experience with Neil and the two reception ladies."
A vote of no confidence for GSK from key backer of UK Pharma, Neil Woodford.
Neil has sold out of $GSK and bought $LLOY - his first bank holding since he sold $HSBA in 2014…
- or Neil Woodford's rational for selling out of $GSK -
Neil Woodford has just bought Lloyds Banking Group plc and sold ... Neil Woodford has just bought Lloyds Banking …
Britain's best known fund manager Neil Woodford bets on UK banking - and economic - recovery: via
Neil Woodford on Brexit: 'Investors have become far too pessimistic about the UK economy'
Long $GSK since 2010 , but like to hear other side. Activist Neil Woodford explains his reasons for "Glaxit".
Neil Woodford returns banks to his portfolio for first time since 2003 with...
Glaxit: Flagging a looming threat from Gilead and a weak pipeline, Neil Woodford is giving up on ...
Neil Woodford overtaken by his one-time protégé, according to an analysis of total returns by top fund managers.…
Investment cartoon of t' year goes to... Neil Woodford as Mufasa in The Times. official HM category pls?
Isa 2017: Should you invest in yet another Neil Woodford fund?.
Why do Fidelity continue to refer to Neil Woodford as a Star manager? His solo record is less than stellar.
Neil Woodford's now set to launch a third (and final) fund
Neil Woodford is launching a new higher income fund. outlines what to expect. Risk of losses.…
Should you buy Neil Woodford's new high income fund for your retirement? - from Motley Fool
Wonder how they would have got on if Neil Woodford was blowing the wind.
Mr McKill | "Neil as usual has been great and a pleasure to deal with"
INVESTMENT CLINIC: Should I invest in Neil Woodford's new fund? via
Should you buy Neil Woodford’s new high income fund for your retirement?
In March Neil Woodford launches the Woodford Income Focus fund - we look at its geographical split and target income
Neil Woodford: Investors shouldn't expect interest rates to rise in the UK for years - What Investment
On the flipside, I went to a journalist briefing with Neil Woodford last week - and I'd say he fits the worth paying for box
Neil Woodford: bank stocks are on the mend. Read Blog:
Fund manager Neil Woodford makes good point on Unilever: "If you need somebody to come along with a crazy bid to energize... (1/2)
Top 10 Articles on Morningstar - MOST READ: dividend-paying stocks, a fund launch from Neil Woodford an...
Neil Woodford: interest rate rise not on the cards for next couple of years - Money Observer
Neil Woodford launches new fund and talks up UK economy via
I see the new Woodford income fund will be final one at Woodford Investment Management featuring Neil Woodford as fund manager.
Popular UK fund manager Neil Woodford reveals he is bullish on British equities
Neil Woodford: how income investors can avoid 'value traps'
Neil Woodford’s 3rd and final fund – introducing the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund (risk of losses)
Neil Woodford's summer reading list for investors…
Need a book for your summer holiday? Here's five investment-related recommendations from Neil Woodford
These 5 Brexit bargains have been snapped up by fund manager Neil Woodford at
*PLAYERS WANTED*. Our U13s are looking for players-lads must be in yr8 at school from Sept. If interested contact Neil on: 07917…
the only so called experts to correctly predict the economy post brexit was the great Neil Woodford& Jim Mellon
Palace trade flex at excellent prices at Woodford green.
Congratulations to Neil Woodford awarded an honorary fellowship 2016 from
Keep calm - or take cover? What fund managers have to say about Brexit via
How Neil seized on 'Brexit' stock market panic. Read more:
How seized on 'Brexit' stock market panic
Here's how Neil Woodford seized on the Brexit stock market panic:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
How Neil Woodford seized on 'Brexit' stock market panic
Neil Woodford: The one IPO I've bought shares in this month for Patient Capital Investment Trust
BBC News - Neil Woodford: The man who can't stop making money
Neil Woodford: The five UK shares I've bought more of because they've been made a bargain by Brexit
Here’s what Neil Woodford has been buying and selling since the Brexit vote: How has the UK's most renowned i...
The five Brexit bargains Neil Woodford has snapped up
Neil Woodford: The two UK IPOs I've bought shares in this month 
CSR rep from Neil Woodford, the investor/ philanthropist underpinning Charity Futures Programme
I guess someone like Neil Woodford or Warren Buffet gives me hope that you can outperform the market investing. Otherwise I'm wasting time.
"The early-stage asset class is neglected and fundamentally undervalued." Neil Woodford
Fund manager Neil Woodford repeats would not necesssarily hurt UK economy . .
Neil Woodford: My views on interest rates and the economy - Hargreaves Lansdown
Neil Woodford calls biotech losses a ‘bump in the road’
looking at P2P lender VPC (VSL). Sentiment 4 sector not gr8 atm, trad. @ disc to NAV, tgt 8% yld and held by Neil Woodford, amongst others.
Market guru Neil Woodford claims he predicted the Great Fall of China, saying the recent stock market rout was no surpr…
Neil Woodford to launch £200 million investment trust with a special focus on early-stage companies, both quoted and u…
CLUE: The set-list included Island Girl - what was the first concert Neil Woodford went to?
I saw the Great Fall of China: Neil Woodford says stock market rout is no surprise -
Palace Thick bed floor leveller plus available at Woodford (east London) call for details.
Neil Woodford argues that stocks will continue to outperform read more:
Not if you follow the PYAD Blue Chip High yield approach! :) . Or just contract out to Neil Woodford!
Neil Woodford weathers volatile summer to top Pridham Report in Q3
Leigh Harrison joins Neil Woodford & in this year's panel session
Listen to & guests discuss asset allocation for retirement, IHT and Neil Woodford's first fund
This time last year Neil was working on this – ideas for the opening portfolio of the CF Woodford Equity Income Fund htt…
Neil Woodford may have increased stake in Game earlier in year but we're not convinced about long-term, find out why:
Since the crash, media darling Neil has been beaten by a simple tracker fund
Why I won't buy Neil Woodford's equity income fund right now, by veteran money manager 
Neil Woodford, perhaps the UK's most prominent investor, said the result 'looks much better than expected'.
If even Neil can't beat them, isn't it time you considered low-cost index funds?
CF Woodford Equity Income Fund: one year on – watch our latest video with Neil Woodford here: (r…
Why fund managers like Neil Woodford are investing in
More proof (if it were needed) that shelling out for a fortune teller just isn't worth it.
Mr&Mrs.Khan collecting a new Lexus RX450h from Neil " Neil has been great" they said
Neil Woodford's fund beaten by a Tracker-has the lustre finally worn off ?
The man who can't stop making money - How Neil Woodford grows investors' money so quickly
Even can't beat an index fund. Will the media stop portraying active managers as money-making rock stars?
I read this yesterday 'Neil Woodford: The man who can't stop making money' - but today!
“Even star managers can't reliably beat the market:
I believe the performance of my stock picks will beat that of the UK's best fund manger Neil Woodford's fund>
Disruptive shares that could make you rich: Certain fund managers, including Neil Woodford and James Anderson,...
Man vs machine: Need to top up your Before June 30? For the icharttop -
Indices have always beaten the majority of professional managers
Face it. Anything St James Place run is a Con. High fees. Leave now. . via
Neil Woodford: My concerns about bubbles in financial markets
Investors should consider alternatives to Neil Woodford's Patient ...
Even star managers can't reliably beat the market:
Man vs machine: How Neil Woodford was beaten by a computer | via
Neil Woodford's first year running his new fund yielded a mighty impressive 18%. Investors are needless to say, very happy 󾰀
Not a surprise that fund managers don't outperform the market. It is that investors expect them to and pay them to.
Man vs machine: How Woodford was beaten by a computer
Neil Woodford eyes 10 per cent returns - still not as good as returns -
Neil Woodford to target return of over 10% pa with launch of 'innovative fee' Patient Capital investment trust
Neil Woodford is considering a second fund investing in start-ups and global smaller companies
Big name mgrs Neil Woodford & Terry Smith rise to top of sales charts - we comment in
Neil Woodford to launch new investment fund
Simon Read: Who'll be the next big thing chosen by Neil Woodford?
According to legendary investor Neil Woodford resists Pfizer's bid for $AZN. As do other top 5 shareholders we understand. Interesting
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Thornton Holmes Neil Woodford: team complete and ready for launch
Coming up this weekend on complaints, exclusive interview with Neil Woodford and Rick Wakeman on fame & fortune
Neil Woodford left on Wednesday. To find out about his next venture visit:
Neil Woodford is up and running - Former Invesco Perpetual star’s new firm has been authorised and his team is...
Neil Woodford: team complete and ready for launch by Otmane El Rhazi
Neil Woodford: team complete and ready for launch
Neil Woodford's new venture has received the green light from FCA to perform regulated activities
Who is on the senior management team at Woodford Investment Management? Eight staff join Neil Woodford at new firm:
Neil Woodford is on his way to HQ for the exclusive video interview
reads the tea leaves of the Neil Woodford non-exec team a / private equity fund perhaps?
Woodford Investment Management has FCA authorisation Prepare for media blitz as Neil Woodford does the rounds.
Listen to discuss Neil Woodford's new business & changes affecting Frontier Markets with
Just had meeting with Neil Woodford. Message: more of same - focus on businesses with good cash flow, valuation key, low portfolio turnover
Trio of Invesco fund managers resign to join Neil Woodford
Three UK equities staff to follow Neil Woodford from Invesco Perpetual to Woodford Investment Management
Trio quit Invesco Perpetual to follow Neil Woodford (two analysts and only one fund manager).
Breast Cancer Awareness
ICYMI yesterday: we reveal Neil Woodford's first marketing materials for new fund venture
So what next for the immortal Neil Woodford ex Invesco? A top fund manager but is he sullied by the travails at his previous employer?
Neil Woodford: 'A trusted custodian of the nation's savings'. Fair point and he has the CBE to prove it
An exclusive first look at star fund manager Neil Woodford's new venture. Fantastic piece by -
Scoop!Our gets the inside details of Neil Woodford's earliest marketing materials for his new fund!
FCA fines Invesco Perpetual £18.6m for exposing investors to more risk than they had been led to expect in funds including Neil Woodford's
I would like to receive details of Neil Woodford's new fund please. In hospital so can't access website, have you email please?
Perpetual has been fined £18.6 million. The fine relates to previously managed by Neil |
Invesco Perpetual's flagship income funds, at the time run by Neil Woodford, were at centre of the derivatives trades
Invesco Perpetual fined £18.6m by FCA: Group confirms that Neil Woodford-managed funds were reimbursed for ... FT
Invesco hit with £19m fine linked to a litany of failings. Neil Woodford's ex funds related to fine. [£]
The group's star manager Neil Woodford ran Income and High Income but not Man Inc. There's no suggestion he was involved in the breaches.
Neil Woodford's successor gloomy on FTSE 100 prospects: Mark Barnett, the re...
Mark Barnett, who took on the Invesco income funds from Neil Woodford, continues to look for stocks that grow dividends in low growth world.
Neil Woodford will launch a new UK Equity Income Fund at Oakley Capital
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Neil Woodford to launch new UK equity income fund:
Neil Woodford to launch Income fund similar to Invesco mandates in May - likely to have three-week offer period.
Urban Splash chief honoured Jonathan Falkingham, founder and group chief executive of Urban Splash, is one of those honoured in the Queen’s birthday honours. Falkingham has been awarded an OBE along with David Ireland, who is chief executive of Empty Homes, for services to housing. John Agnew, chairman of Henderson Group, has been become a CBE along with Dennis Hone, chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority and Neil Woodford, the Invesco Perpetual fund management chief who masterminded a boardroom coup at Eddie Stobart. The London Olympic Park’s ArcelorMittal Orbit designer, Anish Kapoor, has been made a Knight Bachelor. 15/06/13 Financial Times 4 Times 50, 79-84 Daily Telegraph 4, 28, 29 Independent 2-2 Guardian 7
Neil Woodford: the firms I've had 'positive' meetings with - Invesco Perpetual's Neil Woodford says he has had goo...
Bumi battered, Qinetiq rallies and Neil Woodford tells off BAE boss MARKET REPORT: Coal miner Bumi slumps 30% as it investigates alleged
Neil Woodford discusses why he believes so much in the pharmaceutical sector
No I was comparing IP HI/I to, say, FTSE tracker. If multi-asset is your thing then for Neil Woodford read Sebastian Lyon.
Every advocate of passive investment should spend a few hours with Neil Woodford to test their thinking.
Off for lunch meeting with Neil Woodford. Always great to hear his current views on the markets.
unlike the OBR Neil Woodford of Invesco doesn't appear to live in noddyland
Neil Woodford, Bill Mott, David Kuo and Richard Hunter all in one Hargreaves Lansdown broadcast
Which sector is fund manager Neil Woodford confident will perform well this year? – Watch –
Leading fund manager rejects Chancellor's suggestion that the economy is on the road to recovery. ^S
HLTV starts today! Who better to discuss Equity Income than Neil Woodford, David Kuo & Bill Mott(PSigma)
Neil Woodford: economy is not out of woods yet: George Osborne revealed in Wednesday's Budget that the Office fo...
Economy is not out of woods yet, investors are warned: But Invesco Perpetual income manager Neil Woodford, who m...
Molecular Bacteriology: Protocols and Clinical Applications (Methods in Molecular Medicine) 8211 Neil Woodford Alan.. domain marked as block
HLTV will feature guests including David Kuo, Neil Woodford and Bill Mott. Also some bloke called Peter Hargreaves
Will the market begin to wobble in May-sell in May and come back on St.Leger day! Neil Woodford has warned everyone to take care!
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