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Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris (born June 15, 1973) is an American actor, singer, director, and magician.

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Did they rip on Neil Patrick Harris when he played a blind guy in Beastly? Or Ben Affleck in Daredevil?
Neil Patrick Harris would be a good Mysterio. Aaron Eckhart would be a good Lizard. Jon Hamm would be a good Norman Osborn
"I'm gonna send it to Neil Patrick Harris, just to see" - Ashley about her reply chug snap.
Happy Birthday to our very own Count Olaf, Neil Patrick Harris!
I liked a video Neil Patrick Harris - BEING ALIVE from COMPANY
Luke Evans, Neil Patrick Harris and Andrew Rannells at the 10th Annual Veuve Clicquot Po…
You can have him. I propose a trade: give me Neil Patrick Harris, I'll give you Aiden Turner. I'd ask for Barry Ma…
Taylor Negron was cut from the In Memoriam to make more room for Neil Patrick Harris's underwear bit
'We go to couple's therapy:' Neil Patrick Harris' husband David Burtka reveals secrets to their happy marriage -…
I loved but my favourite bit was the song, because who's better looking and more talented than Count Olaf? NEI…
Sonic Neil Patrick Harris choice. Equipped with invisible license
Do socks diarrhea on hemorrhoids? Pew? Can Neil Patrick Harris come out and people watch?
I added a video to a playlist Egg Russian Roulette with Neil Patrick Harris
I really just want Neil Patrick Harris as the Riddler. I mean COME ON
I always forget Neil Patrick Harris is such a good singer
Been try to get my hands on the DVD of the 2011 NY Phil production with Neil Patrick Harris. Hard to get hold of.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'm thinking a war movie starring Neil Patrick Harris shown exclusively in flashbacks
conspiracy theory: Libby miles is actually Neil Patrick Harris
I forget I know a lot of racists as often as I forget that Neil Patrick Harris is in Gone Girl
I love Neil Patrick Harris more than I love Things Neil Patrick Harris Stars In
If can make Neil Patrick Harris a Starship Trooper, he can make a football player out of any man.
& GREAT idea to draft for summary. Only way to improve: Neil Patrick Harris singing it.
Or Neil Patrick Harris because he can do no wrong 😂
No watch it. It's so good. Neil Patrick Harris is amazing
Sunday mornings are for relaxing and chatting with Neil Patrick Harris at
I went a bit crazy singing the Lemony Snicket theme with . Ready as your understudy, Neil Patrick Harris! (
Our 12 year old son Jacob is introduced by actor Neil Patrick Harris in founder Sherri Franklin video…
It's Chris Tucker's best work. Practically if David Bowie and Neil Patrick Harris had a kid (in space) but he came out black 😂
How I Met...Neil Patrick Harris? Excited to have NPH host our exclusive session at this year’s
This Sunday join in conversation with Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris (joins for a Sunday morning conversation
If you're not able to express these conflicts, then Cricket. - Neil Patrick Harris
Steve Kerr Neil Patrick Harris' dad? This is why I want to search the deep web.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have the most adorbz kids ever. EVER.
Another moment where we r SO *** .. Even Ellen Neil Patrick Harris &Jim Parsons combined would still be straighter than us.
GUYS neil patrick harris,THE neil patrick harris followed my update account on instagram I'm crying in the club right now
Yeah series on netflix with Neil Patrick Harris
Someone left Neil Patrick Harris in the oven for too long :(
Me: he looks like a *** Neil Patrick Harris. Also me: wait a second...
When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. - Neil Patrick Harris.
Join me Sunday morning May 21st at the for an enticing conversation. Brunch that week can wait... https:/…
Got these beautiful playing cards by and Neil Patrick Harris in my new
my only claims to fame are this and my mom dated Neil Patrick Harris in high school
I liked a video Neil Patrick Harris 2013 Tony Awards Legend wait for it dary legendary Opening Number
With all the great reviews for "In and of Itself" you knew it was something special. Now it is getting an eleven...
children's book). I must say that the graphic are SO different from other tv shows. And Neil Patrick Harris is playing his role
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Neil Patrick Harris, would you like to knit the mudguards? Yes, with my butt.
Wait young ned stark was played by neil Patrick Harris this whole time.?
Gordon Ramsay and Neil Patrick Harris are dead and have been replaced by Corey Perry. A conspiracy theory thread by…
Gordon Ramsey is dead and was replaced by Neil Patrick Harris
The reason I adore NPH so much :) | Neil Patrick Harris' Opening Number at the 2013 Tony Awards via
I'm p lowkey about how much I love theatre but today I watched like four videos of Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Tony's and YEAH I cried
one has genuinely funny actors like Jason Segal and Neil Patrick Harris, the other one is full of n…
Autographing tickets for are chosen!! So excited for Mary Higgins Clark, Katherine Paterson, and Neil Patrick Harris!
OMG YES! Neil Patrick Harris would make a killer Barry or Ray. I think more Ray tough. I am still stuck…
I found someone who can play Ray or Barry in our live action fantasy. Neil Patrick Harris for both.
I was already hooked on MST3k and then Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris had a musical number and I don't know what to do with myself
You have said that the only *** men you hate more than me are Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Oakley. I call shenanig…
How about Seann William Scott and Neil Patrick Harris? They're a little past 35 but definitely pass on the younger side!
That commercial with the cheesiness that masquerades as cool of Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon?
See the Enchanting Cover for 'The Magic Misfits' by Neil Patrick Harris via
Electronic Device Insurance
.ActuallyNPH is stepping into the realm of children's literature!
13 years ago today, Neil Patrick Harris & David Michael Burtka went out on a date... The rest is history. Happy anniversar…
See the cover for Neil Patrick Harris’ middle-grade book, ‘The Magic Misfits’
Neil Patrick Harris celebrated his anniversary with David Burtka by sharing these sweet words:
"I don't care how old you are, honey": lifts age restriction
I quite enjoyed this check it out: Best Tony Award Opening ever? Neil Patrick Harris 2013
Season 3 will be the last for MMA drama
.will host and executive produce an all new game show on NBC.
Neil Patrick Harris posts gushing tribute as he celebrates 13 year anniversary with husband David Burtka
TIL Captain Planet had an episode dealing with an HIV positive child voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, and...…
Neil Patrick harris' face. She won't watch a series of Unfortunate Events bc his face annoys her so much
Thanks for 600 followers, everyone! :D (Obligatory Neil Patrick Harris gif to celebrate).
'Thank you': Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka celebrate 13 years together
Oh, you guys! Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka are 13 years together
I wish I would have gotten a picture with Marie Osmond or Neil Patrick Harris (pre-mega star) at MK 😉, stood next to both!
I love actors that go by three names Bryce Dallas Howard, Jamie Lee Curtis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman(rip), & Neil Patrick Harris, etc
Just watched that 1st episode of An Unfortunate Series of Events & I don't think I've ever hated Neil Patrick Harris before. ()
OMG. We all need this. Broadway Show Tunes with Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden. 💙
James Corden battles Neil Patrick Harris in aca-mazing Broadway riff-off ⏩ by # via
Dude u follow both Donald Trump and Neil Patrick Harris u don't know which way's up
James Corden doing a great job but he is no Neil Patrick Harris.
James Corden is another man I want to adopt me, along with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and Neil Patrick Harris
So did James Corden replace Neil Patrick Harris as America's token white homosexual? 😒
Jim Carey Count Olaf is just a Jim Carey performance so it's funny and highly quotable but Neil Patrick Harris is better in the role here
Okay, Neil Patrick Harris gives Jim Carey a run for his money on Count Olaf.
"Cobie smulders and Neil Patrick Harris are both in a series of Unfortunate Events."
Still can't decide if I like Jim Carrey or Neil Patrick Harris better as Count Olaf.
"When did you know wanted to marry David Burtka?" . "Probably 3 years into our 13 year relationship." - Neil Patrick Harris
Then we have Neil Patrick Harris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Neil Armstrong, who I don't know that much about but he walked on the moon so...
I love how captain Sham sounds like Neil Patrick Harris's best Sean Connery impersonation
I can never remember David Hyde Pierce's name, and I always think "Neil Patrick Harris" even though I know that's not right.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's twins met the Blue Man Group, and it was pretty adorable!…
Neil Patrick Harris? Patrick Warburton? Sign us up! coming in how with Lemony Snicket and we are ready!
Neil Patrick Harris raves about Vancouver in New York Times article
What do I have to do to get Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka to adopt me
Neil Patrick Harris is honestly the goat as Count Olaf
Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf in the new Series of Unfortunate Events on netflix is gonna be hype yo
Neil Patrick Harris is *** and married to a man, yet he has had more action with women than me a single straight m…
Neil Patrick Harris is perfect in A Series of Unfortunate Events 👌🏽
Neil Patrick Harris actually nails it in a series of Unfortunate Events!
This series really showcases the acting prowess of Neil Patrick Harris .
I thought it was great. Neil Patrick Harris was a great Count Olaf
Also: shout out to Neil Patrick Harris for actually creating a diverse cast from a popular book series
Neil Patrick Harris is so golden in A Series of Unfortunate Events
omg we love Neil Patrick Harris, the *** from AHS etc lmao
I love Neil Patrick Harris, but Jim Carrey plays Count Olaf way better in series of Unfortunate Events. Definitely disappointed so far 😕
Neil Patrick Harris as Stephano in A Series of Unfortunate Events is an instant-classic villain.
Neil Patrick Harris as Shirley St Ives is a great thing to have happened to the world
series of Unfortunate Events, love Neil Patrick Harris 👌🏼
It's weird seeing Neil Patrick Harris in anything but but he's killing it in a Series of Unfortunate Events 🙈
Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf is funny af.
Neil Patrick Harris breaks down his four \'Unfortunate\' personas
Bouta to start this Lemony Snicket series. Come on Neil Patrick Harris and show me what you got.
Neil Patrick Harris is a beautiful woman.
A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix is a 10/10. My mans Neil Patrick Harris kills it.
Oh, it's originally a book series! It has Neil Patrick Harris, so we're sure it's going to be good. It just came out. :)
Although I liked better as Count Olaf. Still much props to Neil Patrick Harris for some great acting, though a bit corny at times
Neil Patrick Harris is the most perfect human being omg I love him
Neil Patrick Harris and the rest of the cast in Netflix's Unfortunate Events series are amazing! Can't stop watching.
Neil Patrick Harris is such a perfect Count Olaf!
don't think Neil Patrick Harris was the right choice for Olaf either
After Huge Search, Missing Alabama Hunter Randy Keith Holt Found in Jail--Are we sure it's not Neil Patrick Harris?
Neil Patrick Harris just deadass hissed like my cousin Gavin
So so weird seeing Neil Patrick Harris who played Barney in How I Met Your Mother, play Count Olaf in A series of Unfo…
Can't stop watching the Hallmark movies. There's one on this week starring teenage Johnny Galecki and teenage Neil Patrick Harris.
since fall fest, every time i see Neil Patrick Harris i picture u as him
Margo Martindale and Neil Patrick Harris talked about Alexander Payne's new movie Downsizing on Live With Kelly today! Definitely one of my
I was so excited for a series of Unfortunate Events because I LIVED for those books, but Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf is disappointing
I'm not sure how I feel about Neil Patrick Harris being Count Olaf. Jim Carrey just set the standards too high
Anybody else see the resemblance between Alexander Armstrong and Neil Patrick Harris? 🤔😂
Neil Patrick Harris reminds me so much of Mr.Kelly lmao
Neil Patrick Harris explains the difference between the Lemony Snicket film and TV show
I don't know which truth hurt the worse ...Finding out Neil Patrick Harris was *** or James Franco not being a smoker .
Neil Patrick Harris being cool is just him being Barney Stinson 😂.
You put Neil Patrick Harris in a scary movie and expect me to take it seriously.I'm sorry all I see in Barney Stinson
This bust of Alexander Hamilton looks just like Neil Patrick Harris?
James Corden, Neil Patrick Harris face off in epic Broadway musical riff-off
All things eventually turn to Hamilton
.and took on Broadway hits from and more.
Broadway nerds everywhere are so grateful for this.
James Corden, Neil Patrick Harris throw down in sing-off
Watch James Corden and Neil... . James Corden is known for
Who's the bigger buff? and Neil Patrick Harris battle in an epic sing-off!
James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris have a Broadway sing-off
The 5:15 mark will make you BOW DOWN to James Corden 🙌
Actor Neil Patrick Harris: "I don’t even know what gene editing is, I thought we were supposed to wear jeans."
Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden duel in ultimate musical 'riff-off' :
"Some of us, dude, have actually won a Tony." 😂😂😂
Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden cover 'Hamilton' and more in 'Broadway riff-off'
Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden battle it out in an epic Broadway sing-off:
Neil Patrick Harris and James Corden stage off in an grand Broadway tune battle
I thought Paul Mason's surname was News until recently. Thought he had three names like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Neil Patrick Harris.
Neil Patrick Harris, Alfre Woodard, Joan Cusack and Patrick Warburton in the new and I am very excited
The Christmas Blessing starring Rob lowe, Neil Patrick Harris, Rebecca Gayheart and Angus T. Jones. Grabs your heart !
Neil Patrick Harris answers our questions about Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events
from Bourdain, Anderson Cooper, and Neil Patrick Harris to Jesse Williams, Lupita, and Lin-Manuel…
Neil Patrick Harris just bumped into me walking across the street
I bet they have a club for people going by three names. Chad Michael Murray, Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathon Taylor Thomas.
If this is about men losing hot women from their dating pool, I'd like to bring up Neil Patrick Harris, and Anderson Cooper.
Neil Patrick Harris's 2013 Tony Award Opening is still the best one to date.
has now shot more Tony's than Neil Patrick Harris - 12 in two weeks...
(argon). The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Neil Patrick Harris, Megan Mullally was recently added to Plex.
Never forget that John Cena and Neil Patrick Harris both auditioned for Ron stoppable
Romeo + Juliet, starring Jet Li and Neil Patrick Harris. Directed by Sidney Lumet, music by Fleet Foxes. Budget: $2m
Dan + Shay? More like Liberace + Neil Patrick Harris. Ya know, because...well...cause they're...ah *** if you don't know why just forget it
has there ever been a bad actor with 3 names? Neil Patrick Harris, William Bob Thornton, F Murray Abraham
Celebrities that are so beautiful that I feel like crying when I see them:. 1. Oscar Isaac. 2. Neil Patrick Harris. 3. Anderson Cooper
WHO TO FOLLOW? Seth Macfarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, and Daniel Tosh. Nope. Never gonna do that. Literal worst suggestions of all time.
Pub 2 on in 0.5d. Kelly's Family Spends Thanksgiving with Neil Patrick Harris
Nice to hear Kelly Ripa talk about the Thanksgiving Dinner she had as a guest at Neil Patrick Harris's Dinner...
Kelly Ripa celebrated Thanksgiving this year at Neil Patrick Harris' house and she's revealing what he served:…
Neil Patrick Harris is sooo good in this movie.
Channing Tatum steps it up in tap-dance battle with Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris just killed Emma Roberts by sawing her in half and I was not ready for that
"Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still have a big impact." ~Neil Patrick Harris h…
Be yourself. Unless you can be Neil Patrick Harris
One of my friends came out to family over thanksgiving, to which his grandmother said "so is Neil Patrick Harris, get a man…
Thanks to Neil Patrick Harris for this shout-out! I saw again last night in LA, it is just great. So…
also, Neil Patrick Harris is gonna be the perfect Count Olaf.
"What's he [Neil Patrick Harris as The White Guy] doin' here?!" "...Affirmative action."
Tune into Jimmy Kimmel 11:35/10:35c tonight on ABC to see Halsey with the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Tatum, DJ Khaled…
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burka's kids are the cutest/coolest kids ever
we have neil patrick harris, nominated for countless awards. It's not like progress has only recently been made. Give us ⌚
Neil Patrick Harris is so so awesome
Neil Patrick Harris (looks creepy as *** in new trailer for 'A Series of Unfortunate Events':
I can forgive her taking out Neil Patrick Harris but if Rosamund Pike took out this puppy im taking her out.
They literally said Neil Patrick Harris in Gilmore Girls 10 times.
It's Black Friday. Support with NPH Playing Cards. Every deck makes a difference in the fight to end AIDS.
What's a girl gotta do to get James Corden and Neil Patrick Harris to co-host the Tony's together?
Neil Patrick Harris isn't exactly intent on co-hosting Live! with Kelly Ripa full-time:
Oh lord, I just remembered, Neil Patrick Harris goes full Schutzstaffel in about half an hour.
Neil Patrick Harris is the best casting choice they could have made
Looked at TV with my glasses off and thought Steven Kerr was Neil Patrick Harris. Found this image so guess I'm not…
I would cast Ashton Kutcher as Horner and Neil Patrick Harris as Pinchwife. He is known for his comedy but can also play a pitiful guy
Neil Patrick Harris is quite sinister in this new 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' teaser:
Neil Patrick Harris looks absolutely terrifying in this new “Unfortunate Events” teaser
.unveils Neil Patrick Harris' villainous character in 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' teaser.
[CNET] Get a first peek at Neil Patrick Harris as 'Unfortunate' villain - CNET
Just now realized the actor who plays Lily's ex, Scooter, in How I Met Your Mother is married to Neil Patrick Harris aka Barney
Neil Patrick Harris with black hair is essentially Sean Clark, no?
Neil Patrick Harris and family delivered another fantastic costume with the actor dressed as Groucho ...
Note to Your ad featuring Neil Patrick Harris speaking of flipping that guy's meat ... What demographic are you…
should i take offense when someone refers to me as prince harry or Neil Patrick Harris? Just wondering?
Lived in NYC for 6 months - had my first celeb sighting today. Neil Patrick Harris. The person I'm having coffee with goes "who?"
I bet Neil Patrick Harris would be a good late night tv show host
I didn't know Neil Patrick Harris was in AHS Freakshow and it makes me so happy.
Brilliant, Compassionate and convincing. To watch Vincent interact with Neil Patrick Harris shows the depths of Goren's
A friendly reminder that Neil Patrick Harris and his family own Halloween every year via
Neil Patrick Harris discusses playing Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events
I'm sure Neil Patrick Harris has already contacted Ben about Riddler in general.
I don't know man maybe it's know how you call Neil Patrick Harris instead of just Neil? Maybe it's like that
I wonder if Neil Patrick Harris actually likes Heineken because if so, I found his one and only flaw
Neil Patrick Harris wishes his adorable twins a happy 6th birthday. See the pics:
I love Neil Patrick Harris. I've always been a big fan of his - he w...
wow Neil Patrick Harris is the new Wrexham manager, I didn't even know he liked football
I keep forgetting Neil Patrick Harris was in freak show omg
Still love the Riddler though. ALWAYS. I think he's due for a reboot and no I wouldn't be upset if it was Neil Patrick Harris.
Did u know. Not only Neil Patrick Harris was in Freak Show. David Burtka was too. Thats Neil's husband. How cute
I knew I was a cover up before anyone else knew he was as straight as Neil Patrick Harris
Remember when Neil Patrick Harris walked by me and I didn't notice? Because I do
honestly can't wait to see what Neil Patrick Harris and his family will be dressing up for Halloween as this year
You're lying if you say Collin's bitmoji and Neil Patrick Harris aren't just absolute Doppelgängers
Coincidence that Neil Patrick Harris in a commercial talking about flipping another mans meat?
And that's how you casually bump into Neil Patrick Harris on a rainy day in nyc lmao
Is the irony intended in the commercial with Neil Patrick Harris talking about flipping another man's meat?
We almost saw Hillary but Lin-Manuel Miranda and Neil Patrick Harris will do. @ St. James Theatre
I think I literally said "speaking of Neil Patrick Harris, I'm bi." So. There's that.
I liked a video Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel sing Confrontation from Les Mis 2006 and 2014
The best part of starship troopers is when Neil Patrick Harris uses psychic abilities to make a rodent sexual assault his mother
Not sure if I want to b married to Neil Patrick Harris or if I want to be one of his lil kiddos bc have u seen their costume game
That Heineken/Neil Patrick Harris ad just isn't funny or clever at all. What a waste.
I'm going to bed instead of having to watch Neil Patrick Harris ask a guy if he can flip his meat again.
Neil Patrick Harris wants to flip your meat I can guarantee you.
The Heineken commercial with Neil Patrick Harris is lewd and vulgar for saying "Can I handle your meat?" I'm fake outraged…
The Heineken beer commercial with Neil Patrick Harris and the homosexual inuendo is not funny ..more attempts to try to desensitive people
I'm never drinking another Heineken again until they quit playing that Neil Patrick Harris commercial every break! NO U CA…
Anyone else tired of hearing Neil Patrick Harris talk about flipping another mans meat in the Heineken commercial?
Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, and Joan Cusack? I'm there! Lemony Snicket coming to
Watched that new Heineken Light advert 3 times to be sure Neil Patrick Harris was really going there. That guy's pause, though. Hilarious.
I wanna see Mark Ruffalo or Neil Patrick Harris or maybe Jake Gyllenhaal or Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Neil Patrick Harris passed on chance to host 'Live' with Kelly - New York Daily News
Fantastic interview with the Neil Patrick Harris on LIVE with Kelly about the new Netflix…
Neil Patrick Harris passed on chance to host ‘Live’ with Kelly
Gerry you look like Neil Patrick Harris 's father! Mut looks like Eddie Munster! Good thing it's radio
Christopher Masterson and Neil Patrick Harris looked so similar in the early 2000's, just me?
James Cordon. I NOW know who he is. He's that guy who replaced Neil Patrick Harris on the Tonys
Neil Patrick Harris on getting involved with Global Citizen Festival
If you've not used them for anything else; Brian Cranston as chief & Neil Patrick Harris as Q
If Michael Strahan was still on Kelly Ripa's show they wouldn't have had trash Bill O'Reily as a guest today. Nice going Neil Patrick Harris
wrote that, Neil Patrick Harris just sang it
Me: "Have you seen Gone Girl?". Tyler: "AW that movie is so good. When she kills Patrick Martin Junior... .Neil Patrick Harris."
Neil Patrick Harris was written into "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" before the writers even got his consent.
Faraday is like if all six of Joseph Gordon Levitt and Neil Patrick Harris's names got together and had a son.
The Belarus flag-bearer looks like Chad Michael Murray. James says he looks like Neil Patrick Harris.
Did anyone else see Neil Patrick Harris from Belarus?
How long till we can get Ricky Martin or Neil Patrick Harris doing the *** D.I.L.F $…
Me gustó un video de Catchphrase with Neil Patrick Harris and Jimmy Fallon (Late Night with Jimmy
Twister, starring Bette Davis and Neil Patrick Harris. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, music by Genesis. Budget: $250m
Matthew Broderick, John C. Reilly and Neil Patrick Harris were considered for the role of the Baker in this film
Did Craig Thomas and Carter Bays pay Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cristin Milioti, and Bob Saget to say they liked the HIMYM FINALE?
Barely even recognized Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf on set today! Photo by
I'm 99% sure that Steve Kerr is actually Neil Patrick Harris
Josh Keaton as Ultimate, Neil Patrick Harris as Amazing, Dan Gilvezan as 2099 and Christopher Daniel Barnes as Noir.😄
Neil Patrick Harris and Jamie Brewer are both in this margarita.
Steve Kerr looks like a mix of Gordon Ramsay and Neil Patrick Harris
Steve Kerr looks like if Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay had a baby.
Why does Steve Kerr look like the lovechild between Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay?
It was great seeing Neil Patrick Harris at the end, and what a great job hosting James Corden!
My girlfriend on Steve Kerr: "He looks like a mix between Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay"
Happy birthday Ice Cube, Neil Patrick Harris, Courteney Cox, James Belushi and me :D I feel so old, why time goes so fast x.x   10% Off
📷 nph-burtka: Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka attend the 70th Annual Tony Awards at The Beacon...
Neil Patrick Harris is looking at James Corden right now the way Avon Barksdale looked at Marlo on his way to jail.
Can we get Neil Patrick Harris singing Hamilton's "Wait For It" as Barney Stinson. Tonys make it happen please.
Me neither. I've watched it a couple of times cos Neil Patrick Harris is amazing. But I can't wait to watch win everything!
next thing you know we'll get a young Arya flashback where she'll look like Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka - Why am I the one
Also I meant to (re)post this because brilliant: Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel Sing Confrontation from Les Mis
Neil Patrick Harris has face caressed by birthday boy David Burtka via
Neil Patrick Harris has his face caressed by birthday boy David Burtka after saying he is 'honou...
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. -dads. -literally. -their family Halloween costumes are the highlight of the year https…
Awkward moment when says "hey Siri" on TV advert & activates my Siri... Wait, does this mean I sound like Neil Patrick Harris?
Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Damon are filming a movie at my school and they're kicking us out !! So not fair
ah. of course James Corden will host the Tony this year. he can do everything. enough of Neil Patrick Harris. 😂
My dreams are cray - Matt Damon: my rooftop lover, Neil Patrick Harris: my vet, my cat w/ fish hooks in his side & a snake in my fish tank 😳
Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig and Neil Patrick Harris are going to be at bur oak... ***
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Steve Kerr has a long lost son... & it's Neil Patrick Harris. why hasn't anyone else noticed this yet 😂
a movie FULL of LGBT+ people. A movie starring Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres, Jim Parson and Laverne Cox
They're filming a movie @ my dad's office called downsizing with Matt Damon and Neil Patrick Harris & alec Baldwin and he keeps showing off
Even if there was a romance with a girl that wouldn't make harry straight 😂 ever heard of Neil Patrick Harris ?
Anderson Cooper: out. Neil Patrick Harris: out. Colton Haynes: out. Me to Harry Styles:
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