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Neil Mellor

Neil Andrew Mellor (born 4 November 1982 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire) is an English professional footballer who plays for Preston North End.

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Lifeless performance typifies our season. It's going to take a minor miracle, Neil Mellor and Sinama Pongolle to beat Basel on Tuesday
the old boys behind Neil Mellor on Soccer Saturday. Clueless as to what is going on.
Catch up with Anfield 360: Neil Mellor is the guest as the latest LFC talking points are analysed
Added Time: Mellor's Euro memories: Neil Mellor recalls the road to Istanbul in 2004-05
yeah but so did Neil Mellor against Arsenal...
Neil Mellor covering for Sky today. Dad Ian was involved in those Seventies League Cup battles for as big underdogs v Derby.
every Saturday for me. Neil Mellor butchers in and Greengrocers in
United 0-0 U18s: Analysis: Gary Gillespie and Neil Mellor reflect on the 0-0 between Mancheste...
Had a cracking night out with Matt Murray and Neil mellor them 2 know how to tell a great story
Literally, there's only me on the whole golf course!!
Neil Mellor... Why did he ever leave?
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Shame it wasn't Neil Mellor. Got excited for a second remembering his goal against Arsenal in 04.
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missed the game & I don't know what pozo did when he came on but Neil 'cant get a game anywhere' Mellor gave him a 3
Neil mellor does a job on SSN as well
Is it just me or does Neil Mellor really grind your gears. I don't know what it is but I cringe everytime I watch him on sky sports??
Neil mellor havin a *** to aguero on jesus calm down Neil before you blow off in your pants
Oi tell Neil Mellor to get his gigantic square head out of Aguero's *** Hes not stopped going on about him all night
For some reason, whenever see Neil Mellor on Sky Sports, I expect one of the regulars to prank him. He looks considerably prankable.
Sky subs gets me Neil Mellor, Paul Walsh , Tony Cottee and Iain , yes Iain Dowie giving their 'expert' opnions on tonights games ...m
Neil Mellor purring over Aguero, showing his man love and who can blame him
Jesus, neil mellor has fallen from winning the champions league to watching midweek games with ian dowie.
Alberto Moreno is a spit of Neil Mellor
How Neil Mellor can commentate on premier league football baffles me
Neil Mellor really does talk more sense than any other commentators
Neil Mellor looks like the kind of bloke who's bird buys him all his clothes and tells him what time to be home at...
Just guffawed at the way Gerrards stunt double Neil Mellor announced Man city's 3rd goal there on Sky Sports News
Neil Mellor could not be more boring
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Neil Mellor has the most boring 'GOOOAALL' shout in the world. Wake up man!
I know he's one of ours, but I like Neil Mellor as a pundit.
I like Neil Mellor. Mainly because he scored on of the best goals I've ever seen.
Why is Neil Mellor on the Sky Sports News panel? What does he bring to the table?
Neil mellor on skysports are they joking
Neil Mellor looks like a cheap Steven Gerrard. Now that is cheap.
Neil mellor's love in with city would please his dad.
Neil Mellor in the studio, Halcyon days
Neil Mellor face always looks like he's wearing underwear that is too tight for him.
Could Neil Mellor sound any more enthusiastic? 😴
Neil Mellor hates city too, just sounded depressed when we scored, JOJO
How Neil Mellor forged a career in the media I will never know! He's about as interesting and charismatic as a wheelie bin!
Dear god, Neil mellor just waffles on!
Surprised they didn't sit Neil Mellor down in the studio ten mins from the end
Come on Pipp your commentary better than Neil mellor!!!
The quality of pundits on this Gillette Soccer Special is horrifying. Neil Mellor trying to run the programme. Give me Merse.
Neil Mellor pulled it out of the bag getting a job with sky
This Neil mellor guy looks like a bit of a nob
Football gold on Skysports. PNE v Burnley in 2009. John Parkin and Neil Mellor up front for PNE.
On this day, exactly 10 years ago, Neil Mellor scored the winner against Arsenal in a 2-1 win at Anfield.
“Jeff Stelling is joined by Karl Robinson, Shaun Derry, Neil Mellor and Iain Dowie in
He isn't even Neil Mellor. He is giving us nothing. He is useless to us. It ain't going to work. That is obvious.
Neil Mellor, covering Galatasaray v Dortmund on Sky, hadn't heard of Aubameyang before tonight. Jesus wept.
If Neil Mellor can be a football pundit then I can be anything in life
of all the famous retired players, how did Neil Mellor manage to blag a job with ?
Poor old Liverpool, looked more inventive with Neil Mellor. Have a go lads!
Good to see young english talent working way up through the ranks. Starting place on a saturday cant be far away for young neil mellor now.
Ay ask Neil Mellor what his thinking was behind his 1-1 prediction for just prior to kick off 🙊
Neil Mellor "i think its gona be 1-1". Sorry mate are you smoking crack whilst the adverts are on?!
First day of the season and every team were singing about Gerrard slipping. There's also Neil Mellor and Phil Thompson on SSN too
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Tough yin the night for the pool wae Sturridge and Neil mellor out
thanks for the use of Dwarfville last week mate, great location for golf.and bars
Liverpool won the champions league with Igor Biscan, Neil Mellor, Florent Sinima Pongolle, and Djimi Traore playing some matches
Just seen Neil Mellor at the services, that's got to be an omen
yeah I now found myself hating neil mellor he's recently delivered so much bad news
Listening to the . That Neil Mellor goal was one of 3 he scored in the PL. Same number as Danny Rose.
he only eat the sauce and that was red hot !!! Ha
How many people have Neil Mellor'd us?
Fire-eater from Chutney Blue never let's you down, scorchio!!
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Jimmy Case knows his stuff, got a nice gaff in Spain too
think we will need a bigger place to stay next year, quite a few have mentioned they'd like to come. A villa with it's own pool??
Thanks for last 3 season last nights presentation night was immense, been a pleasure coaching such a talented squad
Neil mellor would improve this team to be fair
what about jonjo shelvey and Neil mellor??
I would like to know what win ratio we have when Neil Mellor is Co commentator?!
I'd rather have a crocked neil mellor up top than balotelli
Neil Mellor on Radio City 96.7: "The only positive is that we're still level with QPR.". Got the European Champions on Tuesday, the Reds.
Ted Heath and Neil and Glynis Kinnock are on the top table. Ew and Mellor.
What a night 🍻🍻 and a great send of to thanks for everything
Neil has to clean Jack Johnsons clock now
All sorted for tonight's 2 open-age teams presentation night for at
Watch this absolute no mark have the game of his life. And then you’ll never hear about him again. The Neil Mellor Effect.
Lambert will be Neil Mellor. Borini is Pongelle aswell.
That is a blast from the past I hear Neil Mellor is not up to much these days!!
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If, and only if, Neil Mellor was always going to happen, I kinda prefer that The Streak came to an end after The Stretford End Screwjob.
somewhere gaffa. Having a break or planning anywhere else ?
cheers Ry,I'm sure there's a compliment in there somewhere ha
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We wud like to say a big thank u to r departing coach for his hard wrk over the last 3 yrs the club won't b the same with out u
we wouldn't have won the elc for Neil Mellor either but doesn't make him underrated.
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Is anyone out there interested in taking over my coaching role? .
Hear Neil Mellor talk about how you can plan for the future and Transitioning to PSN at the Civica Expo in January 2015
I think Liverpools best system was Djimi Traore at Left Back with Igor Biscan shielding back 4 and Neil Mellor working the channels
Hope tomorrow's is a success for all who attend
me too.Neil Mellor scored winner I still talk about it now too...I mean Neil bloody Mellor!
Today in 2011 - Preston beat Yeovil Town 4-3 at Deepdale in their first ever league meeting. Neil Mellor got 2
Is he still begging Neil Mellor for an interview?. Neil??. NEIL?
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Neil mellor- "I blame the training facility's at melwood and the doctors at for my career ending injury and poor recovery sessions"
Really looking forward to the tomorrow night and of course PSN Summit on Weds!
looks like a mixture of Gerrard and Neil Mellor
My brother doesn't know who Neil Mellor is...
A tough away win at Ashton, 22-12,keeps us top of The Premier Division
Neil Mellor is a half decent pundit to be fair, seen worse
Neil Mellor reporting on the Accrington Tranmere for Soccer Saturday. He has fallen far since that mighty Gerrard assist against Olympiakos.
Neil Mellor is the chap who used to play for Liverpool isn't it? What happened? Used to be a prospect.
Neil Mellor covering the Accrington v Tranmere game for Sky Sport News HQ. Never forgiven him for his antics against Preston!
Admittedly I haven't watched Soccer Saturday for a while, but how long has Neil Mellor been on there for? They'll have Sean Dundee on next
Neil Mellor just said Stockdale, nice one lad
Neil Mellor is a reporter on Soccer Saturday? Alright.
they've even got Neil Mellor on now!! Jesus c'mon 2 games?
Jon Parkin and Neil Mellor will be reunited
we'll be doing our bit Tom, just you concentrate on winning your final ha
Will we still be top of The Premier division tomorrow after our game at Ashton? Certainly hope so
Happy birthday have a good one Neil
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as if the real ray houghton would be leaning on neil Mellor for an ID
if you follow Neil Mellor he will tell you
If it's yellor, let it become former Liverpool striker Neil Mellor. If it's former Sheffield Utd midfielder Michael Brown, flush it down
Once upon a time Liverpool fans were excited about Neil Mellor. Neil Mellor! Reserve Gods don't always translate to PL...
BBC News - British Ebola patient 'discharged' Relieved to see William Pooley recover - parents old friends of ours.
how many champions leagues has Neil mellor won over ramsey?
Big well done to our u13' beating in their 1/4 final tonight 👍👍👍 good work boys
Just googled the cast list and Neil Pearson (actor) isn't listed in an earlier episode. Typical Kay Mellor.
Look what Suarez did for them . Perhaps they should of kept their identity and kept Neil Mellor and Spearing .
We won the champions league with milan baros, neil Mellor, Igor Biscan and Djimi Traore.This year should be a doddle.
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Cb btol fact yg wellbeck the only player in arsenal bla bla bla.neil mellor and stephen warnock xyah buat ape mng ucl
guy Mowbray, lawro, shearer, savage, Dan walker, Neil Mellor, Dean Ashton, Bryan Gunn and Phil Nev and you.
Well done to as Player of the Month!
Congratulations to on Winning the Player of the Month for August,.
How long will Neil Mellor be dining out on that goal vs Arsenal
Liverpool have re-signed Neil Mellor in the dying seconds of
I'm glad we all know what Michael Duberry and Neil Mellor are up to now
Neil Mellor, Matt Murray, Phil Thompson. It would seem Sky Sports News have spent all their money on their fancypants studio.
Gower not bad. Strauss battling Don Goodman, Neil Mellor and Danny Murphy for most bland, mediocre comm.
'The Kop will love Lallana' Adam Lallana can't wait to play in front of the Kop in a red shirt and witness the famous passionate support, according to his friend and former Liverpool striker Neil Mellor. The England international witnessed at first hand the special adulation shown by the Anfield faithful when he and his Southampton teammates were applauded off the field after the Saints sealed a shock 1-0 win last season. Now after clinching his move to Anfield, Mellor insists the Kop will love their new No.20. "He's absolutely buzzing and can't wait to play for Liverpool," Mellor told "I've spoken with Adam and congratulated him on his move to Anfield. He is a friend of mine, I played against him a few times during my career and I also see him outside of football and he's a great lad. "He's a fantastic player. Obviously he's cost a lot of money but I think he can justify that price tag with the season he has just had and what a player he has been for Southampton. "Many times in the past ...
Former Liverpool striker Neil Mellor has been speaking with Sky Sports News Radio and he reckons Rickie Lambert won't start many games but he can be Brendan Rodgers "super sub" Agree or disagree? -E.P
Add a few more to the list - there is a connection! All of the players are known for playing guitar instrumentals Some people get it, some don't, different genre's of music but all have something in common, I keep thinking of more players to add, so if I've missed a player let me know. Here the list in order: Jimi Savage, Anth Purdy, Barney Kessel, Bucky Pizzarelli, Charlie Christian, Freddie Green, Gav Coulson, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis Joe Satriani, Johnny A, Larry Carlton, Les paul, Lou Pallo, Neil Mellor, Steve Vai, Wes Montgomery.
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Who's who of reporters in the hotel bar last night with Iain Dowie, Matt Murray, Neil Mellor & Johnny Phillips! Matt is TALL!
Simon Mignolet We end the season on a high! Next year and in thanks for your support throughout! Moses ✔ support the team has had this season has been incredible thank you to everyone Didi Hamann ✔ to Manchester City. They showed class and mental toughness throughout the season. LFC done themselves proud,just fell short. Raheem Sterling ✔ win league but my teams full of champions day memories 🙌🙌 Paul Dalglish an unbelievable season from the mighty reds. We have a young manager and young players who will improve again next season. Can't wait. Neil Mellor memorable season for LFC.Exceeded expectation and did it with a real attacking and entertaining style.Champions league football returning Vegard Heggem you, Scoring goals is the difficult part in football. Next season the easy part will be sorted too, and the trophy is ours. Alison McGovern a joy to watch Liverpool FC this season. Whole new set of possibilities just opened up for our team. Steers 101 goals, 84 points, CL is sensational progress ...
Neil Mellor only played 15 games for Liverpool in his time and still made a great impression with a 40 yrd goal against arsenal
Glad Neil Mellor has found his true calling in life
Neil mellor: Chelsea havent been clinical enough. torres is upfront what did you honestly expect ?
Chelsea could have been playing live on Sky Sports today but no, they have Neil Mellor watching the game and he's not even in the SSN studio
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Someone needs to tell Neil Mellor he's allowed to breath when doing punditry.
I remember wen I was a kid, was drawing against Arsenal. I cried in dua, got my quran out and read 4th para, 1 ayat in Neil Mellor scored.
fantastic! Great to see you walking alright and coming back to deepdale! Neil mellor Preston's 33! Na na na na mellor!
Shameless plug time. ;0) If you could LIKE my Neil Mellor Guitarist page I'll be your best mate for life. lol hehehe
After a great win in the final on Monday it was great to see back it up with a great 64-12 win today in the league
Come on Preston do it for Neil Mellor
Glad we have the iPitch on days like today!
naw am positive that's Neil mellor.
Very well. Josh doing *** and Rowan finishing finals with MPhil offer from Cambs. Hope all's well with you too.
gerrard, neil mellor and joey barton are ur normal dipper. Same scowls, small wrinkly foreheads and no PL winners medals.
Open-age 1st team at home tomorrow Folly Lane 2:30 ko,all players meet in sports bar 1:15
Whit wis that Argentinian woman thinking about? Andrew Neil & David Mellor.
Neil Mellor scored the soccers for us. Admit it haters you can't Neil 'goal machine' mellor👌
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Brentfield medal points from Mondays cup final 10pts and mom 5pts 2pts
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Must use Neil Mellor to clinch this deal. "No seriously, my nickname was Gerd, after your Dad"
thanks to you, some great pics on our website also down to your hard work. All greatly appreciated.
Good to see getting in the paper after winning the Widnes cup final 👍🏉👌
Gary Neil Mellor . This is the picture I was telling you about .
We all remember my Neil Mellor shirt
Have you got a good Neil Mellor anecdote?
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“If the euro starts to strengthen again, it could go significantly higher, even toward $1.45 or $1.50,” Neil Mellor
on loan at Birmingham scored 6 in 7 where's Neil Mellor now??
if James Wilson keeps this form up, we could have the new Neil Mellor on our hands! Or Michael Bridges! Or even FRANCIS JEFFERS! exciting
we won14-12 Kiel, another tough game similar to the Simmies game in the previous round
United fans don't get too hyped, Neil Mellor also scored on his debut and a banger against arsenal.
Neil Mellor with a last minute winner against Arsenal
don't think so mate, I did ask for it to be done but must have been beyond the organiser ability ha
correct,and we've even got the Cup to prove it ha
Pleasure to sponsor gave there all today to get a brilliant win in the widnes cup final http…
Proud sponsors of widnes cup winners well done boys
Awesome day yesterday, top set of lads
Thanks Ste,great game and thankfully we managed to come out on top
Yacca the karaoke king,great day all round,well done Lid
Neil mellor has a champions league winner medal...
Congratulations from all at great cup final win in a tough match. Enjoy tonight!!
Neil Mellor on Radio City 96.7 discussing the fact that Bolasie hasn't scored yet this season. Has to have jinxed it, hasn't he?
14-12 I think Ste, Good game, Tough, Some big hits going in. 1 from each binned in seperate incidents
All purpose parts banner
Beautiful night in London, Bozz. Top man Neil Mellor joining us soon..
Big well done to too, good work mate
Dare to Believe the Reds can lift the title! wishes LFC good luck. Join our coverage today from 7pm with Neil…
Good to in the final today. We'll be there to show our support from
I've had too many peroni's here, it looks like joe allen is playing neil mellor in the snooker.
theyve had their time was thinking more nunez and Neil mellor
Someone tell Neil Mellor he's allowed to breathe when talking
TBF Neil Mellor is actually a decent reporter on Sky Sports News. I expected him to be a disaster.
Is that the same Neil Mellor reporting on Soccer Satursay that used to play for Liverpool???
How did Neil Mellor bag himself a job at Sky exactly?
You can set your watch to Neil Mellor's perfectly square face .
Only reason Neil Mellor is a pundit is cos of that goal he scored on his debut
Neil Mellor looks like a fat Steven Gerrard. - Dave
I don't know who's a worse addition to the Gilette Soccer Saturday team, Dean windass or Neil Mellor.
First three reports on Soccer Saturday, reporters, Neil Mellor, Paul Walsh & Phil Thompson, it's not just a match of the day thing!!
domain names
is Neil Mellor sat in front of you ???
did Neil Mellor play in Liverpool's winning side in 2005?
Some guy asking for a photo on the train as he thought I was Neil Mellor 😂
Met Neil Mellor couple of times on the rattler 🍻🚂
Ermmm in the spa we're u Mrs Mellor.. Poor Neil he's a bloody god send! 😉 x x
He'll be forced to retire and end up as a pundit on SSN with Neil Mellor
Am I the only one thinkin Neil Mellor is some how related to Steven Gerard? They look just the same. I use to mistake him for gerard then
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Buzzing, Liverpool legend Neil Mellor at work today!
Showed Neil Mellor how to do Archery today at work. Standard day really.
Neil Mellor, Senior Currency Strategist at BNY Mellon, on Pound and Britain's economy
2003. I think it was either October or November. Didn't Neil Mellor score that game?!
I'm guessing Neil Mellor, Darren Potter, Conor Coady and Jordon Ibe got call ups and you tried to coax Carra out of retirement.
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Neil mellor got the assist for Gerrard 90th minute screamer again olympiakos what's a Liverpool legend he is
*crossing fingers* I just hope they won't be another Neil Mellor.
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What a game of rugby down at the cave between and 18-18 now ready for extra time!
What a game !!! What a win golden point drop goal the only thing to split the to teams well played
Good game of rugby tonight. Didn't even mind the rain! Well done
great game, classic Widnes Cup, well done both sets of players
not sure brains are a prime requisite for the job. For feck's sake Neil Mellor was on Sky on Saturday and he can barely speak
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Best part is "Neil Mellor will be in the prime of his career"
Neil Mellor and Federico Macheda are very close seconds...
widnes cup final, the Ryan Milly curse will continue 😱😱😱
he is the best winger in Widnes, we won't take 2nite lightly! Tough game.
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he is best winger in widnes Dnt forget use have got to beat best the in widnes first
yeh but the wrong one. U should pick your best team in every game
not an easy decision I must admit but can only pick 17
thanks for voting Neil Mellor into our Hall of Fame!
Neil Mellor just called Sunderland's penalty award as "a contagious decision". Expect a lot more pens in …
Hall Of Fame? Neil Mellor played 130 games between 2006 and 2012 scoring 38 goals. Just reply or
Man Utd fans, wondering what's gone wrong? Don't panic, Paul Walsh, Neil Mellor and Iain Dowie are on the case on Sky Sport…
my face does not like Neil Mellor's!
Neil Mellor and Chris Wood are on the We've already talked titles. and relegation next.
PLAY IT SHORT: SUAREZ NO HARD MAN; MOYES MUST DROP RVP; SILVA SPARKED CHELSEA MELTDOWN; MOU CAN TEMPT BALOTELLI SUAREZ NO HARD MAN Brendan Rodgers must not be allowed to redefine what it means to be a 'hard man' in football. After the great Liverpool traditions of Tommy Smith, Graeme Souness, Jimmy Case and Terry McDermott, Rodgers claims Luis Suarez deserves to sit in the same company. He makes the case for the Uruguayan over the kicking he gets during games. But there's a Scouser playing on the south coast by the name of Ricki Lambert who also cops a hammering - and has the battle scars from playing below his level in the Football League to show for it. All earned away from the TV cameras. Yet, the Southampton centre-forward is no diver - and no moaner. Only last week, former Reds striker Neil Mellor revealed to talkSPORT that he'd upset past managers by refusing to dive. That should remain the culture at Anfield. Suarez is a wonderful player, among the best in the world. But hard man? Calm down, will y ...
Watch U21s live on LFCTV GO 14th Mar 2014 - Latest News Liverpool U21s take on Blackburn Rovers at the Kirkby Academy on Friday night - and you can watch the whole game exclusively live on LFC TV and LFCTV GO from 6.30pm GMT. Kick-off is at 7pm and you can join Peter McDowall alongside former Reds David Fairclough and Neil Mellor for the best build-up at 6.30pm. Alex Inglethorpe's second-place side hope to continue their excellent form as they look to reach the end-of-season play-offs to determine the national U21 champions.
Gerrard spearheading Liverpool momentum As Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard channeled his "inner Yossi Benayoun" with a dramatic last-gasp winner versus Fulham at Craven Cottage, even the most sceptical, pragmatic, disbelieving of Kopites must have thought -- even if just for the faintest of moments -- that "maybe, just maybe, this could be our year." Late Gerrard goals have led to silverware before, of course. Liverpool were in danger of being eliminated from the Champions League at the group stage back in December 2004 until Neil Mellor's cushioned header was spectacularly lashed into the Kop net by Gerrard. The Reds famously went on to win the competition that season, but without that late goal from Gerrard against Olympiakos months earlier, it would not have been possible. The following season, Liverpool were trailing 3-2 to West Ham United in the FA Cup final at the Millennium Stadium. With almost the last kick of normal time, Gerrard struck an unerring half-volley into the bottom corner from 35 yard ...
5mil. Probably sign Neil Mellor, cos he's better than Rooney and that, you know.. ;)
don't know why I always liked Brett ormerod and Neil Mellor too and alan Mahon
you're forgetting about Phil Thompson, Paul Walsh, and Neil Mellor on Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports as well
Happy New Year to all our members. Here's to a prosperous year for all of us and success in our endeavours in for 2014
Happy new yr 2 my favorite ppl my daughter Machaela Mellor & my little bloke Neil Mellor love u both just incase I 4get 2nyt while I'm in work av a good nyt & il c u both in 2014.xx
its like when Neil Mellor gives his opinion on players like Luis Suarez. Ludicrous.
I'm partial to a bit of Neil Mellor
win one.Go on please. Just one. It's easy. Even Djimi Traore and Neil Mellor won it. Even sinama pongolle
Thompson,Collymore on radio, Neil mellor on sky as well...
Mourinho was spot on:. Neil Mellor only played 3 games for Liverpool, & even he has a job on
Neil Mellor [2 narrow defeats against rivals away from home but key decisions not going the...
Making the most of glorious walking weather by the Deben in Suffolk before the next blows in...
Remember your debut smith, your probably next Neil Mellor
this game needs a Neil mellor screamer last min
Brad Smith to win this with a Neil Mellor-Esque strike
The last Liverpool rookie that came on as sub in a game of this scale Neil Mellor delivered the goods. C'mon Brad Smith!
I'm calling it, Brad Smith to bang in a screamer and fade away like Neil Mellor.
Does Neil Mellor not kick ball anymore?
Neil Mellor from the next Gerrard to the next kamara
Think neil mellor will make a good pundit me like
Neil Mellor on Soccer Special... what am I seeing
Super Neil mellor on soccer special! Top guy!
Neil Mellor [Tough game for Liverpool with the home record Chelsea have under Mourinho but the way...
So Neil Mellor is now a commentator on FAPL TV . about to wiki that
A Neil Mellor of a day - lot of potential early on but has gone disastrously wrong since
Neil Mellor once the next Michel Owen now doing match reports on skysportsnewse
Paul Garner from Adastral Park, gives his 12 top tips for technologies to revolutionise the public sector:
saving Owens penalties lol Liverpool had mighty Neil Mellor up top!
Neil Mellor once the next Michael Owen now doing match reports on skysportsnewso
The first time I saw Mannone involved him dropping a long ball into Neil Mellor while playing for Barnsley and us winning because of it
that's matt ex wolves unless he can take a journo course neil Mellor is very good
Why is neil mellor on soccer special?
The size of Neil Mellor's jaw and head
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Neil mellor is on Gillette Soccer Saturday since when? remember his goal in champo league again
Neil Mellor on Gillette what the actual!?!
Used to think Neil mellor was proper fit, but I've just seen his teeth 😩✋
Anyone else think Neil Mellor is rubbish?
he also called Neil Mellor the next Pele lol.
Neil Mellor, former Liverpool Striker hosts his festive edition of the weekly football show, talking through the fortunes of the top three Merseyside teams with Simon Ellis Jones. The Neil...
Every time they go to Neil Mellor i say, "Lovely cushioned header.."
Neil mellor is a sky sports commentator :S
Make u feel old . Com - I remember Neil mellor as a youth player for Liverpool and that goal against arsenal when he was a nipper... Now he's a presenter in Soccer Saturday.. What ever happened to lee Hendrie
Neil mellor just hit the nail on the head !!
Neil Mellor putting on his best pundits voice there...Grafting for a contract on Soccer Saturday, you'll be lucky son!!!
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